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In The Billionaire's Bed *written By Emelradine* / The Billionaire's Secret Heartthrob / My Billionaire Boyfriend (2) (3) (4)

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Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 1:58pm On Aug 09
(I miss your lips,baby�)
Now enjoy����
Seven is actually holding my hand again. I smiled at the way he squeezed it.
Soon,he left my hand and scoffed again and my heart drop down.
“He doesn’t like me anymore!
I muttered and took my hand inside the window again.
“You said what
He arch his brows at my lips.
“Ummm I did not say anything”
I replied him as I was almost whirling up the window.
“I heard what you said”
He said and look at me through the window.
“Nothing,… I was not talking to you” I lied and bite my lower lip.
“I see you’re not talking to me” he replied and turned his back at me. I just feel like holding him back but there’s nothing i can do.
He’s visibly angry at me.
“I’m sorry Severn!!!
“I won’t leave you again”
“It’s my promise”
I blurt out and hold my two ears.
At the mention of “I won’t leave you again”,he turned to me and smiled.
Then I realized that I had just beg him.
“You won’t leave me alone!!
He smirked and make his diamond earring shake.
“I am not talking to you” I quickly changed it.
“But you just mention my name” he retorted in a funny way.
“Since you’re not talking to me, then stop staring at my lips” he catch me staring at his lips again.
“Okay,I will stop”
I replied and hurl up the window angrily.
I took five steps away from the window and realise that my hair have tangle with the window rod.
“I pouted and drag my long hair angrily but the thing was still not doing. It was only giving me more pounding headache.
I opened my eyes and look down at where the hair tangled,then I caught Severn staring at my lips from outside.
“But I thought he said I should not look at his lips!!!
I was happy that he was staring at my lips but I hide it and pretend to be struggling with my tangled hair.
“Move close to the window”
Severn uttered and I did exactly what he said.
I watch him whirl down the window by himself. He took my hair and untangle it.
“Come outside!!
He ordered me and I did exactly what he said by sneaking out through the back door.
“Your hand
He questioned.
“It’s here Sir!!!
I said and stretchforth my hands to him. He took it and intertwined it with his soft hand.
I wanted to ask him where he’s taking me to but I cannot just look at him.
Not even now that he is angry with me.
I followed him to his car and ignored his eyes that was still feasting on my small mouth.
“Have you eaten
He asked,still looking at me.
“No no” I scuttled by shaking my head.I just don’t want to say anything.
He brought out his phone and was discussing business while I was busy looking at his lips also. He was about raising his head up so I quickly look away.
He did not catch me”
I smile to myself���
Minutes later,we were in a very big classy restaurant. We sat close to each other and place our order.
I ordered for a very sweet Indian food while he ordered for a wine.
He sip his wine slowly while I was busy staring at the sumptuous meal.
The spoon is just too beautiful to be used by me.
Maybe I should use my bare hands.
I look at Seven again,he was busy working on phone. So I quickly was my hand and start eating with it.
“Hand is better than this diamond spoon. I like it without spoon.
I smiled and continue eating with my bare hands.
Seven sturtled with his eyes fixed on my bare hands.
I brought my hands down and quickly hide it behind my black dress.
�Seven POV�
She likes food a lot,but how can she use her bare hands to eat
“What type of human being is she??
“Doesn’t she know that I am a public figure
I smirk at her and tap the table steadily.She brought her small hand down and hide it behind her back.
“I’m Sorry, Severn.
“I cannot just use that spoon. It’s too beautiful to be used by me”
She drop her head down..
“Shut up and use it”
I blurt out softly and use the diamond spoon to hit her forehead before dropping it on her plate.
She smiled wildly and took the spoon while I blink my lashes at her small moist and pink lips.
“I miss those lips” I speak with my soul and focused on my wine.
Soon, a text message came on my phone..
� Severn,are you gonna come to the meeting,it’s gonna start soonest”.
Emikt texted me as I was sipping my wine.
� Why are you telling me the meeting want to start?
“I’m I holding the meeting or what
I texted her back just by a snap of my fingers.
� I know you’re not the one to start the meeting. I am just reminding you”.
She texted me back.
When I didn’t reply her,she called me. I picked her call and place it on loud speaker.
“Severn,the meeting will soon start”.
Her voice came up on the phone.
“Let it start now…..
“Why are you telling me
I replied her and cut the call. I gave my phone to Jake and face beauty.
She stood up and followed me out of the restaurant. I took her small hand and intertwined it with mine.
“I won’t even allow you runaway from me because she’s now my property.”
I giggled at her lips. I wanna kiss them.
“Ummm” I cleared my throat and look away from her lips but the more I look away,the more I felt the urge to kiss them.
� I’m coming now”.
� Wait for me”.
I replied Emily’s dad text and face beauty again..
“I wanna attend a meeting right now and it will only take an hour. So you’re gonna stay with Jake in the car till I will be back”
I speak to her while Jake stop the car in front of a suite.
“1hour is too much but I will try and stay here in the car” She shake her head and drop them down.
“Jake make sure she doesn’t step out of the car”
I instructed Jake and work into the suite. It was just in the opposite direction of where Jake packed the car.
Soon, I was in the meeting hall.
Emily came to my side and sat very close to me as I discuss business with her Dad and the Skylar’s.
“Severn are you sure it’s gonna work out like that
Emily’s dad questioned me.
“Yes dad,it’s gonna work out. You should trust Severn on this”.
Emily speak for me and raise her hand to touch me.
I took it down and twisted it on the chair.
“It’s not gonna work out”
I speak for myself and rolled my eyeballs at his dad.
Emily stood up with anger burning all over her …
She called out and hold her head in pain.
“I’m feeling headache and I need water!!
She fake out crocodile tears.
“Water!!! Her dad said and glance at the water glass beside where I am sitting.
“Seven please pass the water!!
Emily said,still holding her head.
“I should pass the water!!!
“Am I your doctor?
I gave her a bad look and push the water glass till it shattered into pieces on the floor.
Her dad stood up and shouted my name.
Another calm voice called my name.
“Severn, where are you
That same voice speak like a toy..
I turned in a swift and saw her.
“Beauty Dana!!!
Immediately Emily saw her, she left her silly head and ran to her direction.
“What do you want
She shouted at her with hatred and made her flinch back in fear.
She raised her hand to slap her.
Beauty closed her eyes and covered her cheeks with her palm.
“I don’t want anythinggg”.
Beauty starmmered and I know that she’s gonna faint soon..
Her long lashes flapped together while her eyelid drop down .
Slowly,she fall to the floor and held the door knob for support,making her pure bangles to make some sounds.
I called her name and pushed Emily aside,making her to fall on the floor.
I caught beauty on her exposed waistline.
She opened her eyes while her long hair drop down and cover half of her face.
Her moist lips was now very tempting and I have no choice than to kiss them.
I miss your lips,baby�”
I uttered and kiss her lightly.
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 1:59pm On Aug 09
(Mum,i love you too�)
Now enjoy����
�Emily POV�
Jealousy is a bad time friend but now,it’s my best friend.
This poor thing did not die!!!
“She did not die!!!
Her sight alone disgust me,not to even talk of her long hair.
“What do you want
I shouted at her since I know that’s what she hate.
“Umm….I want….”
She stammered and look at Seven.
“What do you want
I hilted at her with tune of jealousy and she did exactly what I wanted her to do.
She closed those beautiful eyes that I hate to see and made her body drop down slowly.
Seven was too fast,he caught her by her waist line and made her fall on him while his lips smuggled the depth of her very pink lips.
With that,he pushed me to the floor and made my head to hit the door knob.
My dad called his name in anger.
“Are you blind when she was insulting my woman? Seven said to my dad and took beauty in a bridal style.
“Severn!!! My dad called his name again.
“You know my status. So be careful with the way you call my name. That name is not meant to be called by dogs”
Seven blurts out,insulting my dad indirectly.
In tears and frustration, I stood up from the floor and ran out of the meeting to the dragon girls lodge…
Curly was busy with her laptop,
Mitchell was applying makeup,
Johann was pressing phone while Fiona was smoking wildly as usual.
I bang into the lodge and sat opposite Fiona.
“Johann leave that phone and start having my pedicure done”
I rolled my fake lashes at Johann who was busy pressing her phone.
“Queen are you sure your eyes is working very well….
“You should see that I am doing something” J said rudely and continue pressing her phone.
I shouted her name again with anger burning in my veins.
“And I almost fooled the idiot” She said and drop her phone.
“Have my pedicure done
I ordered and place my straight legs on the smooth classy stool.
She brought out the feet dressing kits and start polishing my nails and all sort of things.
“Emily are you feeling well
Mitchell drop her makeup box and faced me.
“I know it has to do with that idiot Beauty!!! Fiona chirp in and puffed out smokes from her mouth.
“I hate that girl…
“She’s so dumb and of low standard”
Mitchell grinned while applying tony Montana lip gloss on her lips.
“But she got perfect curves and lips”
J said and continue filing my nails.
“She’s really enjoying Seven lips.
“Have seen them kissing one time at the billionaire’s party and they look dangerously cute together…
“I mean that girl look very beautiful whenever she’s acting dumb….
“Girl,she’s so lucky to have gotten those sly lips”
Johann smiled again.
“Don’t talk about that stupid girl here”
I knock her head.
“But she’s very beautiful,I won’t lie”
Johann said and I knock her head again.
“Who told you she’s beautiful
“That girl is so poor and I hate commoners like her!!
I stuck my tongue out.
“What exactly do you want from her??
Curly asked and slip into a colourful flip flop.
“But I thought she’s dead!!!
Mitchell smirks.
“How she will be dead when Seven is alive
“Girls, you don’t need to worry yourself.
“You.see this life,there are somethings you will.have to.do if you want to get what you want.
To get whatever you want, you’re not gonna look at your risk”
Fiona speak..
They have start again!!
Johann twist her lips at me and I gave her the bad look that she wanted.
“Fiona,continue talking. Don’t listen to idiot Johann” I urge Fiona and she continued.
“I know that you want to have Seven to yourself and you cannot do that without killing Beauty and you cannot kill beauty as far as Seven is alive”
Fiona said and drop her cigarette. She inserted another stick into her lips while curly light it up for her.
“You can easily get Seven by setting your target at them both.Just forget about losing Seven himself. Risk everything and it’s gonna work out”
Fiona brought out an empty paper and draw two diagrams on it.She labeled them A and B.
“Okay let’s assume A is Seven and B is Beauty”
She paused and took a quick glance at her burning cigarette.
“If you’re setting your target on B, A will always be there to help but if you’re setting it on them both,the only help they can both get is from A guardsmen and I am very sure that before A guards men Will be there to help, B must have given up the ghost because she’s so fragile with a tender heart….
And with that, you can always have that Greek god wrapped around your legs.”
Fiona smiled at the paper.
“It’s a very good plan but have you guys thought of this
“We all know that beauty is very tender….and she’s tender, there’s no cause for alarm. Bad guys can actually handle her by having a taste of her”.
Mitchell said and I smiled.
I really like her own suggestion,it’s really making sense.
“That one is so bad….”
“Let’s try method 204” Curly said and Johann burst out into laughter.
“Method 204 is just about food poisoning and I wonder why she’s laughing.
“You.want to try method 204!!
“That method that you once tried and you end up killing your sister!!
“Emily do you have a heart!!!
“You.want to kill that poor girl exactly the way you killed Nora
“What if you buy another poisoned cake and your mother end up eating it??..
Johann said and fall on the couch with a wild smile.
“Anyway,I am not there!!
“I repeat, I am not there and I am not gonna get myself involved in your silly plans” J covered her ears with the chair pillow.
“Emily where did you see this girl?
Fiona said and dragged J by her yellow hair.
“There’s no difference between you and a back biter.You saw that Emily is going a heart break and instead of advising her on how she is going to eliminate that goddam Beauty, you’re saying you don’t want to get involved”
Fiona said angrily and left her hair.
“I have respected you enough and at least I am not like you that goes around fucking with Len(Seven’s Rival).” J blurts out and drop on the couch.
I shouted at them and they kept quite.
“Okay which plan should we go with first!!!
“Ummm my own suggestion is based on 80/100% chances, the 80 is Seven survival while the remaining 20% is Beauty’s survival” Fiona said and increase the volume of the stereo.
“Based on my own suggestion….
It should be 50% chances of survival for beauty because Seven might be there to help her”
Mitchell’s smirks.
“Okay let’s go with Mitchelle plan first. I will get the boys first before sending Beauty’s details to them.”
I rolled my lashes and brought out my phone.
“Emily you’re actually going to send some boys to rape Beauty?
Johann removed the pillow from her ear and sprang up.
“But I thought you.said you don’t want to get involved so what’s your freaking business with that” I lashed out at her.
“Bad girl. It’s only rape your ear heard out of all what we have been saying!!
Mitchell’spushed Joan aside and start doing my manicures.
�Beauty POV�
“Why did you get out of the car
Seven questioned me with a mixture of calm and harsh tone…
“I don’t knnnow….
I pouted and drop my head down.
“I actually step out because your 1hour has exhausted and I really need to get home before Elva will suspect my absence.” I said, feeling a little bit uneasy with the look on his face.
“Is that why you step out of the car??
He asked again…
“Yes Sir…. Ummm sorry…
“Yes Seven” I corrected myself since he said I should stop.using Sir for him.
He look at Jake and wanted to say something to him,probably the reason why he let me out of the car.
“Don’t ask him anything!!
“I only beg him so that I can step out of the car since your 1hour has exhausted.
“It’s okay,baby” Seven shake his head at me while Jake open the door for me.
Seven and I sat very close to each other at the back seat.
“I got something for you!! Severn uttered and brought out a blue coloured gem stone earring….
I have seen those earrings in pictures and they really worth a lot of money.
“It’s beautiful”
I smilled at it because I know it can’t be mine.
“Take it,it’s yours!!!
Severn said and took my palms. He opened them and slip the earring into my hand.
I gasped and touched the small blue gem stone underneath it.
“Thank you” I said while he quickly fixed it into my ears.I whirl down the glass door so that I can check how I look through the car side mirror.
“It’s beautiful, no need to check!!
Seven said.
“Okay…” I blushed and wanted to whirl up the window back.
I was almost whirling the window back when I saw my own reflection in the car that was next to us.
The woman in the red royles car was dressed in a very expensive royal clothe and she look very much like me.
Her sight alone is waoowww….
She looks exactly like me and her hair is short just like Jariel own but my own hair is very long.
“She’s a model.
“That woman is a model. She’s Jariel mother” Seven said with a tap on my shoulders.
“What’s her name
I faced Seven with a smile.
“Sindoora Dana. And she’s a top model.You see those cars at the back,her guards are in there.
She’s the only one sitting at the back seat and that’s her personal driver”
Seven said.
“But she looks just exactly like me”
I turn my head away from seven and sealed it on his glass door.
There was a traffic jam so I have the opportunity to view the woman very well since the two cars are on an equal level.
“I love you too,mum�”
I wrote that into a papper and fold it in form of an aeroplane so that the wordings will be more visible on it.
Her car window was half opened so I through the paper aeroplane with “I love you too,MUM” into it.
The paper flew and drop on her car seat.
I watch her pick it.
“I love you too,Muuu”
She was about saying the mom with her head raised up.
She almost saw me…
I did it,I drop my head down halfly and yet,she saw me…..
“Did she see me……
“Another trouble…..
“I raised my head and look at her.
“I’m sorry, mum” I find myself saying…through the car window.
“Did I just call her mom?

Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 3:24pm On Aug 13
(I will be okay for U�)
Now enjoy���
“I’m sorry mum”……
Wait did I just call her mum!!!
Aaaah I am in trouble. I quickly drop my head down but I was so unlucky, she saw me.
She saw me and I raise my head back and meet her staring at me.
“What exactly is she staring at on my poor body
I traced her eyes and find out that she was staring at my long lashes..
Just my long lashes,nothing more.
I stare at her own lashes also and we continue staring at ourselves in the traffic jam.
I look away but she’s not looking away,she keeps staring at me with deep look.
Perhaps, we just look alike.
I bowed my head in the car so that she can at least stop looking at me but she didn’t.
“I’m sorry mum” I gasped at her sight.
“It’s okay,baby” I heard her saying.
Her voice is just so sweet and she’s even calling me baby.
At the mention of baby, I raised my head and met her smiling at my hair. I smiled back and whirl up seven’s window.
“Are you okay Seven held my hand.
“Yes yes yes I am okay” I replied him and drop my eyelid down.
“I’m okay!! I replied him properly and faced the window back.
That’s it,she’s still staring at me through her classic car window.
“Seven that woman you called a top model is looking at me” I faced Seven back .
“She likes your appearance and might want to register you in her modelling industry” Seven said,still pressing his phone.
“Why will she want to register me in her modeling industry
“Is she not Jariel’s mom
I blink my lashes with lots of questions in my brain.
“You want to know why she’s staring at you He arched his cute brows at me and I find myself saying yes.
“Yes I want to know” I replied and look sideways. Our cars are still on the same level since the road was still very tight.
“She’s actually staring at you because your body appearance is perfect and might wondering about the person that gave birth to a beautiful goddess like you” Seven smiled wildly.
“Seven can you ever be serious??
“You’ve start playing your silly pranks right?
I fumed fake angers at him but he just smile the more.
“Gosh, Seven I am not joking!!!
“Who’s joking here??
Seven widened his cute face.He now look more of a semi-god.
“Seven stop!!!
I closed my eyes and leaned on the closed car door.
“I should stop what!!!
“What am I doing
He uttered and start tickling my waist line.
For a start,I forgot about who I am.
“Seven stop!
“Seven stop!!
I laughed wildly at the way he tickle my waist.
“Sir Miles stop!!!
I speak like a toy and he stopped and push my head on his chest,exactly where his heart is.
My eyes fell on his necklace….
They spark small shinning light just like his earring does.
Again,I check that woman car again,
She was still staring at me in a strange manner that shows deep affections.
She brought out a paper and folded it in form of a heart and I wonder how she did that.
Now, the cars were now moving,the road was not very tight again. Seven’s car was now moving faster than her own.
She stretch her head out of gsr car and through the paper she folded towards seven’s car direction. I quickly raised my head away from Seven and brought my hands out of the car so that I can catch the paper and I caught it and gasped at what she wrote in the paper.
� Who will not wish to have a beautiful goddess like you??
� Who will not wish to knock and bow at your door
�Who will not wish to count the stars with you when days are completed by dawn and dusk??
�My baby,why
�My baby,why
�Why can’t you just stay one place??
�My Beauty …..
�Will U now stay or you will still runaway
�Beauty ….
�Your name still ring bells in my ears.
�Stay one place because your enemies are increasing each passing day.
�If you’re truly beauty then don’t forget you said you’re gonna be a sweet model and a hot dancer.
�You know you started learning how to do splits,how to dance, how to climb poles and how to move romantically on a pole at a very tender age..
�If you’re my beauty, then I miss you too….
�Mum loves you too��
I read all what she wrote in the paper and my jaws drop down.
Ohhhh no,this is not happening to me!!!
“Who am I
I asked and cluth the paper tightly. I turned to loo sideways but she was not there anymore.
Her classic car had vanish into the thin air..
“Hello,can you hear me
I knock the window slightly and speak calmly.
“Baby,are you okay
Seven tap my shoulders.
“Yes,I will be okay for you too”
I replied him and fell on him. I hugged him tight because his car was almost reaching my house.
“Bye!! I mumbled softly and pulled away from the hug.
“Bye” Seven replied while Jake drove him away.
As usual,I sneak in through the back door. I did not go into the room Dyna and I shared,I just stood at the back door and brought out the paper again.
I had not even start reading it when I suddenly develop recaps….
�Stay one place baby
�I am.very sorry mom
�I love you too mum
�I will be a sweet model mum
�i will be a hot dancer mom!!!
All the wordings keep replaying in my memory and my brain start paining me.
I pulled my hairs,my sandals and my jackets.
Left alone in a red tight spaghetti gown that revealed the waist line golden beads that seven bought for me,I ran outside.
The small street light light shone on me but I was not still getting myself so I start jumping up but it only worsen the matter.
“How did she know its my dream to become a hot dancer!!!
“Yes,I started learning how to climb poles and how to dance on thin ropes at a very tender age of 3!!!!
But is she my mom!!!!
I really can’t tell.
Elva just said my parents are stinkingly wealthy that she found me putting on the most expensive saree and purest bangles..
“How did I get them??,,,.
This is so confusing!!!
Maybe I should go back inside and ask Elva very well..
In frustration,I opened my eyes so that I can leave for my house but I met the one that I hate to see.
“Len Pablo(Seven’s rival) with three other fierce looking one.
My mood change and I find myself back in the dangling parallel universe..
When I was just like a seal on the deserts….those times that I always felt like dying.
“What do you want.
I scratch my neck as my nails drop down rotten fell. My consciousness did not get out of hold, my eyes was just teary.
I moved back stylishly when I find out that Len was busy looking at the golden beads on my waist.
I brought my hands down and used them to cover it.
“Get me those golds on her waist line!!!
Len ordered.
I continue moving back and covered the beads in the best way that I can..
Seven bought it for me and I cannot risk loosing it.
“Sir, she did not allow me to remove it!!!
Len’s guards men reported.
“Are you insane
“Remove it forcefully with the earrings!!!
Len bang the guy that report with a pistol till blood start gushing out.
I yelled and froze like a status.
“Now, move closer!!!!
He beckoned.
I ignored his rants and took to my heels..
His guards men ran after me like mad dogs..
“Get her and dumb her in the sack!!!
Len shrieked..
I said aloud….
Soon, I stumbled and fell just because my leg hit a stone..
They bundled me up like I weigh nothing and start pushing me to their selves…
One of them push me to Len,he caught me by my wrist and toss me aside with a push.
I rolled jjust like a feather dance with it’s tail… ..
Ohhhh goodness what am I rolling into??
“Who am I rolling into?
I closed my eyes and said my very dear prayers in Hindu language….
“Jeba……let me be okay for you!!!
I was still rolling but what am I rolling into and who am I gonna roll into.
Fire And Ice by⬇⬇⬇⬇
Adesola Adeomowole�����
Re: FIRE AND ICE (the Billionaire's Toy) by emperorblog21(m): 3:26pm On Aug 13
(I will be okay for you�)
Now enjoy��
Len toss me aside with just a push and I find myself rolling just like a feather dances on it’s toe.
“What am I falling into!??
“Who am I falling into!!?
I yelled and start saying my very last dear prayers.
“Jena(please) let me be okay for seven. Without him,I am just a sad song!!!
“Len again!!!!
I rant as my jaws drop down.
My tears stick to my cheeks as I fell on him. Just as I fall on him,I sighted Emily in the car.She was with Mitchell.
The both of them are putting on the same black strapless tight fitting joggers that suite their rebellious character.
Emily was with a long projector while Mitchell was with a recording box that is very comfy to hold.
Nevertheless, I am scared. I don’t know what they are gonna do to me and there is not even single route of escape,.
When I thought I will fall death,i didn’t fall there,I fall into something greater than death.Len is greater than death.
He push me forcefully to himself and clasped my shoulders hardly till I start crying.
Even Severn does not touch me like that.
“You know what
“You’re getting more beautiful and even more sexy each passing day and that’s because of me!!
Len blurt out to me.
I couldn’t do anything,I just stare at his fingers on my tender shoulders, thinking of what fate has in store for me.
All my ways are already blocked.
Len is holding my shoulders and will not just let go,
Three of Len guards men were at my back while Mitchell and Emily are in the car.
I wonder why they took me as an enemy.
“What did I ever do to them
They just hated me for no reason.
“You want to run away!!,
Len uttered with his eyes on my lips,it was just like he is reading my mind.
I didn’t reply him,I just kept quiet.
“Len get me those earrings,she does not worth having it!;;
Emily yelled from the car.
Instantly, I knew she was talking business with Len.The two of the!m are back at playing dirty games.
“Take the earrings off!!!
Len removed his hands from my shoulders.
“If she’s through with that,let her get into the sack!!
Emily yelled again.
“You heard what ma’am said!!!
One of len guards said to my hearing.
In fear,I raised my hand slowly and took off both earings,
Len took it in my palms and handed it straight to Emily in the car.
“You don’t deserve this;!!
“You this idiotic commoner!!!
“Low lifeless banes like you don’t deserve to be with seven!!!
She rants and i couldn’t just say something
Even if I open my mouth,I’m very sure nothing will come out.
“Who a m I to talk back at Emily Daniels?!?
I don’t even have the right to look into her eyeballs.
She yelled from the car and her guards moved away from me.
*len i want you to give her in the hard way!!!
Emily scoffed and I start crying.
“Remove the golds on your waist line.You don’t deserve them also;!!
Len ordered but I proved sturbonness.
Seven said I shouldn’t remove them.
“Seven has taught you to be sturbbon right!!!
Lern smirked and took off his wrist watch.
I swallowed the lump in my throat as fresh tears stick to my face.
“I will remove it”
I said and pretend as if I sm taking it off. With that I jerked out of lens grip and run away.
“Follow her!!!!
Emily got out of her car really frustrated.
Soon ,my bones start falling me and my knuckles are near cracking points.
I stumbled again and fell, my toe start bleeding again.
One of the golden chain fell off from my waist.
“Ohhh no!!!!
I stop running and cover my mouth with my palms.
“Beauty run, seven will buy another one for you”
My subconscious brought me back to my senses and I continue wining till I got out of the street to the busy road.
Emily’s guards men are now very close to me but they cannot just come and catch me like that.
If they do,passersby will suspect them.
And so ,i boarded a taxi.
I told the taxi man to take me very faraway that some people are really in a hot chase with me.
“Get in ma’am!! He replied calmly and told me to get in.
I quickly entered while he started driving crazily.
Emily’s guard are now in a hot chase with the taxi again.
Goodness what have I gotten into??
I tap my head and watch how the taxi man did different smart turnings.
Soon, Emily’s guard car were not seen again. They have lost in the hot chase .
“Stop the taxi!! I speak with the taxi man.
“No ma’am, I cannot stop!! He replied me with a slight bow.
“Just stop me here,I will find my way back!!! I said to him but he’s not just answering me and the worst part is that I don’t know where he’s driving me to.
“No miss,i can not stop you here!! He bowed again and increase the pace and speed at which he is driving.
“Just stop!!!
“I don’t know where you’re taking me to” I yelled to his face,that was when I realised that he had on a black face mask.
“No ma’am, I can’t stop!! He bowed again.
“Who are you bowing for
“I said stop the taxi.
He didn’t stop. Instead,he did different driving skills and allow the car to move on it’s own accord.
I yelled till I have no voice to shout.
My body diminished, I felll back to the back seat with my head dropped down.
I fainted in the taxi with a bleeding toe,a confused soul,a pounding headache and a sad cute face. Everything just went black and blank and I cannot just figure out anything.
*******An hour later*****
Still in deep sleep,I crossed my hands over my chest.
“Where am I?
I said aloud and sprang up from the soft king sized bed that I lay on.
The sight of the room I found myself was waaooow.
It was . expensively with red walls that have tilts of gold around them. The curtains were wild with red colours also.
“Where’s is this place
“Hello,who’s here
“Can you here me
I said and moved close to the door.its already locked.
I left the door and moved close to the window. The window had artificial fire flames so I just watch the fires shoot out their respective tongues.
Soon,the door opened by itself.I turned in a swift to see who it was.
I called his name slowly with my eyes fixed on the Royal robe he wore.
“How did I get here I asked him,trying to figure out things myself.
“Len touched you !!
Seven said like he’s ready to break every breakable bones in his body.
I sturrted and drop my head down.I felt something cold on my shoulders,
“An earring.
“But Len took it away!!!
“How did I get another one?
“Gosh,my clothes!!!
“Who changed it!!
“Omg who wore me this golden robe with a very short bikini that is showing my breasts and Laps.
“Who else
He shrugged and smiled.
“Seven who changed my clothes
I questioned him.
“Did you see anything
I asked but he smiled instead.

read more here: https://www.emperorblog.com.ng/?s=fire+and+ice

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