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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 3:35pm On Jul 21
Am loving this story the more I read
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by tunjilee003(m): 3:49pm On Jul 21
keep it coming
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Mielekcezylil(m): 9:26pm On Jul 21
I dnt even knw wat to say sef
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by sunkoye: 10:59pm On Jul 21
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 7:42am On Jul 22
omg this is what i have been missing. thank god im back now
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Colynx(m): 6:11pm On Jul 22
Second time in a row. Wetin dey do these bots sef. Make somebody allow devilpen post in peace o
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 7:45pm On Jul 22
Devilpen dis ur tori no be here oo...
You're fvcking good in the game lyk u dey do p0rn,.
Keep it rolling...
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 5:35pm On Jul 23
The second day after Double D got the level ten blade, he thought of going one last time with the new course he just acquired, for about three days then he would come back on the six day and use a day to prepare for the contest.

In his room, Mide decided to go onlone and check the game, if he would find anyone to play with.
He looked at the news part of the game and was surprised at how two hundred messages could be in his inbox. He randomly picked on one
"You must be a god, how did you do it"
It was then Mide realised your score was sent to the world wide leaders board if you were outstanding.
"How could you decide to be our leaders boyfriend, you are a cheat"
Mide only smiled and wondered on all the hate message he got, he saw a challenge pop up and he gladly clicked on it. This time it was a time attack.
The game time was to end in five minutes, Mide already finished his in two minutes, once again his record went top high into the leader board, making more message pop up. Mide smiled and logged out of the game he still had things to do.

Mide looked around the room and noticed his sister had just gone out and sighed, by the time it was eight thirty in the night, since he was already stressed up and was feeling to lazy to cook, he decided to hit one of the cafeteria in the neighborhood.

Getting to the proposed cafeteria, he was disappointed to find out they had closed, he went further in search, he had not gone far, when a huge object suddenly fell from the sky and crashed against the three storey building that was before him.

"My daughter"
A lady suddenly screamed, running helter skelter, she ran from one passer by to another Hoping someone would come to her aid. Her attention went back to the collapsed building as she heard people murmuring behind her.

A red humanbot, threw a huge block off its body and on the other hand a young girl of about twelve years old. The humanbot(Double D) gently placed the girl on a safe place and looked around for more survivors.
Looking at the plane before him, he later knew it was not just any ship, it was a space ship. He watched as the roof of the ship flew off and hissed off steam, and out from it came a human form of a monster. It had a red cloth on, a tail, while its head had spike on it, running round its face, it wielded a sword with it.
"Shituri" Double D muttered and moved back a little.
In an instance the whole place was flooded with people, news casters especially, who quickly got the program live going round the world.
A shituri was the highest rank of a royal family, a family far from earth, although their route never comes to earth, this would be the second Shituri in twenty years.
It wielded its sword and swing it round its arm, the swiftness of the blade moved like, rays of light, which Mide found difficult to trace.
"Humans must kill" the shituri said and began walking towards Mide.
Mide knew there was no chance of talking any sense, he also brought out his level ten blade, which looked like it had a silver lining of the sharp edge.
The shituri with one bound jumped at Mide, who quickly dodged it, and pushed the girl sideways. His leg almost invisible found its marking on the Shituri's face.
He charged at the shituri and slashed it on it's chest, and with one swift punch, which he channeled Darkway alongside swiftness, It sent the Shituri flying meters away.
"That's Double D" someone said to the hearing of a male newscaster, who quickly gave the video streaming the headline DOUBLE D VS SHITURI.
The last time a shituir was on earth, it claimed the lives of seven hundred people including Male and female and it took the collective effort of the strongest fighter from Green Shadow to bring it down, in which they all paid with thier lives.
"Streaming live, is a fearless lad popularly know as double d against a shituri, we hope he survives it. I know he wil survive it, i believe in Double D, pray for Double D, I am Edward reporting Channel 120".
Double D held the girl and tried taking her to safety, just then a blast came at his back, sending him off, he flung the girl into the sky and as he rolled on the floor, he jammed is legs against a block and slid directly under the girl and caught her.
Before he could stand, the Shituri was already in front of him, with its sword in the sky, it drove it against the girl.
Mide quickly rolled over, covering the girl with his body, and with ease, the sword entered into his hand, the beetle cloth shield on him, was useless against the shituri's sword.
Mide shouted loud and kicked the Shituri off, removing it's grip off it's sword.
Double D quickly turned around and brought out his Bow of fire and fired three shot at a time at the Shituri. The shot only had minimal effect on it, leaving white marks on it's body.
Double D groaned out loud as he pulled the sword off his arm. He channeled the darkwar into his arm which he used in holding sword on signalled to the Shituri to come forward.

"He should just run off" someone said from the crowd with tears in her eyes.
"He is badly injured, he wont survive,the military would be here anytime soon, they will take care of it".
A block suddely crashed above the girl. Double D saw this and dashed towards the girl, covering her with his body, and made the block fall on his back, he spitted blood off his mouth, as he tried throwing block off. The Shituri ran up to him and brought out a dagger from it's mouth and attempted to stab the girl. Double D, quickly blocked it off with his hand, leaving a very deep wound that revealed his bone.
Skillfully, he threw the sword into his free hand, while the other supported his back to hold off the block from crashing. He swayed the sword and slashed the Shituri with one swoft into half.
"Yes, yes, he did it, Double D did it" Edward the reporter shouted.
To him as being the only person that televised the show, it meant break through for his reporting career, immediately on that spot, he received a message on his phone, asking him to partner with them, and another three came in again. He ignored them and looked towards the fight scene.
Double D threw the block off and pushed the girl off, he was already badly injured, he looked at the Shituri sword and smiled, this sword beat every other sword in the sanctuary, it was his to keep.
He fired an arrow to he ground, making have a loud boom, and raised dust into the air. Before the dust died down Double D was gone.

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:13pm On Jul 23
Mide got home and transported himself back into Iron Sanctuary. Laying on the bare floor in his lair, he knew all he needed was enough rest, the wound the Shituri inflicted on him was large, he felt pain all over his body.
He crawled towards the left over pieces of his metal iron bee and devoured some even though it had began to loss taste, he knew it would go a long way healing him.

Edward for the first time in his newscasting career, was getting much more recognition, three different television was now on to him, since he was the first person to bring the fight live before others joined.
He came live on the show analysing the way and strength Double D fought.
"From the strike he gbe the Shituri, it's very obvious, Double D has a special training he is undergoing, and the way he held the heavy block, was exceptional. I estimated for someone as his size he shouldn't be able to hold something as huge and that and still be able to fight, even the injury he sustained, but where is Double D? "

Mide watched as his body slowly healed and knew he wouldn't recover fully before the contest began, he closed his eyes to sleep so his body could recover at large.

Where is Double D was the questions on everyone's lips, while some assumed he was dead, the injury he sustained was much, while others hoped he survived, his opponent silently wished he was dead, no one has ever killed a Shituri on one on one fight.
A day to the fight, Mide opened his eyes weakly, and groaned as he rolled over, he looked at his injured arm and was glad it was healed already, he sat upright and crossed his legs together and closed his eyes channeling the Darkest into his body to gain more strength.
He sighed relief and stood up, he summouned out the Shituri sword and took a spray from where he kept it and sprayed the sword red, he was wise enough the other day to have dropped down his own sword, in replacement of the Shituri sword so no one would suspect any fowl play.
He admired the sword and swayed it, he marveled as it perfectly flowed with his arm, tell lightness and the sharpness.
He went out to the sanctuary and smiled at the poster he saw above and smiled.
"Stay woke Double D, from a die hard fan" He walked round the sanctuary with nothing actually in mind and returned at exactly 12am.
He entered into his room and brought out his new sword, did some practice and slept.

People trooped into the fight arena one after the other, the fight ground had different cell, seperate with iron nets from each other, about two hundred of them, to enable everyone fight at the same time, since the contenders were much.

Mide trooped among the crowd and sat down in the middle part of the large hall that contain more than seven thousand members. The first group of contenders entered into the cell one after the other, in about thirty minutes the match was over, now leading down to Mide's group.
Scar entered into the cell where he would be fighting with Double D and he knew within himself he was happy Double D won't be showing up, the thought of fighting with someone who killed a Shituri with ease made him felt less.
"Is like the rumors are true that Double D is dead" someone said beside Mide to his friend.
"I hope he isn't, he is not dead am sure of that"
Scar smiled with corner of his teeth as the referee entered into the cage to declare him winner.
Mide turned into Double D where he sat and removed the hood he used in covering his head, the boy beside him saw it was Double D and shouted with a loud voice.
"Double D is alive" he shouted and jumped on Double D. "Win this for me" the boy said and jeered at his friend.
The referee smiled and quickly ran out of the fight cell and watched Double D walked into the cell.
"1 million dollars on double D"
Everyone started placing heir odds while some places on Double D others placed on Scar.
Edward made sure he was early enough to take the front seat, so he could analyse the game carefully.
"A Shituri is different from a human " Scar said and brought our his heavy gun

Mide smiled and looked at him, this was not hunting, he knew even scar liked him, he wouldn't hesistate to take him off his way.
Double D brought out his sword and swayed it with easy flexibility.
Among every other game, majority was were interested in Double D'angelo fight

Double D squated and raised his sword up. Immediately the bell rang, Scar fired his gun at Double D, who was even glad he did.
Double D with the help of his Darkest, rolled the word in a circular pattern, bouncing off the bullets as they approached him.
The crowd cheered loudly seeing the skill Double D performed.
Double D, rolled the sword continually and stopped at The gun also was already on overheat. He channeled the Darkwar into his legs and with great speed, he slashed Scar twice on the stomach splitting him into two halves.

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:15pm On Jul 23
The next day after his fight, Mide decided he would go for hunt, since he already has his Shituri blade which he now named Air Slasher, but this time he didn't plan on going far, all he needed was just regular metal meat, since he already ran out of food. Another thought came at him, know that he was stronge, and with more upgrade, he could go after the Metal bull, this time he was sure he would have the upper hand.
The Arrow of God clan, suddenly rode past h, about seven of them, this time Queenite was not with them.
"Out of the way, Scum" the girl that led the troop shoited and scoffed on seeing a bow with him.
"You also want to be like Double D" the girl said and they all went into laughter.
Mide didn't bother to reply them and just stepped out of the way, he knew they were going after a hunt, he smiled in his heart and had a better idea.
When he was sure they had gone far, he summouned his donkey mount and trailed the hoof track of their horses and followed behind them.
He saw them alight their horse and walked into a cave, for the spot where he was, he summouned back his mount and continued on foot.
He made sure he was as silent as possible as he entered the cave, he saw a water fall on the other end, and walked through it, only to discover, it led to another part, seeing the mountain from afar, one would think it was a dead end, but here, a huge forest laid behind.
Mide bent down to track their steps and continued, he saw them from afar and hid himself behind a tree.
"I saw the eagle like creature here" the girl that led the troop said, and continued "It can't be far, that's the nest, everyone take cover"
Mide noticed another bird nest on the tree not to far from his left, this one was quite bigger than the one the troop saw. He silently walked towards the tree,where the nest laid and began to climb it, this must be a scared meat Mide thought within himself. Getting to the top of the tree, he found a big egg in it, and smiled happily, the nest was a big one, which could contain five people convienently. Mide took a wild look around making sure nothing was in sight. He gently used his Air slasher to bore a hole on the egg and placed his mouth, drinking the liquid that came out from it.
"6 metal geno gained, 3 upgrade gained"
Mide eyes widened and smiled at his luck, just the egg gave him this, what if he killed the bird itself, he smiled with greed and quickly descended the tree. He still saw the troop in their former position, while he had gained more than them.
A loud screech suddenly came from before the troop, making them prepare more, each looking at each other with readiness in their eyes.
Mide laid low and smiled, knowing he was going to make them pay for abusing him.

A huge metal Raven about 10 feet suddenly flew among the thick forest, sending trees crashing to the ground, immediately, the troop began shouting their arrows at it, which had no impact, as it bounced off like rubber.
The leader quickly turned to her humanbot and made a huge rocket launcher come out of her hand and fired at the bird.
The explosion sent the bird off, hoping it was dead, the bird turned on its feet and shakes it's broken feather off.
"Now it's pissed" Mide said and smiled, having fun at the revenge scheme he had in mind.
From the way the bird survived that hit, Mide knew he had to make them attack it so it could be weak, then he would do the finishing job.
The bird angrily swayed it's huge wings at the troop sending them off in different direction. It jumped forward and opened its strong beak, in an attempt to knock off the leader.
Mide quickly dived from where he was and pulled the string of his bow, making the arrows form on it. He kept his calm and channeled Darkwar through his arm and released.
The arrows moved with swiftness, the first hit sending the bird to the ground.
"Metal Raven mount obtained, no metal point " Mide almost died with excitement at the hearing of Raven mount, meaning he could journey through air.
The troop gathered around, each of them in bad shape.
'"You hijacked our hunt " the leader shouted and walked towards Mide.
"I wouldn't say that, I saved your lives "
Loud screech came from every part of the woods, Mide knew what he killed was their metal Lord.
"follow me" he said and looked at them, well they had no option.
Mide brought out his bow, and his air slasher, and gave it to the leader. As they moved towards the exit, large bird in large numbers, began to rush at them, from above.
Mide with swiftness, fired three shots after another, each shot bringing down a Raven.
The troop looked in surprise as Mide, fired with ease, each shot going more than a hundred meter into the air. They expected he would get tired after a few shot, but was surprised seeing Mide still had the strength to fire.
"3 metal point games, 3 mtal point gained, 3 metal point gained............. " Mide really enjoyed the tone of the voice within him and fired continually, channeling the Darkwar into his arm.
After the last shot, Mide shouted with joy raising the bow in the air. He looked around only to discover pile of Raven metal birds on the ground, almost to the waist level.
"How did you do that?" the leader asked.
Mide smirked at her and collected his Air slasher.
"we better get out of here"
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 6:56pm On Jul 23
Devilpen why la??
Must you kill people with suspense?

Abeg come and update more tonight...
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Colynx(m): 7:04pm On Jul 23
Devilpen why la??
Must you kill people with suspense?

Abeg come and update more tonight...

He has been banned again. Making the fourth time
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 7:58pm On Jul 23

He has been banned again. Making the fourth time

this is insane la..
Dunno what the bots problem..

Divepen1 do something about this la...
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by enm(m): 8:04pm On Jul 23

He has been banned again. Making the fourth time

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Afz9095(m): 10:04pm On Jul 23
make he message obinnau or divepen1
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:04pm On Jul 23
Thanks for the update but what the hell is wrong with nairaland banning writers.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:40am On Jul 24
Free again, let's hope I don't get banned again, the thing pain me pass my last breakup
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:44am On Jul 24
Tasha the girl that led the group of the Arrow of God, looked at Mide with a feeling she couldn't understand, as much as she tried to hate him, she found it impossible.
"Scum, would you like to ride with me, we still have a long way to go" She said and slowed her horse making him catch up with her.
Mide smiled and nodded his head, he wondered why the sudden kindness, he knew it wouldn't have been the hero thing he did, he was sure it was far from it.
"You will die of trekking " She said again offering him her hand.
Mide scoffed, only if she knew he could do much than what she expected.
Mide stretched his hand at her and she pulled him up behind her. Mide tried asking much as possible not to make body contact with her, but it seemed impossible.
"Hold my waist"
Mide sighed, feeling uncomfortable with her offer and her too much niceness.
"Why? "
Tasha hissed and geared her horse making it run faster.
Seeing the sanctuary gate afar, Mide jumped off from the horse and continued on his leg.
Later the evening of that day, Mide got an invitation from Queenite, he knew how bad she needed someone to do her archery business, not just anyone, someone good and the person she needed was Double D.
Mide was led into the Arrow of God training camp, seeing the trainees taking a very bad posture with their bow. He saw Queenite from afar, trying as hard as she could to hit the bull eyes about forty meters from her.
The girl that led Mide into the camp handed him a bow and a quiver filled with arrow, like Queenite already knew, she stepped away from the path of the dart board.
Mide knew what they wanted and he was going to give it to them, although he won't be as accurate as Double D so it won't cause any suspicion.
From where he stood was about eighty meter from the dart board, he placed the quiver in his back and retrieved an arrow.
He took the first shot, which easily found its spot on the bull's eye, he moved to the second dart and fired, purposely making it hit, the blue spot before the bull eye, he closed his eyes and fired at the third board, making a mark on the blue spot also, the fourth hit the bulls eyes, he smiled at the girl that brought him in and fired at her direction, the arrow went above her head and brought down a bird from the sky.
Queenite felt impressed and clapped her hands, something she had never done in her life, appreciating skill wasn't part of attribute.
"I think we've found a replacement for Double D" Queenite said and signalled everyone should return to their training.
"Wow" Mide said and watched as Queenite carried herself gallantly towards him.
"Since you don't have a clan, and everyone avoids you like poo, am Recruiting you into The Arrow of God clan" Queenite said and continued to walk on.
Mide trailed behind and wondered what kind of forcefully offer it was
"You gave Double D a chance and he robbed you of your precious hunt" Mide said.
Queenite angrily launched a slap at Mide's face, splitting his lips. He knew he could dodge it, he calculated himself to be 3 seconds faster than Queenite attack, but he had to play along.
"am giving you a chance, you are not the half of Double D, and you should feel honor with this " Queenite replied and turned around to face Mide.
"Sorry am out" Mide said and turned towards the exit.
Queenite within herself, knew she couldn't get Double D, since another was available, she need, and she knew what Rush could do.
"You know Rush, will even want to kill you, if he discovers you are good " She said.
Mide didn't bother answering, he only continued towards the exit.
"3 million every week, 2 hundred thousand naira bonus for successful escort" Queenite said
Mide paused and smiled, know business was good.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:49am On Jul 24
Mide returned back to his lair and thought about the offer Queenite offered, well he was all about the money, and all about business, his next match was in three days time, he threw a chunk of meat into his mouth and stood up to practice his swiftness tutorial, he sighed for a moment and felt to lazy to begin. He stood up and walked out towards the sanctuary gate, where he met Lots.
"Hey, pig head" Lyta called out and walked up to Mide with his crew, and smiled at him.
Mide moved back and vowed to humiliate Lyra know any way, he had to retain his dignity, he wouldn't anyone play him this time around.
"What do you want? " Mide asked and gulped hard.
Lyta smiled and placed his hands on Mide's shoulder.
"I want to play a game with you" Lyta said and had a serious look on his face.
"There is a Metal Warthog that was spotted around the forest, anyone that kills it, gains 5million and he leaves the sanctuary for ever" Lyta said and smiled again.
"You are scared, let's settle this in the mini arena, man to man" Mide replied, not because he couldn't go for the hunt, the hunt was a probability, either he killed the beast of otherwise, and much was at stake, but he didn't want any competition, and even he knew Lyta could be staging him.
Lyta grumbled a bit, and reluctantly agreed to Mide's term.
The news quickly got around the entire sanctuary, Scum going up against the all powerful Lyta, probably history will repeat itself again. Queenite got the message and quickly made for the mini arena.
She sighted Mide, where he stood alone, watching the stage prepared. The Golden Clan on the far end of the arena.
The Arrow of God clan, all walked towards Mide, while Queenite led them. Everyone stood in total surprise seeing the Arrow of God clan was for the plague everyone avoided.
"What's this madness you are getting into? " Queenite asked with a low tone and knelt down before Mide.
"Restoring my dignity " Mide replied.
"What are the metal gears you have? "
Mide felt bad at such questions, it dawned on him, that's the question he should have asked himself, here he was not going to be fighting an Double D, thus his chance was reduced.
Mide brought out his Air Slasher and waved it.
Queenite scoffed at the blade and moved her head bavkward.
"That blade will do less, am sure Rush, has already given his brother, stronger gears" She said and summouned out a blue shiny sheild
"This all I can offer, a Metal Rhino shield, take, it looks heavy but it is as light as air and strong as well"
Tasha stepped forward and also summouned out her Corrosion Metal Gun
"Here, this takes five seconds to fully power up, a shot and that bastard is done for" She said and handed it over.
Rush stared into Queenite's eyed and shaked his head, in disapproval, the bell signaling the fight, rang, and both contenders entered into the ring.

The bell rang again signalling tye fight should commence.
Lyta immediately summouned his flaming dragon beast soul, which came out furiously and splited fire at Mide.
Mide went into a squaring position, having one knee on the ground, he folded his hand above his head and summouned the Rhino metal shield and also his metal beetle clothing shield, the fire came at him with much heat, which drained him of his strength, quickly he channeled his Darkwar, and increased his stamina time.
Lyta on the other hand began to grow weak, as he was over using the soul beast, and any longer use of it, could result in his body tearing apart.
"That's impossible" Queenite said with doubt in her mind.
"No one could survive that kind of heat, seems we underestimated him" Tasha said and her heart was glad
Lyta quickly summouned his beast soul before he would tear apart and staggered to the ground, feeling weak.
Mide body was already steaming and was as red as coal, he stood up and summouned out his Air Slasher on one hand and the corrosion metal gun on the other hand. He got closer to Lyta and kicked him on the chest, making him fall to the ground. On second thought Mide bent down and opened the Metal Gear box of Lyta's metal weapon, and dipped his hand in, first he brought out a fire ball and swallowed it.
"Beast soul of fiery dragon gained, no metal point received, not metal geno gained " the voice said within Mide.
He dipped his hand in again and brought out a blue ball and swallowed it.
"Level 10 upgrade on all gears" the voice said again.
Mide stood up and kicked Lyta had in the stomach, making him slid off.
Rush on the other hand was already fuming with anger, his fiery beast soul was gone, he looked at Mide and summouned a huge bazooka from his hands which in return, got the Arrow of God clan alerted.
"Your brother had a deal, and he has to honor it, he leaves Iron Sanctuary tonight, and please make the 5 million naira transaction " Queenite said.
Rush had no option, he did as instructed.
"This 13,we need 5" Mide said and smiled.
"The remaining to make my brother remain in the sanctuary"7
Mide agreed and walked towards where Lyta laid exhausted and bent down towards him.
"Know your opponent, and never take the first move" Mide said and spanked Lyta on the butt and gallantly walked out of the ring.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:03am On Jul 24
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 4:38pm On Jul 24
may God bless you as you are blessing us with update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 5:14pm On Jul 24
Chapter 20
Mide was shown his room, among the Arrow of God Clan, although not large, it was still neatly arranged than his, a bed right in the middle of the room, a lamp, on all four corners of the room, a shelf at the far right and a reading table at the edge of the bed.
"Thank yoj" Mide turned to Tasha.
"I saw something strang when Lyta had you heat up, while you were glowing red, you looked like Double D" Tasha said with a serious look on her face, and stared at Mide.
He smiled and cleared his throat, thinking of what to say, at that moment his thinking denied him access.
Tasha suddenly busted into laughter and winked at Mide.
"I was only teasing you, you can never be like Double D, am going tomorrow to watch his match, and if given the chance, I will tell him how much I love him" Tasha said and threw an orange at Mide and exited the room.
Mide sighed heavily and calmed his mind, while Double D had a match to win tomorrow.

Early the next morning, a loud bang came at his door, which made him curse angrily.
"Morning Routine, wake up newbie " the husky voice male voice came in from the other side.
Mide groaned lazily and went out, everyone took a position with their bow and arrows, standing about a hundred meter away from the dart board.
Queenite stood at the end of the row and shoited out the orders.
"Give Mide, a level 15 bow " Queenite said and handed Mide the bow herself.
"Shoot" Queenite shouted and everyone aimed for the bull eye, Mide smiled and while others were missing their shot, he had made the bull eye.
Queenite was surprised at how easy it was for him, she was sure he was not yet at level 8,he didn't have the sign of the level break through in his physique, which made her more surprised and vowed to get answers.
Mide looked towards the right and immediately got carried away by the view he saw. Tasha with her now, with seriousness on her face, which even made her looked hot, the view was pleasant, he didn't know when Queenite walked up to him.
"Everyone dismiss, except Mide". She watched as everyone disperse and stood distance off to see what next will happen.
"I see you love beautiful women" She said with a serious look on her face.
Mide moved his head slightly in disapproval, holding tight to his bow.
"Am I beautiful? " Queenite asked, and still had the same strong look on her face.
"No, you look manly " Mide replied and quickly dodged the slap that came at his face.
"The newbie has challenged me, get him a staff"
Mide stood in awe, at what was really happening really fast, and collected the staff that was given to him.
Queenite, packed her hair tightly and rolled them in one bond, and made a fist, standing meters away from Mide, Mide knew she would be fighting without weapon and threw his to the ground.
It was time to go for a little practice, before be went for the main fight, as Double D
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 5:39pm On Jul 24
Hope he's gonna get through this without hinting them he is Double D
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Mielekcezylil(m): 8:39pm On Jul 24
What else can i say than this story is superb
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:24pm On Jul 24
Chapter 21

Mide suddenly made his hand stop, quickly before he could hit Queenite on the chest, he grinned and hated the fact that he was holding back, because of the sensitive parts on Queenite's body.
She smiled and knew what came across his mind and punched him on the stomach, sending him against the ground, Mide coughed hard and did a Chinese getup to his feet. He quickly swayed his head around and headbutt Queenite making he hold tight to her forehead in pain.
She quickly recovered and pointed Two fingers out from her right fist raising one leg up, she tilted forward, sending the fingers at Mide's neck, who quickly caught the fingers in between his two hands, and punched Queenite straight on the jaw.
"AWWWWWWWWEEE" was the murmur that came next from
Queenite felt humiliated and then transformed into her humanbot, making two swords out from both hands.
Mide knew what she wanted, so they could both access their full potential, but he knew he couldn't not transform to Double D, or even use any of Double D's Metal Gear.
Queenite pointed her sword forward, expecting him to transform.
Mide smirked and took the first attack, he jumped into the air and rotated, sending his left leg forward. Queenite quickly slashed her sword into the air and a strong wave of wind, in the pattern she made, sent Mide off.
Mide groaned as he fell on the floor, and channeled his Raven Metal Beast Soul, at least he could know what it worth.
As Queenite neared him, he sent forth the metal Raven which caught Queenite by the shoulder and swooped her into the air.
A loud bang suddenly came from above, as an unforseen force threw Mide with great foce away, it was his beast soul, what ever Queenite did to it, had greatly weaked him.
Queenite returned on a horse with wings and transformed to her normal human form and walked towards Mide.
"I am not disappointed " She said and walked off.
"See me at noon" She said again and exited.
Tasha, walked up to Mide and helped him up and smiled at him, helping him dust off the dirt on his body.
"You really did well" She said and straightened his collar
"Thank you"
"while you will be with Mistress. I'll be watching my secret crush, Double D, wrecking off Lin Feng's ass" Tasha said and winked at Mide.
"Lin Feng" Mide repeated the words again.
"Yeah, his supposed opponent died in a hunt so, Lin Feng is Double D's new opponent"
Mide brain suddenly booted to the heroic tales of Lin Feng, he was reported to had kill a Dear Metal Animal with just a fist just one punch, he had fought against 30 machineries and survived without a scratch on his body.
"See you later " Tasha said and ran off, leaving Mide to think about Double D

Chapter 22
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Cardiojosh(m): 10:50pm On Jul 24
Op this is great
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:34pm On Jul 24
Wishing Double D good luck with Lin feng . .�
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:23am On Jul 25
Chapter 22
An hour before his brawl against Lin Feng would start, Mide went to see Queenite, hoping, what she called him for was just a brief talk
He gently knock on the door and entered, when he heard the order to do so. He saw Queenite, sitting on her bed, it was then Mide realized the setting of the room, was same as his.
"You such a brave one to have leveled up against me, even without your humanbot form" She said and expected a better reaction from Mide, instead of the grumpy look on his face.
"You asked to see me" Mide replied.
"Yes, the entrance exam for Myriad Band, takes place next week and I want you to participate although you have been Choosen, but you still have to go for the exam to register your presence" Queenite said.
Mide on one part was glad, the Myriad band, was like a huge fish pond with different species of fishes, then afterwards each species are seperated to their likes, under the Myriad band was the Green Shadow group, The Iron Fist, Zone lads, Hand of God, and much more, it was an opportunity anybody would die for, since their selection process was though, and here he was, with an automatic selection, while on the other part he was sad and was not likely to take the offer, he still had an underage sister to look after, he was the only one for her.
He looked back Queenite and sighed
"I'll think about it"
"Well seems like you have no option here" Queenite said and dismissed him.

Mide quickly ran out of the camp and headed towards the main sanctuary arena, and turned into Double D and walked into the arena.

Edward the reporter earlier in the day had predicted Double D, to win the match, which made his rating to drastically drop to 3 star rating from 8 star rating. People had thought him mad and senseless, when he strongly broadcaster that Double D would win against Lin Feng, also he was at the verge of lossing his job, while the company had threatened to fire him if Double D lossed, since it would be bad for business.

Double D himself knew what he was going into was a suicide mission, but his ego won't let him see that, he entered into the ring, and stood facing Lin Feng, so the tales he heard were true, Lin Feng had not been seen ever in his humanbot form.
The Man before him was probably in his mid thirties, with his Chinese look,a light eyebrow and a kind of tiny set of eyes.
"I love how you made it to the limelight " Lin Feng said and smiled at Double D.
Double D nodded in return and only hoped he could find a point to hit Lin Feng.
The crowd grew quiet in anticipation, the larger part hoping Double D would survive.
The bell rang signifying the fight should start.

Chapter 23

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:28am On Jul 25
I'm doubting Double D on this..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Dnight(m): 8:41am On Jul 25
I'm doubting Double D on this..
me too o

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