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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by mondaypemisire(m): 6:45pm On Aug 04
devilpen my guy i really love your story but the town am in now there network is not good.pls maybe you can post the story as many you can typing.send your digit to me
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 7:23pm On Aug 04
time for mide to level up once more with a lion
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:01pm On Aug 04
Chapter 42
Wicked suddenly jumped on Double D and gave aloud screech, which made Double D jump up to his feet and watched as Wicked ran into the dark, Double D ask quickly ran after it.
Lyta felt the night raider catching up to him, he hit his leg against a fallen log, and tumbled on the ground, and swiftly, the night rider jumped forward, wanting to pounce on him.
Before it could lay it's paws on him, Wicked suddenly jumped from nowhere and hit it's body against the night raider, sending it against a tree.
Lyta quickly picked himself up, and collided with Double D.
"A night raider " He said and brought out his gattling gun.
Wicked snarled at the night raider, and constantly raised up it's paws, to defend itself. The night raider made an attempt to jump over Wicked since it was huge and taller and Wicked was not near 2 feet tall, but got blocked again by Wicked.
Angrily the night raider pounced on Wicked and bite it on the leg.
Wicked let out a painful groan and slashed it's claws on the night raiders face, in response the night raider bite deeper into its legs and flinged it away.
Double D brought out his lite bow and pulled the string backward, making a white shiny arrow form on it.
He fired at the night raider, which jumped and rolled over on its back, dodging the arrow, it bent down low and snarled at Double as he pulled the string of the bow again. Double D fired another shot, which the night raider dodged again.
"What's wrong? " Double D queried and pulled the string again, before he could fire, Wicked pounced on the back of the night raider and dipped it's teeth right into the neck of the night raider, which tried shaking Wicked off it's back.
Wicked made sure it's teeth and claws were clipped on the night raider, and after minutes of struggling, the night raider fell dead to the ground. Double D quickly ran up to Wicked and carried it up on his hand.
"A lion heart for the scared cat, level 4 upgrade, wind swiftness obtained" Double D heard the voice in his head, he walked up to the night raider, while Lyta on the other felt humiliated an ordinary scared pet saved his life.
Double brought out his air slasher and skinned the night raider and chewed part of its meat.
"1 metal point gained" the voice said within him, and he reserved the rest for Wicked.
Returning back to the camp, Lyta laid down, pretending nothing happened, while Double D, used band aid on Wicked's injured leg, which made Wicked to constantly wince in pain.
"Shh, you saved our lives, girly" Double D said and patted Wicked on the back.

Chapter 43


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 9:10pm On Aug 04
we're all leveling up with mide too, keep going bro
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:56pm On Aug 05
Chapter 43
The next morning, everyone began to prepare, it was estimated about 5 hours ride on horse, while it took two hours on air. Double D removed the band aid on Wicked's leg and saw it was healed already.
"Double D, everyone here has an eagle mount, it will take us roughly two hours to get there" Lyta said and brought out his eagle mount.
The others also brought out theirs and flew into the sky, Lyta pulled his arm forward to help Double D on his mount, Double D smirked and him and summouned out his dragon Fury mount and climbed on it, holding Wicked on the other hand.
"Is there anything you don't have? " Lyta asked with greed in his voice and headed his eagle mount.

After about two hours of flying, Lyta and others dived down their mount and summouned it back. The forest they landed was majorly filled with yellow flower plants and some few tall trees.
Lyta walked towards a fallen tree and laid down against it, followed by others.
"So, there are more than 50 metal swift Fox in this area, this is their territory, but what I want is their King, while others have yellow furs, the King has blood red furs, and horns on the head, we will lay till it comes out to feed, which should be around twenty minutes time " Lyta said and placed a finger on his lips to signify quietness.

Double D, dropped Wicked to the ground, and looked around, like the cat knew what he thought of, it quietly walked towards a dried vine rope and easily dragged it forward to Double D, who brought out his Lite bow and pulled the string lighty, bringing out the arrows, he repeated the action about seven times, and he cut the vine and tied them around the butt of the arrow, and turned around.
Double D aimed his arrow, after spotting, a soft Fox, which had wondered away from other, and fired at it. The Fox tumbled to the ground, the impact of the arrow, didn't give it any chance to screech out. Double D, quietly used the vine on the arrow to pull the Fox forward.
"No metal point gained, eat meat to get one metal point" Double D heard the voice in him and hated the fact that, something as fast as the swift Fox was pointless.
"Good job brother " Lyta commented and continued the watch.
Double D, brought out his air slasher and skinned the Fox, he looked around for Wicked and saw it coming out from a part of the bush, with a swift Fox clinched to its teeth.
"That's for you" Double D said to Wicked, who joyfully tore the swift Fox into pieces and began eating it's meat.

Lyta gently tapped Double D and signalled to the others to look forward.
"There comes the king" He said and brought out his gattling Gun.
"You all know the deal, Double D, your aim could really mean alot here, shoot at its leg, and I'll kill it myself "
The swift metal Fox king, had a fur color which looked like blood, it was guarded round by other swift Fox, which cleared the path for it as it walked.
Wicked sneaked away from where they stood and made its way to the back, hiding itself among the bush that led to the entrance of the hole where the king had come out from.
Double D, placed an arrow on his bow and aimed at the king Fox, and with one swift, he released the arrow, aiming straight for the leg.
The arrow, found its way right at the kings leg, and splited it into two. The swift Fox king, screeched out in pain, and leaped on other three legs. All swift rod, quickly gathered around, and began to make a circle round the king, and gradually their body began to glow, and the began entering into knew another, in an instance, they entered into each other, which resulted into one huge swift Fox, which was about seven feet tall.
Wicked where it hid, winced in fear, and placed it's tail right in between it's leg.
"Damn, what is that? " Double D asked, surprised and looked at Lyta.
"Nobody explained this part to me " Lyta replied and hit his legs against a dried tree branch, which caught the huge swift Fox attention and it turned their direction and snarled at them.
"On the count of three, everyone should run, Three!! " Lyta shouted and took to his heels.

Chapter 44


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 2:07pm On Aug 05
Every update always keep me anticipating the next..

Thanks for the update op..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 3:19pm On Aug 05
Devilpen dis your story dey do me magic...
You are just De bahdman in this forum,
Kudos bro!

Abeq no mind dis ones wey dey complain about short and slow update...
Them dey pay you??
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Dagger79(m): 7:26pm On Aug 05
Damn am late!!! still better late than never. Great story bro.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:49pm On Aug 05
Chapter 44
The huge swift Fox, got into hot pursuit, chasing angrily after Lyta and the rest, they all splited into parts trying to confuse the swift Fox. The Fox stopped abruptly, looking confused, not know who to follow, it suddenly splited itself into seven other parts, and each one followed after the group.
Double D jumped over a dead fallen tree and slid on the ground, passing under a tree that crossed the path, the swift Fox that followed him, stupidly jumped after double D trying to pass also under the tree where Double D passed and got stuck. Double D panted loud and brought out his Air Slasher, and walked towards the huge swift Fox, and slashed it on the neck.
"One metal part gained, no metal point received, no metal geno gained, eat meat to get one metal point".
Double D watched as the swift Fox splited into smaller part, each one already laying lifeless on the ground.
"Wicked, where are you? " He asked himself and ran back to where they were before hand.
Lyta saw a tree ahead and ran towards it, as the swift Fox steadily got closer, he ran on the tree, taking two steps on it and flipped himself himself backward, jumping over the swift Fox, and rolled on the ground and immediately fired his gun at the Fox, as he fired, the Fox splited into its many Fox component, each laying lifeless.
"One metal part gained, no geno point, no metal point, eat metal meat to gain one point".
Other swift Fox, caught up with the other members and tore them into pieces, except, two whom Double D had to save, which gave him Two more metal parts.

The swift king, weakly made for the hole which it crawled out from, followed by other three swift foxes, while others were busy hunting the attackers.
Wicked suddenly jumped out from where it hid, and pounced on the Swift Fox king, and broke off one of its horn. One swift Fox, attempted to attack Wicked, and with quick reflex the cat, rolled over on its side, and grabbed the Fox by the tail and swinged it against a pointed stick, which was a broken part of a branch.
The swift king attempted to ran into its hole, but got blocked off by Wicked, at once the other swift foxes jumped at Wicked, while one gave it a scratch on the face, Wicked meowed in pain and made it claw find its way right into the belly of the other, and threw the body at the other and befire it could face the swift king, it nodded Wicked with its one horn and rammed her to the floor, before Wicked could pick herself up, the swift king, nodded wicked again, and another hit again.
Double D got to the scene and saw Wicked being over powered and brought out his lite power and fired at the King, which gave it a huge wound on the chest. Lyta jumped out from the bush beside the swift king and dugged his dagger into the swift king, he stood up and laughed hard.
"Speed of wind gained, 5 metal parts received, 7 geno metal" He shouted in joy and quickly began to feast on the metal king.
"Seems our business deal is gone, please transfer my money, nine million naira" Double D said picked wicked up from the ground.
In one swift, Lyta was standing right before Double D, having a dagger to Double D's throat.
"I'll think twice " Double D said and Lyta looked down only to see Double D was having his Air slasher pointing at his abdomen.
"You have no respect for business" Double D said and slapped Lyta on the face, slapped him on the left cheeks, then another on the right cheeks, then gave him a punch with his fist of fire, which sent Lyta against a tree.
Lyta stood up and dashed at Double D, who easily caught him and flinged him away.
"You can't kill Mide, and you think you can kill me, you are no match even for Wicked, you stole, a pets hunt, if not for Wicked, you would have been dead, this girl saved you from a night raider" Double D said and grabbed him by the shirt.
"Now transfer 11 million to my account"
Lyta winced in pain and did an commanded, and Double D, freed him, and pushed him to the ground, he grabbed the swift Fox king metal meat from him and gave it to Wicked, who joyfully ate the meat.
"Nice doing business with you" Double D said and summouned his Fire Dragon mount and flew into the sky

Chapter 45

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:04pm On Aug 05
thanks for the update boss

As for lyta still wondering when he will start having sense
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by sunkoye: 9:22pm On Aug 05
thanks for the update boss

As for lyta still wondering when he will start having sense
I got one coz called lyta too in real life.he too no get sense. cheesy

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:09pm On Aug 05
I got one coz called lyta too in real life.he too no get sense. cheesy
You don't mean it!!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 10:37pm On Aug 05
Nice update...
Steady flows..
I think its time for lyta to go down...he's a nuisance!
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:01am On Aug 06
Chapter 45
As Mide returned back to the Myriad Ground, he went directly to his room, where he met his room mates and Tasha all talking happily with each other.
"Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyeeeee" his roommates all chorused together seeing him, standing at the door.
His eyes met with Tasha and he smiled at her, but her reaction was otherwise.
"See ehn, bro, I really love this your sister, help me with her contact, she has been refusing " IV said and rolled over on his bed.
"Sister?, She is my girlfriend " Mide replied and threw Wicked on his bed, and threw some swift Fox metal meat at it.
The boys looked at each a little confused
"What about the Green shadow leader, Wonuola" Sen asked and cleaned his glasses.
"Yeah, what about her? " Hardys chipped in.
Mide scratched his head for a while, he knew matters were now get5ing complicated, what he took for a joke was now becoming real.
"This just a play" he finally said.
Hardys jumped down from his bed and went closer to Mide and pulled him to the bed and sat him down.
"Brother, as much as I like to flirt with girls and all and all, what you are doing is dangerous. Playing with a girls heart, what if she knows and she is madly in love with you" Hardys said
"No, leave him, I got this covered, I'll tell the girl that dude is no longer interested " IV shouted.
All this while Tasha kept mute and was totally out of option, she knew this was really going to turn the whole Myraid ground upside down, the all and powerful Wonuola suddenly got dumped, as much as she felt pity for her, she was not ready to share her boyfriend with anyone.
Mide stood up and stretched his hands to Tasha, who gladly accepted it and pulled herself up.
"Wicked should stay with you guys, I want to get to our training camp, our Silent Arrow group is mounting the podium and snatching all Awards this year" Mide said and made for the door.
"Hey dude, have you forgotten we are also part of the silent arrow and I have made myself the Vice President, while Hardys yes made himself the Treasurer and Sen, Secretary. " IV shouted and jumped down, alongside others and hurriedly wore their clothes.
While on their way to the Silent arrow ground, walking among the crowd, on the path way, Mide felt something familiar, and also like someone was staring at him. He slowly turned around and saw Dawn, standing at the end of the pathway on the right, he looked closely and next she quickly took off her eyes and walked into the crowd.
"Impossible " Mide said and tried running, but it was impossible sincere crowd was much, by the time he got there, there was no traces of her.
"What happened? " Tasha asked, when he came back to them.
Mide pointed, shakingly at the direction and sniffed, then looked at them.
"I saw Dawn, she saw me and ran off, without any trace, like she wanted me to know she is alive" Mide said and looked at the direction, where he saw her.
"Who is Dawn? " Sen asked gently.
"His sister, we thought Rush's brother killed her, maybe he is hallucinating" Tasha replied.
"I know what I saw" Mide replied and walked off.

Chapter 46


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:52am On Aug 06
chaii so dawn was alive all the while but

where has she been?

why is she running?

what has the golden clan fed her?

Is mide hallucinating?

Don't even know what to think hoping the next episode will help my confused mind
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 1:17pm On Aug 06
Chapter 46
Five ninja dressed figures, jumped over the fence of the golden clan builder, their overall dark outfit, blending perfectly with the darkness of the night. They carefully ran on the roof of the building, making their way pass the security post.
Lyta slowly opened his eyes, and saw five dark figures above him, the huge one among them spanked him on the head, and placed a dagger to his throat.
"Dawn, did she Die" one of the figure asked and removed the mask on his fave, revealing Mide.
Lyta still laid on his bed, and was about bringing out his gattling gun, quickly one of the figures used the butt of his sword the hit hand on Lyta's hand.
"Easy, yeah, she died, got burnt " Lyta replied
Mide made an angry face and summouned out his sand whipand slashed it against the edge of the bed, and splited it apart, while it left traces of sand around.
"I saw her yesterday, she saw me and ran off" Mide said and slashed the whip in the air.
Lyta sat himself up and winced, then yawned.
"I sold her to the Gitana Slave Traders" Lyta replied softly
"in heaven name, I thought slavery was banned and deemed illegal" Sen muttered and removed his mask, and landed a slap on Lyta's face.
"Who did you sell her too? " Tasha asked and also removed her mask.
"The boss, who else"
Mide eyes already filled with tears, he raised his Air slasher up and was about driving it into Lyta, just then the door came open.
Sen leaped forward and launched a blow at the one who opened the door. Lyta quickly jumped to his feet, but was pulled down by Mide, having his Air slasher to his neck. Lyta took a closer look at the sword and knew he had seen it somewhere, just then he knew he saw it with Double D.
"You're Double D" Lyta said and punched Mide on the face, and jumped out through the window.
Sen summouned out his metal air shield and used it to cover everyone, making it cover them like a ball and rammed it against the building, making a path for them. Getting to the open compound, they were surrounded, by the golden clan member, each having a gattling gun at them.
Mide turned into Double D and swayed his Air slasher. Hardys summouned out his metal ground driller and drilled the ground, making all of them go in, and immediately the ground covered itself back.
Mide felt uncomfortable, pacing round the room, while others looked at him quietly, observing the situation.
"I never thought I would ever get to met Double D in my entire life, as much as I would like to celebrate, the Gitana slave traders are almost invisible, this is the first time I ever th0ught they existed " IV said calmly.
Mide looked at him and hissed, then resumed his pacing.
"I have a solution " Tasha said and got everyone's attention "We tell Queenite "
"No" I don't want your mother in this.
"Alright I have another solution "
Everyone had their eyes on her, expecting her to say what her solution is.
"Sell me "
Chapter 47

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 2:03pm On Aug 06
Devilpen seems there's a mixup you just posted chapter 47 instead of 46
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 2:17pm On Aug 06
sold her as a slave this lyta is just too wicked and unreasonably senseless..
I swear mide is stupid for leaving him a whole..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 3:24pm On Aug 06
Devilpen seems there's a mixup you just posted chapter 47 instead of 46
Thank you..... it has been modified
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 5:33pm On Aug 06
Chapter 47
Mide splited thr Silent Arrow into three groups, those who operates the Mac Machine, those who specializes with the bow and arrow and those who specializes in sword craft. In the first week, he made sure they all did the swiftness training, which majority of them found tiresome, but since it was what he himself did, they had no option than to comply, the next week was the Darkwar training, the third week was the meditation training, and the fourth week was for both sword and Mac operation.
"The swiftness competition, holds tomorrow, which I won't be taking part, since I am the leader and had already set a leadership board, no one has broken, I have choose Sam to represent us in the group stage " Mide made the announcement while his students of over a hundred and eighty sat down with their legs crossed into each other.

A girl raised her hands up from the group and waited patiently for Mide to notice her.
"Yes, Debby" Mide said and signalled her to talk.
"Let me go instead of Sam, we all know, he the weakest among us all" Debby said
Mide studied the situation closely, he was a leader that didn't base Victory on strength but wisdom.
"Debby, we all know you had a 60 percent accuracy in the test, which made you lead the group board, what we are doing here is not about winning, but experience, Rome wasn't built in a day, IV will take you through the Mac training" Mide said and left the podium, dismissing the class.

While the students were all gone Mr. Bob came into the hall and walked up to Mide and his friends, he gave them a pleasant greeting and got straight to the point.
"I admire your focus, the Sile t arrow rating has gone up by 5 percent, which has never happened in years" Mr Bob said and smirked at Casper, who was suppose to be the Silent Arrow leader.
"Thank you " Sen replied and adjusted his glasses.
"I still come with the business proposal" Mr Bob said and brought out a orange round ball.
"Metal serpent, stills away others gears, join us and know what true power looks like" Mr Bob said and gave a stern face at Mide.
"Sorry, Mr. Bob, your offer isn't valid, you want a leader to learn under people he is better than" IV said and pushed back the metal ball.
"No, he is gaining an automatic post of a commander" Mr. Bob replied.
Just then Tasha walked in and met them in the middle of silent discussion
"Mr. Bob" Tasha said and greeted him.
"Beloveth, welcome, I was about taking my leave, you'll should take care" Mr. Bob said and walked off.
"Weirdo" Hardys said and stucked out his tongue.
"What's up " Mide greeted and held Tasha by the waist, pulled her forward and gave her a deep kiss.
"My heart, flies away, melted by the sun.. " Sen said and got smacked by the head by IV
"Such a terrible poet" Hardys said and clicked his tongue.

"I thought as much" A feminine voice said from the entrance.
Everyone turned around and saw Wonuola and three of her students walking in on them. IV scratched his head, and whistled, turned around and attempted to walk off. Sen dragged him by the shirt and pulled him back, while Hardys pretended to be busy with his phone.
"Because of this LovePeddler, this commoner, you started avoiding me" Wonuola shouted out and smacked Mide on the face.
Tasha stepped backward, not knowing exactly what to do.
"No one want an arrogant leader" Casper said and in return got a sound slap from IV.
"Shut up" IV shouted and attempted to give Casper another slap.
Wonuola tried holding the tears in her eyes, but it was impossible.
"You've drawn the rope, I'll make your clan miserable, even your life, watch your back, I mean all of you" She said and turned around to leave.
Everyone kept mute, even after she was gone, not knowing what to do next.
"I already found out how to enter the slave market" Tasha said and left them.

Chapter 48


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by tunjilee003(m): 9:54pm On Aug 06
@devilpen.your writting prowess have never been in doubt... keep Bringing it am loving this
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Smithwilliams826: 12:30pm On Aug 07
I hail you[img][/img] Sweet, fantastic, interesting, which other grammar or word even any naija English. Thumb up.

Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 12:53pm On Aug 07
Devilpen na by force to get 2 girlfriends?

Abeg free my guy la, wunuola should go look another place...

My guy bring it on....
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 4:27pm On Aug 07
Chapter 48
Mide looked around the walkway, looking at his wristwatch, it was 2am, everywhere silent, even the slightest sound could be heard, having Tasha on his shoulder, who was probably unconscious, he swayed the signpost which had a huge letter G inscription on it.
After about thirty minutes of waiting, he got fed up and turned around to leave.
"What's the code? " A voice said boldly from nowhere.
"Gitana, Gitana, every warrior must die, sell the soul and make the fame, fight and fight until sheep becomes wolf" Mide said, and a door opened right in front of him, which glowed brightly from the inside. He looked around and adjusted Tasha well in his shoulder and went in.
Immediately he entered, the door for shut, and next he saw himself standing in a large hall fills with people and humanoids alike, with different heavy machinery.
"This beauty here, got here from the shores of Lagos, a real beauty, she has the natural skill of a snake, and when in white mood, can transform into a giant snake" A man said, shouting in the top of his voice, as he talked he dragged the chains with tied the girls neck roughly.
Mide, walked among the crowd and climbed the sales podium, standing song other sellers.
He looked for a while, while the others shouted at the top of their voice, to get customers. He dropped Tasha hard to the ground and made her go on her knees, and pulled her by the air.
"I bring you, the second in command of the arrow of God" He shouted to the top of his voice and almost immediately the noise died down, everyone having their attention on him.
"hey boy, I'll give 30million naira for her" a man with full beard and a pot belly said.
"the bidding starts from a hundred million" Mide said and looked on.
"Hundred "
"hundred and fifty"
"hundred and sixty"
Mide felt a tap on his shoulder and next a voice.
"We found a girl with description you gave us" the voice said.
Mide raised up his hands, and the bidders went quiet.
"I have decided to give her as a gift to Lord Gitana" Mide said, which sparked murmur among everyone.

Two hefty humanoid paved way for Mide, as he entered into a huge room, which had carvings of hyenas on every part of the wall, lamp stand hanging on each corners of the room.
Right before him was a huge and wide decorated chair, from the look, one could decide how soft it was. Laying on it was a very young man, almost as young as Mide himself, with two beautiful ladies, each beside him.
"I have a gift for Lord Gitana" Mide said and adjusted Tasha well in his shoulder.
The boy laughed, then chuckled, he adjusted himself and pointed a finger at Mide.
Mide never expected him to be as young as he was, for someone who has a record of more than a thousand years old.
Mide dropped Tasha gently to the ground and showed Lord Gitana her face.
"She looks beautiful, and for her status, I can't receive her, I don't want trouble with anything from Queenite" Lord Gitana said and waved his hand.
Two humanoid stepped forward and advanced towards Mide to lead him out of the room. Just then a girl walked in with a wine glass on a golden tray and knelt down before Lord Gitana.
"Dawn" Mide said softly and stared at her.
Dawn saw him and quickly looked away, Lord Gitana, saw Mide's reaction and spoke.
"You have eyes for real beauty my friend" Lord Gitana said.
"I can actually add her to my collection" Mide replied and giggled.
"This beauty here" Lord Gitana said and clinched tight to one part of Dawn's butt and continued " She was given to me as a birthday gift and I cherish that" He said again and traced his hands around her waist. The cloth Dawn wore, was barely covering her entire unclothedness.
Mide felt pained in the heart and wished he could bring off Lord Gitana's head from his body.
"What can I do to get her from you? " Mide asked.
Lord Gitana laughed hard, and also the girls, then the humanoids.
"My ribs, if you can defeat me, and no one has ever tried that, I am invisible, it's like signing your death warrant".
"I accept your challenge"
Lord Gitana, felt shocked by such bravery and asked again.
"Joking right"
Mide stretched out his hand and brought out his Air slasher, which glittered among the darkness.
"I accept your challenge " Mide said again and Sen, IV and Hardys appeared behind him, while Tasha rised to her feet and walked behind Mide.
"So be it" Lord Gitana roared and turned into a huge dragon, with fire on all part of its body, the dragon, turned again and transformed into a nine feet dragon in human posture, having it's two hind legs on the ground, wings at the back and two huge guns on the hand.
"I told you our plan was a bad idea" Hardys said and brought out his Metal Water Gun "Let's quench someone "

Chapter 49


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:45pm On Aug 07
If mide will come out of this it might be with a great loss
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:57pm On Aug 07
Chapter 49
Mide and other quickly dived to safety, as Lord Gitana sprayed the bullet at them. Mide leaned beside a pillar and watched at the dragon, fired with agility and ease. Mide transformed into Double D and dashed out from where he hid, and slid under the dragon and slashed it on the leg at the back and kicked it by the join, making it forcefully kneel to the ground.
The dragon, roared and the ed around, using it's huge hands to throw Double D away, making him crash against the huge chair.
IV, looked at the others where the hid and nodded to them, he rolled over to where Sen and Hardys were and brought out a white ball from his pocket.
"Let's connect our humanbot"
The dragon ran over to where Double D was, struggling to stand to his feet and kicked him on the stomach, making him too over, and crashed against the wall. Lord Gitana frowned and opened his wide hand to pick Double D up, all of a sudden, it got swing away and crashed against a pillar.
His guards saw this and ran forward to attack Double D, at the same moment, Wicked jumped out from Mide and pounced on a guards fave, and bite it off, making him fall to the ground.
Tasha ran up to where Dawn was and grabbed her brother arm, the girls who were with Lord Gitana, suddenly transformed into snake like humanbot and jumped at Tasha.
A huge humanbot came out from a part of the room and kicked Lord Gitana on the stomach.
"We all have secrets afterall" Double D, as he struggled to standup, everyone knew about the HumanBot triplet, their bounding was something no one could explain, joining their humanbot and metal gears together to form a huge one.
The tribot brought out a sword from the right hand and a shield on the other, and clanged it together, as Lord Gitana Dragon struggled to get up.
Tasha managed to roll over and avoid the incoming attack of one of the snakes, befire she could stand, the second snake, used it head to hit her, which made her collide with the wall.
Wicked from the one it attached, pounced on the second humanbot face, and ripped it off and pounced on the one of the snakes and dipped it's claws into it repeatedly.

Double D brought out his lite bow and aimed at Lord Gitana and fired a shot at him, which left no impact of Lord Gitana's body.
The tribot attempted to strike Lord Gitana, but he quickly rolled over and rolled it's tail around their kegs and pulled them off the ground. Lord Gitana dragon, spitted fire out from its mouth at the Tribot. The heat became so unbearable, IV and his brothers seperated and disbanded the tribot and dived to safety.
Double D channeled his Darkwar and jumped on Lord Gitana's back and drove his Air slasher on its neck.
The dragon screeched out and grabbed Double D by the leg and slammed him on the ground, without leaving his legs, he slammed Double D against a pillar, next he whipped him against the ground, to the left and to the right.
"He is going to kill him, he is too powerful" Hardys said, looking at Sen.
Wicked saw how the dragon dealt with Double D, and meowed out loudly, and gradually began to grow in size, and finally stopped at nine feet.
Befire Lord Gitana could slammed Double D again. Wicked pounced on it and pinned it to the ground, it gripped it in the jaws and threw the dragon away, towards Dawn direction. Tasha quickly dived at her and pulled her down, avoiding contact with the huge beast.
"This way" IV shouted and pulled Double D up, supporting him.
Everyone entered into the exit portal, before Lord Gitana could recover. Wicked turned back to its normal size and also ran into the portal, which now left IV and Double D last.
IV struggled to pull Double D on his shoulder and walk through the portal. Just then Lord Gitana stood up and fired his Heart Taker at IIV.
Double D saw it and pushed IV aside,stood in the path of the heart taker, which pierced into his heart.
Double D gulped and vomited blood from his mouth, Lord Gitana folded his hands and dragged it backwards, which forced Double D's heart out from his body.
IV quickly pulled Double D and then dived into the portal

Chapter 50


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:31am On Aug 08
Chapter 50
"I wonder how he is still alive" Queenite said and placed her hands on his bleeding chest, and stretched her hands backwards and receivd a surgery knife which Tasha handed over to her.
Queenite used the knife in cutting open his chest, and slowly dipped her hand in, and squeezed her face, as she gently wriggled her hands around.
Mide gasped for air and went into shock, his body shaking vigorously, on the bed. Tasha's eyes got filled with tears and placed both hands on her face, while IV walked up to her and hugged her, also with tears in his eyes also.
Queenite removed her hands, once Mide stopped shaking and studied him closely, she placed a finger before his nostril and another two in his hand, so as to feel his pulse.
She stepped back in tears.
"Assuming he had sentenced Lyta to death" She said and sat beside Mide's lifeless body and used a cloth to clean her blood stained hands.
Tasha broke down into tears and wailed loudly.
"He can't be dead like that " Sen said and also broke into tears.
"Yes he is, he is stupid to think he can defeat Lord Gitana" Queenite said and stood up "Let's prepare for his burial, but first, let's teach the Golden clan a bitter lesson, for ending Double D's and Mide's life untimely" Queenite said and walked out of the room.

Queenite led the entire Arrow of God clan and rode furiously to the Golden clan territory, passing through the main gate of Iron Sanctuary, everyone gave way and knew blood was going to flow, they knew death would grow fatter on the thumbs, they knew death was going to be friendly with everyone.

Sen brought out his Metal Sun Blast and shot at the Golden Clan gate, which gave a loud blast and alerted the Golden Clan. Tasha rode in and slashed the one on her path in the head, the first blood was drawn.
IV spotted Lyta ahead and summouned his Metal Ice spear and threw it at Lyta was dodged it and in an instance kicked IV on the neck sending him off from the horse, which he rode on.
Lyta raised up his dagger and was about driving it into IV, when a blast came at him, sending off. Hardys rode up to IV and pulled him up.
Lyta stood up and was about dashing when, Tasha fired him Mide's Lite arrow on the shoulder.
Lyta screamed out in pain, and turned around, Tasha summouned out her Mini Sane storm and and sent it at Lyta.
Queenite broke down the metal gate which led to Rush inner chamber, just then a strong wind raised her up in the air and sent her outside to the open field, and simmer her on the ground.
She groaned in pain, and was about being shot by a golden clan member, before the golden clan member could pull the trigger, something from behind splitted him into two
"Lin Fend" Queenite said and stood up "Why are you here? "
"The boy, I knew he was Double D, I studied his method of fighting and skills and they both matched perfectly"

Lyta dodged the mini storm and dashed at Tasha and punched her on the stomach. Sen dived off from his horse and gave Lyta a smack sendingbhim down, he twisted the arrow in his arm, which made Lyta screamed loud.
Sen grabbed him by the shirt and threw him away. IV and Hardys ran up to Sen and entered into each other forming their TriBot.
"Legendary Tribot " Lyta said and dashed off, to the entrance of the gate.
The tribot leaped into the air at Lyta, before it could get to Lyta, an eagle mount suddenly lifted Lyta to the air.
Queenite looked up and saw Rush and his brother escaping on their eagle mount.
Lin Feng ran up to Rash and grabbed the Lite bow from her and aimed at Lyta, he pulled the string and squinted hid eyes and released the arrow. From distance, Lyta rolled off his eagle mount, falling to the ground, Rush quickly dived down his mount and grabbed Lyta before he could touch the ground.

Queenite, went around, making sure all Golden Clan member was stained.

Chapter 51

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 10:33am On Aug 08
iku pa abiri abiriku, ikupa aresa aresasun, iku pa lekeleke koranti efun . iku pa mide a.k.a Double D oma se o iku mu akoni lo
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by sunkoye: 11:20am On Aug 08
Mide won't pull the plug....he will come back better to kill that yeye lord without a heart.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 12:00pm On Aug 08
this is serious
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 3:23pm On Aug 08
Devilpen you say mide do wetin??
No just repeat am oo...
Dan Allah we need a resurrection...
If not eh.....hmmm..

Guys lets protest oo..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 4:36pm On Aug 08
iku pa abiri abiriku, ikupa aresa aresasun, iku pa lekeleke koranti efun . iku pa mide a.k.a Double D oma se o iku mu akoni lo
Guy your comment got me laughing really hard

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