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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 11:57pm On Aug 11

The dark figure leaped from one roof top to another, as rapid gun fire came at it. The five gunmen turned their backs at each other, being alert, with their guns pointing to the roof top.
"It's Waziri again, this guy is getting on my nerves, don't spare him this time" the boss shouted angrily.
Waziri, known by both old and young, far and wide, was a dreadful name especially to Drug Lords, Criminals, Terrorist, Armed robbers, criminals, kidnappers and all evil doers.
As much as the NPF loved him doing their jobs, he was still wanted on the criminal list, for killing and taking law to his hands, against criminals.
A baton rolled out in the air, from a corner among the building and hit one on the face, which sent him unconscious to the ground.
The dark figure, blending perfectly with the night, it launched a blow at another and immediately disappeared again.

Chapter One

#Next Year's Hit

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:09am On Aug 12
Am in sifia pain.........

I formatted my phone without proper back up of Iron Sanctuary, the one on my Google Drive account has just 30 pages....

So everything will be on hold till I get everything compiled cry. Copy and paste from NL.......
Thank you.....

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 11:44am On Aug 12
[quote author=Devilpen post=81168735]Am in sifia pain.........

I formatted my phone without proper back up of Iron Sanctuary, the one on my Google Drive account has just 30 pages....

0h no!
Ayam dead .,.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:05pm On Aug 12
Chapter 64
Mide settle his mount on a rock, which seemed to be the only solid part in the dark forest, behind him and beyond was a swap ground, then before him was a river of clean and clear water, with metal fish in it, apart from the rock being the only solid place, there were trees also, which were dark and firmly rooted.
Mide looked around, thinking of what next to do, suddenly the water, rippled, he looked at the river and saw all the fishes swimming fast in different direction like something was coming for them.
Mide saw a fish suddenly disappeared, and then another again, he looked closer at the river and noticed something was moving, chasing after the fishes, the movement of the water could tell something was there, only it was invisible.
Mide brought out his life now, and pulled the string, watching the movement in the water and released the string.
The arrow made contact with the invisible image and bounced off, Mide watched as the water made loud noise and large ripples.
Mide pulled the string again and shot at the image.
"Golden scissors fish killed, two metal gears gained, no metal point received, no metal geno gained "
Mide felt glad on hearing the voice, just then a golden color fish, floated on the surface of the water, Mide bent down to retrieve the fish from the water, doing his hand in it, something bit him in the water, and he quickly brought out his hand, along with the fish.
He groaned in pain, looking at the deep cut in his hand.
"Stupid scissors fish"
It was then it dawned on Mide the golden scissors fish was not invisible, they only blended with the color of the water, how only he wished it would be easy to hunt down the sacred king.
He pulled the string and fired rapid shots into the river.
"Golden scissors fish killed, no metal point gained, no metal gears gained, no metal geno gained, eat meat to get three metal point"
The voice came repeatedly in his head.
Mide managed to bring out forty golden fishes from the river, and ate seven, gave four to Wicked and kept the rest, to be sold in market.

A huge bat flew towards Mide, as it got nearer, Mide at first thought it was a kill, then he saw someone on it and he released the string of his bow.
"Hey, who dares enter into my own forest" The boy shouted.
Mide kept mute as he studied the boy, who was without any cloth, only his black tattered trousers.
"You also killed my golden fish" The boy shouted and in one swift dive, the boy grabbed the sack which Mide kept the fish in and dived back into the sky.
"Thank you for this, ahhhahhh, catch me of you can, I have long wished to get a golden fish and here more than two dozens " The boy shouted with joy as his bat mount flew higher into the sky.
"In your life, you will never repeat what you just did" Mide said and summoned out his dragon of fire mount.

Chapter 65


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 4:19pm On Aug 12
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The dark figure leaped from one roof top to another, as rapid gun fire came at it. The five gunmen turned their backs at each other, being alert, with their guns pointing to the roof top.
"It's Waziri again, this guy is getting on my nerves, don't spare him this time" the boss shouted angrily.
Waziri, known by both old and young, far and wide, was a dreadful name especially to Drug Lords, Criminals, Terrorist, Armed robbers, criminals, kidnappers and all evil doers.
As much as the NPF loved him doing their jobs, he was still wanted on the criminal list, for killing and taking law to his hands, against criminals.
A baton rolled out in the air, from a corner among the building and hit one on the face, which sent him unconscious to the ground.
The dark figure, blending perfectly with the night, it launched a blow at another and immediately disappeared again.

Chapter One
"……..And now on local news, the popular vigilante, better known has Waziri, has once again, laid waste to the dreadful Almanad Gangs, known for their vicious deals in drugs and trafficking, speaking on this issue the IG of the NPF has gone against his act of meting out justice, which is against the act of the constitution............. "
The newscaster said from the plasma television which hanged on the wall of the bar, serving as entertainment to customers.
"Two more b..ooott...les please" A man who seemed to be dead drunk said and staggered up to the barman, who was pleased his customer asked for more.
"Oga Abbey, you Neva pay for yesterday money o" the pot bellied attendant said, and pulled out two filled bottle of beer from the crate beside him.
"Uche, I go pay, first serve me" Abbey replied and held one bottle under his armpit and struggled to get the next one open.
Uche only made a funny face and focused on the news.
"They for just allow this guy do im job o, as dem police dey fear to fight thug" Uche said, passing comment only to himself.
Uche was a successful bar man, he owned his own business, which was a full time alcohol seller, and that had seen him through lot of profit. His bar, was a classic one, with chairs neatly arranged round a table, and having about twenty of it in his bar, he also had those who worked for him, about four of them, all girls.
The bar attendant post, directly faced the entrance of the building, while the television was inches aside from the reception stand.
Abbey staggered to his seat and placed a bottle in his mouth, gulping down the content, and bealched out loudly, which got other customers complaining.
After being through with the first bottle, Abbey, gently laid it on the ground, and stood up, with the second beer bottle and staggered out of the bar.
As Abbey opened the door and got out of the bar, he collided with a group of boys, and vomited on someone's trouser.
"Am sor….rrry" Abbey said and began to stagger away.
"Sky, sky, una dey look me, see as this guy baff me na" The one from whom Abbey vomited on shouted in annoyance.
Abbey ignored the words and continued to walk on, soliloquising to himself, and constantly supporting himself with close objects.
Someone tapped him from behind, Abbey let out a hiccup from his mouth and turned around, facing the group of boys he had collided with.
Before he could utter a word, one LG the boys pushed him hard on the chest, which made Abbey fall hard to the ground, and the bottle of beer, fell from his hand broke into pieces.
Passerby only walked as fast as their legs could carry them, they knew these boys to be notorious and their brawl always come out bloody. Everyone began closing their shops, they know how their police officers react to cases like this, anybody in the area, after any issue, was a scape goat, involved or not.
Abbey stood to his feet, with the aid of a dustbin beside him.
"Please everyone should go" Abbey said and wriggled his mouth and used his hands to imitate his words.
The boys five in numbers, all laughed at Abbey and was even glad they had seen someone to make an example, to people who still see them as just ordinary gang members.
One of the boys attempted a blow at Abbey's face, which Abbey dodged by tilting his head around.
"You dey form abi? " one shouted and grabbed a stick from the ground and swayed it at Abbey.
Abbey quickly placed his arm up, using it guide his head, as the stick strikes him. He staggered backward and supported himself against an electric pole, the one with the stick, attempted another strike, and with ease Abbey grabbed ghetto stick from him and smacked it know his head. Abbey walked towards the boy and slammed his face against the electric pole, he bent down dodging the blow that came at him, grabbed the arm and twisted in backward, and with force, Abbey pulled the arm up and broke it, revealing the bones.
The boy shouted in agony, as Abbey pushed him to the ground, another boy brought out a knife from his back pocket and made to drive it into Abbey's stomach, but seemed to slow, as Abbey moved his body aside and used his elbow the hit on the boys head, and at the same time, grabbed the boy's hand, and knocked off the knife from his hand, and forcefully pulled the wrist, breaking it.
The police siren, began blaring from distance and quickly the remaining boys took to their heels, leaving their injured member to their fate.
The police van got nearer and two police officers jumped down the Hilux van, and ran up to Abbey, while another checked on the boys and helped them into the van, while Abbey was handcuffed and bundled into the backseat of the van.

Chapter Two
Toyin retrieved a stick of cigarette from the pack and placed it in his mouth and placed a lighter at the tip an.................Continue reading @ www.iuprime.blogspot.com

"Waziri is here" someone from the other party shouted and ran into the car, and ignited it, and pulled the gear, immediately his partner got in.

Waziri came out of hiding, giving percent aim at his target.
Bang! ........ www.iuprime.blogspot.com

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 4:46pm On Aug 12
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:06pm On Aug 12
Chapter 65
Mide flew his mount after the boy, and steadily began catching up with him, he brought out his air slasher, and stretched it out, as he got nearer.
Mide got closer and jumped on the boy's bat mount and slapped him on the head.
"Am sorry, big brother " the boy shouted as Mide slapped his back head and also used the side of his air slasher to spank his butt.
Mide pulled him off the bat mount, and they fell from the height.
The boy screamed with fear written all over his body, he threw the meat bag to the away. As they fell, Mide still slapped him on the head, before they touched down, Mide summoned his dragon mount, holding the boy by the trouser.
"Big brother, forgive me, I'll do whatever you want, big brother am sorry"
Mide threw him on the rock, and slapped him on the face.
The boy laid flat on the ground, and was sobbing hard.
"What do you know about this place? "
"Big brother, all I know is, it's called Croc swamp, and also home of dark metal cobras"
Mide raised the boy up and summoned out his dragon mount and pulled the boy on it.
"Take me there"
Mide landed his dragon mount on a tree, with a very wide top, and summoned it back, looking below, was hundreds of metal crocodiles inside a very clear river.
He brought out his lite bow, and fired at one, only for the arrow to break into pieces.
Mide's comlink bleeped, and the message popped up.
"Lyta spotted in iron sanctuary: From Tasha " Mide quickly summoned out his dragon beast.
"Brother, thanks for sparing me" the boy shouted as Mide, dived his beast into the sky.

Chapter 66

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:12pm On Aug 12
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:07am On Aug 13
Chapter 66
Double D entered into Iron sanctuary, walking with all agility, anyone could tell, he was burning with rage, seeing Tasha at the gate, he walked up to her.
"He came for black market, my source told me so"
Double D, smacked his fist against the Gate of Iron sanctuary, boring a hole into the gate, he screamerd loud, everyone's attention turned to him.
"He is with Dannegro "
Hearing that name, Double D, brought out his air slasher and headed towards Dannegro's lair. Getting to the gate, he pushed the guard aside and walked in.
Seeing Lyta from afar, Double D, stretched out his sword and dashed at Lyta.
Double D, suddenly saw himself flying distance backward, as something heavy and stronger crashed against him.
Falling hard to the ground, he coughed and picked his sword and slowly stood up. He turned around and saw Lyta in his humanbot form, having a shield and a club in his hands.
"The caterpillar " Double D muttered,
So this was what Lyta came for, how he wished, he had kept the shield and club, instead of exchanging it for money, with Dannegro. Double D knew with what Lyta possessed, it was impossible for him to defeat Lyta, and worse, Lyta had a swift metal gear.
Double D, groaned and used his sword to draw a line on the ground.
"I'll be back" He said and summoned out his dragon mount and flew away.

Tasha watched as Mide angrily scattered his room, in Arrow of God, considering the fact that he had to shy away from a fight, and not just anybody, Lyta among all men.
Queenie entered into the room and luckily, an iron ball missed her head.
"Hey, calm down, you are now paying for your ignorance, when you had the chance you misused it, now he is stronger than you, deal with that " Queenie said and walked out of the room.

Chapter 67

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 4:07pm On Aug 13
Chapter 67
Entering into War Frame, Mide met Hardys, arranging his guns, and neatly placing them on the table beside him.
"Dude, you look kind-of " Hardys said and continued with the arrangement.
"Where is Sen and IV? " Mide asked, leaning slightly on the table.
"They went to the library, to get more info about the other parts, to get the next lead".
Just then both IV and Sen walked in, after few seconds, Tasha spawned into War Frame.
"Alright, so the next part won't be on any hunt, it's a challenge" Sen said and clapped his hands.
"What kind of challenge? " Hardys asked and cocked the gun.
"We are going to be playing a game in a game, it's a race" Sen said, and smiled.
"That's my specialty baby" IV shouted.
"So the game runs up everyday, until anyone wins and gets the missing part, here are replays from previous attempts" Sen said and snapped his right fingers, and instantly a blue light beamed out from his hand, showing how cars tumbled upside down and different kinds of traps laid down, and how racers bailed on themselves.
"We can do this guys" Mide said and raised up his hands.
"Team Fleet " Sen shouted.
"Fleet? " Tasha asked with a disgusted face.
"Yeah, fleet,, other peeps out there has team name" Sen said.
"It's that the best you could come up with? " IV asked.
"Hugh, well, it's something "
"Let's suit up guys" Mide said and jammed his fist together.

Chapter 68
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 4:17pm On Aug 13
see regret, something as powerful as that, and he just let it go like it was nothing. Didn't he know that lyta is still going about for upgrades. I'm not angry with mide just wish he would go back to dat forest and gather enough metal points and skills.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 8:02pm On Aug 13
Chapter 68
Team Fleet, drove in their all round hard metallic sport car, into the track, among hundreds of other cars, with TEAM FLEET customized on the bonnet of the cars.
Mide alighted his car, alongside his friends, since it wasn't time yet for the race.
They all leaned on Mide's race car, talking and making themselves happy.
IV spotted the girl which they had saved, entering into the track on her reshaped powerbike and ran up to her.
"Hey, what's up? " He asked smiling.
The girl, halted her bike, and gave IV a straight face.
"Just wanted to say hi, and huhh "
"All racers should take thier mark" a voice came from the mega speakers in the race ground.
"Catch you later" IV said and ran back to his car.
"Alright guys, let's do this" Mide said and shaked IV, before entering into his car.

At the sound of the gun, all cars, started moving.
Mide heaved and pushed the gear, he looked through the window, and got glimpse of Tasha, who was really focused on the steering.
Mide punched the turbo button in his car, and gained extra boost, as he held tight to the steering and overtaking cars, a huge monster crush, hit Mide's car hard, sending him off, as he crashed with another car, which easily broke into pieces, and got other cars, which was on high speed, tumbling over
Mide groaned and rolled the steering opposite direction as his car, almost lost control.
"Haaaa" Mide shouted and pulled down a lever behind the steering, and from the bonnet of car came out a rocked launcher and a two Gatling guns by the side.
"See you in hell" Mide said and flipped a button down, which triggered out a rocket from the barrel and hit the monster truck, and on impact, the car went up in flames, and flew into the air.
Mide pushed the gear forward, and drove pass, before the car could return to ground, immediately he went through, the car fell on the one that followed Mide.

IV stepped on brakes, as a car attempted to ramp him to the wall, and a car collided from the back, sending the car, halfway up.
"Christ" IV shouted and pushed the gear forward, finding his way through.

Sen watched as his speed limit increased, looking through the rear mirror, he saw the car which was giving him a hot pursuit, as it brought out a launcher at the top of it.
Sen watched closely and held tight to the steering.
Immediately the rocket was launched from the car behind, Sen pulled the handbrake of his car, and swayed the steering, gritting his teeth.
The rocket passed closely by the booth of his car, with his car, dragging sideways, Sen pulled out his gun, and stretched his hand out of the window, facing directly the windscreen of his opponent's car, Sen pulled the trigger, the bullet finding a good spot on the head of the driver, and he lost control.
"I love this" Sen said and turned his car on the right direction.

Hardys, easily and expertly drove his car dodging other cars and taking the lead, he pressed a button on the steering and from the exhaust of his car, huge spikes began to drop from it, catching those behind him unaware, as it punctured their tyres and made them lose control, as their fell on each other.

Tasha saw the spikes and cursed beneath her breath, and raised her hands up, pulling down few levers, a huge magnet came down in the middle of both front tires, pulling the spikes to it and attracting them.
Tasha pushed another button, which made the magnet move beneath the car, to the back and all spikes fell from it, making another terrible crash behind her.

Mide focused on the long track before him, as he took the lead, and suddenly some few meters before him, the track broke apart. Mide quickly stepped on the brakes, resulting to rise of smoke from the tyres.
A car moved at top speed past him, on getting to the edge, the car flew into the air, almost getting to the other part of the track, a huge volcano erupted, and burnt the car into ash.
"It's impossible to go through" Mide said and quickly cane out of his car, and again another driver tried to get past and met same fate.
Mide climbed on his car and waved his hands signalling others especially his team mates to halt.

The girl from the forest, whom they saved, scoffed seeing Mide ahead.
"Coward " She said and raised the head of the top of her power bike, and rode her bike on the wall.
Mide looked at the broken road, and saw the wall had tiny flame spike on it, as the girl got nearer, Mide dived from the top of his car and pushed the girl off from her bike.
The bike moved into the spike and got shattered into pieces and went up in ash.
"I could handle that" The girl said and slapped Mide on the face.

Tasha stepped on brakes beside Mide's car, alighted and without thinking twice gave the girl a punch in the face.

Chapter 69


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by skyblueking(m): 9:59pm On Aug 13
This mide is just too stupid..
0p punish am small abeg..
Make lyta beat am well so that im go loose in fame...
Such a fool....
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 12:57pm On Aug 14
Chapter 69
Mide paced round the room, as, IV held the girl and Hardys holding Tasha by the arm.
"Hey, babe, take it easy" IV said pulling the girl backward as she attempted to hit Tasha.
"Am not your babe, I'm Tema " the girl grunted, as she tried to free herself

"Enough, both of you, we pleaded you to come, so we could settle things, and you still want to fight, do you think you can handle Tasha all by yourself " Sen shouted angrily, and threw a can against the floor.
Silence fell on everyone, except Tasha and Tema, who grunted annoyingly.
"He saved you from death and all you could do is slap him in return, all because you scrap motor bike was damaged " Sen shouted again.
"Sen" Mide said softly and signalled him to calm down.
"Now, all you want back is your bike" Mide said looking at Tema.
"Sure, it does not belong to me, I took it on lease, from the mechanic frame" Tema replied, and freed herself from IV's grip.
"lease" Sen scoffed and leaned on the wall.
"I'll pay and we could build a from the scrap for her, as we did to ours "
All eyes fell on IV, surprised at the decision of paying for the damaged bike, being suddenly nice.
"Let's go" IV said and pulled Tema by the arm.
"Wierd" Hardys said and patted Tasha on the arm.
"Next time, remove her teeth" He said and grabbed the towel on the table.
"Tomorrow, is the next entry, we have to cross check our cars and probably add some upgrade" Hardys said and walked out to the garage.

IV drove his car into the mechanic workshop where Tema had collected the bike on lease. Tema alighted first, and tapped on the body of a car.
The man who was busy joining metal together, looked towards the direction where the to had come from and removed his google from his eyes, and suspended the work.
"You" The man said as he got nearer "you've come to return the bike? "
"Huhh, no, we came to pay for it, it got damaged" IV replied, with a smile "and all to get part too"
The man grumbled and reluctantly, soon transaction was made, and IV loaded up the parts in the booth of his car.

Stucked in traffic, in decided to strike a conversation with Tema.
"From here, where will you go next? "
Tema sniffed looking out through the window.
"I don't know, probably I might not be so lucky to be saved again" Tema replied calmly still looking out through the window.
"I could talk with my friends, they'll allow you be with us"
"Am not interested, especially if that brat will be there"
IV gulped and moved the gear, once the road was clear

Tasha grunted as she used a spanner to tighten a bolt, in the front booth of her car, sitting on the frame, while on her right, Mide was adding more upgrade to the guns on his car and adding extra nitro boost.
Sen and Hardys helping each other out on their cars simultaneously.

Just then IV drove in, Mide removed the workshop glove in his hands and watched as IV and Tema alighted the car.
"Hey" Hardys greeted and walked to the booth, followed by Tema and began bringing down the parts.
Laying them on the assemble table, Tema returned to the booth to bring out the last part, lifting it with all her strength, as she walked pass Tasha, her hands slipped off from its grip.
Before it could crash on Tema's leg, Tasha quickly caught it.
Tema sighed with relief, and looked at Tasha with a little surprise.
"Thank you " Tema said with a bright smile on her face.
"You're welcome" Tasha said and easily handed it over to Tema.
Mide and others quickly looked away, pretending not to see what happened.

After hours of selling and upgrading, Tasha coughed and cleaned sweat off from her face, just then Mide handed her a glass of water.
After gulping the content, Tasha sighed and kissed him on the lips.
Tema saw them and whispered to IV, who was now working on the head light of the bike.
"Is that her boyfriend? "
"Yeah" IV grunted and clipped the headlight.
"Huhn "
IV looked up at Tema, both them staring at each other.
"It's ready" IV finally said and looked away.

Chapter 70


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 6:07pm On Aug 14
Am beginning to suspect IV
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Timba24(m): 7:39pm On Aug 14
Am beginning to suspect IV
for what..
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:46pm On Aug 14
Chapter 70
Entering into the War Frame, the following day, Mide entered into his car, and ignited it, followed by others, including Tema, who put on her helmet waiting for IV to enter his car.
Hardys ran up to IV few distance before IV's car.
"What's up with the girl, I was thinking of talking to her" Hardys said, using his tongue to rub against his lips.
"Hey, dude" IV said in shock.
"Joking, we've seen the way you look at her, shoot your shot man" Hardys and raised his hands up to Sen, who also raised his up.
Getting to the track, Tasha alighted her car and entered into Mide's and closed the door.
"What are you doing? " Mide asked surprised.
"Riding with you, what else? " Tasha replied and made herself comfortable
Mide mumbled and clicked his tongue against the upper part of his mouth, and moved on track, as the announcement was made.
At the sound of the gun, all cars accelerated into the track, hitting against themselves.
Mide held tight to the gear and watched as all cars raced forward, which now made him last on the track.
"Why are you not moving? " Tasha asked confused.
"For every game, there is always a glitch, always a bug, and always a slight mistake, I'm looking for the mistake on this " Mide said, and pressed the throttle of the car, making it give a thick mechanical sound.
VROOM! VROOOM!! Mide stepped on it and observed the track closely, the something on the wall caught his attention.
He turned his car, facing the wall, and stepped on the throttle, and dimmed his eyes.
"That's a wall" Tasha said, pointing it out.
"That's a disguise " Made replied and pushed the gear forward.
Suddenly the car entered into the wall, coming out directly under the main track.
"Jeez" Tasha said with surprise "have I ever told you, I loved you"
"I was hoping for the day, you would say so" Mide said, as he increased the speed, overtaking other cars, from beneath.

Getting to the volcano part, Mide pushed the gear to the highest, increasing the speed, before getting there, the volcano died down, passing the part, Mide's car went up, coming out from the other side of the broken track already leaving the volcano behind.
Tema held to the brakes and brought her bike to a stop, seeing Mide's car on the other side.
Sen also stopped beside her and rolled down his window.
"Dude is crazy" Sen said and pushed the gear to reverse.

Mide drive his car, into a huge hall, and stopped before a round wide table, and alighted the car, alongside Tasha, they both got closer to the table, and at the edge, was a square shiny metal.
Mide reached out for it, which was the second among the third parts to be combined.
He smiled at Tasha, and dipped the metal into his pocket and returned to his car.
Tema cleared her throat, drawing everyone's attention, while they were busy celebrating the victory.
"Huhhm, am going already" She said and made to take her leave.
IV suddenly went cold, with a sad countenance on him, but he tried as hard as he could to hide it.
Tasha got a glimpse at IV and could read his emotions well.
"Tema" Tasha called out and dropped her drink on the table "If we will win, we need all hands on deck, and apart from that, am tired of being the only lady among this monsters"
Tema eyes, got filled with tears, trying hard to fight it off, she sniffed, and looked down.
"Welcome to the family" Mide said.
"Welcome to the family" other chorused and raised their drinks up.
IV smiled and looked at Tasha, who winked back at him.
Tema brought out the first piece from her pocket and gave it to Mide.
"Let's start from here" She said.
Tasha walked out of the room, while IV followed her outside.
"Thank you " IV said smiling shyly.
"Alright, am the hero, I know, just don't screw up"

Chapter 71

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by germaphobe(m): 8:39pm On Aug 14
the group just de increase small small, dat boy dat mide met during the golden fish hunt might still join too(my thought oo).
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:00pm On Aug 14
Chapter 71
Mide's comlink blinked, alongside others except Tema, surprised they all got the same message, an invitation from the Directing Board of War Frame.
"Alright, Mide, we've done something to annoy these dudes" Hardys said.
"Maybe it's just another endorsement deal"
Tema opened her mouth agape, because of their avatars in the War Frame, she failed to know those before her were legends.
"Wait, you guys are the one on the endorsement posters and advertisement?" Tema asked with gladness.
"Yep" Sen replied.
"What of the cat? "
"No animals in war frame" Sen replied again.
"Tema, do you reside around, we will need to go in as a team " Mide said, looking closely at her.
"Yes, before, reaching the Distribution Cycle " Tema replied.
"Alright good, everyone abort, we meet at God's Love" Mide said and pressed the red button on his palm.
IV drove the car beside the edge of the walk way, while Mide sat next to him,others sat at the back.
"Alright, someone how do I look" IV asked looking at the rear glass.
"Nice " Tasha replied and adjusted his collar.
"How do we know her? " Sen asked confused.
"How about she was a kind of Devil beauty? " Hardys said and made everyone go up in laughter.
"She knows us, let's alight and wait by the car" Hardys suggested and they all alighted.
After minutes of waiting, a girl began approaching them.
"That should be her" Hardys said nervously and held Sen's hand tightly.
The girl walked closer, and gave a bright smile at them, and jogged to cover distance.
"Wow, she's beautiful " Tasha commented.
The girl finally got to them, and smiled.
"It's me Tema" She said and hugged Tasha tightly before Tasha knew it.
"Wow, you're beautiful" Tasha commented again.
Tema, was a black beauty, with naturally blue eyes, a short hair, falling at the back, she was only about five feet tall, which made her the shortest among them, and perfectly matching with her oval face.
"Alright we're late" Mide said.
They all alighted the car, and walked towards the entrance of the War Frame building, with Tema carrying Wicked on her hand.
They were brought before the Director, who was the same man, that had showed them around.
"You know, that trick you pulled off, made us loss about 40 percent of our daily income, which was almost bad for business" The man said, smiling brightly.
"Never knew, no one told us, hope it doesn't affect anything" Made replied.
"No, not at all, just almost" the man said and brought out a file from the drawer of his desk.
"Let me tell you a story about War Frame" the man said, this time with a stern voice.
"Our years of research, War Frame isn't just a game, it was the first version of The Sanctuary, it was abandoned, because of Jr's complexity, the initial founder of War Frame, already dead, made War Frame a game of strength and intellect" The man said and paused, making sure he had their full attention ,and continued.
"He was the richest man, then, and still is, according to the records of his assets, but he had no child, then he discovered War Frame, and integrated out The Sanctuary from it, making the sanctuary an entirely different world, now the War Frame, is where he kept the key to his life assets, money, companies, business, house, island, land, and no matter how we tried to crack it, we always met with dead end, and then you showed up, I knew you had the intellect for it, but then, if this game ends, our business will be gone for good" The man said and watched their reaction.
"Now, I want you to stop participation, in the chase for the parts, you can do other things, hunt, sell, upgrade, fight, but just step down from the chase, good day " The man said and stood up, then walked out of the office.
"Are you really going to stop?" Tema asked, breaking the silence in the car.
"We still have to sit down and think about it"
"You can now do your own part" The man from the office said and dropped his phone on the table.
A bulldozer, suddenly came out from an alley and collided with Mide's car, making it crash out of the road, the car tumbled three times, before finally coming to a halt. "Boss, they are taken care of" The man who drove the bulldozer said, as be came closer to the car, and examined it before turning around.
"Is everyone alright " Mide asked, as he bleed from his head.
"Yeah" they all responded and crawled out of the car.
Most held Tasha close to him, and helped her clean the blood from her head.
"Guys, let's be bad for business" Mide said.

Chapter 72

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 8:40am On Aug 15
Thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 7:43pm On Aug 16
Chapter 72
Mide placed both metal parts together, they all watched as it joined together and formed a slate, with a broken part in a half.
"This is just a drawing of some kind of ancient key" Hardys said, with displease.
"We will need to get the final piece" Mide said, and was about taking the slate, when IV held his hand.
"We might not need to go after the last piece" He said, with his hand on his chin
"How? "
"Look at the pattern on the drawing, from the top here" IV said and pointed to where he meant "It has same pattern as the bottom, which means" He said and grabbed a mirror from the shelf on the wall.
He looked at them and grinned and place the mirror at the broken part of the slate, and bent in angle where he could view the image.
"Do you see that? " He asked excitedly.
"Genius, so it just reflection and refraction all these while" Tema said, with a smiling.
"It's not a key, it's a lead, Golden Desert" Sen said, seeing clearly the tiny writing on the slate, with the help of his glasses.
"Alright peeps let's roll" Mide said, and patted IV on the back.
IV smiled and looked up, and his eyes met with Tema's and they both looked away.

Chapter 73

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:11pm On Aug 16
grin coolMide and co. seems really determined on this.

. Op thanks for the update
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:44pm On Aug 16
Chapter 73
Three cars drove in the vast desert, raising thick dust in the air. Mide halted his car and alighted, followed by Sen from the car that followed behind.
"Alright, so from the map reading, we are close, probably there" Sen said, looking around and shielding his face from the sun. Tema alighted the last car which was behind Sen's car, and also IV but he stood by the door.
Tema got closer to Mide and Sen and looked at the map, and also looked around, as there was no building in site as the map had described.
"There is more to this" Mide said and went to his car and brought out the slate from the dashboard, and Tasha alighted also.

IV looked around also, and climbed on the top of his car if he could see anything from distance.
"Guys, you have to see this" IV said "Climb on your cars"

A body guard, followed by a lady in white lab coat, entered into the office of the War Frame Company Director.
"Sir, we discovered an unusual signal from war frame" The lady said and pointed to red dots on her tablet.
"What's that? "
"We can't tell, but from the location, it's around the desert in War Frame, and too bad, we can't monitor movement to know who the red dots are " the lady replied.
The Director looked closely at the dots and counted it.
"Six dots, they are still alive" the director shouted and suddenly stood up and ran out of the office.
"Mr Anthony, wait, there is still more" the lady shouted and sighed, knowing the director was out of ear shot.

"So we have been there all this while, this desert is exactly the replica of the slate, which means, the next lead should be there " IV said, pointing to the right.
He jumped down from the car and ran towards where he pointed to. He knelt down on the sand, and dipped his hand in it, while he paid attention, as he moved his hand in the sand.
"Got it" IV said and pulled up a lever from the ground.

"We have company" Tema shouted and pointed to the dust from distance.
A hologram of a man, with full white beards and a staff in his hand, rolled out from the sand, and looked at them before he spoke.
"Only determination brings true breakthrough, only silence understands wisdom " The hologram said and out of it came a dusty book with brown back.

IV reached out for the book, and grabbed it, then the hologram spoke
"What do you do with wealth? " the hologram asked and faded.
"Everyone in" Mide shouted, seeing the dust got nearer and was caused by about seven heavy vehicles.

"You see that, they got the next lead, I thought he killed them"the man shouted angrily in the car at the person who drove the car.

"There is no way we can escape " Sen shouted, through his walkie talkie.
"Everyone drive closer " Hardys shouted from his car "I have a five minutes cloaking powerup" Hardys said and flipped a cover open, revealing a rusty flip button.
"come-on babe" Hardys said and switched the button.
A white fume spread out from the body of Hardys car to the others and changed the appearance of their car , making it blend with the color of the environment.

"Congrats War Framers, the next challenge has been opened" the entire war frame avatars was certain they heard the voice in their head.

Chapter 74


Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 10:58pm On Aug 16
Thanks for the update.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 9:17am On Aug 17
Chapter 74
Tasha opened the book on random pages, and dropped it back to the table
"This is just one big novel, where do we start from?" Tasha asked confused.

"And I was thinking it'll just tell us the next thing to do" Sen said, and walked to the fridge.
"If it wasn't useful, well, whatever, but one of us has to read this" Hardys said.
"Yeah, one of us" Tema said and picked up the book.
"Hope I won't be reading this in vain" Tema said.
"Alright so, no one is talking about those who came after us in the golden desert" IV said, looking closely at all of them.
"Who else do you think it is, we will settle that later, I have to go back to Iron Sanctuaty" Mide replied and spawned out of War Frame.

Mide sighed and walked towards the Transfer Machine, and then saw Tasha sparing out of War Frame also.
"Hey, where are you off to" Mide asked as he set himself up in the machine.
"The Sanctuary, I have to go on hunt, and also there is a clan challenge, and Queenite has to choose someone to represent Arrow of God, am going for selection process"
Mide sighed and cleared his throat
"We have so much on our plate" Mide said and ignited the machine and he faded.
"Yeah, so much" Tasha muttered and climbed on her Transfer Machine.

Getting to Iron Sanctuary, Mide entered into the clan ground and walked directly to his room, he summoned out the metal gears he had from the golden fish and joined the together.

"Metal Cloak received, metal harpoon received" The voice said within him.
Mide smiled and heard a footstep approaching his room and he quickly used the metal cloak, and made himself invisible, blending perfectly with the room. He made himself visible once the footstep was gone, he smiled and summoned out the harpoon.
"The more the merrier"

As Mide got outside his room, he met Queenite walking towards his direction and stood still.
"I heard you are now getting fond of War frame" Queenite said, and ran her eyes through Mide.
"Not really"
"Well I have good news and bad news as well, which will you want to hear first? " Queenite asked calmly.
"Bad news"
"Lord Gitana, has placed a bounty on you and that of Double D, bringing you alive, for 50million as your carcass for 20million " Queenite said.
"And the good news" Mide asked calmly, and gulped.
"To secure your safety, you'll always go out with about three Arrow of God escort, that way, no harm will come towards you, and you'll be representing us in the Clan competition, probably you'll be teamed up to face Lyta"
Mide scratched his head, he himself had made Lyta powerful, Lord Gitana is now after him, which means the competition will be bloody, he hasn't found the way to defeat Lyta and now Lord Gitana was involved.
"Prepare for your first match tonight it'll be an easy win for you" Queenite said and patted him on the shoulder before leaving.
"If you can defeat Lin Feng, anyone should be easy"

Chapter 75

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:54am On Aug 17
Seems mide love making enemies.
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 9:57am On Aug 17
Especially with strong people

Thanks for the update devilpen
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 10:56am On Aug 17
Chapter 75
Queenite looked at Mide who was seated on a chair in the clan ground, while others were training.
"He is scared" Queenite said to Lin Feng, who was busy filing his sword.
"It's normal to be scared, he is still young and foolish" Lin feng said and stood up.
"When will you let Tasha know, who her father is?" Lin Feng asked.
Queenite turned around and sighed before answering.
"Her life is better this way, let it pass" She said and walked out.
Mide created space for Lin Feng to sit beside him and adjusted himself.
"How are you preparing for tonight?" Lin Feng asked
"I hope all turns good"
Lin Feng stood up and folded his hands at his back.
"Follow me"
Lin Feng opened the theater room door, and led the way.
"To defeat an enemy, you have to know it, it's tactics, it's strength and figure out its weakness" Lin Feng said and inserted a discount into the DVD.
"Your opponent tonight is Terminator, from Blood Clan, this person has nothing special, only his flexibility" Lin Feng said and played the video.
Mide watched with caution as Terminator, used his disability in his opponent, his leg moving fast enough to outrun his opponent, Mide noticed his gun handling was poor, he had no special skill, he was normal.
"He should be easy, with my Darkwar, I should be able to match his flexibility " Mide said, with full hope.
"But there is something else you failed to see" Lin Feng replied.
"What? "
"Showing your opponent everything you can do will bring you down, for this match, go into defense mode" Lin Feng said switched of the projector.

The moment arrived for the fight, clan against clan, each representative eager to bring down the other.
The hall was filled to the brim, loud cheering noise filled the hall, placard held up high in the air, and banners also.

Mide felt nervous, for the first timethroughout his stay in iron sanctuary, Queenite walked up to the seat specially prepared for leaders of the clans going against each other, a specially decorated part, which was the highest part in the arena, beside her was also seated the leader of the Blood Clan.
"I have heard stories about your boy, how he took up the entire Golden clan and went up against Lord Gitana " The leader of Blood Clan said with a husky voice and giggled.
"He has gained more fame than your clan, which he only knew about today" Queenite responded, which made the Blood Clan leader to keep mute.

Chapter 76

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Hardes(m): 11:02am On Aug 17
Mide is feeling nervous kwa ,hmm
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 2:55pm On Aug 17
i hope it won't be like AJ and andy Ruiz jr fight
Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Devilpen(m): 6:44pm On Aug 17
Chapter 76
The referee entered into the fight ring, and state out the rule. He looked at Mide and then at Terminator before he spoke.
"It's a no weapon fight, judgement of the fist" The man said and looked at Terminator "Are going read? "
Teminator nodded his head in approval and so did Mide.
"Fight "

Mide clinched his fist tight, and moved back, with his hands positioned before his face. Terminator attacked first, sending the first punch, which Mide dodged by stepping backward a little, terminator gave Mide a swift attack which caught Mide unaware, the first punch met Mide on the jaw, and broke his lower lips apart, and gave way to blood flow, the second punch came across his right ear and sent Mide to the ground.
Mide groaned in pain, as his ear made funny tingling sound.
"Haha, seems your hero is great afterall " The blood clan leader said and laughed hard.

The crowd went wild with cheers as Mide fell to the ground
Terminator booed, raising his hands up as the crowd cheered him on.
Mide pulled himself up, and spit blood out from his mouth, Terminator looked back and dash towards him, he jumped into the air, with his leg forward and kicked Mide on the chest, which sent him against the floor.
Terminator raised Mide up and gave him a head butt and gave Mide an uppercut which raised him up in the air.
The bell rang, signifying the end kg Goe first round, and it was obvious Terminator took the lead
Lin Feng ran into the ring and pulled Mide up and helped him out of the ring.

He sat Mide down, and Tasha quickly used a face towel to clean the blood on his face. Mide breath was very rapid as he gasped to catch up with the speed of his heart beat.
"It's okay, calm yourself, it's sure he is better in hand to hand combat, but you remember the video session we had? " Lin Feng asked as he placed his hand on Mide's chin.
"I'll try" Mide replied.
"You can do it"
Terminator eyes met with Mide's and he made a funny look, and gave Mide a thumbs down.

Chapter 77

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Re: Only I Level Up: Iron Sanctuary by Bobosneh: 8:43pm On Aug 17
oya mide go in like the champ you are and kick his fat ass

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