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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 9:39pm On Aug 13


Your story is getting quite interesting..

Lemme call on my crush Ann2012 to come and read...

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by Ann2012(f): 9:20am On Aug 14

Your story is getting quite interesting..

Lemme call on my crush Ann2012 to come and read...

Thanks for the call, let's keep reading
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:33pm On Aug 15
Hi everyone!

Chapter Six

Amblessed screamed and ran into a small room that looked like the security man’s room, shots trailing her. Once inside the room, she locked it with the keys in the keyhole. She breathed heavily as it dawned on her that she was trapped.
“Oh my God!”, she exclaimed. Her phone was gone, she had no way of contacting anybody for help. She searched the room hoping to perhaps find the phone belonging to the security man. Luckily, she found a telephone on the table beside the bed. She picked it up and dialed the emergency number for the police. She thanked her mother for always insisting she knew the numbers of security agents off heart in case of emergencies. This was definitely an emergency.
As soon as someone picked, she began to speak fast, narrating her ordeal, “I went out with my friends for an adventure in the hills and they suddenly disappeared and one big man attacked me and I escaped and I fell down the hill and I fainted and I woke up and tried to run to where my car was but I met another man who also tried to kill me and my friends came with the big man and this other man shot the big man and I fought him and I escaped and left my friends to fight him because it turns out they all planned to kidnap me and now the security man here is dead and I am trapped in his room I think and this man wants to open the gate and…”
“Calm down miss”, the person at the other end of the line said.
“They want to kill me!! don’t tell me to calm down!”, Amblessed screamed. Her whole body was shaking.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:34pm On Aug 15
“What Is your name?”, he asked.
“My name is Amblessed Alkali”
“As in the daughter of Chief Ambrose Alkali?”, he asked.
“Yes yes yessir”, she replied urgently. She knew her father was popular in these quatres but now was not the time for familiarity so she added, “Sir please come get me before I die!”
“Ok, Ok…where are you?”, he asked.
She quickly gave her location, adding “please hurry up before he opens the gate, please…”. She broke down in tears.
The police officer told her to keep the line open while waiting for the police and Amblessed would have it no other way. She held the phone for dear life.
Then she heard a sound on the gate like someone was trying to break it down. The security man must have locked the gate behind her, she hadn’t noticed. She suddenly noticed: the shooter wasn’t trying to shoot the gate open. Perhaps the bullets had finally been exhausted.
“You can’t escape from me, stupid bitch!”, Cole yelled from outside, which meant he was the person after her. What happened to Trish and Tiana? She wondered. Well, now was not the time to worry about them; they had set her up to get kidnapped and killed.
Bang! the gate was hit again.
She whispered urgently to the person on the other line, “they are trying to open the door, please come quick! Please!”.
In panic, she dropped the phone and began to push the bed, the chair, the stove, just basically anything and everything she could find to use and block the door to the room, just in case the person found a way to open the door. She sat on the floor in a corner of the room. It was at this point that she realized she had truly been shot and she began to feel the pain. She removed her jacket and tied up her leg. She grabbed her knees to her chin and shook violently. She was very cold despite the fact that there were curtains round the walls of the room.
Then she began to cry once again. She prayed to God to forgive all her sins. She told God that she would become a better person if he let her live. Her parents would die if she did not make it tonight; she was their only child.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:35pm On Aug 15
The story concerning the name ‘Amblessed’ was thus: her parents had married in poverty. They had suffered immensely for the first ten years of their marriage and for those first ten years, they had no child. Eventually, her mother got pregnant and had a miscarriage. That was the first of three miscarriages. The fourth pregnancy had been welcomed with fear and uncertainty. At this point, the families of both husband and wife had given up on the possibility of a child coming out from the union. The families had been proven wrong when the pregnancy stayed on till the ninth month and a beautiful girl emerged. As the baby was being pushed out to the world by her tired mother, her father received a contract of twenty billion naira which he had been pursuing for a long time. It had been the answer to years of prayers. That baby had grown to know the story by heart.
“So why did you not name me Blessing?”, Amblessed asked once when her mother had finished telling her the story for the umpteenth time.
“You are different, you are special. Blessing is a common name so we decided to call you ‘Amblessed’ because you are indeed blessed”
And oh, how different the girl was.
First of all, she preferred to be called, “AmB”, the ‘B’ pronounced as ‘Bee’. She saw herself as a Queen Bee, a special being.
“I am purple”, she would often tell her friends. Of course they agreed she was royalty.
Tonight she did not think they had been honest with her.
She heard the gate open and her heart missed a beat. Cole had finally succeeded in opening the gate.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 12:02pm On Aug 16
DSAlan drag your ass here and drop an update..

Don't keep me waiting pls!
The suspense is damn much..
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:37pm On Aug 17
As a way of making up, I will post the last two chapters today. Remember, it's a short story.

Chapter seven

She tried to calm her breathing to no avail. She could hear her heart beat heavily in her chest as she heard him walk towards the room. He began to hit the door fervently. Thankfully, she had locked it but she didn’t know how it would take before the door gave out.
“Oh God please let the police come!”, she cried in her heart.
“Open this door! Stop delaying the inevitable”, he said.
Then he began to laugh hysterically, which confused Amblessed. Why was he laughing?
“You know, I have pictured this moment in my mind over and over again. It has been my obsession for months and now my time has come. Too bad your so-called friends got caught in the crossfire. You see, no one can stand in the way of my plans, even if it means they have to sacrifice their lives”, Cole said.
Amblessed yelped and covered her mouth with both hands. Was this man trying to say he had killed Tiana and Trish? She shook her head violently and tried not to cry out loud.
“oooo…I can hear you crying little baby”, he teased
Then…bang!!! He hit the door again.
“What have I ever done to you to make you want to kill me?!”, Amblessed asked from inside the room. This man was taking things too personal and she didn’t even know him. Now he killed the man who worked for him and might have killed the same people who hired him, all just to get to her. She just had to know why.
He stopped banging the door and said, “so you can’t remember”
“Of course you can’t. You are just like your father, you are selfish and you care for no one but yourselves”, he said.
She knew it! This attack was because of her father.
Then he surprised her and said, “It is because of you and your father that I lost my girl and now you must pay with your life; a daughter for a daughter”
“Me? what did I do? I have never killed anyone in my life”, Amblessed protested.
“Oh but you did! Your father’s refusal to help me with money for medical bills for my daughter and your refusal to convince him otherwise killed my daughter Nafisat!”, he ended angrily.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:38pm On Aug 17
Damn! Amblessed swore under her breath. She remembered the man who came to her family house the previous year to beg her father for money to treat his daughter. Amblessed had been in her room when she heard her father shout at the man to leave the house. She had come out of the room to see the man on his knees pleading and crying while her father was saying, “This is not the first time you have come with one bogus story or the other just for money. The ones I gave you in the past, have you paid?”
“No Chief. But I promise you, after this, I will pay you back in full”, the man had replied.
“That is what you said the last time. You said your wife had an accident, the other time it was your daughter that broke a leg. Is it the same daughter that is now sick?”
“No sir, I have five daughters”
“So tragedy is only meant for your family right? And why won’t you be a pauper when you have five daughters and how many sons sef?”
“Three”, the man replied, looking down in shame.
“See your life? please, stop using your family to extort money from me that you don’t pay”
“Sir, I swear…”
“Get out of my house! Let me not come out of my room and meet you here”. With that, her father stormed into his room, slamming the door behind him.
The man turned and faced Amblessed, still kneeling down. He looked up to her and said, “My daughter, please talk to your father for me. She is my first daughter; she is just like you. Imagine if you were in the same situation”
“Noooo…back to sender. I cannot be in such a situation as you claim. There is nothing I can do to change my father’s mind. For him to say how you have been using your family to get money from him, how sure are we that you are not lying again?”
“Ah! I swear I am not”, the man licked his index finger and pointed it towards the ceiling.
“hmmm”, she sighed. At the same time, the security man at the gate came into the living room and guided the man to leave the building. Amblessed went into her room and that was the end of the matter; she didn’t even talk to her father about it.
But the man did not forget, not after his daughter died.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:39pm On Aug 17
Chapter eight (and the final chapter) will be posted this evening by 6pm at the latest.
Watch this space!
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 2:40pm On Aug 17
DSAlan drag your ass here and drop an update..

Don't keep me waiting pls!
The suspense is damn much..
Sorry for keeping you waiting.
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 2:47pm On Aug 17

Sorry for keeping you waiting.

Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 6:26pm On Aug 17
Chapter eight

Amblessed remembered the man she saw crying and pleading with her father and herself for money to save his daughter that day and it dawned on her: Cole.
“Oh my God!”, Amblessed exclaimed.
“She remembers”, he said. Then he continued, “that same day, my baby died and I vowed to deal with your father for not helping me with the money I needed to take my daughter to the hospital. And so I observed and I realized you were a witch to your friends. So I recruited your classmates to be the chief manipulator that would convince your so-called friends to teach you a lesson for being such a bitch to them. And when they were convinced, who else to turn to than the guy who has been rumoured to be the best in the game? You see, it’s all about mind games and planting seeds and manipulation girl”.
Amblessed was short of words. All she could say was, “I’m sorry…”
“Sorry will not bring my Nafisat back!”, he screamed.
Then, bang! bang! bang!
Cole was trying to break down something to get into the room. But the sound was not coming from the door, Amblessed realized. She followed the sound and discovered a window she had not seen earlier because of the curtains that covered the whole walls. Although the window was locked from within, Cole was making progress in removing the whole window from the wall. In panic, Amblessed jumped up and began to move the things she used to block the door, the bed being the last thing in case he gave up on the window and came to the door. It was a messy situation with Cole on the window and Amblessed on the door. She was tired and cold but she couldn’t give up now.
The window fell into the room.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 6:27pm On Aug 17
How strong was this man that he could remove a whole window? Amblessed began to fumble with the keys as she saw Cole climbing into the room. The door was refusing to open and the man jumped in. Amblessed did not wait for him to gain his balance when she picked the nearest item to her and threw it at him. She was a good shot. It was when the item hit his head and he screamed that she realized the object was a bottle. Blood splashed everywhere, as well as the shattered glasses from the bottle. Cole grabbed his head, screaming as he did. He had not seen the bottle coming.
Finally, the door opened and she ran out, closing the door behind her and dashing for the gate. She heard the door open and close behind her which meant he was still after her. She did not turn to see him as she ran out the open gate. She started running toward the roadside, neglecting the sting from her wounded leg.
“Come back here! Why are you running away?!”, he shouted behind Amblessed.
Seriously? Because I don’t think today is the right day for me to die, that’s why!
And the race continued.
Where was the police when one needed them? And how long did it take for them to get here?
Amblessed felt like the junction to the roadside was farther than she remembered it earlier. What was worse? Cole was catching up with her, blood all over his face. She mistakenly hit a stone and fell face flat on the ground. She could not feel anything but pain in places on her body she never knew she could feel pain. Soon Cole was on her, punching her from every corner. She was tired of struggling and fighting. She welcomed whatever he decided to do with her. She closed her eyes and took her last breaths. She could see the light welcoming her…
“Step away from the girl and raise your hands where I can see them!”, a voice ordered in the quiet dark night. Cole did not stop. He kept screaming and hitting and saying, “she deserves to die for…”
Kpa! Kpa! Kpa! and more and more shots rang in the air. Amblessed closed her eyes shut but her hands were too weak to cover her ears to stop the sounds of the shots ringing in her head. She felt Cole fall beside her but she still refused to open her eyes. Few seconds later, someone touched her and said, “Amblessed, can you hear me?”
She nodded her head and it felt like lead.
“Open your eyes, you are safe now”, the voice said.
She did so, slowly. She laid her eyes on a policeman looking down on her, concern written all over his face. He asked, “where are your friends?”
“I think they are dead”
“killed by this man?”, he asked, nodding toward Cole by my side.
She nodded her head.
“My colleagues will go look for them. I will take you to the hospital, okay?”. With that said, he helped Amblessed to her feet. Realizing she couldn’t stand, the policeman carried her to one of the cars and began to drive to the hospital. He said, “give me your father’s number so I can call in case they are worried about you”
“No please don’t”
“Why? Won’t you want them in the hospital?”
“No please. I beg you please don’t bother them”
The policeman looked uncertain. He decided not to push it so he kept quiet and kept driving. Amblessed closed her eyes and let the pain course through her body and the tears run down her cheeks.
She would never go on an adventure in her life again.

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Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 6:31pm On Aug 18
Is it the end?
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 8:54pm On Aug 18
Is it the end?
"Short story". Do you want part two? �
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by skyblueking(m): 6:44pm On Aug 19

"Short story". Do you want part two? �

Many questions are unanswered!
*What became of her friends?
*Her father's reaction

Anyway, as the queen wishes!
Re: Trapped! A Suspense-filled Short Story by DSAlan(f): 11:58am

Many questions are unanswered!
*What became of her friends?
*Her father's reaction

Anyway, as the queen wishes!


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