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Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 6:36pm On Aug 11
Chapter 1
Lets begin...
What the hell happened to my life?
One minute, I was a normal high school teenage girl with a boyfriend who I loved, friends who I adored and overall a pretty normal life.
The next minute, I'm dead and the biggest jerk I know is the only person who can see me?
Talk about a 180 turn hey?
Anyway, let me start from the beginning as I'm getting a little ahead of myself.
My names Leah Preston, I'm a seventeen year old girl who lives with my mum. My dad died when I was 2 years old, so it was just me and her. We have our problems, then again what mother and daughter don’t. I never knew my dad properly, I mean last time I saw him was when I was 2 years old, and I was too busy attempting to control my bowel movements and learn to walk to really take in the fact that my dad was no longer around.
I wasn’t close to him, but I will always love him. After all he is my dad.
We moved around a lot when I was little due to my mum finding it hard coping with my dad’s death, and basically falling in ‘love’ with any man that was nice to her, therefore packing our bags and going wherever they wanted us to. It never worked out obviously, and when I was 7 years old we finally brought a house and settled down where we are now, and to where we have remained for 10 years.
I go to a normal high school and am normally seen with my best friend and partner in crime Eve Clear. I met the girl when I first moved here 10 years ago, and we basically grew up together. She’s got me in so much trouble over the years it’s hard to believe.
I won’t tell you all of it, but one time that sticks to mind was a school performance of Romeo and Juliet, which ended in Romeo declaring his love for Tybalt due to the Actor playing Romeos drunken/stoned state.
Yeah, we may have spiked his drink and made him look a fool, but he cheated on Eve and if its one thing we do enjoy is a good bit of payback. Who doesn’t?
Then there was Seth Greyson, I had been with him for about 10 months, and I do genuinely love him. He’s been there with me through everything and even after 10 months, he has never once pressured me into doing anything. Yeah, we hadn’t slept together; I wasn’t ready to give him that yet. I know you may be sat there thinking holy Christ after 10 months and they still haven’t bumped uglys?!
But I had a perfectly good reason why I wasn’t ready to have sex with him, which will be explained later.
And that brings me onto the next person I feel the need to describe, Jared Mercedes.
The cockiest, most arrogant manslut in our entire school. He was the ‘hottest’ most popular boy at Venity high, used his unbelievable good looks and charms to basically sleep his way through every girl he layed his hands on.
I've known Jared since I moved here 10 years ago as he lived on the same street as me, but the difference is up until I was 16, we did hate each other yes, but we got on. I mean at school we bickered like sworn enemies, but there were times when I would get along with him and feel more comfortable with him than I felt with even Eve. Then that all changed once the d*ckhead showed his true colours when we were 16.
Anyway, after he showed his true colours, he seemed to make it his life mission to piss me off. I mean literally, there was not one day where he wouldn’t wind me up to the point where I had to stop myself from killing him with a history text book. And have you seen how much is in those textbooks? One hit around the head and its either death or a coma for that boy.
And this is how much the world hates me, I'm a good person. Yes I have murderous thoughts about my sworn enemy and have a few times contemplated on where to hide his lifeless body after I brutally beat him with ‘World History 101’ , but still I'm a good person.
But no, it’s me who ends up dead, with no recollection on how I died or even where my lifeless body has been hidden.
So, my name is Leah Preston, and I'm a seventeen year old ghost.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 8:03pm On Aug 11
Chapter 2
The day I died most certainly wasn't the best day of my life.
The day I died started off pretty normal to be honest.
It was a Monday, which meant the start of another gruelling week of school. I woke up, got ready, dressing into some back leggings, a white tank top which clung to my body, showing off curves but not in a slutty way. I put on a cropped faded denim jacket, a pair of brown Ugg boots and left my house, making sure to grab 3 slices of toast on the way out and eating as if it was the last supper and I was about to be killed.
As i walked down my drive way, I heard it .
“Ladies should really eat like ladies, not wild animals” I scowled as I heard his cocky smug voice, which must have helped the whole lady theory because I still had a mouthful of toast.
“The only ‘ladies’ you know are the ones that are laying on their back a few hours after you meet them, so I'm not really missing out on much am I?” I replied, stuffing another piece of toast in my mouth.
Jared was obviously walking to school, which meant I either had to walk ahead of him, which was never good due to his wondering perverted eyes. Option b was walking with him, that could never end well.
He was walking next to me now, smirking. He was hot, I can’t deny. He had on a pair of jeans, and a black t-shirt with the words ‘made to be laid’ written across it. I rolled my eyes. It was hard taking any of his looks seriously when I had known him for 10 years and known firsthand how much of an a**hole he really was.
“We all know there is something you’re missing out on” he replied, wiggling his eyebrows and pointing his finger at his crotch area. I looked at him, trying to hold down sick.
“Oh poor little me, how will I go on?” I said sarcastically.
“You sarcastic little slut” he smirked, watching me closely obviously wanting a reaction out of me, and he got one.
I stopped walking, and turned to look at his smug face. I shot daggers at him, and debated on what to do. We were stood there for about a minute, staring at each other, and just when he thought that I had no comeback and was just going to walk away, I did the only thing I could think of doing.
I spat in his face.
Well, that wiped the smugness off straight away, and I turned my heel and carried on my journey to school like I had intended to. Alone.
I got to school early, which was extremely odd. I made my way down the corridor, walking to my locker which is normally where I would meet Eve in the morning. Before I even reached my locker, I saw Eve running towards me. She was beautiful, with her dark skin and glossy black hair. She was also crazy...
“RUN OR STAY AND FEEL THE WRATH OF KONG!” she yelled, as she ran past me. What the hell was going on?!
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Shola2019(f): 8:36pm On Aug 11
nice story
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 12:21pm On Aug 12
Then I realised. From the distance, I saw Miss Kongda, the health teacher who basically had steam coming out of her ears she was that angry.
“Oh sh*t” I mumbled, and turned my heel and ran after my crazy best friend. We had managed to reach the cafeteria, and we both ran directly into the corner, behind a food counter and crouched on the floor, ignoring the eyes that were looking at us and probably thinking we had escaped a mental asylum.
“She has been chasing me all morning, I'm guessing she’s found the midget porn we put on her laptop Friday.” She informed me, breathless. I snorted with laughter.
“Didn’t you hear? She had a class after we uploaded it on there. She must have got it muddle with a Health ed. Video and played it in class. Seth told me last night” We both burst out laughing, losing our balance and falling flat on our a*ses.
We were rolling on the floor with tears falling from our eyes, when I saw a pair of shoes step towards us.
“Babe, this is a little embarrassing. People are asking me if my girlfriend is on drugs?” I looked up and saw Seth, smiling down at me and shaking his head in amused disapproval.
Me and Eve climbed to our feet, and stood up straight when we were sure had lost Kong.
“Seth, am I embarrassing you?” I asked, over exaggerating the shock in my voice. He smirked.
“Of course. You’re nothing but a mad embarrassment. Why am I even with you?” he replied, sarcastically. He grabbed my waist and pulled me towards him, my arms wrapping around his neck.
“Because without me, life would be just a little bit duller” I mused back at him. He laughed, and then nodded his head. He lowered his face and kissed me. I responded immediately and kissed him back.
“I'm not being the 3rd wheel, wrap it up!” Eve yelled from beside us, but we both decided to ignore her and carry on.
I loved being with Seth, but I’ve heard so many times about ‘fireworks’ going off when you kiss the person you love. I didn’t feel fireworks when I kissed him, maybe some sort of party popper, but not fireworks. but I knew in my heart I loved him.
What more could I want?
“OI YOU FILTHY LITTLE SLUT!” I heard the yelling of the person I loathed, and immediately pulled my face away from Seth, both of us groaning in frustration. I turned my head and looked at Jared, who was storming over towards me and Seth. They were both friend, but Seth knew how much I hated Jared. He didn’t know why though, no-one did. I plan on keeping it that way.
“Can I help you?” I asked politely. Also known to some people as sarcastically. He stomped up to me so our faces were an inch apart.
“You spat in my face” he hissed, his breath hitting me, making me shiver slightly. Eve snorted with laughter next to me.
“You called me a sarcastic slut” I replied.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 12:23pm On Aug 12
“I know you don’t, but technically you’re not a person, you’re a rodent.”
His eyes bore into mine, and I could clearly see how angry he was. I tried hard not to laugh.
He quickly grabbed the side of my neck, and pulled me towards him with a lot of force.
“Me being a rodent never bothered you before...” he whispered in my ear, so low that I knew I was the only person to hear it.
“Jared get off her!” Seth hissed next to me, and Jared let go, his eyes never leaving mine.
Jared face slowly formed a smirk “So shall we have a nice in depth conversation right here about what happens when you spit in people’s faces?”
He was threatening me. He was threatening to tell everyone here, which turned out to be a lot of people as a crowd gathered over our little show.
“Jared I need to talk to you!” I hissed, walking towards him and grabbing his arm, pulling him with me.
“Oh Leah why not here in front of all these people” he asked sarcastically. He knew exactly why I didn’t want to talk here.
“Because these people are nosy pr*cks and can go back to their mindless lives instead of getting involved in others!” I yelled to basically everyone staring at us. Immediately people went back to what they were previously doing. I wasn’t ‘popular’ but people took notice of me, a few I think were a bit scared of me and Eve. They knew that we wouldn’t stop at anything.
I looked at Seth, who was looking at me and Jared in confusion. I mouthed an apology to him.
I dragged Jared to the nearest empty classroom, and pushed him in, closing the door behind me.
I turned to face him, while he was stood in front of me with his arms crossed across his broad chest and he was leaning against a table.
“Can I help you?” he mocked my voice from earlier. He knew he had this over me, and didn’t fail to let me know every day of my life.
“Why are you such an asshole!” I spat.
“Because I have the body and the attitude for it”
“In case you didn’t realise slowpoke, it was more of a statement that a question!”
“You’ve got some tongue on you Preston. But of course I know that.” He winked at me.
I walked over to him and pushed him, so he fell further down on the table. I lowered my face near his.
“I told you Jared, it was the biggest mistake of my life. I don’t want anyone knowing!” I warned him, while he smirked back up at mine. He lifted himself up, grabbing my wrists and spinning me around so he was pinning me up against the desk. I didn’t lose eye contact.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Shola2019(f): 4:13pm On Aug 12
thanks 4 d update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 5:52pm On Aug 12
“You don’t want anyone knowing what Leah?” he asked, musing the entire situation.
“You know what!”
“I don’t think I do, you may have to remind me.”
“That we slept together you dick!” I yelled in his face, making the smirk spread over his smug face.
“And don’t you forget that we did, cos Preston I will always have that over you!” he growled in my face, letting go of my wrists and turning his heel to walk out the door. He stopped suddenly.
“What?” I asked.
He walked towards the glass on the door and looked through it.
“Nothing I thought there was someone there.” He mumbled. He turned his head back towards me, grin back on his face.
“Il catch up with you later sugar” and with a wink, he opened the door and walked out, leaving me sat on the table, once again fed up of the situation I’d got myself into.
Yes, I had slept with Jared. It was before me and Seth got together when we were 16. It was the worst mistake of my life, because we were friends before that night. Then once that happened, I just went into the category of being another girl he shagged and he completely ignored me, showing his true colours. I was just another girl to add to his ongoing list.
No-one knows, much to my surprise he hasn’t told anyone either. I was too ashamed of myself to tell anyone, even Eve. So this is the thing that had been hanging over me for a year, and the thing that asshole throws in my face every chance he gets.
I couldn’t handle today. This argument had put me in such a bad mood I'm sure I would kill any man woman or child who even looks at me in the wrong way today.
I walked out of the empty classroom and went to find Eve, who was sat in the cafeteria covering Max’s face with slices of ham. Normally I would laugh, but again bad mood getting in my way.
“Eve I'm skipping today, I need to go home before I murder someone” I fumed at her. She quickly left Ham man and caught up with me as I went to walk out of the door.
“Hey Leah hold on, what the hell happened with Jared?” she asked, she knew I hated him. She just didn’t know why.
“He’s an asshole who makes me want to burn things Eve!” I yelled. Okay abit over dramatic I know.
“Jesus, I haven’t seen you this angry in years Leah.” She was right, I can’t remember the last time I was this angry.
“I just need some time to myself, away from everyone before I end up in prison for manslaughter” I hissed.
“Okay Sweet, but if you’re going to take off again please let me know. And please try not to go anywhere until after tomorrow, its Tyler’s party tomorrow night and I really want you there!” she pleaded.
She knew me too well. Normally if I ever have a problem or things get too much, I get in my car and disappear for a few days. Yeah I'm a coward and run away from my problems, but this time there was no way I was going to let him chase me out of town.
I haven’t done that for years though, since before me and Seth got together.
“Don’t worry I’ll be there to get ridiculously drunk, and hopefully once I finish what I'm assuming will be a bottle of vodka, I’ll smash that bottle over his big f*cking head!” I forced a smile, which were met by her worried eyes. “I’ll talk to you later.”
I walked back to my house, slammed the door shut behind me and stomped to my room, flinging myself on my bed and screaming in frustration.
My mum was at work, so noise wasn’t really an issue. I must have fallen asleep, because I was awoken by my phone ringing.
I groaned loudly as looked at my clock, 3pm. How long was I out for?!
I pushed myself out of my bed, and made my way to my phone to answer it.
And that is the last thing I remember about being alive.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by SkimpleD: 6:33pm On Aug 12
We are here
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Ann2012(f): 7:12pm On Aug 12
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by pyro10(m): 8:32pm On Aug 12
Did the phone call got you dead?
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 11:19pm On Aug 12
Chapter 3
My lifeless body.
I opened my eyes and gasped. It felt like I had just surfaced from being underwater. I was breathing heavily, and panicked as I looked around. I was in some sort of field, it was dark and if it wasn’t for the moonlight I wouldn’t be able to see anything around me.
There was a lake behind me, and as I stared forward all I could see was woods. I had no idea how I was going to find my way out of here because this field was completely enclosed in trees, and I really didn’t want to go in there. I suddenly started thinking of Harry Potter and the forbidden forest.
Oh how my strange mind works at times like these.
How the hell did I get here? One minute I was going to answer a call in my nicely lit room, the next I'm in a field at god only knows what time, with a risk of a Voldermort coming out of the trees surrounding me!
This situation was so crazy; I wouldn’t be surprised if the nose-less bastard really did come out of those woods.
I felt weird. I didn’t know how to explain it. I knew I was me, but it didn’t feel like my normal self.
Oh Jesus now I'm going crazy.
As I stared around the field, trying to find some clue as to where the hell I was so I could get out, I noticed the moonlight glowing on something on the floor a few feet away from me.
I walked towards it, and as I got closer I realised it was a person. A girl’s body . My heart started racing. I was about 2 feet away from her now, and as I looked down I could see her slim figure, red stains on her white tank top and denim jacket. She was lying on her back, and her face was staring in my direction. I could see the side of her head covered in blood, matting into her jet black hair.
Her eyes were open, but I could clearly see this girl was dead. The side of her head had been caved in and there was blood dripping down her face.
My heart basically slammed out of my chest as it hit me.
The girl lying lifeless before me, was me.
I quickly backed away, letting out an ear piercing scream. Which wasn’t going to do any good considering I was in the middle of a freaking forest.
I couldn’t take my eyes off it. I was dead, staring at myself being dead.
In a normal circumstance, that sentence would make me laugh cos it sounded so stupid.
I didn’t even notice the figure hovering over my dead body until they bent down, reaching in the pocket of my denim jacket and pulling my phone out, slipping it into their own trouser pocket.
I looked at them, and it was so dark all I could see what the outline of the person. I could not make out their face, or even what they were wearing due to how dark it was. I held my breath, scared he was going to see me.
What was he going to do kill me again?
He would have noticed me by now, I realised. He couldn’t see me, he was staring down at my dead self on the grass, completely oblivious about the fact I was there watching the whole scene.
I froze to the spot, as I watched my killer walk away from my dead body, and into the woods that I had earlier referred to as the forbidden forest.
Oh great. I think I’ve been murdered.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 10:00am On Aug 13
The next thing I knew, my head started to spin, and my surroundings were becoming blurry and distant. I gasped with shock, and to be honest the force in which I was pulled back knocked most of the air out of me. It was like I was getting sucked through a big tube, and I was suddenly in a house, surrounded by 100s of other people and music blaring all around me.
Like when I first ended up in the field, I was breathing heavily, and I leaned against the wall behind me to stop myself from collapsing.
What the hell was happening to me?
I looked around and took in where I was. It was Tyler’s house; I had been here before with Eve. I was in his living room at the minute, barely able to see anything due to the swarming amount of people dancing and drinking all their dignity away. I was in the corner of the room, still finding it difficult to catch my breath.
“What the hell is wrong with you people?!” I yelled, looking at thekids that I went to high school with, completely ignoring the fact that I was having some sort of seizure “None of you are going to help me?! You selfish bastards!”
The screaming just made me more breathless. Still people carried on with that they were doing, completely ignoring my screams.
Then I saw a group of people in front of me, clearly drunk as the guys kept pushing each other and saying ‘dude’ way too often. The tall blonde boy shoved his rather large friend violently, and by large I mean fat. This kid had clearly never heard of willpower, he was HUGEE!
Anyway, he shoved the ball of lard directly in my direction. My eyes widened as I realised I was about to be crushed by shamu, and I sucked in a breath preparing to feel the impact.
But that never happened.
What did happen is the fat kid came toppling towards me, and instead of flattening my body like a pancake against the wall, he went straight through me and smacked the wall that I was stood in front of. After he composed himself from giggling, he walked back over to his friends who then walked off to get a little more intoxicated that they already were.
They didn’t even know I was there. That boy should have crushed me, he went straight through my body, and probably shattered the foundations of Tyler’s house as he made contact with the wall, but that weren’t the point.
My mouth hung open like I was trying to catch flies.
Then the sudden realisation of what was happening to me hit like a golf club to the head.
I was dead.
I was a ghost.
“Dude if you carry on at this rate you will get AIDS” Max laughed as he leaned against the counter, taking another swig of his beer.
“Don’t you worry, I'm not a fool I wrap my tool” I responded, also drinking my beer and turning my head away from Max. We were in the kitchen, talking about the girl who I’d just finished with upstairs. I could not even remember her name, to be fair I could barely remember what we actually did upstairs and that only happened around half an hour ago. She really didn’t make an impression.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Ann2012(f): 11:06am On Aug 13
Thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Shola2019(f): 3:04pm On Aug 13
thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 5:28pm On Aug 13
I was looking out of the kitchen door, at the room of people who were dancing and making complete and utter dicks of themselves. Tyler done well again, this was a decent party, not even an hour in and I’d already managed to rob some poor girl of her dignity.
As I was looking at the swarm of drunken people, I noticed a familiar figure stumbling towards the stairs, using the banister to keep her balanced. I smirked. She was drunk, what a perfect time to piss her off.
That girl amuses me way more than she should.
“Il catch up with you in a bit” I said over my shoulder, to whoever was there. I made my way upstairs, avoiding the people sprawled out on the steps basically grinding on each other. As I reached the top I saw her walk into one of the bathrooms, leaving the door ajar.
Bathroom my ass, this room was probably bigger than my living room. Tyler and his ridiculous amount of money. I saw her slumped on the floor next to the toilet. I walked in, closing the door behind me. She shot her head up and stared at me, waiting for something to happen.
That was weird; normally there would be a hateful remark from her by now.
“Preston, I'm genuinely surprised your here. You know, you really should not drink if you’re too much of a little girl to handle it” I grinned, staring at her on the floor. As I talked to her, her eyes widened in shock, she was surprised.
“Y-You can see me?” she stuttered, her eyes still popping out of her skull. I furred my eyebrows, trying to hide my amused smile. Bless her drunken soul.
“Oh no, Leah where are you? Leah you’ve disappeared, SHOW YOURSELF!” I mused, she still didn’t swear at me or hit me, she just kept staring with that surprised look on her face “Of course I can see you, you idiot” I scoffed.
What the hell was wrong with her? there’s being drunk then there’s being plain crazy.
“How?” she choked out.
“With these things I call eyes, their purpose it to allow you to see the world around you, we were all blessed with them.” I replied sarcastically.
She pushed herself to her feet. I don’t know why, but my automatic reaction was to walk over and help her up. As I went to put my hand on her, she quickly jumped back, slamming against the wall behind her.
Whoa, why did that actually hurt?
“You can’t touch me” she said, still pressed up against the wall. I scowled.
“Has Seth banned you from all human contact that doesn’t involve his penis?”
“No you don’t get it, you can’t touch me. No one can they just go straight through me, no-one apart from you can see me!” she half yelled.
I scoffed “That’s no different from a normal day, you’re a freak Leah, no-one wants to see you. And now you’re a drunk freak talking bullsh*t”
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 10:43pm On Aug 13
“I’M NOT DRUNK JARED, I'm DEAD!” she screamed, taking one step closer towards me.
I looked at her like she had 3 heads. Holy hell I slept with someone with mental problems.
“Brain dead...” I mumbled. Her eyes glazed over in fury, and I braced myself for the screaming.
“I'm DEAD YOU DICK! Croaked, kicked the bucket, bit the dust. I CEAST TO LIVE! Is that clear enough for you slowpoke?!”
“You seem pretty alive to me, still the same pain in the ass...” I trailed off, still finding this quite amusing.
She let out a scream of frustration, and ran a hand through her long, glossy black hair. My eyes wondered to her body. She may be a crazy drunk chick right now, but she was hot. Probably hotter than the majority of girls I've slept with, if not all of them.
“Oh you are kidding me. I tell you I'm dead and you eyes are wondering like a sweaty pervert?” she hissed. I smirked.
“Believe me sweetheart, my perving eyes are the only normal things that has taken place in the last 10 minutes of this conversation.” I laughed, still taking this whole thing as a joke. The girl was either stoned or extremely drunk. Or knowing her, both.
The door flew open, making Leah jump a little. It was a confused looking Max looking around the room, then looking at me.
“Is everything okay Jared?” he asked, still the same look of confusion on his face.
“Yeah, I'm just fighting a demon right now” I laughed, referring to Leah. He still didn’t take his eyes off me; it was like he hadn’t even notice Leah in the room.
Then I saw his confused face turn into one of realisation, like he had just figured something out.
“Ohhh I get it, you did eat them enchiladas earlier.” He said, with an amused look on his face. What the hell was he going on about?
“Huh?” I asked, noticing Leah from the corner of my eye still standing perfectly still.
“Don’t worry dude, I'm sure there’s something in the cabinet to help you get the ‘demon’ out” he laughed, quoting with his fingers as he said the word demon.
I was still confused has hell as to what was happening, so what happened next sent my mind into overdrive.
Max walked into bathroom, and made his way towards the cabinet, which was behind Leah. He still hadn’t seemed like he acknowledged her being here, and instead of dodging her and walking around her, he walked straight ahead and straight through Leah.
My jaw was basically on the floor by now. I was staring at Leah, everything she had previously said all coming together in my head, and making sense.
I still had the same expression on my face as Max found whatever he was looking for in the cabinet, turned to me and handed me a box of pills.
“There you go that should clean you right out” he grinned, trying not to laugh. I didn’t say anything, and watched him as he walked back out of the bathroom, closing the door behind him and saying something along the lines of ‘I hope there’s enough toilet paper.’
I looked down at the box in my hands.
“Max may think you’ve got a blockage in the pipes” I shot my head up to Leah, who was stood there attempting to hide a smile.
“He walked through you.” I simply stated, unable to show the emotion I was feeling, probably because it would involve me yelling in shock and Max thinking the pills worked and I shat out a kidney.
Her smile disappeared.
“This is what I'm trying to tell you Mercedes, I'm dead. No-one in this entire house can see me, except you.” She informed me. “Anyone who seems to touch me, just goes straight through me. I'm a freaking ghost.”
Her words processed in my mind, and for a split second, I thought I was dreaming. I literally pinched my arm, looked around the room and when I didn’t wake up, realised it was real.
I could still hear the music and the loud voices coming from the party downstairs, and the sounds of people screwing in the rooms next to us. But I couldn’t take any proper notice of them. I just stood there, unable to move or speak. I must have been like that for a pretty long time because I heard her huff in annoyance.
“Right Mercedes I'm bored of watching you not say anything, so go find the cat, kill him and get your tongue back because unfortunately for me, and for you, you’re the only person who can see me, therefore your the only person who can help me.” she said, with her arms crossed over her chest.
Then she disappeared. Right in front of my face, she just disappeared.
I take back what I said about this being a decent party.
A night that involves ex-lax and the ghost of the girl who gets under your skin like a flesh eating virus can never be classed as decent.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Itunubabs: 8:36am On Aug 14
Nice one, please keep it coming
Thank you
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Ann2012(f): 9:41am On Aug 14
Thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 10:52am On Aug 14
Jared POV
After that, the party was pretty much over for me. I quickly left, not saying goodbye to anyone and went back to my house. I wasn't in the mood right now to be dealing with drunken idiots and girls who are throwing themselves, and their underwear, at me.
I didn't sleep a wink that night, everything just kept replaying in my head.
Leah was dead. And the bitch was haunting me.
I don't understand why I am the only one who can see her. I don't even know how she died, I thought she had just done a Leah and disappeared for a few days.
I kept ignoring this feeling in my stomach. It kept popping up when I thought of Leah being dead, which was basically non-stop. Did I miss her? How could I considering she wasn't actually gone. I think it was just the fact that she was dead, I mean I may hate her but I can't lie and say that I don't enjoy spending time with her, I mean who doesn't enjoy pissing other people off?
Yeah cos that's the reason why you enjoy spending time with her.
I ignored this little voice in my head, the stupid pain in the ass.
After my sleepless night, I got changed and made my way to school. The entire day went by in a daze, I vaguely remember people talking to me and me giving them sort of response, like a shrug or a grunt. It was only at lunch that I started to pay attention.
"You really are a jerk Jared!" Eve hissed, sitting down on the table I was on in the cafeteria.
I looked up, not really bothered by the comment.
"Wow, you tell me that as if I've never heard it before" I replied. "I'm hurt Clear, I may have to go home and cry soft tears"
She glared at me. "Thanks to you I'm lacking my best friend for the next few days!"
This caught my attention. Do I tell her about Leah being dead?
Of course not idiot, what are you going to say, your best friends dead and I know this because I saw her ghost last night?
Fair point annoying voice.
"It's not my fault." I mumbled. She kept whining, and rested her head on Max's shoulder.
It was me, Eve, Max, Seth and Tyler sat on the table.
"Baby, I'm bored, trip to the janitors closet?" Carmen purred in my ear, and started rubbing my arm. Oh yeah, she was sat here too.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 10:53am On Aug 14
Please help mention ur friends.. thank u
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by iamgprince(m): 7:30am On Aug 15
u got a good story following to the end
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Shola2019(f): 7:54am On Aug 15
thanks 4 d update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by cubby4(f): 10:50am On Aug 15
i love this story,its more interesting than the last one.wumiade why not mention people from ur last story plus people you know,that way you'll get more people to follow ur story...nice work tho
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 12:20pm On Aug 15
Carmen was my latest thing. She thought we were dating, I got pretty adequate sex. It was a good arrangement.
"Baby?" it would be an even better arrangement if her voice didn't make me want to slap her every time she spoke.
"How do you know Leah took off?" I asked Eve, ignoring Carmen. She sighed and took her hand off my arm, slumping back down on her seat.
"She text me Monday night" Eve responded, taking her head off Max's shoulder, much to his disappointment. I swear them two are screwing...
"and me" Seth piped up, taking a bite out of his burger. I liked the guy and all, but sometimes I had a sudden urge to rip his pale little head off. Why, I don't know.
Leah couldn't have text them Monday night, I didn't know for definite, but I'm assuming that's the night she died. I don't think she would have really had time to stop to text?
"What did the text say exactly?" I asked them both.
Eve got her phone out of her pocket, looking slightly confused as to why I was asking so many questions about this. She pressed a few buttons, and then started reading the text.
" 'Hey, taking off for a few days, need time to myself, that argument really got to me earlier. I'll text you in a few days to see when I'm coming back. Love you xoxo' " she read the text off her phone from Leah, making me wince a little when she mentioned the argument.
"I got the same text, apart from mine said Love you babe" Seth smiled sheepishly.
How was that input at all helpful? Again, I had that urge for the head ripping thing.
"What the hell happened between you two Monday?" Max asked, looking slightly amused.
"Nothing we just had an argument" I replied, a little too quickly. I swiftly recovered with something that I was more likely to say "It's not my fault that girl is so freaking sensitive is it?"
Much better, its definitely more you. Asshole-ish.
I had a sudden urge to grab the fork on the table and stab myself in the head, just so I could shut this damn voice up.
"Well you must have said something really bad for her to take off, she hasn't done that in so long" Eve scowled at me. I knew she didn't like me, I think it was because Leah hated me and she felt the need to support her best friend. Women and their loyalties.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 12:23pm On Aug 15
i love this story,its more interesting than the last one.wumiade why not mention people from ur last story plus people you know,that way you'll get more people to follow ur story...nice work tho
Oh.. thanks for the suggestion
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 1:05pm On Aug 15
"Nothing different to usual " I mumbled. She just rolled her eyes.
The only reason we hung out is because of Max. They've been this weird couple thing for as long as I remember. They weren't officially dating, I think they were still screwing, and whenever either of them went out with anyone else they would bicker because they were jealous.
I remember one time a few months ago Max was seeing this other girl, Eve didn't like it, so her and Leah invited her round for a 'girly night' which ended with the poor girl coming into school the next day with half of her hair shaved off. I've gotta admit, it was pretty funny.
That's why so many people were scared of them; Leah and Eve were the two girls in this school who you just don't Bleep with. They were both crazy, and that teamed up with the scheming little minds it did not add up well for any other girl, or guy for that matter, in this school who got on their bad side.
Max wasn't much better though to be fair, the last guy Eve dated ended up with a broken nose.
So all in all, those two were pretty suited.
"Anyway, I rang Leah's mum the same night to make sure she knew, you know what Leah's like, and she said she got the same text. She was pretty fine with it, as usual"
Both me and Eve scoffed. One thing we did agree on, when it came to parenting, Leah's mum was about as adequate as a dead dog. It always amazed me that every time Leah pulled one of her disappearing acts, she was never bothered about it. We've lived on the same street for 10 years, so I've seen her go off many of times, and each time my parents would go over to make sure that her mum was coping okay, and each time they were amazed by how phased she actually wasn't.
"Right I'm bored talking about her" Carmen moaned next to me, saying the word her with as much venom as she could spit out. I don't know why, but she seemed to think that me and Leah had a ' thing ' therefore they were never really the best of friends.
Fair enough we did, but the only ' thing ' me and Leah shared now was a mutual hatred.
The next thing I knew, I heard Carmen scream and the lightshade above her head shattered, sending broken class sprinkling over our heads. I quickly lunged out of my seat; pulling Carmen out of the way as the lightshade came crashing down directly where she was sitting.
I may not actually like the girl, but I'm not going to let her die am I?
We both tumbled onto the floor, as the remaining glass from the lightshade smashed onto the seat. This automatically sent everything into chaos, and I heard a few screams around the cafeteria.
I looked at our table, which was now empty as Max pulled Eve out of the way, and Seth and Tyler also moved pretty snappishly.
"What the hell just happened? Who ever put those bloody things on the ceiling clearly is lacking skill in the job they are doing!" Eve screamed. "Are you okay?"
I noticed she actually asked me, not Carmen. She wasn't particularly fond of Carmen either to be honest. I nodded my head and got to my feet, as did Carmen who was still letting out small screams and repeating the words 'oh my god' over and over. Eve sighed.
"Should have let the damn thing crush her..." Eve muttered under her breath. I had to stop myself from laughing.
"Oh baby, you saved my life!" Carmen cried and wrapped her arms around my neck, making me feel like I was being choked.
Maybe I should have let that thing crush the annoying bitch.
I was now home, it had just gone 4 and I was later home than usual considering our entire table had to be taken to the medical room to make sure we were okay. I had to stop myself from backhanding Carmen who was clinging on to my arm like leech, now I saved her life I'm thinking she might be in love with me or something?
Oh Christ, what have I done?
I was sat on my bed, with my back against the wall thinking about what happened in the cafeteria. My room wasn't big, but it had my bed in the corner, a desk with a TV and CD player/radio on it, a wardrobe and a sofa. It was a little cramped, but it would do. I only used this room for sleeping and robbing girls of their dignity.
"Your room is an actual shit heap" I literally must have jumped out of my skin as I heard that voice. I looked over at the sofa and saw Leah sat down, with her legs crossed looking around my room with a disgusted look in her eyes. It only clicked a few seconds later, but when she made me jump I let out a scream. Well, more of a shriek to be honest. Leah's face turned into one of pure amusement.
"Very butch" she said, trying to hide her grin.

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thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Ann2012(f): 9:12pm On Aug 15
Thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by Itunubabs: 8:49am On Aug 16
Thanks for the update
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 11:09am On Aug 16
Leah’s POV
I was trying really hard not to start crying of laughter over what I just heard. Did he really just shriek?
“Where the hell have you been all day?” he asked in an irritated voice, obviously trying to change the subject from his oh so manly shriek.
“Well my dear pain in the ass, I have spent the majority of the day figuring out my new ghost abilities” I replied.
“Which are?” he prompted.
“Right, I know I'm dead and that, but being a ghost is freaking amazing!” I said excitedly. I wasn’t lying it was pretty awesome, I spend basically the whole day figuring out what I can do.
“That doesn’t really answer my question stupid” he replied through gritted teeth.
“Well if you shut up and let me finish I’ll tell you” I hissed back. He was just about to open his mouth again when I cut him off and carried on. “Well, first of all, I can do all the basic ghost stuff you see in the movies. So far I've mastered the light flickering thing, apparating from place to place and moving objects with my mind. There are a few more things but they’re not as cool as those three.”
“You spent the whole day flickering lights?” he scoffed. I narrowed my eyes at him.
“Right, you try being a ghost and mastering this stuff on your own, it takes time. I gotta control my feelings and shit. Complicated stuff Mercedes, I wouldn’t expects someone whose IQ is the same as their age to understand.” I smiled mockingly.
“That sounds like way to much effort for flickering a few lights” he teased. I narrowed my eyes at him, and then let my mouth curve into a smirk. He looked at me like he knew I had done something wrong.
“What have you done?” he accused.
“Moi? What would I do? I'm just a poor ‘old innocent ghost sir, trying to find my way around this hard world.” I replied innocently. A little too innocently. He raised his eyebrows, obviously not fooled by my ‘innocent’ act.
“I've known you 10 years, there is nothing innocent about you Preston” he glared. I smiled, taking that comment with great pride.
“Okay maybe I did do something. Have fun at school today?” I asked, grinning.
“No it was pretty Sh...” he trailed off, and I could see he had figured it out. “You did the lightshade thing?!”
This time I smiled, showing a full set of teeth and nodded. I was like a proud child.
“How’s that for a ‘flickering lights’ trick?” I mocked his previous voice. He just sat there, mouth agape.
“You do know you could have killed Carmen right?” he informed me.
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by wunmiade16(f): 11:11am On Aug 16
“And that would have been a tragedy...” He looked at me like I was crazy “Oh don’t panic I knew you would jump in the way and save your fair lady” I teased, knowing very well Carmen was just another play thing for Jared, and how annoying she was.
“She is anything but my fair lady...” he grumbled. I laughed.
“So, do you admit it’s a pretty cool trick?” I asked, a little smug.
“The day I admit your right is the day I’ll trap my penis in a door” he responded simply. I rolled my eyes.
“Oh that would be a great day...” I trailed off, noticing his hateful glare. I changed the subject “anyway, when I wasn’t learning the tricks of the poltergeist trade, I was trying to find the field that I saw my body in yesterday”
“Wait what?” he asked, lifting his back off the wall and leaning closer to me as if to hear better.
“Before I apparated to the party last night, I was in a field, looking down at my own dead body” I informed him.
“You were in a field?”
“Yes, surrounded by the forbidden forest!” I shrieked. He looked at me like I was a freak.
“Forbidden forest?” he asked.
“Not the actually forbidden forest you idiot, I didn’t wake up in Hogwarts!” I snapped, turning the situation as if he was the crazy one.
“Look, whatever just shut that massive mouth of yours for a second. I thought you were going away?”
“Eve told me today that her, Seth and your mum got a text Monday night telling them that you took off for a few days” he informed me. My face grew confused.
“The last thing I remember of Monday is waking up and going to answer my phone, I never had any intention of taking off anywhere.” I replied. Then I remembered the figure yesterday in the field. “IT WASNT ME!”
My yelling made him jump a little, and I refrained from laughing and carried on. “When I was in that field yesterday looking at my dead body, there was someone there.”
“Who?!” he asked, his voice growing angry at the mention of this person.
“I don’t know it was dark, I couldn’t see his face.” I replied, a little embarrassed to say actually. He sighed frustrated.
“Well that was useful...” he mumbled.
“It was dark okay! But I did see him bend down, reach into my jacket and pull my phone out.” I quickly added, feeling like I had to redeem myself by knowing something useful. I love that I was trying to solve my murder, but I was more worried about not looking like an idiot in front of him...another idiot.
“So the texts that Eve, Seth and your mum got were from your killer?” he asked, a little shocked.
“It must be, I mean I was dead! I didn’t really have time to check my inbox” I replied sarcastically.
He looked at me in confusion. I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable by his stare.
“How are you so calm about all of this?” he asked. The question knocked me a little off guard. Then I sighed.
“I don’t know, I guess I just figured I've got to get on it with it. I mean I'm dead yeah, but dwelling about it isn’t going to change things is it?” I replied “and plus, now I have a different focus. Find the bastard who killed me. Which you’re going to help me with.”
He had a face of understanding, and for a split second I saw something that looked like sympathy in his eyes?
Then the asshole in him came rushing to the surface.
“Ergh, why me?” he whined. I raised my eyebrows as if to say ‘do you really have to ask that question?’
“As much as it is annoying for the both of us, you’re the only person who can see me. I don’t know why the hell it’s only you, but it is. So put up and shut up” I snapped. His lip twitched; obviously he was amused by my getting annoyed.
“So then Casper, where do we start trying to solve this great murder mystery?” he asked mockingly
“Don’t call me Casper!” I hissed. His smirk became known, happy that he has now found something he can use to get on my nerves.
As if he didn’t have enough against me before.
“So we’ve established that whoever has your phone is the person that killed you” he began, counting each point he was about to make with his fingers “No-one will have any reason to suspect anything’s happened to you because your known to disappear and are sending a running commentary through text message about where you’re going-“
“The person who has my phone is sending a running commentary, not me.” I corrected.
He carried on, ignoring my comment.
“The last thing you remember is someone calling you?” he asked, I nodded my head “well that person who called you Monday is probably the one who killed you as well, they were probably ringing to arrange meeting you that night? Which also means, the person who killed you is someone you know.”
My mouth hung open slightly. It did make sense.
“Wow you managed to figure all that out by yourself, even with that pea sized brain of yours?” I mocked.
He gave me a dirty smirk. “We both know nothing about me is pea sized.”
I growled at his comment. Even dead I had to have that night we had thrown in my face.
“Anyway, back to a conversation that doesn’t make my skin crawl, your right. How are you this good at figuring this stuff out?” I asked.
He shrugged. “I used to read a lot of Sherlock Holmes when I was younger”
“You read?!” I asked, shocked. “As in actually words? Not like pop-up books or audio tapes?”
“I know how to read Preston!” he hissed. My mouth hung open as I gazed at him.
Well you learn something new everyday...
Re: Loving The Dead (makeandoffer) by germaphobe(m): 1:57pm On Aug 16
go on baby

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