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Re: Undecided by cassidypat(m): 5:03pm On Mar 22, 2020

I'm kinda at loss of ideas now.....lemme know what y'all think about Olivia tho.or just anything at all
I think olivia would be the person to reveal the whole puzzle in this whole hailey issue she has this intuitive personality....she just has a nose for mysterious thing
Re: Undecided by Ultimategeneral: 8:33pm On Mar 22, 2020
Damn! You are good
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:03pm On Mar 22, 2020
Dibz's POV

There's this scenario where people blame you so much for something you're innocent of that you actually start believe that they are right and you're guilty of that crime when in reality you're not but because of the pressure from them, they might even be people you termed your 'ride or die', your mind just automatically accepts the guilt. That's how I've been feeling for the past one week since that encounter with Fola.
I know I should have expected the hostility from her but I guess a part of me just thought that maybe after all this time she'd have let go and forgiven me.....(you see what I was talking about?forgiven me for what, what did I do wrong?).
I've skipped school since then, burying myself in work at the company. Yeah that hasn't been all fun too with Mr George around trying to undermine me at every single chance he gets.
The last straw was when I came late to a board meeting, the dude started ranting about how my lack of priority would ensure the insolvency of the company.. ..lol because I got late to just one board meeting the company would become insolvent? Big joker.
"Mr George, I really appreciate your years of service to my dad and this company but if you think that because I'm still young, I'd keep on letting you undermine my authority here then you're in for a long ride. Don't think you're indispensable here, I can still fire you if I please without the board's permission and even without my dad's consent too. All of you were here but my dad still transferred his shares to me and made acting CEO so it's high time you guys accept it or you leave", I said calmly but made sure they didn't miss the venom in my tone.
OK I may have exaggerated on the part of not needing by dad's permission to fire his GM, but they don't know that. My speech seemed to put them in place and everything became smooth since then, they lessons I had in jail really paid off as running a company wasn't exactly that difficult or maybe I'm just a natural at it, whichever one it is. School just kinda made it look so hard with all the ambiguous courses we are forces to take instead of just going straight to the core courses and field work, all because they want to make more money.
Josh, Victor and Femi too anytime he had time, had been very supportive and encouraging, although they didn't agree with my school absence technique but they don't get how much Fola's words got to me.
The video of the encounter had gone viral and somehow my sis got to know about it. She called to console me, telling me to be strong and all that, she even said she'd be transferring to BlueBlood next week so I wouldn't have to be alone anymore. That had been the only good news I've had since my release and well, maybe when Olivia said she'd been okay with my past and had termed us friends but she had flipped when her cousin finished me with her words, she even agreed that I was guilty. Well, I don't blame her at all, she's just trying to be there for her cousin. She hadn't called or reached out since then, don't even know why I expected her to do so.

I parked my car in the parking lot as I arrived for work. This company has turned out to be a blessing as it offered me something and somewhere to be to occupy my mind.
After rounds of greetings, I finally reached my dad's office, settled and prayed as I got set to face the day.
Halfway into the day, still going over some proposals my door is thrown open as someone waltzs in. My head is still bent going over the proposal so I don't see who it is on time.
"I'm sorry sir, I tried to stop her but she just wouldn't listen, I'll call security right away",my secretary apologizes. I can tell she's pretty scared I might fire her cus of this.
I finally look up to see who it is and my eyes go abit wide and then turn to slits.
"Don't worry Rita, it's fine. I'll handle this", I said to the secretary, dismissing her.
Olivia just stood there smiling at me like all was well with us.
"What are you doing here?", I ask, returning my attention to the files in a bid to give her the cold shoulder.
"I'm here to see you, you've been MIA in school", she said.
"And what's it to you", I countered. "Why do you care,huh, afterall I'm just some rapist that should be hanged or exiled".
She sighed and then her face turned soft, kinda in a remorseful way.
"I'm sorry about the other time and I'm sure you noticed that I kinda also avoided you too. The truth is that after Fola's revelation that day, I became abit scared of you and I distances myself but I always thought of you and I don't know what but something keeps telling me that there's more to this whole issue plus I shouldn't have judged you as I didn't know you then", she finished.
I was moved by her speech even though she said she got scared of me like I was some monster but still I understand that none of this is her fault and like I said before, she's just trying to be supportive to her cousin.
"It's all good Olivia, you can go now", I said.
"What? I'm not going anywhere if you're not coming with me, besides it's 1:30, time for lunch and don't give me that you're not hungry shit", she said, now back to her confident self and no more nervous.
"In case you haven't noticed, I'm working and I can get lunch whenever I please, it mustn't be with you", I retorted.
"Blah blah blah,...all I hear is B.S,", she replied putting her index fingers in her ears, shaking her head.
"Look if you don't come with me now, I'll start crying now and when someone asks I'll say you beat me, a poor helpless girl", she said again.
"Suit yourself", I said . If she thinks blackmail would work on me then she better think again, but honestly, I'm enjoying having here now, it's like she's this colourful canvas to my stale black and white life.
The she devil actually started crying and at first, I ignored her no matter how annoying it was becoming, but I gave in quickly when my secretary knocked ,asking if everything was okay. The she devil even increases her voice when she noticed that Rita was enquiring.

"Ok, you win", I sighed. "But I've only got 30mins", I warned.
"Yaaaaayyyy", she jumped up smiling.
"Don't worry, I know just the perfect place", she said , holding onto my shoulders ushering me out........TBC


Re: Undecided by hidhrhis(m): 11:08pm On Mar 22, 2020
Thanks 4 d update bro
Re: Undecided by xaviercasmir(m): 1:16am On Mar 23, 2020
you just got a new fan. keep it up
Re: Undecided by jupitre(m): 2:46pm On Mar 23, 2020

I'm kinda at loss of ideas now.....lemme know what y'all think about Olivia tho.or just anything at all
Olivia is cool,She's trying to give dibz benefits of doubt.And that's amazing by the way,there are always two sides of a coin,We don't just jump into conclusion cos of what we've heard..
I see becoming her becoming more than a friend to dibz..

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Re: Undecided by Missmossy(f): 3:34pm On Mar 23, 2020
Making sense,thumbs up cheesy

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Re: Undecided by temitope23(m): 6:07pm On Mar 23, 2020
Nice one. I've been looking for stories to read while at home, this just seems to be the right one.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 9:23pm On Mar 23, 2020
Thanks for all the comments and inputs guys, I appreciate
Re: Undecided by Ultimategeneral: 10:12pm On Mar 23, 2020
Thanks for all the comments and inputs guys, I appreciate
Boss I was thinking it was an update oo. chai this is not good! help a brother by dropping food for the house.
Re: Undecided by Dibixxx1(m): 12:25pm On Mar 24, 2020
Nice....pls next update. This feels like a movie
Re: Undecided by doctorexcel(m): 5:13pm On Mar 24, 2020
Wow. Next episode
Re: Undecided by cassidypat(m): 12:32pm On Mar 25, 2020
Please oooo moura7 help us...the goverment are adding to our boredom by shutting down lagos tommorow.....help us with update...so we can quarantine&chill
Re: Undecided by isod: 5:18pm On Mar 25, 2020
Wow, just discovered this story this morning and I'm waiting for updates.
Well done Moura. This story rocks.
Biko, we are waiting for the updates oh!
Re: Undecided by hidhrhis(m): 11:41am On Mar 26, 2020
Help us now since on the 22 no update
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 2:50pm On Mar 26, 2020
New update today...promise
Re: Undecided by lahrra(f): 5:42pm On Mar 26, 2020
Pls op don't keep us waiting for too long... We want lengthy update.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:06pm On Mar 26, 2020
Dibz's POV

"Cmon dude, I really need you to be there, at least for moral support. You know we are family, cmon do this for your brother now", Josh pleaded.
"I already told you man, I can't be there I don't want any trouble ", I resisted.
Josh's opening his new club the day after tomorrow and has been on my neck since, trying to get me to attend. The thing is I really want to be there for him but an event like that's gonna attract the press and I don't want them having a field day again at my expense.
Surely they'd up in face asking me useless questions on my release, if I really deserves that and stuff like that. Last thing I need now is more exposure for me, it's already having its toll on the company ad I don't want to add more to that.

"Look man, from the bottom of my heart i wish you well in every thing that you do and I'll be forever supportive but I'm sorry I can't be there for you in this particular instance. You know how hard my life has been since, pls try to understand me man", I said.
Josh gave a long sigh and smiled at me, that sort of smile that relates resignation and understanding.
"Ok man, ill let you off this one but you owe me", he said. "Hmmm, wonder how Olivia's gonna feel now that you're not going to be there", he continued, his expression as if thinking hard about something.
I look at him smile, trust Josh to use every single trick known to him to get what he wants. He mentioned Olivia being there as some sort of mojo to motivate me to go too.

Yeah, Olivia or Liv as I prefer to call her, and I have been pretty much close lately. She's also been a tad helpful especially academically. Due to my engagement in the company, she's been helping me out with attendance, even attending some of my classes that she's not offering too.
Sometimes I'm amazed at the lengths at which she does this and I maybe have thoughts that she maybe has a hidden motive but who am I to judge.
At first, I didn't let my guards down with her as I thought she was just pretending to be nice to catch me at my most vulnerable state and then attack but when she stood up for me in public against Hailey and Fola, I was ashamed of myself for ever thinking she had ulterior motives.
One time, she had blackmailed(don't even ask me what it was lol) me into meeting her at a restaurant in school and accidentally we met Hailey, Fola, Henry and Rex, Hailey's boyfriend.
We had settled down to eat and was laughing to a Taaoma comedy skit on her phone when Hailey walked up to our table.
"Well well well, if it isn't Mr jailbird himself, you have some nerve showing up here in public like all is well", Hailey said smiling coyly.
Seeing her again after her fake testimony in court, just made my blood boil and I so much wanted to strangle her there.
"Excuse you, that's rude. You don't just walk up to a table you weren't invited to and just start hurling unwarranted insults", Liv had said annoyed.
Hailey looked from me to Liv and gave a small laugh.
"And you, after all you've heard about this animal, you are still in the same place with him, does your cousin even know about this?", Hailey said. That's when Fola and the rest of their crew showed up.
"Do I know what?", Fola had asked. Apparently she had heard what Hailey said.
"Miss naive here is still hanging out with Mr rapist here", Hailey mocked.
All this while, I was just trying my best to restrain myself from doing something foolish cus I was still on parole and any little act of misconduct could send me back to jail.
"Olivia, what's going on here, why are you still with this guy after I told you to stay away from him?", Fola asked. One could see from her facial features that she was trying to hold in the anger she was feeling.
Liv just sat quiet as her cousin questioned her, I looked at her and smiled. Of course, she won't say anything and I don't blame her. The fact that she's already gone out of her way to be my friend amidst all the hate being hurled at me was enough for me, afterall who'd be willing to risk social extradition over some dumb convicted felon like me.
"It's all good guys, I'll leave now. I don't want any trouble", I said standing up. By now, other people around had begun to notice us.
I had not walked more than five steps away when I heard Liv call for me to wait up.
"Wait up Dibz, I'm coming with you, don't really feel like eating again", she said the last part eyeing both Hailey and Fola.
She reached my side and we had begun to walk out when she stopped and turned to face them.
"Look who I choose to talk with, spend time with and be friends with is my business and nobody's. I get that you're just trying to look out for me but I can take care of myself and don't you being all over me, it's just too much", she said, to Fola particularly.
Fola looks stunned at her cousin and loss of words at first then she smiles and speaks.
"I see he got to you too, but don't be deceived Olivia, he's nothing but a sweet talking rapist", Fola said icily.
That statement from her made me wince, the saying was right afterall, 'there is really a thin line between love and hate'.
"Ok Fola, he's nothing but a rapist , I agree and I'm still sticking to being friends with him. If you're correct and he's really what you say he is, then let it be my mistake to learn from. That he's your enemy shouldn't make him mine too just as being friends with him doesn't make me enemies with you............TBC


Re: Undecided by hidhrhis(m): 11:27pm On Mar 26, 2020
Thanks 4 d update bro
No offence meant bro but this update short since on d 22

U are having more fans everyday but the update isnt consistent and it kinda short pls help us do something about it
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:45pm On Mar 26, 2020

"If I'm correct? Olivia , you doubting me?so this is just some made up scheme against Dibz just because we hate him? Are you being serious right now?", Fola rages.
"Let me ask you a question Fola, have you really tried to hear his own side of the story", Olivia asks softly.
"His side? Oh you've got to be kidding me", Fola says and fakes a chuckle. Hailey scoffs.
"You mean I've been lying all this while?", Hailey speaks this time.
"Hey, I didn't call anyone a liar, I just asked if anyone had cared to listen to his own part of the story", Liv replies hotly. Seems she doesn't like Hailey too. I stand amazed and stare at Liv with admiration in my eyes. I'm so touched at this girl's unwavering belief in me. Shockingly, I had never told her anything about that incident but look at her defending me blindly not minding if I really committed the heinous crime.
"What are you talking about, the evidences against him were confirmed Olivia, his DNA was found underneath her finger nails because she scratched him to try and set herself free and the fist imprints on her body matched his", Fola yelled.
"Yes I know all that Fola, but still did he ever admit to you that he actually did it, even just once. This is someone you loved, Fola, who never ever laid a finger on you and even so much as said any vulgar word to you not even once and still you've just abandoned, judged and hated him already without ever hearing him out and you claimed you loved him", Liv counters softly.
There's a sudden serenity in the atmosphere as Liv finished and without wasting another second, she takes my hand and leads me out.
Even I am shocked at the emotion with which she delivered the last speech. It's almost as if...almost as if she feels something for me. I don't know.

Meanwhile back to the present, even with Josh telling me Olivia would be there doesn't change my stance on not attending his club opening.
It's even abit better as I've been kinda avoiding her since. Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate everything she's done for me and I miss her badly but this feeling that she somehow sees me as more than a friend now won't just go away from my thoughts. Honestly, I don't think I feel anything for her other than friendship and then love for her like a sister. So if I'm correct and she feels something more for her and I'm not able to reciprocate such feelings even after she's stuck by me through the heat of stigmatization, how would that make her feel. I throw my head back and heave a long sigh.
"Aha, I knew mentioning Olivia's attendance would make you reconsider", Josh said, smiling.
" Nah man, it's even strengthened my resolving of being absent", I said closing my eyes.
Josh sits up ,eyes glinting with piqued interest.
"What do you mean?", He asks curiously.
"The two of you have been quite a pair the past few weeks plus that look in her eyes when she looks at you", he continues.
His last statement catches me. "What look dude?", I ask.
"The 'oh I adore you so much pls pls kiss me' look", he says.
"You don't know what you're talking about, we're just friends man", I say.
"Yh and the OBJ is going to feat Chris Brown soon", he replies sarcastically.
"Look you might not notice it cus you're too ignorant but that girl is madly into you and I hope you know what you're doing this time else she might just be another Hailey", Josh warns.
"Who might be another Hailey?", Liv asks as she walks in......TBC


Re: Undecided by temitope23(m): 12:50am On Mar 27, 2020
Another one from @Moura7.
Nice one
Re: Undecided by Ultimategeneral: 6:32am On Mar 27, 2020
I give it to you, you are one good writer with pure talent. It almost took you forever to post
Re: Undecided by Dnight(m): 7:33am On Mar 27, 2020
You are a fantastic writer I have to say
Please make this lock down much more interesting for us with updates
God bless you
Re: Undecided by Georgetisan: 10:37am On Mar 28, 2020
Nice work..plzzz can we have a link to the story
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:05am On Mar 28, 2020
Dibz's POV

"Uhm hi Liv, didn't hear you come in", I said in a bid to buy time to come up with a story to divert her question.
"Oh, I didn't come with my car and the entrance door was open so I just entered", she answered,as she shrugged her shoulders.
"Hi Josh", she greeted. "How are the preparations for the club opening coming up".
At that question, I heaved a sigh of relief because she seemed to have forgotten her earlier question, didn't know what I was going to say to her tho.
"Yh, it's all good so far, just booked some A-list artistes to perform and some comedians too, you'd be surprised at the outrageous amounts these joker's charge just for talking for about 20mins", Josh replied.
"Oh, stop complaining I'm sure you can handle it", Liv said.
"Is your dad gonna be there", I asked.
Everybody seemed to know Josh's senator dad but only a handful actually knew that Josh is an illegitimate child and that his dad sent him off to Lagos to stay because his wife detested the idea of him staying with the family. His mum died when he was 10 so this kid had had to spend his teenage life like an orphan, well a rich orphan sha but wealth does not replace the importance of a present parent. Everyone saw Josh as this carefree, unserious boy who had everything but truth is he's actually hurting badly inside.
"Nah, he's quite busy even to witness my first ever achievement", he replied with a chuckle.
There was an underlying pain in that chuckle and my heart ached at how his dad can be so deadbeat towards his own blood all because of reputation.
"Ooh that's sad", Olivia replied, then whipping her head to my direction. "How bout we go shopping for what to wear to the opening",she asked me.
I hadn't told her that I wasn't going to the event yet and I just didn't know how I was going to say it without hurting her especially now after Josh's big revelation about her having a thing for me.
I looked to Josh for a bit of help but the fool just smiled that coy 'OYO' smile at me and stood up.
"Ah, I think i have to going now, still have some stuff to put in place at the club, catch you guys later and Olivia, try to convince him to come, yh", he said walking out.
"Convince you to come where?", Liv asked confused.
"Yh about that, I'm not going to Josh's event. I've got a very big day at the work this week so no space at all for me", I said. I felt bad that I might have just lied to her but then I don't really know how to go about this thing with her plus I didn't really lie, technically it's my company and so I can choose to be overly busy with it when I please.
"You're kidding right? This is your best friend we talking about here", she said. I knew it was going to be hard getting out of this with her but I plan to remain adamant this time.
"I'm not and I already explained everything to Josh and he understands so no issue here", I replied shrugging my shoulders.
"Oh, you mean the same Josh that just asked me to convince you to come?", She countered.
"What's wrong, cmon talk to me".
"Must there have to be a problem? I said I'm going to be quite busy then and can't make it, what's so hard to understand there", I said.
She was beginning to get on my nerves for no reason, I don't want to go , why can't they just leave it at that.
'Look if it's about Fola or Hailey being there, I think you should just face them, you can't run away forever you know, I'm here to help you through it all", she said softly this time.
"Look Liv if you want to go, then go, you don't have to impose the same on me too. I'm not some charity or broken case that needs fixing from, if you don't have the decency to respect my decisions then I suggest you just mind your own damnn business and leave me alone", I shouted.
I regretted my actions immediately the last words left my mouth. I didn't mean to react like that, she's just caring for me in her own way and I had no right to go off on her like that.
"Wow", she whispered, blinking her eyes prolly to stop the tears from falling.
"Uhmm, I'm sorry for being...eh...what did you call it... so imposing..yh that's it..I'm sorry about that", she said raising her head now and sniffing silently.
"Liv, I'm really sorry i didn't.....", I tried to apologize but she put her hand up, cutting me off.
"It's OK Dibz, I won't invade your life any further, take care of yourself", she said and she hurried out of the room.
The rest of the day just dulled by as I just couldn't get Liv off my mind. She was just caring for me and I just had to ruin everything like I always do. Now she might never speak to me again and I'd have to start all over again. I still had my guys but Liv had brought in something new , something refreshing, she was like a muse to me and though, I might not feel anything romantically or sexually towards her, I still live her like a friend and I don't want to loose her ever. I had tried her cell for two hours straight since she left but nothing new, she keeps sending it to voicemail and it just drives me crazy. I called Josh to try and see if he can reach her but she didn't pick his calls either, same with Vic too.
The only other person, infact the surest person that would actually know how she's doing since they stayed in the same apartment, was the one person I could never ever call and it's not because I don't want to, no,its because she doesn't even want to hear of my existence but right now, I don't care I'll have to call her so she can tell me how Liv is doing.
With trembling fingers, I dialed Fola's number. A number I had embedded in my brain since the first time she gave it to me.
So now, with tensed breaths and the phone to my ear, I awaited her sweet voice to caress the speaker of my phone. That sweet voice she now gave freely to everyone else but me. For me, she's now reserved the venomous one for and still my heart is giddy whenever she talks more like insults me with that voice. But now I have a chance to hear that sweet one even if it's just the 'hello' alone, and just now I know why I haven't been able to feel anything for Liv or any other girl, its because I'm still in love with Fola and even though she hates me more than the devil now, I just can't stoo loving her, I just can't help it and it hurts, it hurts so much.

"Hello, who's this*, came this angel's sultry voice as she finally answered the call.


Re: Undecided by lahrra(f): 12:07pm On Mar 28, 2020
Thanks Op.
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 1:13pm On Mar 28, 2020
Thanks Op.
Thanks alot
Re: Undecided by jupitre(m): 7:28pm On Mar 28, 2020

Thanks alot

Nice one Op amd Thanks..
Next update please
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 11:11pm On Mar 28, 2020
Fola's POV

Lately I've really been feeling myself. You know that feeling where you just feel down and it's like you don't know why but you actually know the reason why but because of something maybe pride or guilt you don't want to admit it to yourself.
Honestly, I've not really been myself since Olivia stood up to me because of Dibz. Olivia and I had always been on the same wave length, we were so alike that it seemed our thoughts were always in sync. She's the sibling I never had, she even gets me more than Tiara sef.
So when she opposed me like that just threw me off. She was like a wounded lioness protecting her one last cub and all this for a guy, my ex boyfriend that she's just known for not more than a month. What disturbs me more is that look in her eyes whenever she's looking at him, the same intense look I had when I looked at him then. That look of adoration and love.
Now that's the reason for my restlessness, I don't want her making the same mistake I made which is falling for a deranged rapist. Yes, that must be why I've felt this way this past weeks but the more I affirmed this in my heart the more I knew deep down that I was just lying to myself.
I was ,no I'm jealous and I know I shouldn't but I just can't help it. Why am I even jealous, why should I be jealous that she's the one close to him and not me?
The part that hurt me most was when she said she didn't care if the rape charges against him were actually true. Now that's some deep shit.
Lately, I've been avoiding Henry and I know he's noticed too but the sad thing is I don't care.
I'll be forever grateful that he was with me through this tough times but that's it, nothing more. I've really tried to love him and I thought I did but since that demon has been back, my eyes have been opened to the fact that it's just gratitude i feel towards him and not love.
Maybe it's the fact that when I was with Dibz my happiness was just over the roof and somehow that had set a certain utopian standard for my relationship which mine with Henry has even come close to.


Re: Undecided by doctorexcel(m): 12:10am On Mar 29, 2020
Gratitude moura but this update is damn too short. It is not enough to wet my appetite. Looking forward to a looooooong update. Thanks in anticipation
Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 12:14am On Mar 29, 2020

I know it's going to seem cruel but I just have to let Henry know that we just can't work out as I'm not happy in the relationship. It's better I let him know than continue leading him on.
Now I look at everything, I was really happy with Dibz, more than happy even. He made everything easy, with just a look from those eyes of his and I'm all curly inside. He was always there for me, always listened when I rambled on girl stuff, even the times I forced him to watch cheesy chick-flicks with me, he did even though he hates them. I had been wowed that he actually stayed through 3 chick-flicks with me, truth is I had just done it to just test him for no reason at all. I was looking for a reason to fight with him and had expected a 'no' from him so I'd just straight up start accusing him of being selfish and not caring about stuff that made me happy but he just sighed and told me he was coming over soon. After the torment, I asked him how he endured it and he just shrugged and said being with me , being able to hold me and grope my ass was no torment at all.
Oh how I miss him so much, so so much. Now, it's Olivia he spends his time with the most and even though it's not serious now I just feel bad that I'm the one that he's spending his time with now.
'oh Dibz, why did you have to go and do that to Hailey?', I thought to myself. Many atimes I had just wanted to forget everything and forgive him so we'd move on from where we stopped but I see Hailey's crushed face and i just drop the idea. Thinking about it now, Dibz never pressured me for sex ever, infact i was the one yearning for it, always looking for a way to initiate it but his self control had been top notch. He claimed he wasn't ready for that stage yet and would apologize for turning me down.
Why didn't I ever think of this since, maybe Olivia was right and somehow I just wanted to see the bad in him by all means without trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. But then all the evidences pointed to him doing it, a lab report even reported he had mild doses of heroine in his system which could have been a trigger. I didn't even know he did drugs , but I've never seen him do anything like drugs before, even drinking alcohol was abit hard for him because he always said it was bitter, yeah my baby has a sweet tooth......my baby?
'Oh God pls help me, what's this feeling I'm feeling now....it's like I love and hate it at the same time', I shook my head as I cried inwardly.
Just then, Olivia barged in hurrying to her room, her face awash with tears.
"Liv, what happened, were you crying?", I asked worried. She didn't say anything, she just ran into her room and slammed the door.
"Pls tell me what's wrong Liv, I'm worried", I said knocking on her door but she didn't answer, instead she started sobbing.
I decided to let her cool off for sometime as I thought about what could have happened to make her like this.
Few hours later, I decided to check her again but my phone rang, an unknown caller ID displayed on the screen.
Stopping, I picked after I failed to recognize the number.
"Hello, who's this?", I asked.
"Hellooo", I said again when I got no answer the first time.
"It's me", a voice answered.
I stiffened immediately as I heard his voice, now this is something I wasn't expecting.
"Pls is Liv home, been trying to reach her since she left here", he asked softly.
"Uh..yh..yes yh.. she's here but she's sleeping now", I answered stuttering. I felt a bit bad he mentioned Liv, a part of me just hoped that maybe he called to talk to me but who was I kidding right?
Then it clicked, of course he had to be involved. I'm sure he's got something to do with why she came in here crying like that. Wait what if he raped her too....
"Hey, what happened..what did you do to her....you touched her?!!", I fired the questions at him like I had a questionnaire machine gun.
"Ofcourse you did, you molested her, that's why she barged in here crying", I shouted.
"What..crying?.... molest? Pls I didn't..", he tried to say but I cut him off.
"Why..what did you do to her?!", I shouted.
"I didn't do anything damn it!!!", he shouted back and I shut up awed that he actually raised his voice at me.
"I'm sick and tired of you always blaming me for what I didn't do. Why are you always quick to think or assume the worst about me?", He asked this time softly.
"I didn't know touch Liv, she's too special to me. We just had a misunderstanding and I said some harsh things to her that's all and I called to apologize but she's not picking her calls", he explained.
He's right, for some stupid reason I always rush to assume the worst about him and it's just so wrong. I feel remorseful all of a sudden and I decide to apologize.

"Hey I'm really .... ", I begin but he cuts me off sharply.
"Save it, I've come to realize that no matter what i do you'd not stop at anything to ruin me. I'm sick of all these gimmicks, the threats, the smearing of red paint saying 'rapist' in my office, the slashing of my tires after school, keying my car and the numerous letters too, I'm sick of it all", he continues angrily.
What is he talking about, I never did all these he's accusing me of. Why did he get the idea from?
"Look I never...", I try to say but he cuts me off again.
"I'm not done, I'm tired of everything and so I'm doing us all a favour by leaving to never return again. Pls tell Liv I'm very sorry about all I said, I didn't mean a single word at all.bye", he said as he hung up.
I'm dazed for some seconds, he's leaving?..just like that?..to never return? No that can't be and all these things he mentioned about threats, could it be that Hailey is somehow behind all that?
That's a thought for another day, I've got to come up with a way to stop him from leaving cause I don't think I'd be able to live knowing he's gon be gone for good this time, No.
It's all my fault, I told him to leave us alone, I even told him that I hoped he died and as I recall all the cruelty and inhumane things I said to him tears just pour freely from my eyes.
Oh God what have I done?..... TBC


Re: Undecided by Moura7(m): 12:18am On Mar 29, 2020
Hey guys, from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate all your comments, I'm really thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude that you guys are squeezing out time to read my piece but I'd really love it if you actually comment on the episodes and your takes on them and not just when you need updates. Most times I don't update frequently cus I'm at loss of ideas but your inputs on the story no matter what helps to shape something in my mind.....Once again thanks Fam


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