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Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 10:46pm On Aug 21
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: Prime Insane Universe
(c) 2019, prime multiverse

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Chapter One.................... Still loading..................
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 10:54pm On Aug 21
devilpen my man, we die here. Bring it on boss
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by enm(m): 10:57pm On Aug 21
No problem, have no choice than to follow. Hope it will be interesting like the rest of your story?. ���
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 11:10pm On Aug 21
Lemme sit down here with my popcorn.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Bobosneh: 7:29am On Aug 22
I'm here too o
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 8:22am On Aug 22
Tasha jumped off her bed, looking through out the window, all was dark, only for the moonlight which illuminated the earth.
The loud gunshot came again, and quickly she tapped Tema who was fast asleep.
"Wake something is wrong" Tasha shouted and pulled a red shirt from the wardrobe and had it on.
The door suddenly fell off it's frame, revealing Lin Feng and Wicked beside him, Wicked entered into the room, and meowed loudly.
"We are under attack, Squadron Assassins, and some golden clan members, and also Lord Gitana's machineries, hurry have to leave" Lin feng shouted.
Tema trembled, it was something she never thought would happen and even she was new to the sanctuary.

Queenite watched as fire razed their home, and her student being slaughtered mercilessly. She brought out her bow metal and fired repeated shot at her enemies.
Lyta came forward, holding a fire torch on his right hand, he threw it to the ground and summoned out his metal club and metal shield.
"Where is that bastardization called Double D?"
Queenite grinned with anger
"So one of you could not stand him face to face, you came in group, is that how powerful he is" Queenite replied and summoned out two swords from her hand.
"As long as he is dead"
Lyta dashed forward using his swift fox metal, and slammed his club at Queenite, sending her distance off.
Queenite groaned, and winced, as blood folded out from her arm and nose.
Tasha, Tema, Lin Feng and Wicked ran into the open and met Queenite on the ground, struggling to her feet.
"Up" Lin Feng muttered and helped her to the feet.
Lyta laughed wickedly and walked forward slowly, dragging his club on the ground.
Wicked came forward and snarled at Lyta, making him halt in fear, he knew how powerful the cat was.
The Squadron Mate ran up to Lyta and swirled their swords around.
Wicked groaned and began to increase in height and gradually it stood more than a ten feet before everyone.
It threw a leg forward, and threw Lyta away, while the Squadron Mate quickly dived to safety.
Wicked bent down and allowed everyone climbed on its back, and with one great leap it jumped into the cloud.
"There should be a way out of here" IV said, already feeling depressed.
Hardys walked around aimlessly around the room, still in shock about Sen's death, and picked up the book which they had collected from Golden Desert and flipped it open. A key fell from it to the ground and he bent down to pick it.
"Guys, the first key" Hardys said and stood up.
Mide only looked away, he already lost interest in War Frame and the only thing he wanted was to go out from it, kill Anthony and destroy War Frame for good and nothing was going to change his mind.
Hardys knew no one was interested so he continue opening the book, until something caught his attention and he shouted.
"Guys, the book, was actually not a lead, it's like a manual, there is way out of War Frame, apart from the stupid button"
Mide and IV turned around and walked towards him.

Chapter 2

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Timba24(m): 9:15am On Aug 22
haaaa devilpen, i dont knw what to say but thumbs up.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Bobosneh: 5:58pm On Aug 22
i don't know lyta is this much of a coward just to kill double d he has to seek the help of a battalion fighters
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilee003(m): 9:07pm On Aug 22
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 11:12pm On Aug 22
Chapter 2
Getting out of War Frame, Sen's body fell lifeless to the ground, quickly IV picked up the body and carried it on his arm.
"How will his mother bear this news, he is the last among three children and the bread winner" Hardys said and sniffed.
Mide didn't utter a word, he walked out of the room and went out to wait for the next cable bus.
IV and Hardys ran out after him called him to attention.
"We are all angry and annoyed, but at the same time, we can't let our emotion over come us, Anthony will pay for what he did, but we have to be careful and take the right course" IV said calmly, trying to remake Mide see sense in what he said.
Mide sighed as tears trickled down his cheeks.
"Alright, let's get to the sanctuary, and talk with others" Mide said and walked back in.
Entering into the Sanctuary, Mide, Hardys and IV approached the gate, but noticed the strange way, people looked at them and whispered into one another's ear.
"Something is up" IV said and noticed a group of hearty humanbot walking hastily behind them and another set coming from their right.
They hastened their steps and got blocked at the front by another group.
"We caught them first" The Group at the front said, shunning of the other groups.
"Queenit told me, Lord Gitana placed a bounty on our head" Made said, already caught in the center.
An oval ball rolled in front of them and blasted, sending thick white fume around the whole of the sanctuary.
"Over here" a boy with cloth covering his nose said and tapped Mide and IV and Hardys, urging them to follow him.
Guns, and clashing of sword suddenly filled the entire sanctuary as groups fought against another, to get rid of them going after their bounty.
The boy removed the cloth around his face and smiled at Mide
"Sleek" Mide said and tapped him on the shoulder.
"Yeah, Manny, things has happened while you were gone" Sleek said and made sure he was being paid attention to before he continued.
"Lyta, Dannegro, Lord Gitana and Squadron Assassins, went up against the entire Arrow of God, looking for you, and something about Tasha being pregnant " Sleek said.
"What of Tasha? " Mide asked with his eyes widely opened
"Alive, the cat got then out, I know wher they are" Sleek said.
A huge ball fell from the sky at Mide and the rest and quickly Made summoned out his fury bow and fired at the ball, and shattered it into pieces. They looked up and saw a humanbot diving furiously at Mide.
Mide quickly dived away and summoned out his airslasher, jumped at the humanbot and sliced off the head.
"Sleek get us there, Iron Sanctuary is even more deadlier, especially for us" IV muttered bitterly and ran after Sleek.

Chapter 3

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 11:40pm On Aug 22
Chai as e dey so e don red for mide��

op Thanks for the update.

skyblueking over here
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 9:28am On Aug 23
Chapter 3
Sleek rolled a huge stone away from the mouth of a cave, looked back and saw surprise look on everyone's face.
"I don't assume you guys have ever heard of Sanctuary Stone Age? " Sleek asked and waited for their response.
"Sen talked about it" IV replied.
"Another world in another world, it's a kind of dimension between our world and an alien world" Sleek replied and walked into the cave.
The stone rolled over the mouth of the cave for itself and suddenly Mide and others found themselves in front of a green glowing gate, before them was an entirely set of strange looking beings, totally aliens, different body structure, different body shape, different animal looking being, some of half human, half beast, different body composure
"Surprised, I know, but your cat brought them here" Sleek replied and took a turn to the right.
Sleek knocked on a wooden door, which stood like it was along with no building structure or frame supporting, just the door standing alone.
The door slowly came open and Sleek entered followed be Mide, entering into the door, was a very wide room, having three rooms on the right and another two on the left.
"Weird" IV said in surprise.
"IV" Tema shouted on seeing them and ran up to him, hugging him tightly, and almost ignoring others.
Lin Feng and others Turner around from the table they were discussing and was glad to Mide and others, wondering less about Sleek.
"I've missed you" Tasha said and ran up to Mide, and planted a kiss on his lips.
Settling down, Queenite seated on one of the fashioned chair, while Lin feng stood beside her, Mide, having Tasha seated on his laps, while Sleek roamed about the room, IV and Hardys seated beside each other and Tema next to them.
"War Frame has been compromised " IV said sadly.
"Wait, who is the new guy and where is Sen?" Tema asked, noticing his absence.
"Sen is dead" Hardys replied and continued "Anthony, killed the exit, attacked us and Sen was gunned, since we couldn't leave War Frame, he died" Hardys concluded.
The room was silent for a while and finally the silence was broken by Mide.
"We've decided to end War Frame, but we had to check on you, we heard what Lyta did, so we are going first for him" Mide replied and brought out his airslasher
"Mide, can I have a word with you privately " Queenite demanded and instantly everyone began to leave the room.
Waiting patiently for the to leave, Queenite finally spoke.
"There is complication with Tasha and her birth" She said and watched hi reaction.
"The way time counts in the Sanctuary is different, in less than four days, she should be delivering" Queenite said continued.
"She might die, due to the fact that she doesn't have enough metal points, and her average life span is about a hundred years"
Mide understood clearly what Queenite was driving at, they needed to go hunting to add more to her metal point and at the same time, going to the surface was dangerous, since they all had a bounty on their head.
"We have no option, we will go as soon as possible, we will be back before you know it" Mide replied reassuring Queenite.

Chapter 4
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 12:23pm On Aug 23
Chai as e dey so e don red for mide��

op Thanks for the update.

skyblueking over here

Yeah, thanks! Honourable minister Hardes..
Am here!

Devilpen, my clan dey come for you!!
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 1:25pm On Aug 23

Yeah, thanks! Honourable minister Hardes..
Am here!

Devilpen, my clan dey come for you!!
Dem fit stand me Lol...

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilomo(m): 2:07pm On Aug 23
Devilpen, it seems Dawn isn't playing much role, except being Mide's sister. And they don't really converse much.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 2:24pm On Aug 23
hmm, too much trouble for mide.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 2:57pm On Aug 23
Devilpen, it seems Dawn isn't playing much role, except being Mide's sister. And they don't really converse much.
yes..... Still finding a way to fit her, more reason is because, Iron Sanctuary, doesn't give access to underage partaking in its activities, they believe their body isn't strong enough to carry on the metal gears, it may wear off...
Thanks for pointing hr out, seriously I almost ruled her out
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilee003(m): 7:15pm On Aug 23
Devilpen, it seems Dawn isn't playing much role, except being Mide's sister. And they don't really converse much.
i also have a say on this.... I think we should also make Dawn a hero...
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilee003(m): 7:16pm On Aug 23
Devilpen, it seems Dawn isn't playing much role, except being Mide's sister. And they don't really converse much.
i also have a say on this.... I think Dawn should be more involve in this vol2
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 8:27pm On Aug 23
Chapter 4
Getting to the surface, Mide brought out his lite bow and his bow of fury before Tasha, who continually spitted around, and constantly complained of sharp pains around her abdomen.
"You have to do this, I'll injure a metal beast, you have to kill it, and for your condition we can't get closer to any beast" Mide said and summoned out Wicked.
Tasha looked at both bows and collected the lite bow, and pulled the string.
"Where do we go? " Tasha asked and laced her sandals tight.
"Sleek said something about night wolves, but am not counting on that let's head west"

Walking for about an hour, Tasha bent down and sighed, cleaning off the sweat from her face, and looked at Mide.
"We've have been trekking the entire jungle, no sign of any metal" Tasha said and sat on a fallen branch.
"We are way far from any beast territory, and we can't use any mount, if we really need an urgent hunt" Mide replied and was about seating next to her when a loud rattling came from the bush on their right.
Wicked purred and stood at alert, and stood before Tasha. Mide also pulled the string of his fury bow and was fully alert.
For a while, the rattling sound died down, which made Mide lower his bow, all of a sudden a huge red and blue patch coloured anaconda flinged out from the bush and slammed it's head against Mide, the force sending him against a tree, and instantly he went unconscious.
Wicked growled softly and had it's tail right in between it's legs, as the anaconda curled up around.
The serpent hissed and slowly brought it's head towards Tasha, who was already gripped with fear, and couldn't muster the courage to pull for now string.
Wicked tried attacking, but the anaconda proved too fast, using it's huge tail to hit Wicked in the air, sending it roughly to the ground.
The anaconda began to curl itself up around Tasha, it's slimmy body, glittering at the contact with the tag of light, gradually it wrapped it's body up around Tasha, and opened its mouth wide.
Mide groaned and rubbed his head, still having a blurry vision, he began to gain his sight, and saw the anaconda already lowering it's mouth to swallow Tasha.
Mide quickly stood up and fired a shot at the head of the anaconda, which made it angry, and unfolded itself from Tasha, faced Mide and dashed furiously at him.
Tasha pulled her lite bow and shot the anaconda down, bringing it immediately to the ground.
"Metal Snake wisdom spirit gained, metal snake swiftness gained, 40 metal point gained, three geno point received. "
Tasha was glad at the voice and smiled at Mide.
"Wow, unbelievable " She said and walked up to Mide.
"Sorry, who are you? " Mide asked, and walked backward
"What do you mean who am I? " Tasha asked awkwardly and hissed.
"Sorry Sis, saving your life is something different,but I don't know you, see you around" Mide said and summoned out his Dragon beast soul and dived into the sky.
"Am I dreaming? Tasha asked herself and everything suddenly almost made her mad

Chapter 5

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 11:59pm On Aug 23
He remembered that he has a beast soul, he remembered how to shoot d arrow, and even hard to courage to attack something as big as that, but then he don't want to remember our wife. Thunder!! Where are you!!, u need to fire somebody small!!

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 8:07am On Aug 24
Chapter 5
Tasha watched as everyone looked confused except for Sleek who just smiled and made it glaring.
"There are things about Metal Snake, they hypnotize you and instantly you forget about the thing you care most about, if they see you are stronger than them, Mide didn't care about his weapon, or his defense, but you and everyone here, that's why he forgot about you" Sleek said, and sank himself on the chair.
Queenite sighed and clicked her tongue.
"How do we bring him back, am sure he will definitely forget that his life is at stake"
"We can't do anything, until he comes back to his senses at will, we can only look out for him" Sleek replied and stood up.
"I'll go after him" Sleek volunteered and smiled "Am now getting in love with you Tema, what's up? "
IV grabbed a glass cup beside him as threw it a Sleek who laughed hard and ran out of the door.
"Will that talkative clown be the one replacing our Sen? " Tasha asked irritated.
Mide walked hastily into Iron Sanctuary, with the warthog metal meat on his shoulder, entering into Iron Sanctuary, all eyes fell on him, and suddenly someone blocked him.
"Double D" the huge humanbot sad, wickedly and pushed him to the ground.
"Please I don't want trouble, just stay out of my way" Mide said and pulled himself up, and tried carrying his hunt.
The humanbot before him, brought out a pistol from its right hand and shot Mide on the forehead.
The bullet bounced off, and fell to the ground, pressed hard into itself.
"As fragile as you are, you have more than one lion heart" The humanbot said.
Mide brought out his airslasher and slashed the humanbot before him, tearing it into two
A dagger pierced into Mide's shoulder, he winced and turned around, seeing more than fifty humanbot in arms facing him. He turned invisible and one after the other he brought all fifty down, with one slash of his sword.
Suddenly a large heavily club slammed his head, making him fall hard to the ground, he turned around and saw Lyta standing before him.
"Who are you? " Mide asked, as he groaned. "Lyta, you don't pretend here, stand up and die once and for all" Lyta shouted.
Within swift Mide, leaped forward, and did a flip above Lyta, and land at his back, he used his leg to kick Lyta leg from the back, making him kneel and ripped of the shield from Lyta, and also his club, and flinged Lyta against the wall.
A force hit Mide hard and pulled him down, Mide groaned as a roughly gladiator like humanbot approached him.
"God, what's up? " Mide groaned seeing Dannegro coming forward.
Dannegro brought out his metal machine gun and fired at Mide, who quickly ducked to safety.
Dannegro walked towards where Mide was hiding, and was surprised he wasn't there. A sword suddenly pierced Dannegro's neck from the back and came out from the front, and Mide turned visible before him.
Dannegro chocked and spitted out blood, and fell to the ground dead.
Mide groaned in pain and knelt down, still supporting himself with his airslasher.
A ball rolled before him and blasted out white fumes, and Mide felt a metal smack his head and instantly went unconscious.
"Dude, already caused chaos" Sleek said and raised Mide's body on his shoulder, and took him out of Iron sanctuary

Chapter 6

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 8:36am On Aug 24
Seems mide's loss of memory has made him more fierce.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Hardes(m): 8:37am On Aug 24
Thanks for the great work devilpen.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by obumnaeke(m): 11:35am On Aug 24
Lookat how I'm holding my heart with my hands :-
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by germaphobe(m): 12:27pm On Aug 24
RIPPED OFF lytas' shield and club?, does it mean like destroying it or just.....?, best way to kill lyta for mee ooo, my thought oo is to fire him dat time slowing arrow abi na gun and chop off his body parts by parts.
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 3:29pm On Aug 24
So na so Devilpen go dey kill our characters??

Kedu maka Rush la?

Hope say lyta never die?
The guy is full of actions.

Nice 0ne dude!!
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 5:21pm On Aug 24
Chapter 6
IV entered into the room, alongside Dawn, he held her by the arm and walked forward where everyone was gathered before Mide. Lin Feng, made sure the metal belt used to hold Mide on the parallel board was tight enough to hold him still.
"What's wrong with my brother " Dawn asked, looking confused and looked at IV.
"He Los's d his memory about us" IV replied and smiled.
Queenite inserted a finger into Mide's nose, and he sneezed hard in return.
Mide shaked his head and raised his head and his eyes caught Sleek.
"Hey, I had to do what I did" Sleek said, afraid of the look Mide gave him.
"I remember you, the snake thing, damn" Mide shouted noticing he straped tight to the board.
"What's up with you guys? " Mide shouted.
Dawn walked forward and opened her mouth in disbelieve.
"Dawn? " Mide called out and looked at Lin Feng, then Tasha.
"It's good he remembers someone" Queenite said and walked forward, much closer to him.
"You'll remain this way till you know, who we all are" Queenite said.
Tasha felt a sharp pain in her stomach and bent down, as liquid flowed down her legs.
"Ahhh " Tasha screamed and bite her lips hard.
Queenite turned around and knew what was wrong
"Tema, help her, bring her along, the babies are coming" Queenite said hurriedly and quickly urged Tema and Tasha out of the from, and also Dawn and Lin Feng followed.

IV sat on the floor, relaxing backward, he used his hand to support himself, while Sleek, leaned on the wall and Hardys beside IV.
"You're about to be a father Bro " Hardys said and laid fully on the floor and sighed.
"Triplets dude, it's a pity you lost those brilliant memories" IV said and laid down also.

Mide summoned his dagger to his hand and carefully flipped it at the belt, and carefully moved his fingers up and down, cutting the belt.
Sleek suddenly turned aarond facing Mide and caught him cutting the belt.
"Damn" Sleek shouted and summons out his sword.
Mide groaned and pushed his body forward and like rubber the belt came off.
Both IV and Hardys jumped to their feet, and both ran to Mide to restrain him.
Mide quickly summoned out his dragon fury mount, and it caught IV by the waist and threw him against the wall, Hardys said on the ground, and kicked Mide on the leg.
Mide lost grip of the ground and fell on Hardys already placed knees, and hit his jaw against his knees.
"Arrrrh " Mide shouted and rolled on the ground.
Hardys stood up and was about pulling him, quickly Made grabbed his wrist and broke it, held Hardys by the waist and threw him at IV who was still struggling to stand up.
Sleek shaked his head and leaped forward, hitting Mide on the stomach with the butt of his sword, Mide coughed and staggered backward.
Two more hands came out from Sleek's body, each having a sword in their hands.
Mide moved back more and sighed, holding his airslasher tight.
"Come-on " Sleek mumbled, and juggled the swords in his hands.
Mide summoned out his metal stun gun and shot at Sleek, who dodged it and hit the second stun bullet, off with is sword.
Mide groaned angrily and moved back, he looked at the wall and dash at it.
He shouted and slammed himself on the wall, breaking a hole through it which led directly outside, and quickly he picked himself up and ran off, and then turned invisible.

Chapter 7

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Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by tunjilee003(m): 9:57am On Aug 25
mide is going crazy, someone should better hold him....btw nice job OP
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by dawno2008(m): 3:40pm On Aug 25
Enjoying every bit
Thanks so much
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by skyblueking(m): 5:47pm On Aug 25
This guy self!
You no fit post better update make we use am pass time this weekend...

Anyway, na because your name na MIDE naim make your character dey form james bond abi?
No wahala, i dey watch you with 5D!
Re: Iron Sanctuary: Only I Level Up (V2) by Devilpen(m): 7:02pm On Aug 25
Chapter 7
Hardys groaned in pain as IV pulled his arm, trying to adjust the bones back in place.
"Argh, Bro" Hardys shouted.
"He has totally lost it, you see the way he fought with total fierceness" IV said and pushed Hardys wrist backward, allowing him to give another loud groan.
"Totally lost it, I saw the way he dealt sigh Lyta and killed Dannegro, so easy, in his real mind he would still restrain himself" Sleek said.
The door opened, and Dawn came in, she stood still in shock, seeing the hole on the wall, and Hardys in bad shape.
"Tasha gave birth, three, two boys and a girl" Dawn said and used her back to walk to the door.
"You guys should go along, I have to bring that idiot back, who will make the children? " Sleek said angrily and walked towards the broken wall.
"Wait, I'm coming with you, he is my brother" Dawn said and ran up to Sleek.
"Hey, Miss, you have to stay behind, you body can't carry any metal gear, you'll tear apart in thirty minutes" Sleek said and pointed Dawn back.
"Try me, I don't need gears" Dawn said and raised her hand up and signalled Sleek to attack.
Sleek scoffed and threw a punch at her, Dawn grunted, as the attack look to fast, channeling Darkwar through her body, She rolled pass Sleek hand and gave him an uppercut on the jaw.
"Damn, like brother like sister" Hardys shouted.
"Argh" Sleek grunted and used his tongue to lick his lower lips.
"Let's go"
Dawn smiled and carried Wicked which just walked into the room.
Sleek knelt down on the muddy ground, and placed his hand into the footprint before him.
"This is about an hour old" Sleek said and stood up "He is going back to Iron Sanctuary " Sleek said and clapped his hands together.

Getting to Iron Sanctuary, Mide raised his head up, at the gate, a huge banner, with his name boldly written on it and also Double D directly under his name then The Beast in a Wolf.
He smirked and entered into the sanctuary, he looked around, seeing the fright in people's face, no one would near him, if he tried getting nearer to anybody, they would run off.
"I mean no harm" Mide said looking around.
Lyta stood at a far distance from Mide, looking at him from where he stood wishing he could just kill him once and for all but something in him wouldn't let him and even he hadn't recovered from the force which Mide used in ripping of his shield from him, which resulted in a broken arm.
"I'll be a coward if I don't do anything" Lyta said and walked forward.
Standing meters away from Mide he summouned out his club and transformed into a huge human bot, with a lite level thirty sword in his hand.
"You, I don't know what keeps bringing me here, but whatever it means you, and maybe I have unfinished business with you" Mide said and pointed his airslasher at Lyta and transformed into Double D.
"I promise you today, I'll dissect your head from your body, then I can try to bother next about who you are" Mide said and rolled his sword around.
Lyta shouted as he ran forward at Double D, and instantly he transformed his club into a pistol and shot Double D on the knee.
The force from the bullet shifted Double D's leg backward, forcing his knee to the ground, Lyta ground and slashed his sword at Double D's head

Double d quickly blocked off the impact with his right hand, which was cut deep by the sword, before he could do anything, Lyta smacked his leg against Double D's face.
Double D laid down flat on the ground, and groaned.
"Flea " Lyta said and walked forward.
Double D quickly summouned out his stun gun and shot at Lyta, and instantly he stood still in one position, unable to move any part of his body.
Mide brought out his airslasher and swayed it around, and with he strike he channeled it on Lyta.
Before the blade could touch Lyta's shoulder, a force pulled the airslasher out of Double D's arm.
Double d turned around angrily and saw Sleek and Dawn.
Dawn walked up to him, slowly, which made Double D stand still, waiting for Dawn to say her first word.
Double D winced in pain as a sword came out from his stomach. He bent his head, seeing the sword, he spitted out blood and turned around, seeing Lyta moved back to safety, Double D winced and feel on his knees.
"No" Dawn said with a muffled voice and ran up to Mide, who was already laying on the ground.
"Level thirty sword, laced with Killer flower poison, no one has ever survived that" Sleek said and knelt down beside Mide.
Lyta turned around, and was about walking away, just then Wicked pounced on him and ripped off his head.
"He's dead" Sleek said coldly and pulled Dawn closer to him as she wept profusely without control.

Chapter 8

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