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The elements : Knights and Warlords / The Gods Must Be Angry ( True Life Story) / Summary Of The Gods Are Not To Blame By Ola Rotimi (2) (3) (4)

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Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by dawno2008(m): 7:57pm On Sep 10
Ok it's getting nicer now cool
War is coming
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Sliss: 9:54pm On Sep 10
More inspiration bro
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by enm(m): 12:33am On Sep 11
Welcome back op
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Maryanne11: 12:41am On Sep 11
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Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 9:22am On Sep 11
Welcome back boss and thanks for the update.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 10:23am On Sep 11
Story continues.....

“By sun down, we shall attack……. Czar said.

“does that mean our armies are coming soon? Ell asked.

“yes! But not to fight. They shall preserve their energy…..Only the six of us will go…..

“but its pretty dangerous; I heard that he withdrew all his armies from all the kingdoms and has stationed a handful of them in the nook and cranny of the city;

The rest has encamped in the forest. Plus Suka might already be there” Shiva said.

“this is to tell us how ready he is” Zian cheaped in.

“He is right; if we must attack; then we must go with our army….. Ell suggested..

“No! Saja blurted. If we launch a full attack, the innocent citizens will be badly affected….

“but how do we attack? None of us has even been to the palace… we don’t even know how the inside looks like… Samir said.

Exactly” Ell cut in. and don’t even think of saying we are going through the front door….i mean…. How are we even sure you can withstand Sukaro? This is someone that has sacrificed many just get his hands on the crown….

“Can’t we disguise? Shiva suggested.

“Hell no! its like what we are saying doesn’t make any sense to you. Guards are at the gate inspecting everything and everyone entering the city.

even those two commanders of his are something else. What that their names... Em... Katali and Saja

What! So he Even bears my name... Saja blurted. Joe unlucky I am.

“There has to be a way to get it…… czar said caressing his jaw…..

……..“There is a way……..Siza cut in holding a scroll in his hand.

“Father” Saja muttered.

“This is the map of the palace. He said and spread the scroll on the table….

“Where did you get that? Samir asked.

“He smiled faintly at him and replied…”I was once a knight of Kashiba; a high rank knight. I managed to escape from the palace during the revolution of Zuljaka”. But that’s by the way. Gather round let me interpret this for you…..

……..here’s the way to the palace hall and this direction leads to the armory…………. (he gives the detail)......

“I think that will do. But still, how do we get in? Czar questioned.

“There’s a secret tunnel leading to a prison ward. Here In the forest of Attelope.

“But why was it not included on the map? Ell asked.

“Because it’s the prison of warlocks”

“Warlocks” Czar muttered

“Yes, warlocks; Zuljaka didn’t want any being to challenge him. He captured all the sorcerers that existed then and imprisoned them; by now I don’t think they could even cast any spell…..

“Settled then; let’s get prepared! Czar echoed…..

“But what about the map? Siza asked…..

“Don’t worry; it’s already in my head…. Czar said and vanished into thin air…

Won’t he always warn us before doing that? I just peed in my pants……. Saja said…..


Alright guys, lets do it…! Czar echoed. He sank himself in the tunnel and the rest followed suit. They all hood themselves with dark garbs flowing down to their knees. It was very murky in there. Czar lit fire on his palm to help them achieve an easy walk.

The size of the tunnel was as small 4feet width cylinder which compelled them to crawl. They crawled for as long as possible but still no sign of an exit.

“What kind of tunnel is this? Saja muttered.
“Just keep shut up and proceed” Ell blurted from behind him.

As they continued going, a light shone on Czar’s face which made him lit off his fire. By this time, they were at the exit. Czar stood up and scanned the area. He saw nothing and gestured to the rest to come out. They strolled carefully along the narrow path until they got to where they sighted to be cells.

“Thunder of thur” Samir muttered.

“what is this place” Ell questioned.

“let me guess; the prison of warlock… Czar replied as he paced close to a cell to grab a look at the inmate. Saja placed his hand on the lock but it sparkled and threw him to hit the opposite wall. He grimaced in pain as he stood up.

“I see that he has cast spell on the metals” Ell said.
“then how are we gonna free them? Shiva asked.

“I can; but its going to raise alarm. Czar replied.

“Whether sooner or later, the alarm is gonna blow”

“if you say so ; I guess your right” he created lightening in his hands and began fusing it with all the locks. Gradually, the locks broke into pieces and the doors opened. All the inmates slowly walked out of their cells.


He’s here already; this is your chance” Suka said.

“I know and am waiting for him to get closer” Zuljaka replied.

“alright; but do not let your emotions overcloud your plans”

“I’ll keep that in mind” Zuljaka said

“and make sure that he doesn’t get out alive… Suka said and vanished into thin air.

“Welcome to your doom” Zuljaka whispered into thin air with red hot eyes after which he disappeared.

“what’s going on down there filthy magicians?” a voice echoed from far up the narrow path.

“I think its blown already. Quick, Samir and Shiva, lead the prisoners out; the rest come with me, we still haven’t got the rest prisoners. They did as he commanded.

In a flash, four knights trooped in. Zian quickly did a flip to the frontline and took care of them. There was a stir case leading to the upper chamber. They took the path and battled the knights that came their way. At last, they were welcomed by the presence of a huge cell building. They were quick to start breaking the chains of the cells. Prisoners trooped out and the whole place turned noisy.

“follow me! Saja ordered. A handful of Knights were already there. They engaged them mightily. The trio sliced and plunged the blade of their swords in many but the knights kept coming forth. Czar quickly gathered a strong wind and fastened towards the knights. It flung and hit them on the walls at different directions.

Suddenly, a huge fire poured out from a direction. it reached for Czar but he retrieved it and spread it on the air.

“what was that” Ell questioned.

“I think someone bigger is here”
“who” Zian asked.

Czar consciously inched towards the path and they followed suit. Again, another fire attacked them. But this time, it continued pouring without a stop.

Czar stretched his hands forwards to slow down the speed of the intense flame. Ell and Zian covered their faces to the ground to take cover.

He stylishly waved the fire back but the attacker spread it out into pieces revealing himself….

“Zuljaka” Ell muttered.

“just as I assumed” Czar added. Ell gazed at him with fury like he should chop off his head. In a sec, the memory of his father flashed in head.

That fateful night……. (Flashback……..) Father please let’s go together; Ell pleaded.

“Don’t you understand? if we all go, they will notice the tunnel and follow us down there. I have to buy you some time till I am sure you are safe. Quick there is no time. You know where to go when you reach the edge.

Promise me you will come back alive”…………

At the thought of this, Ell became out of control. Like fire began to burn inside him. He raised his sword and speed towards Zuljaka…… “No!.... Czar echoed.

Zuljaka noticing the move, lifted his hand on the air; to the effect of this, Ell hit stiff atmosphere and fell down; it was like he hit an invisible blockade.

“Brother! Czar called and ran to where he was laying.

“this wench killed my father” you have to make him pay for it” Ell said and spat out blood. In a flash, Zuljaka sent another conflagration at them.

Czar quickly stood up and blocked it with lightening. He moved some paces ahead of Ell and ordered Zian to look after him. “he’s powerful… you must hurry…”

He created a blockade with his lightning bolt between him and his crew. Ell struggled up and made to pass through but the lightening threw him aback. Zian also tried but failed.

They were worried of the outcome. Now left with Czar and Zuljaka…. Czar fastened fire towards him; he dodged and made a flip and dealt Czar a heavy blow…

Czar gathered himself up, ran towards him with a fist and blew him on his chick. There, they threw punches at each other, dodged and apply dark powers… Czar was feeling weak. Zuljaka noticed and gathered a ball of fire and fastened it towards him… it caught up with him and rendered him weaker.

Zuljaka pounced on him and began sending flame-fists on his face. Zuljaka quickly again, prepared another round of ball of fire gazed at him with fury “this is for my wife” he fastened the deadly conflagration to Czar which consumed him instantly…..

No!…….. Ell screamed as they watched the whole bout… the blockade Czar had created made it impossible for Zuljaka to easily penetrate. He couldn't attack The two. Ell ferociously gazed at him like he could just severe his head indtanti.

Zian dragged Ell from the spot backwards to leave the spot…. “what just happened? Ell questioned rhetorically.

“lets get the hell of this place first” on their way out, they noticed an inmate still in his cell. “old man, don’t you want to live this miserable place? Zian questioned but no response came.

The mans hair was tattered and had dreadlocks all over which had already turned grey. He bowed his head to the floor and wrapped his arms around himself without moving.

“what’s wrong old man?” Ell inquired entering the cell. The old man still kept mute.

“common we have to go; or do you want to stay….? Ell asked again. Still, the man remained mute…

“common Ell, we have to go; we don’t have much time….. Zian said.

The familiarity of the name rang in the man’s ears. “Ell” he muttered raising his head to be seen.

“Ell starred at the visage for some Secs to really grasp the familiarity….

Father” he muttered…

To be continued......
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Sliss: 3:52pm On Sep 11
Thanks for the update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 8:41pm On Sep 11
What a small family reunion;ell&dad,czar&mum.

Thanks for the update op.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by iamgprince(m): 4:06am On Sep 13
thanks for the update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by drewsman(m): 3:17pm On Sep 13
Thanks for the update

I guess the next update will come by October?
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 3:32pm On Sep 13
Thanks for the update

I guess the next update will come by October?
seriously? sad
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by enm(m): 4:17pm On Sep 13
seriously? sad
Am seriously waiting for you to come and continue your story.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 5:18pm On Sep 13

Am seriously waiting for you to come and continue your story.
What a way to meet my reader. I'm making some changes in the book so it might take a while. I'm glad you like it though. smiley
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by enm(m): 7:13pm On Sep 13
What a way to meet my reader. I'm making some changes in the book so it might take a while. I'm glad you like it though. smiley

In that case take your time and cook it well.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 7:02pm On Sep 14

In that case take your time and cook it well.
will do, thanks smiley

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Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Baitullah: 12:18pm On Sep 15


“So have you both made up your mind?”

“my Lord, we will like to know what …..shall be our re….ward” Abram questioned shaking.

“haaaa! He giggled audibly afterwhich he sipped his cup of drink. “You know, I am fund of those who seize opportunity to climb higher….. even if I tell you, would you change your mind…. ?

“but we haven’t told you what was on our mind” Genza replied. He wondered what this frantic god was up to. He turned and glanced at Abram to read his mind. Abram too was a bit confused to say anything.


“umm…..yes my Lord; we shall render our services to the great one” Genza replied.

“then I guess we are good to go” Suka said. But……. What did you do with Malywon…? Suka questioned.

There was silence… “

Immediately, Edillof flipped forward and pounced on the two. he launched dirty kicks to their stomachs, then their heads. They fell from effect of these punches. The pains boomed out from the spots.

Eddilof raised them up and knelt them before Suka. “I told you that Suka doesn’t like negative answers” he whispered. Flash back…………..

“this two are gifted Demi-Elves hybrids. What do you think?” Suka asked relaxing his back on the golden chair.

“’trust no one’ is my philosophy; and that has kept me alive till today”

“ahh! I see; you are even smarter than I thought…… hmmm (he sighs). I can’t take any chance.

“what would you have me do?

“follow them………….”

Abram fiercely envisaged Edillof and spat in his face. “now that was a mistake” Edillof grew annoyed and sent a punches to his face, then his chick, his head, then his jaw with an uppercut punch all in split of secs. He fell and hit his head on the grond. Abram’s nostrils began dripping blood.


“Lock them up; look for malywon and hunt him down! Gwakaro ordered.


Soon I will become ruler of Gwanave; its just a little patience close” Itchpin boosted.

And what will become of me” Ariline asked.

“ooh you……you will be my right hand adviser”
Is there any left hand adviser?

“oh don’t mistake me beautiful one; lets just wait and see the drama unfolds”

Are you sure you got read of Czarkafa?

Do you doubt my abilities?

Not that I doubt you itchpin; but I know Czarkafa very well. He has has a strong aura and i sensed that each time we were together”

You are right; he was a god that mastered many elements. Aside that, there is another rare gift he was born with. Which was why I attacked early to stop the transmission from completing.

But I watched him burn to pieces. He is dead”

I hope so; else I will be doomed if he is still breathing”

Don’t worry; as the goddess of love, you did your part well. I will handle the rest”…..

“and what about the council of Elders?; how do you plan to deal with them? Will they ever accept the idea of you being the leader?

Ahhhhh! They have to give in peacefully or have it forcefully; trust me.

“you are even more dangerous than I ever thought. What’s the secret?

“it will do you good if you don’t even know about it”

Same as always; always being secretive”.

“by the next full moon, I will pay visit to the Philistines; I want to thank the king for his cooperation so far”.

You’ve really deeped your hands into evil. And now I am stuck in it with you”.

Well; you made your choice. I offered you an opportunity and you willingly accepted.

“just make sure that nothing happens to me;”

“don’t keep reminding me of that”.

“I will; unless you want me to compel you to give your life for me”.

“ahhaaaaa! that your powers cant work on me; my heart already belongs to someone”

“I see; who’s she? Did you force her to like you?

“I don’t want to talk about it. Just stick to the plans…. Itchpin said and disappeared”


Boom! Edillof appeared in a cell. The place was god forsaken. Everything was calm. There was no wind. Only forest that had stagnant leaves not shaking. That definitely was the Gwakaworld.

“What came over the both of you? Edillof said as he dragged them into a cell. He pushed them forward rolling on the floor. He glanced at a stool and headed there to take a sit.

You two would have been honourable soldiers fighting beside a god; but you chose to save that old lad that killed you father”

“Shut up! You are the real demon here; you and your filthy god or whatsoever he is. Abram blurted. He immediately coughed out blood and adjusted his sitting on the floor.

“he must have told you that I didn’t have the staff. How cruel he was. He should have just kept his mouth shut and let things be.

“are you insinuating that you two knew each other? Genza questioned.

“I bet he didn’t tell you that. Malywon and I were good friends once. Until your father came in between us. During the cold war with the humans. Your father went nuts and out of control.

Malywon had to take care of him. But I chose my path to follow Gwaka. That hatred still lingers till today.

“I don’t care what you both had In the past. Just pray I don’t get out of here alive. Abram said. He placed his arm on his knee and fixated on the floor.

“ahhh! He laughs audibly. Do you think this is a prison for chickens. I really don’t know how you think you can get out. Goodbye playboys……….. he said and vanished into thin air. “

Few minutes later a figure tiptoed in front of the cell. He was hood down to the foot. He sliced the lock with his sword breaking it two parts. The two lads stood up ready for action.

Gradullay, the figure kept ascending towards them.
“who are you? Genza questioned mounting his foot on the floor.

“sorry I came late” malywon said………….


Boom! They appeared in a forest. “so you could disappear” Abram said surprisingly. Malywon smiled as they walked through the narrow footpath of the forest.

“Edillof said you both were friends” Abram questioned again.

“we both chose our path. Gwaka called the both of us and offered us opportunity to work for him. But I declined. It nearly cost me my life.

That was why I never left Etylon. I was safe there. Only the both of you could dare to enter the city because you are part of the sons. That was how Edillof could get to me.

“so where are we heading to” Genza questioned.
“my son and the army are waiting for us…we are almost there.

“what was Luann’s reaction? Abram asked.

“well; he honestly didn’t like the idea. But he’ll get along soon”

“I don’t blame him. Its hard to get over the

To be continued......

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Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by dawno2008(m): 1:06pm On Sep 15
Thanks man
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Hardes(m): 3:47pm On Sep 15
Thanks for the update
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Sliss: 5:28pm On Sep 15
Gracias brother
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 5:35pm On Sep 15
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Tygold1(f): 5:35pm On Sep 15
Beautiful... thrilling story. I love it. Nice work.
Re: WARLORDS (battle Of The Gods) by Nuelt(m): 12:37pm On Sep 20
Na so this story take cut lick bet9ja ticket?

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