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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 7:59pm On Oct 15, 2019
Chapter 7 cont'd

...... "Where are the oranges and apples I asked you guys to bring today?" I asked my pupils as I decided to teach them fractions as quickly as I could. Time was running out as the examination dates got closer. Measuration had been easy for them to grasp because I had used periods meant for unimportant subjects in my opinion, calling them useless wouldn't be too far fetched but I want to be civil. My emphasis have been on science, mathematics and handwriting, blasting them with assignments to keep what they have learnt in school stuck in their heads. The process was slow, but handwriting was becoming a favourite of theirs. It had become a competition amidst some in the class especially after I promised to give them presents at the end of the term even though I know of the prize giving event the school organizes at the end of every academic year. It was just my way of motivating them apart from the playground trick.

...... Fraction was a topic only a few really grasp in the classroom. Some didn't understand the terms proper and improper fractions so asking such pupils to interpret and solve word problems on the same topic was asking the impossible. I had to start from scratch if the aim was for them to understand anything.

......"Now, watch as I use my knife to cut my fruits." I said, deciding to demonstrate how to cut the fruits into two halves after I was satisfied with the fruits I had asked them to bring. I showed them how to do it in the safest way possible without hurting themselves. I could have easily cut their fruits for them but it was important that I let them do it so that they could understand the concept that fraction was majorly about division, nothing more.

....."Do you how I went about my own?"

....."Yes sir!" Of course they would scream that. They were obviously more interested in using the knife than noticing what I just did. I put them in four groups, then I chose a leader, one that I could trust with the knife. Giving people like Samuel and Kelvin knives was tantamount to witchcraft. I gave Fatima, Amaka, Ebun and Michael knives to use and then asked them to follow my lead.

....."What is this?" I asked, holding a fresh orange. They didn't answer but were chuckling at something, I turned to see that Madam had began her morning checks. I saw her mimicking what I was doing which was what caused the chuckling in the first place. I took a double look at her just to be sure that my eyes weren't deceiving me. Madam was on a rather short gown, just reaching mid thighs, and it clung to her rather curvy frame. Jesus Christ! What sort of school is this? I asked myself. Anyway, I wanted to greet her but she waved me off and asked me to continue what I was doing. She actually wanted to watch.

....."Pupils, we have our own audience here. Do you know who she is?" I whispered and they whispered in the affirmative, chuckling after. I did that to bring down their nerves because Madam was watching us. They may have chuckled at what she did before but deep down, they were afraid of her and which kid wouldn't be. The woman was intimidating already with her height coupled with her loud, annoying voice.

.....My joke turned their attention back to me and I continued with my explanation.i asked my question again,

...."A whole." They replied.

...."Good, now I want the leaders in each team to cut the fruits in front of them into two equal halves. Do so after watching me." I took my knife and divided the orange expertly. The leaders watched me and mimicked me almost perfectly. Fatima struggled and I was surprised. Clearly, she doesn't do much in the kitchen at home then.

...."Very good. Now how many piece of the orange that was whole is in front of you now?" I asked.


...."Good. Now, pick up the markers in front of you and draw big letter X in front on top of one of the orange piece." I demanded after putting a marker each in front of the leaders. They did as I asked, expecting more from me.

...."Now, how many pieces of the orange has an X in on its surface?"


... "One? One out of?"

.... "One out of two." They chorused.

.... "Are you sure?" I asked, frowning like they were wrong.

..... "Yes. It is one out of two." They chorused, smiling.

.... "Do you now understand?" I asked, satisfied with how good the teaching was. They chorused yes. I expected madam to leave after that but she instead walked into the class, stating that she wanted to learn. The children laughed at that while I was busy watching as each humongous cheek of my madam's derriere bounce as she took unhurried steps to sit at the back. Her ass should be at 46 - 50 inches around and still looked ridiculous despite her height.

.... I quickly turned away and acted like she wasn't in the classroom. We moved from 2 pieces to four and later to ten. Marking up to seven pieces of the fruit and later ten of it, to bring it back to a whole. I sharply used that opportunity to guide them in interpreting word problems before I ended the lesson, giving them classworks and assignment. I quickly took the knives from the leaders and they all returned to their seats. Madam stood up after to leave, giving me a big smile before leaving the class. I smiled back and watched her swaying hips for a while before returning my knives to my bag. She wasn't the prettiest woman, infact she wasn't pretty but damn it, she was well crafted. Her husband surely hit jackpot in his younger days with her.

...... I stayed longer than desired in school before heading to one of my private lesson homes because I was downloading a few things. My phone storage was already full which meant that I needed more storage. A pendrive should do the trick until I had enough on me to get a system. I quickly moved to Fatima's place which was my other private lesson homes. I sat her down and we gisted a little about school before we started work. Did I say that their house was a beautiful semi-detached duplex? Her parents weren't at home although I had seen them around before. Both were tall so it wasn't suprising that their kid was taking after them.

..... It was fun teaching Fatima, although I was always careful not to play with her too much. She talks a lot and liked touching people a lot too. I had seen her mother's violent temper before, ripping one of the pre School teachers apart because her daughter's food flask was missing. I didn't want her wahala and quickly took my leave once I was done with my job. She has three kids by the way, all girls.

.... I bought #200 bread and beans as I was too tired to cook. I greeted those I saw in front of the house when I came in and cared less if they replied my greeting or not. I decided to have my bath first before eating and went to the back of my window to get my bucket when I noticed that my backyard was very clean. It was well swept. I knew the woman sweeping the house never touches my space even though she was paid to do that. My dustbin too was well arranged and properly tied. Who could have done this? It was at this time Mummy Michael decided to pass through wearing one of her colourful leggings. She greeted me, smiling and walked past, swaying her hips heavily. I didn't need anyone to tell that she was the was the one who did the sweeping. Which kind of wahala be this one now? This woman was coming on me strongly.

†****..... I know teaching isn't anyone business but I can't write about a character who is a teacher and not write about him teaching. But not to worry folks, such updates will be few but vital to the story. Tomorrow, we will continue with the main plot. ****†


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 8:01pm On Oct 15, 2019
Thanks boss 4 d update. But can u make it 2 meals a day. Am dying of malnutrition. cry

.. Lol, I am currently working on a few things. If I see chance, I go load two updates that day.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 9:51pm On Oct 15, 2019

.. Lol, I am currently working on a few things. If I see chance, I go load two updates that day.
Okay boss

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by oluwadabira111(m): 9:52pm On Oct 15, 2019
God bless you bro abeg if u are updating once a day just make it longer

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 11:26pm On Oct 15, 2019
God bless you bro abeg if u are updating once a day just make it longer
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by aprilwise(m): 8:48am On Oct 16, 2019
Nice one . I'm waiting where the choice would be made

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by izaray(f): 9:46am On Oct 16, 2019
Thanks for the update

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 7:40pm On Oct 16, 2019
Chapter 7 cont'd

......... The week went well for me because the kids were so excited and interested in learning except for Samuel who was always on punishment in the classroom or in the head teacher's office or even the director's office. Yes, the little kid was quite the nuisance I must say. Samuel would borrow an eraser or tape rule from someone but when the owner asks for his item back, he would refuse to release it and that was when things would turn sour, which was something he was already planning for anyway.

..... He will attack the person when he/she decides to use force to get their item back and that was the only language he understands – force. Most times, he is reported and dealt with by me or the teacher in charge at that moment. But sometimes it's a full fledged war and if it was between him and a few kids in class, I usually let go so that he can be taught a lesson that he can't just continue to bully people at will. Fatima, Joshua ( a very small, fragile thing who didn't seem like someone that could hurt a fly but was actually dangerous when vexed to a certain point) Blessing ( a big, tall girl who was the same height with Fatima) were the few ones that usually handled him well especially Joshua, that one would have used a book on Sam's head or any heavy thing he could find around him. Sam doesn't always mess with those ones because he knew they were more than his match.

...... Kelvin liked to pick on Samuel most times for reasons I couldn't tell yet. Perhaps, it was due to the fact that Samuel was pampered or something. He would always find ways to make the little guy angry, majorly by taunting him or making fun of him. Kelvin was actually the tallest in the class, followed closely by Fatima and Blessing but despite his height, he struggled a lot with Samuel because the little dude was extremely fast with his hands. By the time you had hit him once, he would have landed seven slaps on the face of whoever was attacking him. Kelvin wasn't skilled or smart enough to know that one had to be quick in overpowering Samuel first before attacking him else it was battle over.

...... Samuel always handled the bigger Kelvin well and it was always an encounter I enjoyed watching greatly although I always ended the fight on time before Samuel permanently leaves a scar on his opponent's fair skin because his nails even though were short were very sharp. Any tool Mrs. Arnold could use against me wasn't welcomed.

.....Physical materials that the kids could use in order to aid their understanding was hard to come by majorly because the school didn't provide for them and I didn't have cash on me to get them myself. Madam was so many things but generous especially on things she didn't have at that particular moment. There was a day I went to her office to get card boards; I took about six and I was jolted by her loud voice asking me what I was doing with cards that many. I turned to face her and answer when I noticed she was already frowning. I explained nonetheless but the frown never left her face even though she let me take it.

..... I didn't bother her again for that week for anything. I was raiding through topics on Science and mathematics and the kids were so excited when I finally brought the Avocado fruit. I eventually used that as a present to kid who won the the best handwriting for the week, quickly explaining to the surprised parent of Joshua why he had a fruit he wasn't given in school. Some parents were really meticulous with their kids activities.

.... I downloaded a few more of movies and less adult videos even though it wasn't the easiest of things to do. Though, I rarely had time to time to watch anything when I got home as I was always tired and the few hours I had left before sleeping, I used to study for my forthcoming examinations.

.... I was heading for Fatima's estate when I saw the tall teacher in front of me. It was actually the first time I would be seeing her this week. I didn't attend assembly much this week neither did I go for the teacher's assembly which was for prayer that much either. The few times I attended, I didn't see her during the meetings. Anyway, if there was anyone with an over bloated opinion of herself in that school, it was that woman. She just felt like everyone In that school was beneath her. Her mannerisms towards other teachers was annoying. Anyway, I walked faster and caught with her. She greeted me with a genuine smile and sweet Jesus, she had a beautiful one because of her rather unusual straight nose.

...."Mr. Alex, na wa for you oh. You just disappeared. Wetin happen?" She asked.

....".... Waoh, are you sure I am with Miss. Anita? The one I know will never be found dead abusing the queen's English like that." I said seriously and looked around like I was really searching for something. She laughed and playfully hit my biceps.

....."Commot joor, pesin no fit play again."

....."Naxo. Anyway, I was busy with those kids work jare. The workload in that class is tremendous and if I don't start early, I won't be able to leave on time for other appointments I have later in the day." I explained.

....." That's true. Eleven kids no be beans. You are actually the third teacher in that class since I started teaching here and mind you, I only just resumed here last term."

...."Are you serious?" I asked, completely surprised.

....."Yes, the second one that resumed this term didn't even last a week. I barely even remember what she looked like. Yes, there are things fundamentally wrong with the school but it seems all of those things are all in that class and a young man such as yourself is now the ox carrying such load. I honestly don't know how you are coping?" She asked, genuinely worried.

....."You actually care. Waoh, I am touched especially since you didn't look for me since the last time we talked a few weeks ago." I joked and she laughed out loud, pushing me into the road.

....."This man, abge commot jare. How many times you pass my class, you no even fit stop by and say hi. See you now dey complain about me." She defended herself even if I was just joking.

...."So, you no fit carry those long steps climb up come greet your brother abi?"

....."Na me say make you short." She replied, not smiling but that one enter my body sha. We talked a little after that because the conversation wasn't flowing again after her last shot at me. We went our separate ways and I headed for Fatima's place. I did my thing and got back home to find the clothes I spread outside missing. I walked back to the front of the house and walked to my apartment to find in a bucket in front of my doorstep.

....."Rain dey fall so I help you pack Dem." I heard the voice of Mummy Michael say. I sighed and thanked her but I knew I wouldn't be spreading my clothes outside whenever I wasn't inside anytime soon since this woman was always looking for an opportunity to do something for me. I didn't like that because sooner or later, the gossips in the compound would see her helping someone she didn't like before and would surely start spreading false news around. But this woman was determined and I didn't know what she wanted from me.

....."Paapoo, paapoo ......" were the sounds that filled the air early Saturday morning. I was awoken from sleep by the strange sound and wondered if I was dreaming or someone was watching porn and had must have slept off or something.

......"sssssshhhhhh.....paapoo paapaa...." The sound picked up which meant that whoever was driving into her was picking up the pace.

"..... Korede oh, ma lo pa yan oh... (Korede, don't end up killing someone oh)" The voice of Baba Titi pierced through the silent night like an arrow and the other men with him laughed out loud. Korede? Then it clicked to my dizzy brain, Korede was the guy that was never around. He must have brought back a woman with him but I had never heard him doing something like this. Perhaps it was the reason he was always playing loud songs in the afternoon wherever he was around. But he wasn't stupid not to know that others in the house won't hear his fornicating activities. He must be doing on purpose but to what end? Who was the woman with him he wanted to embarrass this way at 12:30 in the morning?


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by aprilwise(m): 7:55pm On Oct 16, 2019
Nice one. Ride on

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by freestylelos(m): 9:30pm On Oct 16, 2019
The way you and this mummy Michael dey go so eeh undecided tongue

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 9:55pm On Oct 16, 2019
After fasting throughtout the day, u brought pap (akamu) for me to break my fast. Lol. Thanks for the update boss.

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by oluwadabira111(m): 11:10pm On Oct 16, 2019
This mummy michael sha

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Whizlight(m): 10:19am On Oct 17, 2019
This mummy michael sha
Smelling a foul play too

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:20pm On Oct 17, 2019
...... Chapter 8

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:22pm On Oct 17, 2019

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:23pm On Oct 17, 2019

Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:23pm On Oct 17, 2019

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:24pm On Oct 17, 2019

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 3:26pm On Oct 17, 2019
..... Sorry about this new format folks but it's just a precaution against Plagiarists.... Make una no vex...


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by oluwadabira111(m): 3:51pm On Oct 17, 2019
The new format is cool,anything that will stop plagiarism of stories is welcome! Just make it longer bro.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by theGigolo: 4:48pm On Oct 17, 2019
..... Sorry about this new format folks but it's just a precaution against Plagiarists.... Make una no vex...

Then use special characters that are still legible to make sure they can't use OCR on the image


Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 11:09pm On Oct 17, 2019
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by Ibunkun1(m): 11:14pm On Oct 17, 2019
Good work sir

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:44pm On Oct 18, 2019
8.7 - 8.12

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Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:45pm On Oct 18, 2019

Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:46pm On Oct 18, 2019
The new format is cool,anything that will stop plagiarism of stories is welcome! Just make it longer bro.

... Thanks. I will try to make it longer.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 9:47pm On Oct 18, 2019

Then use special characters that are still legible to make sure they can't use OCR on the image

..... Thanks, how about today's update?
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by freestylelos(m): 10:58pm On Oct 18, 2019
The way Alex is seeing things eee shocked lipsrsealed
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by theGigolo: 11:00pm On Oct 18, 2019

..... Thanks, how about today's update?

Yeah this is great, it should make it harder for pirates. And please incorporate more in the future update so that even if they use the OCR they are gonna have hell editing that they'd rather just stop instead.

Nice update sir
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by cyber5(m): 1:46pm On Oct 19, 2019
SolomonBrown64 I'm loving this story. Please don't skip any part of the teaching scenes biko.
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by nastynic(m): 6:12pm On Oct 19, 2019
5 Star rating bruh
Re: Choices: Another Perspective by solomonbrown64: 6:32pm On Oct 19, 2019
....... Good evening my fine people. I am sorry I won't be able to update today but I will do just that tomorrow. Abeg, make una no vex.

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