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The Curse. .... His Three Generations Shall Suffer / Godspower Oshodin Meets Jacob Caesar And PLO Lumumba In Kenya / Jacob Goes To Church. An Excerpt From My Upcoming Book Titled "The Chukwuma's". (2) (3) (4)

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Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 7:28pm On Sep 24, 2019
From the Stables of GHOST PRODUCTION in conjunction with FOUR-ONE-NINE EXPRESSIONS and NAIRALAND STUDIOS presents:


All rights reserved. No part of this write-up may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transported in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, re-cording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the writer.
ISBN: 978-978-975-567-7

Disclaimers : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

©copyright 2019.

Writer's personal note : I owe no one on this forum my time, energy, dedication and a beautiful story. I write stories because I have been blissfully cursed to do so.

Re: Jacob's Curse by Born2Breed(f): 8:07pm On Sep 24, 2019
Sounds like Jacob's Cross! grin
Re: Jacob's Curse by Vulcanheph(m): 8:46pm On Sep 24, 2019
Dear Ghost
As much as i love your stories, your inability to complete your stories and not letting your fans know how to read them up is What always puts me off ......

I'll never Forgive You For not completing "LUCIFER'S KEY"


Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 9:16pm On Sep 24, 2019
Dear Ghost
As much as i love your stories, your inability to complete your stories and not letting your fans know how to read them up is What always puts me off ......

I'll never Forgive You For not completing "LUCIFER'S KEY"
I promise you sir as well as every follower that I will drop the complete version of LUCIFER'S KEY and THE CORRIDOR OF HELL when I'm done with this by God's grace.


Re: Jacob's Curse by Vulcanheph(m): 9:02am On Sep 25, 2019
Yea i Forgot About the other story "Corridors of hell" .......the story about the girl with spiritual powers right?

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 9:54am On Sep 25, 2019
I have pitched my tent here

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Re: Jacob's Curse by akasueba(m): 10:00am On Sep 25, 2019
hello bro you are weldone, pls are you gonna drop this Jacob curse today?

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 10:30am On Sep 25, 2019
Yea i Forgot About the other story "Corridors of hell" .......the story about the girl with spiritual powers right?
Yes o, had to go through those stories all over again on my PC and i couldn't belief how wack my works appeared then, I really need time to upgrade the words and few plot for a mature read. The plot (Corridor of Hell) is just too interwoven that i pray you guys would be able to catch along when I start dropping and LUCIFER'S KEY is appearing more spiritual that i now fear for the sanity of those ready to embark on the journey to it end. But as for now you can stay glue with JACOB'S CURSE.
Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 10:35am On Sep 25, 2019
hello bro you are weldone, pls are you gonna drop this Jacob curse today?
My brother, in all honesty I am not sure. It all depends on the readiness of my alter-ego angry, but i can assure you that it will worth the wait.

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Re: Jacob's Curse by germaphobe(m): 7:43pm On Sep 25, 2019
front row booked, waiting for startup

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Hardes(m): 9:23am On Sep 26, 2019

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Re: Jacob's Curse by xaviercasmir(m): 1:38pm On Sep 26, 2019

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Re: Jacob's Curse by mhizv(f): 4:42pm On Sep 26, 2019

Please complete this one o. Sha waiting

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Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 4:54pm On Sep 26, 2019

I promise you sir as well as every follower that I will drop the complete version of LUCIFER'S KEY and THE CORRIDOR OF HELL when I'm done with this by God's grace.
Please do

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 8:48am On Sep 29, 2019

Madam Nkoma sluggishly rolled her heavy weight off the bed to her children’s room, they all needed to gather at the parlour for prayer as it was the usual practice at dawn. Few minutes later, she and her two teenage daughters had already began with the praise worship hoping for the man of the house Mr. Vincent Nkoma would soon be out of his room to come join like he would always do most mornings. After a while of not seeing her husband come out, Madam Nkoma signaled to her eldest daughter to go call her father, and as soon as the daughter was off to the room, her scream rented the air which prompted madam Nkoma and her younger daughter to go see what had happened. As both stepped into the room, they appeared petrified by the horror in their sight, the younger daughter found her voice to join her sister in the scream while their mother fainted.

Murder in Karanga

“Report just reaching us of another mystery that had struck here in the eastern part of Karanga municipal council” Said a male correspondent who held firm to a microphone “The victim Mr. Nkoma Vincent a coach of the community football club was found dead this early hour in a most bizarre manner as his heart missing from his opened chest. It is no surprise that same tragedy had struck many a time within the spade of two years with no clue of the perpetrator. Citizens now live in fear as no one could tell who’s next on the list of the perpetrator who is still at large; we hope to give you more on this breaking news by noon. Benson Tsada reporting from Impact Television”.

Mrs. Alice Zantiba expelled deep breath as she turned off the television; she hadn’t been able to believe how a psychotic murderer roams the small town of Karanga for over two years without the law enforcement agencies getting hold of whoever it is. She feared for her family, she feared for her bed-ridden husband Gabriel Zantiba, she feared for her eighteen year old daughter Sarah and her twin brother Jacob who had both concluded their secondary school education two years ago but had been unable to further due to the lack of money. If only Mrs. Zantiba had her way with finances she would have relocated from the community just like most rich neighbors till the culprit is found and preferably killed. She resumed with cleaning the room half-heartedly when Sarah rushed in from her room looking troubled.

“Mother did you just hear the news?” asked Sarah.

“The Lord is our shepherd” she clutched to her breast intensely like a catholic that she is “I am sure He will see us through till this evil is curbed” she said more in reply knowing where her daughter’s fear could lead.

“Mother, for how long? It could probably be any of us on the news tomorrow”

“Shut-up!” Mrs. Zantiba snapped making the cross sign “the Lord I worship will never allow it; our family is covered with the blood of Jesus. This test will soon pass” she added with much faith she could muster.

Sarah gave-up knowing her mother would never allow her travel outside of town to go stay with her aunt who had requested her abroad. She had been aware of the long stand fuse between her aunty who is single but makes it up in wealth and fashion unlike her mother. She was about to say something when Jacob strolled in from his room stretching his body as he yawn, he nonchalantly acknowledged his mother with a “Good morning” as he walked pass to the fridge, he opened it, searched and frowned.

“You have to wait for me to cook” Said Mrs. Zantiba to her son.

“Where is the food I brought from work last night?” he asked with a frown.

“I warmed it up for your father” she looked away and added “he had to eat something so he could use his medicine”.

“But mother, I bought the food solely for myself” he lashed out “Father should go fend for himself if he needs to eat”

“How dare you talk about father like that knowing his condition?” said Sarah furiously.

Jacob hissed and dashed back into his room, he came out moments later in a casual outfit.

“Where are you going to?” Mrs. Zantiba question him.

“Going to get something to eat” Jacob answered as he dashed towards the door.

“Becareful, the psychopath still roam the city” She yelled the warning to her son who had already dashed out the door angrily.

“Mother, you need to talk sense to your son” Sarah said to her mother who appeared disturbed already.

“I have handed him over to the Lord and I know for certain He will take control of his life on my behalf” she said with her eyes still on the door.

By evening, the full update on the Nkoma’s tragedy was revealed by many other media houses just as the similar cases before it, there had been no sign of forceful entry, no property missing, no sign of struggle from victim, it was just pure murder traced to no one. It was as well reported that Mr. Pious Oshulolo the business tycoon, multimillionaire and philanthropist had visited and donated huge amount of money to the Nkoma’s family like he had always done to other victims of the mysterious attack. He also urged the various security agencies within the province to do all in their power to put an end to the bloody menace. While Mrs. Zantiba and her daughter converse about the main event of the evening news, Jacob walked into the house looking exhausted, he sank himself into one of the sofa.

“Jacob, I hope you heard the news?” asked Mrs.Zantiba.

“Yes Mother” Jacob grumbled “Relax, the killer isn’t after me” he added understanding his mother’s fear.

“Nnatas ntaa madue namaa Jacub?…I’m serious about it, tell your boss to readjust your period of work, I don’t want you out there late at night, it’s a dangerous time…”.

Jacob walked out of the house before his mother could complete her statement.

“Your son has got a coconut head” said Sarah, she wasn’t surprise at her brother’s action, she had grown to see him act rudely to members of the family, caring less about situations around him, she realizes her brother was becoming too ambitious for his age doing all sought of odd jobs both by day and night only to fend for himself. “I hope he learns his lessons someday” added Sarah.

“Stop it” Mrs. Zantiba frowned “He is your brother for Christ sake; you should rather wish his well and include him in your prayers”.

“Yes mother” Sarah said before returning her attention to the television.

Five days passed, Mr. Pious Oshulolo was still lying on his large luxurious bed, his heart heavy with thought and his head filled with flashing images. He restlessly crawled out of bed and walked towards a large mirror in the corner of the room like he does every morning. Unclad and so was his reflection, he sighed deeply. His eyes caught the two black dots on his arm and it caused his heart to race. He stood there for a while gazing at the reflection intensely, he worriedly expelled a deep long sigh again before walking away from it depressingly.

That night, Mr. Pious made an abrupt stop by a random bar along the road side; his attention had been caught by the dancing colorful lights at the entrance. He stepped out of his fancy car and made way in through the door that had ‘Buzz Rendezvous’ largely designed on it. He was relief as he stepped in to see it was a nice cozy place, dimed colorful lights, soft music of the local jazz playing in the background, few customers scattered around the bar discussing and drinking with no bad smoke in the air and no eyes preying on his existence. The serene was exactly what he needed; he found an empty seat by a shadowy secluded corner and quickly made himself comfortable enough to resume reminiscing. Shortly, a waiter walked up to him hoping to take his order but was awestruck when he recognized who the new customer was even in the shadows.

“Wow!” the young waiter exclaimed “I am honored to meet you sir, my name is Jacob…Jacob Zantiba and I am your biggest fan” he added unable to contain the excitement.

Mr. Pious lashed him a careless look and attempted concealing his face afterwards, he was no new to complements and unwelcoming accolades but needed none of such at the moment, and all he desperately craved was some lone time with his mountains of thoughts.

“I am sure you are Mr. Pious Oshulolo, the multi-millionaire?” Jacob pushed further curiously.

“Yes” he answered coldly as he looks away, wishing he could snub him.

Jacob smile brightened “You are highly welcome to Buzz rendezvous, what can I get you sir as we’ve got all brands of liqueur such as [i]Sambuca, St. Germain, Frangelico, Campari [/i]and many more ready to be served chilled” he said enthusiastically.

“I need none of it” Mr. Pious said quietly.

“Sir, are you sure you need nothing?”

“Go away! I need nothing from you” he calmly retorted in intense tone.

Jacob was puzzled at why a man of such status would come into a place like this and takes nothing, then why is he here? He thought curiously. He felt disappointed as he walked away to go attend to other customers, he wouldn’t have imagined a rich, young and handsome man such as Mr. Pious be so worried.

The next night in Buzz rendezvous, Jacob was surprised to see Mr. Pious seated alone in the same dimmed corner, he walked up him and requested what he would love to have but the worried looking customer replied he would rather have a lone time.

Jacob left to attend to other customers and came back moments later “Are you alright sir” he asked skeptical.

Mr. Pious turned a murderous look upon the young man and as well sized him up carefully, without a reply he resumed his solitary mood. But Jacob appeared not bothered about the man’s attitude, he was sure beyond doubt that something was eating up the young fine millionaire, he was so curious to know what it could be.

“A problem shared is a problem half solved, you can talk to me sir” Jacob masked himself with a dry smile after his words to the man.
Mr. Pious looked up at the young waiter, he could see a young, innocent but yet stubborn and persuasive creature who is genuinely concerned about his feelings but he wasn’t ready to drag the lad into his affair, he dare not “Get out of my sight and never you come near me again!” he was stern, he was mean with his every word.

Jacob sprang back in fright like a cat on hot coal, he never saw that coming, he walked away swearing in his head never to say a word to Mr. Pious ever again.

Two days later, another death struck by the outskirt of the city, every media house had it that the victim was a young fisherman, he had caught plenty fishes a day before and ate from it before retiring into his hut for the night but was found dead by his friends, they said his heart was missing through his opened chest. Everyone lived in fear of the unidentified ‘psychopath serial killer’ as most news correspondents would say. Various investigations had led nowhere leaving security agents frustrated even with the help of foreign security experts heavily sponsored by Mr. Pious Oshulolo who had shown his determination to put a stop to the mysterious killings.

The next morning, Mr. Pious was up in front of the mirror as usual, staring intensely at his reflection with nothing on. He looked at his arm through the mirror to see seven black dots lined down; he sighed in relief but yet frowned to the man in the mirror.

Jacob had woken up feeling disgusted about his low life caused by how Mr. Pious had treated him like he amounts to nothing, like he wasn’t worth spoken to, he stood up from his small bed to face the cracked mirror that was held upon a wall within his small stuffy room.

“Jacob” he called out to his reflection “You should be ashamed of yourself. How do you expect a man like Pious Oshulolo relate with a low-life creature as you? You are poor while he is rich, you are a fool and he is smart, you are ugly as hell and he is damn handsome, you’ve got your world far above your head while he got the world under him. Jacob you are such a fool to had thought for ones he would relate with you, you are a looser!” he furiously punched the mirror and it cracked the more leaving his hand bleeding.

“Jacob is everything alright?” his mother’s voice called out from outside on hearing sound of broken glasses.

“I am fine mother” he lied.

After a while, someone knocked on his door, Jacob opened it enough to see his mother disturbed “Trust me, I am fine”.

“It’s your father, he wants to see you” Mrs. Zantiba said gently as she jabbed her head towards her husband’s room.

Jacob was curious of what to expect, he had never set eyes on his sick father for a week even as they dwell under same roof. He thought of explaining to him how busy he had been lately going from one job to another just to fend for himself. He toyed with the idea of telling his father about his plans of moving out soon to a new place where he would be free from everyone but he quickly dismissed the idea knowing how heart breaking his father could get. “Good morning father” Jacob greeted as he walked into the room that smelt so odd, one that brings memories of drug stores and hospital wards. He could tell that his mother and Sarah had done a fine job seeing the man alive through such state.

“Jacob!” Gabriel Zantiba tiredly called out to his son while he lay within the dull lighted room.

Jacob walked up to him, stood by the bedside, “Yes father”. He could see how much the illness had eaten him up within a week of no medical attention that had in the years consumed the family’s time and savings. He tried not to figure how many months…or days his father had left to live.
“I hear you acting up like a man now” Said Mr. Zantiba in a flat tone.

Jacob wasn’t sure what to say, not certain if that was a compliment or his father’s way of being sarcastic of his late hustles.

“It’s good, very good” Mr. Zantiba pointed out and continued “But you have to be very careful and most of all I want you to get much close to God”

“I am always close to God father…I go to church on Sundays” The last phrase almost stuck in his throat.

Mr. Zantiba paused, breathing heavily “I had a dream this morning, a terrible one” he said slowly before he coughed. Much emphasis on ‘terrible’
Jacob stepped closer, curious, eyes lightened up, he hate dreams “What was it about?”

The sick man hesitate for a while like he wasn’t sure if to reveal “I saw you chased by dogs, strange dogs like I had never seen before” his eyes portrayed his fear.

“And did they caught me?” Jaboc wasn’t sure if that was appropriate to ask but he was curious.

Mr. Zantiba swallowed add “Jacob…they almost”.

Jacob could see the fear in his father’s eyes and thought it was unnecessary as he had narrowly escaped the bite of an Anatolian Shepherd dog two days ago; he walked out of the room but not after promising his father to be as close as possible to God. Stepping out of his father’s room into the waiting hands Mrs. Zantiba who was there waiting by the door, staring incredulously at him like he had blood on his hands. He wasn’t surprise at his mother’s old habit and her level of spirituality coined with superstitions.

“Tonight you must drop everything you intent to do, there will be an all-night prayer vigil in this house” She meant it going by her tone.

“But I’ve got Buzz to report to tonight, my shift is for minutes away, Boss don’t like excuses”

“And so does God” it was final from her before walking away to go get her bible.


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Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 2:27pm On Sep 29, 2019
Jacob, listen to your mother

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Re: Jacob's Curse by germaphobe(m): 8:40pm On Sep 29, 2019
Mr donating donatus still causing massacre

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ibunkun1(m): 9:57pm On Sep 29, 2019

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Babysuccess02(f): 6:27pm On Sep 30, 2019
My opinion though, Mr pious is the mysterious killer cause he is using it to prolong his life. hence the black dots on his hand

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 2:24pm On Oct 01, 2019

The Rendezvous

Couple of hours later, Jacob made it to Buzz, he had sneaked out from the house while his mother had gone to the room. He just couldn’t afford to lose his job for an unprofitable venture, Buzz pays him manage-ably, and at least enough to cater for his basic needs which his parent are now failing at. Taking orders within the rendezvous, Jacob was surprise to see Mr. Pious already seated in the usual corner concealed in shadows, it was just few minutes past the hour of seven, unusual to see him come that early but Jacob cared less and walked pass to minding his own business with other customers.

“Your hand” he heard Mr. Pious said to him as he tries to walk pass. “What happened to your hand?” Mr. Pious inquired a bit curious.

Jacob took a glance at his wrapped hand; he remembered the broken mirror in his room. “Just a minor accident, nothing to worry about sir”. He said and was just about to walk away when Mr. Pious requested he gets him a glass of water. Jacob hurriedly got it to his table and resumed his duties around the place.

After a while, Mr. Pious called on him again requesting he sits with him when less busy. Jacob was surprise; wondering what had changed. He hastened up with his work and As soon as the orders around subsided for a while, Jacob rushed to go take a place in front of Mr. Pious.

“You have a family that loves you?” Mr. Pious inquired.

Jacob was taken aback by such question. “Yes sir”

“Then I see you have a beautiful life” Mr. Pious acknowledged admiringly.

Jacob shook his head, disagreed, “Not at all, family love means nothing to me. It is you Mr. Pious who has got a beautiful life”
Mr. Pious appeared inquisitive, “What makes you say that?”

“You have money, plenty of it to last you lifetime of luxuries, you are handsome as I see many ladies desire you” said Jacob, he paused to shake his head in self-pity “If only I could live your kind of life for a month”.

Mr. Pious appeared thoughtful for a while, “Do you mean it?” he asked.

“What is it Sir?”

“Would you have my kind of life for a month?”

Jacob was taken aback by the question; he couldn’t make sense of it. But yet again Mr. Pious asked staring into the young man penetratingly. Jacob was confused; he couldn’t understand where the bizarre question would lead. He preferably kept mute and kept his eyes straight like a stone-fish wondering if the rich man was only being sarcastic.

Mr. Pious could easily see that the young naïve man wasn’t too sure of himself and obviously scared. He told the young man to go think over the question properly and come back to give a reply after a month. Jacob tried to give an answer but it was too late, Mr. Pious waved him away angrily.
All through the week, Mr. Pious kept showing up in his isolated corner of the rendezvous ordering nothing but his peace. A month seem tooooo long a time for Jacob to think a simple question through as he was too eager to give his answer within a week.

“Yes sir, I have thought your question over the week, I have come to the conclusion that I want your kind of life” said Jacob intruding Mr. Pious stream of thought.

The handsome man looked up at him, not offended like he would think himself “Young man, you have three more weeks”

Jacob shaking his head, refuting “I swear, I have thought if over. I want your kind of life”

Mr. Pious kept his inquisitive gaze on the waiter; he is right about this young lad when he had assumed him a stubborn creature. May be it’s the youthful exorbitance in the lad. He sighed resignedly.
“How old are you young man?”

“I just clocked eighteen sir…but don’t mind my age, I can work for you like I am in my thirties”

Mr. Pious let out a conscious smile; Jacob was pleased to have impressed his never-smiling customer.

“This is the last time I will ask you…and no more” Mr. Pious began sternly “Jacob Zantiba, will you have my kind of life for a month?”

Jacob could see Mr. Pious was damn serious through his tone, his expression, in his eyes, in his squeezed brows, in his person, he could see Mr. Pious was as real as he had never seen any man do, it brushed his mind of how intelligent Mr. Pious was to have still remembered his name in full.
“Yes sir”.

Mr. Pious stared even more anxiously, “Say it like you mean it” he requested quickly.

“Yes Sir, I want your kind of life”

“Now say it like you really want it, like you would do anything to have it” he leaned close to the table and whispered “And this time I want you to mention my full name”

“Mr. Pious Oshulolo, I want your kind of life” Jacob said it like he really meant it because he truly did.

Mr. Pious expelled a deep and long sigh of relief, he brightened up in excitement, one that had been absent from him in over two years. He pulled out all the bales of money he could find in his fine suit and pushed it towards Jacob along with the glass of water in his front and said to him “One last thing. I dare you to gulp down the glass of water if you truly meant your words”.

Jacob appeared skeptical, he took his time to look closely at Mr. Pious, the glass of water, the money, he could hear conflicting voices inside of him, he could hear his father’s voice, he could hear mother nagging at him, he heard Sarah laughing him in her mockery voice like she does when mother scolds him, he could hear the soft melody of the music making a background to all of it.

“I am waiting” Mr. Pious anxious tone broke Jacob’s chain of thought.

Jacob looked around, the voices had stopped, only the soft melody still playing. He picked up the glass and gulped down it content in one gulp fearing the millionaire could have a mind change. “Is that all?” he asked immediately he dropped the empty cup.

“That’s all for me” Mr. Pious smiled “very soon you will have it all and even more”. He stood up and walked out of the room brimming with smile as he moved his body rhythmically to the song of Bob Marley’s ‘Redemption Song’ for the very first time.

Jacob stood up; walked away from the table with the two bundle of money and the glass cup trying to figure out what just happened. He was so excited; the money was enough to cover his expenses for many months…and Sarah’s if he be considerate enough. He anxiously walked up to the counter and narrated all that had happened to Meyame his co-worker. Meyame had earlier warned him to stay clear of ‘the shadow man’ as that’s the name he lately calls Mr. Pious. After a while, Jacob felt woozy and weak in body all of a sudden, he tried to rest but the request from customers were too much for Meyame alone to handle as both workers must be snappy with demands, that’s what Buzz is all about. Suddenly, Jacob collapsed along with the bottles of liquor that was requested of him. Meyame with few other customers rushed up to him but were shocked to realize his pulse had stopped.


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Re: Jacob's Curse by Babysuccess02(f): 4:12pm On Oct 01, 2019
Jacobs curse indeed. Mr ghostwriter Weldone. please hasten up with the next update. thank you.


Re: Jacob's Curse by akasueba(m): 3:46am On Oct 02, 2019
good one bro, keep it up, waiting for the update sha. thanks

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ibunkun1(m): 2:07pm On Oct 03, 2019
Jacob don't inherit wetin pass am


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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 3:37pm On Oct 03, 2019
This is just the beginning
Thanks for the update

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 5:42pm On Oct 03, 2019

…Now You Have it.

He jolted back to consciousness, feeling refreshed like he just woke from long intense sleep and was surprise to find himself in an entirely different place, his eyes scanned around the room that had luxury everywhere, he jumped crawled out of bed, turned to a large mirror standing tall beside the bed, he pushed back in fright on seeing the reflection and so does it. There on the mirror his eyes caught a small yellowish note tagged to it edge.


He couldn’t make sense of the note at first but after a second glance at the man in the mirror, it stuck.

“Mr. Pious” he called out to the reflection that did same simultaneously. He made quick gestures to confirm his thought and was awestruck knowing it was true. He now dwells in Mr. Pious body. He jumped in excitement to his fulfilled wish. He then had a careful observation of his reflection as he stood unclad, he admired every feature on him, the cute eyes, pink lips, pointed nose, tall light skinned with biceps and body abs. He laughed in total admiration, as he wouldn’t have wished for anything better. His eyes caught something on his arm through the mirror, five black dots but he was puzzled not to see them on his physical arm when he tried to confirm. “Probably a form of invisible tattoo, for the rich” he thought before cladding himself in pajamas lying by the bed side. Excitedly, Pious went through every room in the mansion and was surprise no one else was in them, he was all alone. The house had all the luxury he had never imagined, the living room, kitchen, gym, bathroom, toilet, cinema, garage, store, field, orchard, pool; all looked in place, new and unused.

Pious was back to the bedroom dancing and singing along to Dorothy Kabala’s ‘sweet life’ which he had picked from the playlist that popped from the music device. He had hot shower in the bathtub; clad himself from the many collections of designer suits, shoes and wrist-watches. He picked the black Mercedez from the fleet of cars well lined in the garage –he mysteriously gained the instinct for driving- and was about to drive pass the gate when he saw an old man standing by it. Pious was surprise and same time happy he wasn’t alone in the mansion after all, happy to see someone who would enlighten him about his new personality.

“Of course you are the gate-man, right?” He inquired as he opted out from the car to approach the old man.

He was baffled when yet the old man wouldn’t talk. The man stood still in his faded, wrinkled skin, his head covered in smoky-grey hair, the cloth on him so scruffy and ragged, he had a goatee and it appeared to suit the oval face, he stood unsteady even on thin feet…but his eyes, those eyes are a sparkling, blue color and he seems to see everything in Pious’ assumption.

“Are you dumb?”

Still the man wouldn’t talk but only stared like he was expecting a different question.

Pious stared at him in a gawky manner wondering how such a dummy could be so opportune working for Mr.Pious. Pious walked back into car. “Open the gate” he ordered.

The old man painstakingly pushed the mighty gate opened to watch Pious steered-off through it carelessly.


First thing, Pious rode to the Zantibas’ and parked the car in front of the small old resident which had a kiosk beside it, he had no place in mind to go. From inside his car he could see Mrs. Zantiba attending to a customer inside the kiosk where she sells petty items. Mrs. Zantiba was about to go back into the house when she heard Pious’ called her attention; she turned around and saw a fine man walked up to her, he looks familiar.

“Do I know you somewhere?” she looked him all over.

Pious knew that look on her; it’s the look she makes when trying hard to recollect something she desperately wish to remember.

“I…I…am” he struggled with his choice of word.

She appeared awestruck by his presence before she cuts in joyously “Mr. Pious Oshulolo! I see you many times on television and papers. I see you help people in need and donate to victims. You are a wonderful man. God bless you sir”.

Pious stood dumbfounded not sure what to say to a woman he had grown to know. “Thank you ma” he found the words. It felt awkward but he somehow loved it. He gained a sense of higher class.

“So what have you come to do in a neighborhood such as this?” Mrs. Zantiba asked still surprise. Her eyes searching him like he was a sought of phenomenon.

He scratched his head in search of words –a bad habit he noted would have to stop- “Just passing-by” he said.

“Good” she nods for a thoughtful while and added “Mr. Pious, I know how busy you are serving the community but it will be an honor to have you in my house even if it’s for a glass of water”.

“Definitely” he simply said like he was expecting it.

“Oh! That’s humble of you” she said before leading him into the house. Sarah wasn’t home so was Jacob and Mr. Zantiba still lays sick in his room.

“Where is Jacob?” Pious asked –he wish he hadn’t asked so informally- after making a stop in front of his room.

“You know him?” asked Mrs. Zantiba, stunned.

“Yes, we had met couple of times at Buzz where he works, he is such a great young man” Pious was smart on that “Where is he?” he looked around hoping to find no Jacob.

Mrs. Zantiba appeared disturbed “That boy hasn’t returned home since last night, I wonder what’s keeping him so late”.

Pious suddenly appeared statuled as he recalled his last scene in the bar, he tried not to think of the worst for Mrs. Zantiba’s sake.

“He will be fine, I assure you” he lied as he led himself into Jacob’s room while Mrs. Zantiba had gone to get him something to drink. His room appeared smaller with a familiar smell he had grown used to and now he hated it, it disgusts him. He turned to Pious’ fractured reflection in the cracked mirror and gently ran his hand across it.

“This is the real life, this is who I’m meant to be” he heaved in satisfaction.

Mrs. Zantiba soon walked in to offer her august visitor a glass of juice which was the best she could afford in such circumstance, Pious declined her offer; he thanked her and promised to come check on her soon. He hurried out to his car and zoomed off with Buzz in mind.


At Buzz Rendezvous, Pious walked in and headed straight to the bar counter were two waiters stood discussing. Meyame slowly walked away from Jacob to a corner on sighting ‘The Shadow man’ approaching. Jacob seems undisturbed by Pious’ presence as both men stood staring keenly into each other’s eyes for a few bizarre moments.

“Sir, welcome to Buzz Rendezvous where we’ve got all brands of chilled liquor” the young waiter cuts through the awkward silence between him and his customer.

Pious was flabbergasted, awestruck like he was staring at a ghost, “Who are you?” he found his voice.

“Jacob Zantiba sir”. The waiter replied in a flat tone.

Pious frowned, shaking his head more to the amusement than his disbelief “No you are not; I am the real Jacob Zantiba”. His voice was down.

Jacob stole a glance to where Meyame stood by the end counter of the counter making-up the sales record for his new shift, he was relief and then turned to Pious who still had his eyes keenly on him “Sir, is there anything else you would love to drink?” Like I had said, Buzz Rendezvous has got it all chilled” Jacob said as he was cleaning the surface of the bar pretending not to mind the fine man so much anymore.

Pious was taken aback by the hostility, he made deep breath, looked across the bar and back to the waiter, he smiled at him. “You know it’s weird seeing you stand there take my place…” he paused to smile “but I really don’t care” he leaned much close to the bar so that Meyame who is at the far corner taking stocks wouldn’t hear and added in hush tone “You can keep it”. Grinning mischievously while stylishly yanking off the imaginary dust on his shoulder, turned around to leave and was about heading out of the room when he paused, he turned around to the waiter and called out, “Jacob, if I may remind you, it’s Thursday, you are supposed to be off duty; Boss wouldn’t pay staff for extra time”. He turned around and walked away majestically amidst the murmur and stare his attention had caused as many in the room wondered the connection between the richest man of Karanga and the young waiter. Jacob had his eyes on the exit door with a satisfactory grin as ‘The shadow man’ disappeared “thank you Mr. Pious Oshulolo” He quietly said more to himself than to the hearing of anyone.


Slowly, Jacob pushed the door open and stepped into the house with two faces staring at him in unwelcoming manner as Mrs. Zantiba and Sarah had turned their heads from the television. It was late evening already, Jacob stood his ground staring back at them still in his white on black uniform, he thought of saying something but he couldn’t make up any word.

“Where are you coming from?” cried Mrs. Zantiba.

“From work Ma” Jacob paused and quickly added “Buzz rendezvous”.

“Shut up your mouth!” she yelled with fury “How dare you come back home to lie in my face?”
Jacob stared blankly at her. Lost.

“You mean you stayed at work for two days…do you know how dangerous it is out there lately?” added Mrs. Zantiba pointing towards the door for emphasis.

Jacob appeared puzzled, he shrugged “I don’t know Ma but I promise you such will never repeat itself again” sounding remorseful remorsefully.

Mrs. Zantiba and Sarah turned to stare at one another questionably.

“Son, are you alright?” Mrs. Zantiba turned to ask Jacob while she stared curiously; wasn’t expecting such humility, calmness from him.

“Yes Ma, I am fine” replied Jacob.

She looked at him all over, keenly “Are you sure?”

Jacob rubbed his forehead tiredly, “Actually, it’s just slight headache, I will be fine” he lied and turned to leave towards one of the rooms but Sarah called out before he could open it, “What are you looking for!”

Jacob looked around thinking of what to say.

“I have told you countless times never to go into my room without my permission. If it’s the magazine you want, go check your room, I have returned it” Snapped Sarah pointing to another room.

“Thank you” Jacob nodded with a smile before heading to the other room. He shut tight the door behind him as he stepped into a small unkempt room; he smiled as he slowly walked through it with keen observation to everything within. He picked up a magazine from the bed; it had the image of a Mr. Pious Oshulolo boldly displayed on its front cover. ‘Pride of Katanga…Glory of our land’ Jacob read out the bold caption of the Africa Forbes before flipping it open to meet more of Mr. Pious Oshulolo staring at him all smiley in different outfits and pose.

“Successful entrepreneur indeed” he noted in disgust while he brushes through one of the articles, he dropped it and walked to stand in front of the long cracked mirror. He stared back at the reflection of a young man who looked lean, dark in complexion.

“This is it…all I had wanted” he sighed as he carefully ran his hand upon the small mirror admiringly.

A knock came on his door and he rushes to go open to Mrs. Zantiba standing there, she was surprise to see him still in his uniform.

“And when are you going to pull that thing off?” she asked staring at his cloth.

“Immediately Ma” Jacob replied and so began to unbutton his shirt.

Mrs. Zantiba expressed surprise, “Why not wait till I leave?”

“Okay Ma” he nodded and stopped.

She suddenly smiled at him and began with the narration of Mr. Pious Oshulolo’s visit, telling him of how charming and humble he was.

“And what did he tell you?” Jacob asked anxiously in fear.

“Nothing much, he only spoke of how you both had met at your place of work”.
Jacob heaved heavily.

Mrs. Zantiba walked away after warning him never to stay out late.

Jacob shut the door, pressed his back against it and sighed in great relief to a life he had always imagined.


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Re: Jacob's Curse by egorov(m): 10:17pm On Oct 03, 2019
From the Stables of GHOST PRODUCTION in conjunction with FOUR-ONE-NINE EXPRESSIONS and NAIRALAND STUDIOS presents:


All rights reserved. No part of this write-up may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transported in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, re-cording or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the writer.

Disclaimers : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

©copyright 2019.

Writer's personal note : I owe no one on this forum my time, energy, dedication and a beautiful story. I write stories because I have been blissfully cursed to do so. I have got no inkling for where the story heads, so I guess we (Including myself) will be in for a surprise.
Good to hear or read from you again. Kindly mention me whenever you post.
And pls, make sure you complete this one

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Babysuccess02(f): 10:26pm On Oct 03, 2019
see what impatient and greed can lead one to. Mr Jacob Weldone o. I will see how you are going to leave that body when u find out the truth.

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Ann2012(f): 5:19am On Oct 04, 2019
Jacob don enter one chance cheesy

Well done OP

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Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 10:10am On Oct 04, 2019
It’s good to admire rich and successful people, but please let it stop at that and work hard to be rich also. How can you desire to live the life of someone you know close to nothing about. Besides that’s living someone else life and not yours. Pele sha Jacob. But Mr Pious, please who are you?

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Re: Jacob's Curse by ghostwritter(m): 2:42pm On Oct 06, 2019

The Exchange

Gabriel Zantiba a head teacher had his first encounter with Alice Safuaa a product marketer to one of the growing firms in Karanga; Alice sat looking exhausted at the young man who had welcomed her into his small office. She had trekked the scorching sun going from school to school with her product, educational materials to enhance student learning. Gabriel offered her water, made her relax and paid attention not to what she was saying of the charts, chalks, textbooks and other things she pulled out from her box but rather her face, he was captivated by her innocent beauty. He bought almost all she brought in an act to see her relieved of the burden. That was the beginning of a friendship that led to them being husband and wife. Few months into their marriage, they had their first boy Michael Zantiba who was a bundle of joy, he was so cute and happy and very playful. Five years later, Micheal had two siblings Jacob and Sarah to play with. Alice tended more often to the twins than she would to Micheal who wasn’t pleased with it, he would cry for mother’s attention but got scolded like a big brother he was “Go away from here and play with your peers, you are no longer a baby” Alice would always yell at her little boy who would cry his way out of her presence.

On a Saturday morning, Micheal had walked out from his mother who was breastfeeding the twins, even when she was done, she never noticed Micheal had gone outside the house. After few hours, Alice went searching for her Micheal and soon realized he was nowhere to be found, not even within Katanga according to the police and vigilantes who later searched for months.

The loose was too brutal for Gabriel and his wife who consulted a spiritualist who only raised their hopes of their lost son coming back to them alive. And with every passing year, the Zantiba’s lost hope on Micheal and had to built their comfort on the twins, Jacob and Sarah.


Gabriel hadn’t been able to sleep all through the rest of the night, his health had been bad for years, cancer of the bone growing worse causing him total incapacity, not enough money to fly him abroad for proper surgery like doctors had suggested. So he had for years depended on local herbs which did little close to nothing. He hadn’t woken up that night to ponder about him dying poor as a sick retiree in a corrupt government where pension never comes steady or about the spade of unresolved murder cases within the community. That night was about his Micheal, he had seen his little boy walked up to him in his dream. It was strange and nostalgic. He saw Micheal calling ‘Papa’ like he first did twenty-three years ago. Gabriel tried hard to dismiss the thought of hoping for Micheal’s return but couldn’t, the dream kept playing in his head. He painstakingly crawled out from bed to knee beside it breathing heavily. “Lord, Please safe my wife, my daughter and my sons” he cried out in prayer.


Pious had woken up into the bright morning feeling healthy and strong like a horse, the night before had been wonderful as he had driven his way down town a night club known for its lousy parties. He had danced like he had always wanted to, drank all sought of liquor and ate all that was served. And there on his bed he sat trying to recollect what happened the night before, he appeared puzzled wondering if he had driven himself back home through the route he wasn’t yet familiar with or perhaps a Good Samaritan did. He shrugged mindlessly no caring how it had happened as long he is safe. He got out of bed and stood staring at his unclad reflection in the mirror. He appeared baffled on seeing the ‘black tattoo’ on his alms were four, for a moment he thought… O! Maybe he had mistaken it to be five dots the previous day, he shrugged carelessly after a while before heading for the bathroom and there he saw everything appeared tidy and unused as against how he had left it. He made a mental note to confirm from the gate-man if anyone came tidy-up the bathroom while he was away. Done with bathing, he walked up to the wardrobe, there he saw the suit he had worn the previous day neatly lined amidst others, same for the pairs of shoe, wrist-watch and tie. He concluded someone had been up all night busy getting the mansion tidy.

“But that’s fast” he commended whoever it was. He walked up to the dining table and a neatly arranged breakfast of various beverages with bread well served just as he would want it. Pious looked around for a maid but still no one, he sat and filled himself of it all.

At the garage, Pious opted for another car, a white Range Rover to compliment his white T-shirt and black Jeans. He halted the car by the gate where he saw the old man already waiting.

“Does anyone else live in this compound apart from you and I?” Pious questioned the man.

The old man didn’t say a word or moved his lips in an attempt; he kept on staring at Pious.

Pious came down from the car, walked up to the man in raising anger, “Do you ever talk?”

No response.

“Can you hear me speak?”

No response.

“Say something, anything if you wish to maintain your job” Pious yelled threatenly as he wasn’t comfortable with the silence.

No response from the old man who appeared indifferent.

Pious looked around wishing to see a gardener, cleaner, a cook, steward, just anyone else who can talk. His eyes wandered back to the old man, “is this how you keep to yourself while I’m away?”

Emotionless stare, no response.

Pious sighed in defeat and back into his car, he watched in amusement as the old man slowly walked up to push open the heavy gate like he could read Pious’ thought.

“Indeed, you are deaf and dumb…but at least not stupid in doing your job” Pious grumbled while he zoomed off.


Three exciting days it had been for Pious Oshulolo who wholely absorbed the love from Pious Oshulolo’s fans, beneficiaries and lovers wherever he goes. He loved the attention from the paparazzi, the screams for autographs, invite for exclusive interviews and much more required of a Mr. Pious Oshulolo status. He loved his new self and played it well in keeping it real. But some things weren’t right with his new life and they bothered him not so much to cause him sleepless nights or sober expressions like he had seen Mr. Pious does in Buzz in the past. The beautiful ladies of Karanga couldn’t just have enough of him and so was Pious who couldn’t have enough of them as well.


At Buzz, Jacob was attending to a customer’s request when Pious walked into the bar in a manner to be reckoned with but got no eyes on him, the dimmed illumination from the colorful bulbs wouldn’t let one see the other from afar except for the one at the counter. Pious walked his way up to meet Meyame who was standing behind the bar counter cleaning the glass cups and having them arranged neatly on the small rack. Pious stared up to the shelf behind Meyame curiously, there was something in it he hopes Meyame or anyone else never find out about. Meyame looked up to see Pious, he stiffened before quickly putting up a tentative smile, Meyame asked for what he would want to be offered, Pious declined saying he only wishes to see Jacob . Soon, Jacob was up in the counter shuffling through the bottles of beers while pretending not noticing his guest.

“We need to talk” said Pious in an enforcing tone, he walked away to one of the isolated corner of the bar and there he sat.

Before Jacob left for Pious table, Meyame hinted Jacob of his displeasure with his association with Mr. Pious by mere giving the ‘what’s-with-you-and-that-man’ look, he was skeptical about the two after hearing rumors of Mr. Poius being gay, he hear people say he takes pleasure in only young men after luring them to his abode. Now he fears for his friend.

Pious began by enthusiastically narrating how fascinating his new life had been and activities within the few days, Jacob who stood in front of him appeared indifferent, and he only wishes to go attend to customers who were calling for his attention.

“But yet I’m bothered” Pious appeared disturbed as he began. “I am all alone in that house, it’s weird. This morning again, someone I had never seen cleaned the house while I was asleep”. He paused for a moment hoping for Jacob’s words but he was disappointed as there was none. Pious shrugged, rested his back on the chair and continued, “your gateman doesn’t talk as well, his he dumb?”

Jacob stared without words.

“And there are these strange dot-like tattoo on my left arm I can only see through the mirror, how did you come about it? It’s fascinating I must say” Pious added. “And that crazy looking gateman of yours, how do you manage to cope with him?” he waited for response.

“Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about” said Jacob “If you don’t mind, I’ve got customers to attend to” He walked away abruptly.

Pious appeared shocked at Jacob’s hostility, he concluded the poor lad had found himself in an unfortunate kind of life.

“Poor Jacob” he shook his head in pity watching the young man going from customer to customer, he stepping out of the bar to go fulfill his long time fantasies in the other part of town.


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Re: Jacob's Curse by queenitee(f): 2:49pm On Oct 06, 2019
Small wealth and he has lost his senses grin

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Re: Jacob's Curse by Nobody: 3:13pm On Oct 06, 2019

read more love and romance story on


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