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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 12:59pm On Jan 06
(Love, why?)
Season 2
#Chapter 64

Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Anel,why didn’t you show up with your friend?” Milana asked coming into the kitchen.
I’m preparing dinner, mum is not feeling so well.
I know my eyes is probably swollen,i cried all afternoon and refused to eat lunch.
I wouldn’t have come down for dinner if Mum wasn’t a bit down.
I miss Dan.
How’s he coping?
He can’t possibly go around, doing chores with that head.
I hope his gatekeeper and driver will help.
I can’t believe i cried because of two days friendship.
Have we gotten that used to each other?
“Asanel” Mil jolted me out of my thoughts.
“Huh? I’m sorry” I said and continued chopping tomatoes for pasta.
I’m making pasta and chicken; ordered by Liam.
“You didn’t show up with your friend,why?” Milana asked.
“There was an after class activity today and we left school quite late” I lied.
I know she’s gonna scold me if i told her what happened.
“Ohh.. okay,there’s still plenty of time to come anyway” She said and i nodded, forcing a smile.
“What should i help you with?” She walked to the sink and started washing her hand.
“Thanks,please fry the chicken while i prepare the pasta” I said.
“Okay” She dried her hands and picked her apron.
We all sat round the dinning table eating our dinner in silence.
“Yummy” Ana broke the silence.
“Yeah it is” Granny conceded.
I watched as Mum ate slowly,she looks so weak.
“Mum,are you okay?” I asked and she nodded.
“I’ll take her to the hospital tomorrow” Liam said looking worriedly at mum.
We ate the rest of our dinner in silence.
Liam started leading Mum up to her room.
“Mum sorry” Ana called after her mum who turned and smiled at her.
“Thanks darling”
Granny yawned…”Goodnight sweeties”
“Good night granny” We chorused.
She stood up and started walking to her room.
“Let’s go wash the dishes Anel” Mil said.
“No Mil,I’ll wash it alone” I said.
“Let’s wash it together” She said.
“No,you already helped me with the cooking” I said.
“Am i not supposed to do that?” She asked.
I sighed…
“Com’on,I’ll help you with the dishes also” She said and started packing the dishes.
“Thanks” I said.
Ana was already in the living room watching her cartoon series.
“Ana,go to bed. It’s past seven” I said.
She grumbled.
“I’ll go to bed soon,the cartoon is almost over” She gave me a pleading look.
“We are all going to bed once we’re done with the dishes” I said.
“Thank you, it’ll have been over by then” she said.
I went to join Mil in the kitchen.
I helped with the rinsing and drying,we chatted and laughed as we worked.
We cleaned up the kitchen after we were done with dishes.

Mil carried the sleeping Ana in her arms while i switched off the TV.
“Goodnight Anel”
“Goodnight Mil” I said.
I stayed back and switched off the lights,closed the kitchen door and also walked to my room.
I entered my room and closed the door behind me.
I walked to my wardrobe and brought out my PJ,headed to the bathroom to have my night bath.
“Ah! That was refreshing” I sighed as i walked out of the bathroom in my pyjamas.
I sat on the bed and switched off the light,then switched on my bedside lamp.
I slipped under the blanket,i know im not gonna sleep anytime soon cause Dan kept flooding my thoughts.
How’s he feeling now?
Dan,i just hope you’re okay.
He should be, Jacq and Karissa is there to help him but why am i still worried.
I got up from the bed,glad it’s finally morning.
I had sleepless night,
I walked to the wardrobe,pulled it open and brought out my school wears.
I opened the drawer and selected my undies.
I selected a pair of brown shoes from the shoe rack and set everything neatly on my bed.
I walked into the bathroom and opened the cabinet.
I picked my toothbrush and paste,then walked to the sink.
I turned on the faucet,rinsed my toothbrush before applying toothpaste on it,i started brushing.
I finished brushing and returned my toothbrush and paste to the cabinet.
I stood in front of the oval mirror and checked my reflection.
I pulled out of my pyjamas and picked my showercap,then wore it over my hair.
I proceeded to the shower cubicle.
I picked my body towel from the rail and wrapped it round my body.
I walked back to my room and started getting dressed for school.
__________ ___________
‘Dan said i look beautiful on pontsplait style so I’m gonna make it even though i know he won’t be in school.’
I was done putting on my school wears,my hair always come last.
I searched for my favorite comb on the shelf and found it.
I combed through my hair till i was satisfied with how smooth it looked,i dropped the comb and started making pontsplait.
“Good!” I exclaimed admiring my hair in the mirror.
I did it perfectly.
I’m ready for school….
I walked to where i placed my backpack.
I picked it up and hung it over my shoulders.
I slipped my phone in my pocket, checked my reflection in the mirror one more time and walked out of my room.
“Good morning granny” I greeted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?”
“Fine granny, how’s mum?” I asked.
“Liam has taken her to the hospital” She said.
“Ah! I hope she’ll be fine” I said.
“I hope so too” granny said.
“Okay,let me go make breakfast” I said.
“Mil already made it,she’s dressing up Ana presently” Granny said.
“Wow” I said.
Mil doesn’t behave like the star she is.
Ana and Mil emerged from the stairs.
“Good morning Mil” I greeted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?” She asked.
“It was fine, thanks”
“I’ve prepared breakfast,you both should come to the dining. I’ll drop you at school” She said.
“You know how crazy people go when they see you and you aren’t even with your bodyguards” I said.
She smiled…”I’ll make use of my sunglass and scarf”
“Ohh.. okay” I said.
“Will Mum be fine” Ana asked sadly.
“Yes Ana, she’ll be fine okay” I assured and took her hand.
“Let’s go have our breakfast,or we will be late for school” I said and we both walked to dining.
“I have to go get dressed” Mil said.
“Okay mil” I said.
We got to the dining, dropped our backpacks and sat down .
We started eating.
I packed the dishes to the kitchen after we were done eating,took my backpack and walked to the living room
We sat down waiting for Mil.
My phone vibrated in my pocket and i brought it out.
“Dad” i smiled.
Hey Dad.
Hi princess, how’re you doing?
I’m fine dad and you?
Claire is still with you right?
No, She’s at work.
I’m glad you asked of her.
Anel, you’ve changed a lot and I’m happy about that.
I’m only doing that for someone’s sake.
Really? Who?
I’m not gonna tell you.
I laughed.
I have to go princess.
Okay Dad. I love you.
I love you more,bye.
The call was disconnected.
I felt better after i heard dad’s voice.
Milana walked into the living room and left everyone of us staring.
She’s clad in a lemon knee-length gown with a deep neckline which exposed the swell of her breast.
A tiny pink belt was worn round her waist,on her hand is a pink bag and her lemon shoes shone with pink glitters.
Her sunglass is black,she tied her pink scarf stylishly over her hair.
Her skin shone and the smile on her lips set everything straight.
“OMG!” I exclaimed jealously.
“You look beautiful” Granny said.
“Wow!” Ana exclaimed.
“Thanks” She said.
“Mil,im so jealous of you” I said and she laughed.
“You going on a date?” Granny asked.
“Uhm..i think so” She said.
“You think so?”
“Yeah… someone i hate asked me out on a date” She said.
“Someone you hate?”
“Thank Holcomb!” Ana and i said together.
“I never said he was the one” She said.
“You never said so but we know and wow…you’re blushing” I teased and we all laughed.
____________ ____________
“Bye Mil,bye Ana” I said as i alighted from mil’s car in front of my school gate.
“Bye Anel” They chorused.
“Enjoy your date” i smiled.
“Thank you” She waved and drove off.
I walked closer to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my school ID card.
He allowed me in and i started walking to my class.
I opened the classroom door and walked in.
“How’s Dan?” The whole class suddenly asked making me stop walking.
“He’s fine” I said reluctantly and continued walking to my seat.
She answered us.
She’s not so mean anyway.
But,Jacq and Karissa said she won’t answer anyone.
They are bitches!
I shook my head as i heard the students murmur.
It was then i noticed Jacq and Karissa are in class.
I thought Jacq was a better person.
I dropped my backpack and sat down on my chair,then placed my hands on my desk.
I remained that way for some minutes before tears dropped from my eyes.
I quickly placed my head on the desk.
I miss Dan..
He would have teased me and tried to make me talk to him.
I felt his absence badly.
“Good morning class” ….
Lunch break
I didn’t go for lunch,i was in class staring at my desk and gulping my bottle of water.
I’m not hungry.
“Tap tap” I heard someone hit my desk and raised up my head.
Who else but him!
I don’t know the reason his smile annoys me so much.
I ignored him and face my desk.
“You need to loosen up sexy damsel, i’ll stand as Dan while he’s absent,i promise to take good care of you” He said.
“Thanks, please leave” I said.
“Just give me a chance please,i promise not to leave you” He said and proceeded to hold my hand.
“Damn you!” I barked and he shifted back in fright.
“Leave! If not,im gonna batter your face” I threatened and he quickly turned to leave.
I stood up and suddenly dragged him back.
“Please, please I’m about leaving” He pleaded but i wasn’t even gonna hit him.
I checked the back of his neck for the tattoo i saw on the perpetrator’s neck,i was disappointed when i didn’t find it.
I released my hold on him and he ran off.
How can i even think Travis is the one.
I’m sure that person is a grown up.
Whatever the case may be,i have to fish out this perpetrator,if not for anything but for Dan who’s going through pain.
Dan…I’m sorry,i had to quit.
I don’t want you hurting more.
_________ School Over ________
Mil,I’ll come home in cab,i have to visit someone.
Your friend?
Good … See you at home.
Okay bye.
I disconnected the call and slipped my phone in my pocket before hanging my backpack over my shoulders.
I had called Mil immediately the bell rung.
I need to go see Dan and check on how he’s faring.
We are not friends anymore does not mean i shouldn’t check on him.
I started walking out of the classroom but stopped at jacq’s desk.
“If you give me anymore grief,i promise to make you regret attending this school. Looser!” I spat and walked out of the class.
I alighted in front of Dan’s gate and paid the cab man who drove away Immediately.
I walked closer to the gate and knocked twice.
The gate was open by the gatekeeper.
“Good afternoon” I greeted and wondered when i started greeting people.
“Good afternoon,you came here for Dan right?”
‘who else did i came here for?’
“Yeah” I answered.
“He’s at his mum’s place” he said and my heart skipped a beat.
“His mum?” I asked and he nodded.
Is this not his parents house?
I thought his parents were on a trip.
What’s going on?
“Okay thanks” I said and walked away slowly in confusion.
His mum?
The cab drove to a stop in front of my gate.
I paid the cabman and walked to the gate.
I’m sad i didn’t get to see Dan and I’m confused as well.
I knocked on the gate and my gatekeeper opened it.
“Hi” I said.
He looked surprised..
“You..you just said ‘hi’ to me?” He smiled.
“Yeah” I smiled back and walked into the gate.
“Wow! I like the new you” He said after me and i chuckled.
I opened the door and walked into the house,i bolted it behind me and walked to the living room.
I stopped immediately…..
Mil was crying,her black mascara has ran down her lemon dress. Messing it up.
Ana’s face was also clouded in tears.
It looks as if Liam was struggling to hold his tears and granny sniffed and bowed her head.
What happened.
“What happened?” I asked worriedly rushing to them.
No one answered,just then it dawned on me.
“Where’s mum?” I asked in fear.
Mil cried louder and dad covered his face with his palms trying to hide his tears.
My fears increased.
“Can someone just tell me what happened?” I asked.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 1:00pm On Jan 06
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Where’s mum?” I asked in fear.
Mil cried louder and dad covered his face with his palms trying to hide his tears.
My fears increased.
“Can someone just tell me what happened?” I asked.
I was also starting to cry.
Just then,they all bursted into laughter.
Ana jumped on the couch and laughed,I thought liam was trying to hide his tears but he was trying to hide his laughter, granny who bowed her head has been grinning all this while and Mil cried for real.
“OMG…what’s going on?” I asked,a bit relieved.
“It’s a prank” They laughed.
“Damn” I breathed in relief and dropped my backpack.
“But Mil,you were crying for real!” I said.
“Have you forgotten I’m an actress, faking tears is the easiest” She laughed hard.
“I’m also gonna be an actress in the future,hope i acted well?” Ana asked laughing.
“Damn! I can’t believe you also pranked me” I said and made to hit her,she quickly hid behind granny, giggling.
“You all nearly made me develop high BP, what’s the prank all about?” I asked.
“The prank is all about me” I heard Mum said, i glanced up and saw her walking to the living room,she wore a bright contagious smile.
“Reiya is carrying a baby” Liam announced happily.
I gasped.
“Yaaaaay” I shouted happily and danced.
I rushed to hug mum,she hugged me back pecking my cheeks.
“You mean a baby is in there?” I grinned.
She nodded.
“Wow! Everyone com’on let’s dance” I said happily and they all laughed.
“But damn,I should punish everyone of you for pranking me”
“We’re sorry, Mil brought the idea” Liam said.
“Ah! That’s expected” I rolled my eyes and she laughed.
“I’m so happy” I said.
“I will have a baby sister in nine months time” Ana giggled.

“Baby sister? I want a baby brother” I said.
“I want a sister”
“I want a brother”
“Nay,a sister”
“A brother”
“A sister”
“A brother”….
“Arrrrgh! I give up” Ana said dramatically and we laughed again.
I always win arguments..
“Not in nine months time but eight months time” Mum said.
“Wow!” Mil exclaimed “you’re one month gone”
“How come you didn’t notice?” I asked.
“Well i did, i wasn’t just sure but the test confirmed it” Mum smiled.
“Your stomach isn’t big , is my baby sister gonna be so tiny?” Ana pouted.
“It’s still one month old,Ana. It’s gonna get big soon” Mum said.
“Everyone,make sure you dress your best tonight,we are all gonna be having dinner out” Liam said.
“Yaaaaay!” We exclaimed happily.
I slide my feet into my footwear and walked out of my room,i just finished freshening up.
I’m hungryyyyy.
I walked straight to the kitchen,opened the freezer and brought out the pack of cookies and juice.
I picked a small plate and poured some cookies into it,and returned the remaining cookies back in the fridge.
I picked a tray and placed the plate of cookies and a pack of apple juice on it,quickly rinsed a glass cup and placed it on the tray before walking back to the living room.
I dropped it gently on the table and plugged the TV.
Cartoon series came into display and i changed the channel to a fashion show,i lowered the volume so as not to disturb mil’s nap.
I settled down on the couch and started eating my cookies while watching the show.
I’m not happy,i feel so sorry for Dan.
If only i can see him and assure myself he’s doing fine so i can stop worrying about him.
His thoughts kept flooding my mind every second and i felt so guilty.
I don’t have his contact,i only know his house and he’s not there anymore.
“Ah! Your dress is stained” i said to Mil while we were climbing the stairs to our rooms to go get dressed for diner.

The mascara ran down her face when she was ‘fake-crying’.
“Ohh…I’ll trash it” She said.
“I’ll trash it” She repeated.
“The washing machine will remove the stain,you don’t have to thrash it” I said.
“I have dozens of this same gown” She said.
“Don’t thrash it,give it to me instead” I said.
“No I can’t” she said.
“I’ll give you one of the new ones,let’s just thrash this” she said.
“You insist?”
“Yeah babe” She smiled.
“How was your date?” I asked eagerly.
“It was terrible,we quarreled all through” She frowned.
I laughed “Who quarrels on a date?”
“He’s a dickhead! He annoys me so much” She said.
“Ah! Really?…so when is your next date?” I asked.
“Thursday but not with him” She grinned.
“Really? Who?” I asked.
“Martin Joel” She said and i gasp.
“Martin Joel?”
“The Hollywood biggest star”
She shrugged.
“But he’s not as handsome as Thack” I said.
“Yeah,he’s not as annoying as Thack,that guy brings out the devil in me”
“I’m still 18,i don’t intend on dating any of them for now”
“You mean you’ve not dated before?” I asked in surprise.
“Of course i have, but i need to focus on my career for now” she said and i felt impressed.
I smiled “you’re a lot of people role model,mine also”
“I’m honored,come with me to my room. I have some clothes to give you,you might choose from it and wear it to diner” She smiled.
“Thanks” I giggled and happily followed her to her room.
I smiled when we walked past Liam’s room and heard giggles.
** **
I opened the door to my room and stepped in.
Room,room…I’m here” I sang and closed the door behind me.
I dropped my backpack on the shelf and also drop the beautiful clothes Mil gave me on the bed.
I’ll make sure i dress my best to lunch.
I rarely dress up for occasions though…
I pulled out of my shoes,my pop socks went off next,then my shirt and skirt.
I threw everything in my laundry basket and ran off to the bathroom in my undies.
“I’m not wearing this” I said aloud shifting a yellow dress aside.
I’m done freshening up,I’ve been searching for what to wear among the clothes Mil gave to me.
My hand touched a green jumpsuit and i quickly brought it out.
I’ll go with this.
I started applying body lotion,i wore my undies and got into the jumpsuit.
I zipped it up and stood in front of my mirror.
Wow … Just like it was specially made for me.
It clung tight to my body and i had to turn to make sure my curves were hidden enough.
It revealed my curves and i suddenly wished it was more free.
I proceeded to comb my hair,i picked my hair comb and combed my hair till I was satisfied with how smooth it looked.
I applied little hair lotion and sat down on my dressing table to apply little make up.
I pulled the drawer open and dragged out my make up kit,i opened it and started transforming my face in the little way i can.
I smiled as i admired my make up,it’s simple and stunning.
I’m now satisfied with the way i look,i can now return the kit to the drawer.
I did and stood up,i walked to my shoe rack and selected a pair of white shoes with low heels,i slide my feet into it and grabbed my white shoulder bag,i dropped my phone inside it.
I took one last look at my reflection in the mirror before walking out of my room satisfactorily.
I got to the living room and met granny,Ana and Mil all dressed in their best.
I admired the way Mil wore her hair, her dress is so simple and beautiful, Mil surely looks good in anything.
“Wow,you look stunning” Mil complimented and i blushed slightly.
“Is this Anel?” Ana asked squeezing her face together.
I laughed and sat down on the couch.
“Come sit with me Anel” Granny said and i stood up and went to sit beside her.
I rested my head on her shoulder and played games while waiting for the couple.
“Mum and Dad is the most beautiful tonight” Ana said and i raised my head up from granny’s shoulder and saw Mum and Liam step into the living room in beautiful matching outfits.
They look stunning, absolutely stunning..
One would think they’re going on their first date.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“Geez!!! You both look great” Mil said.
“I’m lucky to have beautiful people around me” Granny said.
“Thanks everyone and you all look beautiful also,can we leave?” Liam asked.
“Of course” We stood up.
We locked the doors and got into the compound.
“We’ll take the Lamborghini” Liam said and we all walked towards it.
He unlocked it and we all got in.
Granny,Mil,Ana and I sat at the back while the couple took the front seat.
Liam turned on the ignition at the same time the gatekeeper opened the gate.
He started driving slowly out of the gate.
He got to the main road and sped off …
Mil put on her eye glass before we entered the classy restaurant,we were led to a table.
We all sat round it and Liam placed our order.
“It has been long we all sat together like this in a restaurant” Mum said.
“Yes,that’s the reason i made it happen tonight” Liam said.
“I’m so happy” Ana giggled.
“I’m glad to be among you guys” Mil said.
“I feel like flying highhh” I said and we laughed.
“Tonight is one of the best for me” Granny said.
Our orders arrived and we all are, chatting and laughing at interval.
We finished eating and the table was cleared,deserts were brought next.
“Cheers to our happy life” Liam said.
“Cheers to the unborn baby” granny said.
“Cheers everyone” Mum said and we all raised our glass cup of wine and clicked it together.
“I’m yet to do mine” Ana said and we laughed.
The rest of the night was fun……
I walked out of the bathroom and started dressing for school hurriedly.
I Know im I’m late already,i woke up quite late today.
I wore my black shoes over my pop socks, walked to the mirror, picked my hair comb and combed through my hair and quickly pack pontsplait.
I hung my backpack over my shoulders and slipped my phone in my pocket,i didn’t bother checking my reflection in the mirror before rushing out of my room.
“Anel,you’re late” Mil said to me when i got to the living room.
It’s obvious they’ve been waiting for me.
“I’m so sorry,I’m ready now,let’s go” I said.
“Won’t you eat?” She asked.
“I’m okay” I said.
“No you have to take your breakfast,it’s on the dining” She said.
“I’m okay,i will be waiting outside” I said and quickly walked outside.
I’m damn late,i can’t afford to have breakfast.
** **
“Bye Mil, Ana” I waved as i alighted from mil’s car.
I got to the gate and quickly showed the gatekeeper my school ID card before rushing into the school gate.
The school compound is deserted, students are already in class.
Why did i take so much wine.
I stepped into my classroom and met Mr Jones already teaching.
I know he dislikes me and i hate him.
I started hurrying to my seat…
“Hey, stop there!” Mr Jones yelled and i stopped and turned to him.
“You’re late” he said.
“Yes i know”
“You’ll be punished for coming late to school” He said.
“What sort of punishment?” I asked.
“You! Go call the school prefect” He said and i sighed.
“You run round the field fifty times, that’s the punishment of resuming late to school” Travis told me..
We were in the field,i was about to start my punishment and Travis being the school prefect is gonna monitor me.
I smiled.
“You can save yourself from this,you know what to do” He licked his lips.
“Travis,i studied the decree of Makers high school and the punishment for late coming is to jog round the field twenty times…I never knew you were this dumb! Anyway I’ll start my punishment” I said and left him looking astonished.
I started jogging, panting and counting.
I counted to fifteen before i tripped and fell.
This field is so large.
“Get up! Get up Immediately and continue your punishment” Travis shouted and i stood up,wiped my face and continued.
“Ahh!” I sighed in relief when i got to twenty.
It almost took my life, that’s the first time I’ll be serving such punishment. Makers high school is surely one crazy school.
I held my chest, panting.
What if i hadn’t studied the school’s decree,i would have jogged fifty times like this block headed guy said.
I raised up my head and saw him standing in front of me, grinning.
I stood up and was about leaving the field when he dragged me back and pinned me to the wall.
Haha…I’m gonna break someone’s head today.
“I think you’ve gone nuts,release me now” I warned.
He smiled. “I will,after i have a taste of your lips”.
“Travis,i might end up killing you, release me now” I said thinking of how to hit him,but his hold on me is so strong,i can’t move.
“Hold on,I’m just gonna kiss you and nothing else” He said bringing his face closer to mine,his movement made his hold on me loosened.
I smiled and watched him bring his lips closer,i waited for it to get close enough before striking him on the face.
“Ahhh!” He shouted in pain, rolling on the grass.
The kiss was near…he would have had my first kiss. Good thing i sorted him out fast.
I walked back to the class.
Two days later
Dan’s POV
She couldn’t call or even look for me.
Of course she doesn’t have my contact but if she cared, she wouldn’t have minded going to Jacq and for it.
Nurse Ella told me psycho hasn’t come to her since i was discharged,people working in the infirmary are not allowed into the students classroom. She told me she waited for her in the cafeteria everyday but psycho never showed up.
She left just now after changing my bandage and giving me a painful injection.
I feel so sad,she ended our friendship and couldn’t even check on me.
I have to learn how to stop crying for someone who doesn’t care for me,not that she wanted to be my friend anyway.
I forced her!
I heard my phone ring,i quickly sat up on the bed,wishing it was her even though i know she can’t call me,even if she had the chance.
I picked my phone beside the bedside lamp.
I swiped to the receiver and placed it on my ear.
Hi Karissa.
How’re you feeling?
Very fine, thanks.
Why don’t you wanna give us your mum’s home address,we wanna come check on you.
I’m sorry but my mum doesnt like visitors,i will return home soon.
Ahh. Okay then.
Can you please give Anel my contact?” I found myself asking.
What!” She exclaimed.
Yeah,she hasn’t called me for days now cause she couldn’t reach me. Please just give her my contact”
Okay, i will but i think i should tell you this…
What?” I asked.
Travis and Asanel are dating” She said and i laughed.
Com’on Karissa,i know you don’t like Anel but you don’t have to do this.
Of course i know you won’t believe me,but i caught them kissing and quickly had to take a shot. Anel doesn’t care about you anymore,she’s now with Travis and they are the talk of the whole school…I admire their relationship.
W..w wha-t ar-e yo-u say-ing?” I stammered.
Hold on, I’ll send the picture to you now” She said and disconnected the call.
I laughed, finding it hard to believe.
I stood up, with my phone still in my hand.
It vibrated and i quickly unlocked it.
‘you have a new message’ appeared at the top of my screen.
I quickly clicked on it almost making my phone fall out of my hand.
The message opened and..and,i saw Travis and Anel display on the screen of my phone.
She was smiling while Travis’s lips was close to hers.
Karissa; They kissed but i couldn’t capture it cause i was shocked.
My phone fell from my hand and tears dropped from my eyes at the same time.
They kissed!
And Why the hell am i crying?

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(Love, why?)
Season 2
#Chapter 66

Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
They kissed?
And why the hell am i crying!
I picked my phone up and dropped it on the bed.
I wiped my tears before walking out of the room.
No..I turned back and walked to the bed,i picked my phone up and zoomed the picture and damn! Their lips were almost touching.
I just can’t believe this, Anel and Travis? i know how much she dislikes Travis,did he managed to change her mind after four days i left school?
And i guess that’s the reason she didn’t check on me or even bothered to call me.
Our friendship is over, she can do anything she wants..i don’t freaking care but why am i so pained.
Anel followed the troup of girls who date Travis for his money.
I’m just so disappointed,i can’t believe she’ll do this.
Well…we knew each other for just two days so i can’t define her character.
I dropped my phone back on the bed and walked out of my room heading to the kitchen.
I need chilled water.
I opened the freezer and picked a bottle of water and a glass cup.

I rinsed the cup in the sink,open the bottle water and poured some into the glass cup.
I gulped it down and didn’t get the satisfaction i want.
I thought the water was gonna calm my nerves but it didn’t even help a bit.
I threw the glass cup in the sink and returned the remaining water to the freezer.
I held my head and felt like crying.
I walked back to the living room and sat on the couch,i picked the remote control and turned on the TV , a kdrama came into display and i forced myself to watch it.
The children are not back from school yet, Mum and her husband are away to work and i think Lena is in her room.
“Dan,your hold on the remote control is stronger than a pistol” I heard Lena said behind me.
I glanced at the remote control in my hand and noticed i was holding it damn tight.
I’m pissed!
I feel like hitting Travis and this is the only way i can suppress my anger but it isn’t even working.
I dropped the remote control and noticed my palm hurt.
“Are you okay?” Lena asked.
“Yeah” i forced a smile. “I am” i added.
“You sure?,you don’t look okay to me” She said.
“Well…my head hurt a little” I lied.
My head doesn’t hurt frequently anymore,it’s healing fast according to Nurse Ella.
She said the next time she’ll come,she’s gonna remove the bandage.
“Ohh… sorry,do you want anything?” She asked and i shook my head.
“I’m about to prepare lunch,the children will be back anytime soon” She said.
“I’ll help you” i stood up.
“Nay, don’t bother..you have to rest” She said.
“I want to help you” I said.
Lena is a fun person and i know she’s gonna make me laugh while we’re cooking,i want to forget psycho or whatever her name is.
“You said your head hurt” she said.
“Yeah,just a little. I want to help you” I insisted and started walking ahead of her to the kitchen.
“Good!” She exclaimed and walked behind me.
“I made sure i hit the can on his head before leaving the grocery store” Lena said and i laughed.
She’s telling me about how she fought two guys when she went to the grocery store.
“You shouldn’t have hit him,he was only showing interest” I said rinsing the vegetables in the sink.
“No he wasn’t,he was harassing me and i quickly gave him a taste of what being Lena is like” She said.
“Have i rinsed it enough?” I showed the vegetables to Lena.
“Rinse it once more” she said.
“Ah!” I groaned.
“You said you wanted to help” She said.
“Yeah” I rinsed the vegetables one more time and carried the bowl to Lena who stirred it into the water on fire.
“Help me switch on the second gas cooker” She said and i did.
She quickly rinsed a saucepan and placed it on it.
She applied little oil and sliced onions,she reduced the intensity of the flame and started making sauce.
I checked on the boiling veggies.
The aroma of the sauce she was making filled the kitchen and i sniffed at interval peering into the delicious looking sauce.
“Do you know what we are making?” She asked.
“Nay” I answered.
“India rice with Spanish stew” She smiled.
“Wow, I’ve heard of it but never tasted it.” I grinned.
“Yeah…it’s a rare meal,the veggies we are boiling will be used to garnish the rice” She said.
“Thank goodness I’m here with you, Mum and dad went to India and I’ll make sure i prepare this on their arrival”
“Wow! They’ll be so impressed” She said.
“Yeah, and how did you learn how to cook it?” I asked.
“My mum owns a cafeteria and we prepare various delicacies” She smiled.
“We’re home” we heard the children shouted from the living room.
“Go freshen up darlings and come have your lunch” Lena said.
“Is Dan there?” Mike asked.
“Yeah I’m here” I said.
“Okay” They chorused.
” So Why don’t you work in your mum’s cafeteria?” I asked.
“Well..I worked with my mum for years before i decided to be independent,i don’t want my cooking skills to go to waste” She said.
“I’m glad you told me that” I said.
“The sauce is burning!” She exclaimed and we both laughed.
We sat round the dining room, Lena was dishing out the India rice and Spanish stew.
Mum and her husband are not back from work.
Lena finished dishing out for everyone and we all started eating.
“Wow! Delicious” I said.
“Yeah it is” Mike grinned.
“Lena is the best at cooking” Sarah said.
“I want cereal” Todd said.
“I’ll help you make cereals once you’re done with your meal okay?” Lena said to him and he nodded.
“You all should come have your siesta” Lena said leading the children up to their rooms.
I stood up and packed the dishes to the kitchen.
I started washing…
“Dan! Why are you washing the dishes?” I heard lena ask behind me.
“Why shouldn’t i wash the dishes?” I asked and proceeded to rinsing.
“It’s my work,you shouldn’t help me with it” She said and i noticed she’s already beside me.
“Well…there’s nothing bad if i help you ” I said.
“Thanks Dan,I’ll miss you when you leave” She said sadly.
“Me too and I’ll try to be coming here frequently because of you” i said.
I’m the only friend she gat in the house.
“Ohh..I’ll be so happy if you do that,seems you’re done with the dishes” She said.
“Yeah” i said as i placed the last dish on the draining board.
I dried my hand and we both walked out of the kitchen.
We got to the living room,sat and resumed the kdrama i was watching.
I’m glad Lena is here to watch it with me.
Psycho please stop crossing my mind!
You’ve moved on and you won’t allow me to do the same!
“What’s with the frown?” Lena jolted me out of my thoughts.
“Huh? Uhm…the movie” I lied.
“It’s boring right?” She asked and i nodded,i wasn’t even watching it.
“Let’s play board game” She suggested.
“Yes!” I grinned.
Anel’s POV
I opened my eyes and was glad to see a new day.
But damn! I’m so worried about maniac.
This is the fifth day I’ve not heard anything from him.
I can’t bring myself to ask for Jacq or Karissa for his contact.
Even if i do,they won’t give it to me.
How’s he faring?
Is his head healing?
I hope he’s now very much okay.
I ache for maniac’s presence each time i sit in class.
I miss him so much,not knowing how he’s faring gat me more worried.
I want to see him,if not for anything but to check his well being.
I’ve been trying to fish out the perpetrator but I’m not getting positive results,the only thing i recognize is the tattoo behind his neck and i can’t possibly tell the students,teachers and everyone in school to reveal their necks..that’ll be crazy but I’m having the feeling that I’ll get hold of the perpetrator soon. I swear down, I’ll make him regret what he did.
He made maniac go through pain.
He made maniac miss school for days and;
He made me break up our friendship.
How can i get to see maniac?
I go to his house everyday after school and the stupid gatekeeper keep saying the same thing,he refused to give me the so called mum home address.
I stood up from the bed and walked to my wardrobe,i pulled it open and brought out my well ironed school wears.
I opened the drawer, selected my undies and walked back to the bed still thinking of how to get to maniac.
I set my school wears and undies on the bed and reached for my shoes.
I have an idea.
I’ll go meet Nurse Ella,she’s the one treating him and she should know his mum’s home address.
“Yes!” I grinned.
Why didn’t i think of that all this while.
Well I’m glad the thought finally came to my head.
I dropped my shoes on the bed and rushed to the bathroom.
I can’t wait to see his handsome face.
My handsome maniac.
Anel what the hell is wrong with you?
I adjusted my school wears after putting it on.
I stood in front of my mirror and combed my hair before styling it into my normal style.
I slide my socked feet into my shoes,i hung my backpack over my shoulders, picked my phone and walked out of my room.
I descended the stairs slowly and finally got to the living room.
I met no one,i guess they’re still sleeping.
I walked to the dining area and met Mary,our house help setting the table.
Yeah,we already hired an house help, Courtesy; Liam who said he doesn’t want Mum to work anymore, Mil goes to film location everyday and I offered to help with the house chores but they all refused.
We already hired a driver too.
“Good morning Mary” I smiled.
She’s a pretty lady, so nice and works diligently.
“Good morning Asanel,how was your night?” She asked.
“Nice, thanks” I said.
“Breakfast is ready” She said and pointed to my tray of breakfast.
“Thanks” I said and dropped my backpack before sitting down.
“I’ll go call Ana” She said and walked away..
I started eating my breakfast,it’s a piece of burger with cappuccino.
“Pumpkin” I heard behind me and sighed,already knowing who it is.
I’m half done with my breakfast.
“Anel” Ana appeared in front of me, dropped her backpack and sat opposite me, shifting her tray of breakfast closer.
“What?” I asked.
“Whatever” She answered and started eating.
I felt like knocking the hell out of her.
“Thanks Mary” Ana and i chorused after we were done with our breakfast.
We got up from the chair and backed our backpack.
“Goodbye,have a nice day at school” She said after us.
We got outside and met our new driver, Jack waiting for us.
“Good morning jack” we greeted.
“Good morning darlings,get into the car let’s move” he smiled.
He’s also as nice as Mary.
Recently,i found myself loosening up fast to people around me,i now greet people even if i won’t talk to them.
I’m not doing this willingly,I’m doing it because of Dan. His wish is to see me loosen up to other people apart from him.
I will still keep to myself,but greeting won’t hurt.
Ana and i got into the backseat while Jack got behind the wheels.
“Jack, don’t come pick me after school,i have a place to go” I said.
“Alright” He said and started driving out of the opened gate.
“You haven’t followed us home in the car for the past few days now” Ana said.
“I’m sorry but where I’m going to is equally important” I said.
“Dan’s place?” She asked and i nodded.
“It’s okay if it’s Dan’s place” She said.
I smiled, wondering why they all love Dan.
Jack pulled to a stop in front of my school gate.
I alighted and waved them “Bye”
They waved back and drove away..
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I walked closer to the gate and showed my school ID card to the gate keeper.
He allowed me in and i walked straight to my class, answering some of the students who said “hi” to me.
I stepped into my class and closed the door after me.
“Hi Asanel” They chorused.
They started saying ‘hi’ to me since the day i responded to their greeting.
“Hello everyone” I smiled and walked to my seat.
They giggled happily making me feel like a goddess.
Do they like me that much?
I still put off any of them who tries to get close to me and I’m glad they all maintained their lane.
I made it clear to them that I’ll only respond to their greetings and none of them should come close to me and they obeyed,they were even glad im gonna respond to their greetings.
Dan, this is what you wished for.
I wish you were here.
You can see I’ve loosened up,even if i don’t talk to people,i respond to their greetings and i believe that’s something.
I sat down and dropped my backpack.
Dan,once i see you today. I’m gonna make up our friendship,I’m gonna make us go back to the way we were.
We should do this together like you said.
I’m sorry i chickened out but now I’m ready.
I’m sorry for ending our friendship but just wait for some hours..I’ll be coming back to you.
I miss you maniac…
I stood up from my seat immediately the bell for lunch break was rung.
Students trooped out of the classroom to the cafeteria but i walked out of the classroom to the infirmary.
I need to go see nurse Ella as i planned.
I was almost at the infirmary when i bumped into Karissa and Travis,they were coming from a deserted hallway.
They look so shocked to see me.
I wonder what they were doing..
I walked past them to the infirmary.
I got there and stood in front of the door.
It opened and i stepped in.
I walked to the nurses behind the desk.
“Good afternoon” I greeted.
They looked at each other in surprise.
“Did you just greeted us?” They asked.
I smiled “Yes”
“Wow!” They exclaimed.
“Is nurse Ella in?” I asked.
“Y..yes,oh..there she is” they pointed at my back.
I turned and saw nurse Ella walking towards the desk.
She looked surprised to see me.
“OMG Asanel, where have you been? I go to the cafeteria everyday in search of you,infact I’m coming from the cafeteria now” She said.
“I’m sorry,i don’t go for lunchbreak anymore since Dan has been absent from school” I said.
“Really? Come with me” She said and dragged me gently to a chair.
We both sat down.
“I’m here for his mum’s home address,i believe you treat him there” I said.
“Yeah,he asks of you everyday” She said and i smiled.
He misses me too.
“Please give me his mum’s home address,i have to see him” i said.
“Why don’t we go together when school’s over” She said.
“That’ll be great,thanks” I stood up.
“Asanel,I’ll love it if you continue this way. Being lonely doesn’t suit you” She said.
“Thanks” I said ‘loquacious nurse’ I added inwardly.
“See you when school’s over, I’ll be waiting by the gate” She said.
“Okay” I said and walked to the door.
I stepped out and headed back to the class, feeling so happy.
We had three more subjects before school was over.
I packed my books in my backpack,carried it and got up from my seat.
I started walking out of the classroom,i met karissa’s gaze and she looked down like she’s embarrassed.
What’s wrong with this one?
Of course i know she and Travis probably had sex but what’s my concern.
I got out of the classroom and cornered hallways before getting to the gate.
I showed the gatekeeper my school ID before stepping out.
True to her words,she was standing outside the gate.
She smiled when she saw me but i didn’t smile back.
I don’t feel like smiling and i don’t like faking smiles.
She waved an upcoming cab to a stop.
“County street, building 7” She said and we both got in.
I’m having this feeling,this bad feeling and i hope nothing is gonna go wrong.
Nurse Ella kept me busy with her talks till the cab man parked in front of a building.
She paid the cab man and we both alighted.
She went ahead and knocked on the gate while i stood behind her.
The gatekeeper opened the gate and they both exchanged smiles.
We walked into the compound and i was ‘wowed’ by it’s massiveness and beauty.
Nurse Ella led me to the door, she rang the doorbell and we stood beside each other waiting for the door to be opened.
It was opened by maniac’s younger brother and i bet he look happy to see me.
“Dan,beautiful psycho is here” He shouted.
Beautiful psycho!!!
Dan’s POV
“Dan, beautiful psycho is here” I heard Mike shouted from the living room.
Mike is a crazy boy.
Who is he playing prank on?
I’m in my room, reading a novel while waiting for nurse Ella to come.
I know she’s already here cause i heard her exchanging greetings with Lena.
I folded the part i stopped in the novel and sat up on the bed.
I smiled when the door opened.
“Good afternoon nurse El..” I was saying but stopped when i saw psycho beside her.
My smile vanished,my anger returned.
That stupid feeling returned and i felt more pissed.
I stood up Immediately.
“Dan” She smiled and rushed to hug me but i pushed her back and she let out a gasp.
“What are you doing here?” I asked..
“D..Dan i came to check on you” She said.
“On the fifth day?” I asked.
“I’m sorry..i can exp…”
“Keep quiet!” I cut her off.
Nurse Ella watched us without saying anything.
“Leave!” I said.
“Dan” She called,her eyes unshed with tears.
I felt bad immediately but how dare she kiss Travis!
“You can go on and kiss Travis for money just like other girls do,yo..” I was saying but was cut short with a slap from psycho.
I rubbed my cheek with my palm trying to stop the stinging pain.
I looked at her and noticed tears has started rolling down her cheeks.
“Yes! I kissed him. I had sex with him and do you know what? It was damn sweet, i enjoyed it just like you enjoyed the lies you were told. I came here to make up our friendship,but you gave me a better option. Daniel,this will be the final end of our friendship” She said in tears and turned to leave.
She turned back;
“Thanks for making me cry” She said and left.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 9:23pm On Jan 09
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
I shoved my fingers into my hair and swore for Karissa.
I picked my phone, scrolled to the picture and clicked on it.
If only i had been patient,i would have noticed psycho clenched her fist in the picture and that means she was about to hit Travis.
I messed up real bad.
Come to think of it,she even came to make up our friendship and i ruined her plan.
“Dan,that was quite harsh” Nurse Ella said and walked closer to me.
“Yeah i know” I said and noticed my voice sounded quite heavy.
” I’m sure she can’t stoop so low to kiss Travis,even if she did you don’t have the right to be angry cause you both are not in a relationship,you are only friends right?”
That’s it!
I shouldn’t get angry,she can kiss anyone but i just can’t take it.
Am i being jealous or what?
I’m not always like this…what’s wrong with me?
“How can i apologize to her,will you help me bring her tomorrow? ” I asked.
“Tomorrow is Saturday plus she looks so angry,she won’t even wanna see you for now” Nurse Ella said.
“Yeah,she won’t”
“You should ask before making false accusation,do you have a proof for it. Besides,you’re friends so you should trust her”
I picked my phone and showed her the picture.
She stared at it for a while and sighed.
“Who sent this to you?” She asked.
“A friend” I said.
“A she?” She asked and i nodded.
She laughed. “it seems she is trying to break your friendship”
“Why did you say that?” I asked.
“She shot this right? so if they had kissed,she would have shot it too. It’s obvious she wants to put a stop to your friendship,I’m disappointed you weren’t smart to find out” She said.
I don’t think Karissa can do that though.
“She came to meet me at the infirmary today,can you believe she didn’t went for lunch break since you were absent from school”
“Yeah,that’s the reason i don’t see her in the cafeteria,she likes you so much and cares for you”
“I like her and care for her too,i don’t know the reason i got pissed unnecessarily”
“Dan, you’re jealous” She laughed.
“No,I’m not” i denied.
“Then you shouldn’t get angry over that” She said.
“Well…” I completed my statement with a smile and she laughed.
“You have a crush on her right?”
“Who won’t have a crush on Asanel Yates” I said imagining her beautiful face.
Ahh… she’ll be so sad right now.
I made her cry and i don’t think she’ll ever forgive me.
“What you have for her is more than a crush”
“Really? What’s that?” I asked.
“You find out yourself ,sit let me treat you” She said and dropped a small kit on my bedside table.
More than a crush?
What’s more than a crush?
I sat and nurse Ella started unwrapping my bandage,my mind wasn’t there.
I’m planning on how to apologise to psycho.
I don’t know her main home address and i don’t even…she told me she stay at her dad’s on weekends and tomorrow is Saturday!

“Your wound is almost healed and I’m sure you’ll be able to move about by Monday,make sure you take your medication” Nurse Ella said packing up her kit.
“Okay thanks” i said feeling relieved.
The bandage has been removed and my head felt more free than ever.
A large plaster is still on the main wound though.
“See you tomorrow and i hope you solve your little quarrel” She smiled, carried her kit and walked out of my room.
“Thanks Nurse Ella” I called after her.
I was about laying on the bed when the door opened.
“Why do you like making her cry?” Mike asked and i was damn surprised.
“Huh?” I asked even though i know what he’s talking about.
“She left your room the other day in tears,same happened today. What went wrong?” He asked.
” I’m gonna solve it” I said.
“I was happy when i saw her come in and thought i will spend more time with her today” He frowned.
I sighed. “I’ll make her smile when next she comes”
“And you think she’s gonna come here again with whatever you did for her” He said and walked out of the room.
Mike got angry with me cause of psycho?
I laid on the bed, feeling bad about what i did.
I picked my phone and deleted the picture.
I’m gonna make Travis smell hell when i resume school.
I scrolled through other pictures in my gallery and clicked on the ones i took of her in the garden.
I always smile anytime i view her pictures.
I’m trying not to smile now but my lips won’t budge.
My phone rang in my hand and i checked the caller ID.
Hi Dad.
Daniel,how are you?.
I’m fine Dad, you and mum?
We’re fine, your mum doesn’t wanna come home so we’re gonna be staying in India permanently” He teased and i laughed.
Ohh…go ahead,Mike and i will pay you a surprise visit.
He laughed How’s Mike?”
He’s fine, getting more stubborn each passing day.
Haha…he’s surely giving you lots of problem.
Yes Dad,when are you returning?
We should be home by Thursday…
Thank goodness!
I still have a lot of time.
Mike and i will return home on Wednesday.
Dad,that’s a bit far…
Ohh.. should we arrive earlier than Thursday?
No..no take your time, select the best gifts for Mike and i.
Your mum already did that,I’m sure the whole car will be filled by the time we get home.
I laughed is Mum there with you?
No,she made some Indian friends and they’re having a conversation in the beach.
Dan,i hope you’re cleaning the studio house?
Of course Dad,i clean it everyday” I lied.
Good, i need to go now.
Okay,bye Dad.
Bye son.
I disconnected the call and sighed.

Anel’s POV
I folded my last piece of clothing in my backpack.
I’m getting ready to leave for dad’s house.
Of course i just returned from maniac mum’s house.
I’m surprised he could do that and i nearly spanked myself for crying foolishly in his presence.
He should believe whatever he wants,i don’t freaking care.
Who gave him such news?
I thought he was angry with me for not checking on him,i was ready to explain but he gave me a shocker when he talked about Travis.
Am i that cheap to kiss Travis because of cash.
I gat enough cash to last me for my lifetime.
I was so pained he couldn’t trust me.
He knows how much i dislike Travis yet he believes a bitch over me.
I thought we were friends,do friends not trust each other?
Whoever told him that shit should get ready to face me.
I didn’t regret giving him a slap,he deserved it.
I was so happy to see him at first,he looked more handsome and that exciting feeling stirred in my heart.
I couldn’t hold myself and had rushed to hug him but he pushed me back.
He pushed me!
I sniffed and realised i was crying again.
I wiped my tears with my hand and sat on my dressing chair.
When exactly did i become this weak?
When exactly did i started crying over other people?
I only cry when my mum is involved but Dan has stirred something else in me.
He should go to hell!
I’m not gonna cry over any shit again.
I stood up and wiped my face.
I’ve not had my lunch,I’ll go have it at dad’s.
I adjusted my gown and picked my backpack which is containing my wears and phone.
I walked out of my room and headed to Liam’s room to say ‘bye’.
I knocked on their door and was told to come in.
I walked in and closed the door behind him.
Their bedroom is the largest in the house,it’s so beautiful and well structured.
They were both on their king-sized bed.
“I’m about to leave for dad’s” I said.
“Ohh” Liam said.
“My greetings to him ” Mum said.
“Okay,bye” I turned to leave.
“What’s wrong Anel,you look sad” Liam sat up on the bed.
I turned back to face him.
“I’m okay” i faked a smile.
“I’m not that dumb not to know that you’re faking a smile” He said.
“Are you sure you’re fine?” Mum asked.
“She’s not…those troubles started when Mara also started faking smiles” Liam said sadly.

A tear dropped from my eyes at the mention of mum’s name.
I know my life would have been different if she’s not gone.
I would have felt the joy of having a mother.
But friends caused it! And im so stupid to cry over a friend.
I’ve changed my mind,i don’t want to have friends anymore,I broke my vow the day i resumed M.H.S… and now I’ll make sure i make up my vow before i leave M.H.S.
I’m not interested in people anymore, i won’t greet anyone or respond to anyone’s greetings again.
“Bye” I said and walked out of their room.
“Anel” They called after me but i didn’t respond.
I rushed down the stairs and quickly got outside the house.
Jack was discussing with the gatekeeper.
“Hey! I’m ready,unlock the car” I said hurriedly.
He looked at me in surprise but quickly unlocked the car like i ordered.
I got into the backseat and dropped my backpack.
He got behind the wheels,turned on the ignition and drove out of the compound.
“Do you know my dad’s home address?” I asked.
“Yeah..Liam told me. I hope you’re okay?” He asked but i ignored him,glad Liam and Mum didn’t come after me.
Jack drove into dad’s compound and i alighted, carrying my backpack with me.
“Bye Asanel” jack called after me.
I got to the door and rang the bell.
I waited for few seconds before the door was opened by Claire.
Her lips curved in a smile and i wondered why a psychologist is always on apron.
“Hi Asanel,how are you?” She asked.
I nodded,not wanting to ignore her completely.
I walked into the house and took a deep breath.
I heard the door close behind me..
I got to the living room and met no one.
Where’s dad?
“Where’s dad?” I asked Claire and regretted it immediately.
I already planned not to talk to anyone again!
“Kelly is in his room sleeping at the moment” She said.
I started climbing the stairs to my room.
“Anel,are you okay?” I heard Claire asked behind me.
I ignored her and continued walking to my room.
“I prepared a meal for you but if you don’t like it,I can prepare another one” She said..
“Claire,I’m back to the way i was. Don’t talk to me cause i won’t respond..it won’t be nice to continue ignoring you” i said and walked to my room.
I smiled when i saw my bed neatly spread.
One thing i love about this room is the bouncy bed.
I walked to the wardrobe and dropped my backpack, then started unpacking.
I finished unpacking and gladly jumped on the bouncy bed.
“Ah!” I sighed sweetly and closed my eyes.
I should sleep off Immediately but I’m starving,i need to eat before sleeping.
I got up from the bed, slipped my feet into my pink slippers and walked out of my room.
I walked to Dad’s room, opened the door and met him sleeping.
I smiled when i thought of disturbing him but i decided to let him be,he might be stressed out.
I closed his door gently and descended the stairs.
I saw Claire sitting in the living room,busy with her phone.
I walked to the kitchen…
I was eating the noodles i prepared at the dinning when dad walked in.
I gulped half of my water before rushing to hug him.
“Princess” He pecked my cheeks.
“Dad,how are you?”
“I’m fine,a little bit stressed though..i miss your face” He said and i giggled.
“Me too”
“Why aren’t you eating the meal Claire prepared? She made it because she knew you were coming” He said.
I felt bad immediately..
“I’m sorry Dad, I’m gonna have it for dinner” I said.
“Ohh .. okay,go continue your noodles,it’s gonna get cold” He said.
“Okay Dad” I said and walked back to sit.
He walked to the kitchen and returned later with a glass cup of juice.
He sat on the dining chair opposite mine.
“How’s Liam and Everyone?” He asked.
“They are all fine and guess what?” I asked.
“You’ve learned how to make baguette?”
I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.
I also laughed when remembered when i made baguette for Dad,it burnt terribly,the whole kitchen was filled with smoke and we nearly choked to death.
“Stop trying to make jest of me” i feigned a frown.
“I’m not but i can never forget that day” He laughed and i joined him.
“Well…it’s not that,it’s about mum” I smiled.
“What happened to her?” He asked.
“She’s carrying a baby” I said happily.
“Wow! That’s a great news” He smiled.
“Of course it is” I said.
“i should call later to congratulate her” He smiled.
“Kelly, please come” we heard Claire called from the living room.
“Coming babe” He said and picked his glass cup of juice, smiled at me then walked away.
I stood up after i was done eating,took my dishes to the kitchen.
I quickly washed it in sink,dried my hands and started walking back to my room.
I passed the living room and met Dad and Claire watching a movie.
“I’ll be up in my room” I said.
“Okay princess”.
I walked into my room and closed the door behind me.
I need a longgggg sleep.
I jumped on the bed and bounced, laughing as i did that.
I laid on it and closed my eyes.
I yawned, knowing I’ll be asleep soon,i dragged the blanket closer to my chest.
I laid on the bed awake but still with my eyes closed.
I opened my eyes and sighed knowing i have to help Claire with the chores.
I got up from the bed and adjusted my pyjamas before walking to the bathroom.
I rinsed my face and brushed my teeth before walking back to my room.
I slipped into my footwear and walked out of my room.
“Thank you Anel” Claire said to me.
We were done with the chores,she’s off to prepare breakfast while I’m off to take my bath..
I met Dad also coming out of his room.
“Good morning Dad” I greeted .
“Good morning princess,how was your night?” He asked.
“Fine dad” I said.
“Have you seen Claire this morning?” He asked.
“Yeah,we just finished with the chores” I said.
“Good” He smiled.
“I’m going to take my bath Dad” I said.
“Okay princess”
I walked into my room, selected my outfit before going to bath..
“I’m gonna wash it” I insisted for the umpteenth time.
We just finished having our breakfast, and Claire won’t let wash the dishes.
Is she trying to make me talk to her or what?
“Claire,let her wash it” Dad said and i was glad she gave in.
I packed the dishes to the kitchen and started washing.
It took a while before i was done with it cause my thoughts were diverting to someone it should avert from.
I dried my hands and walked out of the kitchen.
I headed straight to my room..I need to complete the novel i was reading then maybe swim.
I got to my room and pulled the drawer open.
The novel laid there,looking untouched, i picked it and walked back to the bed.
I can’t remember where i stopped,i forgot to fold it.
I read it the last day i visited dad.
I opened a page that looked a bit opened.
I laughed when i saw a piece of chocolate there, that was when i remembered that it was the chocolate i used to make a sign on the page i stopped.
I picked it and unwrapped it,i threw it into my mouth and chewed it.
I felt like eating more but i continued with the novel.
“Princess” Dad called through the door.
“Yes Dad” I answered sitting up on the bed.
“Someone is here to see you” He said.
“Someone? Who?” I asked.
“The guy you call maniac” He said and my heart skipped a beat.
“What’s he doing here” I yelled and stood up.
I rushed to the door and opened it.
“Where’s he?” I asked sliding my feet into my footwear.
“He’s by the door,i told him to come in but he refused”.
“Okay” I walked out of my room.
“Is everything okay?” Dad asked.
“Perfectly fine Dad” I said before descending the stairs.
I got to the door and hesitated before pulling it open.
I met maniac standing by the door, looking at his feet.
He glanced up and that indescribable feeling rushed into my body.
His curly strands landed on his forehead,long enough to get to his pointed nose.
His eyes bored into mine and his lips curved in a smile.
My heart pounded faster.
Where’s the courage i felt before coming to the door?
Was i not determined to lash out at him?
“What do you want?” I finally asked.
“Anel,I’m here to apologise…”
“Okay you can leave” I cut him short.
“I’m sorry, please forgive me. I took it the wrong way”
“Okay,you can leave” I said.
“Anel, please I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have acted that way…i didn’t know what came over me” He said.
“Okay,you can leave” I said.
“Anel, please just forgive me…im so sorry,i can explain better. You know friends forgive each other” He said and i laughed.
“Daniel,you’re not my friend anymore, i already cease to be friends with you,you made me accept you as a friend,you also made me do the opposite. If you don’t know,I’ve returned to the way i was.. the Anel who doesn’t talk to people and i would love if you can maintain your lane” I said and shut the door on his face.
I’ve gone back to the way i was.

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=just+for+love
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 10:18am On Jan 13
(Love, why?)
Season 2
#Chapter 69

Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Get a grip of yourself before he turns you into a slowpoke.
“Boom!” I heard behind me and flinched.
I sighed angrily already knowing it’s Ana.
“Hey sis” She sat beside me.
“Why the hell do you have to ‘Boom!’ ” I said .
“I’m sorry but i think you need that ‘Boom!’ ” She laughed.
“It’s not funny” I said and she shrugged.
“I wasn’t tryna make it funny” She picked the remote control and pressed the power button.
I watch the TV came into life,she scanned through the channels and selected her favorite.
She suddenly turned to me .
“You and Dan had a fight right?” She asked and i nodded.
“He apologized and you’re yet to forgive him?”
“Why?” She asked.
“None of your business” i said.
“He’s such a nice guy,i plead on his behalf” She said dramatically, rubbing her palms together with her eyes closed .
I laughed…
“He’s a maniac!” I said seriously.
“Huh! Maniac?” She asked and i nodded.
She laughed…”is that what you call him?”
“Yeah” I tried not to laugh too.
“OMG” She laughed more.
“But do you know he’s too handsome to be a maniac?” She said.
“Yeah,that’s the reason i call him handsome maniac” I said.
“Ah! I’m dead” She laughed so hard that i joined her.
“What’s the excitement all about?” We heard and turned to see Mum and Liam.
The fitting gown she’s wearing made her little bump obvious,i wonder what it feels like.
“Hi Mum, Liam” i said.
“How’re you girls” Mum asked and sat down.
Liam plopped on the couch beside hers.
“Mary, please get us two glass cups of juice with some cookies” Liam said loudly.
“Okay” Mary said from the kitchen.
“Let’s go to my room” i said to Ana.
“To continue maniac’s discussion” She whispered.
“Shush…I’m the only one that has that right to call him maniac” I whispered back and we both laughed.
“I wonder what you are both whispering about” Liam said looking at us suspiciously.
We both stood up and started walking to my room.
“Dad,remain some cookies for me,I’ll be back for it” Ana said.
“Okay love”.
I opened the door to my room and we both walked in.
She jumped on the bed.
“Now let’s continue our discussion on maniac” She smiled.
“Continue what? I brought you here to help me with my laundry” I laughed.
“What!” Her eyes widened.
{Next morning}
I wonder when last i set this alarm.
Ana must have done it.
I yawned and rubbed my eyes with my palms before sitting up on the bed.
I’m so gonna kill her.
I dismissed the alarm and stood up, stretching in the process.
I walked to my wardrobe and brought out my school wears and undies.
I was dressing up when Ana popped into my room.
“You set the alarm right?” I advanced towards her.
“Yeah” She pouted.
“You know how much i hate alarms” I said buttoning down my shirt.
“Good for you! That’s the payback for helping you with your laundry” She passed me my shoes.
I laughed, remembering how i made her do my laundry.
I took my shoes from her and put it on.
“So are you gonna forgive Dan?” She asked with a pleading gaze.
I didn’t answer her,i turned to the mirror and began styling my hair.
“He looked so sorry” She added .
“I’ve not decided if I’m gonna forgive him or not”
“Well…I know you will” She said.
“You wish i will” i said, and grabbed my backpack,I threw my phone in my pocket.
“Let’s go” I said.
She stood up and walked after me.
“Where’s your backpack?” I asked closing the door.
“It’s at the dining room” She said as we both descended the stairs.
“Is breakfast not ready?” I asked.
“It is but i decided to come to your room first” She said.
We got to the dining and met our breakfast dished out on the table.
I dropped my backpack and we both sat and started eating.
“Bye Ana” I waved alighting from our car.
“Bye pumpkin,my greetings to Dan” She smiled and i sent her a glare.
I heard her laugh before Jack drove off.
I got to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my school ID before walking in.

I felt bad ignoring the students greetings again.
I opened the classroom door and stepped in.
“Hi Asanel” They chorused.
I gave a little wave before going to my seat,i can’t bear to ignore them completely.
I realised Dan was already seated.
I got to my sit and sat down on,i dropped my backpack with a sigh.
I straightened my hands on the desk and stylishly looked at Dan whom i caught staring at me.
How could a guy’s lashes be this long and full.
He’s so cute.
‘Where are the artworks and chocolates?’
“Hi” He said.
I smiled inwardly…I’ve been waiting for that.
I didn’t reply him though,i quickly wore a frown on my face.
“”How’re you?” He asked.
“You would have looked better if you had applied less hair cream” He said.
“What?” I glanced at him.
“I was only kidding,i finally succeeded in making you look at me” He smiled.
I hissed and removed my gaze from his face.
“I hope you’ll forgive me” He said.
‘the artworks and chocolates first’.
“Good morning class” Mr Jones strode in.
I hate this man!
“Good morning Mr Jones” The class chorused.
“I hope you’re aware of your morning test?” He asked.
Morning test?
We were not informed!
“We were not informed mr Jones..
We’re not prepared!” The class chorused.
“Silence! Prepared or not,we’re having it now” He said and students started bringing out their notes, studying the little they can before the test starts.
“Won’t you study for test?” Dan asked.
“I don’t study for test” I said returning mr Jones glare.
“Just like me” He said.
“All movements stop! Test is officially starting” He barked and most of the students swore for him, including me.
He started scribbling some questions on the board.
“10 minutes” He said.
10 minutes?
The questions are quite much.
Well..I better get started.
I finished before ten minutes elapsed.
I opened my backpack and brought out a bottle of water.
I twisted the cap till it opened,i gulped it down my throat.
“Hey! You,why are you drinking water during the test?” He asked advancing towards me.
The students stopped their tests to stare at me.
They have few minutes left.
“I’m done with the test” I dropped my bottle of water.
The students gasped and he also looked quite surprised.
He grabbed my sheet and glanced through it before looking at me.
“That doesn’t mean you should drink water during the test!” He barked.
“Is that in the school rules?” I asked.
“Anel” I heard Dan whispered.
“She’s sorry Mr Jones” He said.
“I’m not sorry cause i don’t think I’ve done anything wrong” I said.
“You’ll be punished for being rude to a teacher” Karissa suddenly said.
“Fool! I’m not being rude,I’m only stating the fact” I said to her.
The class looked on at the ongoing drama and i can tell Dan isn’t pleased with my behavior but who cares!
I looked at Mr Jones and met his piercing gaze.
If only looks could kill….
I don’t disrespect teachers,i only put them in their place and that’s for those of them who gets on my nerves.
“Mr Jones,don’t you think 10 minutes has elapsed” i said but he kept glaring at me.
“That’s unprofessional of you,you set the time and you should keep to it” I said and stretched my sheet to him.
He tightened his fist and i laughed.
Is he about to hit me?
Then he’ll know the stuff Liam is made of.
I remember vividly what happened in Neltodine and i can’t help but laugh.
How could a teacher behave like a mere student.
“Mr Jones,I think your period is over and mine has begun” Mrs Claus said walking into the class.
“Class prefect,bring all of the test sheets to me” He said and gave me one last look before walking out of the class.
He had looked so pained and i wonder if he’s going to kill himself.
That’ll be so nice.
“Anel th..”
“Hey! Don’t reprimand me okay and i wonder why I’m still talking to you” I hissed and passed my sheet to Nina,the class prefect.
Our next class began…..
Lunch break
I sat in the class, watching as students trooped out.
Water is gonna sustain me till school’s over but damn! I miss the cafeteria pasta.
Jacq and Karissa came to call Dan and i don’t know why i felt so pained when he followed them,he turned back to look at me as they walked away but i quickly removed my gaze.
They finally walked out of the class and i continued sipping my water looking at nothing in particular.
I placed my head on the desk, thinking i could make do with some sleep.
I stared at my feet for so long and i was starting to fall asleep when i perceived the aroma of pasta.
Have i missed it that much to perceive the aroma without being close to it.
The aroma became stronger that i was forced to raise up my head.
I was startled when i saw Dan standing in front of my desk with a plate of pasta and chicken.
Has he been standing there for long?
I looked from the delicious-looking pasta to his face.
“What?” I asked even though i felt like grabbing the pasta from him.
“I brought this for you” He said.
“Thanks but I’m not hungry” I lied and nearly cursed myself.
He smiled…”You are! Just let down your pride and eat this”
“Get out! I don’t want anything from you” I said.
“We’re having after class activities today,do you wanna starve all through?” He asked.
“Leave!” I said looking at the steaming pasta.
He dropped it on my desk.
“Eat,i won’t look at you” He said and turned away.
I stared at his broad back down to his strong legs, he has an amazing structure.
I picked the fork and scooped some pasta in my mouth.
More delicious than ever.
He turned back and i felt embarrassed he caught me.
He laughed..
“I’m not eating anymore” I dropped the fork.
“Okay I’m sorry,i won’t look at you again” He said trying to hide his grin.
He turned away and i continued eating.
I didn’t realize i was starving.
I ate the pasta to my fill and gulped more water.
“I’m done” I said slowly and he turned.
He smiled.
“I knew you were hungry” he said picking the dish.
“That doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you” I said.
“Arrrrgh! But you ate the pasta” He said.
“You forced me to” I said.
He walked out of the class with the dish in his hand and i felt miserably bad.
I want to forgive him.
“This is the second time I’m missing after class activities” Dan said to me.
I shrugged and adjusted on the bench.
He succeeded in making me come to the garden with him while after class activities is going on.
I never wanted to do the after class activities though.
I hate mingling with people.
“Funny enough,it was because of you i missed the after class activities” He said.
“And?” I asked glancing at the paper bag beside him on the bench.
He should bring out the artworks already.
“You know how much i want you to forgive me” He said.
I stood up and went to pluck the flower i was eyeing,i turned back to him, sniffing the hibiscus flower.
No special fragrance but it’s fine.
“You made me accept friendship and you also made me dismiss it” I said.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“I thought we were friends and friends trusted each other,why didn’t you trust me?” I asked.
“I’m sorry ” He looked so sorry and i know I’ve forgiven him,i wasn’t just ready to admit it.
It can happen to me too and how would i feel if he refused to forgive me.
He has tried so much to make me forgive him which means he’s truly sorry.
“Dan” I called and he stared at me.
I dropped the flower i was holding “Come here” I said spreading out my hands.
He looked surprised but he didn’t hesitate before rushing to me.
I pulled him into my arms.
Surprisingly, the emptiness i was feeling disappeared and happiness i normally feel whenever I’m with him returned,i felt so much more better.
My stomach almost exploded in excitement and my heart raced faster,i didn’t realize i missed him this much.
“I’m sorry Anel” He said softly into my ear.
I smiled, liking the feeling.
“I’ve forgiven you” I said…
“Thank you,I’ve miss you so much” He said into my ear and this time I laughed.
“Why are you laughing?” He asked and i laughed more.
We weren’t seeing each other,we were still in a hug.
“Stop talking into my ears,it tingles” i said.
He intentionally started speaking gibberish into my ear and i laughed hard.
“I’m gonna talk into your ear too” I said trying to reach his ear with my lips but damn! He’s tall,my lips couldn’t get to his ear.
I kept trying while he kept speaking gibberish into my ear.
“Daniel,stop” i said amidst laughter.
“Please” i laughed trying to disengage from the hug but he’s not letting me.

I laughed more while he kept talking into my ear.
I hit his chest playfully,my stomach was about exploding with laughter.
“Thanks for forgiving me” He said,not close to my ear this time.
I want him to continue talking into my ear…yeah! I know I’m crazy.” I said.
“I would never try that again” He said.
We slowly disengaged from the hug, holding each other’s gaze.
I ignored the pacing of my heart as i stared deep into his eyes.
He smiled and took my hand, leading me back to the bench.
We both sat down and i realised how happy i am.
“I’m so happy you forgave me” he smiled.
If only he knows that I’m the happiest person here.
“I miss our two days friendship,you know we shared a lot during that period” He said.
“Yeah,I’m sorry i ended it,i thought it was the best way to slip out of danger but i realised it wasn’t. We need each other to fish out the perpetrator” I said.
“Good! I’m glad you finally realized that,so do you have any cue?” He asked.
“Well… yeah” I rubbed my cheeks.
I know it’s getting flushed.
“What’s the cue?” He asked.
“I saw a love tattoo with three dots at the back of his neck” I said.
“Really?” He asked and i nodded.
I noticed he has a faraway look in his eyes.
“Do you know anyone that has such?” I asked.
“No i don’t but i assure you we will fish out the perpetrator soon”
I nodded.
“Does your wound still hurt?” I asked check the plaster at the back of his head.
“Not quite much” He smiled.
“Can you believe I’ve started responding to people’s greetings?” I smiled.
“OMG! High five girl” He said and we hit our palms together…
“But i already stopped” I said a bit sadly.
“Why?” He asked.
“You know i planned to return to the way i was after you pissed me off”
“Ohh!” He sighed.
“But I’m gonna change now that I’ve forgiven you”
“Yes!” He smiled.
i don’t just understand the feeling i get when i respond to people’s greetings.
“Thanks Anel for changing because of me,I’m honored” He said holding my hands in his.
“It’s fine” I said.
“I promise i won’t make you regret it” He said.
I nodded,the feel of his hand on mine is so warm and smooth.
“I visited your house but your gatekeeper told me you were at your mum’s.. who’s your mum?” I asked.
“Yeah,i actually stay with my step mum and dad,but I’m now staying with my biological mum for some days ” He said.
“She came to pick me after knowing what happened and I’ve been with her since then” he said.
“Your parents aren’t aware yet?” I asked.
“Yeah,they are not”
“Aren’t they coming back anytime soon?” I asked.
“They are gonna return on Thursday,I’ll make sure Mike and i return to the house before then ”
We were silent for some moments before i suddenly poked his cheeks.
“Ouch!” He said.
“Why did you steal my phone from my backpack yesterday?” I asked and he laughed.
“I needed to”
“Where are the artworks and chocolates?” I asked.
“I know i promised you two artworks of my.. Bryan Shaw but i bought one artwork from Bryan Shaw and the other one from me and of course the two boxes of chocolates is there” He said raising up a large paper bag.
I collected it peered into it,what first caught my gaze was Bryan Shaw’s artwork,the most beautiful one I’ve ever seen,i brought it out and held it in my hands,i screamed round the garden in excitement hugging it tight to my chest.
Dan watched in amusement.
Its much more beautiful than the one Liam broke.
This one looks unique,like it’s specially made for someone.
I finally returned back to the bench,still admiring the creativity of a great artist.
“Won’t you check out mine?” Dan asked.
I’m okay by just holding this piece of Bryan Shaw’s artwork,i don’t want anything else.
“I’m gonna do that later,this is enough for me now” i smiled still hugging it to my chest.
“Wow! I can’t believe you are this excited just because of Bryan Shaw’s artwork” He said.
“I’m more that excited, Bryan Shaw is damn good. I wonder the reason he hates publicity,i would love to see him”
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah yeah” I giggled.
His gaze locked with mine for some minutes before he broke the silence;
“Anel,i have to tell you something” He said.
“Go on..” I said.
“I hope you’ll forgive me again” He said.
“Ah! What have you done again?” I asked.
“I just hope you’ll forgive me” He said.
“Well..go on” I said.
“My father is B..” He was saying but got interrupted with my phone which rang out loud in my pocket,i brought it out.
He doesn’t call me during school hours..
“Excuse me Dan” I dropped the artwork and received dad’s call.
Hi Dad..
Princess how are you?
I sensed uneasiness in his voice..
I’m fine dad and you?
I’m not fine.
What’s wrong dad?” I asked.
I saw Dan walked away from the bench also receiving a call.
Claire wants to leave me..
What? Why?
She said you don’t like her.
But i do.
Please come over,she’s packing her luggage already. You are the only one who can make her stay,please i don’t want her to leave…
Dad, I’ll make sure she doesn’t,keep talking to her till i get there.im on my way” I said and and quickly disconnected the call.
I turned back and saw Dan was still on the call.
He suddenly disconnected it and faced me,i noticed his face was filled with worries.
“What’s wrong?” I asked.
“My parents are back!” He said.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 10:19am On Jan 13
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Where’s she?” I asked Dad whom i met pacing the living room.
“She’s in the room” he said worriedly and i dropped my backpack and the paper bag on the couch before hurrying up the stairs.
I opened the door to the room and met her packing her luggage in tears.
She stopped when she saw me and then continued again.
I rushed to her and pull her into my arms.
Her breathing hitched.
“Claire i like you so much, you’re one of the most caring ladies on earth,pardon my behavior towards you,i had a reason for behaving that way but right now,I’ve changed..I’ve turned a new leaf,I’ve accepted you as my dad’s sweetheart. I’m so sorry Claire.” I said.
She looked at me for a while and suddenly smiled.
She hugged me back muttering ‘thanks’
“I thought you didn’t like me” She said wiping her face.
“I don’t like you” I said and her face turned sad.
“I love you and my dad loves you too” I added with a smile.
“I love you too” She screamed happily and held my hands.
We both did some dramatical dance before laughing out loud.
We heard the door opened,dad strode in and his face brightened when he saw us.
Claire left me and rushed to hug him.
“I’m sorry love” She said and placed her head on his chest.
Dad winked at me before hugging her back.
They both kissed and i turned around.
I wonder what kiss feel like?
I started helping Claire unpack, smiling and humming.
I’m so happy right now.
I’ve never felt this happy,once i get home. I need to apologise to Jack and Mary.
Dan made me change within hours.
I wonder what type of person he is.
“OMG” i heard Claire gasped and i turned.
They were both staring at me.
“Honey,she has changed truly” She said to Dad who smiled.
“Of course,that’s the reason she’s my princess” He winked.
“Come over for a hug” They both said to me and i did.
We were all engulfed in a hug and i have to admit how peaceful i felt.
“It’s delicious, I’m gonna learn from you some day” I said to Claire.
We were all at the dining having a reconcilation lunch as dad called it.
Claire is obviously a good cook.
“Whenever you’re ready,I’ll be so happy to teach you” She said.
I nodded cause my mouth is filled with chicken casserole.
I waited till i finally swallowed the meal before speaking.
“I’m gonna do the dishes” I said.
“Don’t say no” i quickly added when she was about objecting.
She smiled and continued her lunch.
“You loo..” I was saying but got interrupted by my phone.
I brought out of my pocket and checked the caller ID.
I swiped to the receiver and placed it on my ear.
Hi Liam.
How’re you Anel?
I’m fine.
Where are you? Jack said he didn’t meet you at school.
I’m sorry i didn’t inform you but something came up, so I’m at dad’s.
I hope it isn’t something serious?
Nay, it has been resolved, I’ll be home soon” I returned Claire’s smile..
Alright then. Bye.
I disconnected the call and placed my phone on the table.

I packed the dishes to the kitchen after we were done eating.
I started washing them, rinsing and placing on the drain board.
I was done in few minutes,i wiped my hands with a napkin and walked out of the kitchen.
I picked my phone and walked to the living room where my backpack is.
I met Dad and Claire cuddling on the couch.
I smiled and hung my backpack over my shoulders and then held the paper bag in my hands.
“You’re about leaving?” Dad asked.
“Yes Dad”
“I’ll be back soon Claire,i gotta drop her off” He said getting up from the couch.
Claire got up behind him and pecked me bye.
“Bye” i waved at her as dad and i headed to the door.
“What’s in the paper bag?” He asked as we stepped out of the house.
We walked to his car.
“Gifts” i smiled remembering Dan.
His parents arrived earlier than expected, they’d be so pissed cause they aren’t even aware of anything starting from the day Dan got wounded.
“What gift?” Dad asked unlocking his car.
“None of your business” i stuck out my tongue and got into the backseat.
He laughed..
“Thanks Dad” I said as i alighted from his car in front of my house gate.
“You’re welcome princess”
“Send my greetings to Claire” I said.
“No problem and thanks for resolving the issue,im so happy right now” He smiled.
“It’s fine dad” I waved.
He waved back and i watched him drove off.
I knocked on the gate twice before the gatekeeper opened the gate.
“Hi” i said walking into the opened gate.
He stared at me.
“I won’t change again this time” i smiled and started walking to the door.
“I hope so” He said after me and i laughed.
I saw Jack standing by the car,i quickly walked up to him.
“Hi Jack” I said.
“H..i” He said, looking a bit surprised.
“I’m sorry” i said.
“It’s nothing,Liam told me you went to your Dad’s ” He said.
“It’s not that,i wanna apologise for the way I’ve behaved towards you…I’m so so sorry and i hope you forgive me”.
“Wow!” He exclaimed.
“I’ve forgiven you already Anel,i knew something made you behave that way. It’s totally fine and I’m so happy you decided to change” He said.
I nodded…”Yeah”
“Have you been given lunch?” I asked.
He smiled “Yes, thanks”
I walked to door and pulled it open.
I stepped in and closed the door behind me.
I walked to the living room and met Ana asleep on the couch.
Huh? Why didn’t she go to her room.
I should pinch her cheeks right now but that’ll be wicked of me.
I left her and headed to the kitchen,i need to apologise to Mary.
I got to the kitchen but couldn’t find her,i turned back and was about walking away when i saw her emerge from the store room.
“Hi Asanel,do you need your lunch?” She asked.
“No,Mary. i came to apologise over the way i behaved towards you,I’m so sorry, I’ve turned a new leaf and i hope you forgive me” I said.
“OMG” She half screamed and quickly pulled me into a hug.
“I’ve forgiven you Asanel,Im so glad you reconsidered” She smiled.
I didn’t.
Dan did.
“Thanks for forgiving me Mary” i said.
“It’s perfectly fine,do you want me to prepare your lunch?”
“No,i already had lunch at Dad’s” i said.
“I’ll be going up to my room” I said.
“Okay Asanel”
“Incase,Liam passes by. Tell him I’m back” i said.
“Okay” She smiled and walked into the kitchen.
I climbed the stairs and headed to my room.
I opened the door and walked in with a sigh.
I feel naturally good!
I dropped my backpack and paper bag on the bed,i pulled off my shoes and then my school wears.
I walked into the bathroom to freshen up.
I sat on the bed after getting into the casual wears i selected.
I picked the paper bag and brought out the artwork.
I smiled and admired it for a while before hanging it on the wall just beside my bed.
I would love to see it beside me always.
How could a man be this creative?
Bryan Shaw is just like a god,he’s good in almost everything.
Now i gotta check Dan’s and then have my chocolates.
I opened the paper bag and brought out what seems like a sketch pad.
I unrolled it and gasped Immediately,not believing my eyes.
Dan drew this?
Its a drawing..a perfect drawing of me.
I was about screaming in excitement when i sighted something at the tip of the sketchpad;
Bryan Shaw’s sketchpad!!!

Dan’s POV
“Dad we’re sorry” Mike and i pleaded, standing in front of Mum and dad who looked disappointed.
I left the school Immediately they called that they are already home,i had quickly went to pick Mike and also pack our luggage.
“How could you do that Dan! You couldn’t even call us to inform us about what happened” Dad said angrily.
“I’m sorry Dad,i know you went there for an important business,if i had told you. I knew you would have started coming right away and that might ruin the business you went there for…I’m so sorry Dad”
“Nevertheless, you could have just told us. So you mean the phone calls we had were all lies,you were at your Mum’s all through?” He asked and i nodded.
“Dad,i was the one who called her,against Dan’s wish though. i knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything much in the house with the wound on his head so i called his mum and she came straightaway and took both of us to her house” Mike said.
Dad sighed..
“So how did you came about this wound?” Dad asked.
“I tumbled on the school stairs” i lied.
Mum gasp and drew me closer, inspecting the plaster.
Thank goodness the bandage has been removed.
“Sorry dear,are you still in pain?” She asked and i shook my head.
“Honey,let’s forgive them. what they did is worth forgiving,the only mistake was that we weren’t informed. Let’s just let everything go” Mum said and i smiled.
I quickly hid my smile when dad glared at me.
“You both come here” dad said spreading out his hands, we both rushed to hug him.
I smiled happily.
Isn’t today my lucky day?
I got forgiven by two people.
“I miss you both” He said pecking our cheeks.
Mum also did the same.
“We miss you too Dad” We said.
“Mike was a pain in the ass” I frowned.
“And you were a pain in the nose” He said and we all laughed.
“I hope you bought a lot of gift for us” Mike said.
“Of course” Mum smiled.
“But it’s gonna wait till tomorrow” Dad added.
“Ah” we groaned.
“That’s the punishment for what you both did,now go freshen up boys,we’re going on outing” Dad said.
“Yaaaaay” Mike and i squealed.
“Hurry or we’ll leave you both behind” Mum said.
We grabbed our luggage and rushed to our rooms happily.
“Ah! I’m worn out” i said eating my ice cream with mike at the backseat.
We were returning from the outing and it was damn fun,we all enjoyed ourselves.
“How was the outing?” Mum asked.
“It was great!’ I exclaimed.
“Awesome” Mike smiled.
“We’re glad you both appreciate it” Mum said.
It’s been long we went for an outing and i kept wondering what prompted Mum and dad.
Dad honked in front of our gate and it was opened.
He drove into our compound…
I plopped on the bed after having my night bath and changing into my night wears.
I was about to sleep when i heard my phone ring.
I picked it and quickly sat up after viewing the caller ID.
Hi ps.. Anel
Dan,are you related to Bryan Shaw?” She asked and my heart pounded in my chest.
Please answer my question,are you related to Bryan Shaw?
I was about telling her this afternoon before her phone interrupted.
I inhaled before answering.
Yes,he’s my dad
There was silence on the other end. The only thing i heard was her breathing,which seems faster.
Anel,I’m sorry. I was about tell..
She hung up before i could finish talking.
What have i done again!

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=just+for+love
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by VicThory(m): 10:11pm On Jan 14
nxt please am in love with d story already
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 3:39pm On Jan 15
(Love, why?)
Season 2
#Chapter 71
Anel’s POV
Please answer my question,are you related to Bryan Shaw?” I asked with my heart beating fast.
He was silent for a while before he finally replied.
Yes,he’s my dad
I stifled a gasp,with my phone nearly dropping from my hand.
Anel,I’m sorry. I was about tell..” He was saying before i hung up.
I was stilled for a while,not knowing what to do.
D..Dan lied to me!
I held the sketchpad tighter staring at my image.
I’m still damn shocked to believe this.
Dan is the son of Bryan Shaw? The man I’ve always wanted to meet.
The only man i loved aside from my family?
H..how could Dan lie to me!
He told me his last name was “Martin!”
To hell with ‘Martin!’
I’m a fool! Yeah…i am.
I remember the day Mrs Oliver invited me to her office the day Dan was wounded.
She mentioned Daniel ‘Shaw’ and the stupid me thought she made a mistake.
But does that mean she wasn’t also aware that Daniel is the son of the great artist?
Of course,everyone might just think his last name is similar to the real ‘Bryan Shaw’.
I should be called a fool once again cause i remembered also when i went to his house and saw series of his Bryan Shaw’s artworks. My initiative should have given me a hint.
I stared at the drawing closely. Dan is damn good just like his dad.
I just don’t know the reason I’m not feeling annoyed as i should be!
And why am i smiling like a dummy.
Dan lied to me,I’m supposed to be pissed but funnily, I’m smiling.
Isn’t that weird?
Even if i wanna be pissed at him,i know i can’t be, cause i totally understand this situation.
His father is a celebrity and he can’t go about telling people who his father is,just like i never told anyone except Dan that I’m related to Milana Sydney.
I told him about Milana,then he should have also told me about his dad.
Well…considering the type of person Bryan Shaw is,it’s well known that he loves his privacy,he doesn’t even socialise.
Could that be the reason that dumbass lied to me?
I’m excited my he’s Bryan Shaw’s son! and i feel a bit sad he lied to me.
I once heard someone said ‘if friends keep things from each other,then the friendship is not true’
But can that be applied in this case.
Should i stop talking to Dan for lieing to me.
I dont even think i can do that again, remembering how lonely i felt when i refused to talk to him for days.
I should probably wait for his explanation before jumping into conclusion.
I yawned and shifted under the blanket still holding the drawing.
I should paste this beside my bed also, i would love to be seeing it every minute but i guess I’m sleepy to do that now.
It won’t be bad if i hug it to my chest while i sleep and;
That was what i did!
Next morning
I got up from the bed and quickly got ready for school.
I walked down the stairs and had my breakfast with Ana and in few minutes James was driving us to school.
I can’t actually wait to hear from Dan.
I’m so anxious and angry at the same time.
“Bye Jack, Ana” I waved at them before alighting from the car.
They waved back.
I made sure i responded to everyone’s greetings before walking to my seat,they seem happy i did so and once again,i felt like a goddess.
He isn’t in class yet.
I sat down and patiently waited for him.
I took a note to study while waiting.

Few minutes later, he walked into the classroom and i found myself placing my head on the desk.
Dan’s POV
I walked into the class and quickly reply to greetings before rushing to my seat.
I met Anel bowing her head on her desk.
She’s pissed at me, of course she should be.
I lied to her! I should have just told her everything at the beginning but I’m always afraid of revealing my dad personality.
I’ve never done that.
I sat down and dropped my backpack.
I cleared my throat and hesitated for a while.
“Anel” I tapped her shoulder gently
“Don’t touch me” She yelled suddenly and i flinched.
I should expect this though.
“Look Anel,I’m sorry. I had a reason for lieing to you” I said.
“Can you please raise up your head,i know you’re pissed right now buh I’m so sorry..you need to at least listen to me” i said trying to touch her but i know i dare not.
“I’m so sorry,it wasn’t my intention to do that”
“Ane..” i was saying but got interrupted by her laughter.
My eyes widened in surprise.
She raised up her head and laughed louder, holding her mouth with her hand.
She tucked her hair behind her ear and my heart stopped for a moment, registering how beautiful she look.
“Look Dan,I’m not annoyed. I totally understand” She smiled.
“Huh?” I asked to be sure I didn’t heard her wrong.
“Yeah,you heard me silly ass” She said.
My face brightened in a smile when i realised i didn’t heard her wrong.
I had to stop myself from hugging her.
“You mean you’re not annoyed with me?”
“Hmm..a bit though” She frowned.
“I’m sorry” i said.
“It’s fine, i know how much Bryan Sha..huh? I should say your Dad, cherish his privacy, he’s the only celebrity i know that doesn’t socialise”
“Wow,you seem to know him real well,,he doesn’t like getting out in the public,his secretary does almost everything,what he does is just to make artworks and so many other things relating to it”
She nodded but suddenly frowned.
“Do you mean other people doesn’t know about it?”
“Yeah,they don’t..I’ve never told anyone,i was planning to tell you in the garden but remember you got interrupted by your dad’s call”
“Oh..my..that’s true! You weren’t planning on keeping it from me in the first place, i forgive you totally” She said.
“Of course” She said and then paused.
“You mean you’ve not told Jacq and Karissa?” She asked.
“Yeah,I’ve never told them about it.”
” Wow!” She exclaimed.
“But they know your last name is Shaw,you mean they’ve never asked if you’re related to Bryan Shaw?”
“They have! A lot of people have but i kept denying it, ‘shaw’ isn’t made for only Bryan, there are lots of people out there who is named ‘Shaw’ ”
“Ohh!” She sighed.
“You trusted me when i told you my last name was Martin. I’m so sorry to have broken that trust”
“No trust is broken Dan,i perfectly understand” She smiled.
Wow! This is surprising.
“Anel is this really you?” I asked and she laughed.
“Of course”
“I’m surprised”
“You should be,you thought i won’t speak to you right?”
“Well i thought of that but i decided not to do that, everyone has a reason for everything and i believe there was a reason for what you did. Good thing you’ve came out clean,I forgive you but please don’t tell lies to me again”
“OMG! Thanks” I nearly screamed.
“It’s nothing dumbass” She said.
“What’s with the ‘ass’? ” I asked and we both laughed.
She twitched her nose and hugged her chest with her arms.
” Yes! The funniest part is that I’m a friend of Bryan Shaw’s son,the man I’ve always hoped to meet, the man i had loved apart from my family,the man whose artworks gives me joy” She smiled.
“You’re surely a die hard fan of dad..”
“Last time,i remembered you said ; ‘You’re a die hard fan of Bryan Shaw and now it’s ‘you’re a die hard fan of dad’ isn’t that amazing?” She asked.
“Well..it is” I said and we both laughed again.
“Anel” I called after our laughter has died down.
“Huh?” She faced me.
“I will love to take you to my dad” I said .
She looked shocked for a moment before screaming out loud.
The whole class turned their attention to us.
I shouldn’t be surprised but i am with the type of bond between dad and Anel.

Dad also like her.
“Let’s get going” She grabbed my hand.
“Anel, we’re still in the class” I said.
“Really?” She breathed heavily and i smiled.
“Not today,do you wanna go dressed in school wears?” I asked and she frowned.
“So when?” She asked eagerly.
“I will come pick you tomorrow after school” I said.
“Yes!” She exclaimed and smiled.
“I feel like flying high in the air” She said.
“You can do that once you get outside the school” We suddenly heard and turned to see Mr Jones.
He entered the class already.
Anel secretly hissed and brought out her book.
I wonder why there so much dislike between the two?
Lunch break
“Dan let’s go to the cafeteria” Jacq and Karissa said, standing in front of my table.
I looked at Anel and she shrugged.
“Let’s go,it’s been ages i visited the cafeteria” She said and stood up,adjusted her school wears and started walking out of the classroom.
I stood up also “Let’s go guys” I said to Jacq and Karissa and we all walked out of the class.
I stood for a while after ordering my lunch, Jacq and Karissa are already seated on our table obviously waiting for me.
I stood there deliberating if to Anel’s table or jacq and karissa’s.
My eyes met with Anel’s and she smiled.
“Go meet them” She whispered but i stood still.
“I’m okay here” She whispered again and continued eating her lunch.
I dragged my feet to Jacq and Karissa table.
“What took you so long?” Karissa asked as i placed my tray of lunch on the table.
“You stood at that spot for minutes” Jacq added and gulped her milk juice.
“I was looking round the cafeteria” I said and sat down and started eating.
I stole glances at Anel’s table while contributing to the discussion in my table.
She wasn’t looking in my direction,she was concentrated on her meal instead.
I turned back to my meal also.

“I knew she liked Travis” Karissa suddenly said making me drop my spoon and turn to look at Anel’s table immediately.
Travis was sitting with her and she wasn’t even sending him away,she was smiling!
I shifted in my seat in anger, i had to restrain myself from getting up to go meet them.
I turned my face away and looked again.
She’s now holding his hand!!!
I thought she disliked him.
And why am I feeling so pissed about this.
I struggled to remain on my seat but the struggle didn’t last.
I stood up with my gaze still fixed on them.
A loud bang suddenly sounded through the whole Cafeteria and Travis was on the floor in few seconds, groaning in pain holding his hand.
Students exclaimed and started flying out of their table.
I was surprised for a moment but later smiled when i realised Anel has dealt with Travis.
Haha…serves him right.
I knew Anel couldn’t accommodate him that easily.
“Don’t ever say that shit to me again” She yelled at him before walking out of the cafeteria.
Students laughed and mocked him and i also joined.
I later walked out of cafeteria to go meet Anel.
I saw her was sitting on one of the benches in the hallway, gulping her bottle water.
I walked up to her.
“That was….” I was saying when she glanced up at me and laughed.
“What?” I asked.
“You thought the person that told you i kissed Travis was right?” She asked.
“No! I believed you but i was only surprised cause you didn’t like Travis enough to smile at him or take his hand” I said.
“Well…I smile and act nice before hitting someone i disliked”
“Yeah” She grinned.
“That’s wicked of me,i know”
“No it’s not, especially if it’s Travis” i said and she laughed.
“Looks like you don’t like Travis also” She said.
“I don’t,he has been bullying me since i resumed this school” I said.
“What! You mean he has been bullying you?” She asked standing up slowly.
“Yeah but…” I haven’t completed my statement before Anel started running back to the cafeteria.
“Anel” I shouted and ran after her.
I quickly got hold of her before she could get into the cafeteria.
“Where are you going to?” I asked breathing heavily.
“I need to go teach him more lessons,i hate bullies” She sighed and brushed her hand through her hair, looking pissed.
“H..he didn’t bully me,well..he did but I’ve learnt to fight for myself, remember i told you how i beat him up, don’t bother going to teach him more lessons,the ones you taught him are enough” I said hoping she would listen to me.
She was about disagreeing when i quickly added ‘Please’
“Damn! I’m gonna let him go cause you said so,let’s go back to the bench” She took my hand and we both started walking back to the bench.
I smiled,glad she listened to me easily.
I must be very important to her.
“So…” I was saying but got the shock of my life when she dropped my hand and started running back to the cafeteria.
This girl!
“Anel!” I shouted and ran after her.
She suddenly turned and laughed.
“I wasn’t gonna go,i was only pulling your legs” She laughed.
“Ah!” I breathed in relief before feigning a frown.
“Come get me” She said playfully and started running back to the bench laughing hysterically.
I laughed and ran after her.
“So what shit was he telling you about?” I asked after we were finally settled on the bench.
“The normal shits” She frowned.
“What normal shit?” I asked even though i already know what it is.
I kinda felt jealous and i wondered why.
“You know!” She poked my nose and i laughed.
“I hate guys asking me out” She said.
“Really?” I asked surprisingly.
“Yeah,it brings back some memories i would love forget”
“Did you got heartbroken?” I asked.
“No,i believe heartbreak is mostly for people involved in a relationship and i was never involved in one”
“Wow!” I sighed.
“Yeah…for a beautiful girl like me right?”
I nodded.
“I’m not beautiful in the aspect of kicking guys away though” She grinned.
“Yeah” I rolled my eyes “that’s obvious” I added and we laughed.
I so much like her.
{Back in class}
Anel’s POV
“Dan! Don’t make me laugh,you can see Mrs Claude is in class” I said trying to hold back my laughter at the funny face Dan was making.
I made sure my mouth is well held with my hand.
I could burst into laughter any minute.
“Aggregate is formed by a collection of particulars into a whole mass or sum..
I think i should explain further on the board” Mrs Claude said and turned to face the board, holding a board maker,she started scribbling.
“Dan stop!” I whispered but he continued.
I quickly turned to the front of the class to avoid laughter,just then Mrs Claude flung back her ponytail and my eyes caught;
The tattoo!
The love tattoo on the perpetrator’s neck!
The exact love tattoo!
But the perpetrator is a man!
I’m damn sure he is.
What the hell is going on?
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 3:40pm On Jan 15
(Love made her)
Season 2
#Chapter 72

Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
The tattoo!
The love tattoo on the perpetrator’s neck!
The exact love tattoo!
But the perpetrator is a man!
I’m damn sure he is.
What the hell is going on?
“Dan” I whispered slowly.
“Huh?” He answered.
“T..the tattoo” I said in shock pointing to Mrs claude.
“What?” He asked.
“The tattoo!” I nearly screamed..
He looked in the direction i was pointing and then gasped.
“The tattoo” He also said, in shock.
I nodded,not able to utter a word.
“How come?” His voice shook.
“I also don’t know”
“You said the perpetrator is a man?” He asked and i nodded.
“I’m very sure of that! He’s a man” i said feeling like getting out of my seat to confront Mrs claude.
“T..then H..how come?” Dan stammered not taking his gaze off Mrs claude’s neck.
“Now,let’s resume the explanation” Mrs Claude said and turned back to the class and at that moment i could bet she wasn’t the perpetrator.
Who else has the tattoo.
Dan and i glanced at each other as she continued teaching.
“What was that?” Dan asked immediately Mrs Claude left the class.
“I’m damn confused as you’re”
“I’m not seeing any manly frame in Mrs claude” He shifted in his seat and I also did the same.
“This is weird”
“Of course it is” Dan conceded.
“But do you know one thing I’m sure of?”
“What?” He asked.
“Mrs Claude isn’t the perpetrator”
“Then who is? That tattoo is our only proof, and surprisingly we saw it on Mrs Claude. We’ve found the perpetrator then” He said.
“She isn’t the one” I said.
” She’s the one!” Dan nearly yelled.
“Chill,the perpetrator is a man..I’m damn sure”
“You might have seen wrongly at that moment,you were probably in shock” He said.
“Nay! I didn’t see wrongly and I’m damn sure of what i saw. You just have to believe me,the perpetrator is a man” I insisted.
He sighed “So what are we gonna do?”
“Is Mrs Claude probably in a relationship with any of the male teachers in this school?” I asked.
“How would i know that. Besides, Mrs Claude is married with two kids” He said.
“Like seriously?”
“Of course” He said.
I rubbed my forehead and sighed.
“This is damn confusing but do you know what?” I asked with a smile.
“We will fish out the perpetrator” I said confidently.
“Huh?” He raised a brow.
“Soon” I added.
“I trust you” He winked and i think my smile got wider.
“Let’s not allow that get to us,I’m still excited about seeing your dad tomorrow. I can’t wait” I said happily.
I’m gonna meet Bryan Shaw!
“I hope i won’t collapse” I said and he laughed.
“You might” He said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cause you want to” He said and i hit him playfully.
“A teacher is here”. He said and i frowned.
School Over
I stood waiting by the gate with Dan, Karissa and Jacq.
I’m not speaking to the two Puff girls though but Dan is and i couldn’t get more happy when my car pulled up in front of me, i quickly walked towards it.
“Hi Jack” I greeted.
“Asanel,how are you?”
“I’m good, little girl how you doing?” I asked Ana and held my smile knowing she hates been called ‘little girl’
“I’m not little!” She yelled.
“Really?” I teased and that earned me a glare from her.
I laughed and was about opening the backseat door.
“Hey Dan” Ana called happily from the car.
I turned and saw him.. I didn’t know he followed me.
“Anastasia how’re you?” He smiled with a wave.
“I’m fine and please i need more chocolate” She grinned and looked at me before glancing back at Dan”
“Wow! Then you’re also a chocoholic like Anel” He said and pulled my hair.
I slapped his hand away playfully and he laughed.
“No I’m not,i just feel it’s necessary to have chocolates once in a while. It develops the brain yunno. But Anel loves chocolates more than anything in the world” She said and laughed at my glare.
“Yeah even a blind person knows Anel loves chocolate” Dan teased.
I rolled my eyes “Whatever”
“So you’re gonna get it for me right?” Ana said.
“Of course” Dan said.
“Thanks” She grinned.
I opened the car door and got in.
“Bye Dan” We waved.
“Byee” He waved back.
“You mustn’t forget the chocolate” Ana shouted as our car drove off.
“Sure,i won’t” He shouted back.
I felt like telling Ana about my proposed visit to Shaw’s tomorrow but i decided against it.
I’m gonna keep it a secret.

We got home and alighted from the car.
Ana ran ahead of me into the house.
Does that mean I’m gonna carry her lunchbox?
I swear down,I’m gonna hit it on her head once i get into the house.
I picked her lunchbox together with my backpack and headed into the house.
I got to the living room and luckily for her,i didn’t meet her.
I dropped her lunchbox on the couch and proceeded towards my room.
“Hi Anel” Mary called.
She was descending the stairs, holding the laundry basket.
“Good afternoon Mary” I greeted paving way for her.
“How’re you and how was school?” She asked.
“I’m fine and school was great. Is Mil in?” I asked.
“Nay,but i guess she’ll be returning soon”
“Your lunch is ready” She said.
“Yeah, thanks I’m gonna come down after i freshen up” i said and started climbing the stairs to my room.
I’m starving.
That dickhead didn’t allow me finish my lunch in the cafeteria and I’m glad i taught him a lesson.
Let’s go….
I sang as i descended the stairs, holding my phone in hand.
I’m done freshening up,I’m going to the dining to have my lunch.
“I should have known you’ll be here before me” I said when i met Ana sitting on the dining chair, eating her lunch happily.
She frowned…
“If you say anything then I’m gonna punish you for leaving your lunchbox in the car for me” I threatened.
She grinned and continued eating without saying a word.
‘Good’ I smiled.
“At last you’re here” I said when i saw Mil walked in.
I was relaxing in the living room after lunch. Ana has gone to her room for siesta.
“Yeah” She sank on the couch tiredly.
I admired her outfit for a while.
Mil always look good in anything she put on.
“It been days i saw you,yet we’re in the same house” I said.
“Yeah,you leave for school before i wake up and go to bed before I’m back but i guess we broke the yoke today” She smiled..
“You look tired”
“Of course,the works in that location is tedious but we’ll be done soon..in a week i guess” She said bringing out her iPad.
“I can’t wait to watch that movie once it’s out” I said.
She grinned…” Trust me,you’re gonna love it”
“Everyone inclusive” I said knowing how people love to watch Milana Sydney in a movie.
“Yeah, Mary please get me a plate of ice cream and some biscuits” Mil said loudly.
“Okay” Mary answered from the kitchen.
“So,how’s Tha..”
“Thack Holcomb” She completed my statement and we both laughed.
“You mean you’re going to Bryan Shaw’s house tomorrow!” Mil exclaimed almost dropping her plate of ice cream.
I actually didn’t know when that slipped from my mouth.
I guess i was feeling too excited with the news to keep it in.
My mouth needs some spanking though.
“Yeah” I grabbed a biscuit from the plate.
“T..to do what?” She asked,now dropping her plate of ice cream.
“Just to see him,is there a reason i shouldn’t go?” I asked sensing the shock written on her face.
“N..no but you must make sure Liam never find out” She said.
“And if he does?” I asked.
“H..h you know he doesn’t really like B..ryan S..haw” She stammered and i wonder when she became a stammerer.
“Isn’t that cruel?” I asked.
“What?” She asked sitting up on the couch.
“How could Liam hate that great artist for no reason!” I said a bit pissed.
“There might be a reason…” She was saying.
“Whatever reason! That great man doesn’t deserve any form of hate”
“Yeah,or do you hate him too?” I asked.
She wiped her brows which i found weird.
“No i don’t hate him,he’s a great man like you said” She smiled.
“Yes he is”
“I will go up to my room,i think i need some sleep” She said and stood up.
“Yeah you really need it” I said and watched as she grabbed her pink shoulderbag before walking away.
She look so stressed…

Dan’s POV
“You mean she’ll be coming here tomorrow?” Dad asked.
“Yes Dad,I’m gonna pick her after school tomorrow. You need to see how excited she was” I smiled and threw a cookie in my mouth.
We were all in the living room watching a movie.
Mum and Mike were so engrossed in the movie while Dad and i talked.
“I’ve been wanting to see her too,she’s the only girl you do talk about frequently and i must commend you to have easily became her friend,considering how you said she was”
“She’s now changed…i mean she has changed a lot,she now respond to people’s greetings even though she won’t talk to them”
“That’s something. I believe she’ll soon proceed to talking to people” Dad smiled.
“She might not” I said.
“Her mind is made up already” I said.
“Wasn’t her mind made up before you dissolved it? Then you’ll dissolve it once again”
“I’m afraid that won’t be easy and i won’t wanna press her much more. I think i gotta respect her decision for now”
“Sounds right” He said and i nodded.
“She was pissed when she realized i lied to her about my last name”
“She should be” Dad said solemnly.
“Yeah but she forgave me and was so happy when I told her I’m gonna bring her to you,she knows so much about you and I’m afraid she might collapse once she sees you”
Dad laughed hard…”Really?”
“Yes Dad”
“I can’t wait to see her too” He said.
“I wonder the reason she likes you so much even without seeing you yet”

He smiled…”I’m not surprised,she isn’t the only one who’d kill to see me. You know i have a lot of fans,she’s probably one of my die hard fans”
“I think hers is more than that, you’re gonna conclude yourself once you see her tomorrow” I said.
“Wow. what’s her name?” He asked.
“Don’t you know her name?” I asked.
“I don’t,you call her Psycho,you never mentioned her name” He said and i laughed.
“Well…her name is…”
“Please don’t die” Mike suddenly shouted.
We were both shocked but laughed very hard after realising he was referring to the movie.
I fling dresses across my room..
I’ve been here for minutes searching for what to wear.
I just got back from school,all freshened up and now battling with the dress I’m gonna put on.
Dan will be here soon!
I wonder where my beautiful dresses are.
I searched more and more till my eyes finally landed on my yellow jumpsuit with black buttons and belt.
I rubbed my sweaty palms together as the car drove on.
Dan and i were seated on the backseat.
He came to pick me at the exact time i finished dressing up.
I actually lied to Mum and Liam that I’m going to a friend’s place. They were so happy I’ve started making friends.
I glared at Dan who has been laughing at my nervousness.
“It won’t take me two seconds to fling you out of the windscreen” i said and he laughed again making me want to laugh too but i held it.
“You look more beautiful in this dress” He complimented and my cheeks grew hot.
I faced the window..
“Won’t you say thanks?” He asked.
“Travel to Babylon for thanks” I said and he laughed.
I held Dan’s hand as we walked into his living room.
My heartbeat accelerated and my palms got more wet.
“Relax” He said to me.
Relax! When I’m about to meet BRYAN SHAW!
“Dad she’s here” Dan said loudly.
I wiped sweat off my forehead when i heard footsteps.
“You can have your seat” Dan said.
“I..i.. I am not sitting” I managed to say,my gaze fixed on the curtain connecting the living room to other rooms.
The curtain opened slowly and slowly till it finally revealed;
Bryan Shaw!
I couldn’t move,my hands trembled,I’m pretty sure I’m gonna develop high blood pressure soon. I could collapse any moment from now. Everything seem just like a dream.
My lips parted open slowly till…till i finally had the strength to scream “BRYAN SHAW”
I ran into his open arms with tears in my eyes.
“Can i hold your hand while we eat” I said to Bryan Shaw who smiled and offered me his hand.
I can’t believe this!
We were all at the dining, including Mike and his Mum whom i realised is a very nice woman.
Bryan Shaw is far handsome than in pictures, the connection i feel anytime i view his picture now seem so real.
I wouldn’t have believed if i was told i would be sitting and dining with Bryan Shaw.
His eyes spoke of intelligence and dignity and he promised to show me his studio house before i leave.
Can any celebrity be more down to earth?
My love for him increased.
“You’re the only celebrity i like so much, thanks for giving me the privilege to see you..I’m so honored” I said feeling so high.
He smiled…”I’m also honoured to have a loyal fan as you,you really surprised me,i didn’t know i have people who love me this much” He said.
“If i should express how I’m feeling now,i guess im just collapse. I can’t believe I’m seeing Bryan Shaw. This is a big honour” I said and glanced at Dan who kept grinning.
“I hope you’re enjoying the meal?” Mrs Shaw asked.
“Yes ma’am,i am. Thanks so much” I said.
“So bad of us; we haven’t asked for her name” He said.
Didn’t Dan tell him my name?
Dan can be so crazy at times.
“Really? Dan didn’t tell you my name?”
“Yeah he d.. didn’t,i feel it’ll be nice if we hear from you”
“Okay my name is….”
“Beautiful psycho!” Mike suddenly said.
I’ve heard this before!
Oh..no,you can’t be serious.
This is what Dan calls me

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 12:54pm On Jan 17
(Love, why?)
Season 2
#Chapter 73
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
“My name is…..”
“Beautiful psycho” Mike suddenly said and i saw her face widened.
“Mike!” Mum scolded.
“Huh?” He asked with a mouthful.
“Shut up! You talk too much” I yelled at him.
Anel suddenly laughed and everyone turn to look at her.
“Dan,you call me ‘beautiful psycho?’ ” She asked and i sighed.
“He doesn’t,i wonder where Mike got that from. Don’t mind him ,he jokes with everything” Dad said to Anel who nodded with a smile.
“Actually, even if he calls me that, I’m not pissed about it” She said wiping her mouth..
“Really?” Mum asked.
“Yes ma’am” She grinned and continued her meal still holding dad’s hand.
“To be sincere, that’s what he calls you” Dad said and i nearly banged the table.
“Well great!” She snickered.
“Why is that great?..i mean,he calls you a psycho. You should hit the hell outta him” Mike said and i swore under my breath.
I’m gonna kill Mike once she leaves!
“Mike!” Mum glared at him.
“That’s great because i also have a name i do call him” She said and Dad laughed while Mum and Mike looked amused, I’m damn sure i looked surprised right now.
She gave me a name just like i did to her?
“Okay,may we hear the name you gave him too?” Dad asked.
“Awwwn,i can’t believe I’m with Bryan Shaw and he’s so down to earth. Thanks so much but i think Dan might weep if he hears the name” She said raising a brow.
I was thinking it was a sweet name.
Dad laughed…”Go on, Dan doesn’t weep,but is the name that worse?”
“It is, artist Shaw” She grinned.
“Yes! Go ahead and tell us the name,i can’t wait” Mike said and quickly shifted from my side to avoid the spoon from getting to his head.
“Well…i call him handsome…”
I grinned when i heard that and then stuck out my tongue at Mike who rolled his eyes.
“Maniac!” She added and i think heart dropped.
Mike was the first to burst into laughter,then Mum and Dad and PSYCHO!!!
“That sounds worst than beautiful psycho’ ” Mike laughed more.
“Damn! Do you know the meaning of maniac?” Mum said trying to control her second round of laughter.
“What a great comeback” Dad laughed more.
I glared at everyone of them and then smiled.
The name sounds cute.
At least,she added handsome to it but WHAT THE HELL!!
I hissed at them all and gulped water.
I felt more infuriated when they laughed more.
I can’t just get what seems so funny.
“Everyone just keep quiet..I’m pissed right now” I shouted.
“You shouldn’t be pissed. Remember you also call me ‘beautiful psycho’ and i wasn’t pissed by it” Anel said.
“Yeah” Mike conceded and this time i succeeded in hitting the spoon on his forehead.
“Ohhh” He grunted and i sighed satisfactorily.
“What? Why did you hit him?” Anel asked.
“He’s so wicked,he does that everytime” Mike cried.
“Yes” He cried more while Mum and Dad laughed as they looked on.
Anel stood up and also grabbed a spoon.
I realized what she was about to do and quickly stood up and ran to the second living room before she could get to me.
I laughed and was about sitting on a couch but stopped my butt halfway when i realised she followed me!
How the hell did she know her way around this house!
“You thought i won’t get you,but Mike described this place to me” She grinned and advanced to me with the spoon which i realised has been changed into a bigger one.
Swears, I’m so gonna kill Mike.
“Well…come get me psycho” i winked and ran out of the living room heading to the garden.
“Maniac!!” I heard her yelled.
I laughed and proceeded to the garden.
I wonder how she will find me this time.

I sat on the grass in the garden allowing the cold breeze to kiss my face.
I smiled and wondered why i normally feel complete anytime Anel is around me.
Who could have thought she’ll be in my house this minute.
She made everyone laugh even without trying.
I can tell Mum and dad are impressed,they already took a liking to her,no one makes mum and dad laugh that way including that little brat called Mike.
Well… Anel will finally return to the dining room to continue her meal cause there’s no way she can find this garden not to talk of finding me.
I laughed and sang;
I’m free….
Free…free..” I sang…
” You’re not free…
Not free…not free…” I heard and turned startled.
I saw Anel behind me with the big spoon, grinning as she sang on and on.
What sort of girl is this?
” Don’t you dare get up…
Or i’m gonna hit you twice on your forehead” She sang and i frowned, wondering how she found me.
“You mean,you’re gonna hit me with that big spoon after calling me a maniac?” I asked after thinking of ways to escape but none came!
“Shush,you called me a psycho first! Now shut up and bring your forehead closer to make the hit less severe” She said raising up the spoon.
“I can’t believe you wanna hit me in my house..i shouldn’t have invited you over” I said and she laughed.
“Thanks for inviting me dearie but i won’t need your invitation to come next time because artist Shaw said I’m free to come anytime” She smiled and jumped around for a while.
“Now come over,stop trying to avoid the hit” She said.
“That spoon is so big,why the hell did mum allow you take it”
“Well… Mike gave it to me” She laughed.
Haaaaa! Can someone get me a whip!!!
She dropped the spoon and sat beside me.
“You never told me there’s a beautiful garden in your house” She said staring admiringly at our little but beautiful garden.
I smiled and stood up,then dusted my pants.
“Come,let me show you around” I said holding out my hand.
She took it and my heart did a funny flip.
We stared at each other for a while,my heart was about bursting.
“I’m beautiful,i know that” she smiled.
“Yes you are” I said.
She’s truly beautiful but i don’t think what am feeling right now is about her beauty.
It’s entirely something else.
I’m not just attracted to her beautiful but something i can’t name.
“Come on” She said.
“Yeah” I smiled and tightened my hand on hers.
“Now let’s go over to those flowers…”
“Aw! I wish to swim but It’s getting late” She said after i finished showing her the swimming pool.
I glanced at my wrist watch.
She came here around 3:20.
“I came to spend time with artist Shaw but you took my time instead” She frowned.
“Nay, you took my time instead” I said.
“Nay, you did!”
“I didn’t ask you to chase me around with a spoon” I laughed.
“Keep quiet and lead me back inside,i need to see artist Shaw before i leave” She pouted.
“So you won’t thank me for showing you around?”
“Go to Babylon for thanks” She said and i laughed out loud.
“What’s with you and Babylon?” I asked still laughing.
“Get lost! I’m just gonna find the way inside myself” She said and started walking ahead of me.
“Come here Anel, you’ll get lost” I laughed and ran after her.
“Huh? I already missed Liam’s calls. I really have to get going, they’ll be so worried” She said after picking up her phone.
“Where’s Artist Shaw,your Mum and Mike? I need to say goodbye” She said.
“Come with me to the second living room” I said and she quickly followed me.
I wasn’t feeling so happy she’s living soon.
We got to the second living room and met them having dessert.
Mike’s lips were filled with whipped cream,he grinned when he saw Anel.
“Did you finally hit him on the head like he did to me?” He asked.
“No i didn’t but i promise I’m going to next time”
“Aaaargh” He rolled his eyes and then shrugged.
Anel chuckled.
“You’re prepared to leave?” Dad asked.
“OMG i can’t believe artist Shaw is asking me that? I’m just gonna die if i wake up and find out this is all a dream” Anel said and everyone smiled.
I actually don’t know where her love for dad originated from.
She quickly rushed to hug Dad who gladly reciprocated.
“Im leaving now, even though i don’t want to” She said.
“It’s fine,you’re always welcome here dear” Mum said.
“Yes Anel,I’ll make sure maniac prepares enough meal for you when next you wanna visit” Mike smiled.
If i don’t stop him,that’s what he’s probably gonna call me for the rest of my life.
“It’s so sad you’re leaving,we enjoyed your company and i think I’ll have to show you the studio house some other time” Dad said.
“Ah! I’ve totally forgotten that,you can quickly show me now” she said.
“Nay, I have to show you whenever you’re not in a hurry so you can get to view and acknowledge the arts in patience ”
“That’s right,with that I’m gonna make sure i visit very soon” She said.
“Okay dear, we’ll be expecting you” Dad said.
“Thanks everyone for the hospitality” She bowed.
“You’re welcome”
“Bye, artist Shaw it was nice seeing you,you made today one of my best days” She grinned.
“I’m honored” Dad smiled.
“Bye everyone” She smiled.
“I’m gonna see her off” i said and led her outside.
“Artist Shaw i love you” She shouted happily before walking out of the door.
I shook my head.
My driver was waiting already, seated on the driver’s seat.
“Thanks for coming anel, your presence was great”
She rolled her eyes and i laughed.
I so much like this girl.
“Well… thanks for inviting me but next time,i won’t need your invitation” She stuck out her tongue.
“I should have just let you remain fantasising about meeting Dad” I said.
“But you didn’t” She laughed.
“Ah! Liam is calling again. Gotta go” She said and opened the car door then got in.
“Bye” She waved.
“Bye” I waved back with smiles.
We held each other’s gaze till the car drove out of the compound.
I sighed and held my racing chest.
‘Mike’ I thought and quickly ran inside the house.
I swear down, i’m so gonna deal with him.

“Where’s Mike?” I asked immediately i got to the living room and couldn’t find him.
Mum laughed before dad joined in.
“What?” I asked.
They kept laughing.
I started walking to the stairs thinking he might have ran to his room.
“I’m here,come get me maniac” I heard that little brat’s voice and quickly turn, only to find out he was hiding right under mum’s legs.
How could i get so blind not to notice! Plus he called me manic!!
He got up and started running when he saw me advancing towards him.
I gave him a hot chase and smiled when i heard Mum and dad’s laughter trailing behind us.
Anel’s POV
“Anel where are you coming from?” Liam threw the question at me when i walked into the living room.
Mum, Ana and granny were also seated and i can see they all wore worried look.
“I’m sorry for returning late” I said.
“Where are you coming from?” He repeated his question.
“I told you i was going to a friend pl…”
“Shut up!” He cut me short.
If he thinks he’s gonna make me cry tonight then he’s joking.
“You allowed me go and now you’re yelling at me. Who does that?” I said getting pissed.
“You never told us you were going to a guy’s house! a bastard’s house!”
“Really? Well.. he’s the only friend i have” I said.
“What! How could you make a guy your first friend” He shouted.
“I’m free to make anyone my friend, remember it’s ‘my friend’ so i gat the chance to make my choice” I said throwing my phone on the couch.
“Knowing well it was a guy who destroyed your mother! ” He yelled and that brought tears to my eyes.
He finally succeeded in making me cry.
“Yes,it was a guy not all the guys. Just because of mum’s story i didn’t make friends since i was eight,i didn’t feel the joy of childhood,im always screaming and pushing away anyone who come close to me,it made me hate people!!! But do you know the person that made all that stopped;
It was him! The guy you call a bastard was the only one who came close to me,he made me realize the life i was living was bad,he changed me!!” I said in tears.
I saw Ana wiping her face and knew she was crying.
I can’t go to her at this moment.
“Even if you don’t like me as you liked Mum,that shouldn’t make you yell at me all the time. It’s high time i started deciding for myself” I said and picked my phone slowly.
I sniffled and started walking towards the stairs.
I felt a hand pull me back,i turned and saw Liam. He quickly pulled me into a hug and of course i hugged him back.
“I like you more than your Mum okay?” He said to me and i nodded.
He wiped my tears away and led me to a couch.
“Really?” Liam smiled after mum and Ana were done telling him how nice Dan is.
Granny has gone up to her room.
“Yes” I smiled also.
“Yes Dad,i like him” Ana said.
“Wow! So what’s his name?” Liam asked.
“Dan” Ana said.
“Dan? You mean like Daniel?” Liam asked.
“Yes Dad” Ana grinned.
“What’s his last name?” He asked after glancing at mum.
“Martin” Ana answered and i noticed how he quickly sighed in relief.
It’s not Martin,that dickhead lied.
“That was what i also thought at first” Mum whispered to Liam but i overheard.
Liam nodded and then smiled.
What did she thought at first?
“You can invite him over next time” He said.
“Really?” I smiled.
“OMG thanks Liam” I giggled happily with Ana.
“It’s fine” He said.
“His family treated me well,they are very nice people,so awesome and down to earth” I gushed over the Shaws.
“Really?” Liam asked.
“Yes Liam,they are great people” I said.
“Wow” He smiled.
“Invite everyone of them then” He said.
Should i tell him?
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 12:56pm On Jan 17
Season 2
# Chapter 74
Zeemah writes
{I sincerely apologise for the late post,I’m back now}
Anel’s POV
“Invite everyone of them then” He said.
Should i tell him?
“Huh… okay” I said.
Mum yawned.
“It’s getting late,we have to go to bed” Liam said and helped mum up.
“Okay, we’ll also come to bed soon” Ana said.
“I’ll come back to check on you and I’m gonna make sure i punish you if you haven’t gone to bed” Liam said and started leading Mum up the stairs.
Ana rolled her eyes and shifted closer to me.
“What?” I asked.
“Aren’t you gonna gist me?” She asked.
“After you told Liam that my so called friend was a guy” I said.
“Com’on,we were all worried when you weren’t picking up,so i had to answer all of dad’s questions honestly” She said.
“Whatever ” I stood up.
“Ah! I can’t believe you’re pissed about that” She said.
“I’m not, at all” i said.
“Then tell me how it all went?” She asked eagerly and i felt sorry cause i’m not in the mood for that now.
“It went great” I said and started walking to the stairs.
“Anel” She called after me.
“I’m gonna do that tomorrow Ana” I said.
“Urgh!” She groaned.
“I promise” I said and she shrugged.
I quickly climbed the stairs to my room.
I feel a bit tired and sleepy.
I got to my room and dropped my phone on the bed.
I pulled off my clothes and walked into the bathroom.
I walked out of the bathroom in my pajamas feeling refreshed.
I sat on the bed and smiled remembering the moments i spent in maniac’s house.
I still can’t believe i met artist Shaw.
I’m gonna make sure i visit soon again,i can’t wait to see his studio house.
I know there will be hundreds of drawings.
I just hope i won’t die with enthusiasm.
I sighed, realising how bad i feel keeping something from Liam but i can’t possibly tell him or can i?
He hates Bryan Shaw for whatever reason and I’m sure there wouldn’t have been peace in the house tonight if i had told him.
I think I’m just gonna keep it all a secret till the Shaw family comes to visit.
Maybe once Liam sees him,the hatred will decrease or probably stop cause Bryan Shaw is such a lovable man.
I can’t wait to tell Dan about this.
I really want his family to visit ours.
I giggled as i picked my phone,i powered it.
Oh..i didn’t realize i have a message.
Hi, beautiful Psycho.
I hope you got home safely?
Can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
I laughed as i remembered the moment i revealed the name i call Dan.
It was such a funny moment.
I never thought i would reveal that name ‘handsome maniac’ today, and right in his house with his family surrounding us but damn!
He also calls me ‘beautiful psycho!’
Good thing i gave him that name.
I smiled and hugged my phone to my chest.
I’ve grown to like Dan so much,he’s a wonderful friend.
I should sleep now,i need to get to school early tomorrow.
I can’t wait to see Dan.
I slipped under the covers after switching off the lights and then switching on the bedside lamp.
I laid my head on my pillow and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to accept me.
Next Morning
I stood in front of the mirror after i was done dressing up for school.
I smiled and adjusted my backpack before walking out of my room.
“Why are you always at the dining before me?” I frowned at Ana,who grinned and continued her breakfast.
“That shows how punctual i am” She said with a mouthful.
“Yes, only when food is involved” i said.
She sent me a glare but i ignored her and called out to Mary.
“Good morning Mary” I shouted.
“Good morning Anel,how was your night?”
“It was great” i said and dropped my backpack.
I sat down and started eating my breakfast.
“You said you are gonna tell me everything today” Ana broke the silence.
“That will be after we’re back from school” I said.

“Ahhn!” She frowned.
“We’re going to school Ana! Talking might delay us” i said.
“Just sum it up for me,you don’t have to to go into details, please” She pleaded.
“No Ana, we’re starting to run late. I’m gonn..”
“It’s so annoying to start thinking you want to start hiding things from me! I don’t want to hear anything anymore,keep the gist to yourself” She said angrily and stood up,she picked up her backpack and walked out.
I smiled,not surprised at her behavior.
“Ana” i called after her but she didn’t respond.
“Okay im sorry, I’m gonna tell you everything” I picked my backpack and ran after her.
“Bye Jack,Ana” I said as i alighted from the car.
“Bye Anel, have a nice day” Jack said.
I looked at Ana who has been ignoring me.
I turned and headed to the school gate.
I suddenly turned back and caught Ana looking at me.
I smiled and waved..
“I love you sis” i shouted.
She pouted and ordered jack to drive.
He did and i turned back to the gate.
I walked into the classroom and got the attention I’ve always gotten.
They all stared at me in silence for a while before saying “hi”
My eyes went straight to Dan’s seat and i couldn’t define the excitement that rose in me when i saw him seated.
Our eyes met and my heart pumped.
“Hello everyone” I waved in smiles as i walked to my seat.
I dropped my backpack before settling down.
“Psycho” Dan whispered to me and i secretly smiled before turning to face him.
“Maniac!” I growled and he laughed.
“You’re a psycho but guess what?” He asked.
“What?” I frowned.
“You’re beautiful” He said and i smiled, almost holding my cheeks.
“You’re a maniac but guess what?”
“What?” He asked.
“You’re ugly” I grinned.
“What!” He exclaimed and frowned.
I laughed and stuck out my tongue at him.
“I believe you both are aware that this is a classroom and you’re disturbing other students” Jacq half yelled.
“Yes!” Karissa conceded.
“We’re not complaining,are we?” The class prefect asked the class .
“No” They chorused making me smile.
I turned to Dan who appeared less bothered about the whole thing.
I sighed and turned to the front of the classroom.
Just then a teacher walked in.
We had three more subjects before the bell for lunch break rang.
I grabbed my bottled water out of my backpack.
I uncapped it and gulped it down my throat.
“You’re starving right?” Dan asked and i nodded.
“Plus I’m exhausted ” I said.
“Okay,hold on. I’ll go get us food from the cafeteria” He said and stood up.
“Let’s go together” i said.
“No,i don’t want that yesterday drama repeating itself,just sit okay. I’ll be back” He said.
“Thanks” I smiled and watched as him walked away.
Where are his friends?
I noticed they didn’t come to call him for lunch today.
I just hope I’m not the one getting between them, they don’t normally have issues before i became close to Dan.
I sighed and gulped more water.
I just hope everything will be fine.

I was about going to meet Dan in the cafeteria,he’s taking too long.
“Yoo!” I heard and flinched.
I turned towards the window and saw Dan standing in the garden with a tray of meal.
I smiled..
“Come to the garden” he winked and i rushed out of the classroom like wind.
“Don’t you think Mrs Oliver will be pissed to find out we’re having our lunch here,after what happened to you” I said with a mouthful.
I’m so enjoying the pizza rolls.
We’re both seated on the bench, having our lunch.
“How would she know? Do you plan on telling her?” He asked and took a pizza roll from my plate.
I sent him a look and he chuckled.
“I don’t plan on doing that but do you know there’s a CCTV in the whole building?”
“Except the garden” He smiled.
“Ohh.. really?”
“But eating in the garden is not among the school rules”
“I’m Daniel Shaw and I’m born to break rules” He boasted and i felt intrigued.
“Aaaargh!” I rolled my eyes.
He laughed.
“Well…my visit to your house was great,i totally enjoyed myself even though you didn’t stop being a dickhead” I said.
“Ouch!” I said when he dragged my hair.
“Serves you right” He said.
“You deserve a hard knock but I’m gonna pardon you” I said.
He smiled and gazed at me for a long time,my cheeks were starting to turn red and i finally managed to speak up.
“What?” I asked.
“I’m glad you’re part of my life,i get to laugh whenever I’m with you..”
“Now, you’re gonna make me blush” i smiled.
“Go ahead,i would love to see your creamy cheeks go red” He said and i laughed.
“Cheeks are not the only part of body that goes red when blushing”
“Yeah i know but the cheeks is the commonest for girls”
“You’re right and Liam wants your family to visit” I said.
“Really?” His eyes widened.
“Yeah,he wants to know you all better” I said.
“Wow,does he know we’re the Shaws?”
“No he doesn’t,I’ve not told him but i will, soon” I said.
“It’ll be a bit hard to make dad come,you know how he is right?”
“Yeah,i do”
“But,i don’t think he would refuse the offer cause he likes you so much” He said and i found myself grinning.
“You mean he would visit just because of me?” I asked.
He nodded “I’m gonna inform him first and I’ll get back to you,I’m so glad your uncle wants to meet my family, that means he accepts our friendship”
“Yes he does”
“Yaaay” he said excitedly and i smiled.
I was about picking another pizza roll when i realised there’s nothing remaining in the plate.
I’m okay with what I’ve eaten though.
I sighed and picked my bottle of water.
“I’ll go return this to the cafeteria” He said and picked the tray.
I nodded and watched him walk away.
“What about your friends?” I asked when he returned to the garden.
“They both refuse to talk to me” He said.
“Yeah…it’s normal” He smiled.
“Why are they doing that?” I asked.
He shrugged. “Probably they are jealous that i have another friend”
“Oh..you mean it’s all because of me?” I asked.
“Yeah, they’re jealous of you but don’t bother about that. They’ll loosen up soon,they are both nice people” He said.
“But if i haven’t become your friend,all this wouldn’t have happened,I’m the one who caused everything” I said sadly and wondered when i became this way.
He sighed ” Anel,you didn’t cause anything. They would have also behaved that way if it was another person i have as a new friend,so just chill huh? ” He said and i nodded.
“Don’t bother about them,now come over for a ‘friend’ hug” He smiled and i returned his smile.
I think I’m getting too soft.
We shifted closer to each other and he pulled me into a hug.
I nearly gasped when he kissed my forehead and then brushed back my hair.
My heart raced faster and my entire face grew hot.
I quickly disengaged from the hug and turned to face the other side,i think it’s best to avoid his face at this moment.
I breathed in and out for some minutes and then turned back to him after i was sure that I’m okay.
What’s happening to me?
I gasped when i found his face close to mine.
His hot breath fanned my face,i got to see how full and real his lashes were,his nose is almost touching mine and his lips..
Oh..my.. I felt hot and I’m sure my entire face has turned into tomato.
“Goddess Anel” He smiled and i must confess his nearness gave me new set of feelings.
My heart didn’t stop pounding and i couldn’t utter a word.
What’s happening to me?
This isn’t the first time I’m feeling this but it’s more intense now.
I don’t know the force that was pushing my lips to his.
Our lips were about touching when we heard a bang.
We both turned and saw Travis,he already turned red with anger.
He hit the rod he was holding on the bench one more time before yelling at Dan.
I so much dislike Travis!
But what were we about to do?
I mean Dan and i.
{Few weeks later}
It’s morning…
I yawned and sat up on my bed.
Its Saturday,i don’t have to rush into the bathroom to bath and get dressed.
I rested my back on the bed’s headboard and then picked up my phone.
I powered it and smile as our picture displayed on the screen…Dan and i.
I like him so much,he’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.
Our friendship has waxed stronger and i can proudly say Dan is now my best friend.
But i don’t understand the reason my heart beat faster whenever he’s close to me,i don’t understand the reason i feel so happy whenever i hear his voice,the reason i always long to be with him,the reason…the reason, i don’t just understand what’s happening to me.
Is that what friends always feel for each other?
I sighed and dropped my phone,then stood up from the bed.
I walked into the bathroom after grabbing my body towel.
“Like seriously,did you just called Dan with my phone?” I asked Ana after walking out of the bathroom.
“Yeah” She grinned.
“Why did you do that? And don’t break my bedside lamp” I warned.
She shifted to the middle of the bed,my phone still in her hand .
“I wanted to hear his voice and tell him something also” She said.
“But i made you talk to him yesternight” I said and started drying my body.
“Yeah,i needed to tell him something” She said.
“What?” I asked.
“It’s a secret” She smiled widely.
Ana likes Dan so much.
“Next time, don’t call anyone with my phone without my permission okay?”
She nodded.
I walked to the wardrobe and pulled it open.
“You don’t have to do that,i already selected some clothes for you” Ana said.
I turned and saw her holding my pink dress.
I smiled… Exactly what i planned on wearing.
“I’m so bored,I’m gonna sleep any moment from now” Ana yawned.
I laughed,i knew she didn’t like this particular cartoon but i do.
We sat in the living room after having our breakfast.
Liam, Mum and granny are upstairs in their rooms.
And of course Mil is gone,i miss her so much.
“Go to sleep little sis” I winked.
“I’m not little! and you’re being wicked!” She said.
“You knew i don’tt like this cartoon”
“But i do,should we split the TV into two?”
“Other older sisters allow their younger ones to watch what they like”
“I’m not ‘other sisters’ I’m Asanel Yates” I said.
“Arrgh! You’re so annoying” She said and i laughed.
“Your phone is ringing” She smiled and passed it to me.
Ana smiled? Just because my phone is ringing??
I wonder who’s calling.
I collected it from her.
I tried to hide my smile as i received the call.
I cleared my throat.
Hey Psycho.
Like seriously maniac!
He laughed I’m sorry but I’m not deeply sorry cause you also called me maniac.
I rolled my eyes.
I know you just rolled your eyes now.
And i know you’re a wizard.
He laughed Well… you’ll make me forget the reason i called.
Isn’t it to hear my voice?
Yeah and also to tell you that we’re all on our place to your house.

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 11:09am On Jan 20
(Love, why)
Season 2

# Chapter 75
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Isn’t it to hear my voice?
Yeah and also to tell you that we’re all on our place to your house.
Ohh.. okay” I responded, trying to control my breathing.
How’s Liam gonna feel if he sees Bryan Shaw?
I’ll be expecting you,let me go prepare” i said and dropped the call.
I wiped sweat off my forehead and stood up.
“What happened?” Ana asked.
“Dan and his family are on their way here” I said.
“And what’s wrong with that?” She asked.
“Dan’s dad i…is Bryan Shaw” i said.
“Huh?” Her eyes widened in surprise.
“How come his last name is Martin” She said and sat up on the couch.
“He lied about that,his last name is Shaw”
I nodded.
“Dad really hates Bryan Shaw and now he’s on his way to our house,what are we gonna do?” She asked.
“I..i don’t know, should i call Mil?”
“No,she’s not here so calling her will be not helpful. Figure out something yourself” She said.
“I’m trying to…” I said and sat back on the couch.
I stood up again knowing they will be here any minute from now.
“Should we go tell Dad and Mum?” Ana asked.
I shook my head….if we should inform Liam that Bryan shaw is on his way to our house,he would probably go stand by the gate and embarrass the day living out of the poor artist.
“I think there’s no need to inform Liam about their coming,we should just tell Mary to prepare some meal and then when they arrive and already seated, I’ll go call Liam” I suggested.
“That’s fine” She said.
“Let’s go tell Mary to prepare some meal” I said and we both walked to the kitchen.
Dan’s POV
“Dad! What do you mean we have to turn back home, we’re almost there” I said,a bit pissed.
“I’m sorry but there’s an important contract waiting for me at home,we can come over to their place some other time” He said.
“That’s unfair Dad,your manager can help you handle the contract” Mike said.
“I know but i have to go myself, my manager is with her sick mother, it’ll be selfish of me to call her to attend to my contact”
“But there are other people who can do it for you”
“I don’t trust them as i trust her, just let me go myself,we can visit some other time” He said.
“Mum won’t you say anything” I frowned.
“Dan, Mike, your father has to attend to his business. This visit can actually wait” She said.
Of course that’s what she’s gonna say.
“But i already called her and told her we’re on our way to their place,I’m damn sure they would have been making preparations,are we gonna allow their efforts go to waste?”
Mum sighed softly and glanced at Dad.
“I’m sorry,i have to attend to this business,it’s a big contract and i can’t afford to loose it” He said.
“Fine, just park nearby and drop Mike and i, we’re gonna take a cab to their house” I said.
“Yeah” Mike conceded.
Dad glanced at mum who shrugged.
“Okay then” He said and drew to a corner of the road.
I grabbed the customised nylon containing boxes of chocolates before alighting from the car.
Mike also alighted behind me.
“Take care sons” Dad said.
“Bye sweeties, make sure you get home early okay?” Mum said and we nodded.
“Are you with enough cash?” Dad asked.
“Yeah Dad” I said.
“Bye” they drove off.
I grabbed Mike’s wrist and he tried to jerk it away.
“I can see how badly you wanna get hit by a car” I said and he stopped.
We waited for few minutes before we saw a cab driving towards us at a slow pace.
I quickly waved it to a stop.
“Wow,their compound is beautiful” Mike said after we were allowed in by the gate keeper whom i believed has been informed of our coming.
“Yes it is” I smiled and we both walked to the door.
This is actually the first time I’m visiting Anel’s house.
I hit Mike’s hands when he rushed forward to ring the bell.
“Ouch” He sent me a glare.
“Be well behaved, don’t try any of your madness here” I warned.
“You’re so mean” he hissed.
I rang the doorbell twice and stood by the door nervously.
The door opened and i expected to see Anel but i saw Ana instead.
Good enough!
“Dan” She hugged my legs,and i picked her up to hug my body fully.
“How’re you?” I kissed her cheeks.
“I’m fine” She giggled.
“Where are your parents?” She asked.
“Well..they had to attend to an urgent business” I said and dropped her to her feet.
She sighed and was about talking when she sighted the sulking Mike.
“Wow,he’s your brother right?” She asked and i nodded.
“He’s so cute but why’s he sullen like a balloon?” She asked and i laughed.
Mike rolled his eyes at her.
“You know what metal balls are right?” She asked Mike.
“Of course,i know it”
“Good! That’s exactly how your eyes is,when rolled” She said and i laughed harder.
I’ve forgotten Ana was Mike’s match.
“And do you know an India parrot?” Mike asked.
“Yeah i do”
“That’s exactly how you blabber” Mike retorted.
This two are…damn!
“Dan,your brother is so annoying” Ana said with a raised brow.
I don’t know what to say to this.
“Well…i bought a box of chocolate for you” I said and grabbed a box of chocolate in the nylon.
The remaining ones belongs to Anel.
“OMG, thanks so much Dan” She collected the chocolate with smiles.
“Ana, won’t you allow them in!” I heard Anel shout from inside.
I smiled on hearing her angelic voice.
“Oh..I’m so sorry,i got carried away, come in” She said and paved way for us to come in,hugging her box of chocolate to her chest.
We walked in and was welcomed with baking aroma.
The living room is the most unique I’ve ever seen,so beautiful and simple.
I didn’t notice Anel was seated as i was busy checking out the living room.
“Anel” Mike rushed to her and that was when i also turned and saw her.
She was hugging Mike but her gaze was on me.
We smiled at each other and i wonder how i gotten so attached to Anel.
The past weeks has been great for us, we’ve gotten closer than expected,what we now have for each other is more than friendship.
I’m attracted to her but i don’t think she is to me, she hates guys asking her out and that’s what has been keeping me. I have feelings for her.
I like Anel,i like her so much.
I wish..i wish i could just make her mine and kiss her till eternity
She dropped Mike after pecking him and then started walking to me.
The pink dress she wore hugged her body tightly and rhymed her creamy skin,her hair is in her normal pontsplait.
“Hey” She smiled as she got to me.
“Hu.. how’re you?” I asked.
“Stop trying to act formal maniac” She said making me chuckle.
“Okay,psycho what’s up?” I asked.
“Good! That’s what i want. Well I’m fine” She said and looked behind me.
“Where are your parents?” She asked.
“Well..they went to attend to an urgent business, they’ll visit some other time” I said.
“Aw! I was really expecting them but it’s fine” She said.
“Won’t you offer me a seat?” I asked.
“Sit on the floor maniac” She grinned.
“Like seriously?”
“You said i should offer you a seat and i just did” She said.
“You really have traits of a psychopath” i said.
“What!” She gave me a hard knock.
“Ouch! Is that how your visitors get knocked?”
“No but yes, for visitors that get on my nerves” She said.
“OMG, Ana is that chocolate in your hands” She rushed to Ana who was seated on the couch eating chocolate.
“Yeah but I’m not giving you any” Ana said.
“Let me have a wrap, please” She pleaded.
“I bought some for you too” I stretched the nylon to her.
“OMG really?” She grabbed it from me and peered inside.
“Thank you” She screamed and hugged me tightly.
She smells nice…
I sniffed her hair and didn’t want to let her out of my grip but i finally did.
She opened a box of chocolate and started throwing it into her mouth, giggling happily.
I quickly brought out my phone and took few unaware shots of her.
She looks cute though..
I chuckled and returned my phone back to my pocket.
“My bad, i didn’t offer you guys anything, please hold on. I’ll be right back” She said and walked away.
I sat down on the couch and smiled when i saw how engrossed Mike was in the cartoon series being displayed on the TV.
Ana was eating her chocolate and watching the cartoon at the same time.
My eyes continued touring the whole living room.

Anel walked back to the living room with a tray containing two glasses of juice and also two small plate of hot cookies.
She placed it on the table.
Mike smiled and sat properly and i nearly gave him a knock.
“Have this first,meal will be ready soon” She said, opening another box of chocolates.
She has finished the first box?
It seems her craving for chocolate is getting stronger each day.
“Okay thanks” Mike said and grabbed a cookie,he threw it in his mouth and started munching it.
“Delicious” He murmured.
“Thanks Anel” I said.
“I have to go tell Liam, mum and granny that you guys are here” She said and walked towards the stairs.
She turned and i got embarrassed she caught me staring at her.
“Nice meeting you Dan” Liam smiled.
“Same here Liam” I smiled back.
He actually told me to call him Liam.
We were all seated round the dining eating casserole.
This family is filled with nice set of people,they are so warm and friendly.
“You’re so handsome” granny said.
“Thanks granny” I smiled.
“He’s handsome but he’s also a maniac so handsome and maniac makes handsome maniac and that’s what i call him” Anel grinned.
“What!” They all exclaimed except Ana and Mike who laughed.
“Yeah,he’s a maniac.” She said.
“Ah! Anel,that’s rash” Liam said.
“You should hear what he calls me also” she said.
“Really? He also has a name for you ?” Ana’s Mum asked.
“Yeah,I call her beautiful psycho” I said and they all laughed.
“Tit for tat” Liam said when the laughter subsided.
“I’m so enjoying your company,it’s been long i laughed this hard” Granny said.
“Me too” Ana’s Mum said.
“You have such an amazing personality and i totally give in for you to remain Anel’s friend” Liam said.
I smiled and glanced at Anel who looked happy.
“Why are your parents not with you?” Liam asked.
“They went to attend to an urgent business” I said.
“Really? What does your dad do?” Liam asked.
Anel didn’t tell him?
“He’s an art…”
“I’m gonna punch your nose out of your face” Ana interrupted me, referring to Mike.
“Go ahead and I’m gonna make sure i twist your hand till it bends and breaks into four” Mike said.
“Urrgh! You’re getting on my nerves” Ana said.
“Same here” Mike said and continued eating.
We watched them amusingly, everyone trying to hold their laughter.
“You love food a lot” Ana said to Mike and this time i couldn’t hold my laughter.
Mike ignored her even though he looked pissed,he continued eating his casserole.
“We were quarrelling and the next thing you did was to eat!” She said.
“Said a girl who finished the whole of her casserole in four minutes” Mike said.
Ana banged the table. “Mum,you mustn’t give birth to a boy!”
We all laughed.
“I’m gonna show you around” Anel said and took my hand.
We were done eating and the whole family was seated in the living room.
I almost laughed out my lungs, they are funny people.
“Ana,can you please show Mike around also?” Anel asked.
“I’m just gonna lock him up in the attic” She said.
“I’m fine here,besides im enjoying this cartoon rather than getting locked in the attic” Mike said.
“Okay,fine.” Anel said and we both walked out of the door hand in hand.
I feel their gazes on our backs and felt a little bit uncomfortable.
We both sat at the edge of the pool with our bare legs dipped into the water.
We’ve finished touring half of the building and we decided to stay by the pool for a while.
We were both silent as we watched our legs dangle in the cool water.
“I thought you do visit your Dad on weekends” I said.
“Yeah but he is not around, he’ll be back today and he promised to come see me” She said.
I kept stealing glances at her, admiring how beautiful and natural she looked..
“You have nice legs” I complimented.
“Thanks,and you have ugly legs” She said.
“There we go again” I said and she laughed.
“Anyway,your house is beautiful” I said.
“Thanks but not as beautiful as yours” She said.
“I like your house more” I said.
“I like your house more too” She said.
“You have nice family, they’re warm and friendly” I said.
“You think so?” She twitched her nose.
“They’re funny too”
“Thanks but what’s up with the compliments?” She asked.
“I have no other thing to say and i don’t want us to remain in silence” I said.
I raised my feet and stamped it on the water, it splashed on Anel’s face.
“Ah!” She said and stamped her feet hard on the water,it splashed on our faces and clothes.
It seems like fun,we continued stamping our feet in the water, laughing hard in the process,we were both enjoying it and didn’t even noticed we’ve gotten wet.
We finally stopped after we got tired,my cheeks were starting to ache with laughter.
“Dan, we’ve gotten wet” Anel giggled.
“Yeah but it feels good” I smiled.
“Sure it does” She said .
“Let’s take few shots,i want us to have a memory of this day”
“Yessss” Anel giggled.
I brought out my phone from my pocket,put it on and scrolled through the apps,i clicked on the ‘camera’ .
Anel shifted closer to me as i raised up my phone.
We took several shots, posing funnily, laughing and teasing ourselves.
It was fun and i had to frown when my phone rang.
I received it…
Hi Dad
How’re you Dan? and how’s Mike.
We’re fine dad,i guess you’re done with the business?
Yes,i called to tell you that we’re on our way,the business took just few hours.
Wow” I smiled “we’ll be expecting you,you know the home address right?”
Yeah,it’s here with me.
Okay Dad,see you soon.
“Anel,my parents are on their way” I said happily.
“Huh!” Her eyes widened and she smiled.
Anel’s POV
Dan and i walked into the living room to inform everyone that his parents are on their way.
I’m happy I’m gonna be seeing artist Shaw again but then I’m worried.
Liam doesn’t like Bryan Shaw and i hope his coming here won’t cause any problem.
He might get to like him if he sees him.
Artist Shaw is a lovable person.
“Everyone,Dan parents are on their way” I announced happily.
“They are here already” Dan said when the doorbell rang.
Ana quickly rushed to open the door.
I looked at Liam and my heart pounded.
He looks happy, of course he isn’t aware that the person he’s expecting is Bryan Shaw.
How’s he gonna react to it.
“They are here” Ana shouted.
We all stood up to welcome them.
They both walked in and my heart pounded faster.
I switched my gaze to Liam,and i immediately know there will be war the moment his happy face grew furious when he saw Bryan Shaw who equally looked surprised to see him.
“B..b..bryan?” Liam stammered,his eyes has gone red.
“OMG!” Mum and granny exclaimed.
“L..liam?” Artist Shaw also said and tears slowly scrolled down his cheeks.
What’s going on?
“H.. he’s your father?” Liam asked Dan who nodded, looking unhappy.
“Liam pleas..” granny was saying but he already grabbed the flower vase on the table.
Everyone gasped as he furiously threw it at artist shaw who was quick to dodge it from hitting his head but he was not so lucky,the vase shattered on his shoulder.
Everyone stood in shock as blood seeped out of artist Shaw’s shoulder.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 11:10am On Jan 20
(Love, why?)

Season 2
# Chapter 76
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Everyone gasped as he furiously threw it at artist shaw who was quick to dodge it from hitting his head but he was not so lucky,the vase shattered on his shoulder.
Everyone stood in shock as blood seeped out of artist Shaw’s shoulder.
I stood rooted to the spot..Liam hates Bryan Shaw this much?
“Liam have you gone nuts!” Dan’s mum screamed at Liam and quickly rushed to her husband trying to stop the bleeding.
“Daddy” Mike cried.
“Like seriously? Dad what’s going on?” Dan asked.
“Artist Shaw please I’m so sorry,are you okay?” I asked with unsteady voice.
“Get out of my house right now!!” Liam yelled, advancing fast towards Artist Shaw with….but Dan blocked his way.
“I won’t let you hit him again” He said to Liam’s face.
“Your father is a killer!” Liam spat.
“Whatever he is,he still remains my father. You should learn how to control your temper instead” Dan said.
A killer?
He killed who?
“Sorry Bryan” Mum rushed back into the living room with a first aid box.
I didn’t even noticed she left the living room.
“I’m okay” Artist Shaw smiled painfully.
“Darling you’re not.” Dan’s mum said and collected the first aid box from mum.
I’m so confused right now…like what the heck is happening right now?
I thought the beef is between artist Shaw and Liam, why’s granny in tears?
“That stupid treatment isn’t gonna be in my house! You this killer should get out of my house this minute!” Liam said breathing heavily.
“Shut up! You hurt him in your house and you’re insisting the treatment won’t be done here. Liam why are you being heartless i didn’t brought you up this way” Granny said sadly.
“I would kill him if i had the chance” Liam said angrily, running his hand through his hair.
Dan’s mum was so fast in cleaning the wound..
“Liam,just hear me out. I w…” Artist Shaw was saying but got interrupted by Liam.
“I can’t believe i allowed you in my house and now you’re spitting,I’m gonna do something you’ll regret. Get out of my house Now” Liam said.
There was silence when the doorbell rang.
No one was willing to go open the door, everyone was preoccupied with their thoughts.
It rang again and Ana had to go open it.
Dad stepped in,holding two paper bags,he hugged Ana and handed her one of the paper bag before closing the door behind him.
I knew Ana would have jumped in excitement if it wasn’t for this tense mood,she only muttered ‘thanks’.
Dad got to the living room and looked surprised to see everyone in such mood.
Shock was written all over his face when he saw Artist Shaw.
“Bryan?” He called.
“Kelly” Artist Shaw smiled but i could see pain through that smile.
“What the hell are you doing here,are you here to kill my daughter too” Dad yelled.
“I’m not here to kill your daughter and i never knew she was your daughter in the first place” Artist Shaw said.
“What’s the meaning of this thrash,why do you all keep accusing him of killing. What exactly is your problem,have you all gone nuts?” Dan’s Mum said angrily.
“What the hell is going on! someone should tell me!” I yelled.
No one spoke up.
” Liam why did you hit Bryan Shaw,what gave you the right to? I know you don’t like him and that was the reason i deliberately made him come without your knowledge thinking you both can sort things out but you proved to be immature” I said and Liam’s face widened.
“I’m sorry if I’m being rude but hitting him was over the extreme,what if he hadn’t dodged it,it would have hit his head for goodness sake!” I said.
“Wow, i knew you have also been bewitched like Mara,the moment you started craving for his artworks” Liam said.
“It isn’t bewitchment,i think only a blind person won’t crave for Artist Shaw’s artworks” I said.
“I believe by the time you hear what he did,you will stop supporting him” Liam said wearing a grim look
“Liam it’s sixteen years already, shouldn’t you have let all this go” mum said.
Sixteen years?
“I can’t and i would never,cause i haven’t gotten over Mara’s death” Liam said.
“Mary” Granny called with a shaky voice.
Mary rushed into the living room.
“Yes ma’am” She responded.
“Take this children upstairs” She said and Mary nodded,then took Ana and Mike’s hand before leading them upstairs.
“Dad,what’s happening?” Dan asked his dad.
“I can see you even got married to Laura, you’ve forgotten if Mara even existed” Liam said.
“I didn’t forget Mara and i would never!” Artist Shaw said.
“Please i think im about to go crazy with confusion, someone should please make all this clear to me”
“Well,this is Bryan the guy who killed your mother!” Liam said.
I shook my head in disbelief…
“He i.. isn’t the o..on..one” I stammered weakly.
Even though i don’t want to believe it but hearing that made me weak.
“He’s the one and that’s the reason i hate him till date”
My eyes went blurry with tears,there was no strength left in me,my legs wobbled and i couldn’t stand by myself any longer.

I was falling to the floor when Dan rushed to hold me.
I realised how much i now hate him.
“Don’t..t..ouch m..e” I said and couldn’t control the tears that scrolled down my cheeks.
His father killed my mother?
“No” I laughed.
He’s the only guy i ever had feelings for.
The only guy i ever imagined my future with?
His father…. killed my mother? No!
This is too much for me to take in.
I sat on the floor and felt my head going hot,i felt weak and i wasn’t feeling anything anymore,i wasn’t hearing anything,i only stared on,still not able to register what’s going on.
Dan’s POV
“Dad..is that true?” I asked in shock.
I could vividly remember what Anel told me about her Mum.
Her Mum was the reason she didn’t have friends since she was eight cause her mum died cause of friend,her mum was the reason she hate guys cause a guy led to her mother’s death.
Her Mum died the moment she gave birth to her and she told me two people are responsible for her mother’s death.
My dad and my biological Mum.
Her mum’s picture is the one in mum’s library and her drawing is the one in dad’s studio house.
“Dad,did you killed Anel’s mum?” I asked again.
He nodded and i felt sick to the stomach.
“Dad why?” I cried.
“Bryan wasn’t the one who killed Mara,Mara caused everything herself” Mum said.
“He killed her! He’s the reason Mara did all she did and he still didn’t love her,he broke her heart and that was what caused her death” Liam said.
“Do you think love can be forced? If i hadn’t loved you,do you think i would have married you. Liam,you also broke many girls heart in the past, don’t act like you’re a saint” Ana’s Mum said.
“I broke a lot of girls heart but i didn’t kill any of them and it’s so nice hearing that from you” Liam said.
“I’m sorry but Liam,it’s been years,just let all this go please” Ana mum said.
“I didn’t miss her burial intentionally, i was in the hospital for a week….”
“Cut the crap, don’t think I’ll ever believe you,the fact still remains that you killed my sister, you’re the main cause of her death!” Liam said.
“He didn’t kill Mara,Mara did what she did cause she wanted to. Even in her last minute,she told you never to blame anyone for her death” Mum said defensively.
“You all should leave this house” Liam said menacingly.
“Liam,i know how much Mara means to you,she means a lot to me too. Please just hear me out” Dad pleaded.
“She means a lot to you and yet you didn’t love her back,she loved you Bryan and even though you didn’t love her,you should have just pretended to,just to make her happy…”
“For how long would i have pretended. I loved Mara only as a friend,i offered to date her then just to make her happy but she didn’t wanted that,she wanted me to love her” Dad said.
“Can all this thrash you’re saying bring Mara back?” Liam said trying hard to hold his tears but he couldn’t anymore, he cried.
He loved his sister that much?
“Granny you aren’t saying anything, Kelly you aren’t also saying anything. This is Bryan who caused Mara’s death,he’s the reason i can’t see my sister anymore, and you both aren’t saying anything!” Liam yelled, cleaning his tears.
“Liam, i don’t know what to say. I’m not in the right state of mind”
“Liam,he didn’t kill Mara. Bryan didn’t” Granny said.
“I wonder if Mara mean anything to any of you. Bryan,i won’t repeat myself,get out of my house this minute” Liam said.
I looked at Anel who was seated on the floor all this while,it seems she isn’t even aware of what’s going on,she has a faraway look in her eyes,her lips were dry and her skin looked pale. It looked like she has aged in minutes. Tears scrolled down her cheeks unstoppably.
I crouched in front of her and couldn’t also stop my tears.
It seems she isn’t even seeing me,yet her eyes are wide opened.
I’m scared of how she has changed in just minutes.
Will she ever talk to me again?
I touched her skin and it was incredibly cold.
“Anel” I called but she didn’t respond.
“Noooooo” She screamed with her palms pressed on her ears.
The scream was deafening and i couldn’t help but cover my ears.
Everyone rushed to her.
She stopped screaming and suddenly started laughing.
She started loosening her hair, speaking incoherent words.
“Anel what’s wrong?” Everyone asked at the same time but it didn’t looked like she heard any of us.
She continued the incoherent words.
My heart beat faster as i realised what might be happening.
“Anel” Everyone screamed.
Dad,mum and i stood at the entrance of the hospital peering inside.
Liam refused to allow us into the waiting room.
He was pacing the waiting room alongside Ana’s mum, Kelly and Granny.
“You killed my sister and now i don’t know what your son has done to my niece” Liam shouted in our direction.
I haven’t stopped crying since we left the house.
Anel is not behaving normal anymore..
We had to rush her down to the hospital,the doctor has been attending to her over some some hours now.
Dad had to conceal his eyes with sunglass.
If not, his fans might just pop in,in different directions.
“Dad,i don’t want to believe all this. What have you brought me into!” I said and cleaned my tears.
“Your dad isn’t guilty of anything,he didn’t kill Mara” Mum said.
“Why didn’t you tell me all these before now dad. I kept asking you about that drawing but you failed to open up,now look where it led us” I said.
“I’m sorry Dan” He said.
I rushed into the waiting room when i saw the doctor walk up to them.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Liam shouted at me.
I realised mum and Dad also followed me.
“Liam,will you shut up! You made them stood outside for hours and they only came in wanting to know about Anel’s well being and you’re yelling, embarrassing yourself, i don’t want to hear a thing from you anymore” Granny scolded.
“Doctor,how’s my daughter?” Kelly asked the doctor who shook his head and adjusted the stethoscope around his neck.
“You told her anything that led to shock?” He asked.
“Doctor quit unnecessary questions,how’s Anel?” Liam shouted.
“Well…im sorry, she’s now suffering from mental disorder”
Oh no!

red more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=just+for+love
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 11:14am On Jan 20
(Love, why?)

Season 2
# Chapter 76
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Everyone gasped as he furiously threw it at artist shaw who was quick to dodge it from hitting his head but he was not so lucky,the vase shattered on his shoulder.
Everyone stood in shock as blood seeped out of artist Shaw’s shoulder.
I stood rooted to the spot..Liam hates Bryan Shaw this much?
“Liam have you gone nuts!” Dan’s mum screamed at Liam and quickly rushed to her husband trying to stop the bleeding.
“Daddy” Mike cried.
“Like seriously? Dad what’s going on?” Dan asked.
“Artist Shaw please I’m so sorry,are you okay?” I asked with unsteady voice.
“Get out of my house right now!!” Liam yelled, advancing fast towards Artist Shaw with….but Dan blocked his way.
“I won’t let you hit him again” He said to Liam’s face.
“Your father is a killer!” Liam spat.
“Whatever he is,he still remains my father. You should learn how to control your temper instead” Dan said.
A killer?
He killed who?
“Sorry Bryan” Mum rushed back into the living room with a first aid box.
I didn’t even noticed she left the living room.
“I’m okay” Artist Shaw smiled painfully.
“Darling you’re not.” Dan’s mum said and collected the first aid box from mum.
I’m so confused right now…like what the heck is happening right now?
I thought the beef is between artist Shaw and Liam, why’s granny in tears?
“That stupid treatment isn’t gonna be in my house! You this killer should get out of my house this minute!” Liam said breathing heavily.
“Shut up! You hurt him in your house and you’re insisting the treatment won’t be done here. Liam why are you being heartless i didn’t brought you up this way” Granny said sadly.
“I would kill him if i had the chance” Liam said angrily, running his hand through his hair.
Dan’s mum was so fast in cleaning the wound..
“Liam,just hear me out. I w…” Artist Shaw was saying but got interrupted by Liam.
“I can’t believe i allowed you in my house and now you’re spitting,I’m gonna do something you’ll regret. Get out of my house Now” Liam said.
There was silence when the doorbell rang.
No one was willing to go open the door, everyone was preoccupied with their thoughts.
It rang again and Ana had to go open it.
Dad stepped in,holding two paper bags,he hugged Ana and handed her one of the paper bag before closing the door behind him.
I knew Ana would have jumped in excitement if it wasn’t for this tense mood,she only muttered ‘thanks’.
Dad got to the living room and looked surprised to see everyone in such mood.
Shock was written all over his face when he saw Artist Shaw.
“Bryan?” He called.
“Kelly” Artist Shaw smiled but i could see pain through that smile.
“What the hell are you doing here,are you here to kill my daughter too” Dad yelled.
“I’m not here to kill your daughter and i never knew she was your daughter in the first place” Artist Shaw said.
“What’s the meaning of this thrash,why do you all keep accusing him of killing. What exactly is your problem,have you all gone nuts?” Dan’s Mum said angrily.
“What the hell is going on! someone should tell me!” I yelled.
No one spoke up.
” Liam why did you hit Bryan Shaw,what gave you the right to? I know you don’t like him and that was the reason i deliberately made him come without your knowledge thinking you both can sort things out but you proved to be immature” I said and Liam’s face widened.
“I’m sorry if I’m being rude but hitting him was over the extreme,what if he hadn’t dodged it,it would have hit his head for goodness sake!” I said.
“Wow, i knew you have also been bewitched like Mara,the moment you started craving for his artworks” Liam said.
“It isn’t bewitchment,i think only a blind person won’t crave for Artist Shaw’s artworks” I said.
“I believe by the time you hear what he did,you will stop supporting him” Liam said wearing a grim look
“Liam it’s sixteen years already, shouldn’t you have let all this go” mum said.
Sixteen years?
“I can’t and i would never,cause i haven’t gotten over Mara’s death” Liam said.
“Mary” Granny called with a shaky voice.
Mary rushed into the living room.
“Yes ma’am” She responded.
“Take this children upstairs” She said and Mary nodded,then took Ana and Mike’s hand before leading them upstairs.
“Dad,what’s happening?” Dan asked his dad.
“I can see you even got married to Laura, you’ve forgotten if Mara even existed” Liam said.
“I didn’t forget Mara and i would never!” Artist Shaw said.
“Please i think im about to go crazy with confusion, someone should please make all this clear to me”
“Well,this is Bryan the guy who killed your mother!” Liam said.
I shook my head in disbelief…
“He i.. isn’t the o..on..one” I stammered weakly.
Even though i don’t want to believe it but hearing that made me weak.
“He’s the one and that’s the reason i hate him till date”
My eyes went blurry with tears,there was no strength left in me,my legs wobbled and i couldn’t stand by myself any longer.

I was falling to the floor when Dan rushed to hold me.
I realised how much i now hate him.
“Don’t..t..ouch m..e” I said and couldn’t control the tears that scrolled down my cheeks.
His father killed my mother?
“No” I laughed.
He’s the only guy i ever had feelings for.
The only guy i ever imagined my future with?
His father…. killed my mother? No!
This is too much for me to take in.
I sat on the floor and felt my head going hot,i felt weak and i wasn’t feeling anything anymore,i wasn’t hearing anything,i only stared on,still not able to register what’s going on.
Dan’s POV
“Dad..is that true?” I asked in shock.
I could vividly remember what Anel told me about her Mum.
Her Mum was the reason she didn’t have friends since she was eight cause her mum died cause of friend,her mum was the reason she hate guys cause a guy led to her mother’s death.
Her Mum died the moment she gave birth to her and she told me two people are responsible for her mother’s death.
My dad and my biological Mum.
Her mum’s picture is the one in mum’s library and her drawing is the one in dad’s studio house.
“Dad,did you killed Anel’s mum?” I asked again.
He nodded and i felt sick to the stomach.
“Dad why?” I cried.
“Bryan wasn’t the one who killed Mara,Mara caused everything herself” Mum said.
“He killed her! He’s the reason Mara did all she did and he still didn’t love her,he broke her heart and that was what caused her death” Liam said.
“Do you think love can be forced? If i hadn’t loved you,do you think i would have married you. Liam,you also broke many girls heart in the past, don’t act like you’re a saint” Ana’s Mum said.
“I broke a lot of girls heart but i didn’t kill any of them and it’s so nice hearing that from you” Liam said.
“I’m sorry but Liam,it’s been years,just let all this go please” Ana mum said.
“I didn’t miss her burial intentionally, i was in the hospital for a week….”
“Cut the crap, don’t think I’ll ever believe you,the fact still remains that you killed my sister, you’re the main cause of her death!” Liam said.
“He didn’t kill Mara,Mara did what she did cause she wanted to. Even in her last minute,she told you never to blame anyone for her death” Mum said defensively.
“You all should leave this house” Liam said menacingly.
“Liam,i know how much Mara means to you,she means a lot to me too. Please just hear me out” Dad pleaded.
“She means a lot to you and yet you didn’t love her back,she loved you Bryan and even though you didn’t love her,you should have just pretended to,just to make her happy…”
“For how long would i have pretended. I loved Mara only as a friend,i offered to date her then just to make her happy but she didn’t wanted that,she wanted me to love her” Dad said.
“Can all this thrash you’re saying bring Mara back?” Liam said trying hard to hold his tears but he couldn’t anymore, he cried.
He loved his sister that much?
“Granny you aren’t saying anything, Kelly you aren’t also saying anything. This is Bryan who caused Mara’s death,he’s the reason i can’t see my sister anymore, and you both aren’t saying anything!” Liam yelled, cleaning his tears.
“Liam, i don’t know what to say. I’m not in the right state of mind”
“Liam,he didn’t kill Mara. Bryan didn’t” Granny said.
“I wonder if Mara mean anything to any of you. Bryan,i won’t repeat myself,get out of my house this minute” Liam said.
I looked at Anel who was seated on the floor all this while,it seems she isn’t even aware of what’s going on,she has a faraway look in her eyes,her lips were dry and her skin looked pale. It looked like she has aged in minutes. Tears scrolled down her cheeks unstoppably.
I crouched in front of her and couldn’t also stop my tears.
It seems she isn’t even seeing me,yet her eyes are wide opened.
I’m scared of how she has changed in just minutes.
Will she ever talk to me again?
I touched her skin and it was incredibly cold.
“Anel” I called but she didn’t respond.
“Noooooo” She screamed with her palms pressed on her ears.
The scream was deafening and i couldn’t help but cover my ears.
Everyone rushed to her.
She stopped screaming and suddenly started laughing.
She started loosening her hair, speaking incoherent words.
“Anel what’s wrong?” Everyone asked at the same time but it didn’t looked like she heard any of us.
She continued the incoherent words.
My heart beat faster as i realised what might be happening.
“Anel” Everyone screamed.
Dad,mum and i stood at the entrance of the hospital peering inside.
Liam refused to allow us into the waiting room.
He was pacing the waiting room alongside Ana’s mum, Kelly and Granny.
“You killed my sister and now i don’t know what your son has done to my niece” Liam shouted in our direction.
I haven’t stopped crying since we left the house.
Anel is not behaving normal anymore..
We had to rush her down to the hospital,the doctor has been attending to her over some some hours now.
Dad had to conceal his eyes with sunglass.
If not, his fans might just pop in,in different directions.
“Dad,i don’t want to believe all this. What have you brought me into!” I said and cleaned my tears.
“Your dad isn’t guilty of anything,he didn’t kill Mara” Mum said.
“Why didn’t you tell me all these before now dad. I kept asking you about that drawing but you failed to open up,now look where it led us” I said.
“I’m sorry Dan” He said.
I rushed into the waiting room when i saw the doctor walk up to them.
“What the hell are you doing here?” Liam shouted at me.
I realised mum and Dad also followed me.
“Liam,will you shut up! You made them stood outside for hours and they only came in wanting to know about Anel’s well being and you’re yelling, embarrassing yourself, i don’t want to hear a thing from you anymore” Granny scolded.
“Doctor,how’s my daughter?” Kelly asked the doctor who shook his head and adjusted the stethoscope around his neck.
“You told her anything that led to shock?” He asked.
“Doctor quit unnecessary questions,how’s Anel?” Liam shouted.
“Well…im sorry, she’s now suffering from mental disorder”
Oh no!

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by germaphobe(m): 2:20pm On Jan 21
Poor Anel, but I was thinking Anel’s dad would understand that what happened to Mara wasn’t Bryan’s fault.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 10:20am On Jan 23
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 77
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
I cried as i stood beside Anel’s hospital bed.
She’s fast asleep after injected by the doctor.
Liam and everyone are also here and even though the men were trying not to cry,the sadness on their faces is so obvious.
“Anel” granny cried, holding her hand. “Mara,your daughter is mentally unstable and you’re up there watching,do something. I don’t want to lose her like i lost you,the pain of losing you is still buried in my heart”
Dad stood at a corner of the ward, Mum sat beside Ana’s mum on the chair.
Liam and Anel’s dad were standing just beside the bed.
How could everything turn sour in minutes.
I wouldn’t have believed if i was told that I’ll be at the hospital today,and i would have bet with my life if i was told Anel will be mentally unstable.
We played and took pictures beside the pool some hours ago.
How could this happen!
I wiped my tears and made to hold her hand but Liam slapped my hand away and sent me a glare.
“Is that what you should be doing now!” Granny yelled at him.
“Everything started turning bad the moment they visited our house!” He yelled back.
“You invited them” Granny said, obviously trying to keep calm.
“Would i have,if i knew they were the one” He shouted.
“Now, you’ve known. There’s nothing to yell about” Granny said.
“There’s something to yell about granny, don’t try to scold me cause I’m not gonna listen to you” He said and turned to face us.
“Now,you all should leave this minute” He said to us and I glanced at Mum and Dad.
“I..i don’t want to leave, I want to stay with Anel” I said.
“So you can inflict more damages right?” He raised a brow.
“No i won’t,i just wanna be with her, please” I pleaded.
“I won’t repeat myself,If i do you know what will happen. Bryan you know me so well” Liam said.
“Okay, we’ll leave but can you please allow Dan to stay!” Dad said.
“He can’t! Leave before i let out all the anger in me”
“Dan,let’s leave” Dad said.
“No! I want to stay with Anel” I said and succeeded in holding her hand this time.
It was warm.
Her entire face looks pink which got me worried,it was still beautiful though,her closed eyes made me see how long and curly her lashes is.
She has a perfectly round face.
I didn’t realise i was crying until my tears dropped on her cheeks.
I cleaned it gently with my thumb.
“Leave!” Liam growled but i ignored him.
I held on to Anel tighter.
“I’m gonna hit your son” He threatened.
“Hit me,I’m not leaving here” I said.
“Dan, let’s leave” Mum said.
“I’m not leaving” I said with a note of finality.
I crouched beside her bed,still holding her hand.
Liam swore “I swear down,I’m gonna destroy things in this ward if you don’t leave”
“Dan, com’on get up let’s leave” Mum shouted.
“Dan,you can always come back. Let’s leave” Dad said.
I cried and placed her hand on my chest,not wanting to leave her.
Mum dragged me up gently and ,we started walking out of the ward.
I turned back to look at her one last time before i was dragged out of the ward.
“Dad,you caused everything!” I yelled when we got to the hospital compound,my eyes were blazing with tears.
He adjusted his sunglass and sighed.
“Yes i caused it” he said.
“Bryan,you didn’t cause anything. It’s time you stopped blaming yourself for Mara’s death and Dan I’m so disappointed in you. You don’t trust your father?” Mum asked.
“I do but why did he keep everything from me,it would have been better if he had told me earlier,i would have tried to avoid Anel before we got this close. Now everything is all ruined” i wiped my tears.
“I’m sorry son,I’m gonna explain everything to you once we get home” He said and quickly stopped the tears rolling out of the sunglass.
We got to the parking lot,dad unlocked the car and i got into the backseat while they both got into the front.
He turned on the ignition.
“We’ll go pick Mike” He said and started driving out of the hospital.
My entire thought was on Anel…my beautiful psycho.
Today is the saddest day of my life.
I walked into Anel’s living room and saw Mike and Ana sitting on different couch,the TV was on but they both weren’t watching.
They look sad.
“Mike, Ana” I called and they both rushed to me.
“Where’s Anel?” Ana asked and i had to quickly searched for what to say.
“She.. she,they all went out” I said.
“No,they would have taken me along if they went out” She said.
“It was urgent so they had to go immediately, they’ll be back soon” I said.
“No,you’re lieing to me. Anel isn’t fine” She said.
“They..they…sh” I was saying but tears has blinded my eyes.
I tried hard not to let it drop but it did.
“Anel is fine” I said and quickly wiped my tears.
“You’re crying and you said she’s fine. Tell me,is she hurt?” She asked,her eyes starting to get teary.
I shook my head,my throat tightened painfully as i tried to hold another round of threatening tears.
I took Mike’s hand.
“We’ll be leaving now” I said to Ana who i noticed has started crying.
“Ana, Anel is fine. She’ll be fine.” I said.
I saw their house help walking towards us.
“You’re leaving right?” She asked.
I nodded.
She carried the crying Ana in her arms and bid us bye.
I walked out of the door with Mike.
“Is Anel truly okay?” He asked as we walked to the car.
I nodded.
“You want to tell me everything now?” I asked Dad who nodded.
Mum, Dad and i were seated in the living room,Mike has gone to his room to take a nap.
“After everything is ruined?” I asked.
“Dan, everything isn’t ruined yet” Mum said.
“It is, Anel isn’t fine!” I said.
“We were 16 when it all happened…” Dad started.
My mouth was left agape when he finished his narration.
“You mean…that was what happened?” I asked.
“Yeah” He said.
“You weren’t the one who killed her but to be sincere, you’re a little bit involved in it” I said.
“I know” He said.
“She did all she did for you,if you weren’t in her life,she wouldn’t have done that but again you’re not to blame,mum..i mean my biological Mum is the main cause. How could she?” I said disappointedly.
“I miss Mara so much” Mum dabbed her face with an handkerchief.
“With all dad said,i can point out that she was a very nice person”
“Yes she was, Mara was the best friend i ever had then,i wish she hadn’t done all she did, i wish she was still in my life” Dad said.
” Dad, you really need to tell Liam that you didn’t miss her burial intentionally” I said.
“Liam is not gonna listen to me and even if he does,he might not see that as an excuse” He said.
“Only an heartless person won’t see that as an excuse, you stabbed yourself cause you felt guilty about someone’s death,what if you had died in the process,you were hospitalized for a week and you weren’t even discharged before you ran out of the hospital,you went to their house and you were told they already relocated,you searched for them almost with your last breath..is there anyone who would have done better?”
“You’re right Dan” Mum said.
“Whatever that might have happened among you all in the past shouldn’t affect Anel and i,so sad it already has” I said, imagining the condition Anel is right now.
Has she woken?
Is she now feeling better?
“How could i not recognize Mara’s daughter?” Dad said.
“Have you forgotten you only saw her the day she was born,there’s no way you could have remembered her” Mum said.
“Mara wore the fallen angels necklace on Anel’s neck, and i don’t think i sighted any necklace on her neck the day she came here on a visit” Mum said.
“Well,there’s a necklace on her neck” I said.
“Yes,i only see the chain though,the pendant is always tucked inside her shirt like mine”
“That’s it! That’s the necklace” Dad said.
“It should be” I said and stood up.
“I’ll be going up to my room” I said.
“I’m sorry i caused you so much pain Dan,you’re now suffering for what you don’t know about” Dad said somberly.
“It’s nothing Dad,I’m gonna overcome it” I said with confidence.
“Now you’re talking like a man” He teased and i forced a smile.
I walked up the stairs and got to the door of the studio room.
I opened it and walked in.
It was the same way we left it, i walked closer to the image of Anel’s Mum,i brought out my phone,powered it and quickly scrolled to Anel’s pictures. I studied it closely and compared it with her mother’s and i realised I’ve been a fool all this while not to have observe the resemblance of the two. I once observed it though but i didn’t took it serious.
Anel is just like the younger version of her mother,her mother is beautiful while Anel is more beautiful.
How could she do that for love?
Well…At this point, i think i can also do anything..i mean anything for Anel, including dieing for her.
But now,she’s on a hospital bed, suffering from mental disorder, i couldn’t stop my tears as i viewed the pictures we took together some hours ago.
We were both happy then,not knowing what was coming next.
How can i cope without Anel?
I love her…so so much.
I walked into the hospital determined to enter Anel’s ward today.
Liam didn’t allow me in when i came yesterday and i stood outside for hours before i left for home.
I’m not gonna allow that happen today,i have to see Anel.
I walked to the nurse at the reception.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Morning dear” She smiled.
“I want to see..”
“Asanel Yates,the girl you came here for yesterday” She completed my statement and i smiled,then nodded.
“Can i go in to see her?” I asked.
“No” She said and i noticed she bit her lower lip.
“Why? He told you not to allow me in right?”
“Not that,she has been transferred to a psychiatric hospital” She said and my heart nearly dropped.
Transferring her to a psychiatric hospital means she’s not getting any better.
She’s growing worse instead! Oh..no.
“W..when?” I asked and swallowed back the tears that was threatening to flow.
I don’t cry this easily.
I wonder what Anel have turned me into.
She can turn me into anything she likes,i just want her to get better.
“Yesterday night, when she nearly chopped off her granny’s ear”
“What!” I exclaimed.
“Okay,can you please give me the name of the psychiatric hospital”
“No” She said curtly.
“Why?” I asked.
“I was told not to disclose the location of the hospital” She said.
“Please,do that for me” I pleaded.
“I can’t” she said.
“Please,i really need to see her. Please” I pleaded.
“That means going against my work ethics…I can’t” She said.
“Please,i really need to see her. Just do this for me,I’m not gonna let anyone know you told me anything. Please” I pleaded.
“Okay.. okay,I’m gonna do that but you’re also gonna do something for me too” She said.
“What? I’m ready to do anything” I said.
“Well…i want you to kiss me hard,your lips look succul..” She was saying before i cut her off.
“Nurses like you are should be murdered” I hissed before walking out of the hospital.
Jacqueline’s POV
“You were the one who told us not to talk to him and now he has also completely ignored us,he didn’t even call us to tell us he won’t be coming to school today” Karissa said to me,with a frown.
We were seated in the cafeteria, having our lunch.
“I did it all for your sake! I thought by doing that, he’ll leave that girl and focus more on you” I said even though i knew that was a lie.
I did it for my sake…
Dan has stopped having my time the moment he started talking to that girl!
I spite her so much.
“But we should have stopped on the second day,you made us ignore him for weeks. He kept coming to us and he even begged us but you refused” She said.
“Well..i planned on speaking to him today but now he’s absent” I said and sipped my juice.
“It’ll have been better if he had been the only one absent, but that girl is also absent,who knows maybe they might have gone on a date” Karissa said and busted into tears.
I hissed in irritation.
“Just shut up and don’t try to embarrass me here” I said and considered what she said.
What if they truly went for a date?
No..no it can’t be.
They can’t possibly stay absent from school because of a date but there’s nothing that girl can’t make Dan do.
He’s at the tip of her finger.
Even when i took the picture of her and Travis in the garden and told Karissa to send it to him, expecting them not to speak to each other ever again but they did and their friendship got even tighter.
They laugh and play in the classroom like they’re the only one there and those stupid classmates love watching them play.
Dan likes her .. I’m damn sure of it.
I wonder what Travis is doing!
He always get down with every girl he want,why’s this one so difficult for him.
I want him to get Asanel out of Dan’s grip.
I want Dan for myself!!!
“Karissa” I called.
“Huh?” She asked.
“I thought Travis want Asanel”
“Yeah,he does” She said.
“So why haven’t he gotten her yet?” I asked.
“He told me she’s being difficult,she’s the only girl in this school who has ever said ‘no’ to him. I truly admire Asanel’s strength and dignity and sometimes i wish to be like her but then she’s distracting Dan from me!” She said and i felt a little bit jealous to hear that she admires Asanel and even wishes to be like her!
Wait till I’m done with Asanel,then I’m gonna deal with you too.
“You want Dan to yourself right?” I asked.
“Yes” She said.
“But he doesn’t want me” She sulked.
“He also want you” I said.
“Really?” Her eyes widened.
“Yes he does but do you know what’s keeping him?” I asked.
“What?” She asked.
“Asanel,she’s the one preventing him from even sparing you a glance” I said.
“Yes,i know that. Asanel is very beautiful and any guy would kill to have her. That’s exactly what’s happening to my Dan” She said.
“Didn’t you noticed that he was starting to have feelings for you before Asanel came?” I asked.
“Of course,he told me he was starting to like you and i urged him to go ahead” i lied.
“OMG” She grinned.
“But everything changed the moment Asanel came into this school” I said.
“What am i gonna do?” She asked.
“I really love Dan” She added.
“Okay,there’s something we’re gonna do” I said.
“What?” She asked.
“We all know how much Travis want Asanel,how about we make Travis get Asanel so Dan is gonna concentrate fully on you”
“Do you think that’s a good idea?” She asked and i felt like smacking the hell out of her.
“Don’t you want Dan for yourself,I’m doing all this for you and yet you’re still questioning me” I said,a little bit pissed.
“I’m sorry. So how are we gonna do that?” She asked.
“We are gonna need Travis help,call him to meet us here right away” I said.
“Okay” she brought out her iPhone and dialed Travis number.
Hi Travis.
Come meet me in the cafeteria” She said and hung up.
“He’s on his way” She said.
“Thanks so much for wanting to help me Jacq,i can’t wait to have Dan all to myself” She giggled.
What a fool!
I’m doing all this for myself,not for anyone else.

Travis walked to our table few minutes later.
He pecked Karissa on both cheeks and said hi to me before sitting down.
“How’re you girls?” He asked.
“We’re good” Karissa responded.
“So what’s going on?” He asked.
“Travis,we called you here for a reason” Karissa said.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah, she’ll do the talking” Karissa pointed to me.
“Okay go on” He faced me.
I cleared my throat slightly…
“Well… we’ve both seen how hard it has been for you, trying to woo Asanel” I said.
“Yeah,girls don’t normally give me much grief but that girl in particular is an exception. Her resistance is making me like her more, i only wanted to just use and dump her before but now I’ve started developing feelings for her and this time i want her to be mine, I’ll be the happiest person on earth if she can concede to my request” He said and i felt like going to meet Asanel wherever she is and kill her right there.
Even Travis! Who’s a playboy is now falling for her.
What sort of spirit does she possess?
Perhaps it’s because she’s the most beautiful girl in school.
I still regret the reason my Mum got married to that ugly man! I inherited my huge nose from him! I would have been prettier if it were to be an handsome man.
“Jacq…Jacq” I heard and jolted out of my thoughts.
“What’s wrong?” Karissa asked.
“Huh..nothing” I quickly wore a smile.
“So,we both know how much you like Asanel and we want to help you,so she can become yours” I said.
“Wow…I’ll be so glad if you can do that” he grinned.
“So how are we gonna go about it?” He asked eagerly.
“Well…i have a plan” I said and let out one of my rare smiles.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 10:21am On Jan 23
(Love, why)
Season 2
# Chapter 78
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
“Dan! You mean;you won’t go to school today, again?” Mum asked.
I sighed and rubbed my eyes before sitting up on the bed.
“Yes Mum,I’m not going” I said.
“Why?” She asked.
“How can i go to school when i don’t know how Anel is faring”
“But you’ve missed school for three days now” She said with a worried look .
“Yeah i know”
I’ve tried all i could to get the name of the psychiatric hospital Anel was taken to but i didn’t succeed.
“Dan, you’ve missed a lot of school work, and you know your exam is right around the corner” She said.
“Yeah i do but I’m not going to school if i don’t know how Anel is faring. It’s been three days and I’ve not heard anything from her”
“If you don’t go to school,who do you think will explain the school works to Anel,when she’s well, remember she doesn’t talk to anyone in school but you” Mum said.
“My friends are gonna update me and I’m also gonna update Anel” I said.
“You’re still keen on not going to school today right?”
“Okay then” She sighed and walked out of my room.
I think I’ll have to go back to that hospital today,i should be able to persuade the nurse to tell me the location.
I stood up from my bed some minutes later and was about walking into the bathroom when the door opened again.
“Mum I’ve told you I’m not goi….” I was saying but stopped when i realised it was Dad.
“You’re not going where?” He asked.
“S.. school” I said slowly.
“Dan. You’ve missed school for three days and you want to miss school today again?” He asked.
“I can’t go to school Dad,i need to search for Anel,i don’t know how Anel is faring” I said.
“You think that’s an excuse?” He asked.
“Of course” I murmured.
“Do you even know where the hospital is? You’ve been searching for it for days,remember you almost got knocked down by a truck? And even if you find the hospital,do you think Liam will allow you in? Why miss school for nothing!” He frowned.
“I want to see Anel,it’s been three days and i don’t know how she’s faring”
“I’m not against you wanting to see your friend but you don’t have to miss school for that,your exam is right around the corner,you can go search for the hospital after school” He said.
I shrugged “I don’t think that will be possible Dad”
“Shut up! You have to go in there and get dressed for school” he said.
“But dad…”
“No buts!. Now go get ready, and i dare you to disobey me” He fumed before walking out of my room.
“Ohhh!” I banged my fist on the bedside table.
“I’m ready” I stepped my feet into the living room.
“Won’t you take your breakfast?” Mum asked.
I shook my head.
“I don’t like the way you keep skipping meals this days” She said.
“I’m gonna eat later” I said.
“That’s what you keep saying.” She frowned.
“I promise I’m gonna eat later” I said.
“Mum,I’m running late…” Mike said walking out of the dining room “Huh? You’re going to school today?” Mike asked in surprise.
“Yeah” I said.
“Yaaay…I’ve missed you in the car with me” He rushed to hug me.
“Let’s get going, we’re running late ” I took his hand and we both waved Mum bye.
I alighted from the car in front of my school.
I started walking to the gate.
“Dan, won’t you bid me bye” Mike shouted.
I turned and bid him ‘bye’
He smiled and waved at me before the driver drove off.
I walked into the school gate after showing the gate keeper my school ID.
“Ah!” I sighed in annoyance as students rushed to me.

I stood in front of my classroom door. I know they’re also gonna rush to me if i go in there,i just finished answering some sets of questions and now I’m going to answer another set.
Why did i listened to dad about coming to school today.
I just can’t disobey him.
Should i just leave school and go continue my search for Anel’s hospital
I sighed and was about opening the door.
“Hey,what are you doing there?” I heard a male voice and then turned and saw Mr Jones,our geography teacher.
“Good morning Sir,I’m doing nothing,i was about entering the classroom before you called me” I said.
“Ohh..okay,that your rude friend has been absent from school for days, what’s wrong?” He asked.
He didn’t noticed I’ve been absent but noticed Anel has been absent,they both quarrel every time he’s teaching and it’s just like they dislike each other and now he’s asking of her.
I thought he’ll be happy that the girl that normally challenge him is gone but instead he asked of her.
Anel will be so thrilled if i tell her this.
“She’s feeling unwell but she’ll be fine soon” I said.
“Ohh…” He said and walked forward to open the classroom door.
Thank goodness!
The class won’t dare ask me questions while Mr Jones is there.
I quietly followed him in..
“Good morning class” He greeted.
“Good morning Mr Jones” The class chorused.
Mr Jones presence in the classroom didn’t stop the students from whispering questions to me as i walked to my seat.
“Dan” Karissa waved at me.
I waved back slowly.
I finally got to my seat, dropped my backpack before sitting down.
I brought out my geography note and textbook.
How will i know where they stopped,i should check the scheme of work.
My gaze shifted to Anel’s seat and emptiness hit me real bad.
I imagined her seated there and laughing, calling me ‘maniac’ .
I miss Anel,so much.
I wiped my face when i realised i was crying silently.
I closed my textbook and placed my head on the desk.
I shouldn’t have come to school today in the first place.
“Dan” I heard and raised up my head.
I saw Karissa sitting on Anel’s seat.
“Get up from her seat” I said.
“Huh?” She asked.
“Get up from her seat” I repeated.
“But she’s not here” She said, trying to keep her voice low cause of Mr Jones.
“She’s not here,i know but please get up from her seat. I don’t want any other person sitting there” I said.
“Get up from her seat!!” I yelled which brought everyone attention to us.
Karissa stood up, obviously embarrassed.
I’m surprised i didn’t feel sorry.
“What’s going on there?” Mr Jones asked.
“I’ll just go to my seat” Karissa said, looked at me before walking to her seat..
Lunch Break
Students started chattering as they trooped out of the classroom.
I brought out a novel and started reading.
I can’t wait for closing hour,i need to continue my search. I might get lucky today.
“Dan” i heard Jacq called.
I raised up my head and saw her and Karissa standing right in front of my desk.
I thought they aren’t gonna talk to me forever.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Aren’t you going for lunch break?”
“I’m not”
I thought they don’t call me for lunch break anymore.
Why the change?
“You guys don’t call me for lunch break anymore,why the sudden change?” I asked.
The glanced at each other before Jacq spoke up.
“Look Dan, we’re really sorry, but you also weren’t giving us attention like before,we were so pained about it and then decided not to speak to you for days”
“We’re very sorry Dan” Karissa said.
I managed to smile. “I knew it,you guys were jealous right?
They both nodded.
“It’s fine,your reactions were normal” I said.
“You were absent from school for days. Why? ” Jacq asked.
“Huh..I’ll rather keep that to myself” I said.
“Ohh..really?” Jacq asked.
“Yeah” I said wishing they would leave already.
“What of Anel,she was also absent. Were you guys together?” Karissa asked.
“Well…Anel is ill” I said.
“Woah!” Jacq exclaimed.
“What’s with the ‘woah’ ?” I asked.
“I..I’m just surprised she’s ill,i hope she’s getting better?” She asked.
“Yes she is” I said hopefully.
“So…you were with her all the while?” Karissa asked.
“No,i don’t know the hospital she’s admitted into so I’ve not gone to check on her”
“What do you mean you don’t know the hospital she’s admitted into,is she not your friend?” Jacq asked.
“She’s not just my friend” I said.
“Really?” Jacq asked and i think i saw her struggle to hold her smile.
“We thought she was your friend” Karissa smiled.
“She was my friend but now she has become my best friend” I smiled.
‘and would still be my girl lover’ I thought and grinned.
Jacq smiled “That’s great”
“You mean it’s great that Asanel already became his best friend?” Karissa asked her.
“Of course… isn’t it great?” Jacq smiled,dipped her hands into her hair and sighed.
“Won’t you guys go have your lunch,time is fast running” I said.
“We will, Karissa come with me” Jacq said and i watched the both of them walked away.
Why do i feel something has changed about them, especially Jacq.
Well…maybe it’s because i haven’t talked to them for days.
I picked my novel and continued reading.
My mind kept swaying back to Anel.
Is she okay now?
Is she now mentally stable?
How is she feeling?
I glanced at her seat once more before laying my head on the desk, to cry.
Jacq’s POV
“Karissa stop crying! She only became his best friend not his girl lover” i said to her.
We were both seating on one of the benches in the hallway.
“From best friends,they are gonna become lovers” She sniffed.
“Com’on don’t you know that once they are best friends,it will be difficult for them to become lovers” I said.
If only she knows that I’m more pained than her.
“Really?” She wiped her cheeks.
“Of course,i know a lot of things about dating and stuffs like that so you gotta trust me okay?”
She nodded.
“We need to reshuffle our plan” I said.
“Anel is now on a sick bed, the plan can’t be carried out without her” I said.
“Okay,so what are we gonna do next?” She asked.
She’s always asking for what we’re gonna do.
Can’t she think for herself!
Well…I’m glad she depends on me,so once i leave her and start dating Dan,she will be as useless as a nothing.
“Well i have a minor plan that’s gonna stir something bad between them”
“Good! So what’s the plan?” She asked.
“You know Dan doesn’t know the name of Anel’s hospital ? He hasn’t visited her since she was sick right?”
“Yeah,Dan said that himself” She said.
“Good! Anel would probably be pissed at Dan for not visiting her,not knowing that he doesn’t know the location of her hospital”
“Yeah,so exactly are we gonna do?”
“Dan looks so sad and i know it’s because he hasn’t seen her for days,he doesn’t know how she’s faring so he’s damn worried right now” I said.
“Does that mean he likes her?” Karissa asked.
“Huh?” I scratched my front hair.
“That means he likes her,you don’t worry about someone you don’t like” She said about to start another round of tears that normally pisses me off!
“If you were also in Anel’s shoes,he would have been worried!” I nearly yelled “Now look here,let me go down with my plan”
“So, we’re going to go in there” I pointed to our classroom.
“And make Dan laugh, we’ll make it look like we are all playing together while someone will quickly take the pictures” I added.
“And what are we going to use the pictures for?” The dummy sitting beside me asked.
“We’re gonna send the pictures to Asanel and tell her Dan doesn’t care about her,that he’s been happy since she left,he hasn’t missed school for a day and he says ‘he’s now free without her’ ” I smiled.
“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“Trust me,that’s gonna break her down, she’s gonna believe that easily cause Dan hasn’t visited her in the hospital since she was sick”
“Wow! You’re so brainy Jacq” She smiled.
“Of course i am” I said proudly.
“But there are two problems…” She said.
“Which are?”
“Who’s gonna take the pictures and how are we gonna get Asanel’s contact?”
“Those are not problems, Travis is gonna take the pictures and I’ll devise a means of stealing her contact from Dan’s phone” I said.
“Good! Thanks Jacq for doing so much for me” She smiled sweetly.
I laughed inwardly…what a fool!
“You are welcome,now quickly call Travis. We need to carry out the plan before lunch break is over” I said.
“Okay” she quickly brought out her phone.
“So that’s how the plan will go,you’ll take the part of taking the pictures,all you just have to do is stay in the garden and take the pictures,you know his seat is close to the window so it’ll be quite easy for you” I said.
He grinned “One Asanel views the pictures and the message,she’s gonna quit their friendship and that’s is when I’ll come in to comfort her, she’ll get used to me and she won’t refuse once i ask her out”
“Exactly!” I smiled at his foolishness.
Even if Anel stop being friends with Dan,she can never turn in Travis direction. I’m only using the both of them to achieve my aim.
I’m gonna discard them once I’m done.
“Now,let’s go quickly. Lunch break will soon be over” I said and we all stood up.
Karissa and i headed back to the classroom while Travis went in the direction of the garden.
Dan’s POV
I heard a tap on my desk and raised my head from the novel i was reading.
What do they want again.
Jacq and Karissa…they were both smiling.
“What?” I asked.
“Dan, you look sad” Jacq said.
“Ohh” I sighed.
“Why are you sad?” They asked.
“I’m so worried about Anel,i don’t know how she’s faring”
“She’ll be fine” Jacq said soothingly.
“This sad look doesn’t suit you,we want you to atleast smile” Karissa said.
I sighed…”really?”
“Yeah” they both said.
“Okay” I said and quickly forced a smile which disappeared immediately.
“Com’on Dan, that’s not how to smile?” Jacq asked.
Karissa leaned on my desk, smiling,i also faked a smile which lasted longer than the first one.
“Good! Please don’t stop smiling,it suits you than that sad look” Karissa said but i already stopped smiling.
I can’t fake smiling for long.
“Now,you’re gonna do one more thing for us. You know we love to see you happy so you’re gonna laugh not once,twice but thrice” She said.
“Ah!” I sighed.
“Even if we’re incapable of erasing your sadness,then we shouldn’t be incapable of making you laugh” Karissa said.
Why all this?
Well…it shows they truly care for me.
Faking a laugh shouldn’t be difficult.
“Okay” I said and let out a fake laughter.
Karissa also laughed, including Jacq and i found that weird.
“Now,to the second laughter” They both said.
I tried to laugh genuinely this time but it wasn’t working so i had to fake it.
I was a bit surprised when they both raised their hands and laughed with me again.
Jacq held my shoulders,still laughing.
Why are they being so dramatic?
“Now to the third laughter” Karissa said.
“Thanks for making me laugh but i don’t think i can laugh anymore,my cheeks ache” I lied.
I just feel something isn’t right with their behavior.
Jacq shrugged and said “okay”
“Will the pictures be okay?” Karissa asked Jacq.
Which pictures?
“Which pictures?” I asked out of curiousity.
“OMG,did i just said that aloud?” She gasped and i saw Jacq sent her a glare.
“She’s actually talking about the pictures we took in your absence,that we planned on showing to you” Jacq said.
“Ohh…what type of pictures?” I asked.
“Ours” She said.
“Okay, and why’s she alarmed that she said it aloud?”
“We actually planned to make it a surprise” Jacq smiled.
” A Surprise?”
“Yeah,lets leave that aside. I’m glad we made you laugh” Jacq said.
“Yeah thanks”
“I need your phone,it’s in your backpack right?” Jacq asked.
“Yeah,take it there” I said.
She opened my backpack and brought out my phone.
The bell rung, indicating that lunch break is over, they both started walking to their seat.
“I’ll be back with your phone Dan” She said.
“No problem”
School Over
The gatekeeper opened the gate widely and our driver drove straight into the compound.
He parked under a shade before we alighted.
I’m just gonna freshen up before i continue my search for Anel.
Mike ran ahead of me into the house.
I was about walking after him when our gate keeper called me.
“What?” I asked as i walked to him.
I observed his facial expression isn’t the normal jovial mode.
“Y..your parents aren’t home” He said.
“Okay,they went out right?” I asked
He shook his head.
“They are in the compound?” I asked.
He shook his head again.
“Then,where are they?” I asked.
“T..they they…” He stammered “Please speak up” i said.
“They have been arrested by the cops” He said and my stomach sank immediately.
“What! How?” I asked in trembling voice.
“The cops said a man named Liam Weston ordered their arrest for being responsible for the mental disorder of his niece”

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 8:59am On Jan 25
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 79
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
I wiped my sweat with my palms as i ran to the police station.
It’s a bit far from the house but I’m a fast runner,I’ll get there in minutes.
My parents..my parents has been arrested by the cops..
I tried not to cry as i run.
I put in more energy and i was at the station in minutes.
I stopped in front of it and breathed heavily, sweat poured out of my face and i used a part of my school shirt to wipe it off.
I already un-bottened the shirt while i was running.
I swallowed hard before walking slowly to the gate.
Two cops were standing there,armed with guns.
“Good afternoon” I greeted.
“What may we do for you,are you here to report?” One of them asked.
“No,I’m here to see my parents” I said.
“Your parents? Who are they? Their names?” They asked.
“Mr and Mrs Shaw” I said.
“OMG,you’re artist Shaw’s son?” They both asked.
I nodded.
“Wow,you’re as handsome as your father,may i see your ID card?” He asked.
“I’m not 18 yet,this is only my school ID card” I said and stretched it to him.
He quickly scanned it and then handed it back to me.
“Come with me?” He said and opened the gate.
We both stepped in and i started following him into the station.
Some cops are practicing in the compound while some are stationed all over the building,armed.
Their faces look unfriendly,but that isn’t my concern right now. I need to see my parents.
I kept following the cop. We entered a corridor, cornered and then walked into a wide space.
There are some cops chilling behind the counter, while some stood looking fierce.
I wonder the amount of cops in this station.
“He’s artist Shaw’s son” The cop i followed said.
“You can leave, Max lead him to his father’s cell” a cop which i think is superior to others said.
“Okay boss” one of the fierce looking cops said.
“Come with me” he added and i started following him.
We walked passed different cells and i felt so sorry to see people there.
This is actually the first time I’ll be visiting a police station.
He finally stopped in front of a large furnished cell,covered all through with glass,I saw mum and Dad sitting on the couch,they were both discussing,they weren’t even watching the movie was being displayed on the TV.
The cop handed me a chair.
“You’re only allowed to talk to them for 20 minutes” He said and left.
I shifted the chair closer to the glass which has holes all over it to enable people hear each other.
I sat down…they both haven’t noticed me.
“Mum,Dad” I called and they both turned.
“Dan” they both shouted and rushed to the direction of the glass that i was sitting.
I wish i can just go in their to meet them.
I wiped my tears and looked at the both of them.
“We’re sorry Dan” They both said.
“For what?” I asked.
“For bringing you into so much pain” They said.
“It’s fine,how are you both doing?” I asked.
“We’re fine”
“How’s Mike?” They asked.
“He’s fine,i couldn’t bring him along with me cause i ran all the way here” I said.
“Oh..my..God Dan,I’m very sure you haven’t eaten anything today and you ran all the way here? Do you want to get sick!” Mum said worriedly.
“I’m fine Mum,I’ll be fine” I said.
“Liam ordered the cops to arrest us” Mum said,and started crying.
“I know,our gatekeeper told me everything. I don’t have anything to say about that” I said.
“How are you both gonna get out of here?” I asked.
“Until Liam order our release and he said he’ll do that only if Anel is mentally stable” Dad said.
“Yes,son” Dad said.
“He came here?” I asked.
Dad nodded. “He was even pissed at the cops for giving us this luxurious cell,he told them to change the cell to a less standard one”
“So they are gonna change this cell soon?” I asked.
“No,the cops said I’m an influential person and i don’t deserve any less cell. Liam left in anger”
“Wow” I smiled and Dad smiled too.
“Mum,it’s okay. Stop crying,you know I’m capable of taking care of Mike right?”
She nodded and cried louder.
“I’ll make sure you both get out of here soon. Did he by any chance mentioned the name of the psychiatric hospital Anel is admitted into ?” I asked.
“No he didn’t,but I’m sure the cops knows it” Dad said.
“Okay,i hope you both are comfortable here?” I asked.
“This place is okay but i can’t be comfortable in any other place than home” Dad said and i noticed the sadness in his voice.
“Don’t be sad Dad,all this is just for a little while, i believe Anel will be well soon” I said and noticed i was starting to get weak and hungry.
“Have you both eaten?” I asked.
“That’s the food they bought for us over there” Mum pointed to the table.
“Wow,they really made everything available for you. Why haven’t you both eaten? You need to eat so you can gather enough strength to think and plan on how to leave here soon okay?” I said.
They nodded.
“If you don’t eat,then when i get home i won’t also eat” I said.
“We’re going to eat…i promise” Mum said.
“Good!” I tried to smile.
“I hope this hasn’t gotten to the press?” I asked.
“No,it hasn’t . The cops promised to keep their mouths sealed” Dad said.
“Wow,it looks like the cops really like you” I said.
“Most of them are my fans and they were so glad to see me,they all kept coming one after the other to say ‘hi’ until their boss stopped them”
“So bad it was in the cell,they had to see you” I said and noticed i was getting weaker each passing minute.
We were all in silence…tears build up in my eyes and i struggled not to let it fall.
“You and Mike should take care of each other okay?” Dad said and that made my tears flowed out.
Mum also started sobbing.
Minutes passed in silence and only our tears were heard.
“Your 20 minutes is over” I heard and glanced up to see the cop.
I cleaned my tears and stood up.
“Please,give us 5 minutes more” Mum pleaded.
“There’s no problem” The cop said.
“No mum,it’s fine. I have to go home now,i have to go prepare something for Mike” I said knowing I’m gonna cry more if i stay any longer.
“I’ll be here tomorrow” I waved at them.
“Take care son” Dad said.
“I love you Dan,tell Mike i love him too” Mum cried after me as i followed the police.
“I love you too” I shouted but didn’t turn cause i was in tears.
I quickly stopped the cop after i was sure we were out of mum and Dad’s view.
“Please can you tell me the name of the psychiatric hospital Asanel Yates is admitted into?” I asked.
“Mill psychiatric hospital” He blurted and i almost jumped in joy.
“OMG..did you hear that? Did i said that aloud?” He asked.
“Huh? What? What did you say? I didn’t hear you” I lied.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah,what did you say?” I asked.
“Thank goodness” he sighed in relief.
“Please tell me the name of the hospital” I said, pretending i didn’t hear what he said earlier.
“I can’t tell you that” he said.
“Why?” I asked.
“We’ve been warned against revealing the name of the hospital” He said and i almost laughed.
He already revealed it.
“Please,just tell me. I’m not gonna tell anyoneyou told me,i really need to see her” I said.
“I can’t” He said.
“Please” I pleaded, trying to hold my laughter.
“I can’t!” He barked and this time i couldn’t hold my laughter.
I laughed out loud…
“Why are you laughing?” He asked.
“Nothing,i remembered something” I said trying to control my laughter.
He gave me a suspicious look before he continued his walk.
He led me out of the gate where i boarded a cab to my house.
I can’t believe i found out the name of the hospital so easily.
The hospital I’ve been searching for days.

Damn! I’m so happy right now.
I’m gonna see Anel soon.
I just have to go home, freshen up,eat and go straight to the hospital.
I should go straightaway but I’m afraid i might just collapse.
I smiled happily and rubbed my palms together wishing the cab man will get to my house already.
I paid the cab man before alighting from the cab.
I walked to the gate and knocked.
The gatekeeper opened the gate and i rushed into the house, ignoring his questions.
I opened the front door and got into the living room.
I met Mike seated on the couch, with his assignment.
He raised up his head and frowned at me.
“Where have you been?” I asked.
“I..i forgot something at school” I lied as i walked up to him.
“What did you forget? Cause I’m not seeing anything in your hands and why’s your shirt un-bottened?” He asked.
“I didn’t see what i forgot”
“Okay then but what exactly did you forgot at school?” He asked.
“A textbook, don’t bother me with more questions, continue your assignment. I’m going up to my room to freshen up,I’ll order pizza. We’ll eat that first before i prepare meal” I said.
“Okay,but i can’t find Mum and Dad.” He said.
“Ohh…they already went back to India for a business emergency” I lied.
“Really?” He asked.
I nodded.
“But they didn’t informed us” He said.
“It’s an emergency so there was no time to inform anyone,they called me few minutes ago to inform me about it, they’ll be back soon so don’t worry huh?”
He nodded and sat back to continue the assignment.
“Once the pizza arrive,you know what to do right?”
“Of course, remember you taught me the other day” He smiled.
“Good boy” I smiled back at him and started walking to my room.
I got to my room and quickly placed an order for a box of pizza before going to freshen up.
I wasn’t happy before…i haven’t been happy for days but just knowing that i’m gonna see Anel soon brightened my mood.
“Now,i feel so refreshed” I grabbed my phone and walked out of my room.
I’ve gotten dressed after freshening up and now I’m heading to the living room. I’m starving.
I got to the living room and saw that Mike has eaten half of the pizza. He even took juice with it.
Where’s he?
I scanned the living room but couldn’t find him.
“Mike” I called.
“I’m in the kitchen” he shouted.
“Doing what?” I asked.
“I want to help you get your own glass cup for the juice” he said.
“Okay thanks” I sat and started eating the pizza.
He returned with my glass cup and placed it on the table,in front of me,he sat opposite my couch.
I poured some juice into the glass cup and gulped it down my throat.
I dropped it and continued eating the tasty pizza.
“Why are you looking at me?” I asked him when i couldn’t bear his boring gaze any longer.
“I want some slices of pizza” he said.
“But you already finished half of the box” I said.
“Yes”he conceded.
“And you still want more slices?” I asked.
He nodded.
“Well…I’m not giving you” I said.
“Why do you think i went to get your glass cup for you” he frowned.
“Ohh…i knew there was a reason behind your kindness” I said.
“You can have the rest,I’m full already” I said.
He grinned and shifted the box closer to himself,he started eating happily,his gaze on the cartoon being displayed on the TV.
I smiled and poured more juice in my glass cup and then gulped it.
I sighed in satisfaction and laid on the couch to rest for a while before going to Anel’s hospital..
I yawned and opened my eyes,i realised i was laying on the couch.
I closed my eyes to have more sleep but quickly popped them open.
“OMG what’s the time?” I asked sitting up from the couch.
“It’s 9pm already” Mike said, removing his gaze from the cartoon he was watching.
“Damn!” I swore.
“Did you planned on going somewhere?” He asked.
I nodded.
“Sorry,it’s time for dinner already and I’m hungry,i was about waking you” he said and continued watching his cartoon.
Why did i laid on the couch in the first place.
I should have just headed out after eating the pizza.
I can’t go anymore cause i won’t be allowed into the hospital and i also can’t leave Mike all alone in the house.
I’ll go tomorrow morning after Mike has gone to school.
But i feel so good after that little sleep.
I remembered my parents in the police custody and felt sad immediately.
I sighed and stood up,walked into the kitchen to prepare dinner.
Even though I’m not very hungry,Mike has to eat.
We both went to bed after having dinner.
I made Mike sleep in my room tonight.
Next morning
“Dan won’t you go to school?” Mike asked as i prepared him for school the next morning.
“I will but I’m gonna go late,you go ahead” I said.
“Okay” He said.
“You can wear your shoes right? let me quickly go make your breakfast” I said.
“Of course i can” He said and i walked out of his room, heading straight to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.
“Dan,is my breakfast ready?” I heard Mike asked.
“Almost ready,have your seat,I’ll serve you soon” i said and flipped the pancake i was making.
“Okay” He said.
I dished out his pancake and coffee, placed them on a tray before taking it to the dining.
I placed it on the table in front of him.
“Thanks Dan” he smiled.
“Uhn…you said ‘thanks’ today?” I asked in surprise.
“Yes,i feel i needed to appreciate your efforts but don’t expect the ‘thanks’ all the time” He said.
I laughed…”Of course i know”
I walked back to the kitchen and dished out my breakfast too.
I pulled off my apron and hair net before taking my breakfast to the dining.
“Bye Mike” I waved him bye.
“Bye Dan” He smiled and waved back.
He entered the car and i watched our driver drove him out of the wide opened gate.
I can go on with my own business.
I plan to go visit mum and dad first before going to Anel’s hospital.
But first i need to go take more cash.
I stood in front of the hospital for a while, holding a nylon containing some boxes of chocolates.
I got them for Anel.
I stared at the bold inscription ‘Mill psychiatric hospital’ at the top of the building.
It’s a huge hospital though.
I’ve gone to visit my parents and they seemed to be doing well.
I told them of my plan and they gave me a go ahead.
I’ll go visit them again later in the day.
I summoned courage and walked into the hospital.
It’s a psychiatric hospital,i expected it to be different but to me,it wasn’t.
I walked to the large desk where three nurses are seated.
They all smiled as i approached them.
“Good morning” I greeted.
“Good morning,how may we help you?” They asked.
“I’m here to see someone” I said.
“Okay,what’s your name?” They asked.
“Daniel Shaw” I said and they all gasped.
“You’re related to artist Shaw?” They asked, holding their breath.
“No” I said.
“Ah!” They sighed,their disappointment obvious.
“Well, what’s the name of the patient you’re here to see?” They asked.
“Asanel Yates” I said.
“Ohh…that beautiful girl” one if them said and i smiled and nodded eagerly.
“Who are you to her?” They asked.
“I’m a family,is anyone in the ward with her?” I asked.
“No” They chorused.
“Liam sent me here” I lied.
“Ohh..Liam sent you here?”
“Yeah” I nodded.
“None of her family has gotten here this morning. You can go in,just go through that corridor. She’s in ward 8”
“Okay thanks” I said happily and started walking to the corridor.
“You look handsome” they shouted after me.
“Thank you” i said and quickly entered the corridor.
I located ward 8,breathed in and out before opening the door.
I walked in slowly..
The nylon containing the chocolate nearly dropped as i saw her laying fast asleep on the bed.
She’s putting on the hospital wear,her always-well-arr
anged hair was scattered and rough,she has lost so much weight and her skin looked pale but she still looked beautiful and my feelings for her grew intense.
I walked closer to her bed and stared at her face for a while.
I can’t believe i finally saw her.
I finally saw Anel…i nearly screamed.
She’s still mentally unstable..it’s obvious.
I dropped the nylon and sat beside her on the bed.
I held her two hands which were damn cold.
My heart filled with sadness as i stared at her.
I cried and placed my head on her chest,closed my eyes and prayed.
I quickly round up my prayer when she stirred.
I raised up my head and saw that her eyes were opened, i had to restrict myself from pulling her into a hug.
Her bright eyes shone into mine and that movement in my heart increased.
She didn’t utter a word,she only stared at me.
“Anel,I’m sorry. I’m here now,I’m here for you. I lo..” I was saying but noticed she was starting to sit up slowly,her eyes not leaving mine.
It was when she sat up fully that i realised that her eyes were filled with tears.
They scrolled down her cheeks.
Has she gotten well?
Is she now okay?
Why’s she crying?
OMG…could it be that she’s starting to get well?
“Anel” I called but she kept on crying.
I shifted closer to her and hugged her tightly, we both cried.
She suddenly pulled away from my hug and laughed,she grabbed her own hair and started dragging it.
She screamed so loud that my ears nearly got blocked.
The door opened and some nurses rushed in.
“What have you done to her? They asked.
My fears increased when i saw Liam walked in,in anger.
I stood in front of the hospital after been thrown out by Liam and i even sustained a little injury but that doesn’t mean anything.
I just saw Anel and i can’t get more excited, even though i wished i had spent more time with her but seeing her alone filled me up.
I thought she was getting better,not until she screamed.
God,please heal Anel fast.
I don’t care if Liam threw me out,I’m coming back tomorrow to see her!
But will the nurses allow me in?
“Haven’t mum and dad called you yet?” Mike asked.
We were walking to the door after we both alighted from the car.
We just returned from school.
“They called yesterday but you were asleep then” I lied.
For how long will i keep lieing!
“I really want to hear their voices,I’ve missed them” He said.
“They’ll call soon and I’ll make you hear their voices okay?”
He nodded.
We got to the door and i pulled it open and allowed Mike go in first.
I planned on going to see mum and dad before going to Anel’s hospital.

Liam’s threat isn’t gonna stop me from seeing her!
“Mum, Dad” I heard Mike screamed and shook my head.
Has he missed them that much.
I closed the door behind me and started walking to the living room.
My jaw dropped when i saw mum and dad seated on the couch, smiling.
They both stood up.
“Oh..my.. God” I screamed and rushed into their arms.
“Mum, Dad how..how did you both did it?” I asked, happy to have my parents back.
“Well…we were released after Liam called the cops that his niece is now mentally stable?” Mum grinned.
“Huh? Did i heard you right?”
“Yes Dan. Anel,is now mentally stable, infact she was discharged immediately” Dad said.
I dropped my backpack and ran out of the house heading straight to Anel’s house.
My face broke into a smile.
“Lord, I thank you” I shouted happily in the street, ignoring people’s gaze.
I ran faster…
Oh..my beautiful psycho
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 9:00am On Jan 25
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 80
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
“Lord, I thank you” I shouted happily in the street, ignoring people’s gaze.
I ran faster…
Oh..my beautiful psycho
I stopped running as i realised i can’t possibly run to Anel’s house,it’s damn far.
Well…I’ll just go home, freshen up and take a cab to her house.
I’m so happy right now.
My Anel is back!
I can’t wait to see her.
My face was filled with smiles as i jogged back home.
I knocked on the gate and waited for a while.
It was opened by the gatekeeper and i walked in.
I noticed he was smiling happily.
Of course,who isn’t happy that mum and dad are back.
I smiled back at him before walking to the door.
I opened it and walked in…a delicious aroma welcomed me.
Woah…Mum is cooking already.
“Hmm” I sniffed as i closed the door behind me.
I walked into the living room,and met Dad already painting.
“I can bet you’ve missed your work” I smiled and sat beside him.
“Ofcourse i have. Its the thing i missed the most” he smiled.
He has freshened up already, looking young and handsome in a black short and white t-shirt.
His curly black hair is brushed back and i watched as he painted the drawing perfectly.
Im so proud of my dad.
“I gat the most handsome dad in the universe” I said to him and hugged him tight making him drop the paintbrush but i don’t care at the moment.
“And i gat the most handsome son in the universe” He patted my back.
“Why should i be left out from this hug” we heard Mum said.
We giggled as she walked to us with her apron and her chef cap which made her look awesome.
She joined in the hug after pecking my cheeks.
I smiled. “I gat the most beautiful Mum in the universe”
“Oh..my.. I can’t believe I’m blushing” She said and we laughed.
“Dad! You couldn’t call me to join in the hug” We heard Mike yelled.
“I’m sorry little prince,come here” Dad said.
He rushed to us and also joined in the hug.
He grinned at me…”Dan don’t you think we gat the most wonderful parents in the world”
“I don’t think so,i know so ” I said.
“Awwwn…thanks my darlings” Mum said sweetly.
“Honey” Dad called.
“Yes sweetie” Mum answered.
“Don’t you know we gat the most amazing children in the world” He said.
“Of course sweetie” Mum said and i think my cheeks glowed.
Mike grinned like an idiot.
“Oh..my.. the soup is burning” Mum shouted and started running back to the kitchen,her chef cap fell off her head and we all laughed.
“Silly people” she laughed and picked her cap before continuing her race to the kitchen.
We laughed on and on…
“I thought you were going to Anel’s place” Dad said after our laughter subsided.
“Yeah…i was actually on my way but i realised i couldn’t run all the way there,it’s damn far” i said.
“So what are you gonna do?” He asked.
“I’ll just go freshen up and board a cab there”.
“You’ll do that now?” Dad asked.
“Yeah Dad”
“No, you’re not gonna do that now”
“Why?” I asked.
“You’ve not eaten” He said.
“That’s not necessary,I’ll eat when I’m back”
“Nah, you’ll go freshen up,eat and then you’re free to go anywhere” He said and i sighed.
“Okay Dad,I’ll quickly go freshen up then” I picked my backpack and stood up, about walking to my room.
“Dad how was India? Didn’t you bring anything for us?” Mike asked.
Dad glanced at me, before clearing his throat.
“Mike,you know it was a business emergency,they couldn’t get anything for us” I said.
“But i wasn’t asking you” He said and i felt like knocking his head away from his neck.
I sent him a glare and he twitched his nose,then jumped on the couch.
He grabbed the remote control and switched on the TV.
“Business emergency indeed” Dad whispered to me and laughed.
I chuckled as i climbed the stairs to my room.
I dropped my backpack on the bed and pulled off my shoes and socks.
I un-bottened my shirt and pulled it off.
I sat on the edge of my bed and pulled my backpack closer.
I unzipped it and brought out my phone.
A message to Anel will do.
I smiled as i began texting her.
Hi, beautiful psycho.
How are you?
I’ve missed you so much, I’ll be right at your place soon.
I love you” I thought of adding it but i don’t think i had the courage to.
I cleared it.
I ended the message with;
I sighed and stood up.
I can’t just express how happy i am.
First,my parents are back and my beautiful Psycho is now mentally stable.
I can’t be more happy!!
I danced into the bathroom…
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I picked my phone immediately i finished dressing up.
The message read; ‘seen’ but there was no reply.
Maybe she’s busy…
Should i just call her? No i think i should wait till i get to her house.
I felt a bit sad as i walked out of my room.
I descended the stairs to the living room,i found no one.
I headed to the kitchen.
They were all seated, obviously waiting for me.
“I’m sorry to keep everyone waiting” I said and quickly took my seat.
“It’s okay” Mum said and began dishing out the delicious looking meal.
The aroma almost made me dip my hand into it.
Mike was smiling to himself as mum placed a plate of soup and baguette in front of him.
I laughed when i remembered the feud between him and Ana.
“Why are you laughing?” Dad asked.
“I remembered something” I said.
“You always have something to remember”Mike said with a mouthful.
“And how’s that your business,i can’t even believe you’ve started eating already” I rolled my eyes.
“Don’t believe it! That’s your cup of tea!” He said.
“Mike,Dan table manners” Mum said and placed my own meal in front of me.
“Thanks Mum” I said and waited for her to finish dishing hers and dad’s.
She did and we all started eating.
“Delicious” I smiled.
“Yummy” Mike said.
“Tasty” Dad winked.
“Thanks sweets” Mum smiled.
We continued eating,i wanted to ask Dad some questions but not in Mike’s presence and i can’t disregard the table manners.
Mike was the first to finish eating,i was surprised he didn’t ask for more.
He stood up “I’m going to do my assignment”
“I’m surprised you didn’t ask for more” I said.
He rolled his eyes at me before sauntering out of the dining room.
I laughed.
I gulped down water after i was done with my meal.
Everyone was done with theirs too.
Mum cleared the plates to the kitchen.
I offered to but she declined.
“Dad” I called.
“What time were you released? What time did the cops said Anel was mentally stable?” I asked.
“We were released by 2 o’ clock and we got home by 3. Just thirty minutes before you guys returned from school.” He said.
“I was actually about calling my lawyer before we were released”
“Why didn’t you called your lawyer immediately you were arrested,i know you won’t even have spent a night in cell if you had”
He smiled “of course i know,but i had my reasons for not calling my lawyer immediately.”
“It’s unheard of to be arrested for someone else’s mental disorder” Mum said, walking back into the dining room.
“I was so pissed at first” She added.
“Of course it’s unheard of but do you know Liam told them a totally different thing” Dad said.
“What?” I asked.
“Never mind son,you still want to visit Anel today right?” He asked.
“Oh! I’ve forgotten” I quickly stood up.
I dropped my phone on the dining table and ran to my room to take some cash and my face cap .
I was returning to the dining when i overheard Dad and mum’s discussion.
“I can’t believe he told the cops that we hit something on Anel’s head!”
“The cops should have asked for the medical report” mum said.
“They did but he claimed he hasn’t gotten it from the hospital yet”
“I can’t believe Liam has turned into a monster. I knew he was hot tempered but he wasn’t this worse then”.
“Yeah,and that’s the reason i didn’t call my lawyer immediately cause i know he’ll be sued to court if my lawyer investigates the whole thing and discover that he was telling lies” Dad said.
“Mara’s death really affected him,Liam wasn’t this cruel” Mum said and dad gave a nod.
I walked back into the dining and tried very much to act like i didn’t hear a thing.
I picked my phone.
“I’ll be leaving now. Mum,dad I’ll be back soon” I said.
“Okay dear”
I walked slowly out of the dining room.
How could Liam tell such a huge lie.
He’s beginning to piss me off seriously..
I walked out of the door, dipped my phone into my pocket,wore my face cap and started walking to the gate.
The gatekeeper opened it before i got there.
I thanked him and walked out of the gate.
I stood in front of our house, waiting for a cab.
Thoughts of what Liam did kept flooding my head.
He was looking for ways to make sure my parents get punished.
Who does that but a cruel person.
I waved a cab to a stop…
I need to get some chocolates first.
‘what if Liam throw me out?’ I thought for the umpteenth time as i stood in front of Anel’s gate.
I’ve been standing here for some minutes now,scared to knock on the gate.
‘what if he had told the gatekeeper not to allow me in’ I thought as i rested my back on the wall.
Why didn’t i think about all this before coming?
“Dan” I heard a little voice call my name.
I turned and saw Mary their house help and Ana who was already rushing to me.
I smiled and bent slowly, holding her in a hug.
I pecked her cheeks..
“How are you Ana?” I asked.
“I’m fine Dan and you?”
“I’m good”
“I miss you so much” She said.
“Me too,you look more beautiful” I said as i dragged her chubby cheeks.
“Thank you” she smiled.
“Good afternoon” I greeted Mary.
“Good afternoon Dan,how’re you?” She hugged the grocery bag closer to her chest.
“I’m fine, thanks”
“Is anel in?” I asked.
She shook her head and i couldn’t hide my disappointment.
“Is she still at the hospital?” I asked.
“No, she’s now at her dad’s”
“Woah!” I sighed in relief.
“The doctor said she needed a psychologist and her dad’s fiance is one so she’s gonna be staying there for a while” Mary said.
“Ohh.. thanks so much Mary” I smiled.
“You’re welcome”
“I’ll be leaving now” I said and brought out a box of chocolate from the ones i got for Anel.
I handed it to Ana who jumped on me in excitement.
“Thanks Dan” She hugged me.
I smiled.
“Mary,do you also love chocolate?” I asked.
“I don’t mind” She smiled shyly.
I brought out a box and gave her too.
“Thanks Dan” she grinned and threw it into the grocery bag.
“I’ll just board a cab here” I said.
“Okay we’re gonna wait here with you” Ana said, holding my hand.
“No Ana,we can’t. Your dad will come looking for us once he realise we’re getting late and drop your chocolate in here,he mustn’t see it” Mary said.
Ana frowned and dropped her box of chocolate into the grocery bag.
Mary knocked on the gate.
“Bye Dan” They both waved, before walking into the opened gate.
“Bye” I waved back with smiles.
“Dan,when will you visit our house again?” Ana asked.
“Soon” I said.
“Are you sure?” She asked.
I nodded.
“Okay Bye” She waved at me one last time before Mary closed the gate.
I know I’m not gonna be visiting here anytime soon.
I saw a cab approaching…
Even if i was afraid to knock on Liam’s gate, should i be afraid to knock on this one too?
Anel Dad isn’t as wicked as Liam.
I knocked gently on the gate and waited for the gatekeeper to open it.
The gate opened and i came to face the gatekeeper.
“Good afternoon” I greeted.
He answered with a nod of head.
“Come in” He said and i did.
He locked the gate and turned back to me.
“I recognize your face,you can go in” he said.
“Thanks” I smiled and quickly walked to the door before he would change his mind and decide to ask me questions.
I rang the doorbell twice and waited nervously.
I transferred the nylon of the chocolate from my right hand to the left.
The door opened and my heart thumped faster.
Anel’s dad fiance, Claire stood there with a smile.
“Good afternoon ma’am” I bowed a little.
“Good afternoon dear, how’re you doing?”
“I’m fine ma’am”
“You’re here to see Anel right?” She asked and i nodded.
“Come in” She said and paved way for me.
“Thanks” I said before stepping in.
I breathed in fresh scent of flowers.
Its so cool in here .
I waited for her to close the door before following her down to the living room.
My walk came to a halt when i saw Anel seated on the couch,her face buried in a novel.
Her black hair was packed neatly into a ponytail and there are fresh flowers stuck in her hair.
She was twisting some between her fingers as she read the novel and there’s another bouquet of flowers beside her.

Should i also have bought flowers instead of chocolates?
Is that what she likes now?
“Anel, someone is here to see you” Claire said.
She raised up her head and her gaze locked with mine for a short while.
She turned back to her novel without acknowledging my presence and i must admit that i felt a bit hurt.
“She has refused to talk to anyone since she returned from the hospital,i hope she’ll talk to you” Claire whispered to me before walking away.
I walked to her slowly… hoping she’s gonna accept the hug I’m about to offer.
I don’t care if she hasn’t talked to anyone,i miss her.
I got to where she was seating, dropped the nylon, crouched in front of her and pulled her into a hug.
She didn’t push me away neither did she reciprocate the hug.
“I’ve missed you so much Anel” I said.
I hugged her tightly for a while before releasing her.
I expected her to say something but she didn’t,she didn’t utter a word and didn’t even act like i was there.
She wasn’t even looking at me.
“Anel” I called but she didn’t respond.
Her face was still buried in the novel.
I took the novel from her laps and read the title aloud.
“Safe by his side by Debra Webb”
I’m glad i finally made her look at me but the look she was giving me wasn’t a nice one,it spoke of hatred.
“What are you doing here?” She asked, almost in a whisper.
“I..i came here to see you” I said.
“You can leave,i don’t want to ever see you again” She said and my heart filled with sadness immediately.
“Anel, please I’m so sorry”
“How can i continue my friendship with the son of my mother’s murderer. Dan, please kindly leave” She said slowly.
“Anel,i can’t believe you’ll allow that get to you. My father didn’t kill your mother, please don’t let that affect us” I pleaded.
“It already has,for the first time in my life; i had mental disorder!” She said and i noticed her eyes had turned red.
Even the voice no longer seem like hers.
“While you were enjoying, i was constituting nuisance, while you were playing,i was dragging my own hair, while you were happy,i was sad. My mother was killed,i had mental disorder” She laughed sadly.
I couldn’t control the tears that ran down my cheeks.
“I don’t want to ever see you again, you’re not part of my life anymore” She said.
“Anel, ple…”
“Get out!!!” She screamed and tears dropped from her eyes.
I stood up slowly and left their house in tears.
Maybe that’s the end of our friendship…
And also the end of my love for her.

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 2:45pm On Jan 28
(Love, why?)

Season 2
# Chapter 81
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
I stood up slowly and left their house in tears.
Maybe that’s the end of our friendship…
And also the end of my love for her.
“Dan, Dan” Dad called as i walked past them to the stairs.
I just got home after roaming the streets aimlessly.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’ll be fine,i just need some time alone” I said and started walking to my room, ignoring further calls.
I landed on my bed with a huff.
I was laying chest up, facing the ceiling.
I counted the lines back and forth severally but doing that did nothing to stop my tears.
I should go blind already,i cry too much.
She stopped our friendship when i planned on expressing my feelings to her.
Well,who would be in her shoes and not behave that way.
She lost her mother not long after she was born,she went mentally deranged at 16! And all this was caused by my family,my parents to be precise.
I was so foolish to expect that she’s gonna accept me with open arms.
What if i had been in her shoes?
I know for sure that i wouldn’t have ended our friendship,i wouldn’t have allowed our parents past to disrupt anything between us but mind differs,she can’t think the same way i do.
She has already gone through a lot at her age, and all of it started when she met me,when she accepted to be my friend!
I shouldn’t have started talking to her,i shouldn’t have involved myself with her at the beginning cause now it’s difficult for me to detach from her.
I can’t be okay if she doesn’t talk to me.
I don’t think i should give up yet,i should tell her the real story behind her mum’s death.
Liam probably cooked up some lies in the story.
I can’t give up on Anel yet, she has become part of my world and i think i love her.
I love her?
Is this how love is?
I believe Love can be destructive and can also be sweet.
It caused destruction in our parents time and it’s about to,in our own time but I’m not gonna allow it to.
I’ll make sure ours end sweetly.
Does she love me too?…Nah,she doesn’t,she can’t.
Anel doesn’t believe in love.
But what if she does?
What if she loves me too?
Girls find it hard to resist my charm but Anel is far different from other girls.
Whatever the case may be …. I’m ready to scale through,i should stop crying everytime like a baby.
I laid on my side and closed my eyes.
I really need a good sleep.
Anel’s POV
“Did i told you i need to wipe my tears!” I yelled at Claire who was stretching a handkerchief to me.
“I’m sorry” She said and walked away.
I hissed.
I wiped my tears with my hands and then laid on the couch.
He didn’t even visit me during my stay in the hospital.
I missed him and I’ve been looking forward to seeing him the moment i returned from the hospital.
But what if he had visited me?
I wouldn’t have known cause i wasn’t in my right senses.
I can’t even believe i went deranged…at 16!
That is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
I feel so bad about it and i had to flare up the moment i saw him.
Dan cares for me.
He likes me.
But we can’t be friends anymore.
His father killed my mother or rather his father caused my mother’s’s death.
Now,i understand the dream i once had.
Mum told me she hope I’ll continue being Dan’s friend when i find out who he is.
But should i allow what happened between our parents stop our own friendship?
Should i allow our parents past disrupt our friendship?
Dan knows nothing about all this,his father and mother are the culprits.
Now, i think I’m a fool to have done that but no matter how i keep blaming myself,i can’t possibly continue our friendship cause the memories won’t stop coming to my head whenever i see him.
Im thinking of changing school soon…i don’t want to see him at all.
It hurts to know that artist Shaw is the cause of my mother’s death,the man I’ve always cherished even without seeing,artist Shaw is the only person i ever loved outside my family circle.
I once believed he’s kind hearted but not anymore.
I’m trying so much to hate him but the hate isn’t just coming up.
It hurts more to know that Dan,the only friend i have is his son.
Why do they have to be the one,it should have been other people.
I’ve always vowed to do something terrible the day i find the people that caused my mother’s death but look at me,i can’t do anything.
The shock was too much for me and i think i nearly died that day.
I should just stop brooding,i haven’t talked to any of my family since i returned from the hospital and i feel bad about the way i treated Claire.. I should go apologise now.
I sat up and slipped my feet into my footwear.
I dropped my phone and was about standing up but it vibrated,i picked it up thinking Dan has sent another message..
I was a bit disappointed when the message wasn’t from him,it was from an unknown number.
Was i expecting him to send message after all i said to him?
I already made it clear that we should stop being friends and that’s what he followed.
It’s fine by me but deep down,i know it isn’t.
I can’t believe i still want him ,even after finding out who he is.
I clicked on the message;
While you were sick! He was playing with his friends,he didn’t even bother about you,he didn’t even bothered to check on you in the hospital.
He said he’s free and happy without you.
So bitch,what are you gonna do?
I bet you feel betrayed..view the pictures below to confirm it.
“Wow” I laughed as i viewed the so-called pictures.
Only a fool wouldn’t know that Dan was faking his smile and laughter. I know the difference between his real and fake laughter.
I laughed again…the pictures looked funny.
Karissa and Jacq look like evil witches.
But who would have sent this?
I think it was the same person that sent Travis and i picture to Dan.
It’s obvious this person is trying to cause enmity between Dan and i.
I’m suspecting someone I’m gonna confirm that when i get to school on Monday.
I swear down…I’m gonna beat the day living out of her.
I zoomed the picture and laughed harder but then i stopped laughing when i saw weariness beneath Dan fake laughter.
Dan has been so worried about me and i returned only to give him a cold attitude.
But i can’t possibly give him a warm attitude.
I need to go confirm from Claire if Dan truly visited me in the hospital.
I stood up and hurried down to Claire’s room.
I didn’t find her in her room,i checked other rooms and couldn’t find her still.
I descended the stairs and headed straight to the kitchen.
Oh…She’s there!
I should have come check her here first cause the kitchen is just like her room.
She loves cooking a lot and you’ll always see her on apron.
I sometimes doubt if she’s a psychologist.
“Hi Claire” I said and smiled at her surprised look.
“Anel,are you sure you’re not mistaken?” She asked.
“I’m sorry for behaving that way towards you.. please forgive me” I said and rubbed my palms together.
“Wow” She exclaimed and quickly switch off the gas cooker.
She wiped her hands on the napkin and walked closer to me.
“Anel, don’t be sorry and of course I’m not angry,you returned from the hospital today after suffering from mental disorder for few days. I expected you to behave worst but here you’re apologising…I’m so impressed” She smiled.
I nodded “Thank you”
“I actually thought you won’t talk to anyone for days cause most of my clients who once suffered from mental disorder kept to theirselves for days, It’s absolutely normal.” She said.
“I actually thought of keeping to myself but i had a rethink,I’ll be the one hurting if i keep to myself, besides none of you caused my predicament” I said with a shrug.
“Wow,come here Anel..I’m so impressed” She said pulling me into a hug.
I hugged her back and i think i sniffed some curry powder beneath her ears.
“We were all worried while you were in the hospital, Kelly already told me everything,i mean everything from the beginning so i perfectly understand how you might be feeling presently finding out your friend is the son of…”
“You knew? And you allowed him in” I interrupted her .
“Yeah,i did. He wasn’t the one who caused the death of your mother. It was his parents,so i see no reason why i shouldn’t allow him in”
I sighed…”okay,but i want to ask you some things”
“Go on dear” she said sweetly.
“Di..did he visited me while i was in the hospital?” I asked.
“Who? You mean Daniel?” She asked and i nodded.
His full name sounded different..I’m so used to calling him Dan.
“He did,but you know you were first taken to ‘forth run hospital’. While you were there, Dan is always coming but Liam doesn’t allow him in” She said and my heart sank.
“Are you okay?” She asked and i nodded.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah” I managed to say.
“Come,sit here” She said and dragged a kitchen stool closer to my butt.
I sat down and muttered ‘thanks’.
“Should i continue?” She asked and i nodded.
“Your situation grew worse and you were transferred to a psychiatric hospital but before we left Forth run hospital,Liam threatened to sue any of the nurses or doctors who reveals the name of the psychiatric hospital to anyone”
“Wow!” I exclaimed sadly.
My thoughts were on the wrong path.
“Liam ordered the cops to arrest Dan’s parents for being responsible for your mental disorder and they did”
“What! Liam did that?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,he did”
“OMG!” I can’t even imagine the stress Dan would have gone through..

I didn’t know this was all this happened..
“But that didn’t stop Dan from locating the psychiatric hospital you were admitted into.
He came in the morning,when we all went home to get changed,he lied to the nurses that Liam sent him so they allowed him into your ward…I did not know what went wrong but i think your scream alerted the nurses, including Liam who was coming back from home.
I wasn’t present but i heard from the nurses that Liam threw Dan out of the hospital”
“Ah!” I sighed annoyingly. How could Liam do that.
Dan doesn’t know anything about mum’s death! He should face artist Shaw instead of Dan.
“I wouldn’t blame Liam, according to the story Kelly told me, Liam loved his sister more than anyone in the world. Just imagine loosing the only person you love most. He’s doing what he think is right but he’s going a bit far with it”
“Extremely far!” I said and she smiled.
“But do you know the funniest thing?” She asked.
“What?” I asked.
“You got well immediately Dan left your ward”
“Really?” I asked in disbelief.
She nodded…”Even though Liam kept insisting that the doctor already said your mental disorder will be temporary. As a psychologist; i knew it was Dan’s presence that brought back your senses. Everyone knows that too but they all fail to admit it” She said and tears filled my eyes.
“Believe it or not,there’s a strong connection between you and Dan,i don’t know the type of connection it is but trust me it’s a good one.
I overheard all you said to him,i don’t blame him, neither do i blame him cause you’re both suffering from your parents past and i don’t think you should blame him cause he knows nothing about it and it’s unfortunate you already allowed that to be a stumbling block in your friendship” She said.
I sniffed as tears rolled down my cheeks.
She passed me a handkerchief and this time,i gladly collected it.
I wiped my tears and blew my nose into it.
“It’s okay Anel, everything will be fine” She patted my shoulders.
“What should i do?” I asked.
“Do whatever you feel is right,no one is gonna question you,but make sure you think wisely.” She said and i nodded.
I have gat some thinking to do.
“Thanks Claire” I said.
She smiled and nodded.
“Can i fry the chicken as we discuss some other things?” She asked and i smiled.
“Of course” I said.
“You’re gonna help me slice the onions” She said.
“Gladly” I said and got down from the stool.
“Quickly grab your apron and chef cap,then wash your hands” She said switching on the gas cooker.
“Okay” I said and grabbed my an apron and chef cap.
I wore it and then walked to the sink to wash my hands.
I rinsed it and dried it with a clean napkin and then walked back to Claire.
She bursted into laughter when she saw me…
“Wow… welcome to the show, cook Anel” She said dramatically.
“My pleasure” I raised my head high and we both laughed.
I walked into the classroom and the first person my eyes searched for was Dan.
He was seated.
I was about walking to my seat when the students surprised me by rushing to hug me.
Jacq’s POV
I glanced at Karissa to be sure she’s aware of the ongoing drama.
When i was sick for two weeks, i didn’t get much students to welcome me this way but just look at how they crowded her like she’s a celebrity or something!
This girl is getting on my nerves..
Why didn’t she just die alongside the sickness.
I watched as she hugged the students one after the other, answering their questions with smiles.
Dan said she was sick,then why’s she looking more beautiful.. shouldn’t she be looking haggard and ugly!
I looked at Dan and saw him looking at her in admiration, i noticed his eyes that sparkles whenever he looks at Anel,he was looking dull earlier but now his eyes is all brightened up.
I’ll make sure his eyes sparkle whenever he sees me too…I just need a little time to finalise my plan.
And why is he not among the foolish students that welcomed her?
I guess our minor plan already worked out.
They’re obviously not on talking terms.
We miss you.
How have you been?
You’re looking more beautiful.
Dan said you were sick.
Are you fine now.
OMG…look at her beautiful face.
She hugs beautifully.
I want her to hug me again…..
I covered my ears in anger to stop myself from hearing the compliment they directed to her only.
Can’t the class prefect stop them!
Well…she can’t,cause she’s also among the fools.
I stopped myself from placing my head on the desk,i need to see if she’s gonna greet Dan she gets to her seat.
“Gosh!” I sighed after she was finally returning to her seat.
I realised i was not only the one that turned my neck to see what will play out between the both of them.
She dropped her backpack and stood in front of Dan’s desk holding her phone instead of getting on her seat.
I was almost pushed to drag out her hair from her scalp.
Dan’s POV
“Let me have your phone” Anel said to my complete surprise.
I thought she won’t talk to me.
I was damn happy when i saw her walk into the class today.
But then i felt sad knowing she won’t talk to me.
Here she is, asking for my phone.
Has she forgiven me?
Will she continue to be my friend?
“Let me have your phone” She repeated.
“For what?” I asked.
You’re a fool Dan!
Give her the phone now!!
“Just let me have it” She said and adjusted her pontsplait.
I smiled…I’ve missed that.
“Are you giving me or not?” She asked and i brought out my phone, unlocked it before handing it over to her.
She collected it and remained standing in front of my desk.
I don’t want her to leave though…i can’t be more happy watching her beautiful face this way.
Damn! Did her lashes grew longer?
She held her phone beside mine for some minutes,im clueless on what she was doing but i wish she can continue,i love that feeling that tingling feeling in my chest.
She suddenly dropped the phones on the desk.
I quickly caught hers from falling.
What went wrong?
She turned and walked furiously to karissa’s seat.
She dragged Karissa out of her seat by her hair and started hitting her.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 2:46pm On Jan 28
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 82
Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
She turned and walked furiously to karissa’s seat.
She dragged Karissa out of her seat by her hair and started hitting her.
I was more surprised when Jacq jumped out of her seat and started hitting Anel.
I hurried out of my seat to go separate them but most of the students already fled out of their seats blocking my way in the process,they were also trying to separate them.
I try to push my way through but it wasn’t possible.
I was only seeing them,i couldn’t get to them.
Anel had smashed Jacq on the floor beside Karissa,with the way she was so capable of beating up the both of them,I’m beginning to think she’s a guy clothed in ladies wear.
“Dan! You can’t just stand there and watch” Jacq cried.
“Bitch! I’m gonna sue you” Karissa screamed and tried to hit Anel but Anel twisted her arm and punched her on the face.
I finally succeeded in pushing my way through the students,i got to the center where Anel was beating up Jacq and Karissa.
They were screaming and trying to hit her back but she already pinned their hands to the floor.
I quickly dragged Anel away from them,she made to rush back to them almost slipping out of my grip but i tightened my grip on her.
“Let go of me” She yelled and i quickly did.
I was glad she didn’t go to meet them.
I hissed at the students cheering Anel to continue the beating.
Jacq and Karissa quickly stood up and i sighed sadly at how bruised their faces were.
They tightened and rushed at Anel who speedily dodged.
Their fists collided with the wall,they screamed in pain before falling flat on the floor. The students laughed hard.
“What the hell is going on here?” We heard and everyone turned to see who walked in.
They all scampered to their seats while Anel and i remained standing. Jacq and Karissa were still on the floor.
“Anel,you’re back” Travis smiled ‘foolishly’.
“Travis is that what you’re gonna say. Just take a look at us” Karissa cried.
Travis cleared his throat…”What happened?”
“She beat us up!” Karissa fumed.
“You mean she’s the only one that beat up the both of you?” He asked.
“She didn’t beat me up! You’re the one she beat up!” Jacq yelled, dusting her skirt while standing up.
I’m very disappointed in her, Jacq wasn’t this way. Is she starting to get influenced by Karissa.
“That’s a lie! She beat us both up” Karissa insisted not getting up from the floor.
The class watched in silence.
“I fought back! But you didn’t,all you did was to scream like the baby you are” Jacq said.
“You didn’t fought back,she already beat you up before you could and you’re a baby too!” Karissa hissed.
“What’s all this fuss about?” Travis asked.
Karissa stood up and brushed her scattered hair with her palms.
“No one should look at me that way! I still remain the school queen” She shouted at the students who mocked her.
Anel stood with her hands folded beneath her breasts,she didn’t utter a word,she only stared at her feet and that made me admire her more.
“Now,you all should come with me” Travis said.
The three of them marched after him and i also decided to go with them.
Travis suddenly turned,our gaze met and he glared hard at me,i glared back equally.
“I hope you’re not trying to come with us” He asked with a raised brow.
“What if i am?”
“You dare not ” He said to me with so much hatred in his voice.
“And what if i do?” I asked.
“You’re gonna face my wrath” He growled like the wolf he is.
I laughed and wondered what type of wrath he gat!
“Step back” He threatened.
“I won’t” I said.
He advanced towards me in long strides.
“You wanna hit him? You dare not!” Anel said and i couldn’t hide my smile.
Travis stopped and glanced at Anel before glaring at me.

“Dan” Anel called.
“Huh?” I asked nervously..
It seems she has changed her mind about ending our friendship.
“Please go back,I’ll be back soon” She said.
I sighed…”Okay,just because of you” I said and watched as Travis gritted his teeth before barging out of the classroom.
They walked out after him.
The students didn’t take their gaze off me as i walked back to my seat.
I sat down,placed my hands on the desk and sighed.
My gaze fell on our phones,i picked and pressed the power button.
It came into life and i was surprised she used our picture as her wallpaper..the one we took together at school,i think it was two weeks ago.
I smiled as i realised how much she cherishes our friendship,I’m not sure she still do?
With all that have happened.
Anel’s POV
“Is this the principal’s office?” I asked Travis who led us to an empty hallway.
“Oh…so you wanna serve punishment right?” He asked.
“That’s better than being with you” I said.
The two bitches beside him hissed.
I’m not surprised Karissa is the one sending those messages.
She likes Dan,then she should just go ahead and tell him instead of sending those childish messages, i couldn’t let it slide cause this is the second time she’ll be doing such.
What if i hadn’t figured that Dan’s laughter in the picture was fake,i would have been so annoyed and probably won’t talk to Dan again.
She’s a bitch!
But then who took the picture?
The picture was captured from the window which was close to our seats,the person went to the garden to capture it.
That means Karissa has an accomplice and i promise to find that one soon.
Dan is yet to noticed that Jacq gat feelings for him.
She’s a two faced bitch,she acts nice in Dan’s presence and then behave bitchy in his absence.
I destest people like that…i thought Dan said she was a nice person.
He hasn’t figured out who she is.
I was surprised when she started hitting me while i was hitting Karissa but then i decided to allow her have a sweeeeeet taste of her medicine.
None of my mate hits me and go away with it.
“Anel! I’m talking to you,what happened?” Dan asked.

“Why should i tell you that when the principal is right there in her office,just take us to the principal..oh..i guess you don’t want your girlfriend to get punished” I said pointing to Karissa.
“She isn’t my girlfriend” He said.
“And what’s my business with that?”
“After the principal,I’m the next person that gives order!” Travis boasted and i laughed.
“I think I’m starting to get blind or is there really no ‘vice principal’ post tag on your shirt that indicates that you’re the vice principal” I said.
“Ah!” He huffed.
“Travis,you should punish her for speaking to you that way” Karissa said.
“You know i can’t” He whispered to her and she nodded angrily, almost breaking her neck.
I’ll be very glad if she does.
“So what really caused the commotion?” Travis asked.
“I was sitting and she came from nowhere and started hitting me, Jacq tried to save me but this manly-girl beat her up too” she said.
“Okay,Anel may i know the reason you went to hit Karissa?” He asked.
“You wanna know?” I asked and he nodded.
“Well…ask her the reason she kept sending crazy messages!” I said.
“What!” They all exclaimed.
I hissed and started walking away.
I wonder why there’s no teacher in our class yet.
Jacq’s POV
“What!” We all exclaimed in surprise and watched as she walked away.
“She found out?” Karissa asked in fear.
“Damn!” Travis swore.
How could she find out?
I mean how!
Oh…She had compared karissa’s contact to the one used to send the message and it matched!
Was she suspecting Karissa earlier?
“Now she thinks I’m the only one involved in this . You shouldn’t have used my phone to send that message!” Karissa yelled.
“Oh…you expected me to use my phone right?” I glared at her.
“Why can’t you?” She glared back.
“Everyone knows you’re the one who’s freaking in love with Dan! She won’t suspect anything cause she’ll think you did that out of jealousy” I said.
“We’re all involved in this and now I’m the only one taking the blame for it.. what if she tells Dan,then he’s gonna hate me forever” She cried and i felt like hitting the hell out of her.
“Don’t act like you’re the only one she beat up,she beat me up too! and she’s not gonna tell Dan” I said.
“What if she does?”
“Then Dan will know how much you love him, he’s gonna come to you” I said.
“Really?” She wiped her tears.
“Of course” I said.
“You’re working on how Dan will love you, won’t you help me out on Anel. It looks like she still hates me” Travis said.
“Once we carry out our major plan,then Anel is gonna love you completely” I said.
“You mean we’re still gonna carry out that plan after we failed on this one?” He asked.
“This is just a minor plan,planned to stir up something bad between them so we shouldn’t be bothered it failed. I’ll make sure our major plan works out” I said
“I know once we carry out that major plan,Dan is gonna love me forever” Karissa giggled.

“Fine, I’ll be going back to the class” Travis said and walked away.
“My face hurts” I massaged my face with my palms.
That girl really beat me up badly.
“Is she probably a guy?” Karissa asked.
“Who knows?” I said..i think she’s too beautiful to be a guy.
“She beats so terribly,i can’t believe she beat you up too. You look strong but you couldn’t raise a finger when she smashed you to the floor” Karissa laughed.
I glared at her angrily and she covered her mouth with her palm still laughing.
That annoyed me more!
I hissed and started walking away.
“I’m sorry Jacq” Karissa ran to me .
“Bleep off” I flung her arm away and continued my walk.
Seriously…i wish i was the one who had beaten up Anel.
I didn’t know she gat that strength.
I shouldn’t have jumped out of my seat to save this ungrateful Karissa.
I should have allowed Anel beaten her to a pulp.
I’m still amazed at how she smashed me to the floor like i weighed nothing,i didn’t even get the chance to hit her twice before she started beating me.
Ouch…my back hurts too.
It’s fine..I’m doing all this for Dan and i know he’ll be mine soon.
“Jacq” I heard Karissa called and i cursed under my breath.
Dan’s POV
“Don’t just sit and stare at me,go have your lunch” Anel said and turned back to her textbook.
“I’m not going to have lunch” I said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cause you refuse to talk to me”
“What am i doing?” She asked.
“This is not how we were Anel” I said.
“You want us to go back to how we were?” She asked and i nodded.
“That can’t be possible” She said and my heart sank.
“Anel …I’m sorry i”
“You didn’t offend me Dan, you didn’t do anything wrong. We can still continue being friends” She smiled.
“Really?” I grinned.
“Yeah” She smiled and i hugged her happily.
She giggled and smoothened my hair.
I can’t be more happy.
I feel so warm.
“Dan,let’s go for lunch” I heard and my smile disappeared at the moment.
Anel disengaged from the hug and i felt cold immediately.
I saw Jacq and Karissa standing in front of my desk.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Let’s go for lunch” They both said.
“I’m sorry but i won’t be having lunch today” I said.
“Really?” Jacq asked.
“Dan, just take a look at my face,can’t you see how your bitchy friend ruined my face” Karissa said and quickly shifted back when Anel made to hit her.
I stifled my laughter by clearing my throat.
“Aw! Im so sorry,she’s also sorry” I said.
“I’m not sorry a bit” Anel said.
“Can’t you stop being friends with her! She’s so ugly ” Karissa said and i laughed.
“You both should get out before i descend on you” Anel threatened.
“Jacq I’m off” Karissa scurried away.
Jacq took one last glance at me before walking away.
I felt bad.
“I’m sorry Jacq,I’m gonna have lunch with you tomorrow” I said.
She walked out of the class without responding.
“You’ve got bitches as friends” Anel rolled her eyes.
“Remember,you’re one of my friends” I teased.
” I’m not your friend,I’m your lover” She wink.
“Huh?” I asked,my heart fluttering.
Does that mean she loves me too.
Oh..gawd! Can i be more thankful.
“I’m only joking” She chortled and I think my heart broke into two.
“What? Did you took me serious?” She asked.
“No,i knew you weren’t serious” I lied.
“Fine” she said.
“Why did you beat up Karissa and Jacq?” I asked.
“I didn’t mean to beat Jacq but you saw clearly that she hit me first and i don’t let people..i mean my mates, hit me and go away with it” She said.
“I know that,so what actually caused the beating you gave to Karissa?” I asked.
“Nothing..” She said.
“You mean;you just decided to beat her up and you did?” I asked.
“Yeah,i just felt like beating up someone” She said.
She nodded.
“I don’t believe you,Karissa must have done something to warrant that”
“Well…you won’t talk to her again if i should tell you what she did.”
“What did she d..”
“Just forget it” She said.
“No,i really wanna k..”
“Let’s talk about some other things” She interrupted me and i sighed.
“Okay. Let’s talk about what happened to us recently” I said.
“I don’t wanna talk about that” she said with a frown .
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t even wanna remember anything pertaining to it” she said.
“Okay” I said,in an understanding tone.
“I’m sorry about what Liam did to your parents” She said.
“Ohh..you shouldn’t be sorry. It’s fine” I said.
She nodded…”So tell me what I’ve missed,i want interesting gists” She giggled.
I smiled and cleared my throat.
“Trust me,I’ve piled enough gist for you” I said.
“Yaaaaay” She said happily.
Anel laughed hard as i gist her and i couldn’t help but laugh join her.
“So did the man slapped you?” She asked.
“No,but he pulled my face cap and hit it hard on my face” I said and she laughed harder.
We were both laughing when the class prefect interrupted us.
“Mrs Oliver wants the both of you in her office now” She said.
‘for what?’
“Okay, we’ll go now” Anel said.
“I wonder why she’s calling us?” I said.
“I think someone already reported the fight, let’s go. I’m gonna tell her you were not involved” She said.
“What of you?” I asked.
“I’m gonna serve my punishment of course” She said.
“Good afternoon ma’am” we chorused standing in front of Mrs Oliver’s large desk.
She looked up from her laptop.
“Oh… good afternoon” she adjusted her glasses.
“Well…why didn’t you tell me you were having difficult times while sitting beside him?” She asked Anel.
Difficult times while sitting with me?
I stared at Anel who looked completely confused.
“Difficult times? How?” She asked Mrs Oliver.
“Your dad,Liam just called me now,he said you want me to change your seat that you’re having difficult times sitting beside Dan”
“What!” Anel exclaimed.

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 6:42pm On Feb 02
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 83
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Your dad,Liam just called me now,he said you want me to change your seat that you’re having difficult times sitting beside Dan”
“What!” I exclaimed.
I sighed annoyingly,how could Liam do this!
“So you’re gonna be exchanging seats with Jacqueline Silver,she once complained about her seat” She said and picked a pen.
Not that devilish girl!
“No ma’am,all he said was false. I’m not having difficult time sitting beside Dan”
“You mean he’s telling lies?” She asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.
She smiled…”How could he tell lies. That’s impossible”
“It’s possible ma’am,he’s telling lies. I never complained about my seat to him” I said and glanced at Dan whose face held no emotion.
“You know what,he knows what’s good for you” She said.
“You mean you’re still gonna change my seat?” I asked.
“Of course,your father asked for it” she said.
“That’s what my father asked for! Not me,I’m the one schooling here not him so you gotta respect my decision too” I said.
“We have to do what your father wants” She said.
“Go ahead and I’m gonna report this to the school board” I threatened and Dan gasped.
“OMG!” Mrs Oliver exclaimed.
“Yeah” I said.
“Ohh.. okay,I’m not gonna change your seat anymore. You can both head to your class” She said.
“Thank you ma’am” Dan said and walked after me out of the office.
We got to the hallway and bursted into laughter.
“You’re something else” Dan laughed.
“Yeah i know” I joined him in laughing.
“Didn’t you see how scared she looked” Dan said and we laughed again.
We were both laughing hard that i had to close my eyes.
I stopped laughing when my my body collided into a wall.
“Ah” I groaned.
But we we weren’t close to a wall and this fragrance smells familiar.
I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Mr Jones,the geography teacher.
I quickly shifted back and nearly hissed.
He smiled..”ohh…i can see you’ve resumed”
“Yeah” I said and walked out on him.
That man has a bad aura surrounding him.
“She’s sorry sir” I heard Dan plead on my behalf.
“It’s nothing,I know her to be a rude girl” He said loudly.
I kept on walking trying to figure out where i once sniffed that particular fragrance,i heard Dan’s footsteps drawing close.
I slowed down a bit so he could meet up with me.
“Why do you have to apologise to him” I said.
“Com’on Anel,you shouldn’t be rude to people older than you” He said.
“I’m not,have you ever seen me rude to other teachers. He does not like him and that made me dislike him too” I said.
“How do you know he does not like you?” He asked.
“I sensed it” I said.
“Well… i can’t doubt you” He said and i smiled.
“Of course not”
“Get out of the way” Someone screamed and before i could blink,Dan has pushed me out of the way.
A loud bang followed.
We both landed hard on the floor breathing heavily.
I was yet to recover from the shock when i quickly sat up.
“Damn! What was that?” I asked holding my chest.

I looked up and saw it was one of the fat girls i once rescued from karissa’s bully.
She smiled and i almost returned her smile.
“Hi” She said.
“What just happened?” I asked still breathing heavily.
Dan groaned beside me and then sat up.
She pointed to a direction and i traced her thick finger only to see a large stone sitting on the floor.
“I don’t get..what happened?” I asked.
“I saw someone putting on a mask throw that huge stone,it was directed to hit your head and it was so near that i had to scream” She said.
“OMG!” My breathing increased.
“Ah!” Dan exclaimed.
“This is bad” He said.
“Thank you” I said still shaken at the thought of that stone hitting my head.
I’m damn sure I’m gonna give up Immediately…I wonder who could have thrown that huge stone from that distance.
The person wants me dead!
Could it be Karissa?
No..i have a feeling she isn’t the one.
“Thank you” Dan said to the fat girl and then stood up.
He dusted his trouser and stretched his hand to me.
I placed my shaky hand on his.
He helped me up and then dusted my skirt and hair.
“Thanks so much” I said to the fat girl who nodded.
“Be very careful,a lot of people are very jealous of you” She said.
“Thank you so much,i owe you a lot for this,you just saved my life” I said.
“It’s fine” She said and walked away.
Dan sighed.
“This is weird” He said.
I nodded my head and looked at the huge stone once more,fear gripped me.
I would have just died like my mum.
I can’t wait to clock 17,it seems a lot of bad things happens at age ’16’.
But who could have done this.
School Over
I stood up and started packing my books in my backpack,still shaken over that incidence.
“Anel” Dan called and i faced him.
“You’re still shaken right?” He asked and i nodded.
“You’ll be fine” he pulled me into a hug.
I rested my head on his chest and felt a bit relieved.
Why does my heart beat faster whenever I’m with Dan.
Ah..I hope it’s definitely not what I’m thinking.
I disengaged from the hug and continued packing my books.
I finished packing it,i threw my phone in my pocket and turned to face Dan who was waiting for me.
I looked at jacq’s seat and found it empty with her backpack gone. Same as Karissa.
They didn’t wait for him.
I just hope im not causing any thing among them.
“Your friends didn’t wait for you” I said to Dan.
He nodded. “Yeah”
“Am i by chance causing quarrels among you guys?” I asked.
“No..no. let’s go” He smiled and held my hand,then led me out of the class.
We got to the gate,showed the gatekeeper our school ID card before stepping out.
Funny enough,we met both Jacq and Karissa standing outside the gate.
Their cars are yet to arrive.
So what’s with the rush? They obviously do no want to wait for Dan.
I wonder why they’re behaving so childish.
“Will you go meet them?” I asked Dan who shrugged.
“Com’on” I said and he hesitated before going to them.
I watched them and felt so pained at how they both ignored him.
I don’t just wanna create a scene,i should have taught them both a critical lesson.
Karissa wants to talk to him but Jacq kept shutting her up with glares.
I feel Jacq is more dangerous than ‘dummy Karissa’
Dan walked back to me looking a bit hurt.
“Sorry” I said.
“It’s fine” he smiled.
“Your friends behaves childish” I rolled my eyes.
He laughed…”All girls do”
“I don’t” I said.
“Well…you’re different from other girls” He said and my cheeks grew hot.
“Should i take that as a compliment?” I asked.
“Yeah” He smiled.
I dragged his cheeks playfully and muttered ‘thanks’.
“The happiness you alone gives me is more than the one ten people can give me ” He said and this time i blushed.
I hid my almost red cheeks with my palms.
He laughed.
“Com’on,get those palms of yours away,i need to see how red i made your cheeks go” he said and i laughed.
“Com’on get your hands off” He said.
“No” I said,my cheeks growing more hot.
He tried to remove my my hands from my cheeks but i held on tighter, laughing.
A car horn sounded twice but we were both carried away with our play.
I kept laughing and dodging his hand from getting to my cheeks.
“I love that” we heard a familiar voice said loudly.
We both turned and i smiled when i saw Claire in the car,in front of us, seated on the driver’s seat.
She waved at us.
We both walked to her…
“Good afternoon Claire” Dan and i greeted.
“Good afternoon sweeties,how was school today?” She asked.
“Perfectly fine” Dan said and i glared at him playfully.
“It was fine but not perfectly fine, a lot happened today” I said.
“Wow! I can’t wait to hear those gist” She said.
“And i can’t wait to tell you everything” I said.
It’s so hard to believe Claire and i and Claire would finally get this close.
I’ve only spent few days in dad’s house and I’ve told her almost all my secret.
I don’t regret doing that cause I’ve learnt a whole lot from her, she advises wisely.
She’s so intelligent that i envy her most of the time.
“Dan how have you been?” She asked.
“I’ve been fine, thanks” Dan smiled.
“That’s good to hear,so how are your parents?” She asked.
Dan glanced at me before answering.
“They are doing good” he said.
I got into the backseat and closed the car door.
Dan was still leaning on the front door.
“I’m glad you both didn’t allow your parents past to disrupt your friendship,that’s so matured of you. You’re both doing what your parents should have done” She said and we smiled.
“Thanks Claire,i think my car is here already” he said and waved.
He winked at me and butterflies fluttered in my stomach.
“Bye,see you tomorrow” He said and walked away.
“Awwwn!” Claire said.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing” She laughed,and turned on the ignition.
We stepped into the house.
Dad isn’t in yet.
i smiled…im just noticing how corporate Claire dressed.
“Did you go to work?” I asked.
“Yeah” She said and dropped her handbag on the couch.
“I wouldn’t have recognised you if i had see you walking in the street” I said.
She laughed…”Do i look good?”
“Perfectly good” i said and smiled as she unpinned her hair.
It spread down to her shoulders in curly waves.
She pulled off her shoes and s un-bottened her floral shirt.
“Claire,you haven’t gotten to your room” I said.
“Yeah,i have to quickly place the soups i made in the microwave” She said and i sighed, already knowing she’s a Kitchener.
“Why don’t you freshen up first” I suggested.
“No,i need to go into the kitchen first” She said.
I shook my head and started walking to the stairs.
“Don’t forget you need to gist me”
“After I’m done freshening up” I said.
“Okay” She said and i watched her hurry into the kitchen.
I opened the door to my room and stepped in,i smiled and inhaled the scent of my room.
Always smelling nice.
I closed the door gently behind me.
I walked to my well spread bed and dropped my backpack beside it.
I sat on the bed and started pulling off my shoes,my pop sock went off next.
“Ah..I’m so tired” I said and massaged my feet for a while before un-bottening my shirt.
I stood up and grabbed my body towel before walking into the bathroom.
My necklace sparkled brightly as i walked out of the shower.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round my body,then made my shiny necklace lay on my chest.
Dan has this necklace too…
Does it shine brightly like mine?
Well…I’m gonna confirm that tommorow.
I walked back to my room and selected a simple outfit.
I dried my body and started getting into my clean clothes.
I adjusted my pink skirt before dropping my phone into the pocket.
I loosened my pontsplait and combed my hair.
I packed it into a high ponytail and then selected a pair of black slippers.
I slipped my feet into it, smiled and walked out of my room.
Mixed aroma ran through my nostrils as i descended the stairs.
I guess this house should be a cafeteria.
Come to think of it, Claire is fit enough to handle four cafeterias together.
I’m gonna tease her about that.
I didn’t bother going to the living room,i walked straight into the kitchen after dropping my phone on the dining table.
I met her stirring a pot of steaming chicken soup.
“I think my nose is gonna get blocked with different type of aroma” I said as i strolled into the kitchen.
She’s wearing an apron over her un-bottened shirt and her hair is well tucked in a hair net.
“I’ll be glad if it does” She said and we giggled.
“What do you want for lunch?” She asked.
“Anything” I said, just realising I’m hungry.
“Okay,I’ll prepare something now” She said.
“Let’s just have baguette with the soup” I said,not wanting her to stress herself any longer.
She just returned from work and didn’t even relax before coming into the kitchen.
“Are you sure that’s what you want? I can quickly prepare anything you want” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks Claire but that’s what i want for lunch, we’re gonna prepare something else for dinner” i said and she nodded.
She switched off the gas cooker and was about bringing out the baguette.
“No, Claire. I’ll do it” I said.
She sighed.
“Please” I said and she shrugged.
“Quickly go freshen up while i dish out our lunch” I said.
“Okay, thanks” She smiled and loosened her apron,then pulled off her hair net.
She handed it to me before walking out of the kitchen.
I sat on the dining chair, playing game on my phone while waiting for Claire to finish freshening up.
I’ve dished out our lunch already.
Her footsteps grew louder and i know she’ll be in the dining room soon. I quitted the game i was playing,then dropped my phone gently.
She walked into the dining room clad in dad’s t-shirt which looked loose and long on her,it was so cute.
She was putting on dad’s blue shorts.
I’m also gonna wear my boyfriend’s t-shirt and his sh..
What! Did i just thought of a boyfriend.
I heard the squealing of a chair before getting out of my thoughts.
Claire’s seated opposite me.
“Let’s eat” She said and i nodded.
We started eating and my thoughts kept flashing back to ‘the boyfriend thing’
Am i not gonna have a boyfriend.
Yeah…i won’t!
I already vowed to myself that i won’t.
Besides,i don’t like any gu…huh! Dan?
“No!” I said and gasped a little, realising i said that aloud.
Claire looked at me weirdly before pouring water into the glass cup and then gulping it down her throat.
“What?” asked.
“Nothing” I faked a smile.
“Your smile is fake” She said and i rubbed my forehead.
How could i forget that you can never fake a smile in Claire’s presence.
“So,you were going to gist me” she said.
“Yes!” I smiled.
“Go on” she said.
“When i got to to school in the morning….” I started.
Claire was laughing out loud when i finished telling her how i beat up Jacq and Karissa.
I didn’t find it funny though.
“Well…i won’t say what you did was right,they deserve it but avoid fighting in school next time cause it might set bad records for you” She said and i nodded.
“But what sort of school prefect is that?” She asked irritably.
“He’s a crook!” I said and bit into my chicken.
“You should report him” She said.
“I’m gonna do that soon”
“So I’ve got another thing to say” I said.
“Another gist?” She smiled.
“I won’t say it’s a gist cause it’s still bothering me up to this moment” i said.
“Really? What’s that?” She asked worriedly.
“Well…i nearly got killed today” I said and she gasped.
“OMG! That’s not a good thing” She said after i finished narrating the incidence to her.
“Yeah..it’s not” I said.
“You have to be very careful okay?” She said and i nodded.
“Or should we change your school?” She asked.
“No,I’ll be fine” I said.
“Don’t ever walk alone in the hallway again,make sure someone is always with you okay?”
I nodded.
“Is there a CCTV in your school hallway?” She asked and i nodded.
Why didn’t i think of that.
“Okay” She said.
“Don’t bother about me Claire,I’ll be fine” I said.
She let out a long breathe…
“Dad! What do you mean by Liam is gonna change my school. Did i complained about it” I shouted.
I was laying on the bed,about sleeping after having dinner when dad walked into my room to tell me this annoying news.
What the hell is wrong with Liam!
“He wants you to stop seeing that boy” Dad said.
“Boy? There’s no boy in our school” I said knowing well the person he’s referring to.
“He wants you to stop seeing Dan” Dad said.
“Have i ever complained that my eyes always get blind whenever i see Dan?” I asked crossly.
He sighed.
“Do whatever you want with his parents. Dan is innocent!” I said.
“But he still remains their son!” Dad said.
“I dare anyone to transfer me to another school, then I’m gonna make sure something terrible” I threatened.
“Huh?” His eyes widened.. “Okay,I’m gonna talk to Liam about it” He said.
“Fine” I said.
He stared at me for a while before standing up from my bed.
“Goodnight daddy” I said.
He pecked me on both cheeks and switched off the light,then switched on the bedside lamb.
“Goodnight princess”
{Next day at School}
“Okay,let’s continue the game” I laughed together with Dan.
“I’m sorry Anel,i promised to have lunch with Jacq today” He said.
My laughter faded and i felt hurt or rather jealous.
“Okay” I said, trying to appear normal.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“You shouldn’t be sorry, Jacq is your friend and there’s nothing bad in having lunch with her. You can go ahead” I said, trying hard to control my voice.
I searched for Jacq in the class and couldn’t see her.
She already went to the cafeteria with her puppy.
Dan stood up and walked out of the class.
I sighed and banged the table hard.
I searched for a novel to bury my face into.
I found one.
I’ve gotten halfway with my novel when i saw the fat girl that saved me yesterday, rushing to my seat with a worried.
What went wrong?
She got to my seat…
“Thanks for yesterday” I tried to smile.
“Jacq and Karissa just poured hot pasta on Dan’s face” She said.
“What!” I shouted and rushed out of my seat.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 6:43pm On Feb 02
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 84
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Jacq and Karissa just poured hot pasta on Dan’s face” She said.
“What!” I shouted and rushed out of my seat.
I rushed out of the class heading straight to the cafeteria, Jacq and Karissa just met their doom today.
I got to the cafeteria in seconds and saw Dan picking pieces of pasta off his face, he was looking so embarrassed that i felt sorry for him.
Jacq and Karissa were both seated like they just did nothing!
When did they turn this way?
I didn’t know they’ve gotten this worst!
How could they do this to their friend?
I felt more infuriated when i saw Travis laughing hard in a corner.
I rushed to him and landed a slap across his face.
Everyone gasped.
I was satisfied the slap echoed the silent cafeteria.
He held his cheek, looking more embarrassed than Dan.
“You’re a school prefect,yet you watched two bitches poured hot pasta on their classmate face and you couldn’t do anything than to laugh like a toothless pig!” I yelled.
The students bursted into laughter.
“I’ll be back for you,i gotta deal with those bitches first” I said and headed to the counter.
Students quickly paved way for me.
“No one should be afraid of me,i don’t hurt people without a reason” i said and carried the whole portion of hot pasta.
It was steaming and almost burning my hands.
I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out all the dollar bills.
I dropped it on the counter.
“That’s the money for the whole pasta” I said and started walking to Jacq and Karissa table with the large portion of pasta in my hand.
The students watched what i was about to do in silence.
Dan tried to stop me but a glare from me made him step back.
I got to their table and noticed they were about running.
I almost kissed the fat girl when she helped me pinned them down, preventing them from taking a step.
“Please I’m sorry, Jacq poured it first” Karissa cried.
I poured the whole pasta on their faces and body before smashing the large stainless bowl on their foreheads.
Everyone gasped.
They both danced without music as the hot pasta burned their skin.
Most of the students laughed while the rest mocked them.
“I hope you’ve known how hurtful it is, you’re both cruel for doing that to him” I said.
“You’re lucky it was only pasta you poured on his face, i would have shown you what a psycho behaves like. Bitches!” I said and was walking out of the cafeteria, i stopped and turned to Travis.
“I’m going to report you to the principal. Right now” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.
I got to the hallway and was about cornering to the principal’s office when i heard footsteps behind me..
“Dan,i don’t want to talk to you okay!” I said angrily and kept on walking.
There was silence but i was still hearing those footsteps.

I stopped walking.
“Dan” I called without turning.
There was no response,a strange feeling suddenly rushed over me,it was totally different from the one i normally feel when Dan is around me.
My body grew cold immediately and my palms got wet.
Fear gripped me and i shivered.
I started turning slowly,my heart was beating faster.
I finally turned and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when i saw no one.
What just happened?
Then, i saw Dan running towards me from a distance,he was holding my necklace or was it his.
I checked my neck and it was bare.
That’s my necklace but what just happened.
Was that real? Or just my imaginations?
“Anel,your necklace fell off your neck while you were in the cafeteria” He said stretching my necklace to me.
“Were you behind me minutes ago?” I asked.
“No..i wasn’t,did anything went wrong? He asked.
“Noo” I said and took my necklace from him.
I guess that was just my thoughts…
I hooked my necklace around my neck and started walking away.
I’m still pissed at him for leaving me in the class to the cafeteria to go meet the bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta all over his face.
Serves him right!
“Anel” he called, running after me.
“What?” I asked, turning to face him.
“Thanks and I’m sorry for making you create a scene” He said.
I started laughing hard when i saw a piece of pasta hanging on his ear looking like those long fashionable earrings.
“What?” He asked.
I brought out my phone and made him see his reflection,i didn’t stop laughing.
He giggled and removed the pasta from his ear.
“Ohh…i should have captured that ” I laughed.
“You mocking me right?,you couldn’t even console me about the pasta that was poured on my face” He said with a fake frown.

“That serves you right! You left me in the class to go meet those bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta on your face” I said.
“Ah! I didn’t know they would do that,i wouldn’t have gone to meet them but don’t tell me you’re jealous right now?” He raised his brow, hiding his grin.
“Jealous? Hell no!” I lied and quickly turned away.
I don’t want him to see my cheeks.
I blush easily but only when I’m with him.
” You’re jealous..
You’re jealous
I’m glad you’re jealous” He sang after me as i walked to the class.
I tried to hold my laughter but i couldn’t anymore.
I hope Dan won’t crack my ribs.
“Go wash your face,you smell of pasta” I laughed.
More stories @ www.chorusman.com
Dan walked into the class after the biology teacher finished teaching.
It’s obvious he has cleaned up his face.
He looks so neat and good now.
“I hope i smell nice now?” He asked.
“A little” I teased and he smiled before sitting down.
I searched his neck for the necklace but couldn’t find it.
I thought he had one too.
“If you wanna see my necklace then you’ll have to kiss me first” He said.
“Huh?” My eyes widened and my heart pumped.
What would kissing him feel like?
His lips looks so soft and kissable.
“I was only joking” He laughed and i was a bit disappointed.
Wait…did i really wanna kiss him.
Hell no!
“I knew you were joking” I lied covering it up with a smile.
“Yeah,so here’s my necklace” He said and unhooked his necklace from his neck.
Why didn’t i see it on his neck?
He handed it to me and i collected it eagerly.
“Wow” I sighed in amazement,i couldn’t take my gaze off the necklace.
It felt so special in my hands.
This is the first time I’m seeing an authentic necklace similar to mine.
His had ‘Mig ‘ engraved on it while mine had ‘Vin
‘ on it.
I grinned happily not taking my gaze off it.
“It shines right?” I asked.
“Yeah… whenever water touches it” He said.
“Mine too” I smiled.
“So,we both have something special in common” He said.
“Something our parents once had” He said which made me remember my mum.
I felt sad immediately and handed the necklace back to him.
He hooked it round his neck and adjusted it,making the dangling part fall into his shirt just like i normally do.
“Should we just pour some water on it and check it out?” I asked.
“Wow! Then the whole class is gonna know we gat shiny necklaces” He said.
“Ok then we won’t,we will do that when we’re alone” I said.
“Do you wanna check out mine too?” I asked.
“I already did when i picked it up in the cafeteria” He said.
“Ohh… people saw it?” I asked.
“Yeah,they thought it was the duplicate.” He said.
“That’s true, a lot of people have it,i sometimes get so confused” I said.
“Me too, i was happy when i saw it on Karissa’s neck,i thought she was the girl with the original necklace and i was so disappointed when i found out it was the duplicate”
“Don’t mention those bitches name” I huffed.
“Ohh” He sighed.
“What went wrong? Why exactly did you do to deserve that from them ” I asked.
“Well…i don’t really know..i got to the cafeteria and ordered my meal,i took it to their table. You know we were always sitting together. Jacq asked me get out of my table,i wasnt surprised though, i knew she was probably pissed at me. I was about speaking up but the next thing i felt on my face was hot pasta, Jacq poured hers first before Karissa did” He said.
“Wow,they are seriously annoyed with you” I said.

He nodded. “Thanks for standing up for me”
“I’m glad i did,they really needed a taste of their own medicine and i offered it to them sweetly” I smiled.
He laughed.
“The slap you landed across Travis face sounded so loud.” He said.
“He deserved it and he’s so lucky that i didn’t go report him to the principal” I said.
“I’ll go report him myself,I’m just waiting for him to commit one more offence” I said.
“I hope you do,here’s the biology note” I passed my note to him.
He collected it and flipped the pages.
Jacq and Karissa walked into the classroom.
I didn’t even notice they weren’t in the class.
I felt a bit sorry when the students mocked them as they walked to their seat but then they deserve it.
I had to hold my laughter when i saw two pieces of pasta at the back of her neck.
“You were inside the class,how did you know what was happening in the cafeteria?” He asked.
“Well… someone came to inform me about it” I smiled, remembering the fat girl.
I like her and i think I’ll make her my friend.
“Who came to inform you? The fat girl?” He asked.
“It could have been anybody” I said.
He shrugged and continued with the note.
“Anel,i wanna tell you something” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“After school is over” he said, looking nervous.
“Okay” I said.
School Over
“Jacq and Karissa left without even apologising to you” I said to Dan.
We were seated on the bench in the garden, school is over and most students have gone home.
Dan brought me to the garden.
“Yeah .i know, I’ve decided to quit being their friends” He said.
“Oh..no! Dan you can’t do that” I said.
“Didn’t you see what they did to me? Who does that!” He said and i noticed he’s starting to let out the anger he was bottling inside him.
“Dan! They are your friends, they’re your good friends. Quarrels are bound to happen among friends right?” I asked and he nodded.
“So just forgive them and move on,you don’t have to behave as childish as they do” I said and patted his back.
He stared at him for a long while before pulling me into a hug.
“Thanks Anel, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me” He said with such deep emotion that i nearly cried.
“I’m glad” I said.
“I love you” He whispered into my ear and my breath stopped for a moment.
An exciting feeling ran down my spine but then i felt sad,so sad.
I disengaged from the hug and faced the other side, tears blinded my eyes.
Dan’s POV
“I love you” I whispered into her ears,glad that i finally let out my mind.
She disengaged from the hug and quickly face the other side.
She was silence for a long while and i was starting to think she’ll never talk to me again.
“Was this what you wanted to tell me?” She asked slowly without looking me in the face.
“Yes Anel,i love you,so much. You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt this way for. Whenever i want to smile,i just close my eyes and think about you. You captured my heart the very moment you walked into the classroom,i feel so happy whenever I’m with you and i wish you can be mine. Forever” I said .
How did i think of those words?
God is indeed wonderful.
Go on Dan,you’re doing great.
I think the courage i gathered was because she wasn’t facing me.
I wouldn’t have gathered that courage if she was looking at me.
“Anel,will you please be my girlfriend?” I popped the question like a gum and i almost died expecting her to say something.
She wasn’t even facing me.
I heard her sniffle..
Is she sobbing?
She suddenly turned to face me and yes,she was sobbing,her eyes shone with tears and i felt my heart break.
She cleaned her tears and stood up from the bench.
“I’m so sorry Dan, i can’t date you” She said, wiping off the the tears that kept rolling down her cheeks.
My mouth felt bitter,i couldn’t say anything.
It seems like my mind already left my body .
“Why?” I finally managed to ask.
‘why can’t you date me!’ I screamed inwardly.
“Dan, You’re just like the sun and I’m just like the moon,your existence is a necessity to mine but on the same sky,we can never exist together. I’m sorry” She said and walked away.
The tears i didn’t realise i was holding dropped from my eyes and this time my heart didn’t only break but shattered into pieces.

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=just+for+love

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More updates please,nice story
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(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 85
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Anel what’s wrong?” Claire asked as i got into the backseat.
“Nothing” I said.
She faced me in the backseat.
“Are you hurt? What happened?” She asked.
“I’m fine” I responded.
“Your eyes looks red like you’ve been crying,your face doesn’t look good either” She said.
“Seriously Claire,I’m fine” I said trying hard to fight back tears.
“Okay” She sighed. “Where’s Dan?”
“I don’t know,will you please drive” I said.
“Okay but are you sure you’re okay?” She asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.
She clipped her seatbelt and turned on the ignition.
I closed my eyes and rested my head properly.
I love him too…i freaking love him…I can’t deny the feeling anymore.
I hate that i love him!
Our fate will just end up like our parent’s.
Why did he have to be a son to my mum’s Artist Shaw.

Why did he have to be a son to the man who caused the death of my mother.
That’s so heartbreaking.
I vowed never love.
I vowed to kill myself the day i find out that I’m in love.
I hate the word ‘love’ !!
But i guess my vows already broke the moment i made Dan my friend.
I should have just ignored him from the beginning.
I feel like killing myself this minute but i can’t !
I just can’t!
I don’t want to cause my family another heartbreak.
Liam might just murder the whole of Dan’s family.
I opened my eyes slowly when i noticed the car was not moving.
I saw Claire staring worriedly at me.
“Claire, please drive” I said.
“Anel,why are you crying?” She asked.
“Huh?” I asked and felt my cheeks with my palms.
My cheeks are wet!…i was crying.
“There’s nothing” I said.
I nodded.
“You want me to believe that. Com’on Anel,you look sad and i just caught you crying. What’s wrong?” She asked and made to hold my hands but i didn’t let her.
“Nothing” I said and glanced at the window and noticed we were still in front of the school gate.
“Claire,start driving already?” I said.
“I can’t Anel, you’re not looking fine to me. Did anyone hurt you?” She asked.
“No! Let’s just go home!” I almost yelled.
Is he still in the garden?
I rubbed my forehead with my palm and noticed it was hot.
Claire sighed and made to turn on the ignition.
I dropped my backpack on the front seat and laid on the backseat.
I wasn’t convenient but i just had to lay down,my head is starting to pound terribly.
“I need water” I said slowly.
“OMG! Anel are you okay?” Claire asked worriedly.
I smiled…”I’m fine Claire,i just developed headache. Give me water”
“Okay” She said and passed a bottle of water to me.
“Open it” I said and she did.
I collected it and gulped half of it,still laying down.
I passed it back to her.
I feel a bit better now.
“Anel you’re beginning to scare me,what happened?” She asked.
“Nothing,I’m perfectly fine. Please drive,we should have gotten home by now” I said.
“Okay” She said,still looking at me.
“Should we go to the hospital?” She asked.
“No!” I screamed.
I swore as my headache increased.
“Ohh.. okay” She said and started driving.
I closed my eyes and sighed.
I started dozing off.
” Kelly, I don’t know what’s wrong with Anel” I heard Claire said into the phone.

Dan’s POV
I stood up slowly and started walking out of the garden.
I’m a fool!
A big one at that.
I’m so stupid for thinking she’ll accept my proposal.
She didn’t but I’m glad i expressed my feelings,she now knows how i feel for her.
It’ll no longer be buried in my heart.
I can’t deny the fact that I’m hurt about her rejection.
I’m glad she didn’t even slap me like she does to other guys.
That shows how much she likes me.
I think i will keep persisting even though i know deep down that she won’t accept my proposal.
She still thinks my dad is responsible for her mum’s death.
I should tell her the real story but she doesn’t even wanna hear about it.
I can’t believe the school can be this silent.
I got to the gate and showed the gatekeeper my ID card.
“You’re still in school?” He asked in surprise.
“Yeah” I nodded and stepped out of the gate.
I saw my car parked right in front of me,the driver looked tired and Mike was already dozing in the backseat.
Have they been here for long?
I glanced at my wrist watch.
“OMG,I’m so sorry” I said to the driver as i opened the car door.
I got in beside Mike and closed the car door.
The driver turned on the ignition and started driving…i guess he’s a little bit pissed.
He should be.
“Dan!” Mike yelled.
“What?” i asked.
“We’ve been here for so long, the gatekeeper didn’t want us in” he said.
“Yeah,he kept insisting there was no one student left in school”
“Ohh…i was in the garden. I’m so sorry” I said.
“Okay. You look a bit sad and your eyes are red. Looks like you cried?” He said.
Is it very obvious?
“Really?” I asked in pretence.
He nodded.
“I’m very fine,i don’t know what caused the red eyes. I’m just gonna apply some drops when we get home” I said.
“What made you stay so long in school?” He asked.
“I was in the library, studying” I lied.
“But you said you were in the garden”
“Huh” I widened my eyes.
“Yeah” He said, giving me a suspicious look.
“Ohh.. okay,i was studying in the library before going to the garden” I said.
I’ve improved so much in lies.
“I think you’re lieing” He frowned.
“Think whatever you wanna think” I rolled my eyes.
“Tch! How’s Anel?” He asked.
I blinked rapidly as the memory came rushing back.
She was crying earlier…
Will she be fine?
I’m gonna give her a call when i get home.
I hope our friendship won’t be affected with what i just did.
Did she still consider me as a friend?
“Dan” I heard Mike called.
“Mike,let me be for now” I said and was glad he didn’t persist.
I really need to think….
I cleared the table and then walked into the kitchen with the dishes.
I placed it in the sink and started washing.
We just had dinner.
“Goodnight Dan” Mike said shouted from the dining room.
“Good night” I shouted back.
I hurried with the remaining dishes.
I walked into the living room after i was done with the dishes.
Mum and Dad were watching a movie.
“Goodnight Mum, Dad” I said to them when i got to the living room .
“Goodnight Dan,sweet dreams”
I walked to the stairs and started climbing it to my room.
I need to call Anel again.
I got my room and quickly go freshen up before changing into my pajamas.
I sat on the bed and picked my phone.
I wanna try calling Anel again…
I’ve been calling her but she isn’t picking up.
I hope I’ve not ended our friendship with what i did earlier.
She still didn’t pick up.
I laid on the bed with a deep sigh.
Is she pissed at me?
I hope she’s okay and i hope our friendship is safe.
I really hope so.
The ring tone of my phone made me open my eyes sleep.
I rubbed my eyes and sat up, i peered at my phone with sleepy eyes.
Who could be calling this late..
My eyes got clearer and i quickly received the call.
It’s not Anel,this is Claire.
I bit my lip in disappointment.
Ohh.. Hi Claire.
Hello Dan, how’re you doing?
I’m fine Claire, how’s Anel?
Well… Anel is a bit ill. I think she caught the flu.
Damn! Has she gone to the hospital?
She refused to. She’s sleeping right now.
Will she be fine? I’m on my way” I stood up from the bed.
No..no Dan,it’s late already. Make it tomorrow”
I can be coming right now.
No.. tomorrow will be fine.
I sighed.. Will she be okay?
Of course,she’s in my care.
I disconnected the call and started pacing my room.
I drew a long breathe…If only i had the power to change night to morning.
{Next day}
Anel’s POV
I opened my eyes and quickly close it.
The morning sun has risen and it’s eye-blinding.
I rolled to the other part of the bed before opening my eyes.
There’s this coffee smell…is Claire making coffee?
I feel hot all over.
I’ve been feeling this way since Dan confessed his feelings to. I didn’t even had my dinner despite Dad and Claire’s effort.
Anel,did love made you this way?
I was fine when he confessed his feelings, the only thing that made me cry is knowing that i love him too.
I shouldn’t love him!
I can’t love him!
How did i get to love him!
Anel, remember your heart is locked.
My heart is not locked anymore..it has been unlocked by Dan!
What if he wasn’t the son of Artist Shaw.
Would i have accepted his proposal?
I wouldn’t have…or would i have?
I’m just so confused right now.
I sat up on the bed and noticed the steaming coffee that was placed on my bedside table.
Wow! I thought so.
I picked it up and gulped it down my dry throat..it moistened my throat and i felt a bit better.
It isn’t tasting like Claire’s coffee but i love it.
I guess it tasted different cause I’m ill.
My head is still pounding though.
I grabbed my phone and unlocked it.
My heart skipped a beat when i saw I’ve missed so many calls from Dan.
Is he okay?
My door creaked open and i didn’t bother to check who came in.
It should be Claire or dad.
I’m still bothered about Dan’s call.
Should i call him back?
No..i won’t.
“Anel” I heard a voice called.
Not just a voice but the only voice that normally increase my heartbeat.
I raised up my head immediately and was a bit surprised to see him.
“W.. what are you doing here?” I asked.
Looking into his eyes alone made me whole again.
His blink sent butterflies dancing in my stomach.
He smiled and the butterflies increased.
“I’m glad your illness isn’t so bad” He said and i noticed his gaze wasn’t on my face but on my..my.
I quickly used my hand to cover my boobs.
Claire made me wear this transparent nightie when i was feeling hot yesternight.
Is he probably thinking I’ve got small boobs?
“Stop staring at my boobs! I know they are little.” I said with a frown and he bursted out laughing.
“It’s still gonna grow bigger” I found myself saying.
Anel! What the hell!!
“I love it that way” He winked.
Anel! Your cheeks mustn’t go red this time.
But my stubborn cheeks didn’t oblige!
“What are you doing here?” I asked again, remembering yesterday’s occurrence.
“I came to check on you,I called you severally yesterday but you didn’t pick up so Claire called me back yesternight and told me you’re a little bit ill.”
“Thanks,I’m fine now” I said.
“That won’t make me leave” He said.
“Won’t you go to school?” I asked.
“You should check your wall clock” He said and i did.
Wow! It’s 12pm!
“Have you been here for long?” I asked and he nodded.
“Yeah,even before your dad left for work. I made the coffee you just drank” He said.
No wonder it tasted different!
“You mean dad saw you?” I asked and he nodded.
“He didn’t say anything?” I asked again.
“No,he didn’t. He only gave me a long look” He shrugged.
“Why didn’t you wake me when you arrived?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you,you really need that sleep” He said.
“Okay,I’m fine now. You can leave” I said.
“Yeah” I said.
“You’re asking me to leave?” He asked.
I shrugged.
“Is this all because of yesterday?” He asked.
“What happened yesterday?” I asked,my stupid cheeks going hot.
“Stop the pretence Anel. I love you and nothing can stop me from loving you” He said.
“You’re gonna make me cry again” I said.
“Why?” He asked.
“Cause i hate the fact that i lo..” I was saying but quickly controlled my tongue.
My cheeks can be so hard to control but not my tongue.
“What?” He asked.
“I think we’re better off as friends” I said and could see the hurt in his eyes.
I felt hurt too.
“You think so?” He asked and i nodded.
“It’s fine” He said.
“You’re looking smokingly hot in your outfit” I said trying to wave aside the tension between us.
I’m glad he smiled.
“Thanks and guess what?”
“You’re looking smokingly sexy in that nighie” He winked and i quickly wrapped my hands round my chest.
“Ah!” I rolled my eyes and we both laughed.
“I can’t believe your flu left,when you saw Dan” Claire teased.
I glanced at Dan with my flushed cheeks and noticed he was grinning.
“No,it wasn’t because of him. I was perfectly well before he came in” I lied.
We just finished eating and we were relaxing in the living room..
“But you d..” Claire was saying but the doorbell interrupted her.
I glanced at her then at the door.
“Are you expecting someone?” I asked.
“OMG that’s Liam” She panicked.
“What!” Dan exclaimed before jumping behind the couch.
“Damn! Did you called him?” I asked.
“No i didn’t,he called Kelly yesternight and asked about you, Kelly told him you were a bit ill and he said he’ll be here today. I’ve totally forgotten” She said.
“Ah!” I sighed as the doorbell rang again.
“Dan, just come out” I said.
“I can’t” He said.
“Just come out,he’s not gonna do anything to you” I said even though i was also afraid for Dan.
Liam can be cruel..

“No,let him stay there or probably go hide somewhere safer. I’ll go open the door” Claire said and quickly rushed to the door.
She unbolted it and Liam came barging in, pushing her aside in the process.
He looked so angry that my heart beat faster in fear.
“Where’s that son of a murderer! You think i won’t know he’s here” He yelled…
My hands trembled as he walked to the exact couch Dan was hiding.
Dan’s loud breathing gave him out.
Liam dragged him out and punched him on the face.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 5:44pm On Feb 10
(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 86
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
Dan’s loud breathing gave him out.
Liam dragged him out and punched him on the face.
I rushed to him and dragged Dan from his grip.
“You’re so cruel!” I yelled to his face and quickly turned to face Dan who was holding his face in his hands.
“Liam! Like seriously? You hit teens now!” Claire shouted.
“What the hell are you doing here! Go meet the murderer you know as your dad.” Liam yelled at Dan.
“Whatever hell he’s doing here has nothing to do with you,this is not your house!” Claire yelled back at him.
“I don’t want you anywhere near Anel,i hate you together with your family” He said.
“Just so you know; hate is a strong word! He didn’t kill Mara,no one killed Mara. It was her time and she gave up the ghost,even if she hadn’t done what she did,she would have died cause her time was up, you don’t have to infuse your damn hatred in this boy!”
Liam blew out a breath of frustration “His father killed my sister!”
“His father did, not him! Liam,you just hit a 16years old boy. I can sue you for that” Claire said.
“Go ahead” Liam said looking a bit remorseful.
“Are you okay?” I asked Dan who nodded slowly.

I saw how hard he’s trying hard to fight back tears.
His eyes looks a bit swollen from Liam’s punch.
“Liam,how could you punch him! Can you do the same to me” I said angrily.
“Shut up! What the hell is he doing here!” He yelled.
“And what the hell are you doing here also!” Claire retorted.
“Get out of this house this minute” Liam said menacingly to Dan.
“I’ll be leaving” Dan said.
“Dan,you mustn’t move an inch. This is my dad’s house and i decide who stays and who leaves” I said.
“Liam,i perfectly understand you. You’re still pained about your sister’s death but you’re going over the extreme,i can’t believe you could quarrel with Dan. This has nothing to do with the poor boy.” Claire said.
Liam breathed angrily..”Go pack your things,you’re leaving here with me”
“Who? Me? I guess you’re mistaken” I scoffed.
“Anel you now have the guts to disobey me?”
“Liam am sorry to say this but you don’t deserve respect,a person that could hit someone far younger than him doesn’t deserve any atom of respect” Claire said.
“Where the hell did Kelly got you from” Liam ran his hand through his hair in frustration.
“I believe you’re more matured to be behaving this way,they are both teens for goodness sake,they know what’s best for them. Just let them be and face the alleged culprits” Claire said.
“He’s their son so he’s also responsible!” Liam said.
“What sort of mentality is that? He’s a son to them means he’s responsible for what they did? He was little then,he didn’t even knew what was going on,he’s completely innocent. How can he suffer for things he knows nothing about” Claire said.
“Whatever! He has that same murderer blood running in his veins! I don’t want him around Anel” Liam said.
“This is just so tiring. I can’t believe this” Claire let out a tired breath.
“Shut up miss! You have no right to interfere in my family issue okay?” Liam yelled at Claire.
“I won’t anymore but do you think Mara will be happy with you? With all you’re doing? With what you’ve caused? You think she’ll be happy right? You don’t love her as you claim cause if you do,you won’t keep making her sad even after she’s gone” Claire said.
Liam looked on and couldn’t utter a word for minutes.
He looked completely remorseful and i can read the ‘hurt’ in his eyes.
He loves Mum so much…he hasn’t gotten over her death.
“He didn’t go to school because of you?” Liam asked calmly and i nodded.
“I..I’m sorry for hitting you” He said remorsefully to Dan.
I smiled and held Dan’s hand in mine.
“Liam,i can’t stop being friends with Dan,he means a lot to me. You know he’s the first friend i ever had,it’s so difficult to part ways with him now. His parents were the ones responsible,can we blame his parents alone and leave him out of this. He knows nothing about it” I said.
“Yeah” Claire said and earned a glare from Liam.
Liam shrugged and started walking to the door.
He held the door knob and turned.
“You can continue being friends” He said and we both screamed in excitement..Dan and i.
We hugged each other happily.
Claire smiled and sat her butts down on the couch.
“But…” Liam said and my laughter faded.
“But what?” We chorused.
“Remain being friends,you mustn’t get to love each other. If that happens,then prepare for my wrath. I don’t want any relations whatsoever with his family” He said and slowly walked out of the door.
I dropped my hands from Dan’s and looked at his face.
“Hmm!” He sighed and removed his gaze from mine.
“What’s wrong? You both should be happy that Liam already consented to your friendship” Claire.
“Huh..yes” I said.
We love each other already.
“Let’s not think about that. Let’s enjoy this moment. Liam already consented to our friendship!” I squealed happily and jumped on Dan’s body.

He held me in his arms and started turning slowly.
He got so fast that i couldn’t help but laugh happily.
He also laughed,he stopped rolling me and started pecking me all over my face.
I set other feelings aside and giggled happily enjoying how the pecks tickled my face.
I was still in his arms.
“Pu-t me do-w-n” I said amidst laughter.
“No..no” He said and kept tickling my face with his soft lips.
I closed my eyes and laughed harder..i was enjoying it.
He suddenly stopped which made me open my eyes.
I let out a small gasp when i saw his lips was damn! close to mine.
Our gazes locked and we remained that way.
Who wouldn’t want to kiss this magical lips?
Should i?
No Anel! Don’t.
Claire cleared her throat which made me jolt out of my fantasy.
I landed on the floor at the same time.
“Ouch” I rubbed my butts and frowned at Dan.
“Why did you drop me?” I pouted.
“I’m sorry, Claire startled me” He said and helped me up.
What exactly wanted to happen?
This is actually the second time this is gonna happen.
We nearly kissed twice!!
“Is there something you both aren’t telling me?” Claire asked.
“Yeah!” I sighed and caught Dan’s glance.
“What?” She asked.
“Well…what we aren’t telling you is that my butts hurt” I said playfully.
Dan laughed.
“Silly girl” She said and advanced towards me.
I laughed as i quickly climbed the stairs to my room.
{Two weeks later}
Grade 7 and 8 students should gather in the school hall by lunch break, there’s an announcement
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“What announcement can it be?” I asked Dan.
He shrugged…”I don’t know”
“You should know,you’ve been in this school for long” I said.
“I think it’s about the summer camp” He said and my eyes widened.
“Summer camp?”
Its been two weeks,or should i say two happy weeks.
Our friendship waxed stronger each passing day and i keep trying to stop my feelings for him..it’s not working though.
I’ve returned back home,I’m no longer at my dad’s. I miss Claire greatly and I’m glad I’ll be seeing her tomorrow. Today is Friday and we just finished our last exam for the term.
“Yeah,our school organises it every summer,it’s just for 10 days and it’s limited to some classes except grade 7 and 8” He said.
“Ohh” I smiled.
“I’m not very sure it’s what they wanna announce though” He said.
“Of course it is” I said.
“I guess you’re excited about that?” He asked.
“Yes. you?” I asked.
“Of course i am. I’ve always longed to go” He grinned.
“Where exactly are we gonna be having the camp” I asked.
“I can’t say cause our school uses different camps every year”
“Ohhkay” I said.
There’s always this awkwardness when we look into each other’s eyes.
“So when is our results gonna be announced?” I asked.
“After the camp” He said.
“I’m hoping for the highest grade” I said and he laughed.
“I’ve always gotten the highest grade but now that you’re here, you’re the only one that has ever competed with me” He frowned playfully.
“Good for you,I’ve always come first and you can’t beat me to it this time” I said.
“Ohh. .we will see” He said.
“Admit defeat already” I chuckled.
“You should instead” He said.
“Let’s place a bet on it” He said.
“A bet?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah.. you’re gonna owe me something if i come first,vice versa” He said.
“Fine” I smiled.
“So what are you gonna owe me if i come first?” I asked.
“A kiss…on the lips” He said and my cheeks turned red.
“Ohh”…i breathed and tucked my hair behind my ears to hide my nervousness.
“But that’s to your advantage” I said.
“You think so?” He asked.
I nodded.
“You’re talking like you’ve never felt like kissing my lips” He teased.
“Ah! Never” I lied.
“I don’t believe you” He laughed.
“So what are you gonna give to me if i come first?” He asked.
‘My heart’
“I..i don’t know yet” I said.
“Com’on” He said.
“I’m gonna let you know tomorrow” I said.
“Seriously? But i told you mine immediately” he frowned.
“That was because you already had it in mind.. I still have to think about mine” I said.
“Okay,fine” He said.
“Are you pi..” I was saying.
“Vie is here” He interrupted me.
“Vie” I smiled when i saw Genevieve,my new friend coming towards my desk.
She smiled back.
Oh..i forgot to mention,i already have a new friend.
One of the fat girls Karissa once bullied,she was also the one who saved me the other day,i took a liking to her and decided to make her my female friend,she was so happy that she jumped round the entire school the day i told her to be my friend.
She’s in grade 8, same class as Travis and i still kept wondering why Karissa could bully her.
Lots of students were surprised that i chose a fat girl as my friend but who cares?
“How’re you Anel, Dan?” She asked, standing in front of my desk.
“We’re fine Vie and you?”
“I’m good, how was your last exam?” She asked.
“It was great” Dan said.
“I’m glad it’s over” I said.
“Mine was tedious” She sighed.
“Aw! Sorry”
“Come sit” I said and shifted closer to Dan to create enough space for her.
“Thanks” She smiled and sat beside us.
We normally go to the cafeteria together for lunch.
“You know there’s an announcement by lunch break right?” She asked.
“Yeah,what do you think the announcement will be about?” I asked.
“Our school summer camp of course, it’s always announced after our exam” She said.
“You went in grade 7 right?” I asked and she nodded.
“It was lots of fun,the ten days we spent at the Nile garden was damn great,I’m looking forward to this upcoming one” She said.
“I love gardens” I grinned happily.
“Well…i don’t think we will be going to a garden this year,it’s gonna be a different place” She said and i couldn’t hide my disappointment.
The bell for lunch break rang and students trooped out of the class, everyone can’t wait to hear the announcement.
“It seems we’re not the only excited ones” Dan said as we all stood up and left our seat.
“Of course” Vie said.
Everyone was seated in the hall grade 7 and 8 students to be precise.
Vie, Dan and i were together.
This is the first time I’ll be inside the school hall…it’s very wide and beautiful.
Mrs Oliver walked into the Hall some minutes later with some teachers.
Mr Jones inclusive… Dan quickly blocked my mouth, knowing I’m gonna hiss.
“Com’on” He whispered to me.
I rolled my eyes.
Every students stood up in greetings.
She got to the front of the hall and held the mic.
Good afternoon students,you may all have your seats.
We all sat down,there was complete silence.
Well…most of you already know what this announcement is all about but for those that dont, it’s all about our 2019 summer camp.
Students roared in excitement,i smiled happily and shifted closer to Dan who was grinning uncontrollably.
Silence!” Mrs Oliver said and there was silence immediately.
Our 2019 summer camp is gonna be situated in Grotil water view and mayhem desert.
The screams were deafening and i had to cover my ears.
As most of you know,It’s gonna be for 10 days,so everyone of you should be in school on Monday by 8am for the bus to convey you all there. Thank you and have a nice weekend” She said and dropped the Mic before walking out of the hall with the teachers.
Dan led me out of hall when the screams nearly blocked our ears.

“Damn,my ears nearly fell off” Dan said as we stepped out of the hall.
“Me too but I’m so excited right now,I’ve always heard about Grotil water view but I’ve never heard of mayhem desert. This is just gonna be a great opportunity for me to” I said happily.
Jacq and Karissa walked out of the hall,they hissed loudly before walking past us.
They stopped talking to Dan since the incidence of hot pasta.
Dan made several attempts to continue their friendship but those fops proved to be animals.
“Let’s go eat” Vie said and it was then i noticed her face was not so bright”
“Vie,what’s wrong. Aren’t you happy?” I asked.
“I am but..”
“But what?” I asked.
“My mum once told me there’s a wicked goddess in mayhem desert” She said.
Dan and i glanced at each other.
“Wicked goddess?” We chorused and she nodded.
“That’s just a myth” Dan said.
“I’m afraid it’s not. I won’t be coming with you guys” Vie said sadly and walked away.
“Well…i don’t believe that” Dan said.
“I kinda believe, weren’t you told my mum’s story. There was also a wicked goddess. Quilah” I said.
“But she was killed and i don’t think there’s anymore goddess left” He said.
“But she existed before she was killed,so it’s true. I believe Vie” I said.
“That won’t stop me from going though. What about you?” He asked.
Should I?
“I don’t know” I shrugged.
“Com’on Anel,you were so happy about it moments ago” He said.
“Yeah,before Vie said that”
He sighed.
“I will go…” I said.

read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/page/2/?s=just+for+love
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More updates pls
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(Love, why?)
Season 2
# Chapter 87

Zeemah writes
Dan’s POV
“Good morning Liam” I greeted.
He nodded,stood up and then walked away.
He has always been like that.
I’m glad he doesn’t send me away anymore.
“Good morning ma’am” I greeted Ana’s Mum.
“Good morning Dan,how are you?” She asked.
“Fine ma’am,how’s Ana?” I asked.
“She’s fine, still asleep. Come have your seat,let me go get Anel for you” She said.
“Thanks ma’am” I said before sitting on the couch.
She stood up and started walking to the stairs.
Her stomach has grown bigger.
Ana is gonna have a baby sister or brother soon.
Today is Monday,i came here to pick Anel for our school camp.
I hope she hasn’t changed her mind,she was so worried about the so-called wicked goddess Vie mentioned.
It’s 7:30am,we have thirty minutes left.
If Anel was really excited about it,she would have been ready before i came in.
“Hi Dan” I heard and glanced up.
Ohh.. Mary.
“Hi Mary, good morning” I greeted .
“Good morning to you too,how was your night?”
“Very great thanks”
“Do you care for anything?” She asked and i shook my head.
“Thanks, i just had breakfast” I said.
“Ohh.. okay,she said and walked back to the kitchen.
I breathed out and glanced round the living room.
“Looks like someone is so excited about this camp” I heard Anel said from the stairs.
I smiled and ran my eyes on her body.
She’s putting on a yellow sleeveless top and blue jeans,her feet; covered in white sneakers and on her hair is my blue face cap.
I have two of it so i gave one to,I’m putting on one too.
She’s holding a small box containing her clothes.
“We’re putting on matching face cap” She smiled and i did too.
She descended the last flight of stairs.
“You thought i won’t attend the camp right?”
“Yeah” I nodded.
“I almost didn’t want to come but i did because of you”
“I’m honored and you look beautiful” I smiled and helped her with her box.
“Thank you” She smiled.
“My driver is waiting outside already”
“Bye everyone” She shouted.

“We have 12 minutes left, we’ll get to school soon” Anel said.
“Yeah” I replied,and continued stealing glances at her.
She’s damn beautiful.
We were both at the backseat.
“I’m looking forward to the fun we’re gonna have” She said.
“Me too” I said.
“But I’m sad” she.
“You’re sad?” I asked and she nodded.
“Why?” I asked.
“Vie is not gonna be coming” She said.
“Yeah,I’m not also happy about that but don’t worry huh? I’m gonna keep your company” I said to her and she nodded.
“Thanks Dan” she smiled.
“We’re in school already” i said and she grinned happily as my driver parked in front of the gate.
We grabbed our boxes of clothes and alighted from the car.
“Byee” I waved at my driver and he waved back before driving away.
I sighed and turned to the gate.
“Shouldn’t the bus be outside the school?” She asked as we showed the gate keeper our school ID before walking into the gate.
We saw two long buses in the school compound.
Lots of students is here already, everyone looking so happy and pretty in their house wears.
They are wearing matching face cap.
They look great in house wears.

Editorial Pick:

I smiled at Anel and she smiled back at me.
“Let’s go sit on that bench” She said, pointing to an empty bench.
We walked towards it and sat down.
“I’m kinda nervous,this is the first time I’ll be going for a camp” She said.
“Same here” I said.
She rested her head on my shoulder while we sat and wait.
“How’s Mike?” She asked.
“He’s fine, growing more stubborn” I said.
She laughed…
“I’ve missed him,you have to bring him to my house after the camp” She said.
“He’ll be so happy” I said.
Anel only visited our house once, she still has the belief that my parents are responsible for her mum’s death.
Im glad that didn’t stop her from associating with me.
“Everyone get up,start coming into the bus one after the other” Mr Jones shouted.
He was accompanied by some teachers.
“Don’t tell me this man is going with us” Anel sighed angrily.
I laughed…”You have to deal with it”
“Damn!” She swore.
Students started entering the bus.
We both stood up, Anel walked forward while i bent to adjust my trouser.
I heard a bang and quickly looked up.
Anel was on the floor with her box of clothes opened and her clothes scattered across the floor.
I rushed to her and quickly helped her up.
Are you okay?
…..” The students showed their concern.
i stopped them from helping her pack her clothes back into the box.
“Thanks,I’m going to do it” I said and quickly glanced around.
“I knew it!” I almost shouted when i saw Jacq and Karissa laughing as they entered the almost filled bus.
I made to go meet them but Anel held me back.
“They pushed you right?” I asked and she nodded.
“It’s fine” She smiled.
I sighed and started helping her pack her clothes back into the box.
I closed it and handed it to back to her when i was done.
I picked mine on the floor.
“Thanks Dan” She said.
“It’s fine, don’t allow that spoil your mood okay?” I said and dusted some part of her hair.
“Of course,i would have beaten the hell out of them if i wanted to but i just had to let them be,I’m not ready to create a scene” she said.
“That’s the best thing to do” I said.
“Ouch! That bus is filled up already,we’re gonna go with the second one” She said and we started walking to the second bus.
“Anel, Dan” we heard a familiar voice shouted.
We both turned and saw ..
“Vie” Anel screamed happily and rushed to her.
I smiled happily… It looks like she’s also coming for the camp.
She’s dressed up and also carrying a box.
Vie is so pretty and i think she looks less fat in house wears.
I’m glad she came.. that made Anel so happy.
I walked to the two giggling friends.
“Vie vie” I said playfully when i got to them.
“Dan” She smiled and pulled me into a hug.
“I’m glad you’re coming along” I said.
“Me too” Anel grinned.
“Well.. My Mum travelled to London, she’ll be back in the next two weeks,she isn’t aware that I’m here. I dropped a note for Dad” She said.
“They’ll be so pissed at you” Anel said.
“Yeah,they will. I can’t stay home alone for the next ten days, knowing my friends are out there having fun” She said and we laughed.
“What are you guys still doing there. Com’on get into the bus!” Mr Jones shouted.
“Gorilla!” Anel hissed and we all laughed before running to the bus.

Anel’s POV
I felt taps on my shoulder.
“Sleepy head, we’re there already” I heard Dan said.
“Ahhh” I yawned and opened my eyes.
I rubbed my face with my palm before raising my head Dan’s shoulder.
The bus came to a halt in front of a large mountain road.
“Wow” I exclaimed in smiles.
“I can’t wait to get down” Vie said.
“Me too” Dan said.
“Me three” I said and we chuckled.
The teachers started leading everyone out of the bus.
We all lined up in single file and waited for our own turn to exit the bus.
Fresh breeze hit my face as i stepped out of the bus.
“Yaaaaay!” I said excitedly, glancing around.
There was no house around,just a huge and beautiful mountain, looking like the one i normally see in fairytale.
The ground is filled with clear dry sand.
I quickly brought out my phone and captured few shots.
Finally, everyone was out of the buses.
The students made noise as they chattered and laughed.
Hi students” Mrs Claude said and then i remembered the familiar tattoo i once saw behind her neck.
Something keep telling me she’s not the one.
I trust my instincts.
“Hello Mrs Claude” The students chorused.
They were four other teachers,Mr Jones exclusive.
He isn’t my teacher!
“We’re gonna lead you all to your cabins now ”
Two teachers were at the front, another two are the back,Travis by the side, hitting any students that misbehaves.
Crazy school prefect!
We all marched towards the cabins, crossing a footbridge.
I was amazed by the time we got to the other side.
“OMG” I exclaimed.
The cabins are beautiful,colourful lights shone out from each of them.
This is the first time I’ll be seeing this.
Excitement ran through my veins and i nearly cried.
“Four people are gonna be staying in a cabin, the boys cabin are different from the girl’s,I’m gonna start with the girls first. You’re all have to freshen up,your lunch and dinner will be served,you’re meant to relax today cause adventure is starting tomorrow. The first four people I’m gonna call will will be in cabin A;
Amy Huges.
Emerald toon.
Vera Jameson.
Ariel Webbs
Now,the four of you should go to cabin A,that will be your abode for the next ten days .
She continued calling names,i wish she will not call my name anytime soon,I’m enjoying the view she called Vie already,she’s in cabin F with three other girls. I wish we were in the same cabin though.
Jacqueline Silver
Theresa Cruz
Ashlyn Raine and;
Asanel Yates.
“You all should head to cabin E, that’ll be your abode for the next ten days”
“Make sure you avoid any sort of fight with her okay?” Dan said to me and i nodded.
“I’ll miss you” I said as he pecked my cheeks.
He smiled..
“How about we start our own adventure tonight when everyone is asleep,I’ll be waiting in front of your cabin” He whispered to me and i almost screamed happily.
“Yes! I’m gonna love that” I said.
“Go quickly” He said.
“See you tonight” I whispered before marching behind my cabin mates.
We got to cabin E and we all walked in.
“Amazing” I smiled, glancing round the cabin.
There are four single beds and two dressing table,a dim bulb is hanged in the middle of the room,the walls were painted in wooden color and the floor covered in floorboards.
There was a kerosene lamp sitting beside each bed.
I love this!
I placed my box beside a bed.
“Hi everyone” A girl said.
I turned and stared at her…
She gat green steamy eyes and deep black hair, her face is oval shaped. She looks pretty.
I guess she’s in grade 8 cause I’ve never seen her in my class. “I’m Theresa,nice to meet you all” She said.
“Same here” we chorused.
“What’s your name?” Theresa asked Ashlyn.
“I’m Ashlyn,nice to meet you” Ashlyn said.
I recognise Ashlyn as one of my classmates.
“You?” She pointed to me and smiled.
“Asanel” I said and turned back to my bed.
“You’re so beautiful” She said.
“Thanks” I said and started unpacking.
She turned to Jacq and went on with her introduction.
“Who’s going to freshen up first?” Theresa asked.
“I will” Jacq said and hurried into the bathroom with her toiletry bag.
I’m gonna freshen up last.
I sat on my bed and picked my phone,not interested in theresa and Ashlyn’s talk.
I can’t wait for tonight.

Our lunch was delivered after everyone was done freshening up.
“Aaaargh! I hate beans and franks” I said as i opened my plate.
Jacq hissed loudly and that got me enraged.
“Hiss one more time and i swear down,I’m gonna twist your mouth!” I said angrily.
She faced her lunch,and i dropped the beans and franks.
I saw Ashlyn trying to stifle her laughter.
“Do you care for some biscuits,I’ve got some in my bag” Theresa offered.
“No, thanks” I said.
“Aren’t you hungry?” She asked.
“Of course i am” I said and picked the bottle of water beside my lunch.
I gulped some before laying back on the bed.
Why do they have to serve beans and franks for lunch!
I’m so hungry but i can’t just eat this.
My phone started ringing,i picked it up and glanced at the screen.
‘Claire’ I smiled happily and quickly received the call.
‘Why’s this bitch still awake! Dan is already outside waiting outside’ I thought, glaring hard at Jacq who was busy with her phone.
The rest fell asleep immediately after dinner.
Dinner was rice, veggies and chicken.
i loved it and i finished all of mine.
“Fine!” I smiled when she dropped her phone and laid on her bed which is opposite mine.
She closed her eyes and yawned loudly.
Ew! She looks so ugly when yawning.
Isn’t she asleep yet?” Dan message popped into my phone.
She is,but i think i should wait for some minutes.
I waited patiently for 15 more minutes before getting up from the bed, i grabbed my sweatshirt and wore it over my top, threw my phone in the pocket of my shorts.
I slipped into my footwear, looked around once again before sneaking out of the cabin.
I closed the door quietly and smiled widely as i saw Dan.
I hugged him lightly and he motioned me to not to talk.
I nodded and smiled as we both sneaked outside.
“Beautiful” I said staring into the sky.
“I found a very nice lake” He said when we got outside.
It has gotten dark but the moon served as our light.
“Yeah…come with me” He said.
“Omg, the water is so cool” I grinned happily as i dipped my legs into the water.
We were both sitting at the edge of the beautiful lake with our legs dipped into it.
The moonlight made the water sparkle brightly.
Cool breeze blew through our faces and we were both silent for a some moment.
“This is actually one of my best moment” Dan said.
“Me too,I love this” I smiled happily.
“What if you hadn’t come?” He asked.
“I would have regretted it badly” I said and he laughed.
“Can you believe Travis is in the same cabin with me?”
“Huh..Let’s not talk about him,i don’t want any fop ruining our night” I said and we laughed.
We were trying to keep our voice low.
He curved his hand round my neck and pulled me closer to him.
“Dan” I called.
“Huh?” He asked.
“Let’s dip our necklaces in the lake” I said.
“Yes,we should do that” He smiled and unhooked his necklace.
I unhooked mine too.
We dipped our necklaces into the lake and it shone brightly making the whole lake look completely golden.
We gasped.
Jacq’s POV
I knew it!
She probably forced Dan to be here with her.
I watched them from a distance.
I knew she had something up her sleeves when i caught her monitoring me tonight.
I feel like strangling her right now.
OMG,he just drew her closer to him.
What the hell!
Are they dating now?
What am i gonna do?
Karissa and Travis are dummies,they allowed our major plan failed.
I regret involving them.
‘I’ll go right now to report to Mrs Claude’ I thought angrily and was about turning to leave when i saw them unhooked their necklaces.
Ohh…they have matching necklaces too!
They dipped the necklaces into the lake.
What are they doing?…
My mouth dropped open when i saw the necklaces shone brightly across the lake which got completely golden.
Magical necklaces
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 10:20am On Feb 17
(Love, why?)
Season 2

# Chapter 88
Zeemah writes
Jacq’s POV
My mouth dropped open when i saw the necklaces shone brightly across the lake which got completely golden.
Magical necklaces
I gasped in shock.
W..where did they got it from?
But…but I’ve never seen necklace on Dan’s neck.
Where did this come from..
“Buzzzzzz” a fly flew past my mouth and i quickly shut it.
Is this perhaps the reason they are close.
I’m so confused right now.
They removed the necklace from the lake and it turned back to normal but it was still shining bright in their hands.
They laughed and said something i couldn’t hear.
He wore the necklace round her neck and she also wore his round his neck.
I couldn’t see those necklaces clearly cause im a but far from them but the necklaces looks oddly familiar.
I shifted back a little when i saw they were both standing up.
I quickly turned and ran back to the cabin.
I opened the door and quickly got on bed.
I closed my eyes tightly and breathed in and out severally.
Different thought ran through my mind and i just can’t comprehend a thing.
Like,what just happened?
Shiny necklaces?
Necklaces shine but not to that extent,those necklaces made the lake completely golden.
I mean; how!
I heard the door creak slowly and i knew the fool had come in.
I closed my eyes more tightly.
I heard her jump on her bed and i started opening my eyes slowly.
She was already on her bed, grinning and blushing like a rabbit.
Did he kiss her?
Damn! I should have waited longer.
Why’s she tucking the necklace in her sweatshirt.
She should bring the damn necklace out!
I need to see it.
I have to know the type of necklace it is.
She yawned and i must admit she looks beautiful when yawning.
No! She’s damn ugly.
Her eyes rolled to me and i quickly snapped my eyes shut.
I heard her yawn again…
I need to go also go to sleep,but I’m so bothered about what i just discovered.
Everyone,go bath real quick.
Your breakfast will be served soon and we’re gonna start adventure immediately ” I heard Mrs Claude announced loudly in my sleep.
I yawned and turned in the tiny bed before opening my eyes.
It’s morning.
“Good morning” Theresa shouted in my ears and i nearly yelled.
I faked a smile. “good morning to you too”
“How was your night?” She asked cheerfully.
Just get the hell away from me!!
“Fine” I said and sat up on the bed.
My gaze immediately went to Anel’s bed but she wasn’t there.
I heard the shower running and then sighed.
She’s bathing!
I noticed others are also fully dressed.
Ashlyn is seated on her bed eating biscuits,while Theresa kept jumping round the room.
Is she truly a grade 8 student?
She doesn’t behave like one.
I drew my box of clothes closer and opened it.
I started selecting the outfit I’m gonna put on.
No! I need to see what Anel is gonna put on .
I brought my best clothes here and no one can beat me to it!
She can’t possibly dress more than i do.
I glanced at her bed but couldn’t find her outfit.
Maybe she’s gonna select it once she finish bathing.
That means I’m gonna wait.
I also need to see that necklace,i mean that strange necklace.
Or was i hallucinating yesternight?
No! I wasn’t.
It was real.
The shower stopped running and i expected her to come out of the bathroom immediately but she didn’t.
She spent more minutes than i expected.
I shifted to the edge of my bed impatiently.
I couldn’t control the hiss that escaped my mouth when the bathroom door finally opened.
She walked out fully dressed!
Why does she have to look more beautiful in house wears! Cheap house wears! A purple tank top and white leggings,her hair is still packed in the shower cap though.
What’s so amazing about her damn body that she couldn’t dress right in front of everyone.
And why’s the damn pendant tucked inside her blouse,I’m only seeing the chain.

Are they trying to hide the necklace from the world?
Dan also never bring his out.
I huffed angrily and they all turned to face me.
I opened my box and selected my outfit.
I placed them on the bed,stood up and picked my body towel before walking into the bathroom.
I walked out of the bathroom with my towel wrapped round my body.
They’ve started having breakfast,mine was placed on my bed.
It’s a breakfast of burger and coffee.
I really need to dress up fast,i hate my coffee getting cold.
I dried my body and applied body lotion.
Theresa and Ashlyn are chatterboxes indeed.
I hung my towel on the rail after i finished dressing up.
I pulled away my shower cap and grabbed my hair comb,i wonder how she..i mean Asanel normally pack that nameless style she do wear.
I combed my hair and styled it differently.
I sat on the bed and started having my breakfast.
They were all done with theirs.
“Good morning students” Mr Jones shouted.
We were all outside our cabins about to go on adventure.
“Good morning Mr Jones” We chorused
“How was your night?” He asked.
“Fine,Mr Jones”
“We’re about to embark on our adventure” He said and the students shouted happily.

“Yeah, so make sure you are with your phones okay?”
“Okay Mr Jones”
“Now..the first place we’ll head to is Grotil water view”…
I scoffed angrily when i saw Dan and Anel clung to each other.
Karissa sniffed..
“If you dare cry beside me!” I warned.
“Dan is now dating Anel, you’re the one who made him stopped talking to us” She bursted into tears and everyone turned to face us.
I quickly walked away from her.
Embarrassing bitch!
Anel’s POV
“This is funnnnn” I screamed happily as i scooped some water in my palm.
Vie smiled and started taking pictures.
Some students sat at the Riverside, while some ran around, laughing happily and taking pictures.
The river is conjoined with a beautiful waterfall.
It’s just so amazing and beautiful,i felt like jumping into it.
“I feel like swimming” I said to Dan.
“If you’re a good swimmer,go ahead but this water is damn deep. Mr Jones clearly stated that it’s for viewing”
“So bad I’m not a good swimmer,I would have swam all day” I said.
“I can actually swim here” he said.
“Ofcourse, haven’t you heard that I’m the best swimmer in Makers high school ” He smiled proudly.
“Ohh…is that the reason some students are asking if you can swim here?”
“Yeah” He nodded.
“But you kept saying ‘No’ ”
“Yeah,i won’t want to disobey the teachers” He said.
“I’ll love to see you swim” I said.
“At the lake?” He asked.
“Nah,here” I said.
“Anything for you but i can’t do that now,the teachers won’t let me” He said.
“Of course i know,let’s come here later in the night” I whispered to him.
He smiled and whispered back ” I was thinking of that too”
“You keep making us break rules” I laughed.
“Yeah, I’m a Shaw. The Shaw’s are meant to break rules” He boasted.
“Whatever” I rolled my eyes.
“Com’on,let’s go join them,we can’t miss out in the fun” Vie called on us.
We all headed back to our cabins after noon.
Everyone was visibly happy and stressed out.
“This is the first time I’ll be having so much fun ” I grinned happily, holding Dan’s hand in mine.
“Really?” Vie asked and i nodded.
Dan passed a bottle of water to me and i quickly uncapped it and gulped it down my throat.
“Ah!” I sighed in relief.
“No thanks?” He asked.
“Go to Babylon maniac” I said and Vie laughed.
“What the hell is that?” She asked.
“There are so many ‘thanks’ in Babylon so he should just go there and grab one” I said.
“Students” Mrs Claude called when we got to the front of our cabins.
“Yes Mrs Claude”
“You all are free to have fun outside here,then you’ll go back to your cabins in the night” She said.
It was such a large open space that could contain hundreds of people.
The floor is filled with smooth clean sand.
I pulled off my sandals and sank my legs in the sand.
Each students started taking space on the sand.
“Do they know there’s a lake somewhere there?” I whispered to Dan.
“I don’t think the students do but the teachers definitely do” He said.
“We might go to the desert tomorrow right?”
He nodded.
“Vie” I called.
“Huh?” She raised her head from her phone.
“Are you really serious about a wicked goddess living in mayhem desert?” I asked.
“Yeah,my mum told me so” She said.
I sighed and glanced at Dan who shrugged.
Students were being served pizza rolls and a glass cup of juice by the cooks.
“I can’t wait for that to get to us. I’m starving” Vie said.
“Me too” I rubbed my stomach.
“My kiss can fill you up though” Dan teased.
“Stop trying to make me blush” I said.
“You’re blushing already” Vie said.
“Huh!” I swore for my cheeks.
“Look,there are a lot of girls here who really wanna kisss you,just go ahead and start kissing them one after the other” I said.
“Even if i want to,will you really allow me to?” He asked.
“Of course” I said slowly, realising i can’t take it.
Those lips are meant for me alone.
“Stop the pretence psycho,you badly wanna kiss me. I know that” He said.
“In your dreams” I said.
“Nah, in reality” he licked his lips and shifted farther when i was about to hit him.
“You’re a maniac indeed!” I rolled my eyes.
“Your eyes will soon pop out of the socket” Vie said and we laughed.
“Pizza rolls is here” I said and took a plate filled with pizza rolls from the tray,then took a glass cup of juice from another tray.
“Thanks” I muttered and the sat on the sand.
I have no choice.
Dan and Vie also sat down to eat theirs.
“Delicious” Vie murmured.
I nodded and gulped my drink,my gaze flew to Jacq,Travis and Karissa whom i caught looking at us.
They looked away immediately and continued their discussion.
“Vie,do you know Jacq is one of my roommates?”
“Really?” She asked in surprise.
I nodded and then bit into my pizza roll.
“Travis is also one of my room mates?” Dan said.
“Wow! Like seriously?”
“Yeah,but I’m not bothered about that,I’m only bothered about what they are discussing now” I said.
Dan and Vie also turned to look at them.
“Ohh..they seems to be engrossed in their talk” Vie said.
Dan didn’t say anything,he only continued eating.
Is he probably missing them?
“Do you think we should tell Vie about the lake?” I whispered to Dan.
“Nah, we’re gonna tell her but not yet” He whispered back.
I nodded. “Remember we’re going to the water view tonight”
“Of course i do” He smiled.
Everyone was still seated outside even after dinner.
The sky is so nice and beautiful to watch.
“Hi students” Mr Rolland,our biology teacher said.
“Hello Mr Rolland” We chorused.
“For those who are not ready to sleep yet,there’s a lake down there,so you all can go have fun,i believe you’re old enough to take care of yourselves” He said.
“Yaaaaay” students screamed in excitement and started running towards the direction of the lake.
“We found out about the lake before they did” I said only to Dan’s hearing.
He nodded and smiled.
“Let’s go, Dan, Anel” Vie said happily.
“Uh” Dan glanced at me.
“We’re going to sleep, we’re feeling sleepy” I faked a yawn.
“Com’on let’s go have fun” Vie said, dragging our arms.
“Okay, we will come join you soon” Dan.
“Yeah,we need to discuss some things” I said.
“Okay,I’ll be expecting you” She said and left.
I felt guilty for lieing to her.
“We won’t stay long so no one would suspect a thing” I said to him and he nodded.
We pretended to be walking towards our cabin,and when we were sure everyone was gone.
We ran back to the river, laughing.
Jacq’s POV
“So what’s the plan?” Karissa asked.
“I knew that there must be something behind their closeness cause Asanel can’t possibly choose Dan over me! So now that we’ve known that those necklaces are what made them close, what’s the plan?” Travis also asked.
I scanned the lake with my eyes but couldn’t see any of them,but their fat friend is here, swimming like a balloon.
Have they gone to sleep?
“They are both not here” Karissa said.
“That’s true” Travis said.
“Yeah..i noticed that too” I said.
“They must be asleep in the cabin or cuddling! OMG!” Karissa shouted and stood up.
“Com’on stop acting crazy,sit and listen to our next plan!” I half yelled.
She sniffed before sitting down.
“You know there are duplicates of those necklaces” I said.
“Yeah,i have one” Karissa said.
“Me too” Travis said.
“Good! You’re with it right?” I asked.
“Yeah,i don’t wear it anymore,it’s outdated so i just keep it in my box” She said.
“Good! You’re gonna give it to me and then I’ll exchange it with Asanel’s tonight,then tomorrow I’ll give you hers and then you put it on” I said.
“Woah!” she exclaimed.
“Yeah,so Travis you’re also with yours right?”
“Yeah” He said.
“Good! So you’ll also try to exchange yours with Dan’s tonight and put it on” I said.
“No problem with that but what’s the aim?” He asked.
“Those necklaces are what made them so close to each other so with it away from them, they’ll stop being close, they’ll be attracted to the people wearing it instead. That means; Dan will be attracted to Karissa and Anel will also be attracted to Travis” I said.
Karissa smiled happily,while Travis grinned.
“I’m actually doing all these for the both of you” I said.
“Thanks so much Jacq” they chorused and i smiled.
“The necklaces are the same,how come theirs shine and ours doesn’t?” Karissa asked.
“They must have added something to it,and I’m very sure Dan made Asanel wore it which made her attracted to him,but all that is gonna change tomorrow” He smiled.
“I can’t wait” Karissa said happily.
I blew out a breath..
Good one Jacq!
You’re halfway with your plan.
I stealthily walked to Anel’s bed with Karissa’s necklace in my hand.
I bent and unhooked Karissa’s necklace,i made to unhook Anel’s when a voice stopped me.
“Jacq what are you doing?”
I turned and saw;

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Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 4:33pm On Feb 22
(Love, why)
Season 2
# Chapter 89
Zeemah writes
Jacq’s POV cont’d
I bent and unhooked Karissa’s necklace,i made to unhook Anel’s when a voice stopped me.
“Jacq what are you doing?”
I turned and saw;
Jacq,stop the imagination and get on with this damn thing!
I sighed,hoping she won’t wake while I’m unhooking her necklace.
If she does,then I’m dead!
Where’s the damn hook!
Good! I’ve seen it.
I turned to look at ashlyn and theresa,they were both fast asleep, snoring heavily.
I turned back to Anel and was about to grab the hook when i had a rethink.
There’s no way i will unhook her necklace without touching her neck.
What if she’s a light sleeper?
Thank goodness the hook is facing my direction,i don’t have to turn her neck.
I breathed in.
Jacq,you can do this.
I carefully placed my hands on the hook, trying so hard not to touch her neck but it wasn’t possible.
My hands touched her neck and she stirred, making the hook go in another direction.
My hands followed the hook which was now at the back of her neck.
I held it and quickly unhooked it before she could stir again.
“Yes!!” I smiled and held the necklace in my palm.
I picked karissa’s necklace and wore it on her neck.
I hooked it and carefully made the pendant stay inside her pajamas, exactly the way she does it.
I sighed happily, that was so easy.
I stood up and walked straight to the bathroom with Anel’s necklace folded in my palm.
I dipped it into a bucket of water and watched it shone.
The whole water in the bucket turned golden,the brightness nearly blinded my eyes.
Excitement pumped through my veins and i had to stifle a scream of happiness.
I dipped my second hand into the water and it felt so good.
Oh..my..this is amazing.
This is damn amazing.
I can’t believe I’m gonna own a shiny necklace.
Ofcourse I’m not gonna give it to Karissa.
I also have a duplicate of this necklace and that’s what I’m gonna give to Karissa.
I didn’t know what pushed me to keep the necklace in my box the day i was packing for camp and now it has proved it’s usefulness.
If she tells me the necklace isn’t shining, I’ll just cook up an excuse. She’s a dummy, she’s gonna believe me immediately.
I heard someone yawned loudly from the room and i quickly removed the necklace from the water.
The water stopped shining but the necklace still sparkled in my hand.
I smiled and stared at it amazingly.
It stopped shining after some minutes and i felt like dipping it inside that water again.
I hooked it round my neck and covered it with my pajamas before walking out of the bathroom.
I was shocked to see Ashlyn awake.
She was on a call.
Damn! She caught me?
Her facial expression said otherwise but I’m still bothered.
I walked to my bed and quietly laid on it.
I drew the blanket closer and closed my eyes.
I stole a look at her but she wasn’t giving me any suspicious look.
She was still on the call, smiling and glancing round the room.
Shows she didn’t caught me.
I smiled inwardly.
{Next morning}
Anel’s POV
I woke up with a pounding headache.
My eyes remained closed.
“Ah!” I sighed slowly in pain.
“Asanel are you okay?” I heard theresa asked.
I nodded,still not opening my eyes.
The headache increased and i had to start rubbing my forehead.
I tried hard not to let out any sigh of pain.
“Asanel” I heard theresa called again.
“Are you okay?” She asked.
I opened my eyes and shut it close immediately.
I felt dizzy and my eyeballs felt as it they’ll gonna pop out any moment.
The headache increased.
“Ahh! My head” I groaned.
“OMG! Asanel,what’s wrong with you?” I heard Theresa and Ashlyn asked.
I felt their hands on my body.
“M..my head” I cried.
“OMG! Quickly go fetch Mrs Claude” Theresa said to Ashlyn.
“Asanel,just open your eyes” Theresa said worriedly.
“I can’t” I said.
“Just try,i need your eyes opened. Please Asanel” Theresa said.
I remembered the last time this happened to me was when i pulled off my necklace and locked it in the drawer.
I slowly touched my neck and felt my necklace.
It’s there! Then why am i feeling this way.
“Open your eyes Asanel… please” Theresa repeated but i didn’t, knowing how i felt the first time i opened it .
“Jacq,please get me a bowl of cold water and a piece of cloth” Theresa said to Jacq.
“I think you should get that yourself” I heard Jacq said.
Theresa sighed;
“Asanel, please try to open your eyes before Mrs Claude comes so she can know what exactly is wrong with you. Please” She said.
I sensed the worry in her voice and decided to give it try.
My head didn’t stopped pounding.
I opened my eyes and was almost forced to close it back but i didn’t. I tried to keep it open despite the dizziness.
“Good!” Theresa said.
I noticed she’s still in her pajamas,her toothbrush is in her hand and her body towel hung on her shoulder. She was about taking her bath before i disturbed her.
“You can go ahead and have your bath” I said,still rubbing my forehead.
“No..no,i can’t leave you this way” she said and threw her toothbrush and body towel on her bed.
“How’re you feeling exactly?” She asked.
“J.. just a little headache” I said and swore at the headache that kept increasing each passing minute.
“You call this little headache and you’re groaning in pain? Where the hell is Ashlyn!” She said and just then the door opened.
Mrs Claude rushed in with Ashlyn.
“Asanel what’s wrong?” She asked crouching beside my bed.
“She’s having a serious headache and her eyes are dizzy” Theresa said.
“Really?” She asked.
I nodded.
“Have you felt this way before?” She asked.
“No” I lied.
“Okay,just hold on huh? I’ll go get you some medications now,Theresa get a bowl of cold water and also a piece of cloth. Massage her forehead with it till I’m back” Mrs Claude said before rushing out of the room.
Jacq walked into the bathroom and i heard her lock the door.
Theresa stood up and walked to the bathroom door.
“Jacq,you have to give me a minute. I need to get a bowl of water for Asanel” She said.
“I can’t open the door” we heard Jacq said.
“Please,i really need to” Theresa said.
“I can’t,no one can come in here until I’m done bathing” She shouted.
“Is it starting to subside?” Ashlyn asked worriedly.
“No” I said.
My head has never pounded this hard.
“Ahh.. sorry,i know how it feels” She said.
“Jacq,open this door. I need to get a bowl of water for Asanel” Theresa said, obviously starting to get pissed.
“Theresa, come stay with her. I’ll go get the water from the lake” Ashlyn said.
“Seriously this girl is annoying!” Theresa said.
“Just let her be” Ashlyn stood up.
“Where are you going to get a bowl?” Theresa asked Ashlyn.
“I’ll ask one of the cooks for it” She said before walking out of the room.
Theresa took her position beside me.
“Sorry huh?” She said and i nodded.
“Thanks” I said and noticed my eyes were starting to get blur.
She felt my temperature.
“Your temperature is cool,i wonder what’s up with the headache” She said.
Ashlyn walked in with the bowl of water after some minutes.
Theresa stood up and took it from her.
She placed it beside my bed and quickly opened her box to get a piece of cloth.
“Thanks Ashlyn” I said as she sat beside me.
“It’s nothing” She said.
Theresa dipped the cloth into the bowl of water,squeezed it a little before placing it on my forehead.
She massaged my forehead with it continuously and i noticed the headache was starting to relieve me gradually.
I’m not feeling anything again!
I laid still..maybe the headache is still gonna return.
Minutes passed,it didn’t!
“I’m fine now” I shouted and quickly sat up.
“Really?” Theresa eyes widened.
“Thank goodness!” Ashlyn smiled.
“You mean,the headache has subsided?” Theresa asked.
“Yes,I’m not feeling anything again” I smiled happily, caressing my forehead.
“Wow!” She exclaimed.
“Thanks so much guys” I said.
“You’re welcome Asanel” they both said.
Theresa pushed the bowl of water away.
“So are we friends now?” She asked stretching her hand forward.
I smiled. “Of course”
I didn’t take her hand,i hugged her instead.
“OMG!” She exclaimed happily “i can’t believe I’m hugging the most beautiful girl in Makers high school” She said and i grinned.
I saw a longing look in Ashlyn’s eyes.
“Com’on Ashlyn,you’ve also become my friend,you both helped me when i was down. I appreciate it so much. Come here for a hug dear” I said and drew her closer to Theresa and i.
“OMG” She screamed happily making me laugh.
“Asanel” She called still hugging me.
“Huh?” I asked.
“I’m one of the people who has always wanted to be your friend since the day you came into our class but you never noticed me,i always try so hard to make you do but you never do. I was so happy when i saw that you’re among the people I’ll be sharing this cabin with. Thanks so much Asanel,for making me your friend,you just don’t know how happy i am” She said.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
That really gat me.
“Nice speech gurl” Theresa winked at ashlyn and we laughed.
The door opened and Mrs Claude rushed in with medication and a glass cup of water.
“Huh!” She exclaimed, surprised to see me sitting up and laughing.
“Mrs Claude,she’s now fine” Theresa danced and i stifled a chuckle.
“Yes Mrs Claude,the headache stopped already” Ashlyn said.
“Wow! Thank goodness,i was so worried” She said.
“Thanks Mrs Claude” I said.
“You’re welcome” She smiled.
“Do i still have to take those medication?” I asked.
“Yeah,you have to” she said and passed it to me.
I poured the coloured pills in my mouth before gulping it down my throat with water.
I dropped the glass cup beside my bed.
“So,you all should get ready. Your breakfast will be served soon and we’ll be leaving for mayhem desert after that” she said.
“Yes!” Theresa said happily.
“I have to also go prepare” she said and walked out of the room.
I caught a glimpse of the tattoo behind her neck and sighed in confusion.
This is the same tattoo I saw on the perpetrator’s neck but why do i keep feeling she isn’t the one.
Jacq walked out of the bathroom, with a towel wrapped around her body.
I wonder what she’s folding in her palm.
I saw Theresa and Ashlyn gave her a mean look,she returned their looks,hissed and started getting dressed.
“I’ve never seen a girl with bony shoulders!” Theresa scoffed and this time i couldn’t help but laugh.
Ashlyn didn’t also stop laughing.
I quickly got dressed inside the bathroom,I just finished bathing.
I’m not very used to getting dressed in front of everyone,i feel so uncomfortable while I’m at it.
My gaze fell on my necklace i and noticed it wasn’t shining.
Ohh..has it gotten dry?
It should still be sparkling cause i finished bathing few minutes ago.
I even forgot to look at it while i was bathing,my mind was distracted.
“Asanel are you done?” I heard Theresa asked.
“Yeah” I said loudly.
I hung my towel and walked out of the bathroom.
“I’m sorry i took so long” I said to her.
“It’s fine” She said and walked into the bathroom.
Ashlyn was done getting dressed,she’s having her breakfast.
I picked my body lotion and applied it on my body.
I combed my hair and decided to leave it unpacked.
I sat on the bed and placed my breakfast tray on my laps.
I started eating.
“It felt as it my head would blow off at that moment” I said to Dan as we all walked to the desert.
Vie is far behind us.
“Really?” He asked.
“Yeah,all thanks to Theresa and Ashlyn” I said.
“Who are they?” He asked.
“My cabin-mates and my new friends” I smiled.
“Ohh” He said.
“Areeee you jealous?” I teased.
He laughed. “Why should i get jealous?”
“Cause i now have new friends” I said.
” You can have dozens of friend,i won’t be bothered cause I’m not just your friend” He said.
“Yeah,you’re my best friend” I said.
“No,I’m not your best friend” He said.
“You’re what then? Best maniac?” I asked and he laughed.
I love making him laugh.
“I’m your boyfriend” He winked.
Dream on I sang.
“Uh!” He sighed and we kept on walking.
Two teachers were at the front and two at the back.
“Can you believe i also developed headache this morning?” He asked.
He nodded. “Yeah,but i don’t think mine was as severe as yours”
“Oh..did you take medications?” I asked.
“Nah,i didn’t even told anyone about it,i just walked out of my cabin and dipped my head into the lake” He said.
“Wow!” I exclaimed.
“Yeah,i was surprised also” He said.
“The only time i felt that was when my necklace was off my neck but look,it’s on my neck” I said and brought it out.
“I think it’s because we played so hard yesternight.” He said.
I shrugged.
“OMG we’ve gotten to the desert” He said smiling widely.
“Wow!” I exclaimed staring at the wide empty land filled with smooth red sand. There was nothing,i mean nothing there.
“Here we are” Mr Jones said and everyone stopped walking.
“This is mayhem desert, we’re gonna tour now, we’ll also go into the woods, we’re gonna teach you how to cut the woods and make fire cause tonight, we’re gonna be making fire in front of our cabin” He said.
“Yaaaaay” Students shouted in excitement and we all spread across the desert,some already taking pictures while some jotted down things.
Dan and i glanced at each other and we laughed.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked.
“Of course,you’re thinking we should come back here tonight and that’s also what I’m thinking” He said.
“Ohh… you’re surely my partner in crime” I said.
“Yes,until they get hold of us” He said and i laughed.
Vie walked to us, looking scared.
“There’s no evil goddess here Vie,stop being afraid” Dan said to her.
She nodded.
“Com’on Vie,i bet you don’t wanna miss out from the fun. Let’s goooooooo” I said and dragged her and Dan along.
Every students carried a bundle of wood as we walked back to our cabins.
The whole process was stressful but it was fun as hell.
We almost laughed out our lungs.
“I had so much fun” Vie said.
“See. I told you there was no evil goddess” Dan said.
“Yeah,i now believe that” Vie smiled.
“I actually thought deserts are mostly wastelands but this proved me wrong” I said.
“Me too…i can’t wait to be here again” Dan said.
“Mr Jones said we’ll visit other places tomorrow,so i don’t think we’ll visit here again” Vie said and i glanced at Dan.
She isn’t aware that we’re gonna be here tonight.. Dan and i.
Everywhere was looking so colourful and bright,we’ve made fire and we were sitting round it in groups.
Theresa, Ashlyn, Vie, Dan and i are seated round the fire we made with our wood.
We were all having our dinner.
“I’m glad to be seated here with you all” Ashlyn smiled
“Me too” Theresa said.
“Wow! I’ve always been avoided cause I’m fat but now, people are glad to be sitting with me. Isn’t that wonderful?” Vie smiled and we all laughed.
“I’ll be here with Dan” I said to Ashlyn and Theresa who were about going to bed.
“Okay, goodnight” They both said and walked away.
Vie has also gone to her cabin.
“Should we go now?” I asked.
“Ofcourse” he said and took my hand.
“Let’s be careful so we won’t get caught” He said.
We walked into the desert, smiling happily.
“It’s so much better with no one around except us” I said.
“Of course,that’s the reason we came this night” He said.
“I love the feeling of sand beneath my feet” I said and slid my feet out of my slippers.
I held my slippers in my hand.
Dan also did the same.
“What a beautiful sight,the moon is so bright here” I said.
Dan draped his arm across my shoulders as we walked farther into the desert.
We were laughing at Dan’s joke when a strange feeling suddenly rushed over me.
The exact feeling i once felt when i was in the school hallway.
“Anel,did you feel that?” Dan asked.
“You’re also feeling that?” I asked and he nodded.
The feeling grew intense that my slippers fell off my hand.
I held on to Dan tightly.
Wind started blowing sand in our direction.
I closed my eyes tightly and tried moving away but i realised we were stuck!
The wind suddenly stopped,i opened my eyes and looked at Dan.
He was shivering looking forward,sweat poured out of his forehead.
“Dan” I called.
“A..anel,l..lo.. look at that” He stammered pointing to the direction his gaze is stuck.
“What?” I asked and turned my neck.
My heart pounded against my chest,i stood rooted to the spot, shivering and sweating without control.
I breathed rapidly and lost all my senses for a moment when i saw a woman,looking so scary in a bloody red robe,her hair is pure white, long down to her feet,her fingers are black and smoke emanated from the staff she was holding.
Her eyeballs are mixture of yellow and red.
She touched her hair with a finger and it turned black immediately.
She rolled her huge eyes and this time my heart dropped when two mini snakes flew out of her eyes.
I’m Felia,the evil goddess of wishes She said with fire pouring out of her mouth.
The whole desert shook wildly…
“Helppppppp!!!” I screamed loudly in tears.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 4:34pm On Feb 22
Season 2
# Chapter 90
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
“Helppppppp!!” I screamed loudly in tears.
She laughed I guess your mother didn’t tell you,no matter how loud your scream is,no one will hear you”
She started walking closer to us and i nearly peed in my pants.
“Dan” I cried.
Shut up She shouted.
I held Dan tightly, and couldn’t stop crying.
He was also shaking.
I’m Felia,the descendant of Quilah She said and i glanced at Dan.
The goddess Mum made wishes from?
Yeah,Quilah the great goddess of wishes who granted Tamara Weston a wish She said.
She heard me?
Yes,i hear people’s thought,so think wisely She said.
“Please don’t hurt her,hurt me instead” Dan finally said with trembling voice.
“Dan,what are you saying” I said.
She laughed I won’t hurt her alone,I’ll hurt you too
“Please, don’t hurt us” I said in tears.
Dan drew me closer and wiped off my tears.
I saw he was also crying.
Vie warned us..
Of course,Genevieve warned you but you didn’t take heed she said.
“Did you just thought about that?” Dan asked and i nodded.
“Please don’t think about anything else okay?” He said and i nodded.
Were you told the story of your parents? She asked and we nodded.
What an interesting story.. wasn’t it? She asked.
Answer me!!! She yelled and her voice echoed the whole desert.
“Yes” we quickly responded and it was then i noticed how long her tongue was plus it was so black .
Your parents thought they made Quilah vanish but it was from her dust i was made She said and chanted strange words.
I tried shifting back when a red couch appeared beside her.
Dan gasp.
She sat down and laid her staff on her legs.
I’m here for revenge,your parents killed Quilah but you’ll be the ones to suffer for it she grinned and i wondered why her teeth are pure white and her tongue is black.
“Please, don’t make us suffer for it,we didn’t know anything about it” Dan said.
I should have gotten to you both long before now,but the necklaces on your necks didn’t allow me
She said and i glanced at my neck.
My necklace was still there!
I’ve been waiting for this opportunity and I’m glad it has presented itself,i can’t wait to scrape out your eyes from your socket She laughed loudly.
I shivered in fear and hugged Dan tighter.
I’m not ready to kill you both yet, I’ll give you nightmares before killing you
“Should we run?” Dan whispered to me .
“No,we can’t. Try to move and you’ll see your legs are stuck” I whispered back.
“What are we gonna do?” He asked in fear.
“I don’t know”
Im gonna haunt you for days before killing you,you should go through hell the way your families made Quilah to
“Please” I said rubbing my palms together.
Leave She said.
You both should leave! She yelled and i realised we can now move.
We both took to our heels, screaming as we ran back to our cabin.

“Dan what are we gonna do?” I said and cleaned my tears.
“I don’t know and please stop crying” He said.
“We shouldn’t have gone there, Vie was right” I cried harder.
We were both sitting at the edge of the lake.
There was nobody outside , everyone had gone to sleep.
“I..i.. she’s gonna kill us” Dan said,his eyes shiny with unshed tears.
“Yeah,what have we gotten ourselves into” I said.
“We didn’t get ourselves into anything,our parents did” He said.
“Your parents didn’t,my mother did” I said.
“We’re in this together okay?” He said and i nodded.
I placed my head on his shoulders and he smoothened my hair with his palm.
We sat in silence for a long while, staring into space.
“We were so happy this noon,i never knew we’ll be so sad by night” I said.
“Don’t brood about this. Let’s just look for the way out of this” He said.
“Dan! There’s no way again. Our necklaces can no longer stop her”
“Don’t say that, we’ll surely look for a way” He said.
“How?” I asked.
“We need to sleep over it” He said.
“You’re still thinking of sleeping when we’re in danger?” I asked.
He smiled sadly. “There’s no way we won’t sleep Anel. Let’s go back to our cabin”
“I want you beside me” I said.
“I also want you beside me but you know the consequences right?” He said.
Tears rolled down my cheeks and i wiped it away.
We both stood up and Dan walked me down to my cabin .
“Will you be fine?” He asked and i nodded.
“You?” I asked”
“I’ll be fine” He said and pecked my cheeks.
“Go in” He said and opened my door gently without making a sound.
“Goodnight” I waved at him before walking into my cabin.
I closed the door behind me and walked slowly to my bed..
I sat down and cried silently.
What if she appears now?
I quickly laid on my bed and drew the blanket over my head in fear.
I continued crying under the blanket,with various thoughts running through my mind.
What have we gotten ourselves into?
Am i gonna die like my mother?
Oh..no! This is so scary.
“Mum” i kept calling till i slept off.
“Mum,I’m scared” I cried trying to hold her hand but i couldn’t.
She was sitting beside me in the same garden but this time she wasn’t smiling,she was looking sad.
I’m sorry Anel,wipe your tears my princess She said and i did.
“What are we gonna do? Our necklaces can’t stop her anymore” I said.
Your necklaces can stop her
“It can’t mum” I said.
It can She said.
“It didn’t” I said.
It will She said.
“How?” I asked.
You’ll find out soon She said.
“Mum,what are we gonna do? Are you going to watch her kill us?”
Water from the lake She said and i stared at her in confusion.
“Water from the lake? How?” I asked.
Water from the lake She repeated.
“How mum? I don’t get what you’re saying”
My time is up,i have to go now she said and stood up.
I stood up after her.
She started walking away.
“Mum” I called and tried running after her but i couldn’t see her again.
“Mum!!!” I shouted.
I opened my eyes and met a pair of blue eyes staring into mine.
The eyes looks familiar.
I rubbed my face to make my eyes clearer.
“Dan” I said and slowly sat up on the bed.
I felt better when he smiled and helped me tuck my hair behind my ears.

“How’re you?” He asked.
“I’m fine, i had a dream” I said.
“Really? About what?” He asked.
“Good morning Asanel” Theresa and Ashlyn said and i glanced up.
“Good morning” I said.
“Your eyes look puffy like you cried yourself to sleep last night,did you?” She asked.
“No ,i didn’t” I lied.
“You sure?” She asked and i nodded.
“Okay” She said and walked into the bathroom.
“Dan,will you please leave. Boys are not allowed into the girls cabin!” Jacq said.
“I know” Dan turned to her. “But i had to check how my babe is faring this morning and I’m glad she’s fine”
“I’ll be leaving now” he said.
“Okay” I said.
“You mustn’t think about that goddess okay?” He whispered to me and i nodded.
He caressed my hair,stood up and then left.
I sighed heavily and got up from the bed.
“Asanel,are you okay?” Ashlyn asked.
“Yes Ashlyn,I’m fine thanks” I said.
I opened my box of clothes and selected the ones I’m gonna be putting on today.
I didn’t even changed into my pajamas yesternight,I’m still in my yesterday’s wear.
“Ashlyn,can you please allow me to go in after Theresa?” I asked, knowing she’s the next to go in.
“Of course you can,I’m busy with my phone anyway” She said.
“Thanks” I muttered.
“I’m the one going in next!” Jacq said.
“Like,are you okay?” Ashlyn asked her.
“Direct the question to yourself” Jacq said.
“Ashlyn,you can go in next. I wanna go see Dan outside and it might take long” I said.
“Okay,and I’m gonna see if you’ll go in there before me!” Ashlyn glared at Jacq who glared back.
“Asanel,i need to tell you something” Ashlyn said.
“Okay,after I’m back then” I said.
I walked out of my cabin and headed to Dan’s cabin.
We really need to plan,i don’t just understand the dream i just had.
‘water from the lake’
I knocked on the door.
The door opened.
“Dan” I said but Travis appeared instead.
He smiled and licked his lips.
“You’ve finally come to me,i won’t think of your past behaviour. I’m gonna welcome you with open arms” He smiled.
“You must be mad!,get Dan for me!” I said.
“Asanel,you know Dan isn’t a good guy for you,he ha..”
“Shut up,call Dan for me!” I shouted.
“He’s not in!” He said and banged the door on my face.
“Ouch” I held my face with my palm and started walking away to my cabin.
“Anel” I heard and turned.
Dan was running towards me.
“What’s wrong with you? Did someone hit you?” He asked and i shook my head.
“Where were you? I already went to your cabin” I said.
“I was at the lake, trying to think things out but i discovered another thing.” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“Come with me” He took my hand and we both walked to the lake.
“Anel,my necklace isn’t shining anymore” He said worriedly.
“Huh!” I exclaimed.
He unhooked his necklace and dipped it into the lake.
Nothing happened,it didn’t even sparkle a bit.
I quickly unhooked mine too, dipped it into the lake.
Same thing!
“Yours isn’t shining too? What went wrong?”
I gasped as the realisation hit me.
“Our necklaces has been exchanged!”
“Who exchanged our necklaces?” He asked.
“I don’t know,we have to find out. That means we still have a chance over Felia” I said.
“Yeah,if it had been our real necklaces,she wouldn’t have had access to us” Dan said and i nodded.
“How the hell did our necklaces got exchanged?”
“We need to get our real necklaces back if we want Felia to stop haunting us” I said.
“How are we gonna do that? You know there are a lot of duplicates around,how are we gonna know ours?” He asked.
“Ours do shine, we’ll just sprinkle some water on it and then know if it’s ours or not” I said.
“Do you think people will allow us to keep sprinkling water on their necklaces?” He asked.
I sighed.
“If they don’t,that means they are the suspects” I said.
“True,so when do we start?” He asked.
You can as well start now We heard the familiar voice behind us.
We turned and saw Felia.
I screamed and clung to Dan.
I saw her clearly now,she’s damn beautiful but she looks more scary.
She opened her mouth and her black tongue dropped down to her chest.
It looked so horrible that i nearly puked.
The smoke emanating from her staff was black! And her hair had turned purple.
Her eyes are not yellow and red anymore,they are now black.
Your scream won’t be heard and no one is gonna see what’s happening here. I gave you both the chance to live for some days but it seems you want to start use it against me She said.
“We are not using it against you.. please” I pleaded.
Well…it’s too late,if i don’t kill you both now,you might succeed in making me vanish like your parents did to Quilah She said and stretched her staff to us.
Balls of fire rolled out of it coming directly at us.
“Noooooo!” I screamed.
Re: JUST FOR LOVE >> Zeemah Writes by emperorblog21(m): 4:35pm On Feb 22
Season 2
# Chapter 92
Zeemah writes
Anel’s POV
I was about hitting her more before Dan held me back.
Mr Jones already turned to leave a..and i ..i saw;
The tattoo!
The tattoo!!!
The perpetrator tattoo…
My heart was stuck in shock for a moment.
“D..Dan” I called slowly.
“Huh?” He asked.
“T.. the tattoo” I said pointing to Mr Jones neck.
“What!” He exclaimed.
Mr Jones was so obsessed with the necklaces that he didn’t even know what was going on.
“Dan.. he’s the one who hurt you” I said,still in shock.
He walked out of the cabin with Jacq, Karissa and Travis trailing behind him.
“He’s the perpetrator” Dan gasped.
“I thought as much!” I said reminiscing over the familiar fragrance.
“He’s the one” I said.
“How could Mr Jones hurt me? I never offended him” He said.
“I’ve always hated him from the start,i knew something wasn’t just right about him” I said.
“This is unbelievable, is he really the one?” Dan asked.
“Of course he is. Everything is just making sense to me now” I said and sat down.
I couldn’t stand any longer.
“I knew the perpetrator was from our school but i never thought it to be Mr Jones. This is..this is completely absurd” He said.
“Yeah,it is. If i was the one he did that too,I’ll understand and get the fact that he did that because he hates me but you! What’s the connection between you two?” I asked.
“I don’t know!” Dan said, looking hurt.
“What do we do?” I asked.
“I’ll make sure he gets sued, i will” He said and started fetching his phone from his pocket.
“Com’on Dan” I stopped him.
“I could have died” He said.
“Yeah i know but do you think it’s okay to get him arrested now? Here? We need to chill” I said.
“Anel,you can imagine the pain i went through pain, for days” He said.
“I know” I said and rubbed his shoulder trying to calm him.
“Good thing we now know the identity of the perpetrator,we just have to keep mute about it for now until we get back home” I said.
“Why do we have to wait till we get back home? I can just call my dad now and he’ll send down cops here” He said.
“I know but remember our necklaces are still with him. We need to get that first! Have you forgotten Felia, she’ll be back and i know her coming back means death to us. We need our necklaces and that’s what we should focus on now,any other thing can wait till we get home” I said.

“Ahh!” He sighed and brushed back his hair with his fingers.
“What are we gonna do?” I asked.
“We should get our necklaces back of course” He said.
“How? Mr Jones won’t give it back to us,he already knows that the necklaces do shine and he’s a greedy nincompoop” I said angrily and Dan laughed.
I was forced to laugh too.
“That was what Jacq and co also discovered before they exchanged our necklaces with fake ones. I still can’t believe they’ll do this..i mean Jacq and Karissa” He said.
What if i had told him that Jacq and Karissa are responsible for those silly messages.
“How are we gonna get back our necklaces?” I asked.
“Sincerely, i don’t know cause it’ll be damn hard to get those things from Mr Jones,he’s capable of murder and i don’t want us to risk our lives. We can’t fight this alone Anel” He said.
“We’re fighting this alone Dan. We’re capable. We just need time to plan things out” I said.
“By risking our lives?” He asked.
“If we don’t risk our lives for those necklaces, we’ll die eventually” I said.
“Ah! I can’t believe we’re facing so much at sixteen!” He breathed deeply.
“It’s fine, we will overcome it soon” I said.
“Should we call Liam to help us get the necklaces from Mr Jones?” He asked.
“Huh!” I nearly screamed.
“What?” He asked.
“Liam is just gonna turn everything into violence, you know that” I said.
“Ohh” He said, obviously having a rethink.
“What should we do then?” He asked.
“I don’t know,I’m as confused as you are” I said.
“What are you both still doing in the teacher’s cabin!” We heard Mr Jones shouted.
He walked in and i got so pissed when i saw the two necklaces on his neck, sparkling brightly.
Dan hissed loudly before walking out of the cabin.
“She has taught you her rude manners huh?” He shouted after Dan before turning to me.
“What are you still doing here? Go after your puppy” He laughed.
“I wonder if there’s a special gain in being cruel” I said slowly dipping my hands into my pocket.
I brought out my phone,unlocked it and quickly clicked on the record app.
“And i wonder if there’s a special gain in being rude” He said and walked to his chair.
“I hate you!” I said.
“Hate me all you want,that doesn’t change my mind. I’m not giving you back this necklaces even though i know well that it’s yours. Make do with the fake ones, you don’t need it more than i do. I’m gonna earn billions of dollars from it. I’ve been searching for this necklaces for years and i won’t let it go,now that i have it” He said.
“You know that those are our necklaces and you don’t wanna give it back?”
“Yeah” He smiled.
“That shows how greedy you are and did you just say you wanna sell it?” I asked.
“Of course,do you expect me to wear this things round my neck like a bulldog?” He asked.
“That’s exactly what you are” I said.
“What!” He shouted,his face turning furious.
“Yeah,cause those necklaces are on your necks now” I said.
“Where the hell did you got your guts from?” He growled.
“You just confirmed the fact that you’re a bulldog” I said and stood up.
My phone still on recording.
“How dare you talk to your teacher that way!” He said.
“I disregard teachers who disregard themselves” I said and started walking to the door.
“Whatever. All i know is you won’t get your necklaces back” He said.
“We shall see. Criminal” I snarled before walking out of the door.
I saved the recording and smiled.
I met Dan standing by the door, laughing.
“Why are you laughing?” I asked.
“I heard everything” He said.
“Yeah,the funniest part was when you called him a bulldog. He’s your teacher for goodness sake” Dan laughed harder and i joined him.
“My teacher indeed! I didn’t even knew you were standing by the door” I said.
“I had to cause he’s a dangerous man,he might want to hurt you” He said.
“I was also careful,i didn’t get too close to him and i had to quickly stand up when i saw how furious he was, I recorded everything that transpired between us” I said.
“Of course” I said.
“OMG, I’ve gat a smart girlfriend” He smiled and i rolled my eyes at him which gat him laughing.
I hit his chest playfully.
“Let’s be serious Dan, we’re in a deep shit and we keep laughing every minute” I said.
“We’re truly in a deep shit, it’s a good thing you recorded what transpired between you and him, we’re gonna use that against him cause he will definitely wanna deny it” He said.
“Of course.” I said.
“Okay,that aside,how are we gonna get our necklaces back?” He asked.
“Let’s get away from here first” I said and took his hand.
We both walked away from the teachers cabin.
We stood in front of my cabin.
“Mr Jones is really bent on not giving us our necklaces and now we have to plan on how to get it cause that’s the only thing that can save us” Dan said.
“You think so?” I asked.
“Of course,are there other ways to keep us safe?” He asked.
I remembered my dream.
It was so confusing that i didn’t get a thing Mum said.
‘water from the lake’
I think i should tell Dan about it.
“Da..” I was saying.
“We have to go for adventure tomorrow” He said cutting me off.
“Why?” I asked.
“Mr Jones will be with the necklaces and we have to be around him cause that’s the only thing that’ll keep us protected” He said.
“True” I nodded.
“So we won’t leave this surrounding till we get our necklaces back cause i know Felia is somewhere waiting to pounce on us” He said.
“Vie was right,we shouldn’t have come here” I said.
“We never knew too, let’s just plan on getting our necklaces back” He said.
“That would be after we’re done with the our lunch. I’m hungry and exhausted plus i need to freshen up” I said.
“Okay then,see you after lunch” He said and turned to leave.
“Make sure you don’t fight Travis okay?” I said and he nodded.
“And make you don’t fight Jacq” He said.
“I won’t but i might if she gets on my nerves” I said.
“Just overlook anything she does huh?” He said.
“Fine,i will” I said and held my door knob.
“See you soon” He said and blew me a kiss.
I laughed and tried to hide my blush.
I opened the door.
He was still standing there, peering into my eyes.
“Won’t you leave?” I asked.
“I will. Anel i think my love for you has gone beyond control” He said and my cheeks grew hot immediately.
“Awwwn” I heard Theresa and Ashlyn said from inside.
Ah! They heard..
“Thank you” I said to him and stepped into my cabin.
He was still standing there when i closed the door and faced Theresa and ashlyn.
They were both grinning widely.
Jacq wasn’t in.
I ignored them and walked down to my bed.
I sat down and sighed tiredly.
“Someone’s cheeks has gone completely red” Theresa said.
“Just like rose” Ashlyn said and they both laughed.
“Asanel looks damn beautiful when blushing” Theresa said.
“You girls should quit teasing” I said trying to hide my smile.
“But seriously, you know Dan really loves you” Ashlyn said.
“I know”
“Then why don’t you give it a go. Don’t you love him?” She asked.
I love him!
I freaking love him when I’m not supposed to!
“I’ll go have a shower” I said and drew my box closer.
I opened it and searched for my favourite simple gown.
I brought it out and placed in on my laps before searching for new set of undies.
I stood up and walked into the bathroom.

I walked back to the room feeling so refreshed after bathing.
I’m now changed into my blue gown.
I sat on my bed and didn’t bother combing my hair…I’m so stressed out.
“Have you girls been served lunch?” I asked Theresa and ashlyn.
They were both watching a movie on Theresa’s laptop.
“Yeah,while we were on adventure” Ashlyn said.
“Ohh…I’m damn hungry” I said, rubbing my stomach.
“I have some biscuits and gravy,if you don’t mind” Theresa said.
“Of course i don’t” I said.
She opened her small backpack and passed a packet of biscuits and gravy to me.
“Thanks Theresa” I muttered.
“You’re welcome” She smiled.
“I also have some chocolates,do you for some pieces?” Ashlyn asked.
“Yeah.. yeah i want..i want” I said happily.
“It seems you’re a lover of chocolate” Ashlyn said.
“I am” I smiled.
“Me too” She said and brought it out for me.
“Thanks” I smiled and collected it.
It’s my second best chocolate “pure bite”.
I should have the biscuits first,cause i would love the chocolate to remain in my mouth till i sleep off.
I was about opening the biscuits when i remembered Dan.
He also haven’t had lunch.
I should better share this with him.
I stood up and started walking to the door holding the chocolates and biscuits.
“Where to?” Theresa asked.
“I’m going to share this with Dan” I said.
“Ohhkay” They both grinned.
I opened the door and was surprised when i saw Dan, holding a plate of steaming noodles and two bottles of water.
I walked out and closed the door behind me.
“We can share this” we said together.
“I brought this for us to share,i know you haven’t had lunch” He said and tears gathered in my eyes.
Dan is selfless,he cares greatly about people.
“Thanks Dan,i also bought this for us to share,i knew you haven’t had lunch also” I said and he smiled.
“Thanks for caring for me” He said and i nodded, feeling so emotional.
“Well..that makes our lunch double,come over here baby girl” He smiled and i smiled back.
{Next day}
“Where’s the venue for our adventure?” I asked Theresa and ashlyn.
We’ve all gotten dressed and had our breakfast, we’re waiting for the teachers to call us out.
“I think it’s the underground tunnel”
“Wow” I smiled.
Dan and i couldn’t come up with any plan yesterday so we decided to continue after we’re back from adventure.
Hi baby girl,how was your night?
I smiled when his message popped on my screen .
Great,urs?” I sent.
“Asanel” Ashlyn called.
“Huh?” I asked.
“Have you been given back your necklace?” She asked.
“No, Mr Jones wouldn’t give it to any of us,he seized it” I scoffed.
“Didn’t you made it clear to him that it was yours?” She asked.
“I did but he didn’t believe me” I said.
“I bet Jacq didn’t come in here because of guilt” Theresa said.
“Or the fear that you might hit her” Ashlyn said.
She’ll surely be in karissa’s cabin.
“I don’t even care about her,all I’m after is my necklace” I said.
“Is it very important to you?” Theresa asked.
“Of course it is”
“But it’s same with the one on your neck so why don’t you let that go?” She asked.
“Only if you know what mine entails. It’s capable of saving my life ‘our lives’ ”
I wonder why I’m talking this much.
“Really?” Theresa asked.
“Yeah” I said.
All students should head out for day 4 adventure in Venice underground tunnel” A teacher announced loudly and we all stood up.
I adjusted my pontsplait and slide my feet into my sandals,i buckled it.
“You’ll need to teach me how to make that style, it’s beautiful” Ashlyn said.
“What’s it called?” Theresa asked.
“It’s actually an old style called pontsplait” I smiled.
“Wow.. pontsplait?” They asked looking amused. I nodded.
Are there students still left in any of these cabins?
“Yes” we shouted before running out of the cabin.
I saw Vie and Dan and quickly walked to them.
“The adventure was interesting,i had so much fun” Vie said.
“Me too,it was great” I smiled.
My hands were tucked in Dan’s.
We were all heading home after our awesome adventure.
Everything was just too great.
I made sure i took lots of pictures.
I glanced at Dan and noted the worried look on his face.
“What happened? Didn’t you enjoyed the adventure?” I asked.
“I did” He said.
“Then why are you looking bothered?” I asked.
“Have you forgotten the deep shit we’re into” He whispered to me,not wanting Vie to know anything.
I sighed..
“We’ll plan out everything once we get to cabin okay? Be happy for the time being huh?” I said and he nodded,still wearing that worried look.
“Com’on smile for me” I said and he did.
“Thanks baby” I said and gasped a little realising what i just said.
“You just called me baby?” He asked his smile growing wider.
Vie bursted out laughing.
Dan and i sat on a mat outside our cabin.
Most of the students are also out.
“I’ve been thinking and thinking of a way to get our necklaces back but nothing is coming in.
It’s just like my head is about to burst” I said.
“Same here” Dan sighed.
“Dan,i had a dream” I said.
“Really? What’s the dream about?” He asked.
“It’s about my mum….” I started.
“Damn! Anel,why didn’t you tell me that before now?” Dan asked after i finished narrating my dream to him.
“I was confused about it. I didn’t understand what Mum meant by ‘water from the lake’ ” I said.
“I perfectly understand Anel” He said.
“Really? What does that means?” I asked.
“We can use the water from that lake to defeat Felia” He said and my eyes widened.
“OMG!” I gasped “I didn’t even think in that direction”
“And i think i know the reason for that” He said.
“What reason?” I asked.
“Remember the night we dipped our necklaces into the lake…”
“Oh..my…goodness! No wonder the terrible headache i felt relieved me immediately my head was massaged with the lake water” I said.
“Same happened to me when i dipped my head in the lake.” He said.
“And it seems she isn’t aware that the lake water can defeat her” I said.
“Of course she’s not. She only thinks about the necklaces” He said.
“Wow! Dan, we’ve seen solution to this deep shit without even using our necklaces?” I smiled.
“Yeah” he smiled and we exchanged high-five.
“Now, we’ll go down to the lake and show Felia the consequences of messing with a son of the Shaw and a daughter of the Yates” He said and i grinned.
“Are you sure she’ll be here?” I whispered to Dan.
We were standing at the edge of the lake, holding a bowl of the lake water each behind our back.
We planned to pour it on Felia once she appears.
I’m so prepared for her!
“She’s definitely gonna come,she had been expecting us to get away from the surrounding of our necklaces” Dan said.
“I bet she doesn’t know what we also have in stock for her. I’m so prepared for her” I said bravely and Dan laughed.
“I hope you’ll keep to your words” He said and i sent him a look.
“What do you mean? That I’m a weakling right?” I asked.
“No…” He was saying when the ground started shaking beneath our feet.
Wind started blowing but it stopped almost immediately.
I was shaking all the while,the bowl of water already fell off my hands.
Felia suddenly appeared and the ground shook violently.
Her appearance was terrifying,her hair was blue this time and her robe was stained with thick black blood,her staff oozed fire not smoke,the anger in her now-green-eyeball was visible.
I’m FELIA the evil goddess of wishes She growled.
I screamed in fear and started crying.

Read more episode here: https://emperorblog.com.ng/?s=just+for+love

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