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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 4:38pm On Dec 28, 2019
Waiting for the mysteries behind Fred's death

Well done OP

Thank youuss

Yep, I'm kind of thinking of a very good way to put it, but nevertheless we will see how things end up cheesy

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 4:03pm On Jan 07
WTF Truth!!

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: The past beats inside me like a second heart.
       ~John Banville

~Listen to Skyfall by Adele for this chapter.

The mirror sometimes manages to reveal to you the things you never wish to see or even believe.

I'm at the mirror, looking at my reflection. Wondering how I let a woman beat me to this extent. I shut my eyes, the pain becoming unbearable, I can feel my veins constricting and my muscles becoming powerless.

I let go of my toothbrush and it falls to the ground with a loud clatter. The toothpaste staining the white concrete. I sigh, bend to pick it up.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm still trying to find the possible and easy way to brush my teeth. My mouth is swollen and it's very much impossible to open it without screaming in pain.

Being a widow, you are left alone to do almost everything.

I only drink coffee and sometimes alcohol To help myself a little. I can feel myself wrecking and there's nothing I can do about it!

Ugh, I miss my husband!

Okay, I'm going to do this just once, so I need to help myself if I don't want my mouth to smell when I talk.

To be honest, I won't be trying to stress with brushing it Fred's mother, Paula didn't say she will be visiting tonight.

It's 1:45pm

I didn't go to work today, neither did I get out of bed till this time!

I look at my reflection in the mirror and steadily open my mouth. Each attempts, feeling like hell. Like devil put more charcoal in hell let's burn this place Hot!


I sit at the sofa in the sitting room, reading Stephen King's book ‘THE SHINING’ when there's a knock at the door.

I look up to the wall clock hanging above the huge plasma set and it reads 6:45pm.

Well, Fred's mom should be the one at the door!

I drop the book on a nearby stool and stand up. Straightening my denim short skirt with pockets at every side, I make it to the door.

The smell of orah and Egwusi soup waft through my nostrils. I inhale it sharply, letting the aroma settle in my stomach.

When last did I have something this healthy?

I usher my mother in law into the house, closing the door as she makes it fully into the house.

‘I've not been here in like forever!’ she says, carrying the flask of food in both hands. She goes to the dinning and drops it on the table.

‘How have you been?’ She asks, unwrapping the package.

‘Good!’ I mutter, shaking my head.

For a moment, she let her eyes drift towards me. She nods and continues her dishing.

‘I don't know if the definition of good has changed in the dictionary!’ She says.

I look at her, wondering why she still cares about me. I mean, everyone has this insane believe that I killed my husband who happens to be her only son. Why isn't she accusing me, or is she trying to kill me slowly?

I mean, you never can tell with this mother in-laws!

She draws out a chair from the vast dinning table and motions for me to sit. I sit, while she serves me my portion.

After making sure she has loaded all the nutritional values that come with orah soup, she settles to eat her own portion.

I stare at my plate in awful disbelief. All the assorted things can be found in a plate of a skinny tall, brown skinned woman with short hair and is wearing denim short skirt. Why I'm I talking to myself in third person?

Well, if you are wondering who I'm describing, it's yours truly! A.K.A Kayla Sopuruchi Eze Johnson.

Wow, so much names!

This is what you can find in my plate; stock fish, smoked fish, chicken, two turkey fleshy meat and every other ingredients used in preparing this kind of delicacy.

I look at my mother in law who is already half way through her food.

‘What?’ she asks, I shake my head.

‘Then stop looking at the plate like there are two naked demons dancing inside of it!’ She commands.

Kate got her side from her mother!


‘I want you to move on!’ She says, after we were done with eating and cleaning up.

‘You are still very young and I don't want you wasting your life on mourning for the dead!’ She says, looking at me with hopeful eyes.

‘I don't think I can do that!’ I say, fumbling with the hem of my shirt.

‘Why, how old are you now?’ She asks, I look at her, not sure that I'm surprised that she doesn't know my age or that she's not supposed to ask such random question.

‘I'm 27!’ I say.

She looks at me, like a mother who is telling her child to go into the world and get lost in everything that the world has to offer and still be wise!

I look at her like a woman who is saying, I don't care how old I am, I know that my husband and I have agreed till Death do us part and I don't want to loose that connection with him.

We stare at each other, with silence speaking louder than words.

We stare at each other, with two sided understanding.

‘I'm so sorry that you have to go through all these things at this tender age. Loosing your child and loosing your husband at the same space of time. It's very disheartening and...and...and...’ She breaks down.

She cries, with her petite frame shaking uncontrollably.

‘And I'm sorry you lost your son!’ I say, deadpan.

She seems to stop shaking but now sniffing and looks at me. I look away, trying to control myself.

Trying not to let down Kanji Dam on myself.

‘You are so strong, Kay! You remind me of my sister’ she says. I've heard little story about her sister and I must praise the woman for what she is.

We talked about other things and how to go about daily livings. She informs me of Kate's graduation party and how kate would like me to be there.

I just nod, knowing that I need to find out more about my husband's life and his secrets and the mystery behind his death.


‘Your husband once belonged to a cult!’ Oyedapo says to me one hot afternoon. We are sitting at the garden with papers scattered all over the green grass.

I cough, trying not to show my surprise.

Oyedapo notices this, and says...

‘Not the type of witchcraft cult or ancestral things but one with the soul aim of donating to charity and helping everyone and everything that breathes. They can go extra mile to get what they want and whenever any of their members misbehave, they cut him off!’ he says.

‘What do you mean, cut him off?’ I ask, sipping my lemonade.

‘They tend to either render the person useless or kill the person’ he says, watching my reaction.

I don't react, but nod energetically.

‘I also found out that he disobeyed one of the cult rules by traveling to kombi and helping the inhabitants’ On hearing this, my drink almost fell from my hands. I held unto it tightly, taking in handful of air.

‘Kombi?’ I ask, managing to breath.

‘Yes, which he disguised to be his honeymoon. He carefully planned out everything so that no one will suspect that he went there to heel the village’ he reveals.

‘The cult which is known as kaBas, has refused to help the village because it's presiding ruler Otenga is a complete asshole. So otenga knowing that his village will be in utter rein if he didn't act fast called Fred to help him out. They disguised everything, making it look like otenga and Fred is having great misunderstanding.’

‘So, all of that was simply an act?’ I croak, feeling my throat dry. The lemonade looking like a glass of piss in my eyes.

‘Yes, your husband knew that if he didn't help out the village, otenga might come for you. So they planned it to be your honeymoon while they do other secret things in the village’

‘Other secret things, like what?’ I ask

‘Like selling off their girls for the population to reduce. They most often times traffick their young girls to other big cities and sell them off to rich merchants..’ He continues.

I laughed hysterically, shaking my head..

‘This is not some 18th century or After death!’ I state. He nods..

‘Yes, it's not. But there are places in this country that slave trade is still at its peak. It might not be done openly like in the 1920s or something but it's carried out secretly!’ he says.

I just stare at him, with my eyes bulging out of its sockets.

This is utterly disbelieving!!

‘Your husband, who happened to be at home that fateful day was murdered cold bloodedly. But we are still yet to find out who exactly Killed him. We found out in our autopsy research that they were two bullets and knife stabs at his stomach. The thing is, if it were the politicians, they won't waste time in stabbing him. If it were the cult, they won't waste time in killing him in his home, inside a bathroom!’ He said.

‘So, who do you think it is?’ I ask, trying to place my wandering thoughts in order.

‘I can't say exactly, but whoever did it, definitely knows the way to your house and knows the password to your bedroom. I mean, I found out that the door to your bedroom was broken. The person might have encountered the door locked, thereby spoiling the handle.’

‘Hmmmm..’ I breathed.

‘Mrs Johnson, I will have to take my leave now. I have other important issues to attend to and I promise to bring your husband's murderer to justice. You don't have to worry about anything, the lord is your strength!’ He said, gathering the stacks of papers and fitting them into a mini briefcase.

He stands up, outstretch his arm for me to shake..

I stare at him for a brief second, lost in my thoughts.

He takes it as a cue that shaking is probably not necessary.

He gathers his belongings and is matching off towards the gate.

I'm left here, flabbergasted..

I knew our going to kombi wasn't exactly for honeymoon purposes.

I stir at the half full lemonade juice in front of me. Sighing, I scampered to my feet and leaves the garden, with the lemonade still on the table.

So, first of all,HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


I remember when we were still in 2015, I will be thinking of how 2020 would be... Now we are in 2020!! How do you feel about it?

Anyways, two bullets and two wound stabs in the stomach level of our dearest Fred! That's much!!

Anyways, how would you like to see Kayla breakdown after hearing this revealed secret about her dearest husband?

Scroll and read further! ❤

Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 1:54pm On Jan 11
[[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]b]instagram....
Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: Fiction is the truth inside the lie..
                    ~Stephen King

Listen to Song cry by August Alsina for this chapter.

Posted picture with caption: Lucifer has let loose his demons!


@Fingerofgod: I'm really sorry about your loss dear. Peace be with you Xoxo

@Faith'sterapy: You can cope with all these if you attend regular therapy. Let me be of help.

@SpiritsJ: Rip to the dead!

@Katejohnson: if you die, I won't come for your funeral! #sadface

@Paulajohnson: Kate, quit typing rubbish on instagram. Kayla dear, I need to see you tonight! #loveya

@Fred: beautiful soul. Get over him quickly. Let's hang out sometime?

@Jude: if you need someone to talk to, I'm here..

@KristyEze: Sisterrrrrrrrrr.... Don't worry, I will be back by next week. Together we shall face those demons!@Fred she's not hanging out with you!! Sks

@GrannyJ: You killed him, I know!!

@Spa&beauté: Sincerely sorry for your loss.

@Fancywears: Rip

@marathon: fine woman, love the low cut!

@Smexybish: Nice ass!

@KristyEze: @GranyJ When will you too die, dearest great aunt? #Pissoff

@Katejohnson: @KristyEze Hehehehehehehe ask her ooo..

@FamilyAffair: Don't spread your dirty linen outside!

@Katejohnson: @FamilyAffair #pulls face and sticks tongue out!

@Maroon: @Katejohnson, totally childish!

@Katejohnson: @maroon Stfu lip gloss stealer!

@Maroon: WTF... @Katejohnson stfu, pant ripper

@Kaylajohnson: I'm disabling comments... #Totally childish...

#comments disabled.

#Private message#

JudeEx: can we see?
Kaylajohnson: No, maybe not today.
JudeEx: When?
Kaylajohnson: I dunno...
Jude: Totally understandable..
Kaylajohnson: Thanks!


Motherinlaw: Meet me tonight!
Kaylajohnson: ignored
Motherinlaw: we need to talk.
Kaylajohnson: ignored.
Motherinlaw: Okay, I get it you don't want to see anyone. May the good lord grant you strength!
Kaylajohnson: Amen, maman!


Faithstherapy: book a therapy session today!
Kaylajohnson: piss off!!


Bestie: You want to go grab a box of pizza?
Kaylajohnson: hell, yes!!
Bestie: I'm at the Royales, meet me there!
Kaylajohnson: Give me 30!
Bestie: okay, dear!


Putting my phone on charge, I scurried to brush my teeth and get ready to go with Bestie to grab pizza.

Fifteen minutes later, I'm all dressed in a ripped Jean trouser with a V-neck D&G blouse. I brush my hair, deciding to go natural. I remove my phone from charge, grab some few thousands from my wallet, stuff it into the Jean pocket and leave the room.


Getting to Royales wasn't too tough because I've been there before. I park my Ford Mustang at the parking space, making sure to park safe and well. Switching the ignition off, I get out of the vehicle.

Taking long strides into the building, I go through the double doors. Getting inside, I quickly dialed Bestie number. She picks on first ring and asks me to come to the 4th floor.

I take the elevator...

Stepping into the elevator, they were four people in it already. I shuffle my way inside and stand amidst them. I can feel their eyes on me and try not to notice.

‘Sweet Jesus, it's actually the billionaires wife!’ someone bellowed.

I didn't turn to look at the person, but the masculinity in the voice can tell it's the voice of a man.

I tap my foot on the elevator floor and pretend to not notice anyone.

‘Hi, I'm Nkechi. And you must be Kayla right?’ I look at the young adult behind me, with her hands outstretched.

I take her hand and shake for 0.25 seconds, letting go as if her hands were a pot of hot charcoal.

‘I'm a huge fan of your designs! I'm aspiring to be like you..’ she starts.

I nod in acknowledgement.

‘Oh, and I'm really sorry about what happened, you will get over it soon!’ She continues.

‘Hmmm...’ Is all I can manage. The elevator makes a ding sound and the door opened. I shuffle my way out, without saying goodbye to the harpy girl.

Getting to where Bestie has described that she is, I entered the pooling area.

Bestie is at the farthest corner, playing casino. She's with a man that has dreads as hair and huge gold chain around his neck.

A shiver ran down my spine as I immediately regret why I agreed to come here in the first place.

Going to my mother in law house would have been much better.

Bestie notices my reluctance to come inside and immediately yelled for me to come join them.

I go nevertheless, steadily taking a step.

‘Hello beauty!’ she yells, through the music blasting from the speakers.

‘Hey!’ I say casually, with my eyes roaming the whole room.

There are smokers and a bunch of drug addicts in the room. I try my best not to throw up but focus on Bestie playing casino.

‘You want to join?’ She asks.

I shake my head in disagreement and listen to the music playing 4 your eyes only by J Cole.

‘Okay gal, time to go..’ The man on dreads says.

‘Oh, okay. See you around!’ Bestie replies, drinking the last drop from her glass of alcohol that I absolutely don't know the name of.

‘I didn't know you hang out with people like that!’ I say, watching her shake her body to the rhythm of the music.

‘Marley is actually a nice guy!’ She states.

I nod...

‘Soo.... Pizza is actually far away from reality here!’ I say, disgustingly looking at the people present.

‘Oh, you think I'm actually taking you to eat Pizza? C'mon Kay, this is not high school!’ She says. I roll my eyes.

‘Yeah, obviously! Maybe the Strippers should be the best tag!’

‘Hey, don't act all holy moly with me here! When we get to church we can pray’

‘May the lord have mercy on your soul’

‘I wonder how many mercy he releases to the world. I pity the people bearing Mercy!’

‘I pity those bearing Bestie!’

She pulls a face.

‘You know Bestie is not exactly my real name.’

‘So what is?’ I ask casually.

‘Hmm.. Are you sure Lucifer didn't let his demons loose on you like you said on insta?’

It was my turn to pull a face.

She laughs..

‘I'm leaving’ I say

‘No no no no no no’

I look at her.

‘Okay, we will leave together!’ she says, noticing I won't comply with her making me to stay here.

We leave the building together, entering our cars.



@Bestie posts a picture with caption: Fun day with your girl @Kaylajohnson

Comments enabled.

@Lucas: ugh, Bestie. Too much fun is going to kill you One day!

@Bestie: stfu Luke!

@KristyEze: You go galsss...

@Katejohnson: pum pum...

@Maroon: Nawa ooo

@Katejohnson: @Maroon stfu bish

@Maroon: replied...

@Kaylajohnson: Stop bringing childish comments on instagram!!

@Katejohnson: Yes sis In-law..... #laughs hysterically#

@Jude: smh

@Bestie: @jude be careful lest it falls of your shoulders!

@Kaylajohnson: Hahahahahaha #wipes imaginary tears away from eyes.

@Bestie: #cheeky grin..

@PowerPresident: You two look good!

@Bestie: Thanks ma'am..

@Kaylajohnson: @PowerPresident Thanks ma'am!!

#Comments disabled.

Bonus chapter!!!

Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 2:47pm On Jan 11
Thanks for the update OP

Happy new year

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 6:18pm On Jan 13
Thanks for the update OP

Happy new year

Happy 2020 to you too babe wink

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 6:21pm On Jan 13

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: Accept the things for which fate binds you and love the people with whom fate brings you together.

         ~Marcus Aurelius

Listen to All things go by Nicki minaj for this chapter.

I'm not going to bit about the bush about the happenings of my life. I want to move forward, maybe probably marry again or just move on instead of living in misery and loneliness.

The death of my husband has been interrogated and every form of inspection carried out. It has been notified that they were two people involved in his sudden death.

Firstly, the people of the cult has been arrested and thrown into jail and awaiting trial in the law court.

Secondly, it was investigated that Adaora and some group of wailers has upper hand in my husbands death.

Now, to judge by the above mentioned, I'm not exactly sure if the investigations were right.

I was one day on the 26th of July rummaging the entire matrimonial room when I found out some credentials which was stated at the top ‘Not to be opened by kayla’ at the bottomless pit of Fred's wardrobe.

Despite the heading, I opened it.

Opening to the first page, there were some serious argument which has been going on between my Aunt and my husband long before we even got married.

There seems to be a long time dispute between them until the day he kissed reality good bye. I read on and on and I felt my heart constricting and my eyes swelling up. I fling the stack of papers away from me and it goes flying about the whole room.

My aunt and my deceased husband has known each other even before I met Frederick Johnson!

They planned to use me as collateral for the debt my aunt has been owing Fred's father a long time ago.

This new developed truth puts me in so much shock that I didn't know when I picked up my car keys and drove straight to my aunts house.

On getting there, I parked outside. Getting out of the vehicle, I can't help but experience a nostalgic feeling. The first time I came here and the last time I left. Now I'm back, not for anything but to teach that woman a lesson.

After the gateman recognized me,he let me pass.

I take long strides into the building and the smell of lavender honors my presence.

Getting to the door, I wondered if I should knock or just go in. I go in nevertheless, finding out that her children are not in.

She must be in her study or room.

I check the study and find stacks of papers and documents and most of my pictures. There are pictures of me in the office, on the street, in the mall, out with Bestie and even in the shower. She has been monitoring my every move!

Anger soars through me like straight bullet. I hear moving of chair upstairs and I involuntarily start moving to the direction of the noise.

On passing the kitchen,I decided to get something that I could use to threaten her.

I picked up a kitchen knife and dashed upstairs!

Reaching the door to her room,I realised it was slightly ajar. I peek through the opening and find her scattering everything there is in the spacious room. She seems to be looking for something.

I go in.....

‘Looking for something?’ I ask, twirling the knife in my hand in a masterful motive.

She turns around abruptly and almost knocked over by a chair. She holds tightly and regains her stance.

‘Kay...Kay. Kayla?’ She stammers.

‘Yes, good to see you too. It has been such a long time and this place looks just great!’ I state, letting my eyes go round the whole messed up room. She does same, but focuses on me in an instance.

‘What do you want?’ She asks.

‘I should be asking you that!’ I say.

We stare at each for a couple of minutes, each lost in thoughts. She seems to appreciate my masterful twirl of the kitchen knife.

‘What are you doing with that?’ she ask, pointing at the knife.

‘You mean this?oh, nothing exactly. Just remembering the days you almost cut off my fingers when I didn't remember to bring in your early morning coffee!’

She seems to swallow at that and I notice her cringe a little.

‘Oh, don't be scared aunt! I won't use it on you if you just tell me why the hell have you devoted to making my life a living hell?’ I yell, through gritted teeth.

She winces at my sudden change of tone and holds tightly on the chair.

‘What do you mean, Kay?’ She asks.

‘So you knew Fred long before I even met him. The both of you planned to use me as collateral for your debt. You planned out my life for me and set me up to marry him! No wonder you allowed me to marry a rich man, you would have made sure to swat him away from me like you have done the previous suitors!’ I yell, my eyes streaming down hot tears. She just stands there and watch me break down.

‘You're an evil woman! You made I and my sister's life a living hell while with you and after we left to fight for ourselves, you still followed us to make sure we don't succeed. What did we ever do to deserve this kind of treatment from you eh?’ I wail on.

As I was trying to look at anything but her, my eyes caught something. I move to get a piece of paper on the floor and reads the content.

‘Burning house at st Margret street 1999’

This is the picture of how you wanted the house to be. Burnt down to ashes with the couples inside of it. The girl which you requested for us to make sure she was in the house is no where to be seen but we successfully burnt the house with the couple down!

Reported on May 23rd 1999

I read this with a pang of hatred and anger inside of me.

‘Put that paper down!’ She fires. I look at her with so much hatred and sorrow for my dead parents.

‘You killed them! You were behind the house burning? You also wanted me to be there but I wasn't. You planned all this, why?’ I say, crying harder this time.

‘Your father wasn't supposed to marry your mother, he was supposed to marry me. He was supposed to lift me away from the shame the world has caused me. I met him first, gave him life, gave him strength and all he did was marry my little sister. There was no way I was going to let them live and allow his children to succeed!’ She says, with 0.00 remorse.

‘I framed you and Frederick to get married because I owed his father millions. I met his father when I had already married my third husband who left me and the children to suffer. I sold your fathers properties but it wasn't enough to reach my goal. I had to sleep with Fred's father who promised to give me money in return. After everything, he gave me some few thousands which was not even enough to buy anything. I had to steal, yes! I stole his 3million naira and wrote a note saying I will give one of my daughters for exchange. The old man wanting his son to settle down accepted and we planned for the both of you to meet.’

I cried.....

And cried.....

With each cry accompanied by a pang of hurt and hatred.

‘Im really sorry that I had to hurt you because of your fathers sins. But there was nothing I could do! I was a subject of ridicule in the whole family. Because you two were with me, the whole family abandoned you girls.’

‘Oh Jesus,no no no no no no...I don't want to be hearing this no no no no no no’ I cried on.

‘When Fred saw you, he wanted to change. I told him to beat you, to make you cry all day but he didn't. He actually fell in love with you and wanted to protect you. He saw you as a treasure and he started fighting me because of you. Yes! He fought me, we went to court several times without your notice. He vowed to kill me if he gets out of it alive. But then, he didn't! I made sure that he didn't!’ She says. I looked at her, with new taste to shed blood.

‘You killed him?’ I asked slowly, not wanting to scream my lungs out.

‘Yes, I did. I also paid the investigators to frame those people up. He wasn't in a cult, he only had a misunderstanding with otenga and he went to that village to save your head. I killed him in that bathroom. I shot him and stabbed him two times so that it wouldn't look like one person job.’

‘I..... I also poisoned your unborn child. Don't ask me how I did it, I just did. You would have survived that accident with the baby inside of you safe and well but because of the poison, you lost the child’ She continues..

‘Oh Jesus oh Jesus oh Jesus...’ I kept shouting, trying not to believe any of this.

‘I did all those things Kay, so you could die and wrath away. I didn't touch your sister because I knew that when you are gone, she will follow you as well. You two are inseparable!’ She coughs, and sits on the chair she was holding.

‘what else do you want to hear, Kay? Haven't you heard enough? Go now and never come back! Just leave’ She shouts, coughing.

‘No one tells me what to do Aunt, especially not you!’ I say, standing up.

She seems to laugh at this,which is immediately covered by cough.

I stride towards her and bends to eye level with her.

‘My parents would be proud and rest in peace if I just do one thing!’ I say.

‘Which is?’ She asks, not afraid.

I bring out the knife and twirls it in her presence. I lick the tip of the knife and...

‘You can't kill me, Kay. Your conscience won't let you’ she states.

‘My conscience died with my husband!’ I say and stabs her in the stomach before she could react.

The knife goes into the thin fabric of her night ware and meets with the fresh skin. I watch her growl and struggle. I remove and stab again, she looks at me, unable to struggle to let free.

‘Two times, just like you did to Fred!’ I told her.

‘You..nnnrgg...will....nn..not...gu...go..unpunished!’ She says and slumps on the chair, lifeless.

I watch her lifeless frame, with her eyes wide open and blood dripping from the left corner of her mouth.

‘I hope you rest in peace, aunt!’ I say, standing up from the scene.

I gather up evidence of everything she has done to my life,went to the study and gathered more. I leave the house with papers clutched in my bosom and some stashed inside the belt of my black leggings.

The gateman opens the gate without asking any questions and I zoom off.

There are still more to be uncovered!!

Black widow Kayla!

I don't have much to rant today.

How can your own blood make your life miserable because of the sins of your parents?

Wow, so much in this chapter....

Till laterss....

Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 1:44pm On Jan 30

Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: We found truth in the lies we tell ourselves. But then, which is better if we are all dead?

~Sochey, bizarre mindset

Listen to Thank you, next by Ariana Grande for this chapter.

Maybe Black is beautiful..

Maybe Red is...

Sprawled across the table is stacks of papers and documents relating to everything that has to do with my life.

Everyone is silent, the Johnson's family has suddenly gone numb or probably has their mouths stuffed with cassava.


Dead silence!

Only the heavy breathing of Fred's father can be heard. He holds onto his walking stick as if his life depends on it.

Paula bows her head in frustration.

Kate is no where around the house!

‘Now, feed your eyes and tell me what all these is about!’ I yelled, making the woman flinch a bit.

‘Oh god oh god oh god. Chukwu okike!’ stammered Paula.

‘It's best you stop calling on god now and face reality. Because he's far away from people who do evil to others’ I retorted.

‘look, young woman. All these is correct! Yes, we did that to pay off the debt your aunt owe. You should be asking her and not us!’ My father in-law fired.

I look at him with blazing eyes.

‘I have gotten the necessary information from her and I hope she makes it to heaven!’

I say, remembering my encounter with my aunt. May her soul rest in peace!

‘I'm really sorry Kay, I've been wanting to tell you all this for a very long time. But you never gave me space to come into your life. You were always faraway!’ She wept.

At this point, I felt completely lost. Paula has been a very good person to me ever since I entered this family.

I look at the two elderly couple and I can't help but feel pain and gratitude towards them.

I start to cry..

I wept, feeling like its better to let all the emotions out.

I cry like a little child that just found out that he's mother had drowned in the river.

I cried, shaking uncontrollably.

The couple watch me, with pain and agony.

Paula stands from her seat and comes to where I am. She starts to comfort me, saying sweet things to calm me down.

‘Thank you maman, you have been there for me through out this journey. I know I've been keeping distance but you are actually a nice woman’ I wept on, sniffing into my red cardigan sleeve.

Paula seem to increase the volume of her cry and she wept along with me. With each of our breathing corresponding.

She hugs me tighter and I can't help but cherish the scent of vanilla body spray.

I remember my aunts perfume always smelled of vanilla and it made me hate anything vanilla related.

But here I am, hugging this woman that means the world to me. Appreciating vanilla for once in my life.

‘You know I can't continue like this, right? I mean, I have to move forward, maybe faraway from everyone I know and start a new life’ I tell her amidst sobs.

She just nods, stroking my back affectionately.

‘I'm really sorry you had to loose your son! I've missed him so much even though he kept a bucket full of secrets from me!’ I say, remembering Fred's handsome face which is replaced by the pale horrid face I saw months ago in the bathroom. I shiver a little, Paula notices this and whisper into my ear that everything will be alright.

‘You know, Kay. Ever since Frederick died, you have never asked about his funeral. You didn't ask whether he was buried’ Kate father said, looking at me and his wife.

I try to remember if what he was saying was true.

And I found out that indeed, he's right about that!


The day of the burial came slowly, with everyone trying to make it a memorable one. Words has been sent to everyone concerning the ceremony. I locked myself in my room, wearing my wedding gown.

I lay recklessly on the bed, with the wedding dress slightly revealing my right thigh. The off shoulder padding revealing half of my bosom. I stare at the empty ceiling, hallucinating.

There was a heavy bang on the door, which makes me jump a little.

‘Kay, c'mon let's go. It's time to go to the church!’ Someone yells from outside my door. Kristy is not in town, she says she would be going to Kano to take care of somethings.

I haven't seen Kate in a while and I wondered if she has gone back to school.

The knock continues, with each bang accompanied by my name.

After two minutes, the person decided to let me be. I hear hurried footsteps and the knocking ceased.

After five minutes, there was another knock which made my heart leap dangerously.

I held unto my chest as my breathing accelerated.

‘Kay, open this door this minute!’ A voice which sounded very much like Paula yelled from outside.


‘What is all this, we need to start going. The bus will soon leave!’





‘O.. Open..up...right...now!’

More bang!

‘Oh Jesus! Okay, you know what? I think you will come by yourself, right?’


Ruthless silence!

I hear expletives I couldn't make meaning from and then, hurried footsteps descending the staircase.

I heave a sigh of relief and placed my hand on my head.

I was grateful they had left me alone to myself. I stand to get my medicines from a nearby drawer.

As I tried to round the table, the wedding dress get hooked between an arm chair and a stool. I tug on it effortlessly but it wouldn't let free. I pulled harder and it tore off the hem of the gown. Revealing all my thigh and above.

I sigh, courteously walk to pick up my medication.

I had it at the back of my mind that after resting a little, I would get dressed in black and go for the funeral.

After my medication, I laid down and slept!

Third person point of view

As the Johnson's family were on their way to Seat of Wisdom Catholic Church for the funeral, Mr Johnson receives a call from the mortuary.

‘hello, am I on to Mr Johnson?’ A woman's voice asks.

Mr Johnson fumbles for the phone, struggling to bring it to his ear.

‘Hello?’ the voice says again.

‘Mr Johnson?’

He succeeds in placing the receiver on his ear and then says...

‘Yes.. Who is this?’

‘This is Amazing from Tiola hospitals. Are you Mr Johnson?’

‘Yes.. Yes.. Of course I am. Mr Johnson CEO to jaybliss companies and Co. How may I help you?’

‘Well, we have an alarming problem that may probably cause ruin to the funeral arrangements!’

‘What could that be?’ He asks, still trying to hold both his agbada and the phone in place.

His wife was not in the same vehicle with him. She has adamantly refused to follow him but go with the women to prepare the place.

‘Well, we found out earlier this morning that the supposed body of your son is missing from where we have stored it. We don't know how this may sound to you, but we are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience’

The old man listens to this with rapt attention.

The body of his son missing?

How was that even possible?

He fidgets with the hem of his agbada and exhales sharply.

‘How can the body be missing? What am I to tell everyone?’ he shouts, alarming the driver. He stretches to pat the driver on the shoulder and whispers

‘Continue driving!’

The driver nods and focus on the road.

‘I'm really sorry sir, this is a huge disaster and had never happened in the history of this hospital. We suggest that we give you another body to bury and later on, investigate on this matter’

‘Give me another body to bury? Oh god! Well, you sure do know how to put things. I know my son is not dead and I wasnt even ready to bury him. He should be the one to bury me!’ He says, as a matter of fact.

‘I'm glad you see the point sir...’

‘Get the body prepared, rap all parts of the body up and even the face. Wear him a nice suit and place it inside the coffin. The people who are to carry it will be there in the next fifteen minutes!’

‘Yes sir, thank you sir..’ She hangs up.

A feeling of certainty washes over him. Could it be that his son Frederick is still alive?

Oh, God! Let it be that he's still alive.

Another feeling struck him as he remembers that the body may probably be stolen by the cult group.

Doubt feels his system and he couldn't help but feel sorrowful.


‘He was such a nice man, caring, compassionate but owes me a little amount of money!’ Fashola says when he was called upon to give his farewell speech.

‘It's not an easy thing to loose a brother and a friend! Rest in peace Frederick Nwachukwu Johnson!’ Another says.

‘Life is too short, death is inevitable! Please live a righteous life!’ Another says, which got him a disdainful stare from the people.

‘Your legacy will forever be cherished! Rest on brother!’

Paula is seen, looking all around for her daughter In-law. Seems like Kayla couldn't make it.

She was probably carried away by slumber.

After the long heart felt speech, Paula asks to see her sons face once again.

Mr Johnson disagrees to this. After few words were exchanged, he decided to let her see the body.

As the fifty million naira coffin opens, she pears inside it and removes her face immediately. She looks again, finding out that the face is rapped with bandage.

‘Why is his face rapped up? He didn't have a ghastly accident in the hospital, did he?’ she ask her husband.

The old man resisting the urge not to laugh in a situation as this replied his lovely naive wife.

‘No, they only thought it would be better like that!’ He assures her. She nods in agreement and they both pour their handful of soul into the six feet pit.

Every other family member does same and slowly, the ceremony ended.


Mr Johnson sitting on the sofa in the sitting room with his walking stick clasp around his left hand.

After telling the story, Kayla sprang to her feet all of a sudden.

‘What then happened to the body?’ she asks.

The couple exchange a knowing look and then shrugs.

‘Well, maybe you should wait till tomorrow to find out. I think it's time you get to know all of the truth!’ The man says.

All of the truth?

All of the truth!

I really hope it's not something that will tear me apart the more!

‘Why not now? I ask

They didn't respond. Mr Johnson struggles to stand in his feet and leaves the sitting room. I'm left with Paula who has this confusing look on her face. She seems not to know what her dearest husband knows!

I will find out tomorrow!

Okay, this is it!

I finally steal out time to update after a long while.

Now, what do you think is in the mind of Mr Johnson?

Hope you enjoyed this totally unedited part ;-)

Till laterrss❤
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 3:41pm On Jan 30
I just wish Fred is alive and the whole death saga was a lie

Thanks for the update
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 4:41pm On Jan 30
I just wish Fred is alive and the whole death saga was a lie

Thanks for the update

Yeah, I wish same too... smiley

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by naomishmuel(f): 1:22pm On Jan 31
This is an amazing story! I just hope Fred is alive
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 2:31pm On Jan 31
This is an amazing story!
I just hope Fred is alive

I hope so too.. Thanks for reading XD
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 8:28pm On Jan 31
Till Death Do Us Part!

Excerpt: There are 1000 ways to die and one way to live. Choose peace of mind which is the only way to live!


~Listen to Fall in line by Christiana Aguirella and Demi Lovato for this chapter

There are many other things we should have known! But we choose to know the things that we want to know {Ask sochey for the meaning of this at the end of the chapter, if you are interested, that is!}

Ever since I came into the Johnson's family, I've never be driven by Fred's father's driver. I mean, never ever!

But there's always a first time, isn't it?

Fidgeting with the Samsung s10+ in my hand, I stare at the houses that passes by in swift motion, due to the moving vehicle.

At this moment, I feel very uncomfortable. Million of things are running through my mind.

Is Fred still alive?

Where are we going and what are we going to see there?

If Fred's alive, what will I do?

Slap him?

Hug him?

Kiss him?

Or just walk away!

Ugh, what is going on oh lord god above?

I pray to the only thing that I was thought that lives up there and could answer prayers.

The Benz cls 550 roll pass buildings upon buildings. I watch closely, finding out that there are no commercial building in the area. No type of kiosk or even any petty trade.

I get agitated and suddenly the phone in my hand starts to irritate me. I drop it on the red polish leather seat and sigh deeply.

‘Are you alright, Kay?’ Paula ask.

‘Yeah, just.... Never mind!’ I couldn't bring myself to explain my emotions at that moment.

‘Don't worry, everything will be alright!’ she says, patting my right thigh.

‘I hope so!’ I say, and take her hand in mine.

She squeeze softly and I squeeze back, not so softly.

After what looks like the second coming of Christ, the vehicle finally pulled over.

I jump a little, taking in our surroundings.

There are only bungalow houses and no sight of storey building anywhere.

Bungalow buildings which looks very much expensive and can't be afforded by someone who manages to eat three square meal.

Don't get me wrong. Here in Nigeria, if you are well off, you tend to eat more than three square meals daily. Let's just say four or five because the money is coming in. But when you manage to provide three square meals for your family, you will always find a way to complain.

Do you understand?


Well, no time to explain my random crazy bs again!

We step out if the car, each of us lost in our thoughts.

‘C'mon, let's go in!’ Fred's father's voice boomed.

My mother in-law rounds my side of the car and takes my hand in hers.

We go into the lush building with flowers decorating the four walls. A naked woman fountain stood in the middle of the compound with water dripping from her head to her toe.

People on red and black uniform sits at a corner, discussing. They seem to be learning something very important from a painting.

I look away from the group of people and try my possible best not to look at the naked woman's fountain.

My mother in-law drags me with her to keep up the pace at which her husband is trading on.

We enter the main house and the first thing that comes into view is the smiling face of a very beautiful receptionist. She seems to be missing two sets of teeth in both sides but still looks breathtaking beautiful.

‘Good afternoon to y'all! Welcome to Audrey's rehabilitation centre. It's a good thing you chose Audrey's because there are a lot of other centres around! Thank you and god bless. Now, how may I help you?’

Rehabilitation centre?

All those houses were rehabilitation centres?

How was it possible that I didn't see any sign post?

I look at the cheerful woman again which by now is doing something that Fred's father had told her to.

‘Yes! You are at the right place. Can you take your seats while I look for someone who would attend to you shortly?’ She says, picking up a telephone.

Paula drags me to a seat and I sit down, looking around.

How come a rehabilitation centre looks this nice?

‘Welcome, welcome. It's indeed wonderful to have you here once again Mr Johnson!’ A woman in white uniform says. She doesn't look as pretty as the receptionist but I'm sure she had her sides of charm stashed somewhere.

‘The pleasure is all mine!’ Mr Johnson responds.

‘Oh, Mrs Johnson. This is your first, right? Welcome, welcome... Please follow me!’ She says, as she starts moving into another corridor that leads to a different hall.

Paula who has opened her mouth to reply the woman, closes and opens her mouth like a fish.

We follow the woman nevertheless.

After what looks like trekking into the wilderness with Moses, we finally arrive a different section which I didn't hesitate to read the sign.

‘For patients who cannot remember!’

A shiver ran down my spine at this.

What do they mean by for patients who cannot remember?

We go into a secluded room which is empty.

Only white painted walls and white chairs and a centre table is seen. Everything in the room seems to be all white.

‘Sit, I will call in the patient. Please, you can go through the rules of this place if this is your first time. It will be highly appreciated if you follow the T&Cs’ After saying this and indicating where a set of manuals are kept underneath the centre table, she scurries out of the room.

Paula stands to get the book and I just sit there, contemplating if the patient is my husband.

If he is, what will I do?

How will I react?

After fifteen minutes, the lady comes in, with someone trailing behind her.

On his feet are red sandals..

He's wearing a red trouser..

He's wearing a white T-shirt...

He's tall..

He's eyes is blazing, void and emotionless...

He's face is straight, with his jawline marking out in a seductive manner...

He settles his eyes on the occupants of the room and frowns...

He swallows and made to speak but is cut short by.....

‘Fred...?’ Paula yells, dashing towards this man who looks strikingly familiar.

He seems to stop staring at nothingness but focuses on the woman who is moving towards him is swift velocity with her petite frame trembling uncontrollably.

‘Frederick Johnson!’ Paula thunders again and sweeps him into her arms. He just stood there, straight. Staring at the woman as if he has never seen her before. Looking at her like she will soon be an enemy he will have to fight in another game land.

She rocks him passionately and starts to cry..

I just sit there, looking. Watching as the drama unfolds and not for a second take my eyes away from his face.

He looks different, unshaven! Perhaps even more beautiful than he usually was.

Is this my husband?

Is this Fred Johnson that I have vowed on the alter at the day of our wedding ‘To love and to cherish till Death do us part!’

No, it can't be him!

But... He could be...

Look at that face...

It's more serious than before but looks exactly the same.

Look at those lips...

No, Jesus... No way!!

My thoughts came to an abrupt halt when he looks my way.

His gaze settles on me and for a moment, I thought he smiled. Maybe a half smile, one that doesn't come from the heart but he actually did smile!

Or, am I hallucinating?

But his eyes are still on me. I move uncomfortably and look away. When I look again, He's no longer looking at me but Mr Johnson.

‘I've told you never to come back here again, you this man!’ He booms.

That voice...

That voice....

That voice surely belongs to someone I know..

Someone I've loved, maybe still love..

Mr Johnson shakes his head in disappointment and faces the lady in white robe.

‘I thought you people promised that he will come around. He's not even recovering!’ He says.

‘We are trying our best, sir!’ The lady replies curtly.

He, aka Fred pushes Paula away from him and walks to where his father is seating.

‘What's all this? I've told you and I will tell you again... I don't know you! I've never met you before!’ He shouts.

I flinched a little and cowers.

‘Son...’ Paula whispers which is more audible than the actual whisper.

Fred turns to look at her..

‘Who's your son? What are you people doing here?’ Paula breaks down and starts to cry.

‘Can you imagine this people. Coming here to say that I'm their son. People of this wicked world!’ He's talking to me.

He's talking to me!

Oh holy Mary, pray for us just like we pray for all sinners!

‘I know you are not among them, are you?’ He's still talking to me!

Forgive me all my sins as I have forgiven those who sinned against me!

He comes to where I sat and bends to eye level with me.

‘You know, my parents died when I was seven. I was raised by a farmer who cherished me more than life. I grew up fighting for myself and here I am, working in this hospital!’ He smiles, watching me closely.

I swallowed my tongue!


Life's ruthless!

Holy Mary help us to understand the meaning of life and help me to be like you..  I mean, apart from the virgin part, of course!

‘What's your name?’ he asks.

‘K...err..mmrph..’ I stammer, not sure of what to say or I might have forgotten my own name!

‘Hmm.. Okay, that's a start! Everyone says I'm irresistible, do you think so too?’ He continues.

I nod, not sure why I was nodding...

Maybe because he's right about that!

‘Well, that's it! Take this people out of here or I might just loose my temper!’ He booms again, standing up.

‘Fred.. It's me your mother... Son, please.. Don't do this to us!’ Paula cries.

Fred sighs and walks out of the room....


This is one of my most cherished chapters. Writing this wasn't as easy as others but, I pulled through!

So, good news and bad news!

Good~ Fred's alive!

Bad~ He doesn't even remember his parents... Even Kayla..

What do you think happened to him though? Why the lose of memory?

So, this book is officially over!!

Don't panic, there's a sequel!

Which I will be posting soon but on another entirely different thread!

I'm going to be writing the Epilogue after this and will be starting the sequel later on.

Let me give you a hint on how the sequel will go..


Kayla will fight to win her husband back and try to make him remember his people.

She's not alone in this mission. Kristy and Kate will back her up because they will be done with school by then.

Fred will only see Kayla as a friend and think she's just beautiful for her own good.

Kayla finally decides to stop trying to help him remember but to build another life with him.

Both of them will become friends and would learn each others flaws.

After a while, Fred recovers!

When they are about to live their happily ever after, Kayla appears pregnant with a child and the police comes knocking.

Kayla is charged with the case of murder of her late aunt and is sentenced to prison.

Fred pleads with the court to at least let her give birth to his child. Due to Fred's respectable position in the country, Kayla is allowed to carry her pregnancy and give birth after nine months with additional five months of breastfeeding.

Now, will Kayla spend the rest of her life in prison and probably die by hanging?

Or will justice prevail?

Title of the sequel

Death's wish!

Thank y'all for your helpful quotes and comments since I started this project!

I can't love y'all less ❤



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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Culin(f): 12:07am On Feb 08
Phew!!! I finally made it to the end. What a rollercoaster ride. This part brought mixed feeling. Although Kayla went through hell, I'm relieved to find out fred is alive after all.
But I'm sad our dear Kayla is prison bound. embarassed

Thumbs up Sochey.
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 6:08am On Feb 08
Phew!!! I finally made it to the end. What a rollercoaster ride. This part brought mixed feeling. Although Kayla went through hell, I'm relieved to find out fred is alive after all.
But I'm sad our dear Kayla is prison bound. embarassed

Thumbs up Sochey.

Thank you so much Culin.

Yeah, Kayla went through hell and is probably going go through some more emotional wreck....

I really hope she survives!

Thanks for reading!!

God bless ya heart ❤

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 9:52am On Feb 08
Whew......what a twist
Well done OP, can't love you less
Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 1:40pm On Feb 08
Whew......what a twist
Well done OP, can't love you less

Thank you thank you thank you....

The sequel cover is readyyyyy ❤

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 8:49pm On Feb 09
Till Death Do Us Part!


~No excerpts.

~No music.

This mainly consists of flashbacks!

Things that happened behind close curtains that was not told in the story.

I need to apologise for lack of good grammar structure, errors and perhaps missuse of words!

Well, I hope I'm forgiven?

Okay, let's do this......



‘Let's do this!’

The door to Kayla's matrimonial room flings open and Adanna goes in, with each step slow and noiseless. She looks around the room but doesn't find what she's looking for. She tiptoes further into the room, making sure to not raise suspicion.

‘Okay, this is it!’ She says as she catches sight of the refrigerator.

‘How can she get pregnant? I will see how she will give birth!’ She breathes as she opens the refrigerator. Finding Kayla's favourite fruit juice, she brings it out of the cold place and places it on a nearby stool.

‘That baby will not live! It will be a miracle if you survive this time, Kayla!’ She continues as she pours the poison into the carton that contains the fruit drink.

‘Yes! Done and dusted. Rip to the unborn child and to you Kayla!’ She says and put the carton back to where she got it from.

Checking if there's anything that is misplaced, she tiptoes out of the room and out of the house.

Few weeks later,

Kayla lost the child!

But survived...


Fred Johnson

Coming back from a business meeting and deciding to shower before he goes back to the office.

Going into the kitchen, he gets a cold small stout from the fridge and drinks.

Taking the can in one hand, he climbs upstairs to his room.

Going into the room, he closes it behind him and locks the door.

‘Oh, god I'm so tired!’ he mutters and then takes off his shirt.

He downs the remaining content into his system and throws the trash into the waste bin close to the bathroom.

He enters the lush bathroom, goes to where the mp3 player is position and turns it on.

Few seconds later, shadows by Childish Gambino is playing through the speakers.

He hums along and turns on the heater.

‘Hot water for a hot day, not bad at all!’ he says as he watch the water rush out. First in cold temperature and then a warm mixture.

After filling the bathtub with the warm liquid and pouring his wife's favourite avocado body wash into the water, he goes to brush his teeth.

‘Did I brush this morning before going out? No, yes. No, yes. Of course i did... Or didn't!’ He shrugs but starts brushing nevertheless.

After few minutes of washing his mouth, he slowly climbs into the warm soapy water.

‘Hmm.... Good...bad thing Kayla isn't here. Well, if she was, she might kill me for using her favourite body wash.. Hehe’ He laughs and relax more into the bath.

Childish Gambino stops playing, rockstar by post Malone comes up.

He feels the music and shakes to its rhythm.

Few minutes after scrubbing and lazying around in the bathtub, he falls asleep.

There's a screeching sound and the door to the bathroom blasts open.

‘Holy shit!’ Someone exclaims.

‘What is it?’ A female voice asks, entering fully into the bathroom.

‘Nice bathroom and a good place to carry out our plans!’ She says while shaking her head and acknowledging everything in the room.

‘I think he's asleep’ The first person says.

‘Good for him, atleast he won't notice his death!’ She says.

They laugh hysterically...

‘Go out and keep watch... I will take care of things here!’

‘Are you sure you can do this all by yourself, ma'am?’

‘Whyever not? I'm good with this, now off with you..’

‘I'm hungry’

‘Take anything you want from the kitchen... Don't have mercy, the might not get to eat anything that is there after today!’

They laugh again...

The man goes out of the room, leaving only the woman and poor Fred.

‘Let's do this, shall we?’ She says as she walks to where Fred lays, sleeping soundly.

She corks the pistol and position it on his forehead.

Fred feels something and slowly opens his eyes.

‘What in the blazing hells....’ he says as he tries to shift away from where he sat.

‘Well, hell's where you will be going to as soon as possible!’ The woman retorted.

Fred tries to get a glimpse of the person pointing a gun to his forehead.

‘Aunt Adanna?’ He asks, getting confused.

‘Well, yes.. It is I, the only wicked and heartless b*tch you will ever get to know...’

‘I don't understand, what's this all about?’

‘Well, I'm practising for a drama school in Poland... What does it look like, you nitwit?’

‘Errr.. I don't understand..’

‘Well, you shouldn't.. The almighty only gave you wisdom to fall in love and also help the nation. Not to understand this kind of situation. What does it look like?’

‘Err.... I'm still blank!’

The woman face palms.

‘Isn't it obvious? You are about to embrace the end of reality!’


‘Just shut up and allow me play the villain here! I'm tired of this sarcasm. And don't you think of dragging this away from me!’ She says as she wields the pistol.

‘Well, I'm not doing anything... You can't even kill me all alone!’

‘Yeah, true that! I can't, but there are people who could!’

‘What do you mean people......’

Before he knew it, the door to the bathroom burst open and four hefty men rushes inside taking position. Two comes to where he is sitting in the bathtub and drags his legs.

‘Boys, be careful. I'm still a woman you know and I don't want to see what my dearest niece has gotten accustomed to for the past year!’

They laugh, making sure not to make his whole body visible.

Thank the almighty for the foam from the body wash. He might have added more than enough.

‘I demand you leave me to be this minute! What is this? Are you trying to embarrass me in my own house, inside my own bathroom?’ He asks as he struggles to free his legs.

‘Well, there's no much pride left now, Fred Johnson! The end of the room has come for you!’ The woman says.

‘Pfftt...scr..let...me goo...’ he struggles to speak as one of the hefty men binds his mouth..

‘Not yet.. I mean, I might ask them to let you go when this goes into your head or any part of your body!’

They laugh again....

‘I told you to leave her, beat her, treat her with such distaste that will send her to an early grave but instead, what did you do? You turned into Shakespeare!’

They laugh...

‘Shakespeare in love, look what it has gotten you into now. Very soon I will waste you and that's the end of you. Kayla might mourn you for two weeks and then resumes back to her normal life.’

She shakes her head and start pacing up and down the whole place.

‘You fell in love, now look where you have fallen. Into your own pit!’

‘Nnrrgg.... Pfftt...you...vlagrad!’ Fred spat.

‘Boys, what is he saying?’

‘I think he's calling you a blaggard’ One of the men dared to say, laughing.

She shot him a look which shut him up immediately.

‘How I wish you listened to me. I know what I want, I know what I was saying but what did you do? You fought me, filed a case against me, made me sleep in prison for two weeks! Haha, you see where your stubbornness has gotten you?’ She thunders.

Fred just watches her, calculating every step and thinking of how to display his manly prowess.

How can he fight two men?

Make it four men!

Because apparently, he will still have to fight the two standing at the door way!


He's trapped!!

He struggles to free his legs that were pressed down by two heavy hands underneath the water. But each struggle seems futile.

‘I'm going to waste you. Kill you off. I'm sure your father won't hesitate to blame the government. Such naive couple!’ She spat.

She corks the gun, after feeling like she has been going in circles with her words.

She sighs....

‘Well, that's it! Rest in peace Frederick Johnson!’



Fred shifts with all his strength but gets hit by the bullet.

He looks at her with his bloodshot eyes..

‘Untie him, boys. Let's hear his last words!’

The men unties him...

He's breathing heavily, shutting his eyes and suffering in pain.

They all stare at him, watch him die..

‘In your next world, never ever fall in love!’  She screams.

‘Boys, off with you!’

The men scurries out of the room, leaving only her.

She stood there, staring at him.

Gathering all his strength, Fred pushes himself up and made to come out of the bathtub. He falls...

She laughs...

‘Too weak..’ She says, turning to leave.

Fred jolts himself up all of a sudden and made to grab her.

She turns back abruptly before he could get hold of her.

With a whim, she brings out a tiny knife from its sheath and stabs him. He struggles back into the bathtub and collapse with a tud, splashing water everywhere.

‘You are too stubborn for your own good!’

She says and leaves the room.

She goes into the bedroom and begin shattering everything she lays eyes on.

Their wedding frame is situated next to a reading table. She grabs it, lifts it up and smashes it to the ground.

Glass scatters all over...


Fred sitting there and breathing heavily, manages to stretch his hand to a telephone that is behind him.

‘Hello, Kay...’ He spits out blood.

‘Fred?...’ Kayla asks.

‘Hun.. Can you come home? I....need...your...’ The telephone drops out his hand and he faints from exhaustion.

He has lost so much blood.


‘We confirmed him dead, how can this be possible?’ Chief doctor Nicholas asked his fellow doctor.

‘Sir, we don't know, but he's breathing!’ Aminat replies.

‘What sort of miracle is this? Oh dear lord!’ The doctor rants on.

‘Bless to the name of Allah!’ Aminat shouts amidst joy and confusion.

The chief doctor drags his palm down his face and shrugs.

‘Well, if that's the case, prep him. We will be transferring him to another ward!’

‘Yessir!’ Aminat says and dashes off.

It was a miracle that the whole hospital has never witnessed.

Frederick Johnson is alive!

Frederick Johnson is alive!

The hospital decided to keep it a secret until they were sure he has fully recovered.


Two weeks after the fake burial.

‘Hello Mr Patt Johnson. Yes, can you please come to Audrey's rehabilitation centre? They are things you would like to know....’

Mr Patt later finds out that his son is alive!

He keeps it a secret, hoping he recovers.

Now, the reason why Fred lost his memory was because of the coma he went through. He was in coma for about a month.

It might not make a lot of sense though but that's just how it is......

This is it, hope it's fair enough??

The sequel won't be as long as this one.. I'm going to make it brief but interesting... So, stick with me on the magical ride of romance, heartbreaks, lost of memory and whatnots.. Hehe

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 10:02pm On Feb 09

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 11:04am On Feb 12
Author's Note

Hello my lovelies..

How are ye 'll doing today??

So val is in two days.. Seems it's going to be a very busy day because I will be at work and probably release the first chapter of TDDUP sequel.

Yes! I've been thinking about a suitable title for the sequel and with the help of few friends, I have come to a final conclusion.

The title will be DEADLY MATRIMONY
sounds good, right?

Anywho's, I haven't seen Khriztarl comment lately... Hope you're good? And what are you getting for that loml of yours cuz I really need to know what I will get for mine *wink*

Have a stress-free day ahead my bloody amazing lot!! ❤❤

Book cover below
*edited version*

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Ann2012(f): 8:53pm On Feb 12

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by Khriztarl(f): 7:08pm On Feb 14
[quote author=sochey post=86583810]Author's Note

Hello my lovelies..

How are ye 'll doing today??

So val is in two days.. Seems it's going to be a very busy day because I will be at work and probably release the first chapter of TDDUP sequel.

Yes! I've been thinking about a suitable title for the sequel and with the help of few friends, I have come to a final conclusion.

The title will be DEADLY MATRIMONY
sounds good, right?

Anywho's, I haven't seen Khriztarl comment lately... Hope you're good? And what are you getting for that loml of yours cuz I really need to know what I will get for mine *wink*

Have a stress-free day ahead my bloody amazing lot!!
sochey, yeah i haven't been online for sometime now. Had alot of things at hand,ofcos work being a big part of it.Thanks for letting me feel, you care. Happy val by_the_way.
your book cover is amazing,
Sorry, i have not been a part of that book anyway. I would try to follow up DEADLY MATRIMONY. I hope you fogive me.

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Re: Till Death Do Us Part! (Romance) by sochey(f): 8:33pm On Feb 14
[quote author=Khriztarl post=86653321][/quote]

No problem, good to know you're good!

Thank you!

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