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What Is "Dirty" And "Stain" In YORUBA Language? / Romantic Story : My Dirty Friend (18+) Episode 1 / My Dirty Friend:episode 10 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by mhizv(f): 6:31pm On Apr 13
This girl would never learn.
If she was remorseful and really wanted to make the best out of herself, she can.
She's damn lazy!


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 8:31pm On Apr 13
Waiting patiently for the meeting


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 8:14am On Apr 14
Very stupid woman, so with her problem, she have not learn any lesson. Thanks for the update
You dey mind that unrepentant wh0re?

3 Likes 1 Share

Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 12:06pm On Apr 14
Very stupid woman, so with her problem, she have not learn any lesson. Thanks for the update

Toto de scratch her


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 3:39pm On Apr 14
This girl would never learn.
If she was remorseful and really wanted to make the best out of herself, she can.
She's damn lazy!

I swear and I was even pitying the fool. She is not fit to be a mother


Re: Dirty Hustlers by blesskewe(f): 6:39pm On Apr 14
Common sense cherry no get



Re: Dirty Hustlers by Vidamia(m): 3:32pm On Apr 15
Op cherry have suffer enough, don't add more salt to her already injury......let her mother and sister be proud of her for once


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 9:32pm On Apr 15
Nkiru’s green body con dress was a bit too tight especially around my stomach area but it did a good job giving prominence to my hips and butt.

“Sister you look beautiful.” Nkiru commented.

“Thanks.” I replied as I swept her powder brush across my face. I smiled as the powder made my facial skin look perfect, almost doll-like.

“You still haven’t mentioned where you are going to.”

I turned away from the mirror to look at her. “I said I was going to meet an old friend.”

She opened her mouth to say something but she closed it back in a split second and looked at me thoughtfully before she spoke again.

“Okay. Come back early o...so that Mama wouldn’t bother me with questions.” She said as she wore Zayan his socks.

“Sure. Nkiru do you have change, like 500 Naira. I don’t have t-fare.”

The keke rider stopped at the gate of the house Ifeanyi had directed me to. I checked the house address again on my phone and confirmed before I paid the keke man.

“Hello. I’m outside the gate.” I said when he picked my call.

“Press the doorbell. The security man would usher you in.”

I adjusted my dress one more time. I hissed when I realized Zayan had drooled saliva on my shoulder. He was teething, he had the habit of nibbling his fingers and pouring out saliva.

I grabbed a handkerchief from his diaper bag to wipe his face and hand dry.

An elderly man in a security guard uniform opened the gate to let us in. He looked too old and frail for the job. The building was a beautiful 3 storey apartment building. He led us into the elevator and pressed the first floor button.

“The door by your right.” He said before the elevator doors closed.

As the elevator moved, I was a bit scared as It was my first time in an elevator. I felt relieved when the doors opened and I stepped out.

Ifeanyi opened the door after a few knocks. He was wearing a plain white T-shirt and a pair of stonewashed jeans. His handsome face and his sexy figure made me want to pounce on him.

“There they are! I’m glad you made it.” Ifeanyi smiled revealing his perfect set of teeth. He took Zayan from me and led us into the apartment.

I was disappointed when I saw Ifeanyi wasn’t alone. There were two other people in the living room.

A short light skinned guy with bushy beards was seated at the mini bar, he was drinking from a scotch glass. A tall dark skinned lady in a pink dress was seated on a cushion adjacent to them, she was sipping from a glass of wine and was focused on the large screen television before she noticed our presence.

“Careful with that child please!” The lady in the pink dress said as Ifeanyi playfully threw Zayan up in the air. She stood up from the sofa and took Zayan from Ifeanyi. She was a bit taller than Ifeanyi and her arms were toned with muscles. I suspected she was an athlete.

Zayan squirmed and began to sob when she held him, he turned to look at me then stretched out his arms wanting me to take him away from her.

“What? You don’t like dark women?” She jokingly asked Zayan. Even with the heavy makeup on her face I found her ugly.

“Don’t mind him.” I smiled as I took Zayan from her.

“This is my pal, Chinedu.” He pointed to the short man who still sat on the bar stool, drinking. He gave a slight nod and smiled at me.

“And this is his beautiful girlfriend, Rita.”

“Hi hi.” Rita’s red lipstick cracked as she smiled.

“Sorry for keeping you standing. Take a seat please.” Ifeanyi offered as he took Zayan’s bag from me the placed it right next to where I sat.

I was curious to know what was going on . Why had he asked me to come?

“I’m sorry if I bothered you by asking you to come here.” Ifeanyi sat on the couch opposite me and smiled sweetly at me.

I felt like grabbing him and giving him a deep kiss on his beautiful chocolate lips.

“No...it’s no problem.” I placed Zayan to sit next to me then handed him a toy from his bag to keep him busy.

Ifeanyi cleared his throat before he spoke. “Well, as you know your sister’s birthday is coming up in a few days and I’m planning a surprise party for her and well that’s what we are all here for, the committee.”

I forced myself to look thrilled as he spoke when deep down I wanted to give him a slap across his face. Why had raised my hopes up like that? He could have just told me his plans over the phone.

“Wow, how nice.”

“Don’t worry, we are covering everything. All you have to do is to lure her to the venue, which is this apartment.”

Ifeanyi and his friends went on and on about the plans for the party but I paid little attention to what their discussion. I felt disappointed and jealous.

Neither Musa nor Broda had ever bought a birthday gift for me and here was Nkiru’s boyfriend planning a lavish party for her. Broda was always forgetting my birthday and when I reminded him he would tell me I was too old to celebrate my birthday. At Musa’s house, his mother had asked the maids to bake me a cake which I ate alone. Musa couldn’t care less.

Ifeanyi had even short-let the apartment for some days in advance to her party and I knew it must had cost a fortune.

“Bro, we have to get going. I just got a message from my boss.” Chinedu said as he raised his head from his phone screen. He had hardly spoken all through the meeting. His potbelly jiggled as he talked.

“Ha! Hope you’re not high from all the drinking you’ve been doing?” Rita teased.

“I can drink a gallon and still stand firm. You trust me na.” Chinedu winked and we all laughed.

“I won’t take that risk. I’m driving.” Rita walked to him with an outstretched palm and he placed his keys in it.

“Bro, later.” He and Ifeanyi did a weird handshake.

Rita gave me a hug and shook Zayan’s hand before she walked with Chinedu out of the apartment.

The butterflies in my tummy began their vigorous movements and obscene thoughts began flashing through my mind immediately they left.

“I should get going.” I made to get up from my seat before Ifeanyi stopped me.

“Wait. You won’t get any commercial transport in this estate. Let me order a cab for you. I left my car at the car wash otherwise, I would have driven you to where you can get one.”

He took out his phone from his pocket.

“Ugh! No network...the WiFi is down.”

Thank God. I silently prayed for his phone not to get any signal.

“Oh... I have to get home early.” I feigned worry.

We waited a while as Ifeanyi kept on fumbling with his phone. It was of no use as he dropped it in defeat a few minutes later.

“I think the security guard should have the numbers of some drivers. Let me go talk to him.” Ifeanyi said before he left.

Zayan began fussing and I could tell he was hungry. I whipped out his flask and mixed his pap and fed it to him. After eating, he grew drowsy and drifted off to sleep almost immediately.

“They are all booked.” Ifeanyi said when he returned.

My heart leaped for joy.

“Are you hungry? I think there are some snacks in the fridge.”

I shook my head. “Can I have a drink?”

“Oh sure.” He stood up and walked over to the bar. “Juice or—“

“Red wine.”

He widened his eyes at me. “Uhm, I don’t think that’s good for you.”

I stood up from my seat and walked over to the bar. I sat on one of the high stools. My dress bunched up over my laps exposing more skin.

I stared at Ifeanyi with pleading eyes. “Please. Just a little. It’s not harmful.”

He stared at me for a while unsure of what to do. He then grabbed a wine glass and poured a little amount of red wine into it before he handed it to me.

“Thank you.” I smiled at him before I sipped from the glass. “Won’t you drink some too?” I pouted.

He smiled and poured himself some scotch.

I quickly downed the glass and stood to pour another drink from behind the counter.

Ifeanyi looked at me disapprovingly. “I don’t think that’s good for your baby.”

I laughed. “Just a little more.” I paused before I raised the glass to my lips.”

It had been ages since I last tasted alcohol. I got intoxicated too quickly. Ifeanyi was a free-spirit and he was easy to talk to. As we talked, I crossed and uncrossed my legs, I raised my bust when I laughed, all to get his attention but he seemed unfazed. He kept on checking his phone occasionally to check if the WiFi was up.

“Oh finally! The WiFi is connected. Let me order you a cab...so sorry for keeping—“

I couldn’t tell if it was the wine or my Hot hormones but I grabbed him by his shoulders and planted a deep kiss on his lips. When I felt him try to pull away, I held him tightly and pushed my breasts into his chest.

He placed his hands on my waist and gently pushed me away from him. He looked distraught.

“What are you doing?!” He got down from the stool and stepped away from me. “You’re drunk.”

I placed my hand at the back of my dress to draw down the zipper. He watched as I pushed down the dress just above my bulging tummy. I slowly unclasped my bra and let it drop to the tiled floor, exposing my bare breasts to him.

The pregnancy had made my breasts twice as big. It had also darkened my areola and made my nipples more taut.

He stood there watching me like a frozen statue. Nkiru’s choice of abstinence had made the poor boy sex starved.

I became more brazen to carry on. I moved closer to him and gently took his arms and placed both of his hands on my breasts. I tightened my hands over his so he could squeeze them.

When he began to squeeze, I shuddered at the tingling sensation I felt.

I traced my fingers down his torso to his waist and unbuckled his belt. I worked my hand into his trouser until I found him and began to stroke him stiff. He groaned deeply.

He lowered his face to mine and kissed me deeply before he grabbed my waist and and pulled me closer to his body.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He whispered with a hoarse voice.

“You won’t.” I assured him.

I pulled him towards the one seater opposite sleeping Zayan. I sat on it and spread each leg over the arms of the chair. Ifeanyi happily took the invitation. He leaned over me and pushed my pantyline aside.

We both moaned as he slid into me. I squirted after a few seconds of his wild thrusting.

Zayan woke up from his nap and began crying. Ifeanyi tried to stop but I begged him not to. He kept on slamming into me, he was careful enough not to let our abdomens touch.

Zayan’s cry grew louder and we both ignored him. He climbed down from the sofa and crawled towards us. He kept quiet and watched in confusion.

My head spun as Ifeanyi pounded faster and each thrust brought me closer to my highly revered orgasm.

“Please come inside me.” I begged when he was about to pull out. I wrapped my legs around him and held him tightly until I felt his warm liquid fill my insides and then I had my own orgasm.

“Oh shit, I just made a huge mistake.” Ifeanyi’s face was buried in his palms.

I rolled my eyes as I zipped up my dress. Zayan was standing next to me, holding on to my legs for support.

“Nkiru mustn’t hear about this. Please.” He raised his head to look at me. His eyes were red. It seemed he was at the brink of crying.

“I’m not a baby.” I snapped at him.

Ifeanyi’s phone buzzed and he picked it up.

“Your cab is here.” He informed me.

I pulled back some loose braids behind my ears.

“I need 20,000.”

Ifeanyi raised his brows at me. “What for?”

“Baby food.”

He let out a defeated sigh as he stood up from his seat and walked into his room. He returned with the money and handed it to me. I counted it meticulously before slipping it into the side pocket of Zayan’s diaper bag.

“Look, I don’t know what came over me...I really love and care about your sister. Let’s forget this happened.”

“No problem.”

I stepped closer to him and tiptoed so my lips could reach his. I licked his lips. He didn’t pull back. I allowed my tongue penetrate into his mouth and then he began to kiss back.

I smiled as I ended the kiss and took a step backwards.

“See you tomorrow.”



Re: Dirty Hustlers by Adeola25(f): 9:59pm On Apr 15
I am not sure if Cherry is a normal person. She is a disgrace to womanhood. Thanks for the update OP


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 11:49pm On Apr 15


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Athemisia: 8:38am On Apr 16
Boma... It's OVER...

Re: Dirty Hustlers by Abosede512(f): 11:37am On Apr 16
I am not sure if Cherry is a normal person. She is a disgrace to womanhood. Thanks for the update OP
just imagine, useless woman


Re: Dirty Hustlers by oyinella(f): 3:59pm On Apr 16
This Cherry girl is as disgusting as poop
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 6:45pm On Apr 16
This Cherry na werey girl

Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Bunnybee: 8:32am On Apr 17
This girl is too desperate how can u do this 2 ur blood sister! angry great storyline op
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 10:19am On Apr 17
Better style
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Owain: 10:47am On Apr 17

I swear and I was even pitying the fool. She is not fit to be a mother
Good morning ma'am..
I would like to know how you came about your moniker pls..
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:22am On Apr 18
“Oh God.” Ifeanyi groaned as he gripped my waist firmly and raised his hips to meet mine.

I rolled off him after a few seconds and laid breathlessly next to him on the bed. The air conditioning was turned on but we were both sweating and panting like dogs out in the sun.

I could hear the sound of the cartoon Zayan was watching on the television in the living room. We had turned it on earlier so he wouldn’t disturb us.

Ifeanyi pulled me closer to his body and cuddled me. His naked chest rubbed against mine as he kissed my forehead. I felt safe and loved in his arms. I badly wanted to tell him how much I loved him but I needed to hear him say it first.

I had visited Ifeanyi twice since the first day he had invited me over. Aside from the mind blowing sex, we also had great conversations. I had begun developing deep feelings for him and I thought he felt the same way too.

I giggled as I pushed him away from me. I stood up from his bed and picked up my underwear and clothes which were strewn all over the floor.

“What are you doing?” Ifeanyi asked as I began to wear my clothes.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” I asked sarcastically.

“Please stay...just for a little while.” He pleaded.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his sexy body as he laid naked on the bed. I wished I could spend the night with him. I had lied to Mama and Nkiru that I felt sick and had to visit the hospital. Nkiru wanted to come with and she had raised a brow at me when I refused.

“I’ve overstayed sef. Mama and Nkiru are getting suspicious of my movements.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door. I began to panic as I wondered who was at the door. Ifeanyi stood up from the bed and swiftly put on his shirt and a pair of shorts. He walked out of the room, I heard him switch the cartoon to a music channel on the television. He returned with Zayan whom he handed to me.

“Try to keep him quiet.”

I nodded.

I waited anxiously in the bedroom with Zayan. Ifeanyi returned a few minutes later with a black leather package in his hand.

“Who was that?” I curiously asked.

“It was just a delivery guy. I had expected him to come later this evening.”

The bag looked plush. I suspected whatever was inside to be very expensive. I had a feeling it was Nkiru’s birthday gift and my mood turned sour.

“Is that Nkiru’s gift? What did you get her?” I eyed the bag.

His face glowed as he smiled.

“It’s not a gift par se.” He walked over to sit next to Zayan and I on the bed as he brought out a small velvet black box from the bag.

My blood began to boil as I figured out what it was.

“It’s an engagement ring...I really hope she likes it. Look at it.”

I angrily slapped the box out of his hands. The ring fell out as the box crashed on the floor.

Ifeanyi stared at me with shock. “What did you do that for?”

“You plan on getting married to my sister after sleeping with me?! How dare you?!” I screamed at him. I felt like punching him repeatedly in the face.

“Why are you acting this way? I thought-“

“You thought what?! I was a prostitute you could use and dump?!” Tears streamed down my eyes as I angrily stood up from the bed and picked up a flower vase from the bedside table to smash on the floor.

The sound startled Zayan and he began to wail loudly. Ifeanyi picked him up from the bed and began to rock him. The way he lovingly held Zayan made me more emotional. Musa had never touched or held his own son that way. I needed Ifeanyi to stay in our lives, we both needed him.

“Cherry what the hell is wrong with you? This behavior is out of place and look, you are frightening your son.”

I knew I was overreacting but I hadn’t expected Ifeanyi to propose to Nkiru so soon...if not at all after our encounters. He should have considered my feelings at least. Was I that easy to get over with?

“Frightening my son?! Oh when you were having sex with me in front of him you didn’t know he was frightened!”

I picked up my bag from the bedside table and grabbed crying Zayan from Ifeanyi.

“Thank you for using me! Have a nice life with my sister!” I made to walk out of the door but Ifeanyi caught me by my hand and pulled me back.

“Stop crying.”

He wiped the tears from under my eyes and hugged me. He backed away after a few seconds and went to the closet. He took out a big bundle of 1000 Naira notes which he handed to me.

I gave him a hot slap that I was sure would make him see invisible stars. He looked dazed held his cheek.

“You want to pay me off or what?! You think I’m sleeping with you for your money ehn?! Go to hell Ifeanyi!” I spat at him and walked out of the apartment with Zayan.

“Sister, what did the doctor say was wrong with you?” Nkiru asked as I plopped tiredly on the chair in the balcony.

“Just fever.” I lied.

Nkiru the back of her hand over my forehead to check my temperature. “Your temperature seems normal. Your face and eyes are red sha. Ndo, sorry. Were you given drugs? Are you hungry?”

I wanted Nkiru to leave me alone. I wanted to tell her how I’ve been having sex with Ifeanyi. I wanted her to hate him and reject his proposal.

“Sister, I have good news.” Nkiru’s face brightened.


“You know my birthday na tomorrow. Ifeanyi said he no go fit come spend am with me because of work and so, I made him bribe me.”

She flashed a huge smile at me.

“How this one take concern me?” I gave her an irritated look wondering how any of that was my business.

“Wait na. I asked him for some money and he sent it immediately...you know I never ask him. We would use it to pay for your antenatal and buy a few things for the new baby.” She spoke with a singsong voice.

“Oh, Daalụ. Thank you.”

She arched her brows. “Sister you don’t seem happy.”

“I am. It’s just this headache that is disturbing me. I need to sleep. Help me bathe and feed Zayan.”

I said as I stood up from the chair to walk into the house. When I entered my bedroom, I laid on my bed and buried my head into my pillow and cried my eyes out.


My phone vibrated under my pillow waking me up from sleep. As I picked up the phone, the light from the screen burned my eyeballs.

It was Ifeanyi calling.

“What do you want?”

“I’m sorry about what happened earlier today.”

“There’s no need to be sorry. Your action says it all and I don’t blame you. Who wants a woman with 2 kids, no degree and no job? It’s obvious I am not good enough for you.” I sniffed.

“Cherry, stop talking like that. I think you are an amazing and a beautiful woman, it’s just that it all happened so fast...to be honest I didn’t think this through. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t toy with my feelings, please don’t. I really want to be with you. I- I love you. Since the first day I saw you, I loved you.” I blurted out without pausing. I felt a huge weight leave my chest as I spoke.

“Cherry....” He groaned.

I felt like jumping off a cliff. What was I thinking?

“Goodnight Ifeanyi.”

“Wait— don’t hang up please. Hello?”

“What?” I pressed the phone tightly to my ear with my sweaty palm.

“I love you too.” His voice sounded breathy.

My stomach fluttered. That was all I needed to hear.

“You don’to have to lie. I’ll bring Nkiru to the party tomorrow so you can engage her.” I ended the call.

He kept on calling but I refused to pick the phone.


“Surprise! Happy birthday!!” Everyone in the room cheered as Nkiru stepped into the apartment.

“Oh God!” Nkiru blushed and she began smiling sheepishly.

Ifeanyi took her into his arms and gave her a hug before he kissed her. I stood behind them watching jealously. If only Nkiru knew how his lips had roamed all over my body just the day before, I smiled as I thought.

I walked with Zayan to sit on a couch.

I tried severally for Ifeanyi’s eyes to meet mine but he avoided me like a plague. I needed a sign to know if he was still going to propose to Nkiru.

“Sister! So you were part of the plan?!” Nkiru sat on the chair next to me. She had been dancing and she seemed tired. “And you too Zay?!” She lightly pinched Zayan’s cheek.

“Happy birthday sis. It was all your boyfriend’s idea.” I giggled. Calling Ifeanyi her boyfriend left a bitter taste in my mouth.

“Thank you Sister. You are the best.” She leaned in and hugged me tightly. I stayed stiff.

“I have to get going. The music is getting to loud for Zayan and everyone is getting drunk.”

Nkiru agreed with me and helped me order a taxi with her phone.

“I’ll bring home cake and drinks for you and Mama.” She promised as she closed the door of the taxi and waved us off.


I tossed and turned in bed that night. I couldn’t sleep. Why did Nkiru choose to spend the night at Ifeanyi’s place if he had not proposed to her?

I imagined them in bed, him taking her virginity and forgetting all about me. I kept on dialing their numbers repeatedly but none of them answered their calls.

Nkiru came home the next day.

“Where you dey since? I been dey call you and that your boyfriend, una no gree answer my call.” I ranted as a she stepped into the compound.

“Sister sorry. We were both tired and slept off. I couldn’t make it home.”

“What made you tired?” I sneered as I eyed her jealously.

Nkiru laughed. “No o! Nothing like that...I danced for long. Some of the guests slept in the apartment sef. I slept in the room with my girlfriends while Ifeanyi slept in the living room with the guys.... I brought cake. Has Mama gone to the shop?”

I heaved a sigh of relief. I searched Nkiru’s fingers for a ring but I found none.

“Give me the biggest share of cake o, I’m eating for two.” I rubbed my big stomach and laughed heartily. I was gradually winning Ifeanyi.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by quinSonia(f): 6:05am On Apr 18
Very Beautiful update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Asiseeit: 6:32am On Apr 18
I'm torn. I am really irritated by this wicked dumbo of a girl that I never want to read this story again, yet it's just too good a story to ignore!


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 8:08am On Apr 18
May thunder fire Cherry nyansh.... Ashawo angry angry angry
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Tonyx5(m): 8:46am On Apr 18
This Cherry girl get mind sha o Anyway, I'm just observing in 4k...amazing read op
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Born2winnx: 8:50am On Apr 18
Cherry the cheerful giver
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 11:17am On Apr 18
Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by oyinella(f): 2:14pm On Apr 18
with sisters like Cherry, we no need cast and bind satan


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Cuminsideher: 5:57pm On Apr 18
Why do I feel this cherry girl Go sweet. Ride on girl!!!
Good dick is good for the body, mind and soul. Lol but If only Nkiru gave him the cookie, he would have been less Hot and would have prevented Cherry the slut.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Odoogu(m): 7:39pm On Apr 18
where the all men are scum gang? come see reverend sister cherry! cheesycheesy
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Kingdemu: 7:42pm On Apr 18
where the all men are scum gang? come see reverend sister cherry! cheesycheesy
cheesy cheesy


Re: Dirty Hustlers by blesskewe(f): 8:14pm On Apr 18
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Adeola25(f): 8:35pm On Apr 18
Hmmm, thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 1:57pm On Apr 19
Cherry is a slut and Ifeanyi is a fool angry


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Athemisia: 6:52pm On Apr 19
Why do I feel this cherry girl Go sweet. Ride on girl!!!
Good dick is good for the body, mind and soul. Lol but If only Nkiru gave him the cookie, he would have been less Hot and would have prevented Cherry the slut.
That guy Lacks self control....


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