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What Is "Dirty" And "Stain" In YORUBA Language? / Romantic Story : My Dirty Friend (18+) Episode 1 / My Dirty Friend:episode 10 (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Meatballs(m): 12:39pm On Jun 18, 2020

pls is there anything I can do to render help to you so u can complete the story
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 12:56pm On Jun 18, 2020

pls is there anything I can do to render help to you so u can complete the story

Lol nice pun. I'll update soonest


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Meatballs(m): 1:01pm On Jun 18, 2020

Lol nice pun. I'll update soonest
We Wait On You
Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 2:01pm On Jun 18, 2020
renderbaby where are you cryrenderbaby where are you
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Stargurl20(f): 9:17pm On Jun 18, 2020
From fry pan to fire cry
Re: Dirty Hustlers by leosmaria(m): 9:38am On Jun 19, 2020
what's going on here?
Re: Dirty Hustlers by irumanle(m): 8:01am On Jun 20, 2020
Nice work, more grease to your elbow @renderhelp.
Come and give us updates please.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nobody: 11:41am On Jun 23, 2020
Still waiting for updates ooo miss renderhelp
Re: Dirty Hustlers by xaviercasmir(m): 3:09pm On Jun 23, 2020
Still waiting for updates ooo miss renderhelp
Good to also have you here babe. I am one of fan


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nobody: 5:10pm On Jun 23, 2020

Good to also have you here babe. I am one of fan

Thanks smiley
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 12:51pm On Jun 24, 2020
@Renderhelp, abeg come update nah
Re: Dirty Hustlers by DarkGamer: 8:59pm On Jun 24, 2020
Renderhelp where are you
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:28pm On Jun 26, 2020
I was in the living room watching TV while breastfeeding Zayan. I was enjoying the show so much that I didn't notice when Musa walked in.

"So this is what you do all day?"

I jerked out of shock when I heard his voice. He didn't usually return home from work that early.

"Goo- good afternoon Sir. Welcome." I stammered as I picked up the remote with a shaky hand to turn off the TV.

I hurriedly detached Zayan from my breast and adjusted my garment before I stood up from the couch to face Musa. Zayan angrily protested the abrupt end of his feeding and I rocked him gently to calm him.

"Such a lazy fool! All you do is eat, sleep and watch TV. Keep on waiting for an opportunity to steal my hard earned money to give your jobless boyfriend."

I took a few steps backwards and held Zayan tightly to my chest in case Musa wanted to take a swing at me. His blue eyes pierced into mine and I lowered my gaze to the floor.

We had been married for almost 3 months and this was what I had to deal with daily. Musa still didn't trust me and he would hit and insult me at the slightest mistake, most times for no reason at all.

He flinged the shopping bag he was holding on the couch next to me.

"Wear these tonight. I am taking the both of you out to dinner by 7."

He was already walking out of the living room when he paused and turned to me. "Oh...I called in a makeup artist to fix your face. She would be here soon." He said and left.

He was referring to the black eye, swollen cheek and several bruises I had sustained from his constant beatings.

I stared curiously at the fancy looking shopping bag and I tried to decipher what Musa was up to as he had never bought me anything or taken me anywhere since we got married. I shrugged as I had no choice but to go out with him.

I looked at the antique standing clock and it was 4:49 P.M, I grabbed the bag and went upstairs with Zayan to get ready.

The makeup artist came in about 30 minutes later. She looked worried when she saw my face but she didn't make any comment on it.

I almost did not recognize myself when I looked at the mirror. Musa had gotten me an expensive looking navy blue abaya with shiny specks of silver, a silver hijab, a lovely pair of sandals and a small leather bag to match. The makeup artist had also done justice to my face as my bruises were barely noticeable. I smiled at my reflection and felt happy.

"You look so lovely my dear!" Musa's mother exclaimed as I walked down the stairs with Zayan who was wearing a cute little suit.

Musa's mother leaned in for a hug when I got close to her and I obliged. "Oh My handsome grandson." She cooed and played with Zayan's chubby cheek.

Musa impatiently blasted the horn of his car from outside. I excused myself from her presence and took quick wide strides out of the house and to Musa's waiting car.

"Don't walk too fast or you will fall!" Musa's mother called behind me.

I ignored her and kept on walking as fast as I could, She wouldn't intervene if Musa hits me for keeping him waiting. I didn't want to give him an excuse to beat me up that night.

I strapped Zayan securely to his infant seat at the back of the car before I sat next to Musa at the front seat. He didn't even turn to look at me. I silently wished he could admire me and find me attractive once again.

We drove out of the house in silence.

I was surprised and a bit confused when we pulled into the large compound of a beautiful mansion. I had earlier thought Musa was taking us out to a fancy restaurant or something of that sort.

"Now listen good." Musa began after he parked the car and turned off the engine. "I am trying to strike a business deal and the reason I brought you and your son here is because the Man is from the same tribe as you and he is a family oriented person. I am not asking you to do much, just smile and speak only when you are spoken to."

He turned to look at me for the first time that night. "Can your tiny brain handle that?"

I tried to hold back my tears. I thought I would have gotten used to his insults but his words still stung fiercely. He kept on referring to Zayan as my son, he never for once touched since we moved into the house. Even when his mother urged him to hold Zayan, he never did.

I nodded slowly.


Musa's business partner, Mr Ojeih was a warm hearted and lively man. When he got to know we were from the same tribe, he switched over to our native language. He made me feel a bit relaxed but I tried my best to keep to Musa's rules.

"Ah Musa, you do good thing by marrying my fine sister. See how your pikin fine. Hope say she dey teach you our language?" Mr Ojeih laughed heartily.

Musa acted like he was in love with me and we were happily married all through dinner. He would turn to smile at me or play with Zayan's hair.

After dinner, Musa went with Mr Ojeih to his study while Zayan and I waited in the living room. They spent a long time there and I had already fallen asleep on the couch when they both came in.

I woke up to Musa's gentle taps and they were both chuckling. Mr Ojeih apologized for keeping us so long.

As we drove back home, I noticed Musa was excited. I concluded that Mr Ojeih had agreed to his business proposal.

Zayan was fast asleep at the backseat when we got home. I took him upstairs and changed him into his sleepwear before I handed him over to his Grandmother.

When I got into the master's bedroom, I looked at myself one last time and I sighed as I wondered when next I would get to wear such beautiful clothes again. I felt too tired to take a shower so I decided to take a short nap first.

I wasn't used to sleeping with makeup on my face, it made me somewhat uncomfortable. I woke up about an hour later to shower.

I noticed Musa wasn't in the room when I got up. I went into the bathroom and took off my clothes. As I turned on the shower, Musa walked in.

"Not again." I mumbled and turned off the shower. I mentally prepared myself for another round of beating.

"Wait, don't take off the makeup yet. You look amazing." He came closer and grabbed me by my waist before he planted a kiss on my lips.

My eyes widened in surprise and my heartbeat became rapid. I didn't expect that to happen!

He lifted my wet body and we headed straight for the bed where he gently laid me down and kissed me again.

Fear and confusion escaped my mind as passion filled my body and I responded to his touch and kisses.

He got up from the bed and picked up a bottle of cognac from one of the side tables next to the bed and took a big swig from it. He offered me some but I shook my head. As he drank, I noticed the bottle was half empty and I pondered if he was drunk.

He finally let go of the bottle and pounced on me.

"Uhm....Are you okay? Are sure you want to do this?" I timidly asked. What if he accuses me of seducing him when the drink wears off? I became scared again.

"Your boobs are bigger." He said as he fondled my breasts. He sucked on my nipple and contorted his face when he tasted my milk.

"Very sweet." He laughed and clicked his tongue before he continued sucking.

I had a feeling it wasn't going to end well. I struggled to push him away and get up from the bed but he held me down firmly. He grunted when he found his way into my body.

It had been a long time since I felt the way I did that night. My eyes almost rolled into back of my head as he roughly and carelessly humped on my body.

I orgasmed twice before he poured his seed into me and rolled over. When I finally caught my breath, I wanted to get up from the bed and go to sleep on the couch as usual, but the bed felt so soft and warm. I changed my mind and covered my naked body with the duvet instead.

I turned to kiss Musa and he smiled and cuddled me. I felt happy and content, I silently prayed he would love me and start treating me right. We held on to one another as we drifted off to sleep.

The sound of his phone ringing and vibrating woke us up from sleep. I grudgingly tossed my body to the other side of the bed and expected him to end the call and put his phone on silent mode.

"Cherry, wake up! Wake up!" He shook my shoulder.

"I'm awake." I sat up from the bed and rubbed my eyes.

"Go and sleep on the couch. My wife is video calling. Hurry up!"

My mouth dropped open.

"Get going. Fast!" He urged impatiently with a frown.

I hesitated. I wanted to tell him I was also his wife but I didn't have the courage to do so.

"Are you daft?! Comot from my bed!" His jugular vein almost popped out of his neck.

I fearfully stood up from the bed. I was still stark naked as I walked over to the couch.

"My love!" I turned back to see Musa smiling at the screen of his phone. "I'm sorry I didn't call you earlier, I was too tired. The dinner was great, he finally agreed...I wish you were here to celebrate with me."

I felt like a forgotten toy.

I couldn't stand the conversation between Musa and his first wife, he kept on laughing and calling her pet names so I put on my nightdress and walked out of the room.

I spent about 2hours in the living room downstairs. I half-expected Musa to come and look for me. Musa had received several calls from his first wife in my presence before but this time it felt different.

When I lost hope of Musa coming to find me, I went into the kitchen to make his favorite tea for him.

When I returned to the room, he was done with the call but was busy with his phone.

"Hi. I made some tea for you." I said to him as I walked towards his bed.

He looked up at me with disapproval. "Did I ask you to?" He rudely asked.

"I thought--"

"I highly doubt if you thought about it. That tea has a high dose of caffeine, I'm not sure an illiterate like you know what caffeine is."

He eyed me from head to toe.

"Go and clean that makeup on your face, you look like a wh.ore." His eyes went back to the screen of his phone.


The next day was a Sunday. Musa didn't go to work but he went out very early in his house clothes.

He ignored my greetings as usual that morning. I felt sad and decided to forget what had happened the previous night.

I was making breakfast in the kitchen when he returned. One of the maids told me he asked that I should meet him in the Master's bedroom. I handed my cooking over to her and hurried up the stairs. I hoped he didn't want to beat me up and accuse me of seducing him.

He was seated on a couch in the room. A glass of water and a small white plastic bag was on the table before him.

"You called me."

He brought out a small pink paper pack from the bag and popped out 2 pills from the sachet which he handed over to me.

I reluctantly took the pills from his hand but I held them in my fist and stared at him.

"Are you a slowpoke? Swallow them!"

I shook my head firmly.

He slammed his hand on the table causing me to flinch. "I don't have time for this!" He took a deep breath before he spoke calmly. "...And besides, I am not sure your boyfriend would want you to get pregnant again."

I thought to use the opportunity to get Musa to trust me that I didn't plan to go back to Broda and if I get pregnant his mother wouldn't let him hit me with her grandchild in my womb. Slowly, I would finally fit into the family. It was like using a stone to kill two birds.

"I won't take them." I spoke with defiance.

Musa stood up from the couch and I ran out of the room with full speed to his mother's room.

When she opened the door I held out the pills for her to see. Musa was coming from behind me.

"My husband doesn't want me to get pregnant. He is forcing me to take them." I reported.

She frowned and took the pills from my hand and faced Musa squarely.

"I don't want to see or hear of this abomination in this house again."

I smiled triumphantly.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 3:29pm On Jun 26, 2020
Sorry for the late update guys


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Drclassic(m): 5:18pm On Jun 26, 2020
Sorry for the late update guys
Nice story. You are forgiven but we need more update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Renderhelp(f): 5:20pm On Jun 26, 2020

Nice story.
You are forgiven but we need more update

Thanks. More to come

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Adeola25(f): 8:12pm On Jun 26, 2020
Welcome back and thanks for the update.

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Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 11:24am On Jun 27, 2020
Am hooked 2 this. Thnx @rendehelp
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Ann2012(f): 8:19am On Jun 28, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nostradamus: 7:10pm On Jul 03, 2020
Thank you guys for the above comments. Comments like these motivates me smiley

This is my first story and I will like to know your thoughts on it, please drop comments, critics are welcome cheesy
you're doing well cool
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Drclassic(m): 10:04am On Jul 05, 2020
OP please come and continue what you started. Nice work
Re: Dirty Hustlers by mamato(f): 4:27pm On Jul 05, 2020
Wow! This story is so captivating. More updates please.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 5:09pm On Jul 06, 2020
What a story!!!

On Cherry, her life has been full of mistakes. What’s really paining me abt her is her making the same mistakes over and over again all in the name of love, America and money. The moment she ran away from her family after they accommodated her during her pregnancy just show’s how ungrateful n disgusting she is. Now she’s just got new problems, and the story just got a whole more complicated. No predictions for now and I can’t really say I wish her well because she go still f--k up.


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Blacckrod(f): 5:13pm On Jul 06, 2020
On Broda… Hmmm sad end for him. Even tho he was wicked n selfish, I can tell he really wanted to capitalize on the situation n get rich.. but his method was just too hard n harsh. Rest in pieces tho!!!To the writer, it’s a very lovely piece full of lessons we should all learn.To the readers, It’s a story, we should all learn from it. Next update pleaseeeee!


Re: Dirty Hustlers by millieademi(f): 8:09am On Jul 15, 2020
Renderhelp, where are you?!!
Re: Dirty Hustlers by FuroGintle(m): 8:13pm On Aug 01, 2020
What is happening, Renderhelp hope you're fine


Re: Dirty Hustlers by Nobody: 5:53am On Aug 02, 2020
This is one of the best stories I've come across on NL. It is unfortunate the author chose to abandon it midway.
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Temitopemo6e6(m): 7:42pm On Aug 03, 2020
Uneasy lies the head that wears a
Re: Dirty Hustlers by millieademi(f): 7:45pm On Aug 03, 2020
Oh where, oh where has our Renderhelp gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?

We are anxiously awaiting your return Renderhelp.

Oh where, oh where can you be?
Re: Dirty Hustlers by Temitopemo6e6(m): 7:51pm On Aug 03, 2020
Oh where, oh where has our Renderhelp gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?

We are anxiously awaiting your return Renderhelp.

Oh where, oh where can you be?
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