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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 8:47pm On Dec 13, 2019
Harboring abusersSouthern Baptist churches welcomed sex offenders

By John Tedesco

Photos by Jon Shapley and Jerry Lara

Published June 3, 2019

Pastor Ruben Garcia was arrested nearly two years ago in Hays County, prosecuted on charges of sexually assaulting a teenage girl and prohibited by a judge from being alone with children.

But the preacher kept his job at a Southern Baptist church.

Garcia, 60, sang hymns and taught kids about the Lord at Betania Baptist Church in Austin, a church so small that Sunday services feel more like a family gathering.

Ruben Garcia

In February 2016, a teenage girl told police in the Austin suburb of Buda, where Garcia lives, that he put his hands down her pants and sexually assaulted her multiple times in the summers of 2013 and 2014, records show. Police arrested Garcia in June 2017, and he was later released on bond.

Then Garcia continued serving as co-pastor of his church, where few members of the congregation questioned the appropriateness of their spiritual leader remaining in his post with sexual-assault charges pending against him.

Their support continued in 2018 after Garcia pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and avoided prison — but was prohibited from being around children as part of the terms of his sentence.

“All I have to say is that I love him,” said Edel Perez, a longtime church member.

Garcia is hardly the only Southern Baptist pastor to stay in the pulpit after being accused of a sex crime. The Houston Chronicle confirmed that since the 1990s, at least 30 SBC churches were aware that a pastor, employee or volunteer had faced allegations of sexual misconduct in the U.S. — yet the churches hired them anyway or allowed them to continue serving in their spiritual roles.

At two churches that harbored predators, employees faced criminal charges of failing to notify authorities about an allegation of sexual abuse involving a child. And in at least seven cases, Southern Baptist ministers who have been accused of sex crimes are still serving at a church.

These new revelations come as the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest and most influential coalition of Baptist churches in the United States, is wrestling with a burgeoning sexual abuse crisis as it prepares for its upcoming national meeting in Birmingham, Ala.

An investigation by the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News revealed in February that more than 700 people, most of them children, had been sexually abused by Southern Baptist pastors, church employees or volunteers during the past two decades.

The newspapers also published a database of about 260 Southern Baptist church pastors, leaders, employees and volunteers who pleaded guilty or were convicted of sex crimes.

The series, “Abuse of Faith,” sparked a national outcry. More than 350 readers contacted the newspapers to offer tips or share their own stories of abuse. Our reporting resumes this week with several stories prior to the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual conference.

An investigation published in February by the Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News, “Abuse of Faith,” sparked a national outcry. Among the findings: At least 10 SBC churches knowingly welcomed pastors, ministers and volunteers since 1998 who had faced accusations of sexual misconduct.

More than 350 readers contacted the newspapers to offer tips or share their own stories of abuse. Some said they were concerned about other Southern Baptist churches that employed sexual predators out of a misguided sense of forgiveness or failing to hold a beloved pastor accountable.

With the help of tips from those readers and by reviewing news stories and court records, the Chronicle found another 20 churches that knew an employee or volunteer had been accused of a sex crime but allowed them to keep serving at the church.

“Once they’ve committed a crime of that nature, they should not work in any capacity around children,” said Rodney Pires, owner of Church Security 360 Degrees, an Atlanta firm that helps churches strengthen their hiring and security practices.

Pires said it’s commendable for churches to offer people a second chance. But sexual abuse is a crime, he said, and putting abusers in a position of trust places other children at risk.

“The number one priority of the shepherd is the sheep,” Pires said.

At least one church that knowingly employed an offender is tied to SBC’s leadership.

In the early 1990s, First Baptist Church in Rockwall welcomed back a former part-time church employee, Jason Leon Austin, as a volunteer assistant in the church’s youth program, despite a prior conviction of indecency with a child in 1991 in Harris County and despite a separate complaint that he had molested another child inside the church, according to court documents and a deposition.

A lawsuit filed against the church in Rockwall by one of Austin’s victims alleged that pastor Steve Swofford knew about the prior criminal conviction. Swofford is a past president of the Southern Baptist Convention of Texas and helped select the new president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s executive committee, Ronnie Floyd.

Swofford declined to comment for this story. The lawsuit was dismissed because the statute of limitations had lapsed for complaints related to the alleged assaults.

SBC President J.D. Greear said he was “broken” by the findings in the newspapers’ investigation and promised concrete reforms to prevent sexual abuse. Greear said any Southern Baptist church that knowingly employs a sex offender doesn’t belong in the SBC.

“There can simply be no ambiguity about the church’s responsibility to protect the abused and be a safe place for the vulnerable,” Greear said in response to the newspapers’ stories. “Abuse can never be tolerated, minimized, hidden, or ‘handled internally.’ Those in leadership who turn a blind eye toward abuse are complicit with it and must be held accountable.”

But accountability is rare. Southern Baptist churches don’t belong to a diocese or answer to a bishop. From tiny churches such as Betania to megachurches with thousands of members, every Southern Baptist church operates independently and ordains or hires its own pastors.

The result: SBC leaders have no idea how many churches employ sex offenders.

Of course althoughout Western European nations and colonies like America they support and harbor pedophile clergy. Their goal is to persecute the people by raping their children. This causes some of the children to cling to their abusers which is the Church and keep families bond to the Church. The Church Is the only place that will openly accept a pervert as you can see they knowingly retain convicted sex offender clergy even keep it secret.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 9:38pm On Dec 13, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 10:38pm On Dec 13, 2019
Homosexuals more likely to molest kids, study reports

by Ken Walker, posted Wednesday, May 30, 2001 (18 years ago)

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (BP)--A social researcher who has studied sexual behavior for 24 years believes the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has sound reasons for maintaining its prohibition against gay scoutmasters.

A homosexual cannot automatically be considered a child molester, said Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education in suburban Louisville, Ky.

But with 17-24 percent of boys being abused by age 18, nearly as many as the 25 percent of girls, there is cause for concern, she said.

Since heterosexuals outnumber the homosexual population about 44 to 1, as a group the incidence of homosexuals molesting children is up to 40 times greater than heterosexuals, she said.

"You're looking at a much higher rate of abuse," said Reisman, a former university research professor who recently completed a study titled, "Crafting Gay Children." "The Department of Justice just released data and the rate of abuse are off the charts."

BSA's policy has been the subject of constant attacks from gay activists, who have convinced a number of school boards to oust the Scouts from board property.

In a story that aired Apr. 1 on CBS, "60 Minutes" also questioned its validity. After California congressman Dana Rohrabacher called the prohibition common sense, reporter Lesley Stahl remarked that common sense turns out to be a myth.

According to the FBI and several clinical studies published in reputable journals, gay men aren't more likely to sexually abuse boys, she said.

"In fact, the largest database of child molesters in the country shows that those who molest boys are over three times more likely to be heterosexual in their adult relationships than homosexual," she said.

But Reisman points to figures from a 1991 population study by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

It showed that 8 million girls were abused by age 18 by heterosexual men, a ratio of 1 victim to 11 adult men. However, 6-8 million boys were abused by age 18 by 1-2 million adult homosexuals, a ratio of 3-5 victims for every gay adult.

Questioned about Reisman's claims, CBS stuck by its story.

Spokesman Kevin Tedesco said "60 Minutes" staffers spoke with leading sources of information on child molestation, including the FBI, American Psychological Association and several clinical researchers.

The database was assembled by psychologist Dr. Gene Able, director of the Behavioral Sciences Institute in Atlanta, he added.

However, Reisman also cites a past study by Able to bolster her contention that BSA has reason to fear admitting homosexuals to the scoutmaster ranks. It found that 150 boys are abused by one male homosexual offender, compared to 19.8 girls by heterosexual offenders.

In a study published in 1987 in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence, Able said homosexuals sexually molest young boys with an incidence five times greater than the molestation of girls. (Calls to Able seeking further comment were not returned.)

"We looked at the leading gay travel guide," Reisman said of her research. "Forty-seven percent of the 139 nations they talked about identified places to find boys. The average heterosexual travel guide is not concerned with finding children."

Crime statistics also pose concerns. Figures released last summer by the Justice Department reveal that adults are not the primary victims of sexual assault, she said.

They showed that 67 percent of all reported sex abuse victims are children and 64 percent of forcible sodomy victims are boys under 12.

These are studied facts homosexuals are 40 times more likely to rape children. And you give them power by calling them homosexuals because it creates the energy that the culture is based upon consent when in fact 95 percent of homosexuals were raped and molested as children. Allah doesn't want these people in His holy houses where believers gather with their wives and small children and any house that accepts them isn't holy.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:03am On Dec 14, 2019
Sodomy is worst than White Supremacy
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 3:04am On Dec 14, 2019
night school grin
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 3:36pm On Dec 14, 2019
Truth is powerful and indisputable
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 6:20pm On Dec 14, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 9:17pm On Dec 14, 2019
The Church Is A Homo Factory
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 10:55pm On Dec 14, 2019




Dear Lord, what will it take?

Last weekend, a parishioner pulled up to St. Mary Magdalen Catholic Church but drove away before walking into the sanctuary.

The woman decided not to attend Mass, she said, because she could no longer stomach the sight of George F. Brignac, a defrocked deacon who as recently as last month served as a lector at the Metairie church — reading Scripture and announcements — despite years of sexual abuse allegations that prompted his removal from the ministry in 1988.

Brignac, 83, remained in this public role even after the Archdiocese of New Orleans this spring quietly paid more than $500,000 to settle claims that he repeatedly raped an 8-year-old altar boy at Holy Rosary School more than three decades ago.


Archbishop Gregory Aymond insisted recently that Brignac’s fall from grace had been “very public” and, while not covered by the media, was widely known among church leaders in the 1980s. But it has become increasingly clear that some people didn’t get the memo — or that his defrocking was blatantly disregarded.

Just last month, Brignac stood at a Mass and performed a liturgical ministry in the presence of children, less than three miles from one of the schools where some of his alleged crimes occurred.

“I was outraged that he was still allowed to serve in any capacity in the church,” the St. Mary Magdalen parishioner said, speaking on the condition that her name not be printed. “This is a betrayal. They are not protecting the flock — or our kids.”

An archdiocese spokeswoman, Sarah McDonald, said its leaders were not made aware of Brignac’s role at St. Mary Magdalen until Aymond distributed a letter last month alerting parishioners of the latest sexual abuse allegations against Brignac — a notification the church did not make until two days after The New Orleans Advocate reported on the related six-figure settlement. The story was published about six weeks after the settlement.


“They asked me if I could read at the Mass — I didn’t do anything other than that,” Brignac said. “I’m a Catholic, and I’ve been close to the church all my life. God is paramount in my life, and everything I’ve done is to help people get closer to God.”

Brignac did not deny touching young boys — “I would not have gone into teaching if I were not attracted to children” — but insisted he never did it “for immoral purposes.” He said a psychologist who treated him years ago determined that he was “asexual.”

“Any actions of intimacy between my students and me — and family and me — have no sexual motive,” Brignac said during a 20-minute interview. “I’m not going to deny that I have touched a child.”

Read the whole thing.  It turns out that in 1980, a police investigation into Brignac was handled by a detective who himself was later exposed and imprisoned as a child predator.

For his part, Brignac said he wishes the alleged victims — and the church — would just “let this die.” He said the mounting allegations are nothing more than a “misinterpretation of my conduct.”

He said the recent news coverage has “ruined” his life and made him afraid to answer the door or venture outside.

“I can’t control the world today,” Brignac said. “These kind of things were not even thought of 25 years ago. They started all that stuff about same-sex marriages, homosexual marriages and all that kind of stupidity. Now it’s coming to attacking the morals of people who are working with young people.”

The elderly child molester is blaming gays for his troubles. Unbelievable. But all too believable.

How can any Catholic parent trust that the institutional Church with the safety of their children? There was a policy in place that should have sidelined Brignac — but it was ignored.

But next time, they’ll get it right, no doubt…

It has been said that a sure sign of corruption is the ability of an institution to recognize its problems, but not to be able to solve them. I am reminded of this passage from the Roman historian Livy, writing at the beginning of the Christian era about the decline of the Republic into Empire:

Here are the questions to which I would have every reader give his close attention —what life and morals were like; through what men and by what policies, in peace and in war, empire was established and enlarged; then let him note how, with the gradual relaxation of discipline, morals first gave way, as it were, then sank lower and lower, and finally began the downward plunge which has brought us to the present time, when we can endure neither our vices nor their cure. [Emphasis mine — RD]

People need the Church more than ever in this post-Christian — increasingly anti-Christian — age, but its leadership in far too many cases is destroying its own credibility. And for what? Who benefits? Seriously, it is a profound mystery. I get who benefits by hiding Uncle Ted’s sexual exploitation, but who benefits from protecting an elderly layman who was defrocked for molesting children?

UPDATE: Unless Brignac knows things that it wouldn’t be convenient for many in the Archdiocesan administration to have revealed, hence keeping him protected and happy. That’s the only reason that makes sense to me. By the way, before some of the usual suspects accuse me of going trolling for stories like this, let me point out that this is big news in south Louisiana this morning.

UPDATE.2: Reader Thomas:

Thank you for posting this, Rod. I read this piece with disbelief this morning, shocked that this man, arrested at least three times and who admits he touched children (but it didn’t mean anything because he is asexual) was still allowed an official role in the Church. As a faithful Catholic and father of three young children, I am at a loss of what to do as a member of a laity. I am not going to leave, but how am I supposed to raise my children in a world full of corruption and filth when the institution defending the Truth does stuff like this?

When will the bishops and parish priests start caring more for Catholics like this reader and his children than they do about enabling perverts like Brignac?

UPDATE.3: Erin Manning:

Justin Katz, I’d like to offer some context for why people are outraged about this, above and beyond the reality that this man seems unrepentant.

I sing in the choir at a small mission church. Our church has just changed from a former child safety program to the one that is run by Virtus (which I think is connected to the USCCB). Every single lay volunteer in the parish must, when our current safety training “expires” (once every three years), take part in a three-hour class covering child sexual abuse: how to spot it, how to report it, what rules are in place to combat it including the “two adults at all times” rules for people with direct contact with children, and so on. We must also give signed permission for the diocese to run a criminal background check on us, provide the names and addresses of a certain number of non-family references, and give all sorts of personal information.

Note well: this is a REQUIREMENT not only for church employment but for all volunteers. You cannot volunteer in any capacity whatsoever in our diocese without taking part in this process, and then renewing the training every three years (and I do hope they will eventually bring back the online option for renewal, because even though it still require a couple hours of watching videos and completing tests based on the videos, and all the forms and paperwork previously mentioned, it is still less difficult than finding an open live three-hour class on a date and at a time you can actually attend).

Again, please note: this is not just for “ministries” that actually involve children, like religious education or altar servers or youth choirs. This is for EVERYBODY who works or volunteers in any way. One parish I know of took it to such extremes that they required parents delivering baked goods for school bake sales to take the full 3-hour class complete with background check (and we’re talking about people dropping off baked goods at a selling location, not people actually doing the selling). Lectors, cantors, EMHCs, ushers, lawn care volunteers–every single person who works as an employee or volunteer in any capacity whatsoever on parish property MUST take this training.

And if anything “pops” in your record, if there are any red flags indicating you’ve ever had a problem with children, if you have a criminal past of any kind, the way the system is supposed to work is that you’re supposed to get a nice, polite, “Thanks, but you don’t qualify for ministry at St. Whatever Parish at this time,” and that’s that.

It’s not because repentant ex-cons can’t be valuable members of a parish, nor is it because volunteering is some kind of prize for the holy (it’s more like working off purgatory a bit early, if you ask me, but that’s another matter). Rather, it’s because in the wake of the Scandal the local dioceses reexamined their practices and policies and decided that it’s more important not to get sued than it is to let some guy convicted of accounting fraud serve on the Parish Finance Committee, even if he’s totally cool with “Thou Shalt Not Steal” now after serving his sentence and whatnot.

And this goes, or should go, double, triple, and quadruple for anybody ever associated with an offense against children. Unlike repentant ex-cons, the number of pedophiles and ephebophiles who actually stop abusing children (apart from during incarceration) is vanishingly small. The elephant in the room at child safety training is that by and large it’s not the average lay lectors we have to worry about, but when a lector is an ex-deacon with a kiddie touching problem there is NO excuse whatsoever for giving him a pass while telling Grandma she’s got to go to another three hour class and sign her background check papers for the eighth time in her long years of parish service during which time she’s never had anything worse than a speeding ticket because she was late for Mass on Daylight Savings Time Sunday two years ago.

In a word, when parish volunteers by the scores who have never and will never harm a child in any way, shape, or form must go through a labyrinthine path of classes and paperwork for the “privilege” of showing up every Sunday to do unpaid work for the parish, it is beyond galling that this gentleman’s atrocious record and present state of arrogant unrepentance gets, apparently, a pass. And if the argument was that maybe the old pastor knew about it but let it go, but the new one doesn’t–well, maybe we do things a bit differently in Texas, but in most places I’ve heard of the “every three years” renewal for the whole safety training-background check thing has become pretty standard, with an “every five years” alternate in some locations that have particular difficulty with the other schedule (I’m thinking remote dioceses with few parishes, maybe).

This simply should not have happened, and the more often it does, the more often the laity throw up their hands and say, “Why am I bothering to go to a three hour class and fill out all this paperwork every three years, when clergy (and ex-clergy) can show up and do anything they want with no repercussions, even when they fail to meet the criteria the rest of us have to meet before we’ll even be permitted to water the altar flowers or sweep the floors?”

Child Predators lurking in churches and they are known predators yet nothing is done about them.


Wake up out your slumber

Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 10:57pm On Dec 14, 2019
Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Vatican: A Nation of Sexual Perverts

It seems that the Vatican has been in the news a lot lately. It appears that the Pope was personally involved in a pedophilia cover up. A scandal has broken in Brazil. There’s an international inquiry into a Catholic cult and its sexual-predator leader who was a favorite of John Paul. A Vatican homosexual prostitution ring was exposed. Given the frequency and longevity of these problems, one can be certain there are systematic problems with the Catholic Church and its leadership.

It seems very clear to me that the sexual perversions of the Catholic Church are systematic, of their own making, and that they are powerless to fix them. Let’s take a look at the contributing causes.
Sexual control. The Vatican would like to control everyone’s sexuality. Most people don’t like to be controlled and people will be sexual despite attempts at control. One of the side effects of abstinence-only sex education and virginity pledges, for example, was that teenagers opted for “porn star sex,” to circumvent the control. The Vatican has mandated the missionary position and prohibited condoms for its laity to increase the number of potential future tithers. In the US, most Catholics ignore such mandates. Priests don’t get to ignore the Vatican, so they have to find their outlets somewhere outside the realm of normal sexuality.Guilt. Promoting guilt has been a holy cash cow for the Vatican. Believers are held to an unreasonable standard of being “without sin.” They fail by design and have to confess their sins and receive penance. The mechanism reinforces the guilt and binds the believers closer to the church. The vicious cycle perpetuates with the church gaining control over the believer. When guilt is combined with sexuality, it can become part of the fetish. Forbidden fruit is sweeter and the more forbidden, the better. Promoting guilt about sex has the inevitable consequence of warping sexuality.False hope. A person who is aware he has a problem will gravitate to an institution that purports to have a solution. By promising an omnipotent entity that can solve any problem, the Vatican draws in the people who are most desperate for a “cure.” Such people are most likely to embrace the dogma and blame themselves when it fails. From an outside perspective, it is clear that the Vatican has yet to “cure” anyone.Convenient cover. Positions of authority and trust provide the best cover for someone who should not be trusted. Such a person can abuse the authority while publicly condemning exactly what he is doing in private. If a predator has risen high enough in the ranks, he can even use his authority to ensure he will never be investigated or, if he is, avoid damaging penalties. The recent case of Rev. Marcial Maciel Degollado is just one example.Temptation. Any organization playing a public service role will provide many opportunities for interaction with people who can be easily persuaded to “return a favor.” Service organizations that focus on children are naturally going to attract pedophiles.Abuse of power. By playing the role of “father” and “the representative of God,” priests have a variety of ways of manipulating the victim. Threat of God’s wrath can make a potent silencer. Most victims have already given the church a great deal of control over their lives. It is very difficult to extract ones self from such a web. Even if a victim is steadfast in defending himself or herself, he or she can be bullied by agreeing to be silent in exchange for a payoff. A less powerful organization would not have the luxury of this bullying. Most people who donate to a church are not aware of the percentage of their “charitable donations” are used to perpetuate abuse. Moving abusive priests between churches is an obvious abuse of power. So is actively obstructing investigations, as the Pope has done. He even claimed diplomatic immunity as head of the Vatican to evade a lawsuit.
Evasion of responsibility. The Vatican’s response to the pedophilia scandal has been a long study in the art of responsibility evasion. The Vatican has blamed the victims, gays, the “permissive culture” of the United States, gays again, the devil, and gays. They have whined that the abuse scandal interferes with their “charity work.” They have whined about the cost of reparations and how they can’t afford it and they will go bankrupt. They have insisted that church-state separation allows them to do anything they want without consequences. They have said they were unaware that pedophilia was harmful to the victims. They have blamed the moral character of the priests (deflecting from the systematic cover up). They have pretended to self-police. They have prayed, confessed, and invoked God. They have cried “religious persecution.” They have claimed that other professions have just as many pedophiles. I don’t know of anything they haven’t done or said to deflect responsibility for their problem. The Vatican is quick, however, to make pronouncements about sex or condoms while claiming moral authority from God. Such ballsy displays of hypocrisy should lead to worldwide ridicule – not blind subservience.Complicity of the laity. Despite decades of controversy, Catholic laity still funds the church. Such people clearly care more about magic crackers than their fellow human beings. Non-Catholic Christians have also abetted the crimes of the Catholic Church through the bogus concept of religious tolerance and “thou shalt not judge.” This complicity has meant that the systematic abuses of the Catholic Church in the US have gone largely unpunished by the US legal system. Fortunately, other countriesvalue their citizens above long-standing pedophile rings. Perhaps some justice will come from Europe.Of these eight causes, the first six are intimately tied with the Catholicism. It is unlikely these causes will ever change. The last two are more about how the public responds to the abuse. While the Catholic Church will always be a spawning ground for sexual perversion, public outcry has some potential to limit the power of the Catholic Church and reduce its numbers. There is clearly no God available to clean up their mess, but the proper application of secular laws and lawsuits can go a long way to cleaning up this festering problem and reducing the number of future victims.

The lie about homosexuality that it is consenting adults is the biggest hype ever perpetrated upon the people.

Wake up out your slumber
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 11:29pm On Dec 14, 2019
Eddie Long And The Black Church’s Legacy Of Child Sexual Abuse

Jessica McGowan



On Sunday, January 15, Bishop Eddie Long passed away. Long was the prominent Atlanta pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, which at its height, boasted a congregation of over 25,000. A man of many controversies, Long had been closely scrutinized by the United States Senate for potentially profiting off of his church’s tax-exempt status.

He also came under fire for his homo-antagonistic sermons and his book, Deliver Me From Adam, in which he cloaks homophobia, misogyny and patriarchy in the lexicon of self-help. Long’s quest to cast out the spirit of homosexuality, however, did not stop there. Some have argued that he fathered and pastored a homophobic theological legacy at New Birth. In 2005, for example, he hosted his infamous “Sexual Orientation and Reorientation Conference” to convert LGBTQ Christians into heterosexuals.

Yet Long’s members stood behind him. Although the New Birth Christian Academy closed down, the church doors remained open. Congregants heard these children’s horrifying allegations of sexual abuse and many remained faithful to Long, even as he preached messages condoning homophobia, the subjugation of women and rape culture. In fact, after news of the child sexual abuse allegations surfaced, Long used the Bible to victim-blame and deny all charges in a sermon to his megachurch followers: “I’ve been accused. I’m under attack. As I said earlier, I am not a perfect man. But this thing, I’m gonna fight. . . . I feel like David against Goliath. But I’ve got five rocks and I haven’t thrown one yet.”

As a survivor of child sexual abuse and the son of Black churchgoing women and men, I am appalled by the ways that churches like New Birth create safe space for sexual violence. I am even more disturbed by the silence around rape and molestation, and the ways survivors are mocked and called liars. Meanwhile, abusers escape accountability, often keep their positions of power and manage to gain support as if they are the true victims.

“To be called beloved is not only to shatter the silence, but to get rid of it altogether,” writes Emilie M. Townes in her essay “Washed in the Grace of God.” “We owe one another respect and the right to our dignity as people of God. If we deny justice, we are telling those who go without that they are worthless […] Folk need to hear the church say in a clear and unequivocal voice that sexual and domestic violence are not acceptable behaviors but they are lethal values.”

However, in a world where Bishop Eddie Long can be accused of being a child molester and garner the support of the majority of his congregation, it calls us to question the level to which some of our Black churches truly care about what happens to Black children. As blogger Son of Baldwinobserves, “We love ovum and sperm. We love zygotes and embryos. We even love fetuses. But we do not — no, we absolutely do not — love children.”

Let me be clear, it is not uncommon for child abusers in the church—sexual and otherwise—to be protected by the incessant valorization of the Black male preacher. Long represented much of what the church prizes: fame, fortune and prominence. To see him in any other light than as a “man of God” would mean compromising conservative, prosperity gospel theologies, many of which excuse the church from enacting justice. “God” is characterized as the supreme judge who determines the outcome of all individuals. Long’s followers left him to God for judgment, even as God, like most adults, is regularly a passive bystander when children are sexually abused.

Long’s church continued with business as usual, shouting and dancing week after week to their pastor’s homophobic, sexist and classist interpretation of the gospel. All of which detracted from the severity of the survivors’ testimonies of sexual assault and sent the message that sexual violence within an intracommunal context is status quo and does not warrant the church’s collective action and strides toward justice. Long also used the Bible, one of the leading moral texts of the Western world, to excuse himself of communal accountability. This should not be overlooked. The same Bible that is used against women, LGBTQ individuals and other marginalized identities, was simultaneously used to shame survivors and privilege harm-doers, and the church must acknowledge, as the Rev. Dr. Renita Weems notes, how Biblical text even endorses rape.

Alas, Bishop Eddie Long has passed away and he will soon be funeralized. However, Black church communities cannot bury his troubled past with him. The church—New Birth et al.—must reckon with the Goliath of child sexual abuse and rescue the true Davids, our children, from the perverse and death-dealing realities of molestation, incest and rape.

Ahmad Greene-Hayes is a doctoral student in the Departments of Religion and African American Studies at Princeton University. He also currently serves as an inaugural cohort fellow of the Just Beginnings Collaborative (2016-2018), where his project, Children of Combahee works to eradicate child sexual abuse in Black churches. Follow him @_BrothaG.

And like the Catholic Church and the Jehovah Witnesses and the Baptists the Black church has a legacy of child rape and cover up. Even the LGBT is recognizing the blatant disregard for children yet its clear they both are the same.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 7:44pm On Dec 15, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 9:53pm On Dec 15, 2019
Next up the secret societies of Christians who practice ritualized anal sodomy.
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:24pm On Dec 16, 2019
child predators in the church
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 7:19pm On Dec 16, 2019

Here Pres. Putin speaks about the pedophilia pushed by US, Canada, U.K and Germany and how it will quicken their end. Pride cometh before a fall.


Wake up out your slumber
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 8:01pm On Dec 16, 2019
Wake up out your slumber
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 10:45pm On Dec 16, 2019
Sodomy is worst than White Supremacy
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 2:04am On Dec 17, 2019
The Church Is A Homo Factory
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 1:16pm On Dec 17, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 4:50pm On Dec 17, 2019

Freemasonry is a secret organization that dates back about 7000 years into the past (33th degree). The organization was founded by the priests of Egypt with the aim of preserving and protecting the knowledge of the abuse before the arrival of the materialistic age. A similar story is about Rosicrucians. That knowledge derived from Atlantis, which was collapsed before 12 500 years partly due to the misuse of knowledge.

At first, a major role have played positive ones, but over time these organizations have become corrupt, so that today there are only 10 to 20% of positive ones. Operating, and also the umbrella term of these secret societies is a society called the Illuminati (even some of the names are Consortium, Brotherhood, Family, New World Order), while the Vatican is their public expression, their ghost image, the institution responsible for the indoctrination. At one level, Protestant church can only be considered as a branch office of the Vatican. To some extent this is also the Orthodox Church, or any religious organization that has become an purpose in itself and is frantically preventing the spread of knowledge, whether Christian or unchristian. Extremely negative Vatican operatives are Jesuits. (About 10% of Jesuits belong to Illuminati.)

This is not a conspiracy theory, but the practice, saying that the Vatican, whose money is managed by Rothschild banking dynasty, owns more than half the world's goods, while the Illuminati power centers are present across the globe with its effect on the financial, political, military , media, education and any other issues. With the Vatican, the two most important Illuminati levers are London City and Washington DC. More about these three centers of power in the book of David Icke - Guide to the global conspiracy. Icke also reveals the astonishing amount of Satanism in the Western elite.

Freemasonry was initiator of France and American Revolution, and until the 18th century they were on the side of Light.
Five years after the French Revolution they were infiltrated by the Jesuits.Masons have conceived the United States as a beacon of freedom.
But, the more light somewhere, the rather darkness enters.

Again, not all members of the Illuminati are negative. It is about 10 to 20% positive ones. We're talking about the top of these organizations - the lower branches of Freemasonry and Catholicism have far more positive ones. Helena Blavatsky, who founded the Theosophical Society, is an example of the positives in these secret societies. She eventually left these secret societies disgusted with what she have seen. These organizations have strictly pyramidal structure, so that the whole picture have the only ones at the top, the lower ones hardly know anything. The structure looks like a big pyramid over a lot of small ones. The Illuminati are great, while the small pyramids are as Masons, Rosicrucians, Tavistock institute, Common Purpose, Opus Dei, Propaganda Due, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Skull and Bones, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commision, Fabian Society and the mass of similar organizations.

What confuses many are occasional conflicts between Catholics and Freemasons throughout history, or stationary persecution of freemasons by the fascists in the 2nd World War. If we know that half of the Vatican are in the Masonic Lodges, if we know that the Third Reich were founded by the Illuminati, then these conflicts can be easily interpreted as a lower level struggle of frictions, as in a larger political party, and generally, less negative ones are those that suffer. Also confusing is the fact that the Rothschilds are Jews, and they are responsible for the deaths of over 3 million Jews in the 2nd World War; like the wise man is no longer confined to one nation, the same the case is with demons. The Rothschilds are demons who have no sense for any nation, and they use Israel and Mossad for their perverted goals.

While the role of the Vatican is still unclear, also the role of 13 Ptolemaic Papal bloodlines, the Rothschilds are known to be the Presidents of the World Council of the Illuminati. There are indications that Spiritual Hierarchy allow all that negativity, as people turn to God only when they are on their knees. What is clear about the Vatican, we met through a thousand years of the Inquisition. If there was no inquisition, long time ago it appeared someone like David Icke. Here's what Icke says about Christians and the occult: "Many Christians I hear that swapping 'occult' (a word that means 'hidden') such that all esoteric knowledge is 'devil's work'. It is simply the knowledge that can be used for good or bad purposes. By the fact that they can not accept this knowledge, leaves them susceptible to control by those who have the knowledge used in bad faith."

Minorities, the psychopaths who control our world, now find their control slipping out of their hands. For a simple reason – they were discovered. Only on the wings of fear they still have dominion. But the awakening of the planet is now well advanced and very soon the Illuminati and their astral mentors will be history. As the Illuminati are playing with us, so the angels are playing with them, and for that reason we should abandon all fear.


As you can see secret societies are controlling every important major factor of Western European states and colonies. Lots of people make the mistake of thinking homosexuality as they are calling it is a lifestyle, no this is apart of their well hidden religion. Sodom and Gomorrah was a religion of evil practice and it still exists within Western European secret societies that are running the Church. Often the pastor, bishop and religious leader is the head of the secret societies because it is a religious priesthood. Did the secret society come out of Egypt? Yes yet the Cave Beast took over Egypt and ran the Nubian races out.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 5:20pm On Dec 17, 2019

As you can see in this hierarchy chart created by Freemasons themselves shows who their bosses are. The people at the top are the Pope and Elite royal families. These are the bloodlines of the tribe of Dan, the 13 Cro Magnum families that run the Western world. There are lower level religious leaders on the lower steps continuing to expose the lie that the Roman Vatican are against Freemasonry, they are running Freemasonry.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 6:44pm On Dec 17, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:54pm On Dec 18, 2019

This pedophile satanic activity is originating from inside the Church. The Church was the root and justification for the attack on Moors, Black American Indians, Africans, Asians, Arabs, Indians, Hispanics, Latins, Aboriginals, crucifixion, slavery and colonialization. And so is the Church guilty of setting up and controlling the persecution of people by raping and sodomizing their children. The Church has been involved in the defilment of children worldwide.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 9:25pm On Dec 18, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:29am On Dec 19, 2019
US pedophile state and church
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 2:02am On Dec 19, 2019
The Church Is A Homo Factory
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:33pm On Dec 19, 2019
Misplaced Faith
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 2:09am On Dec 20, 2019
Sodomy is worst than White Supremacy
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:32pm On Dec 20, 2019
Sodomy the worst of evils
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 3:40pm On Dec 21, 2019
The Church Is A Homo Factory
Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 12:00am On Dec 23, 2019
I told you all years ago those pedophiles are coming out of their churches within their perverted bloodlines and culture.

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Re: For Millenieum The Church Has Been A Homo Factory by Godhatesodomy: 3:48pm On Dec 23, 2019

Nimrod rejected God as his ruler; he trusted in his own might, therefore it is said of him, "Hewas mighty in hunting, and in sin before theLord; for he was a hunter of the sons of men in their languages

Nimrod the God king who like other kings before him were worshipped as gods. Yet unlike those other kings Nimrod dare declare himself the God of creation. He created beasts like dragons and gargoyles to hunt and terrorize men. Nimrod also known as Baal was a child sacrificer as he perfected his perverted creatures mixed with man and the DNA of animals as spoke of in the book of Enoch and Jasper. No man is Allah.

Wake up out your slumber

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