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Married And Slaying: Diary Of Mrs. Nwakaego Etadafe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by izaray(f): 9:56am On Dec 09, 2019
Silver1996 abeg no spoil me na, this Matthew and Daisy scene don make me wet grin

Thanks for the update
Hahaha..No be only u sis, even my body come dey do me some how too that day wink

But thank god for the grace, make we for no go rape person son biko tongue cheesy
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:57am On Dec 09, 2019
Hahaha..No be only u sis, even my body come dey do me some how too that day wink

But thank god for the grace, make we for no go rape person son biko tongue cheesy

Before we become rapist oooo grin
Re: Married And Single (18+) by izaray(f): 10:00am On Dec 09, 2019

Before we become rapist oooo grin
As in ehn, we no want go jail o cheesy

Compliment of the season dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 5:17pm On Dec 09, 2019
Nice update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 9:49pm On Dec 09, 2019
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- The good, the bad and the ugly

Laura picked up the remote, she didn't even know why she was watching it. She didn't laugh when she was supposed to, she didn't feel any tension during the drama, she barely followed the plot. She just sat there next to the biscuit until to her surprise they were gone.

Then she tapped out the crumbs into her palm and threw is head back to inhale them. Her eyes rested back on the flickering screen and found that in her brief distraction the commercials had begun. Often she preferred them to the show. They were short, attention grabbing and required no intellectual effort.....

Her gaze flickered to Richard who was dress on blue jean and a black t-shirt with a pair of black shoes..., she didn't need to ask before she knows he was going out...., she glance at the time before turning back to face him...

"Where are you going..?"she asked

"I don't see it as any of your business..."Richard throw back brusquely

Laura suck on her teeth, she expected the gruesome reply....."It's pass 9PM already and you are going out..."

"I don't have time for your quarrels..."

"My quarrels...!"she scoff..."Fine, when are you coming back...?"

"Whenever you see me..."He fling back

Irritation sliced across her face...."Am not asking for myself..."

"Then who the hell are you asking for.., do you want to bring your men in here while am gone..."

She hissed...."Am asking for your father, just incase something happens to you, i will have something to tell him..."

"You really praying so hard something happens to me huh.."

Her lips curled..."Something happens to people who keeps late night....."

"You better stay warm and ready for me when i get back..."He said turning to walk away..

"You really leaving....?"

He stopped and spun around to face her..."Yes am leaving..."

"Then am coming with you..."

Richard chuckle..."To where...?"

"Wherever you're going..."

"Wives are not allowed..."

A sneer formed around her mouth..."But whòres are, huh..."

He suck but didn't reply...

"Every night you go out and screw some girls out there leaving your legally married wife, don't you feel no shame..."

He widened his eyes..."Shame...., there is no shame in banging women, other women..."

She hates him..., hated his guts, hated everything about him....."You're a demon.."

"Who happened to be your husband..."He sneered

"I hate you..."She riposte, voice laced with spite...

"So what..., no matter the hate you have for me, am still your husband..remember that ..."

"And it's the worst thing am forever going to regret...., you're a demon from hell...."

"Stay home..."He said, opened the door and walked out ....

Tears quickly rolled down Laura face, frustrated, she latched out with a scream, throwing the pillows around and smashing the remote on the wall...., tired she crunched down and sob heavily....

Face smouldering with resentment, Daisy glare at Matthew as he yawn and stood up from the bed....

"God, am so famished..."Matthew yawned

"Paul called...."Daisy said, voice engulf with spite..

"Paul..." he nib his lips and shook his head..."Who did he call, me or you...?"

Anger thrummed through her veins, she never realise she loved him so much until she discovered he's cheating.., now she was hurting so much that she feel like strangling him right where he stands......"He called you...."

"What did he say...?"

She felt a flash of irritation, he's been caught yet he was acting like Paul was a 'he'

"Who is she...?"She ride to the point

"A she..., Paul is a man, he's a friend from my work place..."

A fresh swell of rage rose in her making her stand up to meet him...."You lying cheating bastard..."

"Hey bae, honestly i don't know what you're talking about...."

"Don't you dare..."She latched out..."Don't you dare pretend like you don't know who 'paul' is, the girl you've been screwing with your 'big black dick'"

"Okay Daisy, you need to relax..."he coos

"Don't you dare tell me to relax..."She snarled pushing him to the wall....."You've been cheating on me you despicable bastard..."

"I can explain..."

"Explain what...?"she yelled..."Explain how you've been cheating on me.."

"It was a one time thing..."

"A one time thing....!"She resounds after him

"It was when you chase me out this morning, i went there and then she started touching me...i got hard.."

"You got hard...!"

"Bae, you know you can't control this thing between my legs, it has a mind of its own..."

Her resentment grew inside her like a tumour...."Get out.."

"Baby am sorry..."

"Get out..."She yelled

He gave her space but didn't leave the room..."Am truly sorry, it won't happen again okay"

"Out.."she latched out pushing him outside her room...

He lost his balance and stumble on the floor, before he could stand up, she threw his clothes at him...

"Out..."She shouted again

Before he could reach her, she shut the room door in his face....

"Baby am sorry..."He stated....

"Just get the hell out of my house..."Daisy's benign voice rumbled from the room...

After her meal, Janet arranged the plates on the dirty ones she had dropped on the floor earlier, she was so tired from the day's event and the quarrel she had not quite long with Barry..., If all boyfriends are like Barry, she'll rather date dogs or been single all her live...., Barry is a like time bomb ready to explode over every discussion they have...

She relax her nerves and lay on the bed.., she imagined Barry lying close to her, her mind brood over when he asked to stay for the night..., she hasn't had sex with Barry yet so certainly she knows when he asked, it could only be for sex....., she's just isn't ready to screw a man who can't even afford a hundred naira airtime to call his girlfriend....damn Barry is so stingy....one of these days, she's going to dump his ass..., enough of the broke guys...

She was about picking up her phone to log into Facebook or Instagram when her phone rang.., she glance at the caller and quickly hissed when she realise it was Barry..., why was he calling him after his nonchalant attitude earlier....

She hesitated before taking the call...
"Really..."She sneered..."Night call again..."

"It's just 9 Janet..."He sass from the other night..

She rolled her eyes when she confirm it was few minutes past 9...."It's almost 10..."

"You don't sleep this early..."Barry's voice rumbled low

She frown at his statement, when does he thinks she sleep..."What do you want..?"She ask before realizing the words came out wrong...damn she didn't care, she's so tired of him...

"Am sorry..."He said

Yeah, 'AM SORRY always start the conversation, she knows how it will end....

"For what..?"

There was silence on the other end, then his voice came up
"For my outburst earlier, i shouldn't have react like that, you were right, am stingy..."

Oh, he realizes...."Okay..."


She rolled her eyes, what more is he expecting her to say..."It's good you realized..."

"What do i need to do to make it up to you...?"

She sat up, is he seriously asking her that...."Just don't be stingy.."

"I love you..."He said

She blushed...."Okay.."


"Yeah okay."She reiterated.

"No i love you too..."He said

She grunts wondering when some guys will understand I LOVE YOU TOO doesn't mean a shit....

"I love you too.."She stated grudgingly...

"Can i come over...?"

She remove the phone from her ear to stare at his name one more time..."To do what..?"She blare out

She heard him laugh..

"Am just kidding.."His voice followed


"What are you doing..?"he asked

God, she hated these questions guys ask.., 'What are you doing, 'Have you eaten, 'What did you eat...' Whoever said that is showing you care certainly lacks what a relationship entails....

"Talking with you..."She riposte awkwardly

She heard him laugh and it makes her wonder what was so funny...

"I enjoy talking to you..., your voice makes me forget everything going on with me.."

She blink ..."What do you mean everything going on with you..., anything wrong..?"

"Everything is fine.."He said


"Everything is fine..."He protested

She shrugged, atleast she asked...

"So have you eaten...?"

She nearly hissed at the question...what the heck is wrong with guys who asked these questions.....

Daisy dried her tears, he's not worth her tears, she stood up and opened the room door..., when she entered the parlour, she met him sitting there, legs stretched on her centre rug table...., what impetus.....

"I asked you to leave..."she said, her voice quivering with anger....

Matthew nib his lips but didn't reply...

"Get out..."She growled..."Now.."

He changed the tv station before talking to her...."And go where...?"

"I don't know, you can get lost.., i don't care..."

"Am not leaving..."

His guts roused her anger..."You aren't staying here either, get the hell out of my house.."

He shrugged..."Am not leaving.."

"Oh yeah you're leaving Matthew..."

"You can't force me out of my house..."

"This house is mine.."

"I paid the rent, that's one tiny detail you keep forgetting..."

"Everything in this house was bought by me..."

"I paid for the tiles you're standing on..."

Irritation sliced across her face.."Get out Matthew.."

"Oh, i thought we were counting what we bought with our money.."

"Am not playing these games with you Matthew, leave..."

"I can't move out of my house..."

She clenched her fist...."How much was the rent...?"

"Two hundred and twenty thousand..."

"What...!"She mutter to herself.., she didn't realise the house cost that much...."You're lying..."

"Am i, you can always asked the landlord..."

"Am not asking no one a damn thing, you need to take your cheating ass out of my house...."

"Ass or dick...?"He sass

She hated his guts...."Get out Matthew.."

"Do you want it...?"

"Am not joking.."

"Neither am i.."

"You can't just cheat and pretend like nothing happened...."

"I told you it was a one time thing, it won't happen again..."

"I don't care Matthew..., i don't want to see your face again, get out..."

"Why do you want me to leave so badly, is another guy coming over....?"

Her temper sparked and she let out the borrowed words...."Yes..."

"Are you cheating on me...?"He ask standing up..

"Oh, you can cheat and you don't expect me to cheat, something must be very wrong with your head..."..

"Darling..."Lily pout as she walked out from the bathroom with just her G-string on, her breast bare....
She walked seductively towards Tony and climbed on top him....

Tony flinch, his lack of interest bleak on his face...

Lily noticed but she didn't stop roaming her hand on his bare chest and picking on his nipple...

"Let's play dirty before making love..."She said nibbling his ears...

"I can't play dirty..."Tony replied

"Why...?"She ask riding her ass on his boxers looking forward to stimulate a hard on...

"I don't know how...."

"I will teach you...., hold my breast, squeeze them hard, don't stop even if i scream..."

"Won't that hurt you...?"

She grunted, they've been married for three-four months yet he doesn't know anything....
She didn't have time to answer, all she wants is a hot sex with her husband..., she smile to herself when she felt his erection rubbing her ass....., mission one accomplished....

She dive at his lips as her next line of action, she kissed him, roughly, hungrily...

He held her mouth..."Lily.."

"Don't talk..."She said and pressed her lips against his, her tonque tingling inside his..

When he tossed her aside, she thought he wasn't interested, she was about latching out but the words choke in her mouth when he grabbed her and lay her on the bed, his tongue began to explore her body...

She had crave his touch for so long, Many times she touched herself during those long weeks as she awaited his touch. She stripped her body completely n*ked and stretched her long, slender legs out on the bed. She ran her hands over her large, full breasts, pulling sharply on her nipples until they stiffened under her touch. She moved her hands between her legs, cupping her soft mound and sliding her fingers between her slick, wet folds. Many times she brought herself to orgasm in those long weeks of no sex yet it was not enough—it could never be enough. She needed him. She needed to feel his thick, hard dick penetrating her. She needed to feel his warm, muscled torso pressed against her body. She needed his lips on hers, kissing her, tasting her, wanting her as much as she wanted him......

She pressed her body against his, her hips moving in little circles, showing him how desperately she wanted him.....

He quickly spun her around making her lay on her belly, he torn off the G-string from her waist...

"Oh.."She gasped..., she preferred it rough...The more rough, the more pleasure...

Her eyes rolled to the back of her head when he pressed his heavy body weight on her back, his erected dick pricking her ass crack...., he kiss her, lick her ears, then he whisper to her....."Can i take you from the ass...?"

She let the question settled in her head, then it hit her, he just demanded to f**k her in the ass..., she pushed his weight off her and blare out......"What...!"

Sorry for the late update...


Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:01pm On Dec 09, 2019
Mathew no go kill urself o
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:02pm On Dec 09, 2019
Tnks for this wonderful update
U welcome jare
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:05pm On Dec 09, 2019
I can't stop laughing
Thanks for the update
U welcome dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:06pm On Dec 09, 2019
Matthew fit Bleep baby from woman belle o grin
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 10:06pm On Dec 09, 2019
Hahaha..No be only u sis, even my body come dey do me some how too that day wink

But thank god for the grace, make we for no go rape person son biko tongue cheesy
grin grin grin
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 5:39am On Dec 10, 2019
Hehehe Tony wants to dis-virgin Lily's ass oooo
Matthew and Daisy drama ehn.....
Richard is completely crazy for treating Laura like a slave.
Barry, Barry the stingy boifrend grin

Thanks for the update boss
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 6:45am On Dec 10, 2019
Silver just rate dis your tory 18+ jare, don't come and spoil me here.
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 7:05am On Dec 10, 2019
I can't get enough of this story and their craziness.
But wait o, did Tony just ask to bang Lily in the ass grin grin
Who else loves Barry and Janet like i do, they remind me so much of my past relationship.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 8:54am On Dec 10, 2019
Tony is Gay shocked

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 8:54am On Dec 10, 2019
I can't get enough of this story and their craziness.
But wait o, did Tony just ask to bang Lily in the ass grin grin
Who else loves Barry and Janet like i do, they remind me so much of my past relationship.
I love those two, i think Barry will change
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:51am On Dec 10, 2019
I love those two, i think Barry will change
I guess so too
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:51am On Dec 10, 2019
Tony is Gay shocked
As in em

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 7:19am On Dec 11, 2019
Silver please teach us what to say to our girls when we call them cos i ask those questions
Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 1:29pm On Dec 11, 2019
I just dey look silver with one kine eye wink
You don spoil finish
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 4:03pm On Dec 12, 2019
M & S

"What..!"Lily reiterated jumping from the bed...."You want to fùck me in the ass...?"

Tony's face flushed with embarrassment....

"Why would you ask me that....?"Lily blare out..

Tony lower his head, his whole body quivering with mortification......


"You said we can play dirty..."

"Fùcking me in the ass isn't playing dirty..."

Tony sigh and leapt off from the bed...."Forget i said that..."

"Forget...!"..she huff..."Are you gay..?"

"Jesus Lily, that's disgusting, how can you even say that..."

"Well what do you want me to say.."She fling back..."You haven't been having sex with me, and today instead of banging me in my vagina, you asked for my ass...."

"Lily, i thought you would like it.."

"Who love been fùcked in the ass...., i need babies, not your sperm on my butthole.."

Ignoring her, he slid in his boxers, his head still spinning from embarrassment....

"What are you doing...?"Lily queried

He didn't answer, didn't know what else to say..., how could he possibly explain to her what's wrong with him...

She move closer to him and drag his boxers down and let her eyes lower to his now limp dick....
"We still need to have sex.."She said when she dart her gaze to him....

He nib his lips, his lack of interest bleak in his face..."Do we..?"

Her eyes sparked with annoyance at his question..."Yes we do...., why would you even ask me that.."

"So you won't mind if i say something else..."

She grunted, her lips galling from the lack of sex and his witty choice of words...."We don't need to talk.., just put your dick into my vagina..."

His phone rang, despite her words not to pick the phone, he still pick it up and answered the call.....

"Am on my way..."He said before ending the call..

"Where are you going..?"Lily ask when he grab a new pant from the drawer....

"Am needed at the office..."

"At this time..., it's almost 11pm..."

"Some investors are flying here tomorrow morning, there are somethings i need to put in order..."

"You are not going..."She stated, voice littered with vexation...

"We can't argue this, it's my work, same place i get the money to feed you..."...

"You promise we'll have sex.."

He tuck in his long sleeve, tighten the belt and pick up his car keys..."And the promise still stands.."

"Does it..., you are so reluctant to have sex.."

He didn't reply, didn't want to...

"You know what you're doing is just going to push me into the hands of another man..."Lily sass

"What did you say..?"

She spun around to glare at him..."I said exactly what you heard.."

"Are you thinking of cheating on me..?"

"Aren't you cheating.."She fling back..

"No am not, and you know that..."

"A man who's not cheating will have sex with his wife like other couple do..."

"Why are you so obsessed with this sex of a thing...?"

Exasperation triggered her guts making her lose control of the tune of her voice..."Did you say obsessed, we are married just incase you're forgetting.., married people have sex...sex., sex..."

"Don't cheat on me.."He said before opening the door...

"Good morning..."Janet said to the woman sweeping before entering the pharmacy store from the backdoor since the front door is mostly crowded by people waiting in line to be attended to...
"Good morning..."She greeted the girls she'll be taking shift from...

"You're late..."Her colleague Flora and gossip mate said climbing a metal ladder to reach a drug a customer demanded for...

"Am just 5minutes late..."Janet throw back in defense...

"It's 15minutes...."Her shift mate Nancy corrected...

She sigh trying to ignore her, Nancy was quarrelsome, most times she had tried to tolerate her stupid attitude and be cool with her but it just backfires and they go back to the wrong foot they started from.., since she almost get fired because of her, she hasn't been given a damn about her...., they don't even talk outside work, call it malice or whatever, as long as Nancy is not paying her bills and putting food in the table, she can drive her bad tongue to hell.....

"Am leaving..."Nancy said

Janet tossed a strap of her hair backward..., her eyes blinking with disdain watching Nancy leave through the backdoor...

"We already sort out account with Flora..."Her other coworker, Harriet said...

Harriet was a good girl and sometimes she wonders how she cope with Nancy rotten attitude...
"Byeee..."She said with a formed smile around her face as Harriet walk out..

"Hellooo...."A customer voice rumbled from the counter....

Janet dropped her bag, took her time to sign her name on the workers book before trotting towards the counter to attend to the man.....

Janet dropped the water can on the waste bin after gulping down the rest of it...."Why are there no customers this morning, is there a sanitation...?"

"Sanitation on a monday morning.., Can't wait for you to be president of the country..."Flora said jokingly

Janet laugh..."If only women are allowed to be president..."

"A woman can be president.."

"Not in this country dominated by men..."

"You and Nancy still throwing glares at each other..?"

Janet suck in..."Am not throwing glares at her..."

"I saw how you were looking at her this morning...."

"How was i looking at her..?"

"Like this..."She frown her face and her eyes sparked with an intensity that defines disgust, hatred...."

"No, i wasn't looking at her like that..."

"You were..."

"Am totally cool with Nancy, she on the other hand..."She grunts finding a word to soothe in...."Have a big phobia for people like me.."

"People like you.."Flora chuckle..."Speaking of people like you, your friend is at the door...."

Janet turn her gaze towards the front door, she sigh, more of 'Not interested' than the joy of seeing another customer.......

"Come on, go and attend to him..."Flora said

Janet poke her eyes at her, she was reluctant to go but stood up when Flora pinch her..Gosh she have a boyfriend, Flora should know that before whoring her out to the strange man who she apparently forgotten his name...., he met the guy two days ago right there at the counter...., instead of buying what he needed, he was sitting waiting for her to vomit what guys throw out whenever they see a pretty girl..., too bad he didn't read the signs that day...NOT INTERESTED...

"Hi..."He said

Janet glance at her friend before replying..."Hi, what can i get you...?"

She lightly bit her lip when she realise that isn't a way she should approach a customer, except he wasn't there as a customer....

"Sanitary pads..."He said

Janet poke her eyes...

"They're not for me..."He added with a smile circling his cheeks..

She force a smile on, he seem cute when he smile but why was he self judging/explaining himself, she didn't say anything.....

"For a friend..."He added

She nibbed her lips..."Okay..."She sigh and retreated to get the sanitary pads

"Two..."He said

Janet glance at Flora before reaching for them...

"Six hundred.."She stated packaging them...

Not taking his eyes off her, he took out his wallet and counted out three thousand...

"I said six hundred..."Janet reiterated when he dropped the three thousand on the table..

"I heard you ..., i just wanted to add that for you..."

Janet raise her eyebrow..."Oh...ok.."

She grab the money, she shouldn't have taken it, she knew exactly what the money was for, the guy is trying to buy her.., but damn she need the money, afterall she didn't beg for it...

"How are you...?"He pouted

Janet returned the smile, he's trying to be sexy with her..., who's she not to play along...

"Am fine.."

"Remember me, i was here on saturday..."

"Ya, i do, frank right..?"

"Kenny..."He said.."Full name Kenneth.."


"You never got a chance to tell me your name the other day, you were busy...."

Janet suck on her teeth, because he gave her money he thinks he has the right to know everything about her...."Janet.."

"Can i call you Jenny..., As in Jenny and Kenny..."

Janet faked smile, sooner or later her face is bleakly going to show the lack of interest on where the conversation was heading....

"I thought Jenny is for Jennifer..."

"It goes for both...,Janet, Jennifer, Jerome..."

"Jerome is a boy's name..."

He chuckle..."Totally forgot..."


"Do you have a free day because i will like to take you out for drinks sometimes..."

A swoon swept across Janet face..."I don't drink.."She lied

"A lunch then..."

She gritted wondering if it will sound awkward if she says she don't do lunch.....

"Am free tomorrow..."She said..

"Okay...."He dropped his phone on the table..."Can i get your number, will love to pick you up..."

She hesitated before taking up the phone..., an eye looking askance at him, she dialled in her number and handed it over to him convincing herself it will just be lunch, not a date....

Her face washed with irritation when her phone rang and he signal he was the one calling..., what did he think, that he gave him a wrong number....

"Guess i will see you tomorrow..."He said clinging to his cute smile..

Flutters pricked Janet guts...."Guess so too..."

"Do take care of yourself..."He said before leaving the store all the way staring and smiling at her...

Janet quickly spun around to face Flora...."Was he just wooing me...?"

"He got you on a date..."Flora said jokingly

Janet thought he came back when the door reopened, but who she saw shocked her like never before.....

"Hey bae..."Barry said

Janet eyes lowered down at the flowers he was holding.....

"I brought you this..."Barry said dropping the flowers on the counter..."And i bought you food, breakfast and lunch..."

"Barry...."Janet coos taking the food from him..."You didn't have to do this...."

A swoon washed over Barry's face.."Come on, you're making me shy..."

Janet chuckle....

"Uhmm..., got to go, i have some photoshoot with some clients..."


"I love you..."Barry stated...

She glanced at Flora, then at Barry again but she didn't say the 'L' word..

"I love you..."Barry announced again opening the door to step outside....

"I love you..."Barry shouted from outside...

"Don't forget that...."He added...

"Jesus, that is the sweetest thing I've ever witness..."Flora jumped in the moment Barry's voice faded...

Janet look at the tag on the flowers, it says "Am sorry again"..., she sigh allowing her head ponder over her confused feelings......Does she still love Barry or not...?""""""


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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 4:12pm On Dec 12, 2019
Hehehe Tony wants to dis-virgin Lily's ass oooo
Matthew and Daisy drama ehn.....
Richard is completely crazy for treating Laura like a slave.
Barry, Barry the stingy boifrend grin

Thanks for the update boss
You welcome dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 4:13pm On Dec 12, 2019
grin grin Ok finena 18+ i nor wan spoil anybody o
Silver just rate dis your tory 18+ jare, don't come and spoil me here.
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Mavikolo2020: 5:51pm On Dec 12, 2019
Silver you too good ooo, chai you deserve gift from me, wetin i go buy for u
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 6:17pm On Dec 12, 2019
Janet you better stay with Barry, i don't trust this new Kenny guy

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 7:22pm On Dec 12, 2019
Janet you better stay with Barry, i don't trust this new Kenny guy

Tell her oooo
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 10:27am On Dec 13, 2019
Janet stay with Barry oooo cheesy cheesy
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 8:10pm On Dec 13, 2019
Tnks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 4:34pm On Dec 15, 2019
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Am so so fed up

"Thank you..."Daisy said to the girl..., she sigh and look at her empty shelves again, she's losing customers because she hasn't been able to get new clothes to stock up her boutique.., what a bad decision she made when she spend everything she had saved on furnishing her house, Matthew had promise to give her the money, she was so stupid to believe him, he doesn't even have a dine to his name.....

She recount the little money she had sold and her mind revisit the cash in her bank account, both combined went be enough to get what she want for the boutique, she needs a loan but where the he hell would she get one...

When her boutique door slide open, she returned her gaze, a smile circle her lips when she saw her friend..Lily...

"You don't look happy..."Daisy said when she notice her Expression ..

Lily threw her bag and sat on the only chair in the boutique, her own omen washing through her face...

"What's wrong...?"Daisy asked

"Where did i ever go wrong....?"Lily snarled..

Daisy crunched to the floor to sit beside her..."What happened...?"

"Do you know when i left for home from your place yesterday, i met a girl in my house..."

Daisy eyes widen in surprise ..."Tony brought a girl home...?"

"He said she's his cousin.."

"Oh, that cousin shit.."

"That's what i thought..."

"So what did you do..?"

"I was angry, i wanted to drag that slut hair and drag her to hell ...., He hold me and carried me to the room and he showed me our wedding pictures, she was there beside Tony's mother..."

"So you really think she's his cousin...?"

"Hell no i don't..."

"So what did you do..?"

Lily took a pause to take a breathe..."He asked me to apologise..."

"Apologise...!, he asked you to apologise to his slut.., Jesus why are men this cruel and demonic.."

"I didn't want to, but then he promised to have sex with me if i apologise...."

"Ohh, Lily.."Daisy coos

Lily sniffled..."So i did, i apologise and she left.."

"So did he..?"Daisy shrug

The look on Lily's answered her question, he did not..

"He was hard and he was so ready to have sex with me..."

"Then what happened..."Daisy voice rumbled low..

They both shift their gaze to the door....

"Jesus Daisy, what happened to your store..."Laura blare out, her eyes moving from one scanty shelf to another...

"What do you think.."Daisy riposte ..."I spent every dine in furnishing that house..."

"Daisy, i told you that was a stupid move, you don't just spend money like that without any way of getting it back..."Laura said

"Hold on.."Lily chimes in..."Are you saying Matthew never gave it back.."

"He never did..."Daisy returned..."He's broke..."

"I thought he had a job.."Laura said picking up a shirt from the hanger..

"He works for his sister, who am very sure fired him since she chased out of her house. "

"Wait..."Said Lily...."He's been staying with his sister..?"

"I told you he's a sister's boy..."

"How old is Matthew again....?"Laura asked putting back the shirt in the hanger..

Daisy rolled her eyes but never gave an answer...."He came back last night to my house.."

"Who came back..?"Laura asked walking closer to them..

"Matthew.., and i stupidly let him in and then i find out he's been cheating on me..."

"Wo..!"Laura slack-jawed her mouth..

"Jesus, must all men be cheats..."Lily added in revulsion

"He saved a girl's name with paul.."Daisy stated, voice clipped with spite.

"You went through his contacts...?"Laura asked

"No she called.., and she said..'Hello baby, did i ride your dick so hard that you're so stressed out..., you left your underwear in my house'"

"Did you break up with him...?"Laura asked

"I did.. "She suck in not sure what she did was really break up..."I asked him to leave, but he refused, he said he owns the house as much as i do..."

"You own everything in that house..."Lily said...

"He paid the rent, he's standing on that, i don't want him living with me..."

"Will he leave if you return the rent...?"Lily asked.

"I think so, but i don't have that kind of money to pay him back..."

"How much are we talking about...?"


"Jesus, that's on a high side..."

"Exactly, i don't have that kind of money, and if i do get that kind if money, I'll use it to restock my boutique before i lose every customer I've made.."

"I would have assist you girl..."Laura said, voice benign...."But Richard no longer gives me money, the only money i get are the change from food item money..."

"Richard is evil..."Lily snapped, voice engulf with resentment..."He asked you to leave your job with a good pay just to suffer you..., that man is a beast..."

"That's why am getting a divorce..."

"You're getting a divorce....?"Daisy reiterated..

Laura sigh before answering..."Yes..."

"Are you serious...?"Lily asked

"Am serious, am so tired of the way he treats me like am nothing, there is no day that goes by that he doesn't feed me insults and worse bruises.., girls am still too young and beautiful to be going through all that shit...., like you said Lily, Richard is a beast.."

"We know he's many things but have you really thought about this..."Daisy chimes in..

"Look at me Daisy, it's been almost two years since i got married to that brute, there is nothing to show for it, i have nothing to lose..."

"Divorce is not just something you jump into.."Daisy said.."Its...

"I can't do it anymore Daisy..."Laura blare out..."I just can't do it, i need to leave that man, if no man marries me after that, it's fine.., all men are the same anyway.."

"They aren't all brute..."Lily chimes in

"Still..."She raise her hands as if in surrender...."I've made my decision, am sending him the divorce papers after finalizing it with a lawyer.."

"Have you found a lawyer yet...?"Daisy asked

"No, but i will find soon..."

"You know girls..."Lily said..."I don't know where we went wrong to deserve these men, do you know my husband asked me if he can fùck me in the ass..."

"Jesus..."Daisy shouted in surprise

"Why would he ask that from you...?"Laura added

"I don't know, he knows fully well i want my own children, instead of fucking me in my vagina, he asked for my ass..., what kind of a married man does that..?"

"Did you agree to it...?"

"Hell no..., i will never consent to such, it's disgusting ...."

"Didn't you asked him why..?"Laura said

"He said he wants to play dirty.."

"Maybe he really wants to play dirty..."Said Daisy with nibbed lips..."You never can tell what men want.."

"That's disgusting.."Lily snarled, irritated by the thought

"Matthew and i did it once..."

"Matthew banged you in the ass..."Laura resounded

"It was once, i was on my period, so i allowed him bang me in the ass instead..."

"How was it..?"Laura asked curiously

"Painfully horrible i guess..."Lily sneer

"It wasn't entirely horrible, you feel pain at first, and then you start enjoying it..."

"Stop please..."Lily cut in...."It's disgusting.."

"Well maybe your husband just love banging women in the ass..."Daisy said jokingly but Lily reaction clearly states she didn't catch it...

"Did you talk to him about it...?"Laura asked

Flutters washed Lily's gut..."He didn't come home last night, i haven't seen him, i called and he said he's at work..."

"If he didn't come home, then where did he go....?"Daisy ask

"He got a call, his boss wanted an urgent meeting with them about some potential clients flying into the country this morning..."

"Atleast he told you.., Richard never tells me where he goes at night, and when he returns and i try to ask, one of us end up getting bruises..., my marriage has been a bundle of injuries, that's why i need this divorce, i need to feel myself again..."

"You should really think about this Laura.."Daisy said

"You'll never understand how i feel Daisy, am the one staying with that monster, that dog, when he barks, i get the bites, and when i try to bark back, i get more bites, am so tired of it, it's driving me crazy, i need to be rid of him before i go completely crazy....."

Exhausted, Janet glance at the time, Jesus it was still 3:06PM and she actually thought it was almost closing time...., she sat down, she finally got time to rest after attending to multiple customers who were just tripping in non stop.....

She glanced at her phone to continue her chats from where she left off, she sigh as her eyes glazed the many notifications and messages she received within few minutes.., majority of it were guys that she wasn't even interested in chatting with.., she clicked on the ones she needs and ignored the rest....

The phone vibrates and an unknown number pop up at the top of the screen accompanied by her ringing tone....
She hesitated before answering the unknown number...

"Hello" she said...

She bit her lips, she shouldn't have answered first, it's not her style to speak first to numbers she isn't familiar with..

"Hi..."A male voice came in..

Janet flinch at the baritone voice..

"Remember me..?"He added

"No..."She said not even trying to think about it

"Kenny..., the guy at the pharmacy this morning..."

Janet rolled her eyes, she had completely forgotten she gave someone her number..."Hey..."she faked smile, if only he could see it

"Hey..."His voice came through..."How you doing..?"

"Am okay, how you doing..?"

"Not sure.."He said..."Am just here tingling at the sound of your voice.."

Janet almost laugh out loud, but she held it in, she didn't want to be weird..., wow look at him flirting with her over the phone...

"Really..."She stated awkwardly...

"Weird, isn't it...?"He asked

Janet flutter her eyebrows...

"I mean I've met you twice but yet, i can't get you off of my head..."

Janet smile and ask the obvious.."Are you flirting with me right now..?"

She heard him chuckle before his voice came up..
"No am not, just telling you how i feel.., am not just one that love keeping my feelings to myself but hope my confession doesn't ruin our outing tomorrow..."

Janet glance at Flora who kept whispering..."Who is that..."

"No..."Janet said

"Wo thank God..."He said..."For a moment i thought i ruined everything with my loud mouth..."

He laughed and Janet joined in the ridiculous laughter despite not finding it funny...

"So you still at work...?"He asked


"When do you get off...?"

"8, that is if customers aren't still here..."

"Should i come pick you up..?"

She smile and scratch her hair...."You own a car...?"
The question sounded silly, but she was damn curious...

"Yes, i own a car.."

A swoon swept across her face, he own a car and Barry doesn't even own a motorcycle....

"So should i..?"He asked again

She blushed...."Hmm..., i don't know..."

Jesus, she badly wants to say yes, she has always fantasised someone with a car to be picking her up from work..., and her golden fantasies is here staring at her in the face......

"I will come.."He said..."I'll love to drive you home.."

Against her better judgement, she said...."Okay..."

Daisy didn't look happy after paying the food seller with the last five hundred naira in her purse...., she shouldn't be sad, she intentionally spent it all on the banga rice, but she couldn't help it, the only money on her now was just her transport home, she prays Matthew doesn't finish everything in the kitchen before she get back home...

When she lower her eyes, she saw a wallet on the floor, she look around, when she saw Noone, she picked up the wallet.., before now, she doesn't pick things from the ground but as it stands, she needs money and she is temporarily single...

When she glance inside, her heart almost burst out of her chest..., she let her eyes count the dollars inside, who is stupid enough to misplaced a wallet of dollars on the road....

She look around again to see if anyone was looking at her..., she took another glance at the wallet, her conscience pricking her to ask around if anyone misplaced a wallet......

"Oh God..."She mutter, totally confused...



Re: Married And Single (18+) by aprilwise(m): 4:58pm On Dec 15, 2019
Nice one. Looking for the owner of the wallat is the best. Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 5:04pm On Dec 15, 2019
So the ladies are connected as friends...

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 5:35pm On Dec 15, 2019
So the ladies are connected as friends...

Thanks for the update
You didn't know, the four of them are friends

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 5:33am On Dec 16, 2019
You didn't know, the four of them are friends

I didn't know ooooo

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