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Married And Slaying: Diary Of Mrs. Nwakaego Etadafe (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 1:02pm On Dec 26, 2019
I just hope Janet is taking the right decision by breaking up with Barry.....
What could Tony's problem be
Richard should just let Laura be, since he doesn't value her.
Daisy, Daisy.......I reserve my comment.

Thanks for the update Boss

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Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 1:06pm On Dec 26, 2019
Boss man thanks for the update u too much
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 2:14pm On Dec 26, 2019
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 1:54am On Dec 27, 2019
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Trouble in paradise

The dawn sun peeked through a hazy screen of clouds, painting the sky an elaborate mix of bloodied reds and vibrant oranges, intertwined with the smoky greys that permeated the skyward canvas...,a suggestion that rain may play a part in the day....., Daisy thought it was chilly, could have been better if it could turn back time giving her a second chance to rectify her mistake...

the mist thickened and the unmistakable roll of thunder growled threateningly..., Daisy increased her pace, reaching her front door before the rain splattered from the sky..

She took a deep breathe, the most embarrassing and shameful moment of her life still licking at her..., she wanted to take out her key, she frown when she realise Matthew was in, not bothering to knock, she turn down the knob and it opened, just as she thought, Matthew won't lock the door...

She entered and her gaze met with Matthew, she ignore his face smouldering under an angry look and walk pass him not even bothering to greet...

"Where are you coming from...?"Matthew queried

"I don't have your time Matthew..."She retorted over her shoulder...

She trot towards her room, she knew Matthew was tagging behind her but she didn't give a damn...

"Daisy..."Matthew growled behind her..

Not giving him the dignity of a reply, she went into her room and was about locking the door but he hold it..

"Where are you coming from...?"Matthew asked pushing the door wide open...

Daisy hissed, she threw her bag on the table and trot towards the wardrobe

"Am talking to you.."Matthew snarled stepping inside the room..

Infuriated, Daisy turn to face him..."What..?"She snapped

"Don't you dare give me the 'What' like you didn't hear me.., where the hell were you last night...?"

"Non of your beeswax.."She fling back before turning towards the wardrobe...

Irritated, Matthew spun her around to face him...

"Get your hands off of me..."She chided slapping his hand away...."Why do you give a shit about where i was..?"

"Because am your man, and that's what we do.."

She suck on her teeth..."Since when.., is it since you cheated...?"

"Where were you last night..?"

"I told you, non of your business..."

"Where you with him....?"



"I don't have to explain a damn thing to you..."She snapped facing the wardrobe again..

He pace, nose flaring...."Did you sleep with him..?"

Irritation sliced across Daisy's face...."Look here man, we broke up okay, which means whatever i do with my damn life isn't your business..."

Rage tingling his spines, he approached her.., Daisy didn't flinch, when he glare, she reciprocated the look....

"Did you sleep with him.."He chided, this time more serious in his tone...

"Yes.."She dare to say

Anger crushed Matthew, he turn away his face, when he turn back to face Daisy, he lost it, he grabbed her by the neck and hit her back roughly on the wood wardrobe..

Daisy gasped, a slight pain erupting from her back....

"How dare you Daisy..."Matthew latched out tightening his grip on her neck...

Daisy's head spin as she try gasping to get air..., she dug her fingernails into his wrists, trying to dislodge him..., realizing it wasn't working, she slapped lazily at his firm hand....

"Matt, you're strangling me"She gulped

He squeezed tightly, then he let go of her, the force making her fall to her knees...
She cough, her neck whistling from the intensity of his grip....

"Am sorry..."He mutter trying to get her up..

She slapped his hand away, her eyes sparkling with anger..."Don't you dare touch me..."She yelled

"Am sorry..."

"Get out.."She screamed at him..."Get the hell out of my room..."

"Fine i will..."He said raising his hand in surrender...."Am sorry okay.."

"Out.."She yelled..

When he stepped out, she shut the door, locked it and crunched down to the floor...

Lily took a bite of the omlette, cheesy with dark leafy greens. She smiled and lick at the taste ...
"Michael, this is so good, what's the green stuff?"

With a boyish grin he raised his brows.."Stinging nettle, chives and dandelion leaves..."

Lily paused as if her thoughts had stopped entirely..."Wow.., taste really good.."

He gave a shrug, the one he always gave when he was proud of himself..."Chuck out the stems from the dandelions, boil the rest together for a few minutes, cold water, squeeze, chop. That's it. Sting all gone. Eat what wants to grow, easy..."

"I bet that's what you eat all day in Japan.."Lily said jokingly

"My favourite..."

"So that's why you brought me to a chinese restaurant neglecting our home made food..."

"Don't tell me you don't like it.."

She smile..."Well I'll be lying if i say i don't.., i already said it tastes good..."

He laugh and she join in the laughter.....

"You're still as pretty as you were in our university days..."

A swoon washed over her but she quickly waved it off when she realised where he was heading

"And you're still the same.."She replied with a smile..

"I really missed you Lily.."

She almost blushed at his words..."We missed you too.."

"Did you..?"

She sigh, took another fork full of the food before replying..."Mm-hmm.."

"I couldn't stop thinking about you when i left..."

Her eyes enlarged with butterflies..."There must be plenty of Japan girls who occupied your head"

"Non were as pretty as you.."

She laugh.."Michael, that's the biggest lie of the century.. "

He chuckle..."You think..?"

"It is..."

"But am serious.."

"You aren't..."

"Joke aside, i really missed you..."

"Well you didn't call..."

"Yeah, sort of lost your number..."

She poked her eyes.., her wits warning her he was lying.., he had her number but refused to call...."You did..?"

"Yeah.., i was really disheartened when we broke up..."

She took another fork full of the food before her mind brood over the old memories of her love life....
"We both were..."She said

He nib..."I should have come back..."

"You didn't..."

"I wanted to you know..."

She chuckle wondering if it was proper for her to be discussing her old love life..., she's married...
"But you never did..."

"Where you hurt when i left...?"


"Left for Japan..."

She sigh..."No.."

"You weren't...?"

She grit.."I wasn't..."

"You're lying.."

She scoff..."Am not.."

He lour his head and it occurred to her he didn't believe..., of course she was hurt he left, who exactly was she kidding with the lie.......

"Okay.."He shrugged..

She plant a fake smile on her face..."You haven't even tell why you came back..."

Her stomach rumbled at the delay of the answer to her question....

"My mum died.."

Lily froze..."Jesus, am so sorry, i didn't know.."

"Not really a big deal.., she was old..."

"Have you guys set a date for the burial...?"

"We have, july 3"

"That's quick.."

"We decided to make it quick.."


He took a sip of his abandoned drink before taking a fork full of his own food....

"So when are you going back..?"Lily asked hoping he says he'll stay a bit longer...

"Next week.."


"Next week.."

"I mean when next week.."

"Thinking tuesday..."

Lily nib her lips.."Okay.."

"I want to be good with you Lily.."

A muscles twitch involuntarily at the corners of her mouth....."We're good.."

"Am sorry i hurt you in the past.."

Lily swallowed, a swoon washing over her..."It's in the past Michael..., let's keep it there.."

He smile and she returned the smile before they refocus on their food...

Gulping a dry lump in her throat, Daisy look at her neck in the mirror, Matthew fingernails marks red and visible in her tender neck..., she cursed and drop the mirror angrily...., she was so fed up with his attitude...

She stood up from the chair when the door to her boutique open....
She frown when she saw the person, her mind revisiting the shameful thing she did the previous night......

"What is it Adam...?"Her voice rumbled low from self humiliation...

"You aren't taking my calls..."Adam chided

Daisy sigh wondering how to explain to him whatever they had was over...."I was busy.."

"You left without telling me.."

Daisy rolled her eyes in revulsion..."I didn't want to wake you..."

"Then why weren't you answering my calls..?"

"I said i was busy.."

"That's more like you used me.."

Daisy fluttered her brows..."I didn't use you.."

"When you sleep with a guy and dump him the next day is called use..."

"Okay boy, let's get something straight..., What happened last night was a mistake.., it should never had happen..."

He sniffled, turn away before facing her again..."Did you dump me because i didn't last long, i usually last longer than that.."

Daisy lost her face in contrition...."Why didn't you then..?"She said before realizing she just made another mistake..

"Is just the way you handled me, no one have went down on me like that..., you trigger my quick explosion..."

"Okay Adam..., it won't happen again okay, and am so sorry i did that to you..."

"You shouldn't apologise..."

She huff..."You don't get it, am older.."

"And am younger, is there a law that forbids a younger guy from having a romantic relationship with an older person..?"

"You don't get it.."

"Make me.."

"We're done Adam.., you understand that right..."

He stare at her, and abruptly took away his face from her side..

Daisy sigh when he walked towards the door...
"And hey.."She said and he stopped..."Don't go telling your friends you slept with me okay.."

He look back at her..."I don't do that, am way mature than that.."

"Okay..., good.."

He didn't reply, he just walked out, his body hitting Laura on the way out...

"Get some manners boy..."Laura chided before entering the boutique....

"Hey.."Daisy mutter..

"Who's that boy, he has no manners, you need to see the way he hit me with his body..."

"Forget about him..."

Laura threw her bag down and helped herself to a chair....

"You don't seem fine..."Daisy said taking notice of Laura's mood...

"You're right, am not fine.."

Ignoring her own state of mind, Daisy crunched beside Laura..."What's going on..?"


"What did he do..?"

"He refused to sign the divorce papers..."

"Was he served..?"

"He was.., i wasn't joking when i told you i wanted a divorce..."

"You know Richard will never sign..."

"I can't stay with him any longer..., am going crazy.."

"I know.., we all are..."

"Richard torments me day and night..."

"I don't know what to say, like how did we fall in love with these men..., how come we never knew the skin they showed us will shed off.."

"We could never had known...., men are chameleons..."

"Yes girl, you can say that again.."

Laura stood to get a dress from the wardrobe.., her head spin, she suddenly took on a pale look, as if she'd been painted with white-wash, even her lips were barely there. Then with one step backwards she crumpled like a puppet suddenly released of their strings....

"Laura..."Daisy whimper holding her before she fall to the ground...

"Laura..."She shouted with pulsating heart...

"Oh God.., no no no, Laura please wake up, Laura..."
She drop her gently on the floor and quickly rushed outside to scream for help...

Laura stretched on the hospital bed, she sat up, shoulders straining back, she felt the luxury of her tensing muscles...

"God you scared me..."Daisy said with a hand on her chest..

"Am sorry..., i was so stressed out"Laura replied gently..."Where is the doctor..?"

"Getting the test result.."

"What test..?"

Before she could reply, a female doctor entered the room...

"Good thing you're awake, your friend here almost gave us a heart attack with her questions..."The doctor said jokingly

Both girls laughed before the doctor handed Laura an envelope...

"Congratulation..."The doctor said..

Shock, both girls turn their gaze to her..

"For what..?"Laura asked curiously

"You're two weeks pregnant...."

Horror licked at Laura's stomach making her jump from the bed...."Pregnant..?"


She quickly torn the envelope and took out the test result, her eyes enlarged with tremors....
"I can't be pregnant..."She murmur.....

"Excuse me.."The doctor chimes in..

"Daisy, i can't be pregnant for that brute...."Laura snarled...."I need an abortion.."

"Jesus Laura what are you saying..."Daisy said shocked by Laura's statement...."An abortion....?"

"I cannot be pregnant Daisy, am getting a divorce.., i can't be pregnant.."

"Relax Laura, you need to think this through..."

"There's nothing to think through.."She latched out..."I can't have Richard's baby...., I can't Daisy, i can't...."


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Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 6:03am On Dec 27, 2019
Oh my God shocked laura is pregnant
Thanks for the update boss
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 6:53am On Dec 27, 2019
Hmmmmm, lot of twist

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Godmademan(m): 7:14am On Dec 27, 2019
Tony may be RVD POSITIVE. Merry Christmas. Thanks for rounding off KINGS @Silver1996
Re: Married And Single (18+) by aprilwise(m): 7:26am On Dec 27, 2019
Thanks for the update.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 9:34pm On Dec 27, 2019
Thanks for the update

Oh my! Laura what are you going go do? shocked
Re: Married And Single (18+) by sly12345: 10:02pm On Dec 28, 2019
Wahala, what if she gets an abortion and damage her womb in the process
Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 9:56am On Dec 29, 2019
Silverman thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 3:34pm On Dec 29, 2019
Can't wait to see the decision Laura takes.
Daisy should know Matthew's jealousy will drive into becoming something else.
Thanks for the update sir
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 1:04pm On Dec 30, 2019
You're really trying with your writing prowess but pls, I beg you to kindly finish this story biko.
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 2:44pm On Dec 30, 2019
M & S
EPISODE TITLE- Dirty, rotten, two-timing cheating philanderer

All Daisy wanted was go home, take her bath and sleep like a little child, especially since she didn't get any the previous night because she was so busy thinking how her life turned from big girl with a full boutique to girl with an empty boutique..., and how's she's going to get two hundred and twenty thousand naira to pay her unwanted flatmate...

She sigh, her mind brooding over the days event.., it wasn't easy convincing Laura to think about taking an abortion instead of an instant one.., Laura must be really struggling with her issues to come up with such a drastic decision......, when she was little, she always fantasize about her charming prince, then she grew, and her fantasies came with the opposite...a charming brute, liar, dog...

Before her body spiral into exhaustion, she knock on her house door...
She sigh, more of happiness than the fatigue licking at her stomach.., Matthew wasn't home, she'll be able to have some moments of rest before he comes home, or possibly she'll change the door locks and lock him out forever...

She took out her own key and fixed it into the lock.., barely excited, she unlocked it and push the door open..., shock raced through her when she saw a cake, covered plates on the table and roses on the floor...
She suck on her teeth wondering what was the occasion, perhaps he brought his whòre home to surprise her...

"Welcome home..."

Her face followed the alertness of his voice, he was nicely dressed with the clothes she gave him on his last birthday...

She look away when he began to walk towards her..

"Am sorry..."Matthew said...."Again.."

Daisy raise her brows, her face still smouldering in an angry look but her eyes enlarged with surprise when he knelt down..

"Am truly sorry for what i did to you Daisy..."He mutter

Daisy almost felt pity for him, but then the stupid memory of him squeezing his fingers around her neck hit her, restoring every lost ounce of anger...

"What's this Matthew.., you're begging me after strangling the breathe out of me..."She snarled

"Uhh, you would be dead if i did that..."He said, still on his knees..

"Am not joking Matt.."

"I know..., that's why am apologising, am really sorry, and to tell you am serious, i cooked and decorated the house for us just like you've always wanted..."

A swoon washed through Daisy but what he did keep replaying in her head making it difficult to think of forgiving him...

"Sorry won't change anything..."

Matthew exhale and stood up from his knees..."When you find out i cheated, you were mad at me..."

"I still am.."She interjects

Ignoring her interruption, he continued..."And then you cheated and you don't expect me to be mad..?"

"You haven't still got it, have you..?"

"Got what..?"

"That we're no longer a thing.."

"Stop saying that, we are a thing and we'll always be..., am i the only one who wants us to get back together.."

"Yes.."She snapped...."You know why, because you've refused to move on.."

"And you really think you've moved on...?"

"I have.."

"How, by sleeping with Adam...?"

Irritation flare her guts...."Look Matthew, i don't have time for this now.., am so tired.."

"Please Daisy.., I've apologise for cheating, apologise for grabbing your neck that way, what more do you expect from me...?"

"Get the hell out of my house..."She yelled..."That's what i expect from you.."

"Why, so you could bring in Adam and fùck him in our bed.."

"My money my bed.."She fling back

"Oh, is that it, fine.., my money my house.."

"I don't have time for this.."She chided walking past him..

"What about the food i cooked..., aren't we going to atleast eat it.."

"You eat whatever poison you think you cooked.."She said over her shoulder..

"Poison.."He snort and walked after her catching up with her before she enters her room..
"Stop making this hard for us.."He said

A desire to punch him right across his face wrapped her..."You're are making this hard for you.."

"Okay Daisy, you've had your fun, i cheated, you punished me, stop it here now..."

"I didn't punish you, i broke up with you, don't you know what break up is anymore, .cos if you don't, am more than ready to give you a definition..."

"Fine, let's take it, you broke up with me but i never broke up with you.."

"That's your problem.."

"It's our problem..."

She hissed..."Will you stop pestering me..?"

"Am not pestering you.."

"Oh yes you are..., you're bugging me..."

"Can't you see what this is doing to me.."He latched out...."I love you, you're the woman i want to spend the rest of my life with.."

"You should have remember that when you had sex with paul...."

"You had sex with Adam..."

She grits before she yelled..."I didn't..."

"You didn't...?"

Her stomach churned at the bitter lie..."I didn't have sex with Adam..."


"You're the only one who cheats..."

"Am sorry for thinking you did...."

She huffs, the lie biting hard at her stomach...."Matt, can you please let me be..., for now..."

"I will.., if you come to the dinning with me.."

"You didn't cook, stop acting like you did.."

"I cooked.."

"You bought the food..."

"Same thing.."

"Not same thing.."

"I didn't cook, but i bought the food from the woman who cooked it.., the important thing is, the food was cooked so please Daisy, can you come to the table..?"

"Just this once Matthew..."She said..

He shrugged..."Thank you.."

She reluctantly followed him to the dinner, the roses on the floor making her stomach rumbled with hunger..., she thought it was just dinner, she isn't getting back with him...just food...

Daisy couldn't stop laughing after watching a collection of comedy videos on her phone..., she slipped into her facebook account, the numerous notifications that pop up reminding her how bored she was even with the phone...

When her mind recalled Laura, she stopped what she was doing and slipped into her phone dialer, she tried reaching her the previous the day after her dinner with matthew, her phone was switch off..

She suck on her teeth praying she picks...

"Hey..."She said the moment the call connected
A cold wave embalmed her skin when silence erupted from the other end..

"Hello, Laura are you there...?"

"Yeah.., yeah am here..."Laura's placid voice sounded

Daisy sigh imagining what Laura must be feeling.."Are you okay...?"

"Yeah am fine.."

"Have you decided...?"

There was silence before Laura's voice came up again...."Not yet.."

Daisy inhale...."Aren't you going to tell him..."

"Daisy, am not sure if i want to keep it..."

Daisy grunt and changed her sitting position..."Don't get rid of it..."

"You know why i can't keep it Daisy.., am getting a divorce.."

Daisy rolled her eyes.."You know he won't sign.."

"I can't have his child.."

"Babies are gifts from God Laura..."

"A gift i don't want.."Laura's hoarse voice resounds

"Just think this through okay, don't take a decision you'll regret..."

Daisy heart sped with tension when silence erupted from Laura's end..

"I will call you back okay.."

Daisy bit her lip at the reply..."Okay, but think this through.."

The call beep, then it ended, the reply to her words ending with the call....

She draw in a deep breathe once again drowning into her loneliness...., Her loneliness grew steadily until it dominated her emotions. What started out as a nagging feeling became so strong that she resolved to break out of her comfort zone to go outside...

She must be a joke thinking looking at passerbys will lessen her boredom....., her loneliness was a vice in her heart, squeezing with just enough pressure to be a constant pain in the ass...

She retraced her steps to her boss chair, not like she had an employee, she can't afford to pay one with her low finance..., once again she allowed her mind to brood over what Matthew did the day before.., she had fun with him, all night she thought of getting back with him since he was trying to be so sweet...,what if he's really changed like he keep mentioning...., Matthew fùcks her well but beside that, what does he do....?

Her confused thoughts gave way the moment the boutique door opened..

"Thank God..."Daisy blare out on seeing Janet..

"Thank God for what...?"Janet riposte checking out a gown..

"Thank God you're here, i was almost dying of boredom..."

"Where is Lily and Laura, thought we were supposed to meet today..."

"They're not coming..."


"Lily said she's meeting someone..."

"Someone.."Janet coos throwing her purse on the floor...."By someone you mean a man..?"

"I don't know, she just sent a text that she won't be coming..."

"Okay...., what about Laura..?"

Daisy inhale deeply before letting out the secret..."She's pregnant.."

Janet's puff with surprise..."Are you serious..?"

"She doesn't want it..."


"You know why.."



"Richard is her husband, he'll be thrilled with the news.."

"Thrilled..."Daisy grit.."She's getting a divorce.."


"Yeah, you didn't know.., of course you didn't know.."

"What else i don't know..."

"I don't know..."

She sigh and crunched down ...."I thought we tell each other stuff..."

"Well you haven't be around lately..."

"Am a phone call away Daisy so that's not an excuse..."

"Sorry i didn't tell you, the truth is, Laura wants it to be a secret..."

"Because she's getting an abortion...?"


"Without telling Richard..."


Janet mold her face in repugnance...."That isn't fair..."

"Why isn't it fair...?"

"Richard is her husband, he deserves to know..."

"Didn't you hear what i told you, she's getting a divorce..."

"Marriage is for better for worst.., running from it is never the answer..."

"Well marriage counselor, keep the counsel for those who deserve it, I've got gist for you...."

Janet took her phone to reply her WhatsApp messages before asking..."What gist...?"

"Take a look at this..."Daisy said showing her a leaflet on her phone..., Chief Akinshola is celebrating his 65th year birthday..."

"So.."Janet shrugged

"So we're going..."

"Daisy, you don't even know the person..."

Daisy poke her eyes at her...."Don't tell me you don't know chief Akinshola, the owner of iceberg estate...."

"Iceberg estate...?"Janet slack-jawed taking the phone from her to take a look at the picture again....."Oh my God, is him...."

"Every rich man in this town you can think of will be there.., senators, governors, they'll all be there "

"Wow, i thought he's older than 65.., it says the birthday is today"

"We need to go to this birthday party..."

"Where you invited...?"

Daisy nib her lips..."No..., i saw the flyer online..."

"And you want to go there..."


"Daisy, these sort of parties are strictly by invitation...."

"It's an open party Janet, even the paupers can go..."

"Why do you want to go there..."

Daisy huff..."I want to pay Matthew back the money for the house rent.."

"Is he still at your place...?"

"Yes.."She chided..."And he's driving me crazy, i want him out..."

"Then talk to him.."

"You think i haven't..?"

"So how do you think you'll get the money from the party..."

"Didn't you hear the class of people i mentioned earlier..."

"Daisy, you're not a prostitute...."

"I never said i was..."

"Then how else do you think you'll get the money...?"

"Whatever way Janet, i just need someone to go with me, i can't ask Laura with everything going on with her, can't ask Lily either, she's been off and on, mostly off for the past few days...so that leaves me with you..."

"Go to the party with you and been seen as an escort, no thank you..."

"You won't go alone okay, you can go with Barry.."

She frown at the mention of Barry...."I can't go with Barry..."


"Because am done with him.."

"Like officially done...?"


"So who's the new catch....?"

"There is no new catch..."

"When a girl breaks up with her man, there is always a guy at the corner licking her ears, so who's the new guy...?"

"His name is Kenny..."

"Is he cute..."

Janet flinch..."Who sees cute as a requirement this days..."

"Some girls still do.."

"Am not some girls, and to answer your question, yes he's cute and sweet.., he's really nice.."

"Look at you.., your face is swooning with excitement..."

"I'm excited.."

"Is he rich..?"

"Well he has a car, so i think he's doing good..."


"Trust me, he's nothing like Barry..."

Daisy laugh..."Good for you girl.., you can bring him to the party so i can meet him..."

"Daisy, what if we aren't served drinks or food...?"

"Why won't we be served drinks...?"

"Cos we weren't invited...."

"Janet trust me, we'll take anything the men there will be taking...., so go home, take your bath, wear a sexy gown and call me to come pick you up.."

"Pick me up with what...?"

"Okada, bush girl..."Daisy said jokingly

"Okay, am going on one condition..."

"What...?"She asked folding her hands across her chest...

"If Kenny agrees to follow me.."

"He will..., guys love these hings.., what kind of job does he do for a living..?"

"He said he's an exporter..."

"Exporter of what..?"

"Of cocaine..."

Daisy eyes enlarged with shock.."Cocaine.."

"Come on am just kidding..., he transport goods overseas and he brings home a good pay..."

"How many zeros...?"

"Daisy, you don't expect me to ask him that..., I'll look like a gold digger..."

"So true, but you need to know..."

"I know.."

"And be careful Janet, the wolves always says the nice things to you, they tell you what you want to hear, but at the end you realise it's all lies..."

"Kenny seem different..."

"How long have you known him...?"

"A week..."

Shock raced through her..."A week..."

"Yeah.., we're really not that serious now..., still in the getting to know each other zone..."

"Be careful..."

"I will..."

"I mean it Janet.."

"I will..."

Daisy had a way of walking that made her seem perpetually in a hurry. Her steps weren't long but they were rapid. Like a speed-walker without that odd twisting motion they make....., she was so thrilled she was going to the party, she prays she finds someone who's willing and ready to help with if not everything but a bit of the house rent...

She grunts at the bare possibility of it, which man will give her two hundred and twenty thousand naira without anything in return..., she hates herself for the low and wistful decision she had taken but Seriously she had no choice, Matthew, despite his effort to make good with her is still a pain in the ass that needs to be rid of as soon as possible.....

When her footsteps glided into her house threshold, she sigh with the thought of taking a cold bath and rest a bit before dressing for the birthday party...

Finding no need to knock since Matthew will probably be sleeping as he always does, she slide the knob down and poof..., her eyes behold the worst sight of her life...

"Oh my God..."She mutter, trepidation churning hard in her stomach..., eyes still enlarged with shock, she watch as the girl quickly jumped and Matthew drag his trouser up to cover his erected dick, his sturt still in the girl's lips..

Rage swimming in Daisy's eyes, she watched the girl ran out from the house leaving her and Matthew alone...

"I can explain...."Matthew said zipping his trouser, his penis still bulging inside his pants......

"She was just giving me a blowjòb, nothing more..."He added

Resentment swept across Daisy's face but she didn't say anything, instead she decided to walk past him but Matthew stepped in her front

"Say something Daisy..."

"Say what..?"She snarled..."Say that you brought a girl to my house to give you a blòwjob..."

"It was just a blòwjob.."

"Just..."She grit her teeth..."And here i was thinking you've changed like you said.., i was actually thinking of giving you a second chance..."

"I've changed Daisy..."

"You're mad...., i just caught you receiving a blòwjob from that whòre you cheating bastard..."

"What part of the world defines a blòwjob as sex..., when you set a boundary between us, i told you i will let go of some steam sometimes...., that's exactly what i was doing.."

"Who cheats and still defend himself..."She snapped, voice clipped with spite..

"It's not sex Daisy, it's a just a blòwjob for christ sake..."

"Go to hell..."She snapped and pushed him aside to walk away..

"I've been there and aback Daisy..."He shouted after her..

"Well go back there and stay there.."She said over her shoulder

"Blòwjob is not sex Daisy, it can't be classified as cheating...."

She stopped and faced him...."Do you know what you are.."


"You're a dog.."she retorted

"And you're the dog's girlfriend..."

"You irritate me..."

"I said am sorry..."

"Keep your sorry apology to yourself.."

"You caused this, if you didn't make that stupid rule, i would never have gotten a blòwjob from another girl..."

"This time Matthew, we're officially done..."

"You said that before and i countered..."

"Counter all you want, you've lost your chance, and about your money, I'll get it back and when i do, you'll get your cheating self out of my house never to show your pathetic face to me again..."

"Blòwjob is not sex, why can't girls understand that..., how do girls think...?"

"And how do men think...?"Daisy fling back......

"You bedswerver, dog, manwhore, dirty, rotten, two-timing cheating philanderer...."Daisy cursed over her shouder as she walk to her room......



Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 2:46pm On Dec 30, 2019
You're really trying with your writing prowess but pls, I beg you to kindly finish this story biko.
I lost the book i wrote the story on dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Dulcinea(f): 2:57pm On Dec 30, 2019
Thanks for the update smiley

Matthew's libido is something else angry
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 5:34pm On Dec 30, 2019
Matthew is just one annoying he-diot
Thanks for the update dearie
Re: Married And Single (18+) by egwolopretty: 6:08pm On Dec 30, 2019
Matthew is something else...
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 6:51pm On Dec 30, 2019
I lost the book i wrote the story on dear
Oh angry shocked
Did you also loss "Love cycle" story book
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:54pm On Dec 30, 2019
Oh angry shocked
Did you also loss "Love cycle" story book
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:56pm On Dec 30, 2019
Thanks for the update smiley

Matthew's libido is something else angry
You welcome
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:57pm On Dec 30, 2019
Matthew is just one annoying he-diot
Thanks for the update dearie
You welcome
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Silver1996(m): 7:58pm On Dec 30, 2019
Matthew is something else...
Thanks for the update
jU welcome dear
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Christie171(f): 8:34pm On Dec 30, 2019
Oh really
I just finished reading and it was left uncompleted since Dec 2018 sad
Re: Married And Single (18+) by divinelypruned(f): 8:35pm On Dec 30, 2019
A jobless Michael, why won't he want to let off steam, when he is lazy, he only wants Daisy because he needs a backbone. Such a lazy pest.
Silver thanks for the update.
Abeg jaara go dey, am olivertwisting
Re: Married And Single (18+) by cyndy1000(f): 9:07pm On Dec 30, 2019
Why would Daisy pay him again? Its better she rents another apartment
Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 9:22pm On Dec 30, 2019
Matthew head is turning on im own
Re: Married And Single (18+) by purity23(f): 9:55pm On Dec 30, 2019
Why would Daisy pay him again? Its better she rents another apartment
Exactly what i was thinking..
Re: Married And Single (18+) by kelvyncruz: 11:58pm On Dec 30, 2019
Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by aprilwise(m): 6:35am On Dec 31, 2019
Caught in the act. Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by Ann2012(f): 12:21pm On Dec 31, 2019
Matthew is a goat....
Daisy.....I don't know what to say to you

Thanks for the update
Re: Married And Single (18+) by showgoeson: 9:02am On Jan 01
Happy new year silver

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