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Poetic Genius – Inufin Ayomide D’great X Ras Godisoh / Whoever Wrote This' Monkey Money Madness(mmm) Story Is A Genius (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 12:26am On Feb 13
Wonderful update, give us more @OP
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:03am On Feb 13
Wonderful update, give us more @OP
Good morning. You can always bank on me to give you more.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:10am On Feb 13
I dedicate the first post of the day(breakfast) to Dybala11 because he asked for it.

Ted’s uncle was jolted from sleep, this time by Ted’s scream, but he wasn’t sure of the main source of the sound that had just made the terrible jounce on him. He checked the bathroom and kitchen before he finally adjourned to Ted’s room. Ted had lain on the bed pretending to be fast asleep, saw wooding along. Willis Brown, whose eyes were now bulged out for fear instantly began to give Ted several short taps to get him up from bed. Ted delayed for few seconds before getting up with a simulated wide, yawing mouth.

“Ted, did you scream—” he said, “just now?”
“Scream? No, why should I? I was fast asleep,” Ted yawned again.

“I heard a powerful scream. It woke me up.”
“I heard nothing. Maybe it’s a hallucination.”
“Maybe—” said the uncle in agreement, yet doubting it. “Sorry for disturbing your sleep, Ted. G’night!”

“G’night,” responded Ted. As the man was about to pull at the door, Ted said in a low tone, “Uncle.” He looked back at him and said, “Yes, Ted.”

“Maybe you should try to see your Pastor today; he’ll pray for you.”

“Sure,” replied the man scarily without detecting Ted’s jest, “First thing at dawn,” the man added as he trudged out of the room, putting off the light again.

“Who are you?” screamed Henry. His memory had returned to him.
“You asked for my help, didn’t you?” the gargantuan spider spoke.
“I didn’t,” argued Henry who was already prepared for the worst.
“Didn’t you shout that someone should tell you what’s happening to you?”
“Was that why you’re here?” Henry asked.
“Yes,” the spider replied in a friendly gesture, “I’m the guard of the power of this kingdom. Where you opened last month is called the Power House. It contained all the powers of this kingdom.”
“I don’t believe you,” said Henry in an audacious tone. “I never saw a single wand in it—in fact I saw nothing,” Henry expressed repugnance for the weirdo right in front of him as he spoke. He had earlier fixed his thought on the fact that giving up the ghost right there now would be preferable to staying alive, since the difference his initiation had made ever since becoming a citizen was just that it had, according to his own thought, raised his troubles to the power of ten. The yardstick Henry had used no one knows.
“I said I never saw a single wand in there,” Henry repeated, “So, you ain’t guarding any power,” deduced Henry.
To Henry’s surprise the creature’s face beamed with what Henry had felt was a smile, then it said, “You’re right Henry, I’m guarding nothing, yet I’m guarding the Power House. Since its construction about four hundred years ago, no one had come near it let alone open it.”
“But I opened it, what’s the consequence?” said Henry with great brusqueness, not wanting to dabble into the Spider’s ambiguous speech, since he was not expecting anything other than ambiguity from an ordinary animal, which had even made amazing attempt in the first place to speak.
‘Death of course!” said the Spider.
“Then go ahead, kill me,” replied Henry like one tired of life. The large spider released a great draught from his nostrils and it blew Henry away along with the mighty black web which was taken off Henry’s head, yet Henry’s feet seemed glued to the ground.

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:14am On Feb 13
Henry’s mirror, having been airlifted by the gust from the spider’s mouth, was smashed on a rocky structure behind Henry. The spider moved a foreleg, which was about twenty meter long, and almost placed it on Henry’s head. The great spider had only four legs; two forelegs and two hind legs. His forelegs appeared to be twice the length of the hind ones. Henry had envisaged dead, so he fastened his eyelids together, as though not wanting to witness the death of himself.
Amazingly, the creature said, “Henry, I can’t do that.” The spider placed his leg to the ground again.
“Why?” Henry asked, overwhelmed with shock.
“Because you’ve got a destiny no one can reverse.”
“Tell me, what’s my destiny?” asked Henry immediately, his head raised as if to look probingly into the large face of the spider, but Henry wondered if the strange thingamabob before him would notice his two puny eyes at all.
“It’s not of me to tell,” it replied soberly.
Henry was gutted.
“Then free me and let me go.”
“It’s not of me to free you either,” it replied, but in an amiable manner. “You see Henry, nobody can spend up to a week in Gyrus and survive, but you did it. You’ve set a record nobody can break. You’ve spent over three and half weeks in Gyrus. Can you see those beards?” Henry was not a bit interested in the Spider’s natters. All he needed was instant freedom or death, but the first appealed to him more now, since the spider had already said he had got a destiny. Henry had already made up his mind to try find it out, at least, before bidding earth (or Gyrus) goodbye.
“Great spider let me go.”
“It’s not of me to free you, I’ve told you before. Ain’t you enjoying my company?” smiled the spider.
“Not a bit,’ shouted Henry with a tone of bellicosity. “You’re not wise scraggy old spider. If you spare my life and keep me captive here the magistrates will kill me. Why not kill me now or let me go now?”
“None of the two is good for an option. You still have about four more months to stay in bondage here.”
“Then after that—”
“After that I’ll release you to the Magistrates to do whatever with you.”
“Okay, I’ve got two things to ask you, perhaps you’ll tell me the answers,” said Henry who was feeling that the time had come to clear his mind off the doubts and uncertainties that had befuddled him most.
“Ask them, I’ll answer,” said the spider to Henry’s elation.
“Professor Wilson’s Seventh Question, can you remind me what it was—now?” he said inquiringly, but the spider said, “Huh—uh, one problem about you magician is ‘now’. You want everything done ‘now’. Fame now, answers to mysteries now. That’s why you’re powerless.”
“Powerless,” Henry’s eyes developed into a bulge. “What d’you mean?”
“You’ve got no power all you magicians. The ordinary ones are more powerful than you are.”
“It’s a lie,” said Henry without giving it a second thought.
“It’s the truth,” the spider affirmed. “Ordinary men have power of self-control, magicians don’t have. They can refrain from revenge, you can’t. They even live longer than you do. Tell me, do you know when you’re going to die?”
“How can I know?” said Henry. “Why should I want to know? All I want to know is the Professor’s Seventh Question,” he added still.
“That’s what I’ve just told you,” said the spider slyly.
“You’re lying,” cried out Henry. “You never told me any Seventh Question.” Henry never realized that the spider had provided the answer in the course of its conversation.
“It’s better for you not to know, but if you insist on knowing someone else will let you know the answer to it later.”
Henry said, “What about my second request?”
“Ask on, I’ll answer it.”
‘Kim will be fighting with Harrison, but Harrison’s receiving help from the Power Guard. I want to pass this message to Kim. Can you tell him on my behalf?”
“Someone has told Kim already,” said the Spider. Then it sighed and said, “It’s that same chap that will give you the answer to the Seventh Question.”
“You’re not straight forward,” Henry maligned.
“That’s because I’m bending backward. It’s my posture,” replied the spider.
“That’s not what I meant?” grimaced Henry, then diverted, “Go away from me spider, you’ve not rendered a single help.”
“Are you saying that my help’s no more needed?” asked the spider playfully.
“You’ve not helped me before now, have you?”
“Look behind you, your mirror,” the spider called his attention to his broken mirror. Henry looked back and realized that it had been mended already, just as it was the day he had received it.
“It’s a small thing. Nothing to fuse about,” shrugged Henry intending to frustrate the spider.
“You sure of what you’re saying?” said the spider in a disappointed tone.
“Yeah, sure—just a mirror.”
“Well, magicians are ungrateful; I’ll never mend a mirror for anyone again in this planet. It’s an oath that cannot be altered,” said the Spider with a tone of sincerity. Then it sulked and withdrew from him. It swiftly made a hollow in the ground and got itself into it. Of its own accord the hollow closed its mouth to bury the spider alive.
Harrison smiled as he placed the mirror gently in a safe place. He had just finished communicating with the Power Guard through it. The man had asked him to come to his place to get his own wand. In a short moment, Harrison was there.
“Here’s it,” said the Power Guard as he handed Harrison his wand. “You’ve got to practice with it overnight. You know Kim’s a Mystery Maker, so don’t be fooled by his tricks.”
“I’ll be very careful sir,” Harry assured.
“You can go now.”
“Thank you sir,” said Harrison as he bobbed briskly to the Power Guard. As he pulled the door open the man said, “Harrison one more thing.”
“What sir?”

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:35pm On Feb 13

Henry had spent three months in Gyrus already without food. His stomach was completely deflated and he was lean and weak, unable to be on his feet. The spider had made a new web around him.
Henry cried out:
“Great spider, I need food!” All of a sudden there was a great quake; such had always preceded the arrival of the spider. Arriving, the spider said, “Young boy, hope you’re fine.”
“How can I? Not when you abandoned me for months without feeding me.”
“Didn’t you say that you hate my company? Well, if you’d asked me for food all this while I’d have fed you three square meals twice.” With the brief information the spider had just given (about the three-square meal twice) Henry was able to evaluate how many days he had spent in Gyrus—two earth days—three months.
“Okay, I need to eat something now,” Henry screamed. The spider dropped a piece of meat he had brought for Henry to feed on.
“Eat it,” said the spider.
“Raw meat,” said Henry. “Why should I eat raw meat? Can’t it be roasted?”
“It can, if you want.” A little fire descended on the meat and got it roasted. Henry picked up the nub of roasted meat instantly and began to feed on it in a way that had conspicuously revealed his esurience. A question crept up in his mind:
“This meat, where d’you get it from?” He put a chunk into his watery mouth.
“It’s part of my meal.”
“Here you go again, prevaricating. I’d only asked you where you got it from, not—”
“Where do you think? In this planet people die, just like it happens on earth too. You know citizens die here every five Gyrus calendar months and their carcasses no one cares for. What d’you think happens to those remains?”
“You feed on them? So, Mister Spider what you’re telling me is that you feed on those things, isn’t it?” Henry asked, horrified.
“Exactly,” said the spider and added, “Address me with Grandwala, any time.” Henry ignored its new instruction and said, “Gargantuan Spider, You’ve just made me a cannibal, isn’t it?”
“Well—if you say so,” said Grandwala, giggling. Henry was perspiring. He hung his head in disappointment. He was not able to continue feeding on the meat.”
“Get me out of here or kill me instantly,” Henry shouted at him, but Grandwala said, “I’ll go for the third option.”
“I’ve only given you two options.”
“Yes I know,” said Grandwala. “But in life, there’s always a third option and that option is ‘nothing’. I’ll do nothing to you.”
“Hear this, the earth is filled with nothing: no power in it. I read this from a book, Henry and that book had made me wiser. It’s the best of all books. The book said the earth was void and filled with darkness.”
Henry’s façade expressed boredom.
“I’ve got no time for fables,” he made known.
“It’s no fable. The universe is filled with nothing, no power, no light, no life—vanity.”
“What do you mean?” asked Henry impetuously and quickly said, “I’m sorry, I’m not asking a question” when he realized that he would not need to hear any further explanation, but Henry was late.
“Okay, you’ll understand it better now,” said Grandwala. “You went to the Power House, flung it open and saw something in it, isn’t it?”
“No, I saw nothing,” countered Henry. “It was empty.”
“Yeah, that’s exactly my point. You’ve just confirmed that the power of the universe is nothing."
Henry was sick of the spider’s ambiguities. He blocked his ears with his index fingers and the action vexed the spider, which at that instance, had begun to dig a hole which he got into after making an end of its excavation. The hole closed back on it.

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by dlawsamesq(m): 1:30pm On Feb 13
Where are the mod when you need them? This work need to be push to the front page once more. I am hungry sammyho, please serve me something delicious.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 6:01pm On Feb 13
Where are the mod when you need them? This work need to be push to the front page once more. I am hungry sammyho, please serve me something delicious.
I support your motion, this piece of literary work is a front page material.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 6:02pm On Feb 13
Thanks once again for the dedication OP, I'm honoured.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 6:02pm On Feb 13
Thanks once again for the dedication OP, I feel honoured.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 5:16pm On Feb 14
Download my debut song "My Juliet" for your Valentine. Click the link below to Listen and Download.

Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 5:19pm On Feb 14
Download my debut song "My Juliet" for your Valentine. Click the link below to Listen and Download.

I'll do that later OP, I thought you've dropped another update, that was why I rushed here to check immediately I saw your moniker in the new post update.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 5:26pm On Feb 14

I'll do that later OP, I thought you've dropped another update, that was why I rushed here to check immediately I saw your moniker in the new post update.
Lol. I've been very busy. I'll soon drop one or two. Thanks.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 5:30pm On Feb 14
Lol. I've been very busy. I'll soon drop one or two. Thanks.
You're welcome sir, I'm anticipating the next update.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 5:56pm On Feb 14
It was going to be celebration day in Californian City University in Los Angeles (CCUL). It was Halloween day. As usual with the school, awards were going to be remitted to those who could scare other people most. Every one was in the business of painting there bodies with colors of different kinds, that would make them look weird and scary, for the single sake of winning the awards.
Susie came to Henry’s apartment to see him, but she met his door locked. She waited for few minutes behind the door, but Henry never came. As she was leaving, she met Ted coming to Henry’s apartment too.
“Hi, Ted,” she greeted.
“Hello Susie,” Ted replied fondly. “I can see you’re getting set for the Halloween.”
“Sure,’ she replied. “I came to see Henry, but—”
“Did you meet him?” Ted asked promptly, not affording Susie the chance to complete her ‘but’ statement.
“No, where has he gone?”
“Don’t know. I was coming to see him too.”
“Hope Henry’s going to participate in the Halloween,” she said, “’cos he could be impervious to it.”
“Yeah, he should join,’ said Ted, then he added, “Maybe he has gone to get some costumes to make him look awful for the Halloween, so he could win the awards.” Ted had only intended to deceive Susie into ending the discussion.
“Well, whatever, I’ll scare life out of him tonight. I’ll catch him unawares,” said Susie, wrapping it up with laughter.
“You think so? I’m sure Henry’s not going to be scared of you a bit, because he’s a genius,” remarked Ted.
“You’re wrong Ted. Genius or no genius has got nothing to do with this,” she said, expecting to hear Ted’s view again, but Ted having suspected her motive, said, “Maybe. You’re right. Bye.”
“Bye,” replied Susie, smiling as she walked away.
Ted remained on that spot, gaze fixed at Susie’s back part. Ted revealed a smile and whispered, “She’s in love with Henry.”

Harrison’s gladness knew no bound, because of the Power Guard’s wand he had now acquired. He had proved it and found it very effective, having used it several times to tune the TV.
The door flung open of its own accord and the Power Guard entered in.
“Harrison,” he called softly. Harrison was scared at the sight of the Power Guard.
“Yes sir,” the boy managed a reply.
“I can see you’re busy practicing with my wand.”
“Yes sir,” said Harrison. “ I’ve used it to achieve a lot. It’s quite potent.”
“Hmm,” sounded the man. “Boy, it was the wrong one I gave to you,” declared the man to Harrison’s surprise. “It will work against you.” Harrison was speechless, focusing his gazes at the man’s face in awe.
“Here’s the real wand. Have it and bring the one with you,” the Power Guard said as he stretched the wand toward Harrison, who hastily collected it and gave the man the one with him.
“Sir, but I’ve been practicing with it for more than twenty-four hours and it has been working well. It’s only an hour left for the fight. How do I get used to this new one within the short time left?” Harrison expressed his fear.
“Never worry Harrison,” the man calmed. “You won’t need practice with this new one at all, because it’s a powerful wand, knowing what to do by itself.”
“Thanks,” Harrison said as the man prepared to depart.
“You shall defeat Kim,” assured the Power Guard lastly guffawing along. As the man got out of the door, he became Kim.
“I am the Mystery Maker,” Kim whispered as he walked away gladly.

“Great Spider!” screamed Henry and a quake took place again. The spider climbed its way out of the rubbles made by the quake. On getting to Henry, he said, “I’m Hungry.”
“You should be,” Grandwala supported. “You’ve been here for five months and have only fed once. Here’s your food.”
“Hope it’s not human meat again.”
“It is,” said Grandwala. “I know you’ll not reject it.”
“Well—it’s just because I’m starving,” said Henry, collecting the chunk of meat and began to chew immediately.
“That’s what I’m saying,” concluded Grandwala.
“When will I be liberated from this bondage?”
“Today—in fourteen hours time.”
“How?” asked Henry stridently, but in a friendly manner, since he’d recognized that being rude to the spider would only bring him nothing other than loneliness.
“By the magic magistrates,” replied Grandwala.
“Impossible!” Henry doubted. “Will you tell them a lie, that I didn’t approach the Power House?”
“No, I’ll tell them the truth.”
“Then be sure I’ll be killed immediately.”
“No Henry,” said the Spider. “Magicians don’t believe the truth. They’ll not believe me if I tell them you opened the Power House.”
“Because it’s the truth, so they’ll ignore it,” said the Spider. “They’ll sure believe that my statement is spawned by a conspiracy between you and me to make them believe you’re such a powerful person, so that you can earn points and position.”
‘I don’t think so.”
“That’s what I’m saying. You’ll never think that the truth is the truth, because you’re a magician too.” Henry was obliged to keep silent, in order to end Grandwala’s never-ending vicious attacks on the status of the Magic Folk of which he belonged. However, Henry spoke later.
“The fight between Harrison and Kim today, who’s going to win?”
“The wiser of the two,” said Grandwala. “It depends on who plays the tricks most. The contest is won already before the fight.”
‘I want Kim to win.”
“It’s not of me to decide. It depends on who plays the tricks most,” re-affirmed Grandwala, then added, “You know Magic’s all about tricks.”
“Yes, Kim’s a Mystery Creator, I’m glad he’ll sure win,” deduced Henry, smiling for the first time in five Gyrus months. His action only incurred
another malicious attack on the Magichood as Grandwala uttered:
“You’re bias, so also are all Magicians in the universe. That’s one reason you’re all powerless,” declared Grandwala and Henry was mute.

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 5:57pm On Feb 14
The reason for Ted’s impatience to depart from Gyrus two days ago was for fear of being discovered as a cultist by his uncle. What led to that was not far-fetched. Before Ted’s departure to Gyrus that particular day, he had demanded to see his uncle’s image in his mirror and it appeared. Then Ted asked, “When will you begin to look for me?”
“In the next six minutes,” the image replied.
“Where will you go looking for me?”
“In the bathroom of course,” the image replied critically. “Was that not where you’d just told me you were going?”
Hearing that Ted had determined not to wait behind a bit in Gyrus that day, for the fear of being detected as a wizard by his uncle, who might peep into the bathroom if Ted wouldn’t give a response when being called upon.
Though Henry delayed Ted’s departure from Gyrus that day, luckily for him, he was able to get back to earth (through the bathroom) just in time. His uncle was already at the door then, knocking hard at it. Ted came out with towel hung on his neck.
“Ted, I’ve been knocking this bathroom door and shouting your names. Didn’t you hear me?”
“I heard you sir,” said Ted, lying.
“And why didn’t you answer me?”
“No reason,” Ted replied, gazing at the floor. “I just felt that it was wrong of you to be shouting my name like that when you know that I can’t come out naked from the bathroom.”
Ted’s uncle was sorry for the act.
“I’m sorry, It’s just that I was eager to let you know about this good news I just received.”
“What good news?” said Ted expressing inquisitiveness.
“I just received the official transfer I’d requested. I’ll be transferred to New York City next week, and—” he paused calculatingly.
“And what?” probed Ted excitedly.
“Guess,” the man said lightheartedly.
“You’ve seen a beautiful lady to get married to.”
“No, keep trying.”
“You’ve—you’ve stopped having those nightmares.”
“Which nightmares?” his uncle replied, who was ignorant of Ted’s humorous intention. “You’re not good at all at guessing,” he concluded benignly as he declared, “I’ve been promoted.”
Ted hugged his uncle vivaciously on hearing this, but in the real sense of it the first news was more useful and beneficial to Ted than the second. Since the first, the official transfer, would mean that Willis Brown would no more be keeping all eyes on him, Ted also would not have to be looking left, right and left before taking his journey to Gyrus anytime he would be home on holidays or for any reason at all. No more close watches by his uncle.
“Congratulation uncle, but—”
“But what?”
“I’ll be lonely here during the holidays. I’ll be scared.”
‘Never worry Ted, nothing bad will happen to you.”
Ted pretended as if something was bothering him. His superficial appearance was turned dismal at once.
“Ted why this sudden mood?” his uncle asked.
“I don’t know how to say it.”
“Say it, I’ll listen.”
“I’m very sorry for the way I’d insolently spoken to you earlier,” said Ted at last, expressing suitable penitence for the past nagging action he had directed on his uncle.
“You don’t need to be sorry, Ted,” his uncle said. “I don’t have the right to knock your bathroom door that way. As from today I’ll desist from such act.”
“Even if there’s another good news to share?” Ted asked humorously.
“Yes, I’ll be patient enough for you to end your bath,” he said to Ted’s elation, though not superficial enough for the man to detect.
“That’s okay,” said Ted. “Uncle I think you know?”
“What?” asked Willis Brown keenly.
“That I’ll be going back to school tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow?” his uncle stumbled over his declaration. “It’s impossible Ted. You only came here yesterday and you want to depart tomorrow—to do what?”
“Uncle, have you forgotten that the session’s still on? I’m quite sure I’d have missed a great deal of lectures just today alone that I wasn’t in school.”
Willis Brown gave an affable grin.
“Ted, hope it’s not because of the Halloween that’s taking place in two days to come you want to go back to school. If that’s the case you’re not permitted,” Willis Brown concluded.
“It’s part of it. Uncle, why won’t you allow me participate in it?”
“Ted it’s a dangerous activity,” his uncle revealed. “There were always real witches and wizards in Halloween festivals. You can’t know the real from the fake. They can hurt you,” said his samhainophobic uncle, but Ted said, “Why is it me they’ll hurt? I’ll be very careful; uncle I promise no hurt’s going to come on me.”
“No hurt? You promise?”
“Yeah, no hurt, trust me.”
“Ted are you assuring me no hurt?” pestered Willis Brown who was not ready to take chances. He gawked critically at Ted’s face. “You know you’re the only one I’ve got in the whole world,” said his uncle, fondly pulling Ted to himself.”
“No hurt,” whispered Ted in an almost inaudible tone.
“Then you’re free to go tomorrow,” declared Willis Brown ultimately as he hugged Ted amiably.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 6:18pm On Feb 14
Thanks for the update OP, I'm waiting to read about the fight of naturalization between Kim and Harrison and to know who will emerge the winner.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:42pm On Feb 14
Thanks for the update OP, I'm waiting to read about the fight of naturalization between Kim and Harrison and to know who will emerge the winner.
Okay, keep your fingers crossed.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:54pm On Feb 14

Ted had arrived campus. He was getting set for Gyrus, yet having in mind his friend’s death, because of the great spider he had seen in his mirror two nights ago, which he believed must have eaten Henry up.
Having locked the door leading to his living room, Ted took his mirror out of his school bag, having left it in there since arriving the campus the day before. He was preparing to depart with it to Gyrus when he began to hear some bizarre hullabaloos from behind his locked door. He heard his name:
“Ted! Ted! We are the bloodsuckers. Come to us or we will come to you,” sieved the outlandish voices.
“Kids,” whispered Ted to himself as he vanished to Gyrus.
Landing, Ted got up immediately as if something from his seat had just pricked his buttock. As he was striding away, Kim passed beside him. Ted did not stop to say ‘Hi’, so did Kim too, who gave Ted a long fiendish leer and hissed silently, “Coward!” under his breath. Ted replied the hiss as he moved away with impunity.
Ted was hastening to Henry’s seat to see if he was there. On getting to the place, Ted discovered that it was empty and he was obsessed with fear.
“Where is Henry?” came two voices synchronously, each intending to pose the question at the other. They were Ted and Dolly. Ted’s fear was aggravated within him. He raised his mirror to his face willing to see Henry in it again, but he saw total darkness again.
“Henry is dead!” he whispered.
Still standing beside Henry’s seat, Professor Wilson rushed to the scene too, to see the boy.
“Ted, where’s Henry?” the man asked quickly, but all he received was a wintry shrug from Ted.
“Tell me, is he dead?” said the dean, jerking Ted’s shoulders vigorously.
“I don’t know,” Ted replied fearfully.
“I’ve been looking at my mirror for him since yesterday, but it had always been dark.”
“And mine too,” responded Ted. Just as Ted was preparing to tell the dean about the Spider the man suddenly said, “I must report this to the Magistrates immediately, so that we can search him out with the Ultimate Round Glass, dead or alive.”
“Is there any Ultimate Round Glass?” Ted asked ignorantly.
“Yeah, Ted, It’s in the Power House. There’s no time for discussion boy, I’ve got to act quickly,” said the man and sped off without listening to another question Ted had intended asking.
Ted pondered, “Is there anything like Power House?” and that was the question the poor boy was intending to ask Professor Wilson, who was quite impatient.
“Wait!” screamed Ted but the man was gone.
Ted was still standing before Henry’s seat when the bell of caution rang. He did not hear its chimes, having been engrossed in a serious thought. He was aware of it when he saw people speeding up and tossing each other out of the way to get to their respective seats.
Extremely afraid, Ted was set at a speed of six hundred meters per microsecond to get to his seat. Taking off with such speed, Ted was brought down by Harrison, who had wittingly pushed him hard when he was about to pass before Harrison’s seat he was trying to escape.
Ted managed to get up five microseconds later, skidding off at a speed far less than the one he had initially intended to utilize. He was lucky, getting to his seat a picosecond before the sound of the death bell. Just then, Ted realized that his mirror was no more with him. It had fallen off when Harrison pushed him to the floor. If the mirror had fallen before Harrison he would sure have picked it up, but the thing had only fallen on the aisle, which was not within Harrison’s reach.
“Your mirror in front of you,” declared the magistrate who was looking at a large glass, which was displaying all those who had fallen dead at the chimes of the death bell.
“Floor searcher!” whispered Ted, mentioning the name of the glass that was displaying the corpses. “It was a stroke of luck,” commented the boy on his escape.
Without having a mirror, there was no way a citizen would be able to see the person speaking, (even if such fixed his gaze at the screen in front of the hall) but such would only hear the voice of the speaker; that was the situation Ted had now found himself in. He was scared as he remained seated.
“Now the first thing on the meeting agenda of today is the fight between Suleiman Ahmed, a Nigerian, and Raul Paul from Spain,” said the magistrate. “It’s a fight of naturalization. Suleiman is trying to take over the citizenship of Raul for life. If he can win today’s fight and earn more points in the future, he’ll be able to make dreams, just as Raul Paul can do now,” said the magistrate without pausing to take a puff of the air.
It seemed many were surprised at the fight, which was just about to take place, perhaps because one of the fighters had possessed a lot of power and the other had only had some empty guts derided of power. However, the Magistrate’s further speech seemed to ratify the Citizens’ notions:
“But if Raul Paul wins, he shall earn five more points to himself and retain his position as a dream-maker. Suleiman is new here; he had only arrived a month ago. Let’s enjoy the fight.”
There were sounds of claps from the citizens as they sat eagerly to watch the fight. Just then a ‘Gyrus-quake’ occurred.
“Gyrus Quake!” they screamed. Such had never taken place in the presence of the Citizens.
They were attempting to get away from their seats to escape for their dear lives when the magistrate’s voice suddenly came up, “Get away from your seats and pass away!”
They all understood the euphemistic speech of the magistrate, Patrick Rutherford, so they all had to remain glued to their seats, else they will just pass away (die) if they try to get away (escape) as the man had declared.
The pronouncement seemed to have affected Ted more than the rest of the citizens, since he had wanted to seize such a great opportunity to get his mirror back. No one moved at the sound of his voice. All eyes were fixed at their mirrors as they beheld the Gyrus catastrophe through it, but Ted was not able to see it, since he was mirrorless. He was only hearing its resultant noise, since no one would be able to see the person speaking in Gyrus without the mirror, even when such is gazing far ahead to the large screen on the podium.
“Spider!” they yelled in horror, seeing Grandwala for the first time. Hearing their yells, Ted remembered the spider he had seen through his mirror two days ago.
“It must have killed Henry,” thought Ted.
“Grandwala what are you here for?” spoke the magistrate to the great spider without a single trace of fear on his worried face.
“My duty,” replied the spider.
“Your duty’s not here, it’s in the Power House.”
“Yes I know,” the gigantic hulky thing replied.
“A young boy came to the Power House and got it opened.”
“Are you serious?” asked the magistrate in an intrigued disposition.
“Yes,” responded the Spider.
“You’ve fed on him, isn’t it?”
“It’s not his destiny to be eaten by me,” said the Spider, whose statement had only incurred the wrath of the head magistrate. Before that moment it was only the magistrates and those in very high ranks that were privy to the fact that there was existing a Power House in Gyrus.
“You must be joking Grandwala,” said the man in annoyance.
“I’m not joking. You’re the one joking with your Power House and the existence of this planet,” the spider replied without fear. The magistrate was extremely gutted. He released fire on the Spider from his wand. The inferno was put out after Grandwala had been hurt by it.
“Grandwala, is the young man alive which you’ve mentioned?”
“Yes, inside my web.”
“Then bring him here. He must die.” The spider acquiesced, turning back to get him. In a short moment it was back with Henry held in his mouth. Henry appeared like an ant before an elephant in the Spider’s mouth. Grandwala lowered him to the floor gently and waited for a further instruction.
“Get lost!” screamed the magistrate at it and it strode away swiftly without any further ado. The people yelled “Old man!” at Henry, not recognizing him a bit. With his long beards and bemired body, no person was able to tell who he was. They soon kept shut blocking their nostrils when they began to perceive the extremely putrid smells from Henry’s body.

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Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:57pm On Feb 14
With nose pinched close with all five fingers the Magistrate asked, “Who are you?”
“I’m Henry White,” he replied. Ted’s heart missed a beat on hearing the name. He began to have a mixed feeling at once. Ted was unable to see Henry but he could perceive the smell a little, because he was not with his mirror. If Ted had been with it, it would have transmitted the smell in its fullest concentration into his nostrils. However, the smell still sieved into Ted’s hirsute nostrils, though in a lesser amount, from the mirrors of those around (though all the mirrors had now been upended to make the silvery reflective parts turned downward). No one was able to withstand the sight.
“Do you mean Henry White from America—the CCUL?”
“Yes sir,” Henry replied.
“You were but a young beardless man only two days ago, how come you have all these beards almost sweeping the floor?”
“I spent around five months in Gyrus sir.”
“It’s a lie. No human can spend up to three days in the Gyrus. Such will die.”
“It’s not true,” argued Henry. “Grandwala said he’d spent almost four centuries in here and he’s still alive.”
“You’re a fool, Grandwala isn’t human, it’s a Spider made with magic. I said no human—not a Spider.”
“But you should believe me for this beards,” said Henry. “There’s no way I could have grown such grimy beards and moldy teeth on earth within two days.” Henry was adhering to the advice of the Spider, which had asked him to tell the truth for his safety.
What Henry said last almost made the magistrate convinced. He beckoned to his co-magistrates and they quickly had some brainstorms concertedly. At last the dean was out to say something, but against Henry’s claim.
“Listen everybody,” he said as he made a little adjustment to his new pair of glasses by intentionally allowing the narrow hinge of the goggle to have his nose pinched closed, to avoid the dreadful reeks from Henry’s cadaver-like body. “I’ve come to testify against Henry’s claims. He’s alleging that he’d stayed in Gyrus for five months that’s how he’d got this funny look and smells.”
“Can you prove me wrong?” said Henry audaciously.
“Yes, and that’s why I’m out here,” said the man as he paused abruptly to harrumph out something phlegmy. The Gyrus cleaners did not let the slow moving phlegmy thing to touch the Gyrus floor before they rushed to the scene to have it cleared. It had landed at snail’s pace on their waiting mop.
“If you stay in America you’ll know that Halloween festival’s on already. I’m the dean of Science in CCUL and Henry happens to be one of my students. I’m sure all he’s done was artificial—the beards, teeth and so on. He has put them there so that he can win some Halloween Prizes.”
“No, you’re wrong,” shouted Henry.
“Keep shut Henry, your dean is talking,” hollered the dean back at him. At the dean’s explanation, all the magistrates and Lieutenants howled in joy, extremely happy for a riddle solved (that had been their habits whenever someone was able to solve a mystery).
The head magistrate said, “What a riddle! At last we’ve found the truth.” Everyone in Gyrus roared to life again, but with there noses still blocked.
The magistrate continued:
“Henry is such a silly boy to have conspired with the Spider so that he could have a false record here; that he was the only person who had stayed in Gyrus for five months and also—opened the Power House.”
“I’m saying the truth,” Henry hollered still.
“It’s a lie,” replied the man, calling the truth a lie. “Now Professor Wilson is getting a promotion as the Assistant Head Lieutenant for the riddle he has solved,” pronounced the magistrate, throwing the planet into a great hullabaloo.
The magistrate said, “Wilson what do you want us to do for this boy?”
The Professor leered at Henry beneath his large goggles. Ted was not sure of what he would say, just as the rest of the Gyrusers.
“Let’s set him free,” said the man to everyone’s displeasure. “As my boss had said, he was just too silly. Let’s release him and make it the last warning.”
Without further ado the magistrate said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I release Henry White, the greatest liar in Gyrus history.” The magicians screamed in joy not a little for the title Henry had just awarded. Henry could not believe his eyes that he had been set free as the spider had predicted, yet he feigned sadness as he traipsed to his seat, utilizing a speed of five kilometers per picoseconds.
Ted was protesting against the bad title given to Henry but no one heard his voice, except those sitting beside him, since he was not with his mirror.
Henry walked down the podium to take his seat. Every one had to poke their fingers into their nostrils to prevent the odor from damaging their olfactory nerves. Many passed some fast-moving spittle endlessly on him as he walked along the aisle. The cleaners were at work again in a moment, to get rid of the excess saliva on the Gyrus floor.
Getting near his seat, Harrison released the most voluminous spittle on him.
Henry had noticed Ted’s mirror on the aisle where it had fallen and he had recognized it and bent to pick it up straight away.
“Welcome liar,’ grinned Dolly. She was blocking her nostrils too.
“Ted must have been here,” thought Henry. “Why did he drop his mirror?” Henry felt Ted’s action of dropping the mirror there was to create another mystery. He felt that it would have been more suitable for Ted to be called the Mystery Maker instead of Kim.
“Order everybody!” commanded the magistrate. “As I’ve said before Grandwala’s interruption, there’s a fight of naturalization between Suleiman from Nigeria and Raul from Spain.”
“Nigeria,” said Henry. “The giant of Africa; I’m quite sure Sullyman will prove himself a giant indeed. He had pronounced the name wrongly.
“Will you close that mouth of yours?” Dolly shouted at him benignly, still closing her nostril. The nauseating smell floating out of Henry’s mouth as he talked had provoked her.
“Sorry,” Henry spoke.
“Uhm!” sounded the girl, nodding her head to gesture to Henry that he needn’t say sorry or anything at all, because speaking would only exacerbate the condition.
Suleiman held out his wand and Raul did the same. The fight began. Suleiman ran forward to meet Raul, but the latter became invisible. Suddenly Raul appeared at his back and cudgeled him. Then he gave Suleiman, who had almost falling down, a half nelson. The Nigerian boy screamed in pain and his kneels were almost touching the ‘gyrus’, but his neck was right inside Raul’s arms.
Suddenly he managed to hit his wand on Raul’s head, who fell backward instantly. Then Suleiman turned his wand into a dagger. He aimed a blow at Raul with the dagger but the Spaniard ducked it smartly, letting the boy’s dagger strike the ground.
Still bending and holding on to the haft of the dagger was Suleiman when he suddenly received a light tap on his back. Turning to see who was tapping Suleiman received a fatal blow of Raul’s wand turned sword. The sword sank into his stomach and came out from behind. He fell heavily, bled and died.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 9:13pm On Feb 14
I'm following your narrative OP.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:26am On Feb 15
I'm following your narrative OP.
Thanks and I'm ready to serve you more.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 12:42am On Feb 15
Thanks and I'm ready to serve you more.
I'm following you closely.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 8:50am On Feb 15

The Gyrus roared to life. It was a great deal of pleasure for them watching such fights, but Henry was sad about it, bowing his head and shaking it in pity for Suleiman, thinking that it had made the fifth new person Raul would be killing that month alone, October. Henry received a disdainful leer from Harrison yet again.
Ted didn’t witness the fight. He had no mirror to watch such.
“Who won?” asked Ted from the Black American man sitting next to him.
“Ask your mirror,” the man shunned him
The voice of the magistrate came up again.
“Raul has just earned five points for killing Suleiman, making twenty-five points altogether this month alone.”
According to the rule in Gyrus, no old member was allowed to challenge a member who had not spent up to six months in Gyrus. Such fight could only come up if the new member had taken up the challenge himself. But it remained a mystery how new-comers, who had only spent less than a month were picking up challenges with Raul almost every week.
“We shall not spend more than Five hours here today,” said the magistrate. “So that we can all go to earth to participate in the on-going Halloween festival. So, without wasting time, I bring to you the next thing on the agenda; it’s the fight of Naturalization between Harrison Burton of America, the US and Kim Park of China. Harrison Burton is the only son of the most respected Sergius Burton, my predecessor.”
“This is the first fight Harrison’s taking up since becoming a citizen in Gyrus for almost eight months,” said the magistrate. “Kim Park’s the famous Mystery Maker in Gyrus. He had created almost fifty mysteries to defeat his opponents. Now he would be fighting Harrison, though Harrison never asked for such fight initially. If Kim wins, he earns five points, but if Harrison wins he earns thirty points and gets Kim’s seat among the Gyrus Chinese; but he’ll have to earn more points later to take up Kim’s position as a Mystery Maker. Let the fight begin!” he cried out.
Ted began to shout out from his seat.
“He’s a cheat! Harrison’s a cheat! He’s been assisted by the Power Guard; the fight should be cancelled.” All looked into their mirrors and the screen ahead to see who was whispering, but saw no one. Ted persisted but his voice was almost inaudible still. Harrison and Kim were already looking at each other, getting prepared for the fight.
To be heard Ted quickly turned his mouth towards the mirror of the unfriendly negro sittng beside him, who had yelled at him few minutes ago; then he shouted, “No! The fight should be cancelled. Harrison has been assisted by the Power Guard!”
This time his voice was heard by all but he was not visible still, since he was not staying in a position conspicuous enough for his image to be reflected by the mirror.
“Who’s talking?” questioned the magistrate in awe. “Show yourself.”
Ted was scared so he kept quiet.
The magistrate said, “Gush! It was a hallucination. Let the fight go on.”
“No! No! No!” came up the voice again.
“Then show yourself you bloody voice,” cried the magistrate with utmost annoyance. Ted rushed to the podium instantly.
“Shit! It’s you,” said the magistrate when he noticed that it was Ted.
“Yes sir.”
“Harrison’s dangerous. He’s been helped by the Power Guard. He’ll defeat Kim.”
“Little boy, are you sure of this?”
“Very sure,” Ted replied.
“Shall we call the Power Guard to speak for himself?”
“Yes, call him,” Ted said confidently, but he heard one of the fighters said, “Don’t call him.”
It was Kim Park.
“Kim, Harrison will hurt you,” warned Ted again, now facing Kim head-on. Kim grinned grimly and whispered to Ted, “He’s got no power. Have you forgotten I’m the Mystery Maker?” Then he raised his voice even louder and said, “Listen everybody, the Power Guard did not help Harrison; he didn’t help anyone. Take my word.” Kim bowed his earth respectfully to the magichood after ending his words.
Ted, confusedly began to stammer, “Em—em, Kim y-you are making a mis-mistake,” having realized that he was in trouble. He made to go but the magistrate hindered him.
“You’re going nowhere! Remain where you are!”
”I’m saying the truth but Kim isn’t realizing it.”
“You’re telling a lie. You shall die!”
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 8:51am On Feb 15
“But, but—” objected Ted.
“But what?”
“Someone raised a false allegation too, today, but he wasn’t killed,” protested Ted.
“And who was that?”
“Henry,” said Ted quickly, “He told a lie and earned a title with it instead. The reason why I raised the allegation was because I needed to break Henry’s record as the greatest liar.”
“Wonderful!” the man’s face gleamed with excitement. “I’ve got to consult my magistrates and lieutenants to hear their views.” After a silent discussion, the dean was up again to speak:
“I believe what Ted said concerning breaking Henry’s record. Ted is the right-hand man of Henry, so he had always enjoyed sharing same things with Henry. As we all know, a snail and its cocoon can never move in separate direction. I suggest that Ted should be set free and awarded like Henry, but should also be warned not to do such a thing anymore.”
“Ted, you’re freed,” declared the magistrate at last.
“Thank you sir,” said Ted already moving to his seat in a hurry.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I declare Ted Manuel the second Gyrus greatest liar!” Shouts of ridicules followed.
Ted sat again on his seat. Then his mirror began to fly to him. Ted was already incurious about the fight; not supporting any of the fighters anymore, since they had both contributed somehow to his almost-dying risk. He was about to take a nap, his head on his desk, when Henry’s voice came up in his mirror.
“Ted,” called Henry and the foul-smell followed, but this time it was Ted alone perceiving its concentrated form, since he was the one Henry was directing his speech.
“Thanks Henry, for your help,” Ted said, covering his nose.
“No thanks, your ignorance almost killed you.”
Henry smiled, anticipating a fresh argument.
“Kim will win, no matter what Harrison has done.”
“Why d’you think so?”
“Because Grandwala the Spider told me this indirectly; he said the wiser of the two shall win. Since Kim’s a Mystery Maker he’s wiser, so he will win.”
“You think so?” said Ted disbelieving him. “Have you forgotten the proverb, a word is enough for the wise? I warned Kim day and night, he wouldn’t heed my warning. If he’s wise, a word should have been enough for him. He’s definitely foolish to have turned deaf ears to my collection of words—not just a word now.” Then angrily, Ted declared, “Whoever wins is none of my business.”
Henry was glad, anticipating that he would win the argument.
“I’ll win you now and our argument score will become infinity—two.”
“Shut up!” shunned Ted. Henry’s smell was becoming unbearable for the boy, who had wet the floor beneath him with spittle and had to raise his legs a bit so as not to hamper the activity of the mop, which had been thrown there to work by itself by a quick lady-cleaner on the gangway.
Kim and Harrison had not yet performed any action. Each was waiting for the other to make the first move.
“Fight!” the magistrate had shouted over and over again, but the two had appeared deaf to his compelling bellows.
Eventually Kim whispered:
“Harrison, that wand you’re holding’s fake. If you try use it against me it will work against you.”
“I don’t think so,” Harrison replied audaciously.
Kim launched forward at once. He stretched his hand toward Harrison and the latter was lifted whole from the ground. He landed again with a heavy thud. His wand fell off far away in the process. Harrison crawled rapidly to have it back, but Kim was blowing it off with a little draught of breeze he was letting out of his mouth as soon as Harrison’s hand was almost touching it. The boy kept crawling in a silly way, like a creepy-crawly.
Henry said to Ted again smiling, “I’m winning.”
“Leave me alone,” responded Ted, whose head was resting on his desk, not watching the fight.
When Harrison was fed up, he yelled, “Kim, you’re a coward! Why can’t you let me have my wand?”
“I won’t let you have it ’cos it will kill you. It won’t be to my honor, because I’ll prefer to finish you up with my own hands rather than allowing you commit suicide.”
“NOooooo!” screamed Harrison and jumped at Kim immediately holding his neck tight. “If you won’t allow me have my wand, then I’ll strangle you.”
Kim hunched his back swiftly, letting Harrison fall in front of him, over the resultant convex curvature made by the hunch. He was unable to get up.
Every moment Henry howled in joy, Dolly doled out hard slaps on his back to ask him to keep shut, but Henry was carried away in the euphoria.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by dlawsamesq(m): 9:37am On Feb 15
This breakfast is not satisfying o. We need more of it, remember this is weekend so we need something to keep our appetite wet. Thank you in anticipation.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 12:07pm On Feb 15
This breakfast is not satisfying o. We need more of it, remember this is weekend so we need something to keep our appetite wet. Thank you in anticipation.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 5:21pm On Feb 15
I want more OP
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 5:24pm On Feb 15
Kim is really the mystery maker, he took the form of the power to deceive Harrison and exchanged his wand with another that will work against him.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 6:06pm On Feb 15
Kim is really the mystery maker, he took the form of the power to deceive Harrison and exchanged his wand with another that will work against him.
You're on point bro.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by Dybala11(m): 6:16pm On Feb 15
You're on point bro.
I'm anticipating dinner Mr OP.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 9:22pm On Feb 15
Kim placed a leg on Harrison’s tummy and laughed. He opened his shirt and tucked his hand into it to take out another wand.
“Harrison this is the Power Guard’s wand I collected from you back on earth,” he whispered to Harrison’s hearing alone. Kim transformed it into a banana, peeled it and ate the edible thing in it. Then he guffawed cruelly:
“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! The man’s wand is gone forever. Now I’ll turn my wand into a truncheon and hit you to death.” He transformed his wand into a very huge truncheon as he had said and began to bludgeon Harrison with it. Kim thumped Harrison’s legs severely and they were swollen.
“Those legs of yours, you’ll never use it to walk up here anymore.” Kim persisted in the brutal deed, having hit Harrison’s body to the point that they were bleeding profusely.
“Please! Please!” Harrison shouted as he dragged his body slowly on the floor, trying to reach the wand. Kim noticed he was still trying to have the wand, so he said, “You still need your wand? Maybe I’ll allow you have it, since you insist.” Kim kicked the wand to his reach and Harrison took it quickly. Harrison managed to get up on his feet. After three attempts he was able to get up on his feet, but was unsteady like a toddler.
“I’ve got my wand back!” screamed Harrison gladly.
“You’ve got your death,” Kim replied. “Don’t delay, use it.”
“I will,” said Harrison, staggering for balance. Then pointing the wand at Kim, he said, “Trilus mac lin tal camis.”
The wand beamed a great White light toward Kim, but this time around, the speed of the light was far far greater than the theoretical speed of light; perhaps it was emitting a radiation that was not belonging to the range of the visible light, but the Gyrusers could see it because of their great optical skills. It seemed the light was massive, going by the way it had lifted Kim far into the sky. He landed back to ‘gyrus’ with a fatal crash (gyrus was the term representing ‘earth’—meaning ‘ground’—in Gyrus).
He made a statement before he died:
“The Magic Power Guard helped you.”
Though the voice was very faint with negligible intensity, yet it was audible for everyone in the hall, thanks to the Automatic Gain Control, one of the laudable inventions of the Power Guard. The amplifier was able to magnify sounds up to thousand times the original sound. It also had the ability to bring down a deafening sound down to a negligible intensity. As the name implied, the great gadget worked automatically.
If not for the AGC that had lowered the voice of the spider, perhaps the gargantuan sound would have broken to pieces the mirrors of the citizens when the sound was transmitted through them some hours ago.
“I did it!” Harrison leapt, blood all over, but the magistrate was not paying attention. He was pondering on Kim’s last statement.
“I heard Kim say the Magic Power Guard helped you, is it true?” asked the man in bewilderment.
“It’s far from the truth sir,” replied Harrison in fear.
“Well—”said the magistrate, “Maybe it was just a hallucination.”
“It’s not,” yelled Henry angrily. “The Power Guard helped him.”
“Shut up!” rebuffed the man sharply. “I said don’t open your mouth here today again. The whole planet smells rotten eggs each time you open your mouth.”
“Alright,” said Henry.”
“Don’t say alright,” shouted the man again. “Say nothing.”
“Nothing!” Henry said and the whole planet went laughing.
“Are you crazy?” the magistrate blushed with anger and Henry knew he had to keep silent to avoid imminent trouble.
The magistrate said, “If it’s not a hallucination, then I’ll like to hear the playback. Control room, get to work in a second,” he commanded and Kim’s voice reverberated instantly from the control room, now very audible:
“The magic power guard helped you!”
“The magic power guard helped you!’
“The magic power guard helped you…”
At last the magistrate said, “The magic power guard helped you.”
“No, I didn’t help anybody,” said the guard, appearing in all mirrors.
“Step out here Kent Robins and defend yourself.”
The Power Guard obeyed.
“Just as I’ve said, I didn’t help anybody. It was even Kim that came to me for help. I told him it’s forbidden in this kingdom but he promised to betray me. I believe he was the one who bewitched Ted and Henry into coming against me at first. My lord, Kim testified to it himself that I didn’t help Harrison, but when he saw that he was going to die he changed his word.”
“I see,” said the magistrate, already seeing senses in the man’s words, but Henry and Ted shouted simultaneously, “The guard is lying!”
“What! Henry, Ted, I give you one microsecond to be right here at my presence,” said the magistrate and immediately they were out.
Re: Everybody Is A Genius by sammyLuvin(m): 9:23pm On Feb 15
Harrison wished he was seated among the congregation at that instance. He would have stretched his leg again to bring them down, so that they wouldn’t meet the demand of the magistrate, which was a microsecond.
“Henry, Ted, you guys are bosom friends I know,” said the magistrate as though he was going to set them free for that reason. “The judgment is—” he paused without any conspicuous intention. “You shall both died here and be buried together,” he announced at last.
The boys did not lay down any protest but Henry was having a silly thought concerning the burial mentioned by the man.
“We shall not be buried, the Spider will feed on our corpses as well as Kim’s own too,” thought Henry.
Still in the thought, Professor Wilson stepped out uninvited.
“Sir, don’t let’s do that,” he reasoned.
“Why? They’ve lied against the guard.”
“You’re right sir,” said the dean. “But don’t let us forget that their duty in Gyrus is to tell lies, so we should be glad they’re doin’ it quite well. Remember—two greatest liars in Gyrus.”
At the man’s words, many applauded him, clapping their hands with all their strengths.
“Yes! Yes! Yes! Professor Wilson is just too wonderful today—always wonderful,” said the pliable man, who himself was applauding the dean. “He shall earn thirty points for his speech.”
As usual, the citizens were glad about it. They seemed to be glad for the dean’s attainments that day.
The magistrate resumed his speech.
“Harrison is innocent,” he concluded. “He shall now be naturalized and take up Kim’s seat. He’s won twenty-five points now, and he’ll need to earn thirty-five more points later for him to become a mystery maker like Kim.”
Harrison was carried away by the tender speeches of the Gyrus nurses who were carrying him away for treated.
“The clinic’s quite far young man, but never worry we’ll get there soon,” they assured as they bore him away on a stretcher until they had vanished from the eye range of every one.
“Henry and Ted, get back to your seats now,” the magistrate said. “Both of you have never earned a single point all your lives, so there’s nothing I could subtract anything from. Just get out of my sight.”
As the raced away Henry thought, “What’s my business with magical points? I’ve only come here to get academic laurels and—that’s all.”
“I shall be calling this meeting to a close now ’cos of Henry’s smell—” declared the magistrate and many never waited for him to make an end of the statement before exiting Gyrus.
“And the remaining fights shall be postponed till next Gyrus day; Happy Halloween!”
Ted was walking swiftly to catch up with Henry in Gyrus. He had wanted to get some facts from Henry about Grandwala. Just then, he had the perception that Henry was ready to take off already. To stop him, Ted shouted, “Hen—” but paused when he realized that Henry had vanished.

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