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Lest We Forget, Gbenga Adeboye (1959-2003) Part 1 / I Found Love Again / When I Found Love (2) (3) (4)

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 5:45pm On May 14
Nice one OP!

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Missmossy(f): 8:51pm On May 14
Tiri gbosa for you grin you are doing well!!

More grace Rosemary33.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 10:42pm On May 14
Episode 18

“Jack please you know what to do on those cases, I will be away for one more week, just work with those young lawyers”

“One more week? Gbenga I can’t! its bad enough you stayed in Africa longer than you were supposed to…”

“It’s Nigeria Jack…”

“Whatever…but you are staying away for another week? Common buddy, these Junior associates has not handled many litigation cases, what am I supposed to do with them?”

“Jack, I have looked at the major two cases and will prepare case files when I get back, however, get those boys to work, that is why they were employed”

“That is the problem Gbenga, you don’t look at the case file, you have to study them! The court sitting is in two weeks’ time for one of them…”

“Jack! Calm down mahn! We will pull this off as usual, have you forgetting how good we are?”

“I wonder why you have not been fired already”

“Because I am good, it’s not that easy to fire a senior associate with excellent records” Gbenga chuckled

“Yea yea” Gbenga imagined Jack rolling his eyes now “One more week Gbenga!”

“Yes, one more week, that’s all I am asking”

“Okay…what are you doing out there anyway?”

“I will tell you all about it when I return”

Gbenga sat on the bed and wiped his face. He was agitated already and they hadn’t even spent two days in Atwater Avenue. He had asked himself same question every other person asked “Why are you bent on finding this girl? Why can’t you move on?” Deion opened the door and walked in with a smile

“I almost came down from this godforsaken lodge to search for you” Gbenga sighed “what kept you so long?”

“One needs to throw some dollars around to get what he wants” Deion lay on his back and crossed his hands at the back of his head “I got some girl talking, after fucking her senseless you know” he chuckled and looked at Gbenga “Common, don’t give me that look. She needed the money and wouldn’t mind a little time with me so…it was a quick one…”

“what did she say? She knows anything?” Gbenga asked

“Oh yea, she knows your girl alright, I told you that woman lied to you” Deion turned to his side “Your girl left with one of them big guys and didn’t come back” he said carelessly

Gbenga felt anger welled in his heart, “Do you think she, she”

“Na” Deion shook his head “My new lover said the big man came by in the morning and said your girl took off before the show would start” he relaxed again “seems like you got yourself a lady James Bond”

Relief washed through Gbenga, he had prevented himself from Imagining Amaka being humped recklessly by another man, the thought always left him with some pang of jealousy “we have to find her” Gbenga said thoughtfully

“On that” Deion cut in “I heard they are looking for her too, once a girl gets in there, there is no escaping and your girl managed to escape”

“Does she have any idea where Amaka would be?”

“Not a clue, but I doubt if she can go far, she knows nobody here and she has no money”

Gbenga was filled with rage “I will make sure this woman and those she works for are destroyed” he saith between a clung tooth

“Not now super hero, find your woman and we are out of here. You can do what ever you want later” Deion jumped off the bed, picked his wallet and headed to the door

“Where are you headed to this time” Gbenga asked

“The night is still young my friend, I know you don’t drink and has no desire for clubbing, I am going to make merry”

Amaka walked with urgency, looking behind her every now and then “The next train leaves by 8pm and you have to get in that train if you want to escape” Mrs Jerry had said in a hurry while packing few provisions for her. Some men had paid then a visit earlier that day, they had asked if her husband ever came across one of Madame’s girls.

It’s too dangerous for her here, and for us too” the couple had been scared to death and Amaka didn’t blame them, she had caused them so much trouble in one day.

Amaka got suspicious looks from passers-by and pulled the neck of her sweat shirt up to cover her neck and jaw. If she could be able to get to Atwater metro station without being caught,

“You must look straight while you walk, don’t engage in long discussion with anyone”

The major problem she would have would be at the train station, they may want to ask more questions and may even demand for some permit, but she had to take the risk.

quelle est votre destination?” the ticketer asked without looking at her

“Er, sorry I don’t understand French” she replied

The ticketer lazily lifted his face to look at her “Where are you going?”

“Er…Where id the last stop?”


“Okay, Toronto, I want to go to Toronto”

The Ticketer gave her a long gaze “Are you sure?” Amaka nodded “You have a family there?”

“A friend! Yes, a friend”


Life has never bore him like it was doing at the moment, Deion was not picking his phone and Gbenga couldn’t settle for a single tv program. He gave up trying; picked his coat and left.

“Nice weather for a walk eh” someone said beside him

“Hmm” he waved down a taxi

“Where sir?”

“I don’t know, I am new here”

“Then you need to see the city”


“20 bulks”

They rode in silence, Gbenga fixed his eyes on the street, looking at nothing in particular, he was lost in thought. Suddenly he jacked up and followed the movement of a lady with his eyes “Amaka” he wondered, hitting at the back of the driver’s seat “Slow down!” he ordered


The lady had turned towards another street “Follow that road please”

“Why? That road leads to the train station? I though you want to see the city?”

“I want you to follow the road please, I saw a lady…”

Ah, a lady”

Gbenga was sure it was her; he couldn’t believe his luck. He hurried out of the taxi gave the taxi driver two-dollar notes and ran towards the Lady.

“…Are you travelling alone?” He heard the ticketer asked her

“Amaka!” she didn’t hear him, he walked closer, his heart palpated. The more he got close to her the more his excitement scared him

The ticketer gave Amaka a long gaze “Can I see your permit?”

Not that she wasn’t expecting it, but she had prayed it doesn’t come up, she thought luck would smile on her “Actually, you see…er…I really don’t…”

“She is with me!”

Like a lost melody, her ears tingled at the sound of that voice, her stomach fluttered and her eyes lightened

“She is…she is my wife” with his eyes fixed on hers, he approached “I have been looking for her everywhere” he was so scared she may disappear before him, “We need to talk Amaka”

“Gbenga” she said for the first time since he silhouetted before her “You are here…how is that possible?

The Ticketer looked from the man to the woman, then back to the man “Are you two having some family issues?”

“Amaka, we need to talk” she shook her head in fear “Now, Tonight…please”

“What do you mean she disappeared, is that even possible? She has only been there for a week!”

Charlotte inhaled and let out heavy breath “It beats my imagination too; I wasn’t expecting her to be that stupid”

“You are the one that is stupid Charlotte, you couldn’t keep an eye on a little girl!” the voice from the other end of the line scolded “Find that girl fast!”

Charlotte didn’t understand the fuss about just one girl “I Promise she would refund all the monies used in processing her papers…”

“It is not the money for the papers! That girl was there on a special request, someone wanted her there for a reason”

Charlotte didn’t bargain for trouble, what ever business the Nigerian woman has with whoever, she didn’t want to be part of it, she was doing her best to find the girl.


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by PrudySara(f): 10:56pm On May 14
For a second I tot she would get on the train. Fortunately, Gbenga saw her grin grin

You're doing well OP, thanks for the update!
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Bjteensdes24: 11:33pm On May 14
OP you are too much and kudos to you. Honestly, I know its not that really easy but suspense is killing me here grin

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 11:40pm On May 14
For a second I tot she would get on the train. Fortunately, Gbenga saw her grin grin

You're doing well OP, thanks for the update!
Thank you so much for reading. i so much appreciate you and every one who takes time to read this story, i dont take it for granted.

every episode here is a fresh one from my head at that moment, not copied and not dug up from archive so you people are my inspiration.

on a lighter note, we are all writing this story together, i do pick your minds from comments, and you guys has helped me on my two previous stories which are currently with a publisher (a lot of modifications and editing has been done to them though) and will be debuting by October this year. you people made it possible and i am so grateful. thank you all once again

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 3:22am On May 15
Thanks op.But I must confess where you stopped the update is really not good for my tender heart.I just hope its still intact when the next update comes.lol.

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 6:40am On May 15
Thanks op.But I must confess where you stopped the update is really not good for my tender heart.I just hope its still intact when the next update comes.lol.
aww..don't worry, your heart will be. Intact
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Nickibeauty(f): 8:41am On May 15
thumb up Rosemary

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by niffyluv(f): 10:43am On May 15
Op well done o

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 5:23pm On May 15
Op well done o
I see you wela grin grin grin
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 7:34pm On May 15
Mind rest

Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 9:47pm On May 15
Episode 19

“You keep finding me” She couldn’t look him in the face throughout the ride back to the lodge. They were consumed by their hidden emotions; she was without choice than to follow him to where ever he wanted to take her.

It was an awkward silence and Amaka had wanted to break the ice, she desperately wanted to say something to him, but he had his face on the road.
“Here” Gbenga handed the driver another dollar notes “Thank you man” his said

The driver looked at the note and smiled broadly “Merci! Good night my friends!” he drove off

“Gbenga, I needed to…”

“Not now” Gbenga managed to say and lead her inside a room. “you have to make do of this place tonight” she nodded. His heart was heavy, no matter how much he tried, he feared he may let loose and scream at her “Let me get you something to eat”

“I don’t feel hungry” she muttered, Gbenga ignored her and walked out of the room, locking the door from the outside.

She was still seated on the bed when he came in with a plat of food, he pulled a side stool and placed the dish before her “eat” he ordered
“I told you I am not hungry”

“Eat! Godamn it!” he turned away from her and cursed under his breath. He didn’t want this, not now, not before her but he could no longer contain his anger “Amaka please eat” his anger spoke loud in his cold husky voice

“How do you do this? I don’t understand how you are comfortable with running away all the time” he turned to her

“I have people after me Gbenga, I needed to get on that train…” she started

“You have been walking away Amaka, is it fun to you? Answer me! Do you enjoy hurting people around you?”

“You don’t understand” her voice was broken

“Try me them, make me understand! Explain to me woman I want to know!” he gazed steadily at her “Mhmm…come on”
“Gbenga please stop!”

“Now I am hurting you? Explain to me how easy it is to walk away”

Amaka couldn’t stand the torture, guilt mixed with anger rose within her “You are the person who walked away from me twelve years ago, and you dare stand before me to talk about hurting, do you know how much I have carried this hurt?”

“Oh now you want to turn the table” he threw his hand up in dejection “Bring it on, pour it on me! Blame me for making you turn out this way…blame me for making you dump your child…our son at my door step and walk, come on bring it on!” he was beyond restraint, blinded by anger, he didn’t see how much he hurts her with his words “Well let me remind you Amaka, I was the one that came back to face my guilt, at least I came back to own up to my responsibility…but you? What do you do? You keep making fun of me, you rub my feelings to my face, you punish me…”

“It is not true Gbenga and you know it!” Amaka could not take in any more of his words

“You take off at any little chance, walking away is what you always do! What are you afraid of? Tell me!” he barked

“I was afraid of you!” she wiped her eyes “Afraid of my son” she suddenly became calm “I didn’t want anything to happen to both of you, that was why I told you I don’t feel anything for you, that morning” She looked at him “That was why I brought him to you, I was scared that if anything ever happened to him, I would die…”

“It doesn’t make sense, you shut me out of your life completely, you couldn’t even trust me enough to let me share in your pains”

Both were silence, burning with the heat of their emotions “Why did you come looking for me?” Amaka asked.

“I don’t know” Gbenga lean on the wall with his hands crossed over his chest “I have asked myself the same question, the truth is I don’t know why” he eased himself from the wall and walked towards her “You know another question I ask myself?” he looked deep into her eyes “why do I care about you so much, more than anything in the world? Why do I keep coming back to you no matter how far I want to go?” She turned away, disturbed

“I guess that’s what fools do and I am one of them” he left her standing at the center of the room, and walked out. He didn’t care to lock the door this time, she could run for all he cared, he was done looking for her, done trying to convince her to see him the way he sees her.

Her world suddenly became heavy, it was too much for her to bear. She wished she could show Gbenga how much she wants him but she couldn’t see their future together.

“I hate it that you are so perfect for me Gbenga” she sobbed.

It was pass morning when he knocked and entered the room with little hope of still finding her there, but she was there;
Amaka stood up immediately “I must tell you something…”

Gbenga “I came up with am idea” Both of them spoke simultaneously and paused, one waiting for the other to go first “Okay, you first” he finally said
“they made a passport and a visa for me, but they were all taken away…I can’t go back there, you know…Madame will make sure I never leave again” she lowered her gaze

“About that” Gbenga started “I have sorted it out with the woman” he saw her eyes widened “She accused you of owing her a lot of money” he gave a quick glance and continued “I gave her an offer she won’t refuse”

“What do you mean?”

“I offer to pay off what ever debt, she hands over your passport and visa and never look for you or talk about you ever again”

“Did she agree?”

“With a little threat; yes, she did”

He saw relief writing all over her, for the first time since they met at the train station, she smiled and when he handed the documents to her, her hands shook as if she was holding a priceless treasure “Thank you” she breath out “Gbenga I am so grateful” He swallowed hard and nodded

“However” he continues “You don’t have a residence permit, not even a work permit” He looked at her “what you have here is a student permit and that is not good enough” he hesitated before he spoke “Except you are planning to go back to Nigeria which I will not advice you to do now, you need a residence permit”

She frowned “How do I get that? I don’t even know anyone”

Gbenga studied her closely, “There is one way to get the permit fast, that is if you want to stay in Canada for a while, until the man they said is after you forgets whatever that happened at least”


“Mary me”

Her throat went dry and she ran out of words, “why is he doing this, what does he want to achieve?” “No” she whispered and she frowned “I can not marry you Gbenga, not like this”

Somewhere in the city of Port Harcourt, in a bar frequented by both known and unknown; Martha sat waiting for a call.
“More beer?” the bar tender asked

“Oh no, not tonight Obi” she had to sober for the job ahead, thanks for that, she had no money for drinks. She looked at her phone again; no missed call and no message, she wondered if the pervert fellow has changed his mind.

“Waiting for someone I presume” a middle-aged man settled beside her and beckoned on the bar tender “One glass of vodka please, and give the beautiful lady another bottle of beer”

“Oh, no please I have had enough” Martha rejected

The man sipped “Believe me lady, you will be needing this drink” he sipped again and observed Martha slowly “How much does he pay you” He asked casually

“Who? Me? I don’t understand”

The man straightened up and extended his hands “My name is Amadi and you are Martha” he saw the surprise in her eyes “The man you are waiting for, how much does he pay you to spend a miserable night, flogging a full-grown man.

“How…” How do you know that?”

“it’s a little town Martha, and your man, his name is Kenny by the way” he feigned surprised “Of course you don’t know that” he chuckled “Your man has made quite an annoying impression”

“Why are you here Mr. Amadi”

“We want to have him trapped, and you will help us do that”

“What if I refuse?” she was scared

The man laughed “But you won’t! you were chosen for a purpose and will be rewarded handsomely”

Martha brought her voice down “I can’t do what you ask of me, Kenny is a very dangerous man, he has no heart, and he knows everything, he will kill me even before I try to betray him”

“Well, for the fact that I am here, telling you everything about him, shows that he is not indispensable”

“But…who wants him ‘trapped’ according to you?”

He looked hard at her “you only know what I want you to know, any other thing is none of your business”

Her phone finally rang and she picked it, spoke with someone at the other end and looked at the man in front of her

“Go to him, win his trust, I will call you for instructions”

Kenny looked at his reflection on the mirror and felt ashamed, he has failed again, his frame was a mockery an unworthy vessel that need not exist, he hated himself for losing to Amaka again.

She has escaped, they are yet to find her” was the news he got that day, a news that made him realize that Amaka would always be ahead of him.

They would not get her back, someone paid off her debt in full, he was told. Kenny smashed the mirror with his fist in anger “Idiots!” he roared

They said it was not Nigeria, that as long as she had paid and had disappeared, they would not go after her.

He walked back to his sitting room and made the call “Send for the lady”

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by crossfm: 10:40pm On May 15
Mouth watering as usual.thanks for the update.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by DivineSpecial(f): 11:39pm On May 15
Oml this suspense is driving me cray cray
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 10:14am On May 16
Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by lilije(f): 12:35pm On May 16
Thanks for the update. The suspense is really driving me crazy.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by vansledge(m): 3:17pm On May 16
Thanks for the update. The suspense is really driving me crazy.
take it easy u are not alone on this boat...lol
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 9:47pm On May 17
Episode 20

The strain between them widened as they arrived Armstrong the next day. They spoke little to each other and he busied himself, leaving her to wonder why she decided to the marriage.

Believe me Amaka, I will not force you into what you don’t want, but this is the only way” How she wished he would see her heart, how much she desired to be loved and be held by him, but things are different, he was not marrying her out of love; he had said so himself,

After the wedding, you are free to walk away any time you want, I will not hold you back if you don’t want to stay with me” Gbenga had said, but she didn’t want to walk away, she was tired of lying to herself, she loved him so much. Amaka heard him coming down the stairs and held her breath

“the wedding will be tomorrow morning” he said and she nodded “I, this is not the kind of wedding you have been dreaming of Amaka, but” he stepped further down the stairs “you and I know you feel nothing for me so it will be easy for us to dissolve the contract once you find your feet” he paused, she nodded.

“Okay, I have to get few things…would you want to come?”

She was convinced he didn’t want her close to him anyways “No, I have…things to do here” she stuttered

“Er…I don’t really cook much; I hope you like…”

“It’s okay Gbenga, I will be fine, I don’t think I starve in your house”

“Oh, okay…” he waited for few awkward moments before he walked out of the house.

Amaka covered her face with her hands and sobbed, why was she being tortured by love? How long would she keep up with the pretense? Each movement he made brought him closer to her, his voice sent sweat sensation down her spine.

He left her lonely with nothing to quench her longing than a presence, his presence. She wanted to talk to him.

“We have done the initial case assessment”

“And…” Gbenga buried his face on the file brought to him by his colleague

“I think we have a case; we stand a chance”

“That sounds uncertain, what chance do we have?” He looked up at Jack

“Hmm, the odds are in our favor, we’ve actually spoken to some of the old employees and they are all saying the same thing. Merverich firm uses these people and lay them off after the supposed probatory period without pay”

“We have a major problem Jack, the file says that these men signed to go under probation for three to six months before their employments start counting…”

“that is the point, probatory period is supposed to be for three to six months, but Merverich extends probation up to one year, also, there is nowhere in that employment later that said that they wouldn’t be paid while on probation” Jack pulled out another file and brought out a typed paper “Here” he handed it to Gbenga “look at this”

Gbenga gave it a thorough scrutiny “The defendant will put up a case on this, employees are given allowances you know”

“I know but we also have an edge, what they are doing is against the ‘Labor law’ besides, the letter didn’t state either allowance or salary”

“Gbenga massaged his temple and sighed “this is weak Jack, we need strong points”

“With dozens of former employees and even current one willing to testify?” Jack asked

“What is the defendant saying? Have you suggested a dialogue?”

“Why do we need dialogue Gbenga, we have already sued”

Gbenga stood up and walked towards the mini fridge “I think we sued too fast” he took out a bottle of water and gulped

“What do you mean by ‘we sued so fast’” Jack was getting worked up “I called you while you were away and you told me to do the needful, you said you have gone through the file”

“I am sorry Jack but there are lots of holes in this case, we can’t go to court with only this, we may lose”

“I was the one working my arse off on this case while you waltz off to God knows where, now you are seeing holes, you are not even ready to study at the case critically”

Gbenga worked towards his colleague “I am sorry Jack; I have really not been my best these few weeks”

“I know man, I noticed it the first day you returned. What is going on with you Gbenga?”

Gbenga rest his butt on top of his desk “I am getting married”

“Why…that’s good news, when is that?”


“What? Why do I suddenly feel there is something wrong?”

“I don’t know Jack, it’s kinda contract marriage”

Jack laughed out loud “Gbenga! You? Did you get the said lady pregnant? what of your parents, your Mom will die a thousand times?”

“You will not understand man, and you are damn right about my parents, they are not happy about it. Mom called me earlier today and was practically crying”

Jack sighed “Well, do you at least like her?”

“She doesn’t like me”

“wow! That’s hard, why is she marrying you then?” Gbenga shrugged “What about you? Do you like her?”

Gbenga hates to admit it, he had falling head over heels for her and it makes him angry at himself, he didn’t even know how to act around her. The thought of going home to meet her in his house worried him. “I am crazy about her and it scares me”

“Hey” Gbenga managed to say. He thought he knew how to act around beautiful ladies, but seeing her with a mini gown that lauded her curves, his eyes travelled from her face to her waist and up to her face again.

“Hey” Amaka followed his gaze down to body “Erm…I am sorry…this is all I came with, I am sorry if you are not comfortable” she said nervously

“No! its fine” he blinked severally “You actually…erm looked lovely in that” he picked his words, she flushed “Oh, I got you these” he handed her a shopping bag and watched her gave a broad smile before he walked pass her “And I spoke with our son today”

“Really?” he got her full attention

“Yes, he said he misses you” he was half way up the stairs “You can speak with him later tonight if you…”

“I will like that so much”

Her voice, like the sweet strings of a lead guitar, made his heart flutters, he was helpless before her “Okay…I will go now to have my bath, I will join you shortly” He turned to leave

“Gbenga” she called


“Thank you!”

He gave her a long gaze with a smile, then nodded and disappeared into his room.

He didn’t come down as he said, Amaka heard him from his study slapping his computer keypads as if he was quarreling with it. She was disappointed, she had waited for him to come back, now it seemed like he was deliberately avoiding her.

She Knocked on the door softly and entered “I was waiting for you to come down, I thought you would have liked to see the cloths, especially the wedding gown” she stood by the door

Gbenga rubbed his eyes and turned to her “I am really sorry, I actually forgot” he saw sadness in her eyes which disappeared immediately “I really don’t mean it that way Amaka” he stood up and came to her “I had to…” he pointed at the files and the laptop

“I understand, work” Amaka added

He was still not sure of himself so he restrained himself from holding her “So how are the cloths, I don’t know your size so I did a random pick”

“Some of them are too small for my hips” she chuckled nervously

His eyes caressed her hips before he could stop himself “Oh…I am sorry, I didn’t know” he shouldn’t be doing this, he should be able to get hold of himself

“It’s okay, she walked closer to the desk and picked a book

“What of the wedding gown? Hope its okay though?”

“It’s perfect, not my dreamed wedding gown but” she shrugged.

In no time the tension was broken and the two chatted and laughed like old lost friends, he saw color returned to her face and a little spark in her eyes. it reminded him of the night he followed him home and they played guitar in her almost dilapidated house.

“I saw your bass guitar, it’s badass” she rolled her eyes dreamingly “And the keyboard, Yamaha Arius YDP 164? I almost died!” she shrilled like a high school girl

He arched his brow in surprise and grinned “Now how do you know these things? Those instruments are…” he squinted

“Come on church boy…”

Church boy? he was loving that moment “Tell me girl, how do you know their names and the models?”

“I am not ignorant Gbenga, I love music and I dream of playing any of those…”

“You have not still answered me” he was laughing now

“Okay, I search them out on the internet, I even have their pictures on my phone then” she joined in his laughter

She was his kind of woman, everything about her connected to him and he wished the moment never ceased. She was making it difficult for him to get her off his mine when she finally decides to go. His smiles gradually faded as the uncertainty of her staying dawn on him.

“It’s really good to have you here Amaka” he wanted to add “With me” she smiles shyly and looked away “I missed you…so much” he added

“Erm…I actually came here to also remind you that a made a little something for you to eat” she looked at the time and shook her head “I guess you would not want it now” her voice was as soft as a feather.

He wished they could talk through the night, and if eating by 10pm would keep her beside him longer, then “I will gladly eat what ever you want to give me”

She nodded and led the way.


Re: How Gbenga Found Love by skubido(m): 10:28pm On May 17
Na small small

Thanks for the update
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Ann2012(f): 7:28am On May 18
They'll get there....it's a graduation process

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Saintidee: 8:23am On May 18
Thanks for the update.
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Tenaj: 6:59pm On May 18
Okay, so we're preparing for a wedding... That's nice wink

Well done OP
Re: How Gbenga Found Love by Rosemary33: 9:38pm On May 18
Episode 21

Gbenga had his eyes on her all through the day, many times he had caught her staring at him while in the mist of some ladies, he would give her a nod and amazing smiles while she would look away shyly, her eyes on him sent sweet sensation to his skin and made him want to hold her.

Her taste lingered in his mouth and he kept touching his lips unconsciously, the ‘You may kiss your bride’ moment was an awkward one, but he had loved it, for a moment, he felt she also wanted it for she had closed her eyes and had allowed him take her lips without restriction, it was a soft one that ended quicker than he had wanted.

“Can I dance with you, Handsome? Now I got the chance” a young white lady pulled him out of the circle,

“Amanda!” He exclaimed

“You didn’t tell me you have finally decided to settle down” she was rocking her body to the rhythm of soft music.

“I am sorry Amanda; it wasn’t supposed to be a large wedding” Gbenga had not seen her after she had left the firm two years ago. “but I am glad you could make it, you look good”

“Well” she flashed a smile “what will a girl do with herself than to look good”, she locked her fingers round Gbenga’s neck, “you left me to nurse my wounds”

Gbenga was uncomfortable, he glanced towards his new wife and caught her again looking at him, this time she frowned and turn away

“Oh” Amanda followed his eyes “She is the one? I didn’t realize” she said with disdain “She is just plain” she turned back to Gbenga “I never expected you to go for a plain lady”

“Actually” Gbenga interjected “I like my woman clean and beautiful, compared to your heavily made up face” his warning was conspicuous

“Wow! I didn’t realize that, you didn’t tell me when we were…er…when you had your eyes all on me” she chuckled

“Really? I didn’t? well maybe I forgot” he glanced towards his wife again and didn’t find her where she was earlier. Somehow, he was worried “What is going on with you now Amanda? You are in a relationship?” he was distracted

“Me? No… got married last year and got separated same year” she threw her head backward and laughed

“Hmm…good for you” he couldn’t find her anywhere “Excuse me” he dislodged his hands from Amanda’s and went in search of her


“Can I dance with you”

Amaka looked up at the young man who stood behind her. She was at the balcony, allowing the cool breeze wash away her worries.

“You are not supposed to be here, Gbenga may be looking for you” he was the Groom’s man and had also made the little party possible.

“He is too busy to notice my absent” she said and leaned on the rail

“If Gbenga is busy today, then he is trying to get his mind off something. He doesn’t drink like me, so he may want to find another escape” Jack breath in and exhaled “He was so worried yesterday, he couldn’t put his mind on anything”

“And why is that?” she looked away sadly “We hardly talk about personal issues”

“Well, I am not an emotional doctor but, I think he is worried about you, he talked about you so much yesterday”

Amaka looked up sharply “He told you who I am I guess, he doesn’t want this, he doesn’t even love me…not anymore” she paused “He is doing this to set me free, to get me a residential permit, we agreed I would walk away after”

Jack was speechless for few seconds “Are you serious?” Amaka nodded “But he didn’t tell me all these, he was only worried that you don’t like him at all!” Jack observed her reaction “You love him too!” he screamed “It shouldn’t be something to be ashamed of, Gbenga is a great guy”

“I know”

“Then its easy to give each other a chance!” he tried to convince her “You know most of us are not lucky to find that special someone who would defy rules to be with us, but he did it for you” Jack gave her time to assimilate what he said “I haven’t been lucky with love but I am hopeful”

“Aww…Jack, don’t worry, Love will come to you soon” her face warmed up

“it has come to you lady, don’t let it go” he didn’t allow her to respond “Come, give me the first dance tonight before Gbenga finds you” he offered his hands and they walked inside the large sitting room.

“Excuse me jack, I want to dance with my bride” hearing him made her stomach flutter, she suddenly felt not ready to be held by him and the thought of their bodies too close to each other sent sensation down her spine. She heard him heaved a sigh of relief when he took her hands and moved them side by side to the rhythm of the song.

He knew she was tensed “Relax darling” he said through her hair and she surprisingly did. Amaka didn’t know how long they danced in silence, only listening to their hearts palpate.

“Your heart is giving you away” he bent his head and whispered to her ears “I don’t bite you know” he made her smile “I love the smell of your hair, what is it? Wait let me guess…” he was having fun with this woman in his arms “It smells like Vanilla ice cream” Amaka laughed some more “and I like vanilla ice cream” he laughed with her “So is it…Hair cream with vanilla in it?”

“A moisturizer”


Gbenga guided her left hand to his shoulder and softly placed his on her waist, she tensed “Relax, I will not do what you don’t approve of” his voice came like a breath and it tickled her ears “Let me know when to stop” he whispered again, she felt her muscles relaxed and she placed her head on his chest, with a relief; he tightened his grip round her waist.

“Hi, I am Amanda” she had watched the couple danced intimately as if there was no other person in the room. she had believed she hadn’t gotten over what she felt with Gbenga until now. With her hand stretched, she forced a smile as Amaka looked from her to Gbenga and to her again before taking her hand “So Gbenga chose you? I was telling him how disappointed I am on his choice…”

Gbenga pulled Amaka’s hand from Amanda’s “Amanda…Amanda…please!”

“Sorry” Amanda laughed and turned to Amaka again “I and Gbenga…we were quite an item, years back” she laughed “I still remember when…”

“Actually Amanda, it’s rather late, I think its time to go” he gently pushed the lady towards the exit and opened the door for her.

“You know Gbenga, we would have been perfect together” Amanda said before she walked out.

Jack was the last guest left thirty minutes later and the new couple walked in silence back to the house. Gbenga wanted more than nothing, to hold her again, but she had shut him out like she had always done.

“I am going…to the room…to have my bath” she announced to him

How would he feel to see her naked and water dripping from her body? He quickly dismissed the thought “Will you come back to the siting room?” she hesitated “The night is still young” he walked towards her and stopped few breaths away, with his hands in the pocket of his black tuxedo “You didn’t ask me about the Lady who you saw with me today”

“Who? Oh” she turned her face away from him “Its nothing, I understand if you have someone…”

He closed the gap between them in a flash and took her into his arms “She is no one to me”

“Why are you telling me this?” she searched his face

“Because I want you to know, I don’t know how long you would want to stay but, I want you to know that I am determined to be faithful to this vow until you make the decision to be free” he meant every word he said to her and somehow, she knew it.

Amaka knew that if she stayed longer in his arm the way she was, she may be tempted to kiss him passionately. She cleared her throat and gradually removed his hands from her waist “Let me er… get off these things” she pointed at her cloths and shoe

“I will also do same; I will wait for you here when I am done” there was plea in his eyes. Amaka nodded and entered the room down stairs.

Gbenga knew she had hips that could make a saint want fornicate and damn the consequences, but watching those hips move seductively and pulling her gown with the rhythm made him desire to make sweet love to her. He waited until he heard running water before he went into his room and soaked himself in the bath tub.

“I found this on top of my bed when I came out of the bathroom”

God! She is breathtaking” Gbenga thought, she had on her, the red satin flimsy night gown, her breast stood like a firm ripe orange on a tree, the lines of her pantie were visible, he could even see the dark hole of her belly button.

Amaka, was uncomfortable with his gaze, she felt naked and cold so she wrapped her arms round her body. Gbenga offered his hands and she took it,

“Come” he led her to the keyboard “Sing, let me play for you” before she could open her mouth, he lifted her up and sat her on top of the keyboard, she gasped “You weigh less” he chuckled Okay sing, he looked at her in anticipation

“I have not sung in a long time” she was shy

“You do hum in the bathroom, so sing” he stroked some keys and smiled at her, she couldn’t, his eyes were drowning her and his fingers on the keys heightened her shameful desires.

“What if I say no?” she had decided to play his game

“Then I will get down on my knees, beg you like a man would beg a woman until you say yes” the answer translated something else in her head, she arched her brows and he laughed “So are you going to sing for me?”

“Okay, but don’t expect much”

When she made the first sound, it transported him to the imaginary land of fairies, he complemented her voice with tones, theirs was a sweet divine melody that reached out to their souls and tied their hearts with each other.

Gbenga was on his feet by the time she finished, his face a breath away from hers, when she opened her eyes, she met the longing in his “You are beautiful tonight” he searched his face “My lady”

She swallowed heard “I don’t know what to say”

“Then don’t say anything Amaka, let me show you how you make me feel” he held her face and took her lip. It was the most amazing moment; a dream came through. He felt her own longing too and it thrilled him, “My love” he pushed his tongue deeper in her mouth and she wrapped her lips on it; sucking and moaning with pleasure.

The more she released herself, the more he wanted more, he pulled her night gown up and caressed her laps “Your body is as smooth as that of a baby”, he muttered with his mouth on her neck, he gave her a soft bite on the neck and she moaned.

He lowered his head and kissed her bosom, she coiled her legs round him and held his head tight, he ran his tongue round her areola and gave her breast a playful bite from her night gown.

“Babe” she moaned

“That’s new” he laughed “You have never called me that before” he had stopped and was gazing down at her.

She was ashamed when she opened her eyes, more ashamed that her body wanted him even now; her nipples throbbed and she could feel her wetness “Er…I am sorry”

“There is nothing to apologize for darling” he had a grin on his face


“Are we back to Gbenga now?” he caressed his face “I heard you call me babe few seconds ago and I think I prefer that” she looked up at him, her eyes questioning why he stopped

“Darling” he held her face “I would want nothing this night than to make love to you, I have never felt this strong urge for another woman like I have for you. You are driving me crazy and I cannot erase some nasty images that have you in them, from my head. I want you so much that I don’t know how I can be able to sleep this night without you on my bed” he kissed her “But I will not force you into sleeping with me until you make up your mind. I don’t just want your body Amaka, I want the whole of you, I want you to give me your everything” he kissed her again “And when I make love to you? I want you to desire me so much the way I desire you, I want you to beg for it my love” he watched her “I will seduce you everyday till you let go of your past and become one with me”

“Let me take you back to your room”

It was a long night for the both of them, both could feel each other’s body and their scents.


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Nice update... Please can we have another episode asap? ��

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Pls OP, I need another episode so as to quench this desire ooooo

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Episode 22

Gbenga regretted last night, making love with Amaka had been his fantasy since the first time he took her home in Nigeria, he had planned every
moment of it; lay the bed and formed the words. Yet he couldn’t go on with it after setting the mood.

Gbenga ran his hands on his head, and looked down from the window of the seventh floor which served as their legal complex. “Amaka would be the death of me” he swore under his breath. She was on fire, her body was like an electric current that shook through his bones, her aroused nipples; the firmness of her breast when he cupped them, the softness of her skin surprised him as he didn’t expect someone that have had life rough to possess such beautiful skin.

Gbenga licked his lips, and leaned by the window. it was like drinking from a fountain of sweetness when he kissed her, when she took his tongue, his erection almost tore his knickers, she had sucked like she couldn’t get enough of him, Gbenga was drunken in her scent.

He was awake almost through the night wondering why he didn’t make love to her and the answer stared him in the face; he was scared. He was scared of not letting her go if he eventually made love to her, he may be lost in her that he would not recover if she chose to walk away. They had started the next day like strangers, she couldn’t look him in the face, and he tried to avoid her. Even when she ran after him with a food box “I made this for you…nothing fancy” she had said, she kept her eyes away from his.

Gbenga walked to his table and opened the box, the food had gone cold, he picked a piece of fried egg with a fork. He wondered why Amaka was trying so hard to do things for him, he wouldn’t hold it against her if she didn’t, he savored the egg and nodded, “good” he muttered, his door flung opened

“Guess who I had in mind throughout last night!” Amanda walked in with all smiles and glamor, she halted and suddenly feigned concerned “You looked washed! What is wrong” she walked close to him

“Amanda, what are you doing here?” He asked with suspicion

“I couldn’t erase what I saw last night, something told me you are not happy” she helped herself with a chair “Judging from the urgency of your wedding” she shrugged and laugh “I heard…rumor flies you know” she continued “you got yourself stuck with the wrong woman”

Gbenga uncrossed his arms and stood up from his table “Whatever rumor you heard…” he sat on his chair “You heard wrong. I am perfectly fine with my wife”

“hmm, I don’t remember seeing your parents last night” she gave him a side glance “And that is a bad sign. Your mother would not miss his son’s wedding for anything”

“My parents had something to take care of Amanda, they will visit later”

“I have met your parents before Gbenga, I know how much fond of you your mother is, so…”

“You know nothing about my parents”

“Okay” she resigned “So, how is she?”

“None of your business actually”

“Of course, it is she stood up and walked towards him “How was the sex?” she sat on the table, very close to him

“Amanda do you mind getting up and get back to that seat over there?”

“Oh, stop it Honey, I just want to know if your night with her is anything like the night you had me on your couch, was it at the couch or on the bed? Did she scream your name like I did?” she tried to kiss him and he pulled away

“I really will appreciate it if you get up and leave now, I can see there is no business that brought you here”

Amanda loosen her ponytail and let her hair fall, “You are the business that brought me, two years ago I left the firm because I couldn’t stand your rejection after the night we spent together”

“I slept with you only once and that once was a mistake! I told you that Amanda, what is this?” he was on his feet

She seductively unbuttoned her shirt, exposing a pair of breasts that was almost popped out from a lacy bra which seemed to be smaller than them

“What are you doing?” Gbenga asked

“I didn’t know how much I want you until last night, I didn’t sleep Gbenga” she squeezed her breast and suck in air

“Stop this right now! Someone can enter this office”

“Then lock the door and give me what I want honey, my body craves for you, I want to be bleeped by you” she unzipped her skirt

Gbenga stepped back “I can’t take this Amanda, get out or I will call the security!”

“And tell them what? It is your word against mine honey and this is Canada not Nigeria” she had a smirk “I just want you, my black king, I am not asking for much, your dick inside me here and now, on your table, make me scream your name the way you did to her last night…” she had her body pinned on his and her hands wrapped round his neck.

Gbenga knew what it meant if Amanda make do with her threat; she could scream and accuse him of rape, they would believe her, she is white and him? a black. He would first lose his job, then his reputation. His father would die of heart break. Amaka would hate him forever.

“I can’t do this Amanda; it is immoral and beside, I am married!”

“Damn immorality and damn your marriage” I am desperate can’t you see? Please Gbenga” she planted a kiss on his lips “one more time with you, Bleep me, make my pussy drip sweet juice for you, pound me hard just for this once and I will not bother you again”

“I am child of God” he tried one more time “I can not do what you require of me Amanda, what will people say? I preach the gospel!”

She got irritated “Really” her hands akimbo “That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard Gbenga, what were you when you bleeped me two years ago?”

“It was a mistake and I have apologized over and over again; I am not proud of it for goodness sake, what else do you want from me?”

She thought for a while “You know, all these years I have nursed the hope that one day you would realize what a good pair we are, I could fit in to your life, I was groomed in the church myself and I was ready to follow you anywhere”

“I am so sorry”

“For the second time, you have rejected me” Amanda was close to tears “you think she is better than me right? But let me tell you” she struggled to wear her cloths “She will leave you, walk away without looking back when she sees someone who will offer her more than what you offered her”

“What do you mean by that?” Gbenga retorted

“That’s what they do Gbenga, whores…they always walk away…” She saw his face changed “You thought I don’t know? Only son of a popular pastor married to a prostitute” she blunted

“Shut your mouth!”

She laughed hysterically “She will disgrace you! Dry you up and move on with the highest bidder! A prostitute has no home Gbenga!” she screamed

“one more ugly word from your mouth” his formed a fist and walked towards her “One more word about my wife and I will hit you so hard!” the stood toe to toe, face t face, eyes glaring at each other

“You wouldn’t dare” she said coldly “You will be out of this country with nothing in the next few minutes” she wiped her eyes “I know you Gbenga, you will come back to me when she finally leaves you, and I hope I will be able to accept you”

“You don’t know me Amanda, I didn’t seek for you two years ago, what made you think I will do so now?” they gazed at each other angrily “Get out, now!”

She snatched her bag from his table, gave him another look and stormed out. Gbenga wondered how she got to know about what she just said.

“Deion” he realization hit him.


“Get out!” Kenny bellowed as the lady tried to touch him. his body was sore and he could taste his own blood. The lady tried again and he pushed himself backward, fell with the chair and screamed, crawled to the extreme part of the room which looked like a dungeon compared to the other rooms in the big house.

Martha hesitated before walking carefully to him again “Who is this lady you mention her name while punishing yourself?” she asked with great concern as she reached out to touch him,

He pushed himself further to the wall “Don’t! come any closer” he said with much difficulty

“Let me help you Kennedy” Martha saw his body tensed

“How did you know my name?” he asked

“Kennedy, you have suffered enough” she squatted “Call his name and talk to him like his mother, that is his weakness, he is a big coward he is scared of not getting things done right” the man at the bar had told her. “I know you…I know all your failures” she touched his shoulder
He whimpered, covering his face “Stop! Don’t talk to me! I am not a child anymore!”

“You are a baby and I am here to take care of you” she said with charm. She removed her mask “See…there is nothing to fear, let me take care of you” she carefully removed his mask amidst mild protest “There Kennedy, you will be all right. I will take care of your hurt” she stroke his face “Such a handsome face, powerful muscles” her worlds soothed him “There is no need to punish yourself Kennedy, I am here for you, let me tend your wounds”

It took time to talk him into allowing her tend to his torn skin, he fought and screamed, sometime he would realize himself and resist her, the other time, he would slide into his past and felt like he was with his mother.

He was sleeping when Martha left, that would be the second time she had put to work her strategies and by the look of thing, she was making progress. She felt pity for him though, what could a handsome young man do to deserve his life taken away? But the man at the bar didn’t tell her “He is a bad investment; he has stepped on the wrong toes” was all she was told.

She passed through the big hall in the mansion on her way out, two security guards were waiting outside the entrance to escort her out, but something caught her attention, she looked around and found no one in sight, she quickly walked towards the long dinning table, lying carelessly on top of one of the chairs was a camera and she hurriedly shove it inside her bag and hurried out.

They handed her phone to her and escorted her to the waiting car, the driver drove her in silence and dropped her along old GRA where she was supposed to get a taxi back to where ever she came from.

“If you ever see anything suspicious... find a way to bring it to me” Mr Amadi had told her.

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Nice update... Please can we have another episode asap? ��
forgive me and love me back o

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Pls OP, I need another episode so as to quench this desire ooooo
oya don't be angry

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