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Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by collinometricx: 10:45am On Feb 28
I told my mum not to send guards that I


You quoted a full episode just to hope that?
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by JerryOJerry6429: 11:38am On Feb 28
Thanks alot man, keep the updates coming.

Pls I think the princess need to be flogged but tiger wicked shall, she tase her own daughter like a criminal grin grin
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by JerryOJerry6429: 11:39am On Feb 28
I told my mum not to send guards that I
You shouldn't have quote everything, I thought he posted another one smiley
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by izaray(f): 11:52am On Feb 28
All these yeye policemen self angry
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 4:10pm On Feb 28
These policemen na big disappointment to the police force.

I think the Godfather is that new chief o, what's his name again self......
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by do4luv14(m): 6:17pm On Feb 28

These policemen na big disappointment to the police force.

I think the Godfather is that new chief o, what's his name again self......
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by egwolopretty: 10:26pm On Feb 28
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 1:52am On Feb 29


"So where are we going...?"Lawrence ask climbing into the front seat to sit beside the driver...

"The safe house..."Justice, the driver said as he swung into the country lone roads...

Lawrence drag in a deep breathe to calm his panic..., his heart echo in his ears as the bullet sounds earlier replay and replay in his head......
"Who were those people...?"He asked strapping on the seat belt...

"I have no idea..."Justice said....."The queen only told me to take you to the safe house if anything of this sort happens...."

"So you think my mother knew...?"He asked anxiously

"Well if she told me to take you to the safe house.., she must have gotten the feeling something like this will happen...."

"Why would someone want me dead...?"He asked, his head thinking of anyone that could want him dead but nothing popped up...

"Probably the throne..."Justice replied before increasing the speed..."Your mother was given a seven days deadline to bring you so you can assume your father's throne, else the throne will be taken from your line..."

"So this is a coup..."Lawrence said crisply...

Justice swallowed..."Yes.."

Lawrence grit, his head brooding over the man that died beside him, then the guard..., he stare at his own clothes, the mans blood still in his shirt.., it gave him nausea.., without time wasting, he took the shirt off leaving his singlet....

"I left many things on my bag...."Lawrence said tossing the shirt on the backseat..

Justice glance at him and his eyes glazed the tattoo in his arm.....

"Sorry we couldn't get your things in the car..."Justice replied fusing his gaze back on the road..."You should be lucky you weren't hit though...."

Lawrence shift his gaze to him...

"The bullet that hit John, it was coming for you..."Justice added

Lawrence gulp a dry lump in his throat as the gunshot once again rang in his head, the man's blood, the innocent civilians, the guards....

"He was a good man..."Justice chime into his thought...

"May his soul rest in peace...."Lawrence mutter..


Lawrence suck on his teeth, glance outside the windshield before turning his gaze to Justice again....

"How's my mum and my sister...?"He asked

"They're fine..."

"My mum said my dad was poisoned...?"

Justice glance at him and refocus on the road..."Yes.., the killer hasn't been caught yet...."

Lawrence sniffled..., the last thing on his mind now is start crying again over his father's dead...

"And I suspect same people that killed the king wants you dead..."

"Does my mother know...?"

"If she doesn't, she wouldn't tell me to take you to the safe house...."

Lawrence cupped his hands and breathe into it, the memory of what happened in the airport reflashing in his head.....

"I'm really sorry for your father's...."Justice chimes in with a cringe at him...

"Thank you.."He returned, not bothering to look at him...

"You'll get home soon..."Justice said

Lawrence nodded...

Infuriated, Kess hit on the wall ......

"Calm down inspector..."The DPO said....

Kess turn to face him, anger stirring within him....
"Calm down.., that man was our only link to whoever was making that drugs and now he's dead because the officers were too lazy to do their job..."

"It wasn't their fault..."The DPO riposte...."How could they have known that man wasn't the doctor..."

"They should have watched him.."Kess yelled

"Tune your voice down..."The DPO growled..."Have you forgotten who you're talking to..."

"I'm sorry sir.."Kess said keeping his frustration in check....

"Do you think this is the first time a criminal has escape us by dying....?"The DPO queried...

Kess exhale, trying hard to calm the rage wanting to burn him from the inside....

"Sir..."Dorathy chimes in..."This man was killed under our noses..., that's insulting..."

"Inspector Dorathy..."The DPO said..."How long have you been here..?"

"Two years sir..."

"And in this two years, haven't you lost criminals to cases related to this drug...?"

"Sir , the..

"Have you or have you not..?"The DPO groaned...

"Yes sir...."

"Good...."The DPO stated withdrawing his head and reclining his back on the chair..."We're at war with these people and people often die in war, what I expect from both of you is to be careful and courteous in dealing with these men..., and don't just trust anyone..., if you catch a suspect, keep him and question him yourself..., this will be the last time I'll hear of suspects been killed under the police watch.., am I understood...?"

"Yes sir.."The both chorus..

"You may leave..."

They saluted and quickly left the office....

Restless, queen Tiger pace around the room, her phone in her hand praying and hoping to hear her son arrive safely at the safe house...
She quickly spun around to face the door when it opened forcefully......

"Why didn't you tell me my brother was attacked..?"Maria queried, her voice clipped with anger

"Have you come back to your senses...?"Queen Tiger fling back..

"Who attacked my brother..?"Maria groaned

"Who do you think...?"


"I don't know.."Queen Tiger said stepping away from her to the mirror...

"What do you mean you don't know...?"

"I said I don't know...."Queen Tiger retorted returning her stony Expression to her...

"What are you doing about it...?"

"Girl, go to your room.."

Maria groan, resentment festering in her..."Will you stop treating me like a child..."

"Then stop acting like a child...."Queen Tiger retorted

"Where is he now...?"

"Where's who.."

"My brother..."She sneered

Queen Tiger sniff, anger seething her insides..."I said go to your room.."

"Not until you tell me where my brother is..."

"Do you want me to tase you again....?"

Maria eyes flickered with an undeniable rage...."You think I'm afraid of been tased...., you've done worst to me..."

"And I'll do far more worse if you don't leave me the hell alone..."

"You're a witch..."Maria cursed..

"And this witch..."Queen Tiger stated walking close to her..."Will suck your blood if you don't go to your room right now..."

"Tell me where my brother is...?"She insisted..

Queen Tiger groaned, her hand almost raising to slap her.....
"I'm telling you nothing..., so go to your room now.."

"He's my brother, I ought to know..."

"You ought to know nothing..."Queen Tiger retorted.."Now get the hell out of here to your room..., I won't say it again..."

Maria eyed her..."I hate you.."

"Oh dear you've hated me since you were born..."

"If something happens to my brother, you'll have me to contend with...."

"Little girl is that a threat.?"

"I'm not a little girl..."She yelled.., eyed her again and walked out of the room...

"I hate you...."Maria groaned jamming her room door loudly......

Frustrated, she turn her anger to the pillow and threw them against the wall, the poor pillows landed on the floor...
When a light knock came on the door, she turned on it like an enraged panther and opened it furiously....

"What..?"She yelled not caring to see the knocker's face.....

"Wooh.., it's me..."Aaron hushed taking a step back from the door...

Maria swallowed trying hard to calm the raging animosity burning inside her..., not bothering to invite him in, she left the door open for him...

Aaron walked and close the door, he stood for a while to study her expression...

"I'm so angry right now...."Maria groaned....."My mother is driving me insane...."

"I heard the prince was attacked...."Aaron said crisply..

"How did you know that..?"She queried..

"The news is all over the palace..., a maid heard it when Sulieman delivered the news to the queen...."

"What maid...?"

Aaron grit before stuttering...

"You know what..."Maria cut in angrily.."Forget about it..., I need you, take off your clothes..."


"Now..., I need something to distract me from the way I'm feeling right now..., so take off your clothes...."

"We can't do this now princess, not with everything going on with you.., the prince is missing..."

"Damn it..."She sneered...

"I hope he's fine Wherever he is..."Aaron added...

"Do you know my mother didn't even tell me where he is..., he's my brother and she's keeping his location away from me...."

"Well maybe it's for the best..."

"What do you mean it's for the best...?"

"These are bad times princess, the walls they say have ears..., if she decide to keep it a secret, she knows why.."

"Yiu think I'll tell someone if she had told me...?"

"I don't know..I..

"You know what.., get out.."Maria hollered


"Get out now..."She yelled

Aaron shrugged, took another glance at her before leaving the room closing the door behind him...
Outside, he took a deep breathe and decide to take a walk to his room when a hand grabbed him and dragged him to a corner..

"Joshua what is it....?"Aaron ask the guard who took him to a corner..

"Wow...!"Joshua exclaim, a smile playing on his lips....

"Wow what..., and why are you smiling..?"

Joshua look at both sides of the corridor to make sure no one was coming before speaking...."I've been watching you you know..., the way you go in and come out of the princess room..."

"Are you insinuating something...?"Aaron asked, his wits warning him hell was about breaking lose...

"There's no need for the pretense man..., I know you've been sleeping with the princess..."

"What..., are you insane, how could you say such a thing..."

"Take off your clothes...."Joshua micmicked Maria words.....

"Where you eavesdropping on our conversation...?"

"I needed to be sure.., and today my thoughts have been confirmed..."

"You're wrong, the princess and I are not sleeping together..."

"You might want to explain that to the queen after I tell her an ordinary palace guard has been sleeping with her daughter..."

"The queen won't believe you..."

"Are you sure about that because I have proof..."

Shock engulf Aaron..."What proof...?"

"Is that you admitting the truth...?"

"This is me calling you a bluff and a condensing liar...., if you don't mind I have somethings doing..."

"Are you sure you want to try me on this, 'cause I can be very convincing and trust me, when the queen hears you're sleeping with her daughter...., you'll be...."He swipe his hand across his throat before saying the words out..."Killed..."

Aaron scoff...."Go to hell Joshua..."

"I have a record of your conversation with her..."Joshua said..."Take off your clothes, I need to be distracted from the way I'm feeling...."He mimic..."Wow..., I wonder how the queen will react when I play this recording"

"What do you want...?"Aaron ask with furrowed brows...

"Good question, now we're getting somewhere, aren't we....?"

"Just tell me what the hell you want..., is it money...?"

"Yes, that will go for a start...."

"For a start..."Aaron reiterated....

"Yes for a start..., you see I want more than money..."

"What do you want...?"

A taunting smile play on Joshua lips before he glance down to his fly and playfully touch Aaron penis...

Aaron flinch...."What's wrong with you...?"

"Just checking what the princess is enjoying.., must be really big...."

"I don't have time for this Joshua.., what the hell do you want...?"

"Well for a start, I'll need a lot of money.."

"Yes you said that before...."

"I'll tell you the rest later..."

Aaron sniffled, irritation sweeping across his face..."How do I know you're not bluffing....?"

"You think I'm bluffing..., fine, wait till when the queen summons you..."

"Fine, how much do you want...?"

"Fuve hundred thousand...."

"Five hundred thousand...!"Aaron reiterated..."Dude I don't have that kind of money..."

"Well find it..."

"Where will I get that kind of money...?"

Joshua scoff..."Come on man, you have riches riding your dick.."

"So this is about the princess...?"

"No this is about you, 'cause you'll be the only one getting affected from it....,,, you have until tomorrow to get me my money, else I'm telling the queen everything I know...."

Aaron glare at Joshua as he walk away leaving him to his thoughts....
"Damn it..."Aaron growled...

"How close are we to the safe house...?"Lawrence asked curiously

"We will be getting there in five minutes..."Said Justice...

Lawrence sigh...."I Can't believe am on a death list.."

Justice look at him but didn't say anything....

"So you don't have a clue on who might be after me...?"

"Your father's killer, I told you that before..."

"I need names...."

"I don't have any names..."

Lawrence bit on his lips..."You got a phone...?"

"Yeah..."Justice replied handling him a phone...

"Fùck it, no network...."Lawrence cursed infuriated...

"There's a network coverage at the safe house.., you'll call the queen from there..."

Lawrence exhale and handed the phone back to him...."The chiefs did this, didn't they...?"

"The chiefs...., you remember them...?"

"Yes I remembered them, especially that one that always gives me chocolate when I was little..."

"Who's that..?"Justice ask, a silent laugh accompanying his words...

"God, I've forgotten his name..., Michael or something...

"Chief Miguel..."

"Yes, that's him...., I heard his son is getting married to my sister..."

"Yeah.., the late king bethroded them..."

"And that's why my sister hates my father so much.., he care less about her feelings, he cares less about any of us.."

"Was that why the queen sent you overseas, so you wouldn't be like your father...?"

Lawrence turn to face him, just then his eyes caught something....

Justice quickly matched on the brakes rooting the car to a forced stop...

Their heart racing with tremendous speed, they stare at the four men standing on the road all armed with heavy guns...

"Jesus...."Justice shouted and re-started the car, just when he was about turning the car around, the four armed men opened fire, the continuous bullets wrecking the car windscreens and every part of the car.....

Justice manage to turn the car around and speed past them, when he turn to face Lawrence, he saw him bleeding. ...

"I was shot...."Lawrence blare out in agony as his blood dropped on the floor of the car....

"After them..."Riot, the leader of the four men shouted....

The armed men quickly jumped into their car and began to give Lawrence and Justice a chase....

Heart pulsating and bleeding profusely, Lawrence looked back from the broken window....
"They're chasing us..."He hollered....

More bullets from their pursuers hit the truck of their car sending chills down their spine....., Justice increase the car speed as the pursuers drew closer....

"Divert...."Lawrence shouted..."We can't keep up straight, we need to divert..."

"Divert where...?"

Lawrence looked from the window and face Justice again ....."Can you jump out of the car...?"

Justice swallowed forcefully..."Yes..."

"Turn the car to the bush..."Lawrence said

"The bush..?"

"Yes, we're going to jump..., do it now..."

Justice hesitated but when another bullet hit his side door, almost reaching his hand on the steering, he furiously and callously turn the steering wheel into the bush, he couldn't control the car as it run down from the high ground into the thick bush....

Panting in pains, Lawrence force his side door open and Justice did same leaving the car to drive down further into the bush...

"Jump...."Lawrence shouted and rolled out of the vehicle into the ground....
He groaned in pains as his injured arm hit the floor..., what followed was the loud sound of the car colliding with a tree .....

Lawrence manage to get up and scan his eyes in search for Justice, when he found him, he staggered towards him...., just then he caught sight of their pursuers walking towards their direction....., his heart hammered against his shirt and he quickly turn to Justice who was still hurt by the effect of the jumped-out action

"We need to run..."Lawrence whispered to him...

The race is just getting started



Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Mavikolo2020: 8:37am On Feb 29
The heat is getting real, fire on silver
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 8:48am On Feb 29
I pray for the safety of the prince o o
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ann2012(f): 9:42am On Feb 29
Who are these people after the throne
I just pray nothing happens to Lawrence and Justice.

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Hollysaint: 10:48am On Feb 29
Thanks boss Silver
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 11:16am On Feb 29
Joshua be careful, you're threading on a wrong place

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by dasugar(f): 12:59pm On Feb 29
See as my heart is racing. Nothing should happen to them o. Silver1996 u re too much. Thanks for the update.
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by genius43(m): 1:00pm On Feb 29
Am I the only one who feels Suleiman is the godfather?
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 5:08pm On Feb 29
Wahala oo.

If all these things are happening on the first day, wonder what will happen for the next six days
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Thebigdream: 10:03pm On Feb 29
I pray for the safety of the prince o
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Thebigdream: 10:06pm On Feb 29
Am I the only one who feels Suleiman is the godfather?
I don't think so, if he's the godfather, what is he doing in the palace, let see how the story goes
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by genius43(m): 10:47pm On Feb 29
I don't think so, if he's the godfather, what is he doing in the palace, let see how the story goes

The best place to hide is in plain sight
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Silver1996(m): 12:45am On Mar 01
EPISODE TITLE- Disaster has reached it's peak


"Dad..."Liam said walking into the room to meet him...."You sent for me..."

Chief Borgias stood up, fires of fury smouldering in his eyes....
"That stupid inspector is poke-nosing where he shouldn't...."

"The one that came here earlier....?"

Eyes squinting, chief Borgias turn to face him...."Yes..., the Godfather called me.., he said the inspector was at the Saluit house...., he took Palas....."

"Did Palas say anything..?"Liam asked curiously walking close to him....

"The Godfather took care of him before he opened his mouth..."

Liam gawked on his teeth..."I told that slowpoke to get the drugs out of that place....."

"Did you.., because I specifically instructed you to move the drugs yourself that the saluit house was no longer safe after we find out that stupid dead inspector found out about the place.."

"I'm sorry pops..."

"Palas was our front man....., it's your fault he's dead...."

Liam flare his nose..."If the inspector is going to be a problem, then we need to put him down..., don't you think so Pops..?"

"Of course I know that, i want you to find out everything about him, his name, where he came from, where he lives, his family, find out everything thing about him..."

"Roger that Pops..."Liam said and walk out from the room..

As they stopped running, Lawrence could only help but gasp for air..., There was a tightness in his throat. His lungs feel as elastic as old underpants, just sagging instead of contracting for the next breath...

"You think we lost them...?"Justice asked breathing heavily...

Lawrence look around, The thick bush hums with life all around him. He twirl about, gazing up at the canopy, searching for the birds that sing sweetly. The sun breaks through the cracks, lighting up the dirt path ahead of him, decorated with outgrown roots, wildflowers and fallen leaves that crunch beneath his shoe....

"I don't know..."He mutter..."I don't think they saw us running..., I looked back, no one was chasing us.."

"So you saying we lost them....?"

Lawrence hold his waist to flexed his muscles before looking up to face Justice..."Yeah..., but now the question is.., where are we...?"

"I have no idea..."Justice said looking around

Lawrence sigh, more of fatigue from the race than disappointment...."Give me your phone..."

Justice hold his side pockets, just then it occured to him..."Damn it, I left it in the car...."

"You're not serious are you..?"

"I am.."He said with shrugged shoulders...."I'm sorry..."

Lawrence stuck his nose in the air before words leaped out from his mouth..."No.., it isn't your fault...., how deep do you think we're in this forest...?"

"We ran for a pretty long time..., I wasn't thinking how deep we were coming in..."

"We need to find a way to get out of here.."Lawrence said...

"It's almost nightfall..."Justice said with cringe at the clouds.....

"More reason why we should get out of here..."Lawrence said, just then a sharp pain lanced through his head, he groaned and quickly crouched to the ground....

"My prince..."Justice shouted running to him...

"It's the bullet..."Lawrence groan in pains....."I need to get it out..."

Confused, Justice look around in search of anything....., when he found nothing useful, he turn back to face Lawrence..."I don't know how to get a bullet out..."

Slowly Lawrence try to get up but quickly realise how futile it was when he had to bite his lips to keep from crying out..., wincing in great pains, he hold his bleeding arm..
"Get me something sharp..."Lawrence said....

"Something sharp...!"Justice reiterated confused...

Searing fiery bursts pulsated around the wound, intensifying with each breathe he takes, jarring and brutal...
"Just get me something sharp..."He groaned at Justice

Mouth quivering, Justice look around in search of any sharp object.., he found a stick but with a blunt end, not exactly the sharp object the prince requested..., frustrated he threw the stick away and began to scan his eyes around for anything..anything sharp but where the hell would he see a sharp object in the bush......

The silver gray Mercedes S600 cruised down the freeway, Caleb was driving with so much soft leather around him that he could barely hear the 389 horsepower, 6-liter engine...At few miles drive, the engine was only idling. But Caleb could feel the power of the car. One hundred thousand pounds worth of German engineering. One touch from the unsmiling chauffeur and the Mercedes would leap forwards. This was a car that sneered at speed limits....

Gazing straight ahead, only half-aware of a world outside the comfort of the car, he increase the volume of the music and nod his head to the beat of the song...., he was about increasing the speed of the car when another car drove in front of his...

His heart pounded hard against his chest and he quickly kick on the brakes bringing the car to a stop..., another guy packed beside his and that was when he saw who dare to block his way....

"Look who we have here...."Liam sneer walking towards Caleb, three other guys tagging beside him...

"How dare you...?"Caleb growled deeply infuriated.....

Liam flinch at Caleb tone, what followed was a taunting annoying laughter from him....

"The clown is asking how dare me..."Liam scowled with cringe at his men....

"Get out of my way or you'll regret it..."Caleb snarled

Liam burst into laughter......

Push to his boiling point, Caleb walk closer to him and burrowed his eyes into his, their breathes mingling....
"I said get the hell out of my way..."

Liam flinch...."The boy got a smelling mouth..."

Resentment swept across Caleb's face when Liam's men laughed....

"When last did you brush your teeth...?"Liam taunt, a disparaging smile accompanying his words....

Anger thrummed through Caleb's veins and he was almost at the verge of punching Liam....

"Guys you want to show this clown how we party....."Liam asked...

Fear tinged with anger engulf Caleb as the three men walk towards him...., when they drew nearer, he threw a punch at one of them.....

The other two grabbed him, what followed was a hard punch to his stomach...

Pain enacted from the point of contact and Caleb quickly lour his head, when another punch came for his stomach, he dropped down to the ground...

Another of the men kicked him hard in his lips, Caleb groan with blood pooling from his mouth and nose..

Liam just laugh as his men beat the day light out of Caleb and that was when he decided to do something crazy..., he walk towards the truck of his car, opened it and took out a hammer...

"This is for you clown..."Liam crowled and with added valor, he hit the right windscreen of Caleb's car with the hammer..., the windscreen broke, some pieces of it falling into the car seats while the rest on the ground......., he didn't end there, he proceeded to the front windshield and with a full strength, he hit it with the hammer breaking it into fragments...

The corners of his mouth turn up with a smile as he stare at Caleb's bloodied face.....
"Let's go men...."He said before they walked to their car.....

"Hoo-hoo ...., Cry to Daddy moròn...."Liam crowled from his car side windscreen as they drove past Caleb leaving him in pains

Kess heaved in a deep sigh, his mind still brooding over the man he caught in the saluit house who turned up dead....

"Are you ready...?"Dorathy ask...

Kess quickly jolted out from his thoughts..."Yeah..."

Dorathy exhale before they both climb out from the car and walked into the compound....

"Does he live alone...?"Kess asked curiously.....

"He does...."Dorathy reply and led the way to the house door....

For a moment, they stare at the door, each contemplating who to knock..., after much time, Dorathy knocked...

There was no reply from inside, so she knocked again...

"Come in...."A command came from inside the house..

Dorathy winked at Kess who shrugged..... before she turn down the knob, her heart almost jumped out of her heart when her eyes saw the gun facing them....

Kess quickly took out his pistol and pointed it at the person in return.....

"Chief Dario we come in peace..."Dorathy quickly chime in when Chief Dario cocked the rifle almost at the verge of pulling the trigger.....

"Kess....., drop your gun..."Dorathy said with a cringe at Chief Dario....

"What do you want...?"Chief Dario queried still pointing the rifle at them...

"We came to ask you some questions..."Dorathy said with quivering lips praying Dario's gun doesn't go off by mistake....

"About what..?"Chief Dario scowled....

"Just drop the gun and we'll talk..."

Chief Dario gave them a long stare before he release his hand from the trigger and drop the gun by his side......
"Do you want to start talking now....?"

Dorathy swallowed and glance at Kess who dropped his....

"You must have heard the king is dead...."Kess said stepping into the house...

"What about it...?"

"We have reasons to believe you killed him..."Kess stated...

Frown lines encroached on chief Dario's face..."If that's what you think then you're the biggest fool I've ever seen..."

"We know what the late king did to you and your family..."Dorathy chimes in..

"If I wanted the king dead I would have done it a long time ago..."Chief Dario snarled..."That's not to say I'm not happy he's dead, that demon deserves what he got...."

"That's anger in your voice..."Kess said

"You're damn right I'm angry.."Dario retorted..."That animal ruined me, took away everything I have...., his dead meant absolutely nothing compare to the shame and bitterness he put me through..., that son of a demon..."

"So you killed him to get back at him...?"Kess queried.

"I wish I did..."Dario slurred..."I really wish I killed that son of a demon..."

"Where were you last night...?"Kess asked anxiously

Dario's eyes sparked with resentment..."If this is an interrogation, you're wasting your time..., I did not kill the king..."

"Where were you sir...?"

"I was here, sitting here..."

"And who can attest to that...?"

"Did you see anyone on your way in..?"

Kess sigh..."No.."

"Then am the only one that can attest to that and if you don't believe me, use the door..."

"You do know this is a murder investigation..."

"I don't care..."Dario yelled...."Now you're going to get the hell out of my house or I will be force to commit an actual murder..."

"Actual murder....!"Kess reiterated, does this mean....

Shock engulf them almost ripping their hearts out when Dario furiously shot the floor a step from them....

"Get out of my house..."Dario growled..."Or the next bullet will go straight to your head, do you understand that you mòròn....."

Black mist swirled at the edges of Lawrence mind but he fought it off and suffer silently in pains.., his arm ache, his whole body ache and no matter how he moved them, he just end up feeling more pains...., he manage to turn his head to face Justice who was still looking around..., he wasn't sure what Justice was finding anymore since he was just pacing to and fro...., just then, he heard something, some crickling sound, at first he thought it was the sound of insects, but then he saw the fallen brownish leaves on the ground moving, raising and falling like something was moving underneath it...

His mind moved past his pains and his eyes focused on the approaching danger.., his lips quivered, he tried to stand, move but it was stupid, just then he saw the head of the crawling reptile......

His eyes widen with shock while his heart raise when a snake slowly raise it's head from the leaves and fused it's deadly gaze on Lawrence...

Lawrence couldn't move, couldn't breathe..., his heart stopped and his brain stopped functioning...., he just sat there numb staring at the snake as it gathers it's deadly venom ready for destruction and inflicting intolerable suffering........., Disaster has reached it's peak......




Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by showgoeson: 1:07am On Mar 01
Snake ooo

Liam just declared war by his actions.
First to read
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by collinometricx: 1:18am On Mar 01
Snake ooo

Liam just declared war by his actions.
First to read

For where
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Demurray: 5:51am On Mar 01
Please keep it coming, thanks for the update.
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by purity23(f): 10:45am On Mar 01
Somebody should please kill that snake o smiley

Happy sunday everyone
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Ann2012(f): 11:30am On Mar 01
Lawrence shouldn't die like that oooo
I believe Chief Dario is innocent

Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Christipsy(m): 1:29pm On Mar 01
Somebody should please kill that snake o smiley

Happy sunday everyone
same 2 u
no worry i don kill am ..silver1996 tanx 4 de update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by shakibell(f): 3:34pm On Mar 01
silver Biko don't kill Lawrence cus with the way I'm seeing him, he is nothing lyk his fada
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by kelvyncruz: 8:10pm On Mar 01
Lawrence can't die na, he is the crown prince
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by sly12345: 8:22pm On Mar 01
Lawrence can't die na, he is the crown prince
Is this your first Time of reading silver's story, that guy kills off the main hero if he wants to and the story will continue
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by petersononome: 7:02am On Mar 02
Thanks for the update
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by manduwem(m): 7:19am On Mar 02
Lawrence can't die na, he is the crown prince

Welcome to the Silver Twilight Zone were anything can happen n no one is indispensable.
Buy popcorn o, bc twists dey plenty
Re: KINGS(7 Days Of Chaos) by Jesubaby(f): 9:27am On Mar 03
Journey mercy to me. I've arrived safely. Thanks Silver. It seems this piece will be tougher than the 1 and 2.

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