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Truth About Ark Of Comvenant by Udochukwujude: 12:49pm On Mar 20, 2020
echoes of truth:
Here Are Things You Don't Know About Ark Of Covenant -isi Arusi - 

Do you know that ark of convenant is isi arusi

What is isi arusi

Isi arusi is head of dieties

When I say god's and goddesses,just understand I mean the Most high,ancestors ,marine good and goddess ,our guardian angels, origins and sects

Anytime I read from biblical quotes of new convert, I do laugh. You know why?
It's because many are messages, information which lacked explanation and details. How would you then understand? 
I guess this is reason for height of deception among convert (Christianity)today.

Bible scripture is a book of record, history and events which happened somewhere.
That place wasn't elsewhere if not where we could trace today. 
The information are true. We can trust them! 

I trust bible because it has true information, details of events between human and spirits.

Now, let me take you deep to the scripture where you cited in the book of Exodus. 
The most high had his reason for saying what he said and what he said is true, which is why we must trust and obey. 
Don't get it twisted! 

You can't understand words of spirit if you lack wisdom. 
This is why today, many have been scammed by same book called bible. 
Even when you have it 2 or 12 copies at home, yet someone somewhere could easily scam you with words written inside it. 
Otherwise, no reason people would go out there dieing, bowing, protecting deceivers in the name of pastors and Bishops and Pope: believing they are right with right information from right men. 

When you try to say the truth, someone and some group of people would come and quote from same scripture saying, "Thou shall not judge".

Things kept getting worst day by day. 
Men kept falling day by day. 
People kept loosing their properties day by day in the name of "Thanksgiving and tithe". Yet no one seems to be asking questions.


People kept lieing day after day using the name of Holy Spirits. You end up calling them prophets and prophetess. 
As if the Bible are not there to help explain to you who are prophetess and prophets. 
How you can recognize them!

You have read the words as it is written in the book of Exodus 20.
Did you also read what was written about 'Ark of covenant' in same bible book?

When you read it, what do you understood by its symbolism and representation?
Am talking about the ark of testimony!

You see, am greater than your teacher and his teacher. 
So far Christianity is concern, upon spirits guide, none of them can stand my knowledge of truth. 
We are talking about spirituality not physicality.

I will teach you what you don't know today. Truth is our key word

Now, ark of testimony or ark of covenant. What do you understood by its true state, symbolism and representations?

Now ask your self what is really this ark of convenant

How was it made

What do it stand for

It's formations and architecture?

Do you know it was a deity?

Do you know it was gods head?
(Remember what I said god's are the most high ,ancestors , marine god's and goddess and so on )

Do you know it was isi arusi?

How would you know?

They won't teach you. They won't let you know. You won't ask. Even when you do, none has true information to give because they lack wisdom.

Now let's go in details bit by bit, bringing out all information about the ark of covenant as seen among Israel's, approved by the most high (Chi ukwu okike abiama)

Moses was with the most high for a period of forty days at Mount Sinai to gain clear tutorial on how to make the ark

Read your Bible!

When he came back to his people, he consulted Bezalel and Oholiab (great men who has knowledge of craft) to help the construction.

Now ask your self,hope they construct isi arusi ?

Isi arusi is that shape of a head or something in a front of a shrine

When he came back to his people, he consulted Bezalel and Oholiab (great men who has knowledge of craft) to help the construction.

The wood used to form the ark is known as shittim. Shittim wood doesn't permit maggots neither does it produce dust. That's to say, no insect or maggots can eat the word. It's a sacred tree. Haven high spiritual value. This was a wood recommended to Moses by the most high.

Just like the kind of wood we use from time immorial for isi arusi (gods head)

Shittim is also a wood used in construction of isi arusi even today in the world

Do you know that the ark has two golden cherubim on top. The voice of most high comes through inbetween the two golden cherubim whenever he has a message to Moses or a high priest for the people? 

Know this truth, after the death of Moses, the ark was still in the land of Israel, among the people and was found in the temple. It was kept in a private section (inside the temple), a place known as "Holy of Holies".

Am still coming to that!

Have you asked yourself why the two cherubim have to make a representative upon the ark with a gold?

Have you once asked yourself what makes the ark so heavy that it requires number of men(priest) in attendance to carry the ark?

Have you sought to know why the ark was restricted from carrying on human head?

What are things inside the ark?

Or you think it was just an empty box?

If it was an empty box, why the heavy weight?

At a point, when the people understood the force as seen on the ark, they began to trust the ark just like we trusted our arusi

It was as a result of this knowledge and recognition that Eli died

Do you know what killed Eli?

Do you know that whosoever that touches the ark dies

Now today in the world when you touch isi Arusi what experience do you have ?

Moreover, the ark of God was captured; and the two sons of ‘Eli, Hofni and Pinchas, died. 12 One of the soldiers, a man from Binyamin, ran and came to Shiloh the same day with his clothes torn and earth on his head [as a sign of mourning]. 13 As he arrived, ‘Eli was sitting on his seat by the road, watching; because he was trembling with anxiety over the ark of God. When the man entered the city and told the news, the whole city began crying out. 14 On hearing the cries, ‘Eli asked, “What does this uproar mean?”

So the man hurried, came to ‘Eli and told him. 15 ‘Eli was ninety-eight years old, and his gaze was fixed, because he was blind. 16 The man said to ‘Eli, “I’m the soldier that came; I escaped today from the battlefield.” He asked, “How did things go, my son?” 17 The one who had come with the news answered, “Isra’el fled before the P’lishtim, and there was a terrible slaughter among the people. Your two sons, Hofni and Pinchas, also are dead; and the ark of God was captured. 18 As soon as he mentioned what had happened to the ark of God, ‘Eli fell backward off his seat next to the gate, broke his neck and died; for he was an old man, and heavy. He had judged Isra’el forty years.

Hope you read the scripture and have seen how Eli the high priest died? 

Eli didn't die because he was old or sick. 
Eli didn't die because he haven't heard from Elohim.
Eli died because the enemies took isi arusi - gods head

Have you learned this today? 
It was right there in your Bible, you do read it but never understand. 
You lack the understanding as a result of your low spiritual level. 
Mmuo dike - spirits are most powerful 

Don't look at me isi mmiri Igbo and think you can come unto me with words from Bible. If you had known what I know and have come near my position, you would take a sword against religious decept

But then, Mmuo dike - spirits are most powerful

We are lead and taught by the spirits not by human

When we have questions on spirituality, we consult the spirits not human

They tell us as "e dey happen" in the realm. 
Knowledge that makes a difference! 

Note this!
Spirits are not as ignorant as your Christian leaders. 
They are aware of their presence among mortal therefore made some provisions to help connection (between mortals and immortals) 

Ofeke never knew!!!

Could you possibly say that spirits are weak therefore have to permit the gods head among the people? 
Could you say it was a mistake by the gods?

Could you say the gods did it unknownly?

Mmuo dike!!!

Do you know that it took only a high priest to attend to the ark anytime it was kept in secret places known as terbanacle?

Do you know that incense are burnt to it day and night?

Do you know that they sacrifice to it ?

Do you know that the people gather to consult the gods through the high priest before they could take any decision or step?

Do you know that unblemished rams are used as sacrifices for purification to the ark?

Now bring in the picture of isi arusi in shrine's,do you know they sacrifice to it ,do you know they consult there,do you it's not touched or played with ,do you know Spirits speaks through them

Now, we shall look at the commandment as given in Exodus 20:5.
"Thou shall not bow down unto them nor serve them. For I thy God am a jealous God".

If you were the most high, could you have said to the people whom you have been with all the years? 
From Abraham to Isaac, from Isaac to Jacob. From Jacob to land of Egypt. He fought and won Pharaoh and his powers. Now, here they are in the desert, about to enter a promise land.

Do you know that the land where Israel inhabit today was taken away from the inhabitants and given unto them?

Who did it?
The most high!!!!

If you happened to be he (the most high) could you have said, they should do otherwise?

Let wisdom guide us all so that you be able to understand the works of spirits which are true

He (the most high) knew about other gods as seen on earth who seek to rule and control human kingdom, thus the warning

Before the ark, the Egyptians, Amorites, Perusites, Assyrians etc have had 'gods head' - isi arusi. 

He knew about these thus the warning 

You that is condemning isi arusi,
which do you have? 
Isi Jesus right?

What was it made off?

Good number of you have been deceived

How many of you know that religion is a pillar of deception?

Their deception can't be compared with anything, it has no resemblance

Look at what they presented to you and said it's 'Jesus picture'?

Let me use the name Jesus as they called him

Even though we made you understand that it was not the true name. The name of Messiah is Yeshua not Jesus

Everything about Christianity is lies

They presented an image of another person to you and said its image of a Messiah. How many of you know that it's not true? 
Are you not praying using the images as posted on your door post (in person of the Messiah)

Some has it on their chest as a rosary/chaplate

Some have it pasted in their offices and cars

What a deceit?

You convert" the least you are to look at which are common, you won't consider it simply because you have been deceived

Those of you who are fighting arusi, hear it from me that no human fight and win the Divine spirits

It's impossible!

All those that fight them die Young typical examples are pastors

You don't fight and win Divine spiritslike god's what are god's ,god's are the ,most high , ancestors,agwu, angels,marine goddesses and so on ,what made God the greatest is because of his superioty and ability to classify and create .
Upon invitation, they leave up to tax (as agreed)

This is why you have different deities in various communities, possessing and manifesting different powers.

That isi arusi moses built with shittim wood is still the same isi arusi craft men prepare for high priest in shrine's ,no difference

Upon invitation, they leave up to tax (as agreed)

This is why you have different deities in various communities, possessing and manifesting different powers.

Some deities are for war while some stand for money and riches. Some stand for security and protection. 
These services are meant for humanity as nature demands. Without the presence of gods and goddesses, the heart will become nothing. 
Therefore, don't make yourself an enemy of infinite possibilities and never wax your tongue against their authority. 

All spirits are one and serve same purposes.
They have made a division of labour to help services. 
We took time explaining in details months ago things you must know about Holy Spirits.

All spirits work together for the betterment of human but only spiritualist makes them wicked and mean,no Spirit is evil ,god's and goddesses are for our good

But spiritualist are the one that send them evil messages

That same spirit that killed Mr A can make Me B alive

Remember all this spirits are our Messengers,if you send them good messages they will go ,if you send bad they will also go without refusal because they are our servant's but evil servant's or spiritualist always send them evil mesengers to make people mad ,dead and so on

That is why the more you are killing people with that spirit one day the spirit will get upset and bring you down this is what led to the death of evil men who indulge in evil simple and short

In olden days, when a community are loosing their lands to neighborhood. What they do was to consult a deity which fights for the people, securing their properties from strong hands
This was what the children also did in time of war ,they consulted thr god's with the help of the ark of convenant

Now The most high new about this ,he knew that all spirits god's and goddesses are dwelling in the ark that was why he said thou shall bow down not to any graven image remember isi arusi is a graven image made with shittim,God said it out of jealousy remember all spirits are jealous,he told the children of israel not to bow down to any graven image that was one of the reason because he knew that all this spirit's where present in the ark of convenant

Join us for more knowledge of the truth

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