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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 8:14am On Apr 07
Is it? With the few comments here, i'm not sure anyone's interest is peaked.

Don't bother about the comment, it will overflow soon.
Keep them coming OP
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:46pm On Apr 07

Don't bother about the comment, it will overflow soon. Keep them coming OP
sure thing.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by olaspecific(m): 2:54pm On Apr 07
Nice one bro.. Following!
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Benteazaa(m): 3:56pm On Apr 07
i am here finally. guy no dull me
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 6:04pm On Apr 07
Is it? With the few comments here, i'm not sure anyone's interest is peaked.
we are interested bruh wink
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:03pm On Apr 07
angry gosh. I'm so pissed right now. I typed a new update only for it to be wiped off when i posted it. Update will be dropped tommorow. Sorry,friends.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 12:25am On Apr 08
I'm loving this grin
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 12:30am On Apr 08
will anybody please check my sh*t too out @ https://www.nairaland.com/5778393/last-survivors wink
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Aiyamrex(m): 9:55am On Apr 08
I am peeing aiidy bruh
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:57am On Apr 08
Afternoon,friends. Antispambot banned me earlier this morning when i modified a post in the previous page. I mailed the supermods and it has been rectified. Update will drop today unfailingly.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 3:53pm On Apr 08
As they made their way back to Josh's house, a large man stepped in their way.It was the neighborhood tribalistic pyschopath,Mr Kolawole. He was known for his animosity against easterners but his dislike stemed mostly towards the Kalu Family. He blocked their path with his fat stomach. Josh and Olivia both stopped walking and
looked up at him. Josh glared as the man spoke.
"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"
"I don't have time for this, Old man.Get out of the way." Josh warned.
Mr Kolawole folded his arms across his chest.
"Look at this blasphemy." He ignored Josh's threat and continued. "Igbo people
should stick together and die together."
He turned to Josh and stared at him intently.
"What are you doing with this fine benin lady?
Don't you know she has a chance at life?
And you're messing it up with your greedy,biafran, money-laundering hands !"
"I'm not in the mood. Move." Josh growled. It was quite evident he had reached his boiling point.
Olivia didn't let go of Josh's hand. She just simply shifter back and to the side, standing behind him.
Mr kolawole stepped forward and grabbed Olivia without warning. She yelled out as he went to pull her away. Josh's eyes
narrowed as he held onto her hand tight and pulled her back over to him and out of
the overweight man's grasp. Without letting go, Josh
used his free hand to punch Mr Kolawole in the stomach. His eyes widened as he stumbled back.
Josh then let go of Olivia to run up to him. He kicked at his side then spun kicked him so hard he flew half way across the road. By the end of it, Josh lowered his
foot then placed it back down on the ground slowly.
Olivia was in awe when he turned to her.
"Come on." He grabbed her hand again before heading into his house.
When they got inside, Josh let go of her and locked the gate.
Olivia hugged her doll tight.
"Josh?" she called out.
Josh turned around.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
His eyelids lowered as he looked away.
"We can't trust anyone right now, Olivia.Anyone could be the killer, how do we know?" he glanced back over at her.
Olivia paused for a moment then nodded weakly.


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:19pm On Apr 08
Josh walked into the living room and got the house phone.
Olivia tilted her head to the side. "I thought we couldn't call the police?" she said.
As the phone rang, Josh shook his head.
"Not calling the police."
She pouted growing more confused. Soon after, the phone was answered.
"Hello?" A voice was heard from the other side.
" Brother Sunny" Josh said.
"What do you want,young man? I'm on an outing!"
"I know, but listen…"
"This better be important."
"It is!"
"Well, what is it? Get on with it for crying out loud!"
Josh sighed. He knew his cousin
wouldn't believe him. He paused for a moment; thinking
about what to say. He closed his eyes as he spoke.
"Don't come home tonight." He said, reopening his eyes.
"What? And why not? What did you do!? Did you scatter my house?!! Ohh, you and that brother of yours I swear...." Sunny began to rant.
"It's not that." Josh cut in, "It's just that… there's going to be a black out. That's why the lights went off this evening. You're
better off staying out tonight. I'm going to stay at the Olivia's
house. They have lots of candles and torchlights."
Olivia smiled as she watched Josh lie so perfectly.
"Fair enough. If your brother is there, tell him to be good…or you just make him be good."
Josh nodded,witholding the information about Mike's discovered abduction.
"Will do."
Before Josh hung up the phone, the phone went dead. His eyes revealed his shock
causing Olivia to grip down on her doll, Veronica.
"W..what's wrong?" she sqeaked.
Just as she spoke, the lights in the house went out.
Olivia gasped backing up into Josh. Josh grabbed her shoulders and looked around the room protectively. Footsteps could be
heard all around them but nothing could be
seen. Josh side stepped in front of
Olivia's body. He got into a fighting stance, glancing around the room. He tried to find the exact location of their sudden visitor.
'But the door's locked.' he thought inwardly.
Just then,laughter echoed all throughout the house.
Suddenly, Josh felt something hit his leg hard. He yelled out as he fell to the floor.
"Josh!" Olivia cried out.
Huey grunted but got back up right away,when he remembered he had to protect Olivia. He focused all his energy and felt a
presence near his side. He turned around sharply and punched. He didn't feel hard or
soft flesh but rather, something almost made of gas. Before he could assess what
he was dealing with, he felt that same pain hit him in the back.
Josh hit the floor again.
He slammed his fist on the ground, growing
impatient with his own failures. Olivia covered her mouth and bent down to him.
"Olivia…" he grunted turning to face her.
He could barely see her face but knew the fear and worry that laid upon it. "…there's a
Olivia blinked then felt around on the floor.
Josh yelled out as he was flung against the wall.
Olivia screamed but found the torchlight and turned it on as fast as she could. Just in
time too;Josh saw the wooden stick fly down on him.
Quickly, he threw his hands up grabbing the wooden object.
His eyes narrowed looking at his attacker: a figure wearing a long black hoodie that covered its entire body. The hood was up
but in the hole where a face should show was just empty darkness.
The light shook a bit. Olivia stared at the man who brutally murdered her mother
with mixed emotions. A red grin appeared in the empty black space of the hood as he
pulled the stick away from Josh. Josh rolled under and away as the
stick swung down; hitting the wall instead of him. The killer turned around to face Josh
again. Josh jumped up and kicked but the killer blocked. He slammed the edge of the stick into Josh's chest, knocking the wind out of him.
Josh fell back, coughing.
"Josh!" Olivia cried.
Josh sat up slowly holding his chest.
"Keep the light on him!" he demanded.
He got back onto his feet, spitting blood out to the side of him. The figure spun the stick
around as he laughed.
Josh got back into his fighting stance, getting ready.
"I'm not afraid of you." He growled, glaring hard at the man.



Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 7:18pm On Apr 08
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by jupitre(m): 8:17pm On Apr 08
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:29pm On Apr 08
what happened?
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:46pm On Apr 09
undecided Updates coming up today.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by skyblueking(m): 3:27pm On Apr 09
Nice one....
But my friend keep posting and stop complaining about low comments, it comes later when you are consistent...
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Rajosh(m): 6:36pm On Apr 09
Interesting piece. Full of suspense.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:16pm On Apr 09
Nice one....
But my friend keep posting and stop complaining about low comments, it comes later when you are consistent...
Let's see about that.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:55pm On Apr 10
Mike woke up almost in a daze. He winced,feeling a subtle pain pulsing from his skull,with a throbing pain all throughout his
body. He tried to lift his hand to touch his head but soon realized he couldn't. He blinked and looked down.
His body was tied to a wooden chair with barbed wire.
His eyes widened. "What the...!?" he looked ahead and saw nothing but a small old-fashioned television. On the screen he
could see Josh fighting someone.
"Josh? Josh! Get me out of here!" he struggled only making it worse.
"Ah!" he grunted closing one eye.
The television suddenly turned off,catching his attention. Laughter could be heard as the person he once saw on the
screen a second ago walked over. He leaned against the T.V in silence, only a bright red
grin on his face. It was almost unnatural, glowing even. The grin faded as the figure walked closer to Mike.
Mike closed his eyes yelling out as he used his entire body to move the chair. He hopped backwards twice. The figure
laughed as the barbed wire cut more into Mike as he did this. Mike winced and looked over at the man.
"Crazy man. Get away!"
The figure stopped.
Mike blinked at first then smirked.
"Good. Now.."
He was cut off when his chair was grabbed and pulled into another room.
The figure's grin appeared again as the door closed behind Mike.
The room was pitch black.
" I'm scared of the dark. You better turn the light on!" Mike shrieked in terror.
"Shut up." An unfamiliar voice was heard.
Mike noticed, however, the strange accent.
The lights came on, revealing a boy who looked about Josh's age. He was dark-complexioned, with a full head of hair. He folded his arms in front of his chest, giving Mike a bemused look.
Mike, who was somewhat relived now, looked the boy up and down.
"Aren't you too young to be kidnapping people?" he questioned.
The boy shook his head with a slight chuckle.
"On the contrary, I just saved your life" he said.
Mike blinked.
The boy studied the barbed wire around Mike.
"We have to get you out of that, ASAP" He nodded agreeing with himself then looked around the room. He searched high and
low for something, if anything, to cut the barbed wire.
"Do you know what's going on?" Mike asked.
The boy shook his head still looking, "No,bro. I just moved here today."
"Then how did you get mixed up in all of this?" Mike was confused.
The boy shrugged, "Wrong place at the wrong time, I guess?"
He made a low triumphant sound after finding something
to use.
Turning to Mike,the boy smirked.
"He kidnapped you, so obviously you're involved somehow."
Mike eyed the heavy pair of pliers. The boy walked over and put his foot in between Mike's legs. Mike jerked back when his foot
was close, hurting himself. He winced as the boy opened the pliers and placed them around the wire. He pushed down hard.
Mike's body twitched causing him more pain.
"Ah!careful, guy!"
The boy glared at him a bit, "Chill,dude. You have to work with me here."
He closed one eye while pressing down again. "Stop moving too, you're just making it
worse, man."
Mike mumbled lowly to himself as the boy knocked his head three times, counting to
himself. He slammed down with all his might breaking the wire. Mike yelled out but
it didn't hurt that much. It was more on the lines of fear if anything, fear of how much it
might hurt.
The boy stumbled back getting cut. He winced but walked back over. His job wasn't done yet. The wire needed to be
pulled off, it being wrapped around Mike's body like a rope and all. The boy had to be
careful not to cut himself. Though he knew
the odds were very slim to avoid injury.
"Hurry up." Mike called out impatiently.
The boy grabbed a hold of the wire making sure he didn't touch the pieces that stuck
out. He pulled the wires a part and made his way around the chair, untying Mike slowly
but surely. Mike got up out of the chair when the boy was finished and rubbed his
" That stung." he mumbled.
The boy shook his head, "You're not Joshua Kalu, right?"
Mike shot him a funny look, "....No"
The boy blinked then let out a sigh of relief,
Mike eye balled him, "Why?"
The boy walked over to the door.
He leaned his ear against it then pulled away "The man has left."
Then turned back over to Mike, "The name's Emem."


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:42pm On Apr 10
sad 4 more updates is the saving grace of this thread.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by jupitre(m): 7:25pm On Apr 10
What shocked
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:08pm On Apr 10
What shocked
translation: if i post one more update and the reception this thread gets is low,i'll just move on.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 2:52pm On Apr 11
undecided update coming right up.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by iamgprince(m): 7:21pm On Apr 11
Nice story op abeg kantinue oo
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by skyblueking(m): 9:17pm On Apr 11

Later you go come dey find comments abi..
Drop something jor
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:16pm On Apr 11
" Emem?" Mike raised his eyebrows. "that means you're from cross-river."
"Akwa-ibom,actually" Emem corrected.
"Eh. Same difference" Mike shrugged nonchalantly. "You're still south-south. The name's Michael.Mike for short."
Then he winced, "Ow." he lowered his arms and gave his body a once over. He was covered head to toe in tiny cuts.
Emem chuckled, "Mike. Good to know"
"So…what we do?" Mike asked.
Emem shrugged, "Wait till Josh gets here?"
Mike looked at him half annoyed."Why do we have to wait for him?"
"I don't know. That's who he
wants. Once the bad guys get what they want they tend to say that they'll let whoever's captured go…however, this tends to be a bluff that never really
happens. The actual percentages of people who are let go after a kidnapping when
demands are made are..." Emem began what was about to be a long sermon but he didn't get far.
"UGH!" Mike covered his ears. "Guy, you sound just like my social studies teacher!" he lowered
his hands, "Booriiiiing. Get to the point!!"
"The point?" Emem deadpanned.
Mike nodded. "Yes."
Emem rubbed his chin then continued."We'll most likely be
killed either way…unless Josh can save us."
Mike plopped down onto the floor, " For God's sake, Who did Josh offend this time?"
Emem tilted his head to the side, "I highly doubt Josh did…wait…Josh's your brother?"
Mike glared at him. "Unfortunately." he muttered.
Emem gave off a small smile, "So then he'll come to look for you. Don't worry, we'll be fine."
" who's we? I'm not waiting around here. I'm getting out" Mike said.
Emem glanced away with dim eyes, "I don't think that's a good idea."
"why not?" Mike questioned.
Emem sighed and walked over to a closet door.
When he opened the door, the body of a man fell out.
Mike's eyes widened "G..G-man?"


Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 12:19am On Apr 12
Well done OP
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Dybala11(m): 1:29am On Apr 12
Oya now, Oga OP.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 8:31am On Apr 12
Mike stood petrified,unable to believe the body of someone he knew was what lay lifeless before him.
Emem saddened a bit at Mike's response.
"You know him?" He asked.
"Yes" Mike replied as dread washed over him. "That's Gbenga. But we call him G-man. He stays in my area"
"Poor Guy." Emem shook his head in pity. "All he did was knock on the wrong door. I guess he was in the wrong place at the wrong time like me too."
Mike shook his head. "No, this can't be him."
His eyelids lowered a bit as he spoke lowly to himself."That can't be him…" Straight to
"Sorry…" Emem spoke in near whisper."But that's what will happen to us if we try to leave here."
Mike growled, "Where are we!?"
"Some house. I don't know. Looks like we're in a small room." Emem replied.
Mike looked around the room, "Alright. We're getting out of here."
Emem raised his eyebrows in surprise looking over at him. "I just showed you the body of a dead man. Do you really think we can get out of here alive?"
He sighed while watching Mike move around the room looking for a weapon.
"Fine." he grumbled. " But if I die because of you,I'll haunt you. I swear."
Mike picked up the pliers Emem used on him moments ago from the ground.
"Whatever." he muttered carelessly.
Emem shook his head walking over to the door and unlocked it.
He sighed once more, "This is probably not going to work."
"Just open the freaking door."
"Just saying"
Emem looked up as if asking God for help as Mike got ready. Mike moved back and then once the door was opened, ran forward as
fast as he could. He kicked up high only catching air and fell down with a hard thud in the center of the empty room shortly after.
Emem walked out of the room,shaking his head.
Mike sat up with one eye opened.
" I thought he'd be out here, you know.Waiting for us? Like in the movies" he said.
Shock filled the two young boys as low laughter struck their very being. Their now widened eyes followed the sound, reaching
the door they just came through.
Mike stood up quickly.
"That's impossible. We just
came out of that very room!" he shrieked.
Emem backed up and stopped next to Mike glaring at the man who had materialised seemingly out of thin air.
"I'm not a spiteful person but…I told you so." Emem said,sparing a sideway glance at Mike.
Mike grit his teeth at the man. "You killed G-man, you bastard!" he fumed.
Emem grabbed Mike's arm and ran up the stairs. Mike let himself get dragged away, keeping his eye on the man. He lifted the
pliers up and aimed them in his direction, which he never moved from. When Emem got to the top of the staircase he didn't
bother trying to open the door. he simply rammed it down figuring it was locked. The door broke off its hinges and the boys noticed another door just across. It was the front door of the house.
" Finally!! We're out of here!" Emem cried out in joy and relief, running for the door with Mike shortly behind him.
Emem reached his hand out for the doorknob….
But a knife pierced right into his hand, out of what seemed to be nowhere.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:32am On Apr 12
Oya now, Oga OP.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Dybala11(m): 1:55pm On Apr 12
Thanks Mr OP, stay blessed.

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