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A Fascinating Creepy Nightmare / History Turns Nightmare As White Child Gets Set To Have Ebony Skin / Short Story: Worst Nightmare (2) (3) (4)

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 3:28pm On Apr 12
Thanks Mr OP, stay blessed.
You too,Bro. Happy easter.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:52pm On Apr 12
cheesy happy sunday,pals. Today was great. We go again tommorow.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 10:35am On Apr 13
Emem yelled out pulling his hand away as soon as the blade hit. He held it close to his chest as the warm crimson liquid covered
his shirt. Mike looked over at the man as he threw a second knife. He dove for the floor taking Emem with him as the knife hit the front door. Emem grunted staring
down at his hand. His left hand released a series of tremors as it made its way onto the knife's handle. He closed his eyes and he pulled it out not giving himself time to really think about it. Mike's eyes widened as he watched the blood pour out of Emem's hand.
Emem yelled out cradling his hand as the man started walking over and toward them.
Mike looked over at the man then back at Emem. He grabbed him then headed up the
stairs. The man stopped at the bottom of the staircase and threw another knife at them. This one barely missed Mike, grazing his
arm. He turned the corner sharply once at the top of the staircase and ran into the first visible room. Mike slammed his body
against the door and locked it. Emem fell on the floor still holding his hand. He winced
looking over at Mike who was on the verge
of tears.
"Guy, i'm not ready to die. Pull yourself together!"
Emem closed his eyes holding his hand close. He stood up and walked over to the bed. He pulled off the pillow case and wrapped it around his hand. He tied it tight, applying enough pressure to try and stop the bleeding. The door shook behind Mike and he swiftly pushed his body against it harder.
Emem ran over and did the same.
"What are we going to do?" Mike whispered frantically.
Emem looked around the room quickly. His glance stopped on the room's window.
Mike noticed his idea forming and moved off the door. Emem winced holding the door himself as Mike tried opening the
window. It was locked but that didn't stop him. He grabbed a small empty box by the bed and
tossed it through the glass. As it shattered, the boys ran over and looked down. The door stopped shaking and from below the now- broken window where the boys stood, the man could be seen aiming up at them with a shotgun. Emem grabbed Mike and pulled back as the gun fired. They both fell on the floor hard utterly confused and scared out
of their minds.
"What is the meaning of this!?"
"How can he be in two places at once!!?"

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:45pm On Apr 13
cool update coming up
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:23pm On Apr 13
They looked at each other then whiplashed towards the door as it started
shaking again. Emem walked over to the
door as Mike walked over to the window.
He looked out of it and the man was there.
Emem stared at the door and it was still
"This is impossible…" he backed up a bit.
Mike walked over to him, "What are we going to
do now? What do we do
"Chill! I need to think." Emem closed his
eyes thinking hard.
The door stopped shaking.
Emem's eyes shot opened as he shouted,
"Get down!"
Mike didn't have time to move as Emem threw him into and over the bed. He hit
the wall on the other side but threw his
arms out to soften the impact.
"Ow." he groaned.
Emem slid under the bed as a shotgun blast blew half the door away. He then crawled
out from under the bed and to Mike.
"Alright…here's what we're going to do." he whispered.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 4:37pm On Apr 13
The man walked with a stagger around the bed. When he got to the other side, both
boys weren't there. He turned around angrily only to be knocked in the head by a pillow. He hit the wall hard with his hood
falling off. Emem and Mike were now standing on the bed;The two crawled under while he was making his way around
and climbed on top.
Both boys glared at the killer but were surprised to find, not a face, but a head wrapped completely in bandages. There
was a grin drawn where his mouth should be, in what appeared to be blood. When he
aimed the shotgun, Emem quickly smacked
it away with the pillow. Mike slid off the bed
and grabbed the shotgun from the floor. He
lifted it up and aimed it at the killer.
"Shoot him, Mike!" Emem bellowed.
Mike nodded with an evil look on his face and pulled the trigger…..


"What?..." Mike fired again and again: click, click, click.
"EMPTY!?" He cried. "Are you kidding me?!"
Emem felt a mental face palm as the man only laughed. He then back handed Emem
off the bed and made his way over to Mike.
Mike gripped down on the shotgun,
standing his ground. When the man got closer to him, he swung it like a tennis bat against the man's body. Mike was stunned when the impact felt more like
him hitting water rather than a person.
The lights in the house went out which filled his twelve year old body with fear.
The man's laughter sent chills up the boys'
spines. Mike felt his body shake as Emem let out a painful yell. Mike backed up against
the wall. He looked out the window and
was about to jump.
His mind raced.
He didn't think about surviving the fall or not. He only hoped to land on his feet
without breaking his ankles. But right before his body leapt out, it was suddenly taken back. Mike grabbed onto the edge of
the window, cutting his hand on the glass.
On reflex, he pulled his hand away allowing
the man to drag him.
Mike grunted, flailing his legs and arms around, cursing and screaming. Emem was
dangling from the man's shoulder
unconscious. He brought them back down into the room. Mike shouted a series of profanities as he was being dragged
down the steps mercilessly. The man dropped Emem on the floor then threw Mike against the wall. He then looked down
at Emem. He reached inside his cloak and pulled out an axe. Mike sat up quickly as the
man raised the axe above his head......


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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Dybala11(m): 6:08pm On Apr 13
You too,Bro. Happy easter.
I wish the same sir.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Dybala11(m): 6:14pm On Apr 13
You too,Bro. Happy easter.
I wish you the same sir.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by jupitre(m): 7:39pm On Apr 13
Thanks bro and Happy Easter
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:14pm On Apr 14
angry back from ban. May corona-virus fall on this anti-spambot. Chapter 4 coming up. Stay tuned.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:32am On Apr 15
Joshua Kalu did not fear death. He knew that death was evitable. Fear takes over a person who does not accept this fact. But
he did. So why was he frightened? He witnessed so much in his day. Only thirteen years of age and he had seen countless horrible things. More than once a person
was killed in front of him, but now it was hitting too close to home. This was the reason why he didn't want bonds. This was
why he closed up after his parent's died.
It was one thing if he planned it. And it was another thing if he knew why. But he couldn't explain it: any of it. He was willing to die for a cause, a person, a reason. But
he would not die in vain. He
would not allow himself to face a pointless death, such as his parents did. With all the
knowledge,determination and resilency he possessed, how could he fail?
Olivia shook behind him. She needed him.
Josh watched as the man twirled the large wooden stick
around then rushed forward. His eyes narrowed as he swallowed his fear. The stick came at him now. He moved out of the way then continued to dodge the attacks,feeling like his old self again. The killer grew impatient. He swung the stick hard as Josh
blocked with his arm. He winced only to be taken off guard by the man dropping the stick and punching him in the chest. He was
pushed back fiercely from the blow. But, by using his hand,he slowed down quick enough to block a sudden and deadly swift kick.
Josh reared back clenching his fists. He was tired of playing games. He lunged at
the man, slamming his hands on the ground and twisting his body kicking up twice. The man blocked each kick but stumbled back. Now, fully regaining his ego,Josh smirked. He flipped up and over the man. The man turned around to kick him but Josh had already landed. He grabbed the stick on the floor standing up straight. He
spun it around and aimed it at the man.
The man raised his arm. Through his sleeve, a hand emerged out covered in a black glove. It pointed behind Josh and at the
television. Josh knew not to turn around, though his curiosity wanted nothing more
than to force him to look. He gripped down on the stick, glaring at the man.
The audacity he had thinking someone like Josh would fall for such a childish trick.
Josh's eyes shot to the side from the sound of Olivia's voice. He dropped the stick unconsciously and turned around. A feeling
hit the boy; something
he never really felt before. The T.V showed his brother standing over a boy on the floor with his
hand out. An axe quickly made its way down then right before it struck…the T.V went off. Josh's eyes widened as Olivia
covered her mouth letting out a terrified gasp. Her head spun as she screamed out.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:45am On Apr 15
Josh spun around then moved to the side just missing a sharp blade. He leapt backwards as the man suddenly had an
axe. The man charged forward, swinging it around and at the young boy. Josh dodged the blade with his impeccable reflexes but his mind was no longer on battle but on the fate of his
younger brother. He didn't question where the axe suddenly came from. Or how the
television went on and off on its own. Or even how Mike was being broadcasted to begin with.
Josh was sick of playing games he did not know the rules of or how to beat.
"Olivia, turn off the light." He called out.
Olivia hesitated at first. She knew all too well to listen to her best friend but the thought of being in the dark with this man
frightened her too much. Josh dropped to the floor dodging as the axe hit the wall behind him.
She winced from the sound of his voice and shut off the light quickly.
Shuffling sounds could be heard in the distance along with a few thuds and grunts. Olivia hugged her beloved doll, Veronica
close to her chest as she stared off into the darkness. She couldn't see the scary man or Josh. She could, however, make out the
sounds of their voices and bodies moving about. Olivia fought with herself whether or not to turn the light back on.
As soon as she heard Josh yell out in pain, her reflexes kicked in. Dropping Veronica, she quickly grabbed the torchlight
light and turned it back on. The man was nowhere to be found. Josh, on the other hand, was leaning against the wall
breathing heavily. He was covered in blood and staring downward. Olivia's eyes widened as she slowly dropped the torchlight. The horrific glimpse of her best friend rolled away with the light, showing only an empty corner of the living room.
Her eyes watered as she forced her body to jolt over to him. She bent down to the young boy with shaking arms.
"J..J..Josh?" She could barely see him but knew he was there.
"It's alright, Olivia" He caught his breath and continued, "It's not my blood."

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:48am On Apr 15
wink i don drop something o. Sacrificed my sleep for this. Abeg if una wake up and see this update, make una no give me the silent treatment o. More updates later today.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:35am On Apr 15
Olivia pressed her hand against her chest. The relief she felt soothed her as a few tears slipped out. She flung her body against his, hugging him tightly. Josh winced, keeping one eye open. He let her cry on him. Not only for almost losing him but
for losing her mother as well. It was all starting to sick in. His eyelids lowered as the
images of his brother and the axe projected in his mind. He closed his eyes telling himself that it was a trick. And even if it
were real, the T.V cut out before the blade landed. Anything could have happened. His brother could be silly sometimes, but not stupid enough to stay in the way of an oncoming axe.
He opened his eyes back up glancing around the room for the man. He remembered struggling with him in the dark; He had somehow got a hold of the axe's
handle. He had ripped the blade out of the wall and swung quick and hard catching the man somewhere on his body. He felt the blood splash him all over then a sudden push on his body that slammed him against
the wall. He hit his head almost hard enough to knock him out. Josh put his arm on
Olivia as he used her body to help himself up. She stood up with him not leaving his side now. Her crying softened and soon
"what should we do?" she asked softly.
Josh clenched his fist then slammed it against the wall. Olivia flinched then gasped as the lights suddenly went back on. A small hole was birthed from under
Josh's fist as he showed some shock. He knew his action didn't cause the lights to turn back on but the coincidence was almost movie-like. He pulled his hand away from the wall. Olivia picked her doll and the torchlight back up. She turned the torchlight off not needing its guidance for the moment.
The two kids paused. Both their eyes traveled to the television that was now on.
It showed the room Mike was in moments before. It was empty. Josh growled, staring at the screen. He clenched both his fists
unable to contain his rage. He wanted to break the screen, punch the walls, and destroy the living room…his grip tightened.
Olivia's arm reached over to him. She touched his back gently. Josh's eyes met hers for a second then looked back at the
T.V screen. He closed his glaring eyes and took a deep breath. Raging wouldn't solve
anything nor make him feel better either way. His fists loosened until his hands were flat.
Josh opened his eyes, "Alright…"
Olivia pulled her hand away looking at him.
He studied the room on the television screen,
"There's no blood. Mike could still be alive." he said.
Olivia nodded looking at the screen as well.
"We can find this room. Looks like a small storage of some sort."
Olivia blinked.
Josh stared at the screen harder. He studied every inch of the room; looking for something, anything, that could reveal the location of the house. A knock on the gate caused Olivia to jump and Josh's eyes to shoot away. He looked back at the television when he heard music. Sound City was now on, not the room. He tried
changing the channel but to no avail.
Olivia clung to Veronica as the
knocking increased. Josh sighed, turning the T.V off. He looked at Olivia then glanced to the kitchen table. Olivia saddened but didn't disobey. She ran into the kitchen and crawled under the kitchen table. Josh opened the door and walked to the gate. The knocking got louder. Josh was too short to check the peephole. He pushed his body up against the gate taking a hold of the lower handle.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:53am On Apr 15
"Who is it?" He hissed.
"Open the gate. Open the…"
"State your name first."
Josh raised his eyebrows, opening the gate slowly at first. Then, half way open, flung it
opened and punched forward. Lucky yelled out but at the last second, Josh
stopped his fist. He pulled back dropping his arms to his sides.
"It's alright,Olivia." He called out behind him, "The only threat here is on our brain cells not our lives…" he mumbled looking over at the half-witted man who was G-man's friend.
"Is Mike home? I think something happened G-man." Lucky was frantic.
Josh eyed him.
"He called my phone…I was working on my shift, So you know…I couldn't pick up." Lucky continued.
Josh kept his eyes on him but his
expression stayed blank.
"Here, listen." Lucky pulled out his cell phone "What was my password again?"
"1234." Josh stated half sarcastic, half annoyed.
"Oh yes." Lucky punched the numbers in as Josh mentally face palmed himself.
Lucky handed Josh the small cellar
device. He eyed it then took it, putting it by his ear.
'You have one saved message.
First message:
"Lucky! This guy's crazy! He does not have eyes. He's chasing me around with all kinds of crazy weapons!
You have to help me. Do something!...I
went to the wrong house. I swear
I'm quitting after this…wait…he's here. What…?"
End of messages. To replay this message
press one.'

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:33pm On Apr 15
undecided undecided okay this is seriously depressing. You guys say i should keep posting and stop waiting for comments but you people should bear in mind that i'm using a small nokia asha phone to type. so you should understand how i'm feeling when i drop updates and people just view and pass. I'm not using a PC or an android o.
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 3:43pm On Apr 15
Enjoying every bit of it
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 6:15pm On Apr 15
Josh hung up the phone and looked up at Lucky.
"I need to borrow this." he said. And with that, he shut
the gate and moved into the house.
"Alright. But I need it back soon,okay?" Lucky called out.
His arm lowered when the gate didn't open again. Rubbing the back of his head, he walked away from the Kalu household.
Olivia walked over tilting her head to the side, "What was that about?"
Josh pointed upstairs. Olivia opened her mouth to question him but a short glare
caused her to shut up right away. She nodded and walked up the staircase, with him close behind her. They both went into his bedroom. Josh shut and locked the door behind them then sat down on the computer chair. Olivia sat on the bed
placing Veronica on her lap and the torchlight by her side. She watched as Josh typed quickly.
As soon as the screen he wanted popped up, he reached into a drawer by the computer
and pulled out a strange wire. He put the wire into the cell phone then connected it to the computer. Another screen popped
up. Josh's eyes narrowed as he started typing again. Olivia didn't know what was going on but she knew better than to question him. He pressed the print
button then pushed the chair towards the printer as it printed. As soon as the paper
was out fully, he hopped off the chair and yanked the page out.
Olivia blinked as Josh turned to her.
He knew where ever he was headed was going to be dangerous. However, he didn't
trust leaving her alone.
"Josh?" she said softly.
He closed his eyes thinking.
She slipped off the bed,
"Josh, what is it? You're scaring me…"
Josh opened his eyes. "I might know where Mike is. It's a feeling but it's the best I got."
He glanced to the side continuing, "Bringing you with me will only put you in danger. But…
leaving you alone is just unreasonable." He looked back over at her, "The number one thing you're not supposed to do in a horror movie is split up."
Olivia cringed at the thought of her being in a horror movie but essentially that's what
it was. The major difference was that this was real and people were really dying. She looked down fearfully as Josh sighed. As
long as she was with him he could protect her.
He shook his head dreading his discussion already "Come on."
Olivia poked her head up nodding
Josh unlocked the door for her then went over to his wardrobe. She opened the door but
waited for him in the door way as he prepared himself. He didn't bother cleaning the blood or changing his clothes. By now
the blood was already drying. He took out his vest and put it on. He placed as many
make-shift weapons as it could hold in. A small pocket knife, toy guns he used when he was much younger which he loaded with pebbles .
The guns weren't real but they
could at least do some damage. He took out two daggers. He spun them around getting
the feel of using them back. Then, he shoved them into two side straps on the vest. Ikeja was supposed to be a calm area but with violence springing here and there, he had thought it wise to be armed at all times; even if he was still a young boy.
Olivia feared for the worst now as Josh finished and walked out of the room. She followed behind him. Just then, the two stopped when the front door opened. Josh threw his arm out blocking and stopping Olivia.
He used his free hand to whip his dagger out of its sheath. He aimed it ahead with narrow eyes.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:45pm On Apr 15
Enjoying every bit of it
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 11:26pm On Apr 15
More grease to your elbow
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:03am On Apr 16
More grease to your elbow
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 10:03am On Apr 16
Thanks for the update
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 11:48am On Apr 16
Thanks for the update
ann, you just disappeared since. I thought you were no longer following again.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 12:38pm On Apr 16
Mr Irabor shrieked nearly falling down at the sight of the blade. Josh and Olivia both blinked as Olivia ran passed her friend to hug her father. Mr Irabor caught
himself and his daughter as he hugged her back and placed her back onto her feet. He
pulled away patting her head. Josh put his dagger away as Mr Irabor looked over at him.
"Joshua, what is happening here? Nobody's at home…and there are bullet holes all over my house! Olivia's been with you this entire time?"
Josh nodded.
"Is that blood?" Shock was evident on Mr irabor's face as he took notice of Josh's state.
"It's fake." Josh replied stoically.
Mr irabor eyed him.
"It's for dramatic effect…we're playing a horror game." Josh added.
Olivia clung to her father and
he looked down at her, "Olivia..?"
"Mommy's dead!" she buried her face in his arm.
"WHAT!!!" he shrieked.

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by DivineSpecial(f): 3:25pm On Apr 16
Wow following
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Ann2012(f): 3:49pm On Apr 16
ann, you just disappeared since. I thought you were no longer following again.

I'm ever gallant Boss cool
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 5:17pm On Apr 16
Josh opened his mouth then paused and closed his eyes. In all the movies he watched, the adults never believe the kids. It
wouldn't be until they saw the proof for themselves that they'd feel stupid and believe. He opened his eyes knowing all too
well what this was like. Telling Olivia's father the
truth wouldn't help them at all.
Josh glanced over at Olivia.
"Olivia…you shouldn't tell such lies to your father." He said
"B-but…" Olivia stuttered, hurt by his words.
"Our game isn't finished...The horror game. We have to continue if we want to save everyone and win the game." He gritted his teeth as he spoke.
Olivia's eyelids lowered. She had to protect her daddy as Josh protected his cousin. She pulled away from her father with a weak smile on her face. She wiped her tears away laughing nervously.
"S..sorry daddy. We're just playing a game.
Mommy said she was angry at you and was going to spend the week with grandma."
Mr Irabor's eyes widened, "W-what? But it wasn't that serious!"
Olivia didn't know her mother and father had another argument the night before. They bickered most of the time so she just assumed and she assumed correctly. Mr Irabor looked over at
Josh who nodded.
He sighed and turned to his daughter "Alright,let's go."
It seemed Josh didn't need to worry about Olivia now. She would be safe with her
Olivia shook her head, "Actually,Sunny said
I could stay here. I want to finish playing with Josh."
Josh shot her a glare, "Olivia…"
Olivia smiled weakly at him.
Mr Irabor looked at Josh who didn't express any emotion as he looked back at him. He
looked over at his daughter and took her hands.
"I'm going to win your mom back,sweetie. Don't worry. Everything's going to be alright!" he declared.
Olivia tried her very hardest not to break.
She nodded weakly, "Okay daddy."
Mr Irabor smiled at his daughter, patting her head, "That's my girl."
He turned to Josh,then his gaze settled on the dagger the boy held. "You shouldn't carry that thing around." He muttered, shaking his head and leaving the house.
As soon as the door shut, Josh turned to Olivia.
"What is wrong with you!?" he snapped.
Olivia looked at him with emotionless eyes.
"You should've gone with him. You're going to be in my way now." he added in frustration.
Making Olivia cry was the only way to get her to leave so he didn't hold back.
"Do you know how much of a obstacle you are? You.."
Josh was cut off as both Veronica and the torchhlight dropped and Olivia's body was pressed roughly
against his. Olivia wrapped her arms around his neck squeezing tightly. Josh felt his eyes soften then forced them into a
glare, "Olivia. I'm serious..."
"I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared…" Olivia interjected.
Josh paused as she continued.
"But I'm not going to let you face
something like this alone!"
His hand twitched wanting to touch her but he didn't. He just stood there engulfed by
her embrace and sincere words. He always faced things alone and though he didn't want to admit it…he was glad she wanted
to face it with him.
"We should get going then…" he sighed,giving in.
Olivia pulled away quickly looking back at him.
The look that appeared on his
face at that moment was hard to read.
"..But we're going to do this right." he added as his voice laced with venom.

Pls kindly review

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Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by quadri956(m): 5:41pm On Apr 16
Nice update bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 9:11pm On Apr 16
Nice update bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Faithfulmartins(m): 10:15pm On Apr 16
Weldone bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 7:24am On Apr 17
Weldone bro
Re: LIVING NIGHTMARE(18+) by Intermilanfan(m): 1:44pm On Apr 17

"...Josh's best friend!"
Mike closed his eyes throwing his hands over his head on reflex.
After not feeling the axe come into contact with the top of his head, he looked up.
The man lowered the axe as Mike raised his eyebrows.
His bluff appeared to be working. "You want Josh, right? Well you have me and you have his best friend, so wait to kill us!"
The man's head turned to the unconscious Emem. He thought for a moment then
nodded to himself. He opened his cloak putting the axe inside it. Mike peeped but only saw darkness; the axe seemed to disappear into the cloak. The man put his hood back on and walked out of the room.
Before he left, he turned back to Mike. Mike stood up staring the eerie man down. His body was straight but shaking in fear. He
glared at the man as he laughed and walked out of the room.
Mike let out a loud sigh as his fear started to fade. He turned his head after hearing a grunt from the floor. Emem wasn't out for
long as he gripped down on the floor forcing himself up.
"how are you feeling?" Mike asked.
Emem rubbed his head, wincing a bit.
"A bit dazed…" He pulled his hand away looking around the room.
"Yes,we're back in this dump." Mike clarified for him.
Emem got to his feet.
"what happened?" he asked.
"You got knocked out. That's what
happened." Mike replied casually.
Emem slightly glowered at him.
" i meant after that. Did you fight him?" He asked, raising an eyebrow curiously.
Mike glanced the other way then looked back over at him.
"Sure thing! I saved your life, didn't I? Bros couldn't handle me…so he put us
back in here."
Emem highly doubted his statement, but he did somehow manage to save him. So, he
humored the boy.
"Wow. You'd be a killer back where I'm from." he smiled slightly.
"Anyway. What are we going to do now?" His smile quickly faded.
"We either wait here or try getting out again." Mike shrugged.
Emem stared at him blankly then sat back down.
Mike was appalled. "Are you serious right now?"
"Get real. We were nearly killed! I've been here a few days now and staying put has done me well." Emem replied.
Mike crossed his arm."For real? A few days?"
Emem nodded.
"How did you even get into this mess?" Mike queried curiously.
Emem's eyelids lowered. He glanced to the side looking into a random corner of the
"Well…I moved here because my
parents died.This was my uncle's place but…" He glared, "When I got here, my uncle was nowhere to be found and that crazy bastard was in one room."
Mike felt a little guilty knowing what it was like to lose parents at a young age.
He sighed. "Sounds like the same thing me and Josh have been through. Except instead of a
cousin, you got an uncle."
Emem looked back over at him. "Really?" he asked.
Mike nodded and sat down, "So what? we just wait till then?"
Emem shrugged "I guess.Is your brother as good as they say he is?"
Mike laughed, "he's a weirdo, but…" he paused hating to admit it, "If anyone had to
fight that crazy killer, I'd put my money on Josh."

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Do You Blog? / Lubabatu An Episodic Hausa Novel By Ibrahhm M. Gombe / Meet An Amazing Storyteller : Nnedi Okorafor.

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