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Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 2:31pm On Apr 05
Written by: Olusegun Ayomide Shedrach
From: The Prime Insane Universe


Deborah stood beside her husband, Peter, and wriggles herself into his arm as they both watched their newly welcomed daughter, Gold. Six years into the marriage, at last their wish came through.

Peter placed his hand on his daughter's face and smiled as she grabbed his right middle finger, with all her hands and tried moving it to her mouth.
"She'll make a nice princess" John said and kissed his wife's forehead.
"Hmm hmm" Deborah said and giggled
"I'll finish setting her room soon, the solar system hanging directly above her bed, huhn finally"

The light bulbs which were fixed on the wall, above Gold's bed suddenly went off and came on again.
"That's new" Deborah said and raised her head from Peter's shoulder.
"Its nothing... " John was yet to complete the statement, when they heard something drop outside the house, seconds later a loud bang followed, the sonic wave shattering all the window frames of the house and shook the foundation.
Deborah let out a loud scream and quickly carried her child, holding her tightly to herself.
"Wait here" John said and ran out of the room.

John walked out slowly, holding a torch on his right hand, right at the step of the balcony, was a baby wrapped in ancient shawl.
John walked closer and stood still for a while, pointed the torch into the shawl and moved back in fear, he pointed the torch to the left and then to the right.
"What's that? " Deborah asked, standing at the entrance, and at the sane time trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening.
"Its a baby! " John replied and turned around to face his wife.
John sat on the three seated in the living room, the living room, could easily describe The Johns financial life, various awards were beautifully placed on a glass shelf, on the far end of the room, a wall plasma television set, neatly arranged cushion chairs, a fancy center table and well decorated tiles.
"We can't keep him" John said to his wife who was already taking the baby as hers.
"We shall keep him, please, you saw what happened, something is wrong, this child is a mystery" his wife replied and gently laid the baby beside her daughter.
"Thats why we can't keep him, the event before we saw him, I'm scared, we can't keep him, first thing tomorrow, I'm reporting to the police" John replied and turned to take his leave.
"Please let's keep him, you know how you've always wanted a boy, please think,we might be his only hope, what if something he's wrong and he is affected,John please "
"Phew! " John sighed and faced his wife "We can keep him, but he is not my responsibility, I'll only try my best" John replied
Deborah beamed with smile and walked closer to John, kised him on the right cheek and held his hands
"Thank you"
"What shall we name him? " his wife asked
"I don't know, he's mystery what about Emi "
"Spirit!, isn't that odd"
"Well if you have a better name, maybe those fancy ones" John replied and focused on the baby from where he stood
"Emi it is, he seems to like it"

Chapter One
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 10:27pm On Apr 05
Chapter One

Gold sat down on the staircase that led to the hallway of the school auditorium, seated on the right end, among a group of five girls, chattering happily.
They'd constantly laugh and took turns to speak.
"I can't think of it, I and Michael together, naaahhh, he's odd" a girl among the group said, and they all went into a louder roar of laughter.
All dressed in a white top and red skirt, accompanied with a red tie.
"Hello pretties" a boy said calmly, with a broad smile on his face and looked at his friends that were with him.
"Hello" a girl replied sheepishly and rolled her eyes.
"He's our new Principal's child, I heard he is arrogant " a dark skin girl whispered into Gold's ear.
"I'm Christian, Chris for short and in in SS2c"
"We know who you are, kindly skip the intro " the dark girl said, and hissed.
"Thank you, please I am really interested in Gold, I love her" Chris said and adjusted his tie, quickly admired himself and adjusted the belts.
"Alright thanks, you can go" one of the girls replied and crossed her legs into each other.
"I'm serious" Chris said and knelt down.
"See, her twin brother is here and it simply means trouble " the dark skin girl said.

Ignoring her words, Chris moved close to Gold and grabbed her by the arm
"Please, I'm serious about this, don't think of the fact that I'm new here, I already asked around and I have confirmed you are single " Chris said
"Hey, let me be" Gold shouted and freed herself from the grip.
"Let her go" a voice said next, a hand pulled Chris and pushed him aside.
"Did he hurt you? "
"The grip was too tight, I think he is crazy" Gold replied
"I warned him" the dark girl said and stood up

Chris stood up and walked closer to Emi and pushed him lightly on the chest.
"What's your probkem, I've heard about you, so you're the hero around here, and will you end up marrying your sister? " Chris shouted, locking eyes with Emi

Gold grabbed Emi by the arm and pulled him away from Chris.

"You know what? You'll all dumb" Chris shouted and threw his shoe at Emi
Emi grinned and released himself from Gold's grip, he turned around and kicked the shoe away.
"You can't do this again, just ignore him" Good said trying to persuade Emi.
"And also were two years his junior, let's just walk off"
Emi grinned his rectangular face and looked at Gold
"This last time please, I promise he won't be hospitalized " Emi said and took steps forward.

Soon students began to gather around, forming a wide circle, leaving both Emi and Chris at the center.
"So what can you do"

John kept mute as he drove the family home, constantly tapping his right middle finger on the steering, while Deborah was seated also in the front, also keeping mute.

Emi at the back, with a moody face, a partially torn uniform and blood stained fist, while Gold leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Emi!" his father called out, as he turned the steering to the left.
"Sir! " Emi replied and focused on his father.
"Why do you have to prove to every fool you're strong, and what have I told you about using your powers especially on the weak?" John asked in a stern voice.
"Actually brother has no fault, he W.... "
"Shut up! " Deborah shouted and turned her face around,looking deadly at Gold
"Do you know how much I had to put down for the boy's treatment in this hard time? " Deborah barked

Gold gulped and squeezed her face, and grumbled
"According to the doctor, his arm was completely dislocated, what if he had died?" John asked and hit the honk if the car in annoyance.
"It'll not happen again" Emi said calmly
"Same promises you keep making but never keep, this is the third school you're attending this term alone and there are just three months in a term" John said dejectedly
"I'll keep following him, I don't want any harm to come to my super human brother " Gold said happily.
"You're the cause of this problems he has, always running you wide mouth" Deborah said calmly and heaved.

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Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 12:12pm On Apr 06
John kept mute as he drove the family home, constantly tapping his right middle finger on the steering, while Deborah was seated also in the front, also keeping mute.

Emi at the back, with a moody face, a partially torn uniform and blood stained fist, while Gold leaned her head on his shoulder.
"Emi!" his father called out, as he turned the steering to the left.
"Sir! " Emi replied and focused on his father.
"Why do you have to prove to every fool you're strong, and what have I told you about using your powers especially on the weak?" John asked in a stern voice.
"Actually brother has no fault, he W.... "
"Shut up! " Deborah shouted and turned her face around,looking deadly at Gold
"Do you know how much I had to put down for the boy's treatment in this hard time? " Deborah barked

Gold gulped and squeezed her face, and grumbled
"According to the doctor, his arm was completely dislocated, what if he had died?" John asked and hit the car honk in annoyance.
"It'll not happen again" Emi said calmly
"Same promises you keep making but never keep, this is the third school you're attending this term alone and there are just three months in a term" John said dejectedly
"I'll keep following him, I don't want any harm to come to my super human brother " Gold said happily.
"You're the cause of this problems he has, always running you wide mouth" Deborah said calmly and heaved.
At age 14, Emi already grew up to be well built, almost with a perfect ruddy stature, chocolate skin complexion, and very dark set eyeballs. While Gold was a complete opposite of Emi both in look and character, she possessed sets of tiny eyeballs, and was of a body stature one could call slender, but it fitted her perfectly.

Emi stood outside the Principal's office, while Gold was seated on the only plastic chair outside the office.
"Is he going to withdraw us from the school again, even though his child was at fault? " Gold asked, biting her fingers
"Maybe, then we would stay at home for life, all schools in the neighborhood has refused us" Emi said and leaned on the wall.
"Hey, don't you have powers to eavesdrop ?" Gold asked, hitting Emi on the leg.
"I don't have, please, I'm getting bored of you "
Gold opened her mouth wide and made a face, grumbling beneath her breath.
"So that's it, I knew humans could not be trusted" She said and began sobbing.
"Fake tears, I was only kidding"
The Principal office door, came open and a boy signalled them to come in.
"Morning Sir" Emi greeted the very slender man seated on the office chair.
Emi studied the man, never had he noticed the features he was seeing, sitting right on the chair there was enough space to fill two more people of Emi's stature, he looked so small.
Gold giggled and faced down not to raise any suspicion and gently pinched Emi on the waist.
The Principal raised his head and adjusted his glasses looking straight into Emi's eyes.
"Emi and Gold John " the principal said, and opened the file before him.
"Sir" they both chorused.
"You know very well the rules and regulations of the school both within and outside its premises"
"Yes Sir "
"Why did you break it by fighting a helpless kid? "
Emi gulped, folded his hands behind his back and avoided the Principal's gaze.
"Sir, are you basing your judgement on a one sided story? " Gold asked and stared into the man's eye.
"What do you mean? "
"Your son, started the trouble, he wanted to date me, when I refused he began threatening me, saying he would get down with me, then my brother dealt with him" Gold said boldly but yet in a respectful manner.
The Principal kept mute for a while and then found his voice
"I've heard you're bold and have a wide mouth, I see this true, we're still investigating and I promise you, if this accusation is a lie, you'll be dealt with severely" The principal said and brought out a tape recorder, and pressed the red button on it.
"You can go"

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Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 12:22pm On Apr 06
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Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by germaphobe(m): 5:01pm On Apr 06
We have come again, we have come again, the mighty prime readers have come again, devilpen take us to the next level
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 7:55pm On Apr 06
Gold banged her hands on Emi's locker table, and smiled at him, for a while she remained like that until Emi spoke
"You're always up to something with that smile, what are you up to this time" Emi asked and returned the books on the table into his bag and stood up
"Nothing, it's closing hour, let's go home" Gold replied
"Alright, if that's it"
Gold scratched her head and coughed lightly
"actually I might have a plan to get us out of this mess"
Both Emi and Gold sneaked into the ward where Chris was admitted.
"Let's strangle him" Gold said with a wicked grin on her face and raised her hands up.
"Is that the plan? " Emi asked and grabbed Gold's hand.
"I was only joking" Gold said and sighed "Let's wake him"
Gold pinched Chris hardly on the leg and waited patiently, watching him wriggle his body, she placed her hands on the band aided arm and trailed her fingers on it.
Chris opened his eyes slowly, seeing both Gold and Emi before he him, he attempted to scream, swiftly Emi placed his Palm on his mouth, turning his scream into a muffling sound.
"Shut up and listen very good" Gold said slowly and placed a finger across her lips.
"Good boy, now listen, do you want another arm broken or we should help you displace this one a little" Gold asked and made a fist.
"What? " Chris asked in annoyance
"Good, you'll tell the principal, that is your father what really happened, or else, you know what we can do and we won't hesitate to rip you apart" Gold said in a wicked stern voice.
"You are both biting more than... "
"Finish that statement and watch me rip of your arm and force it into your mouth" Emi said and raised the edge of the bed up.
"Hey! Alright, just get out of here"
Emi's phone vibrated in his school bag and quickly he retrived it and opened the message.
"Gold, come on, we have to get home"

Emi boiled with rage, seeing his father laying in his own pool of blood, the bullet widely tore the his chest opened.
"Dad" Emi said and knelt down, raising his father up.
"somebody help us, please help us" Gold shouted hoping passer by would assist them, only to see how people avoided them like plague made her annoyed and wondered how people could be so inhumane
Emi raised his father up, carrying him on his arms
"Gold, come on, leave them, let's get him to a clinic, there should be one around " Emi said.
"Call mom, there that his phone "
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 9:50am On Apr 07
*Chapter Two*

Emi closed the door, after ushering in two strangers, whom he later knew were Police officers, that have been assigned to investigate the death of his father.
They both made themselves comfortable on the three sitter and waited patiently for Deborah to join them.
"Good morning, Mrs John" They both chorused as she descended the stairs, with Gold following behind.
Dressed in black cloths, within the span of five days, Deborah was already a shadow of herself, all advice given to her to move on, only broke her spirit the more, times like this was something she didn't bargain for or expected it to happen in such a brutal way.
"Good morning" she replied and sat down on the opposite chair, while Emi leaned on the wall, close to the door and Gold seated on the arm of the chair where her mother was.
"We need to ask few questions, from our previous investigation, eye witness have made us understand, he suddenly dropped to the ground, and that's all they could say, from the angle and thoroughly going through similar cases, we noticed it was a sniper and we have had cases like this for five months now, three every month" one of the officer said and sighed, trying to be professional in his choice of words.
"Excuse me " Emi said calmly and stood right.
"You've had cases like this in the past five months, three in each month,15 bodies dropped and you don't have a lead, how are we sure you can sort this out? " Emi said with a surprise look
"Hmm" one of the officer sighed and talked "We believe there is a pattern to this, every person that died this way, are linked in one way which is spectacular"
"Without wasting time, we just need to ask a question, Mrs John, do you know this person" an officer asked and passed a photo to Deborah through the center table.
Emi walked closer to his mother, to also have a glance at the picture
"No, I have never seen him before" She replied and looked at Gold.
"I know him" Emi replied, and instantly all eyes fell on him.
"From where?" Deborah asked
"About two months ago, I and Dad visited a steel factory along Freeman Road, I was told to wait in the car, while he and dad went in, but it didn't take long before Dad returned, looking worried " Emi said and jammed his hands into each other.
"You've been of great help, kid" an officer said and both him and his colleague stood up to take thier leave.
"We shall call on you, when we need further questioning "

Freeman Way
8: 26pm

A fat pot bellied man, of about 5 feet tall, walked out of the Steel factory main exit and walked up to the car park, dipping his hands inside his pocket, he brought out his car keys and pressed a button on it, getting closer to his car, he adjusted his tie and attempted opening the door, just then he noticed a presence behind him, swiftly he turned around and was relived seeing nothing was behind. He turned back to his car and saw someone dressed in black hood, totally covering his face, standing at the other side of his car.
"What on earth, hey! Who are you? " the man asked, pointing his car keys forward.
"It doesn't matter who or what I am " the person replied in a bold tone.
"What do you know about the recent murders that has been going on, bullets to the chest, three Victims in each month, five months in total, fifteen of them dead"
The man felt unease and tried taking steps backward, turning around to take to his heels, he collided with the person, and fell to the ground
"Talk or I help you do that"
"He'll kill me if I talk" the man said and slowly stood up
Within the dark hood, the man could see, red burning flames emitting on the part of the eyes and began to piss his pant, fear ran through his whole spine.
"Talk! " the person barked, followed by a loud lightning sound.
"Alright, I only know those that died, were in one cult association of the other, wealthy men, blood money, those that died, either wanted to opt out, or offended Priest or breach an agreement, that's all I know please don't hurt me" the man said and opened his eyes, hoping to see the hooded person, but met emptiness.
"I'm done for "

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Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by JAOS(m): 12:42pm On Apr 07
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Bobosneh: 12:47pm On Apr 07
omo I'm so loving this already
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 4:05pm On Apr 07
Three months gone, yet no other lead was available on John's death, nobody has been suspected or questioned, it looked it everything was dying down, days after the person in the dark hood had gathered evidence, all which were linking and could prove useful, the officers still saw it as a sham, dismissing the matter, probably someone among them was aware of what was happening.
These were thoughts that kept bothering Emi, drastically his grades were dropping, although he wasn't the all brilliant kid, he did well an average student.
On various occasions, he had been advised and encouraged, his education didn't matter at this moment only justice could make him calm, but yet he was not getting it, he had on various occasion heard about how every system in the country were corrupt, but he never thought it was to this extent.
Another thought that kept bothering him, was the possibility of his father being in a secret organization as his first victim had stated, but yet he was still fining it hard to belief.

Deborah drove the car into an untidy compound, grasses all over the walls of the building, the cream color painting of the bungalow already faded off, making it look so unpleasant to the eyes.
Everyone alighted the car, after John was gone, Deborah was left with the option of starting a new life somewhere far and where no one knew about her, her life either present or past.
"We should be able to transform this place within the days, since Emi is here" Deborah said with a smile and walked to the booth of the car.
"The lady I purchased the building from, said we didn't need to bother about basic things in the house"
Gold sneezed and rubbed her nose vigorously and hit her palm on the car.
"Why do you have to purchase a building like this? " Gold asked and shaked her head in disapproval.
"The owner is an aged woman, and she needed the money urgently, even it's a nice apartment, the interiors are cool " Deborah replied and dropped a luggage from the car.

Emi somehow felt drawn to the house, a kind of connection he could not explain, he walked towards the wall of the building and placed his hands on it, feeling a pleasant energy flowing through him.
He bent down and raised a dried plank up and retrived bunch of keys from it.
"How did you know that was there? " Deborah asked, noticing how strange he was behaving
"I don't know, I feel a kind of connection, like a bound with this house, it feels like it a part of me" Emi said and used his hand to wipe of the dust on a part of the wall, revealing a switch, he carefully flipped the switch and watched as the garage door came open.
Deborah only stood in awe and followed Emi as he walked into the dusty garage filled with cobwebs.
Walking closer to the mechanical table, Emi looked around, and let out a broad smile, he grabbed a spanner and looked back at his mother.
"What's this place? " he asked and focused on his mother who was speechless.
"I don't know, come, let's move in, and get back into our normal lives" Deborah said and stepped aside allowing Emi pass through.

Emi focused on clearing the garage, somehow he was so connected to it, he flipped over the switch, that connected all electric appliances in the garage, contended with its functionality, he moved next to the work table and lifted it up, and easily placed it very close to the wall
"That's like a 50 tons heavy! " A feminine voice said at the entrance of the garage.
Emi turned towards the voice, and stared at the girl standing before him, without any clue of what to say.
"Sorry I walked in without invitation, I live next door, Huhn and noticing we had a new neighbor, I came to say hello and get to know who the lovely people are" she said, smiling broadly, and gently tapped her laps with her fingers.
Emi walked closer to her and sniffed around her.
"Huuhn, that's wierd" the girl said and stepped back.
"Joking" Emi said and had a wide grin on his face. "The rest of the family are in"

Everyone quickly along with Francisca, her sense of humor, the way she spoke and her ability to flow along with conversation mad her more lovely, exempting her extraordinary beautiful features.

Gold walked into the garage grumbling, whike Emi was really focused on getting the place into order, the giant tyre laying on the floor, he easily lifted it up with his left hand and on the right were heavy cables and one after another he positioned them where they ought to be.
"I've been here forever" Gold shouted in annoyance.
"What?" Emi replied still not paying her attention
"Francisca, I feel intimidated by her presence"
"Why is that?" Emi asked and sighed, almost getting the desired result he wanted in the garage.
"She looks much more beautiful than I am, I'm beginning to dislike her"
"Kill yourself over something that isn't worth it, Dad is dead and we are moving on, if you die, we will still move on" Emi said harshly
"What! You're unbelievable, those that mean I don't have any usefulness to you? " Gold shouted and grabbed the iron rod beside her and threw it at Emi.
Getting to a close range, the rod suddenly melted and vaporised, leaving no trace.
"That's new" Gold said in awe and walked closer.
"So many things are new since we got here, I feel increase in power, and somehow I'm drawn to this particular place" Emi said and turned around.
Fear gripped Gold, seeing Emi's face radiate so brightly, it illuminated the entire garage, at the point she went unconscious and fell to the ground.


Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by germaphobe(m): 11:09pm On Apr 07
Emi the prime lord
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 9:32pm On Apr 08
Deborah hanged up the phone and sank herself into the chair, looking worried, deep in her thought, she didn't know when Emi came in, with Gold in his arms, and when he came back from Gold's room, she sighed heavily and relaxed her body in the chair.
"What's wrong? " Emi asked and sat beside his mother.
"It's nothing, thinking about the good times I had with your dad and all" Deborah replied and faked a smile.
"It's a lie mom " Emi said calmly and stared at his mother's eye.

Certainly she had forgotten one of his rare gift was being able to know when people were lying, if he was at a very close range to them.
"Emi, the bills are piling up, your father debtors are calling in, the banks he took loans from are not taking it easy" Deborah said and didn't notice when tears began to wield up in her eyes.
"I know Dad to be very inventive and he's smart enough to prepare for unknown circumstances " Emi said, looking confused.
"Well, I used everything to clear up the little it could, including the previous house" Deborah replied.
"Up, up, up, tomorrow is school, and you don't want to miss your first day, luckily Francisca attends same school, tomorrow should be fun filled" Deborah said and tapped Emi on the back.
The new school wasn't what they expected it to be, the extra ordinary features it possessed was mind blowing, from the interior design, to the sculptures in the premises, the social lives were also captivating, a school football team, tennis team, basketball team among others, extra curricular activities by the students was also too good to ignore.

After the first six periods of the day, the electric bell in every classes ranged, instantly every where became lousy, students moving from different angles to another.
Emi stood up and walked up to his sister's desk and sat on it.
"How are you coping? " Emi asked smiling awkwardly
"I should be asking you that, since you are the dullard in the family" Gold replied and stood up.
"Go out, and see how this place looks, and try and make friends, don't end up breaking arms here, schools are few" Gold said and walked out on him.

Entering into the school cafeteria, Emi walked towards a free table and placed his launch bag on it, and made himself comfortable
"You don't want trouble, dude get up from there" a lanky boy said and walked passed.
"No special tag on it" Emi replied himself and open the lid of the box.
Few minutes later, he felt some strange presence behind him, feeling unbothered, Emi continued with his food and suddenly a hand knocked off the lunch box to the ground.
Emi grinned and turned around, before him were seven boys, bigger stature than him and with much more bigger muscles.
"Apologies for that" Emi said and stood up.
"Wonderful, who are you, John Wick?" a boy among the group shouted hilariously.

Everyone in the hall stood at a safe distance watching the drama which was slowly becoming tensed.
"See boy, Emi, isn't it?! You should know where to step and where not to, this particular table its meant for lowlifes like you"

Gold walked into the cafeteria, seeing what was happening, she grabbed a seat and relaxed
"I'm so going to enjoy this"

Francisca ran up to them and grabbed Emi by the arm, trying to pull him away.
"Let's go, just avoid trouble" Francisca said and tried pulling Emi, with all her effort, yet Emi was still firmly rooted to the ground.
"Go on brother, show them who's boss" Gold shouted and raised the soft drink can with her in the air.

"Just ignore them"
"Yeah, listen to your girlfriend and run to mama, brat"

Gold walked up to them and tapped Emi on the chest.
"Let's go, these dudes are losers " She said.

"Wow check her out" a boy from the group said, admiring Gold and was about laying his hands on her hair, when Emi grabbed it and displaced his wrist so easily.
"Arggghhh!!! " the boy shouted and attempted a hit with his other hand.
Emi stopped the attack in mid air and pushed him on the chest with little effort, sending the boy distance away.
"Huuhhnn, wooowwww" was the chorus that came next from other pupils.
"Who's next? " Gold shouted


Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by germaphobe(m): 11:19pm On Apr 08
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 2:00pm On Apr 09
Chapter Three

Emi dropped the last bag on him to the ground and stood for a while, looking at all four bags, while he bent down to unzip one of the bags, Gold walked in, dressed in his blue and white stripped T-shirt.
"You're back" she said and leaned on the wall of the garage
"No, I'm still at the mechanical shop" Emi replied sarcastically and turned around to look at Gold
"Hey that's my shirt" he shouted and stood up
"I know, so what's in the bags? "
Emi grinned and turned towards the bags and pointed to the blue one.
"The blue one contains basic mechanical things, you just won't understand, so the other bags are the remaining parts I need to complete the motorcycle" Emi replied.
"Well, I hope that thing doesn't kill you, I need your help" Gold said and gulped
"What this time? " Emi replied and got to work, he opened the inner part of the garage and brought out a motorcycle skeletal frame and laid it on the table.
"I was invited to a party, and it's this evening" Gold said, locked her hands together and began swaying them from left to right.
"So how do I help you? It's not my party" Emi said and retrived the set of spanner hanging on the wall.
"Stop acting like you don't know what I want, cover me up, when mom asks about me"
"So what's in for me? " Emi asked and hit the spanner with him on the table.
"I'll protect you when you need help" Gold replied and dashed out happily.
Emi sighed as he finally bolted the last screw, the coupling had take him longer than he had expected, looking at his perfect motorcycle he sighed and smiled feeling contended.
He took a quick glance at the wall clock in the garage and noticed the day was far spent.
"Six Fifteen " he said and noticed his mom was yet to be back from work, and also Gold was still not back, even when she had promised to get back earlier, and he knew her to be many things but not keeping to time wasn't part of her.
"I hope you're ready for take off" Emi said and held the handle of the motorcycle.

Emi pushed the motorcycle out of the garage and closed the doors, he climbed on his motorcycle and ignited the engine" still hoping it functioned properly
"Nice one you got there" Francisca said and walked closer, her hands both in the pocket of her trouser.
"Francisca" Emi replied and smiled broadly
"Where are you off too? "
"Gold, she was attending a party and she's yet to be back, I want to go pick her" Emi replied
"Hope it isn't Floral's party? "
"It is "
Francisca let out a slight cough and stared at Emi.
"You should go get her, as soon as possible"
"Can you come along, I'll be happy....." Emi had hardly finished his statement when Francisca hopped on.
Deborah gasped for breathe as the black sack cloth was pulled off from her head, looking around, she found herself in an empty room, having just two chairs and a center table.
Still on her knees, she turned around and saw two men dressed in black suit, manning the entrance.
"Please let me be, I haven't done anything wrong" Deborah pleaded, fear instantly taking over her.
"You have no reason to be scared, Deborah John" a calm voice said from nowhere in particular.
She heaved and looked around, trying to figure out where the voice was from.
"Have your seat, I only come with a business proposal" the voice said again.
Deborah slowly stood to her feet, walked towards the chair closest to her and sat down at the edge.
"Make yourself comfortable, no harm will come to you, as long as you comply "
"Plee..asse what do you want? "
"Before then, I already cleared all your late husband's debt, you're free of debts, but in return, you have to do some job for us"
"I never told anyone I needed help and helping without my consent, I appreciate but I don't want your help and I have nothing to pay you in return "
Everywhere was calm for a while and suddenly a loud laughter followed.
"Forgive my manners, you don't have a choice, look"
The wall before Deborah slowly came alive, showing Emi positioning drunk Gold on his motorcycle ,while Francisca held her, and sat behind her.
"Hey! Coward, keep my children out of this" Deborah shouted in anger
"That's only possible if you do as you're told, take the file on the table and go"
Deborah picked up the brown envelope and suddenly everywhere went dark

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Emi walked out the school restroom, and washed his hands in the ceramic bowl, and when he was done, he closed the tap. He stood for a while starring at his reflection in the mirror before him and sighed, he raised up his left palm and threw a punch at the mirror, stopping inches away, before his blow could hit the mirror. The air wave his fist sent, cracked the glass.
"A pity I can't show the world" he said and grinned his face.

"Let me go! " Emi heard the frightful voice behind the rest room and approached slowly.
"We warned you, and now where's the teacher to save you? "

"Let the boy go! " Emi said and kicked the door that led to that particular restroom open, almost sending it off it's frame.
The boys turned around, pushing their prey against the water closest.
"Ohhh, Skywalker makes his super entry" the leader of the group said and went into laughter.
"Let's see what you got, your sister isn't here, after breaking you, I'll go for her" The leader said and hit hands together with the person closest to him.
Deborah walked in last, and took her seat at the front row of the conference hall. Ever since her encounter with whoever the person was, her life had taken a very drastic turn, involving deeply in politics, and she wasn't even starting at any ground level, but aspiring position of a state governor. Big ambition for a small lady, the opposition party had used that as campaign against her.
Within three months of campaign, Deborah had proved herself to be a person with a great mindset in politics.
Her earlier life career had started from founding a non governmental organization, which involved woman right, gradually she stepped up by becoming a key component in the economy, putting others before her.

She knew those were the few traits that was seen in her, and after all election was done, deborah knew she was going to become someone else's puppet and she was ready to turn the table around, she knew how risky it was, but when she thought about Emi, and some hidden secret only her and John knew, she always felt at ease.

"I welcome everybody to today's meeting, let me hit the nail straight on its head, the main purpose among others, why we are here, is to plan strategy on how Mrs John our party candidate, successfully win this forthcoming election" The speaker said, facing the party members.
A lanky man at the middle row stood up and cleared his throat before speaking.
"In the history of this prestigious party, we've never seen someone as knowledged and hardworking as our present candidate, the only thing we can add to list of strategies is defamation of our strong opposing party, we should go down their history lane and pull out their errors, and make it glaring to the people, we can crush them with that" the man said and received a loud approving cheer from fellow members.
"Decorum please, decorum" the speaker shouted and smiled as everyone calmed.
"That's a very good plan, but we shall do that at the last minute, changing people's perspective "
Deborah stood up and faced the members, and was rewarded by a loud cheer.
"Thank you all for the support, before now, majority knows me and the role I and my late husband played in the society, we can't be forgotten in the history of this country" she paused and continued " And from the statistics yesterday, we are way ahead our opponents, only if we play our role well can we win this. As always I promise not to fail as long as I get your support, and I on my part I am making plans ahead"
"We have to do all we can, even if it means violence " a member shouted and got a loud cheer.
Deborah sipped from the tea cup before her and blinked her eyes. She stood up feeling exhausted and walked to the living room, looking at the wall clock it was way passed mid night, and she was yet to sleep.
"Still awake" Gold's voice came from the kitchen
"And you"
"Was thirsty" Gold replied and poured herself a glass of water.

Gun fire suddenly came at the house, shattering the windows into many pieces.
"ARRRGGGGHHHH!! " both Gold and Deborah shouted and laid down flat on the ground as the gun fire proceeded.
The television gave out a loud explosion, sending cold chill down Deborah's spine.
"Gold, stay still darling"
Emi jumped up from bed, and got hit by a bullet on the right side of the abdomen and groaned as he fell to to ground.

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So emi is about to discover his super power in full uhn!
This tori dey totori me baje!
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 2:16pm On Apr 11
Deborah summoned courage and crawled towards the table, stretched her hand over and grabbed her phone.
"Where is Emi when you need him? " Gold shouted
"Gold! " Deborah shouted with all her strength.

Gold looked up and saw the ceiling fan above her would drop right on her if she didn't act fast, the last strand of rope got loosed from the fan before Gold could even attempt crawling away.
"Arrrrgggghhhhhiiiiiii" She screamed loudly as the fan came at her.
She felt a force pull her away and opened her eyes, she sighed seeing Emi before her.
Both leaning on the wall, while Deborah laid down flat on the ground as the gun fire continued.
"Emi do something" Gold said and hit him on the shoulder.
"I'm not bullet proof" Emi said and pointed to the bullet wound on his stomach.
"But the wound is healed already, in other words you can't die" Gold said and stared at him.
The gun fire suddenly ceased, returning sanity to the environment, on hearing engine sounds outside the house, Emi dashed off, hitting his body against the wall, the collision tearing down the wall so easily.
Emi staggered and fell to the ground, he picked himself up and looked to the right, and saw a red car zoomed pass him.
Emi ran after the car, running as fast as his legs could carry him, with a great bound, he leaped into the air and landed inches away from the car, and rammed him hand into the booth, shattering it completely.

The car lost balance and skipped off the road, laying on it side. For a while, everywhere was calm, A man crawled out of the car, and shot Emi on the chest.
"Humph" Emi groaned as the bullet hit him and grabbed a junk metal on the ground and threw it at the man.

The metal hit the man on the stomach, so fast the man didn't catch a glimpse of it.
Emi walked closer and raised the man up, the aura emitting from Emi's body emitted evil.
"Who are you? " Emi shouted and raised the man up with his right hand.
The man giggled and spat blood from his mouth and spoke weakly.
"Ask the mother of a monster " the man replied and laughed
"I ask you answer" Emi shouted and slammed the man to the ground.

The man groaned and spat out blood from his mouth, he raised his left arm up and unwillingly the hand drop.
"You can't die yet" Emi said and knelt down beside him.
At day break, reporters from different broadcasting company had gathered outside the house hoping to get report from Deborah about the attack and most importantly, if she knew the mysterious event that happened to the gun men.

"I didn't catch a glimpse of anyone, there was just sudden gun fire" Deborah said, while standing before the police that questioned her.
A fat man, ran into the house and hugged Deborah tightly.
"Thank God you're alive, that's the risk of being a politician " the man said and supported himself with his fancy walking stick.
"I guess so" Deborah replied and smiled, locking her palms together.
"Hope no one was hurt? "
"No except for how disorganized this place is" Deborah replied and hit her hands softly against her hips.
"I already arranged a more secure location"
"No worries, no place is secure, Mr. Sam, I need to ask you something" Deborah said and walked to a secure part
"Go on dear"
"I received a call from the faceless leader, who exactly is he?"
The man kept mute for a while and sighed deeply.
"Nobody knows him, we only know he runs the affairs of the party, like I care, as long as I'm doing fine, there are some issues I don't bother about" Mr Sam replied and giggled.

Emi sat on the metal chair in his garage, deep in thought, letting his guards down, he didn't notice when Fransisca walked in.
"Emi, how are you holding up? " she asked, still standing at the entrance.
"Fransisca " Emi replied and quickly put on a smile "How are you? "
"We all heard the gun fire, I'm glad you're doing alright, you're not hurt and phew, o boy" Fransisca said and placed both hands on her chest.
"Come in" Emi said and stood up.
"No worries"
Emi read her emotions well and noticed something was unusual about her.
"Why? "
Fransisca stood fixed to the same position and slowly opened her mouth.
"You tore that car apart" She slowly said, breathing heavily.
"What?! " Emi said and smiled, trying to deny it.
"I saw you, the shot, how you killed that man " Fransisca said and ran off.
Emi hit his hand on the wall, making a hole through it and shut his eyes tightly.


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there's another one from devilpen,keep it coming...
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 2:43pm On Apr 13
Days went by so quickly, that the horrible incident had been forgotten, although, Deborah now had body guards which followed her about, and made sure her safety came first, at first she had declined the idea, before the attack, a new location was already set up for her and her children, standing firm to her decision, Deborah made sure nothing was taking her out of where she was, knowing the danger it posed to her and her children.

Emi sat on the floor in his room, folded his legs into each other, his father's picture in his hands, he sighed and wondered why everything about his father was dying down very swiftly, like it never happened, he knew something should be done and the culprits made to face the law, but he had no idea where to begin.
"Time will unfold things on its own accord" Emi said to himself and stood up.
He felt somewhat dizzy and shook his head lightly and sighed, not thinking about what happened, Emi made his way to his garage.
Opening the doors, Emi felt strange presence in there and caught a glimpse of someone's shadow move swiftly, the the spanner on the wall fell to the ground.
"That's weird" Emi said to himself and walked forward, paying close attention to everything around him.

"Sir, hope you're good"
Emi looked back and smiled at the bodyguard.
"And for the records I'm not Sir, I'm a younger brother to you " Emi said and smiled broadly it the guard.
"That's nice of you, I'll continue checking the surroundings if I see anything strange" the guard said and gave Emi a thumbs up.
"Alright" Emi replied and returned the gesture.

Walking forward, Emi opened the store in the garage and was more curious seeing the place entirely disorganized.
"I arranged this moment ago" Emi said to himself and sighed.
"I'll do that later"
Emi noticed a swift light flash beneath him and stepped back from where he stood, he bent down and trailed his hand on the concrete floor.
Wondering how the flash could penetrate through such a solid material.
"Hey!, melon head" Gold shouted and walked into the garage
"What's up monkey " Emi said and stood up "How was campaign?"
"I'm stressed out,it went well, what were you doing on the floor?" nothing
"Had to arrange some few thing and tune my bike" Emi lied and walked towards the exit.
Emi opened his eyes, and switched on the lamp on the stool beside his bed, he rolled out of bed and walked towards his wardrobe, retrieved a black hood and wore it on himself, zipped it up and covered his head with the hood.

He carefully opened his door, trying to avoid any creaking sound, he stepped out and leaned closely on the wall to avoid being seen or noticed by the guard, who was busy with the television show, but at the same time one could tell he was alert, his gun very close to him.
Emi heaved and dashed forward, with great speed almost been invisible and struck the guard on the neck making him unconscious.
"That's new" he smiled to himself and went out.

Gold, from where she stood, shook her head and walked up to the guard.
"Such a liability "

Emi made his way into Fransisca's compound, which had a storey building on it, he leaped to the last storey and remained close to the ground, and tapped the window.
"It's me Emi" He whispered, somehow he felt her presence and felt the fear in her.
"Oh, come in" Fransisca replied and opened the door.
"Good..... " Emi paused and looked at his wrist watch.
"Well it's midnight " Fransisca replied and sat on her bed.
"I noticed you've been avoiding me, ever since you knew" Emi said, staring at her.
"Not so, I had things to do "
"Even during school hours when we are free? " Emi asked and leaned on the wall.
"right, the thing is, I'm so confused, you know caught up, it's weird, I have seen weird things, but not you" She replied blankly.

They both heard, loud screeching noise and quickly Emi peeped through the window and saw Gold been bundled into a van.

Dan, the guard, came out from the house, holding tight to his left arm, visibly wounded, he ran into the street and aimed at the car, took his aim and lowered his arm, taking such shot could cause more casualties.

Emi quickly ran out and leaped into the road, and ran up to Dan.
"Who are those? " Emi asked, he knew he could take them up, but at the same time, he wasn't going to risk his identity been revealed to another person, one was enough.
"She'll come back, it's from the rival party, that is how thier things are done, it's a means to threaten your mom" Dan replied and winced.
"Why didn't you take the aim? "
"Casualties, come on, let's get to work, we should be able to pull them out when they put a call across to your mom" Dan said and sat on the asphalt and laid himself, breathing heavily.

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To me, Dan is a spy other than his claimed bodyguard job!
Keep it up!
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*Chapter Four*

Deborah sighed and hanged up the call, turned around and looked at Emi who leaned on the wall, looking blankly at her
"How on earth was that even possible when you're around? " Deborah asked in annoyance and looked also at Dan who stood by the entrance
"And you, you had just one job, protect, how difficult could that be? " she barked at Dan.
"With all due respect ma, I take full blame, but before the incident, I was knocked off by something, it was very fast, I promise to do all I can to get her back" Dan said and lowered his head.
"Emi, follow me" Deborah said and walked out.
Deborah kept grumbling and spoke immediately Emi got into the car.
"Where did you go to, and why did you knock Dan out?"
Emi kept mute and gulped hard
"ARE YOU DEAF?! " Deborah barked in annoyance.
Emi went into total shock, never in his life had he seen this side of his mother, her face was telling entirely different story, her action, the way she took the matter.
"I swear to God, if anything happens to my child, you'll pay for it" Deborah said and suddenly realized she had went too far.
She shook her head slightly and placed her right palm on her forehead.
"Seems I went too far, I'm confused, I can't loose any of you" she said and sighed
"They called, told me to drop out if I wanted to see my daughter alive, your sister" Deborah said and sniffed as tears trickled down her cheeks
"Then drop the race, mom, for us, for safety"
Deborah giggled and spoke
"You won't understand, I can't drop the race, Jesus, it top big for you, you're just 14, even me, it's way too hard for me, it too John's life " Deborah said and sniffed.
"You know what happened to my dad? "
"Get down, Emi, when they call back, and once their phone has been tracked, I'll let you have the information and get your sister back here, safe and sound" Deborah said and hit the steering lightly.
Dan walked in with a bottle of rum in his hand and dropped it on the center table, pulled of his shirt, revealing his well toned muscles and abs.
"What's that?" Emi asked walking in from the kitchen.
"Alcohol, come have a sip"
"I'm still underage " Emi replied and giggled.
"It won't hurt, it gives you life, you won't know until you try it" Dan sand and popped the bottle open.
"Come on, don't be a girl and if you're worried about Gold, don't worry, once we get a location, we burst in tight and bring the damsel home"
Emi giggled and jumped over the chair, and sat next to John.

Emi gulped and tried standing up, feeling dizzy he slumped on the chair and raised his hands soliloquising
"Dan, do you know I have super powers" Emi said lazily and rolled on Dan.
"No, you're dead drunk, dude, I didn't ask you to take extra shots, that's on you" Dan replied and pulled Emi off him.
"I'm serious, wait let me show you" Emi said and sluggishly pulled himself up.
"Watch" Emi said and suddenly dashed round the room, super fast, it sent fear into Dan, hitting his body in the wall, making cracks on it.
"See this also, I heal so fast" Emi said, gulped and broke the rum bottle on his head.
Dan stood in shock and suddenly went into laughter.
"So you sent me unconscious, wow, dude do you know what this means, you could be king over everything, come closer, lemme tell ya something "

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and now, Dan, has got to know more about emi powers, hope he won't reveal him to The world ..
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 11:54am On Apr 18
Emi slowly opened his eyes, and looked around, he was laying on the chair, while Dan was fast asleep in a funny sleeping position, Emi shook his head lightly and yawned.
His phone let out a bleep sound, looking at the message, he quickly stood up dashed to his room and quickly retrieved his black hood and put it on.

Getting to the living room, he met Dan already awake.
"Where are you off to? " Dan asked and rolled up the sleeve of his shirt.
"Just want to stroll out" Emi replied calmly and took a step forward.
"Hey, you showed me everything about you, your powers and all, so, now what's up? "
Emi stood speechless and dropped his jaw, how, when?
"I guess you know and that's is bad" Emi said and the aura around him changed, walking slowly at Dan
"Hey! " Dan said and pointed his gun forward at Emi
"I know you heal fast, but trust me, from this range, you'll hurt badly"
Emi smiled and went into laughter.
"Mom, sent a message, she thinks she knows where Gold is, but the police can't go in, because of the odd situations attached, you know how deep politics is" Remi said and covered his head with the hood.
"So you want to burst them alone?"
"Alright, let's do it" Dan said and tucked his gun behind, grabbed his overall coat and hanged it on his shoulder.
Gold screamed as she continually banged her hands on the metal door, she bit her lips as she felt pain in her fist and gently sat on the floor. The only source of air and light was a very small sized window, the room was completely empty and could hardly contain three adults.
"So you know, my brother is coming for me and everything you know or love will finish before your face" she shouted and run her hand against her throat.
"Does anyone even hear me? " she asked herself and laid on the ground.
"I have to pee, and I can't do that here"
Dan halted the motorcycle distance away from the huge abandoned building which stood alone away from the city.
Dan pushed the motorcycle beside a tree and covered it with dry grass

"Why? " Emi asked looking confused
"Safety purpose, we don't want out covers blown" Dan replied and retrieved his gun and lead the way.

Getting closer, Dan placed his hand before Emi, and looked down, bent down and used his hand to move the dry grasses away revealing a land mine
"I know you can't die, but I can, step on this and I'm done for" Dan said.
He tucked his gun behind him and began climbing the tree before them.
"Have you been in the military " Emi asked and watched as Dan skillfully climbed the tree.

Few minutes later Dan dropped down from the tree and cocked his gun.
"In total, there are seven guards, I don't know if there are any inside the building" Dan said and tilted his head.

Leaning on the body of the building, Dan grabbed the hands on a guard that walked towards him from the corner and knocked off the gun from his hand and snapped his neck easily.
"You just killed him" Emi whispered in shock and followed behind Dan
"He should be strong enough to survive that" Dan replied.

Crawling on the floor, Dan got to the edge of the building where they were and looked down, he quickly dropped on the guard, and used his leg to throw the guard off, slamming him against the wall and quickly punched him on the throat, which made the guard gasp for breath.

Entering into the building, Dan quickly pulled Emi closer to him into a dark corner, and watched as the guard came closer, hold an assualt rifle
Emi walked out, lowering his head and looked up with white glowing eyes
"Hh... "
Before the guards could take any action Emi grabbed his gun and smacked it on his head, with brutal force, that broke the head of the guard.
"Dude that's brutal"
"He molested her"
"How do you even know that?" Dan asked walking beside Emi as they went further into the building.
"That is what he was thinking about" Emi replied and smashed the door that led to the inner building with his leg.

Gold stood up as she heard gun fire and banging sounds, she smiled to herself and began countdown from ten
"9, 8, 7, 6"

Emi dashed forward and smashed himself against a guard, grabbed him by the head and threw him out throw the window.
"Did he also molested her? " Dan asked as the dropped a guard, seeing how aggressive Emi was
"He smacked her on the face, nobody harms my sister"

"3, 2, 1" Gold counted and ran away from the door.
The door suddenly came crashing into pieces.
"Yeah bro, you came late" Gold said and kicked him.
"Guys, they have reinforcement, coming in hot" Dan said and peeped in.
"Is that... "
Emi winked and grabbed her hand moving her away from the wall
"I'll burst through the wall, stand back"
Deborah alighted the car, after successfully double crossing her target on the lonely highway.
Four heavily armed guards follows behind her as she walked closer to the vehicle that was crossed.
From the other vehicle a pot bellied man alighted, with three guards, a smoke pipe in his mouth, and a fancy walking stick he used in supporting his weight
"To what do I owe this pleasant surprise? " the man asked and acted like he was wiping off dust from his shirt
"Jonah, sincerely, it won't be nice if I turn tables around and you get to see the odd side of me, this is the last time, nobody messes with my children, have you heard from your puppets? "
Jonah kept mute and sighed, and blew out smoke from the pipe.
"I see you have some strange powers, that explain the mysterious event, you should understand better, this is something I'm entitled to and I can't let a lady stand in my way" Jonah said proudly
"Well, I'm here and there's nothing you can do, I'm the boss around here, see you at the election Next Week, bring as many thugs as you can"

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Boss is back
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Kawo9ze(m): 1:58pm On Apr 19
Oshey, action!
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by tunjilee003(m): 5:35pm On Apr 19
Nice one devilpen,keep servuhg us hot tea...may you never rin out of ink.
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Emi twisted his tongue, while his mouth was closed, he felt embarrassed as all eyes fell on him.
"A simple question, a simple lower grade equation, you found it hard to answer" the petite mathematics teacher said with a touch of mockery in her tone.
"Gold, stand up and help you twin out, and I hope you're brain isn't as his"
The whole class went into a roar of laughter, as Gold sluggishly stood up
"I actually don't have an idea " Gold replied, while locking her palms into each other.
"Seriously, someone who can't do this, the world is really unfair " the teacher said and smacked her cane on the student desk before her, and began walking towards Emi
"Your hands where I can see them"
Emi jumped down from his motorcycle, before the gate, threw his bag to the ground and smashed the entrance of the gate, putting it into a bad shape, the evil aura oozing out from every inch of his body.
"Hey, take it easy, I'm not the cause of your frustration " Gold shouted as she picked up his bag

Dan quickly ran out from the house, and tried walking up to Emi who was headed to his garage, but change his mind and stopped, seeing how tensed Emi was.
Bashing through the metal door of the garage, Emi walked before the store room, bent down and smashed his fists on the ground.

The entire building shook vigorously, sending off every thing that was hanged on the wall, right from picture frames, to decorations, kitchen cabinet falling off.

He stood up and moved back a bit as the ground before him cracked open, revealing another segment below.
He suddenly saw swift white light flash pass and broke more part of the ground, wide enough to allow him in.

Dan looked at Gold and both walked into the garage, seeing the huge hole and walked carefully towards it.
"What's that? " Good asked looking curious
"I don't know, it's best if you call your mother, she has to see this"

Emi landed softly amidst darkness, and slowly the environment began to illuminate.

Before him, Emi saw himself In a really ancient era, wielding two swords, while leading huge numbers of armies to war.
The scene slowly changed taking another form, of a civilized ancient era, with him also leading a group of scavengers, it slowly folded up again, showing him in a much more civilized era, which clearly showed he was not the only super human.
"This looks like me" Emi whispered to himself and turned around.
"That's you, Human God" an aged voice whispered behind him.
Sharply turning around, Emi faced an aged woman, who still looked agile, compared to her physical look
"Over the years, you've been mankind's hope, you're a god, at every death, you are reincarnated, these are your every existence, starting from Ayenireti, and now here

"I don't understand"
Various images began fading in around Emi
"These are the people you always need to reach your full potentials, they had been with you from the very existence, and they also reincarnate whenever you do, you still have a long way to go, a threat is coming, a threat you're familiar with, you have to find them as soon as possible"
Emi stood speechless and began elevating up in the air
"Wait, how do I know this is true"
"Ask your adopted mother, she knows all about it"

Dan and Gold moved back as Emi elevated out of the hole and landed softly on the ground, with a sad countenance
"Are you alright? " Gold asked and took a quick glance at Dan
"I need to rest" Emi replied and walked passed them.

Chapter Five

Somewhere in Europe

"Tomi, hey wake up, mom is here" An ebony woman with an average body stature said, as she held her daughter close to her chest, and gently tapping her on the back.
"I saw him, this time more clearly" the girl said and relaxed more on her mother.

The woman only hummed and released her grip on her child, then sat beside her on the bed.
"I and your dad, knew you were very special, right from birth, your gifts are something we've never seen, and we've always tried to keep you safe by all means, but this..."
"Mom, this is something I have to do, I always have this connection with who ever he is, like we've known each other for a lifetime, sometimes I feel like a whole part of me is gone and today, I finally saw his face, you have to help me do this"
Her mother shook her head and stood up
"You'll eventually get over it"
"NO! " Tomi said fiercely and instantly the whole room went up in ice
"You'll stay here, and you are going nowhere" her mother shouted in annoyance and forced the door open.
"You have to get ready, seems your calling is now, you might still be too young for the world ahead, but I know you're prepared, hope into the car, I know the place you drew, hopefully we can find this boy that looks like you and hope we find what we are looking for" a man in his late fifties said to his son, as he ignited the engine of the car.
"I can't wait to finally team up, and you know fight some bad guys, it's super exciting" The boy which looked like Emi, except from the scar running on the right side of his face said in excitement

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Deborah placed a shawl on the center table, while Emi stood beside her, Gold leaned on the wall, watching as their mother was becoming a little dramatic.
"I was hoping this could be hidden for a much more longer time" Deborah said and sighed, looked at Emi and back at the shawl.
The shawl was sure not anything created of recent era, but something very old and ancient, still looking like it was made that very moment.
"What's this? " Emi asked calmly
"That's where we found you, right outside our door, a month after I gave birth to Gold" Deborah replied, and went sober
"And this house has your origin in it, civilization has buried it all, I made research on my own, this place housed the ancient Ayenireti, but the story had it that, someone from your linage, wiped it out completely from the surface of earth" Deborah said and began weeping
"Why do you have to bring us here? " Gold asked, knowing some loops were in the Story
"You know how some occurrence take place and you can't change things that are meant to be" Deborah replied and sat down.
"What else do you know mom?"

The boy who looked like Emi, alighted the car, holding tight to a hand drawn landscape picture, spread it open and looked around the environment.
"Remi, anything like that " his father asked from the car and also alighted
"Seems I missed it from this point" Remi replied and sighed.

"Emi" Fransisca's voice came behind them
Getting closer she grabbed who she thought to be Emi by the shoulder and turned him around.
"I was around earlier to... " she paused, noticed he wasn't Emi and walked back a bit.
"I'm sorry, you look just like him, except for the scar" Fransisca said and smiled, and began to back up
"Hey, sweetheart, we are actually for his look alike" Remi's father said calmly and let out a broad smile.

"Things are getting much more weird, you look familiar, I'm seeing ghost" Fransisca said slowly and suddenly took off, running at fast as her legs could carry her.

"We should just knock on doors, I'm sure we are around"

"That's all I can say, you are bound to a curse, you can't break, everytime you die, you'd come back and still face the same enemy, the same person, he might come in different form" Deborah said and closed her eyes tightly, not believing how things were rapidly turning out. Losing Emi was something she didn't want, knowing his new findings has indirectly opened him to the world.
"The aged woman talked about me meeting some other people, for me to reach my potential and to unlock my true image" Emi said and just then a knock came at the door.

"Who's there? " Gold shouted and walked towards the door.
"Good afternoon!" a masculine voice replied.
Gold hurried towards the door and opened it, she paused for a while and let out a very wild scream, and took to her heels.
Emi quickly dashed towards the door, grabbed Gold by the waist, and held the person she attended to by the neck.
A strange force suddenly threw Emi off, crashed the door and Remi walked in slowly.

Emi stood up, feeling pains he never felt.
"John! " Deborah said in shock, seeing the man behind Remi looked just like her husband, she looked at the boy and saw he looked just like Emi.
Emi stood to his feet, seeing someone exactly like him.
"We found him" Remi said with happiness
"Hell of an entry" Emi said and wiped blood from his face, first time he'd be bleeding.
"I'm sorry about your late husband, I'm sure he was a great man" Andrew, the lookalike of John said calmly.

Gold walked into the living room with a water jug in a tray and two glass cup in it. Looking at Remi and wondered how it was even possible to behave talk, act and react like Emi.
"So, we are here, because of your son, I'm not sure if you know about his history, both of them much more older than we are, In common sense actually, there's Huhhhn, this kind of bond between them, father and son bond" Andrew said, looking directly at Deborah who was carried away

"Huhn yes, things are just weird, that's all, I mean, two people from my life, I know about those history, too complicated " Deborah replied and giggled.

"So, we just have to be together to make that bond stronger with time, or else, we will tear apart, probably go berserk and phew, each one of us is capable of tearing this earth apart" Remi said

"You said something about a father and son bond among them" Deborah cut in
"Yes, one of them is the father, that's your son, but then there's still someone else, a girl" Andrew replied

"I keep having dreams of her whenever I sleep" Emi replied and looked away
"She knows about us, but she is way far from us, here I drew out her picture" Remi said and brought out a paper from his breast pocket.

"So what can your child do, and did you give birth to him, or you also found him?" Deborah asked and put up a broad smile.

"Found him, in something like that" Andrew replied and pointed to the shawl in the table.

"We could all take a short break, the house is yours, I have things to do, election is coming up in days time" Deborah said, and stood up.

"Ohh, I've been with the future excellency, I could help in some way" Andrew said and stood up.

Although Deborah wasn't too comfortable with the idea, but she found it impossible to resist, this person apart from having her husband's look also had made her feel comfortable once more
"Sure, we can focus on this later"

Tomi let out a loud scream, shattering every glass materials in the community, everyone holding tight to their ears, as the noise became louder and unbearable, while some began having bleeding ears.
Her body began to get covered up in ice, her eyes also began to get icy.
Forcing the door open, her mother struggled to get to her and strained as her energy got drained, the closer she got to Tomi.
The noise finally died down, and everyone felt relieved, Tomi's mother began breathing heavily and managed to find her voice.
"Gather your things, we leave for Nigeria this very moment "
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 8:13pm On Apr 22
"Hey dude, your dad called in, seems the situation around can't let him hang on with you, so Huhn, seems you'll be here for the time being " Emi said to his look alike who was busy popping up blue flames from his hands.

The door suddenly came open, and Dan came in, having about three shopping bags with him, he paused on seeing two Emis and looked at Gold for explanation.
"Have we ever told you about, our missing brother, we are actually triplet, we finally found our missing brother, Remi meet Dan, our bodyguard, Dan meet Remi, our long gone brother"
"Hi" Dan said slowly and dropped the bags
"What's in there? " Gold asked curiously and walked closer to Dan.
"Since we Huhn, you know, does he also has powers" Dan asked Gold whispering
"Sure, it's safe"
"Alright, it's good I made extra, so my aunt is a tailor, so I persuaded her to make Huhn, some superhero stuff to keep Emi's identity hidden, if he ever needs, so on my own I made some adjustments, added those dragons in it, not to you know Huuhn, here "Dan said and turned the bags upside down.

Emi walked forward and smiled as he picked up a dark green cape, and costumes, two pairs of dark boots and dark arm guards.
"This is sick" Remi said and sat down, admiring the costumes.
"This one's will shred apart in an intense fight" Remi said and looked at Dan
"Yeah, I never knew you'd become two, I made a spear"
"There's a trick I and my dad used to perform, the shawl I own, that kind" Remi said and pointed to the shawl on the table, while Gold brought to him
"When we add a strand of it, to any material it never shred or break" Remi said and pulled out three wool from the shawl.
Carefully he placed a strand of wool in each costumes, got more strands and placed on the boots and gloves and spread his hands over them, and immediately the wools interweaves into the clothes, boots and gloves.
"Wow dude" Emi said with excitement and placed his hands on Remi's shoulder.

Remi made blue flames out from his hands and tried burning the clothes, made the flames die down and still the clothes were intact.
"Thanks Dan" Emi said, stood up and hugged Dan tightly.
"Alright, I'm just doing my best to keep you guys save"
"No, you just exposed then to the world" Gold said and clicked her tongue.
For a while both Remi and Emi stood still, as mirage emitted out from their body
"She's closer than before" Remi said and beamed with smile
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Kawo9ze(m): 12:28pm On Apr 23
Yet to reach intermission grin
Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Devilpen(m): 3:32pm On Apr 24
Chapter Six

Arriving into the country, she didnt want to take chances of wasting another minute, she knew finding strange people, In such a place could be tough, but since her daughter knew the way than her, she had to play along.

Gladys sighed as they got stuck in traffic, it was like eternity to her, on every major road, they had meet with deadlock traffics, spending nothing less than two hours in it, and it was becoming really tiring.

A gentle knock came at the back window, where Gladys was seated, seeing a little boy, looking very malnourished, Gladys knew what he wanted and brought out a thousand naira note and handed it over to him, noticing the expression on the boy's face, she knew it looked like he could buy the world with it and watched as he ran off happily as fast as his legs could carry him.

A car suddenly hit theirs from behind, which instantly got the uber driver angry, and next gun shot filled the air. Gladys became terrified and looked back through the window, and saw three armed gun men were robbing from one car in the traffic to another, by the right, we're two gun men also, shouting at their victims, using the butt of their gun to shatter the window.
The driver, stepped on the accelerator and bashed hard against the car before him, hoping to create a route wide enough.
"You can't get through, you'll get us killed" Tomi shouted in pure British accent.

"Hey, you don't know anything, if these people know you're foreigners, believe me, your fate will be worse than that of Bin" The driver shouted bashed the car again.

The window where Gladys was suddenly shattered and the butt of an assualt rifle was smashed against it.

"Your money, valuables!! " The masked man shouted and pointed his gun at Gladys who was fixed to her position, crippled with fear.

Another gunman opened the front door and pulled Tomi out, hitting her against a car roughly.
"I'll kill her! "
"No, don't kill her, I'll give you anything"
Tomi placed her left palm on her head, above her right eye brow and saw blood on it.

Gold walked into the garage, while Emi and Remi were busy tuning the bike and resetting the garage, patching the huge hole Emi bored into the ground.

"Hey, I got them" Gold said and dropped the bag with her
The boys stood up and faced Good, whose expression changed.
"You're both bleeding, weird, same pattern" am she said so, another bruise suddenly appeared on their faces.

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Re: Emi(legend Of The Human God): Reboot by Tominix(m): 5:12pm On Apr 24
Devilpen i have been ghosting all along buh your story is jux bam i love it than chicken head no jokes

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