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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Healman(m): 8:38am On Sep 04
Lolz, see as Joseph neighbours deny am.

Madam Cash, the real business woman.

I shake my head and weep for Ugogoro, anyone who thinks cooking is meant for the female folks is really myopic.

Shey Hon no go buy gala laidis? lolz
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:00pm On Sep 04
I dey loyal boss smiley
lol, dey whine me

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:01pm On Sep 04
Take all the time u need sir, u deserves it... Thanks for d update

thanks, daddy yo!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:02pm On Sep 04

I just want only one twins o.
My immediate younger sister gave birth to a twins, though.
you never can tell..lwkmd, no fear na

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:03pm On Sep 04

Hey ya... thank God for that o. So sorry about the fire accident. I hope he's healing gradually? Or fully healed right now?

Cash Madam wan bring two women prophecy to pass, God dey o!
I get small rice, HTnD, come and eat so that you go get strength deal with Ugochukwu

he is healing slow and steady, God is in charge.. thanks ma'am.

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:03pm On Sep 04
I really love ❤ this story so cool �

am happy you do, sir
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:05pm On Sep 04
Lolz, see as Joseph neighbours deny am.

Madam Cash, the real business woman.

I shake my head and weep for Ugogoro, anyone who thinks cooking is meant for the female folks is really myopic.

Shey Hon no go buy gala laidis? lolz

you know how to cook too? nice... i can cook a lot of meals but ehnn.. lemme don't talk

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:06pm On Sep 04

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers

Episode 118

As we were coming behind the cars I was busy looking for where to to buy food from, and the kind of speed the cars were moving isn't possible to even get a hawker that will risk his or her life to sell something.
The road was free as if they knew the governor is coming, the road was cleared for us.

We were all moving very fast and I was just yawning upadan, everything was looking like rice and fried meat to me.

Ugochukwu: oboy open mouth small small, no swallow me.

Me: if em dey possible, I for don swallow you tay tay.

The local government we entered doesn't have road and recently the governor have deployed constructors to visit the road due to campaign, em wan come deceive them again.

The dust flying upadan no be here, I really thanked God when we find our way into a better tarred road.
We got into the centre of the local government and located the field the rally is been held.

We parked our car behind the podium made for the governor to address the people, the crowd were just waiting for their two thousand naira for coming and some just wanted to see the governor live, no be love.

We all came down and the security men took their positions, some statesmen were with the governor laughing with him while I stood feeling dizzy and hungry.
I can't fast and I can't hide the fact, am dying slowly.
I scanned my eyes around the field and sighted hawkers moving around with pure water, and two ice cream men.

The army men were preventing them from coming close, when I wanted to move away from the entourage and get myself meatpie and etcetera etcetera to quench the fire lit by hunger, pressmen appeared from nowhere and started capturing the moment.
The governor motioned me to come close, no be my mind to go 'cause wetin my eyes see na em dey move me.
Na only the meatpie and ice-cream I dey see.

I stood by his side while his wife walked along his right arm, Ugochukwu was my right-handed man as we troop to the podium with able statesmen behind us.

Voice from speaker: Governor Ekpemaetor dey come oohh! Governor Ekpemaetor dey come ehnn! I no go no gree, commot for road oohh!

We climbed the podium with extinguish people of the State, the MC took notice of our presence.

MC: Ladies and Gentle men, we welcome our extinguish and noble Governor, with our First Lady and his Deputy on stage. Lets give them a round of applause.

I wasn't interested in whatever he was saying, everybody standing on the open field was looking like food to me.
Some were sitting under the canopies.

MC: the face of Assembly is here with us, the youngest and agile candidate of NPP Honourable talk and do!!

I waved at my people, many of them were happy to see me but what I saw on their faces was smile that denote make ona do quick quick share the 2k.
I was tired of standing and most of what they were saying were not making any sense to me, the Mic was giving to the Governor to speak.

Governor: my people, make ona no sell ona vote oohh! some people wey no mean well for ona on that election day go come bribe ona, say make ona vote for them, no gree oohh! I get plenty things to do for ona, first I don order contractors make them fix ona road, if ona vote for me that road and better better things go happen to this Local Government.

The people started clapping their hands and jeering him to speak on, lots of empty promises were made.

MC: Come and see, come and see, come and see what Governor Ekpemaetor has done, come and see what Governor Ekpemaetor has done.

The First Lady was given a chance to address the people, I just dey yawn for that place codedly 'cause the camera no wan leave the podium.
After she was done, the MC took the Mic and started performing one mumu song that has no solution to my predicament.

The Deputy was given a chance to speak.

Dep. Gov: which party you go vote for?

Voices: N-P-P

Dep. Gov: oh yes, my people. Vote for N-P-P. Na the party wey go make ona life better for this state, employment and infrastructure go wake ona up every morning.

The Deputy lie pass the Governor sef, I just dey look them as they took Mic one after the other.
I come dey wonder if we go close at all, Ugochukwu was just smiling.


Moving to and fro on the podium repeating N-P-P, he didn't stop doing it.

Voices: Unity.


Dancing back and front, I just set one leg for am and he fell on the podium people started laughing.
One of the men with us on the podium took the Mic and returned it to him.

MC: I suppose lie down call the name of the party.

Med oohh! Because of money.

We sang the national anthem and closed, wetin we start for morning now is now 4pm.
I was the first to climbed down from the podium and headed to the car, if no be say those army men no gree make the hawkers come near us I for don buy one or two.

Ugochukwu joined me and we waited for the Governor to release some funds before they entered their cars, and we all find the route out of the Local Government.
We were on our way when my phone rang, I checked the caller it was Profit.

Me: hello.

Profit's voice: hey, can you come home right away?

Me: you cook?

Profit's voice: stop joking *na when you no see me, you go know if I dey serious or not*

Me: am serious, hope say you cook am very hungry.

Profit's voice: I prepared a delicious meal.

Immediately I hung up, I asked Ugochukwu to leave the entourage and head straight to Profit's residence abeg, make hungry no kill man pikin.

Ugochukwu: you no go see the Governor again?

Me: the world dey end today? I go see am na, tomorrow we go still go another rally.

Ugochukwu: I go follow you enter inside.

Me: you no need to, you never invite Governor come your wedding wey you wan do next week.

Ugochukwu: na true, I go drop you then follow them

Good boy, he drove to Profit's residence and parked at the gate.
The gate opened on its own and I walked in, the house just simple with exquisite taste.

Johannah ran out of the house screaming her Daddy.
I fit check myself if I fit carry that huge pikin.
I hugged her tight and refusing to lift her up.

Johannah: daddy, carry me *to where?*

Me: daddy, no get strength oohh!

She held my hand and swung it while we walked into the lighthouse, I was wondering were Profit is.
She didn't show up at all, we entered the house.

Profit was sitting in the dinning chair giving me that her killer smile, that girl is very fine.
We both joined her on the dinning table, I nofit wait for prayer when I pounced on the food.

The girl dish small fried rice and plenty facilitator, I come dey wonder why plenty turkey, meats, chicken and small rice.
I no send, I finish that one still collect more, Johannah was giggling.

Johannah: daddy, do you love the meal?

Me: *food don full my mouth* umhh..

She started loading my plate with enough food, Profit doesn't talk much is a trait I came to realize with time spending with her.
No wonder she nodey make friends, always quiet.

She finish eating and left us, while Johannah took it as a duty to over-feed me.
Before I realized it, I don carry four Months belle.

Me: I nodey eat again, stop oohh!

Johannah: really, daddy.

I got up from the chair and my new size of stomach amused the little kid.

Johannah: your stomach is so big, daddy.

Me: I like it, am pregnant for your mommy.

Johannah: Daddy, can a man be pregnant?

Me: yes na, but we nofit born.

I find my way to the sitting room and sat down, Johannah didn't even allow me to rest.
That girl can ask intelligent question like FBI, daddy where have you been? Daddy that, daddy this.

I no know when I even slept off, Profit woke me up and asked me to go to the bedroom and sleep.
I woke up dizzily and left the sitting-room, I took my bath and then got ready to sleep.

I was about switching off my phone when the door opened and Johannah came in.

Johannah: daddy, sing me a lullaby before you sleep.

Me: Motor car, motor car, motor car.

Johannah: am not in Nursery daddy.

Wetin be this girl own again.

Me: oh juju Calabar catch you, Oh juju Calabar catch you.

Johannah: what are you singing?

Me: Africa lullaby.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 9:07pm On Sep 04

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 119

Johannah: am going to meet mom to read me a bedtime story, such a horrible Africa lullaby.

She got down from the bed with her teddy and left the room, I collapsed on the bed and slept off.
A small hand started tapping me awake, I opened my eyes and saw Johannah showing me one of her fingers bandaged.

Johannah: daddy, see.

Me: wetin?

Johannah: look.

She pointed at my thumb and I also find the same bandage on my big finger, sleep quickly disappeared from my eyes and I sat up alarmed.
I removed the bandage and saw that nothing happened to my thumb.

Profit: you guys are awake?

Johannah jumped from the bed and ran to her mother.

Johannah: yeah mommy, daddy and I have a bandage in our big fingers.

Profit: really?

She looked at me sitting on the bed, she wore a work-out outfit. Which exposed her sexy shape and the amount of flesh on her chest, before my thing misbehaved.
I grabbed my phone from the stool by the side of the bed and switched it on.

Profit: go dress up baby, for fitness exercise.

Johannah: alright mommy, will daddy join us?

Profit: some other time baby, your daddy is kinda of busy.

I switched on my phone and the time showed me 8am, meaning I have overslept again.
Profit came to sit by my side, I stay glued to my phone nervously.

Profit: are you going out today?

Me: *I look at her pretty face* yes, now sef.

It was like I was bewitched by her pretty face or her pretty eyes, I was just staring at her face ignoring the ringing of my phone.
She leaned forward for a kiss and I captured her natural pink lips, her hand find a way to the back of my head while my hand went for her waist.

Our tongue and lips making a contest, the kiss was like a fine wine to me.

Johannah: daddy, your phone is ringing!!

We broke the kiss and I got up quickly from the bed like fire was set on my bumbum.

Me: sorry.

Johannah: for what daddy?

My phone rang again it was Ugochukwu, I picked the call while Profit took Johannah away for their work-out.

Ugochukwu's voice: idiot mumu! where you dey, I dey gate here dey wait for you since!! My fiend before I count of ten you don carry your krokro yansh come here.

Me: I never baf oohh!

Ugochukwu's voice: you smoke weed? The governor and him wife don already move.

Me: give me ten minutes.

Ugochukwu's voice: may ten minutes render your amu useless.

I laughed at the call and end it, I went inside the bathroom and took my bath then came back to see the out-fit I wore yesterday undergo a sparkling change.
I wore it quickly and headed to the sitting room so that I can leave, mehnn.. I saw a food-flax kept on the table.

I grabbed it and left Profit's house, I came out of the gate to see Ugochukwu leaning on the car.

Ugochukwu: you get luck say police no jack me commot from here, I for kill you.

Me: good morning, where we dey go?

We both got inside the car and he mounted the driver's seat.

Ugochukwu: na your local government.

Me: we fit find our road na.

I opened the food-flax and saw fried rice, so thoughtful of Profit. One thousand yard wife material mehh, Ugochukwu was just licking his lips.

Me: oh boy, close your mouth before you finish the good smell of the food.

Ugochukwu: who cook that food, bro?

Me: na Profit keep am for me, I no know who cook am. But I know it must be delicious.

Ugochukwu: no finish am abeg.

Me: I go only remain for dog.

I started feasting on it, damn so sweet like her lips when I never brush mouth. Make she no find out sha.

Ugochukwu: bro, problem dey.

Me: which problem dey?

Ugochukwu: na Alicia, she say she get belle.

Me: how, when, who give am belle?

Ugochukwu: she say na me give am the belle.

Me: why na only she say you dey talk, na you give am the belle or not?

Ugochukwu: I no know, my problem be say she say she go scatter the wedding.

Me: why you come dey tell me?

Ugochukwu: you be my only friend, na only you fit advice me.

Me: make we quarantine her.

Ugochukwu: how?

Me: we go ask some niggars to arrange one room for her, then keep am for there till the wedding finish.

Ugochukwu: that one na kidnap.

Me: you no know before, you get any other solution?

He didn't say anything, I was gradually finishing the rice. When I finished it I dropped the spoon inside and it made a sweet sound.

Ugochukwu: you don finish the rice?

Me: unh..

Ugochukwu: but I say make you remain for me.

Me: umh.. I try, but the food no gree remain.

We got to the centre of my Local Government and asked one or two people to tell us the venue of the rally, we got there.

Voice: do you believe oohh? I believe, I believe what Governor Ekpemaetor has done, I believe what Governor Ekpemaetor has done.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Ayanfe29(f): 10:10pm On Sep 04
Thanks for the sweet update
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 11:02pm On Sep 04

you never can tell..lwkmd, no fear na

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 1:35pm On Sep 05
Thanks for the sweet update
you are welcome dear

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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 1:35pm On Sep 05
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by arfezces: 1:48pm On Sep 05
Last last.... Honourable talk and do go Bleep profit one day, I dey wait for Dat day
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:02pm On Sep 05
Last last.... Honourable talk and do go Bleep profit one day, I dey wait for Dat day

you and bleep ehnn!!
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:03pm On Sep 05

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 120

We got on the podium and the rally became a crazy one as I saw different cultural displays to welcome the governor.
It was an interesting day for me because I have eaten, apart from the lies from the Deputy Governor.

That man lie easily, even the Governor sef no feel comfortable whenever he hand-over the mic to him. The promises the Deputy was given will make you believe that the next four years the state will become one of the State in US, I spoke sha..

And we did national anthem to mark the closure of the rally, I saw my aunt and Harry-P with my uncles making their way to the podium but the securities were preventing them from coming close.

I asked them to allow them come to me, we went close to my car.

Me: aunty, why ona wan see me?

Aunty: na your uncles wey wan see you.

Evans: ehnn.. Victor, our pikin.

Me: point of correction Uncle, I no be your pikin except say you don die.

Innocent: aahhh! ahh! em never reach like this, as long as you be our brother pikin you be also our pikin. Umashi no be so?

Aunt: na so.

Me: ona wan drag pikin or ona wan come talk about another thing.

Governor: son, are you coming?

Me: am coming father..

Governor: we will be on our way.

His wife was just tagging along, this first lady too like power. She just dey follow the governor upadan, she no even dey run women stuffs for am sef.
Maybe she go do her women campaign later, wetin I sabi?

Evans: you know the governor? *showing me brown teeth*

Me: make ona talk na, I wan go.

Harry-P: Victor, Victor, Victor, calm down now. If I dey rush like you I for no release this my new song wey...

Innocent: when you reach bathroom you sing oohh! Victor, you know say nobody don mad for our family before.

Me: uncle Dede dey mad or ona don cure am?

Evans: we dey come to that.

Innocent: *clear his throat* we surprise say your uncle mad after him see you.

Me: wetin ona mean say na me make am mad?

Evans: we never talk like that, but if you know how we go take cure am, tell us our pikin, no be your mind Innocent I talk?

Innocent: yes, na my mind you talk.

Me: I know.

Innocent: thank God.

Evans: abeg, tell us.

Me: so Uncle Innocent you know God? is alright. Make ona tie am chains go keep am for where mad people dey stay, Aunty, very soon ona go commot from village come join me for city. Ugo, come make we dey go.

We got inside the car and drove out of the field and set out of the LGA to the State capital.

Ugochukwu: I hear from somebody say Okoye wan start him campaign tomorrow.

Me: you no mean am, talk truth.

Ugochukwu: the guy don escape EFCC, him still get mind to come drag election.

Me: how?

Ugochukwu: you still dey how, nothing wey surprise me for Nigeria anymore.

Me: we need to create protest for that him campaign, you go help me get through to ward excos make them find way frustrate him campaign with peaceful protests and arrange media too wey go carry the news.

Ugochukwu: you know nobody go do that kind thing for free.

Me: I know, I go send some money give you make you run am.

My phone rang and picked it up, I saw the caller I.D to be Veronica. One big smile appeared on my face, I picked the call grinning.

Veronica's voice: hello, yeye boyfriend, where are you?

Me: why you dey look for me America babe?

Veronica's voice: c'mon mehnn.. Am no longer in America, I have touched down to Giant of Africa some few hours ago.

Me: talk truth.

Veronica's voice: yeaahh... Yeaahh... Come house, I need you now to set my body and soul on fire.

Me: go buy matches and kerosene set yourself on fire, you no need me.

Veronica's voice: come house na, please..!

Me: na only that thing you sabi.

Veronica's voice: em don tay now..

Me: I go soon reach.

She ended the call.

Ugochukwu: na your babe be that?

Me: yes, my sugar pum pum. She don arrive.

Ugochukwu: what of Profit?

Me: when we reach that bridge we go cross am.

Ugochukwu: okay oh! Julius Bedger.

He dropped me off at my yard and he drove off to see his wife, me I entered my room to meet Veronica with just towel tied around her.

Veronica: sweetheart *she hug me*

Me: sugar pum pum

I held her and my mischievous hands find their way to her a-ss and grabbed softly, she find my lips and locked in kiss.
I tugged away the towel from her body and she fumbled with my buttons.

We both kissed to the bed and fell on it, my shirt left my body and we got the belt busy as it also left with the trouser.
We were both naked in the heat of passion, as we kissed and tossed on the bed.
She took charge of my dangler and blew me off from the world, she ran her palm on my shaft and slowly licked the cap keeping an eye contact.

Me: chaaii! you don spoil oohh!!

Veronica: na you spoil me.

She swallowed my hard amu and my eyes rolled off as the intense pleasure dismantle the small brain I gathered through the years.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 6:24pm On Sep 05
Thanks for d update sir....
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by unitysheart(m): 8:42pm On Sep 05
Thanks honorable talk and do
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by yungbanks(m): 11:00pm On Sep 05

am happy you do, sir
if u continue with this sir title i.go. run leave ur thread ooo
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:45am On Sep 06
if u continue with this sir title i.go. run leave ur thread ooo

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:45am On Sep 06
Thanks for d update sir....
you are welcome, brotherly.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 7:46am On Sep 06
Thanks honorable talk and do
you are welcome brotherly
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by arfezces: 3:09pm On Sep 06
It seem Honorable talk do really love this Veronica o... chaii... enjoyment
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:59pm On Sep 06
It seem Honorable talk do really love this Veronica o... chaii... enjoyment

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 6:59pm On Sep 06

Subtitle: Fu*ck Fakers.

Episode 121

She took her mouth to the base and made her throaty sound, I grabbed the bedsheet as she started bopping on my hard amu.
She freed her mouth and winked at me as she wrapped her soft palm around my soft flesh and ran it up and down manner.

Veronica: you like am?

Me: I like it!

Veronica: I talk am, ashewo!

Me: I like it.

We laughed and she swung her left leg over me and straddled me, she got hold of my hard amu and positioned it pointedly on her drenched hole.
She lowered herself on me taking me inch by inch as she bit her lower lip, the switch in my head went off as she took me in fully.

Breathing heavily she bent and we were both faced, she licked her lips seduc*tively.
Our mouth parted as we welcomed a sloppy kiss intense kiss, we broke the kiss and she placed both hands on my chest and rode me slowly.

Matching pace as comfort grew, our voices cried out in passion. Drenched with sweats, my hands located the mangoes on her chest and squash them.
The pleasure heightened and we let go with ecstacy, my warm cu-m shooting inside her we-t tunnel and her love-juice flooding my laps.

She dropped by the side of the bed breathing heavily, I cuddled her naked self to me.

Me: na wetin you go learn for America?

Veronica: yes, you like it?

Me: I like it, I missed you.

Veronica: for where? when Profit dey.

I let go off her and looked at her face, she was still smiling.

Me: how you take know?

Veronica: *scoff* she be celebrity, uncle.

She got down from the bed giving me a sweet view of her bare rounded sweet a-ss.
She returned to the bed and gave me her phone, I took it and saw a picture of me and Johannah sleeping soundly on the bed, it was so magical.

Me: who send you this picture?

Veronica: she upload am for her Instagram page.

Me: wetin be Instagram?

Veronica: oh lawd! bush man, na your pikin be that?

Me: no.

She didn't seem to believe me, the way our two appeared in that picture no one will believe Johannah isn't my biological daughter. I told her everything about Johannah, she didn't refute or go crazy about. Neither did she question me when I said we only kissed and haven't had se-x.
She grasped my sleeping di-ck beneath sheet and started stroking it.

Veronica: so, wetin you go do now? I no want competition.

Me: *I breathe in* I know wetin to do.

Veronica: *my prick don stand again* I need you. *she whisper to my ear*

I shoved the bedsheet away and lifted one of her legs onto my shoulder, held my di-ck and target it to her crack then started thru-sting in slowly slowly.
Until I am buried inside her, I bent low bending her leg too, grabbed her bo-obs and covered one of her er-ected ni-pple inside my mouth and su-ckled.
I got underway with slow thru-sting till it generated to serious pounding till we had enough for the night.

We ate and slept without me telling her about the call from her father or asking her why she doesn't react like normal girls when she heard of my escapade.

I woke very early the next day and got down from bed, Veronica was sound asleep.
I switched on the light and went to the kitchen to make breakfast for both of us, I took my phone with me and dialed Ugochukwu's number.

It rang twice before he finally picked the call.

Ugochukwu's voice: wetin be your problem? na this kind time you suppose dey call married man?

Me: you sleep with Shantel, alaye?

Ugochukwu's voice: point of correction, no call her Shantel. Call am my one million wife, if that one hard you to call, call am Mrs expensive Ugochukwu.

Me: shift joor, you don buy the house for PH?

Ugochukwu's voice: I forget to tell you, I don buy am two days ago. So, how far na?

Me: my girlfriend don know of Profit.

Ugochukwu's voice: so you dey call me now to come separate fight?

Me: no, come for morning, I want make we go hospital.

Ugochukwu's voice: you no go see governor today, na only him wife and deputy dey go her local government, him dey house today.

Me: after we don see governor, we go go the hospital.

Ugochukwu's voice: I don hear you.

Me: she be virgin or she swallow you?

He ended the call without answering my question, med boy. I was facing the counter trying to get the gas cooker on when I felt like someone was watching me from behind.
I turned and sighted Veronica standing on the doorway with her sexy lingerie, she looked breathe taking that morning and her lovely mo-aning was fresh in my mind.

Veronica: *she raise her eyebrows* you dey sick?

Me: no.

Veronica: tell your small man to calm down.

She kissed my cheek and we both exchanged greetings.

Me: I be wan bring breakfast for you for bed, why you wake?

Veronica: you for do am for 1am, I dey awake since.

Me: unromantic girlfriend.

Veronica: romantic boyfriend I don see you.

We both laughed and we prepared the breakfast together talking non-stop, we ate and I took my bath and got ready.
Ugochukwu came around 7am and we took off to the Governor's residence, we met him having breakfast alone.

Governor: son, you no bother to come see your old man?

Me: sorry, father. Na family issues.

Governor: aahh! family first, Ugo how are you?

Ugochukwu: am fine, sir.

He talked about how he will be able to rig himself in if the people are not supporting him, I come dey wonder if the people get any other party to even vote for apart from NPP.
Sha.. the man open my eyes say people dey actually vote for another party but the electoral bodies are working for them.

So it all seem like people are largely voting for NPP while they are not, we left him and drove to the hospital.

Ugochukwu: wetin we dey go do for hospital?

Me: HIV test.

Ugochukwu: no be me and you oohh! I nodey do any HIV test with you.

Me: why you dey even fear?

Ugochukwu: I don tell you my mind.

Me: how far you and Mrs expensive Ugochukwu last night?

Ugochukwu: why your ears dey always stand when you wan hear gossip? I nodey tell you anything.

We arrived at the hospital and everywhere was smelling like one strange drugs that I didn't understand, we were directed to the lab. for the test.
We met who was in charge, a gentle man of age.
We went to his office because I requested for privacy.

Doc: how I fit help ona?

Me: I wan do HIV test.

Doc: we go take your blood sample.

Me: falsify the result.

Doc: how?

Me: make my HIV status positive, one hundred thousand naira.

Doc: sorry, sir. I can't risk the prestige..

Me: two hundred thousand naira.

Doc: with all due respect sir.

Me: three hundred thousand naira.

Doc: I no understand, sir.

Me: four hundred thousand naira.

Doc: okay, okay, tomorrow come collect the result early morning.


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Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 8:55pm On Sep 06
Honourable talk and do always cocking something up. Ugo don marry now, he is acting more matured. Thanks for the update sir...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Lakesc(m): 8:55pm On Sep 06
Honourable talk and do always cocking something up. Ugo don marry now, he is acting more mature. Thanks for the update sir...
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by ena5four: 9:48pm On Sep 06
400K For Fake HIV Result? Oh Mah Lawd, When U Go Bless Your Pikin, I Need Money O.
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Healman(m): 7:46pm On Sep 07

you know how to cook too? nice... i can cook a lot of meals but ehnn.. lemme don't talk

Lolz, abeg no talk, cus i have a feeling you're gonna brag of cooking the tastiest tea. lol
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:04pm On Sep 08
Honourable talk and do always cocking something up. Ugo don marry now, he is acting more matured. Thanks for the update sir...

Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:05pm On Sep 08
400K For Fake HIV Result? Oh Mah Lawd, When U Go Bless Your Pikin, I Need Money O.

them nodey need money, na to look for am
Re: Oga Landlord 21+ by Elvictor: 4:06pm On Sep 08

Lolz, abeg no talk, cus i have a feeling you're gonna brag of cooking the tastiest tea. lol

lwkmd! me that cook for governors and senators!

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