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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Christipsy(m): 11:32am On Jan 09
silver1996 hope all is well with u? Hpy new year
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 12:39pm On Jan 09

The cigar smoke eddied coolly down Amilo Raphayes throat, he puffed it out again in rings which breasted the air bravely for a moment, he took another puff from the cigar and snorted the smoke out of a flaring nostril....

He dropped the cigarette to his side when the iron door creak before it open..., for a minute, he just stood with great anger curling around his guts like a blazing inferno that wants to burn him from the inside out....

"Did she sleep..?"Amilo ask, his words smouldering with resentment towards the person that had done his sister bad..

Lorenzo exhale before he opened his mouth to talk...."Yes..."

Amilo took a deep drag of the cigarette again and exhale it into the air....

"What are we going to do about her friend...?"Lorenzo ask taking up a packet of cigarette from his pocket, he sniff before he lit it up, then he sucked it in and felt that sweet burning sensation curled throughout his lungs and throat, ripping its way to his head before finally letting it out.....

"Where is he..?"Amilo ask throwing the last of his cigarette on the floor...

"In the fields with the men..."

Vialo pace around the room, the more he looked at the dead body of his friend, the more angry he gets.., Burning rage hissed through his body like deathly poison, screeching a demanded release in the form of unwanted violence as he kicks everything his leg can touch....

"I'll kill those bastards..."One of his men swear as he went cold with fury, as a tear dropped from his eyes so he went choking in his rage...."I swear to God, I'll kill that girl..."

"We need to start looking for her.."Another of his men said...."They can't waste Gaga and Max like that and we'll just be quiet..."

"How are they even doing it...?"Another one interjects..."I mean how can one girl kill two of our men.."

"She's not alone.. "Vialo snapped nearly suffocating in his own fury...."Someone else is with her..."

"They're amateurs..."Another one said..."Max was shot, a clean bullet to the head.., only a person who knows how to handle guns can pull such bullet.."

"So you saying they have a professional backing them up..?"

"We don't fùcking care if they have a fùcking professional backing them up.."Another man said, his words seething with resentment...."We need to get back at them else Gaga and Max dead will be in vain....".

"Now the question is.., where the hell are they...?"

That morning, the woods were filled with an ominous brittle silence. There was a shriek from the trees that Henry thought was a branch twisting under the sheer weight of cold...., he huffs and glance at his time, it was 5:56AM already, how he was able to cope for hours without seeing Susan was a mystery he finds difficult to understand, he couldn't sleep a wink not even to blink his eyes.., how could he possibly sleep when he's in the middle of God knows where and surrounded with men with big guns.., he have so many things to ask Susan, why she never told him she have a brother worries him, could she be keeping more secrets.., more secrets that could put an end to any relationship he thinks they have.....

He quickly stood up from where he sat when he caught sight of the man who had brought him and Susan....., The cold that had seemed mild at first now numbed his face with extremities, With each breath more heat rose in puffs of white vapour, with each gust of the wind more heat dissipated into the morning darkness..., he felt a bit scared seeing Lorenzo and the other man walked towards him..., with the guns around him, trying to escape if anything foolish happens was suicide.., he won't make a run to the road before a bullet hits him...

When they stopped to stand before him, he wonder what they were thinking.., what dark ideas could be running in their mind.., for a minute, without saying anything, he studied their faces.., they were ruthless criminals, ravaged with guns of different types., what could Susan been thinking associating with such goons....

"Where is Susan..?"Henry spoke first, his voice coming clear and sharp than he anticipated..

He watch as both men look at him, each not moving a muscle to answer his question.., he shivered from fear that something could have happened to Susan while he was been held in the field possibly and unknowingly waiting for his own sentence ...

"I heard you helped my sister..."Amilo said putting some reliefs in Henry's bubbles..

Henry sigh....."Yes..., where is she.?"He manage to ask, his spines craving with fear..

"I'm Amilo..."Amilo said extending his hand for a handshake...."Amilo Raphayes.."

Henry shudder.., he could have sworn Susan's brother was some unknown goons...., never in his life could he have known her brother was no other person than the most ruthless criminal his likes has ever heard of.., he could be someone else, a stolen identity perhaps...., he been the famous Amilo Raphayes is just too unbelievable......

He look at his hands, fear linger inside him threatening to rip him apart if he doesn't take the hands extended towards him.....

"Henry.."He said amidst fear as they exchange handshake.....

He shivered, his heart threatening to explode with fear as Amilo Raphayes tightened his hold on his fingers..
Henry choke on his fear and look at his face....

"Such hands for a man.. "Amilo mutter before releasing his grip on him....."I'm sorry.."He added when Henry gave him a stony look...

He wasn't sorry, Henry thought, he did it on purpose but why he did it, his witty statement couldn't throw more light on it., he took a deep breathe to calm his panic.., he comported himself and stood head on with Amilo...

"So.."Henry said with curled lips."You're Amilo Raphayes.., the famous criminal..."

Henry watch as Amilo facial muscles retreat into a frown and he fear he'd offended him with his question...

"I wouldn't say criminal.."Amilo said, his face lighting up with a smile that quickly disappear as it came...."I only fight for what I believe in.., does that make me a criminal...?"

Henry grit.., such words of defense.., as long as he's concerned, when you steal and kill people, you're a criminal..reasons be damned...

"Forget the things they say about me on TV and newspapers..."Amilo added with a little vigour..."In reality, I'm something different.., trust me, I only deal with people that offend me..."

"Nice words.."Said Henry..., he look around only to see some of the men looking at him.., he blink before he returned his gaze to Amilo...."Where is Susan.., I mean your sister..."

"She's asleep.."

Oh she's asleep, he's been bursting his head over her all night and she's asleep, did she even care to ask how he was, to check if he was dead or barely alive...

"She told me a lot of things about you.."Amilo added..

He grit wondering what Susan could have told him......"Well at the very least, is she alright..?"

"She's fine.."Amilo said

"Well I want to see her.."

"She cannot see her now.."Amilo said

Henry sniffle, look away and revert his gaze to him a second later...

"I want to ask you a rather important question..."Amilo said

Henry’s eyes enlarge wondering what the question is..

"What can you tell me about Samuel Okweche...?"Amilo ask

Henry shivered and took a step back..what could Susan possibly had told him about Samuel...., Samuel destroyed their lives, fuvk them over..that bastard is the reason they're here, reason he's here, probably the reason Amilo is here....

Washing off the remainders of sleep from his eyes, Samuel stepped out from the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror in his room, the mirror encircled by a frame of threadlike strands of silver, interlaced together in a mock-liana arrangement, Samuel love it that way, loves his things to be stylish and unique.., he pick up the well ironed and packaged suit, he look at the colour, blue definitely won't fit the occasion.., a week ago, he was pre-informed about an interview with the single diary shows, he didn't want to go but how can he flaunt his new found wealth if not on television, he dropped the suit and pick another one from the bathroom.., orange, his favourite, this surely will do the magic.., for a minute, he stood preening his new hair style and how the suit will blend with it....., he was about dropping it when his room door opened....., knowing fully well who just entered his room, he spun around...

"Where were you..?"Samuel ask walking towards the wardrobe again.."I was in your room earlier..."

Festus mouth hung in the air as he thought of the night, the exertions of it still etched in his head like a glue...

"You were in her room..."Samuel said picking up the blue and orange suit..."You guys are fùcking now...?"

Festus nibbed but didn't day a word, just then the dream Success had told him made way to his head..., he told her he wasn't scared, but truth is, he's as scared as she is...

"Blue or orange..?"Samuel chime into Festus thought

"Where are you going...?"Festus ask with shrugged shoulders..

Samuel sigh.."You always have a way of ruining the fun..."

"What fun..?"Festus quizzed walking to sit on the bed, he stood up when he felt something sticky in his bum...."Jesus condom..., used condom.."

Samuel nibbed with enlarged eyes as Festus raised the sperm filled condom...

"You said you don't like prostitutes, yet you bring them home.."Festus stated, he took one last glance at the condom before he threw it on the floor and sat on another part of the bed..."

"It's Cassandra.."Samuel said walking towards the wardrobe.."She's not a prostitute..."

"Well whoever sleeps with a boy and leaves before anyone sees her is a prostitute...."

"Fine..."Samuel concurred spuning around with a pair of jean and t-shirt...., now which should I wear, casual or suit...?"

"Depends on where you're going..."

Samuel frown.."How could you forget.., I told you I have an interview with single diary..."

Festus eyes dropped..."Are you still doing that shit..., thought you said you aren't going....."

"Well I change my mind...., I'm going to see someone this morning...."

"Success had a dream..."Festus said, his voice rumbling low..

Samuel look away and once again fused his attention on the wardrobe..."That girl is always dreaming.."He said over his shoulder.. "Sometimes I wonder if she's a decendant of Joseph the dreamer..."

"Sammy this is serious...."Festus said....

"Nothing is more serious than making money.."Samuel said turning back to face him with another set of clothes..."Black or yellow.."

Festus hissed silently.."Can you quit acting like a girl and listen to me..., she said we died and guess who killed us in her dream.."

"Who...?"Samuel ask not bothering to give a thought towards it..


There was silence between the two boys, for a minute they stood as the words digest in their brains, then all of a sudden, Samuel burst into laughter......

"This isn't funny..."Festus said slightly irritated..

"Is that why you're scared..?"

"You are scared of her too, if you weren't, you wouldn't hire people to kill her family and friends...., are you sure she's truly mad..?"

"That's exactly what I'm going to confirm this morning...."Samuel said dropping the clothes in his hand back in the wardrobe..

"You're going to the hospital...?"Festus ask


"I thought you said you're going for an interview..."

"Interview is second.., hospital is first.. , but I'm very sure she's crazy.., and if she isn't, the news about her family death will certainly make her run mad, so do not worry boy..., Anita can't do a thing to us because I'm her god.."

Theresa glance at her time, it was 8:15AM already, she sigh and look at Major Lafera, his expression look like he has a lot to say, two hours ago she had receive a call from the major telling her of important findings that needed to be discuss with total urgency...., she took her gaze away and settle them on Roy, Roy look like he wasn't tired from the sleep, his eyes were red, withdrawn probably from lack of sleep.., she has heard from one of the team members that he always get high before going to bed each night.., she sigh and shift her gaze to George, her most trusted partner, someone she could share things that ordinarily she wouldn't share with even her mother.....

"A good time to come..."Major Lafera said when Agent Tex, the agent they've all been waiting for entered the room...."Don't you think so agent Tex..?"

"I'm sorry..."Agent Tex said taking off his face cap..."I got hold up by traffic..."

"We all did..."Major Lafera replied..."But we still arrived early..."

"I'm sorry.."Agent Tex apologise again

Theresa almost laugh, The major can be a pain in the ass sometimes, she remenbered a time when she had arrived late for a meeting.., the major had literally ask her to stay outside and there she was till the meeting was over.....

For a minute, the major just stood staring at their faces as if he was just noticing them for the first time.., Theresa wasn't surprised, the major always does that but this time, instead of her looking away like she always does, she fused her gaze on the major almost locking eyes with him...

"I hope you all had a wonderful night...?"Major Lafera ask

"If waking up by 3AM to answer a phone call is define as a wonderful night..., then we had a wonderful night.."Roy sass and half of the team responded with laughter...apparently the only person who didn't catch the joke was the major..

Major Lafera spun around to face the white board and took a marker from his pocket........

"Lastnight" Major Lafera said turning back to face them...."A special informant called me..., he said he saw someone that look like Amilo Raphayes men..."He motioned the IT man who in turn display a picture on the big screen.....

Theresa and George exchange glances before they refocus their attention on the screen...

"A supermarket CCTV camera caught him yesterday..."Major Lafera continued..."When I was brief, I didn't believe at first until I did my own findings.."

He nod his head at the IT man who quickly display different pictures of newspapers.....

Major Lafera look at the newspapers for a brief second before he opened his mouth to talk..."On different occasions this man has been seen with Amilo Raphayes..., he's more like his second in command..."He walk from his standing position and troy towards Agent Tex..."I dig deeply and i happen to stumble upon his name in one of the newspaper.., 2006 extera newspaper to be precise....., his name is Lorenzo, born 1990 in a small village call Asguad..., like I said earlier, yesterday he was seen in town and if he's in town, it certainly means Amilo Raphayes is not far off either..."

"How do you propose we find this man...?"Roy ask crossing his legs...

"They could be out of town by now..."Theresa interjects..

"Or maybe not.."George chime in

"How sure are we Amilo is with him..?"Agent Tex ask with a cringe at Theresa...."He could have come here on his own...."

"That could be a possibility.."Major Lafera said turning back to face the screen..."But I believe Amilo is here, somewhere.., a dog doesn't go far from his owner..."

"Not if it's stolen.. "Roy sass

Major Lafera shift his gaze to him but quickly ignore him and continue...."If Amilo is in the city, we need him found, if we find Amilo, finding Carlos will be a close mile..."

"If it's true Amilo is in the city.."Theresa chime in releasing her folded hand...."He could be anywhere.., there are thousands of buildings in the city."

"Amilo wouldn't go where people will see him.."Major Lafera said..."He must be hiding somewhere, somewhere secluded..., how many drones do we have...?"

Joseph the IT guy lifted his glasses a bit as he began to brood over the last number he counted....
"I think twenty, twenty-one....."

"Twenty is great.."Major Lafera cut in...."I want all twenty dispatched into the city..., wherever Amilo is hiding, I want him fished out and captured..."



Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 12:39pm On Jan 09
silver1996 hope all is well with u?
Hpy new year
All is well sir, my work is just taking much of my time
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by do4luv14(m): 1:42pm On Jan 09
War is coming, Samuel will get disappeared in the hospital,

It's getting hotter

Happy new year Silver1996

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by petersononome: 4:45pm On Jan 09
This major should mind his own business na, he shouldn't come and ruin the fun abeg.

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:54pm On Jan 09
War is coming, Samuel will get disappeared in the hospital,

It's getting hotter

Happy new year Silver1996
Happy new year bro
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:54pm On Jan 09
This major should mind his own business na, he shouldn't come and ruin the fun abeg.

Thanks for the update
You welcome
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by do4luv14(m): 5:31pm On Jan 09
This major should mind his own business na, he shouldn't come and ruin the fun abeg.

Thanks for the update

Help tell am ooo, or else ah send Taka give am

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adeola25(f): 10:59pm On Jan 09
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by sheba222(f): 6:52am On Jan 10
War is near,I pity samuel and his team.Thanks silver for this wonderful piece and happy new year.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 9:51am On Jan 10
Rip to Samuel and crew, pls these police people shouldn't do anything that will ruin Amilo plan o, they better dey their dey until Samuel and crew are dead.

Thanks for the update silver

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by showgoeson: 1:19pm On Jan 10
Rest in peace to Samuel in advance, I guess we're getting towards the end of the story

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 6:25pm On Jan 10
Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by doctorexcel(m): 12:33am On Jan 11
Thanks for the update bro. Its getting more interesting

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by kelvyncruz: 10:45am On Jan 11
It's getting intriguing, pls the special agents shouldn't interface.

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 1:57pm On Jan 11
Thanks for the update boss

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Khriztarl(f): 3:44pm On Jan 11
I have a feeling Amilo would die. It's so strong.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:01pm On Jan 11
EPISODE TITLE- Drums of war..(PART C)

After the announcement Theresa's eyes were as immobile as the rest of her face, as if news like that was impossible to absorb any faster. She was frozen for maybe three whole seconds before the corners of her mouth resumed their usual softness and her eyes quit staring at the large screen. She turned to the others, every part of her face in a brilliant smile....
"How was your night..?"George chime in from behind her..

Retaining the smile, she turn towards him, she watch his cheeks close in together in a lazy and understated motion....
"Well..."She said slightly pouting.."Just like Roy said, we all had a wonderful night.."

George chuckle and raise his eyelids towards Mammoth that was closing in on them.., Theresa followed the direction of his eyes and spun around to see Mammoth.....

Mammoth nibbed on his bottom lip before he shook hands with George..

"Hey.."Theresa said, the corners of her mouth curving into a smile..

"Hey.."Mammoth replied..."I wanted to call you this morning to tell you my findings.."

Theresa raised her brows with a cringe at George.., she took a step forward finding interest in the conversation.....

"Did you find out who she is..?"George ask

"Yes.."Mammoth replied...."She's been identify as Titiana Ayes.., for short, people call her Titi..., she's a nurse..."

"A nurse.."George reiterates...

"How did she end up with a bullet in her head..?"Theresa ask curiously

Mammoth sigh.."I went to her place of work yesterday to ask a few question.."

"What did you get..?"Theresa ask

"Nothing concrete..., but something came up lastnight, a friend of hers posted this on twitter..."He said showing them the save tweet on his phone...."It has gone viral already.."

George drew nearer to take a better look before he read the tweet aloud.."Life is cruel, Titi told me she was going to the mako company only to return dead.."

"The mako company.."George reiterates...."Isn't that the same company that awarded that boy..."

"Samuel.."Theresa added with a cringe at George, she sigh before she returned her gaze to Mammoth...."What else did you find out..?"

"Nothing tangible...."

"Some things are not adding up you know.."Said George...

"You think Samuel is connected to all this...?"Theresa ask curiously

"I don't know.."George said..."You think so..?"

"Before you respond to that..."Mammoth chime in.."You should know someone died last night.. "He added showing them another picture....."The local police said he was shot in the head..., his body was found near a car.."

"Who is he.?"George ask taking a closer look at the picture...

Mammoth nibbed before replying.."The local police found an ID.., he's Identified as Styles, Styles Mayor..., what surprises me is nothing was reported stolen from the car.."

"So it wasn't a robbery..?"Theresa ask

"Doesn't seem so.."Mammoth said.."Whoever killed Styles knew exactly what he was doing."

Matthew wince in pain as he try to get up from the bed, he fumbles the little white pill, his mind already clamouring for the pain relief to come. It isn't that his pain is acute, more that it never leaves her unless he sleeps..., after what Henry had told him the day before, he knew he needed to leave the hospital, if not for anything but to save his sister.., Moving without pain, without aches, was just one thing he used to take for granted. Today his muscles feel as though they have been flash-burned with acid from the inside...just sufficient to make them move like the living cells have been replaced by aging rubber bands, thick and twisted....

He lowered his gaze to his ringing phone.., he saw the caller, it was his friend Desmond from his home town...., four days ago they had plan to go for a job.., his plans was visit his sister, go back home and go for the job.., he stretch his hand towards the direction of the phone but before his hand moved an inch he felt his jaw clench in anticipation and already he is resigned to the discomfort to follow.....

He grimace, his teeth clenched together from pains and anger, anger towards the possibility that Samuel could be the one who had put him in such predicament.., he pick up the phone, hesitated a bit before he answered the call....

There was silence from the other end, he didn't speak either, not speaking first over the phone has become a habit, one he had adapt since he bought his second phone....

"Hello.."He mutter shabbily finally breaking the silence that tends to erupt over the phone..

"Matt..."His Friend, Desmond voice came up..

Matthew grit as he brood over the fact that his friend is always loud even on phone.., something must have happened for his voice to come out low.....

"Matthew are you there..?"Desmond ask from the other end..

Matthew sigh and tried to move an inch but quickly realise how futile it was to move his legs when a sharp pain radiate from the now treated bullet hole..., his ribs hurt, his shoulder hurts.....
"Yes I'm here.."He replied....

"Where are you, are you in town..?"

Matthew exhale trying to imagine what could possibly be going on, it's very unlike his friend to be asking these questions, his normals were....'Idiot , are you still with that babe..?'

"No.., I'm not in town.."He said and manage to sit up on the bed...

There was silence from the other end and Matthew suspects his friend knew more than he's letting on...

"What's going on..?"Matthew ask

"How fast can you get to town..?"His friend ask

"I..I don't know if I can come now, I really have some issues to resolve here, what happened..?"

"It's not something we can discuss on phone, just come to town, it's important.."

Matthew sigh and raise his gaze to the door when it creak, he watch as the doctor entered the room, he was at the verge of ending the call when he heard a woman's voice wailing..., probably sobbing too...

"Desmond, what happened.?"He ask, curiousity dawning on him..

There was silence and it made Matthew grew impatient, even angrier...

"Something happened last night.."Desmond said from the other end.

"What happened..?"Matthew ask immediately.., the enormity of the words already making his heart jump...

Desmond didn't reply, Matthew grew annoyed from both the words and his own pains..

"What happened man..?"Matthew groaned forcing himself up from the bed..

"Your father's house caught fire lastnight.."Desmond said........

Shock swept Matthew backward and he almost fell back on the hospital bed.., his breathe came in gasps as imagination took over...

"How are my siblings..?"He ask immediately as fear found way to his brain., he couldn't think straight, couldn't breathe..., the silence from the other end made him more paranoid that he didn't know when he shouted the question again...."How are my siblings..?"

"They're dead..."Desmond shouted from the other end..."They got burnt in the fire....., your father is too.., he died this morning in the hospital...."

Matthew mouth hung in the air, for a minute he just stood without words coming from his mouth, the exertions of the words been a marathon of every bad news sent his spines crawling with raw anger...

"No..., it can't be.."He mutter over the phone..."They can't be dead..."He added and dropped down on the ground before the doctor rushed to his side..

"Mr Samuel..."Dr Charana said, a smile beening around her face as Samuel alighted from the vehicle..

Taking a breather, Samuel took off his CliC Gold 18 Carat Sport glasses, he look around and sniff...

"This place stinks.."Samuel said fumbling his nose

Charana almost frown at the words but Samuel was a client.., so instead, she retained the smile..
"It's a mental asylum mr Samuel..."Charana said.. "Surely it'll stink..."

"Well I have no time neither do I have the patience to discuss what smells and what doesn't with you..., is she ready for me..?"

Charana smile, the day before, she had ask Andrew to prepare Anita well for Samuel's visitation, she's been trying to reach him since she woke up 5AM but he hasn't been answering his calls..., she had rushed down to the hospital this morning to make sure everywhere was kept in place.., she didn't have time to give Anita a proper bath or even the drugs to amplify her craziness since Samuel had to show up earlier than discussed...

"Of course she is.."Charana said..."Please shall we...?"

Samuel look around one last night, quickly he brood over what Festus had told him about Success dream.., all night long, he's been thinking about this moment, the moment he'll have to look at the face of the girl that almost ruined what he worked for..., he couldn't contain the satisfaction of seeing her mad, deranged of every sanity...totally lost....., he wore back his glasses and followed Charana as she leads the way....


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:02pm On Jan 11

Anita couldn't help but compare the night with her own state of mind. Just like the clouds, her insides were in a chaos. A mess. Something was bothering her. Something was hurting her Something ached inside her, Something felt so wrong, so invalid but she couldn't tell what, she tried to pin point the cause for her unexplained pain and sadness but failed, she tried to reason the unbearable burning and how her life has become shreds upon shreds but didn't find any. Everything felt so confused, just like a jumbled set of a puzzle...., she thought about Susan, how she must been faring.., for days she had crave her visit, a visit from any of her loved one but she seen alone, she feel so raw, like there is no skin over her pain and the wind makes it bleed.....

She stood up from the bed and walk towards the door, she peep, everything and everyone just seem to be in a rushed as if some president is visiting...., she ignored them and walk back to her bed..., she remembered the previous day, she didn't sleep much not after what happened between Andrew and Rachel.., that bastard really tired to rape her friend.., surely he deserves whatever they did to him...

She quickly spun around to face the door when she heard a clanking sound.., she moved towards the door once again to peep exactly what was happening., she heard Dr Charana's voice, her voice was loud and authoritative like she's scolding one of the workers..., she quickly ran back to lay down on the bed when she notice the Doctor was heading towards her room, it wasn't long before the door open, and there she was, all dressed in black...

Not giving a hoot about her presence, Anita pretended to be asleep, better asleep than awake to witness what she plan for her, but who was she deceiving, the Doctor will wake her anyway...

"Wake her.."Doctor Charana ordered

Anita shivered as she felt the presence of another person in the room, could it be Andrew...?..., curiousity dawned on her and quickly she opened her eyes.....

She jump up from the bed realising it wasn't Andrew but a security guard..., for a second she stood, her eyes moving from the security guard to Dr Charana.., there was no injection neither is there drugs in her hand..., she sigh, a sigh of relief, then all of a sudden she flicked her hair and fused her unblinking eyes on Charana.., she realise convincing everyone she's mad was proving more difficult when she had to shake her head more violently.....God..how do mad people do it..?.

"There's someone here to see you.."Dr Charana said in a voice that made her a Saint..

Anita didn't say a word, all she could think of was the person who wants to see her.., she shudder when Dr Charana step close to her but she didn't move an inch, didn't want to, its time Dr Charana realise she's no longer scared of her....

"You better behave."Dr Charana said, her face retreating into the evil that she is..."Else you'll be spending the night in a hole..".

Anger washed over Anita but she kept it hidden.., it wasn't yet time to latched out...

"Take her..."Dr Charana told the guard and walk outside...
When the guard grab her, Anita didn't flinch, neither did she fight back.., from the Doctor's words, anyone could guess that whoever wants to see her wasn't a friend....

Once more, Dr Charana dial Andrew's number as they walk.., she waited for him to answer., when he didn't, she frown and drop the phone to her side....

"Damn you Andrew.."She swear and hasten her footsteps

Anita almost smile, if only she knew what they had done to Andrew...., she followed the guard grudgingly as Dr Charana lead the way, Anita sigh as Dr Charana open a door along the corridors..., she entered and so did the guard dragging her....

Anita stepped out from behind the guard and look at the fourth person in the room, she couldn't tell who it is since she could only see his back, just then he spun around to face her with a huge smile sweeping around his face......

The shock almost pushed her back but she kept her facade.., just then she began to brood over every evil he had done to her.., he's the reason she's here, the reason she hasn't seen the sunlight for days...

"Excuse us.."Samuel said to Charana and the guard..

"Be careful.."Charana said with a cringe at Anita.."She's violent.."

She's violent, the words rang in Anita's brains, they're about to know how violent she can become..

When Samuel nodded, Charana motioned the guard who left first..

"I'll be outside.."She said and stepped out from the room..., the door slamming close behind her....

Rage build like deep currents inside Anita, her anger threatening to unleash without thoughts of consequences but for a thing she kept her cool, maybe it wasn't the right time, she needed to get out of the hospital first....

"You look bad..."Samuel said, a taunting smirk across his stuble following the words...

When Anita didn't reply but rather flick her hair, Samuel scoffs and drag a chair from underneath the table.., he sat down and refocus his gaze on her again.., then he sniff..

"God you smell.."Samuel sneer...."Look at you.., wanting to ruin me.., I ended up ruining you you piece of garbage.."

Anita felt sweat sheen down her skin, scorching, ordering a few steps backward, but she didn't move, she watch, eyes full open, posture square to the table and to him.., even if every word swung from his mouth were like gasoline to the fire burning inside her, she holds still, staring at him, eyes locked right on his...., then all of a sudden her jaw clenched and there was a wrinkle on a her nose that has nothing to do with a coming sneeze....

"Since you're been locked here like the battered and long time frustrated animal that you are.."Samuel said..."I believe you have no idea what has happened in your absence..."

Anita didn't say a word, didn't want to, she only took a step and it's like an epic series of movie-stills, fists moving as her face contorts into an expression she's never worn before...

"I'll fill you in.."Samuel added, a taunting smile following his evil lines...., he waited for her to say something, to react but when he got nothing but her frowned expression, he continued...."I broke your friend's leg..., you remember her right, what's her name again..., yes Susan..., she came to warn me, she even have the guts to threaten me.., so I send some goons to break her leg, she got paralysed and guess what sweetheart, I wasn't satisfied..., her warnings keep ringing and ringing in my head so I killed her..."

Everything went red with Anita, her vision blurred as a flame curled in the pit of her stomach, her brain went on overdrive as it picked every moment that she'd spent crying. The memories weighed down on her but instead of breaking her even more, her heart turned ice cold and slunk into the shadows as her brain took complete control.., she didn't believe it..., it can't be, Susan can't be dead...

"But that isn't even the sweetest part.."Samuel continued, his insides craving with joy and vexation as he let it all out....."The sweetest part is when I killed your family..., your father in the hospital.., your little siblings in that dirty village of yours and of course the big brother...Matthew..."

Anita glare at him as her whole body shook violently.., she quickly grab the glass cup placed on the table, there it hit her, the painful weight of the words..., right there she realise she couldn't hold it in anymore.., she's going to latch out damning every pretense to hell....

"Oh what joy did I derived when I watch the video of your siblings wailing and screaming as the fire dry every part of their skin...., indeed it was marvelous in my sight..., this will serve a lesson to others never to dare me in the future.."

The flames in Anita's stomach rose up to her chest and crawling through her veins, it took over the rest of her body. Her fingers coiled into fists, crushing the glass rods she'd held. The glass pierced the skin of her palms but she barely felt it. Waves of fury rolled off her as the blood rose to her cheeks. The term anger, barely even touched the tip of the volcano that she so clearly was in that moment...., then all of a sudden, without a command from her brains, she violently pushed the table between her and him aside and rushed at him..., her fingers grazed the corners of his neck and both went down to the ground....

"I'll kill you..."Anita shouted as she reach his neck and began strangling every breathe from him....

Charana pushed the door open and quickly ran to the rescue....., she pulled Anita from him but quickly realise how difficult it was when Anita faced her with red rimmed eyes.., her anger so raw that it could burn through iron.., she shudder when Anita pushed her to the wall with a force that she never expected..., her head came in contact with the wall...., as if that wasn't enough, Anita dragged her from the wall and with a power she never thought she had, she pushed her towards the table and watch as Doctor Charana's body slammed across the table before rolling down with it....

She reached out to Samuel one more time with intentions of continuing from where she stopped, but she was a minute too late when a hand hold her arm... , angrily she whirl around and land her elbow on his face, right below his eyes.., for a second, the security guard let go of her, she delve into the opportunity and began strangling Samuel again but this time Samuel struggled with her..

"I'm going to kill you.."Anita stated angrily as raw and hot tears fall out from her eyes..

It didn't take a minute before two security guards pull her up, she struggled with them throwing sloppy kicks as they drag her far from Samuel...

"She's not mad.."Samuel shouted angrily..."She's not mad..."

"Yes I'm not mad.."Anita retorted struggling to let free from their hold...."If anything happens to my family, I swear to God I'll kill you.., I'll kill you, you bastard"

Angrily, Dr Charana March towards her, there is a breaking point to her patience and in that moment she knew she had passed that level.., raw anger licking through, she slammed her fingers across Anita's face..

The hot slap resounded in Anita's face and just then she latched out at her...."I'll ruin you.., you just watch and see what's going to happen to you, with God my witness, I swear today, I'll kill all of you if anything happens to my family....,I swear it..".

"Take her out and lock her up with Bulchama.. "Charana shouted..

"Bulchama.."The security guard reiterates...

"Am I speaking Chinese.. "She retorted.."Lock her up with him and make sure she doesn't eat, doesn't drink.., I want her hungry, thirsty until she dried up and dead..., now take her out of my sight..."

"This isn't over you bastards....."Anita hollered as the guards began to drag her out..., her voice continued echoing around until it was heard no more..
"She's not mad.."Samuel retorted as he touch the cuts Anita's fingers made on his neck..."You told me she's mad.."

"I never knew she was pretending., I swear I didn't know."

"You didn't know.., you're so Incompetent.."

"I'll do what needs to be done.."

"You better doctor...., didn't you get the memo, I want her extremely mad until she has lost herself and everything in the world...., until then I'm not paying you any more dine.. "

With those words, Samuel took his glasses and left the room angrily...

Anita struggled with the guards as they drag her to the hole.., she watch through red rimmed eyes as one of the guards rushed to open the lock..., despite her struggle, the two guards holding her pushed her into the hole.., she fell and landed fiercely on the ground, what followed was the gate dropping then the guards locked it again.., she tried to get up but quickly how futile it was to get up upon noticed that she sustained an injury and strained her ankle...., she screamed as more tears found way to her tears.., just then she heard a voice, she spun around, there she saw him, the most violent and feared mad man..

"They brought me a wife.."Bulchama mutter nodding his head with extreme precision

Anita shift aback, fear and anger nearly ripping her heart out.., when he jump and ran to her like a four legged animal, Anita realise she's in for a deep shìt....., she tried to push him aside but she couldn't, every thing she tried came turning to what pleases him...

Bulchama grab her arm then he licked her face..., Anita couldn't take it, so he pushed him with a full force.., the pushed sent him backwards but he came back as he went, this time fully agitated.., angrily he pushed Anita on the floor and lay on her back..., spits drop sporadically from his mouth into Anita's face before he drew his mouth closer and lick Anita's face again....

His dirty breathe, the vile odour from his body gave Anita a growing nauseous..., her stomach lurched as he licked her face again taking his mouth to her sealed lips, she couldn't hold it in...right there, she vomited......

Slow and steady Andrew opened his eyes.., he blink to relieve himself of any sleep that was still lingering around.., he shut his eyes only to reopen them a second later.., for a minute, he just sat thinking of where he is, just then what had happened in the night became to flood his head like deep waters.., he tried to get up but little did he realise he was been tied up and gagged from screaming...., worse he was been held in a dark room...where exactly is he..?

He shivered, fear paralysing him to the spot as cold dry hands began to touch his legs.., he began to shake and chew on the gag, as the hands rose to his stomach..., his fear swallowed him up, he shook the chair more violently until he fell and hit his head against the wall......

Fingers crawl in his legs once more, the feeling was taunting, he tried to scream again but the gag couldn't let him..just then he realise the devil has found him..., he creep in his stomach from his position totally unaware of where he is heading, he couldn't see, couldn't do anything but bashed in the horror unveiling before him......, the darkest phrases of his life has began .....

PLAGIARIZED..............will continue


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:10pm On Jan 11

Help tell am ooo, or else ah send Taka give am
grin grin
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:10pm On Jan 11
War is near,I pity samuel and his team.Thanks silver for this wonderful piece and happy new year.
Happy new year to you too
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:11pm On Jan 11
Rip to Samuel and crew, pls these police people shouldn't do anything that will ruin Amilo plan o, they better dey their dey until Samuel and crew are dead.

Thanks for the update silver
You welcome dear
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Silver1996(m): 4:29pm On Jan 11
Rest in peace to Samuel in advance, I guess we're getting towards the end of the story
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by mostob(m): 5:34pm On Jan 11
Never knew a story could infuriate me to this extent. They should first of all soak Samuel inside got water then whip him before rubbing pepper on his entire body.
Weldone Silver
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by egwolopretty: 5:34pm On Jan 11
Can Amilo kill Samuel already, I'm tired
Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by mostob(m): 5:35pm On Jan 11
Can Amilo kill Samuel already, I'm tired
kill? that is a soft punishment abeg...

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adeola25(f): 9:03pm On Jan 11
This story is getting more interesting. Every hiding secrets will soon be opened. Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ann2012(f): 10:07pm On Jan 11
I’m just waiting for Samuel and Charana’s death

Thanks for the update boss

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Adekunlated: 10:53am On Jan 12
Everybody is clamouring for Samuel's dead, well I don't see Samuel's dying anytime soon and the only person in position to kill Samuel right now is Amilo which I don't see happening either, who knows, Amilo may get arrested by the special agents or possibly shot dead in a crossfire even before he gets to Samuel.

Matthew might break his sister out from the mental asylum now that he knows he has no one but her , I see these siblings going on a revenge spree together.

Susan on the other hand, well with her legs broken, I don't see her doing anything, she may only live her life in regrets or possibly commit suicide after Amilo demise.

The story is interesting but I don't see it ending well for any of the characters.

Thanks for the update silver, you remain my best writer here but pls, try and update regularly.


Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Ciara9251(f): 11:17am On Jan 12
Your NL picture got me tripping. Awe. Sleeping beauty kiss kiss kiss
I love your story, by the way ❤. It's such an intriguing one ★.

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by purity23(f): 1:21pm On Jan 12
Amilo oooo, pls I'm waiting for you

Thanks for the update

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Re: PLAGIARIZED (The Story Was Just The Beginning) by Thebigdream: 5:26pm On Jan 12
I just wonder what the witch doctor will do to my girl now.

Where dem lock Andrew put na.??

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