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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:32am On Feb 14, 2022

Yinka, Where Is Your Huzband? by Lizzie Damilola Blackburn

Meet Yinka: a thirty-something, Oxford-educated, British Nigerian woman with a well-paid job, good friends, and a mother whose constant refrain is “Yinka, where is your huzband?”

Yinka’s Nigerian aunties frequently pray for her delivery from singledom, her work friends think she’s too traditional (she’s saving herself for marriage!), her girlfriends think she needs to get over her ex already, and the men in her life…well, that’s a whole other story. But Yinka herself has always believed that true love will find her when the time is right.
Still, when her cousin gets engaged, Yinka commences Operation Find-A-Date for Rachel’s Wedding. Aided by a spreadsheet and her best friend, Yinka is determined to succeed. Will Yinka find herself a huzband? And what if the thing she really needs to find is herself?

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/yinka-where-is-your-huzband-by-lizzie-damilola-blackburn/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 12:21am On Feb 18, 2022

Suitors Are Scarce in Lagos: stories by Lola Akande

Suitors are Scarce in Lagos is a collection of ten short fiction which captures the myriad experiences of women, men, and young adults in one of the busiest cities in West Africa — Lagos. “Who is Sane in Lagos?” takes the reader through a typical day on the road in Lagos. In “A Bullet from Nowhere,” a newly-wed bride relocates from the countryside to Lagos to live with her husband, but falls into unintentional prostitution. In “Caged Bird,” a Boko Haram escapee couple arrives Lagos only to be sucked into the fast pace of Lagos life. In the title story, a suitor-seeking woman discovers that suitors are scarce in Lagos in spite of the teeming male population of the city. Similarly, all the other stories build themselves around the geographical fabric of Lagos. The collection interrogates the features of Lagos. It probes into the demographics that make up the city, including its people, its glamour and color, and its raw dogged determination to succeed no matter the odds. The stories excoriate the peculiar vices of Lagos. In addition to its variegated thematic elements, the collection employs simple language, humor, and sarcasm to reveal that it is not only suitors that are scarce in Lagos, but other human aspirations and desires also. Suitors are Scarce in Lagos has the potential to become a tour de force on the bourgeoning Lagos genre.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/suitors-are-scarce-in-lagos-stories-by-lola-akande/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:22pm On Feb 20, 2022

Prince of Monkeys by Nnamdi Ehirim

Growing up in middle-class Lagos, Nigeria during the late 1980s and early 1990s, Ihechi forms a band of close friends in his neighborhood. They discover Lagos together as teenagers whose differing ideologies come to the fore over everything from film to football, Fela Kuti to God, sex to politics. They remain close-knit until Ihechi’s girlfriend, is killed in an anti-government riot.

Exiled by his concerned mother, Ihechi moves in with his uncle’s family, where he struggles to find himself outside his former circle of friends. Ihechi eventually finds success by leveraging his connection with a notorious prostitution linchpin and political heavyweight, and earning favor among the ruling elite.

But just as Ihechi is about to make his final ascent into the elite political class, he encounters his childhood friends and experiences a crisis of conscience that forces him to question his motives and who he wants to be. Nnamdi Ehirim’s debut novel, Prince of Monkeys is a lyrical, reflective glimpse into Nigerian life, religion, and politics at the end of the twentieth century.

Download here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/prince-of-monkeys-by-nnamdi-ehirim/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by Vidamia(m): 8:55pm On Feb 20, 2022
[quote author=ELibraryNG post=110320587][/quote]
I read BROKEN LADDER some years back, it's close to 20yrs now. I think the author is a lecturer from olabisi onabanjo university, Ogun state. Do you have pdf of it
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 5:25pm On Feb 21, 2022

I read BROKEN LADDER some years back, it's close to 20yrs now. I think the author is a lecturer from olabisi onabanjo university, Ogun state. Do you have pdf of it

No Sir
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 5:26pm On Feb 21, 2022

The Madhouse by T.J. Benson

A house brings two unique people together by the unlikeliest of chances. In their union, that of an almost priest and a prodigal daughter, two brothers whose bond transcend the laws of nature are born.

Andre and Max have a seemingly blissful life until the boys start sharing dreams and their lives begin to unravel Murderous thoughts, maniac dreams, and their somewhat unbreakable wandering between reality and reverie, would lead them down unknown paths that threaten to severe their family ties.

in this exhilarating and dreamy narration set against the backdrop of a tumultuous era of military rule in Nigeria, Tj Benson weaves a spellbinding tale about the clashes between cultures, the impact of fragile political situations on everyday people. and the lengths we are willing to go in order to save our loved ones.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-madhouse-by-t-j-benson/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 8:02am On Feb 28, 2022

The Forest Dames: An Account of the Nigeria-Biafra War by Ada Okere Agbasimalo Ph.D

“The Forest Dames is a pulsating story about the devastating effects of war, in which Ada Okere Agbasimalo dwells on the sordid consequences of civil war on humanity, and the tortuous effort to achieve normalcy. It features Deze, a young girl with a keen mind, who lived with her parents in a typical African setting, and felt the pain of war. As an adult, the memories remain intact, kind of haunting her.
The Forest Dames is a strident voice detailing and condemning potential malignant actions that continue to impede the development of African nations and indeed, parts of the developing world. These include wars, culture-based biases, illogical and deadly tribal hatred, wanton destruction of life and property, etc.
The Forest Dames is:
Designed to get war agitators to have a rethink.
A vivid and authentic literature for post war citizens anywhere in the world, and anybody for that matter.
A celebration of femininity. A motivation on how to move on.
A potpourri of cruelty, resilience, ingenuity, industry, commitment, hopes and aspirations.
A potent material for ‘War and Gender’ scholars.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-forest-dames-an-account-of-the-nigeria-biafra-war-by-ada-okere-agbasimalo-ph-d/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 2:17pm On Mar 21, 2022

Indigo by Molara Wood

The arrival of a second wife causes a woman to reassess her marriage… Another faces up to tough choices in the wake of a military coup… A heroine from history lights the path for a modern girl on the road to Jenwi… A picture on a wall tells its own poignant story of sacrifice… A former cultist must confront an unspoken secret in his family…
From Nigeria to the Diaspora, joy, sadness, anxieties and triumphs fill the canvas with lush, vivid colours. Themes of loss and longing, past and present, home and away, mysticism and modernity, trauma and healing, truth and lies, masculinity and a woman’s place – all are deftly explored in this mesmerising, sometimes devastating collection of short stories.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/indigo-by-molara-wood/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:48pm On Mar 26, 2022
Chukwuemeka Ike's Books - PDF Download

The Bottled Leopard by Chukwuemeka Ike

Chukwuemeka Ike’s The Bottled Leopard brilliantly tells the story of an embattled schoolboy who has been chosen by his progenitors to bear the mystical power of his lineage, the power to control a leopard.

The book tells of Amobi, a first year secondary school student, who is troubled by dreams of a leopard. Worried by the mysterious illness, his parents consult a famous Dibia who reveals the startling link between Amobi and the leopard of his dreams. Before Amobi can come to terms with his mystical leopard, he undergoes a series of frightening trials and tribulations.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-bottled-leopard-by-chukwuemeka-ike/

Sunset at Dawn by Chukwuemeka Ike

As one of Nigeria’s top writers, the author is concerned with the condition of his country. In this novel he tells, with humour, a human story set in the tragedy of the Biafran war. Fatima is fleeing the enemy planes with her young son, and through her unfolding drama, the reader sees what the war was really like through Biafran eyes.

Download here: - https://afribookhub.com/book/sunset-at-dawn-by-chukwuemeka-ike/

The Chicken Chasers by Chukwuemeka Ike

Chukwuemeka Ike humorously reveals the dark side of international politics in a fictional African Union in his book The Chicken Chasers.

All those attempting to chase the honest but naïve Secretary-General (S-G) out of office did so for different reasons, from the ridiculous to the absurd. Foremost among them was the charming but dangerous Mrs. Peace Bozo (Baby Face to her admirers) who saw everyone as a tool to be used and dumped as she wished. The S-G’s display of integrity, honesty and moral uprightness made all those who had chosen to “chase chickens” sprawl in the dust.

The Chicken Chasers is a funny satirical piece. Though written about a few decades ago, the issues raised in this book remains relevant as politicking is still a part of our everyday lives.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-chicken-chasers-by-chukwuemeka-ike/

Toads for Supper by Chukwuemeka Ike

This is a tragi-comedy about the dilemma faced by Amadi, a young university undergraduate. Set in a conservative period in Nigeria, Amadi is caught between choosing Aduke, a sophisticated course mate whom he loves dearly and the timid Nwakaego, his bethroted wife.

Amidst this chaos, he gets lured by a “sweet-time” girlfriend who later claims he is responsible for the baby she is carrying.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/toads-for-supper-by-chukwuemeka-ike/

The Potter’s Wheel by Chukwuemeka Ike

Satirist and chronicler of the many-faceted world of education in Nigeria, the author is one of Nigeria’s foremost writers. In this novel, he tells of Obuechina, the only brother of six older sisters, prize pupil in the village school, apple of his doting mother’s eye, eight years old and hopelessly spoilt. In a vain attempt to salvage his character, his father decides he must be sent away as a servant to a schoolmaster with a dragon of a wife. Obu goes – and comes back very different.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-potters-wheel-by-chukwuemeka-ike/

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Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 6:24am On Mar 27, 2022

The River Between by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

Christian missionaries attempt to outlaw the female circumcision ritual and in the process create a terrible rift between the two Kikuyu communities on either side of the river.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-river-between-by-ngugi-wa-thiongo/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 9:28pm On Mar 27, 2022

Forest of a Thousand Daemons: A Hunter’s Saga by D.O. Fagunwa, Wole Soyinka (Translation)

A classic work of African literature, Forest of a Thousand Daemons is the first novel to be written in the Yoruba language. First published in Nigeria in 1939, it is one of that country’s most revered and widely read works, and its influence on Nigerian literature is profound, most notably in the works of Amos Tutuola.

A triumph of the mythic imagination, the narrative unfolds in a landscape where, true to Yoruba cosmology, human, natural, and supernatural beings are compellingly and wonderfully alive at once: a world of warriors, sages and kings; magical trees and snake people; spirits, Ghommids, and bog-trolls. Here are the adventures of Akara-ogun—son of a brave warrior and wicked witch—as he journeys into the forest, encountering and dealing with all-too-real unforeseen forces, engaging in dynamic spiritual and moral relationships with personifications of his fate, projections of the terrors that haunt man.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/forest-of-a-thousand-daemons-a-hunters-saga-by-d-o-fagunwa-wole-soyinka-translation/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 5:22pm On Apr 02, 2022

Vagabonds! by Eloghosa Osunde

As in Nigeria, vagabonds are those whose existence is literally outlawed: the queer, the poor, the displaced, the footloose and rogue spirits. They are those who inhabit transient spaces, who make their paths and move invisibly, who embrace apparitions, old vengeances and alternative realities. Eloghosa Osunde’s brave, fiercely inventive novel traces a wild array of characters for whom life itself is a form of resistance: a driver for a debauched politician with the power to command life and death; a legendary fashion designer who gives birth to a grown daughter; a lesbian couple whose tender relationship sheds unexpected light on their experience with underground sex work; a wife and mother who attends a secret spiritual gathering that shifts her world. As their lives intertwine—in bustling markets and underground clubs, churches and hotel rooms—vagabonds are seized and challenged by spirits who command the city’s dark energy. Whether running from danger, meeting with secret lovers, finding their identities, or vanquishing their shadowselves, Osunde’s characters confront and support one another, before converging for the once-in-a-lifetime gathering that gives the book its unexpectedly joyous conclusion.

Blending unvarnished realism with myth and fantasy, Vagabonds! is a vital work of imagination that takes us deep inside the hearts, minds, and bodies of a people in duress—and in triumph.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/vagabonds-by-eloghosa-osunde/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 2:30pm On Apr 04, 2022

The Life Changer by Khadija Abubakar Jalli

Khadijat Abubakar Jalli’s “The life changer” explores several narratives of life on campus. The text uses the voice of Ummi to narrate various campus challenges. The narration follows the adventures of Salma and her roommates in the university as they journey through social and academic upheaval. The life changer explicitly cuts across the changes that follow a person’s life in the university. The university is known to be a mystery to people who have never experienced it. This text shows the need for parental guidance and counselling in a new world where freedom is tied to many complexities such as temptation, lies, distrust, betrayal, bad association, crime, bribery and corruption, abuse of social media etc.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-life-changer-by-khadija-abubakar-jalli/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 9:17pm On Apr 10, 2022

On Ajayi Crowther Street by Elnathan John

This is a comic book in PDF – 80MB

On the noisy Ajayi Crowther Street in Lagos, neighbours gather to gossip, discuss noise complaints, and faithfully head to church each Sunday. But beneath the surface lies a hidden world of clandestine love affairs, hidden pregnancy, spiritual quackery and hypocrisy, that threatens to destroy the community from within.

On Ajayi Crowther Street peels back the curtains on the lives of Reverend Akpoborie and his family, to reveal a tumultuous world full of secrets and lies. His only son, Godstime, is struggling to hide his sexuality from his parents whilst his daughter Keturah must hide the truth of her pregnancy by her pastor boyfriend to preserve her and her family’s image. But it is the Reverend himself who hides the darkest secret of them all, as his wondering eye lands on Kyauta, their young live-in maid.

Download:- https://afribookhub.com/book/on-ajayi-crowther-street-by-elnathan-john/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 9:55am On Apr 23, 2022

How to Beat Your Husband by Dr. Steve Ogan

Crucial issues are discussed here which will improve and save any marriage. Issues such as: understanding spiritual foundations in marriage, what a wife must do to win back an unfaithful husband, what a wife must do to rekindle the love of a husband who treats her with contempt.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/how-to-beat-your-husband-by-dr-steve-ogan/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 5:57pm On May 03, 2022

The Mafia Manager: A Guide to the Corporate Machiavelli by V.

A leading figure from one of the world’s first and best organized conglomerates here reveals management techniques we can all use. Witty, fun, and surprisingly useful, this is a must for the aspiring corporate Machiavelli. Unlike other management guides, The Mafia Manager shuns theoretical verbiage and instead presents the pragmatism and guiding philosophy of the leadership that founded and captained “The Silent Empire” through its centuries of expansion and success. And rather than being seen as the twisted workings of the so-called “criminal” mind, these plans of action and gems of counsel are presented for what they indeed are – the reflection of a penetrating understanding of the dynamics of human nature. The Mafia Manager promises the most unique and practical guidebook on management ever. No reader will look at the workplace in quite the same way.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/the-mafia-manager-a-guide-to-the-corporate-machiavelli-by-v/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 1:12pm On May 04, 2022

Akata Woman by Nnedi Okorafor

From the moment Sunny Nwazue discovered she had magic flowing in her blood, she sought to understand and control her powers. Throughout her adventures in Akata Witch and Akata Warrior, she had to navigate the balance between nearly everything in her life–America and Nigeria, the “normal” world and the one infused with juju, human and spirit, good daughter and powerful Leopard Person.

Now, those hard lessons and abilities are put to the test in a quest so dangerous and fantastical, it would be madness to go…but deadly not to. With the help of her friends, Sunny embarks on a mission to find a precious object hidden deep in a magical realm. Defeating the guardians of the prize will take more from Sunny than she has to give, and triumph will mean she will be forever changed.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/akata-woman-by-nnedi-okorafor/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 9:00pm On May 06, 2022

Noor by Nnedi Okorafor

Anwuli Okwudili prefers to be called AO. To her, these initials have always stood for Artificial Organism. AO has never really felt…natural, and that’s putting it lightly. Her parents spent most of the days before she was born praying for her peaceful passing because even in-utero she was wrong. But she lived. Then came the car accident years later that disabled her even further. Yet instead of viewing her strange body the way the world views it, as freakish, unnatural, even the work of the devil, AO embraces all that she is: A woman with a ton of major and necessary body augmentations. And then one day she goes to her local market and everything goes wrong.

Once on the run, she meets a Fulani herdsman named DNA and the race against time across the deserts of Northern Nigeria begins. In a world where all things are streamed, everyone is watching the reckoning of the murderess and the terrorist and the saga of the wicked woman and mad man unfold. This fast-paced, relentless journey of tribe, destiny, body, and the wonderland of technology revels in the fact that the future sometimes isn’t so predictable. Expect the unaccepted

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/noor-by-nnedi-okorafor/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:37pm On May 07, 2022

Bitter by Akwaeke Emezi

Bitter is thrilled to have been chosen to attend Eucalyptus, a special school where she can focus on her painting surrounded by other creative teens. But outside this haven, the streets are filled with protests against the deep injustices that grip the town of Lucille. Bitter’s instinct is to stay safe within the walls of Eucalyptus . . . but her friends aren’t willing to settle for a world that the adults say is “just the way things are.

Pulled between old friendships, her creative passion, and a new romance, Bitter isn’t sure where she belongs – in the art studio or in the streets. And if she does find a way to help the revolution while being true to who she is, she must also ask: at what cost?

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/bitter-by-akwaeke-emezi/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 10:56pm On May 08, 2022

Blood Scion (Blood Scion 1) by Deborah Falaye

This is what they deserve. They wanted me to be a monster. I will be the worst monster they ever created.

Fifteen-year-old Sloane can incinerate an enemy at will—she is a Scion, a descendant of the ancient Orisha gods.

Under the Lucis’ brutal rule, her identity means her death if her powers are discovered. But when she is forcibly conscripted into the Lucis army on her fifteenth birthday, Sloane sees a new opportunity: to overcome the bloody challenges of Lucis training, and destroy them from within.

Sloane rises through the ranks and gains strength but, in doing so, risks something greater: losing herself entirely, and becoming the very monster that she ahbors.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/blood-scion-blood-scion-1-by-deborah-falaye/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:17am On May 12, 2022

Creatures of Passage by Morowa Yejide

Nephthys Kinwell is a taxi driver of sorts in Washington, DC, ferrying ill-fated passengers in a haunted car: a 1967 Plymouth Belvedere with a ghost in the trunk. Endless rides and alcohol help her manage her grief over the death of her twin brother, Osiris, who was murdered and dumped in the Anacostia River.

Unknown to Nephthys when the novel opens in 1977, her estranged great-nephew, ten-year-old Dash, is finding himself drawn to the banks of that very same river. It is there that Dash–reeling from having witnessed an act of molestation at his school, but still questioning what and who he saw–has charmed conversations with a mysterious figure he calls the “River Man,” who somehow appears each time he goes there.

When Dash arrives unexpectedly at Nephthys’s door one day bearing a cryptic note about his unusual conversations with the River Man, Nephthys must face both the family she abandoned and what frightens her most when she looks in the mirror.

Creatures of Passage beautifully threads together the stories of Nephthys, Dash, and others both living and dead. Morowa Yejidé’s deeply captivating novel shows us an unseen Washington filled with otherworldly landscapes, flawed super-humans, and reluctant ghosts, and brings together a community intent on saving one young boy in order to reclaim themselves.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/creatures-of-passage-by-morowa-yejide/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by Imoleholuuu(f): 12:46pm On May 12, 2022
[/quote][quote author=ELibraryNG post=112749231]
Please can I get The second chance and time changes yesterday by nyengi koin
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by iamL(f): 7:30pm On May 14, 2022
Please can I get The second chance and time changes yesterday by nyengi koin

Time changes yesterday is one of my best then.
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by 21Vavavoomlane: 5:54pm On May 15, 2022

We have it all, softcopy eg PDF, Epub

Send us a reply today.
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by Imoleholuuu(f): 8:50pm On May 15, 2022

Time changes yesterday is one of my best then.
please do you know where I can get it
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 10:31am On May 16, 2022

A Toast to Life by Juliet Ibrahim

From Liberia to Lebanon, Ivory Coast to Ghana, Juliet Ibrahim survives the upheaval of war across countries, being torn away from the familiar and losing memories. But this is only the beginning of her story.

In A Toast to Life, Juliet is a child with body esteem issues, a teenager dealing with abuse in silence, a young woman making mistakes in love and an adult finding cause to celebrate life.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/a-toast-to-life-by-juliet-ibrahim/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by iamL(f): 4:50pm On May 16, 2022
please do you know where I can get it

They said at ibadan. I just can't seem to trust all these online payment with my bank details.
Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 7:59am On May 22, 2022

Satans and Shaitans by Udenwe Obinna

Set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s ongoing terrorism tensions, Satans and Shaitans tells the story of two powerful men, Chief Donald Amechi and world acclaimed televangelist, Chris Chuba, both members of an internationally renowned occult, the Sacred Order of the Universal Forces. Members of the occult from Southern Nigeria, desperate to gain control of their country, deceive an Islamic terrorist organisation into carrying out attacks in order to undermine and overrule the Nigerian President. This powerful story is one of morality, choices and consequence.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/satans-and-shaitans-by-udenwe-obinna/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 2:01am On May 29, 2022

How to Beat Your Husband by Dr. Steve Ogan

Crucial issues are discussed here which will improve and save any marriage. Issues such as: understanding spiritual foundations in marriage, what a wife must do to win back an unfaithful husband, what a wife must do to rekindle the love of a husband who treats her with contempt.

Download here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/how-to-beat-your-husband-by-dr-steve-ogan/

Re: African Literature - PDF Download by ELibraryNG: 1:09pm On Jun 03, 2022

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments (Edinburgh Nights 2) by Tendai Huchu (T.L. Huchu)

Ropa Moyo’s ghostalking practice has tanked, desperate for money to pay bills and look after her family she reluctantly accepts a job to look into the history of a coma patient receiving treatment at the magical private hospital Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments. The patient is a teenage schoolboy called Max Wu, and healers at the hospital are baffled by the illness which has confounded medicine and magic.

Ropa’s investigation leads her to the Edinburgh Ordinary School for Boys, one of only the four registered schools for magic in the whole of Scotland (the oldest and only one that remains closed to female students).

But the headmaster there is hiding something and as more students succumb Ropa learns that a long-dormant and malevolent entity has once again taken hold in this world.

She sets off to track the current host for this spirit and try to stop it before other lives are endangered.

Download Here:- https://afribookhub.com/book/our-lady-of-mysterious-ailments-edinburgh-nights-2-by-tendai-huchu-t-l-huchu/

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