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The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 11:13pm On May 19
The Vipers Girl

(you mess with the wrong person)

By Hossana Isaac O

(Hossy Korean Series)

#Chapter 1



I'm a loser

That's what I am

No body wants me

I'm I that of a bad luck

I'm I that cursed

My life sucks

I sat down under a shade and bent my head to cry

I've just been kicked out of the school I manage to attend

The fee isn't much but I still can't pay because I don't have anything doing

I live with my step mother who's really poor

She doesn't have a child so I'm her only family

She loves me a lot and I'm grateful she's not like other step mothers

And now she's sick, how I'm I going to take her to the hospital

A dime isn't even on me

I'm so useless

Let me introduce myself

I'm Rosalyn

Mostly called Rosa

I'm nineteen years old


Long hair which I don't take care of

And I'm ugly

Well I'm not really ugly

I'm beautiful but because of my condition, I'm looking really tattered

The sky turned dark

It's going to rain

I got up and began to walk down the street

I began to hear shouts and people running towards my direction

Then I began to hear gun shots

Are they having a fight again?

In this part of Seoul, they are two main terrorist gang

The vipers and the red light

These two gangs hate each other so much

Always fighting and killing each other's men

Though the vipers are more dangerous, especially their leader Bad Boy

He's a terror

Everyone is afraid of him

Just the mention of his name can make the youngest child cry endlessly

In fact, the stories I've heard about him are terrible

I don't even want to meet him in my entire life

Girl: Rosa run, the vipers are coming

That was my neighbor who ran past me

I came back to my senses and tried to run

Unfortunately, a stray bullet met my thigh

I winced in pain and fell down

Other people began to run faster after they sighted me on the ground

I looked at my leg and I was bleeding terribly

I began to cry

I looked ahead and saw their convoy coming

Oh no, I'm in big trouble

This is the end

Me: Good bye mom. I'm sorry I can't take you to the hospital. I'm sorry I won't be there for you anymore. I'm sorry

I was crying profusely

Their convoy parked beside me

It opened and I saw two legs climbing down

I looked up and saw him

Bad Boy


(Next Day)

I woke up in a hospital

My eyes opened and I found out that I was still alive

I looked at my leg

It was bandaged up

I sighed

Thank God I'm alive

I'll see mom again

I wonder how long I've been here

Luckily a nurse came in

Nurse: you're awake

Me: yes

Nurse: does your leg hurt?

She moved to me and examined my leg

Me: yes

Nurse: don't worry. It will soon come back to normal. Just a month or so

Me: how long have I been here?

Nurse: two days

Me: who brought me here?

Nurse: Bad Boy

My eyes widened

Me: Bad Boy

She smiled

Nurse : you should rest

She patted my shoulder and left

Bad Boy brought me here?

Why I'm I so unfortunate?

Well at least he didn't let me die

Maybe I'm just lucky

I can't wait to see mom

She'd be worried sick now


(Next day)

Isn't my life the worst?

My step mom is dead

She died that same day

I couldn't even get to say goodbye

My mom is dead

Life is so unfair

First it didn't allow me to know my real mom because she died when I was born

Then it took my dad away on my fifteen year old birthday

Now the woman I have come to love as my mom is also dead

She's in the morgue

I don't even have the money to pay for the morgue fee

I would have gone to borrow some money but this crutches make me feel like a human turtle

And this house makes me feel so lonely

I dropped my crutches and sat on the couch

My landlord entered without even knocking

Me: good afternoon sir

I bowed

LL : Rosa, after your mom's funeral, you'll have to leave here. You guys are owing too much. I can't let you stay because you won't be able to pay

Me: sir ...ill try to pay. I'll work

LL : work? How long will you work? You won't be able to cover all the debts. I'm sorry Rosa, but after tomorrow you won't be staying here anymore.

He then left

I began to cry

It's true, I won't be able to pay the debts

I wanna die

(The cemetery)

I watched as my beloved mom was fixed into the wall that was built for fixing in coffins

The opening was covered and her picture placed in a glass beside it

My face was already soaked and swollen

I quickly turned back and wanted to leave

I began to walk on my crutches as I made my way out

I wouldn't have even been able to pay for anything here but a good Samaritan helped me

I don't even know the person

Maybe he or she heard about my predicament

But I guess the person forgot to pay my house rent

I walked to the house and saw that it was already locked with my things outside

I sighed and walked further

It was already getting late

I just felt like going around to relief myself instead of sitting in one place and mourning

The sky was already dark and I was still walking around with my crutches

I came to a place and sat down beside the road

I actually fell asleep

When I woke up, the road was already empty

No cars were passing and everywhere was quiet

I began to feel afraid

I'm all alone in the dark

What if something terrible happens to me

I better find refuge somewhere

I took my crutches and began to walk slowly down the street

I saw headlights from afar

The car was coming really fast

I left the road to the pedestrian way

The car was black

It got really close and it was really fast

Me: what a rugged driver

I muttered as I stood still for it to pass

It drove past me but suddenly stopped

I became scared

I began to walk at fast as I could with the crutches

The car began to reverse

My heart was beating loud

The car stopped in front of me

I swallowed a lump in my throat

It opened and someone with dark shades stepped out. I wonder who wears shades at night

I moved back and bowed

I looked up and he removed his shades

My jaw dropped

Me: Bad Boy

Bad Boy : hi

He smiled

Or maybe this isn't him

I don't think he smiles

Bad Boy : why are you outside by this time?

I looked down

Bad Boy : should I tell you why I'm outside?

I didn't talk because I was terrified

Maybe I would even faint now

Bad Boy : I just came back from my club. Those bitches all most drained me out

I looked up


Was he with girls?

He saw the look on my face and began to laugh

I moved back again

Bad Boy : sorry about your mom and your leg

He looked at my crutches and back to my face

Me: thank you

Bad Boy : you need somewhere to sleep tonight. I'll give you a place

Me: what?? No, I'm okay. I'll just .........

Bad Boy : get into the car

It was more like an order

I shuddered

I'm so scared

What if he does something bad with me?

I can't trust this guy

He moved towards me and took my crutches

I screamed and almost fell but he held my waist with one hand and the crutches with the other

I blinked repeatedly

He helped me to the car

Opened the back door and dropped the crutches

Me: please, leave me alone. Please I'm begging you

He smirked and opened the other door

He carried me up and sat me down then closed it

He sat on the drivers seat and drove off

I didn't say anything anymore neither did he

I couldn't even turn to look at his face

I looked at the glove box and saw weapons of mass destruction

I gasped and he frowned at me

Bad Boy : don't touch anything

He looked away

I swallowed and sat still

We reached a mansion and he parked

He got out and carried me out

He gave me my crutches

Bad Boy : let's go

He walked ahead of me and was walking fast

He stopped and looked back

I was far behind

He sighed and came back

He carried me up and left the crutches outside

We entered the house and I gasped

Where is this place?

We entered the elevator and went upstairs

He opened a door and it was a bedroom

Bad Boy : you're staying here

He dropped me on the bed and looked around

Bad Boy : a Maid will bring your crutches for you. She'll also help you with some things

He made for the door

Me: Bad Boy...

He looked back

Me: thank you

He smirked and opened the door and left

I fell on the bed


Bad Boy lives here?


Read episode 2 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-2.html
Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 11:17pm On May 19
I'm inviting you all to follow this story

Re: The Vipers Girl by perfect25: 11:48pm On May 19

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Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 11:12am On May 20
The Vipers Girl

( You mess with the wrong person )

By Hossana Isaac O.

(Hossy Korean Series)

Chapter 2


I woke up neatly tucked in bed with my crutches over the bedside table

I must have slept off and maybe the maid tucked me in

I sat up and stretched my arms then yawned

#Me : good morning

I have this attitude of saying good morning as my first sentence when I wake up even when I'm alone

I took the blanket off my body and stared at my legs

I sighed and covered them back with the blanket

The bed is really huge and soft.

The bed covers are light blue

The room itself is painted with light blue and white

At the end of the room was a closet

And just adjacent the closet was where I guessed would be the bathroom

I should definitely check this room out

I gently placed my feet on the cold but smooth floor

I smiled as I grabbed my crutches and balanced on them

I began to walk gently towards the closet

I reached it and opened it


This should be like a mini boutique when it's filled with clothes

I didn't bother moving in because it was empty, except for the hangers

I turned and moved toward the bathroom

I opened it and gawked at the sight I beheld

#Me : oh my goodness, I love this

I moved in and stared at every infrastructure in the bathroom

It was really large

Like my former bedroom

Everything was white

The floor was plain white and a little bit rough

Maybe to make it less slippery

It was demarcated into two parts

One on the left and the other on the right

I moved to the left first, it had a glass wall

I didn't know how or where to open it

I frowned in frustration

I moved to the other one which had a long white curtain

I found the entrance and moved in

My eyes met a large bathtub first

Then a glass room with a shower in it

Other things were there but I don't know their names

I turned to go when I saw a television

#Me : what? A television? In here? Why?

I stood watching it surprisingly

I shook my head and moved out of the whole bathroom

I met a maid in the room arranging the curtains

I was startled at first because I wasn't expecting to see anybody

The maid turned and saw me

She bowed and my eyes widened

Is she bowing to me?

#Maid : good morning ma'am

#Me : oh no. Please, don't call me that. I'm Rosa, call me Rosa

I bowed too

#Maid : I'm sorry ma'am, but boss has ordered us to respect you so I don't have another choice

I frowned a little

I knew it was Bad Boy who gave them the order and I didn't want him to punish her for disobeying him

#Me : okay. I'm sorry for trying to make you disobey him

#Maid : it's okay ma'am. Please it's almost time for breakfast. You can just wash up and come downstairs

I twitched my lips

#Me : can't I just have breakfast here? I only have one clothing and that's what I'm wearing

She moved to the bed and brought a bag

#Maid : you can just wear this for now

She stretched forth the bag

I leaned on my right crutch and took it from her

#Me : thank you

She bowed and left saying she would come back in 30 mins

I moved to the bed and sat down then opened the bag

It was a blue dress

I dropped it and moved to the bathroom

I sighed when I got in

#Me : this is going to be a very long and stressful bath


Finally, I got out of the bathroom

And I think I almost spoilt some things because I couldn't use them but wanted to try

After spending ten minutes touching things that began to malfunction, I decided to just use the shower

Even the shower was a problem

The one I know is just to turn a knob and water will start falling

But this one is something else

So many buttons and handles

I didn't even know what to touch

In order not to regret anything, I began to read the signs on each of the buttons till I found the one I wanted

Water began to fall from the shower head

I smiled and pressed the button and it stopped

I began to laugh in victory

I hurriedly took my shower and left

I looked at the wall clock on the wall

#Me : I've spent twenty minutes already?

I quickly wore the dress without applying lotion because there was none

A knock came on the door

#Me : you can come in

The maid walked in

#Maid : are you ready ma'am?

I nodded and stood up

She smiled as I walked towards her slowly

We left the room and walked down the hallway a little

We got to an elevator

#Maid : we'll have to use the elevator because you can't walk down the stairs with your crutches

I nodded and began to bite my lips

This happens when I'm nervous

I've never entered an elevator before

And I overheard some kids in my neighborhood saying that it makes people throw up

I swallowed a lump as I stepped in with her

It closed as she was pressing a button

I began to hear an engine sound but didn't feel anything

I wanted to ask the maid why it refused to move but the door opened and she stepped out

My face puzzled up

I stepped out involuntarily and she gestured for me to follow her

So we're already downstairs?


The elevator isn't bad at all and it's stress-free

#Maid : this is the dinning area. The table is already set so you can just eat

She moved a chair back for me and bowed

#Maid : if you need anything, you can just call the chief maid using that telephone

She pointed to a telephone on the wall

I nodded and she left

I was already sitting down on the chair but I was still nervous

I'm scared of seeing Bad Boy

I don't know what to do if I see him

Should I stand up and bow?

Or I should start thanking him for helping yesternight?

What if he gets irritated by the way I eat since I don't eat with etiquette

Or maybe he was drunk when he helped me last night

I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't even uncover the food

It was when maids started passing by that I became conscious of myself and uncovered the food

It was seafood salad

Shrimps and grits

With sardines and a few of salmon

I smiled and took the cutlery

I really love seafood

I began to eat happily

I can't even remember the last time I ate like this

It's so delicious

I thank God that I learnt how to use cutlery to eat or I'll still be staring at the food

I heard movements behind me and I quickly looked back

I breathed in when I saw that it wasn't Bad Boy

It was just a janitor trying to mop the floor

I faced my food again and finished it

I took the juice and gulped it down quickly

I decided to leave the plates on the table because no one was in sight

I took my crutches again and balanced on them

To be honest I hate these things

It's frustrating

I just can't wait to start walking by myself

I wanted to go back inside but couldn't because of the stairs

And I don't know how to use the elevator

I turned and moved through a partition then I came out in the living room

I gasped again


Bad Boy does have high taste

I heard his father is a top engineer in Europe so I'm not surprised at the way his house is

He should be super rich

A different maid walked towards my direction

#Maid : good morning ma'am. Would you like to watch the television?

Why are all these maids being nice to me?

I'm not use to it and I feel a little bit uncomfortable

#Me : no, it's okay. I don't want to watch the TV

She bowed and I frowned

#Maid : if you want anything, you can order me to do them now

#Me : uhm, I don't want anything. I just want to ask a question

#Maid : go ahead Miss

#Me : where is Bad Boy? Is he out yet?

#Maid : Bad Boy doesn't live here. He just comes like once in a blue moon

I was surprised

I thought this was his house

But why keep such a place if he doesn't make use of it

#Me : when last did he come here?

#Maid : apart from this morning that he came for just five minutes, we haven't seen him for like five months

#Me : and you live here?

#Maid : yes Miss

#Me : wow....

#Maid: I'll just go and do some chores

I nodded and she bowed and left

So this isn't his actual house

Then where exactly does he live

I shrugged and sat on a cushion in the living room

••••••••••••••••Bad Boy••••••••••••••••

I dialed one of my men's number to ask about the progression of the weapons we were to smuggle in

A top official needs some thugs and he came to meet me for the job

I told him we needed weapons and he settled me amicably

Now that's a blow on Ron's face

He thinks he can overtake me?


Never going to happen

I sat on the rocking chair and waited for him to pick the call

My hands were filled with rings and boyish bracelets

My feet were clad in heavy sneakers

As usual, I was wearing black

My favorite color

Finally he picked the call

hello boss

are the weapons here yet?

I was just about to call you sir. They've arrived undetected

bravo! Send them to the hideout Immediately

okay boss

I hung up and laughed

The guards around me smiled

It was quite obvious I just entered my good mood

And I usually favor them when I'm happy

I quickly called the man

hello Mr Yoon

Bad Boy

your weapons have arrived but we need money to settle the men who did the job

but I thought I've settled you the way you want it?

no buts mister. I don't have the time to give you the analysis but if you want this job done, do as I say

okay, how much do you want?

any amount you think is good for Bad Boy

He laughed

I know what you want. I'll send the money right away

I smirked and hung up

Then I shouted to the men in the house

#Me: everyone, we're going to party . Find your way to the club

They began to cheer and raise their guns in jubilation

I took my keys and made my way to my car

I made another phone call to Ms Tim, telling her to get me the most beautiful and sexy girls to spend my money with

I love having my fun with more than one girl

I most times have it as a party

Tonight is going to be hot


It's already 9pm, Bad Boy still didn't come

Not that I want him to come but I was expecting him to

I thought he'll check up on me

I went back to my room after watching a movie in the living room.

I figured out how to use an elevator

I opened the door to my room and sighed when I saw the shopping bags on my bed

I haven't arranged the clothes into the closet yet

It was the chief maid that ordered them for me

I moved in to my room fully and took the bags to the floor

Then I sat down

I began to hear voices in the hallway

A masculine voice was amidst it

I stood up and walked hurriedly with my crutches to the door

I opened it and peeped

I gasped when I saw Bad Boy in the company of two girls dressed like harlots

They were caressing him as he staggered to a room

I frowned and went back inside

#Me : what a fool. You didn't even care to check on me. I thought you were busy, but you're with your bitches again

I slammed the door and walked back to the bed

I sat on it roughly and suddenly started feeling bad

It's obvious that my existence means nothing to anyone

I have no worth

The only person who saw me useful was mom, and she died because I couldn't take her to the hospital

I feel cursed

I began to cry into my pillow until I slept off

•••••••••••••Bad Boy•••••••••••••

I paid the bitches off and they left at dawn

They're even amateur

I hate that

I got down from the bed and washed up

I don't even know where I am

This isn't my clubhouse where I normally bring my girls

I really drank to stupor last night so I don't think I was in my right mind when I came here

Fortunately, my clothes were in the closet

This should be one of my houses that I hardly enter because these clothes are old ones

I slipped into black shorts and a black vest

I took my black flip-flops which were hairy and walked to the door

I entered the hallway and looked up to see a girl with crutches gawking at me

I stopped and frowned at her

She isn't a maid

What is she doing here?

#Me: why are you staring at me coldly?

She shuddered and moved backwards

She began to bow

#Girl: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm really really sorry

I frowned again

What a weirdo

Why is she repeating words?

I looked at her leg


I looked at her face again

Isn't this the girl I took to the hospital?

#Me: aren't you the girl that was shot and I....

I couldn't complete my statement because she was moving back and she lost balance on her crutches so she fell with a scream

I groaned angrily

I watched her

She couldn't stand up

I sighed and bent down

She was visibly scared of me

Now I remember, I saw her on the streets and brought her

But I did it out of drunkenness

She should be glad I didn't rape her

#Me: you're really clumsy and stupid not to hold yourself well. Your punishment is you have to get yourself up or wait till someone comes this way and helps you up

She stared at me as I stood up and I felt her eyes following me till I went out of sight

I. I'm not seeing any workers around yet

Seems she's going to stay there till I change my mind and help her up

It's not my fault she's crippled anyway

Read Episode 3 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-3.html
Re: The Vipers Girl by skubido(m): 2:43pm On May 20

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Re: The Vipers Girl by Creeza(m): 3:18pm On May 20
Following boss . I enjoy Korean scripts

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Re: The Vipers Girl by Embellished(f): 7:45pm On May 20
Am here sir, thanks for the mention.

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Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 8:03am On May 21
The Vipers Girl

( You mess with the wrong person )

By Hossana Isaac O

(Hossy Korean Series)

#Chapter 3


What a human being

He is supposed to be a responsible gentleman

But he's not

He's so stupid and heartless

It's because of him I'm crippled anyway

I tried to sit up then grabbed by two crutches by my side

I held them firmly then used all my energy to lift myself up

I succeeded a little by going a bit higher but then I stumbled and fell again

I groaned angrily

I sat down to see if one of the maids will pass by but I got impatient

And the leg began to hurt me

The way I was sitting wasn't really appropriate

I turned and managed to sit well

I leaned my crutches over the wall and waited for someone to come and help me

Unfortunately, my crutches slid and fell on my leg

I screamed and began to cry

The crutches really hit it and I feel so miserable

I began to wipe my tears repeatedly

I'm this type of person that my tears flows like a waterfall when I start crying and I usually find a hard time wiping them away

Then I heard someone sigh

I looked up to see him leaning on the wall with his hands crossed

I frowned at him

Then I muttered 'devil' and looked away

#Bad Boy : I heard you

#Me : I don't care

He chuckled and walked closer then took my arm

#Me : what are you doing?

He didn't answer, he just pulled me up

I placed my feet on the floor and my thigh immediately got a feeling as if it was electrocuted.

I yelped and took my feet up

#Bad Boy : hurts right?

I frowned at him again

#Me : do you care?

Then I hissed

I'm getting guts now

I wonder where I got this from

And I just overcame my fear over Bad Boy

#Bad Boy : if I didn't care, I wouldn't be standing here holding you right now

I looked away and grabbed my crutches then balanced on them

#Me : thank you

Then I began to walk away angrily

It seems the devil is against me today because a few steps from him, I fell again

I screamed and I lay face down

He began to laugh evilly

I even became scared because I thought he was punishing me

I don't even know what this guy is

Maybe he even has sorcery

Immediately, all my guts vanished

My fear rushed in again

I felt him squat beside me

My heart began to beat faster

#Bad Boy : should I leave you here or just go?

I couldn't reply or even look at his face

#Bad Boy : thank your God I'm in a good mood

He lifted me up and instead of giving me my crutches, he swerved me off my feet

I gave out a yell of fright

He carried me to a room and dropped me on the bed

#Bad Boy :don't bother coming out yet until I say so

He turned and got to the door then stopped and turned back again

#Bad Boy : I hope this is your room?

I shook my head nervously

He placed his hands on his waist and stared at me

I immediately looked down and played with my fingers frightenedly

#Bad Boy : you know what? Just stay here until I tell you to come out

#Me : but... but... What... Wha...

Then he said harshly

#Bad Boy : don't waste my time. Do you think I'm as idle as you?

I swallowed a lump

#Me : I'm sorry. I was going to ask about my crutches

He hissed and left after banging the door in my face

I shuddered and stared blankly at the door

^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•

That girl must be an illiterate

I wonder why I even brought her here

Was I that drunk?

I hate liabilities

That's why I separated from my family

I don't want to have anyone with me

It's so exhausting

I hate people

They disturb a lot

And I think this girl is worst

I better show her the real me instead of being soft on her

I walked to the living room and met a maid cleaning

All the workers hate me so much

Is it even hatred?

I think it's fear

They're afraid of me

This maid hasn't seen me yet that's why she's still humming and cleaning

#Me : hey!

I barked

She looked back abruptly and saw that it was me

Her body shook and she staggered back and hit a flower vase

It stumbled and fell down, shattering.

Her eyes widened

#Me : say goodbye to your family and friends then say hi to your greatest grandfather

I pulled out my gun from behind

She screamed loudly and fainted

I began to laugh

I laughed and sat on the cushion with my gun on my leg

I brought my phone out and decided to order a wheelchair for that girl so she won't kill herself with the crutches

Then I'd probably send her away afterwards

A maid rushed in as if she was trying to catch a flight she was already late for

She rushed towards the maid who fainted and gasped

She bent down and checked her out

She didn't see me on the cushion

Well the cushion is black and I'm wearing black

I decided to scare her too

I lifted my gun and fired a shot through the ceiling

She screamed and fainted immediately even without looking at me

#Me : I hate girls. They are too weak for my liking. Always fainting..

I ordered the wheelchair and waited for it to arrive

I checked the time and it was almost 8am

Breakfast should be ready by now

I'm really starving due to the alcohol I consumed last night


I heard a gunshot

Oh no!

Is Bad Boy having a fight in his house

Or maybe the Red Light finally tracked him down and shot him here

This is not good

This is so not good

What if they decide to check the whole house and kill everyone in it?

Then I'll die

I clasped my hands together

#Me : oh God, oh God please save me. Please save my life

I was in fear for over ten minutes

Then I heard a knock

I began to shiver

The door opened and a maid walked in

I breathed in

#Maid : good morning Miss. It's time for your breakfast

#Me : where is Bad Boy?

#Me : he's already at the table. He asked us to bring you down with this...

She rolled in a wheelchair

#Me : huh?

She rolled it to me

#Maid : let me help you up

She aided me and I stood up and sat down on the chair

It was very comfy

#Maid : are you okay?

#Me : yes, thank you so much

She smiled and rolled me out to the hallway then we went through the elevator and got downstairs

I secretly prayed that Bad Boy wouldn't be at the dinning table again

^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•

I poked a toothpick in my mouth as I walked to the pool side.

I don't have a gym here and I don't have a hideout here

What a stupid house

I wonder if I was drunk when I bought it

Right now I seriously need to do my workout

I think the only arm I've got here is my gun

But the house is still safe because no one knows it's for me, except the workers

And since I hardly come here, eyes are not on it

I ordered a Maid to get me some towels and cigarettes

I did to open my brain

I also ordered her to get me some champagne

I sat by the pool and waited for the maid

Calls have been coming in since but I've been rejecting them

It's just my men who want to say one thing or the other

If it's a serious issue, they would call my secret number

The maid brought my stuff and gave them to me

She turned to go but I stopped her

#Me : stand here

She looked puzzled as she stood there

#Me : are you safe?

I was looking at my phone

She didn't answer

I looked up

#Me : are you deaf or dumb?

#Maid : I... I'm.. I'm safe..

#Me: good, now strip and enter the pool

#Maid: but...

#Me: strip NOW!

She began to strip and I smirked

I took a cigarette and lighted it

I watched her as she took her uniform off

When she got to her undies, I used my leg and pushed her into the pool

She screamed as she splashed into the water

I dropped my cigarette and took my shirt off then dived in and grabbed her

She gasped as I squeezed her b**bs roughly

I wasn't smiling

I was going straight to business

I removed her pantie by myself and immediately entered into her

I pushed her to the edge and rocked her body hard

She held me firmly as she moaned roughly

I rocked her for thirty minutes and finally ejaculated

I pulled out but she was still holding on to me

We were both breathing heavily

I pulled her head close, as if I was going to kiss her

But I whispered into her ear

#Me: you're fired

She looked shocked as I got out of the pool and wore my clothes

#Me: give me your bank details and I'll send you enough money to vanish from my face now and forever

She couldn't come out cause she was naked and I smirked evilly

I just ruined her self esteem

I turned and frowned when I saw someone on a wheelchair gawking at me


I decided to go round the house checking different places

The wheelchair is really fast and smooth

I love it

But I still prefer my legs

I wheeled to the sixth room I was going to enter

The door was half opened

I heard sounds of a lady, as if she was gasping for air

I quickly wheeled in and it was the pool room

Two people were in the pool

And they were doing the filthy

I gasped and covered my mouth

I couldn't believe they were so stupid enough to do it publicly

I looked at the face that lifted up and it was Bad Boy

I decided to wheel away quietly before he shoots me dead

It was then he came out of the pool

The first thing my eyes caught was his tattoo

A viper

A terrifying one

He wore his shirt and I sat gawking

I quickly tried to turn but he saw me

#Me: oh no!

I turned immediately and began to wheel away

#Bad Boy : come back here

He began to come after me

I began to wheel faster but he caught up with me and pulled the back of the wheelchair.

He turned me around and held my hair in a way that it was hurting so bad

#Bad Boy : how dare you stalk me?

He was looking angry

#Bad Boy : I didn't bring you here to start watching my every move. In fact, leave my house now before I murder you in cold blood

He pulled my hair and I began to cry

Everything in my life replayed itself

I was reminded that I was a nobody and that no one wants me

Hearing those words weren't my first time but it actually poked a hole in my heart because I thought I would be allowed to live in here

But like the trash I am, I'm being thrown out again

I was crying profusely

He gently released my hair

My sobs were increasing

I turned the wheelchair and began to move away while crying

I couldn't say a word because my mouth was busy

I wanted to go upstairs and take my things but I remembered that I didn't come to the house with anything but my crutches

I then wheeled to the facade

It led to the floor with a flight of stairs

I couldn't go down

I was contemplating whether to ride down the stairs even though I knew I might fall

I began to cry again

#Bad Boy : why do you cry with pain written in your eyes?

I looked up to see Bad Boy

^•^•^•^•^•Bad Boy^•^•^•^•

There must be something that this girl has gone through

Why is she crying this way?

I know her mother is died while she was at the hospital and I know they're very poor

That's why I paid all her bills

Maybe she has suffered a lot

I don't know what it feels like to feel pain and I don't care if people are feeling pain, but I'm still human

I bent down to her

The breeze was blowing gently and her long hair was being tossed about

I took a strand of hair that entered her mouth

#Me : let's go inside. You might get a fever

I wheeled her inside and locked the door

I changed the room temperature with the thermostat and got her a glass of warm milk

She took it and began to drink

I sat opposite her and watched her

I checked the time, almost 10am

I need to go out

#Me: I'm sorry for yelling at you. Won't happen again

She looked up surprisingly

#Me: and you can keep staying her till whenever you want to leave. This is your home now

She was still staring at me as if I was speaking Latin

#Me: we can also be friends

Then I smiled

Her eyes widened

#Girl: what??

#Me: you heard me right

I stood up and lifted her hand and gave her a handshake

#Me: I'm going out. I'll be back in the night

Then I began to walk away

I stopped and turned

She was still having this face of unbelief

#Me: what's your name?

Don't mind me, I don't know her name

#Girl: Ros... Rosa

I nodded

#Me: nice meeting you Rosa

I winked at her and went upstairs

I was taking my shower when everything I did played in my mind like a television

I was surprised and I froze

Where did all those words come from?

It sounded too nice

I threw my soap against the wall and yelled...

#Me: dammit, Bad Boy isn't that nice!!!

Read episode 4 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-4.html

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Hahahaha, chai, i can't stop laughing. well done OP
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Thanks for the update
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Bad boy be Catching Feelings. L0l. Thanks for the update

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Oyinprince, Crazy � writer, you’re good!!
Re: The Vipers Girl by enirock(m): 2:57pm On May 22
let me just mark present. Bad boy be feeling fly until he falls in love. Thanks op... More please

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Oyinprince, Crazy � writer, you’re good!!
My bros, no be me write this story o
Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 9:45am On May 23
Chapter 4


Why is he being nice to me all of a sudden?

Did he change his mind?

Or he has something up his sleeve?

I'm kinda scared because of what he's capable of doing

And I don't even know what's going on in his mind

But at least, he said I could stay here till I wanna leave

I better go to my room before he sees me and changes his mind

I wheeled myself to the elevator and went upstairs to my room

�Bad Boy�

I need something from the government

They have enough money � but they're still neglecting my words

Too bad, I'm going to hit them the hard way

What I asked for was just a private plane

Not that I can't afford it but because I've been silent for a while

It's time to tell them that I'm still here

#Me : Roberto, get twenty bombs ready. And I need fifteen men, it's high time we visit somewhere

#Roberto: okay boss

He moved away and I looked into the television

Whenever you see me in my hideout and I'm not standing, then I'm on my rocking chair

You can just call it my evil chair

One of my men walked in

#Man: Bad Boy, you have a call from the Minister of education

#Me: that son of a bitch still owes me

I took the phone

�hello Minister

�Bad Boy, I need you to do something right now

�no I won't.

�I'll send you your balance now

�now you're talking. So what do you want me to do?

�kidnap the president's daughter

�how much? Remember, not less than two million won

�I'll pay you three million

�plus my one million balance

�that's four million

�so why do you want her kidnapped

�it's non of your business. Just have her kidnapped

�I'm a terrorist doesnt mean I don't have dignity. I don't do things like that, tell me why you want her kidnapped and I'll see if it's reasonable

�because we want the president to step down

�you and who?

�ministers and governors. We don't want him to rule and we'll kidnap his daughter and won't release her until he steps down

�okay, Im In. Will get back to you

I hung up and stood

Roberto came back

#Me: is it ready?

He nodded

I brought out a cigarette and lighted it

#Me: let's go to the new government building project

I poked the cigarette into my mouth and walked out with my men


What! No way!

Bad Boy is getting way ahead of me

How can he bomb up a whole building project?

The cars in the government house were completely burned down

He even proceeded to the government bank, sent everybody out and burnt it down

And now he's threatening the government that he'll even kill innocent people if the government doesn't respond to him

And the stupid government is trying to respond to him

If they do, then I'm doomed

No one would acknowledge me at all

My terrorism will die down because Bad Boy will take the lead

I can't let that idiot be over me again

I also heard that he got a project to smuggle in weapons

And the government didn't say anything

What a stupid government

I'll make sure I deal with Bad Boy first

With Bad Boy out of the way, I'll be the greatest terrorist leader in the whole of Korea

But what will I use to get him down?

That slowpoke has always been one step ahead of me

I need to get an inside man this time

#Me : Kick, send in the new recruits

#Kick: Sir, we haven't gotten any new recruits for months now. They're all going for Bad Boy

I banged my fist angrily on the chair handle

#Me: then get someone who isn't known to be part of my men. Someone who I can trust

#Me: how about Byreom? He's the guy in charge of the weapons. He doesn't go out much, he just distributes the weapons and orders more

#Me: good.... Call him for me

Kick left and I watched the television in anger

#Me: whaaaaat!

I stormed out of the chair

The president's daughter has been abducted?

Who else could do this?

Only Bad Boy can

If it's not me

Then it's him

We're the only ones that can take such risks

How can Bad Boy do all these in one day

Kick came back with the guy.

I smirked

The guy looked smart and evil

A slow poison

#Me: Bi Ryeom, I need you to do something important for me. I hope I can trust you

#BiRyeom : yes boss

#Me: good, I need you to join the Vipers and be my inside man. Tell me their every move and keep an eye on Bad Boy


He said he'll be back by night time

And he's not yet back

Was he joking earlier?

And I watched the news

I heard about the mass destruction and it was accounted to him

Protestant crowded the streets this evening, telling the government to give him what he wants so he won't come after their lives

But he's really smart though

A maid walked in

#Maid : ma'am there's a call for you

#Me: a call for me? How? There's no one that can call me

#Me: the caller said he wanted to talk to you

I nodded and took the house cell phone from her


�Rosa, why did you keep me waiting.....before....you picked up? Huh?

�excuse me? Who I'm I speaking with?

�crazy girl, you don't know my voice.... Bad Boy?

I gasped and covered my mouth

�Bad... Bad Boy?

�no, I'm a good boy now. Haha. Open the door for me

I looked at the door

�are you here already?

�open the door

I dropped the phone and wheeled to the door. I stretched forth and opened it but no one was there.

I wheeled outside and looked around

That was when his car drove in roughly

He came out with a white bag and jammed the door

He looked forward and saw me, he smiled and began to walk towards me

He wasn't walking properly

#Bad Boy : hey, Rosa... How are you?

He's drunk


#Me: I'm fine. Why are you late?

#Bad Boy : cause I..... was busy

He smiled sheepishly

I shook my head in pity and turned my wheelchair around then wheeled inside

Just so you'll know, my wheelchair is automatic. I just press a few buttons and it starts working

#Bad Boy : hey are you walking out on me?

#Me: no I can't walk

He entered inside and closed the door

#Bad Boy : today was so awesome. I got lots of money

#Me: for kidnapping the president's daughter right?

#Bad Boy : yeah ✌. How did you know?

I didn't answer

I just wanted to go upstairs and rest

#Bad Boy : I bought something for you

I turned immediately

#Me: you bought something for me?

#Bad Boy : yes

He lifted up the bag

I wheeled to him

#Me: let me see it

He handed it to me and I opened it

#Me: OMG �

I brought out a big teddy bear �

It had a pink bow tie but it was white in color

#Bad Boy : it's cute, like you

I looked at him and he slumped over to the black sofa then closed his eyes.

He must be really tired

#Me: thanks..

I was secretly blushing

My wheelchair suddenly began to move on its on and I wasn't controlling it

I began to panic

#Me: my wheelchair... my wheelchair is moving on its own. It's malfunctioning

Bad Boy didn't answer, he just covered his eye with one hand and the other eye was closed

The wheelchair was taking me to his side

I wanted to run off but I couldn't walk

I began to hear him chuckle

#Me: huh?

He lifted up a remote control and began to press it

My wheelchair went backwards

Then came forward

Then it began to go round and round

I was screaming

My teddy even fell off

Finally it stopped and I was feeling so dizzy that I couldn't open my eyes

I felt like I was still going round

Bad Boy was laughing

He stood up and walked to my teddy, took it up and kept it on the sofa

#Bad Boy : are you still dizzy?

He squatted beside me

I frowned and tried to push him away but he didn't move

#Bad Boy : oops, I'm stronger than you

He laughed and I stopped frowning

He held my hands

#Bad Boy : are you feeling sleepy?

I shook my head

#Bad Boy : good...

He pulled me up

#Me: what are you doing?

He pulled me up on my feet

My leg began to hurt me a little

Bad Boy held my waist and my heart dropped off my chest

I'm too close to him and I'm terribly scared

#Bad Boy : are you scared?

I swallowed a lump in my throat

#Bad Boy : don't worry. I won't hurt you. I'm just helping you to exercise your leg. You need to start trying to walk around

He began to move backwards slowly

I followed him painfully

#Me: I can't...i can't do it. Stop please

He didn't answer me

He just kept moving

Since he was holding me, I couldn't help but move too

He turned me around, still holding my waist with his hands

I placed my hands on his arms

#Bad Boy : just try to move okay.

He rested his head behind my ear

We slowly moved towards the television

My legs were shaky so I held unto his arms tightly

#Me: my legs are so weak

#Bad Boy : it's because they've been staying idle for almost a week

#Me: don't I need to see a doctor?

#Bad Boy : you will, next week

#Me: I'm thirsty

#Bad Boy : let's move to the kitchen then

#Me: we won't get there today

He laughed and we turned to the kitchen side

I looked at the wall clock, it was already 11pm

I wonder why I'm not sleepy

We finally got to the kitchen after about ten minutes

If it was my wheelchair, it will take me not less than a minute

He made me hold unto the counter and went to get the drinks himself

He gave me a glass of pineapple juice and one other in his hand

#Bad Boy : I can't even remember the last time I took something like this

#Me: what? Why?

He chuckled

#Bad Boy : it's late already. You should be in bed

I nodded and gulped down my juice

He dropped his cup and I did same

He swerved me up into his arms and my eyes widened

#Bad Boy : I'll take you up the stairs then we'll walk to your room

#Me: why don't I just use the wheelchair?

#Bad Boy : I make the decisions here

He took me up the stairs to the hallway then dropped me

He held my hand over his shoulder and the other hand on my waist

We walked silently to my room

He dropped me on the bed and gave me my nightie that hung on the closet door knob

#Bad Boy : change and I'll bring your Teddy for you

I smiled and took it

He left and I picked my crutches

I still have my crutches but I use it only when I'm in my room especially when I want to bath or wear my clothes

�Bad Boy�

I wasted some time downstairs because of a call I got from Fedora, Mr Yoon's daughter

Fedora is my only female friend

We talk a lot and she's more like a gangster too

She's actually a IndecentStar based in USA.

She's the reason why Mr Yoon and I are partners in crime

Whenever Fedora and I are together, we're always talking dirty

And when we're not talking dirty, we're doing the dirty

Whenever she's around, I don't go out with any bitch at all

But she's been away for two months now

But she just said she's coming back next week

It's a good thing

I haven't had good sex for a long time now

Read Episode 5 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-5.html
Re: The Vipers Girl by Tominix(m): 9:48am On May 23
My bros, no be me write this story o
chapt 6 i have read to 5 on ur wbsite
Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 10:07am On May 23
chapt 6 i have read to 5 on ur wbsite
It has been updated on the website --- www.youngicee.com
Re: The Vipers Girl by Embellished(f): 6:26pm On May 23
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Vipers Girl by keentola(m): 6:58pm On May 23
I have ebooks and pdf novels, journals, nonfiction for sale at the rate of #200/5. price will be reduced if you are ordering in bulk. check my bio for contact on WhatsApp and Telegram
Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 7:08pm On May 24
The Vipers Girl

By Hossana Isaac O.

(Hossy Korean Series)

Chapter 5


I tossed and turned in bed. Waiting for Bad Boy to return with my teddy. I sat up and played with the hem of my nightie. I laid down again and covered my face with my palms.

Me: come already. I'm feeling sleepy!

I frowned and tried to cover my eyes but the lights were still on so I opened them again.

I looked at the door expecting it to open but it didn't. I sighed and covered my face with a pillow then closed my eyes


Bad Boy

I climbed up the stairs with the teddy in my left arm. I think I spent about thirty minutes in the living room.

I opened the door to her room and saw her figure on the bed

I moved to her and a pillow was covering her face

Her nightie didn't cover her well, her thighs were exposed

I squatted down and ran my fingers on her thigh, close to the spot where the bullet hit her. It was almost healed up, she should be able to limp now.

As a bad boy, I rubbed my full hand on her smooth white thighs. I smirked and squeeze it.

I guess she felt it because she adjusted her legs and covered herself properly. I cracked and stood up, tucked the teddy under her arm and covered her with the duvet. I turned off the lights and left the room

I got to my room and met a message on my system, telling me that the house I was supposed to spend the night before I changed my mind caught fire. The men inside died and some were badly injured

I wasn't totally surprised. I knew that Ron was unto me again

Me: I don't have your time now. But I'll definitely teach you a lesson



Me: what! What do you mean by that?

Kick: we're sorry boss, but Bad Boy wasn't involved in the fire

Me: how? How could he dodge it?

Kick: boss, before you sent us on this mission, I told you that it wouldn't work because Bad Boy can't just be defeated by little means. He's more dangerous than you think

I clenched my fist

Me: so what do we do now?

Kick: I suggest we wait for an opportunity sir. I hope you know that Bi-ryeom is our inside man now?

Me: yes, I know. Tell him immediately that he should give us every single detail about Bad Boy

Kick: yes boss

He bowed and left

I sat down and felt intense jealousy and hatred in me



I opened my eyes and inhaled the sweet morning air. I sat up and yawned

Me: good morning

I smiled and looked down. I saw the teddy bear and smiled brightly. I took it and kissed it

Me: good morning teddy

Bad Boy must have brought it while I was asleep

I closed my eyes to say my prayers

Me: Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning. I pray that you will make my day beautiful to your glory, in Jesus name Amen

I opened my eyes and took my crutches then stood up. I went to the bathroom and washed up then went downstairs.

When I reached the entrance of the kitchen, I was greeted by a sweet tasty smell of food

I turned to the dinning and entered in. I saw Bad Boy eating, he was wearing black pyjamas. I stood gawking at him. He looked up and saw me

Bad Boy : hey princess

My eyes widened

Bad Boy : why are you just standing there? Come on let's eat

I swallowed a lump in my throat and walked to the table. I sat down and bowed

Me: good morning sir

Bad Boy : come on, eat

I nodded and uncovered my food

I began to eat but I was stealing glances at him, wondering why he was looking so happy today

Bad Boy: I wont be at home for a few days

He took a glass of water and gulped it down

Me: why?

Bad Boy : business

I wanted to ask what type of business but I knew he wouldn't tell me about it. It might be something illegal

Me: and you have to be away for days?

Bad Boy : yeah. Why? Would you miss me?

I stopped chewing and stared at my food

He chuckled and I looked at him

Me: I can't miss something like you

Bad Boy : you'll miss me. I'm sure

I shrugged and continued to eat

Bad Boy : your wheel chair is in your closet

Me: oh, I even forgot about it

I drank water and he stood up looking at his phone

Me: are you leaving now?

He smirked

Bad Boy : are you missing me already?

Me: what? No!

Bad Boy : see you in one week

He moved out of the chair

Me: one week! What do you want me to do in this huge house all by myself in one week!

He began to laugh

Bad Boy : I know you want me to stay. Just admit it

Me: gosh, you're misinterpreting me. You know what, why don't you just stay there for two weeks. Take all the time you need

Bad Boy : good, now you're talking

He moved away and I frowned at my food as if it is the reason for my anger


ad oy

I got into my car and zoomed off into town. I stopped by a shop and decided to buy a pack of cigarettes. Not that I didn't have it, but I just felt like terrifying some people

I got down with my gun tucked into my trousers. My black shades were reflecting in the sun. My shoes were thick black leather boots and my outfit was pure ruggedity

The people in the store stared at me. Some people began to move away. I smirked and went to the counter

Me: a pack of cigarettes

The lady hurriedly brought it and I paid her

I slowly moved out and entered into my car. I looked through the rear mirror and saw two men looking at my car and entering into their own car. I lighted my cigarette and slipped it in. Then I watched their car intently

It didn't move

I started my car and slowly moved out. They started their car too and began to follow me

I laughed and zoomed off. Their car too began to run faster

I zoomed by the woods and suddenly stopped, but I acted as if I didn't know they were unto me

I got down and sat on the bonnet of my car. Their car zoomed in and parked right in front of me

I was smoking and operating my phone

They stepped down and pointed their guns at me. I didn't even look up

One of the guys spoke up

Guy: you might wanna say your last prayers

Guy2: we know you're alone so don't try to scare us

I looked at them and dropped my cigarette

Me: who sent you?

I stood up and walked to them

They immediately fired shots at me. I saw it coming with the help of my dark shades.

I ducked and used my right leg to kick their two legs and they fell down. I stood up and held my waist, though I was actually ready to grab my gun from my trousers.

They stood up and tried to shoot me again, I kicked the first guys wrist and his gun fell down. The other one began to fight with me

He kicked my tummy with one leg and punched my chin

I used my two fists to punch his lower abdomen and then pushed him hardly on his tummy with my leg

The other guy had already carried his gun

He pointed it to my face and smirked

I raised my hands in surrender

He cocked the gun and I immediately bent down my raised hand

I held his fingers and pinned it to the gun

I twisted it and used his hand to pull the trigger on him

The bullet went right through his head

I dropped my cigarette and looked at the two bodies.

The other guy wasn't dead so I squatted beside him

Me: should I leave you alive? Or kill you?

He groaned and rolled away

Me: okay, I'll leave you alive. Go and tell whosoever sent you that you didn't succeed

I got up and entered into my car then zoomed off



Bad Boy isn't expecting me today

But I'll surprise him by coming

He'll be so thrilled

I walked down the stairs of the airplane and strolled into the car my dad sent to pick me up

I went home and met him. He was happy to see me but I just wanted to see Bad Boy

I called him immediately


hey babe

where are you?

why are you asking? Are you here already?

you don't have to ruin the surprise you know

just come to my house, downtown. I'm waiting for you

I chuckled and hung up

I got into a car and drove to the house

I stepped down and strolled in, some of the guards tried to stop me

They must be the new recruits

The old ones know me

I didn't argue with them. I just let them call Bad Boy

When they finally let me in, I went straight upstairs. I removed my sunglasses and gently opened his door

He was on the bed with his phone.

Me: hey

He looked up and smirked

Bad Boy : it's been awhile

I smiled

Me: yeah I know

I pulled off my shoes and climbed the bed. He stretched his hand and pulled me

We kissed and he removed my jacket. He dropped his phone and cupped my b**bs

Bad Boy : fuller

Me: yeah

He dropped me on the bed and took his shirt off. I was busy unbuckling his belt

Immediately my phone rang.

I would have ignored it but I was expecting a call

Me: one minute

I tried to move but he pinned me down

Bad Boy : you know that doesn't work on me

I gasped as he patted my legs and moved into me



I want to check the garden out today. Well, I hope he has a garden

I already wore a blue dress and sat on my wheelchair. I wheeled myself outside through the back door and luckily, there's a garden

I looked through the pretty flowers. I got to a particular one that got me crying

It was mom's favorite flower. She loved it so much

I used to steal them for her from people's gardens.

Her favorite color is red and that's why hibiscus

is her favorite

I stayed in the garden watching butterflies and bees playing with the flowers that I didn't even know it was already lunch time until a maid came to call me


Bad Boy

I lighted a cigarette and tried to move it into my mouth but Fedora collected it and kissed me instead

We were both lying naked in bed but were covered by a blanket

Me: I can't trade my cigarette with a kiss

She laughed and kissed my chest. I took the cigarette into my mouth and began to smoke.

She was kissing my tummy down

Me: don't turn me on again

Fedora: what if I do? You'll just do what you can do

Me: do you have any idea what I can do?

Fedora : hey mister, I've seen every action of yours. Either with a woman or with a gun

I laughed and pulled her aside.

I took my shorts and wore it then strolled into the bathroom.

I decided to tell her to join me, probably for another round so I moved to the door.

She was on a call so I decided to let her be

I wanted to close the door when I heard her saying 'I'm with Bad Boy already, okay.... You can count on me''

I closed the door and stood there.

Who was Fedora talking to?



I'm feeling really bored in this big house. I want something fun to do other than watching TV

And I'm tired of sitting down always. I miss walking

Or maybe I should try and exercise the way Bad Boy said I should.

I rolled to a pillar and held it firmly, then I stood up, hugging it.

I moved backwards a little but I felt like I was carrying tons of metals under my waist. My legs were so heavy

I moved round the pillar and jumped to another pillar. I walked round it again

I repeated this until I went round about five pillars.

I held a window frame and walked round it to another window. The fresh breeze blowing outside tossed my hair around

I smiled, determined to go round the house.

Whenever I got tired, I sat down on the ground for a few minutes

Workers passed and I waved at them. I looked up into the sky and mentally waved my mother

I got up again and continued until I reached the back door. I entered inside and managed to walk to the front door where my wheelchair was

I was so exhausted and was breathing heavily

I wanted to sit down but I needed something cold to drink

I thanked my stars when a maid walked in

Me: please... Please... I need... Something to drink... I'm dying

I sat on the floor and she chuckled and bowed.

She went to the kitchen and returned with a tray containing a filled glass of orange juice and a large juice box. Some cakes were also on the tray

I hurriedly collected it and gulped it down


Bad Boy

It's been three days with Fedora and damn I love this girl

No single minute without pleasure. Seems she upgraded.

Right now we're in a hotel room, she's making a phone call in the bathroom and I'm waiting for her

I haven't even called to check on Rosa.

Maybe I should check up on her tomorrow even though she said I should take two weeks

Fedora came back

Fedora: hey, bad news. Gotta go meet my manager over some things

Me : you're leaving?

Fedora: yeah

She walked towards me and gave me a kiss

Bad Boy : are we meeting today again?

Fedora : I don't think so. But I'll see you tomorrow

Me: okay

I kissed the tattoo on her neck and released her

She wore her clothes and left

Shortly after, I wore my clothes too and decided to go and see Rosa



Truly practice makes perfect

I'm already limping and I don't really need crutches or a wheelchair.

I wish I could see Bad Boy and tell him I can now manage to walk on my own

I don't even have his number, nor a phone of my own

I hugged my teddy and limped outside into the dark nights

The house was fully bright with lights everywhere

I sat down at the facade and played with my teddy ears

The gate opened and a car came in.

I watched hoping it was Bad Boy

He came out and I smiled happily

I stood up and called him

Me: Bad Boy!

He looked surprised

I limped towards him and he smiled

Bad Boy : you finally started limping

Me: yeah, I exercised like you said

He leaned on the car

Bad Boy : so did you miss me?

I frowned a little

Me: no

I turned to go but he pulled me back and laughed

Bad Boy : do you know why I came back?

I shrugged

Bad Boy : because I miss you

My cheeks turned red

But I pretended as if those words didn't affect me

Me: you're drunk again

He laughed and made me sit on the car

Me: why are you in a good mood today?

He cracked and lighted a cigarette.

He began to smoke and it was disturbing my breath

I was going to tell him to stop when someone called his name from the gate side

We looked and a girl came forward

Bad Boy : Fedora? What are you doing here?

Her eyes fell on me

Fedora : who's she and why are you two staying like that?

I swallowed a lump

This is definitely not a good first impression on her side

Read Episode 6 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-6.html
Re: The Vipers Girl by Oyinprince(m): 11:03am On May 25
�The Vipers Girl �

By Hossana Isaac O.

(Hossy Korean Series)

Chapter 6


�Bad Boy�

I left Rosa sitting on the car and turned to face Fedora fully

Me: I thought you said you were going somewhere? Why aren't you there, and how did you get here?

She turned her gaze to me

Fedora : I got another call that the meeting wouldn't hold so I returned to the hotel only to see your car leaving. So I just followed you

She moved closer to me

Me: okay, but you should have called me

She kissed me and wrapped her arms around me. Her eyes moved to Rosa then back to me

Fedora : sorry, so you actually have a house here. And you didn't tell me you had another lady here

Me: let's go back to the hotel

Fedora : no, let's just go inside. What's the need of going to a hotel when there's a huge house?

Me: no, we can't stay here

She frowned and removed her arms from my shoulders

Fedora : why? Is it because of her? Are you having an affair with her?


Why is Fedora suddenly acted too serious?

Since when did she care about my affairs

Sometimes, she even used to watch me having sex with other girls and she'll be laughing and making fun of them. Since she's the expert

Rosa jumped down from the car then muttered 'ouch'

I guess her leg hurt her a little

Rosa: we're not having any affair. You guys can stay here. I promise not to disturb. Good night

She held her teddy bear and walked away slowly. Fedora's eyes followed her suspiciously

Fedora : Bad Boy, there's something fishy about that girl. Who is she?

Me: can't talk about her now.

I carried her and sat her down on the car. I removed her jacket and made my way to her body




Bad Boy has a girlfriend

And I didn't know

If I knew, I would have left a long time ago. I don't want to cause problems for anybody. And I don't think that girl is going to like me at all. She looks so evil with those tattoos and piercings

Like a Korean witch �

I went straight to my room and sat on my bed.

I played with my Teddy's nose and kissed it repeatedly

My tummy began to grumble

Me: I need something to eat again

I stood up and walked downstairs to the kitchen. On getting there, I saw a terrible scene

Bad Boy having his girlfriend right on the dinning table

I quickly removed my eyes and entered the kitchen.

Gosh, why would they do such a thing.

And isn't that supposed to be private

Why does it have to be the dinning room, and the table of all places?

I grabbed some short cakes and some milk then tiptoed out of the kitchen. I was still limping and was very slow in walking

I took a glance at the table and they were still in their dirty business. The sounds Fedora was making were deafening.

Aren't they even ashamed of the maids or workers?

I hurriedly climbed the stairs though I was slow and the things in my hands didn't let me walk fast enough in case it will fall or spill

I finally got to the end of the stairs and took the turn to my room

I almost fell when I saw Fedora standing in front of me

I screamed and staggered a little

Fedora : hahahaha, are you that clumsy and scared easily?

I balanced myself and stared at her with the plate of cakes in my right hand and the glass of milk in my left

Fedora : how do you like your stay here?

I didn't answer her

Fedora : you know, you should definitely leave anytime soon. I'm just warning you against Bad Boy

Me: I don't understand

Fedora : Bad Boy is wanted all over and whosoever mingles with him is wanted too

Me: so you're wanted?

She laughed

Fedora : I'm just warning you because you're so innocent and inexperienced. And not a word of this discussion to Bad Boy

She glared at me sternly and I nodded. She smiled and took one of my cakes

Fedora : bye

She walked away

My eyes followed her down the stairs.

I gulped and went into my room.

I heard her words in my head again

�Bad Boy is wanted all over and whosoever mingles with him is wanted too�

I sat on my bed and suddenly gained maximum appetite

Unlike other people who loose appetite when they're sad, depressed or angry... I gain maximum appetite instead

I begin to eat like a glutton so within a few minutes I had already consumed nine cakes and my glass was already empty

I climbed the bed and hugged my teddy bear

Me: maybe I should even run away and be safe because I'm really scared



I tossed my head to the right and closed my eyes as Bad Boy was moving in and out of me

I opened my eyes and saw the girl sneaking into the kitchen

I smirked and held unto Bad Boy's shirt

Few minutes later, I saw her leaving the kitchen

Just then Bad Boy released

He pulled out and gave me that evil grin of his. I sat up and kissed him

Me: let me go upstairs and change

He kissed me and I got off the table which was already in disarray

I hurriedly moved into the elevator and went to stand over the stairs because I know she took the stairs

She eventually came up and I confronted her and told her to leave

Not because I care about her existence in this house but because I don't want her in my business


�Bad Boy�

I lighted a cigarette and sat in the living room watching TV.

The show was on music talks and all those stuff

I saw the maids arranging the dinning area and one of them was glancing lustfully at me

I smirked and faced the TV.

By the way where is Rosa?

Is she asleep already?

I stood up to go upstairs but Fedora came back and pushed me down

Fedora : where are you going? To go get me?

Me: uhh

She sat down on my legs and cuddled me

Fedora : tell me about your recent activities

Me: which one exactly?

Fedora : everything

Me: well I kidnapped the president's daughter

Fedora : I know

Me: and I smuggled in weapons for your dad

Fedora : I know that too

Me: I threatened to throw a bomb blast

Fedora : I know...

Me: then what do you still want me to tell you?

Fedora : OK, just tell me what next you are going to do

I pushed her away and stood up then went to the bar

I poured myself a drink and took it one shot

She stood up and walked to me

Fedora : you're not gonna answer me?

Me: I wanna lay low for now. I don't intend on doing anything yet

I kissed her lips and then poured myself another glass of wine

Fedora : okay baby

We went to the cushion and began to handle each other

A maid came in and immediately turned back when she saw us

We laughed and continued with each other



I woke up the next morning and went down for breakfast. I had breakfast alone and I was glad because I didn't want to see Fedora again

I went back upstairs and changed into something casual. I wanted going outside when I saw Bad Boy and Fedora walking down the hallway

I went back into my room and sat down.

I began to feel really bored with nothing to do

I checked through the window and looked down at the cars and everything including the workers

I was getting a little bit entertained but I frowned when the two lovers walked hand in hand to a car

I felt a little bit angry

Why do I have to see them all the time?

And Bad Boy doesn't even remember I exist anymore

Do they love each other that much that they're always together?

I went downstairs when their car drove out. I turned on the TV and watched for about two hours

Then I got up again and went outside the house for the first time in about three weeks.

It took me a few minutes to convince the security guard that I was just going a few metres away from the vicinity

I looked around and saw that they were other houses around with similar designs and looks.

I don't think they know that Bad Boy is living with them

Anyway, according to that maid she said he hardly visited the house.

Me: so it's because of me he now lives here?

I looked back at the house and smiled a little before going further.


�Bad Boy�

There's something weird about Fedora these days. She's a little bit withdrawn and hiding some things

And she asks too much questions lately. It's also mainly about my activities

There's something she's up to. It's high time I become the viper that I am. As wise as a serpent



Me: I'm going to see Dad. Will be back later

Bad Boy : what time?

Me: I'll just call you anytime I'm coming. Where will you wait for me?

Bad Boy : here

Me: aren't you tired of this hotel room?

Bad Boy : no, I've got other work to do

I kissed his cheek.

Me: bye bye

I walked out and took my car to a casino to meet someone who's not my dad

I moved to the inner room and saw him sitting down with a class of beer � in front of him

He stretched his arm and I moved to him

He kissed my neck and I giggled

Man: so any news?

Me: no, but we can take action anytime soon

Man: I can't wait to see him down

I unbuttoned my shirt and modeled myself for him. He gladly took me up to a bed and fully removed my dress



I waited to see if they would come back but they didn't come back that night

Not that I want to see them, but I just want to see Bad Boy

I admit it, I kinda miss him. Especially when he's drunk

The next morning, I saw strange movements outside the house. The men were looking strange and it seemed as if they were monitoring

I got scared and went back inside. I felt like calling Bad Boy to ask if it was his boys but I didn't because I didn't have his number

I felt uneasy when the movements were getting too suspicious

I went into my room and packed my bags


�Bad Boy�

Fedora is going out again. This time I'm going to find out where's she is always going because I know she doesn't know much people around here

I planted a chip in her dress that would record everything being said

She left and minutes later, I heard voices in my computer. I listened and found out that she was working against me

I got so angry that I almost threw the computer away

I searched for the location of the voices and grinned

I took my gun and moved out

Me: RIP Fedora!

Read Episode 7 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-7.html
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Thanks for the update

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The Vipers Girl
By Hossana Isaac O.

-----------------------Hossy Korean Series

Chapter 7

�?Bad Boy�

I sighted the house where the voices were emanating from. I was so angry that my anger deafened my ears to what they were still talking about.

I even turned it off unconsciously

I raged towards the house that looked like a normal house.

My detector would have beeped if they were any weapons in the house.

I screened it and it was totally free. I saw Fedora's car and one other bullet proof car standing outside.

I grinned evilly and kicked the door.

Two people were seated on the cushion.

Ron and Fedora who was seated on his lap. The people standing were guards and I guess the one in the middle is the one taking orders from Ron.

They looked shocked to see me, mostly Fedora.

I glared at her

Me: bitch......

The guard standing in the middle tried to make an attempt to kick me but I just dodged and he kicked the wall. The room was too small for anyone to run. But Ron was quick to find his way out

I even thought he was going to fight me but he didn't, he just tried to escape through the back door.

I shot at the two guards and then turned and shot the one who kicked the wall.

It was now Fedora

I turned and faced her terrified figure on the cushion. She tried to stand but I kicked her down with my foot and then I laid it on her tummy

Fedora : Bad Boy, please we can fix this. We can talk this through

Me: one mistake that I did, is bringing myself to trust a snake like you

Fedora : you only trusted me because you're a snake too. Aren't you a viper? The leader of vipers?


She looked away, she was breathing heavily

I removed my foot from her tummy and pointed my gun directly on her pubic bone

I was already squatting

Fedora : please Bad Boy don't do this to me. Think about our times. Think about the times we always bleeped

Me: don't worry, you won't miss me. Because you'll be fucking the devil in hell

I shot her and she screamed loudly with her eyes widened.

I stood up and shot her boobs

Me : make sure the devil sucks your boobs too

I turned around and walked out.

I saw that my car was completely burnt down and the bullet proof car was no longer there

Me: Ron, today is not your day yet.

I moved forward and called one of my cars. It traced my location using GPS and auto drove itself there within minutes. I hoped in and drove off


How did he find us?

I always knew that Fedora is stupid. She is too free with Bad Boy. She doesn't know who he is

She takes him for granted

Why couldn't she just scan herself for any gadgets?

Why did she make everything so suspicious?

That bitch almost ruined our plans. Thank goodness Bad Boy didn't know on time.

He would have ruined our second plans too

Me: Kick! Are the explosives ready?

Kick: yes, there are already pitched in

Me: good, we set them up tonight

Kick: yes boss


Well I'm back to the slums. This place sucks... Yuck!

I can't believe I'm no longer used to the place where I was born.

But it's better than Bad Boy's mansion. At least I have peace of mind here and I won't get jealous seeing two lovers having sex on the dinning table

But I feel a lot has changed here. Just few weeks that I left and I feel like a stranger. I don't even know what to do.

My bags are in a shop owned by my mom's only friend.

I told her I was coming back before going into the streets. I passed through the exact spot where I got shot and smiled.

Me: you're the reason why I'm limping

I walked round and came back to the shop when I became tired and hungry.

I took some water and drank then offered to help the lady sell her goods.

I stayed in that shop for hours until I couldn't take the hunger anymore. My tummy was grumbling.

Maybe I should go and pluck the pear at our former house. I'm sure the landlord will let me

I took permission from Mrs Han Woo and went to our former house.

The landlord was surprised to see me. He said I looked fresh and different.

I laughed and told him I got a job as a maid in a rich man's house. And that it was change of environment that made me look better than I was.

He smiled happily at me. I pretended as if I was going to see the people at the back but I was just thinking of the fruits.

I greeted them and plucked four ripe pears which I kept in a bag and left

When I arrived the shop, I hurriedly washed them and took one then hid the three in my bags to avoid sharing them

I began to consume the pear fruit like my whole life depended on it.

Is this what hunger feels like?

Gosh I almost forgot what hunger felt like just because of Bad Boy's mansion

�Bad Boy�

Me: whaaaat?

Leon: it's surprising why they had to attack that house. No one even knows it's yours and you hardly go there. Why were they so dump enough to bomb it?

My brain dropped to my feet. Fedora had told Ron about my house. And they ganged up against me to bomb it while I'm inside. She was the one who told them about that house

Thank goodness I didn't go there today, but I sent one of my men to park my car there and bring the second one.

Maybe they thought I was the one who drove in, that's why the house exploded at that very minute

And no one survived.


I wonder how many things Fedora told them

I can't trust anyone ever again

I have to go and celebrate over a failed mission by Ron

I took my keys and stood up. I went to my car and wanted to start it when my eyes caught sight of a remote control


That is for a wheelchair

Oh no!




Bad Boy didn't survive it.

How would he survive it when it took him unexpected.

He was bombed immediately he drove in


He thinks it's wise to have a house where no one knows. He doesn't know that every man has a downfall.

I'm so happy

This calls for a celebration


I woke up with pains in my neck. I had begged Mrs Han Woo to sleep in her constricted store because there was no place for me to spend the night.

I stood up

Me: good morning

I kissed my teddy and opened the door and window of the shop. I arranged the goods and swept the floor before going out to brush my teeth

I came back and wanted to eat my pear when she came.

I quickly tucked it back in and stood up

Me: good morning ma'am

I bowed and she touched my hair

Mrs Han : good morning Rosa. How are you doing

Me: I'm fine ma'am

Mrs Han : I hope you slept well

I nodded

Mrs Han : here, eat this. It's bread and milk

I took it and bowed

Me: thank you so much

I sat down to eat and she looked around the shop.

Mrs Han : I see you've set the goods. Thank you

I smiled and began to eat.

This milk is too light. Is this really milk?

The milk I took last was thicker and smoother and sweeter

�Bad Boy�

I threw the bottle of liquor on the wall and it shattered and fell into the heap of broken bottles on the floor

I took another bottle and opened the cover then gulped down all the content. I coughed and began to hit the table with my fist.

Leon: boss, you're killing yourself. You've heard three bottles already

Me: no..... It's four

Leon: four? That's enough boss

He pulled me up and took me to the cushion. I sat down and tried to open my eyes but the lights were really hurting my eyes

Leon: when did you start getting sad over a mere house? Did you keep something valuable in there?

Me: yes.... Rosa

Leon: what's Rosa?

I fell down from the cushion to the floor and closed my eyes


It was midday on my third day in the slums

I walked through the streets to the mill so I could buy some flour for Mrs Han Woo.

I got to the mill and saw a group of girls talking and laughing

I looked aside and wished they could disappear

I sluggishly went towards the mill and they stopped talking and looked at me

Suddenly they started laughing

Nam Soo : hey! Rosa, why are you limping like a frog?

Mara : haha, she's bad luck you know, she got shot and taken away, the shock killed her mother, she was thrown out of the house they rented and she ran away the night of her mom's funeral. Because she was the cause of her death

They laughed and I got paralyzed.

So I was the reason why mom died?

She was shocked at the expense of my own accident and that shock led to her death

So I killed ama?

My tears began to flow.

I felt my knees weaken and I began to experience knee jerk.

I'm truly bad luck. That's what I am. Shouldn't I just kill myself? I'm so tired of living alone in this lonely life of mine

�Bad Boy�

I woke up the next morning like a normal person. I felt light and hungry.

I ate like never before and entered into a new car which will make it hard for me to be recognized

I want to go and visit Rosa's mom

And tender my condolences over Rosa. If only I knew what was going to happen, I wouldn't have allowed her to be in that house

I drove to that area and looked out at the people who, if they knew it was me would be running helter skelter.

I drove towards the cemetery through the local mill. There I saw a girl who looked like Rosa. I only saw her figure and not her face

I wanted to restart my car when I heard a girl calling Rosa. I winded the glass even lower and listened to them.

I heard everything they said and how it affected the girl who was already crying

She's Rosa. It has to be her.

I stepped down and ran to the girl who was about kneeling down. I grabbed her and held her to my self.

She began to cry even more, muttering the word mom

The four girls who were making jest of her froze. I angrily glared at them

They tried to run but I shot them all

Rosa screamed at the sound of the gun

She looked up at me with her teary eyes

Me: don't worry, I didn't kill them. I only shot their legs

Read Episode 8 here - https://youngicee.com/2020/05/the-vipers-girl-episode-8.html
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Bad boy for life

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