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Importing From China by lissom: 9:39pm On Jun 09, 2007
Hi.I would like to start up a business by importing goods from china stuffs like clothe and clothing materials.I dont know much about doing business with china and would appreciate the opinion of people that either do this kind of business or know much about it.
The advantages and disadvantages,Profit level and other necessary things.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 8:49am On Jun 11, 2007
It is a good thing to invest on, i dont think there is any disadvantages once you know your source and you also know the people you will be supplying. I am into it here as well. Do you want to come here to source for your goods or what are the things you want to know?
Re: Importing From China by denex: 3:43pm On Jun 11, 2007
I don't think you can import clothes. One of my neighbours has been to China twice. If you live around the Lekki area of Lagos, you may want to talk to her.
Re: Importing From China by lissom: 5:52pm On Jun 11, 2007

I dont live in lagos.I would appreciate if their is anyway i could chat with the person or something so i would be able to ask her some questions because its something i have been thinking about starting but i really need to know everything about it rather than rushing into it nad regreting.Does the person browse,and i wouldnt mind if i can chat online with the person.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 6:29am On Jun 12, 2007
@denex, i disagree with you. May be you dont have your fact right, 50% of cloth in Nigeria are imported likewise the shoes and most come from china. lissom, you can get me online throguh my yahoo messsenger and i can answer all your question concerning import from China, i am based here so i know what i am talking and it is my line of business.
Re: Importing From China by denex: 9:55am On Jun 12, 2007
I Did not say it doesn't happen. I said it is not legal. Everything is fine as long as you don't get caught.
Re: Importing From China by accentel: 2:09pm On Jun 12, 2007
Re: Importing From China by autories(m): 8:57am On Jun 13, 2007
Re: Importing From China by lissom: 10:13am On Jun 16, 2007

thank you.what is you Yahoo messenger ID
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 10:51am On Jun 16, 2007
@lissom, you can check my yahoo messenger on my profile.
Re: Importing From China by dearstan(m): 8:29pm On Jun 24, 2007

You can sell whatever you have on this site just as long as they are genuine
Register and list your items for free.
Re: Importing From China by ogholo(f): 12:07am On Jun 25, 2007
i am so happy to get some one like you on the forum. i have been making searches on the net on importing school shoes from china. i got a manufacturer called Deland Guangzhou International Trade Co. Ltd. from shanghai but i am not sure if it is a guinue company and need some one out there who knows them or any other school shoe manufacturer to help me conected to a school shoe manufactrer.
Re: Importing From China by seechris(m): 3:44am On Jun 25, 2007
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 3:59am On Jun 25, 2007
@ogbolo, Nice reading your message. It falls in my line of business and you know there are so many different type of school shoes, what i will advice you is to get one sample of the one you want and i will give you my partner address in computer village for you to give him the sample in order to send it to me here. We will discuss about the price further after i get the sample here, i can do your order with my own money and after it reach Nigeria you pay the money to my partner office and one more thing, could you let me know how many quantity you want. We will not buy from Shanghai because of their tax, we will buy at another place called Guangzhou because it is a tax free city.

@seechris, what type of the car security device are you talking about, could you give me all the details including the name and everything. I can source it for you here at a lesser amount than what you are buying in Nigeria, my style is always you pay when you receive your goods.
Re: Importing From China by ogholo(f): 10:58am On Jun 25, 2007
i am in uk and because it's a new business i would like to order a few quanty and if possible mismatch sizes 22- 46 to a toal of say 600-1000pieces. Although my search so far with a contact in china says i can only order a min. of 600 in each size range and their size range is divided into 3 which means i have to order a min. of 1800pieces for boys and 1800pieces for girls. But what i want is to know is if i can mismatch for all sizes for both boys and girls.
please check your mail for the samples i have seen so far.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 11:16am On Jun 25, 2007
@ogbolo, i always leave my yahoo messenger online and we can discuss further about the school shoe, most of the time i am always online.
Re: Importing From China by seechris(m): 12:44am On Jun 26, 2007
@ globalaid,
thank you so much for your response,i will give you all the details i can get,the funny thing is i think this product might be mass produced cos the product comes in a white unmarked carton packing,and no names on the device,it comes with a phone like pad with which you can make an dial out calls from your car,also the key pads for arming and disarming the car,on the phone pad is written gsm car phone security,i hope these details help,i will see whatelse i can turn up,thanks so much for your help,i really hope we can start a good business relationship here,regards.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 4:15pm On Jun 26, 2007
@seechris, i will be waiting for additional details you can come up with. I did not know the device may be you can scan one and send it to me with the name and everything or better still buy one to send it to me through my partner in computer village in Ikeja.
Re: Importing From China by gattang202(m): 5:42pm On Jun 26, 2007
importation is good business i am actually thinking of doing it myself and there is lot of profit in it
Re: Importing From China by Evept(f): 11:11am On Jul 04, 2007
@globalaid , can u help me with idea of what they charge in Nigeria port for 20 ft container of clothing materials and other shop items?
and what are the process of collecting my good's in the port,is importing clothes  and women material's from china to Nigeria allowed and legal?
your advice will be appreciated since u live in china and have experince importing for people.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 7:17am On Jul 05, 2007
@evept, clothing and shoes are banned according to government but if you look round you will discover that the people that banned the importation are not wearing our local fabric but are the same people patronising the imported cloth. I do not normally send my goods through seaport but airport so i may not be able to give you the correct estimate. To clear any banned goods from the airport it is 300 naira per kilo but unbanned one is 250 naira. Sending goods from china to nigeria varies, some charge 6 dollars per kilo for two weeks arrival while 4 days arrival is 12 dollars. 20 ft container is around 2900 dollars to 3100 dollars, depending on the shipper.
Re: Importing From China by Evept(f): 2:32pm On Jul 05, 2007
@globalaid ,thanks for the informations i appreciate it

Just a few questions:

1.) Are banned goods accepted in the airport?
2.) Wont the goods be seized when it arrival's in Nigeria?
3.) Have you bought and shipped clothes and shoes from China to Nigeria before,if yes how do they handle your goods as banned in the airport?

4.) How long can someone goods stay in the airport before clearing it?

5.) And what are the procedure's of clearing goods from the airport?

if i can ship by airport without problems i will prefer that instead of seaport .

hope to hear from you soon

Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 10:15am On Jul 06, 2007
@evept, that is the work i do full time. What we normally do is to give the goods to the shipper here who will ship the goods to Nigeria and at the same time do the clearing on your behalf, all what you need is to go to their office after they must have clear your goods to pick it up, it is as easy as that.
Re: Importing From China by obiking(m): 11:07am On Jul 06, 2007
Can you tell me the price of buying fairly used :

Pentium 4 laptops (price per each)
Pentium M laptops (price per each)
Flat panel 15inches monitor(price per each)

You can mail me: bodypal4me@yahoo.com

Waiting for your reply.

Can we chat, I am online in yahoo mesenger
Re: Importing From China by Phydas: 2:29pm On Oct 19, 2007
@ Evept,
   Sending  through  the Airport  doesnt  work   for now.  Again,  it  depends  on what  kind of  clothes  you are sending to Naija. If  its  jeans  and other stuff  like  that,  you send by sea  to cotonou and cross  them  to lagos. There are people  who handle  that.  Right  now, contraband is a no  no  for  Lagos  except  if you send  by what  is  called  excess kilo. That  one  still works  and its  faster.
Re: Importing From China by danielng: 10:10am On Oct 20, 2007
dear members,
i am happy that so many of Nigerians but home and abroad are now chanting a new song on importation.
We all know that Obasanjo (oby) did bad by banding such goods. We hardly have any good manufacturing company here and even the ones that are here have low quality products with high prices that can not compete in international markets. But the other countries' case is the opposite.
Globaid can do well for anyone wanting to import from China. i have chat with him once on the forum and ha have the link, right.
I was once a big time importer until my goods was seized becasue i allowed my agent to ship a small quantity of clothes belonging to one of his customers who's just starting business, unfortunately, i paid the price by losing all i have. now i'm starting life afresh.
Why i am saying this is that, for anyone who wants to import, he/she should do his/her homework well and be double sure of what you are doing.
I dont know the prayers to pry for oby, but if God sees it right that oby have to punish the Igbos, to Him be the glory, if not , may his generation never, prosper.
I am sorry if a made an improper expression here. You see, i became a berger when it struck me. So, lovely Nigerians, importation is good, profitable and ok.
Like globeaid said, these politicians who formulate policies for us patronizes foreign made goods. Do they think they are better than the rest of Nigerians that the rest of us should not have a right to choice. If you have gone to PALMS shopping mall you will realize that most items there are imported goods. I am sure some of us here know that oby opened the mall for operation.
I'll reply as many mails i can on this regard.
Thank you All.
Re: Importing From China by Phydas: 12:36pm On Oct 20, 2007
you wrote well. I am sorry to hear about your predicament and what you have been through. Yeah, there are banned goods, but still those goods go into Naija all the time, its just about knowing how you go about your importation and the kind of agent you have.

Furthermore, if you read the original thread well, you will understand that this write is new to importation. There are so many goods that are non contraban, they sell well in naija and there is more money in them than most contrabans. There are some of them that are duty free or almost duty free. You will be surprised that you ebd up spending less than 250000 in clearing a 20ft container. So, I still suggest that it is good to stay clear from contraban goods if you are a new comer into the field.

My opinion still.
Re: Importing From China by Phydas: 12:36pm On Oct 20, 2007
  you  wrote  well.   I  am  sorry  to hear  about your  predicament  and what you  have been through.   Yeah,  there are  banned  goods, but still those  goods   go into Naija  all the time, its just about knowing how  you go about  your importation and    the kind of agent  you have.

Furthermore,  if  you read the original thread  well, you will  understand  that  this  write  is new  to importation.  There are  so many goods  that  are  non contraban, they sell  well  in naija  and  there  is  more money  in them than most contrabans. There  are   some  of them that  are     duty  free  or  almost duty  free.  You  will  be  surprised    that  you ebd up  spending  less than  250000   in clearing a  20ft  container.  So, I still suggest that it  is good to stay  clear  from contraban  goods  if you are  a new  comer  into  the field.

My opinion  still.
Re: Importing From China by globalaid(m): 10:10pm On Oct 20, 2007
@Phydas, you had said it all. I would not advice anybody to import cloth, shoes or any banned items for now. The goods i sent going to two months almost got seize, if you are new into the system and you cant take the risk it is better you look for something else to import, things are changing everyday.
Re: Importing From China by Nobody: 9:56am On Oct 22, 2007
Hi All,

I think you can check www.alibaba.com. You can import almost anything from around the world, especially China. Just try to use some of the ranked companies.

Re: Importing From China by olucooler(f): 10:53am On Oct 22, 2007
Globeaid, please kindly assist to find out if their is any company in china that can produce a big tent, that looks like a house, that one can use as an event centre. It should be able to take Airconditioners, fans,lighnening etcs.
Re: Importing From China by viperman: 1:43pm On Oct 22, 2007
global aid and any other person that lives in china

can you kindly mail me on lexfrosty @ yahoo.com

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