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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 6:57pm On Jul 27
Just checking in to say hi. Hope you guys are good. I love the ongoing conversations grin

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Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 7:31pm On Jul 27
Just checking in to say hi. Hope you guys are good. I love the ongoing conversations grin

are you teasing us? grin
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:55am On Jul 29
I dare not. Update in a few
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 11:04am On Jul 29
Here we go.

Cheers to a wonderful week and everyone on this journey with me�


They were out shopping on a Saturday afternoon, In readiness for the different final year activities slated for their departments and the ones they have been invited to.

The girls decided to shop for dresses. They had gone to some stores and made a few selections from purses to accessories and shoes. However, they were still on the lookout for dresses that will catch their attention.

Freda noticed that Temmy was yet ignoring another call on her phone. The call has been coming in for a while, Temmy will look at the phone click on it then drop it in her bag. At first, she thought it was one of her admirers or maybe different callers. Then she thought better. Why would she ignore calls repeatedly?

“Babes, I don’t mean to pry but whose call have you been ignoring?” She finally asked. “I hope it is not Seeni. I want to celebrate the final year to the fullest o and you know he has good connections when it comes to parties. That’s the reason for this shopping o.” Freda said as they exit one of the boutiques they have been touring.

“Seeni is my personal person, he can do no wrong?” Temmy responded.

“Ehen! Tell me what I don’t know? Don’t let that boy take you away from me” Freda cautioned.

“You know everything already. It is Damola that has been disturbing my phone and I don’t know why.”

“Really, same Damola?”

“Do you know any other one?”

“After how many months?”

“I don’t know for him o. He has been calling me repeatedly for days now. I sent him a message that he should send a text, he has refused to,  and I don’t want to block his number.”

“Why not find out what he wants?”

“That’s the reason for the text. If he has anything to say to me, he should send a message.”

“What do you think of that green dress?" Temmy pointed at a window.

Let’s check it out Freda replied and they walked towards the boutique.
"I know you are trying to change the topic," Freda said to her.

Temmy has tried so hard not to dwell on the calls she’s been getting. Why would he even call? She thought to herself. After the humiliation, countless times she went to his office to see him. The pitying looks she used to get from the Secretary, the haughty superior looks from Tonye. It better not be that he is trying to apologize.

"Babes where is your mind?" Freda called and jolted her out of thoughts.

“Don’t mind me.” She quickly responded.

"Are you sure you are fine? if it’s about Damola's calls, you can just pick and hear what he has to say."

"I don’t want to, she brushed it off.
Where is the attendant you were talking to?"

"She went to bring some clothes from the inner room."

Just then another attendant approached then to offer drinks and water.

"A bottle of water is okay, thank you," Freda said

"What do you think he wants to say?" Freda asked her friend a few minutes later.

"I have no idea."

"Are you scared?"

"Why should I be? I didn’t do anything."

"That doesn’t answer my question. I just think if you are sincerely over him, picking his call shouldn’t be an issue. You never can tell, maybe this is the closure you have always wanted. Just pick the call and hear what he wants to say then you move on."

"I have moved on," Temmy insisted.

"Then pick his call. You have nothing to lose." Freda shrugged

"I'll think about it."

"To me, it’s nothing big but I am not in your shoes and sincerely I don’t know how it feels."

"Test Toye and see how it feels, Temmy smiled.

"That one is a highway to heartbreak. I love myself too much for that ."

The attendant walked out with different dresses for them.

"Did you add the green one?" Temmy asked.

"Yes ma'am."

"I think I'll try these three." Freda picked a selection

"I think Toye is serious," Temmy pressed.

"Every guy is serious about the chase, especially when you are a challenge to them."

"Oshe! Motivational speaker."  Temmy said laughing. "If you don’t give him a chance, how do you know he'll break your heart. Maybe you are the one he needs to turn around."

"Thanks, I’ll leave the duty of changing him to another person," she replied making her way to the changing room.

They had just stepped into their apartment two days after their shopping spree when her phone rang.

Temmy was surprised because she thought he had changed his mind. He stopped calling since the day they went shopping.


"Which one of them?" Temmy asked

"Ah! My friend's market is selling o. How many of them do you have right now?"

Temmy just hissed and walked away to pick the call in their room.

"Hello," she said into the phone

"Hi, " was the short reply.

It was as if the caller was surprised she picked the call.
She knew who was at the other end but she chose to play ignorant.

"Who am I talking to please?" She asked.

Even though she had deleted his number from her phone, she knew it by heart. This was a number she called practically every day when the going was good.

"It’s me, Damola."

"Oh! Hi, how may I help you?"

The question was followed by a deep sigh.

"Do you want me to call back when you have something to say to me? I am busy right now."

"Temi…..I, " he started before she cut in.

"My name is Temilade, remember?"


"If you really want me to listen to you, address me by my name."

"Temi…lade, I’d like to talk to you."

"I am all ears."

"Not on the phone please, It is a long conversation."

"I am sorry, that is not possible."

"I am pleading, for the sake of the good times we shared"

"Oh! really,  so you remember we had those?"

"Just a one on one meeting so that you'll hear me out. I promise I won’t waste your time."

"I am sorry, I can’t. The only reason I picked this call is to know why you have been calling my line if you can’t tell me whatever it is now, then I guess it’s bye for now."

"Please don’t end the call."

"I am sorry I have to go she said then ended the call."

With a deep sigh, she dropped her phone on the bed and lied down.

How time flies. She remembered when she was the one in this position, begging to be heard. For whatever reason he decided he wanted to talk, was no longer her business. Life goes on and indeed she has moved on.

Comment, share, tell others about it.


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Re: MINE by SwantaL: 3:39pm On Jul 29
Thanks for the update OP
Kip it coming
Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 7:51pm On Jul 29
Tables turn for Damola now, he should be patient now. Thanks OP...
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 9:41pm On Jul 29
hope temmy knows two wrongs don't make a right.
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 10:52pm On Jul 29
Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by scilover: 3:54am On Jul 30
it is good to have something to read here. nice writing.
Re: MINE by FlowerGirl040(f): 6:32pm On Jul 30
hope temmy knows two wrongs don't make a right.
She knows and I don't blame her for been angry with him
Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 8:13pm On Jul 30
She knows and I don't blame her for been angry with him

you shouldn't blame damola too either.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 10:56pm On Jul 31
Aww. Thank you for coming through guys. Thanks for the continuous ginger kiss
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 10:43am On Aug 01
Trust is very important in a relationship. Although Damola had some convincing prove of Temmy cheating on him, he should have at least confronted her. But he was not ready for her to deny because his mind was already made up to walk away believing the fake pictures that was sent to him.

He should work hard to get what he gave away.

Thanks for the update OP

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 8:05pm On Aug 02
Happy new month guys.

May August be good to us o. Not like Alsina to Jada sha. tongue


Freda picked her phone to call Toye immediately she got to the city mall. She had insisted on meeting him here rather than going all the way to the Island.

She wondered what was so urgent that he wanted to discuss.
She had told him repeatedly that she didn’t want to go on a date with him. She wondered why he was still on her case. She smiled when she remembered trying so hard to lie to Temmy about her destination. Tammy knows her so well.

“Oh! I see you now, just walk straight down,” She said into the phone.

“Hi,” Toye said when she met him halfway.

“I hope everything is fine?” She asked worriedly  “I was scared when you called me yesterday. I had to lie to Temmy when I left home this afternoon since you said I should not inform her”

“Does that mean that you don’t go out alone on weekends?”

“I do, I always tell her my destination though and she does the same.”

“So when you go out to see your boyfriend, you tell her whatever you are going there for” he continued mischievously.

“That’s not the point, can you tell me why I am here?”

“Come with me please,” he said leading towards the entrance of the mall.

“I wanted to suggest we see a movie today, but I know you will take a rain check he teased.”

“Toye, if you deceived me here for a date, I am going to be very angry with you”.

Toye laughed. “When I take you out on that date, I am definitely picking you up myself. No guy is allowed to have a glimpse of you before I do because I know you will be enthralling.”

“In your dreams” she snickered.

She noticed they were approaching a food booth when she sighted Damola sitting at a table.

In all her wildest imaginations, she never thought he would be here. She had wondered a bit after the call yesterday.
Why would Toye call her out of the blues? After persistently disturbing her for a while, he had told her he had a business trip and may not be able to reach her for a while. The call came as a surprise.

“Can you tell me why you called me here please?” She asked already getting miffed.

“Please calm down” Toye pleaded and guided her towards the table.

“Good afternoon Freda,” Damola said to her pulling out a chair for her.

“Hi,” she said shortly sitting down

Toye took his time to sit and asked if she wanted anything.

“I am okay.”

With a deep sigh, Toye looked at his friend and nodded for him to start.

“I am so sorry for bringing you here like this, ” Damola apologized. “If I had called you, I know you would not honor the invitation.”

Still confused, Freda stared on.

“It’s about Ehm…. Temi,” Damola said looking at her

“What happened to Temmy?”

“She has not been picking my calls or let me say she doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“How does that affect me?”

“Down tiger,” Toye said to Freda. “You have every right to be angry, Temmy is your friend and a lot of things have happened. What we are trying to do, is make things right and we need you in our corner.”

Freda laughed out loud. “I don’t understand. Need me in your corner how? I don’t even have a say in this.”

“ You can talk to Temi on my behalf. That’s how it concerns you.”

“Don’t even go there Damola” Freda waved her hand.

“Well, I want you to understand that what happened was not my fault. I am trying to make Temmy see that. She is not even picking my calls not to talk of listening to me. I think she blocked my number.

Freda smirked.

Damola knew he was getting nowhere with her. Toye had insisted they go through her when he discovered that Temi had blocked his number after the last time they talked and he insisted on seeing her. He had called a few times after till the number stopped going through.

"Listen to me guys. I don’t know exactly what you want me to do. If Temmy is not picking your calls, why not send her a text. She is an adult and can decide on whom to have conversations with. If you ask me, I will say all these things you are trying to do, is not necessary. Temmy has moved on and I guess you have done the same. It is…."

" I have not moved on Freda please help me." Damola cut in.

"How Damola? Do you even have an idea of the extent of the damage you caused, do you know how many times she came to your house, your office wanting to talk to you? Does she even know why you broke up with her?"

Toye could sense her anger. He tried to calm her down by moving close to her chair and talking to her softly.

Damola just sat there looking on at his friend trying to mediate. He has been having sleepless nights since he got the report that the pictures were truly photoshopped. He couldn’t believe it. He had tried repeatedly to call Temi to no avail. She had repeatedly ignored his call. The only time she picked his call she had told him if he couldn't have a conversation on the phone, she would not meet up with him. The other time he tried to use someone else’s phone, she cut the call immediately she heard his voice. He didn’t know where else to turn.

How would he explain to the love of his life that a set of manipulated pictures were the reason why he turned his back on her.  Maybe he should have listened to her.

"See guys, " Freda said when she calmed down. "I can’t do this. Temmy has moved on with her life. She is happy now. I don’t want to drag her back to that point again." She shook her head.

"I don’t have anything against you Damola," she continued

"I just think you should have been better behaved towards her. Maybe you should let it go and call her when she is calmer. Just give her time. We are preparing for project defense and she needs to concentrate right now, maybe that is why she doesn’t want to talk to you."

Toye nodded his head in Understanding as Freda said her goodbyes.

"I’ll walk you out, " Toye said behind her.

Damola was totally confused. They were still trying to trace the source of the mails to no avail. All he wanted now was Temi listening to his side of the story.

"Guy," Toye said as he approached his friend "what do we do?"

“I am confused” Damola replied.


Wish you a wonderful week.

Keep the comments coming and the conversations going. kiss


Re: MINE by Odoogu(m): 9:15pm On Aug 02
well it ain't gonna be easy.
the deeper the trust someone has will determine the effect of damage if the trusts breaks.
am not saying damola did everything right, he just couldn't hold it.. he was terrible shattered just seeing those pictures.
the problem he has now is that temmy seems to have moved on.

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Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 10:16pm On Aug 02
well it ain't gonna be easy.
the deeper the trust someone has will determine the effect of damage if the trusts breaks.
am not saying damola did everything right, he just couldn't hold it.. he was terrible shattered just seeing those pictures.
the problem he has now is that temmy seems to have moved on.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:40pm On Aug 05
Hi guys hope you're good?
I hope you are enjoying the vibes?

The plan is to pull off this story as soon as I am done, so enjoy and continue to share your thoughts. Thank you.


“Why is it so difficult to talk to you these days? You used to be nicer” Freda complained while dishing her friend’s food in the kitchen.

“Talk to me”. She said bringing the food to the living room when she got no response from her.

Temmy had gone home to visit her parents during the weekend. She already told her friend that she would be coming back to the apartment straight from church.

“Are you trying to pamper me so that I can talk to Damola? by “nicer” you mean naïve right?”

“No” she replied handing over the food to her.
“Moreover at a point in our life or the other, we have been naïve”

“Let me finish my food, maybe we will have a conversation about it.”

“Alright, I’ll wait.” She smiled, picked up her phone, and continued watching the series she was busy with before her friend’s arrival.

“What are we watching now?” Temmy asked

“It’s the latest episode of The men’s club”. “I am not telling you anything about it till we have that conversation”

As much as Temmy loved the gists, she does not really fancy watching “series”. She is not patient enough to wait for updates. She’ll rather watch a movie and forget about it.

“Are you sure he has not paid you because I don’t understand you these days” Temmy

“If I were to charge him, it will be enough to get myself a car. I am sure he will pay without batting an eyelid. The guy is desperate.” Freda laughed

"Hmm, what does he want to say to me?”

“I don’t know, that is why I said listen to him. The guy has been blowing up my phone with calls. Just talk to him.”

“ I am not ready to talk to him”

“For how long baby girl?” Freda asked dropping her phone on the arm of the sofa and faced her friend.

Temmy sighed deeply and put her plate on the table.

“ Damola hurt me too much. Just tell him I have moved on with someone else.” Temmy said as an afterthought.

“I won’t do that,” Freda replied. “The other day I put up your picture with Seeni on my status. I received a call almost immediately asking me who the guy was. Is there something about your relationship with Seeni that I do not know?”

“No. Damola started hurting me before the break up”

“How?” Freda asked surprised.

“Most times when I go to his place during the weekends, he doesn’t even have my time.

He goes out with the boys, decide to watch football outside the house. I enjoy football too, and he has a subscription on his cable.”

Temmy remembered that there was a particular day they were watching a match together and they were cuddled up. Immediately after the first half, he just said he was going somewhere important. She was surprised because it was his team playing the match and he had not mentioned a prior appointment.
Sometimes, she had encouraged him to invite his friends over for an important match but he just concludes that he'll rather go over. All the signs were there. It was as if she was taking too much of his “me” time.

“Did you talk to him about it?”

“No. I felt maybe I was crowding him, which was why I decided to stop going there on weekends”.

“That is it,” Freda said.


“Damola said he thought you stopped coming to his place because you had started seeing someone else. How come you never told me this?”

“I thought I could deal with it on my own, maybe if I distanced myself a little he'll come around.”

“I am not asking you to tell me everything that happens in your relationship but if you are not comfortable about something then you should have conversations about it. It would have saved both of you all these troubles.”

“I will think about it,” Temmy said


“Talking to Damola of course”

“Thank you,” Freda said leaving her chair to hug her.

“I said I’ll think about it”. Temmy emphasized

“At least it’s better than saying you won’t or you are not ready.” She laughed.

“Since we have settled that, let’s talk about Toye” she winked at her friend

“What is wrong with Toye?”

“Nothing, except the fact that he seems to be quite taken with you.” Temmy teased

“I don’t have time for him.”

“I know you don’t believe in love and all that but I think you should give Toye a chance though. Even if it’s just friendship”

“Point of correction, I believe in love. I just think people should be more intentional about it.”

"What is stopping you from being intentional about Toye?” She pressed.
“You have never been in a serious relationship before.”

“Being with Toye for me is like starting your education from the tertiary level."

After laughing for a few seconds. Temmy looked at her friend and said

“ You handle him well”

“ That is because we are not dating and  I don’t owe him anything. I don’t even have to impress him”

“It’s a start.” Temmy encouraged “ You impress him effortlessly”

“Toye has walked the length and breadth of this city in terms of women. How do I compete with that?”

“Life itself is a risk darling and you know that.”

“Hmm. I know. At least there’s an improvement. I have started chatting with him and he follows all my social media handles.”

“That’s a start”.

“On a more serious note. Please talk to Damola so that he can help us with our National Youth Service Corps posting. I don’t want to leave this state.”

“Just confess that you are about to exchange me for a plate of pottage like Esau.”

"You worth more than that to me," she retorted laughing.
"I just think if we stay here, we can maintain our apartment then maybe go back to Manslad for the year."

"That is not enough reason for me to talk to Damola but as I said, I'll think about it."




Re: MINE by Lakesc(m): 4:11pm On Aug 05
Temmy hopefully with give Damola another chance, depending though on how he is able to sell his "i'm sorry bla bla bla" to her with all sincerity and remorse.. Thanks for the update op...
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 5:12pm On Aug 05
Temmy hopefully with give Damola another chance, depending though on how he is able to sell his "i'm sorry bla bla bla" to her with all sincerity and demorse.. Thanks for the update op...

Aww. You are welcome.
Re: MINE by Ann2012(f): 6:06am On Aug 06
What a nice friend Freda and Toye are.....
Temmy should try to hear Damola out, it's not easy though because he hurt her first but listening is a good start.

Thanks for the update
Re: MINE by Gvnl(f): 12:16pm On Aug 06
You're right. I see they had communication problem. I think they should meet and fix their differences. They both hurt each other.

What a nice friend Freda and Toye are.....
Temmy should try to hear Damola out, it's not easy though because he hurt her first but listening is a good start.

Thanks for the update

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 6:29pm On Aug 09
Wish you a wonderful week ahead


Damola stared nervously at the door from time to time as they waited for Temmy and Freda’s arrival.

Temi finally agreed to meet him but not in his house. He had suggested her apartment but she said she wanted a neutral environment.

She had suggested a coffee parlor or even a park. He understood what she was trying to do. She wanted somewhere that would not add any flair to the meeting, something sharp and straight to the point, but he wants more.

He wants something more. He wanted a place where he could look into her eyes and have her look into his, while he explained the situation of things with sincerity.

He had bought an assortment of gifts, but he knew with Temi, the sincere apology would work better.
Toye had suggested his apartment when he told him.

Damola knew Toye had a secret agenda of his own, but it was the least of his problems.
Toye had told him to encourage her to bring Freda along with her for support.
She agreed to the venue and here they are. He couldn’t even concentrate on the match that was running on the TV. He just wanted to see his girl. If he could call her that.

He had woken up that morning with anticipation. Doyinsola had called that she was on her way to his apartment but he told her he would not be around.

As much as he wanted to stay and gist with his sister, this is more important. He had dropped the key to his apartment for her and persuaded her to spend the night which she readily agreed.

His anxiety had increased when he saw Freda's birthday status for a guy. Temi was in one of the pictures with the guy and he was holding her at the waist.
He was in a meeting that’s been going of for a long time and he was bored. He already had the information he wanted. He was scrolling through his WhatsApp when he saw the picture.

He called Freda immediately and
asked her who the guy was, Freda was  vague about the relationship and he was so scared of the guy taking up his space in Temi's heart. He already knew how easy it would be for anyone to fall in love with her. He is more than ready to work hard to get back with her.

Toye had teased him repeatedly, but he was tired of responding to him. He had just an aim now. Get Temi to hear him, not only listen, but really hear him.

Just then, Toye walked out of the restroom to inform him that they were around and he had told the security to let them in.

Damola sat down trying to be comfortable but it wasn’t working.

He had dated girls who were more sophisticated before, and he knew how to bring them around when they were angry. Temi was a new territory. A treasure he had lost and trying so hard to get back.

Toye ushered them into his apartment with a smile on his face. Freda entered first, She was as pretty as ever but all he had eyes for was the stunning human behind her.

Temi was simply dressed in a multicolored shirt dress and brown sandals. Her make up was just right and her smile was everything.

The smile was not directed at him but it still warmed his heart.
He stood up to welcome them. He hugged Freda first, then tried to do the same with Temi but she held him at arm's length.

I deserved that he thought.

“Welcome to my humble abode once again, Toye said to the girls.

Especially you that I have been begging he said to Freda.”

“Bottom line I am here.” Freda said

“Since I am a guy who hardly cooks, Freda and I will go out to get some food while Damola and Temmy keep calm and gist.”

Freda immediately looked at her friend wordlessly asking if she was okay with the arrangement.

Temmy nodded and Freda picked her bag which she dropped on the floor near her chair.

“You don’t need your bag. Toye said to her.”

“At least I need my phone and purse” she said picking both out of her bag.

Toye sighed and kept quiet. He was still trying to understand her.

“ I am the host and I don’t mind footing the bills.”

“Hmm” Freda replied but still picked her purse.

“Can you guys leave already? Damola said impatiently”

Temmy was looking on nervously wondering at what would happen.
One thing she told herself was that she'll listen to him just for the sake of it. Her mind was made up.
What if something like that happens again, it will probably destroy her.

“I am so sorry baby”

“Temmy is fine by me or Temilade.” She replied

“I know I deserve all the hostility, just give me a chance to prove that I am really sorry.”

“That is why I am here, you said you wanted to talk and I am all ears”

Damola sighed. He had never seen this side of her. He knew it was going to be an uphill climb, at this point he doesn’t even mind the work.

“I was hurt when I got those pictures and I wanted to hurt you too.” He explained. “You stopped coming to my house before then, I was practically begging to see you. I was scared you left me for someone else.”

“You should have asked me” She told him curtly.

“I was scared of your response, I am not used to begging a woman to be with me.”

“Hmmm, ” was her response

“The person that sent me the pictures, knows me so well, and I think the person was suspecting a strain between us, which created the perfect opportunity to send the pictures.

I was devastated Temi. I loved you then, I still do.”

“Do you know who the person is now?” She asked

“We have a suspect, but we are trying to pin the person down because we had to track the IP address illegally.”

“How do you intend to do that?”

“We are trying to get the person to confess, rather than just accusations.”

“I need to know that person that hates me that much, that tarnishing my reputation was the perfect revenge”

“We are working on that. My major concern right now is us”.

“There is no us, Damola. I have moved on with someone else.”

It was like a shot directed at his heart. Damola could feel the pain deep down in his heart. It was not what she said that hurt, it was the way she said it.

I await your thoughts and contributions. xoxo


Re: MINE by gold39: 6:53pm On Aug 09
Re: MINE by KelvinCoaster(m): 9:49pm On Aug 09
Nice update but what took you so long?
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 11:04am On Aug 10

I will deliver your message to her. grin
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 11:05am On Aug 10
Nice update but what took you so long?

Thank you. I didn't know you were waiting for the update. grin
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 11:11am On Aug 10
What a nice friend Freda and Toye are.....
Temmy should try to hear Damola out, it's not easy though because he hurt her first but listening is a good start.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for reading too kiss

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Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 11:12am On Aug 10
You're right. I see they had communication problem. I think they should meet and fix their differences. They both hurt each other.

I think so too grin. Thanks for coming around
Re: MINE by Gheeohh: 8:49pm On Aug 10
Temmy should hear Damola out...
Nice update
Re: MINE by Adeola25(f): 4:01pm On Aug 11
This is a wonderful story. Well-done and give us more please.....
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:08pm On Aug 12
Temmy should hear Damola out...
Nice update

Thank you.
Re: MINE by hadayshawlar(f): 3:09pm On Aug 12
This is a wonderful story. Well-done and give us more please.....

Thank you. Update in a bit.

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