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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 8:28am On Jun 14, 2020
Interesting smiley
We havent even begun yet cheesy
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 8:31am On Jun 14, 2020
I wasn't naked but I was halfway there anyway as I had chosen to strip into my very sexy one-piece net lingerie. It looked too sexy to not be used, I felt. I'd put it on with hopes that Doherty would take it off himself.

This was all still quite surreal to me and I was still struggling with my nerves. Richard's penthouse suite was magnificent. Exquisitely furnished, they had definitely not held back on expenses. I couldn't believe I was here, waiting for Richard Doherty himself.

As I lay in the large bed awaiting Richard’s arrival, I wondered what he meant by being a hard man to please. I might not be an expert LovePeddler but I certainly knew how to do the basics well enough. The agency had also given us a course on the art of giving pleasure and so far, my clients had always been satisfied with my performance. I doubted there was anything he wanted that I couldn't do for him.

Looking at the coffee table where a bottle of champagne sat in an ice bucket, I longed for a glass of the drink. It would surely calm my nerves somewhat. Pulling back the covers, I stepped out of the bed and made for the table, walking past a floor to length mirror, I paused and stared at it for a while admiring my body in the white, net, figure-hugging lingerie that left nothing to the imagination.

I decided I was pretty, surely not as hot as many of the girls at the agency but I certainly had a charm of my own. I was five feet seven inches tall with smooth bronze skin. I wasn't fleshy but I was well endowed in the places that mattered. My breasts filled out a doubled cup bra comfortably and my hips were curvy enough to get stares from the menfolk as it protruded a great deal which was why I wore free-flowing clothes especially when off agency duty. I didn't like calling undue attention to my assets especially when they weren't paying for it.

I proceeded with opening the drink and was almost done when the doors to the elevator opened. I glanced over and saw Joe, the bodyguard who had picked me from home. He was behind Richard whose gaze met mine. A sudden frown appeared across his features as he eyed my outfit and I wondered if it wasn't to his liking.

He stepped out of the elevator and the doors closed behind him. Closing off Joe who remained in the elevator as it returned downstairs, but not after he must have had his fill of my naked body.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” Richard asked, a furious expression marring his handsome features.

“Sir… umm I mean Rich, did I do something wrong?” I asked, wondering what I'd done.

He walked over to where I stood, looking perplexed with the champagne bottle in one of my hands and a bottle opener in the other. “Did you do something wrong?” He asked me back, staring at me with his once beautiful hazel eyes, now turned furious.

“Did you do something wrong?” He repeated as I stared back at him, choosing to keep mute. “Seriously, you’re asking me?”
I struggled to understand what I had done wrong but came up with nothing.

He probably saw that I wouldn’t be forthcoming, so he continued, “I left you with strict instructions. Instructions that were meant to be followed. Is it that you’re not bright enough to understand what an instruction means or you just prefer standing here in your naked glory, showcasing your body for all who care to look?” He asked, gesturing at my net clad body.

Staring at him like a deaf-mute, I wondered if this was all because I wasn't under the covers? Not sure how to reply, I remained transfixed to the spot, staring blankly and stunned at what was going on.

“Drop those.” He said curtly pointing at the bottle and opener and I complied immediately, dropping them on the coffee table before straightening up to look at him.

His hard gaze never left mine as he stepped closer to me, closing the distance between us and looking down at me as he was so tall.

“You enjoy people watching you, don't you.” He said quietly when he was right in front of me as he ran a hand lightly down the side of my face. “You know the effect your body has on men and that's why you exhibit yourself, to entrance them, isn't it? Why didn’t you get under the covers as I asked? My personal aide, Joseph just had a good, full view of your body and you didn’t seem to mind. You might be a LovePeddler, but you are my LovePeddler, no one else’s. Tell me Tishé, is it your intention to sleep with my employees also?”

His gaze held mine entranced, but my eyes widened at the realization of the question he’d just asked and I shook my head quickly. That had never been my aim and I felt he needed to know it. How could I have known his bodyguard would be in the elevator with him?

“I...I just needed a drink, I'd not….”

“Shut up.” He cut me off and I did.

He sighed, a tired sound acknowledging disappointment as if he didn’t want to act like this, however, he had no choice.

“Tishé, when I give you an instruction, I expect it to be followed. If I say get into bed and wait for me, you get yourself into the eff-ing bed. I don't give a damn if you need to pee or whatever it is your brain feels like it needs to do. If I say you get into bed, naked… you get into the bed naked and stay there till whenever I have time for you!”

His eyes flashed fire as he spoke and I had a sinking feeling I wouldn't be getting the position as his exclusive. I'd pissed him off quite badly.

“And what is this you are putting on?” He asked, frowning as he regarded my outfit with disgust. “You think this is sexy or what?”

He hooked his finger into a hole in the fishnet bodysuit that clung to my body like a second skin and then the next thing he did stun me. Hooking both hands into the fragile net fabric, he ripped it apart from the neckline to the crotch.

“I said, get naked!” He spat, taking his hands off me and walking to the bar.

I had never been so humiliated in my life. I felt the tears burn behind my eyes and knew I couldn't hold it back much longer. I held the torn parts of the fabric, pulling it off slowly and obeying his command to get fully naked.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 8:34am On Jun 14, 2020
“Get into bed now, will you?” He yelled and I jumped to it, letting the ruined lingerie drop to my feet.

My arms reflexively covering my exposed body parts, managing what little cover I could as I climbed into the ready-made King-size bed, naked.
This was what I wanted, wasn't it? I wanted to be exclusive after all.

Richard helped himself to a clear drink from the bar which I guessed was Vodka. He took off his jacket and loosened the top three buttons on his shirt and a few quiet sips of his drink before turning to me. “Tishé… I will say this again for the last time. When I give an instruction, I expect it to be followed. Do you get it?”

“Yes Sir…” I muttered without thinking, having succeeded in holding my tears in check. How I’d done that, I didn’t know but I wouldn’t let him think that he’d broken me. I’d been through worse than this, I could handle this.

“What!” He barked and I jumped.

Oh shit! “Yes Richard,” I corrected it quickly.

He shook his head, an exasperated expression on his face as he asked, “are you going to be difficult, Tishé? If you are, please get your things together and leave. I've got no patience for an unintelligent female.”

“No… No, I’m sorry, I won't be difficult,” I replied quickly.

“I hope so,” he said, giving me a look like he didn't believe it. He took a quick sip of his drink before going on, “anyway if you fail to impress me tonight, I'll send you back so that's not a problem,” he concluded as if I was a plate of stale meat one easily returned to the kitchen.

I didn’t say anything but I did feel hurt at the way he addressed me. So, what if I’d disobeyed an instruction? It didn’t give him the right to treat me this way. I wasn’t even his mistress yet and he was behaving like such an ass. Well, he knew I was desperate, and that was the only thing that kept him from letting him know how rude he was being.

He was now standing by the foot of the bed, his drink in hand and shirt half unbuttoned. “Pull the sheets off and let me take a good look at your beautiful body.”

I complied, silently doing as he asked but wondering at the sudden compliment. He thought I was beautiful.

“Sit up with your back against the headboard,” he instructed and I did as he asked.

“Bend your knees and spread your legs,” he said quietly.

I did so without batting an eyelid still hoping to impress and try to salvage what was left of the job. Placing my feet on the smooth sheets, I lifted my knees and spread my legs out.

“Wider,” he said quietly, as he took another sip of his drink and I spread my legs out for him wider, showing myself to him.

“Perfect,” he said, his breathing slightly heavier as his heavy eyelids drooped, narrowing his eyes as he stared at me.

He walked over to sit on the bed, in front of me. “ Tishé…” his voice trailed softly as he lifted his gaze to look me in the eye now. He seemed to have forgotten I had told him my name was Tish. To think he had the gall to accuse me of being unintelligent.
His drink still in his left hand, his right hand found its way to my womanly place. He spread its lips apart as his fingers gently rubbed over my tiny little pleasure nub.

I closed my eyes, sucking in a deep breath as I began experiencing sweet bursts of pleasure as his fingers expertly worked over the spot.

“I am a hard man to satisfy but if you keep to my instructions then you’ll do very well. However, I must warn you that I will not appreciate you keeping any other male sex partners if I do choose you as my exclusive. Is that clear?” He asked and I nodded but he still continued as if not sure I understood clearly.

“You will have sex with no one else but me. If you wish to begin a sexual relationship aside from what we have, kindly let me know about it and then we will break our agreement.

Lastly, don't you dare to lie to me about anything at all… ever,” he said all this while he still gently rubbed at my sensitive bud. “Is this understood?”
I managed a small nod wondering how he would know if I was lying, but I could barely concentrate on his words or my thoughts as I gripped the sheets tightly, my eyes closed.

“Great.” He said, suddenly taking his hand off me, and then I finally opened my eyes, willing myself not to ask him for more. It was at the tip of my tongue to ask him not to stop but I was afraid if that would send him into another round of tantrum.

Setting his almost empty glass of Vodka on the bedside table he continued with unbuttoning his shirt. “You are a very beautiful girl, Tishé, you definitely know this. And I can give you more than your heart's desires but you will have got to please me immensely.”

The way he said it sounded like an apology, his voice was softer and he no longer had that irritated look as he spoke. I knew men like him didn't need to apologize but somehow it seemed he knew he had made me upset earlier with his words and felt a need to apologize, albeit indirectly.
Holding his gaze once more, I nodded before he said, “now get over here, get on your knees, and bring me pleasure.”


Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 8:35am On Jun 14, 2020
I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this thread.
Good to have you back Repogirl
Thanks much smiley.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by LaReinaa(f): 9:27am On Jun 14, 2020
We havent even begun yet cheesy
I really cannot wait grin
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by oluwadabira111(f): 9:51am On Jun 14, 2020
One of my favourite writer back in the day is back good to have you back mam!
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by millieademi(f): 12:40pm On Jun 14, 2020
Okay, Aunt Repogirl. I'm a late member of your fan club. I stumbled on your works late last year. And I was blown away. You're incredible.

I can't wait to see the end of this masterpiece.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by vickyluvspices(f): 10:12pm On Jun 14, 2020
So happy to have you back
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by goldwaters(f): 10:59pm On Jun 14, 2020
Thanks much smiley.

Interesting read. I was up almost all night reading this story on okadabooks.

When are we getting the Felix part, can’t wait. *rubs palms together in anticipation *

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:43am On Jun 15, 2020

Interesting read. I was up almost all night reading this story on okadabooks.

When are we getting the Felix part, can’t wait. *rubs palms together in anticipation *

I woke up to your review and it made me so happy, I'm dancing shaku shaku right now cheesy. You're officially the first reader to give their feedback on this book and I appreciate it so so much. Thanks for supporting my ministry, you're awesome and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As for the next book, I can't promise when, but it will surely return. In a way, this first part of the story ended quite well and can stand alone. I made sure of that grin. The Felix part will sort of be like a new episode entirely, with mostly new characters and a different direction from this one. Let's see how it all goes grin. Thanks once again for your support. smiley

And please drop this sweet review on the okadabooks page. cheesy
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:45am On Jun 15, 2020
Okay, Aunt Repogirl. I'm a late member of your fan club. I stumbled on your works late last year. And I was blown away. You're incredible.

I can't wait to see the end of this masterpiece.
Aww, thanks much dear. There's always space on the mat for every fan. cheesy

You won't be disappointed, I'm sure. Even if I do say so myself grin

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:46am On Jun 15, 2020
So happy to have you back
Thankyou dear. I'm so happy to be back.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:47am On Jun 15, 2020
I'm so happy with my first ever review that I'll be updating sometime today. Keep refreshing page until it pops up cheesy
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by reezqurtmosunmo: 8:33am On Jun 15, 2020
Wow aunty peju thanks for this masterpiece, pls we patiently expecting the next episode, don't mind me your stories are always mindblowing
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 1:52pm On Jun 15, 2020
He didn’t need to repeat himself as this was what I was here for. Getting off the bed, I approached him. Without a word, I began by taking off his now fully unbuttoned shirt and placed it over the backrest of the sofa behind him, leaving him with just his white inner vest.
Then I unbuckled his belt and let his pants and briefs drop to the floor. I was greeted with the sight of his already stiff member nestled in a patch of well-trimmed pubes. He was aroused, seven inches of caramel complexioned hardness. Hee was beautiful, and trust me I'd seen enough men’s parts to know.
Dropping to my knees, I placed my hands behind him, holding onto him for support as I started working on him. He smelled really good.
I took his length into my mouth slowly as my hand continued to work up and down the rest of his length.
“Hmmm,” I moaned, moving my mouth over his thick length, running my tongue over it continuously.
He groaned.
I began slowly at first, gradually increasing my tempo.
“Ahhhh….” he groaned deeply.
I smiled for a brief second just before my mouth greedily took over him again. The effect it had on him was immediate as he closed his eyes muttering a string of low curses.
After a few seconds of the continuous assault against my throat, I needed air. I slid him out of my mouth and he groaned out loud and ragged, however, my hand expertly kept up the work as I briefly rested my throat and took in some air.
He looked down at me, a small hint of a smile on his lips. “You're a minx, aren't you?” He muttered, his voice quite raspy.
Briefly smiling back at his compliment, my mouth went back to work, my aim this time was to keep going until he erupted in my mouth. There would be no mercy henceforth, if he thought I was a minx now, wait till I showed him what more I had in store for him.
I might not be a professional LovePeddler yet but I could manage a very good Mouth Action. One of my hands returned to the back of his firm thighs, holding on for support as my mouth closed upon him again, while the other hand massaged the base of his phallus in quick smooth movements.
I made sure to provide enough lubrication with saliva which helped my hand move smoothly over him. His hands held on to my head as he urged me on, gently guiding while he groaned deeply as I sucked him off.
“Yeah…. Yeah .. Tish … yeah… take...me there Tish….” He urged.
I kept it up, deep throat in him at intervals until I felt the tremor at the base of his shaft, he was close. Even his groans were more intense.
He managed a husky, “I'm coming...right now.” just before he released into my mouth.
I kept my mouth tightly clamped over his member as his warm come flowed sweetly into my mouth. When he pulled out of my mouth, his shaft still quite hard but more subdued than before, hanging low against his thigh as he leaned on the back of the sofa behind him. A very satisfied look on his face, his hooded eyes shaded by dark thick lashes were closed for a moment.
I remained on my knees looking up at him, awaiting further instructions and silently admiring his toned muscled body. He still had on a white vest so I couldn't see his abs although it was lightly outlined on the thin jersey fabric
“You did well Tish,” he spoke up suddenly and I almost smiled but didn't because I didn't want him to see how his approval made me feel. “Get up.”
I did.
“Turn around.”
I did as he asked, showing him my ass.
“Tish has got a lovely Behind, I see.” He joked dryly, to himself. I knew I had a big ass, and I didn't like people making fun of it but I wasn't going to complain.
He was the boss, I had to please him.
“I would very much like to have a feel of your luscious looking ass, Tish, but that would be after we've had dinner,” he said casually, as he walked off into the bathroom.



When he came out, now putting on a white bathrobe, I was still standing where he'd told me, for fear that if I moved an inch, he would throw another furious tantrum. My mind had been preoccupied with his last statement before he’d gone into the bathroom. What had he meant by having a feel of my luscious ass? Had he been talking about anal sex?
He stopped in his tracks on seeing me, frowning. “You're still standing?”
“Yes, I umm...I wasn't sure what else you wanted me to do.” I replied. Thinking how handsome he looked slightly damp, with the water glistening off his creamy brown skin.
He grinned suddenly, showing off pearly white teeth, quite unexpected as it seemed he rarely found humor in anything. “Very good, you're a quick learner, it seems. I'd like you to take a shower and then join me for dinner. Is there anything you would like to order?”
“Whatever you order would be fine, Sir- umm Richard,” I said, wanting to let him know I didn't do anal but decided we could talk about it over dinner. He had given me an instruction now and I would follow it. I really didn’t want any more unexpected tantrums today.
But would it be a deal-breaker, if I didn't do it? I thought as I stepped into the shower stall. I wasn't comfortable with the thought of Richard's well-endowed member going up that way. I doubted that would be pleasurable but I really wanted to remain his exclusive.
Twenty minutes later, I was done and refreshed. Drying myself off, I parked my flowing weave in a bun on top my head and put on the soft terry cloth bathrobe hanging in the bathroom.
When I stepped out of the bathroom I saw the tray laden with an assortment of dishes on the center table and thought how fast that had been.
Richard was at the bar, pouring out two glasses of champagne, he looked up at me when I came in, he was still in his robe.
“Tishé....” He said, raising a glass in a gesture that I come over and have it.
I went over and collected the glass, taking a huge gulp from it as I was quite thirsty.
“Please help yourself to anything you like,” He offered and I nodded, walking toward where the meal was laid while he remained seated at the bar going through his phone. I sat down on the Sofa quite at a loss for which dish to try.
“Umm Richard, can I ask something?” I said looking back at him.
“Yeah?” he called, not looking at me.
“Would…. it be a deal-breaker if I didn't do anal sex?” I asked the question that had been bothering me for a while now.
He turned to look at me, a perplexed expression on his face. “You don't? …...Seriously?”
I shrugged.
“Why?” I had his full attention now.
“I.. I don't think I would like it and I'm not sure it's safe.” I said.
He smiled. “Have you tried it to know if you would like it or not?”
“Umm… I,” I didn't know what to say. I'd never had good experiences with it.
He sighed. “Have you ever been asked to try it?”
I shook my head, but it wasn't exactly true. There was a time years ago, a time of my life that I'd chosen to forget and leave buried in the past. Most of what happened then was presently a blur and I preferred it stayed that way.
Most clients at the agency were old men who barely lasted two minutes during sex. Most of them were satisfied after a Mouth Action and couldn't get it up anymore after one session. The Madam had also known I wasn't too experimental and she had scheduled my clients to be a certain type of men who weren't tasking.
“Okay… Here's the thing.” He began, picking up the bottle of wine, his wine glass and walking over to where I sat down on the sofa.
He sat down beside me, so close that our thighs touched, refilling my glass as he spoke, “I told you earlier that I am a man with demands … I could get weird and need you to try something that would push your boundaries…. Something totally different from what you are used to and out of your comfort zone.”
I must have looked quite scared because he chuckled. It was the first I'd seen since we’d met, it transformed his features, making him look quite …. likable.
“You're not going to die, I assure you. You'll be very safe but I might need you to do some things which at first you might not be comfortable with but I can assure, you will enjoy in the end, if you just keep an open mind…..I guess the question I should ask is, are you willing to keep an open mind, Tishé? Are you willing to try out new things and give yourself over to the pleasures you will enjoy?”
I thought about it all for a moment. He made it all sound so enticing that I was tempted to say yes. He made it seem like it was all for my pleasure when it was really for him.
What did I care, anyways? It wasn't like I was going to die like he had said, so what was I worried about? I had so much to gain from this. Fashion school wouldn't pay its own fees after all and I had a family that depended on the money I made.
I was about to speak and I looked up at him to see he was watching me, probably had been all through the time I'd been thinking through it all.
“You don't have to give me a reply just yet… think about it all for a while….here..” He handed me an empty dish, “please, eat something.... Trust me you are going to need all the strength you can muster tonight.”
I glanced at the food and decided on pasta and Chicken. I was a light eater as most of the weight I gained seemed to converge in my hips.
I helped myself to the meal, asking Richard, “will BDSM be involved?”
He nodded, he was still seated so close to me, the side of our thighs rubbing against each other.
“Most likely but nothing serious. I'm not a dominant or anything but I could use restraints on you sometimes …. as I said, I will push you beyond your boundaries but it's all for your sexual fulfillment.”
“And yours,” I sneered before I could stop myself, stealing a glance at him and hoping I wouldn't be punished.
“And mine, you're right.” He said and I was surprised he wasn't mad at my attempt at being cheeky, “I am paying you to give me pleasure after all, am I not? Now eat, I need to make some calls and do some work.”
Taking a forkful of my pasta, I watched him heap his plate with grilled steak and vegetables before getting up and moving to the bar where he had set up his laptop
I pondered over all he had said. It all sounded more than I was used to but he had said I would be safe...and I would even enjoy it.
For me, I needed the money and he would be paying a nice sum for my services. I would be foolish to let this go. My friend Vivian, from the agency, would never let me hear the last of it if I messed this opportunity up.
A lot of girls would do anything to be exclusive, I wasn't even supposed to be here. If he had not specifically requested for me, I would still be assigned to those old men who paid barely enough to cover the cost of my school fees and materials for a term.
The Madam hadn't yet shown me what I would be earning if Richard decided to stick with me but I knew it was considerably large. Jean, his past mistress drove a nice car and lived in a nice apartment so I had an idea what I would enjoy.
I decided I had to keep this job, even if it meant doing weird stuff with him which I wasn’t sure about.

Next post on Wednesday


Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 1:54pm On Jun 15, 2020
Wow aunty peju thanks for this masterpiece, pls we patiently expecting the next episode, don't mind me your stories are always mindblowing
Thanks dear, next post after this will be on Wednesday. cheesy

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by 1miccza: 4:10pm On Jun 15, 2020
Thanks dear, next post after this will be on Wednesday. cheesy

Hello .
Long time no see ...
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Toeyean1507(f): 4:29pm On Jun 15, 2020
Hi guys,

It's been a few years since I was last here to publish a book and I must say, it's great to be here once again. I would like to begin by apologizing to the many readers I disappointed when I suddenly dropped off the grid, and abruptly ended publishing my story, Forever and For Always. I still get asked, 'what about Forever and for always? Will you still complete it?'

The answer is a strong affirmative, YES!!! I will definitely complete it but I'll need you to exhibit some extra-enduring patience, please. I have resumed work on it and although I cannot give a certain time when I'll be done with it, you can rest assured that it will be done.

I've made a pact with myself never to publish or post any story that has not been completed and isn't ready for readers interested in purchasing it. That's why from henceforth, any book published by me, will also be available for sale and download. The same will happen with Forever and For Always. It will be published for sale and online download for those who wish to conclude the story.

Now, on to this book. Tishé, (the story of an exclusive call girl) is a book written by me, using a pseudonym, A.S Amah. This story doesn't exactly fall in with the Peju Amadi brand but at the time, I felt inspired to write it for some naughty reason which I don't even know grin. I must advise you, this book is for readers above 18 years, however, for the sake of the literature section guidelines, I will edit it to only contain parts that will be acceptable for the general audience. You can access the complete book with its uncensored content on Okadabooks, by simply searching its title, 'Tishe' on the Okadabooks mobile app. If you prefer, you can also read the clean version on my blog, https://www.pejuscorner.com

If you're logging in from a web browser to okadabooks.com, be sure to turn on the setting at the bottom right of the search page titled 'Adult' or you won't find it. You can easily access it via this link https://okadabooks.com/book/about/tishe_the_story_of_an_exclusive_call_girl_-_adult_only_18%2B/34252

Official Posting Days are Wednesdays and Sundays

I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please, don't hesitate to drop a comment, don't be a 'chop and clean mouth' reader. Cheers! cheesy
I miss you so much.

Welcome back ma.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by goldwaters(f): 4:56pm On Jun 15, 2020

I woke up to your review and it made me so happy, I'm dancing shaku shaku right now cheesy. You're officially the first reader to give their feedback on this book and I appreciate it so so much. Thanks for supporting my ministry, you're awesome and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

As for the next book, I can't promise when, but it will surely return. In a way, this first part of the story ended quite well and can stand alone. I made sure of that grin. The Felix part will sort of be like a new episode entirely, with mostly new characters and a different direction from this one. Let's see how it all goes grin. Thanks once again for your support. smiley

And please drop this sweet review on the okadabooks page. cheesy

I don’t know how to add a review, but let me go and look through.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by kalajina(m): 5:57pm On Jun 15, 2020
I wish I have the inspirations you guys have. Nice work
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by kalajina(m): 5:59pm On Jun 15, 2020
reogirl I fear you books because you abscond with notice. Nice writer
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by DebbieSylvex(f): 7:10am On Jun 16, 2020

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by LaReinaa(f): 2:07pm On Jun 16, 2020
Nice work.. your sense of imagination is simply extraordinary smiley

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by oluwadabira222(m): 9:11pm On Jun 16, 2020
Loving this tishe character already cool

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Gbest90(m): 8:57am On Jun 17, 2020
It's Wednesday already.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by tomic1(m): 11:14am On Jun 17, 2020
It's Wednesday already.

Almost mid Wednesday sef. Come and update o. Nice story. Thumbs up

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Asek1(m): 1:20pm On Jun 17, 2020
Am here and hooked already
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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 2:55pm On Jun 17, 2020
This post contains some descriptive erotica.

Dinner was done and had been cleared by the hotel's staff. Richard was still busy making calls and working so I'd decided to sketch some designs, whiling away the time.

I was so into it, I didn't realize he was standing behind me, watching me. I hadn't even known when he'd left the bar till he spoke from behind me.
“Those look really good.” His voice boomed and I jumped.

“Oh, umm… thanks.” I said shifting the sheets aside, and covering them up, feeling quite shy that he'd seen my fashion designs. They were great designs, I agreed but hearing someone like him compliment was the greatest form of praise.

“You seem really good…. You enjoy designing clothes?” He asked, gesturing at the paper drawings.

I nodded, replying, “It's always been a hobby of mine.”

“Bloomsbury Fashion Academy is pretty expensive and I've heard they accept only the best talent,” he mused.

I shrugged. I'd had a little experience with dressmaking before gaining admission but he didn't need to know that right now.

He might have seen I was reluctant to talk about myself so he changed the topic. “So did you think about what I told you earlier?”

“Yes,” I nodded, knowing he was referring to my misgivings about some sexual activities that he was interested in.


“And I've decided to keep an open mind,” I said.

“Hmm, why?” He asked and I wondered what sort of reason I could give, other than he was paying well, and I needed the money.

“I..I guess.. I've decided to push my boundaries, I want to experience pleasure.” I said, knowing it was a huge lie.

“Oh please cut the crap, you're in this for the money.” He said, seeing through me. “Tishé,” he said sharply, narrowing his eyes. “If you want to be my exclusive and remain so for a while, you have got to tell me the truth always. I don't need you sugarcoating anything or lying, I need you, to be honest with me at all times, is that clear?” He barked, with a hard look in his eyes as he held my gaze.

“Yes sir.. Umm Richard.” I replied quickly, surprised at the brisk change in his temperament.
He had such a quick temper.

“Good. You're in this for the money, I understand… No need lying about it.”

“I'm sorry,” I said feeling a need to apologize. I don't know why I had even bothered to lie when I should have known he could spot bullshit a mile away.

“I'm sure you are.” He sneered condescendingly, before adding “There's one last thing you need to know, for every rule of mine you break, you will be punished.”

“Punished?” I asked uncertainly, my mind going to BDSM and hoping he wasn’t planning to do some really bleeped up stuff to me.



He smiled but it didn't reach his eyes.

“ Get up.” He instructed suddenly and I did. “ For lying to me about your true intentions, Tish, you are going to be mildly punished.”
I frowned.

“Do you pleasure yourself, Tishé?”

“What?” I asked, perplexed.

“Are you familiar with receiving pleasure with your own fingers?” He explained painstakingly but I still wasn’t sure. Was he asking if I masturbate?

“Do you masturbate?” He snapped, finally losing his patience when I still stared at him blankly.

I wasn't sure what to reply but he had told me to never lie to him.

“Erm, Yes, I...do sometimes,” I replied truthfully.

“Great. Take off your robe,” He said, stretching out his hand and I did as he asked, taking off the bathrobe and handing it over to him. It was all I’d had on, so I was naked once again.

“Now, I’ll need you to get on the bed, and pleasure yourself till you come while I watch you. And I need you to maintain perfect eye contact with me the whole time.” He instructed.

How was this punishment? I thought, doing as he’d instructed. Touching myself till I came would be a pleasure and not punishment, I thought, feeling smug.

However, twenty minutes later, I began to understand how this could be a punishment. I was sitting up on the bed with my back against the headboard, legs spread apart, and pleasuring myself as he’d asked while he watched intently. Under normal circumstances, I should have reached climax by now but I felt so self-conscious holding his gaze like this.

He regarded me coolly and had commanded me to never break eye contact with him. I was aroused and all swollen but it seemed the climax had run away from me. The pleasure I was presently going through was intense, however, I couldn't release it. It was frustrating as all I wanted to do was let go and give in to the pleasure but I couldn't, as long as he was staring at me that way.

“I don't think I can do this for much longer, Rich…please,” I had to confess, “I'm sorry for lying to you, I’ve learnt my lesson but please I need to come,” I begged still touching myself as he hadn't instructed that I stop.

Without a word, he got up from where he sat and approached the bed.

“I see you learnt the aim of this little exercise,” he said rising up from the sofa.

“There was an aim?”

“Yes, there was, actually.” He opened the drawer beside the bed and brought out a tube of lube and wet wipes. “The aim was to get you to tell me what you really want. I'm not a brutal person Tishé, I want you to have some sort of trust in me and I want you to be able to speak to me truthfully without lies or deception. Do you understand?”

I nodded, so all he'd wanted all along was for me to tell him I couldn't go on? Unbelievable!

“Good, now lie on your belly. Let's see if I can help with your release and also show you something you’ve been missing out on.”

I looked from him to the tube of lube he was holding, and I had an idea what he planned.

“Trust me.” He said simply, as he must have caught the fear on my features.

Something about the way he gazed at me told me I had nothing to fear. He was in control, so I decided to. I did as he asked and lied down on my belly.

His hand caressed my plump butt cheeks briefly before spreading it apart to find my second hole that had never been penetrated.

His finger carefully rubbed lube over the hole, round and round, and although I clamped up at the unfamiliar caress, it did feel good.

“You've got to consciously relax your body, Tishé…. You can do this.” His voice was unusually soft, caressing, and persuasive. I tried to relax.

“I'm putting a finger into you now,” He said as his finger penetrated me slowly and I held back from letting out a moan

Slowly he slid his finger inside and around, rubbing lube in my ass and around the rim. At first, it felt quite weird but as he went on and on massaging, it began to feel really pleasurable that my core began throbbing and ached even more.

I moaned, feeling the urge to rub on my clit, which I did.

“You like it, don't you?” He asked, quietly.

“Yes,” I whispered.

“ I'd not wanted to take you this way tonight but you've got me so aroused, I fear I can't hold back but I will only do this with your permission and I will be very slow,” he said.

“Are you sure I can take all of you?” I asked, since that was my greatest concern.

“ Yes Tish, you can,” he replied.

“Alright then…. Go ahead,” I said, giving him the permission he’d asked for.

As soon as I said it, he took off the robe and was naked again. I caught another glimpse of his impressively hard member once again and said a silent prayer that all would go well. He held me by my waist, lightly caressing my skin. “Remember to relax, okay? Bend your knees and raise your pretty ass up for me, will you?”

I did as he asked, then his fingers slid into me, one circling the rim of my ass and two in my pussy, massaging both expertly with more lube.
I moaned at the pleasure, getting lost in it until I felt the tip of his rooster prodding my entrance.

“It’s time, Tishé,” Richard said as if to warn me.

One more post coming up in a few minutes...


Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by oluwadabira222(m): 5:09pm On Jun 17, 2020
Loving and enjoying this cool
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Gbest90(m): 6:37pm On Jun 17, 2020
Nice one. I must say you've got a wonderful story here.

And your writing technique is really splendid; the punctuations and paragraphs makes it beautiful to read.

Thanks 4 the update.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 9:57pm On Jun 17, 2020
I bit my lower lip in anticipation, and then I gasped as he drove into my wet and dripping core in one move, without a warning. I was surprised as I’d expected this would be anal but I guess he’d done it on purpose. He’d taken me where I’d not expected, purposely shocking me.

He kept driving into me, without slowing down and I realized he loved to hit hard. He drove into me with deep, fast, and hard thrusts that sent me jerking forward while his finger kept massaging the rim of my backdoor. The pleasure coursing through my core was inexplicable. The walls of my core expanded with every thrust and I felt him so deep inside me, hitting me so hard and releasing intense bursts of pleasure in me.

“This feels so good, Tish,” Rich whispered to me, “ now it’s time to have a feel of your second entrance.”

He withdrew from me and I wished he didn't as I’d been enjoying his thrusts immensely, but I couldn't complain. He was the boss.

Turning my head to the side, I watched him massage his rigid girth with even more lube before also applying some on the entrance to my back door.
When I felt his member touch the entrance, I silently said another prayer once again. He was so huge, I struggled not to imagine the worst that could happen.

“Relax Tishé, it won’t hurt.” He said as he began guiding himself into me slowly.

I tried to relax, I thought of other things other than the feeling of him penetrating me but still, I felt every inch of his penetration, filling me up in a way I’d never experienced before.

“Sweet mother of….. My goodness, you are so tight.. are you okay?” He asked through clenched teeth.

“Yeah,” I managed, closing my eyes tightly, more out of fear than pain. He wasn’t hurting me, and in a weird turn of events, I liked how he filled me up. I liked the feel of how the walls expanded as he gently pushed himself into me. He didn't go all the way, just about halfway and then he paused, allowing me to get used to the intrusion.

“How do you feel?” He asked again.

“Different,” I said unable to hold back a light chuckle. “It feels full.” It definitely felt like I had a man’s huge member in my ass, but it didn’t hurt a bit. Instead, it was the opposite, it felt good.

“Okay…remain relaxed,” He said as his hands tightened on my butt cheeks. Holding onto my cheeks as he pulled out slowly and thrust back in also slowly. “touch yourself, Tish,” he reminded me, his voice was a harsh, whispered groan.

I did, rubbing my pleasure spot in circles as he thrust slowly. The intensity of the pleasure was something I’d never experienced before. I moaned as my core ached with overwhelming intense pleasure. Somehow, what he was doing to me multiplied the feelings in my core.

“This feels so good, Tish….so good.... It's all I can do not to take you harder,” Rich said, maintaining his gentle, calculated thrusts and withdrawal.

Eyes closed I moaned as my core swelled and ached even more intensely, maybe fueled by his words.

I rubbed more insistently as I felt the pleasure building up, I was going to come soon. I was in my own world of intense pleasure now.

He suspected I was on the brink of coming because he growled. “Don't you dare come now, not now when I've barely begun. Hold it back!” He ordered. It was an instruction, an order which I was to obey but I doubted I would be able to keep it as I really wanted to reach fulfillment.

“I… I doubt I…I don't think I can ...” I whispered as words left my brain.

“Fu...ck.” He snapped and began thrusting harder and harder into me.

“Yes...yes…” I urged him on climbing higher and higher to my release, as I gave in to his remorseless assault.

“You like this, don't you?” He asked. “you enjoy it hardcore? The type that gets you sore in the morning?"

"Yes!" I urged, he understood what I wanted. "Do it so I can barely walk in the morning."

If you keep this up, you are going to make me end this right now, and goodness knows I really don’t want it to end already,” He groaned, still thrusting into me, consistently brushing my center of gravity as he did so and taking me higher.

“Ahhh… Rich, I ..it’s …” I wanted to warn him that I was close but I became incoherent as the tight build-up of pleasure finally burst forth and I began to jerk in uncontrollable abandon as I let the waves of the orgasm ride through me.

It felt so freaking wonderful. My core, my nipples, and even my feet tingled pleasurably as the pleasurable spasms passed through me.

“I’m gonna come,” I heard Richard gasp just before the spasms racked through him also.

He groaned a harsh, “ fu…..u..ck,” as he gave into his own release.


The ringing of a telephone jarred me awake. I opened my eyes, spending about five seconds getting my bearing together and then I remembered all the events of the night before. I turned to see an empty space beside me. My sex partner of last night, Richard Doherty, was nowhere in the room. The room’s phone kept ringing and I realised I would be the one to pick it.

Rolling over, I couldn't help but notice my body was quite sore, some places more than others, he had kept to his promise. After the first session, We had gone two more sessions. Sometime at midnight and then at dawn, I’d given him some oral just before our last round of sex. He hadn't touched my ass again after that first time, I guess he wanted to take it slowly.

It had been a while since I'd had such marathon sex, so I'd dozed off shortly after the last session we'd had at dawn. Now the slight soreness reminded me of the pounding I’d received all night.

I picked up the receiver, still drowsy, I asked, “hello?”

“Miss Tishé?” The voice on the other end was female.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Good morning, you have Madam Pattie on the line for…..”

All sleep vanished from my head as I realized the Madam was on the line. “Yes, please put her on.”

“Tishé, what's with your phone, you haven't been picking your calls?” Were the Madam’s first words when she got on the line. Shit.

“Good morning ma, it's been on silent mode since yesterday ma.” I replied hurriedly. We had a policy of never receiving calls while with clients, so she should understand.

“Okay, but you are now off duty and it's ten a.m for crying out loud? So why is it still on silent mode?” She asked.
Ten a.m? I didn't know I'd slept so long. Good thing it was a Saturday or I would have missed lectures. “I'm sorry ma, I was still asleep.”

“Oh..” Her voice trailed, when she spoke next I thought I could detect a smile. “He wore you out, didn't he?”

I kept mute as I doubted she wanted an answer.

“Anyway, I just spoke with Mr. Doherty and he has chosen to keep you on. He said something about you being quite impressive. So come over to the office later and let's sign your contract. Congrats, you're exclusive now….. That's unless you have reservations?”

My jaw dropped in amazement and I was too stunned to reply.

“Tishé? Any reservations? Do you agree to the terms both of you discussed?”

“Yes ma, I do,” I replied too eagerly.

“Good, now get out of bed already.” She said, before hanging up.

I sat up, a huge smile on my face. He had kept me, I was now his exclusive mistress.

Just then, there was a buzz that I suspected indicated someone was coming in. I jumped out of bed to grab my discarded bathrobe which was still on the sofa where I'd left it and hurriedly put it on.

“Good morning, Miss Tishé.” It was Joe, Rich’s security aide from yesterday. His voice came up on speakers, I just realized were by the elevator doors.
“May I come in?”

Walking closer to the doors, I saw that the security system had a visual display of the interior of the elevator. I could see Joe along with a staff of the hotel, a lady, who had a trolley laden with breakfast.

“Yes,” I called tying the sash of the robe about my waist.

The elevator door opened and Joe stepped into the room, trailed by the lady.

“Did you sleep well?” Joe asked politely and I nodded my answer, watching as the lady rolled in the trolley and began transferring my breakfast on to the centre table where we'd had dinner the night before.

“Mr. Doherty left this note and a parcel on the vanity for you,” he said, handing me a note.

I accepted it before making my way to the vanity, curious to see what he'd written.

“If you need anything, you can call reception and they'll notify me,” Joe said. “ ’ll be taking you home when you’re ready to leave.”
I nodded without a word, barely glancing his way as he and the lady left. Then I opened the note first.

Thanks for a satisfactory night. The cash is yours; splurge on some lingerie, the expensive type.
I requested a private full body massage for you after breakfast, knowing certain parts of you will be sore.
I'll call you.

Dropping the note, I searched on the vanity and saw a bulky white envelope with my name written on it. Picking it up, I opened it and my jaw dropped.

A bundle of a thousand naira notes sat in it. Still with it’s bank's wrap around it.

“A hundred thousand naira.” I breathed. This was the bonus for just one night, it was aside what the agency would pay me weekly which was also quite substantial after Madam had taken her cut.

“Wow.” I was left speechless for a few seconds, just staring at the wad of cash. Then I remembered my friend, Vivian. She had to hear this.
Where was my phone?

I promised and delivered, albeit quite late grin. Next post on Sunday

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 9:59pm On Jun 17, 2020
Loving and enjoying this cool
smiley thanks for your feedback

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