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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 10:00pm On Jun 17, 2020
Nice one. I must say you've got a wonderful story here.

And your writing technique is really splendid; the punctuations and paragraphs makes it beautiful to read.

Thanks 4 the update.
Thanks for reading. smiley
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 10:01pm On Jun 17, 2020
reogirl I fear you books because you abscond with notice. Nice writer
No fears, I promise I have repented smiley
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by BIGGIE121(m): 10:37am On Jun 18, 2020
damn you repogirl you had the audacity to come back here to thrill us with another story without wrapping up forever and for always .

repogirl you bleeped up big time,ghosting us without prior notification simply meant that we the consumers of your works don't actually mean anything to you.

well , I just hope that you ain't gonna leave us hanging on this one though.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Ann2012(f): 3:10pm On Jun 18, 2020
This is going to be another hit story from repogirl and I'm so happy grin
I'm loving the connection between Tish and Rich already, keep the updates coming ma'am

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Aliyullahi(m): 10:27pm On Jun 18, 2020
Thanks for the Update. Keep it coming.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by lady25(f): 5:25pm On Jun 19, 2020
kiss. Well done �

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Missmossy(f): 7:56pm On Jun 19, 2020
Aunty repogirl killing me softly on this one cheesy well done!!!

So eager to see what will happen between Tishé and Richard...keep it coming.

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by NoChill: 5:14pm On Jun 21, 2020
You are doing well
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Nickibeauty(f): 5:44pm On Jun 21, 2020
Repogirl you are doing well, abeg we they expect today update
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by kenigwe18: 7:02pm On Jun 21, 2020
Repogirl you are doing well, abeg we they expect today update

yes o
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Uthman51(m): 10:49am On Jun 22, 2020
Aunty peju...you promised to update on Sundays..
We haven't seen anything oo

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by froze6(m): 9:03am On Jul 14, 2020
I have repented. The next time you'll see Forever and For always, it will be completed. cheesy
we pray so
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by centmanuel(m): 10:46pm On Jul 19, 2020
wow!!! this is jaw dropping. perogirl we are waiting

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Harlequin8(f): 11:56am On Jul 23, 2020
Aunty Peju why are you doing this to us na, you said you have repented but you didn't give us update I haven't started the story tho cos I don't want to be disappointed like FAFA pls come and complete the story
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:00am On Jul 26, 2020
Sincere Apologies for the delay. Story Continues.


A few hours later, I had Joe, Richard's security aide who also doubled his driver drop me off at the Fashion Academy. I didn't have classes but Vivian had requested I meet her there, as she couldn't wait to hear the gist.

We'd been course mates for over two years now but had only gotten close six months back, when I'd been at my lowest point. I'd been going through a tough time with an ex-boyfriend, who I'd been living with at the time. Anthony was the man I'd followed to Abuja. I'd kind of eloped with him from the people I'd been living with back in the slums of Lagos. There had been not much future in my life back there, I'd been treated as poorly as a slave. When Anthony had provided the opportunity to leave, I had done so without so much as a backward glance.

Anthony was a small time businessman and we'd met at a point in my life when I'd been miserable and hadn't foreseen any tangible future for myself. I wasn't sure if he had pitied my situation or he'd been attracted to me but he'd urged me to leave my bleak and miserable life and come over to Abuja with him, assuring me that things would be better.

Back In Lagos, for a while, I'd been managing as a dressmaker's assistant amongst a load of other detestful chores. I had lived in abject squalor and whatever little wages I made were taken from me, by the family I lived with. I had left Lagos with just the old clothes on my back and flip flops. I'd run away without telling anyone, however when I was safely in Abuja, I'd told my mother I was fine, so she didn't get worried. She lived with my younger siblings in a remote village in the south west. I had never breather a word of the abuse I suffered for years at the hands of the people is been living with in lagos. When they'd taken me from the village over five years ago, they'd promised I would be well taken care of, alas, it had all been a lie.
Anthony had also turned out to be a lie but being desperate, I'd chosen not to believe he had my best interests at heart. I should have known he'd just wanted a free sex mate; someone who would cook and clean up after him but I'd not minded as it had been very much better than my miserable life in Lagos.

He lived in a one bedroom apartment in some village in the FCT but it was far above the Ajegunle slum back in Lagos.
I'd tried to please him, I'd even tried earning my own little money by getting a job in a spa as a masseuse after a crash training course they had given. I’d also made clothes for women with a manual sewing machine I had bought by myself, as I had experience with dress making. I'd been making some money but it hadn't been enough because Abuja was an expensive city. I sent most of the money back to my family in the village, so I was left with very little savings. Anthony hardly gave me anything for feeding or upkeep of the house, and whenever I complained, he’d told me to go back to the slums where he'd picked me from. I'd realised the need to empower myself and get out from under his roof, so I'd saved enough to enrol into Bloomsbury two and a half years back. It was the best thing I'd ever done for myself because in a few months, I would be graduating and was sure to become a reputable fashion and clothing designer. I'd managed for two years with just dressmaking to make up my fees. I'd resigned from the masseuse job as schooling took most of my time. I made a tidy sum from sewing until Anthony became unbearable. His business hadn't been doing well and he'd had to resort to other means of making an income, which he felt was too low for him.

He did odd jobs and got frustrated as sometimes he wasn't paid and was owed for a while. He returned home, always taking out his frustration on me and I decided it was time I moved on. It hadn't been hard deciding to move on as there was no future with me and Anthony. I would be doing us both a favour. I'd always lived a hard life but I'd made a vow to live better. Fashion school was my ticket to a better life and there was no place for Anthony in that world.

So I knew I had to leave Anthony but the problem had been where would I move to? My savings had all gone into the fees for the final session in the academy. I had no one to squat with and I'd cancelled all men from the picture at that time, because I didn't think I could stand the male folk generally.

I'd become quite depressed and unable to concentrate in classes. I had never been close to Vivian but she was quite friendly with me. Many of my classmates were friendly as I was the best in our set due to my background in dress making. They liked to cozy up to me, tapping from my experience with clothes making.

She approached me one day asking why I wasn't exactly myself anymore, moping all about and I'd poured it all on her. She had listened and then invited me to squat in her one bedroom apartment and I'd been grateful. I'd quietly moved out without giving Anthony any notice. He'd tried contacting me and I'd told him it was over. I guess he was okay with it because he hadn't complained much.

From the first day I’d moved into Viv’s one bedroom apartment, I was in awe. The place might have been little but furnished quite well and I had wondered where she made her money as she had no job.She had been truthful and told me about the agency and what they did. I'd been very interested. Judge me all you want but really I'd been a plaything to the men folk for years without much compensation. So why not do the same for a fee?I'd joined six months back and the rest is history. I hadn't regretted a day since I did.

“Hey, Tishé!”

I turned to see Greg, my course mate. He was coming up behind me.

“Hi Greg, what you doing here, today?” I asked him. As it was Saturday, we didn't have classes.

“I need to submit the computer illustration assignment.” He replied with a triumphant grin.

I raised a brow in surprise. That was one course I found quite tedious as I had only been introduced to computers when I began fashion school.

“You're done with that already?”

“Yeah, of course” he scoffed. “Piece of cake. Who’s that in the car that dropped you off?”

“I'm sorry, what?” I asked, not exactly understanding his question.

“The big SUV with dark windows and everything that you got down from just now, who was that?”

“Oh….” He had seen Joe drop me off. I wasn't sure what to say as I hadn't been prepared for this line of questioning. “Ummm,... Just a free ride I got on the way here.”

“Really? You got into a ride with all those dark windows? You were not scared?”

“Scared of what, abeg Greg, unlike you, I grew up hard. I saw the driver's face and knew he was harmless.” I lied easily.

He shook his head, and I knew a lecture was coming. “You have to be careful, Tishé, I've told you to call me up anytime you are coming over and I'll come pick you up but you never do.”

I couldn't resist a roll of my eyes. I purposely kept my distance from Greg as I knew he had a thing for me and I had a pact with myself to stay away men for a few years till I was established and met my career goals. Besides he wasn't really my type, he was too young, emotional and if he knew what I'd been through in my short lifetime, if he knew what I really did, his feelings for me would evaporate.

He couldn't handle me and the sort of baggage I came along with. Unlike him, I wasn't born with a silver spoon. He was now done with his lecture which I hadn't listened to like a stubborn student.

“Will you be here for a while? After I submit my assignment, we could hang out.” He said.

“Err….” I shook my head, “I'm quite busy today, Greg. I just came in briefly to see Viv before I head out to another appointment.” I said, my appointment at the agency where I would sign my contract.

His face fell and I saw the disappointment. “I don't know why I bother, you always blow me off.”

“Greg..” I called as he turned about to walk away.

“No, it's fine. I guess Vivian is more of a friend to you than I am. It's fine, but beware of her, there's more to her than meets the eye. It's not the first time I've told you, so just be careful.”

“Greg,” I tried again but he continued, cutting me off.

“I'll see you around,” he said turning around and making his way toward the staff offices.

With a last look at his retreating back, I turned and went to the lecture rooms feeling quite bad but I knew better than to encourage him.

I'd been to the agency and signed the contract the Madam had left with her assistant. Now, Vivian was dragging me through one of the most expensive lingerie shops in town trying to get me to buy something but I was reluctant.

I thought it would be better to save than splurge. There were better things I could do with money.

“Tish, check this crotchless one out, it's fucking hot, isn't it?” She said excitedly, pulling another skimpy lace thing for me to admire.
I nodded at the fuscia pink two piece lace ensemble. It was hot. I could see the lacy top half covering my heavy breasts, leaving more of it out than covering it.

The bottom was a craftily designed crotchless little thing with more strings than lace.
Checking the price tag, I shook my head. “Nah, no way… these things are overpriced….see the scan'ty fabric on this thing and they are charging so much?” I complained.

“It's Victoria's secret, duhh?” Viv replied, sarcastically.

“Well I don't care to know what secret Victoria is keeping.” I joked, “let's leave.”

“Leave? How can we leave when you haven't gotten anything. Remember you said fifty shades gives instructions which you must follow, do you want to disobey a direct order from your fifty shades?” She asked, trying another clever tactic, using what I'd told her about Rich and his instruction note.
She was so cunning and I had to admit she was right. I'd told her about the quick tempered enigma that was Richard Doherty. Not everything we'd done last night, just that moment of weirdness when he'd suddenly thrown a tantrum. We had a client confidentiality and nondisclosure thing at the agency, so I couldn't tell her much but I hadn't been able to resist telling her about his temper and the instructions thing.

“Can you just quit calling him fifty shades? And okay, you got me, I will buy something, but not from here. I'll do some second hand shopping or something. “

Vivian frowned at me like I'd suddenly begun speaking French. “What the Bleep? Tish, you're in the fucking big leagues now, you can't afford to be cheap! You can make over five times the price of this thing if you know how to get your fifty shades hooked. Look, chicks like us don't play with our clients, some even dabble into juju to keep them but you don't need all that. You have all the assets needed to attract him, you just need better packaging...Okay, see I will buy this for you and the next time you see him, you will wear this … only! Nothing else, I don't care if he takes you to the frigging amusement park."

I shook my head, remembering Rich didn't like me showing off my body to anyone else. “He gets quite weird when I expose myself in the presence of anyone else, remember?”

“Okay, then you will wear something on it, I have the perfect idea,” she said, brightening up as she picked the lingerie from the rack. “Come on, by the time I'm done with you, fifty will be eating from your palms.”

“He's not fifty,” I tried again in vain.

“Whatever! And you will pay me back if it's a hit and then you will also buy mine too,” She said as she led the way to the check out stand.

“Viv, these your terms are too high o. How can I buy this expensive thing and pay you on top?” I complained just as my phone began ringing and I looked at the caller screen.

It was Joe's line, I had saved the number from yesterday.

“Viv, it's him….it’s one of his aides,” I informed her.”

Vivs eyes widened as a smile appeared on her features. “Pick it already, jawe.”

I did. “Hello, Joe?”

“Hello, Miss Tishé. Mr. Doherty would like for you to join him tonight.”

“Yeah, sure.” Hell yeah! I thought.

“Okay, I'll be at your place by eight p.m” he said

“Alright.” I said hanging up.

“What did he say, what did he say?” Viv demanded.

“Tonight at eight.” I said with glee.

“Yes! You must have impressed the guy for him to want you two nights in a row.”

I shrugged, remembering how impressed with my ass, he'd been. He probably wanted some more of my behind tonight, and I also wanted it. Despite his weirdness, last night had been a very enjoyable one for me, and I couldn't wait for what tonight held.



Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:03am On Jul 26, 2020
Aunty Peju why are you doing this to us na, you said you have repented but you didn't give us update I haven't started the story tho cos I don't want to be disappointed like FAFA pls come and complete the story
I have repented na. The complete story is available on okadabooks, if you don't want to wait. FAFA will also be availablefor on okadabooks when it's done.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:16am On Jul 26, 2020
wow!!! this is jaw dropping. perogirl we are waiting
cheesy You have given me new name

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 7:25am On Jul 26, 2020
It was seven fifty five and I was ready.

I'd worn the crotchless lacy number underneath a black figure hugging gown that barely reached my mid thighs with a zip that ran in the front from bottom to neck line. My curvy body was on full display, Viv's idea was to get him so hot he would rip my clothes off at first sight.

I doubted it would be that dramatic knowing Rich was very controlled. A guy who could watch me touch myself for minutes without flinching. I could pleasure myself numb all night and if he decided he didn't want to do sex, he wouldn't. It was all about control with him. That was why he needed me to follow his instructions all his time. It seemed an obedient and pliant female was a huge turn on for him.

My phone buzzed and I saw it was Joe, right on time.

“It's him?” Viv asked, putting finishing touches to my make up. She'd gone all the way, foundation, bronzer, fake lashes and all. I felt it was too much,I really didn't need to try this hard and seem so desperate, even if I was.

Rich had wanted me without all the fuss, so why did I have to over do myself to impress him? I'd tried reasoning with Viv but she always got what she wanted. She was at the window looking out as it seemed she was done with my makeup. Our apartment was on the first floor, so we could see out into the street.

I picked my overnight bag. “Alright, see you tomorrow?”

“My goodness! Is that a freaking Maybach?” She screeched. "That's his personal freaking car… he's here!”

“What?” My eyes widened, did this mean what I think it did?

“Yeah! He came here in person to pick you up? That says a lot, Tishé” She screeched.

Did it? I raised a brow in silent contemplation. Or he just wanted to see where I lived? That would be typical of the control freak I already suspected he was.

"Alright, get the Bleep out of the house right now. Don't you know it's rude to keep your client waiting?” Viv said, literally pushing me to the door.

“Goodness, you're really on bossy mode this evening!” I grabbed my phone and all but ran out of the apartment and down the stairs which wasn't so easy as I was in six inch stripper heels.

I made it to the gates without falling on my face and was just closing the gates when I saw a familiar figure approaching. Greg?
‘What the ….’

“Tishé.. I was just about to call you...” he said, staring at me, his eyes growing wider as his brain registered my skimpy and whorish costume that was meant to seduce any guy who laid eyes on me.

“What the hell are you doing here Greg?” I asked, not believing this was actually happening, I think I was in partial shock. He'd dropped me off at home some times so he knew where I lived but to come here totally unannounced was something else entirely. It wouldn't take too much for him to put it all together.

Then I had another problem, Richard Doherty. If Richard was in the ride, he was definitely watching this.

“Why are you dressed like that, Tishé ….”

“I'm going to the club with some friends tonight,” I lied smoothly, “and why didn't you call before coming? I could have told you not to….”

“Oh, so now I have to call and book an appointment with you before seeing you? Is that it? Why not give me the number of your assistant and I'll book an appointment next time?” he said sarcastically.

“You know that's not what I meant…" I said, taking another furtive glance at Rich's car again. From where I stood, I couldn't tell if he was in it as the windows were stained but if he was, I was keeping him waiting and he wouldn't like that. “I have to go now, Greg, please. I'll give you a call later.”

I started walking off when he held me back. “Tishé wait,” he held my arm and I stopped “I came to apologise about my attitude earlier and was hoping we could hang out tonight… what club will you be, I could meet up with you later.”

“I...I'm not sure Greg. Please let me call you back later. Please…” I pleaded, pulling away from him and walking to Rich's car.

I could feel Greg's gaze watching me as I walked away from him, and I already knew I had some explaining to do when next I saw him. I wondered if he bought my club story. Seeing me get into Rich's ride, he would wonder when I began rolling with guys in Maybachs.

As I got closer to the car, Joe got out from the driver's door and opened the back door for me.

“Thanks Joe,” I said as he also took my overnight bag, leaving me with just my handbag.

Looking in, my heart fell as I saw Rich seated in the plushly designed white leather interior, his features hard as granite. I sat down in the seat beside him knowing I had some explaining to do now but I still couldn't help but notice the plush interior of the car.

“Hi Rich.” I mumbled.

“Hi,” He replied before adding, “who the Bleep was that?”

“Errr..” It was on the tip of my tongue to come up with some lie but he would catch me even before I finished with it. “He's a course mate and a friend.” I said.

“What sort of friend?” he sneered.

“Just a casual friend,” I said looking at my exposed thighs, the short gown had ridden up a lot.

He turned to me now and I sneaked a glance at him before turning away quickly as I saw he was pissed.
“Fucking look me in the eye when I speak with you, dammit.” He snapped and I turned back sharply, apologising.

“I.. I'm sorry.” I croaked

“Sorry for what exactly?” He asked.

“For looking away from you.” I said quickly. This night wasn't going as well as Vivian had planned. Why did Greg have to turn up and spoil everything?
“Is that all?”

“ Yes…” I couldn't think of anything else to apologise about.

“You say he is a casual friend, yet what I witnessed from here was anything but casual friendship. Would you care to explain what it is you really have going on with that young man?”

“ I have nothing going on with him, I swear... We're just friends. We have nothing going on.” I told him.

“You understand our agreement perfectly well, don't you?” he asked quietly, but his eyes still hard as he looked at me.
I nodded, “I do.”

“Well, in the case you don't, I'll explain it. You're mine, I pay you really well to be my personal plaything because I don't want anyone else playing with what's mine, you get that? I want nobody else touching you or even being attracted to you, so shut down whatever feelings your friend has for you. I don't give a Bleep if you become enemies, just shut it down!”

I nodded, but he wasn't done.

“I'm extremely possessive Tishé, I don't share. I will get jealous if you get so much as a glance from someone else. Do you understand?” He asked and I nodded.

“You must have realised that I am quite quick tempered and impatient… I just can't deal with a female that keeps flouting all my rules, so I'll just say it now, the next time you give me a reason to doubt you, you're out.”

I nodded… I nodded even though I didn't really understand how I could keep people from staring at me? I wondered how I could keep someone from being interested in me….he was being quite unreasonable but I couldn't say anything.

What personal issues might have made him this way, so overly possessive. Something really bleeped up must have happened to him. I was just a paid mistress and he was like this. It was no wonder he couldn't keep a real life girlfriend. I doubt it would be easy finding a girl who would endure his sort of temper, jealousy and all the damn rules.

He was looking away from me now, doing something on his smartphone, still hard faced as he was still obviously pissed. I felt a need to defuse the tension. This night had started off pretty badly and I felt a need to do something. Maybe if I seduced him, here in his car ….? I doubted I would be successful as he was so damn hard to read.

I decided to at least try.

I began by lowering the zip in front of my dress, till I was showing more of my ample cleavage. Then I called him quietly. “Rich…..”

He turned and his gaze dropped down to my exposed cleavage and stayed there. I put my hand to the zip and pulled it lower, slowly as he watched.

The lacy string lingerie contraption enveloping my breasts came into view and I saw him take in a rushed breath. I smiled in triumph.
He looked up from my cleavage, our gazes locked and I gave him ‘come sex me’ eyes.

Leaning forward to him, I practically shoved my cleavage in his face as I whispered, “I've been quite bad, are you going to punish me?”

Without a word, he touched a button and the stained glass partition separating us from Joe slid up, closing us off from him.

“Take it off,” he whispered raspily.

That's all for today, folks.


Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 8:51am On Jul 26, 2020
Aunty peju...you promised to update on Sundays..
We haven't seen anything oo

It's available now.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Ebenezar2O2O: 12:13pm On Jul 26, 2020

It's available now.
hi I want to send you a pm please
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by centmanuel(m): 12:37pm On Jul 26, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by oluwadabira111(f): 2:04pm On Jul 26, 2020
Rich own don dey too much he should at least free the girl na Weldone ma!
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 9:11pm On Jul 26, 2020
hi I want to send you a pm please
okay, you can send a PM to me here, I'll respond
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 9:13pm On Jul 26, 2020
Rich own don dey too much he should at least free the girl na Weldone ma!
cheesy cheesy cheesy lol He never even start with Tishé.

Thanks, glad you're enjoying the story
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Ann2012(f): 5:19am On Jul 27, 2020
I can't wait for this suspense, it's killing me

Thanks for the update ma'am

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 10:21pm On Jul 27, 2020
I can't wait for this suspense, it's killing me

Thanks for the update ma'am
you're welcome smiley

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by oghenekome51(f): 10:42pm On Jul 28, 2020
Hi repogirl! Well, I'm more of ERM say a very silent or ghost reader but this ur story ehn made me come out from my shell. Ive read some of ur previous stories and i must say 'youre more than gifted'. Am i even making sense right now?Simply put "Thanks for the story and the updates!"

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Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by centmanuel(m): 6:30pm On Jul 29, 2020
I guess Tishé has finally won him over. I just pity those friend-zone guys that are running emotions.
Good job OP. you are doing good
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by Donsmart124: 11:20am On Aug 07, 2020
U re so freaking gud thanks for the update.
Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 4:08am On Aug 09, 2020
I guessed he was talking about the dress, so I obeyed while his eyes stared at me hungrily.

Laying back on the seat, I spread my legs apart and heard another sharp gasp as he saw it was crotchless and my shaved girly place hung in full view.
Wetting a finger seductively, I found my pleasure organ and began touching myself as my other hand fondled one of my breasts.

Turning my head to the side, I watched him watch me. The heat simmered in his gaze, as I enjoyed the pleasure I gave myself. I hoped he would touch me this time, and bring me to release but something told me I would have to ask him for it.

“Would you like to do me here, right now?” I whispered.

He smiled but it was one of those ones that didn't reach his eyes. “I would but I won't….. I'm quite content watching you like this.” He said leaning back in his seat and my heart fell.

I was on my own here.

Turning back, I closed my eyes and decided to use my imagination a bit. As I circled my finger over the sensitive bud, I recalled my first night with Rich. I recalled the look and size of his member. How it had filled me up perfectly and hit me in the right spot.

I recalled his finger in my back hole, how it had felt to have him in there, going in slowly and pulling out. Aided by the lubricant, it had slid so smoothly, pleasuring me in indescribable ways.

“Ahhh, yes.” I whispered, replacing the hand inside my love-hole with the one that had been on my breast while moving my wet fingers that had been on pleasuring my clit to my back door.

“I'm pleasuring my backside for you, Rich.” I whispered and I heard him shift in his seat.

I was tempted to smile as I knew how uncomfortable he would be. I was so sure he’d gone rock hard in his pants.

“Do you remember how it felt? Cause I do…. Ahhh.” I groaned, the feeling of my fingers in both places was so good.

“The feeling of your huge, erect sex pushing, stretching me …..”

“Bleep it!” He snapped, pulling me over to his side not too gently, as he ordered with urgency, “get on your knees and suck me off now.”

I obeyed immediately as I was glad to have gotten a reaction from him finally. Unbuckling his belt, I unzipped the fly of his pants and freed his hugely erect member from his underwear. It was hard as expected and I was quite glad to be reacquainted with it, it had been a while.

I began to take him into my mouth slowly but Rich put a hand to the back of my head and shoved me on to him, forcing his length down my throat and choking me in the process but he didn't care.

This was my punishment, I thought as I gagged and chocked on him. When I couldn't take the assault anymore, I held on to his hand, tightening my grip on him in a silent plea.

He released his grip and I came up for air, looking up at him as I struggled for breath. Bastard! There was no remorse in his eyes, he was still very pissed with me.

“You don't call the shots, I do….. I tell you to jump, and you jump… I tell you to leap and you do. Hell, if I tell you to fly, you better freaking do that, you understand? Don't go getting ideas that you can wind me about your fingers just because you've got a nice body and kow you’re sexy as Bleep. I call the shots here, you got that?” he asked quietly.

I frowned, confused. That hadn't been my intention at all. I'd only meant to make things better but obviously it was even worse now. Silently, I nodded.

“Now suck me off, like the paid cunt you are.” he said pushing my head back to his erection, gently this time.
Even though I felt very insulted, I couldn't do anything about it so I complied and began sucking him off. He was such an a-hole.
Giving my best effort in a bid to make it end quickly but he refused to come. He seemed to be holding himself back, because I slurped all over him as expertly as I could and got nothing.

He wasn't choking me on his erection anymore, but he was giving me nothing. I got a few groans here and there but he refused to come. I wasn't sure how long I was at it but it was quite a while until Joe spoke up through the connecting speakers. I guessed the car was sound proof in addition to the windows bein tinted.

“We've arrived, Sir.” Joe said and that was when I realised the car had stopped moving.

I looked up at him at a loss for what to do. Do I keep going at it since it seemed he was trying to prove a point to me.
With a direct gaze into my eyes, and that familiar, now annoying satisfied smirk on his mouth, he took my hand and guided it over him. Wrapping my hand around his engorged shaft, he showed me how he wanted to be stroked. I did as he suggested, jerking him off with my hand while lubricating his rooster with my saliva.

Taking his hand off mine, I continued moving my hand over his shaft in quick, insistent movements as he’d shown me. He relaxed back into the seat and closed his eyes, now relaxing and giving himself over to the pleasure my hand gave him.

Now I knew I would get him to release as he had given himself over, and given me permission.

Opening my mouth, I played the sac at the base of his shaft, teasing it with the tip my tongue as my hand movements became faster and more insistent.

He nodded in encouragement, eyes still closed and I guessed I was on the right path.

After sensually caressing him with my tongue, I moved up, placing my lips over the top of his shaft, I began suckling the tip, as my gentle hands furiously cajoled his body into release.

I knew it wouldn’t be much longer as I'd begun feeling the tremors on his organ and his breathing was heavier now. Knowing this, I jerked off his shaft faster as my wet tongue teased its sensitive tip.

He jerked back against the seat as he released a low groan, expelling his hot liquid release into my mouth. Dutifully, I swallowed and when he was done, he fell back against the leather seat, spent.

I remained on my knees, looking up at him awaiting further instructions when he was ready.

I used the time to take in his features as I stared up at him and wondered again at such a good looking face. Well defined, with a clean shaven sharp jaw and angular cheekbones. The complexion of his skin, a rich caramel. His narrow eyes dark and mysterious, shaded by such thick lashes that I wasn't sure if he was staring back at me or if they were closed. The bridge of his nose was high and straight, slightly flared at the nostrils while his peach hued lips drawn firmly as usual, looked soft, the top one slightly fuller than the lower.

I wondered what it would feel like to have a taste of his mouth. He hadn't kissed me yet but I wasn't bothered. Many clients were quite cautious about kissing their escorts, which was quite funny as we exchanged bodily fluids when we bleeped without protection.
I must have been staring intensely at his mouth because he suddenly put his hand behind my head, pulling me forward as he met my lips in a searing kiss.

I realised his eyes hadn't been closed, he'd been watching me watch him. How in the world had he known I'd been wondering what it would feel like to be kissed by him?

He kissed me deeply, keeping his eyes open as we held each other's gaze. His lips in control over mine. It wasn't punishing, instead it was soft and even quite romantic.

Was this his way of apologising for choking me against him earlier? This man confused me so much.
One minute he was mean and imposing and the next he was almost human. Was he confusing me on purpose? I didn't know if he wanted me to hate him, respect him, like him or ….do all of the above?

He began to brush his lips over mine, licking and nibbling, all the while holding my gaze. Goodness, he was so good at this.

When he pulled away, I wished he hadn't. I wanted more but the next thing I saw was a handkerchief in my face.

“Clean me up.” He demanded.

I took it and did as I was told, cleaning him up.

For the first time, I glanced out the windows and realised I wasn't sure where we were. I'd thought we'd been going to the hotel but was quite surprised to see us in a huge compound, in front of a large mansion that looked residential. Was this his place?
“Where is this?” I asked him as I handed back the handkerchief which he took from me and threw into something that looked like a portable bin and closed the lid back.

I thought he hadn't heard me, so I repeated my question, but instead of a reply, he smiled that annoying ‘I know something you don't’ smile before replying.

“You'll see..and don't put your clothes back on. You're already well dressed for the occasion.”

With those words, he opened the door, got down, straightened his shirt and pulled his pants back on, buckling up.


Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 4:09am On Aug 09, 2020
I guess Tishé has finally won him over. I just pity those friend-zone guys that are running emotions.
Good job OP. you are doing good
Has she really won him over yet? cheesy

Re: Tishé, (the Story Of An Exclusive Call Girl) by repogirl(f): 4:10am On Aug 09, 2020
U re so freaking gud thanks for the update.

You are so freaking welcome cheesy

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