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Effects Of Masturbation And Its Cure In Islam.. by haardhekunle: 9:47am On Jun 19, 2020
Before I even talk about the effects of
masturbation, what is masturbation and the
causes of masturbation.   
      Masturbation is the self stimulation
of the genitals to achieve sexual arousal and
pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm
(sexual climax). It is commonly done by
touching, stroking, or massaging the penis
or clitoris until an orgasm is achieved. Some
women also use stimulation of the vagina to
masturbate or use "intimacy gadgets," such as a
    There can be varying causes of excessive
masturbation. People may indulge in
masturbation while they are exposed to
pornography in some or the other way.
Masturbation may be chosen as an
alternative to normal sexual activity due to
disturbed family or sexual life.
Some people may have lower levels of
hormones required for sexual gratification,
which makes them more comfortable with
masturbation activity. Masturbation
promotes release of hormones after the act,
which can make a person feel relieved and
tend to prefer it more and more. Some may
involve in excessive masturbation to feel
relaxed and seek temporary comfort from
everyday worries. The pleasurable feeling
after masturbation makes it more addictive,
which can eventually result in excessive
masturbation or masturbation addiction.   
      * masturbation addiction can also be
troublesome for some people. Many people
get into the habit of masturbation to the
extent that they need to do it more often or
that they spend extended periods indulging
in the activity. As long as masturbation
addiction does not affect the health, sexual
and social life of the person, it can be
However, if the person begins to prefer
masturbation over natural sexual methods
or remains withdrawn from the society, it
may be a matter of concern. Masturbation
addiction may pose health risks too in some
cases and use of abnormal or dangerous
things to ensure satisfaction may be more
troublesome. Indulging into masturbation
for prolonged periods can affect a person's
health and life in various ways. It necessary
to understand the causes of excessive
masturbation addiction and ways to control
    We all know that religiously or better
still islamically, that masturbation is Haram
for all mankind, both the male and the
female folks.   
Praise be to Allah.
Masturbation (for both men and women) is
haram (forbidden) in Islam based on the
following evidence:
First from the Quran:
Imam Shafi’i stated that masturbation is
forbidden based on the following verses
from the Quran (interpretation of the
"And those who guard their chastity (i.e.
private parts, from illegal sexual acts).
Except from their wives or (the captives and
slaves) that their right hands possess, - for
them, they are free from blame. But whoever
seeks beyond that, then those are the
transgressors." 23.5-7 Here the verses are
clear in forbidding all illegal sexual acts
(including masturbation) except for the wives
or that their right hand possess. And whoever
seeks beyond that is the transgressor.
"And let those who find not the financial
means for marriage keep themselves chaste,
until Allah enriches them of His bounty."
24.33. This verse also clearly orderswhoever does not have the financial means
to marry to keep himself chaste and be
patient in facing temptations (including
masturbation) until Allah enriches them of
His bounty.
     Secondly, from the sunnah of the
Prophet (peace be upon him):OK
Abdullaah ibn Mas’ood said, "We were with
the Prophet while we were young and had
no wealth whatsoever. So Allah’s Messenger
said, "O young people! Whoever among you
can marry, should marry, because it helps
him lower his gaze and guard his modesty
(i.e. his private parts from committing illegal
sexual intercourse etc.), and whoever is not
able to marry, should fast, as fasting
diminishes his sexual power." Bukhari:5066.
The hadeeth orders men who are not able
to marry to fast despite the hardship
encountered in doing so, and not to
masturbate despite the ease with which it
can be done.
There are additional evidences that can be
cited to support this ruling on masturbation,
but due to the limited space we will not go
through them here. Allah knows what is
best and most correct.
As Every harm is the result of sins. Hence,
the harms of masturbation prove that it is a
sin. Why should it not be so when sins are
the root of misfortune and the key to all
vices. Ibne Qayyim (Rahmatullahi alaihi)
“The reason for every loss, misfortune and
evil in this world and the hereafter is sin and
opposing the Laws and Commands of Allah
Ta’ala. Moreover, sin destroys bounties and
blessings as fire burns wood.” It is possible
to divide the harms of this vile act as
The Shar’i harms are many. Some of them
are as follows:
A decrease in taufiq (success granted by
Allah Ta’ala); corrupt ideas;
hard‐heartedness, an aversion towards
people, cheerlessness in the heart and to be
deprived of knowledge. The greatest
spiritual harm caused by this evil act is the
inability to remain steadfast on Deen. As
long as a person is entangled in this evil
habit, shaytân will gradually remove him
from his friends until he dislikes their
company. Thereafter, shaytan will draw him
into the mud of desires until he is deprived
altogether from remaining steadfast on
How many youth have been deprived of
Tahajjud, fasting, recitation of the Qurán,
acquiring knowledge, associating with
friends, etc. because of the commission of
this evil. A person who commits this sin
becomes weak in front of shaytân and his
nafs‐e‐amrnarah (lowly‐self) instructs him to
do evil. Hence, he will not have the ability to
oppose his nafs in order to carry out the
Commands of Allah Ta’ala. Hasan Basri
(Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said: “A person
deprives himself of performing Tahajjud by
committing sins.”
Moreover, masturbation causes the bladder
to become weak. Consequently, involuntary
urinal and seminal discharges occur from
the private parts. This causes complications
in wudhu, salaah and cleanliness of the
Undoubtedly, masturbation causes physical
harm  ‐although some have exaggerated its
harms – nevertheless, medical science has
proven that masturbation is a cause of a
number of diseases. Amongst them are: 1. It weakens the sexual organs and creates
partial looseness in it.
2. It weakens the nerves generally – a result
of the exertion caused by this action.
3. It affects the growth of the limbs
especially the outer part of the urethra
(duct through which urine is discharged
from the bladder and the testicles). Hence it
does not reach the limit of its normal
4. It creates seminal (spermatic)
inflammation in the testicles which causes
quick ejaculation of sperm.
5. It causes pain in the vertebra column, the
spinal column from which semen is
ejaculated. This pain creates crookedness
and twisting in the back.
6. It causes some limbs like the legs to shake
and shiver.
7. It creates weakness in the cerebral glands
of the brain which, in turn, weakens the
power of perception and reason. Similarly, it
leads to the weakness of memory.
8. It weakens the eye‐sight and reduces its
normal limit of vision.
9. It causes a person to become old before
10. It weakens the very delicate and fine
nerves and veins of the sexual organs
resulting in sexual impotency.
1. The psychologists say: “Here the
awareness of a misdeed and the feeling of a
sin occurs to those youth who practice this
vile act in such a way that within themselves
there is struggle between the desire to
practice this vile act and the remorseful
feeling of a sin.”
2. Excessive practice of this vile act leads to
cowardice, an increase in nervous agitation,
no confidence in oneself, overwhelming
disgrace, a decrease in the urge to study and
desire towards isolation and introversion.
3. Similarly, excessive practice of this evil act
leads towards its addiction and attachment.
Instead of practicing it to rid oneself of an
irresistible desire or to unleash a violent
eruption of desire within oneself, a person
does it as a habit to attain and satisfy his
carnal appetite and  ‐desire. Ibn Qayyim
(Rahmatullahi alaihi) has said:
“Many sinners sin without deriving any
pleasure and urge except that they
experience pain in quitting it.
™ For curing the habit of
masturbation, we
recommend the following
1) The motive to seek a cure for this
problem should be solely following Allaah’s
orders and fearing His punishment.
2)A permanent and quick cure from this
problem lies in marriage as soon as the
person is able, as shown in the Prophet’s
3) Keeping oneself busy with what is good
for this world and the hereafter is essential
in breaking this habit before it becomes
second nature after which it is very difficult
to rid oneself of it.
4) Lowering the gaze (from looking at
forbidden things such as pictures, movies
etc.) will help suppress the desire before it
leads one to commit the haraam (forbidden).
Allah orders men and women to lower their
gaze as shown in the following two verses
and in the Prophet’s hadeeth
(interpretations of the meanings):
"Tell the believing men to lower their gaze
(from looking at forbidden things) and
protect their private parts (from illegal
sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them.
Verily, Allah is all‐aware of what they do.
And tell the believing women to lower their
gaze (from looking at forbidden things) and protect their private parts (from illegal
sexual acts, etc.)..... " 24.30‐31
Allah’s messenger said: "Do not follow a
casual (unintentional) look (at forbidden
things)with another look." Al‐Tirmidhi 2777.
This is a general instruction by the Prophet
to abstain from all that may sexually excite a
person because it might lead him/her to
commit the haraam (forbidden).
5)Using one’s available leisure time in
worshipping Allah and increasing religious
6) Being cautious not to develop any of the
medical symptoms that may result from
masturbation such as weak eyesight, weak
nervous system, and/or back pain. More
importantly, feeling of guilt and anxiety that
can be complicated by missing obligatory
prayers because of the need to shower
(ghusl) after every incidence of
7) Avoiding the illusion that some youth
have that masturbation is permissible
because it prevents them from committing
illegal sexual acts such as fornication or
even homosexuality.
cool Strengthening one’s willpower and
avoiding spending time alone as
recommended by the Prophet when he said
"Do not spend the night alone" Ahmad
9) Following the Prophet’s aforementioned
hadeeth and fast when possible, because
fasting will temper one’s sexual desire and
keep it under control. However, one should
not overreact and swear by Allah not to
return to the act because if one does not
honor one’s promise, one would be facing
the consequences of not living up to one’s
oath to Allah. Also, note that medication to
diminish one’s sexual desire is strictly
prohibited because it might permanently
affect one’s sexual ability.
10) Trying to follow the Prophet’s
recommendation concerning the etiquette
of getting ready for bed, such as reading
well‐known supplications, sleeping on the
right side, and avoiding sleeping on the belly
(the Prophet forbade sleeping on the belly).
11) Striving hard to be patient and chaste,
because persistence will eventually, Allah
willing, lead to attaining those qualities as
second nature, as the Prophet explains in
the following hadeeth: "Whoever seeks
chastity Allah will make him chaste, and
whoever seeks help from none but Allah, He
will help him, and whoever is patient He will
make it easy for him, and no one has ever
been given anything better than patience."
Bukhari: 1469.
12) Repenting, asking forgiveness from Allah,
doing good deeds, and not losing hope and
feeling despair are all prerequisites to curing
this problem. Note that losing hope is one
of the major sins punishable by Allah.
13) Finally, Allah is the Most Merciful and
He always responds to whoever calls on Him.
So, asking for Allah’s forgiveness will be
accepted, by His will.
Wallahu a’lam. And Allah knows what is best
and most correct.
Jazakumu lahu khairan for reading....
may Almighty Allah forgive us all our sins and shortcomings..
Almighty Allah knows best..

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