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My Neighbor's Girlfriend / Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor (2) By Tosan Tarre (2) (3) (4)

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His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 11:38pm On Jun 26, 2020

Nnewi, Anambra State.

It was that time of the year when the wind goes on rampage like an abandoned goddess, clearing the surface of everything that has no firm grip while making mockery of beauty and supple fleshes. Akwaugo hurried along the lonely road that led to Umunnalam community youth hall, that was the same road that would take her to the man she was about to see.

She pulled her shawl over her head, throwing the material across her neck to cover a major part of her face. The wind was still very cold, and darkness was still reluctant to give way for the benevolent brightness, so far; she had met only little children who were on their way back from the Udala tree with their cloths swollen as they had used them in place of baskets for their Udala fruits.

Ututu oma Daa” some of them had greeted her while others walked pass her with no words. If she is lucky, she would be done with the deed before the sun balances well on the sky, she would be home early enough to feed her husband his breakfast before he leaves for the shop.

It was as if the man has been waiting for her, for he had opened his massive gate and had taken her by the hand without much words.

The man- that was all she knew about him, not that she had wanted to attach a name to the face, all she wanted was a seed for her husband, a seed that would keep her home and end her seven years misery.

She had met him three markets ago when she took her Ukwa to sell at Nkwor Nnewi, and had decided that this man held the solution she was looking for, so she had offered to carry the product to his car which had given her the opportunity to speak with him.

“I need help” she was scared of the stranger, but that was the only chance she had gotten “Not money sir, I don’t need money…”.

Akwaugo followed the man into the beautiful house, it looked like one of those she watched on television, she would have asked if it was a hotel, but that day wasn’t one of the days she had the freedom to ask questions.

“Are you sure of this?” the man asked her

She nodded

He had fetched them wine and handed her a glass but she shook her head and stood with her back on him like a frightened maid

“If I am going to spill my sperm into you, I suggest we should as well enjoy ourselves doing it” he unbuttoned his shirt, and lay lazily on the bed with one of his legs crossed on top the other.

Akwaugo avoided looking at him, she was as mute as a dumb lamb

“Why are you doing this woman?” He asked, standing from the bed, he approached her

“I told you sir…we need a child…my husband has been mocked by those who wouldn’t stand him ordinarily…this is the only way to take away his shame” she stammered

He raised his hands to touch her face but she recoiled, protecting her face with the shawl “Let me see the face of the woman I am about to sleep with” he requested

Akwaugo shook her head “It is not necessary sir…you gave me your word you will do this for me, please don’t hesitate now”

The man got hold of her shawl and pulled it off her head and her face, he gently stroked her yellow soft round cheek and she shivered out of fear and something else, a feeling she have not had for the past seven years she got married to husband.

“How old are you?” he asked her

“It doesn’t matter sir”

“It matters to me if I am going to sleep with you”

“Old enough to be married for seven years and want a child”

She felt him tensed and prayed he didn’t stop now, he was her only hope, a man who didn’t know her and her husband and would not recognize her the next day. He had stroke her like one of the men from township, who only came down to Nnewi for the season and would be gone the next few days. She didn’t even bother to ask whether he was from the town or on a visit “Please sir…lets do this now before women start going to farm and markets, I don’t want anyone to see me coming out of here”

He sighed, and gradually undressed her after a while. There was nothing much to remove from her for she had only her wrapper and a blouse on with nothing underneath. Instead of grabbing her and pushing his manhood inside her like Mezie used to do many years ago at the sight of her, this stranger stood with his hand on his jaw, examining her like a man would examine a piece of cloth in a boutique.

She was shy, cold and scared, this would be the first time another man would see her unclothedness aside her husband, no man had ever touched her before except Mezie, now barrenness had thrown her into this ugly situation. She must do what every good and loving wife have to do to save her home.

“Who is your husband?”

She looked at him sharply “Please sir…you don’t have to know him, he doesn’t know you also but he is in support of this…”

“I have to know the husband whom I am to Bleep his wife!” He blurted out

“Please sir…don’t make me tell you, it is for our own good please…”

At the wee hours of the morning, for the first time in her 27 years, Akwugo lay in the arms of another man, a shameful thing she would never forget in a hurry, more shameful was it for she had enjoyed the intimacy of this stranger who was surprisingly gentle with her, and had kept asking if he had hurt her while thrusting in and out of her.

She had sobbed quietly through out the act, not only of pains but of the shameless pleasure that had swept through her.

“You didn’t ask me my name ma’am” the stranger had said while seeing her to the gate “My name is Morgan”

His name mattered not to her for she had vowed never to see him again, if the gods are by her side, this one act would get her pregnant.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Xclusivedaniel6(m): 11:41pm On Jun 26, 2020
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 11:43pm On Jun 26, 2020
the main story starts by Monday, next week. i pray we enjoy the ride like every other ones
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by arck1: 6:49am On Jun 27, 2020
This will be one hell of a piece kiss Good work

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by KimberlyWest(f): 7:07am On Jun 27, 2020
I love this story...
Please mention me when next you drop an update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 10:35am On Jun 27, 2020
This will be one hell of a piece kiss Good work
it is,. I hope you will love it
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 10:36am On Jun 27, 2020
I love this story...
Please mention me when next you drop an update.

sure, I will
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Eternitymedia88: 11:14am On Jun 27, 2020
So na for my town this thing happen?.... Lol.

I'm following.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by oyinella(f): 11:32am On Jun 27, 2020
wow! I love it already

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by xaviercasmir(m): 11:42am On Jun 27, 2020
Wow the intro is good. Let me pitch my tent here

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by do4luv14(m): 11:49am On Jun 27, 2020
Hi Kim its being long, trust you are doing great

I love this story... Please mention me when next you drop an update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 4:07pm On Jun 27, 2020
So na for my town this thing happen?.... Lol.

I'm following.
you don see am na, abeg bring. Beer come o jare

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 4:08pm On Jun 27, 2020
grin cheesy grin I love it too
wow! I love it already
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Eternitymedia88: 6:58pm On Jun 27, 2020
Udo di nwanne....let's go there!

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 7:23pm On Jun 27, 2020
Udo di nwanne....let's go there!
otuo isi were kwuo ya Toro m iche grin grin grin, Mbada Udo di Biko. We are on it

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Joyfulgal: 9:52pm On Jun 27, 2020

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 10:50pm On Jun 27, 2020
Seat Claimed..... I'm not missing this

Well done OP

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by KaideeGee(m): 11:19pm On Jun 27, 2020
Okay. Seated... nice one op, lets get this show on the road

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nobody: 11:45pm On Jun 27, 2020
tongue tongue

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Lilly4endu(f): 12:11pm On Jun 28, 2020
I have taken my seat oooh and with lotsssssss of popcorn. Op please mention me in the next episode.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by oloyedprince1(m): 2:15pm On Jun 28, 2020
next update please

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Lakesc(m): 5:19pm On Jun 28, 2020

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Missmossy(f): 5:28pm On Jun 28, 2020
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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 6:40pm On Jun 28, 2020

I'm here cheesy
yesssss! Welcome cool cool
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Samamerc(f): 9:27pm On Jun 28, 2020
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Samadict(f): 11:02am On Jun 29, 2020
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 1:08pm On Jun 29, 2020
Chapter 1

Theirs was a marriage signed and sealed years long even before she formed the first two molds that later turned to breasts on her chest. The day she was born, even nwamgbeke the priestess of mmiri eze confirmed that the river deity had reincarnated for Sir Mathew and his wife.

Though Mathew was a Christian and a catechist; he couldn’t resist the urge to name the child, Akwaugo because of her beauty. Of a truth, Akwaugo would have passed for a White girl, if not for her full rich dark hair which she inherited from her mother.

From age ten, Akwaugo never lacked men who would call her ‘My wife’ each time they spotted her anywhere round the village. However, one man stood out among the many; Mazie…

When other boys where struggling with grades in secondary school, Mazie had already caved out his part for himself

“I will go and learn business at Onitcha and after I am done, I will come home to take my Akwa away as a wife” the twenty years Mezie had joked one of the days he came to visit the Mathew’s with his parents.

And true to his words, Mazie had returned to Nnewi nine years later, established the very first drug shop at Nkwor Nnewi, bought a beautiful vesper lady’s machine to aid him in his business and had renovated his late father’s dilapidated two room house into a three-bedroom apartment.

Mezie didn’t forget his vow, how could he? She was the reason he had decided to make money. Her image had stuck in his head each time his Boss’s wife slapped him, gave him under-wears to wash and fufu to pound. Akwaugo was the little voice that pushed him to success.

“She shouldn’t suffer, I will make money and make her my queen” was his everyday anthem

Akwaugo was in her third year in secondary school when Mezie came back, without beating around the bush; he had made his intention known to the wretched Catechist and his wife;

“From today onward, I will take care of everything concerning my wife, from her school fees down to the pant she wears, I don’t want anybody buying anything for her” Mezie had announced to the joy of the poor parents who saw his benevolence as an opportunity to rest from the heavy load. At least they would be able to concentrate on the other two boys, coupled with the fact that no day passes without Akwaugo’s mother worrying about her daughter and the many boys that followed her back home from everywhere she went to.

“At least she will no longer have these boys following her, she will have a good man taking care of her” Mmasinachi, her mother had been relieved.

So bloomed the young union, for Mezie, Akwaugo was the sunshine over his head everyday…and when it rained? She was the kind droplets on his skin. He would pick her up from the house, drop her at school and would be the first to hang around the gate waiting for the final bell that would announce the school dismissal

Asa, Banye machin kam buna gi, (Beauty, enter my bike let me take you home)” he would tell her.

He was a dedicated as well as a very jealous lover, the fear of him was the beginning of wisdom for his mates who would want to fool around
Akwaugo. He was one of the most comfortable home-based young men then, and not being able to go to secondary school also added to his insecurity.

He made sure Akwaugo had no friends and men only admired her from afar “Asa m, I will kill any man I see around you” he would say to her on their rides home or to school “they think because I didn’t go to school, that they will use big English to take you away from me…I have money, they don’t” he would say in Igbo.

Akwaugo never saw anything wrong with her man Mazie, just as he adored her, she equally reverences him so much that no other man mattered. She couldn’t wait to finish her senior secondary school so they would wed and she would start joining him at the shop as his wife

“No Asa, you will go to Nursing school, I want you to be a mid-wife, the first in our kindred inugo? So you will help me deliver pregnant women in this my chemist shop”

So were their plans together; a happy man who was blessed with a woman as fair as the goddess of the river, and a young beautiful lady, who found favor in the eyes of a man ready to spend so much to make her his wife.

But life has a way of playing tricks on us don’t it? there comes a twist to every beautiful story that will have to alter the destinies of those involved


The sun was on its morning lookout when Akwaugo got home that day, the young morning sun gave the earth an amazing amber color. She quietly opened the room door and saw her husband still sleeping, she stood for a while- waiting for him to stair, to open his eyes and say something to her, but he had turned towards the wall as if she wasn’t there. She quietly walked out and shut the door behind her.

Their relationship had deteriorated with years, they barely have meaningful conversation like they used to, sometimes her husband would send words to her through his apprentice even though they were both in the same house. But she understood, if only she could give him a child, a son precisely, things would change to normal.

“Akwa weldon o!” her neighbor walked into the compound “I was here earlier to buy Ukwa for my sister’s son who is going back to Unubi this morning, but your husband’s boys said you left the house…”

“Yes…I needed to check Nne Ukwuoma” Akwaugo adjusted her wrapper and sat down, she could still feel some stickiness in between her legs, a reminder of the abomination she committed earlier that day. She gathered some part of her wrapper and folded it in between her thighs, wiping some of the slimy sticky sperm in the process.

“Hope its well, this one you went to see Nne Ukwuoma?”

“Yes o, just to check if she still has Ukwa on her tree, I wanted to book before other sellers start going to her with their monies” she groaned as she stood up

“Are you wounded?” Her neighbor followed her

“Aren’t we all?” she uncovered the big basin at the side of the house “I am full of holes Agnes, I have been wounded for seven years” she dipped a measuring cup inside the basin “How many cups of Ukwa do you want?”

Her husband came out later after her neighbor left, he sat on the rocking chair and watched her go about her chores as if he wasn’t there. He knew when she left and when she came back that morning, sleep had eluded him, and the thought of her in another man’s bed nearly ran him mad.

“How many times?” Mezie asked coldly

Akwaugo froze at the disgust in his voice, she decided to resume what she was doing and ignore the question but that infuriated him the more

He was at her side in two long strides and grabbed her arm roughly “Didn’t you hear me? How many times did he do it?” his voice was louder

“Mezia biko nu…please don’t do this here, we are outside…”

“Answer me! How many rounds did he go?”

“Once!” she blurted out and snatched her arms away from him “Only once!” she rubbed on her arms

“I saw you when you walked in, you didn’t even cry…not even a sign of pity for yourself and what you did” he spat on the dusty ground.

He had expected her to wail like a woman whose child died, or who was being dragged in the market square by Umuada for being a wizard. How would he believe her if she had told him how she had run like a woman being pursued by thunder of shame, she had stumbled on the big fallen Oji tree on her way home as she was blinded by her tears and her mucus had ran into her mouth. He didn’t know…how could he? He was still coiled on the bed like a man rejected by God when she came in

He looked around before he spoke this time “Did you like it? was it sweet? Did you coil your legs round him and bleat like a goat when he was doing it?”

Akwaugo, hurriedly lifted a bucket of water and made to enter the house but he grabbed her wrapper, and sent the bucket flying of her head, splashing water all over the both of them.

“Oga, we are ready to go to the shop” one of his apprentices walked out to the scene.

Amaka saw her opportunity and ran inside with the empty bucket. She didn’t blame her husband; it was her chi who had refused to give her children when other women were having theirs.

“You can’t have it all…” one of her friends had mocked her during their married women’s meeting “God favored you with beauty but has shut your womb”

What they didn’t know was God didn’t shut her womb, her husband simply could not produce a seed and had sworn her to secrecy.

Mazie was eating when she came out with her wares, her hair tied, her face stripped of makeups and her cloth without form or shape, that was how Mazie wanted it “I don’t want men looking at you. you belong to me alone” he would always say to her

“I am ready to go to the market, my husband” he said to her,

He continued chewing in silence for a while “Sit down Asa m” the earlier anger had left him a little “I am sorry for what I said to you, nwoke ozo rara nwunyem (Another man had sex with my wife) how do you think I should feel about it?” he hissed “So…did he know me?” he asked with difficulty

“No my husband”

“Do you know him?”

“I have never seen him before my husband, and I didn’t bother to ask whose son or whose husband he is” Akwaugo wondered why Mezie would want to torment himself more trying to talk about the deed

“He is married?”

“He struck me as one…while he is not very old, but he wasn’t a child either”

“So you had time to look at his face…what else did you take time to see? How big his Dick was? Kedu ka Amu ya ra?”

Akwaugo said nothing, Mezie hissed and tried to control his sadness after all, it had taken him two years to convince her to do this.
“Was he gentle with you?” his voice was mellowed

Akwaugo gasped softly but said nothing, how would she tell him how gentle the man was, and how she had shamefully craved to wrapped her legs round him and nudged him to do more things to her. how would she even tell her husband that his gentle voice in her ears had awoken every desire in her, she never knew any man could be that considerate while lying with a woman,

How would she even know? Mezie was the first that opened her fountain of womanhood. He was the first man that had presented himself and had taken her through the journey of man and woman, Mezie defined love and sex for her, he had always taken as much as he had given to her, her womanhood was the price she had to pay for his kindness when they were not yet married and she had continually performed her womanly duty to her husband in good times and in bad times, as long as he wanted it; “Ihe na agwu ike eji ezu ike (Something tiring that men uses to rest)” was what her husband called it, until Mezie’s manhood packed up a year after their wedding.

“What mattered was the seed he planted, I told him the terms and he understood” Akwaugo replied her husband.

“You understand that nobody should know about this”

She nodded

“Are you sure it entered very well? I don’t want us to go over this thing again” Mezie covered his unfinished food and washed his hands “Oya wait for me outside, let me carry you on my machine and drop you to the market”

“Thank you my husband”

Mezie grunted


Morgan splashes water on his face three times and when his arms raised the fourth time, he wiped his face so hard like he was about to tear his flesh. He looked at himself on the mirror and laughed so hard.

“Isn’t life so funny?” he asked his reflection; he came for Christmas holidays to escape the conflict within, and there he found himself in another deep shit. Who was that woman? How come he couldn’t even resist the temptation when he had got the chance?

But he had been dumb struck by a pretty innocent face in a market square and had thrown caution to the wind immediately she came to him with her offer that day.

He thought of the possibility of her being a spirit, after all. He had heard stories of ‘Edo’ the goddess of Nnewi who visits the market in human form to commune with the people. That was the only explanation to the spell he felt on the eyes of that young woman and his inability to stop even when she told him she was married.

“I want a seed for my husband” she had said, but now he wondered what sort of husband would allow such a beautiful woman sleep with another man only because of a child, it made no sense to him. somewhere at the back of his mind, he suspected that the woman had lied to him, she was never married and ‘there was something more to their meeting than just a desperate cry for help.

He hissed and shook his head in a bid to shake off the memories, only God knows if the woman actually needed a child as she said, the deed had been done already and if that was the case, he wished her and her dumb husband luck.

As he walked back to his room, he cast his eyes on the rumpled bed where the woman had lay that morning; he sat there and ran his hands on the soft sheet “She is an inexperienced one” he muttered to himself, he had felt her innocence immediately he touched her, so fragile was she that he was scared of hurting her, she was like a new bride, like a virgin in her bloom

“But she said she is married for seven years” he wondered

He gathered the sheet and brought it close to his nose, she smells of morning dew, the kind of smell one is not privileged to perceive in the city, a smell he craved to have around him again. he regretted allowing her go so soon, not that he would want to have sex with her especially if it was true that she was married, but he wouldn’t mind seeing her face again and again

“Do not come looking for me please, I pray that God favors me this time and give me a child after this, you will not see me again…” she had said when she was ready to go

He had understood, and had promise to keep her safe, but some promises are meant to be broken, he would see her again, he had to satisfy his curiosity, he had to confirm that she was a human and not a goddess.

His phone rang and he checked the caller identity; he was supposed to go to ‘Okongwu grammar school’ to supervise the renovation work going on there. It was a project he picked up that year. when he attended the school many years ago, the lack of facilities had added to their fun and truancy, yet they did well, but now education has evolved and the school needed an upgrade.

“Engineer, I am on my way…yes…tell the principal to show you where to tip the materials…okay…”

He picked his keys and left

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 1:13pm On Jun 29, 2020
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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 1:16pm On Jun 29, 2020
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 2:02pm On Jun 29, 2020
Thanks for the update ma'am
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 2:25pm On Jun 29, 2020
Thanks for the update ma'am
Ann2012 thank you too for being here kiss kiss I owe you hugs

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by PrudySara(f): 2:31pm On Jun 29, 2020
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Who cares for okpa and chilled zobo??
O.P please collect your share grin

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