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My Neighbor's Girlfriend / Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor (2) By Tosan Tarre (2) (3) (4)

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Counter24(m): 8:25pm On Jul 03, 2020
Finally... All my years being a nairalander I get to read a story that I'm actually very much close to its settings...
I never for once think that someone can use Nnewi that I stay in to make a good story like this...

I'm guessing you're from Nnewi too given your in-depth description of some various things and places cool cool cool cool.. Rosemary is doing well


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by mhizv(f): 11:57pm On Jul 03, 2020
Khriztarl have you seen this one.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by tijehi(f): 11:57pm On Jul 03, 2020
What kind of stupid stunted husband is Mezie. Extremely insecure.

Well done Rosy....


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Khriztarl(f): 11:56am On Jul 04, 2020
Khriztarl have you seen this one.
haew, thanks for the mention.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 12:00pm On Jul 04, 2020
Mezie is self-centered and annoying angry

Thanks for the update ma'am


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Lilly4endu(f): 12:33pm On Jul 04, 2020
Still waiting to see what Mezie will turn into. Some men are like that sha

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by gal10(f): 2:09pm On Jul 04, 2020
Wowwww what a ride!! Loving this! More ink to your pen


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 2:11pm On Jul 04, 2020
Finally... All my years being a nairalander I get to read a story that I'm actually very much close to its settings...
I never for once think that someone can use Nnewi that I stay in to make a good story like this...

I'm guessing you're from Nnewi too given your in-depth description of some various things and places cool cool cool cool.. Rosemary is doing well
yes o �� by marriage
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gheeohh: 7:52pm On Jul 04, 2020
Nice piece....

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by akanji44(m): 10:53pm On Jul 04, 2020
Can I buy the complete version??

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 6:05am On Jul 05, 2020
Can I buy the complete version??
I am still writing this story. grin grin. Don't worry, I will complete it here

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Samadict(f): 8:13am On Jul 05, 2020
Insecurity at its peak. Why make a woman take an oath not to cheat and you go behind her to SLEEP with another? Not look or touch o....SLEEP and then she had to swear to secrecy and bear the insults from Mezie's mother. Good the desires are awake and errrmmm,... Let me stop now. Moreeeeeeee! Well done ma'am


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by donobecs(m): 8:34am On Jul 05, 2020
nice one.. am following up till end ���

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by UniqueQueen12(f): 1:41pm On Jul 05, 2020
Nice one.. Continue please

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by jenifer007: 5:53pm On Jul 05, 2020
Wow rosemary this is a master piece...You are a top notch writer....God bless you more sis

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 2:02am On Jul 06, 2020
Chapter 4

That year’s Christmas season was colored with series of drama, Ngbeke had woken everyone up with screams of “Ogbuo mo o! anwuo nu mu o!! he wants to kill me!!!” while her husband pursued her round the clan for eating the gizzard from the Christmas Chicken. Just yesterday, Gabriel set himself on fire while protesting the injustice done to him by his wives whom he claimed where feeding him with leftovers from their ‘mama put’ sales.

“Nwachukwu the drunk had fallen on his bicycle while coming back home from Ngoka’s daughter’s Traditional wedding”

Mazie was sharing a keg of palm wine with his friend Goodluck, he would have complained about how early it was to pay someone a visit, but Goodluck was one of those friends he would forgive anything except of course discoursing with Akwaugo

“Who allowed him to ride his bicycle back home, did they want him to kill himself?” he chewed on the kola nut noisily

“You know Nwachukwu is a stubborn bull, he would not listen to anybody” Goodluck allowed a long pause, turned the last drop of palm wine on his wooden cup and drank all at once “Good palm wines are not easy to come by” he rid his cup of drops of wine by flapping the cup severally

“It’s the season, I was even lucky to get this one from Nathaniel” Mezie wondered why his friend paid him an early visit instead of being in church with the others. Goodluck was a lay reader who wouldn’t joke with church, especially in a festive season when he was supposed to read his lungs out and impress the big men from big cities who would in turn make big donations that most of them may not redeem.

“Goodluck my friend, have you quarreled with your parish priest this one you are in my house instead of the church this morning?” As for Mezie, he had never been serious with church except the time he was getting ready for his marriage. To him, Church was a tool used to deceive gullible people, though he did attend harvests every year and he had allowed his wife to attend for the sake of his overbearing father.

“Mezie, I have come to ask why you finally decided to sell the acres of land along Ugwu akpati Ozu? The last time I brought an Agent from the Government, you said it was your inheritance from your father and you are keeping it for your children?”

Mazie, adjusted himself to face his visitor “Which land are you talk about?”

“The one by Nkwor now…after Area command…”

Mazie gave out a guffaw, stamped his feet “Is this a way of reminding me of your interest in that land? I already told you, no part of that land is for
“My friend, if I don’t know you, I would have called you a liar or you are a coward who doesn’t want to own up to what he did” Goodluck accused

“What are you saying?” Mezie was offended “A matured man doesn’t spit and lick up his spittle, if I have the intention of selling that land, I would have informed you, you came to me first…”

“Then where is the information coming from?”

“You tell me…you came to my house with the accusation”

“Well, I saw tractors clearing the land and there are building materials…”

“Bia, are you joking with me?” Mezie was visibly angry

“Do I look like I am joking? Er I was told that boy from Akammili bought it and is planning to build a health center…”

“Which boy?”

“Morgan, the son of Ochudo, that one his father was the school headmaster, that was killed in an accident…”

Mezie jumped to his feet like a man whose pant was on fire, ran into his house and was out in a flash, he struggled to slip his hand inside a faded t-shirt, while running out of the gate at the same time.

“My friend wait! Let’s think of a better way to settle this before you get yourself into trouble” Goodluck hurried after his friend

“There is nothing to think, they think they can take what I have because they have money and I don’t have a son…I will kill anybody I see on that land and go to police”

Akwaugo collided with the men at the gate on her way back from church.

“Why do you want to destroy me and my husband, what did we do to you…what is our crime?”

Akwaugo waited for her husband to retire in his room before she sneaked out to Akammili. Her husband had come back later that day grimacing in pains, with bruises all over. It was obvious he had engaged in a fight which he lost, he lamented his inability to have a child and blamed his chi, a proud man he was; she knew to reason with him would be useless and even if he had allowed her speak, he wouldn’t agree for her to go see the man Morgan,

“I don’t think I understand what you are talking about”

She had met him with some men at his compound, he didn’t see her at first but when he did, what ever he was saying to them hung on his throat and he had gone still, his eyes dilated. He had excused himself and had come to her.

“You took advantage of my problem, my husband’s inability to father a child…”

He frowned “What are you saying…”

“The land you took! It belongs to my husband; how could you do something like this?” she fought the moist gathering in her eyes

He looked around, pulled her by the arm and walked farther away from earshot of the others “I have not taken any land from anybody…”

“Lie!” his voice harbored so much bitterness “you know what you did, you just don’t want to own up to it…”

He stared at her for a while, when he spoke; his voice was colored with disappointment “A liar and a wicked man, is that what you think of me?” he sighed “I am an honorable man irrespective of what you think. And when I tell you I didn’t take any land…why would I? I have all the money I need to buy any number of lands I want…”

“then why didn’t you come for mine! I know you have no regards for my husband after your brief encounter with him the other day but” she sniffed “You didn’t even think of me!” her voice trembled

He placed his hands on her cheek and she shrugged away “Which of the lands are you referring to?” his voice was mellowed

“The one at Nkwor, after Area command”

“I paid for that land” he said in an angry rasp “The men that sold the land to me said it belonged to the Kinsmen…I signed the papers!”

“How could you buy a land without proper investigation?” she wiped her face with the tail of her gown “it belongs to me husband alone and he didn’t send anyone to sell for him”

“I will give it back” he cut in

“What?” his responds came as a surprise

“I said I will give it back to you and your husband”

Akwaugo searched his face “What about your money?”

“You don’t have to worry about that” he combed his short afro with his fingers “Tell your husband it wasn’t my intention and I am very sorry”

She was tongue tied, she didn’t know what to expect when she embarked on the journey but his gentleness had disarmed her “Thank you…” she whispered and he smiled broadly “I will go now, my husband doesn’t know I came here, er please don’t speak of it” he arched his browns and she looked away. A fool she was, she would have walked away as she had accomplished her purpose for coming, but her legs had refused to obey her brain and she had stood like a slowpoke in his presents while he gave her a smirk

“Why do I feel you are dying to see me?” he asked

“I only come here for my husband’s sake”

“And you said he didn’t know about it” he subtly mocked her “Asa…” he called with charm “I heard him call you that name and I think I like it”

Her breath was rapid and her mouth filled with moist “Don’t call me by that name”

he widened his eyes in a mocking shock “I came by your shop and you were not there, don’t blame me beautiful one…I wanted to see you again, I couldn’t stay away from you…”

“Stop please!” but her body said otherwise, she wanted this man so much that she would have grabbed his head and place her mouth on his if she didn’t force her legs to move. There was no denying it, life was playing a game with her and she was afraid she might lose, she felt her heart melt like a jelly as he took her hands and caressed the back of her hand with his thumb

“Thank you for coming, it meant a lot to me”

She snatched her hands from him and hurried towards the gate where she parked her husband’s lady’s machine, wondering if she had gone out of her mind, how could she not control her desire at the sight of him? She had seen the lust in his eyes and how shamelessly he was flirting with her. he was a man who didn’t know how to pretend, he made it clear that he wants her on his bed again, from his actions and the way he sent signals to her. it equally worried her that she may lose her guard the more she sees him, when she thought of intercourse, which she started thinking about lately, only his image came to mind.

Akwaugo met her husband seated under the moon when she got home and was shocked, her heart palpated in fear, “You are awake my husband” she greeted when she approached him, he looked steadily at her

“Where are you coming from?”

“Nwamaka’s child was running temperature” she lied

“You are now a doctor that treats people’s children?” he asked casually

“She knows I read nursing, she needed my help since she couldn’t get the child to the hospital this night” She waited for him to say something more but his interest has shifted from her to what ever he was thinking before she came in “How are you feeling now my husband?” she added

“Better, only my neck still hurts…”

She stood before him in awkward silence, when it was obvious, he had nothing else to say to her, she walked into the house and employed the help of a bucket of warm water to help calm her aching and hungry lust.


Okorie lay on his bed but sleep eluded him, his wife slept softly beside him, he had just finished making love to her, he was supposed to have fallen into a deep slumber but he wasn’t relaxed enough to give in to the god of the night.

He had seen Mezie earlier that day on his way back from Obo Mmanwu, but Mezie did not see him. only two things could have made Mezie run like a python being beaten by the rain…either his wife or his property, and Okorie was sure it was the later for he had seen Akwaugo in church.

He drained the heat on his body with his discarded cloth, and looked at his wife before he left the bed, it was not easy for him to forgive his wife, but he had no option, he loves her to a fault, however, he would rather give his life than let Mezie go.

The night Mezie had come to him to ask for him to revoke the curse he made with his Ofo, he had told Mezie to go and come back with his kinsmen but the proud man had insulted him in return.

“So, you want to make me a laughing stock in this village? You want my kinsmen to mock me? You should be grateful I slept with your wife, I am ready to let go of the debt you owe me in exchange” Mezie had said rather

“So, my wife Vagina is now a repayment to the debt?” Okorie had shook his head in anguish

“Are you man enough to even satisfy her? you needed to see how she was dancing okoso under me, all you know was to jump like a squirrel from one village to another, playing flute for masquerades”

He knew Mezie would not stoop so low to get his kinsmen involved, he would want to avoid the humiliation. Okorie gnashed his teeth and snapped his fingers; “Mazie, a hunter that has an elephant on his head and searches for a grasscutter with his feet, you parade the whole village with you queen but couldn’t get your eyes off another man’s wife”

Okorie wasn’t a rich man, not as rich as his arch Enemy Mezie, but he would not cower away when a battle is brought to his door step, he had watched Mezie ran around like a headless Chicken in search of a solution to his childlessness, and it satisfied him that for ones, there was something he could use to torment Mezie, truly, the gods where by his side.

He waved off a mosquito that was singing by his ear and sat on the Cain chair in his sitting room, he had seen someone that looked like Akwaugo, Mezie’s wife that night at Morgan’s house. Okorie squinted his eyes as his mind raced on what transpired between the woman and man she came to see, he wondered what could be going on.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 2:50am On Jul 06, 2020
Thanks for the update ma'am


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by skubido(m): 7:19am On Jul 06, 2020
Mezie na die u dey so oo

Thanks for the update

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Samamerc(f): 9:47am On Jul 06, 2020
Thanks for the update rosy

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by ufss(m): 11:39am On Jul 06, 2020
good work ma,thanks for the update

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gheeohh: 6:39pm On Jul 06, 2020
Thanks for the update

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by tijehi(f): 8:00pm On Jul 06, 2020
That part that she said to Morgan 'you didn't even think of me' got me.

Thanks Rosy for the wonderful update.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by centmanuel(m): 8:52pm On Jul 06, 2020
Menzie! Mezie!! Mezie!!! you need to learn humility from Morgan because Okorie has seen your bum bum.
I envied Morgan's humility.

Nice write up OP


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by djpaparazzi: 11:56pm On Jul 06, 2020
Thank you for this wonderful update.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Joyfulgal: 7:16am On Jul 07, 2020
Thanks for the update

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by UniqueQueen12(f): 8:52am On Jul 07, 2020
Okorie will expose mezie's wife as payback (just maybe) .Well done dear

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by PrudySara(f): 10:23am On Jul 07, 2020
Proud Mezie... this attitude of his won't help him.
Thanks for the update ma'am!


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Khriztarl(f): 11:18am On Jul 07, 2020
Enirock. mazie, greedy mazie, proud mazie. Thanks for the update op.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nmezor(f): 11:58am On Jul 07, 2020
Nice storyline dear, more ink to ur pen.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 12:22am On Jul 08, 2020
Chapter 5

Akwaugo pulled herself to a sitting position, yawned and finally got her feet down on the cold floor. Her head pounds as if someone was beating the village Ikoro inside her head and her stomach churned, the dinner she managed to eat last night sat like a stone in her stomach, making her feel nausea. She yawned again, dragged herself to the sitting room and met nobody. Her husband doesn’t go to work until nine o clock; his two apprentices goes to the shop before him.

The cold wind made her shiver as she stepped outside, she wrapped her arms round her torso and hurried towards her cloths which were flapping like a flag on the line, the gate flung opened and her husband stormed towards her.

“Where did you say you went to last night?” he was filled with rage

“Mezie! What happened?”

He raised his hands to hit her but restrained himself “I swear, I will invoke Amadioha on you now if you ask me stupid question, who did you go to see last night?” he fumed

“Nwamaka…she…” the slap on her cheek deafened her for some seconds, she staggered like a drunken hen with her palm on the hurting cheek.
It was the first time her husband would hit her, Mezie could shout and threaten her, but he had never lay his hands on her

“You went to him! Prostitute! Akwuna (LovePeddler)! You think nobody would see you sneaking inside his house in the night?”

“My husband I only did what was good for us…it was because of the land!”

He pulled her to him roughly and landed another slap on her back, she whimpered “what was the offer? Your opened legs? Was that what he demanded in exchange of the land? My own land that he took?” it wasn’t the first time he was accusing her of infidelity, even with the oath of death hanging over her head; he still felt she was capable of defying deities “Are you so Hot that you couldn’t wait for me to sleep before you sneaked into another man’s bed?” he was like a man possessed by the devil, she tried to dodge his slaps and punches “Ungrateful woman! After what I did for you, you have mock me with my enemies…”

“Mezie please! I did it for you…” she was able to dislodge herself from his grip and ran as far as her weak legs could carry her “I only went to talk to him…I told him to leave our land” she wiped her face with her wrapper “I wanted you to be happy again my husband”

“My thunder make you dumb there” he panted, he was beyond reasoning, jealousy and bitterness eat him up like a carnivorous worm “Who told you a woman should involve herself in land matters?” he rushed to grab her and she ran out of the gate, Mezie slammed the gate and bolted it “Since you now want to grace every bed in this village, you should as well stay out of my house.

Mezie Shut the bathroom door and flung off his towel, a habit he formed since his manhood went limb, not even before his wife would he UnCloth and walk naked from his room to the bathroom- unlike before, when her was still a ‘man’. He was alone in the whole house yet he felt eyes all over him, and he swore he heard voices- mockery chuckles. He gritted his teeth as the cold water touched his skin, when the water rand down his torso through his thighs, he cupped his penis and wished for a miracle.

Not that he has high hopes now, he just remembered when he was still alive, the touch of cold water in the mornings was enough to give him erection, now the thing hung like a rotten fruit about to fall. He scooped another water and pour directly on the sleeping penis- nothing happened, he hissed and concentrated on other parts of his body.

He had accepted his fate- but today, his heart was heavy, his predicament bothered him. maybe because his wife had raised the issue of sex again two nights ago “Mezie…you seem to have resigned to fate, how long are we going to stay without sex? Go and meet Okorie now…if he wants you to tell the Umunna what you did, then…after all people would only talk about it for a while…” she had grumbled, he had dismissed her with an angry mutter “who do you think I am? A stupid man? Oh! you want me to lose respect before my kinsmen?” he had hissed “I am trying other sources- my manhood will get up when the time is ripe, magic will not happen now because you are having sensations in your vagina” and last night she had sneaked out to meet a man.

“You used the best strategy Nwokem, sending your wife in the night to speak on your behalf” someone had commented when he went to the land this morning and found trucks moving out. “Who can resist the plea of a beautiful woman” the man had said casually but Mezie felt a tight wrench in his gut.

Same man whom he saw chatting and laughing with his wife in the market, how did Akwaugo even know his house? he had wanted to believe her when she said it was only a mere visit, but he wondered a man who would readily agree to abandon his millions and acres of land just because a woman pleaded with him to do so- it was either he had other intentions or something was already going on.

His heart tightened in anguish, he had pretended over his misery but the more he wanted to console himself with thought that the new herbs he had been taking would yield result and the oath would stop his wife from giving in to another man until then, he feared she would one day leave him without considering the past, he would become a story to be told every moonlight dance

He feared loneliness

He feared the dark rage that gradually crept inside him, sob began to shake him violently, strange silent sobs convulsed his body. What would he offer to his chi to restore him? What if the baby he so desired doesn’t come from the one sinful act he forced his wife into?

Yet his ego was so big that crawling to Okorie’s house with his Umunna made him look so little.


“My husband is a good man; he is only passing through things”

The only place safe for her, where she wouldn’t be asked why or what really happened was in Nwamaka’s house. his mother would have insisted in going to meet Mezie and his father would have involved the reverend father. “He has not lay his hands on me before, he was just angry”

“Akwa, you are lucky to escape, what if he had killed you?”

“You don’t discard someone because of a single mistake, he was angry”

“you call beating you- a mistake? Akwaugo! When will you open your eyes and see that Mezie is turning you into a timid fool?”

Akwaugo bit her lips, she didn’t want to argue with her friend Nwamaka- would she call her a friend? Nwamaka hated Mazie the first day she set her eyes on him, “Akwa this man doesn’t suit you” She had said to the hearing of everyone including Mezie, yet; she happened to be the only person who could ignore Mezie’s rants and walk into her compound each time she comes back from the city “You will not understand” Akwaugo replied, she adjusted the pillow to support her back

Nwamaka clasped both palms in front of her friend, her face contoured with concern “Akwa get a life, don’t let this man ruin you…before you know it you will turn to an old hag and he will find another woman”

Tis Tis Tis” Akwaugo shook her head “Mezie will not do that”

“How can you be so sure?”

“He can be anything but not inconsiderate, see Nwamaka- I know why Mezie is agitated…” she shifted her buttocks and stretched herself on the soft bed “He is not wicked, fate is not just kind to him” She was exhausted, she wished Nwamaka could stop talking or maybe change the topic

“I heard the ministry of health has announced recruitment of nurses in State owned hospitals and health centers” Nwamaka said “You have to apply, who knows…you might be lucky” Akwaugo stared into space “Do you hear me? Professor Chioma works at the teaching hospital, she is the medical director there, she can help you get in”

Akwaugo hissed “Amaka I feel drowsy” she inhaled deeply and closed her eyes

Nwamaka nodded, and quietly left the room. Why would someone hang on to a relationship that is dead? “Selfish local idiot” she had seen what Akwaugo didn’t see many years ago-when Mezie was running around her friend like a jobless man. when other ladies were awing at the whole drama, she had rather warned Akwaugo that this man wanted nothing but another possession to show off.

Nwamaka frowned and thought about her own marriage- or what was left of it. At least it was fun while it lasted and she came out with a huge sum of money as settlement, no one knew about that yet. Marriage wasn’t for people like her, money it was. Her contract husband was hardly home and she understood- he had a family in India, she was just a pleasure toy, a past time.

Nwamaka had indulged in two extra-marital relationships during the course of her marriage, she hated relationships, they were time consuming so she had settled for random sex from random men. The last one had taken place three months before her white husband announced the end of his contract and his plan to go back to his family. Nwamaka blushed at the thought of it, it was with a low-life, a driver to one of her friends. Who would blame her? The guy was a sexy hunk, and she had gone wet between her legs, just sitting by him in the car while they waited for his madam to finish from the salon, she had lured the guy to her house the next day, sucked on his extra-large rooster like it was a water pump and he had screwed her brain out.

“And they think I am crazy when I didn’t fall for ‘ever after stick together’ union” She shook her head, went into the room to check on her friend, she loved fun and didn’t feel bad getting it. Carefully she turned Akwaugo to her side and adjusted her pillow

Morgan swore silently to himself, Jesus Christ! What was happing to him? Four times- four freaking times he had read through the reports sent by his secretary and couldn’t make up anything from the damn thing.

“Take it easy Morgan, concentrate!” his mind was messed up, his heart…In turmoil. He drained the black coffee and fluttered his eye leads as the bitter taste slapped his palate, he tried again to go through the figures, dimmed the screen of his laptop but he couldn’t force his mind to follow his eyes.

Morgan slammed the laptop shut and drummed on his table with his fingers. He was supposed to be in Lagos in two days, “…from DSS sir, they said you must honor their invite…” His secretary had said over the phone. He should be worried about the federal watchdogs visiting his house, rather, he had been disrupted because he couldn’t get another man’s wife off his mind! he knew someone who would find that woman for him

One more time before his departure, just one more time.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 12:23am On Jul 08, 2020
Menzie! Mezie!! Mezie!!! you need to learn humility from Morgan because Okorie has seen your bum bum.
I envied Morgan's humility.

Nice write up OP
grin grin grin
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by tijehi(f): 5:47am On Jul 08, 2020
Morgan please kidnap her to Lagos.

Thanks Rosy for the update.

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