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Sexcapade With Neighbor's Daughters. 18+ / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor (2) By Tosan Tarre / The Tale Of My Greedy Neighbor By Tosan Tarre (2) (3) (4)

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 11:27am On Sep 11
Chapter 29

Loud hammering penetrated Mezie’s mind and distorted his thoughts. He had been rehearsing how to approach Okorie for days now, even as he pulled his bike towards the other man’s house, his mind played the conversation that would likely ensue and how to start. But as he got closer, the persistent thumping, the shrill sound as if something was being drilled into a hard surface and incoherent chatters made him abandon his thought and picked his curiosity. He came to a halt, not certain if he was at the right place, his eyes darted from one side of the road to the other, sure, Okorie’s house stood at the centre of the T junction, and that road had not changed for ages neither was he aware of Okorie moving or selling his house to another person.

There was an iron gate where a rotten wooden gate once stood and a freshly built brick walls where he had always seen worn out mud wall. Forehead wrinkled, he approached the place half-heartedly and was about to knock when the gate flung open and Okorie swaggered out of the compound with a wide grin on his face.

“I was right! I heard the sound of your bike, then I didn’t hear it again, I wanted to be sure it was you” he pushed his new gate wider, giving Mezie access to have a peek of the work going on inside his compound.

“I almost went back…I didn’t recognize this place anymore” voice mellowed, he fought the seething jealousy in the pit of his stomach. The last time he asked- Okorie was nothing but a poor flute player who didn’t know where his next meal would come from. What then was all these renovations going on? How did he…

“Won’t you come inside? There is still somewhere we can sit down”

Not just the renovations, but the sudden niceness…mocking niceness. He believed Okorie knew why he came and was rubbing his newfound wealth, where ever it came from, on his face. He considered turning back at this point “Sorry, my house needs me more” he would say and would run off. But then, what would that accomplish for him? He had already set out for this.

“I guess you know why I am here” his gaze drifted towards the symbol of his envy- a new brick house, bigger than his own and more beautiful when finished. he didn’t want to ask where all the money came from as Okorie led him into his old house and ushered him a seat. He understood now, the only reason this man would want to let go of the past was that he was offered something he couldn’t refuse as well! A chance for a better life- away from poverty, that was why he was gloating.

“I know” Okorie took his seat “But first, I have to offer you this” he pulled out a big brown envelope, slammed it on the stool in front of Mezie and pushed it closer to him.

“What is this?” he looked from envelope to the man. His lips tightened.

“Nwokem mepe ya bu ngwugwu, Open the bag and see for yourself!” the audacity, the look of satisfaction, the smirk on the corner of this man’s face made him want to do two things- either punch him in the nose or just walk away without saying anything. But he slowly took the envelope and opened, stared from the content to the man that was guffawing like a mad man.

“What is this for?” he squinted

“Ah! It’s your money of course. Have you forgotten I owed you?"

"I told you not to pay back, since we both have a…something we were…”

“Oh, yet a man never forgets the debt he owes a friend” the other man dismissed him with a wave of the hand “Since I am capable of paying now, why won’t I pay you? Especially now you need it more than I do”

Would this man ever stop hurling insults on him with every slightest chance? “Okorie, look, I don’t need this money now” but he did, just that he couldn’t take it at the moment, a deal was a deal “I am only here because I am not as hard-hearted as you people think, I have decided to let Akwaugo have her way, let the gods be the judge of me and her…and that man that had decided to take her from me”

The other man observed him for a while and shook his head “You are here because it is your only chance of getting your manhood back Mezie, don’t make it seem like you have suddenly turn nice, we all know who you are…”

There was no pretending about it, the man was right, as much as he would want to hold Akwaugo and keep her for himself or wary her till she either return or remains single for the rest of her life, he would also want to feel erection again, the fleshly pleasure of digging into a woman’s canal of lust- possibly, Akwaugo’s. the man did vow that he had not touched her. if he could fool this pig-headed man before him to reverse the curse, he could still have his victory both ways- Akwaugo may even walk back to him on her own…

“I am here because I was told you have agreed to set me free, to restore my manhood” he murmured.

“Ngwa nu, no problem. I have agreed after the good lady spoke to me. Not that you deserve anyway.” the man flicked him a glance and looked away. “There is a condition attached though”

“I have agreed to let her go, what other condition does she want?” he retorted

“You accept the bride price. A date will be fixed when her parents with few kinsmen would come for the bride price returning, only after the return of bride price will I reverse what I said with my offor”

“She told you that?” his face tightened

“Yes. And I think it is a great idea, knowing the kind of man you are…”

What did they say about allowing a woman to have a glimpse of enlightenment? She now felt she was wise. He bit his upper lip, gripped the arm of the chair, his fingers dug into the worn-out material. Akwaugo, she thought herself wise now, little hungry daughter of a nobody whom he picked from nowhere.

“The choice is your now, I can inform the kinsmen and this whole thing would be over as soon as possible.” The other man added

“we can as well forget this whole thing” he eased himself off the seat and dust his buttocks. It was all a bad move, they thought they had gotten him to a corner where he had no option, but he would show them.

“You are a fool if you will not grab this opportunity and get back your life!” the other man stood up. “who dies and goes to heaven because he sustained his ego? What is it you want from this young girl and the man she came back with?”

“Everything!” he blurted out before he could stop himself. “I started this whole thing, I will end it myself!”

“If you will listen to me, accept this offer, let this young lady go. Get another woman for yourself and start a family with your own child!”
“She is mine, my wife! I gave her everything…”

“You are not the first to help someone! That has been your problem…perhaps, that is why your chi is punishing you, for you to learn that you are not a god to anyone! I don’t like you Mezie, I have never liked you. And then you did what you did to me…but I am telling you one thing, you will never be happy with another man’s child under your roof and a woman whose heart belongs to another. We all heard what transpired when she was sick and how you chose your life over hers…she was never yours nwokem, you only were stricken by her beauty”

“You know nothing about me.” He straightened his shirt, picked the envelope, bent his head slightly ad he walked out of the door- an impulsive action, not that his head would touch the upper door frame. He stomped out of the compound and rode wildly back to his house.

He was at the backyard that same day when they came in, the shuffling of their feet and their muffled voices announced their presence and the uncertainty in their hearts. He waited, if he would be forced into doing this, he would as well do it on his own terms and one of them was taking as much time as he wanted. He could keep them there until the next day.

He strolled into their mist, earning himself a loud silence, his gazed swept through their faces, only one person dared hold his gaze. Okorie.
“We are here as custom demands…”

“Spare me the long sermon Catechist. Just go straight to the issue at hand and be on your way” his forehead burrowed with disappointment. He had thought Akwaugo would come with them, on the other hand, it was for good she wasn’t here. The sting of defeat would have been more painful.

The Catechist pushed the carton of malt to his feet, turned and whispered to his wife who brought out an envelope from her handbag and handed it over, to her husband. “This is the money…”

He eyed the items with disdain, chewing on a long stick and spatting on the ground. They waited for him to say something but he had nothing more to say, except that he had kept his own part of the bargain. And it was time for them to leave him alone.

They waited for a long while, one by one they left his compound until cold silence descended on him. The echoing chips of the night cricket reminded him how empty his life was. He picked the light envelope and peered before he brought out what was inside, stared at the amount written on the cheque “They are paying me off” he grunted

With mixed feelings, he stuck the cheque back inside the envelope, slipped it between his armpit and walked inside. His days here in the village were numbered, if he had to move on, it would be a good time to leave this place.

That night, as he lay on his flat mattress, hands propping the back of his head, eyes on his caved ceiling boards. He felt a gradual warmth around his groin which grew with the heaviness that descended on his loin. He gasped, snatched his hands off the back of his head and groped around his groin, what his hands felt gave him a start, threw him off the bed, and staggering into the bathroom.

His boxer short was barely off his waist when he took hold of his hard c*ck, his hands trembled, the burden he bore between his legs threatened to burst him into two! A loud moan erupted from his throat, he hurriedly wet and foamed his palms, walking them up and down slowly at first, then his urge heightened, a desire that ran from his groin up to his torso and paralyzed his legs. He threw his head backwards and stroked back and forth, back and forth, vigorously, faster… moaning and groaning out loud as a shuttering start of thick white fluid flew upward with a spur and sent a convulsive shiver all over him. He grabbed with both hands and felt his squirt all over his fingers- his seeds, this meant he could be a father again.

She was already asleep when he walked in. even clearing his throat didn’t wake her, he could as well allow whatever he wanted to say, wait till the next morning. On second thought, he could wait beside her and read, it’s been a long time he did that.

Morgan pulled the armchair to the window and sat. Oh! He jerked up immediately, scrambled inside the pocket of his short and came out with the box that brought him to her this night. He sat down again, carefully opened the box and a smile crossed his lips. She would no longer be afraid to accept it from him.

His heart leaped as he imagined her reaction when she would see it. With a little modification…more diamond stones added, she may not even recognize it. He pulled his gaze away from the trinket and turned his gaze to her- sweet beautiful Akwaugo, his woman. Yes, his heart swelled with pride, he didn’t make any mistake by insisting on waiting for her, he didn’t know why earlier- now he did.

He relaxed his back and took the pleasure of watching her bosom rose and fall- such a delight. His gaze cruised down her body and rested on her smooth clear thighs which were slightly apart. He didn’t want to think about what he would do to those thighs when he would finally have her on his sheet.

“How long have you been sitting there looking at me?” she rubbed her eyes and propped her head with her palm, elbow supported on the bed.

“I lost track of time” he was beside her in a flash, caressing her cheek and smiling down at her flushed face. “I could stay awake all night looking at you my love…” he muttered

“That’s creepy” she chuckled and slapped his arm

“Not to me, I will never get tired of looking at you” He had not seen someone so white, yet so flawlessly beautiful. “Oh,” he stood up and whisked the box from the table “You remember this?”

Her palm flung to her mouth as she gasped, sat up immediately and snatched the box from him. She turned it over and examined with wide eyes
“This is…looks like…”

“Open it” he grinned

She did and squealed. “You made another one for me?” she whispered.

“It is the same one…I was lucky to get it back”

“Oh my God! Morgan!” her glassy eyes flicked to his face, her lips quivered and her cheeks reddened “How did you do it? I thought I have lost it!” she flung herself into his arms and buried her head on his neck. “I couldn’t forgive myself…”

“Oh, my beautiful one. I can go anywhere for you. This trinket meant so much to me, that was why I went in search of it when you told me it has been sold. I waited…prayed you would get back to me; the trinket gave me hope” he planted kisses on her hair, gently tipped her face up and kissed her nose “I wanted the moment to be right before I give it back to you, and now it the moment my love, you are mine now…we can do anything we want with our lives”

“I don’t understand, Mezie…”

“You already did the work! It’s over my queen. I got a call from your father this night”

“Is this true? Oh my goodness” she gleamed, fluttering her eyelids “You know what this means right? I can marry you, that is…if you will still want to have me after the stress I put you through”

He pulled her against him, his lips- warm and soft on hers, his hands skimmed its way inside her robe, stroking and brushing “Don’t say those words, my babe, you are like the air I breathe. Why do you think I wouldn’t want to have you” he moaned through the kisses “I am the one to beg you to accept me, such an unworthy man favoured by God. He gave me his choicest princess…” his lips skimmed downed her neck, wetting and licking, then up again. “Sometimes I feel like I am with a goddess…my fair lady, I adore you with everything in me”

“I love you so much Nkem, the father of my child…”

“Our children” he looked into her eyes.

“Yes, our children”

“So, Asa m, will you accept this gift from this humble man now?”


It was a moonless night in Lagos, but to Madonna, the night was as bright as the sun. she could already see herself side by side the business mogul- Nigerian youngest CEO, she could already taste her victory. She sipped from a glass of wine and pulled her face up, eyes closed, she felt a cold breeze brush her face as she stood on her balcony.

Lagos was her town, the other woman was an outsider, playing in a city that would have swallowed her up. She didn’t blame the girl though, who wouldn’t want to get ambitious around a wealthy handsome young man. Unfortunately, it was a slippery ambitious ladder for miss fine face and her bastard baby.

The news she heard from the grapevine confirmed that little missy was gone- no one had seen her after the incident, was it the knowledge of another child of her supposed man or the burnt house that got the little puppy running off, back to her cave? She had chickened out of the contest, to her own disappointment, not a worthy competition after all. A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.

Tapping her long polished nail on the glass, she hunched over the rail with one foot balanced on the bottom part of the rail. She dismissed every thought of any further relationship between Morgan and the little white rabbit. Morgan had come to his senses; he had gotten the message; the lady wasn’t his type.

Such a lady was only good to be kept as a baby mama, and she wouldn’t mind that. As long as she, Madonna would be made the queen of Wilson’s dynasty- Morgan’s one and only true woman.

She had been to his office today and was told he had not been on seat for the past five days. ‘He travelled for business’ was what his secretary said, though she had refused to divulge his exact location. Fair enough, she wouldn’t sweat over his disappearance one bit. As long as he would come back to Lagos and into her arms.

She drained her cup, skimmed her robe off her shoulder and walked into the house. The more she thought of the victory the more she felt warmth all over her, she walked into her room discard the robe on the bed and went to her dressing table, at one glance she found what she was looking for- caressing her firm breasts with one hand, she sucked on the Love Machine, moaning his name and twisting her body filled with desire which he would soon quench when he gets back.

She suctioned the toy on a chair and sat astride,

Soon, she would have him in flesh and blood- she thought.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 11:55am On Sep 11

Ive read about five chapters of this book and it’s got Rosemary’s magic all over it. The book is highly recommended
thank you so much kiss kiss, I am humbled by your review seriously. And you getting the book means so much to me.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Odoogu(m): 12:59pm On Sep 11
this okorie dey behave like Adamscheesy
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ann2012(f): 2:12pm On Sep 11
Thank God for the development
Thanks for the update ma’am
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by peacy26: 2:26pm On Sep 11
This update is superb. Op thanks so much
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Adeola25(f): 2:47pm On Sep 11
Thank God Mezie's manhood is back, his manhood will live on forever, lol. It seems Madonna is the only enemy left now. Thanks for the update ma'am and welcome back from doing the Lord's work. More strength.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Abosede512(f): 3:29pm On Sep 11
Nice one, thanks for the update
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by genius43(m): 3:38pm On Sep 11
Thank God Mezie's manhood is back, his manhood will live on forever, lol. It seems Madonna is the only enemy left now. Thanks for the update ma'am and welcome back from doing the Lord's work. More strength.

What if Mezie and Madonna paths crosses? Remember what they say about an enemy of my enemy.


Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Gloriagee(f): 3:40pm On Sep 11
N possibly Morgan's daughter

Thank God Mezie's manhood is back, his manhood will live on forever, lol. It seems Madonna is the only enemy left now. Thanks for the update ma'am and welcome back from doing the Lord's work. More strength.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Adeola25(f): 5:05pm On Sep 11
Hmm, you are right oo and Nnamaka too. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Adeola25(f): 5:14pm On Sep 11
But am not very sure she is going to cause any major problems 4 them. But I don't trust Mezie, Nnamaka and Madonna.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ayemileto(m): 5:18pm On Sep 11
Thanks for the update ma’am.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by SpiceyD2020: 6:13pm On Sep 11
Thanks for the update ma'am, really enjoyed it
Thank God for Mezie
More ink to ur pen
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Nmezor(f): 6:45pm On Sep 11
Thanks for the wonderful update Rosie
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Folex34(m): 9:20pm On Sep 11
I think Mexie will still mess with this Madonna
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by crislyn(f): 10:51pm On Sep 11
But am not very sure she is going to cause any major problems 4 them. But I don't trust Mezie, Nnamaka and Madonna.
Heeei God o...so many enemies for just one small fine girl.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 8:43am On Sep 12

Heeei God o...so many enemies for just one small fine girl.
grin small fine gel no be small.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 8:48am On Sep 12

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 8:52am On Sep 12

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In case you have not visited, let my indulge you and stir your dirty minds grin grin


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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Humbleness: 9:01pm On Sep 12
Thanks for the update. Madonna is still daydreaming.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by centmanuel(m): 10:57pm On Sep 12
Wow!!! This is the longer chapter so and very interesting and insightful. Thanks Rosie you are doing well

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by indodon(m): 11:34am On Sep 13
Started from the bottom now we here

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by BigDebbie: 12:39pm On Sep 13
Captivating Thanks OP

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Inkopere: 12:57pm On Sep 13
Fantasy but I wonder why person go hate person without reason, enemies everywhere

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by damis28crown(f): 7:43pm On Sep 13

What if Mezie and Madonna paths crosses? Remember what they say about an enemy of my enemy.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we reject it ooooo because its going to be disastrous nd catarous

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by BigDebbie: 10:26pm On Sep 13
Started reading today and I'm here,Thanks OP

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Rosemary33: 12:13am On Sep 14
Chapter 30

Pile of reports to go through, meetings to attend and an engagement party to plan. He rubbed his palms together, sat on his chair, swayed and trolled it closer to his desk. Planning the engagement would be the easiest as it wasn’t difficult to get a competent planner, and with the kind of money he was paying, he’d expect nothing but perfection.

Akwaugo knew nothing yet. She had vehemently rejected a loud party but he would have it no other way. He wasn’t stealing a woman- he was getting engaged to the most beautiful woman his eyes had seen and flaunting her was what he would do. He grabbed a pen and fumbled it around his finger, his eyes narrowed. He would have loved to use somewhere outside this country, if not that he’d gotten an offer from one of the best hotels in Lagos to come use their facility, turning it down wouldn’t be good for business relationship. By the time she would step into the Vila Gale Hotels as his queen, and walked with him with his ring on her finger…

His table phone buzzed

“You have a visitor sir, miss Madonna”

The click of her shoes on his marble floor told him what did transpire- typical of her not to wait to be ushered in, she always made her own dramatic entry.

“You disappeared without a trace?”

His head tilted to the side, observing her. There was something about her look that morning that was not so…her, the hint of possessiveness in her voice.

“I have been very busy”

“So I heard” with her fingers spread on his desk and his weight balanced on her arm, she thrust her hip seductively to the side and fastened her eyes on his face. “Though I think you should have let me know you were going away…you look good by the way”

He just nodded, lips downturned

“So, you still keep her picture?” she picked a framed picture of him and Akwaugo which was kept conspicuously on top of his desk.

He took it from her, wiped the surface with his thumb and set it down. “Of course, or do you have any problem with that?”

“Oh no, as long as she stays out of Lagos and out of your life for good. Lagos is not for a soft born like her, and trust me, darling, she is not your kind of woman. It’s a good thing you finally sent her back” she shrugged

Now he got it. She thought…

“What are you talking about?” he straightened on his seat and lead forward

“I heard she left you!” she shrilled

What? This lady wasn’t just annoying; she was also mad. “Whoever told you this, lied to you. Akwaugo is going to be my wife”

He watched her once glistering face ashen. Her eyes grew dark “She didn’t leave?”

“Why would she? I don’t even know why we are having this conversation in the first place…”

“We are having it because I want you! I have waited for you to come to your senses and what did you do? You came home with a white gold digger…”

“Hey!” he slammed his fist on his desk, sprang off his seat “Do not ever in your life call my woman names. I chose who I want to be with, I am Morgan and I fucking owe my life and my decisions!”

She shuttered and stepped back. Pulsed and then launched forward again “I waited for you Morgan. We were an item, you just didn’t see it! We could still be. Please don’t make me a laughing stock in this town, people had already believed we have something special” her voice shook with tremor
“You made people believe that, I didn’t” he threw his arms up “I never promised you, I didn’t even sleep with you. How did this even start? Remind me because I don’t get it!”

She sniffled, wiped her face roughly, smearing her mascara all over her eyelids and cheeks. “I can destroy you, my father and I could merge with few stakeholders and make sure you lose everything,” she said gruffly

If there was one thing he wouldn’t take lightly, it was threats, and challenges. He tapped his fingers on his desk dramatically and walked towards her “Really?” he leaned on the desk “Didn’t your daddy tell you he had sold sixty per cent of his shares already to me? Or maybe you are so dumb chasing a man who wouldn’t have anything to do with you that you didn’t realize that old Pa wants to slow down and decided to sell?”

With what was left of the old man’s shares, combined with his daughter’s, it was a cheese nut and wouldn’t even get them near the fifth position among the board members, not to talk of challenging his authority as the CEO and the highest shareholder.

She shrilled, stamping with fist clenched like the spoiled brat she was “You made him do it! You talked him into it!”

He had nothing else to say to this lady. Looking at her now, he didn’t believe there was a time he even nursed the idea of giving her a chance. What a relieve.

She stared hard on the picture and then back to his face “She thinks she has won? You think you can discard me?” she flicked her finger to his face, vibrating terribly “You reject me, Morgan, for her!”

“I don’t want this Madonna, seriously I am tired…”

“Yes, why wouldn’t you be tired? She had you all night didn’t she? Screwing her poor dirty…”

“Get out!”

“I should have made sure she died when I had the chance” she retorted

“What?” he whipped his head up “What did you do?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about” she snatched her hand bag and made for the door.

He grabbed her am and pulled her back roughly “You just made a statement Madonna, what do you mean by that! Tell me!”


“You don’t threaten my woman or anyone around me.”

“Get your hand off me or I will scream!” she yelped

“Now listen to me, if anything happens to Akwaugo, I will track you down, and make sure you regret ever crossing my part, do you hear me?”

She struggled to free herself from his grip “Let go of me!”

“Do you hear me!”

She dislodged her arms, glanced at him and hurried out.

Onitsha. Anambra State

How fast and ruthless the sun descends on miserable people like her these days, with no car and no money to pay her way into a restaurant to get herself a chilled bottle of soft drink and a decent meal while saving what was remaining of her once beautiful skin from the scorching sun. she snatched a newspaper from a vendor, threw a dirty hundred- naira note at him and hurried off before the vendor would realize the note was torn too.

Lost in the crowd at Upper-Iweka, Nwamaka used the paper as a shield over her head and brisk-walked to nowhere exactly. Eyes darted from one shop to another, the rumbling of her stomach reminded her she hadn’t eaten since last night, she feared she would retire with an empty stomach again if she didn’t think fast.

Her nose caught the aroma of a freshly baked bread. Widening her nostrils and sniffing the air, she followed the scent and stopped in front of a bakery. Her mouth watered, and her stomach tightened.

Survival had been a battle for weeks now, and she’d become many things these past weeks- LovePeddler, petty thief, a beggar. Coming here was a terrible mistake, she lost all the money she had in one day! She’d think she would be able to rent a house, start up a business and sent for her kids. Well, a bigger thief stole the money she stole from another.

She hissed, folded the newspaper and stuck it in her armpit, she walked into the bakery, eyes roamed from one buyer to another then her gaze settled on a girl- not more than fifteen, counting some money with a basket of bread beside her.

She drew closer, looking around, she was convinced nobody was paying any interest on her. She sat beside the girl who took no notice, her stomach churned as the aroma filtered into her nose and the sight of the loaves of bread heightened her hunger.

She saw her chance when the girl stood up and walked over the counter with the money she counted. She grabbed one loaf, squeezed and stuck it under her cloth, went for the second one, did same, she tightened her stomach and grimaced as the heat from the break threatened to roast her skin, she stood up.

Like always, getting out of the scene was always the major challenge. Her pulse raced faster, her legs trembled, she kept her gaze straight until she was out on the street. Then she ran, shoving passers-by and got to an abandoned kiosk.

She moved inside, sat down and got her loot out. It would be easy to get water, that wouldn’t bother her, the day had provided both launch and dinner, and a roof over her head. She swept the place with her gaze before she settled to eat.

She had dug deep into the first loaf when she decided to spread the newspaper and scan through it. That was when she saw the picture- Akwaugo smiling up to the very same man she met months ago. With the same trinket glistering round her neck!

She lost her appetite all of a sudden. Another hunger overtook her, she had to get to Lagos as fast as possible.

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Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Coolkhat(f): 12:17am On Sep 14
Chapter 30

Pile of reports to go through, meetings to attend and an engagement party to plan. He rubbed his palms together, sat on his chair, swayed and trolled it closer to his desk. Planning the engagement would be the easiest as it wasn’t difficult to get a competent planner, and with the kind of money he was paying, he’d expect nothing but perfection.

Akwaugo! cheesy
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ayemileto(m): 12:39am On Sep 14
Wow! Akwaugo and Morgan are already married.

Nice work Rosemary33.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Davidonkonsults: 2:18am On Sep 14
Wow! Akwaugo and Morgan are already married.

Nice work Rosemary33.
Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Ayemileto(m): 2:20am On Sep 14

Re: His Neighbor's Wife by Asco9ty5(f): 4:53am On Sep 14
Wow! Akwaugo and Morgan are already married.

Nice work Rosemary33.
You are even way ahead of OP already ��. Weldone Rosemary....

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TOLERATED By Toyin Taiwo / <<<The Guardians: Rise of the Powers that Be>>> / No More Room For Love- By Loudest Thoughts

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