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I’ll like to meet The Sugar Daddy 'Bankrolling' my business — Ifu Ennada / Tboss: 'I Never Had Love For Myself Until Recently' Shares Steamy New Photos / "Timaya, Let Me Be Your Sugar Mum" - 53-Year-Old, Plus-Sized Single Mum (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Saturn101: 7:58am On Sep 23
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by CasNova: 6:14pm On Sep 23
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 8:48am On Sep 24
Waiting for more
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 1:37pm On Sep 26
But then, I shrugged it off. I believed with time, Enny would come to realize that indeed I loved her, no matter what.

I had already discussed my imminent relocation with my uncle. He was happy for me. He prayed that the devil would not cause any rift between me and my benefactor. He also promised to check on me in my new place by Sunday evening.

His children expressed that they would miss me. The three of them were just little ones - with age ranging between six and eleven - who were fond of 'Uncle Alex.'

That Saturday morning, I chartered a taxi and moved all my things to my new abode. I was excited as I moved from one room to the other.

Madam also provided a 30-inch flat screen television in the living-room and a small refrigerator in the kitchen. All the gadgets and items were new, I observed. She had, indeed, done well.

I was still inspecting my new home when her call came through.

‘Hello. Good day, madam.’

‘Alex, have you moved in?’

‘Yes. I moved in about a couple of hours ago.’

‘Good. Is that your lady there with you?’

My heart started to race. ‘Er, not yet, madam.’

‘Good. I’ll soon be coming around.’

‘Okay, madam.’

Oh, Lord, so the madam wanted to visit me! Goodness. True to her words, about half an hour later, her Lexus Coupe car drove inside the compound. I quickly went to the main door of my apartment to usher her inside. I could hardly recognize her.

Dressed in a white t-shirt and jeans trousers that accentuated her curves, she looked younger than her age and very sexy.

‘Wow, you look stunning, madam,’ I said, not able to hide my feelings.

‘Are you sure, Alex?’

‘I’m perfectly sure,’ I enthused.

She too did not hide her reason for coming around. She was in my arms as I swooped kisses her on her. We were soon in my bedroom with me making passionate love to her. I could only wish that Enny would not choose that very time to visit.

Even after the love-making, madam was not in a hurry to go. From what I could see of her, she didn’t mind Enny or any other person coming in and meeting us in that compromising position. Madam B was with me for almost three hours before she left.

Thankfully, Enny did not show face at all. I slept very soundly that night. The following day, which was Sunday, I decided to look for a church around me where I could worship. The church service was interesting. My shouts of Hallelujah were louder than others.

Later that day, I expected Enny to come around, but she did not. I was however glad when my uncle, his wife and three children came around.

My uncle was really surprised by my turn of fortune. It was obvious I was moving up the ladder of progress and success.

The following morning, although I woke up early, I lingered a bit in the house. Since I now lived in a place not too far from my place of work, even if I should leave the house at seven a.m., I knew that before eight o'clock, I would be in the office.

I started working as soon as I stepped inside the office Madam came in few minutes after eight. I was told she wanted to see me in her office. After the usual exchange of greetings, she asked me if I was enjoying my new place.

'Very well, ma'am. I'm enjoying the place. Once again, thank you for everything, ma'am.'

'It's okay. Just continue to be a good boy. Now Alex, there's this project I'm executing at Ota. It's a school project. The project supervisor will soon come around. I want you to follow him to the site. I'm supposed to go there myself, but I've been very busy. You will follow the supervisor to inspect the projects.'

She paused. 'Excuse me.' She used the intercom to call the secretary. 'Mandy, come and bring the camera out.'

Mandy came inside and opened one of the in-built wardrobes. She brought out a Cannon video-camera.

'Hand it to Alex.'

I collected the camera and examined it. It had a very high resolution and high megapixel. The view lens too was powerful. The capacity was high - 32 gigabyte. I was sure its recording would be sharp and clear.

'Thank you, Mandy,' madam said.

Mandy retreated to her office.

Madam faced me. 'You will record the exterior as well as the interior of the building - the whole complex. I was told they had just concluded the roofing. Record each of the rooms. Record everything and let me have it.'

I nodded. 'Yes, madam.'

'Check inside the cover pack for its manual. You should be able to handle the camera, won't you?'

I nodded. 'Sure, madam. It shouldn't be a problem.'

I switched on the camera and checked its battery level. It was three quarter full. Briefly, I viewed and recorded madam. I then stood up.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 8:54pm On Sep 26
Nice update.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by Zamar(m): 10:29pm On Sep 27
Nice story.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 2:21am On Oct 04
I nodded. 'Sure, madam. It shouldn't be a problem.'

I switched on the camera and checked its battery level. It was three quarter full. Briefly, I viewed and recorded madam. I then stood up.

'Alright, madam.'

I took it to my office and did a demo recording of about two minutes. I could see that it was a good gadget. About an hour later, Mandy came to tell me that the supervisor had come.

I went to meet him. We soon left for Ota, taking the office car. We were driving against the traffic, so within thirty minutes, we were at the site.

It was a very big complex. The supervisor said that it was meant to be an international school. The two-storey building was constructed in a 'U' shape, with an open field at the center. Altogether, the complex occupied five plots of land. The place must have gulped several millions of naira.

I recorded all that madam had instructed me to do - both the exterior and the interior. It was three hours later that we were back in the office. When I gave madam my reports and the recording, she was impressed.

'Good work, Alex.'

'Thank you, ma'am.' I wanted to leave her office, but she called me back. I sat down.

'That was a fantastic time we had yesterday,' she said.

I nodded. 'Yes, it was a marvelous time.'

'I hope anytime I need you like that, you will not disappoint?'

‘Oh, no. I will not.’

She nodded. ‘Alright. I’ll let you know when next we’ll have another wonderful time together.’

'It’s okay, madam. Anytime.' I smiled briefly.

'Did I tell you Steph, my first daughter, will be arriving from the U.S.A on Wednesday?'

I nodded. 'When we were in Abuja, you mentioned that she would soon be coming to Nigeria, but you were not categorical about the day.'

'It's this Wednesday,' she went on. 'She said she would be arriving by six p.m.'

'Oh, that's good. I'm sure Sophia will be glad to have her sister around again.'

'Yes. And I'll be glad too. The last time she came around was during Christmas of last year. She went back January this year.'

I nodded.

'When you see her, it's like seeing a younger version of me. It's just that in character, she's more like her father.'

I kept on smiling. I could picture a younger Madam B and I could imagine how beautiful she would be.

'You will have to accompany me to the airport to welcome her,' madam went on.

'That will be no problem, ma'am. Indeed, it's a pleasure.'

She nodded and smiled again.

‘Alright, see you again, Alex.'

'Thank you, madam.'

I stood up, gave a slight bow and left for my office. Later that evening, I had another big surprise from madam. It was eight in the evening and
I was watching news on the television when a car kept blaring its horn at the gate.

It was a strange car. I went to check who was in it and was surprised to see Mr. Taju, madam's personal driver behind the steering wheel. He was the only one in the car.

'Please, open the gate wide, I want to drive the car in,' he said, smiling.

I was nonplussed but did as he requested. Mr. Taju parked the car, came out of it and locked it. I could see that he was carrying a big brown envelop.

'What a big surprise to see you here at this hour,' I said.

He smiled up at me. 'Congratulations, Uncle Alex,' he replied as a way of greeting.

I looked at him curiously. 'I don't understand what you're saying. Congratulations for what?'

'Take.' He handed the car key and the big envelop to me. 'That's the key of the car. The envelop contains documents and insurance papers of the car. Madam said I should hand them to you. It's your new car.'

'What?' I could not find any other words to say.

'You're lucky o, Mr. Alex. It's a brand new Toyota Avensis. We go 'wash am' tomorrow. Goodnight.'

'Good night,' I answered, still finding the scene unbelievable.

'Thank you, Mr. Taju,' I added blissfully.

He moved towards the gate and left the house.

Wow! Was I glad! This madam B was really God-sent to me. And she did not even give me a hint that a brand new car was on its way. This was marvelous.

I called her number and was almost bowing down to her, though she was not physically there. I was effusive in giving thanks and showing gratitude.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 2:10am On Oct 08
Nice update
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SolaRaphael: 1:46am On Oct 10
Carry on
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 9:32am On Oct 10
Lucky dude.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by ToyinOlorunsola(m): 12:52pm On Oct 10
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by BigBasher: 4:34pm On Oct 10
Nice work.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 8:49pm On Oct 10

Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 12:49pm On Oct 11
This madam B was really God-sent to me. And she did not even give me a hint that a brand new car was on its way. This was marvelous.

I called her number and was almost bowing down to her, though she was not physically there. I was effusive in giving thanks and showing gratitude.

Not long after I had called madam, I prepared a sumptuous dinner of fried chicken for myself. I was in a joyous mood. Why should I not be joyous with my strings of new fortune?

The early evening of the following day, Enny came to the house. I thanked God it was not a day or a time Madam B chose to come around. When Enny saw all that the madam had done, looked unimpressed. It was obvious she was very cool about Madam B's generosities. She looked at the car rather suspiciously.

'What I still don't understand is why she is so generous to you,' Enny said as soon as we returned to the sitting-room. 'Some days ago, she gave you this apartment. Now, it's a brand new car. It's getting too much, isn't it?'

I smiled and patted her shoulders. 'Being generous is not a crime,' I argued. 'And believe me, her giving me this or that has nothing to do with any act of immorality. She just happens to be a generous person. Even the other workers who work for her attest to her generosity.'

She was silent thereafter, although I could sense that she was not fully convinced.

‘Why don’t you just relax, my dear,’ I said, holding her lovingly. ‘This is all for the two of us. Let’s enjoy all these together.’

* * *

On Wednesday, Madam B came early to the office. She was however quick to inform me that by 5.00 p.m, she would be leaving the office for the airport. The expected arrival time of Steph was 6.00.

Madam would like to welcome her daughter in a big way as she had completed her degree course in Robotic Engineering. She reminded me that I would accompany her.

There was a short meeting between madam and some business partners in the board-room about ten a.m. I was in attendance too, as her able assistant. I had started learning some boardroom politics and maneuvers, and I found them interesting.

By few minutes to twelve, the meeting ended. We remained in the office till five o'clock. We then sent forth for the airport. As usual, I was at the left back seat of the luxury car while madam sat at the right back seat.

'Let me tell you a bit about Steph,' Madam B started. 'She's a little reserved and takes more after her father. She wants me to permanently live in the U.S., but I said no. She and her sister, Sophia, get along well. Well, I suppose the three of us get along well together, too. Now that she has completed her course, I'll prefer that she settles down here in Nigeria, but she has not agreed to that. What d'you think? Don't you think she should stay here?'

I had been listening to her keenly. 'Well, madam,' I answered, trying to be careful. 'If not for the vast business you have here, I too would say she should continue to stay put in God's own country.'

Madam smiled. 'I know that's what you will say. You, young ones don't think of any other thing than moving abroad.'

We got to the international wing of the airport and went to the Arrival Lounge. Madam and I sat side by side. To pass away the time, madam brought Elle magazine from her handbag and engaged in random reading.

I engaged myself in browsing on my I-pad. Some minutes later, there was announcement of the arrival of the flight Steph was travelling by.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SeyiDominion: 3:20pm On Oct 11
Nice update.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 1:07am On Oct 13
Waiting for more.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 11:34am On Oct 18
Some minutes later, some passengers started coming in to the arrival hall. Madam stopped reading and stood up. I kept my i-pad in my folder and stood up too. Unconsciously, I adjusted my red tie and black suit. A young lady soon moved towards us, smiling. Madam B too started smiling as soon as she sighted her. From her facial features, I had no doubt that this was Steph, madam's lovely daughter.

'Mummy!' I heard her say, when she was about five meters away.

'Steph, my darling,' madam said, smiling radiantly. She threw her arms open and Steph was in them. There was a long, warm embrace. I watched mother and daughter as they exchanged endearments. I was impressed by the scene.

'Oh, mummy.'

'Oh, my girl.'

The scene looked like one from Nollywood. Really, I was impressed.

'Hey, meet Alex, my Personal Assistant,' madam introduced me. 'Alex, this is Steph, my beautiful daughter.'

I nodded and offered my hand for a handshake. Steph took it warmly.

'Hello, Steph, you're welcome.'

'Hello, Alex. How d'you do?'

I could see that she spoke with some American accent. Apart from her skin, every other thing about her was exotic.

They looked like sisters. Their sight looked striking.

Chapter Six

Steph retrieved her luggage and we left the large hall. We went to the car park where Mr. Taju was waiting. He was instructed to drive home
direct. I sat at the front beside the driver, this time, and listened as mother and daughter chatted excitedly.

When we got to the house, I was surprised that a welcome dinner was prepared for the coming of Steph. Even Sophia left school early and
was already at home. Mariam the housemaid and a new domestic help set the table. It was more like a family buffet.

'O ya, everybody, come to the table. Alex, come on.' Madam preceded us to the table. I marveled at the sumptuous meal and exotic wines.
It is good to be rich.

I served myself fried rice with fried turkey and beef. I sat directly opposite Steph. The daughters and mother continued to chat excitedly
while my contributions were occasional smiles and monosyllables. Once in a while, my eyes would meet with Steph's and she would smile.

I would quickly avert my look and shift my eyes to something else. After the meal, we had some wine. It was well after nine p.m by the time I stood up to go.

'Thank you, madam, for the privilege of knowing and mixing with your wonderful daughters,' I said. 'I must say this is a wonderful family.
Steph, once again, welcome to your wonderful home. We'll be seeing again.'

'Thanks for your time, Alex,' Madam B said. 'See you tomorrow.'

I left the place. I was so full that I decided not to take anything else that evening. The following morning, I dressed up for work a brown jacket on a cream color shirt - no tie. I could have driven my new car to office since I already knew how to drive. However, I needed to renew my expired driving license.

The Saturday of that week, I got a surprise call from Steph. Her sister must have given her my number. Talking about Sophia, the English lessons I was taking her had been suspended due to my busy schedule. It was not easy combining my work with the lessons.

Now, Steph was the one on the line.

'Alex, will you be available to accompany me out this morning? I want to do some shopping.'

My mind raced. Me? Why should I be the one to accompany her?

'I've told mum, and she says no problem,' she went on.

I felt relieved. 'That will be no problem, Steph. It will be a pleasure.'

'Alright. We'll be in your house to pick you.'

'No problem. I'll be waiting.'

I got myself ready. I decided to wear a Chinos trousers and a designer t-shirt made by Armani. I also applied Christian Dior perfume. I must
look good.

Mr. Taju drove the Lexus jeep inside the compound after eleven. I locked my apartment and went to the car.

'Hello, Uncle Alex,' Sophia greeted.

'Morning, Sophia. How're you?'

'I’m cool.'

She and her sister were at the back seat. I opened the right front door and entered the car.

'Hi, Alex,' Steph said.

'Young lady, how're you?'

Steph and Sophia looked at each other and burst into laughter. I only smiled

Mr. Taju was first asked to drive to the Shoprite plaza at Ikeja. The items the girls bought were mind boggling. They were mainly ladies'
accessories. From the plaza, we went to Allen Avenue. There, they bought many clothes and wears. We all tagged along as if we had known
one another for years. Occasionally, Steph would cling to my hand. Sophia too kept saying 'Uncle Alex' as if I was her real uncle. From the way
they were spending, it was obvious money was not a problem. They asked me to pick two pair of shoes that were my size. I declined but
Steph insisted.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by SeyiDominion: 6:07pm On Oct 18
Nice update.
Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by LoveToRead: 1:00pm On Oct 22
Nice update.

Re: The Sugar Mum (the Steamy Version) by FairCritic(m): 6:58am On Oct 23
Nice update

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