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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 11:25am On Aug 01
I just dey pity Andrew, hopefully Bunni would be able to save him if he wants saving grin. cos he will think Julianne is playing hard to get.. and believe me, she ain't grin.. can't Aisha just give him a hint?
That would be snitching cheesy

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 1:17pm On Aug 01
That would be snitching cheesy

I just want it to end well with Andrew. many guys just fall into this peculiar Situation grin.
she could just at least... you know what am saying.. make she just... give am small OT grin
thanks anyways.. you there bomb

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 5:26pm On Aug 02
Chapter 10
Andrew knocked on Bunmi's door lightly and the door flinged open almost instantly.
"Come in!" she screeched
She appeared really thrilled to see him. More thrilled than he expected. She welcomed him with open arms.
"Is Julie in? He asked
"No, she's out" She said
A little disappointment flashed on his face, but quickly disappeared
"All right, so you said you needed us to do something" He said, while taking a seat
"Straight to the point uh?" Bunmi said, sitting beside him
"No, I'm just curious" He answered
"I still have some leftovers from my birthday yesterday, let me get them"
She got up to leave and reappeared few minutes later holding can drinks and pringles
"That's a lot of pringles" Andrew commented
"I know right? it's our job to finish them" She said with a laugh
"Gonna disappoint you on that, had my fill yesterday" He said
"Well, today is a new day and I've never viewed you as one to back out of a challenge"
Bunmi said
"Challenge huh? challenge accepted" He raised a can and Bunmi raised hers too. Their cans clinked together and they both took a gulp.
They talked about their parents, their childhood and growing up.
Bunmi explained how she had attended boarding school because she was being a rebel
"I can't picture you as a troublesome child" Andrew stated
"What can I say? I grew up" Bunmi said smiling
"Growing up looks good on you" Andrew replied
Bunmi's face flushed.
Was he flirting with her?
She smiled at him
"You grew up fine yourself too" She told him
He had noticed her flushed face and recalled how she was thrilled to see him standing outside her door today.
He suddenly had an epiphany.
Bunmi likes him.
How could he not have realized that all the while? That's why she was always so ecstatic to see him.
He had missed that cause he was usually too focused on Julianne, but what if he was wrong and he was misinterpreting everything?
What if she was just being friendly and he had misread?
Questioning her about how she feels about him would be a disaster if he turns out to be wrong.
He might lose her friendship and also look like a creep.
He decided not to say anything about his presumption.
"Thank you" He simply answered her.
"Welcome" she said looking away to hide her disappointment.
He was oblivious of the signs she was throwing at him and she didn't want to be too forward by telling him directly.
He might be weirded out by her approach.
She thought of the best and most subtle way to make her feelings known to him and she could only come up with one idea-she would have to ask Aisha to help her with that.
It seems to her like the best option in this scenario.
They spoke a while longer and when Andrew got up to leave she stood up with him.
"I want to see Aisha" she told him
They went to Andrew and Aisha's apartment together.
Aisha opened the door for them, happy to see Bunmi.
Andrew excused them and went into his room
"Could we talk outside?" Bunmi asked Aisha
"All right, give me a minute" Aisha went in to change into a more comfortable clothing.
They walked outside and strolled towards the front gate.
"Ok, I'm all ears" Aisha folded her arms
"Remember what I told you the other night about not telling Andrew about my feelings?". Bunmi enquired
"Yes sure, what about it?" Aisha asked
"I think you could tell him, like casually" Bunmi said
"Hmm, why the change of mind?" Aisha asked
"Well, I've tried to give him hints, but he doesn't seem to get the drift...and I don't want to be too forward by telling him directly, don't want to freak him out...." Bunmi explained
"I understand, I'll talk to him. In the most subtle way, trust me" Aisha said
"Sure?" Bunmi asked ,trying to be certain
"Yes" Aisha promised
"Thanks" Bunmi replied
They stood a tad longer and went to their various apartments within twenty minutes.
Aisha approached Andrew with determination.
"So was Julianne present today?" She enquired
"No" He answered
"Hmm, so it was just Bunmi. What's new?" She asked further
"Nothing's new, we talked" He stated
"I might recommend you glasses soon" Aisha said
"Huh?" He looked confused
"It's more than obvious to anyone she likes you and I don't know how you don't see that" Aisha shaked her head
"Wow...." It all suddenly dawned on him
His assertions were right after all.
Everything suddenly became clearer.
"So what are you going to do about it?" Aisha asked
"I can't answer that right now"
He has never viewed Bunmi in a more than platonic way and he didn't want to hurt her, things suddenly became dicey for him and he had to make a decision soon.
He thought of going downstairs to see her, but dissuaded himself from doing that.
He needed a little more time to process things in.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 8:25am On Aug 03
now we talking grin. the ball has been played into Andrew's court... left to him to decide. to me, it's the best solution to the "ship-trinagle" between them lot. Andrew should better not be confused. Bunmi is in the clear already. good one op

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 6:21pm On Aug 05
Chapter 11
The sky had been pouring with rain all day ,
That afternoon Julianne had just finished working on her blog, when she drifted asleep.
The rumbling of thunder had woken her up soon afterwards.
"Would this rain stop already?!" She lamented.
On the bright side she was safely at home,
not stuck in lagos traffic or under a shade, waiting for the rain to subside.
She proceeded to the kitchen to make tea for herself.
While the water was boiling, she looked out the window, watching the rain drop on the car parked outside.
She heard the thunder rumbling again, preceded by lightening.
She suddenly felt a chill down her spine and quickly went into the room to grab a sweatshirt. She returned to the kitchen to make her tea, still looking out the window.
Her thoughts drifted to her younger years, the times when she played in the rain with friends.
Those were happy times.
Simpler times.
She sipped her hot tea, savouring the creamy taste.
It looked like the rain wasn't stopping anytime soon and Bunmi would most likely be cold and tired by the time she gets back from work.
Julianne decided to surprise her with a nice meal.
Poundo yam and vegetable soup.
She didn't have all the needed ingredients at hand so she took an umbrella and hastened her steps to the market near by to get the rest of what she would be needing to prepare the food. She got fresh vegetable, ponmo and meat from the market and wakked swiftly back home.
Bunmi would be back in two hours so she had that time frame to be done with the cooking.
She quickly got to work and was done by the time Bunmi got home.
"Surprise" Julianne said with a smile
"Shock me! no pinch me, gosh you're a darling!" Bunmi jumped and hugged her
"Thanks, you must be a mind reader, cause heck I really needed this"
Bunmi thanked her relishing the food in front of her. She ate hungrily, swallowing the meal like it could vanish from her presence.
"Take it easy, it's not running away" Julianne laughed at her
"You don't know how hungry I am" Bunmi said, taking another gult.
"Enjoy it. I'll go clean up the kitchen while you eat" Julianne got up to leave
"All right, thank you" Bunmi replied
She finished the food within minutes and joined Julianne in the kitchen.
They chatted while they cleaned up the kitchen together.
"It's still raining" Julianne noticed
"Yes, some roads were flooded today,it increased the traffic" Bunmi said
"Ah, as expected...sorry. Hopefully it clears up before morning" Julianne replied
They heard a knock on the front door and Julianne left the kitchen to answer it.
It was Aisha. She hurried inside, partially drenched with rain. They exchanged greetings while Aisha jumped into Julianne's bed, tucking herself under the duvet
"I'm so cold dang, I've been out all day, just got back a while ago" Aisha said shivering slightly
"Sorry, do you need another duvet?" Julianne asked
"No, this one's fine...had to see Bunmi" she said facing her direction
Bunmi's face flushed, remembering she had told her to tell Andrew about her likeness for him.
She hadn't seen Aisha ever since and didn't know the outcome of her revelation yet.
She had not seen Andrew either, but she tried not to ponder on it.
"Hmm...I'll excuse you two then" Julianne said getting up
"No, you don't have to leave" Bunmi had not directly told Julianne about her feelings for Andrew yet, but she felt it's high time.
"Hmm" Julianne said, sitting down back
"So did you tell him?" Bunmi said to Aisha
"Yeah, I did" she answered
"How did he handle it?" Bunmi asked eagerly
"Well, apparently he kinda knew already" Aisha Said
"Woww,so I'm that obvious then" Bunmi said , gritting her teeth
"Gee, relax. Has he spoken to you yet?" Aisha asked her
"No" Bunmi looked away to hide her sadness
"Guess he's not handling it well then..." She continued
"I'll talk to him , you don't have to worry about it, he's just being that way cause-"
"Um... what's going on here? Who is the 'he?'" Julianne interrupted Aisha
"Umm.. Andrew" Bunmi answered
Okay..? What about him" Julianne asked confused about their discussion
Bunmi explained everything to her, apologising for not telling her earlier, she just wanted to be sure of her feelings first.
"Whoa!! you have a thing for Andrew, wooow" Julianne hugged Bunmi excitedly.
"Andrew is good, now I see why you love spending so much time with him"
Julianne nudged her shoulder
"I'll talk to him, not to worry" Julianne told her
"No, don't... he'll talk to me if he wants. Don't want him to feel pressured" Bunmi pointed out
"Hmm, true" Julianne agreed,
Aisha requested for another duvet from Julianne, telling her one wasn't enough after all.
Julianne suggested she make tea for her and Aisha accepted the gesture. She went into the kitchen and was back within minutes. Aisha accepted the drink from her, thanking her.
"Let me get you another duvet" Bunmi told Aisha.
While rummaging through the wardrobe, Bunmi's mind wandered towards Andrew.
Had she made the wrong decision making her feelings known to him?
He was obviously avoiding her and she detested how that made her feel. How would she face him now?
She bit her lip, feeling a wave of sadness.
She fought back tears and focused on finding the duvet.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 12:10am On Aug 08
Chapter 12
"See your simpering face" Julianne teased bunmi. She was grinning from ear to ear.
A week ago Andrew had approached Bunmi, apologizing for not responding sooner, but he would like them to take it slow and see where it leads. Bunmi agreed and they've been spending time together ever since.
They were getting closer with each passing day and Bunmi was really optimistic about them being together.
Julianne couldn't hide her excitement and approval. Andrew is gentle and kind, very well suited for her best friend who is likewise gentle and kind.
"How do I look?" Bunmi asked Julianne, twirling round
"You look exquisite, as always" Julianne gave her a thumbs up
"Thanks" Bunmi smiled, she glanced at the wall clock "I'm getting late, see ya!"
She grabbed her bag and rushed out the door.
Unlike Julianne, Bunmi wasn't prompt when it comes to going out on a date.
She takes her time in getting dressed, making sure everything fits. It's always worth the wait cause her final look turns out stunning.
It was a saturday so Julianne quickly did some weekend cleaning and light reading, eventually she dozed off on the couch.
She woke up to a light knock on the door, rubbed her eyes and reluctantly got up to open the door.
It was Aisha, requesting for something, but Julianne was still half asleep.
"Sorry! I interrupted" Aisha apologized
"It's fine.." Julianne said , still rubbing her eyes.
She went in to get Aisha what she requested for and was back in minutes. Aisha thanked her and left.
Julianne went in to continue her nap, but was interrupted minutes later again.
"Arrrrrrgh" She gritted her teeth
She took her time in answering the door this time, walking slowly to the door.
She heard the knock again, this time louder
"I'm coming, ahhhhh" she fumed.
She opened the door and standing in front of her was Richard.
Was she hallucinating, maybe she's not fully awake yet. She stood there staring at the man in front of her like an apparition.
He was smiling broadly , looking at her with delight.
"Richard?" She needed to be sure she wasn't dreaming
"Live in the flesh" He answered still smiling.
Julianne was thrown off kilter.
She flung herself at him, hugging him tightly.
He spinned her round, telling her how much he missed her.
Julianne had not realized how much she missed him too till she saw him standing right in front of her.
"Can't believe you're here" She was so happy to see him
"I had to, missed you too much" He answered
"You were allowed to come...?" She asked
"It's a weekend, there isn't much going on. I won't be missed" He said
"So you'll be leaving tomorrow then..?" She was already sad
"Yes, sadly..or monday morning, but I'm here now, so don't think about that" He held her hands, comforting her.
Julianne looked down, and he held her face in his hands, telling her not to look that way.
"Would you invite me in?"
"Oh, sorry...my manners, please come in" she said
She led him inside, offering him a seat
"Nice apartment" He complimented
"Thank you. It's all thanks to Bunmi. She has a flair for decorating"
"I see" He said, looking round "Is she in?"
He asked
"No, she's out. Can I get you something?" Julianne enquired
"Water is fine, thank you" He was looking at a picture frame of Bunmi and Julianne that hunged on the wall.
Julianne followed his gaze.
"That was the first day we first moved in here. We snapped to commemorate" She explained, handing him the water.
"I can tell from the excitement on your faces"
She smiled, that smile he had looked forward to seeing for many weeks.
He had imagined it many times and now it was real. She was real and it was a breather he had craved for many weeks while he was in the academy. He was glad he booked that flight to come see her cause seeing her now gave him immeasurable pleasure.
His phone rang and he answered the call. When he was done he faced Julianne and held her hands
"That was mom. I came here directly, I haven't gone home yet, so I'm sorry I have to go now, but I'll be back soon"
"Ok..but that'll be tomorrow, wouldn't want you driving down here at a late hour"
She told him
"It's no problem, unless you insist"
"I insist" She stated
"All right. Tomorrow it is, but I'll call you at night. It's going to be a long conversation so get ready" He stood up and hugged her
"I hear you" She hugged him back and pulled away reluctantly.
He held her hand and didn't release it till she saw him off to his car and they said their goodbyes.
She smiled to herself till she got into her room.
She remembered teasing Bunmi earlier that day about her simpering face and now she herself was simpering.
She looked forward to their conversation at night. Heck she wished it was happening sooner.
He had surprisingly shocked her, showing up on her doorstep without prior notice.
She remembered how she flunged herself at him happily, hugging him tightly and it dawned on her she liked him and there was no denying it any further.
She imagined Bunmi's reaction when she tells her.
"Guess who showed up here today!!"
An excited Julianne told Bunmi when she got back
"Who?" Bunmi asked
"Richard" she answered grinning
"Richard? Isn't he in Kaduna?" She asked confused
"He is , or was till he showed up today at the front door to surprise me" Julianne recounted
"Woooow, shock me, that's huge" Bunmi commented looking as surprised as Julianne had imagined she would look
"Yes, he had to leave though, but I'll be seeing him tomorrow" She looked genuinely happy and Bunmi was happy for her.
Maybe they'll both have a good relationship after all. She with Andrew and her with Richard.
"Look who is simpering now" She teased Julianne.
Julianne grinned and looked away.
She thought of what she was going to wear for their date the next day and she remembered their last date and how Richard had wanted to drop her off at home and she had blatantly refused. It occurred to her she had never given him her address so how did he get her address?
She tried to think of a possible way he might have gotten it,but she couldn't come up with one.
She would have to ask him when she sees him tomorrow.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 5:48pm On Aug 09
Chapter 13
"Still in bed?" Richard's pleasantly deep voice asked at the other end of the phone.
"Noo" Julianne answered, but her yawning gave her away.
Richard laughed, apologetic for waking her up.
"No problem, I'd see you in a few hours yeah..."
She was still yawning, she had gone to bed late the previous night, working on her blog.
"All right, i called as a reminder. You can go back to bed now"
"I doubt I'll be doing that" She told him, but she was wrong cause she drifted asleep few minutes after he hunged up.
She woke up an hour later with a rumbling stomach and headed into the kitchen to make scrambled eggs and toast.
She did some laundering and ironing afterwards, paying extra attention to the dress she'll be wearing in two hours to see Richard.
She wanted to look really good for their date so she straightened her hair and packed it in a high bun, she used a scarf on it to make it sleek and intact till she's ready to leave.
She was ready in two hours and was picked up by a cab Richard had sent. He had insisted on that, saying he wanted the location to be a surprise.
She arrived in twenty minutes and wanted to pay the cab driver, but he said he had already been paid.
Someone at the gate ushered her in and led her to where Richard was.
He stood up from his seat when he saw her, smiling broadly.
He had on a suit and he looked taller than usual.
He was freshly shaved and appeared more attractive than Julianne wished to admit.
"Hi. Are you going to keep staring at me or are you going to say something?" Julianne said teasingly.
Richard couldn't help staring.
He watched her walk daintily towards him, the lovely waft of her perfume filling the room,
she had on a demure gown that fitted her perfectly and she exuded confidence and class.
"Sorry, I just got carried away for a second. You really look good" He complimented and offered her a seat.
"So how's the academy treating ya? You won't evade the question this time" She sat uprightly
He narrated how hectic it is, the ups and downs, but it was the experience and knowledge he enjoyed garnering.
"No pain no gain right? In a year it'll all be worth it" He smiled and Julianne nodded in aagreement.
A waiter came to take their orders and left.
They discussed about her blog and how life was going for her.
Julianne spoke about Bunmi with a fondness Richard commented on
"What can I say? When you talk of good friendship Bunmi is the definition. Told her how you showed up yesterday... speaking of yesterday, how do you know my address?" She asked with seriousness.
Julianne is smart and that was a question he had anticipated and he had already thought of an answer beforehand.
"I actually stalked you home" He answered. Which was indeed a fact.
"What?" Maybe the amplified music in the background had made her hear wrong.
The waiter came back and placed their orders on the table.
"I just wanted to make sure you got home safely" He said
"So you stalked me home?" The look on her face scared him a bit
"It's not as bad as it sounds, could have lied about how I got your address right? But I don't want to base our relationship off of lies"
Julianne thought about it for a minute. He really could have lied if he wanted, but he didn't.
"We don't have a relationship" She said plainly
"Not yet, but now I want us to be official" He held her hands, but Julianne still had her doubts so she evaded eye contact with him and diverted her focus on the wallpaper nearby.
"I know you have your doubts, but I'll fly in every weekend if I have to" He said and her gaze diverted back to him in an instant
"That would be crazy and I would never expect that of you" She gave him a wry look
"It's indeed crazy and that would be damn expensive, what was I thinking" He made a hand gesture that had Julianne laughing.
Their conversation was smooth, easy and fun.
Time passed quickly and it was soon time to leave.
"Come home with me. Mom's there, so you're safe" He winked
"How about you come home with me and meet Bunmi properly" She said
"Hmm...all right then" He concurred
They arrived at the house in thirty minutes and they were welcomed by Bunmi at the door.
"So this is Bunmi, Bunmi this is Richard" Julianne introduced them
"I've heard so much about you" Richard smiled at Bunmi
"Nice things I hope" She smiled back
"You bet. Your friend here is your biggest fan"
Richard said sweetly, making Julianne blushed
"Trust me, it's mutual" Bunmi hugged Julianne fondly
"Let me get you guys water" Bunmi offered and left
"So I see why you're so fond of her"
"Yea she's a good one" Julianne replied.
Bunmi came back in with water and handed it to them.
All three of them chatted a little while longer till Julianne pointed out it was getting late and accompanied Richard to his car.
"So I'll be leaving tomorrow morning..." He Said sadly "was worth it, honestly. Seeing you and spending time with you"
"Same here" Julianne said and she meant it.
"We could make this work if you give us a chance. You're already a happy person so I'd only do my best to keep you happy, I'm not promising the world, but I could assure you the distance barrier won't be felt....well it would be felt , but it won't be felt as much" He laughed.
Julianne saw the sincerity in his eyes and she liked how his eyes twinkled when he laughed.
"I'll give us a chance" She grinned and he hugged her affectionately, swirling her.
"You won't regret that decision" He assured.
"I hope not" Julianne yawned
"Hmm, sleepy?" He asked
"Yes, worked on my blog all night. Plus you have to leave by morning and it's getting pretty late" Julianne replied
"Yes, I don't want to leave you though" He pulled her closer to him
"That's sweet, I don't want to either but you have to. We'll talk on phone when you get home and you'll call me first thing when you arrive tomorrow" she patted him on the shoulder
"All right babe. I'll call you and be safe for me. Tell Bunmi I said to take care" He got into his car
"Yes, I will" she waved and watched him drove off.
She walked back to her apartment with a smile on her face, Richard and her were officially an item and she couldn't wait to share the news with Bunmi.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 5:55pm On Aug 11
Chapter 14
"Let me win one abeg!" Bunmi pleaded with Andrew. He was seriously kicking her butt in the PlayStation game they were playing together.
"Sorry sweetheart, I show no mercy" He taunted her.
They played three more times and Andrew won the game each time.
"I'll come with a good contender next time, Julianne is good at this" She dropped the gamepad in defeat
"Go bring your contender then" He rested his head on the pillow and placed one leg on the other.
"I'll call her on the phone to come here"
She picked up her phone and dialed Julianne's number.
"She's coming soon, you were only able to win cause I'm partially a novice" she rolled her eyes at him
"I'm waiting, plus i could teach you If you want to learn" He handed her the game pad she had dropped earlier.
"Let's see how well you do with Julianne, then I'll consider your offer" She moved to rest on the pillow beside him.
"All right. We'll see how that goes" He smirked
"Don't be cocky" Bunmi playfully hit him
"Aye mademoiselle" He said in a sarcastic tone.
She heard distant chattering between Aisha and Julianne and smiled happily
"She's here" She told Andrew.
Julianne came in few minutes later holding a bag
"Guys, so I brought doughnuts for the occasion" She gave the bag to Bunmi
"You're a darling, please help me teach this overconfident dude a lesson" Bunmi said, pointing at Andrew.
He laughed and got up. "I'll go get drinks" He said
Bunmi and Julianne chatted while he was away.
Andrew was back in an instant and gave them the drinks.
"Don't let me down babe" Bunmi told Julianne
"Oya, let the game begin" Julianne said, clapping her hand.
Bunmi cheered Julianne with encouragements at intervals.
They played four rounds all together and Julianne was only able to win one round, Andrew led with four rounds.
He commended Julianne on winning a round which she laughed at
"I know you deliberately let me win that one" She chuckled
"I won't take credit for that" He grinned at her.
"Let's play one more round" Julianne suggested.
"Cool" He picked up his game pad.
Bunmi watched them play the game,
One round became two, and three.
They nudged each other playfully during the game, Andrew stealing glances at her when she wasn't looking, their hands interlocking intermittently,
They were fond of one another and it was apparent on their facial expressions and Bunmi saw that.
She suddenly felt out of place.
"Um.. I have to go now" Bunmi told them quietly.
She wasn't sure they heard her ,but she got up to leave
"Hold on! let's go together" Julianne called out
"Nice game" She told Andrew, shaking his hand.
On the way to their apartment Julianne uttered words to Bunmi, but it was incoherent because she wasn't paying attention. All she could hear was her beating heart. Her heart was silently shattering and all she wanted was
to lay in bed and close her eyes.
As they walked into their apartment Bunmi averted her gaze from Julianne to hide her pain,
"Hey, I'm famished, want to make dinner" She heard Julianne say
"Famished? You ate doughnuts" Bunmi gave her a perplexed look
"The butt kicking I got from Andrew made me hungry" Julianne laughed
"All right , I'll help with the cooking" Bunmi said quietly. Hopefully it would help distract her from her thoughts of Andrew
"Ok" Julianne nodded.
They made a quick dinner and ate.
And Bunmi was doing the dishes when she heard a knock on the door.
She wiped her hands with a napkin and went to answer the door.
It was Andrew with a sober face
"Hi....." She muttered. She wasn't expecting him and was unprepared for the confrontation.
"Can we talk? Please" He pleaded
"Ok" She shut the door behind her and stepped out.
They walked together away from earshot.
"You left abruptly today-"
"Yes how about it?" Bunmi interrupted
"Are you upset with me?" He looked genuinely concerned
"What do you think?" She was trying her best not to breakdown in front of him
"I'm sorry-" Andrew started
"Don't, it's not your fault. You can't help whom you like right?" Bunmi's voice was shaky
"What?" He asked
"I see the way you look at her Andrew, it's her and that's not going to change. I've always known this deep down-"
Andrew tried to interrupt her, but she objected
"No, let me finish. Need to let this all out before I explode" Bunmi was starting to feel tears well up her eyes
"I've always liked you, and for me it's been you, always have. Could have told you how I felt a long time ago, but I had inhibition and kept it to myself, till I couldn't anymore and asked your sister to disclose it to you, which she did.
You took your time in replying and I should have known right then, but you eventually came to me and we went out a couple of times and it was good, I deluded myself into thinking we could have something real....until today when everything became crystal clear to me. Apparently I've been mistaken all along"
She looked down and blinked her eyes,
She wouldn't let herself cry in front of him.
"It's really not your fault you don't feel the same way, we're still going to remain friends believe me, but a relationship is not viable"
Andrew was mortified, hurting her was the last thing he wanted and here she was ,hurting in front of him.
"All the apologies in the world won't make you feel less upset with me right now, I wish I could take it all back and start over with you. You're kind, intelligent, smart and to top it all very beautiful. I was lucky to have you as a friend and words can't explain how sorry I am right now. The past couple of weeks I've gotten to know you better and you're one of the best people I know. Don't ever feel otherwise"
Bunmi couldn't hold back the tears anymore, she cried and he held her in his arms, consoling her.
"I'm sorry..." He whispered and he really was sorry. He would take away her pain if he could, but all he could do was hold her while she whimpered quietly.
"You should tell Julianne how you feel soon because there's someone else in her life right now" Bunmi said, pulling away from his arms
"I'll see you around..." She turned to leave, but Andrew stopped her and pulled her closer
"I really want you to be fine" He whispered in her ears
"I will be" She summoned a smile
"I'll be with you every step of the way" He said
"No, not every step of the way, we need a little break from one another" She pointed out
"I understand, but I'm here for you whenever" He replied
"I know, you're a good person Andrew, you're just not good for me" She said sadly.
He watched her walk away with sorrow in her eyes, she was heartbroken and he was responsible for that.
Bunmi walked into her room quickly, got into bed and drew up her duvet. All she wanted was to shut her eyes and forget everything that has happened.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 7:01pm On Aug 11
Julianne... na them dey rush you oo cheesy...
very matured of them to reach a peaceful conclusiongrin.
I think Andrew will be too soft for Julianne to handle. and hope Richard is a man of his words as a military man that he is.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 8:43pm On Aug 11
Julianne... na them dey rush you oo cheesy...
very matured of them to reach a peaceful conclusiongrin.
I think Andrew will be too soft for Julianne to handle. and hope Richard is a man of his words as a military man that he is.
You're right about Andrew being soft and anyway the story is gradually coming to an end.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 9:34pm On Aug 11
You're right about Andrew being soft and anyway the story is gradually coming to an end.

all good things have an end also... please so more to grace us with your talents. good night.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 7:34pm On Aug 14
Chapter 15
Julianne's phone chimed, it was Richard telling her to have a good day and be safe. They've been exchanging such messages constantly for the past two weeks since they began their relationship.
Even with his busy schedule, he still found the time to do that, which always made Julianne smile.
She replied his message promptly and went back to bed.
She woke up to Bunmi's tap, asking her if she wanted to go along with her to the supermarket. She nodded and had a shower.
"Let's walk to the supermarket today? I need the exercise" Julianne said
"Why not just get a dumbbell? Or a resistance band?" Bunmi asked hesitantly
"I'll keep that in mind. So shall we?"
Bunmi still looked hesitant
"please" Julianne added.
Bunmi accepted with reluctance and they began the walk to the supermarket.
Halfway through the journey, they passed a road which was muddy due to the rain from the previous night.
"This was a bad idea" Bunmi lamented
"I'm sorry I made you, we're halfway there already, don't be mad" Julianne tried to placate her
"I'm not mad" Bunmi answered, but her face said otherwise
"Should we just get a motorcycle then?" Julianne suggested
"No, it's fine, we're almost there anyway" Bunmi said
"Are you angry with me?" Julianne asked
"No, of course I'm not" Bunmi assured her. It definitely wasn't about her.
They had passed a woman selling roasted corn earlier, reminding Bunmi of Andrew. She recalled he likes roasted corn and they had bought it a couple of times during their walks.
She had tried not to think about him for the past two weeks, rather focusing on work.
He had called to see her a couple of times, but she declined.
They haven't really spoken much except one time when she ran into him and he tried to engage her in a long conversation, but she dismissed it, telling him she was tired from work. Which was true anyway.
"So why the long face then?" Julianne interrupted her thoughts
"Long face where?" Bunmi flashed her teeth briefly but Julianne wasn't convinced.
Something was definitely wrong with her and she would get her to open up when they get home.
They continued the rest of the journey in silence.
"I'll get a cart" Julianne said
She was reminded of the day she met Richard.
A cart had brought them together and she smiled at that remembrance.
She went from section to section and got everything she needed.
They left the supermarket when they were done shopping and headed back home.
"I'll make us lunch" Julianne said
"Yes please" Bunmi answered, winking at her.
She reached for the television remote and tuned to a movie channel while relaxing on the couch.
They ate soon afterwards and Bunmi was in a cheerful mood, compared to earlier that day.
Julianne took the opportunity to ask Bunmi what was wrong with her.
"So what's up with you..? You were in a mood today" Julianne took a seat beside her on the couch.
"Nothing really..." Bunmi answered
"That's conspicuously not true" Julianne retorted
Bunmi turned to face her.
She had told Andrew the night she ended things with him to let Julianne know about his feelings for her, but he obviously hadn't done that.
Julianne had no idea what was going on yet.
"Confide in me" Julianne said mildly
Bunmi trusted her and knew she would understand. She's her dearest friend after all.
"Firstly, I think you should talk to Andrew" Bunmi said
"Andrew? What about him....?" Julianne asked confused
"Just go talk to him first" Bunmi said quietly
Julianne picked up her phone and dialed Andrew's number to be certain he was home.
She got an affirmation from him and got up to leave.
She knocked on the door and he opened.
"Good evening" He greeted and she responded likewise
"Can we talk please?" She sounded urgent
"Ok, come in or would you rather talk outside?"
He asked
"Inside is fine" Julianne responded. The weather was chilly and she wasn't wearing a sweatshirt.
He offered her something to drink which she declined politely.
"So what brings you here?" He asked with a smile
We formal now huh?" She asked taken aback by his question
"No" He laughed "It just sounded like you have something urgent to say" He added
"Well I do and if I didn't know any better I'd say you've been evading me" She waited for his response and got silence.
She was right and he has indeed been evading her. All he's been trying to do the past few weeks is patch things up with Bunmi.
Make certain she was fine by checking up on her a couple of times and at the same time giving her the space she seeks.
"Bunmi mentioned I need to talk to you. What's that about?" Julianne asked, breaking the silence.
Andrew understood everything immediately.
"It's complicated" He told her
"Uncomplicate it then" Julianne answered
"I'm in love with you" He blurted out.
"I should have told you sooner than this, I wouldn't have hurt Bunmi in the process. Believe me I'm sorry about that"
Julianne's countenance was blank, she looked at him with an expressionless face.
Maybe she was too shocked to react, but everything had to come to light and he instantly felt relieved saying it out loud.
"What.............?" Julianne asked with mouth agape
"I'm sorry I shocked you with that" He apologized.
She suddenly had an epiphany and everything became clear to her. He has always been there for her even at times when it was inconvenient.
Aisha had teased him few times when she was there and she had suspected he more than likes her,but she wasn't certain until now.
She remembered how she had gotten a flower and a box of chocolate from an anonymous source and it dawned on her.
"Hold on...did you by any chance send me flower and chocolate?" She enquired
"Yes I did... should have included my name" He sighed
"Andrew, I honestly don't know what to say"
There were few times when she was speechless and this instance was one of them.
"It's fine, I know it's so much to take in"
Indeed it was and she left soon afterwards.
"Why didn't you tell me Bunmi?" She asked her when she got inside
"I should have. I mean it's not your fault the guy I like likes you....I shouldn't have let it tarry till now. I'm sorry about that" Bunmi replied
"Don't apologize, I'm sorry about this... sorry about you and Andrew, I've been so clueless and oblivious and too involved in my own feelings that I didn't notice how sad you've been this past two weeks, till earlier today when we were headed for the supermarket and I just knew something was not right" Julianne moved to hug her
"It's not you. Don't blame yourself. I hid the fact that I was heartbroken well, with work and all" Bunmi explained
"Still I'm sorry.." Julianne told her.
She did everything she could to console her friend and thought of how Andrew must be feeling too. She had left him without a response and she made a mental note to call him.


Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 5:26pm On Aug 15
potato potahto... the cycle is now complete grin

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 5:46pm On Aug 16
Chapter 16
"Grandiloquent" Julianne mused
"I live to impress you" Richard joked.
Julianne laughed wholeheartedly.
He had come to see her again after almost two months of being away.
Julianne looked at her watch , they had spent the whole day together and it was time for her to leave.
"See you tomorrow?" Richard asked
"Can't guarantee that sir" She smiled
"I'll guarantee it for us both" He smiled back,
looking at her carefully. She was starting to fall for him and although she tried to hide it, her demeanour showed otherwise.
She gave him a quick hug and started her journey home.
"It's quite late" Bunmi said when she got home
"Yeah, lost track of time" Julianne explained
"How's Richard doing?" Bunmi asked
"He's fine" she answered then went on to explain how much their time together had been nothing short of exhilarating.
"I can tell, your face is glowing unusually" Bunmi replied
Julianne's face beamed with smile in response to her.
"Yea babe, I have a strong conviction about this"
"I believe you do" Bunmi affirmed
"Thanks, want to sleep now" Julianne yawned
"Why na, stay up with me, I want to talk to you about something" Bunmi nudged her
"Not today please , tomorrow night I promise" Julianne pleaded
"It's sunday tomorrow...work on monday remember?" Bunmi replied
"Oh, right....I'll come back on time tomorrow, then we can talk" Julianne yawned again
She slept soon afterwards and woke up the next day in a bright mood.
She did her chores quickly and headed to the market and got some things she needed. She was back soon afterwards and went on to prepare scrambled eggs and bread for breakfast.
She got a text message from Richard reminding her they would be seeing in a few hours.
Like she could ever forget, she chuckled to herself.
She had woken up with the idea of surprising him with a sumptuous homemade meal.
She wanted the meal still warm and fresh by the time she sees him so she decided to start cooking a few hours before seeing him.
She glanced at the wall clock and it was the perfect time for her to begin.
She quickly headed to the kitchen and began the cooking. She had gotten all the ingredients she needed at the market earlier. While it was cooking she had a shower and got dressed.
The meal was soon ready and she packed them in a flask, satisfied with herself.
His eyes lit up when she handed it to him.
He was elated and she saw that.
"You're welcome" She grinned, when he thanked her.
"Wow, I'd take some of these with me tomorrow if I could" He smiled broadly
"Oh, but you can't sadly" Julianne commented.
They spent hours together till it was evening and Julianne had to take her leave.
She opened her handbag and handed him a new tote bag she had bought for him.
"Here, add this to your collection of travelling bags" She said
He was stunned at her gesture.
It was the best thoughtful gift.
"You're staring. You don't like it?" Julianne asked
"I do. It's perfect" He told her. She wasn't flawless, but to him she really was perfect.
"Can I take a picture of you?" He asked
"Hmm...ok sure" Julianne answered
"Don't know when next I'll be seeing you so I need to capture this moment and etch it in my memory" Richard replied
"How sweet, we video call" Julianne stated
"Yes, call me primitive" He smiled
She posed and let him take the photos.
"Stay a little while longer" He urged her
She remembered he'll be leaving the next day so she obliged to his request.
By the time she got back home Bunmi was already asleep.
She tapped her awake, apologizing for not keeping to time.
"It's fine" Bunmi answered
"You said you wanted to talk to me about something, I'm all ears" Julianne sat beside her
"Doesn't matter anymore. Hope you had a good day" Bunmi asked
"Yes" Julianne told her and she really did have a good day.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 7:42pm On Aug 16
thanks YTmami. you not loosing a touch of it. fingers crossed

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Adeola25(f): 9:55am On Aug 17
This story is quite interesting. Well-done ma'am

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 2:06am On Aug 19
Chapter 17
Julianne was antsy with anticipation.
In a month's time Richard would be completing his one year at the NAF.
She got goosebumps just thinking about it.
The long distance relationship would finally be over and she'll be seeing him more often.
Their relationship had sailed almost smoothly within the months, but there were days when the distance barrier was more prominent, days when the void was more apparent for her.
They did see a couple of times on weekends, although many months had passed rather slowly, but she occupied her time with work and other leisure activities.
"A year is almost over" She had told Richard excitedly, the last time they spoke over the phone
"Yes it is, when I'm done we'll work on solidifying our relationship" He uttered
"It's not solid now?" Julianne asked
"It is, I just mean a more permanent plan , like introducing you to my family" He declared
Julianne's face brightened up. The thought of that had fascinated her.
She envisaged them together after he must have completed his one year at the academy, they'll focus on having a future together, building and making it an actualization.
She would speed up the time if she could.
He had shown her many times how much he valued her and sometimes she felt her love was meagre compared to his
"I think you love me too much" she had told him on a weekend he was visiting.
"You don't want me to?" He teased
Julianne had laughed
"I love how you love me" She beamed
"I love how you let me love you" He held her hands and played with her fingers, sending shivers down her spine.
For someone in the military, he had a gentle touch.
Julianne let her thoughts linger on him for a while longer till she drifted asleep.
She woke up in a cheerful mood the next day,
She had a lucid dream about him and remembered the details of the dream vividly.
She smiled to herself. She was turning to a cliché girl in love. The type of girl she never imagined she would be.
She might as well be walking on a cloud for all she knew.
She went about her day happily, totally unbothered about little snags she encountered during the day.
She returned home at night and made a quick dinner for herself. By the time she was ready to sleep , she dialed Richard's number to hear his voice before she went to bed.
Two weeks passed swiftly,
in another two weeks Richard would be done.
Julianne was making plans to welcome him home already, so many ideas were going through her head. She would have to pick the best of them all.
He wasn't hard to please, the smallest gestures thrilled him, but she wasn't gunning for something small.
A week later while she was doing the dishes, her phone rang and it was Richard.
She quickly wiped her hands and answered the call.
"Hi babe!"
"How's my baby doing?" His voice had a way of relaxing her after a long day.
"I'm good, just ate. How about you?" Julianne asked
"I'm good too. Just here with friends" He responded
"Hmm.. it's pretty noisy over there, y'all are having a party or something?" Julianne asked
"Party? No.... Speaking of parties, there would be one over here in a week's time. Non official party though, my guys and I are organising it, just to celebrate the one year completion" Richard stated
"Sounds good, are friends and family invited?" Julianne enquired
"Yes, sure..it's an open party" He answered
"Wow, wish I could come celebrate with you" Julianne said
"I wish you could too, but not to worry, I'm coming for you once I round up here" He assured
Like lightning an idea struck her in that moment.
"I'll be here waiting, so where would the party be holding?" Julianne asked and he told her.
What better idea than to surprise him by showing up unannounced to celebrate with him.
All the ideas that had been running through her head waned in comparison to this one.
She pictured how surprised and happy he would be to see her.
When she ended the call she called Bunmi to tell her about her plan and the best way to execute it.
We'll talk better when I get home" Bunmi answered
Bunmi came back some hours later and they discussed about it.
She wanted to explore so she decided to travel by road.
It would be a seven to thirteen hours journey.
She would have to leave a day before so she could attend the party the day after.
A day before her journey, she took her time packing everything she needed. She didn't want to forget anything.
She went to bed earlier than usual and was up by 5am. By 6:30am she was out of the house,
Bunmi saw her off to the park, wishing her safe journey.
The bus moved by 7am and their journey to Kaduna began.
They stopped intermittently on the way, Julianne bought things to eat during those periods.
By nightfall she arrived in Kaduna and lodged in an hotel.
She was pretty tired, but before she slept she called Bunmi to tell her she had arrived.
The next day she woke later than she had planned and saw missed calls from Bunmi and Richard.
She called them back immediately and they were both just checking up on her.
The party was by 4pm ,but Julianne planned on getting there by 5pm.
She dressed up the best way she could and left the hotel thirty minutes before. She arrived at the venue by 5pm and was stopped at the gate by someone asking her whom she was looking for. She mentioned Richard's name and she was allowed inside. She imagined the look on Richard's face when he sees her.
The moment she had planned and thought of for a week was finally here.
She took a deep breath and slowly walked in.
She looked round the hall, trying to spot Richard.
She was tempted to call him to ask where he was, but that would ruin the surprise.
She took a seat and watched out for him instead.
Thirty minutes later she saw Richard and she was frozen in her seat.
No it wasn't from excitement, it was from shock and disbelief.
There Richard stood, with a little boy that looked like a mini version of him and beside him was a lady Richard held affectionately in his arms.
No, Julianne was hallucinating,
This was most likely an illusion, it couldn't be real. Waves of emotions coursed through her body rapidly and she felt a sharp pain in her stomach. She tried to catch her breath and remained frozen on the seat.
"Noo, this is not happening....." she panted
She locked eyes with a shocked Richard and saw him walking towards her direction.
She summoned energy and bolted out the door.
He followed her and grabbed her by the arm.
"What are you doing here?" He snapped
"What....am I doing..... here?" Julianne gasped
"Told you I'd come for you. You should have waited, why did you have to come. Can't begin to fathom why you would think of coming" He raised his voice
Julianne couldn't believe her ears.
She opened her mouth to respond, but nothing came out. All she could do was shake her head in disbelief.
"My wife and son are inside, have to go back inside now. Sorry you had to come all this way for nothing. You really should have listened to me when I told you I'd come for you, it was that simple" He left her and went back inside.
If this was a dream , she was ready to snap out of it and wake up.
Julianne turned around slowly and went back to the hotel. Her heart felt obliterated.
How did she miss all this? She panicked.
She cried all night and had a swollen eyes by dawn.
She left first thing in the morning and began her journey back to Lagos.
She cried silently in the bus till she arrived at her destination.
By the time she got home a worried Bunmi welcomed her, asking her what had happened.
Julianne looked a mess.
Julianne wailed loudly, explaining everything that had happened.
Bunmi expressed her shock and anger at her friend's plight, but Julianne heard none of it.
She had tuned everything out and sobbed quietly.
Bunmi held her,gently comforting her.
"Let it all out" She said.
Julianne's sobbing became louder till she drifted asleep.
"I am here for you" Bunmi said to her and she meant it.
Julianne was more than a best friend to her, they were more like sisters and she would help her through this.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 2:10am On Aug 19

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 2:10am On Aug 19
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 7:02am On Aug 19
YTmami... no please it shouldn't end now at least not here cheesy... you just propagated the narrative "men are scum",
cos Julianne will keep that in mind and make the next guy very miserable.
N.B .. not all men are like Richard. in short that is "just Richard" for you cheesy.
thanks cheesycheesy
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by YTmami(f): 8:18am On Aug 19
YTmami... no please it shouldn't end now at least not here cheesy... you just propagated the narrative "men are scum",
cos Julianne will keep that in mind and make the next guy very miserable.
N.B .. not all men are like Richard. in short that is "just Richard" for you cheesy.
thanks cheesycheesy
Aww, you're right . Not everyone is like Richard and trust me Julianne wouldn't do that to the next guy.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Adeola25(f): 10:59am On Aug 19
Just imagine what that useless Richard did to Julianne, so that means all the weekend visits was because of his family. It's so painful, some men are scum I swear. May thunder strike his left ball.

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 2:57pm On Aug 19

Aww, you're right . Not everyone is like Richard and trust me Julianne wouldn't do that to the next guy.

seems like you know her too well. my regards to her cheesy
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 2:59pm On Aug 19
Just imagine what that useless Richard did to Julianne, so that means all the weekend visits was because of his family. It's so painful, some men are scum I swear. May thunder strike his left ball.

"some" men... cheesycheesy
at least, you didn't generalize..
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Adeola25(f): 6:11pm On Aug 19
I didn't generalise because of you men folk, but men are scum sha. Lol

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Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 6:47pm On Aug 19
I didn't generalise because of you men folk, but men are scum sha. Lol

it's obvious you don't mean it. cheesy
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Kenneygirl(f): 10:44pm On Sep 06
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Izabel(f): 2:48pm On Sep 08

"some" men... cheesycheesy
at least, you didn't generalize..
Are you the odoogu Burna boy sang about?
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 4:57pm On Sep 08
Are you the odoogu Burna boy sang about?

looks like me cheesy...
but not all me.
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Izabel(f): 12:56pm On Sep 09

looks like me cheesy... but not all me.
Not all you. I see what you did there grin
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Odoogu(m): 10:38pm On Sep 09
Not all you. I see what you did there grin

and what exactly did I do? cheesy
I know my works cheesy
Re: 2 Hot To Handle by Izabel(f): 12:29pm On Sep 10

and what exactly did I do? cheesy
I know my works cheesy
We'll talk about that later,and about the latter I know you do wink

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