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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by kiddkash(m): 11:16am On Jul 31
we get them for naija in guise of jungle justice


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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Shukusheka(m): 11:16am On Jul 31
They should be given their time in the sunshine.They should be discussed,examined,analysed rather than ignored/shunned.Are the serial killers in Africa similar to the ones abroad?What triggered the killings?How and why did they perpetrate the acts?How were the operations carried out? etc
Ofcourse no one is saying they shouldn't be analysed or researched, but using adjectives like "Badass" to describe these gruesome low lives criminals seems like we are glorifying instead of analysing them

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by kongolo(m): 11:24am On Jul 31
Ofcourse no one is saying they shouldn't be analysed or researched, but using adjectives like "Badass" to describe these gruesome low lives criminals seems like we are glorifying instead of analysing them
The rest of us "normies" have a thing or two to learn about persuasive tactics and patience from those "low lives"

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by MackSoul: 11:58am On Jul 31

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Kemimarch16(f): 12:48pm On Jul 31
The guy don watch prison break tire
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Alexajoy89(f): 12:56pm On Jul 31
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by dominique(f): 3:33pm On Jul 31
TheSourcerer, you've been unbanned. Come and continue pls

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Gracespecial101(m): 3:54pm On Jul 31
TheSourcerer, you've been unbanned. Come and continue pls

So you also a Great Follower?
Anyway Lets Enjoy what the boss has to Say.

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by vivalavida(m): 4:24pm On Jul 31
How come u never mentioned that port Harcourt serial killer?
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheFACELESS133(m): 4:32pm On Jul 31
Serial killers don't have millions of fans worldwide, serial killing stories have a lot of following. There is a big difference.
you're wrong there
Serial killers do have fans
Check on the likes of the chess board killer

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:34pm On Jul 31

So you also a Great Follower?
Anyway Lets Enjoy what the boss has to Say.
I honestly was surprised , and thank you , I'll proceed now , and tag you in my next post

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:36pm On Jul 31
Bulelani Mabhayi, The Monster of Tholeni

The Monster of Tholeni terrorized the female residents of Tholeni in South Africa for years. His MO was simple; he would do reconnaissance on homes and identify houses without males. He would then break into the house in the dead of the night, attack and rape the female occupants. He would then hack everyone to death with a machete or axe. Some he would further mutilate, removing their wombs for cultist medicine.

Tholeni became known as “The Village of Death.”

The Monster of Tholeni had once come close to being caught but escaped because of a small oversight.

Sometime in 2010, the South African government launched a widespread operation to collect and record male DNA and fingerprints from Tholeni to aid in capturing the elusive murderer. Mabhayi claimed he had forgotten his identification card at home and his DNA sample was not recorded.

In 2012 the Monster of Tholeni made a grave mistake. He left a shoe at one of his murder scenes. The shoe was later identified as that of Bulelani Mabhayi and he was arrested.

Mabhayi pleaded guilty to 20 murder charges, six counts of rape and 10 rape attempts. He was sentenced to 25 life sentences.


Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:43pm On Jul 31
Mansour al Tourbini

Mansour is probably the most bizarre known serial killer on the African continent. Born in 1980 in Tanta, a small town north of Egypt’s capital, the young Mansour ran away from home and joined a brutal gang. He eventually ventured off and formed his own psychopathic gang.

The gang of street children abducted, raped, and killed other street children. Mansour committed his murders on the carriage roofs of the trains plying the Cairo to Alexandria route. He would abduct street children and drag them onto the carriage roofs of the express train. There they would rape and torture the children before tossing them onto the trackside.

For others, the death was more gruesome; some were said to have been buried alive while others were dumped into the River Nile.

In 2006, two of the gang members were arrested. The ensuing series of arrests eventually led to the capture of Mansour on November 26, 2006. The serial killer, nicknamed al-Tourbini which means “Express Train”, claimed he had killed 30 street children although only 8 bodies had been recovered. He was sentenced to death in 2007. Mansours trial had a bizarre outcome.

In his hometown of Tanta, his nickname gained immense popularity. Some businesses even changed their names to include the reference. The most common instances of the commercialization, however, included a sandwich, lambs for sale, and taxis.


Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:44pm On Jul 31
Zambia’s claim to this list is a bizarre family of brothers from Luano Valley of Central Province. In the five years they roamed the jungles of Luano Valley, the three brothers-Mika, Stephen, and Fabiano-killed between 12 to 15 people. In a family of six brothers, only the eldest, Nelson, was never involved in the murders.

The murder spree began on April 27, 2007 when the brothers killed a local headman who had come to stop them from beating their mother. In a revenge attack by the victim’s son, one of the Mailoni brothers, Nicious, was shot dead and Fabiano was wounded. The remaining brothers, including Friday, escaped to their jungle. Friday would later abandon his brothers sometime in 2008 and reunite with his family.

According to Fabiano’s ex-wife Eredina, the brothers changed in 2007 after they visited a witchdoctor. They desired wealth, and the witchdoctor gave them a list of things to fulfill to get rich. Eredina claims they didn’t fulfil the instructions and they went mad. Eredina, who had been married to Fabiano for ten years, divorced her husband and went back to her parents. Shortly after, the brothers raided her parents home and killed her father.

The renegade serial killers frequently changed locations. Their motives seem to have been purely psychological and vengeful. Other than Fabiano’s father-in-law, they also killed Zambia Flying Doctors Service chief pilot Dr. Modesto Masumba and the headman of Shitambeni village, Mbalakwe Chipokolo. They also killed Luano Valley’s Chief Chembe’s key advisor.

In 2012, the Zambian police offered K50, 000 in cash for information leading to the capture of the notorious brothers. The army dispatched a platoon of commandos to hunt them down. On the evening of June 24th, 2013, Corporal Joy Shapela, 29, shot the serial killers. Their reign of murderous terror came to an end in the same fields where they had viciously stabbed their victims. Corporal Shapela was honoured at Zambias 50th Anniversary celebrations in 2014.

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:45pm On Jul 31
The Wemmer Pan Killer

For some time, the Wemmer Pan Killer and the Hammer Killer were thought to be two different serial killers. The Wemmer Pan Killer attacked couples in cars. He shot the men and raped the women. Sometimes, the mysterious murderer attacked men and women walking alone and brutally bludgeoned them with rocks. The Hammer Killer, on the other hand, killed tailors in their shops. He used a hammer to kill his victims, hence the moniker.

The first pattern of killings happened during the weekend while the Hammer jobs were committed during the week. The seeming dichotomy of patterns fell through when he used a similar alias, Patrick Mokwena. The coincidence led a keen police investigator to the idea that they were looking for one murderer with two distinct patterns.

A single profile was built: the killer was a black man between 30 and 40 years of age who lived or worked in the Wemmer pan area. He didn’t own a car and used taxis for mobility. There was seemingly no victim or weapon pattern in the murders. He attacked victims of both genders and any race.

He also attacked everyone from shop owners to taxi drivers, and there was no pattern in the age of his victims.

He mixed his weapons, using a gun, rock, hammer or knife when it suited him. He used as gun on taxi drivers he lured into remote areas but bludgeoned shop owners, who were also male, with rocks or a hammer. The one common thing was that he often stole his victims’ shoes.

When he was finally arrested, Maoupa Cedric Maake faced a charge sheet with 134 crimes, including 36 counts of murder and 28 of attempted murder. The married father of four earned a living as a house painter. The police used crime mapping technology to locate the extent of his murders. Maake had focused on the areas around his two homes, his workplace, and where his brother and his girlfriend lived.

While in the dock, the Hammer Killer wept at any mention or sight of his mother. Then he openly threatened the female prosecutor with rape and murder. In the end though, he was found guilty of 114 of the original charges and sentenced to 27 life sentences. An additional 1, 159 years and 3 months imprisonment was added, bringing the total time to 1, 340 years in prison.

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:47pm On Jul 31
The Pangaman

Atteridgeville in South Africa seems to produce more serial killers than one place ever should. The second known one was Elias Xitavhudzi, known in the media as The Pangaman. As his nickname suggests, Xitavhudzi used a machete to torture, kill, and mutilate his victims. All 16 men and women he is known to have killed were white, suggesting some kind of psychotic social activism in his murders. This infamous serial killer was hanged on 14th November 1960. The story of his capture and execution is not well known.


Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:54pm On Jul 31
Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi,

Moroccos claim to this list was a cobbler and public letter writer called Hadj Mohammed Mesfewi. Aided by a 70-year-old female accomplice named Rahali, Mesfewi drugged and killed at least 36 women. 26 bodies were found buried under his shop while the other ten were under a different property he owned. Like the murderous sisters in Egypt, the serial killer robbed his victims after he killed them and then buried their bodies.

The intriguing story of his execution begins with a sentence for crucifixion on May 2nd, 1906. The method of punishment was considered too brutal by foreign diplomats in Morocco and the government caved in, instead sentencing him to immurement. He was buried alive on June 11, 1906 and died two days later.
Thank you Dominique♥️

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:57pm On Jul 31
David Simelane is a Swazi serial killer who caused havoc from the late 1990s until late 2001. His murder spree began in 1997, around the time he was released from prison for a prior conviction of rape. It was one of the many times, about 18, since 1976 that he had been convicted of robbery and rape. The last conviction was significant because he would later claim that he had robbed the woman but he had never raped her. For him, the 28 women and children he would later kill were revenge for the wrongful conviction.

Simelane lured most of his victims to the woods of Malkerns with job prospects where he would then kill and bury them in shallow graves. He seemed to have had an accomplice called Vilakati on whose farm the first six bodies were uncovered in July 2000. Two Mozambicans he hired to dig the graves tipped off the police who then launched a manhunt for Vilakati. They found him eight months later and chased him through a maize field before they shot him dead.

After his arrest, Simelane led the police to shallow graves in Manzini where 45 bodies were found, including several pregnant women. Many of them had been strangled but some had been stabbed with a knife. Simelane was found guilty of a total of 28 murders and acquitted of six. He was sentenced to death in 2011; seven years after his trial began. A total of 83 witnesses testified against him. He claimed that he had been tortured and coerced to confess to the murders.


Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 6:59pm On Jul 31
The B1 Butcher

Personally one of my favorite African Serial killers reminds me alot of Jeffery Dahmar, with his artistic Nature of his killings , clean and precise

On June 13th 2007, a 36-year old woman disappeared somewhere on Independence Avenue in Windhoek, Namibia. Three and a half days later, a mutilated female torso was found in a garbage bin next to Namibias B1 Road. It had been professionally severed from the rest of the body and was itself dissected into two. For investigators, the torso was more than just a part of a corpse, it was proof that a dreaded, unknown killer was back on the hunt.

Nicknamed The B1 Butcher because the way he methodically dissects his victims and where he disposes of their body parts, this killer is possibly still at large. His favourite dumping points are rubbish bins near major roads, not only the National B1 road. The B1 Butcher has been killing since at least 2005 when the first body was found near a power station. Of his five known victims, two were never identified. The other three were Juanita Mabula (21 years, murdered in 2005), Melanie Janse (22 years, 2005), and Sanna Helena IllGaroes (36 years, 2007). All of them were young colored Namibian women.

Their body parts, at least those that were ever found, showed signs of freezing or refrigeration, suggesting that he was preserving them for a while before dumping them. His method of killing seemed to have evolved or have been inconsequential for his motives. Mabula was hit on the head with a blunt object while Janse was strangled. An extensive police manhunt that drew in international assistance yielded two suspects: German citizen Heinz Knierim and Han Husselmann.

Knierim was acquitted in 2010 for lack of evidence. Husselmann, on the other hand, became a prime suspect after he committed suicide in 2008. //Garoes DNA was found in his flat while his DNA was found on a letter to the police that detailed the Mabula murder. Despite this, the trail went cold and the killing house has never been found. The B1 Butcher either survives or died in the intervening period. The latest activity suspected to be his handiwork was in 2010 when a human head and an arm were found in Rehoboth. It could be his work or that of a copycat.

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 7:00pm On Jul 31
In December of 1920, the rotting dismembered remains of a woman were found lying on a street. What seemed like a one-off crime became a serial one when a man digging to find a damaged water pipe discovered a number of female remains in what looked like a burial room. Later investigations showed that Raya and Sakina had been renting the house at the time of the murders, and the heat turned on them. These two ruthless, murderous sisters hold the infamy of being the first women to be executed in modern-day Egypt.

They were the leaders of a killing party of 5 which include a husband, a boyfriend, and an accomplice. The two enterprising sisters founded an extensive drug and prostitution ring that revolved around five homes in the Labban district of Alexandria. It is from here that they perfected a murderous killing team of 5 that killed at least 17 women.

Sakina told the courtroom during the trial that lasted from May 10th to May 12th 1921 that she would lure the victims into the house and the drug them.

Working as a ruthlessly efficient team, they would then strangle the victim as she slipped into unconsciousness …one of the killers would clamp his hands over the victims mouth, another would grab hold of her throat, a third would hold her hands behind her back and the fourth would pin down her feet until she stopped breathing. Abdel-Aal was in charge of holding the feet. Abdel-Aal was Sakina’s boyfriend. The post-mortems showed that all the victims died of suffocation and not strangulation. In her chilling confession, Sakina kept saying the infamous line “Death passed that way“ after describing each death.

Re: Badass African Serial Killers by TheSourcerer: 7:03pm On Jul 31
Charles Quansah “The Kumasi Strangler”

In February of 2000, a 36-year-old man called Charles Quansah was arrested for the murder of his girlfriend, Joyce Boateng. An additional murder charge was added a few days later, that of a hairdresser called Akua Serwaa. Serwaa’s body had been found near Kumasi Sports Stadium on January 19th, 1996.

The names on Quansahs charge sheet kept increasing, and he was finally accused of killing 34 women. All the victims had been found lying in supine positions with their legs widely opened. There was clear evidence of rape, including a discarded condom near the victims body. It perhaps fit too well that the Ghanaian mechanic had a history. In 1986, Quansah had been jailed for rape. After his release, he raped another woman and was jailed again.

Prior to his arrest in 2000, he had been serving a jail sentence for robbery. The story of the Kumasi Rapist seemed to have finally ended with the apprehension of a man who had history and motives to kill. But that was not the end. There were 21 murders of young women in and around Accra in 1999. Four more were killed in the first half of 2000, with two of them being found within one week of each other and outside Mataheko, the primary dumping site of the most of the first murders.

Quansah’s arrest followed this outcry and in public, the police said that he confessed to nine other murders but they only charged him with one initially, and then added ten more. The most damning evidence that Quansah was most likely not the killer was that the killings continued after his arrest. By December 2000, the murders had reached a total of 31. Being an election year, the serial murders became a primary political issue, leading to the voting out of the Interior Minister and his deputy.

The presidential candidate John Kufuor made it a primary issue when he made finding the killer a plank in his 2000 election campaign. Three years after the fact, the former president Jerry Rawling’s sensationally claimed that more than ten ministers in John Kufuor’s cabinet had been involved in the murders which now totaled 34. He never specified or clarified his claim. For Quansah, only three of the charges seemed to have anything to do with him. The real serial killers might never be known.

Nigeria definitely has serial killers but for Nigerian Police to have no record of Serial killers , shows the level of security we have here. I used to belive we had no serial killers but it does know no race , it's biological ,

Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Gracespecial101(m): 7:16pm On Jul 31
I honestly was surprised , and thank you , I'll proceed now , and tag you in my next post
All Good bro, Tagging is very Necessary
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by joinnow: 7:56pm On Jul 31
Annanias Mathe

Mathe’s gang bribed wardens nearly R100, 000 to let him escape.

He remains the only person to have successfully escaped from the C-Max Penitentiary.
wrong he did not successfully escape,he bribe his way out.
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by kingPhidel(m): 8:18pm On Jul 31
I can now assume all criminals have one thing in common #rape or #sexual assault.
May God protect our women from such anihuman
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by paulolee(m): 9:37pm On Jul 31
following like a headless chicken...continue naa

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by falcon01: 11:13pm On Jul 31
Annanias Mathe

Annanias Mathe was arrested in November 2006 and charged with 51 counts of crimes such as murder, rape, hijackings and armed robbery. By that time, he had had an almost uninterrupted crime run for seven years. He had been arrested only once, in June 2003, for raping a woman.

In 2006, however, the psychopathic criminal decided he was not going to sit in prison. Held at the high-security C-Max Penitentiary in Pretoria, Mathe devised an escape plan. While the official story claims he smeared his naked body with petroleum jelly and lubricated his way to freedom, later investigations showed he had walked through the front door. Mathe’s gang bribed wardens nearly R100, 000 to let him escape.

His freedom was shortlived, however, because he was arrested two weeks later. His mistake this time was that he had carjacked a car fitted with a satellite tracking device. Although Mathe was never convicted of murder, he was convicted of 64 different counts of rape and robbery with violence. He was also found guilty of killing 12 dogs by poisoning them. The judge sent him to 455 years served concurrently, bringing the sentence to 54 years in prison.

In late September 2013, Mathe tried to escape again. He laboriously dug through the wall, concealing his work with clothing and toothpaste. His plan was discovered before he could stand any chance of escaping again. He remains the only person to have successfully escaped from the C-Max Penitentiary.
creepy motherfucker
Re: Badass African Serial Killers by yuswrld20(m): 11:30pm On Jul 31
good one

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Re: Badass African Serial Killers by Judybash93(m): 12:21am On Aug 01
"Nigeria definitely has serial killers but for Nigerian Police to have no record of Serial killers , shows the level of security we have here. I used to belive we had no serial killers but it does know no race , it's biological"

How about Mr Gracious David West Hope? The Port Harcourt Strangler.

Moreover, if you also say that it's biological which I'm not saying it isn't, will you please explain how five people can be biologically predisposed to commiting such crimes such as the Egyptian killers that was highlighted. I think it might be biological but may also be because of economic reasons and other factors.

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