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My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 12:04pm On Aug 03, 2020
My Adventure With My Street Chicks…..

It wasn’t funny I looked into her eyes and I noticed she was blurshing and smiling when she jst batched into d room and found me totally un-clad!! What! Didn’t she knew I jst took ma bath and am heading to d room to cream my body? I can actually tell she did it purposely, else she wud av taken excuse n maybe apologize and left, yet she stood de opening her sparkling white teeth smiling while staring @ ma c--k which by now has risen to angle 90, wat! Dis gal is devilish does she really need somtin, can I afford to offer her what she needs Watch out as I bring to u ma adventure with ma street chicks b4 coming out of high skul………..+18 only, pls don’t read it if u ar still a virgin!!! Coming up by soon

Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 12:08pm On Aug 03, 2020
My Adventure With My Street Chicks……

This story is solelly ma masterpiece…. It’s both fictional and real, some of the names that will be mention are actually not their real names and if by any means u bear same don’t take it personal………

Episode 1

It was a bright Monday morning as I got dressed up heading to my “new school” where I will be writing my SSCE (WAEC n NECO). Actually the Exams is abt a month n 2 weeks 4rm now and dis period is for Extra-moral classes as we geer up 4 d battle ahead which will determine our fate to College.
People(students expecially) always think of me to be an intelligent type in my “4ma school” but I always see myself as the average type. I jst got into this skul ‘Shaloam college Agyaragu’ becuse of how students “make it” in their SSCE becus it is just a new Private skul that jst came into town and they’re looking for more students, which means I will have to meet new students, make new friends and still keep my old friends-Heard of new brooms sweep better but old brooms knows all the corners? Well as I wanted to make new friends I also wanna retain ma old friends too in my old skul.

As we got to skul around 8am that monday (Thomas and I) he was one of ma few pals that changed skul bcuz of the Exams, we made straight to the classroom which we saw some of the students we felt are Candidates too for we saw some students from my formal skul going into it.
We enter and sat down as a tall slime and fair man entered, “He must be one of the teachers here” I told Thomas, “yea I guess so” he replied. “Good morning all of you, we welcome all the new students to Shaloam College Agyaragu, pls read your books very well, we can only help you by taking the Extra-moral classes serious but believe me there will not be any form of exam malpractice in this skul, ur only goal is to study ur books and pass well, I wish u all what u wish urself”. Mr Obri whom we later get to know his name and who also happened to be our English Master admonished.
We all say amen while others jst mocked him 4 saying he wished us wat we wish ourselves.

“Well my name is Obri John and am going to be teaching u English Language, which I believed most of you should be very good at, having said that, Who can tell me the two major types of Consonant sounds we have”? Mr Obri asked surprising everyone as we were not xpecting any question 4rm him, no not now @ all!! Well he need an answer and we must provide, d whole class went on silent, as nobdy seems to have a clue, I noticed an ebony skin beautiful gal biting her lips trying to think of the answer, I jst smiled, u know why? Cuz I know the answer “So non of you can give me the answer? Are u all so dull not to know the answer”? Mr Obri flared. I raised my hand and all eyes were on me, really that is wat I hate most, “Ok tell us the answer pray u know it else all of you will get a big surprise from me” he said frowning. “The two major…….” I wanted to say as mr Obri cut me short “Ur name pls” he asked. “My name is Aju Peter sir” I replied. “Ok go on” he said, ” they are Monothongs and Dipthongs sir” I replied. “A round of applaus for him! U must a be brilliant student! U jst saved ur class 2day” he said. That was how we ended our 1st meeting in the skul that morning wich I neva knew only that answer has created many impressions about me. As we were going out b4 we com back 4 2nd class, the ebony gal came to me and said “hello, u really did saved us of the embarrasement today, by the way, my name is Vivian and you ar Peter rite”? “Yea” I answered…………..

To be continued

Watch out for Episode 2, as I dish u ma adventure b4 I came out of high skul….. Do u know what will apun b/w me and Vivian? Only ur comments determine whether I should continue or not

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Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 11:27pm On Aug 05, 2020
Episode 2

Wow! So ar u a student of this skul or u came here for the exams”? Vivian asked. “Well am not from this skul I came here for the exams, wat abt u”? I asked her in return. She just smile, “gush! Dis gal is beautiful I never knew it”! That was….I dnt even know weda it’s my head, mind or my little self under my laps that is making that evaluation, but all I know is that one of or even all of them must b involve. As we gisted I was in her back(initially I was walking beside her) but by her smile d 3 components of mass ‘construction’ (never wanna call dem ‘destruction’)-head, mind n d little me under, pushed me to a little distance bhind her, and u can guess wat that means na abi u no know?
Well for record sake, am not d flirty type, infact I don’t av crush @ all, I jst believe in ‘collect wat u want n if u can giv a little of wat u av to get wat u want’ of a thing, I don’t rili make gud relationship, I can say I have neva dated a gal upto 6months as am a successful relationship expert-lolz!
As we stroll, I notice that from d semi-transparent blue gown she was wearing wich barely got to her kneel-cap, I can see d colour of her pant, “wat! Does it mean this gal is not wearing a tight or short under b4 dis gown” I bgan 2 question my mind, my little self has now bcoms un-ease, going up n coming down doh barely visible but for the Jeans trouser I wore, some students who were watching might have discovered but not her bcuz I was bhind her by now.
She has a curve leg which will make her gud 4 missionary and d doggy style, even d reverse cow-girl. Well only time will tell. “So what made u change ur sku”? Her question brot me back from d land of fantasy. “Ar u thinking of something”? She asked again. “Wa….t? No….p, am not, why did u asked that”? I asked her. “I’ve been asking u question 4 like 3times now n u did not answer me”? Only den I realized that she’s been asking d question not once, well my 1st lie comes in “Don’t mind me jare, am not thinking of anytin, I’m engrose in wat dos guys ar doing de” thank Jeeeeesss, I saw a gal and a lady hugging n kissing in few meters 4rm us, she jst smile and asked d most ‘foolish’ question, “ar u jealos or u’ve neva done it before”? Now guys dis question and mr Obri’s question which one is harder? I guess dis is harder. Well I need to giv her an answer but not jst an answer but a really gud one at that, “well am not really jealos but sometimes feels that cuz I’ve neva found som1 that will love me like that and that is why I find it difficult dating” well guess am rit to some extend but is that why I find it difficult to date? “Hmmm” was all she could say, “wat is hmmm”? I asked, “Hmmm means nothing, was jst thinking” she said. “So wat ar u thinking if u dnt mind lady V” I asked. “Wow! U jst called me lady V? Is that a Nick, shit I love it! Lady V” see me see wahala ooo, d word jst left ma mouth without premeditation, don’t even know it will have any effect, anyway, since she love it, if I dnt take care of her, who will? That is how she takes d name as her nick name. ” Well since u’ve giving me a nick name, wat is urz”? Vivian asked. ” Who give u nick name? Me? Well if u like it den, mine is One Soul” I answered. “What does One Soul means and why did u chus d name”? She asked. ” I’m d quiet type and I always wanna b alone, sometimes I don’t mingle much with people, so ma friends jst giv me d name. I also beliv man must live dis life once and de is no coming back, more why one must enjoy it b4 he leaves” I answered. “Hmmm, nice, me too will enjoy dis life ooo, I dnt know wen I will leave too ooo” she say sarcastically. She has a dimple that look so sexy wen she smile, I’ve UnCloth her mentally.
We ate and were called for 2nd class and we went inside, less I 4got she told me her
major problematic courses, English, Maths and Physics. Well I can do all of dem @least 90% in each of dem. Well guess what? Wen I told her that, she said she will be coming to my house so that I can teach her or if I can go to her house if I don’t mind as she is writing her SSCE d 2nd time and she will give me whateva ‘thing’ I want……………..

To be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 11:29pm On Aug 05, 2020
Episode 3

“U mean u can afford to giv me anything I want”? I asked her as we were heading to classroom 4 2nd lesson. “Yes na, abi u want take my head ni? As long as u accept to teach me, I will giv u anything u want” at d statement my 3 component of mass construction began their calculation n evaluation of how many times I will b collecting d honey a day, I started thinking of how I’m gonna handle her bcuz ‘first impression matters a lot’ u understand na? We jst chat in anoda angle as Thomas and anoda badest of my friends 4rm my 4ma skul appear-Solomon by name. “One Soul, how va na, who b dis chick, she luks sexy” Solo teased, we jst laughed as I warned him to keep off. We entered the class as our to be chemistry master entered. “Gudmorning students, welcome all of u d new students to Shaloam college Agyaragu, em my name is Mr Sodiq and I wil b taking u guys on Chemistry………” Our claps interrupted him, he paused before he contenued. “……em as I was saying we wanna rush with d speed of light which means u ar gonna be studying very well and solve any workings u ar offered, be seiouse and u will make ur result in one sitting, all of you don’t have dsame intelligency therefore meet those that ar brighter than you, make dem ur study partner and those of u privilege to teach, do it well and don’t be proud, ok”? We all answer ‘yes sir’ as he asked, Vivian was eyeing me from wia she sat, she was sitting down wit another fair lady, very tall, muscular and has d nose of all dis Americans-pointed. Her cleavage was very visible as I can say that her boobs is not more than my palms, she has d face of an angel, I bet u will not go to heaven again if u ar to be with dis one on earth, which angel in heaven is more beautiful than dis gal now I know why “If lust is a crime 2face wanna b wanted”! Well only time will tell. “Now, we can’t end today like dis, we will jst do a bit work 2day and com back tomorrow, so we shall start with bonding between atoms, so who can name @least 4 types of bond we have” mr Sodiq asked suddenly and unxpectedly, about 4 students raised their hands, I didn’t rais mine again, the man called one of them, to answer, “em, we have Covalent, Electrovalent and em…em..” He was stuttering, the teacher commended him n called another student, 2 my surprised all of dem said it’s only two they know. The teacher asked if there is anybody that can name the 4, I stayed 4 abt a minute since no one made an attempt I raised my hand and he permitted me to say it….”Covalent, Electrovalent, Vanda wa’al and Hydrogen bond” I answered, the teacher was jst beaming with smile, he asked them to clap 4 me which they did, I became very shy.
The class dismissed and I decided I wanna go home, Vivian too decided she will go to too, to my surprised I saw the oda fair lady I saw b4 following us too, she wasn’t saying anything but she was jst staring @ me. We got close to ma huz and Vivian showed me her house where she stay, I was shocked cuz we stay in dsam street, I told her my house is about six houses 4rm hers, she was so happy and asked me in, but I decline I told her I will come back my mission is on track and it starts immediately. We xchange numbers and I left, I got home took ma bath, ate d concution rice I prepared in d morning, as I was abt to sleep, Vivian’s call came in, she asked me to come to her house, I told her to give me few minutes to freshing up. I slept off, only to be woking by her call an hour’s time, she asked if am not coming again or if am wit my girlfrnd, I told her not to worry as am already on my way. I picked my working book n pen and headed to her house, I knocked and a strange voice which I knew very well wasn’t Vivian’s answer, the voice was sweeter than honey and d honey-comb! It was d sweetest voice I have ever heard in my Life, who eva has dis voice I must see her face! As the person opened the door, what I saw was………………..

To be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Lakesc: 9:27am On Aug 06, 2020
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Skepturekreed(m): 1:19am On Aug 08, 2020
Move on bruh nice story
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by DANIELKWAME: 1:25am On Aug 08, 2020
Good of u
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by yungbanks(m): 7:45am On Aug 08, 2020
Mire biko anywhere ur post start i go follow u like psquare
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 11:37am On Aug 10, 2020
Episode 4

As the door opened, what I saw almost blew me off my feet, there stood d most cutiest creature I’ve eva set my eyes on, she was totaly perfect, does she did dis purposely or she neva knew I was coming?
On the door stood the fair American’s nose-like girl, with a bump short which look actually like a pant, with jst a singlet without bra, I was dumbfounded and couldn’t even say hi, I didn’t even know if I was still in dis world or in heaven, in order not to look carried away by her beauty which in actual sense I was, I jst smiled as she smiled back, her smile was more captivating than that of Vivian.
“Hello, pls is Lady V around”? I finally found my voice to speak. “Sorry, I don’t know who is lady V pls”, what? is she jokine or wat? But dis is d huz Vivian showed me as her huz, she was even present that time. Oh I remembered that I was the one that gave her d nick-name, I den asked her if Vivian was @ home, it was den she said, “yea, she is taking her bath and should b out soonest, come in and sit down” all dis while we were @ d door, she didn’t even invit me in!! I went in sat down @ their study table, a table a two chairs opposit each oda, she picked one and sat a bit far 4rm my side. Suddenly Vivian came out 4rm d bathroom, with jst a towel around her waist, she jst gave me a brilliant smile, her towel was loosely tie and d side of her boobs was very visible, she has d sexiest boobs in d world!!
“Hello boo, I tot u ain’t coming again, so u wanna come”? She said,what? She jst called me boo? We jst met 2day ooo!!. guess what? they ar using only one room and she needs to change her cloth and cream her body, so I need to excuse her, didn’t I? But wen I said let me excuse her but she insist I must stay. “No na, u want me to b tempted by ur body”? I asked, she jst smiled, “Tempted by what, am I a satan that I should tempt u”? She asked and I told her nope, but temptation will always come na. “C’mon sit de jare, if u ar tempted den u can have dem na or ar u shy”? She asked winking @ me, “OMG!! Sorry do u know dis lady? Meet my friend and room mate, her name is Dooshima, we ar both 4rm Benue, am Idoma and she is Tiv by tribe”? Vivian said, wow!! she jst said Dooshima is Tiv while she is Idoma? I remember Tiv girls sabi f--k like hell, guess am actually in hell now, I must taste dos forbidden fruit!! I gave Dooshima a hand 2 shake and she shook my hand with a smile and I told her my name is Peter 4rm Calabar, she was jst blurshing. Vivian dressed up, brot fud, we ate and get to business.
As we ar about to start, kpo kpo kpo, a knock on d door, “yes come in” Doo said and two slim girls entered, one was very tall and cute, d oda wasn’t that tall about 5ft6 my height. They came in and omg!! D aura that filled d air was amazing. Vivian did d introduction again, sorry meet my friends, Lucy and Lois, they ar room-mate like me and Dooshima, they live about 8 huz from dis side. Sharply I did d calculation, that means 2 houses away 4rm mine, wonderful!! She wanted to introduce me but they objected in unison that they already know me, and Vivian told me that they will b joining us in d study, I was actually happy but I jst need to pretend a bit, “What? But u never told me ur friends will join us? Will they also give me “anything” I want too as u will give me”? I asked, before Vivian could answer, both of them agreed. ThankGod they agreed. Do u understand what that means? It means “anything u said will be use against u in the court of law” I will use it against dem soon, u know wat I mean na. Soon we get started on what I tot took me there, as I was teaching them, Vivian was staying close to me her breast rubbing all my body, Dooshima wasn’t concentrating as her eyes was jst staring @ me, she was d only one sitting down, as d only remaining chair I was d one sitting on it, Lois and Lucy were very unease, I was actually being tempted from all angle, I ended the lesson sooner than I xpected cuz of wat they were doing.
As I was about to go, the three of dem Lois, Lucy and Dooshima requested my number which I gladly gave, they (Lois and Lucy) said we should be going as we both stay close, but Vivian said she wanna follow us, she followed me to my huz, the 2 gals went to their huz as Vivian entered my huz, it was about 8pm den. “Well dis is where I squart for now” I told her. “Do u stay alone here”? She asked, “yea for now, I stay alone” it means wen ur gal comes she can even stay a week or more comfortably”. The question took me by surprise, well I need to answer her, “Well I don’t even have a galfriend not to talk of that” ” what do u mean, u don’t have a galfriend? A handsome and intelligent guy like you, I guess u even av a big c--k that can make girls go gaga” she said. “I used to but now, no more and pls don’t ask me why” I cautioned her. “Ok it means maybe am lucky” what does that means by she is lucky? What eva she means I don’t care and I won’t ask her. I have a reading table and 3 chairs in my room, I showed her to sit and I lay on d bed to straighten myself, instead of sitting on d chair she came and lie beside me facing up.
“So since u don’t have a galfriend, when was the last time u had sex”? Jesus!!! What is dis girl upto? What does she want dis 9t? Does she have any mission?

To be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 11:38am On Aug 10, 2020
Episode 5

“So since u don’t have a galfrnd when last did u have sex”? What! What does she mean? What is she upto, is she on any mission? What is on her mind? Well I will answer her. “It’s been long I had sex, but why did u asked”? I asked her. “Nothing or ar u offended”? “Not at all, why will I? It means nothing na” “ok, can I ask you another question, if u know u ain’t angry”? “Yes go on and ask” “When next ar u thinking of having sex”? “OMG!! Why did u want to know? Anyway, I can even have sex now if I found d gal I want”.
She jst smiled and said, “so u don’t want me abi or I’m not gud 4 you”? “You ar rili putting words on my mouth ooo, u want sex de is no problem we can av but stop interrogating me” I blared @ her, I no want do like say I d trip 4 her, let me look too hard to catch abi na?. She was jst staring @ me as I looked towards her side, I saw her eyes, d--n her eyes were so beautiful, it looks so sexy! I exhale and drew close to her as she drew close too sharply. I took my lips close to her breath hot air on her she jst smiled, and brot her mouth closer, b4 I knew it we were already kissing.
Gradually we were kissing as if we ar scared, little by little we increase d momentun, I found my hand inside her boobs as I gave her a heavenly s-----g and massaging, she was jst moaning and moaning. She unzip my jeans, I raised my hands she removed my cloth, by now we were both acting like hungry lions as if our life depended on it. I found my hand under her skirt as I began to treat her to ectasy, she was like….”Oh baby…aaah….yes…yes…. There…there…” I used two fingers to finger, I decide using 3, I insert four dis time around it ain’t goin in smoothly.
I went to my refrigerator, brot out a sachet water that has blocked, I lay her down naked, when I stood up and she saw my c--k she almost screem, that she has never seen that type b4. I asked her to spray her legs which she did, I hold her two hands with one of my hands as I use one to pick d ice block 4rm d sachet water put it on my mouth, I use the tip to rub it gently 4rm her chest down to her abdomen, she was struggling as the sensation was too much for her to bear, I removed the ice again, used my cold tongue to work on her navel she was now moaning and screaming, soon I found my mouth under her now very wet p---y, I put one more ice, rub it on d mout of d viginal, she shocked, I use my tongue to s--k anytin suckable, by now she want to moan, but she can’t find her voice, all I was jst hearing is “hmmm, hmmm, hmmm…….” “Ar u enjoying it”? I asked, she couldn’t speak immediately, a little while she jst say, I’ve never experience this kind of feelins b4, u want to kill me, I told her no she won’t die, or will she die? I s--k again and start d fingering again and I told her it’s her turn, she came under my legs, took my c--k, wam inside her mouth, she started gradually and den start inserting deeper and deeper(sorry not deeper life ooo) in her mouth, by now d sensation was too much, I’m d kind of guy that isn’t used to moaning so I won’t moan but d feelings was too much, I can’t bear anylong, my pre-c-m wanna come now, what! I didn’t know wen I said “oh baby…gud job….” I pushed her to d bed as I don’t wanna c-m that monent and I do d mouth one again, dis time around my tongue enter deep deep inside her as I chop her c------s, she was moanin and shading tears, u know that kind feelins now. Small time I heard “kpaoo” ah dis gal c-m!! My mouth ooo!! I rushed to d bathroom to wash my mouth, wen I came back she was jst lying like a cripple, I touch her, as opened her eyes smiling, she got up and start kissing me again, she den said “Pls f--k me….pls I need to feel dis ur d--k” I lay her down went to under my pillow to bring out condoms, no condoms de, I opened my drawer, I can’t find a condom, what happened? Did dis condom travel, but I knew I brot condoms na? What happen to dem, I couldn’t say………..

To be continued


Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 8:25am On Aug 18, 2020
Episode 6..

I opened my drawer no condoms, I checked again under my Pillows no condoms, I was devastated, what am I gonna do now? I can’t go bare skin with dis lady na, we jst met 2day and I will go under her without condoms?

I tot of HIV, pregnancy, STIs, I’ve not given birth, I don’t even hav enough cash to treat myself in case of any shortcoming, can I risk my health for five minute pleasure? All dis tot was goin on in my mind within seconds, I was about to make a drastic decision wen she spoke out. “Baby what apun na? Pls com and f--k me pls, even if u dnt hav rubber pls nothing will apun, I won’t b pregnant” in my mind I was like see dis mumu, na me wan carry load 4 head abi, ur plan no go work, I walked towards d bed, making up my mind to do wateva my mind feels I shud once I climb d bed.
I got to d bed I told her we shud do d 69 position, quickly she brot her p---y to my head while my C--k was directly on her mouth, oral sure abi? As we were doing it, doh with d pleasure I was still thinking of wia I might hav drop dis stuff, instantly I remembered that I have not checked my cup-board, I told her to hold on as I dashed out of bed straight to d cup-board, de I saw condoms lying de peacefully, gush!!! I wish they ar humans!!

Sharply I brot out two gave her to put it on me, within seconds she has done it, dis gal is rili craving 4 dis stuff ooo. Quickly I adjusted, no time to d check time na, abi u no understand? I positioned her in d “legs up”, style, I rockafella her in dis mood as she keeps making diffrnt sounds like “ouch!! Ouch!! Gush!!! Eeeh! Wow!! Hushh hushh hushh!! Baby baby baby!! Yes…..yes….U ar gud!!!” I was enjoying d sensation, I thrush harder and harder as she couldn’t moan anymore.

I turned her as we go on d doggy style, now dis is my best style to make a gal climb to cloud 99, due to how my c--k is curved, I can thrush and a gal will release within minutes, as I bent her to thrush behind, she looked at me with passion in her eyes, “you ar d best guy I’ve ever f----d, I will neva stop f-----g you”!! Wow!! Jst earned myself new awoof toto, I go lick am dry for her na, no time at all now again.

I bent her and insert my c--k as she shout “ouch” I started with the doggy style 4 about 5 minutes, and I heard “pls harder…..harder…. I wanna c-m now….yes…..yes….yes…..y…….es baby!” I heard wap all over my c--k,she c-m on me still I didn’t leave her as am about to c-m too, I kept thrushing and thrushing, changing direction as her both legs began to shake, she couldn’t hold on again, she can’t even moan again, in seconds time I will c-m, so I jst thrushed deeper in and brot it out I entered again, as I was abt to bring it out I released too very hot inside d rubber, and all my system jst calm, I lay her down as she was shaking, she couldn’t even talk to me, she jst lie de blankly, I brot out a chilled sachet water and gave it to her I wanted to giv her 5alive but 4 wia, I wan drink am d following day. As we lay de, she regained herself and she said, “u can break a lady’s virginal, u almost make me faint, I’ve neva experience dis b4. U can actually make a lady beg u 4 sex” wow!! Compliment for me de. She said she wanna leave as I accompanied her home, I didn’t reach her huz as I dnt want Dooshima to know, she is anoda target……………

To be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 8:27am On Aug 18, 2020
Episode 7

Episode 7

Gring gring gring” my phone rang as I turned and was about going home as Vivian was heading home too. I looked at the screen, it was a new number “Hello” I said into the phone. “Hi, is Vivian still in ur side and is she not coming home 2day again”? The caller a female voice said. Isntantly I knew it was Dooshima but I don’t wanna admit so jst yet. I need to tease her a bit. “Sorry who am I talking with that can’t even say gudevening b4 asking me question”? I pretended. “Dis is Vivian’s friend, Dooshima” she said. “So gudevenin is too much to offer Doshima”? “Do u want to eat it? Gudevenin Peter” she said to me “Ok, she has gone since na, maybe she branched somwia, she might have gotten home. Am sorry 4 asking u who u ar it’s bcuz ur voice was………”. I said to see what she will say. “My voice was what”? “Different” I said into the phone “different from”? She said to me “What it used to be” “how what do u mean”?

Now this is where I start my work, they said once that as u lay ur bed so sha u lie on it. So I rolled dis way “Well, Dooshima, wen I first heard ur voice, I was scared, I was finking of what God will do with me, cuz I don’t know if God will ask me about a straying angel. Ur voice is nothing less than that of an angel, with ur voice I can stop myself from hearing any sound. Sorry did u put anything on ur voice bcuz it’s melting my heart” “hahahahahaha, u ar funny sha, are u teasing me or u wanna flatter me”? “Me flatter you? Am serious and even now I feel like staying close to you and listening to this ur melodious and charming voice, as ur voice is like dis, how will ur smile b”? By now she was laffing loudly, and I think Vivian might have gotten home by now, but who cares??

“Can I ask u something”? I asked her. “Yes of course go on” she said, I den asked “why ar u avoiding me”? “Am not avoiding you” “But u don’t like talking to or with me why”? “Nothing, I don’t have any grundges with u na, I only don’t wanna disturb u now cuz am very troublesome…..Vivian jst come home” she announced. “Ok, so should we talk or we talk by 2mao”? “Do we still have anythin to talk about”? “Yes, let talk about you and me” “what talk about me and you is that” “What will u do if I said I like you” “hahahahahaha, that one is normal na, I will appreciate you na”. “Ok will u accept if I said I want us to date”? “Hahahahahahahaha, stop dis joor, u want to pull my legs abi”? “No na, am not, jst tell me pls” “En till u tell me first na, u’ve not tell me and u want to know my reaction”? “Ok now I have told you” “what did u tell me”? “Dating na” “hahahahahahahahaha, u funny sha ooo” “I’m seriouse I think we have somthing in common, we can b a good match na, pls consider my application” “Hahahahaha, ur application? No problem I will…………….en……….

To be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Lakesc: 6:02pm On Aug 18, 2020
Application kai... Thanks Op
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by priestchurch(m): 1:57am On Aug 19, 2020
Nice story bruh
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 7:49pm On Aug 22, 2020
Episode 8

As I got home that 9t, I took my shower and went to bed, hoping to sleep, but all my thought was centered on Dooshima, her beauty, aural, her smile and I was even imagining how her p---y will look like. Na wa ooo, guys can b so stupid sometimes, I jst kpekus som1 not upto an Hour yet here am I still thinking of another one
I was just imaginin the style I will giv her that will spine her head. I tot of missionary, cowgal, reverse cowgal, galontop, legsup, kaputu* kaura* 77 and the table/chair style. I tot of how I will buoyo her that will make her com back for more.
“Ouch…ouch….ouch….hmmmm…..hmmmm……plssss…..plsssss…..aaaaaahhhhhh…….shhhhhhhh….uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh…….pe…….te….r…..pe……..tre……plsssss baby……yes……yes……gen…….ouch!! tle……..” these are d sounds I keep receiving as I banged Dooshima wit all my strength…..I knacked her on the legsup for about 20minutes as she kept calling me diffrnt names and moaning in diffrent languages, I was enjoying d music she was singing.

I twisted her to anoda position as I knacked her on d missionary style, she was totally speaking in tongues that I can’t interpret. I kept on dis space for several minutes. I love one thing about dis missionary style, d way I was banging this gal overwelmed me myself, I spank her ass as she “ouch…..hmmm….” I smiled as my hands found it way ontop of her boobs, I was doing d s-----g, and smoothing together, dis gal doesn’t know wat to do anymore as d sensation comes 4rm all angle. Dis missionary style can make me the beast, I noticed the gal’s ass couldn’t stay in one position, she kept shifting as I bang her so hard to align with my rhythm, she wasn’t stable on bed again, I stopped the breast work and held her two hands as I go in and comes out, I noticed if I entered deep she will jst freezed, wen eva she did that I will just puss 4 her to release her waist, I kept on with dis style untill she was shaking under.
As I banged her all my ears was shut as I can only hear a kpaka kpaka kpaka sound, my scrotun was like “flap flap flap” on her clits. Nothing swt pass p---y I swear, as I was banging her, I keep shifting my waist to all direction as she keeps adjusting hers too. Mehn sex is sweet joor.
I knacked her upto 30minutes on dis position, wait do I take any drugs? Dis is about an hour now, yet non stop non release, yet I didn’t take anything. I raised her up and place her on d table in my room as I wanna enter her 2ru the position, as I insert into her my door opened once and there stood Vivian!!! She was shocked and shout PETER!!! As I wanna shout JEEESSSUUUSSS I woke up and it was all but a dream………..

to be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 7:51pm On Aug 22, 2020
Episode 9

I woke up after the dream, thinking of what the dream mean and if what I dreamnt is ever gonna happen. I lay de thinking of everything, as I woke I den discovered that I didnot even close my door b4 I slept off. The time was abt 5am when I woke up, I couldn’t sleep again as I lay de, I don’t even know what happen I checked time it was 7.30am! What! Does it mean I slept off again around 5am? I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my body and prepare for skul, after dressing, I made myself a coffee, grabbed some chips and ate. After that I took my bag and headed to school not forgetting to bolt my door. On my way to school I was just wondering how the school will be tody, should I tell this gal Dooshima that I love her, or I should just leave her till the ‘right time’ as I was thinking about all this, I busted into Lois and Lucy buying 10in1 notebook, I saw them first but pretended not to have seen them. As I walked pass their side, I heard my name and turned back pretended to be shocked as I saw both of them coming with Lois in the front. I was hoping of shaking their hand or just greet them but I saw Lois with her arms wide open, den I realised it’s a hug she want, I opened my hands as she hugged me so hard that I can feel her now strong nipples on my chest with “goodmawnin dear” in her mouth. I asked “how ar u doing and ur night”? She said “fine” Lucy came with open arms too, I took the warmed and sweet embrace graciously but hers was unusual as she pressed myself so hard on her body I was a bit embarrassed but I enjoyed it. She did the worst by saying gudmawni with a Kiss, I removed my mouth 4rm hers sharply as she just smiled. Lois held my one hand and Lucy held the other hand as we head to school. As we were passing through the gate with our hands still in each other’s, we saw Vivian and Dooshima walking towards the gate!!! The look on their face changes immediately expecially Vivian’s, she was burning furiously as she walked towalds us, I didn’t removed my hands immediately not to look like a coward untill they got closed to us, I removed my hand to shake Vivian’s hand……………….

to be continued
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 7:52pm On Aug 22, 2020
Episode 10

I removed my hands from Lois and Lucy as Dooshima and Vivian came to our side. I gave Dooshima hand for a shake, she objected and requested for a hug which I granted. I wanted to extend same to Vivian but she just ignored me and went to greet her friends Lois and Lucy, I pretended as if nothing happened in order not to feel embarrass.
I went ahead them to the classroom as they chit-chat(girls’ talk), as I entered I saw an empty seat which can take upto 5 students, I sat there alone as I opened my book and began to glance awaiting lesson. Few minutes time they all came in and sat in the same chair but I ignored all of them, Vivian sat immediate my right hand side and Dooshima immediate my left as Lois and Lucy both sat on either sides after Vi and Doo. I kept on reading my book pretended as if I did not see anybody, we sat there for about 20minutes, Lois then said, “Peter how va na, why are you moody or quiet like this” I ignored them. “What happen na guy, why don’t u wanna talk, you suddenly changed your mood why”? Lois asked, still no reply from me. As I just sat there thinking of how to punish this Vivian of a thing.
Dooshima started using her elbow to hit me lightly, I pretended not to know, she did it like 5 times my eyes was fixed on my book. Suddenly our mathematics master entered as we all greeted him as he did same too. He introduced himself as Mr Samuel Anuks. He started the lesson, my seat was unusually quiet compared to other chairs where you see one or two students talking and laughing.
As the man was teaching, he will write a question on the board, as he will be explaining before he could finish I have solved it already, the gals were staring @me like a magician. I did this for most of the solvings he did correctly, he wrote a question and asked the class to solve, in no time I have done mine. He asked if any student will come out and solve on the board non dared, all eyes were on me, I put my eyes on my book, the four gals on my chair had copied it already, they were expecting me to go out and solve it but I never moved an inch.
The man was getting furious as no body go out to solve, suddenly Vivian raised up her hands, she was permitted and she walked like giant to the board and started solving, mind you she cramed everything.
She solved everything correctly and then the man asked her to explain, that was when she hook, she couldn’t explain it, she did her best sha but you know how it is when you copied someone’s work na. The teacher then asked the class to clap for her as we all did, I was just smilling @ her, as she was about coming to her seat, the teacher called her and asked her privately to tell him whose work she copied and she pointed @ me, yekpa!!! I was called out to go and solve it and explain.
I went out as me and Vivian jamed on the space provided, I looked @ her with an evil eyes and she almost jump, I went to the board resolved the question and explained to the amazement of the teacher. He was just staring at me shocked, he asked me why I didn’t come out when he said we should, I told him I wnt to avoid embarrassment.
I went back to my seat and Vivian said to me…………..peter…………

to be continued

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Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Lakesc: 2:56pm On Aug 23, 2020
Re: My Adventure With My Street Chicks +18 by Nobody: 4:06pm On Aug 28, 2020

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