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How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 9:50pm On Aug 07, 2020

NEW YORK – Ten years ago, the New York Times reported on a growing underground subculture in the black community known as Down Low, comprised largely of men who secretly engage in homosexual activity while living "straight" lives in public.

It's within that subtext that opposition researchers for Hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign began investigating rumors that Rev. Jeremiah Wright was running a "matchmaking service" for members of his Trinity United Church of Christ known as the Down Low Club, which included Barack Obama.

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Over the past several months, WND investigators have interviewed a number of members of the church who claim the president benefited from Wright's efforts to help black men who engage in homosexual activity appear respectable in black society by finding them a wife.

The 2003 New York Times story, "Double Lives on the Down Low," said that though many black men reject "a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate," they "have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down Low."

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The Times said that while "there are black men who are openly gay, it seems that the majority of those having sex with men still lead secret lives, products of a black culture that deems masculinity and fatherhood as a black man's primary responsibility – and homosexuality as a white man's perversion."

The Down Low Club at Trinity "doesn’t have meetings, and it isn’t like the Rotary Club,” a source identified for this article as "Carolyn" explained to a WND investigator in Chicago.

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“It was more that Wright served as a matchmaker," said Carolyn, a 20-year member of Trinity who has played a role in church administration and knows the Obamas personally.

"He kept his eye on the young guys coming up in Trinity," she said, "and if he spotted someone that acted or looked gay, then Wright would give them kind of a guidance counselor-type direction on how to keep down low – how to do the things they wanted to do, but then also getting married and looking ‘respectable’ – being part of black society.”

To Trinity insiders, the Down Low Club was simply known as “the program."

Caught in the act. And its alot of Blacks do secret pagan sex rituals and cultism while disparaging Whites. Shame.


Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 9:56pm On Aug 07, 2020
All forms of homosexuality evolved out of pagan belief practice that sexual fluid empowers sacred objects. Orgies and prostitution were big functions in the ancient world now hidden under Christianity.

Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 9:58pm On Aug 07, 2020
When you know you know you just know! grin

Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 10:03pm On Aug 07, 2020
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 10:56pm On Aug 07, 2020
Rome is church of Satan and church of Satan is Rome
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 12:16am On Aug 08, 2020
Here are the facts

1. Lesbianism is more common among Blacks than any other race. In some instances, lesbianism is attached to cultural traditions going back thousands of years.

2. Aids comes from anal sodomy and Blacks have the highest Aids infection of all races.

3. Crossdressing men are more common among Blacks than any race. In fact fame and fortune awaits any Blackman who successfully crossdressers.
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by illicit(m): 6:38am On Aug 08, 2020
Armypolicecult wink
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 11:12am On Aug 08, 2020
Armypolicecult wink

Stop trolling me Bobrisky
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 11:13am On Aug 08, 2020
Armypolicecult wink

Take a look the anicent pagans that did sex culture were Blacks


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Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by illicit(m): 1:58pm On Aug 08, 2020

Stop trolling me Bobrisky
yeah I knew it wink

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Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 6:00pm On Aug 08, 2020
They call it culture, I say they call it culture but its literally the worship of nature and animals. As I said, Zimbabwe is an animal Kingdom. The true religion of Zimbabwe is animals totems through ancestral worship, though they hold the bible as a disguise.

Shhh... cheesy

Labia pulling and lesbianism are like 1 and 2 in Zimbabwae. It is ingrained into the society and part of the bloodline. This pagan culture mixes in God animals. Remember any god other than the one God Almighty is an egregore spirit something made by the hands of men. The Zimbabwae people has had this culture since the time of King David. When I say its ingrained that's exactly what I mean. It's in their blood.

Wake up out your slumber
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 6:40pm On Aug 08, 2020
I don't embellish nor exaggerate I just present the data.

Paganism is blasphemy and shirk because it opens the door to the supernatural like a robber and a thief without giving credit to the Most High. These spirits they worship end up feeding off of them and causing them affliction. The spirit behind it all are satans. These are commander Jinn who dispatch other Jinn to carry out evil.

Wake up out your slumber

Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 11:14pm On Aug 08, 2020
Lying is an abomination
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 2:11am On Aug 10, 2020
They wear the mask because they live a secret life
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 7:54pm On Aug 10, 2020
The Coronavirus is pedophilia
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 8:41pm On Aug 10, 2020


Saturday, 11 October 2014

10 Cases of Homosexuality in Pre-colonial Africa

African history is replete with examples of both erotic and non-erotic same-sex relationships. Same-sex relationships in Africa were far more complex than what the champions of the “un-African” myth would have us believe. Apart from erotic same-sex desire, in precolonial Africa, several other activities were involved in same-sex (or what the colonialists branded “unnatural”) sexuality. It is ironic that an African dictator wearing a three-piece suit, caressing an iPhone, speaking in English and liberally quoting the Bible can dare indict anything for being un-African.

1. Angola/Namibia  
In many African societies, same-sex sexuality was also believed to be a source of magical powers to guarantee bountiful crop yields and abundant hunting, good health and to ward off evil spirits. In Angola and Namibia, for instance, a caste of male diviners — known as “zvibanda,” “chibados,” “quimbanda,” gangas” and “kibambaa” — were believed to carry powerful female spirits that they would pass on to fellow men through anal sex.

2. Congo/Angola
 The Portuguese were among the first Europeans to explore the continent. They noted the range of gender relations in African societies and referred to the "unnatural damnation" of male-to-male sex in Congo. Andrew Battell, an English traveler in the 1590s, wrote this of the Imbangala of Angola: "They are beastly in their living, for they have men in women's apparel, whom they keep among their wives."

3.  The Amhara of Ethiopia
Among the Amhara peasants, male transvestites, who they viewed as god’s mistakes have been reported. Among the Maale of southern Ethiopia, a small minority of men crossed over to feminine roles. Called ashtime, these biological males dressed like women, performed female tasks, cared for their own houses and apparently had sexual relations with men.

4.  The Siwa of Egypt
Homosexuality is also recorded among the Siwa of Egypt.Siwa had historical accepted male homosexuality and even had rituals of same-sex marriage—traditions that Egyptian authorities have sought to repress, with increasing success, since the early twentieth century.

The German egyptologist Georg Steindorff explored the Siwan Oasis in 1900 and reported that homosexual relations were common and often extended to a form of marriage: "The feast of marrying a boy was celebrated with great pomp, and the money paid for a boy sometimes amounted to fifteen pounds, while the money paid for a woman was a little over one pound."  In 1937 the anthropologist Walter Cline wrote the first detailed ethnography of the Siwans in which he noted: ""All normal Siwan men and boys practice sodomy...among themselves the natives are not ashamed of this; they talk about it as openly as they talk about love of women, and many if not most of their fights arise from homosexual competition....Prominent men lend their sons to each other. All Siwans know the matings which have taken place among their sheiks and their sheiks' sons....Most of the boys used in sodomy are between twelve and eighteen years of age."

5. The Ancient Egyptians

How far back can homosexuality be traced in Africa? You cannot argue with rock paintings. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians depicted anal homosexuality. The truth is that, like everywhere else, African people have expressed a wide range of sexualities.

6.  The Mossi of Burkina Faso
Among the Mossi in what is now Burkina Faso, pages chosen from among the most beautiful boys aged seven to fifteen, were dressed and had the other attributes of women in relation to chiefs, for whom sexual intercourse with women was denied on Fridays.

7. The Nubians of Sudan  
In Sudan among the Moro, Tira and the Nubian Nyima, there was gender differentiated homosexuality. Non-masculine males could marry men, and such marriages required a bride price of one goat. The generally young husband could also have female wives. The marriage however rarely lasted long.

8.  King Mwanga of Uganda
In Uganda, age-structured and gender-based homosexuality also existed in various royal courts. According to John Faupel, the Ugandan king Mwanga’s persecution of Christian pages in 1886 was largely motivated by their rejection of sexual advances. He found it increasingly difficult to staff his harem of pages and supposedly was especially enraged when Mwafu, his favorite, refused any longer to submit to anal penetration.

9. The Ashanti of West Africa 
The Ashanti of West Africa, who reside in present day Ivory Coast had male slaves who they used as concubines, treating them like female lovers. Male concubines wore pearl necklaces with gold pendants. When their masters died, they were also killed. At the time, men who dressed as women and engaged in homosexual relations with other men were not stigmatized, but accepted. The status of women was however particularly high before arrival of the missionaries.

10. The Khoikhoi of Southern Africa  
As early as 1719, there are recorded cases of Khoikhoi males called koetsire, who engaged in receptive sex with other males. The usual homosexual practice for both men and women was mutual masturbation. Anal intercourse and the use of an artificial penis between women also occurred, but more rarely. Among the Herero, it was noted that special friendships included anal sex, as well as mutual masturbation. 

Homosexuality is apart of pagan rituals and some even call it money rituals. Men engaging in sex magick conjuring spirits of Jinn to get rich. The Jinn love to trick men into rebelling against God Almighty and reward them material gain. Sex magick is on the rise in the U.S now thanks to the Church of Satan and the Gay Manifesto movement. People engaging in orgies, homosexuality, mastrubation and animal sex using fluids to charge charms, talisman and amulets. Yet America being a new world have nothing upon these pagan cultures who practiced this black magick for thousands of years. All this madness leads to affliction after affliction. It is the reason for Africa's bad miserable state.

Aids comes from Anal sodomy and if you study transmission data on sexual transmitted diseases you would see gay Black men as number one for Aids infection.

Wake up out your slumber

Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 9:12pm On Aug 10, 2020

The white daddy Syndrome and the knee-grow bed wench

The term “white daddy syndrome” was something I first heard on one of Tareq Nasheed’s podcast. The term references the knee-grow females whose image, expectations and acceptance is based on being acceptable to the white supremacy system. And in particularly the people who created and administer a system that is designed to suppress African genius, to oppress African manifest destiny and to kill our culture, through any means necessary. Many, but not all of these females carry around a “knee-grow bed wench” persona which makes having a “white daddy syndrome” even more insidious and detrimental to their own health and the health of African man/woman relationship. You have knee-grow males that have “white daddy syndrome” also, but that tends to go more into the homosexual zone. It has been proven, that when a male misses his father’s love, he seeks it out in other males with stronger personalities, where they often fall prey to homosexual predators that turn them out. Of course those wishing to promote their homosexual agenda use this emotional need for a fathers love and acceptance as a natural homosexual tendency….and knee-grows fearing an anti-homosexual backlash, go along for the ride. Males who have relationship issues are usually the ones who have mother issues, i.e, they grew up in a single mother household where the mother lives on “bitter bitch boulevard”. He sees her having multiple men coming through her room, hear her talk bad about his “no good daddy” or have her mistreat him because he looks like his father. Tupac Shakur’s song Dear Mamma sums up the issues that knee-grow males have in balancing their respect for a knee-grow female that has given birth to him and his disrespect for a female that while gave birth to him has fallen short of the standard for motherhood

The “white daddy syndrome”  is a female reality, and so is “knee-grow bed wench” . This is a narrative from our time when we as prisoners of Europe’s colonial and imperial wars where the captured Africans, held captive on the plantation. During that period of time this was the social construct where despite knee-grow females being the most put upon, abused and psychologically scared, she was also the best weapon the white supremacist uses to continue to decimate the African community. A dysfunctional female can only raise dysfunctional females and dysfunctional males. The enslavement system not only created untold wealth for companies like some of the more wealthy banks, insurance agencies, alcohol corporations etc, but it prevented African people from ever coming together and heal after the Ma’afa.

According to the information on the plantation social set up, the “knee-grow bed wench”, is an enslaved knee-grow female who is a regular sexual “object” of the plantation owner. She is often the child of rape her self anyway, and her presence is sometimes acceptable to the plantation owners wife, because of her less than dark complexion and the fact that it was better she look the other way in order to maintain her marriage. Some of these same Caucasian female, often creep down to the “slave” quarters to find them some Mandingo dick, or eventually leave their husbands citing his “sexual congress with a slave woman”.…often the legal citing for a female divorcing her counterpart. The position of “knee-grow bed wench”, is not the same as when the plantation owner or even the over seer, sneaks down to the quarters to rape the enslaved female. The “knee-grow bed wench” occupies a lofty and favored position. Whenever a plantation uprising is hatched, the plan was always to include the “knee-grow bed wench” in the numbers to be killed, as their proximity to the plantation owner would jeopardize the uprising.

The Caucasian males his-story of plantation uprising always point to the hatched plot being discovered, but they never say how the plantation owners found out. Neither can they say why the architects of the uprising targeted the bed wench among the other targets for elimination. We can speculate all we want, but it is obvious they know more than you and I. Knee-grow females have “white daddy syndrome” in a bad way.  Many of us see it, but we haven’t been able to put a name to it that adequately explain this phenomena. The term sell out has been banded around, but it is not as nuanced, nor does it really point to the subconscious act that females partake in that is dangerous to their own emotional and psychological health, the health and well being of their children and the opportunity for any strengthening of the relationship bonds with her complement.

One often sees the “white Daddy syndrome” in the unexpected and unsolicited defence of European culture above African culture. It is also evidence of a rejection of African men, for the males they think are superior to their own, and is the standard and goals that MUST be attained. In fact most females who think this way and feel this way don’t follow through because of their fear of being rejected or a they exhibit subconscious feelings that even though, on a scale of 1-10,  they are (1) dysfunctional, in  wanting and looking for a (10) Caucasian, that maybe they won’t be picked by Yurugu, other than as a youtube intimacy gadget. You see it when knee-grow females strongly deflect their short coming by saying that “white women do it too”. These retorts indicates that they willingly and  subconsciously follow the Caucasian females example… good or bad.

Notice how this kind of activity is celebrated as classy, hip and nary an out cry from all the females that shit on knee-grow males that go out with Caucasian females. It pains me to put this valley girl shit up but we have to see that there are females like these out there. Notice also, that when knee-grow females get it on with Caucasian males , knee-grow males don’t usually go on the internet and host shows and dog them out? Yet the females in droves would come on the internet and dog out the males 24/7/365.

Just a final note…for all the knee-grow females who lament the lack of marriageable males and who insist that African males don’t marry African females…this is from the US Census bureau statistics of Married couples in the United States in 2010;  The majority of “Black” Husbands who have “Black”Wives 4,072.   The number of “Black” husbands with “White” Wives 390.   The number of “White” Husbands  with “Black” Wives 168. The number of  “White” husbands with “White” Wife 50,410. This means, the Caucasian man is not marrying the knee-grow females as much as they claim or they are fucking them but not marrying them…which is what they accuse the knee-grow males are doing. And the lessons from this is their is one common denominator and theme. Once we figure that out, perhaps we can figure out how to fix it.


Of course the Negro Bed Wench is behind the homosexual agenda. They tell you that slave stock was running low due the reason White Jews started raping Black women and running sex farm. I am telling it isn't true. Those White Jews were breeding out the Hebrew male DNA. So alot of these Negro Bed Wenches have White Jewish fathers. And since the father is a pervert and rapist that gene of mental illness passed down to the Negro daugther. There is no separating the behavior of the offspring from the bloodline of the father.

Wake up out your slumber
Re: How Gay Blacks Live Secret While Claiming Perversion Is A Whiteman's Disease by Truthbanned: 11:21pm On Aug 10, 2020
Call them by their father's name Holy Quran 33:5

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