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My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 9:30pm On Aug 09, 2020
"He has it all. He has everything now. Fathers wealth,a beautiful wife,and now,they have been blessed with a set of triplets. Lovely isn't it? Then what about me? I have nothing. No home,no family...my life is ruined all because of him. No. I cant let him dine in happiness while i drown in sorrows back here. I am going to ruin you Johnson. I will make sure,that I would take your joy away. You will suffer more than how I'm suffering. I am going,to destroy you...."

John had always been the favoured child. Even though he was the younger of the two brothers, his father still preferred him to his elder brother Jude. He gave him everything; his business,his properties and assets and all his wealth. As a result,Jude has vowed to make his brother suffer miserably for ruining his life. But how will he do it? Find out I this epic story filled with hatred, revenge, suspense and the undying power of love. It is a story of untold truths and hidden identities. This,is

Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by DANIELKWAME(m): 11:40pm On Aug 09, 2020
Keep it up
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Jerry042(m): 12:26pm On Aug 10, 2020
coolSeat booked
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 7:55pm On Aug 10, 2020
Episode 1
The car purred to a halt as they parked in front of the mighty building before them.

"Oga, were here ooooo" said the driver looking at him from the top mirror. David slowly raised his head up from the phone he was holding and heaved a gentle sigh.

"Finally..." He muttered.

He dropped excitedly from the car, while Ahmad,his driver began unpacking the boot. Soon, the front door of the mansion flung open,and he saw his baby sister Nina running towards him with open arms.

"Bro Daaaavvviiid!!!!! I missed you so much" she said as they interlocked themselves in a tight fitting hug. "I thought dad was just joking when he said you'd be arriving today"

"I missed you too,Nina" he simply responded with a smile

"Why am I missing out on the hugs too?" They heard their mothers voice and turned to see her coming with Johnson their dad, grinning from ear to ear.

"Mom" David responded and threw his arms around his mother, hugging her tightly. "Welcome home son"

"Thanks Mom. Dad?" He turned to his father who nodded and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder

"Good to have you back David"

"It feels good to be back! Seven long years..." he said as he breathed in the fresh air of him. "I can't believe I'm finally home for good"

"Yes son, I'm happy you're back. It seems that wretched country didn't treat you well. I mean,look at you, you're so thin"

David simply rolled his eyes over his mother's observation and turned to his dad,who was just shaking his head.

"Come on in, I've prepared a feast specially for you" Patricia announced as she trudged her son forward.

"Was that really necessary mom?" David asked "you didn't have to go through all those stress"

"Oh please. You've been away from home for soooo long,it's only right that you would be treated like a king as such. So,go and freshen up a little while I set up the table, and hurry please..." Patricia declared and hurried along to set the dinner table.

"Don't mind your mother David. You know how much she's been dying too see you. Hurry along and freshen up" Johnson said holding hid sons shoulder. David smiled at him and looked around the room. So much change since he last came here, which was about to years ago. There were more portraits and decorations which he couldn't help but admire. Soon, his eyes landed on a peculiar picture.

"What about Daniel,is he....?"

"Should be here in a few minutes. He promised he would arrive with Candice before you settled down"

"Oh.. okay. I guess I should go get ready then"

"Yes, you should" Johnson seconded and David headed for the stairs. As he could,he couldn't help but shudder at the minds mention of that name...


So guys, what do you think? Good start right? No insults pleeassee
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 7:56pm On Aug 10, 2020
Keep it up

Thanks bro

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Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 7:56pm On Aug 10, 2020
coolSeat booked

Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by DANIELKWAME(m): 10:01pm On Aug 10, 2020
[quote author=Wizzyonyxphoenix post=92674877]
Thanks bro[/U are welcome]
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 3:28pm On Aug 14, 2020
Episode 1 CONTD
Candice, one of the major reasons why he ever returned to Nigeria in the first place. He wasn't planning to stay for long though. He would leave immediately once he achieved his mission.

He sighed as he dropped his bag on the bed,and started to unpack. He began to remember everything that led him to this point. He remembered how his brother betrayed him when he stole his woman away from him, while he was away studying. As he continued to unpack,he stumbled across an old picture he took with his brother when they were still kids. He raised the picture up and cleaned it a little. He sighed again.

"What really happened to us Daniel, what went wrong?" He asked. He remembered when they were still kids. They used to be inseparable back then. People even referred to them as 'The Wonder Things'. They used to be powerful friends, until a woman came between them.

A woman who was rightfully his....

He finished unpacking and was soon under the shower, receiving the comfort of a cool bath. He remembered everything that he had planned with Candice when he was still abroad. They would elope together to the states, get married there and get an American Citizen ship there. When they were done securing that, they would decide whether to come back to home to Nigeria or not. He smiled as he imagined the look on his brother's face once he realized that his so called love of his life was gone. He fell down on the bed when he was done, went through the plan again, and drifted off in a peaceful sleep, with hope of sweet dreams......
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 4:00pm On Aug 14, 2020
Episode 1 CONTD
He was woken up by a soft tap on the door. He grunted in anger and glanced at his alarm clock. A minute past Eight O Clock.

"Christ" he muttered. He didn't realize that he had slept that long. He couldn't blame himself,the flight was exhausting. But why would anyone wake him up buy this time anyways? He cursed under his breath as he heard the knock again and made to open the door. He saw a one of the maids standing with a huge box in her hand.

"Good Evening Sir Daniel, your mother requests for your presence downstairs" she greeted like someone who had rehearsed the greeting.

"But why? Tell her that I'm resting please, I can have dinner later"

"She says it's really important"

He sighed and glanced at the box, "And what's that?"

The maid just handed him the box in response and he took it. He placed the box on the bed and opened it.

"A suit? But what do I need a suit f....."

He turned to ask the maid but she was already gone. He sighed again and shook his head. His mother was such a pest,he thought. What else did he need a suit for when he was just having dinner? He decided to drop it aside and go downstairs like that,but thought against it again when he remembered how furious his mother would be. So he wore it anyways. And when he did,he couldn't help but admire himself at the mirror. The design was out of the ordinary he thought,just the way he liked all his designs to be. It was a light red colour, with yellow highlights like flames drawn on it. It was also a bit tight fitting,and it didn't fail to bring out his ripped muscles well. He wondered how the designer guessed the exact type of thing he liked. He couldn't help but remove the suit again and decided to search for the label. A huge C was boldly inscribed on the small paper.

Candice,of course. Who else could get it so right?

He wore the suit again,combed his hair and wore a pair of black shoes. Not too long after he did that,a knock came on his door again.

"Are you done there bro?" Went the voice and he quickly recognized that it was Nina's.

"Sure sis,but what's the big occasion?"

"Just hurry up and stop asking questions, everyone is waiting for you downstairs!"

Everyone? Why was he starting to smell something fishy. He quickly finished dressing up and went outside. He saw Nina waiting for him, dressed beautifully in a knee length gown coloured pink,with her hair tied in a neat bun.

"Whoa Nina, look at you" he admired while shutting his door.

"Thanks bro, you don't look too bad yourself. Candice really did a great job on this suit" she said while straighting out the collars.

He gave a small smile"I guess so. But seriously N, what's the big occasion? I mean,we're just having dinner right? Is there really any need for all this flashiness?"

"Well,there's only one way to find out" she responded, bringing out a small piece of black cloth.

"What's that for?" He asked, confusedly.

"It's for your eyes duh"

"But what do I need an eye gag for?"

"You won't know until you wear it, right?" Nina asked with a convincing smirk. David rolled his eyes in defeat and turned back. She wore it on for him.

"God you've gotten taller" she said trying to catch her breath after the strenuous exercise of trying to match David's height. He just laughed in response.

"Now,lets go meet the others..."
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 10:21am On Aug 15, 2020
Episode 1 CONTD
They walked for what seemed like ages until they arrived at a place that David quickly made out as the back of the house. Finally,they stopped and Nina began to untie the gag slowly.

"SURRRPPRRRISSSEE!!!!! Welcome home David!!!!!!" A huge chorus rented the air, accompanied by a huge clapping ovation. David smiled widely in shock and turned to his sister first,then to his mother

"Seriously mom" he began after throwing his arms around his mother, "you really didn't have to do all this you know"

"Actually,it wasn't my idea. Daniel brought it up. All I did was just to get everything set"

Daniel? Why would Daniel arrange a home coming party for him? Was he up to something? Maybe he was just being a good brother. Maybe he had finally changed. He wished he didn't have to betray him so soon though.

"Well has he arrived?" He simply asked in response.

"He should be here in a few minutes" Patricia responded, glancing at her watch.

"In the meantime" Johnson cut in, "come with me David, I need you to meet some of my friends and business partners so you can mingle with them" he said and pulled David along with him.

Mingling with Dad's friends and partners was a lot of work. They were many,and majority of them were really important personalities, known both home and abroad. Most of them couldn't help but be impressed with David's vast and exceptional portfolio.

"I must admit Mr Royal Crystal" one of them stated,calling Johnson by his last name,"your son's records are quite impressive. I've never seen someone whose achieved this much at such a young age"

"Thank you Mr Coker. I'm not surprised that my son has achieved such feats. After all,he did take after his father"

The small group burst into laughter and started talking about his opportunities in the business field. Soon, David noticed a black limousine park in front of the gate. The limousine purred to a halt and the occupants of the designer car slowly began to alight. Daniel was the first to come out. He was also dressed in a similar suit like his brother,but of course,it was a different color and didn't have the flaming highlights. It was a darker shade of blue,with highlights that looked like water drops drawn on it. It was also a well designed product of Candice works.

Daniel turned and stretched out his hand for someone. A female hand soon grabbed it slowly,and then she began to come out slowly.......
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 4:52pm On Aug 16, 2020
Episode 1 Contd
She was gracefully dressed in a long, flowing, peach coloured gown, which did a careful job of bringing out her hourglass shape. Her necklaces and earrings sparkled brightly under the coloured lights. Her shoulder length hair was neatly styled and gelled. As she walked, flashed a small smile, which brought out her dimples well.

David just stood there, transfixed and enchanted by the divine figure walking towards him. He tried desperately not to drool. Soon enough, he was snapped out of his trance by his brothers voice.

"Dave, bro, long time no see buddy. Welcome home" Daniel said as he hugged his twin brother and patted him lightly on the back.

"Thanks Dan. Candice?"he asked, nodding to her.

"David?" She responded shyly.

"I heard that you were the one responsible for this entire homecoming party thing Daniel"

"Well yes, I did bring up the idea once or twice,but Candice was actually the one who got everything going. She couldn't help but prepare a magnificent surprise for her future brother-in-law" Daniel revealed with a mocking smile. David flinched at the mention of brother-in-law,but decided to comport himself anyways. Afterall, he had nothing to loose since he was the one gonna be calling Daniel a brother-in-law soon. He just smirked and responded;

"Thank you Candice,your generosity is much appreciated"

She just grunted nervously and turned to Daniel with a frown.

"Common guys, get over here,your dad is about to make his speech" Patricia called from her table, while waving at the trio.

"Common, lets go" David smiled to them and they began walking to the table as Johnson mounted the stage for his speech......

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Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 7:00pm On Aug 31, 2020
Sorry for the long wait guys.

Episode 1 contd.
They all walked towards the table and settled down afterwards. Not to long,someone can Davids name from behind. He turned and saw a tall, lanky, gray haired man with dark skin and a slightly pointed nose walking towards him.

"Uncle Jude! Is this you?!" He exclaimed as he threw his uncle a mild hug. Jude just patted his back in response and jokingly said;

"Ah, David. Have you spent so much time in another mans land that you can't recognize your own family again?"

David gave a chuckle and responded, "sorry uncle, its just that you've really changed a lot from the last time we met"

Jude simply shrugged and shoulders turned to Daniel.

"You're quite late uncle" Daniel said, taking his hand for a hand shake"

"Sorry about that, i was caught up by traffic you see" he explained as he turned to Patricia but she maintained a fixed gaze towards the stage, like someone unaware of his presence. Jude frowned and made to call her attention when the crowd suddenly erupted in Chee and claps. He turned to the stage and saw his dearly hated brother climbing the stage, beaming with smiles.

When the atmosphere was calm, Johnson cleared his throat and began his speech;

"Esteemed ladies and gentlemen, first and foremost I would like to thank you all for being a part of this special event which is held in honor of my dearly beloved son, who just returned home from his studies in the states a few moments ago. I'm pretty sure that he wasn't expecting this amount of crowd to welcome him home just found five hours after his last flight" he said and the crowd burst into laughter. "Anyways, for those of us that might have forgotten or have no idea how my son looks like, even though his face is all over the place" he joked again and another round of laughter flew past quickly. "Let me welcome to the stage, my highly terrific and greatly blessed son, Mr David Chimezie Royal Crystal!!!!!" He called and David slowly but elegantly began walking towards the stage. He arrived and gave his dad a small hug.

"Um, I don't really know what to say" he began in his polished, refined and charming tone. "Firstly, I'd like to thank my Dad and my Mom, and my twin brother Daniel and his girlfriend, and my little sister Nina for making this day a dream come true. You have no idea how grateful I am to you guys. I also wanna thank you all for gracing the special event, and I hope you enjoy yourselves and have a safe journey back home In Jesus Name" he rounded up his short speech, and another round of clapping followed. He had made to walk down the stage when his dad gestured for him to stay back.

"Before you go, ladies and gentlemen, I have an important announcement to make..." He said and paused for a while, looking closely at the intent face of his audience. For a moment, his sudden silent spell had sent a small woosh of tension into the atmosphere. Finally, he continued.

"As you all know, most of my lifetime has been devoted to the company which my father founded some Fifty years ago, and I haven't failed to make sure that The Royal Crystal Group Incorporated have continued to stand and overcome the storms of time and difficulty. And now, I think it's time I stepped down and let someone else take the mantle from me. The other day, my little daughter Nina started complaining about the numerous white hairs cropping up on my head everyday"

A tensed laughter quickly filled the air as he said that. This wasn't something the people had expected and so, everyone was on the edge of their seats for the ground breaking announcement.

"Anyways" he continued, "i have decided to retire and hand over my Position as the Group Chairman, Royal Crystal group of companies to my son........"

A pin drop could be heard by now. Both David and Daniels heartbeat could be very audible by now.

"David Royal-Crystal....."

"WHAT DA F**K!!!!!"
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 9:29pm On Feb 19
Episode 1Contd

Unbelievable. Daniel couldn't believe his ears at that moment. He didn't even know when the foul words had slipped out of his mouth to the hearing of everyone seated around and even far from him. He just sat there, dazed and unable to move a muscle, his lips parted wide but not uttering a word. His heart beat faster and he trembled as cold beads of sweat rolled down his now cold skin. His throat was dry and he could feel tears welling up his eyes by now.

But why?

Why would he betray him this way?

How could he just throw away years of endless hard work and dedication out the window like that? His own father was practically shoving all his relentless efforts to prove himself to him and the whole world down his throat. He had sacrificed most of his most valued moments, trying to make a point. Then what happens? His ingrate of a father decides to hand out the most cherished position he sought after, to his twin brother who wasn't even there during his years of suffering. David had been abroad, enjoying his life and getting degrees upon degrees while he stayed back and suffered, not even getting a chance to further his education.


This was just too much.

"Daniel, are you okay?" Candice's worried voice cut him out of his daze. He turned to her and met her intent stare with a hand on his shaky palms but he quickly yanked it away and stood up.

"Dan, what's wrong?" Patricia asked, now noticing her sons unusual demeanor. He ignored his mother and turned around, running as fast as his weak legs could carry him. His family kept calling after him but he shut them out and allowed the tears to pour freely.

No don't cry....

Don't bleeping cry Daniel! For God's sake don't allow that traitor of a father to get to you!!!
He repeatedly told himself but it was just a waste of time. There was no way he could just shrug this off. He always knew that he was the least favoured son, but this? This was just too much. He would never forgive his father and his thief of a brother for this.

He finally got to a secluded spot and wiped his tears. He could feel a panic attack on the way. He quickly took out a small plastic bottle from his pocket, popped it open and poured an unreasonable amount of white capsules into his hands, pushing them all into his mouth at once. He could already feel the voices dancing in his head, about to rip his brains apart. But only one voice stood out the most.


He could hear HIM loud and clear by now. His could hear his snickers and the mocking sounds he made in his head. He always came back whenever Daniel was emotionally drained, reminding him of how much of a failure he was, and how he would never find true happiness.

"You're a failure Danny boy, when will you accept that?"

"NO! No you shut up you.... whatever you are,I AM NOT A FAILURE!!!"

"HA! You fool! is that what you think? your own father just reminded you of how much of a looser you are! what did he do after you threw all your dedication out time to him, huh? Even after you thought you were a changed man and found favour in his eyes, he still favoured your twin brother over you. That just goes to show that he's a better man than you and you'll always remain what you are. ....a God-damned failure....."


He held unto his head as he fell on one knee, trying his best not to loose himself. HIM was trying every means possible to beat him and free himself but he wouldn't let it. He would fight back at all means....

Even though his very words were killing him inside....

"Daniel!!! Daniel what's happening" Her soothing and angelic voice quickly drew him back to reality as she fell on her knees beside him.

"Daniel what is going on? Why are you acting this way, what's wrong?" Candice shook him repeatedly as he held onto her tightly.

"I'm...im fine Candice...." he finally said slowly.

"What?! what do you mean by that? you had everyone worried back there and now you're saying that you're fine, what is wrong with....."

"I said im fine Candice, just leave me the bleep alone!!!!" I suddenly snapped at her, stunning her momentarily. I could see the flash of you obvious hurt on her face but I couldn't help it. I didn't mean to bark at her like that but I was so stressed up and my temper just took the best of me. I hated to see Candice hurt, and it felt like hell anytime I saw her in pain or hurt like that.

"Candice, im sorry. I didn't mean to....."

"Let me take it from here Candice, don't worry...."

We turned to see Uncle Jude towering above us with a grim expression on his face.

"Let me handle this....."
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 10:01am On Feb 20
Ann2012 Odoogu oluwadabiraIII jupitre YoungBruzzy Please u guys should come ooo, ur lovely attention is needed abeg
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Ann2012(f): 10:11am On Feb 20
Ann2012 Odoogu oluwadabiraIII jupitre YoungBruzzy Please u guys should come ooo, ur lovely attention is needed abeg

Seat claimed

Thanks for the invite
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by YoungBruzzy: 11:46am On Feb 20
Thanks for the mention..
Front seat claimed and another reserve beside me grin grin

Lemme call my babe,
PruddySara bby�� Ohya come over oo
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Odoogu(m): 3:44pm On Feb 20
nice intro. got me hooked already! fire on cheesy
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 6:29pm On Feb 22
Episode 1 cont'd

"I'll handle this Candice, don't bother yourself and just head back to the party. Please" Uncle Jude repeated again.

Candice sighed wearily and cast Daniel a heated glare. She finally stood up hesitantly, nodded at Jude before leaving them alone. When he was sure she was out of earshot, Jude quickly turned to Daniel, who was shaking nervously on the ground, and cast him a disgusted snare.

"What is the meaning of the stunt you just pulled, ehn Daniel? How many times have I warned you against letting your emotions get the better of you? I have never been so disappointed in my entire life! What is really wrong with you?!" Jude asked with a bitter tone, glaring down at his niece like he was the most despicable thing in the world.

"How could he? how could he ruin me this way? what have I ever done to him? why can't he just love me for once..." Daniel finally muttered with amidst sobs.

"stop that! stop that this was instant! you're acting like a child!! I did not training a weakling!!"

A frown worked up his face and he turned to Jude, "I am NOT a weakling-"

"Then prove it! stop crying over spilled milk. the deed is done but we can't give up just yet...you have to take what's rightfully yours---"

"Don't give me that crap uncle! Just forget it...we've lost this time, can't you see?"

Jude curled his lips and shook his head, "I can't believe this. You are the most pathetic thing I have ever come across in my entire life! you sit down back there and whine like a baby when your brother is snatching away everything that is rightfully yours! do you think he'll stop there? very soon he'll take your inheritance...and then he'll move to your place in your family....and then he'll go for Candice...."

"he wouldn't dare. Candice is mine...

Jude barked out a laugh then turned back to him, "you're really more foolish than I thought. Do you think Candice really loves you as she claims? I can still see it in their eyes son, the way those two look at each other. It's obvious they're still in love. And what makes you think Candice won't throw herself right at him when she sees just how much of a failure you are?"

Daniel didn't respond. he knew his Uncle was right. It was only a matter of time before David went after everything else he owned after taking the company from him. And he would rather die than have Candice go back to him again, not after he suffered so hard to get her the first time. No. Giving up and crying his eyes out wouldn't solve the problem. He needed to fight.

"You're right uncle" he said, standing up and cleaning his tears, "we can't give up yet, not after we've gone this far. And infact, I think I have the perfect comeback plan....." he added with a sinister smile on his face.


".....im really proud of you son, and I know very well that you won't fail to deliver" Patricia cupped her son's face with a smile.

"Thanks mum. If you would excuse me, I need to attend to other guests" David responded and pecked him mum before leaving. Patricia looked ahead of him with a smile on her face before turning to Johnson, who also had a proud glint in his eyes. Like David was the greatest thing that ever happened.

"Daniel won't take lightly to this"Patricia suddenly caught his attention.

"Excuse me?" he responded with an arched brow, "Take lightly to what?"

"This handover thing. You know how Daniel worked really hard to get that position. You're practically telling him that his efforts were just a waste!"

"Isn't David your son too?" he asked and folded his arms. Patricia scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"He is but I'm only being honest. And frankly, your just adding more fuel to their rivalry"

"Oh please"Johnson scoffed, "if Daniel chooses to whine all day like a baby because of this, then that's his problem not mine. And besides, nobody's chasing him out of the company but I've made my decision and that's final!" he finally stamped and stormed off.

Patricia shook her head at her husband. Why did he always have to be so difficult? He always failed to see things logically and that really bothered her.

"Your husband is really such a fool!" A deep voice suddenly cut her off her trance. She looked up and saw Jude sneering at her husband with so much venom in his eyes. Typical. Sometimes she wondered if the whole sibling rivalry thing was inherited.

"What do you mean by that?" she retorted, equally returning the hateful glare.

"You know what I mean Patricia! Would you mind telling me why your husband always has to think through his nose?"

"Na you sabi that one. And by the way, where is Daniel? He was with you, right?"

Jude smirked and responded, "Oh trust me.... this night is finally about to get a whole lot better..."

Candice sat some distance away, obviously aloof of the entire craze going on around her. She was thinking deeply about the incident with Daniel earlier. She knew Johnson's decision was bound to stir up the bad blood between the siblings. She just hoped her boyfriend didn't do anything rash. Soon, she was interrupted from her thoughts when she heard her voice from behind. She turned and saw Nina looking down at her with a nervous look on her face. Nina had an extremely pretty face, with a petite stature and fair skin. Her dimples flashed as she smiled, dimples even Candice desired to have. It was that signature smile of hers that had earned Nina contracts from several modelling agencies and companies, even in her teenage years.

"Hi Nina, what's up?"

"Im good. Uhm Candice...is Charles....is Charles here?" she asked nervously.

Candice gave her a sad smile and shook her head, "I'm sorry Nins. He really did want to come but...."

"He couldn't see time. Of course. No problem then, guess I'll just have to go find another dance partner. Thanks" she said disappointedly and quickly turned to leave before Candice could throw anymore questions. Candice looked at her worriedly until she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned and met Daniels red and puffy eyes on her, even though he had a smile on his face.

"Daniel! I was so worried, how are you feeling now?" she asked concernedly.

"I'm fine baby. Let's just go and dance, I don't really want to talk about it"

Candice nodded her head and locked her hand in his as they both walked to the dance stage.......

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Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Odoogu(m): 1:27pm On Feb 23
hope there won't be blood on the dance floor? nice one.
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Ann2012(f): 4:37pm On Feb 23
Thanks for the update
Re: My Stolen Heartbeat by Wizzyonyxphoenix(m): 8:43pm On Feb 24
Episode 1 cont'd

Every minute on the dance floor was like a blood thirsty slap across David's face. As he watched Daniel and Candice move slowly with the rhythm of the romantic music being blared across the hall, it took him everything it had to contain his boiling rage. He would have occasionally steal glances from Candice, who would quickly bury her face in Daniels shoulder and pretend she didn't notice him. Daniel on the other hand seemed to be enjoying every minute of the torture and gripped onto Candice tightly as if to say, "she's my property. So back off!". He also had a mocking smile on his face which made David want to rip it off and feed it to him...

The bastard...

He wasn't going to react though. He took comfort in the fact that very soon, he would snatch Candice away from his arms and take her far away from him. While he knew he was jeopardizing his position in his father's company, and family in general, he didn't freaking care anymore.

So long as he took back what belonged to him.

But he suddenly went rigid and stopped moving when the unbelievable happened in front of him. Color drained from his face and he widened his eyes in horror. Nina, who just so happened to be his dance partner, noticed his expression and quickly turned to the direction of his petrified gaze.

"Oh my gosh!!!" she screamed in excitement. Everyone stopped dancing abruptly and turned and gasped at the heart-warming scene in front of them that felt more like a stab in the heart to David.

Daniel was now on one knee, hand stretched out towards Candice with an open ring box in it. The diamond ring flickered brightly under the lights, and it smelled expensive everywhere. He had that same mocking but charming smirk across his face which caused ladies to shudder in delight, while Candice just put a hand on her mouth in shock, tears pricking her eyes.

"You know, I hadn't really planned to do this here and now but I thought...since my family and every one else is here...and my darling brother has returned..." he said the brother as if it was a bitter gall in his mouth, but David didn't even notice. He was to busy trying to keep his rapid beating heart in check and get back colour on his face to recognize his twins' bitter tone. Even the flashing lights from the now active cameras couldn't bring him out of his daze.

"Anyways, I think it's time I finally did this for the whole world to see. For so long, I've been dreaming about the day I would finally hold you in my arms and call you my own. The day I would walk you down the aisle and spend the rest of eternity with you, reminding you of just how much I love you each passing day. So Candice, would you make that dream come true?...will you....will you marry me?"

The crowd suddenly erupted in cheers as the chided Candice to just say yes already. To them and the rest of the world, they were the perfect couple and deserved to be together. But David obviously knew better than that. He could smell the deception in Daniels words and he knew for the fact that this was all just for show. This was all to get back at him for everything that had happened so far. He knew this whole thing was a scam, and he should be the one in that position...

But Candice, she was so quiet now. Would she budge? That was impossible. She couldn't have forgotten the plan, could she? They were supposed to elope back to the States a week after the party. But he was ready to change that and make it tomorrow, even tonight if possible. He couldn't bear the thought of not being with her. She wouldn't just throw away all that they've worked hard to get, would she? She told him she loved him, and he believed her. Would she go back on those words now? Would she say yes?

"Candice, please...." he muttered under his breath.

As if sensing his prayer, Candice pinned him a sorrowful glare, her hand still on her mouth. She had doubt written all over her and that worried him the more.

Why was she wasting so much time?

Just say no and get along with it already! He barked in his head.

"Candice?" Daniels voice suddenly cut through the air, making her turn back to him again. He too had a worried look on his face. He was sweating profusely and his knees were buckling under him, threatening to give out at any moment,

"you haven't answered the question yet, will you marry me?"

Another round of silence now. Even the crowd had stopped cheering and turned to murmur at each other,

"why hasn't she said anything?"

"does she want to say no?"

"that's not possible, she loves Daniel to much to do such a thing.... doesn't she?"

"maybe they were just putting up a facade"

"oh my, I really pity sir Daniel"

The murmurs were getting louder now. Their parents looked with a worried expression on their face while Jude was just wearing a sinister smile. Finally, after what felt like centuries passed, Candice finally drew in air and breathed out,

"yes....yes I will......"

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