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Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 8:22pm On Aug 30, 2020

Hmmmm, grin grin grin I was thinking Ebere's father grin
You are the author, so we go with anyone you say.

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 5:05pm On Sep 01, 2020
Syluck, From your description, it can be said that tomi's dad is richer than ebere's dad. That's by the way, i can see tomi trailing his dad's steps, i mean in a relationship (how old?) you've been caught three times already, ok what about those times, when she didn't catch you?
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 6:52pm On Sep 01, 2020
Syluck, From your description, it can be said that tomi's dad is richer than ebere's dad. That's by the way, i can see tomi trailing his dad's steps, i mean in a relationship (how old?) you've been caught three times already, ok what about those times, when she didn't catch you?

Wow, Thanks for your opinion.

There's more to this, don't worry you'll see lot about it grin


Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 7:26pm On Sep 01, 2020

We went to church together the next day. My family was a Christian family. We were raised as ardent followers of Christ, children of God abiding to all his principles and teachings. My parents when it comes to religious beliefs and practices, would always represent. Though we hardly had morning devotions, Nne never forgets to pray. Papa was the CMO's (Catholic Men Organisation) president in Sacred Heart Catholic church, Aka offot. While Nne led the St Patrick pious society. I remembered when Ebuka and I were asked to join the altar servers when I was 9 and he was 7 years, but after my SS1, I stopped going for practices. Ebuka stopped going for practice two years later. According to us, we were too big to be an altar boy. Amaka, who served as the youth best alto singer then stopped going for practices when she gained admission. Amanda really had nothing to show off in church as she left for boarding school at the age of ten. Ebuka, Tomi and I went to Holland Secondary school, a private school at Nwaniba Road while Amaka attended Bright Stars Secondary school.

"This new virus in town is fast spreading and killing people outside Nigeria. We better pray it doesn't come to Nigeria or Africa as a whole-" the priest was saying during the homily. I read the news that early morning on how the disease was killing people in China, Italy and Spain.

"Many people are saying it won't survive in Africa because we are black and the sun in Nigeria will make it inactive. Please and please run away from such people. The book of Mathew chapter…" Very Reverend Father Francis Ating Ekpe was saying. He was the parish priest of the church, a chubby, dwarf looking like.

The homily lasted for 40 minutes before the rest of the mass itinerary followed. I did not receive the Holy communion because I believed I needed to make a confession before receiving the body of Christ. Papa and Nne did receive it but I didn't see Ebuka going to get his. I was upstairs in the church building while my parents sat at the front pew downstairs. During the announcement period, I messaged Ebuka on WhatsApp to meet me outside where we took some cool Sunday pictures. I was putting on a stylish white senator with my well-polished black Italian shoe. The style was orchestrated by the popular Nigerian TV Host/presenter, Ebuka. I loved his dressings and always made my wears through his outfits. Ebuka on the other hand wore a blue plain trouser and a black with white stripes shirt that was tucked into the trouser. He wore a blue jacket over the shirt with a rose attached to his left chest. He was in a brown shoe. I spoke to a few persons I knew during the photoshoot. I saw Grace coming over as I was talking to Ifiok, my one-time alter boyfriend. Grace lived in Abuja with her parents but had a lodge at Aka road. As a Catholic, she frequented Sacred Heart because it was closer to her place.

"Happy Sunday King. You look very handsome" she complimented.

"Thanks, dear. You look extremely beautiful, happy and healthy " I said.

Her head covered with a black hat, she was in a tight yellow gown that had one sleeve on the right shoulder and the length of the gown covering only the left part of her leg. The right part stopped on her knee. She was wearing makeup, and wore a black high heel. Her sweet feminine perfume filled my nostrils. Though beautiful, I never had a thing for her.

"Don't flatter me, thanks anyways" she said chuckling.

"How was the mass?" I asked. Ebuka was busy talking to a girl he had a crush on. I was happy for him.

"It was okay. I just don't like long homilies"

"How long do you want the homilies to be?"

"15 minutes"

This sent me laughing.

"Wait, are you serious?"


"On a Sunday mass, you want 15 minutes homily? Babe, it's not Morning mass for real". I said.

She giggled and said "I know. But it's all good. I called you yesterday, you didn't pick"

"Yes, I'm sorry about that. I was sleeping when it rang. Moreover, it was silent. I'm sorry for not calling back"

"It's okay. I just wanted to know if you'll be in church today"

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes. I was unsure of coming to church today. I just needed you to convince me".

I chuckled. "When did I start convincing people to go to church?".

"I don't know but I think you would have"

"I wouldn't have if you don't want to. I don't force people to do something against their will. Okay, what made you change your mind?"

"My mom. She called me this morning".

I grinned "Good for you".

She invited me to her place, but I declined. She felt hurt but I never minded though. She was on about the idea that her place is boring and her neighbours are just too ancient. I told her I would visit her next time. The mass ended. My parents exchanged pleasantries with high and low profiles in the church. The Dean of faculty of Arts, Professor Okon Wilson Udom was among the dignitaries my parents greeted. We waited in the car for them as they exchanged greetings.

"Why are they always greeting like they all love each other so much?" Ebuka asked. He was referring to people greeting themselves and laughing like they are all happy about each other.

"Maybe because they choose to love each other on Sundays and in church" I answered.

My parents were walking with two females and a male to the gate and I wondered if I should accelerate towards that angle. Just then Ebuka's phone rang.

"Ebi, Nne said you should drive towards the gate" He said.

I inserted the key and turned the ignition to start, the Toyota Hilux came to life and I quickly switched the gear and pressed the acceleration to move the car. Papa did my driving paperwork last August when I turned 19. My driving skills were super and neat. Ebuka could drive as well, but he had Vehophobia. My little sister would say,

"Ebuka, at your age you cannot drive without having phobia, okwa? Don't worry when I learn how to drive, I will teach you how to overcome this phobia". And we all laughed at this except Ebuka who looked at Amanda like she was someone he never knew.

At home later that day, Amanda called through her school’s phone. We had a homeland telephone that's always on a desk in the parlour.

“Hello, who’s on the line?” I asked.

“It’s me,” Amanda said.

“Amanda baby, how are you?”

“I’m fine, thank you. Is Nne around?” She asked.

“Yes, let me give the phone to her,” I said.

I called Nne and she got the phone and spoke at length with Amanda. She later informed us during dinner that Amanda reminded her of the visiting day that was coming up on the last Sunday of the month, which was just the next Sunday.

"I thought they just resumed for the term?" Ebuka asked.

"You, why are you home?" I asked Ebuka. They resumed after the Christmas break, the first week of January.

"I came home because I missed home," He said. Papa laughed.

"Or you came home because you need money and foodstuffs?" Papa asked.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 1:28pm On Sep 05, 2020
Sorry guys i was banned by the nairaland literature bolt and my updaate deleted. will be posting them little by little grin
Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 3:25pm On Sep 05, 2020
Sorry guys i was banned by the nairaland literature bolt and my updaate deleted. will be posting them little by little grin
This uncle spam bot again. Well, i'll advice you post bit by bit. Thanks for the update.
Re: Black Orchid by enirock(m): 10:12pm On Sep 05, 2020
Thanks for the update. That spambot is a pain...
Re: Black Orchid by nastynic(m): 1:25am On Sep 09, 2020
Thanks for the update
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 1:37am On Sep 10, 2020
Hello everyone, seriously I can't seem to update any longer. The literature spam bot won't let me embarassed. If I drop any update, it will be deleted and I'll be banned. I've tried cutting the updates short but yet still, I'll be banned and the update deleted. I really don't know what to do and it's really frustrating undecided undecided undecided

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Re: Black Orchid by nastynic(m): 1:42am On Sep 11, 2020
Hello everyone, seriously I can't seem to update any longer. The literature spam bot won't let me embarassed. If I drop any update, it will be deleted and I'll be banned. I've tried cutting the updates short but yet still, I'll be banned and the update deleted. I really don't know what to do and it's really frustrating undecided undecided undecided

How about you email it to me and i would update it for you
Been waiting for updates tho

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 12:50pm On Sep 11, 2020
After the dinner, I was busy in my room online on social media replying chats and messaging. I was a user of all social media platforms. Just that I frequented more of WhatsApp and Facebook because of my school and classmates. Though Facebook was becoming boring to me. I only visited it when there was a conservation in our 'class group chat'. Nairaland was a platform I visited for Nigerian news and trends. Twitter was a platform I became addicted to last November. I initially was a member in 2010 but had just 5 followers until November 2018 I decided to play the "follow for follow" game. I had about 2k followers, following over 2k people as well. Ebuka would say "Ebi, there's nothing interesting on Twitter. It's another place for iPhone users just like Instagram". He despised Twitter so much. I would explain to him that I enjoyed the trends especially when a person whether popular or not gets 'dragged' for tweeting or doing something extraordinary or otherwise.

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Re: Black Orchid by tunjilomo(m): 2:44pm On Sep 11, 2020
@syluck. Mail the supermods from the front page. Bottom of the front page.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 1:04pm On Sep 12, 2020
@syluck. Mail the supermods from the front page. Bottom of the front page.
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 1:13pm On Sep 12, 2020
"You say twitter is not interesting but most of your WhatsApp status and Facebook post is Twitter's tweet" I'd say, explaining further.
WhatsApp was mostly the place I chatted with people. Plus, the status posting and viewing. I had about 244 contacts on WhatsApp and got up to 70 views on my status.
That night, Tomi messaged me.

"Ikpa". He sent with a tongue emoji. Ikpa is a derogatory word that means 'cow skin' in Ibibio.

"Aturu" I replied with an eye emoji. Aturu means Sheep in Igbo.

"Ewure" He sent back. Goat in Yoruba.

"Aboki" I sent with a laughing emoji. Aboki actually means 'Friend' in Hausa, but it was sometimes used as a derogatory word. He sent me a raised eyebrow emoji. I replied with another laughing emoji.

"How you de?" He finally sent.

"Cool. U nko?"

"I just de o."

"You been go church?" I asked.

"Yes" "Ahhhh. When this one start?"

"What do you mean?". He sent with a raised eyebrow emoji.

"Lol. You no de go church na" I told him.

"I don change". He said. Tomi was a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God. But he rarely went to church since he began staying alone.

"Chang ni, change Kor" I sent.

"Stay there na. I saw Sandra today in my church"

I paused and read the message all over before I replied.

"You serious?"

"Yes na. She been sexy and beautiful o. I for go chyke her, but because say I waka with my babe, I just maintain"

"Wetin she wear?" I imagined how beautiful she looked.

"Blue and green Ankara. The design was so beautiful plus her makeup and black high heels. I almost melted when I saw her".

"Did you speak with her?"

"No. I was with Ezinne throughout. Do you want her to squeeze the talk out of me for talking to another lady?" He asked.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 2:18pm On Sep 12, 2020
I sent a laughing sticker before I replied with.

"Is this the first time you're seeing her in church?"

"Yes. I have not been frequenting church these days".

We went on from that to discuss another. We talked about the football match that was played that day. He was a C Ronaldo fan and Manchester United. Manchester United lost their match against Watford, I had to troll him till I was tired. Not that I hated Ronaldo or something, I preferred Messi. Most Ronaldo fans just didn’t like the existence of Messi, same with Davido and Wizkid case in Nigeria. I preferred Davido. And as well I had no issues with Wizkid. His fans sometimes were the problem. They would deliberately hate on Davido for being a son of a rich man and ridiculed him as someone with a frog voice. I wondered how 'frog' his voice was. I would keep emphasizing that Davido also worked hard like every other artist to be where he was. Daniel was a good example of people I intended on giving a slap for rubbish talk on Davido.

"Davido no sabi sing, na because of him papa money wey make am big. Wizkid na talented singer. Wizkid anytime anyday" Daniel would argue in class.

"You Sabi Davido papa before?" I'd ask him.

"Which kind question be that?" He'd reply

"Just answer"


"Fine. Davido's dad though rich was not popular in Nigeria until Davido started singing" I'd explain.

"Bros leave all those talk, he used his dad's money to blow unlike Wizkid that came from the street". Imeh would say. Imeh was a direct entry student in my level.

"See this guy o. Who don sing song before with no money come blow?" Tomi asked. He was a Davido fan too but rarely shows it unlike me. He preferred Olamide to all other Nigerian artists. He was a staunch Eminem fan too.

"Wizkid," Daniel defended. This got me irked up.

"So, you legitimately think that Wizkid came from the street and became so big in music without money?" I'd ask.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 2:21pm On Sep 12, 2020
"Yes na" Daniel said.

"Bro I think you're so delusional" I'd fire back.

"Okay, look at Keystrokes, upon his talent and rapping skills, who knows him beyond this school?" George Ebong A.K.A Keystrokes was a 300l Philosophy student singer. He was so talented in singing and rapping. He did his raps in English and Ibibio, but only popular in school and some parts in Uyo. I heard his song being played on the radio once.

"Keystrokes have no proper management," Daniel said.

"Or Keystrokes have no money or someone with money to push him up," Tomi said.

"Exactly. Same applies to Wizkid. Wizkid, so talented, came from the street just like Keystrokes. Had it not been for Banky W, Wizkid won't be where he is despite his talent" I'd say.

"Banky W only helped Wizkid for a year. Wizkid is just someone that came from a poor background to become a rich man." Daniel argued.

"Who told you it was only for a year? But on a serious note it's never Davido's fault that he came from a rich background neither is it Wizkid's fault that he came from a poor background. It's totally no one's fault to come from a family he or she comes from. Besides, Davido and Wizkid are not the only artists in Nigeria. We have Olamide." Tomi said. We all had to dissolve the conversation because we knew him as an Olamide stan. One can never win Tomi on anything about Olamide. He would present facts and source to his arguments on Olamide. Olamide would have made him his ambassador if only he knew.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 2:22pm On Sep 12, 2020

Ebuka left for school in Owerri the following morning. He hated taking foodstuffs and things from home apart from his clothes, so my Papa had to wire him some amount of money to get the things he needed in Owerri. Ebuka stayed in a self-contained apartment in school, he had a TV set and a home theatre as well. Papa bought a Sumer Firman Generator for him early January, he did it because of his first year 4.55 CGPA. I was left alone with my parents. Unlike my siblings who enjoyed traveling and being in places apart from home, I really enjoyed home just because I didn’t like travelling. I hated the idea of sitting in a car longer than an hour. I remember when I was 6 years old, I vomited while we were traveling to the village for Christmas/New year celebration. These always made it hard for us to be frequenting the village every Christmas/New year time. There was a time they travelled alone leaving me behind with Tomi’s family. I had to choose Uniuyo because I wouldn’t be sitting for more than an hour.

After much persuasion from Nne to eat my egg sauce and yam for breakfast, I joined Papa in his car as he drove to school. On our way, Papa started a conversation.

“How many more years do you think Nigeria will be before it gets better?”

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Re: Black Orchid by nastynic(m): 11:07pm On Sep 13, 2020
Thanks for the update

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:35pm On Sep 15, 2020
I looked at him as he drove and thought about his question for a while before providing an answer.

“I don’t know, but I feel it will take time before it gets better”

“When I was younger and a student during Abacha’s regime, I used to think that if we have a democratic system that everything will be fine in Nigeria and there won’t be any corruption and other vice. But here we are 20 something years later still fighting corruption but with a technique that is never visible and comprehensive” He said.

“How was Abacha’s regime?” I asked, even though we were taught this back then in SS1. I just needed to say something to make it look like I was in for the conversation.

“It was tyrannical. No place for opposition” He said.

“The current administration both at the federal level and state level are embezzlers and misappropriating funds meant for the minions and for development”. He added.

When he mentioned ‘state level’ I wondered if he wasn’t among them. Has he forgotten he was appointed SA to governor? I smiled at the thought of the question. Papa was never someone who would misappropriate funds. Just that one needs to keep reminding him that he promised to do this or that. I chuckled at that thought and he heard me.

“What’s funny?”

“Nothing really. I was thinking how Nigeria will look if the coronavirus sets in coupled with the problems and lackadaisical leadership qualities” I said.

“They will play politics with it,” He said.

“There is nothing genuine about Nigeria's system of government. I'm telling you this because I've witnessed it” He added.

“Are you saying you’ve been part of it?” I asked him, quietly. He glanced at me, and said.

Mba, I've never been part of it. But I’ve been in an office where a government official added a huge amount of money to a supposed amount that was to be signed by the government. This happened during the Ebola outbreak where citizens were dying. He added an additional amount for his selfish interest. I was with the then VC in the office, when I told her about it, she said the extra money will benefit the school also. I rejected the money when it was allocated to me.”

“This life is never fair to everyone. As people are struggling to eat three times a day, some people are sitting on money and signing billions for their own interest. Politics is always for a selfish interest. Most projects you see them doing are just for the masses to mind their businesses. The party at any current administration enjoys all the benefits.” He added as he drove in front of the school gate.

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 10:37pm On Sep 15, 2020
“Good morning, Doctor” The school’s security greeted Papa as he was about driving in through the first gate.

“How was the weekend Sir?” The man added.

“The weekend was fine. How is family?” Papa asked the aged man.

“They are very fine sir” He said.

Oya take this one chop food this morning” Papa said in Pidgin, handing the man a 3000 Naira Notes. The man joyfully thanked him and opened the gate as he drove in. He stopped me at convo park and drove to the clinic building. He had earlier said he had an appointment with someone there.

The first lecture was a borrowed course from the department of Sociology. The class was amazing and interactive. I sat in the back seat and listened. The lecturer, Dr Ekaette Philips was so much a lively and natural teacher. She brought in daily life's tales to explain her lecture. She left the class after a 2 hours lecture. I went over to where Ini was sitting and asked her about the deadline for the submission of an assignment she earlier announced.

"I thought you were in the group chat?" She asked.

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Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 11:54pm On Sep 15, 2020
Why am i feeling syluck is giving us time to breath before she lands us in the real heat.
Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 12:00am On Sep 16, 2020
Why am i feeling syluck is giving us time to breath before she lands us in the real heat.
lol, I'm a he
Re: Black Orchid by Khriztarl(f): 8:21am On Sep 16, 2020
lol, I'm a he
Sorry dear

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Re: Black Orchid by Ann2012(f): 12:28pm On Sep 17, 2020
Keep the updates coming pls wink

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Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 8:39pm On Sep 17, 2020
Keep the updates coming pls wink
Yeah cool


Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 4:02pm On Sep 18, 2020
"I am, why?"

I didn't go through the group's chat messages.

"Go there and read up. I dropped everything there" she responded a bit rudely. I was about to say something but decided to save my strength. I didn't want someone to spoil my day. I left her to where Daniel was seated.

"Danny, when are we to submit the assignment?"

"On Wednesday" He said

"Okay. So how your babe na?" I asked, starting a new conversation.

"I tell you say I get babe?" He replied. "Why na"

"I don't want anybody to eat the little money I have". He said. This made me laugh.

"Look, a girl that likes you won't ask."

"Story. Girls will always demand money from their boyfriends. It's in their nature. Unless that girl is from a rich family. But you see these broke Uniuyo girls, they will suck you dry" He said.

"Sometimes it does not sound like this," I said. "90% results show it does"

“Where do you get that from?”

“Daily talks from people”

“Still, it does not make sense”

“It does”

“It does not”


"Talk to Lizzy, she might accept you."

"Might? And of the girls in this campus, it's Lizzy you're bringing to my table? That slay queen will suck everything in me dry. I was having this feeling that you hate me so much. Now it's no more feeling, it's reality." he said and I laughed.

Daniel Isong Jimmy, a light skinned like me, same height and body structure as Tomi, though he was a year younger. He was one of those I have a free flow conversation in school.

"Tomi told me about Sandra," He said.

Not again.

"When and what did he say?". I asked.

"Saturday on WhatsApp. He said you're having eyes on her I shouldn't bother going for her anymore"

"Were you having a crush on her?"

"Yes, for like a week now. But I couldn't go to her because she sometimes looks like a witch" I thought for a while about what he said.

"Do you know where she stays?" I asked.

"Not really, but I heard that she stays with her Uncle."

Just then, the first-year student walked in with a lecturer for a supposed class. I looked around and found Sandra with a girl I supposed to be her friend. She had changed her hair to an afro funky style. Her chocolate skin body was flawless. She was looking more beautiful than ever. She wore a tight milky gown that covered down to just her knees revealing her well-endowed body, and black hairy legs. She got hairy legs! Wow I thought. She wore a black All-stars sneaker. No makeup but she was exceptionally a beauty. My body tingled. I scrutinized her with my eyes and imagined her in my life, even though her fixed eyelashes made her like a witch Daniel talked about.

"King, you just need to talk to her," Daniel said as we packed our books to leave the class.

"I will and it's definitely going to be today." I affirmed.


Re: Black Orchid by syluck(m): 4:03pm On Sep 18, 2020
Happy weekend everyone. Update drops next week�

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