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The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 10:42pm On Sep 03, 2020

“In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell.

The internet is the best source of free information, and likewise serves as the most superior platform for ridding one’s self of dogma and expressing one’s self. This entire platform is a testament ; such a thread like this would never have gotten off the ground on any other medium. That is the beauty of the internet.

It is only because of the internet you have the opportunity to read things that fall outside the realm of “political correctness” as fed to you by your corporate media and government schools.

The internet gives you the opportunity to question your beliefs and refine them in privacy . With the internet, you are exposed to thinking outside political correctness that society enforces. You can be free if you so choose, presuming you are strong enough to handle the burdensome consequences that freedom brings.

I noticed that majority of guys have been conversant with the phrase, " The red pill" but do not really know what it entails. Some might have read articles on it but have not fully comprehend it. Today i will give you the opportunity to dive into the tenets of red pill and see for yourself what it entails. However, never forget to carry out action.

Perfection is gotten through repeated action not by just reading instructions Dpsychologist

Majority of what i will be posting is an amalgam from various websites, research, books, introspection and my personal experience.

Contributions as well as questions are welcomed.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 10:51pm On Sep 03, 2020

The contents below embodies a series of principles that outline the tenets and beliefs of the red pill community. This thread is written with brevity and ease of reading in mind, links relevant to further discussion are given for each topic where available. The information herein is extensive, but by no means exhaustive.

However you need to take note of The unwritten, 49th Law of Power. The 49th law states that thou shall deny the use of the laws of power. Do not talk about the red Pill openly. We are living in a bluepill world. Use the redpill but do not show women you are using it. Not talking about your source of power is itself a form of power.

Below are what i consider the sections to the Redpill constitution.

PHASE ONE: The 50 Shades of Red

0.) Preface
1.) Fluid nature of women
2.) Feminism, Power & Privilege
3.) Women, Logic & Emotive Reasoning
4.) Woman’s Manipulative Nature
5.) Female herd Mentality
6.) Hypergamy & Branch Swinging
7.) Women are choosers (Briffault's Law & Bateman's principle)
8.) The Pareto Principle
9.) Love Hierarchy
10.) Frame & Emotional Indulgence
11.) Female Visceral Revulsion
12.) In-Group Bias
13.) Female Sexual Plurality/ Dual mating strategy
14.) Low Tier Men/Beta males
14.) Gynocentric Family Law
15.) Female Narcissism
17.) Female Victim Mindset
18.) Gatekeeping
19.) The Wall: Men Appreciate, Women Depreciate
20.) Men Are Made, Women Are Born
21.) Single Mothers Breed Weak Men
22.) The Importance of Social/Sexual Market Value
23.) Women Gain More From Relationships Than Men
24.) The Feminisation of Education
25.) Why Women Covet Male Friendship
26.) Dominance & Boldness
27.) Infinite Shit Test
28.) Women Are Not Mysterious
29.) Commitment Is More Valuable Than Sex
30.) Women Are Wonderful Fallacy
29.) Commitment Is More Valuable Than Sex
30.) Women Are Wonderful Effect
31.) Understanding Female Psychology
32.) Feminine Language
34.) Sole Mate Myth
35.) The Rationalization Hamster
36.) Madonna Wh0re Dichotomy
37.) Why A Ho is a bad wife
38.)Testosterone and health
39.) Divergent missions
40.) Alpha and Beta
41.) Love in Strange Places
42.) Bad Boy Theory
43.) The Dark Triad
44.) Rude Awakening/Aftereffects of the redpill
45.) Timeless quotes on women
46.) What is the Red pill
47.) Application of Red Pill truths
48.) The Red Pill /Blue Pill world
49.) The Purple Pill
50.) Summary

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Re: The Red Truth by Auladimeji(m): 10:51pm On Sep 03, 2020
You can know all the red pills and still be a SIMP

First of all realize that you are a SIMP
Secondly,learn to subdue your emotions
Thirdly,be blunt
Lastly,know that you as a MALE is the prize that needs to be won,you lead in your relationship.Know that SEX is overrated

Off mic

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Re: The Red Truth by Ayomide119: 10:53pm On Sep 03, 2020
So what's Red Pill all about.. Enlighten me

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 10:56pm On Sep 03, 2020
0.1.) A Philosophy not a movement

Red pill philosophy is here to show you how the game works, not to tell you how to live your life.

This is exactly why the red pill is more of a philosophy than it is a movement or religion. Movements and religions confer little liberty in regard to individual morality , they command and state in a rather absolute manner.

The red pill philosophy is amoral in the sense that it says “it is what it is.”

0.2.) Redpill and morality
Don’t do everything red pill philosophy tells you to do. Honestly, pick and choose to apply what you read here. Don’t take everything we say as gospel.

Yes sexual strategy is amoral, but don’t let that define your social morality.

Just like going your own way, becoming a pick-up artist, or being a patriarch with a family is a choice men can make.

None of these things are “right choices” in the universal sense but simply are what he believes to be “right” for him.

As long as such a man understands that this won’t stop other people from living their lives differently, and that women are for all intent and purpose, immoral, he’s good

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 10:57pm On Sep 03, 2020

Women exhibit fluidity. They tend to be fluidlike when they occupy a container( a man) . Your character determines her behavior. Fickleness is a strong trait of the feminine.

Whatever you want from a woman is what you will receive. If you ask for a gentle girl that is what you receive, if you ask for a bad girl thats what you get. A woman can date 5 men and exhibit 5 different characters.

A girl can act like a saint to you when you approach her and start professing love, even when she is a slut. She will even delay sex to you but give it fast for other guys. This is the fluid nature of women.

How you start with her is how you end with her

© Dpsychologist

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Re: The Red Truth by Harrykn: 11:00pm On Sep 03, 2020
There they go! We didn't go this far by mistake.


Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:01pm On Sep 03, 2020


“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – George Orwell

Feminism is nothing more than a female supremacy movement posing as one of humanist egalitarianism. Feminism highlights female incompetence in areas where men excel, redefines them as injustices by blaming men for female ineptitude, and then legally mandates the promotion of women within said areas. As such, women consistently make social gains in areas where men have traditionally dominated.

Feminists crave privileges which consolidate the realm of male power with that of the female. Typically they are cooperative in ways which benefit them(men pay for dates) but aggressive where it limit their power (intolerance for female promiscuity, a reluctance to trust women with leadership.)

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:03pm On Sep 03, 2020

They ignore their influence of feminine soft power in society (influence and charm), and comparing men and women solely in hard power (economic and political). In taking this highly one-sided approach to power, feminists play upon humanity’s propensity to take pity on women, and where the myth of female powerlessness is bought into, more power is redistributed to them.

Now that the pendulum has swung much too far in favour of women, a successful male counter movement has failed to materialise. Not solely because, but chiefly because pity is in short supply for men. A man seeking pity is despised for his weakness rather than helped because of it, and so the very psychological mechanism which gave birth to female economic and political power is nought but a dead end for men.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:08pm On Sep 03, 2020


Women are irrational and inconsistent, they have a capacity for logic but they are not typically inclined to utilise it. Women must exert concentrated effort to be logical for it is not their factory setting, men on the other hand although imperfect have a far more pronounced affinity for logic. As such by matter of preference if not biology, men are near universally superior logicians and decision makers.- IM

A logical woman is easily baited into becoming emotional. Regardless of intellect, women are far more likely to lose lucidity due to a stronger preference for emotive reasoning.

It is by extension of this that we observe women to be more easily compromised in a line of reasoning than men. A woman’s decisions are based on her current emotional state, not logic. Once overwhelmed by the feeling of the moment and riding on a tidal wave of emotion, even if an awareness of what is fair and rational remains intact in a woman, she shall opt to ignore it in favour of indulging “what feels right.”

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:16pm On Sep 03, 2020
So what's Red Pill all about.. Enlighten me

The Redpill is a rejection and opposition to the bluepill . It is a negative stance on a popular, pleasant falsehood. With regards to mainstream norms, it represents the philosophies opposed to the prevailing social norm.

The origin of the phrase “redpill”, “bluepill” and it’s variants is from the “Red Pill Or Blue Pill” scene from The Matrix, where the protagonist, Neo, is forced to decide whether to take the red pill or the blue pill. The red pill would let him discover the truth about the world, and the blue pill would send him back to the Matrix not knowing anything. Neo takes the red pill and he is unplugged to reality

The Redpill even though Bitter to Taste and difficult to swallow emancipates.

It is far more difficult to believe a known lie than an unknown truth Dpsychologist

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:38pm On Sep 03, 2020

Women are Machiavellian by nature. In comparison to the average man, they are far more proficient in matters of persuasion and general social manipulation. The theoretical evolutionary basis for this sex difference is that due to smaller body mass and inferior musculature, women evolved to attract and use men as tools rather than directly compete with them.

This makes the pronunciation of female strength a propensity to be mentally rather than physically violent. Physical violence is outlawed, whereas mental abuse is not, with a suppression of physical violence without an equal suppression of mental, women are at a social advantage.

See A woman’s confession of how they control men:

And their manipulative tactics here: https://www.nairaland.com/6042546/women-emotionally-strong-creature

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:39pm On Sep 03, 2020

The intolerance for physical violence coupled with the tolerance for mental violence is what allows women to bully and socially dominate without being held accountable by a system of law. Men are as such forced to learn to become as apt in mental violence as women, or face social disadvantage.
The law does not criminalise emotional violence against men. Where physical violence is illegal (but typically more so if it is male on female rather than female on male), emotional violence is a question of personal morality and therefore not legislated against. Where a man’s instinct is to hit, a woman’s is to make you miserable. Arguably, mental wounds can be just as crippling if not more so than physical. In summation, women tend to be more emotionally aggressive than men.

For further reading : https://www.nairaland.com/5832576/masters-manipulation-dating-clinic

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 11:50pm On Sep 03, 2020
Goodnight. See you tomorrow


Re: The Red Truth by MrColdsweat: 12:58am On Sep 04, 2020
Re: The Red Truth by engrtee(f): 1:07am On Sep 04, 2020
Redpill movement is becoming toxic like feminism


Re: The Red Truth by marvelphysics(m): 1:33am On Sep 04, 2020
Redpill movement is becoming toxic like feminism
Humans too get problem... Homosexuals, bisexuals, transgenders, cyborgs (part machine part human), enhanced ( biological enhancement like cpt america) and all the rest will start their own
All we have to do is be reasonably, there is a lot of truth in what dis guy posted, let us just take it and leave the rest
The worst tin is if this guy posts start making guys feel hostile or hatred towards all females. Hatred poisons the mind that u dont see good in anytin at

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Re: The Red Truth by ichidodo(m): 4:34am On Sep 04, 2020
I Like this ..

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Re: The Red Truth by crystalmoon: 6:14am On Sep 04, 2020
I love this

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Re: The Red Truth by ubunja(m): 6:23am On Sep 04, 2020
Less quotes and more of your own take and understanding of the concepts...

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Re: The Red Truth by CAPSLOCKED: 7:46am On Sep 04, 2020
Redpill movement is becoming toxic like feminism


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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:08am On Sep 04, 2020

A woman’s most pressing concern in spite of what she says to the contrary, is how she is perceived and how this translates into whether she holds favour or not. Being liked and desired is far more important to women than it is to men, men requiring respect rather than intimate emotion validation to function.

In fact, acceptance from others is so vitally important to women that they will change an entire wardrobe, religion, sexual or political orientation in order to be and feel accepted.

If you observe rates of religious conversion (from one religion to another) you will find women will convert from one religion to another more often than men.

Women are innately superficially concerned with “fitting in” and appearing agreeable in order to be liked enough to enjoy the fruits of the groups they occupy .

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:09am On Sep 04, 2020

Fickleness is a strong trait of the feminine( Section 1), and it manifests in all matters of importance from apostasy to divorce. The most common reason for religious conversion is to marry a man of another religion (and thus be accepted and enjoy his economic resources) whilst the most common reason for quitting religion is to find a socially acceptable way to be promiscuous (basically denounce one’s faith and become an atheist.)

In the UK, British women convert to Islam so they can have more victim credibility, as well as a politically correct reason to be feminine rather than feminist. It also serves as a way to increase the perception of their purity and respectability, as Muslim women are not reputed for promiscuity in the way that atheist women are.

In the US, Mormon and Christian girls are becoming atheist via feminist support groups so they can wh0re it up in their prime without feeling impure. Nevertheless, they appear to be able to defy the religion they were raised with so long as they have feminist support to cheer them on and validate their poor life decisions.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:09am On Sep 04, 2020

Women in and of themselves rarely stand for something because they have deduced it to be true and correct, but rather they believe what they do due to prolonged proximity. So they believe what their teacher believes, or what their mother believes, or what their friends believe, rather than really analyse something and see if it is true with their own minds.

That is why beyoncé is referred to as queenBee. She is what ladies look up to.

A woman’s instinctual need to be accepted is so strong that she conforms, and contented enough to submit to authority and not ask questions. It is no surprise to see Women get married to a different Religion or church denominations and still confirms to its tenets .

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Re: The Red Truth by SteelMcqueen: 9:22am On Sep 04, 2020
I like what you've got going on here......great stuff Dpsychologist....


Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:27am On Sep 04, 2020

Female hypergamy is dual in its approach to men, a man is either deemed superior, or inferior.
- IM

If a woman believes a man is inferior to her, he’s sexually invisible, only when a woman deems a man superior does he become visible.

Women want men who demonstrably exude power in a way that makes them feel inferior. When a woman feels inferior to a man, she is attracted to him.

We call this hypergamy( to date up and/or social climb) that is why women are highly sensitive to signifiers of high status (good genes, wealth, confidence, popularity etc.).

In constrast to this, men practice hypogamy(dating down) or horizontal dating (someone within their status that is why guys are afraid of a lady with high status ladies, they can't cope with them, that is Probably the reason why Genevive and linda ikeji are not married. However these same ladies are crushing on men with higher status than them such as Dwayne Johnson and Tyler Perry respectively.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:28am On Sep 04, 2020

Hypergamy can manifest in many ways, the best known is gold digging, dating a man solely because of his greater wealth.

In less exploitative relationships, a woman dates a man who is more confident than she is. Generally, women low in confidence are less hypergamous, whilst egotistical women are more so.

The more beautiful she is the more hypergamous she is

If a man with higher status is sexually available, a woman with unchecked hypergamy will cheat. If he’s available for commitment, there’s a strong possibility she will abandon her man to pair off with the better option. This phenomenon is referred to as “branch swinging.”

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:29am On Sep 04, 2020

Hypergamy not kept in check by a conservative upbringing and strong male family presence results in extremely opportunistic and disloyal women.

In traditional societies, hypergamy is kept in check by the family, community and wider culture. Women are paired off with their male contemporaries rather than left to perpetually “wait for something better to come along.”

During our grandparents and some of our parents days, hypergamy was in check. People do not belief in the soulmate myth of "the special person for you".

Unfortunately in the time we live in where romance is glorified, hypergamy is gradually going unchecked.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:30am On Sep 04, 2020

Some women are more hypergamous than others, but no woman is non-hypergamous. Think of it as a scale, some women are a little hypergamous, others extremely so. The more experienced a woman is, the more her hypergamy grows and the less her relational desirability.

Women that make the best candidates for family and childrearing are those whose hypergamous instinct has been kept in check.

Materialism and promiscuity are hypergamous behaviours, they’re indicative of a “constant need to upgrade,” which is hypergamy at its core. These kinds of women should be avoided for serious commitments.

Frugal, humble women make for the best relationship prospects.

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Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:30am On Sep 04, 2020
7.) WOMEN ARE THE CHOOSERS (Briffault's law and Bateman's principle)
Stay tuned


Re: The Red Truth by Dpsychologist: 9:32am On Sep 04, 2020
I like what you've got going on here......great stuff Dpsychologist....

Thanks sir.
I appreciate
Feel free to contribute


Re: The Red Truth by Martinez39s(m): 9:37am On Sep 04, 2020
This is good stuff.


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