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Hormonal Nikkah by Zeinymira(f): 7:39pm On Sep 16
© Sanusi Z.O

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Re: Hormonal Nikkah by Zeinymira(f): 7:42pm On Sep 16
Sixteen years and six months old!
She was just sixteen, a two hundred level student at University of Port Harcourt and here she was at the Masjid getting married to a man who was ten years older than her. She had longed for him but this was not how she wanted it to happen. This was not how she prayed for it to happen, not trussed up like an Eid ram or packaged like "about to spoil goods" that was quickly rushed to the market.
The Imaam said prayers for the newlyweds but the congregation remained silent. Under normal circumstances, the said prayers by the Imaam would have caused a loud amen among the congregation. More prayers would have been said for the wedded couple. But not this particular wedding. This wedding of the only daughter of the Jaleel's family, the nobles amongst nobles should have been crowded with large number of people not this less than thirty people, this people were tensed and uncomfortable with the union. The bride's brothers were visibly angry. The bride father was frustrated while the mother was besides herself with tears. Those tears were not cool tears, but hot ones. And the groom looked bored.
Zakiyah was so frantic in the beginning and kept praying to Allah to do something. Praying to Allah to forgive her. She should never have been alone with Caliph.
Tears spilled from her eyes.
"O my creator! Please do something" she pleaded. But it was too late, the Nikkah was over in five minutes. She was now wife to Umar Caliph.
The tears continued to spill as she watched guests being served take aways and other gifts. She was truly married and her impulsiveness led her here.
Zakiyah remained seated in her bridal chair, she looked around the Masjid, it was massively decorated even though they had only few days to plan the unexpected wedding. Too sudden wedding. Some people stared at her with speculations, Zakiyah could read their thoughts on their faces that was saying "How sad! This poor girl is pregnant"
"She used to be pure, pious and now she's committed Zina"
She looked away from their faces, they were so close to the truth. Her impulsiveness and willful nature had led her to the marriage Mart too quickly.
She saw her elder brother Zaheer approaching her, she quickly looked down, staring at her flowing white khimar wedding gown. That too had been made very fast within seventy two hours. It felt like ages but it was just three days ago her doom started.
"Zakiyah" her brother called.
She slowly look up, she was expecting to see sadness in his eyes like it was a permanent resident on their father's face. But he only looked a bit angry and desperate. He felt responsible for her predicament and wanted to right it anyway possible.
"You can divorce him. Give it seven days and you can divorce him afterwards. You can initiate Khula" her brother pleaded
Married at sixteen and divorced at sixteen. No, what difference would it make? It would only make her a marred woman in the society. Everyone would mark her with an indelible stigma. But marriage would preserve her honor, her family's honor.
She stood up and embraced her brother who wrapped his strong arms around her.
"Zakiyah" he said softly
"I will talk to him to divorce you. He can't want this union" Zaheer told her.
Zakiyah knew that. She had overheard Caliph said it was just hormonal. It wasn't like she thought, he never had a single feeling for her, it was just hormonal. And here they are having a hormonal Nikkah.
"Let it be Zaheer. Please, don't tell him anything. We will all be fine at the end" Zakiyah said moving away from her brother's arms.
She walked outside the hall and saw all her belongings parked in a big truck. She was leaving her parents' home at sixteen years, too early!
Her second brother Zachariah jogged towards her. He was older than her by five years, yet he was her closest sibling.
"I found a solution" he whispered conspiratorilly
Despite her situation, she grinned at him. "What's it?"
"You know i am a lieutenant. I can help you become a widow so fast" he said looking very serious.
Wedded at sixteen and widowed at sixteen sounded crazy. Widowhood brings more honor than being a divorcee which shouldn't be because divorce is lawful even though Allah detest it.
"It's not his fault Zach. I was equally responsible for everything" she said
"It's all his fault. You are a minor" he retorted
She smirked, she didn't look like a minor. To the outside world, she could easily pass for a twenty year old lady, she was the youngest by age in her class at the University but most didn't know. Her height was above average, she was brown skinned and on the chubby side.
The moment was cut short by the presence of their parents. Even though she was at a crossroad with her father, she embraced him tightly. Her father's love for her had always been known to everyone including herself, even if she had doubted his affection for her these past few days, she didn't say anything because he would always be there no matter the outcome.
"Be good" he said kissing her forehead.
She nodded. She embraced her weeping mom
"Mama, it's ok" she helped clean her tears.
"This is not my dream for you" her mother sobbed.
This was not what she dreamt for herself. Not like this. She saw the glimpse of Caliph talking to his parents, if only she could turn back the hands of clock.
And if she could would she have erased the memories of the two beautiful months they had together?
She knew saying would make her an hypocrite. That memory was what she would cherished forever, no matter what happens to their marriage.
The driver called to her, she was heading back to school not her husband's house or his family's house. She was a bride without a home.
Re: Hormonal Nikkah by heemah(f): 10:05am On Sep 17
Babes, is this really you? My longtime fave writer
Re: Hormonal Nikkah by Zeinymira(f): 5:45pm On Sep 17
Babes, is this really you? My longtime fave writer
Lol, it is me o grin.
Re: Hormonal Nikkah by Zeinymira(f): 8:46am
Chapter One
Her name was Zakiyah Jaleel. She was born into a family of five, her parents and two older brothers. Abu Zaheer as he was fondly called by the Muslim communities was known for his love for female children. He often chastised men who became sad because of the birth of their daughters. He would remind them that Allah described the birth of a female child as a gift. Then why should they be angry over the gift of Allah? Why should they be acting like the people of Jaahiliyyah, the unbelievers in Makkah? With a reminder from the Qur'an, their disposition usually change
He didn't understand how anyone would be sad about having the half of the society, especially knowing how important they are in Islam as mothers, daughters even wives. Without this women how would they complete half of their Deen?
When he had his first child, Zaheer he was happy and thought he only had to try once more and Allah will bless him with his heart desire. After four years, he welcomed another child from Allah, it was a boy whom he named Zachariah. He was sad he had no female child and he wouldn't have any because he would not risk his wife's life again through another cesarian section. They had found out during their first pregnancy that his wife had a very narrow pelvis and if she was to have a living child, their only option was cesarian section. This made them kissed away their dreams of five children. They had settled with having two children with the help of CS.
The sadness lingered in his heart, although he was affectionate towards his boys but there was that longing in his face whenever he saw little girls. Ummu Zaheer saw how her husband was always excited to have his nieces around. His elder brother must have seen it too, he gave Salma to them. Salma was three years older than their Zachariah and she was Zachariah's favorite cousin as the two enjoyed each other's company. When she came to live with them, everyone was happy.
Ummu Zaheer prayed to Allah to bless them with a female child. After five years, she removed the implant in her arm that prevents pregnancy. Few months afterwards, she became pregnant. At first, her husband was angry because they had both agreed to stop with Zachariah. For the whole of the first trimester, he was always fuming around the house. He complained about everything she does, he wouldn't even assist her with anything.
"I care about your health but obviously you do not" he said during one of his anger.
Ummu Zaheer was sad, for the whole of ten years they were married her husband had never been angry at her for more than an hour. She didn't even know how to placate him. She had gotten pregnant hoping to have a female child just to please him. When she told him that he had responded in a pessimistic manner.
"And if it's a boy? We can't choose gender. I have made peace with that, I thought you did too"
But the fear of losing the love of his life had been behind his whole anger. The doctor had said they could have 3 or 4 children with CS. He had resolved in his mind to stop at two children, he wanted her to be on the safest side. There were many women that had died from that major surgery.
What more could they have asked Allah for anyway? He had blessed them with two boys while some were still begging to have just one.
It was the pleadings of his mother-in-law that settled the whole issue. His mother-in-law was a woman he respected and loved for the sake of Allah. She was religious and truthful, always calling to check up on him, praying for his success and she would also correct her daughter for her misdoings. He couldn't say no to whatever her requests were.
Abu Zaheer supported his wife through the remaining trimesters attending antenatal sessions with her.
On the day of her scheduled CS, it was on the second of February 2002. He waited at the reception with his two sons when the doctor came with the good news that his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, the feelings that rushed through him was inexplicable. Zaheer who was nine and the eldest understood the great news, he embraced his father rejoicing with him.
Ummu Zaheer beamed excitedly when she showed her daughter to her husband. He gazed at the little pink girl, the perfection in her and he fell in love at once. He swore to protect her with everything in him. He prayed to Allah to make her his inshirah(comfort), the coolness in their eyes. He loved her so much and he wanted to give her everything.
Sixteen Years Later,
Zakiyah Jaleel was excited for the strike, the second semester was tedious and she had been sick for the most part of it. The indefinite strike would give her the luxury of time to study and aced all her exams when school resumed. They were just two weeks closer to their semester examination when the strike started. She was in her second year studying Business Management and Entrepreneurship at University of PortHarcourt. It was not like her course was very tough but she was also studying Cosmetology online in a foreign University. By the time she clock nineteen, she would have two degrees to her name. She was a very ambitious young girl and her father indulged her. Before she left high school, she wanted to learn a foreign language. Her father found her a French teacher, today she was fluent in the Language.
For a sixteen year old she was smart. She knew what she wanted from an early age and nothing was a challenge for her until she hit puberty at age thirteen. The big changes in her body and the feelings that accompanied them worried her. She used to be a carefree girl who sometimes forgot to wear the hijab, she was free to sit on her father's leg while watching TV or her brothers'. But since her breasts became bigger, wider hips all within a single year, she was all of a sudden being treated like the untouchable girl. Her father does not allow her near his legs anymore, he told her she was too old and weighty for that nor do her brother's allowed her to stay with them especially when their friends are around. Her father became stricter with her, he was always insisting she wore her hijabs and long dresses. She understood the whole purpose of hijab as a Muslim, but it was just the whole sudden change that wore her down. Although her father still hugged and kiss her on the forehead and cheeks but he stopped coming into her room without her permission neither do her brothers.
There was the sexual education her mother talked to her about which left her with too many questions and she asked her father about them, she saw how extremely uncomfortable he was answering them
Since then, she stopped burdening her parents and kept her thoughts to herself. When she started feeling funny, she would recite Suratul Nas for protection from evil eyes. It was months later she got to know from her peers in school that it was natural to have sexual feelings.
At home, her parents supervised the shows she watched but they were not aware Zakiyah was light years ahead of them. With the overwhelming presence of sex everywhere, she had read novels from her peers that contained sexual innuendos. She had heard gist from her friends who were engaged in Haram relationships termed boyfriend and girlfriend these days. They told her everything from masturbation to other sexual acts but the shame of engaging in those acts with Allah bearing witness to them wouldn't make her do it.
She invested the energy on other activities like sports. She loved playing volleyball and swimming but the thoughts are always still there.
Her brother Zaheer became a marine engineer, his education was fast as well and at twenty two he was already done with NYSC and was lucky to get a job in Port Harcourt. It was during his period at the University that he met a friend at MSSN camp, the two became very close and a regular visitor at each other's house. His friend, Caliph came to live with them. He was a medical student at UCH. She was a child when he began staying with them, she saw nothing to him except his kindness. As she grew older, she watched his affection towards Salma. She had been jealous and prayed to Allah she wanted to grow faster so she could be his wife. It had been a silly child fantasy, only if she knew it would become a reality.
Caliph loved Salma and every male who wasn't a Mahram of Salma wished she was theirs. Salma was light skinned, slim and very beautiful too. She had the physique of a royal queen, she spoke quietly like she was shy but her face was confident itself. The first time Caliph saw her, he was nineteen while she was eighteen. It was love at first sight for him, the first time he would feel a thing for the opposite sex. He regretted not lowering his gaze that day, if he had maybe her face would not be etched in his brain disturbing his sleep.
After two years of watching her from afar and wishing she was his, he approached Abu Zaheer and asked him if he could seek Salma's hand in marriage. He was already close to doing housemanship and would soon have a source of income to take care of his new family. Abu Zaheer was pleased and gave him his permission. He had known Caliph for all of four years, he was proud of his morals and religiousity. Caliph had a beauty that outshone many men's, he could be thought of as the Yusuf of their time. It made him glad that he wasn't promiscuous and took the advantage the many females that kept trooping into the home of Abu Zaheer all in the name of seeking treatment for an illness. Abu Zaheer was always quick to remind them that Caliph was only a student doctor not a medical doctor yet.
Caliph expressed his feelings for Salma and surprisingly enough, she was quick to say yes. He had been on top of the world, everything was set for him; a good career, a good life and a beautiful wife to match. The men at their communities were envious, he could see it in their eyes. But they had no choice than to wish them well and pray to Allah to grant them theirs.
It was when Salma went for NYSC that everything they built came crashing. She met a mixed version of Lebanon and Nigeria and she fell in love with him. His name was Majid, his mother was Lebanese and his father was a Nigerian from the Northern part of Nigeria. Majid looked like the Arabian men, he was too handsome, way better than Caliph was in her eyes. When he told her he would marry her, she had been excited and didn't feel a single guilt about breaking her promise to Caliph.
The whole situation hurt the Abu Zaheer's family. Everyone in Abu Zaheer's home was against Salma's decision and warned her about the strange man she just met. But she didn't listen to them. She eventually went to her parents' home, that singular act made Ummu Zaheer to be furious. She had raised Salma as her own but the girl tossed aside her bond with her uncle's family because she was in love and saw Ummu Zaheer and her uncle as the enemy that wanted to destroy her new found love. She got married to Majid with the blessings of her parents leaving behind shattered hearts in the home of Abu Zaheer.
One night when she was in bed with her husband. It's been two months Salma got married and left them, she missed the girl she had raised for twelve years.
"Why would she just hop and leave us like that? She hasn't returned any of my calls" Ummu Zaheer lamented
"That's the thing with raising other people's children. If she was ours, would she have been so disobedient? If she saw us as her parents, would she have stopped calling us because we are against her choice?" Abu Zaheer asked in return.
He was equally hurt by Salma's action. His heart bled especially for Caliph. The boy had been a shadow of himself. The whole thing made him had an extra year at the medical school, it would have been worse assuming he wasn't a believer. Abu Zaheer could imagine the many vices like alcohol, sex, gambling some people lost themselves in because of grief. Audhubillah!
That same night, thirteen year old Zakiyah tiptoed into Caliph's room. She had her provisions with her.
"Caliph" she called in the dark.
Her brothers would screamed at her if they saw her alone in Caliph's room.
The room suddenly became illuminated. She saw him on the bed looking sad. He had been sad since Salma left him and she almost despised her cousin for that. How could anyone leave a fine gentleman like Caliph? She hurt for him, she had even begged Salma not to leave him but Salma had told her in her haughty voice that she would only understand when she became a woman. But Zakiyah knew even if she was forty years old she would never understand why one would abandon a good man for a stranger.

Ya Allah! Help me grow up quickly so I can be the coolness in his eyes. She said her routine prayer again. She no longer felt guilty for her prayers. Before when she fantasized about Caliph, she always felt bad for longing after a man that belonged to her cousin. She would pray to Allah to forgive and give her a man like Caliph.
But now Salma was gone, the prayer felt right. She would be Caliph's wife. Soon. She prayed.
"Zakiyah" he called, patting the space beside him. She sat down on his bed smiling at him.
She brought out her cornflakes and milk. She poured some in the cup and added plenty milk with cold water.
"You didn't eat lunch, you didn't eat dinner. I don't want you to be sick" she said to him with all the innocent love in her.
Caliph didn't feel like eating. He didn't feel anything. His life had a clear route until Salma ruined his peace. Now he was dealing with an extra year, he begged Allah to ease the exam for him. He stared at Zakiyah and smiled, she was among the many that were worried about him. He did not want to be the reason others were worried or sad but he couldn't snap out of his emptiness and live like he wanted to.
"Take" Zakiyah held the spoon to his mouth
He smiled at the baby's hand that was holding a spoon towards him. He couldn't help it but just let her fed him.
The routine continued for many months to a year and he went for his service. That night built an easy friendship for them.

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