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The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 5:10pm On Sep 20
THE RED GIRL written by Gabriel Odigiri

We first met Ana at a dinner party in Ikoyi. It was hard not to look at this red haired beautiful girl in a sleeveless mini gown that hugged her petite but voluptuous body. It was hard and Sophia noticed.

“Why not talk to her,” She whispered to me whilst handing me a glass of red wine. “Not yet,” I swallowed a gulp and looked away but not for long as she was with Sophia now and they were both smiling at me.
Sophia led her to me and I swallowed a hard gulp of my drink. “It was about to happen again,” I thought.

"I am Ana?” She stretched her skinny arms at me, I tell you, it was hard not to look, as her red lush lips bulged with a smile. I wanted to wet those lips.

"What did my wife say to you?” I asked. I knew what Sophia would tell her but I wanted to be sure.

“That’s your wife?” She acted shocked but it was clear she was pretending.
Sophia was at the end of the hall giving me the go-ahead but I couldn’t say anything more than: “I like your smile.”

"Thank you,” She flushed and bit her lower lip and I took another gulp of my drink.

"Your wife said, you were looking at me so I wanted to know why?”

“I wasn’t looking at you,” I wanted to say these words for Sophia’s sake but I couldn’t miss bending Ana over the toilet sink and pounding her bare flesh at every second that slid away.

"It’s hard not to look at you…” I said and turned to ends of the hall but Sophia wasn’t anywhere again, it was just a bunch of people dancing in circles.

“Do you see my wife anywhere?” I asked her and she was ready with her answer: “maybe she don’t want to be seen.”

The last time this happened I had felt the most guilt. Eva was the name of the last girl, if that was her real name. We met her at a friend’s wedding reception and it was Sophia’s idea that I tried her out and she was easy to get. It happened at the ladies’ room and she only took off her panties and bent over the sink, for me to thrust my penis in between her legs and she was subtle enough not to let a scream out and get us noticed by the talkative ladies that kept talking about how undeserving the bride was of the groom.

We drove home silent that night and went to bed the same way.

"Are okay?” I had asked Sophia and she smiled out at me not uttering a word. I was to believe everything was fine but it wasn’t.
And now this, Ana wanted to be bent over and I felt it in my gut but I couldn’t do this to Sophia again.

We listened to Jon Bellion as we drove home, I had loved what Sophia loved so it wasn’t hard to love Jon Bellion. “Tell me about it,” Sophia said as the music died down. “About what?” I pretended not to know what she was referring to.

“About the red girl?” She heaved her voice over the intro of Coldplay’s ‘paradise’

“Nothing happened…” I replied and I imagined her reaction. She should be happy, I did not go through with it.

“You are lying…” She scoffed and raised the volume of the song. It was hard to believe, I did not blame her.

“No, I am not…” I said and pulled up at the traffic stop with the red light unblinking same as Sophia.

"She refused?” She let out her signature low laugh but it had never symbolized happiness.
“It wasn’t her. It was all me.”

Between my last statement and when the greenlight gave us the go-ahead there was a silence that I had thought it would be kiss on my cheek or a hug but Sophia was cold like she had wanted me to go through with it.

"I gave a man a head,” She said finally, breaking the silence.

“Head?” I knew what that meant but I wanted to be sure.

“I wouldn’t have done it if I knew we were not going to go through with it,” I sensed contrite in her voice but it was too late, I was hurt already.

It was my turn to serve the silent treatment and I had done it expertly. Once she rolled over to kiss me and I bluntly refused.

“Same mouth you used to give a Mouth Gig abi?”
She should feel worse than I had felt; that was my intention but Sophia had many tricks under sleeves.

One evening I returned from work to find Ana with her in the living room, having a laugh like old friends. Ana wore a short denim gown and I could not help but look at her beautiful brown legs, it was hard I tell you but I already knew the game Sophia was playing.

"Remember Ana hon…?” Sophia said stroking the red hair of Ana.

"Can I have a word with you?” I retorted and left them with bewilderment.

I waited for her at the kitchen doorway, dying to wipe off the smirk on her face as she approached.

"What is she doing here?” I could not wait for her to get to me before blurting out.

"I met her at the mall and I thought it would be nice to invite her over.”

"Well you thought wrong…” I retorted and made for the fridge in the kitchen.
“You never had a chance with her at the party,” She followed me – the wife of the year.

"I told you I couldn’t do it…,” I said and slammed back the door of the fridge after grabbing a bottle of water.

“I could tell her to leave…” She said and paused, waiting for me to say something else but I held my words and took a gulp of the water.

“Well she is here already…” I said finally and a mischievous smile covered her face. After five years of marriage, I might have been wrong to think that Sophia doesn’t know my ‘mumu button.’

Ana had dinner with us and she laughed stupidly all through it and I could not help but imagine her naked on my bed.

"You have a beautiful home,” Ana said, stealing a glance at my lusted face whilst referring her statement to Sophia. I might had been wrong to guess Ana was anything but a teenager – sixteen or seventeen, her red hair was just a disguise.
That night Ana accepted to follow me to my room. I left the light on to make her feel comfortable.

"Would you like to shower first?” I asked and waited for her response but she said nothing and climbed the bed, feeling its softness and then spread her legs.

"The light…” She said and I looked at her quizzically for a split second and then turned the light off whilst she moved to the head of the bed with her legs still apart and I hurled my trouser to the floor.

"Don’t rush…” her voice was almost hard to hear as I climbed the bed. “I like it gentle.”
I went for gentle, helped her out of her dress and her G-string gently.

"Kiss me...”

I kissed her neck first and then her chin and her lips welcomed me.

"Do you like this?”

I went for her bulging breast and her reddened nipples and she quivered and sent a shrill moan to the air.

I buried my head in between her legs with my tongues finding its way through to her clits.

"Hah…” She moaned again.

"Keep it down,” I whispered to her and she nodded affirmatively.

Nothing was more palatable than the next ten minutes -- she was sweeter than honey and I couldn’t help but pour hot milk into her.

Sophia was in the living room with a glass of vodka and watching a re-run episode of desperate housewives when I came downstairs.

"How was it?” Her voice was low.

“It wasn’t bad,” I replied and collapsed on the couch with her.

"How is she?” She asked and took a gulp of vodka.

"Where I left her. She should rest for the night I think.”

"Sure,” She said and staggered up.

"Are you drunk?” I held her hand, trying to stop her from taking another step.

“I am fine…” She said and hurled her hand away and made for the stairs.

"I need to check on her, so she doesn’t steal anything.”

It was passed the hours of four when Sophia returned and I was half asleep on the couch.

"Bash…” She shouted and I jolted from the couch.

"What’s wrong?”

There was a knife in her hand covered with blood and she was hyperventilating.

“It has happened again?” She managed to say and I knew already what had happened, it was now left for me to clean our mess.

©,2020. Gabriel Odigiri


Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Odoogu(m): 8:40pm On Sep 20
Meeehn.. this is gonna be dope. oremeyii Ann2012 I know you girls gonna see this eventually.. cheesy
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Ann2012(f): 9:00pm On Sep 20
Meeehn.. this is gonna be dope.
I know you girls gonna see this eventually.. cheesy

Thanks for the mention

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by germaphobe(m): 11:29pm On Sep 20

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by PriestDaniz(m): 11:56pm On Sep 20
Update Update Update iyaaaiiiii

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 3:20am On Sep 21
Meeehn.. this is gonna be dope. oremeyii Ann2012 I know you girls gonna see this eventually.. cheesy
Thank you Odoogu. We are just getting started.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:48am On Sep 21
Update Update Update iyaaaiiiii
Thanks a lot. it's coming soon. Anticipate.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by dawno2008(m): 11:34am On Sep 21
Just imagine this demented couple oo angry
This look interesting, oya okada drop me here shocked

I don show grin

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Oremeyii(f): 1:03pm On Sep 21
Meeehn.. this is gonna be dope.
I know you girls gonna see this eventually.. cheesy
Seen smiley
Thanks for the mention kiss

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 1:24pm On Sep 21
Just imagine this demented couple oo angry This look interesting, oya okada drop me here shocked
I don show grin
��� welcome.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by dawno2008(m): 1:40pm On Sep 21

��� welcome.

Osheeey @Gabrendo,abeg tell something silently in my ears,I don't want anybody to hear, this couple na serial killers abl? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Don't loud it oo,just whisper it in my ears shocked
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 5:28pm On Sep 21

Osheeey @Gabrendo,abeg tell something silently in my ears,I don't want anybody to hear, this couple na serial killers abl? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked

Don't loud it oo,just whisper it in my ears shocked

Don't worry my friend. I got you.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 4:44am On Sep 24
Episode 2: how we met ourselves

I met Sophia at one of those society parties in VI. Beautiful with a spice of sassy. Confidence matched with poise. The funny thing is, she was not close to anything i have dreamt of about the woman I was to spend eternity with. Nothing but shots was fired that day and feeling caught flames.

She wore a shiny leathered evening gown. Less make up. Gold crested purse. So classy. The kind of woman that need no introduction that she is from an influential home. I could tell she was a million dollars not my mate and in that regards, she was off limit. I wasn’t there to fall my hand. Rubbing shoulders with the rich and the mighty didn’t imply getting kicked out of the party cause a simple handshake was extending to the elbow. See, at that time I was working as a marketer for one washed up insurance bank. A meager pay that couldn’t afford the kind of sweet boy association lifestyle I wanted to live in Lagos but man must survive.

So we pay our ways to parties like this to hunt for clients and Sophia was supposed to be one of those prospective clients.

She was just seated there, at a corner of the room, sipping on something, I later got to find out was way stronger than the black I was sipping.

“A beautiful evening madam…”

I tell you, I was so tensed but I manage to fake it all. One of the key qualities of our profession is confidence but her look greeted me with shivers.

“What do you want?”

“I just need a little of your time, if you don’t mind?”

“Okay…” She shrugged and took a sip of that strong thing.

“Can I sit with you?”

“Oga, your time is running out,” she snapped.

Sophia could pass for those rude, bitchy spoilt lekki girls with no love in their lives and no time to speak to a well suited guy like me who clearly is uninterested in them but just want to break the bank with their father’s money. So what’s with the attitude girl?

But I cleared my throat and began:

“My name is Baruch…” And she gave me that look that everybody gives me when I tell them my name. What kind of name is that?

“… Adejor. I am from west inland bank,” but she shushed me that instant with: “wait, you are one of those marketer guys?”

Do I need to answer that really? Aunty, you are interrupting my world class pitch, tested and trusted for a frame of six months now.

“Sorry, I am not opening any bank account.” She rolled her eyes.

“At least listen to what I am about to say.”

“Mr. Man in a suit and tie, I hope you understand English?”

Okay, that was the heights. I was in a suit and tie affirmed, I understood English pretty well. She was the one with communication issues that would need to be fixed by the dictionary.

“Thank you for your time Ma’am…” I turned from her, just as I said earlier, what was the gain in getting thrown out of the party without even getting someone to open an account?


So much for the lingua lesson but I guessed she changed her mind. I turned back to her.


Things was about to be interesting. The all bitchy lady was now wearing a smile.

I sat with her and my nose welcomed her sweet perfume that must cost a fortune.

So you are interested in opening an account?”

“Not really…but I know people who could…”
“Okay…” but I paused — the look on her face could tell she wanted something in return and I ran through a mental calculation of what she might want from me. Wait, no…hope it wasn’t what I was thinking? Her eyes were telling me, she wanted a Cunnilingus.

“So when are you introducing me to them?”

“Not now… Maybe later. For now, just sit with me and let’s drink,” and that smile on her face beamed with sly.

“I am sorry but I need to be out there, searching for clients.”

“Look around you, people are here to unwind and have fun. No one wants to fill up a blank sheet from a marketer.”

“All the same, I am here to do the job I am been paid for.”

“I will get you clients. Just relax…chill.”

It was so tempting to just relax and chill. Pretend to be a Lagos big boy. Hang around this sophisticated babe and have fun but I was on a thin thread and just relaxing could cause the bank to terminate my contract at the end of the month. But jeez, Sophia was the devil.

“Okay,” then I took a gulp of that strong drink she was sipping and there I knew this was a stone cold woman.

“So how much do you get paid?” She asked. Was it the drink or this lady wasn’t a bitch as I thought earlier?

“50 k…” and she burst into laughter.

“50 k, for all this stress? That’s our gate man’s salary nah.”

There, the ground could have opened and swallowed me up. Four years in UI, excluding the number of times we went on ASUU strike. NYSC in Gboko, a village in Benue state. Moved to Lagos in search of greener pastures and an aboki without a primary school certificate was earning the same amount with me. Life no balance, seriously.

“You should quit…”

“And be unemployed, do know how long it took me to get this job?”

“Okay, let’s make a deal. I will give you double of your salary tonight, if you do just one thing for me?”

Was it a Cunnilingus? I would do it with my whole three inches tongue. But, wait double my salary? 100 k?

“What is that thing?”

You will find out soon,” She smiled, that sly smile.

Flash forward into getting wasted and laughing over the driest jokes I have ever cracked in my life. Sophia pulled closer to me and buried her tongue in my mouth. That was pretty awkward, I mean we just met a few hours ago but I couldn’t resist the taste of her lips.

But then our lips parted and she asked for my account number and in no time I got a 100k credit alert.

“Nice in doing business with you…” She grabbed her purse and stood whilst I was just there, in shock, gawking at her.

“See you another time, Mr. man in a suit and tie,” and she walked away from me.

“Thank you…” My excited voice followed her as she made her way to the exit.

I took another look at the alert, still trying to believe my eyes and then I turned to Sophia and it struck me — this woman was my key to becoming a Lagos big boy.

But here, I was today, looking down at the red girl, with her intestine severed and wondering if I did wrong by marrying Sophia.

©2020, Gabriel Odigiri



Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Lakesc(m): 10:41pm On Sep 24

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by dawno2008(m): 4:18am On Sep 25
Hmm isookay cool
Waiting for more

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Tonyspecial(m): 4:50pm On Sep 25
Nice one

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 6:38pm On Sep 25
Nice one

Thank you so much.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 6:38pm On Sep 25

Thank you.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 6:39pm On Sep 25
Hmm isookay cool
Waiting for more

Thank you so much. More on the way.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by udorazzi(m): 10:29pm On Sep 25
Im so loving this story..Got me glued

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 6:12am On Sep 30
Episode 3

A lot of options danced in my head. Wrap her up in the sheets and drive all the way to bay beach and drown her corpse in the sea. Cut her into parts, small enough to flush down the toilets. Dissolve her remains with acid but that would require me driving to the store to get it and in all, it’s quite complicated. A lot of options but I needed to make one, before her body protrudes and starts to smell.

Moments like this, my thinking cap came very handy but I was blank, maybe it was the drink we had earlier, I really couldn’t tell and Sophia was looking up to me very impatiently to clean up our mess

"Do something Bash, don’t just stand there, staring at her... “ Sophia snapped, typical of her to want to put this on me.

“I am thinking.” I snapped back.

"Thinking?” She furrowed that her demon eyes brows. Just send me to hell woman. Send me… That’s my crime for marrying you.

“We will have to drive all the way to bay beach,” I needed to say this really quick, so we didn’t start off with a fight and end up in cuffs in the morning.

"Bay beach… For all the places in Lagos?”

"What do you then suggest? Put her in a waste bin?”

"That’s better than driving all the way to bay beach, risking the police pulling us over.”

God… If you know Sophia like I do. She’s just your perfect definition of a pain in the ass. The actual ass. I was scared like shit here, standing over a dead girl. Not just any dead girl. The red girl I was just intimate with a couple of minutes ago and I was suppose to just throw her into a garbage bag and send her off to olusosun dump site. I know I am cold sometimes but Sophia is antarctica kind of colder.

"Say something Bash. I think she’s starting to smell.”

The red girl was the third girl in our dead by accident list but by this time and I was not about to convince myself again that this wasn’t premeditated by Sophia.

The first girl. Naomi, if that was her real name. We met on one of our trips to Dubai. Beautiful with a perfectly sculpted body. I am talking plastic surgery sculpted. Ultimate light skin with an imported accent. British or whatever but she’s a south-south girl, calabar precisely.

I took a photo of her riding on a horse in the desert and she thanked me with an embrace, rubbing her full breast over my chest. We could have left her, riding away into the sunset but Sophia grew a rather odd liking for her and when we later got to find out she was Nigerian that sealed it up. We went almost everywhere with her. Took pictures to last a life time everywhere. Went to night clubs and stayed up till morning. Crashed on the sofa in our hotel room. I teasingly named her our adopted sister.

Then, she let me have a view of her black hard nipples, leaving the bathroom for our room, baring her breast as a trap for me and I couldn’t go to sleep that night, stayed up dreaming about her breasts.

We couldn’t make a move at her in Dubai, cause we feared it could be illegal, not like worse things don’t happen over there but just so we were not about to violate some moral codes.

We left her behind in Dubai, she was to meet up with her friends coming from South Africa or so but she promised to find us once she arrive Lagos.

I think it was about six month later when Sophia informed me that she called and was coming over that weekend. I fantasized about the many things I would do to that breasts of hers but she didn’t show up that weekend or the weekend after that and we gave up.

Then one Friday night when Sophia and I were huddled up on a couch, watching on TV, a Mexican house wife turned mob-queen extract the penis of her cheating husband, Naomi called that her uber guy just dropped her off in our estate but she forgot our house number.

I picked her up at the gate and we kicked off from there. She asked why I never made a move on her in Dubai when it was so obvious I was dying to bend her over and beat up her bare flesh in every direction the room would allow. I laughed, trying to avoid answering.

"Was it because of your wife?” She asked.

"Well, yeah…” I lied.

"Too bad cause she was having her own fun under your nose.”

I halted for a moment for some explanation. What she meant by her own fun under your nose?

But Naomi had suddenly turned mute.

"I don’t want to come between you two.”

"You are already between us…”

She took her time. Some not very served theatrics. Beat. Beat. I knew she was eager to serve me this hot disclosure.

"I caught her in the ladies’ with this Arabian man, trapped in between her legs, five minutes straight.”

But she never told me. We went on the trip, fantasizing about having a party with either an Arabian woman or man. Favorably, a woman, looking like a model out of a banned x-rated Dubai magazine and she went on and had it with an Arabian man and never told me?

I tried not to wear it on my face that I didn’t know. Didn’t want to give Naomi the ground to divide us. Maybe Sophia had her reason for not telling me or this was all a cooked up lie by the woman we were about to let into our home.
Sophia and Naomi hugged like long lost sisters when we got home. We later had a bottle of wine and Naomi introduced us to this game where we impersonate celebrities and the others had to guess who it was.

And then into the room. We finally had the party. This was the first time, I saw Sophia kiss another woman. I never pegged her for a bi when I saw in that party in VI and made it my life mission to get her to fall in love with me. That’s a story for another time.

Two naked ladies all for me. One my wife, the other the lady we met on a trip. No divide. Just for that gratification and sexual fantasies and when it was all done, I felt it in my gut that I was no longer that boy brought up in a catholic home to refrain from sexual perversion or incur the punishment from Sodom and Gomorrah. I was a man in a picture perfect marriage and many dirty skeletons in the cupboard.

I left them for the living room to crash and got woken by the sound of a scream in the middle of the night. Ran upstairs to find Naomi lifeless on the floor with her neck twisted and her eyes open and staring blankly at me.

“Sophia, what have you done?”

In Sophia’s defense, she caught her trying to steal her gold but it was all an accident.
We rolled her up in a blanket and drove that night, with her corpse in the trunk and got pulled over by police men on night duty and there I concluded that Sophia would be the death of me.

©Gabriel, Odigiri. 2020


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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by RUKKYPRINCESS: 7:15am On Sep 30
Keep it flowing
Thanks for the update

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Lakesc(m): 9:54am On Sep 30
Interesting, thanks for the update....

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Odoogu(m): 10:28am On Sep 30
standard... keep Em Rolling in.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by oluwadabira111(m): 11:22am On Sep 30
Love this sure to follow it too the end!

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:33pm On Sep 30
keep Em Rolling in.

Thank you. Anticipate.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by PriestDaniz(m): 11:58pm On Sep 30
This gist bad gancheesy,I go follow bumper to bumper.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Bombastically00(m): 12:35am On Oct 01
Sum1 should pls keep me updated about this interesting story...

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Tonyspecial(m): 5:03pm On Oct 01

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Fejimummy: 5:30pm On Oct 02
chai what a story

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by bizza45: 6:32pm On Oct 02
Plz how much for d full story ...can't be waiting for this bits by bits

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:04am On Oct 06
This gist bad gancheesy,I go follow bumper to bumper.

Thank you so much. New update coming soon

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