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Love Without End EPD 2 (heart Touching Love Story...retold By A Young Girl) 18+ / Love Without End (heart Touching Love Story...retold By A Young Girl) 18+ / If I Were A Girl 18+ (2) (3) (4)

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:15am On Oct 06
Plz how much for d full story ...can't be waiting for this bits by bits

Don't worry. I got you.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:36am On Oct 06
Episode 4

The police man with a burnt scar covering half of his sullen face refused the money Sophia offered him. He insisted we open the trunk of our vehicle or he will open fire on us. By this time, I had given up. It was over. I had imagined myself, in kirikiri, living on hard labor and uncooked beans and had imagined Sophia in the female wing, getting tossed around by masculine looking female prisoners for breakfast.

Do something Bash…Sophia needed not to say these words, her eyes did. But what can I do to prevent these men from joining our hands in cuffs and shoving us into the trunk of their van, when they discover Naomi’s stiff body wrapped in our expensive blanket imported from China.
I could tell her what’s on my mind but unlike her, I haven’t mastered the art of flawlessly communicating with the eyes.
Why don’t you use your father’s contact to get us out of this mess? But I knew that would be impossible, especially when it involved me.

Sophia’s father, Honorable Clark Badmus, former Lagos state governor and present seating senator in the red chambers would have made these policemen scurry back to their van at just a call away. They didn’t call him the jagaban of Lagos for nothing. The man had connections at every extension. Federal, local, international, he even had the present seating governor Tope Benjamin at his toes. A man with such status, tell me, why wasn’t she calling daddy?

That’s because, many years ago when Sophia took me to their family’s mansion in VI for her mother’s birthday dinner and also to officially introduce me as her boyfriend to the family, honorable Badmus had mistaken me for a clown, that had probably come to entertain the guests, not like I wore a multi-colored wig and had ridiculous make up on. I wore the Italian suit

Sophia brought for me the day before, so I couldn’t tell why he was laughing so loudly that everyone at the table had to join him, excluding Sophia and I.

"Laraba, tell me another joke…” He goofed again, causing another laughter around the table.

"Dad, you are embarrassing my guest,” Sophia spoke with poise as ever. The intimidating presence of her father. The big man that his billboard stands tall at Ikeja bridge, that have had me staring into his non responsive big face anytime I drove past that road, couldn’t make her lose her might.

"We are getting married,” She dropped this bombshell, that had me shell shocked cause I didn’t remember proposing marriage to her.

The room was now quiet. I had expected another round of laughter but everyone seem shell shocked as I was.

Sophia reached for my hand under the table, it was shaky and sweaty. I felt embarrassed, I needed to be just as poise as my new fiancée.

"This must be another joke?” Honorable Badmus, finally broke the silence and he wasn’t laughing or goofing around this time. His face looked serious like all his political posters plastered all over Lagos.

"It's not a joke Dad, we are in love and we are getting married.”

For the first time, Honourable Badmus steadied his eyes on me, like he was trying to somehow find in my face, what his daughter must have seen in me to want to marry me. He couldn’t find it.

"What about Senator Tamuno’s son… Solomon, I thought you were in love?” He asked, now focusing his eyes on Sophia. You could tell, this man was on the verge of losing it. For whatever other reason, he must have thought me unworthy of been his daughter’s husband, one stood out. I wasn’t from a family of elites but Solomon was.

"Dad, it’s obvious you haven’t been paying attention. Solomon and I haven’t been together for two years now.”

"Why?” he asked, almost in a pleading tone.

"He bleeped a man Dad. Don’t you remember?”

The night Sophia and I met, with the whole lips locking out of nowhere and the alert that got me all crazy and fuzzy. It was ploy to get Solomon’s attention, cause he had arrived the party with another woman, the daughter of some state commissioner. She wanted to get him jealous or give him the impression that she had moved on from their dirty break up.

But this whole new information about Solomon been gay didn’t add up. She needed not to make him feel jealous, if he was into man.
but I thought

"But I thought you have settled that a long time ago?” Honorable Badmus, in the same almost pleading voice, asked.

"What? You want me to share my husband with other Lagos men?”

Honorable badmus shrugged like that wasn’t enough reason to break up an engagement. Like he was fine with his daughter been unhappy in her marriage, as far he got favors from Senator Ebiokpo Tamuno, Solomon’s father, who was the present senate president.

"No marriage is perfect and beside he promised he was going to change.”

"People don’t change from been that…Dad.”

At this point, Honorable Badmus was tired of the back and forth. He was going to leave Sophia to her mother to speak some senses into her but for me, there was no chance in hell I was marrying his daughter.

We drove from the dinner that day, listening to Sophia’s all time favorite, Jon Bellion in silence. I wanted to ask her, if the engagement announcement was a ploy to get her father vexed, cause it seemed like she derived a great deal of joy doing that but I didn’t, I let us mull over the silence and Jon Bellion’s soothing voice.
Days later, I pawned my V-booth for an expensive diamond ring and officially proposed to her and she said yes.

We got married at Lagos registry, with no family member either from my side or hers. Months later, we received news that her mother passed away, after fighting cancer for such a long time.

We went to the funeral in matching outfit but Honorable Badmus almost gunned us down, if not for the prying eyes of other guests and flashing camera lights of newsmen.
We later found out at the will reading that her mother had bequeathed her estates and a large chunk of money to Sophia, so we didn’t need Honourable Badmus to live the affluent lifestyle.

l was living my best life, everything I had dreamt of. The sweet boy association lifestyle. But on a certain day everything became clearer to me why Sophia had chosen me over Solomon. I caught her in bed with her gym instructor and she urged me to join them. My Jaw dropped to the ground and I couldn’t pick it up.

The life of affluence comes with a dreaded price, so as long as I enjoy it, I was to pay the price every day.

I had started to hyperventilate, shaking like I was having a aeizure. This was the plan. This was how we were going to escape not searched by the police and Sophia knew it and she shrieked loudly.

"Officers help, my husband is dying.”

But the policemen got distracted by a pug ant stench oozing out of our trunk.

©, Gabriel Odigiri, 2020

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 9:39am On Oct 06
Sum1 should pls keep me updated about this interesting story...

A new update is live. Thank you.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Bombastically00(m): 11:25am On Oct 06

A new update is live. Thank you.
thanks for the update
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by makuazini(m): 12:55pm On Oct 06
OMG I'm so in love with this story!
keep feeding us.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Bombastically00(m): 5:46pm On Oct 06
I dey follow u bumper to bumper
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Austeeenxx: 10:33pm On Oct 06
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Lakesc(m): 6:30am On Oct 08
End of the road for this murderous couple, thanks OP...
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Fejimummy: 7:27am On Oct 08
End of the road for this murderous couple, thanks OP...
it is only the wife that is a murderer the guy is just a mumu accomplice
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by KelvinCoaster(m): 12:24pm On Oct 08
Good storyline!
Keep it up Gabriel.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by RUKKYPRINCESS: 7:40pm On Oct 08
Thanks for the update
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by oluwadabira222(m): 7:48pm On Oct 08
End time couple.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by KhingPaul(m): 10:05pm On Oct 08
Wow. Stumbled upon this piece and i'm captivated already. Good work bro. Gboko in Benue state huh? That's actually my local government of origin. Thanks.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 5:28am On Oct 18
Episode 5

As she sunk deep into the ocean, there our horrors sunk too. We could have a sigh of relief and a glass of strong wine. Not many rookies had gotten away with murder, so it was something to pop a bottle of champagne over but we drove home that night, quiet as the cold shivering night.

The week after that night was slow and the nights were even slower. Sophia kept waking up every spilt hour to drink water from the fridge. I suspected she was having nightmares about Naomi but I didn’t ask. I had mine to deal with. A lady in white, floating in the mid air with blood gushing out of my mouth stood like a giant portrait in my dreams, written in letters of blood on a placard: MURDERER.. It gave me the creeps every freaking time but I try not to jolt from the bed screaming help.

We never really talked about the murder or the cover up, having narrowly escaped getting searched by the police because somehow the whole choking on my air bubbles didn’t work out and desperation finally led Sophia to call Solomon. Solomon who was now a member of the green chambers had threatened the policemen that he would put the IGP on call, if they didn’t let us go and the threat got to them. We drove into the night to baybeach and lifted the body of Naomi with Sophia on the head and me on the legs and dumped her into the ocean. It could have been my imagination but she felt heavier than when we first carried her into the trunk of our car at home. To think, dead bodies are suppose to be lighter, bewildered me.

Over dinner, over lunch, I waited for Sophia to say something. What really happened? Did you catch her red handed with the gold? Did she try to attack you? What? I wanted answers but the day I gathered the courage to ask Sophia, she looked me dead in the eyes with no memories.

"Who’s Naomi?

That gave me the creeps but I let it slid. We all needed the amnesia from that event anyway.
We moved on. Things were to go back to normal but on a certain Saturday morning, the doorbell that haven’t been used since we packed into our duplex, rung high in the air and when I opened the door, a man with the stomach of a pregnant woman greeted me with a set of yellow tooth.

"I am from the state CID…”

He flashed his ID card in my face. I could swear that wasn’t him. A slimmer looking fellow, better looking than the man in front of me.

"How can I help you officer?”

"I just want to ask you a few questions.”

That week had been a no TV week for us. We had killed every urge to turn on the TV and see the news of the drowned body of a young girl found by a fisherman or washed off the shores but it was rather too hard to keep off social media. Most blogger went for the photos of her in dubai on a horseback and to think, I was the one that took those photos of her was just unnerving. I couldn’t read how her body was found. Just couldn’t burden myself with those details while I was already burdened with the guilt of drowning her body.

"Why if I may ask?” I asked the policeman.

I had grown quite some balls. Standing there, not pissing my pants, trying hard not to look guilty of even killing a cockroach.

"Of a missing person,” He replied.

"Do you have a warrant officer?” I asked. This was borne out of many nights binge watching police procedurals in my laptop and hoping that police warrant was actually a thing in this part of the world.

"Just a few questions Sir, I won’t take your time.”

"A warrant or no questions Sir.” I maintained a tough face, like somehow it finally got to me, the many years of Sophia’s teasing that I don’t have a bad guy’s face.

The policeman left that day without questioning me and didn’t return again either. We only later got to find out that the missing person he wanted to question me about was the house help of one of our neighbors that absconded with their valuables.

We could breathe the free air throughout the rest of the year, having finally brought out our expensive blanket from the storeroom and set it ablaze. No evidence associating us to the crime, we move.

For the rest of the New Year, I promised the universe a new leaf. No extra marital affairs with some girl we met on a vacation or picked off the streets. Naomi’s incident was sign enough that God wasn’t in support of our sexual adventures.

Then came Laura Damini, a Nollywood actress Sophia met at some funding raising event and decided to have her MC an upcoming event of hers.

"She’s so pretty in person,” Sophia couldn’t stop gushing over her when she returned home that day and I couldn’t help but search for her on instagram. Sophia didn’t lie. She had the most charming set of brown eyes. The clearest of skin. Tall, with hips that don’t lie. A Sharon stone with Angelina Jolie as the icing on the cake. I could bend her over and in minutes I would have splashed sperm all over her but she wasn’t worth me breaking my new year’s resolution

Aophia invited her to the house on a certain day to run over some details about the event she would be MCing. I came home that day, craving a cold bath for my sun afflicted skin and went straight to the room after exchanging pleasantries and complimenting her beauty. After taking off my cloths, I made my way to the bathroom and submerged my naked self in the foamy bath tub and grabbed my erected rooster caused by the steamy images of Laura’s naked oily body in my head. I stroked my rooster, feeding on the images till I cum all over the bath.

That evening I didn’t know how to tell Sophia that I wanted so badly to have sex with Laura. I feared she would be upset that I wasn’t adhering to our resolutions but I wasn’t certain she was adhering anyway, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring this up but on a second thought, Sophia would tell me if she wanted us to go back to our former selves.

A day to the event Laura came visiting again. Sophia had gone for a meeting so I was home alone. I offered her a glass of wine and we sat in the living room talking everything pop culture and surprisingly about politics. Laura’s father was a big time politician rumored to have been assassinated by the rival party. She talked passionately about finding closure about his death some day. She seemed like an intelligent strong willed woman, I was so wrong to have pegged her a bimbo.

Sophia returned twenty minutes after Laura left. She wore a confusing grin throughout and I was forced to ask her what was exciting her.

"I wanted to ask you why you are not excited?” She asked me back.

"Excited over what?”


Laura? It explained the whole sheepish grin. Sophia had the whole Laura coming to the house planned, it was so obvious.

“Why should I be excited over Laura?”

“Nothing happened?”

“What were you expecting to happen?”

“Come on Bash…” She gave me the look that she didn’t believe me.

That evening I got to find out that Sophia was as fed up of our resolutions as I was. We started plotting ways to bring Laura on board but then I remembered Laura wouldn’t be an easy target and informed Sophia but she had a hard laugh over it.

"Aren’t all Nollywood actresses the same?

Sophia was right; it didn’t take much convincing Laura for a party. The money we paid her could buy her the latest benz to show off on social media as the product of her hustle.

We had many threesomes over the course of four months but on the fifth month, Laura was either tired or she saw a bigger opportunity to wreck us. She asked for hundred million naira bribe or she will expose us to the world.

I think she figured, we had a lot to lose if our arrangements came to limelight. Sophia’s father was recently elected by his party as the presidential candidate, a scandal like this could destroy his chances and we wouldn’t want to deal with his wrath at all. Laura didn’t really have much to lose, the bad publicity would somehow exonerate her dying acting career. The showbiz world is that crazy.

So we decided to pay her off but on the day Sophia was suppose to do the transfer, we heard that Laura drowned in her swimming pool.

©, Gabriel Odigiri, 2020
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Ann2012(f): 7:34am On Oct 18
Thanks for the update
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 10:27am On Oct 18
OMG I'm so in love with this story!
keep feeding us.
Thank you for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 1:50pm On Oct 18
Thanks for the update
Thanks for following.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by oluwadabira111(m): 3:30pm On Oct 18
This couple get as he be oh OP pls endeavour to update frequently!
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 6:21pm On Oct 18
This couple get as he be oh OP pls endeavour to update frequently!

I got you. Thanks for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by cyndy1000(f): 6:28pm On Oct 18
Good works so much to learn.
I blame the red girl. How can u agree to follow a woman n Bleep her hubby on their bed.
Hmmmmm Sophie I can't really describe her personality
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 2:41pm On Oct 19
Good works so much to learn.
I blame the red girl. How can u agree to follow a woman n Bleep her hubby on their bed.
Hmmmmm Sophie I can't really describe her personality

It's twisted right? Thanks for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 2:41pm On Oct 19
Wow. Stumbled upon this piece and i'm captivated already. Good work bro. Gboko in Benue state huh? That's actually my local government of origin. Thanks.

Thanks for following. More updates coming.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Lakesc(m): 3:52pm On Oct 19
Nice update...
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by cyndy1000(f): 3:58pm On Oct 19
[quote author=Gabrendo post=95097980]

It's twisted right? Thanks for following.[/quote

Yes ooo I don't get it oo
Common sense should have told her.
Please update oo
Its really an eye opener for what is happening in our society.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 8:01pm On Oct 19
Nice update...

Thanks for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by UCMax1: 8:57pm On Oct 19
Baba,you too much! one bottle of chilled lager beer for you.....
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by germaphobe(m): 10:18pm On Oct 19
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 1:26pm On Oct 20
Baba,you too much! one bottle of chilled lager beer for you.....

Thanks for following. I really need that chilled lager beer.

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Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 1:27pm On Oct 20

Thanks for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Altair25(m): 1:58pm On Oct 20
Okay sir, you have my interest
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by Gabrendo(m): 12:16pm
Okay sir, you have my interest
Wow, thanks for following.
Re: The Red Girl (18+) by cyndy1000(f): 12:57pm

Wow, thanks for following.

Please Update na

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