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Black Maria: Legends A Story By LarrySun / Maria: The Sequel / The Nemesis Of Ezra Season One:beginning Of Karma. (2) (3) (4)

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by jadeliyi(m): 5:09pm On Sep 21, 2020
Oh that's good am here already. thanks larrysun
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Palmerbarry: 6:29pm On Sep 21, 2020
Kudos LarrySun
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kelblaq(m): 8:01pm On Sep 21, 2020
am just wondering what this black skin larry Sun's brain looks like, with all this Hollywood worthy stories of his.
Larrysun is not a Nigerian
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Kaycee9242(m): 8:54pm On Sep 21, 2020

Am already here, thanks for the mention i appreciate bro

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ann2012(f): 9:28pm On Sep 21, 2020

One chilled champagne for you!!!

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Nickshrapnel: 10:12pm On Sep 21, 2020


Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by chioma8(f): 10:39pm On Sep 21, 2020
I don land....nice one Larrysun, keep it up..
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:43pm On Sep 21, 2020

Am already here, thanks for the mention i appreciate bro
Cheers man..
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ismaxx: 11:44pm On Sep 21, 2020
I really wished Peter quickly escape prison to foil bonafacio's plan n to show him he's skilled n wiser dan him I don't want OJB to die yet..I want him to be left with no choice dan to team up wit Peter to show bonafacio dat we black too are full of wit..I want him to be madly dealt wit like losing one ear n one leg before he could see d diamond not to talk of retrieving it...it's just dat after all,OJB will still pull a selfish stunt.

Larry, I dey feel u
It won't be bad if u could write a story abt laycon Bbn just to increase ur fan base...dunno if u are good at dat kind of story, seems u are engrossed or monopolized with thriller stories only...just thinking

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:45pm On Sep 21, 2020
[quote author=Nickshrapnel post=94174057][/quote]
Welcome bro.. I even misspelled your Moniker.. I've taken correction.. Nickshrapnel
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by EkopSparoAyara(m): 11:46pm On Sep 21, 2020

One chilled champagne for you!!!

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by ifemism02(m): 10:56am On Sep 22, 2020
Broda, I dun carry seat o... mention me in your next post Gee
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by AryEmber(f): 12:06pm On Sep 22, 2020
Oh! My Poor OJB!
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by PussyOdour(m): 1:17pm On Sep 22, 2020
am just wondering what this black skin larry Sun's brain looks like, with all this Hollywood worthy stories of his.

The guy is something else. I have seen writers,but LarrySun is just in another level. A rare breed of writer indeed.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by PussyOdour(m): 2:00pm On Sep 22, 2020
The preface passes so much message in it. You may think perhaps it's just a novel and this very one is a work of fiction. To me, it is more than a work of fiction.

Roberto if that's his name , i dont care! Take advantage of the corrupt system of the country and the continent and do whatever he wants to do ofcourse with money he will always have his way out... because of the corrupt state of the nation. This is sad! Ofcourse in Black Maria Book 3 the ending part of it, his case was so lenient at the end of it he was discharged and acquitted because money was involved.

Hear me well, i am not angry with the said Roberto, but this is exactly how the whites sees Nigeria, sees Africa.

inasmuch as i will admit that we are corrupt, the truth is, there are few good ones who won't be entice by what you're offering them.

LarrySun you've a work to do, i dont know how you'll do it, but anyway you can do it please do it. Please make this Roberto Bastard to meet someone who will not be move by what he has to offer. Maybe that alone will make him Change his view about the country/continent and it people.


Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Wonderz1(m): 8:11pm On Sep 22, 2020
Odogwu one God bless you for this update.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Sazzy07(m): 4:03am On Sep 23, 2020
After Ghosting through the Black Maria Series for many years, alas I have no option but to confess Sir Larrysun this is beyond words of appreciation, BTW how do you do it?
Your brain and it capabilities makes a strong intoxicant that one must come back for a dose that is rarely sufficient, you keep weaving and making an art that only you are aware of, introducing and reintroducing stranger dimensions of literary bliss, believe me when I say sir that this is my own literature high.
I greet Sir.

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Osjaay(f): 6:21am On Sep 23, 2020
Larrysun is not a Nigerian

Ohhhhh, so where's he from then? The name larry sounds like the shorter version of LANRE to me so I guess he's a Nigerian cool cool
[My thought thou cheesy wink smiley grin

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Osjaay(f): 6:22am On Sep 23, 2020

The guy is something else. I have seen writers,but LarrySun is just in another level. A rare breed of writer indeed.

Yes, he's really good
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Holluwaphlexy(m): 10:37am On Sep 24, 2020
I don land ooo
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Ultimategeneral: 2:04pm On Sep 24, 2020
As always, Larrysun giving it to us back to back.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by sltn(m): 3:03pm On Sep 24, 2020
am here. Great work mr larrysun God bless you.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by alabig(m): 9:56pm On Sep 24, 2020
Roberto is really taking enough for the eyes of karma to see.
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by ChemicalReaction(f): 11:42pm On Sep 24, 2020
Hopefully, Uche sees through Bonafacio and kills him instead.
How can anyone be this wicked?
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Doubra12(m): 10:57am On Sep 27, 2020
Another thriller loading,thanks for the update Larry
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by LarrySun(m): 7:32pm On Sep 27, 2020

Update 2

Tomorrow was the day Officer John Balewa was going to die. Roberto Bonifacio had made an arrangement with the person who would pull the trigger. The plan was simple enough.

“The promotion ceremony was going to be held in the open,” Roberto had told the thug. “You will stay among the crowd and watch the ceremony. As soon as Balewa has been handed the award and declared promoted, you will walk up to the stage and shoot him in the face. Do you understand?”

The thug seemed unsure about what he had just been told. “But only policemen are allowed at the ceremony. I’m not a policeman.”

Roberto smiled and placed a hand on the young thug’s soldier. “You don’t have to worry yourself about that. It has been arranged. You will attend the function dressed as a police officer. No suspicion would fall on you. I’ve arranged the police uniform you will wear, including the gun you’re going to carry on you. Everything will run smoothly. All you just need to do is walk up the podium and shoot Balewa in the face. You have to make sure he’s dead. Oh, don’t worry; you won’t be killed. I already told you the plan, didn’t I? The plan is not for you to be killed but to be arrested and jailed. Remember, you must not attempt to escape after shooting Balewa; it’s very important that you give yourself up for arrest. Do you understand me? You must not panic and run. If you run, you will be shot dead. The police won’t have any cause to shoot you if you surrender yourself; at least they’re not just going to shoot you like a common criminal. You would be wearing a police uniform. No one will harm you, trust me. You just have to play your part perfectly.”

“Okay,” said the young man, “I won’t fail you.”

Roberto smiled again and said, “You better not. There will be hell to pay if you do.”

That night, Roberto Bonifacio went to bed with pride; he had set in motion a plot that would bring him back his diamond. He felt like a genius. With this plan in place, there was no way he would not get back his diamond. And the most interesting part of it was that no one was going to charge him for this crime. The country’s justice system was weaker than gossamer’s thread. In this country, you only have to be extremely wealthy and you would be able to control every area of the constitution. Since the past thirty years that he had been in this country, he had done some unspeakable things. He had been behind a lot of crimes and yet nothing came back to him. he had orchestrated a lot of successful bank robberies, kidnapping, drug trafficking, murders, and a host of other grievous crimes, and he had never been charged successfully for any one of them – all because he had all the powerful people in his pocket.

“Only God can judge me,” he had always said.

The closest possibility of incarceration was the diamond situation; Officer John Balewa had meddled into something that was none of his business. Roberto had seen the walls of a cell because of Balewa, and he was not going to let that slide – the policeman would have to pay with his own life. By tomorrow, the plan would set course to his ultimate victory.

Roberto pulled the blanket over himself and closed his eyes. It was a cold night; and within minutes, he was fast asleep.


It was around midnight when the figure in a hood stepped into the compound. None of the guards was expecting any intruder and so they didn’t take note of the figure as he stepped into the compound. The intruder hid himself among the flowers when one of the guards patrolled the surrounding areas. Five minutes later, the figure came out and went directly to the front door. When the knob was turned, it gave in and the figure stepped into the house. As he stepped in, he drew out the pistol safety tucked in the pocket. He moved quietly and stealthily around the apartment. The figure found the stairs and climbed it, knowing that it would lead directly to the landlord’s bedroom. Everywhere was deathly quiet. The figure moved with confidence, with calmness. Since the moment he stepped into the large living room, he didn’t do anything in rush. He moved with calculated steps.

The figure knew he had overcome most of the challenges, for the majority of the guards were outside the building, watching the compound. The inside man had made the job a lot easier; the figure had received the intel about every location the guards were stationed, including their patrol schedules. The most important aspect of the mission was to step into the building undetected – and that had been achieved.

As the figure climbed the stairs, the gun was held forward; at this juncture, the intruder was ready to shoot anyone who stepped in his sight now, even though the gunshot might alert the guards outside. But that was not going to stop the mission – it was very important that the mission was completed. The lives of a lot of people depended on it.

The figure continued climbing the steps, keeping his eyes peeled. The intruder knew what was about to be done. The person was committed to carrying out the mission successfully. The implication of what the figure was about to do weighed heavily on his mind; this was the first time this person would be taking the life of another human being. However, he knew he was not going to regret this decision; this was something that must be done for the greater good. This was a noble thing to do.

The figure located the master bedroom where the villain Roberto was sleeping. Turning the knob very gently, the intruder opened the door and stepped into the room. On the bed was the foreigner; he was still in the same position he was when he landed on the bed, and he was also still deeply asleep.

The figure gave a brief smile and walked towards the bed. The mysterious figure gently pulled off the blanket, but the action was not stealth enough because Roberto opened his eyes. The figure immediately placed the pistol against Bonifacio’s forehead.

“Who are you?” asked Roberto, “What do you want?”

“Payback,” replied the figure calmly.

“Payback?” Roberto frowned, “What are you talking about?” Then he paused and stared directly into the figure’s face. “It’s you!”

“Yes, it’s me,” replied the figure. It’s time for you to pay for everything you did.”

“How-how come?” he stuttered, “How did you get in?”

The figure smiled. “You played directly into our hands.”

“What are you talking about?”

“We know about all your plans,” replied the intruder, “But unfortunately, you are dying tonight.”

“Who told you about my plans?”

The figure laughed. “That isn’t the question you should be asking. The question is who told you?”

“Who told me?”

“Yes, who told you? Everything you learnt was planted into your head. We needed your money so we had to use you to destroy yourself.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Here, let me explain. I have all the time in the world anyway. Nobody knows I’m here. Your guards are having a good time outside. If you scream, you will only make your death faster, and you won’t know what a fool you have been before you die.” The figure explained calmly. “Like I already said, everything you learnt was what we wanted you to know. You see, you had to die, but there was no way we could get to you easily since you are always surrounded with your guards. The only way we could get through to you is if we got your money.

“And how would we do that? We used the only information you would be willing to pay any amount for. So we used the doctor. The doctor informed you about the births. You were told that one of the babies was Peter Black’s. We knew what you were going to do with that information.”

“So the doctor lied to me?”

“Of course not. Everything the doctor told you is true. One of the babies actually belongs to Peter Black. If you could get to Peter with this information, there is no way he’s not going to tell you the location of the diamond. But although that information is genuine, it was only used as bait on you. There’s no way we’re going to allow you to blackmail Peter Black with that information. There are a lot of things you don’t know. And you’re not going to know them.”

“So the doctor is in on the plan?”

The figure nodded. “Yes, he’s a member of TBF.”


“The Black Followers,” answered the figure, “I am a member, obviously. I created the group. But do you know one funny thing? Even Peter Black does not know about us. But we will be here when he gets out of prison. My members are ready to protect everything he owns, and that includes the life of his son. We know about your little plan to kill Officer John Balewa. We’re not going to allow that to happen; John Balewa is as important to us as Peter Black is. Nothing must happen to him. Maybe you didn’t know; Balewa is Peter Black’s childhood friend. He’s the only friend he’s got. Although they may be enemies now, but TBF knows they’re going to get past their differences. You may be rich and powerful, Robert, but you’re just a small cog in a large wheel. You’re standing in the way of fate, and we’re not going to allow that to continue. You have to be taken out. You have become such a nuisance. You’re a mad man; you take pleasure in killing other people. You attacked the wrong family, now you’re going to pay.”

The figure pressed the gun more firmly on Roberto’s forehead and said, “This is for Peter Black – and Maria.”

Then the trigger was pulled. The loud report and the recoil almost sent the gun flying out of the intruder’s hand. Roberto’s brain was splattered across the bedsheet and walls.

Knowing the gunshot would draw the attention of the guards, the figure quickly stepped out of the room. An escape route had already been prepared for this moment. The intruder quickly descended the steps but was stuck in its track. There was someone at the foot of the stairs – it was the leader of the thugs. It was Uche!

Uche slowly walked towards the intruder with his gun drawn. Then he stopped at a few inches and asked, “Has it been done?”

The figure nodded.

“Good. For Peter Black,” said Uche.

“For Peter Black,” replied the intruder.

“Follow me.”

Uche led the figure through the back of the building and walked him through a small gate that opened directly to a street behind.

“I have to return to the house,” Uche said. “Follow the path before you. Good luck.”

The figure walked as fast as possible. Then he saw the black car a few metres away. As soon as the figure arrived at the car, another figure came out of it.

“He’s dead, isn’t he?”

The killer nodded.

The other figure remained silent for a while before speaking. “May his soul rest in peace. May God forgive him his sins. I sincerely wish we didn’t have to do this.”

“But we had no choice. He’s an evil person. He had to go or the child’s life would not be safe. Your life would not be safe. He tried to kill you before; he would try to kill you again.”

The other figure nodded and said. “Let’s get out of here. The doctor is waiting.”

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Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by chioma8(f): 8:04pm On Sep 27, 2020
This is getting more interesting......... Larrysun always serving us with the best, keep with up.... you're truly a legend!!!
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by francium001(m): 8:13pm On Sep 27, 2020
thanks for the update boss
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Sheddee(m): 8:24pm On Sep 27, 2020
U are good
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Abosede512(f): 8:50pm On Sep 27, 2020
Wow, you are too much man, thanks for the update
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Goldenfinger: 9:04pm On Sep 27, 2020
Roberto don die,larrysun da unpredictable
Re: Black Maria 4 (Nemesis) by Wonderz1(m): 9:19pm On Sep 27, 2020
Are you a Nigerian I really want to ask
Who born this man way him name na larrysun
He is a wonder to this generation the vest author have ever seen in my life OGA you must go far.

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