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Why Your Car Is Lossing Oil …the Danger. The Causes. The Solutions by IamOguamalam(m): 6:48pm On Sep 30, 2020
Is Your Car Consuming Too Much Oil?
Do You Have To Top Up Frequently Between Oil Change Intervals?
Today, we discuss The Dangers, Causes & Solutions of Oil Loss!
The Engine is effectively the heart and soul of your car engine… it is what keeps your car in motion. As the years roll by on your car, it’s not uncommon for the engine to start losing a little bit of oil over time. Topping the oil is the simple part …However, the scary part is what happens when you fail to do some top up of the oil and it goes Waaaaaaaaaaay Tooooooooooo Looooooooooow!

If there’s not enough oil in the engine, it can suffer severe/ irreversible damage. Inside of the engine, there are fast moving parts, with a lot of potential for friction. The engine oil keeps parts sliding smoothly over each other, instead of grinding each other down. If the engine runs out of oil, the engine parts will start to grind against each other. Your engine will be damaged and possibly ruined.

1. Engine Oil Leak: What happens when a dip stick test tells that the oil is getting low, but your car is running well with no check engine or low oil pressure light? That could be because you have a small leak in the engine! A big leak is usually noticed easily- either by a warning light on the dashboard or a big puddle of oil forming under your car.
2. Worn Engine Components: If your engine oil reduces drastically without any visible leakage, the most common cause of this problem is worn internal engine components. The engine’s valve seals could be leaking oil into the engine. The engine would then burn the oil, causing high oil consumption without any external oil leaks. Worn-out piston rings, or gaskets, could cause this as well.
It’s important to know that a worn out seal/ bearing/ gasket/ piston is different from a broken/ damaged one. Unfortunately, there are no defined symptoms to help you easily differentiate between a worn and a damage engine component, thus you might have to depend on a trusted mechanic for that information.
Other Causes of Oil Loss
3. Use of Wrong oil or poor quality oil. It’s wise to use recommended oil as specified by your car manufacturer. Poor quality oil or the wrong type of oil can quickly burn out from the walls of the cylinder, plus leave more carbon and lacquer films that come from increased degradation of oil.
4. Dirty/ old oil: Oil with a lot of dirt will be unable to adequately lubricant your engine and will force the engine to consume more oil.

(The Better-Best-Good Options)
A good mechanic with the right diagnostic tools will locate your car’s oil leak and suggest a fix. But we know how funnily crazy it could sometimes be to go to the mechanic DELAYS, CUT - THROAT EXPENSES, and sometimes a WASTED TIME with no definite positive results! If your car leakage issue is a result of a Damaged engine component, there is only one solution, which is to change it (yourself or by a mechanic
Another option to fix your oil consumption issues is what we call the Paracetamol Option! Do you have a headache and start running to the doctor (Some people do Sha!) …but a dose or two of paracetamol will usually clear a few of the health issues that come up. Likewise, there is paracetamol to settle some of your car engine issues.
The engine is the heart of your car, the oil is the blood in your engine. But when your engine gets ‘sick’ it requires medical attention which is sometimes as simple as a dose of paracetamol. The paracetamol of an engine is Oil Additives!
What are Oil Additives? Engine oil additives are chemical compounds that improve the oil performance and impart some ‘healing’ / restoration/ boost properties to the engine oil.

Paracetamol vs Seeing the Doctor?
If you discover your car engine is consuming too much oil, you may consider the option of seeing the mechanic or Do It Yourself repairs. This unfortunately can be a very expensive maintenance option as it usually requires removal of your engine’s head, but it’s your only option if there is serious internal leak or damage to the seals/crankshaft/gasket. However, if the cause of oil loss is a result of aging/ wear of engine components, or minor leaks of gaskets/ bearing/ crankshaft/ seals/ etc, you can use oil additives designed to ‘treat’ such issues.
We recommend you use Nano Energizer to heal/ restore the wear on your engine, stop the leak and solve your oil consumption issues.
Re: Why Your Car Is Lossing Oil …the Danger. The Causes. The Solutions by IamOguamalam(m): 7:03pm On Sep 30, 2020
As a car user, you daily deal with rising cost of fuel, lower performance of engine, annoying purchase of spare parts, frequent vehicle breakdown. Running/ maintenance cost of a car might be frustrating and tempt you to use every product that promises to improve your car performance and reduce costs.
The Engine oil has two primary purposes: To lubricate the moving parts of your engine which minimizes friction and to protect metallic surfaces from corrosion/ rust. It’s however known by every car user that, even the best engine oil isn’t enough to keep your engine running smoothly and with high performance. Oil additives work to restore the high performance of your engine and to reduce the damages on your engine. The best oil additive doesn’t replace the engine oil, it rather boost the oil.
Now The Questions …are these additives worth buying? ...or are they just useless and possibly harmful?

It’s important to know that not all oil additives serve the same purpose. Not all additives are the same!
* Some help to Prevent Rust: Keep in mind that rust is a leading cause of deterioration in older engines.
* Some Protect the engine from Wear: Anti wear additives.
* Some provide Stabilization elements that help thicken the oil and enhance engine performance.
* Some have Detergent characteristics to help unclog impurities that are stuck between the engine parts.
* Some Regulate Temperature
* Some Stop excessive Smoke.
* Some Prevent/ Seal oil leakage.

Even if there is no magic solution to reducing maintenance costs, it can’t hurt to try new suggestions—right? With an array of products in the market, it might be confusing to choose a product that truly works and is actually safe for your engine.
Several products promise to boost and extend engine life… BUT PRETTY MUCH FAIL TO DELIVER!
Here are a few things to look out for when choosing an oil additive
1. What do you want No matter the hype on a brand, the first question you should ask yourself before purchase is What Do I Want From the Product. If you are looking to solve your oil consumption issues, then make sure the additive you purchase is designed for that. We recommend Nano Energizer as a superior solution in fixing oil consumption issues resulting from minor leaks or ageing engine.
2. Engine compatibility: Some additives are suitable for specific types of engine (either petrol or diesel). Be very sure of what you are buying.
3. Climate/temperature tolerance: Some additives work excellently well in certain climates but will fail when used in other climates.
4. Compatibility with particular motor oils/ brands: There is mineral and synthetic oils, plus motor oils of different viscosity and from different brands. It’s important to be certain that the additive you choose is compatible to your motor oil.
5. Suitability for extreme conditions: Also very important that you know the condition tolerance of the additive you purchase. If you are a long haul driver, how does the additive perform under pressure of continuous drive and in difficult terrains?
6. Negative effects: The scary part of using any oil additives in is the side effects. Zinc, phosphorous and other minerals are used in the manufacture of additives. Too much Zinc for instance is known to slowly degrade the smaller working parts of the engine. However, we did recommend Nano Energizer because unlike other additives, Nano Energizer is made of ceramic platinum coating technology which is proven to be 100% safe on all surfaces of a typical engine.
7. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING? Some products just have names and a high price tag but deliver NOTHING!!! Beyond all the TV commercials and paparazzi noise, does a hyped product really work? Which person can actually say it works for them?? A oil additive in the market for a while should have testimonials!
8. WHO APPROVES/ CERTIFIES IT? When it comes down to your car engine, we talking about the ‘Heart’ of your car! Don’t simply listen to a salesman or your neighbors’ suggestion on what you should use on the heart of your car… Seek the views of independent professionals or possible the manufacturer of your engine.

(Beyond Solving Oil Consumption Issues)
As mentioned earlier, there are different types of oil additives - not just different brands but for different uses. No oil additive in the market performs just one purpose; they usually perform a plethora of functions in your engine.
Although oil additives are not required for your car to run, they provide significant benefits that improve the performance and longevity of your engine. When you choose the right oil additive, you can enjoy more reliable long-term vehicle operation as well as longer service intervals. We recommend Nano Energizer for improving your engine performance. https://www.nairaland.com/6152148/recommend-nano-energizer#94473520

Here are a few signs that your vehicle may benefit from an oil additive:
1. Older Vehicles or Vehicles With High Mileage: Older engines are also more likely to have internal rust and corrosion due to long-term exposure to elements while engines with high mileage are certain to accumulate deposits and suffer general wear and tear. With aging/ use, your vehicle is likely to be operating at less than maximum performance and is more susceptible to damage. Such vehicles may also need oil changes more frequently, which increases your expenses.
Oil additives like Nano Energizer, can improve engine performance by slowing the rate of oxidation in the engine to prevent corrosion and rust, reduce wear and stress on your engine thus boosting its long-term performance. With its anti-wear properties, Nano Energizer coats engine parts to prevent stiffness and seizure. Its unique properties keep engines operating cleanly and allow longer intervals between oil changes.
2. Vehicles Working In Severe Conditions: Even the best maintained vehicles can still receive a lot of wear and tear. If you drive in bad roads, traffic jams, difficult terrains (like hilly areas), extremely hot or cold weather, then your engine will certainly experience some early wear/ tear. Starting up a car in cold weather stresses the engine. Even using a car in optimum conditions still exposes the car to some regular wear resulting from ageing. Some signs of early wear and tear include; Strange noises (such as thumping, knocking, grinding, hissing or squealing). *Unusual smells ( like burnt rubber, rotten eggs, burnt fabric, gasoline and oil. *Steam or smoke from under the hood or Dark smoke coming from your tailpipe may also be a sign of an oil leak. *Check engine light (due to past false alarms, some drivers may ignore this, but it may be a sign of a serious engine problem which should be taken seriously.
Vehicles that show early signs of wear and tear can benefit from engine oil additives like Nano Energizer that improve lubrication, reduce friction and slow oxidation.

3. Vehicles With Reduced Performance: High fuel consumption (than normal) and a rough running engine are signs of reduced engine performance.

A higher (than normal) fuel consumption could mean that the compression stroke of your engine is not operating properly. This may be due to deposition build-up, engine oil leakage or lack of lubrication. A clogged fuel system due to low-quality oil may cause your engine to idle or run rough. A good oil additive like Nano Energizer can address such issues to restore engine performance and reduce the build-up of deposits for a smooth running engine.
Re: Why Your Car Is Lossing Oil …the Danger. The Causes. The Solutions by HenryWilliams(m): 5:02pm On Oct 01, 2020
In other words, you're selling Nano Energizer.
Re: Why Your Car Is Lossing Oil …the Danger. The Causes. The Solutions by waledeji(m): 6:30pm On Oct 01, 2020
In other words, you're selling Nano Energizer.

Re: Why Your Car Is Lossing Oil …the Danger. The Causes. The Solutions by IamOguamalam(m): 9:46am On Oct 02, 2020
Additives are an excellent addition to your car and truck oil, however, they have to be balanced against many factors and sometimes too much can be a detriment rather than an advantage. For example, sulphur compounds provide anti wear properties, but they can also reduce fuel economy and affect catalytic converter operation. Adding too much detergent based additive could affect the anti wear balance of the oil. Friction-reducing additives may also have ingredients that could affect the catalytic converter.
Additives represent anywhere from 5 to 30 percent of a given quantity of oil. How they function within the oil is dependent on the type engine, condition of engine, type of oil, condition of oil, climate conditions, driving skills/ habits, terrains traveled. We recommend Nano Energizer because unlike most additives in the market, Nano Energizer is *made of ceramic platinum coating technology which is proven to be 100% safe on all surfaces of a typical engine *Is designed as a ‘one unit’ product to provide the combined functions of several additives (so you don’t need use different additives which could counteract each other)

Nano Energizer is a awesome additive when looking for a superior performance oil additive to improve the performance of your engine. We highly recommend Nano Energizer as it is formulated to effectively; reduce wear, reduce oil/ fuel consumption, minimize engine noise, lower operating temperature, reduce exhaust smoke, reduce vibrations and prevent thermal breakdowns. Nano Energizer is a powerful engine ‘medicine’ in a poach and is compatible with all petroleum and synthetic motor oils for safe use in any vehicle engine.

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